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Blue Tulip Awards are coming to

EuroMaintenance! The Blue Tulip Awards is a unique program that focuses on accelerating innovators, building powerful collaborations and stimulating groundbreaking innovation. The Accenture initiative believes that innovation is the key to a better future. It has the power to improve the way we work and live and to create a world full of opportunities for future generations. Sander van Ginkel, Managing Director Accenture has been involved in the award from the start in 2007. “We offer startups and innovators a clear call for weapons: connecting eight inspiring, problem-based themes with new ideas that have enormous potential to transform our future. By stimulating collaboration between the smartest minds and accelerating the most promising innovations to reach their full potential, we can start improving the way the world works and lives now”.

> Scale up. Since the start of the then Accenture Innovation Awards in 2007, Accenture and its partners have taken the lead in identifying the most promising startups and innovations in the Netherlands and helping them grow, scale up and prosper. Van Ginkel; “Now, after 12 years of learning from previous successes and receiving feedback, we know that the time is right to take this program to the next level by opening it up to even more collaboration, stronger partnerships and the ultimate impact on innovation. The best way to show that we really take open innovation seriously is to remove Accenture from the program title. From now on our innovation competition will be known as the Blue Tulip Awards, because the exclusive blue tulip symbolizes the constant search for real innovation”. > Synergie with EuroMaintenance. As a nation known for its tulips, the Netherlands is home to many newly developed and cultivated tulip varieties. Although many colors are now part of the rich Dutch range of tulips, no one has been able to cultivate a very blue tulip - yet. That is why the blue tulip is the ultimate representation of our quest to discover and nurture world-changing innovations. Sander van Ginkel Photo: Accenture

2 december 2019

Accenture, the NVDO, EFNMS and Rotterdam Ahoy are particularly proud that the Blue Tulip Awards will be linked to EuroMaintenance

‘We take open innovation really seriously’ Photo: Accenture

in 2021. Van Ginkel; “Immediately when we learned that EuroMaintenance 2021 will take place in the Netherlands under the direction of our partner NVDO, we were excited to link the Blue Tulip to this largest maintenance event in Europe. At the moment we are giving substance to the form in which we will settle the synergy in a small steering group. “ The idea is to link promising start-ups and scaleups, especially in the area of ​​Maintenance, to the TOP speakers. In addition, a platform is offered where visitors / participants can come into contact with those start-ups.

> Accelerating Innovators. Recognized worldwide for their creativity, commitment and vision, innovators already have a significant impact on the way we live and work. To ensure that the next generation of innovations has every opportunity to thrive and flourish, the Blue Tulip Awards offers a unique platform for innovative concepts. Van Ginkel; “As a participant you get recognition, you get the chance to develop your skills and attract partners and investors. We also organize events throughout the year to help start-ups scale up, connect with vital allies and accelerate their potential”.

> Build powerful collaboration. Collaboration is the lifeblood of innovation. When fresh ideas join forces with a hard-fought experience, real game changers are born. That is why the Blue Tulip Awards encourages partnerships for every innovation theme. “But we don’t stop there,” says Van Ginkel. “Through our network, startups, companies, partners and investors can build valuable partnerships throughout the year. And to top it all off during EuroMaintenance in March 2021. A collaboration that fits in with the EuroMaintenance ambitions and the high standard that the Blue Tulip strives for”.<

Winners 2018 • Nutrition: SPONSH. A temperature sensitive, smart textile that becomes hydrophilic at low temperatures and absorbs large amounts of water from air, without consuming energy; if the air temperature rises, SPONSH will release the collected water • Education: Incision Academy. A platform where surgeons can share knowledge and skills with the help of video and AR / VR • Mobility: D-rail. A system with sensors to analyze railways to prevent accidents and traffic jams • Climate: RAW Paints. This organization has developed powder formulas for various applications that, with the addition of water, change into high-quality paint • Security: QuantiCor. Cyber ​​security solutions for the IoT for medium-sized and large companies against, among other things, powerful quantum computer attacks • Finance: Safened. A digital solution that enables organizations to quickly identify customers to prevent fraud • Living & Working: Expivi. A 3D product configurator to show products in the web shop in 360 degrees and thus offer a new shopping experience • Health: BI / OND: the versatile organ-on-chip. This organization tries to create thumbnails of organs – so-called organs-on-chips – to investigate the course of the disease and to work on a solution for healing

‘Cooperation is the lifeblood of innovation’ 3

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Blue Tulip Awards at EuroMaintenance  

Blue Tulip Awards at EuroMaintenance  

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