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August 2019


Rural reality is becoming clear

Integrity community media

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by Ian McKelvie, MP for Rangitikei

As an MP in the most rural of rural electorates, I am lucky to live quite near to what must be the pulse of the nation. You get to know the feeling of the electorate pretty quickly. I’m in the fortunate position of having an electorate office right across the road from the Feilding Sale Yards, where in excess of a thousand farmers walk through the gates in any given week, and so I get the chance to talk to them quite easily. In fact, they never hesitate to give you their opinion, candid as it comes! In my fifty years’ involvement in agriculture, I don’t think I have noticed the uncertainty we’re seeing on a daily basis right now in rural New Zealand; this, after taking the pulse of farmers from all over the lower North Island and upper South Island. There can be no doubt that this nervousness is not caused by a downturn in prices because prices, particularly lamb, are in great order, and even the milk price is holding up. In fact, right across the board, the agricultural sector is in great order. The uncertainty and lack of confidence to invest is caused by a government who are moving apace into the unknown: potential changes to the banking system driven by an idealistic Reserve Bank putting pressure on bank portfolios, the Climate Change response (Zero Carbon) Amendment bill, which with its current methane targets could strip $50 billion out of the sector in 30 years. An ill-conceived tree planting regime, the result of poor settings in the carbon trading scheme and the plantation forestry policy statement, driving forestry and farming investors to plant land that should not be in trees. The great concern here is if the carbon price is freed up and is allowed to find its real value, under the current policy settings we may see massive increases in planting on land that I think

in 50 years we’ll seriously regret that we ever planted in trees. The changes in the overseas investment regime have ensured that much-needed foreign investment has all but deserted Kiwi agriculture (other than the dreaded trees) except of course the carte blanche opportunity that is there for overseas investors to buy up our processors. In my view, this is the quickest way to turn our farmers into peasants we’ve ever thought up. The proposal to charge a climate change levy at the processor’s gate sends completely the wrong signal to our farmers, as only those fronting up with product at the gate get to pay the levy. There’s no doubt that the farming sector feels they’re under siege, and they are. Rural New Zealanders accept the vital role we have to play in change. However, if the pace of change is not steadied, the demands not eased and the real connected discussions not engaged in, we’ll soon see our productive sector take this country into recession. It will be a disaster for us all — not just our farmers.

Ian McKelvie MP for Rangitikei

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Electorate Office: 47 Manchester St Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm Ph (06) 323 7253


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1/101 Hakiaha St Monday 9.30am-2.30pm, Thursday 9.30am-12.30pm Ph (07) 896 8008 | Funded by the Parliamentary Service and authorised by Ian McKelvie MP, 47 Manchester Street, Feilding.


August 2019

Plant in our region campaign taking off


by Denise Gunn

Tree planting projects, as part of Horizons Regional Council’s Plant in our region campaign, are gaining momentum around the region. Manawatu Rugby players and management joined forces with civil construction business Higgins, and Horizons freshwater staff to plant more than 1,000 native trees and shrubs at Colyton this month. Horizons freshwater manager Logan Brown said the plants are funded by a Horizons freshwater grant and will create a riparian margin along the Upper Mangaone Stream, a tributary to the Manawatu River. “It will help reduce soil run-off into the stream and establish a rich habitat for native aquatic life,” he said. “The plants will be spread across two properties through an area both landowners have fenced off to exclude stock thanks to 50 per cent funding from Horizons. With a combined planting and fencing area of nearly 1.5km, they have made a solid contribution to improving water quality.” Turbos head coach Peter Russell said the event is hoped to be the first of an annual planting day between Manawatu Rugby and Horizons, with future events being opened up to the public to join. Higgins, as sponsors of Manawatu Rugby, provided planting tools for the day. “We have a huge planting season each winter, with more than 160,000 plants going in this year alone — so many hands make light work of projects like this,” said Mr Brown. “We know the landowners also appreciate the help and everyone involved can walk away knowing they’ve had a positive impact on the environment

here.” Kopane School pupils, staff and parents have also taken part in the campaign, helping Kairanga farmer Alistar Collis plant a wetland area. Mr Collis has retired some of his farmland to form a pond and wetland area, which will eventually drain into the Oroua River. He explained to the pupils that the wetland area would create a natural habitat and help keep sediment out of rivers and drains. The planting tied in with the pupils Oroua River ecology and health studies this year. With the assistance of a parent who holds an ecology degree, teachers and pupils have been looking at river health, measuring flow, taking samples and using a net to catch aquatic invertebrates. The pupils are learning about sustainable practices and


around road works

how to look after the Oroua River for the future. “For anyone else who has a stream fencing or riparian planting project in mind and would like to learn more about

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Kopane School pupils, staff and parents planting a wetland area as part of Horizons Regional Council’s Plant in our region campaign

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August 2019



The Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter, operated by Philips Search and Rescue Trust (PSRT), provides a vital service throughout the Manawatu and surrounding districts.


ime is crucial in life and death situations. Reaching and treating accident victims, and those suffering medical emergencies, within the ‘golden hour’ makes a huge difference to a patient’s outcome. In just 10 minutes, the rescue helicopter can be airborne with the crew on their way to assist. The rescue helicopter also has the capacity to access patients in remote and rugged locations. The PSRT was founded in 1985, following an endowment by Philips New Zealand Limited to mark a light aircraft incident near Turangi. The accident claimed the lives of two Philips New Zealand Limited’s personnel. Base manager and pilot Mike Garrett said the PSRT is now New Zealand’s largest rescue helicopter trust, operating

four rescue helicopters throughout the central North Island. Other rescue helicopters within the trust cover the Waikato/King Country, Bay of Plenty and the Central Plateau regions. Last year, the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter clocked up 357 missions in the Manawatu/ Whanganui area. “Within that area are districts Stratford, Ruapehu, Wanganui, Rangitikei, Manawatu, Palmerston North city, Tararua and Horowhenua,” said Mike. Pre-hospital treatment, often for patients in remote or rural areas, is the most common call-out attended by the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter crew.

