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Extended Warranty Cover for your Envisage System

What you get with Envisage Protect Unlimited Repairs & Hardware Replacements - It doesn’t matter how many times your equipment has a fault we’ll repair or replace it if necessary. Priority Repair Service – We will get your equipment back up and running as quickly possible after you report a fault to us. protect

Your Envisage waiting room system is an essential part of your surgery and any faults can be a major inconvenience for patients and staff, particularly if you use Envisage to call patients to their appointments. Envisage Protect covers your Envisage hardware against faults and breakdowns for two additional years after its standard 3-year warranty expires. With Envisage Protect you are covered against the cost, inconvenience and downtime of technical issues, ensuring your system keeps running no matter what may happen.

Loan Equipment – We’ll provide you with loan Envisage hardware whilst your equipment is being repaired to keep your Envisage system running. No parts, labour, or call-out charges – With Envisage Protect you won’t have to pay for parts, labour or call-outs – it’s all included. Envisage Protect can be purchased either at the time you purchase your Envisage system, or at any time before your standard warranty expires.

What does it cost? The cost of Envisage Protect depends on the type of Envisage system you have and the number of screens you wish to cover. You can choose to cover just your Envisage Coda hardware, or add cover for any number of screens you have with the system.* Cover Type


Envisage Media Hardware Cover

£225 per unit per year

Envisage Media and Patient Call Hardware Cover

£375 per unit per year

Screen Cover - any size (Optional)

£100 per screen per year

For example, covering an Envisage Media and Patient Call system with a single 42” screen would cost £475 per year. Replacing the same Envisage hardware and screen outside of its standard warranty period could cost over £2000. All cover includes full installation of any hardware by our expert team if required and full mounting of any replacement screens if applicable. All VGA/HDMI extenders and cabling are also covered. To find out more information about Envisage Protect: Visit: Phone: 0114 243 3896 Email:

*Any screens covered must be purchased from Numed Healthcare All prices exclude VAT. Terms and conditions apply.

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Envisage Protect Brochure  

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