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Promote, Educate, Personalise Waiting room TV and patient call for your dental practice

Enhance your waiting room with Envisage Dental TV Your waiting room is a patient’s first impression of your dental practice and the time patients spend there is key to their experience. A waiting room cluttered with posters and leaflets can look messy and untidy, and this can mean that important promotions and messages are missed. The Envisage Dental TV system delivers a range of promotional and educational messages that can be tailored to your practice. All of this creates a professional, pleasant environment which helps to make your patients feel comfortable and better informed.

Key Features and Benefits

Promote your practice

Educate your patients

Create personalised messages

Envisage Dental TV will help you to increase product sales and promote additional services to your patients. There are videos in our library that will allow you to promote:

You can use our media library to educate your patients on oral care and ensure they have a better understanding of the treatments you provide. We have content on:

With our innovative templating system, you can create a range of eye-catching slides that can be tailored to your practice and displayed instantly on your screens. You can:

• Teeth straightening and whitening

• Helping patients care for their teeth

• Dental implants and veneers

• Advice on common oral health problems

• Make patients aware of your practice information, including opening hours, and team information

• Non-surgical facial treatments

• How common dental procedures are performed

• Promote your Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels

• Advice on using and looking after appliances

• Promote your latest offers on treatments and services

All of our educational content has been written by a team of practising dentists and hygienists working in the NHS and private sector to ensure its accuracy.

We’ll add your company logo and adapt the design to fit your branding. You can also upload your own videos, PDFs and images.

• Dental care plans There is also content from a range of other providers including Denplan, Colgate and TePe. All of this encourages patients to enquire about your products and services while they wait for their appointment.

"The educational content is excellent, and the ability to create our own personalised messages has allowed us to promote our treatments and services to patients quickly and easily. We have had a number of patients request more information about the treatments we offer after seeing them promoted on the screens.� Diamond Court Dental Practice

Simple Patient Call Patient Call is an additional feature available with Envisage Dental TV that allows you to call patients directly from your consulting room. This feature removes the need for you or your staff to leave their consulting room to call patients to their appointments. Installing patient call saves staff time and the simplified process reduces waiting times for your patients, improving their experience. With Envisage Dental TV patient call, the patient’s name, staff details and room name or number are displayed instantly on the TV screen. This can include an optional voiceover for those patients with a visual impairment who may struggle to see the screen.

Key features and benefits  educes patient waiting times - A reduced workload R for all staff means that patients can be seen more quickly, reducing patient waiting times.  ives staff more time with patients - Staff no longer G have to leave their consulting rooms to collect patients from the waiting room, giving them more time with patients.  educes pressure on reception staff - Clinicians can R easily call patients to their appointment directly from their treatment room, reducing pressure on reception staff.

"The surgeries are running more efficiently than before and no time is wasted having to leave the surgery. This has resulted in more time for the nurses and dentists. The patient feedback has been very good, and they enjoy watching the screens while they wait for their appointment.� Bexleyheath Dental Practice

What do you need? It’s easy to get Envisage Dental TV and we’ve made it really simple to use. There are three things every practice needs: 1. A TV screen with HDMI port – Screens can be self-supplied or purchased from us. We offer commercial grade screens with a 3 year swap out warranty. Prices are available on request. 2. Envisage Dental TV subscription – this includes our plug and play ready media player and access to our Envisage Dental TV Media Library. See below for further details. 3. Internet access – this can be wired or WiFi.*

Envisage Dental TV Subscription Choose between a media only Envisage Dental TV system or add patient call to your practice for a small additional monthly cost.

Envisage Dental TV

Envisage Dental TV with Patient Call

£40 per month ex. VAT

£65 per month ex. VAT

Envisage Dental TV Media Player Lifetime hardware warranty Unlimited Envisage Dental TV Media Library access Full user training Unlimited technical support

*WiFi option is only available with media only systems

Envisage Dental TV Media Player Envisage Dental TV Patient Call Hardware Lifetime hardware warranty Unlimited Envisage Dental TV Media Library access Full user training Unlimited technical support

Get in touch To find out more about Envisage Dental TV for your dental practice: 0114 399 0019 Alliance House, Roman Ridge Road, Sheffield, S9 1GB

Alliance House, Roman Ridge Road, Sheffield S9 1GB Tel: 0114 399 0019

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Envisage Dental TV Brochure  

A brochure for the Envisage Dental TV system. For more information, please visit:

Envisage Dental TV Brochure  

A brochure for the Envisage Dental TV system. For more information, please visit:

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