From left: The crew Graeme Harvey, Felicity Lallier, Graeme Speirs, Mike Garrett, Sam Gill, and Lance Burns


“Dispatched through the 111-call system, our rapid response rescue helicopters bring life-saving equipment, rescue personnel and trauma-trained medics directly to the patient. “The services provide air health and rescue services free of charge to the public on a no-fault basis.” Mike recalls being tasked to assist with a young farmer who was trapped beneath his quad bike following a rollover event on a dairy farm east of Taihape. There was limited road access, and the drive time was significant. “Thanks to the versatility and speed of the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter, the young farmer was able to be transported to the hospital quickly to enable treatment for two broken legs.” Six team members form the current Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter crew: two pilots, two crewmen and two intensive care paramedics. Mike said the current crew comes from various backgrounds and have extensive experience in aviation and paramedicine. The Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter has contracts with the Accident Compensation Commission (ACC) and District Health Boards (DHBs), providing 50% of the operating costs. The remaining 50% of its operational funding needs to be fundraised or donated from the community. “We have many different activities run to raise funds for our local rescue helicopters. “Many groups and clubs run events such as sporting tournaments, bake sales, sausage sizzles, dress-up days, gold days or tackle a challenging event.”


Deluxe Precision Kit Pictured

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Fifty per cent of the rescue helicopter’s operational funding needs to be fundraised or donated from the community

The public can make donations via the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter website or phone the team on 0800 111 010 to set up a payment. Fundraising packs are also available. “You can help support your local rescue helicopter and make a life-saving difference,” said Mike. “Without your support, your rescue helicopter would not be able to remain operational on a 24/7, 365 day-ayear basis. “That could mean a serious delay in people being rescued or transported to the hospital for urgent treatment.”

Septi-CureTM is:

   

The Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter is based at the Palmerston North Hospital, just a stone’s throw from the emergency department. Within the next 12 months, PSRT is planning to phase in a new fleet of twin-engine BK117 rescue helicopters. These new helicopters, which will be considerably faster than the existing single-engine machines, will replace those currently operating in the four regions. The new fleet will also have more room on board for clinical staff providing patient care.


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August 2019

New government grants under the 1 Billion Trees scheme could make forestry an even more attractive investment.


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August 2019



Dave Jordan first established hemp growing in 2008 with the health and wellbeing of the environment in mind and a vision to create a new industry in New Zealand.


orking in adventure tourism, Dave was disturbed by the pollution showing up on the land and in waterways around the country. On meeting Anne in 2011, she joined him in his mission, and they formed HempFarm NZ Ltd. “Dave’s brother mentioned hemp, so Dave researched and discovered it is an amazing plant with many benefits,” says Anne. “There many varieties of hemp, including the shorter variety, which is grown mostly for the seeds that are used to make hemp food. The taller dual crops are grown for the seeds and stalk to make products such as food, fibre and building materials. We grew our first

acre crop in the Waikato and saved the seeds and grew two acres the next year. In our third year, we planted 32 hectares and planned on growing more crops in Waikato as the land is excellent quality, however, there is a shortage of seed drying and infrastructure. “My son Harley Aspinall developed the brand look and feel and built our website and digital marketing. Every weekend Dave and I would attend markets around the country and pack orders at night in our shed. We harvested mostly by hand and after a lot of research now use a dedicated harvesting machine.” The couple now works with farmers through a growers group who are cropping across five regions.

Dave and Anne Jordan established their hemp growing company as a way to help the environment and mankind








“We have recently moved into a 4,000 square metre hemp food dedicated facility in Tauranga and work alongside Carfields, on the agricultural growing and machinery arm of the business. It is about enabling industry with sustainable solutions. Hemp has no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant as it is a totally different cultivar. “It is planted October and must have good, fertile soil. We do not use pesticides or herbicides in our growing programme. It takes four months to grow up to four metres tall and is harvested in March for seed and fibre. This year we have planted 500 hectares, and in the coming season we will be planting around 2,000 hectares.” A dual variety supplies food, fibre, medicine and fuel. “We have recently produced our first press cold pressed oil, which we call Kiwi Hemp Seed Oil and it has helped people with various issues like eczema, psoriasis and joint issues. You can have it in salads, dressings, dips, or just drizzled on food. The testimonials are all on our website. “We will be installing a dehuller to produce hemp hearts. They are similar tasting to pine nuts, very nutty and delicious. They are nature’s most nutrient-dense seeds and are a complete protein supplying all the essential amino acids, fatty acids, magnesium, vitamins and minerals. A tablespoon a day is the recommended daily amount. “We are in the process of producing flavoured protein powders and hemp milk. Our milk is already in the hospitality

August 2019



Spectrum Crayons

Hemp can be utilised in many industries including building, food, carpet and plastics

industry for frothy coffees. Our vision is to take organic hemp to the world. We have a growers group, and this year farmers in Fielding, Taupo, Hawke’s Bay, Canterbury and Manawatu grew for us. “Our harvester has two cutter bars on it to remove the seed and take off the stalk, which is placed behind the harvester in windrows that are then bailed. We will set up more seed drying facilities in other areas to grow the industry.” HempFarm recently signed a partnership agreement with NZ Yarn. “They process merino wool, and we will be blending the hemp with wool for carpets and yarns. Non-woven matting for erosion control and seed matting are other products we are planning, as it won’t have any chemicals seeping into the soil and waterways. Every industry can use hemp, including plastics and building. Farmers are loving having something different to get their teeth

Hand made in New Zealand since 1969

into while getting a financial return, which at least equals dairy. Planting on the boundary makes it a good barrier, and it can help with run-off into the waterways as a mopper crop. Hemp locks the carbons up forever and is one of the most positive ways we can accomplish positive results right here in New Zealand. “It is our passion to clean up our precious environment, and we are very proud of the progress we are making and plan to see as much hemp growing in New Zealand as you see maize. Once we get to at least 10,000 hectares, we will feel like we are starting to make a real difference.”

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August 2019


Passion for dairying


Molly Milne comes from a family with several generations involved in dairy farming.


o it was no surprise that as soon as she could talk, Molly spoke about farming and wanting to be a farmer. When Molly’s great-greatgrandparents emigrated from Ireland to settle in New Zealand, they and their three sons went dairying in the Whanganui and Rangitikei regions. Molly’s grandfather, his five brothers and one of his sisters, were all dairy farmers. Her mother grew up milking

cows in Whangaehu. Molly said her parents worked on dairy farms in Taranaki initially, then in Rongotea where she was born. “They then bought a dairy farm in Pahiatua, where I first remember bringing in the cows, helping feed out, feeding calves and developing my love of animals.” Later her parents bought a dairy farm in the Manawatu, which they eventually sold, retaining a lifestyle block.

Molly won the Most Promising Entrant award at this year’s Manawatu Dairy Industry Awards Trial Flights from $95 or bring two friends along for $125 Age is no limit.

WE CAN OFFER: Private through to Commercial Pilot Licences Aerobatics ratings • Tail Dragger Ratings • Biannual Flight Reviews

Phone 06 345 0914 | |

“There are stories of me climbing out of my cot to get out on the farm. As a child, it was hard to get me off the farm, and it still is today, 21 years later.” Molly was so keen to help out with milking; she would run to the shed

after school and start the first two rows before her mother had finished bringing the herd in. “At any chance, I could get, I would milk for my parents, milking 160 cows through 16-aside herringbone.”

CROSSINGS CREATE EASY ACCESS AND EFFICIENCY ON DAIRY FARM. Around New Zealand more than 99% of all regular stock crossing points on dairy farms have bridges or culverts. That equates to more than 40,000 stock crossings nationwide. Young dairy farmer Hamish Robinson has carried out a range of projects over the last year to upgrade existing crossings or implement new drainage solutions on the Wyndham farm that he co-owns with his family. “For me it’s about making sure there is easy access to the paddocks for our stock and for all the farm machinery and equipment.” “With one of the pipes I put in there was already a bridge in WHAT: WHERE: PROJECT: WHEN:

EUROFLO® large bore culvert pipe Dairy farm, Wyndham Installation of stock crossings 2018

0800 99 77 33

“Plastic pipe was definitely the way to go for us. Its relative lightweight makes for much easier transportation and installation around the farm and that makes our work faster and simpler.”

Quality, dependable drainage systems are essential on the farm. EUROFLO® is a tough, multi-arched HDPE pipe, made in Europe and fit for purpose in New Zealand. In sizes from 160mm to 2150mm, we have the culvert pipe for you. EUROFLO® – Ask for it by name. BENEFITS • Easy to handle

place, but it’s about looking for opportunities to improve the farm.”

• Maintenance and rust free

“We’re making it easier to move stock around the farm, keeping our paddocks drier and protecting our waterways at the same time.”

• Resists chemically aggressive soil conditions

Hamish says a lot of work has gone into recent projects which have included tidying up water courses, resolving overflows and improving drainage on the farm.

• Highway culverts

• Ribbed exterior for strength • Smooth bore for faster flow

USES • Farm culverts • Forestry culverts • Mine culverts • Cut in ½ lengthways for stock troughs and fluming

Online Culvert Pipe Calculator


practices. Molly won the Most Promising Entrant award under the dairy trainee section at this year’s Manawatu Dairy Industry Awards. “I feel really honoured to be selected and keen to keep improving my skills

and building my farming knowledge.” Molly said her long-term goal is to own a farm with 350 to 400 cows. “I appreciate this will be a challenge, but I am determined, so that should help.”




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Cow & Horse Processing in Levin A IN &







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Molly enjoys the day-to-day dairy farm work, along with the variety and challenges


position in the upcoming season, milking 1,500 cows. “I plan to do another season as a farm assistant, then hopefully, I will move on to a managing job. I want to work on a medium-sized herd of 400–600 cows. I love being outdoors, working with the cows and all the other animals. “I love talking with and working with people who share an interest in farming and meeting new people. “It’s great to talk about new ideas and innovations to make the farm work better and improve production and animal health.” “What you do matters for the animals and the farm, and ultimately for the country’s environment and the economy. I enjoy the opportunity to work alongside people who are experts in their field.” Studies have continued with PrimaryITO and Molly has gained several qualifications through this. She is currently on a dairy apprenticeship through the Federated Farmers Apprenticeship Dairy. “I think it is really important to learn about your industry because it is complex and changing. I believe the two most important things about being good at farming are using common sense and being reliable.” She said, keeping a close watch on the herd’s health is important and fundamental to good farming


Through the Gateway programme at high school, Molly also spent one day a week milking 180 cows through a 20-aside herringbone shed, adding to her work experience. “Also, on the odd weekends, I would be left in charge while the owner was away.” At the age of 13, Molly began relief milking during the school holidays on her uncles’ farms. The herd sizes ranged from 300 cows through a 24-aside herringbone shed to 1,700 cows milked through a 70-bail rotary. In 2016, when Molly left high school, she began working full-time as a farm assistant on a dairy farm near Sanson. The farm milks 680 Friesian cows through a 52-aside herringbone shed, with an automatic teat sprayer and drafter, on a 220ha milking area. Molly said calving is all-year-round with 130 in autumn and 480 in spring, carrying over 70 young, good producing cows. “We rear all our calves — autumn and spring.” As the farm is located on the Manawatu’s coastal strip, the land drains and dries out faster than further inland. The farm is well established to deal with the local climatic conditions. Molly is now 2IC on the farm but will be moving to another farm assistant

August 2019

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06 368 2106

Levin Hokio Beach Rd, Levin 5510


August 2019



Time to get that prostate check!

Should I take coenzyme Q10? I recently wrote about coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). I was surprised at the amount of contact from readers on the subject of CoQ10, especially from those wanting help dealing with the side effects of cholesterol-lowering medication. Studies show that statins can reduce circulating CoQ10 by as much as 50%. The side effects are so common they are called ‘statin myopathy’. The main side effects are muscle and tendon weakness, which can be felt as muscle stiffness and pain. The effect on nerves can impact memory and mood and comment about general lethargy. In most cases, two months of a quality CoQ10 will reduce these side effects and allow people to get the benefits of the medication without side effects. The chemical structure of CoQ10 allows it to move high energy electrons within our cell mitochondria where energy is made. CoQ10 collects these electrons and transfers them to an enzyme called ATP synthase to make the energy we need. I prescribe CoQ10 for several reasons most commonly for statin support. I also add CoQ10 for those fatigued without medical causes and for those with cardiovascular, autoimmune and neurodegenerative problems. For example, I include

at least 100mg for those with Polymyalgia Rheumatica and higher doses for those with MS. For statins support, I use a high quality patented US CoQ10 and for inflammatory problems my mitochondrial support formula that includes high-grade Kaneka CoQ10 with a number of energy co-factors. It is interesting that the first improvement felt by those with these conditions is a lift in energy and general wellbeing. Those with inflammator y conditions, especially autoimmune problems, should be working to a personalised diet and supplement plan complementary to their regular medical treatment. Most people feel a real difference within three months. For more information give me a call or email. John Arts (B.Soc.Sci, Dip Tch, Adv. Dip.Nut.Med) is a nutritional medicine practitioner and founder of Abundant Health Ltd. For questions or advice contact John on 0800 423 559 or email Join his all-new newsletter at

Abundant Health CoQsol Superior absorption CoQ10


What is CoQsol®? • • •

CoQsol® is a patented rapid absorption form of CoQ10. CoQsol® is clinically proven to increase CoQ10 absorption and maintains blood levels over twice that of other forms. Each softgel contains 100mg CoQ10, 100IU of natural vitamin E and 2567 IU of natural mixed carotenoids.

Blue September is all about raising awareness, and fundraising to support men and their families living with prostate cancer. Organise a Blue Do and get family, friends, mates and colleagues together to have some fun, and share the message. Here are some critical reasons for men over 50 to get a prostate check: One in eight men will get prostate cancer It is the number one cancer in Kiwi men — more than 3,000 are diagnosed every year One man is diagnosed every three hours of every day of the year It is the third-highest cancer killer of Kiwi men — more than 650 every year. Currently, there are more than 40,000 Kiwi men who have been challenged with prostate cancer at some stage in their lives. Men with a family history of prostate cancer are at higher risk and testing should begin at 40 years. Research shows that our rural men in New Zealand are not good at getting checked. That needs to change. Early detection is the key. Don’t wait for symptoms. A recent survey has shown that 61% of men diagnosed had no symptoms, so getting that routine check is very important. It can save your life. Family members can be a great incentive and encouragement for the men in their family to go to the GP and get a check. Don’t leave it to the men —

they are often a bit slack in looking after their health. If they won’t go to get a check themselves, make an appointment and get them along. Find out more and register your Blue Do at This Blue September, join me in the fight against prostate cancer Whether you go little or large, it’s time to get your blue on for Blue September. This year, we’re asking you to get together and have a Blue Do – that’s right, a Blue Do – to help fund the fight against prostate cancer. 1 in 8 Kiwi men will get prostate cancer – so let’s go blue for our boys.

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Why supplement with CoQsol®?

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Abundant Health

• • •

CoQ10 is an important antioxidant that can protect ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol. CoQ10 is an essential part of our energy conversion – much like spark plugs in your car engine. CoQ10 levels decline with age and can be restricted by some medications and health problems.

What does CoQsol® do? • • • • • • •

Supports heart muscle function and normal heart rhythm Promotes good circulation Helps maintain normal blood pressure Promotes normal, healthy energy release Added vitamin E supports cardiovascular health Added lutein and zeaxanthin supports eye health Provides extra CoQ10 for those on statin medication

Cautions: Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

TO ORDER PHONE: 0800 423 559


• Reject milk for feeder calves. • Price varies depending on quality. • Will travel for reasonable quantities. • Efficient pick up.

Or order online at or post a cheque to Abundant Health Ltd, PO Box 4347, Mt Maunganui South, 3149


GRAB THE CASH! Contact Tracy on 021 872 299 or Grace on 021 861 715


NPE-Tech Probably the best lines company in the world, Kiwi through and through. Yes we are professional & still require a contract, however we still work on a handshake and remember how business should be done. The local kiwi way. • Safety reconnections and disconnections • Change power supplies from overhead to underground • Install and maintain power poles and lines including streetlights, transformers, pole fuses and insulators • New connections including ICP number generation • Underground mains connections to network pillars/poles • Change over from temporary supply to permanent supply • Service line replacements and repairs

• Isolation or protection of high voltage/low voltage lines for maintenance works • Power supply (PowerCo) for subdivision • Provide power to commercial/industrial sites and sub-divisions • New Connections for houses • Overhead line assistance with high/oversize loads • Irrigation • Cow shed upgrades • Storm work • For a free quote call or email us today.

391 Rangitikei Street , Palmerston North 06 353 7554 • Mike 0274 454 195 Victor 0274 454 150 • Ben 0274 378 874 or



August 2019


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by Andy Bryenton

PLUMBING LIMITED Your local Master Plumbers/Drainlayers in the Waimarino area servicing Raetihi, Ohakune, National Park, Waiouru and Pipiriki.

We have a 5 Ton Digger with Augers for piles, poles and Offal Holes. 10 Ton Tip Truck and Ditchwitch for trenching.

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There’s a fine line between a handyperson’s dream and a renovation nightmare if you’re committed to doing it yourself. It’s all about picking a home with the proverbial ‘good bones’, and knowing exactly what lies beneath before you make a budget. Here’s a list the experts use. 1. Check out the roof first. A complete reroof may be necessary for older homes, which have been neglected. It’s hard to scope out the top of the house at an open home, but a careful look is best practice, including popping up through the ‘manhole’ into the ceiling cavity to check for damp. A top tip — spiders hate the dry conditions in a wellsealed roof. Lots of webs and a clammy feeling may mean a leak. 2. What lies beneath. Just as important as the top end is the bottom end. Is water collecting under the house? How are the pilings? A repile is a major task, so make sure the foundations are solid, especially in old villas and bungalows. It’s also possible to check the state of plumbing and insulation while underneath. There have been cases of showers draining to nowhere and pipes held up by plastic tape only discovered by a trip under the deck.

3. Joinery bears the brunt of storms, heat and rain, so check windowsills, window frames and doors for rotten timber, a snug fit and draughts. Sticking or leaning doors and windows might tell you that the whole wall is out of true in the worst case. Of course, it is possible to switch out old framing for modern aluminium, but a leaky window may well have damaged the wall below. 4. Take a very thorough look at the two big impact area, which raises or lowers the value of a home and kitchens and bathrooms. Can a quick paint job resurrect the area, or will it need to be gutted? Are appliances installed correctly and safely? As both of these areas are filled with steam,

water and moisture, has the flooring protected the wood underneath during the years? By taking a good look at these factors, and having paperwork from all required tradies for previous renovations or installs, you can be sure that you have picked a blank canvas worthy of your DIY attention that will make money in the future and be warm and comfortable to live in.

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August 2019



Blue sky thinking

The smart money on any upgrade to your home is on crunching the numbers, and in the case of photovoltaic solar, those numbers have been hotly debated. Here in New Zealand, the final verdict is that solar power is cost-effective, so long as 100 per cent of PV power is used on-site, and none is pumped back into the grid. That’s good news for those who want to sever ties with the wires and embrace rural views — like many of those building or renovating here in the Kaipara. Solar panels are proliferating across the country despite our government lagging behind other developed democracies in offering incentives and tax breaks for their implementation. At last count, the nation sported approximately 91 megawatts of solar power attached to homes and businesses, with 19Mw of that installed within the preceding year. The uptick has begun, and it’s being spurred on by large-scale projects such as the solar augmentation of Kaitaia College this year, where 368 panels now adorn the roofline. Kaitaia maybe a little further north, but Kaipara with its wealth of sunshine hours to match Nelson and Marlborough is also a prime spot to ditch the grid and adopt solar energy solutions. Between PV outfits for the roof, solarpowered pumps to channel water to the tank, and the ability to mount solar


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panels to boats and campers, there are ample opportunities to turn the sun’s rays into real savings. Consider that a single panel averages at about $350 and that the turn-key price for a full three to four-kilowatt system has dropped by two thirds in the past decade. Kaipara uptake rates for solar power systems are trending at 50 per cent higher than the North Island average and well above the national average,

thanks to a combination of mild weather, ease of access to the technology, and the practicality of going off-grid in our many isolated rural and coastal communities. As battery and PV tech improves, it’s well worthwhile to talk to your local solar experts and plan for a future without monthly power bills.



WAGENER Sparky CA She’s sweet and petite and clean air approved. She has streamlined panels incorporating a fixed log base and a stove top cooking surface which can be fitted with optional top rails. This little girl is ready to paint the town a cosy warm red.

CUSTOMISED COLOURED PANELS ARE AVAILABLE • Custom-made Curtains • Blinds • Shutters • Fabrics • Rugs • Throws • Cushions • Lamps • Lights • Wallpaper • Dulux and Berger range of paints and Timbercare products (Cabots, Intergrain, Dryden and Sikkens) • Extensive range of paint accessories from brushes to sprayers • Interior Design Consultations

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Poultry (Chicken) Compost • Garden Mix • Potting Mix • Top Soil • Peat Post Peelings • Bark Nugget • Bark Chip • Bark Mulch • Feeding Mulch Wood Chip • Sawdust • Pea Straw • Scoria • White Chip • Pumice Bluestone • Waikato Gold • Crushed Shell • Base Course • Top Course Builders Mix • Pea Metal • River Sand • River Stone 20mm River Stone 40mm • Boulders • Geocell weed mat - 10m x 1m Geocell weed mat - 10m x 2m • Geocell weed mat - 20m x 1m Geocell weed mat - 20m x 2m• Geocell weed mat - 50m x 2m Moss Away concentrate • Rock Basket • WM Staples OPEN: 8.00am – 5.00pm Weekdays, 9.00am – 3.00pm Saturdays Gate 128, SH1 North, Foxton (look for sign opp Foxton Golf Course)

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E Home of the Wagener Fairburn, Leon, Butler Multi & CookTop Wagener Stove & Sparky


August 2019



Entertainment beyond television


by Andy Bryenton

It’s been a while now since the glory days of the big, wooden-boxed CRT television, dominating a corner of the living room with its fishbowl screen. Even the palatial three-telly set-up of Elvis in Graceland looks positively prehistoric, compared to the latest options on display.


Our bags aren’t plastic





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Veggie seedlings, ponga logs, pavers, sheep pellets, weedmat, manuka poles, timber stakes, windbreak and more...


Part of this is because we are living in a post-television world. Ask most millennial kids when a particular programme is on air, and they will look at you like you have asked them to swap their iPhone for a rotary dial landline. Television is less and less something beamed into an aerial with shows at rigid time slots, and more a pick and mix of broadband-streamed content, selected whenever we like. That means the modern entertainment system is likely to centre around a smart TV, or even more likely a console or PC. The systems, which once only provided games now connect to Netflix, streaming conventional television channels and the internet, delivering services like YouTube. Most pack in a Blu-ray player as standard. A hefty hard drive connected directly to a big 4K capable screen means stored content can be watched as well. The key here is to select a machine capable of very high-resolution output to match a very high-resolution screen. A crisp picture is only achieved with good data coming in as well as the ability to display it. Very large rooms may still benefit from a projector and screen, but

Herald 80b

with 65-inch flatscreens now the norm — it’s a matter of wall space! Then there’s the issue of sound. There are two ways to go here, and the modern soundbar is the easiest. Using clever speaker technology (some even have moving speakers inside the bar) these devices bounce audio from the walls and ceiling to create a surround effect. The smartest learn the contours of your room and react accordingly. The other option is more time-intensive but very immersive; run cables through the

Call Tim at Venluree today for quality New Zealand made Blinds. Ph: 0800 836 587

ceiling to a battery of surround speakers for the cinematic experience. Finally, get the right chairs. If you sat through Avengers: Endgame in a cinema seat you’ll know the importance of comfort. Invest in some top recliners to make the home theatre a cut above the multiplex. Then you’re all set for this year’s Rugby World Cup. Moreover, as you’ll tell the rest of the family, ready for kid’s movies, panel shows and the nightly news. Blinds Curtains Screens Security Awnings Shutters

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You’ll never be cold again with our Hunter 80B running your central heating. It’s our most powerful boiler yet. It’s been designed to run up to 15 radiators and your hot water. Not only will you be benefiting from cheaper heating bills but you will get all of our tried and tested technology; Cleanburn and Tripleburn technologies make sure the 80B is as economical and eco-friendly as possible and you won’t even have to lift a finger to keep the glass clean as our Hot Air Wash will do that for you. Herald 80b can be wood or multi-fuel

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This specialised home service is backed by a lifetime warranty on new glass and a 5 year warranty on existing glass. One off affordable application.

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August 2019



August 2019


RURAL CONTRACTING When the name says it all by Andy Bryenton


Car manufacturers, and to a lesser extent, their counterparts in the agricultural world, spend quite a lot of time coming up with the perfect names to market their products. Not so Krone, who, upon developing the most powerful maize and forage harvester the world has ever seen, took a look at its size and extreme capacity and called it the Big X.



Water Well Drilling for 44 Years Four Generations of Knowledge


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The Big X range spans medium to super-sized harvesting machines, but the stand-out top of the range is the Big X 1180. It refers to the staggering amount of horsepower generated by its 12-cylinder Liebherr-derived common rail engine, making it the most powerful in the world right now. With this big size comes some definite economies of scale; for example, the service intervals for components such as the oil filter and valves have been extended. It’s not so much the sheer brute force of Krone’s massive maize and forage machine, which makes it pack such a punch. It’s the clever additions driven by that V12 powerplant. Acknowledging the emerging use of forage crops for biogas, Krone has made it possible to select variable chopping lengths from 4mm to 30mm, without having to touch the chopping drum. For livestock feed applications,


Contact Neil Today

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Big is not just a name when it comes to Krone’s Big X harvesters

where the chop is longer than in biofuel sourcing, Krone’s VariLOC technology does the business, augmented by an efficient corn conditioner. The Big X 1180 uses massive 305mm rollers, with slanted teeth to ensure that every kernel is cracked for greater digestibility. These hefty rollers are carried by an equally hefty spring assembly, and, of course, all powered by that giant Liebherr 12. Precision continues into the cab, with a suite of electronic aids to help fill trailers more accurately and at greater speed. The operator has more control over the output stream than ever before,

and additional data at hand includes the option to review the crop nutrient and moisture levels. The Big X even has eyes of its own; a photo-optical sensor in the middle of the maize header measures the maturity of the plant and automatically adjusts the length of cut. Between these and a range of other features designed to maximise fuel economy and minimise operator stress and fatigue, the Big X 1180 isn’t just powerful in terms of horsepower. It’s a powerful tool for making the most of a hard-earned crop, from the field to storage and use.

MOBILE ON FARM REPAIRS Old & New, Working in your area. Rangitikiei, Marton, Taihape, Pahiatua, Hunterville, Apiti, Levin.

Offering competitive rates, work guaranteed.

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Phillip Cockery

Feilding Tractors

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SERVICES OFFERED: • Fertiliser spreading • All bulk silage requirements • Round baling and wrapping • Square baling and wrapping • Hay - Large rounds / large squares • Cultivation • Bulk cartage • Ravensdown Consignment Store with certified weigh bridge

Serving the Horowhenua since 1924 Trotter Contracting Ltd - Agricultural Contractors - Levin Contact - Garry 027 232 2380 Rowan 027 452 2562


August 2019



The grain of civilisation

Maize is a huge part of the agricultural world a vital source of feed-out protein across our dairy and beef herds. It’s also a staple for the production of modern biofuels, with large areas of land in some nations now devoted to growing the crop just for the provision of liquid energy. Maize had been shaping human society for centuries before the advent of biodiesel and the modern farm. The plant itself, as traded for by European settlers in the New World, was not even a ‘natural’ cultivar, but a carefully bred version of the ancient wild plant teosinte. This plant may have been domesticated up to 6,000 years ago, according to evidence found in the Guila Naquitz Cave in Oaxaca, Mexico. Maize was the cornerstone of empires, as it was able to be harvested, stored and transported. Hun Hunahpu was the Mayan god of maize, and not surprisingly this deity was high up the celestial pecking order. Maize benefits from further selective breeding today. A worldwide programme seeks to produce drought-resistant strains to help feed African nations, for example. Other initiatives include creating stains which resist insect pests and deliver superior yield. Key players in this process are the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center, modern-day ‘disciples of Hun Hunahpu’ who invest

heavily into studying the genetics, propagation and improvement of maize worldwide. With global maize production in 2018 topping 1,100 million tonnes, across applications from directly feeding human populations through to biofuel production, this is perhaps one of the most vital crops in soil, cultivated from the plains of the American midwest to the steppes of Ukraine and beyond. While New Zealand’s maize crop primarily goes to providing effective fodder for livestock, there are applications being developed which include maize-based replacements for plastics, maize-based ‘pellets’ to replace wood in heating furnaces, and even the use of the watery byproducts of maize milling to cultivate germs in the laboratory for medical science. In these many ways, the plant, which helped create the empires of Central and South America, and has had such an impact on our ability to feed a population in the billions, continues to shape civilisation today.

QUARRY ROCK Cow Race, face rock, 40mm/20mm crushed grades available

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FERTILISER SPREADING Cartage and Application

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CARTAGE Bulk Units, Curtainsiders, Flat Deck Units Hay and Baleage cartage Lime and Fertiliser Rock Linehaul

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On the farm, on the road, long haul, short haul... we haul it all

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LONGBURN DRAINING • All trenching requirements • Specialising in Novaflo application • 3 tonne digger for all those small jobs • Accuracy of laser control • Design of drainage systems • Laying of metal with purpose built hopper • Over 20 years experience • No job too big or too small

For all your on farm draining needs! Phone Brent: 06 212 0336 • mob: 021 922 549 Phone Kerry: 06 329 6882 • mob: 027 443 7315

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Rock Picker NZ Importer & Operator New Zealand’s Best Rock Picker

Have you got a problem with rocks, stones and wood laying in your paddocks? Reduce mower & bailer damage and increase grass productivity.

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Lord Palmerston’s legacy by Andy Bryenton

The man whom Palmerston North is named for would likely appreciate the irony that the town, which ended up getting a small addendum to differentiate itself ended up being the larger of the two. Lord Palmerston, considered by some to be one of the all-time great prime ministers of Britain, famously had two towns named for him in New Zealand, one in Otago and one in the Manawatu. It is this northernmost settlement that forms the hub of that region today. In fact, there’s a bit of contention yet about the name Palmerston North. The minutes of the meeting in which the name change was finalised, in 1873, is somewhat open-ended. Nevertheless, it’s with the added monicker (which has led generations of school kids to look up the atlas for a more southerly


white audiology

Hear all the special moments For professional services & independent advice from qualified experienced audiology professionals.

Palmerston) that the small town, established in 1866, grew to become a regional seat of government, and home to the prestigious Massey University, one of the foremost venues of agricultural research in the world. Henry Temple, Lord Palmerston himself, would have approved of neither municipality changing its name to that of one of his political rivals. A strong-willed character with a flair for publicity, he was once the target of an assassination attempt by an exsoldier named Davies. As the bullet only grazed him, Palmerston got right back up and carried on, later paying for Davies’ legal defence and testifying that he held no ill will. The trauma of battle had driven his would-be assassin to the limits of his sanity. Davies was spared from the death penalty, and Palmerston gained a reputation for fairness and

Independent, locally owned & operated. • Hearing aids, all types and models • Hearing assessments • Hearing aid repairs & servicing • Hearing aid batteries & supplies


• Approved Assessors for ACC, War Pensions • Enable NZ & WINZ • Specialised ear plugs for flying, musicians and noise reduction • FM systems, Wax removal by suction Palmerston North Clinic 0800 033 866 476 Church Street, Palmerston North Levin Clinic 0800 142 813 538 Queen Street, Levin Dannevirke Clinic 0800 551 177 The Hub, Allardice Street, Dannevirke

• Accounting and Business Services • Planning and Succession • Business Growth Services • Business Establishment Services • Payroll and GST preparation • All aspects of Office Support and Administration • Tax Return Preparation • Quick Turnaround on Annual Accounts • Xero Training and Assistance

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GEARBOX & DIFF Servicing, rebuild, replacement, fitment.

CLUTCH Testing, clutch kits, fitment.

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fortitude. He leveraged his popularity into several non-consecutive terms in government. He was also known to be at odds with Queen Victoria, arguing and debating foreign policy with the monarch in a way that would have been unthinkable to earlier generations of royalty. This test of democracy was very modern for its era, and public acknowledgement that the Crown accepted the power of a democratically elected government as one to debate with (rather than dictate to) set the tone



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• All Tree Removals • Tree Reductions • Confined Tree Removals • Formative pruning • Fruit Tree Pruning • Total Tree & Shrub Management • Storm Damage • Stump Grinding • Wood Splitting • Fire Wood • Landscape Design & Construction • Consultancy Service • Full Insurance COUNCIL APPROVED ARBORIST, MEMBER OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF ARBORICULTURE

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SANDBLASTING? We specialise in: „ Sandblasting and Painting „ Dairy Sheds „ Concrete for Non Slip „ Machinery „ Steelwork „ Sandblast & Repaint Swimming Pools


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for the rapid and prosperous growth of an empire. Palmerston would have approved wholeheartedly with the position of Massey University as vital to the town that bears his name. He was always keen on furthering his knowledge, having attended Cambridge as a young man and studied in Edinburgh with notable social and political philosophers.

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Henry Temple, Lord Palmerston, never got to visit the towns named after him in New Zealand, but he’d be pleased to know he warranted two rather than just one!

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CHEVROLET SILVERADO & CHEVROLET CAMARO Vehicles now in stock. Go ahead, Make your day.

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4x4 Crew Cab Auto per week

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Get the special edition Holden Colorado LTX 4x4 Crew Cab Auto. This grunty ute is in a class of its own. 3.5 tonne towing capacity, 500Nm of torque*, a 1 tonne payload and three years free scheduled servicing, all make for a workhorse you’ll enjoy driving. Talk to your local Holden Dealer Robertson Holden today and buy smart with SmartBuy. 470 Rang T 06 356 1062

Palmerston North

SmartBuy offer of $158 per week to be paid over 4 year term; total mileage of up to 60,000 kms over the term and includes a deposit of $8000, and a final balloon payment (the Guaranteed Future Value) of $22121.25 The total loan amount is $54596.78. With the SmartBuy offer, at the end of the term you can choose to keep the car, by paying the Guaranteed Future Value, trade it or return it (subject to T&Cs and excess charges). Offer excludes on road costs. Holden Financial Services is provided by Heartland Bank. Heartland Bank lending criteria, T’s & C’s apply, including a $270 establishment fee and $10 PPSR fee. Fixed interest rate of 8.95% p.a. applies. Offer available until 31 August 2019 at participating Holden Dealers while stocks last. Not available with any other offer. Free Certified Scheduled Service 3 years/100,000km (whichever occurs first) for Holden vehicles sold new in New Zealand by a Holden Dealer. See for details. All-terrain tyres shown available at additional cost. *Auto Models only.



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SPOTLIGHT ON … continued from page 18

Lord Palmerston’s legacy Offering assistance for ear problems in adults and children. • Glue ear • Runny ear • Itchy ears • Removal of earwax by suction, a much kinder and safer method of removing wax. The only acceptable method for tinnitus sufferers Clinics in Palmerston North and more! For an appointment please call 0800 444 333"

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As a nobleman, young Henry Temple was not required to take formal exams to pass his master of arts degree like the common folk. However, he petitioned the professors for the right to take the examination tests and pass fairly. When they declined him, perhaps fearing that the ‘better class’ of the nobility would be outed as less intelligent than the commoners, he took separate exams to prove his point and passed with honours. His powers of scholarship and his straight-talking oratory led him to stand for parliament to represent Cambridge. When he was defeated, he signed on as a volunteer in the Napoleonic Wars and was made a junior Lord of the Admiralty. In a move, which showed his fierce determination, he defied France and secured the neutrality of Denmark by sinking their entire fleet in Copenhagen Harbour. Defending what his opponents called an outrageous act of aggression, he said: “if Denmark had evidenced any hostility


PALMERSTON NORTH towards this country, then we should have been justified in measures of retaliation … Denmark coerced into hostility stands in the same position as Denmark voluntarily hostile.” His clever logic won the day, but during his career, he was a controversial figure. Friends and An old hitching post recalls frontier times in the shadow of enemies alike called Palmerston North’s municipal buildings him ‘Pam’. He formed a close alliance with another notable the common people of England for his figure of the time who would also gain patriotic stance in government. Henry a New Zealand place name; Sir Arthur Temple married his long-time lover in Wellesley, Duke of Wellington. At the 1839, not long before New Zealand time when the first European explorers became a nation. His mistress of many were striking inland from the coast to years, she was wealthy noblewoman ‘discover’ the Manawatu, he loomed Emily Lamb, widow of the impressively large in British minds — engineering named Peter Leopold Louis Francis the nation’s position in a turbulent era Nassau Clavering-Cowper, and brother when Spain, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, of another man destined to have a city Poland and Russia were in crisis or named after him — Lord Melbourne. civil war. A calm hand on the wheel Today he is the subject of several while the rest of Europe fought among statues in key places across England, themselves set the British up for an era and of course, the namesake of two of expansion and colonisation, including towns here in New Zealand. While he the settlement of New Zealand. never took the immensely long sea Lord Palmerston’s finest work may voyage to visit, it’s fair to say he’d be have been in diplomatically navigating proud to see what his two favourite the volatile 1830s and 1840s while the things free trade and education have Victorian age with its new technologies created here. With a look at his larger and trade opportunities came to fruition. than life character, he’d also be more He was criticised for his part in the than pleased that he warranted two Opium Wars and in forcing imperial place names and not just one like his China into world trade but loved by friend Wellington.

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Cleaning out the woolshed Clearing out the manure from under woolsheds has become easy work with Cleansweep Woolsheds. Mark Turton, along with his wife Megan, has been servicing the Tararua area for more than 30 years with their Fencing business. Wanting to further assist their clients with farm maintenance, four years ago they introduced their new business Clean Sweep Woolsheds to the farming sector. After many years in development, the Clean Sweep Machine was launched at the Mystery Creek Fieldays. Mark has invented this machine that goes under woolsheds and pulls out all the sheep manure. “I was giving a friend a hand to clean under his woolshed using a big sucker machine. It was a wet day, and we were spending all our time unblocking the machine. I thought there must be something easier and quicker to use for the job, but there wasn’t.” Mark came up with a hydraulic-driven rotary hoe system, which goes under the shed by itself, digging along the pile line for up to 30 metres. When it is full, the machine is hauled out and emptied. “Underneath the shed is a horrible place to be for obvious reasons, but by using the Clean Sweep machine — you don’t have to be amongst it.”

The system is highly versatile, able to be used in any type of woolshed, even handle the lowest of sheds. Clean Sweep is also ideal for cleaning the hard count out pens, and by using the Kanga and bucket set-up, they can clear away deposits under cover yards. The bulk of the work is being done automatically from outside the shed; it is not labour intensive, so is fast and cost-effective. It is important for woolsheds to be clean, he points out. “It creates a healthy space on many levels. The sheep have good airflow if penned overnight, and they dry faster. “It also decreases wool staining, and most important of all, it reduces the ammonia smell, which the shearers will appreciate.” The end product is great fertiliser that the client keeps. “Some people give it to the local school or club to sell, or they can spread it on to their paddocks.” There is a huge variety of woolsheds around, so Mark visits the farm first and gives a no-obligation quote. If you have not cleaned out under your woolshed, count out pens or covered

SIS BALL COCK VALVE Price $99.50+GST EACH Freight free anywhere in NZ • Buy 10 receive 12 and 2x service kits • 3 models available – all the one price • Nearly indestructible • Only NZ Manufacturer providing lifetime guarantee on the body of the ballcock

yards for a while, give Mark a call and he will provide you with a free quote. Phone 0800WOOLSHED or 0800 966

574, after hours 06 374 9242 mobile 027 682 1186. Email markturton@xtra. or visit

It's the dirtiest job on the farm!

Let us take care of your woolshed. Clean Sweep Woolsheds can quickly and efficiently remove all the manure from under your woolshed, count out pens and covered yards, giving you a cleaner and healthier shed. Less ammonia smell and faster drying sheep. • Fast • Cost effective • Operated from outside • Can reach the furthermost point

Phone Mark for a no obligation free quote 027 682 1186 | 0800 175 720 Only available direct from manufacturer


Phone/Fax: 06 855 8073 email: Lincon Taylor A/Hrs: 06 855 8302 Mobile: 027 686 5849




Southern region’s special service Bike Torque Ltd has been covering the Southern Ruapehu Region from a base in Taihape for three years and our farm service technician, Harry Sircombe has been servicing bikes for 14 years.

• SteelTop Ute Canopy • Tonneau Cover • Headlight cover • Bonnet Guard • Side Steps • Ute Bedliner • Ute Bed Extender • Door Weathershield • Ute Hard Lid • Truck Air Deflectors • Truck Stoneguard • Exterior Sunvisor • Nudge Bar • Fog Lamp • Towbars • Side n Lock Tie Downs … and more!

Airplex Industries, 21 Saleyards Rd, Otahuhu, Auckland 0800 247 753 –

Harry specialises in servicing farm and motocross bikes and also caters for a growing SXS UTV market. The Taihape depot is fitted out with all the tools and parts to get your bike back up and running. It is a useful extension of our Taumarunui service department, where we employ six full-time mechanics and can save our customers travel costs from Taumarunui associated with repairs and service. Bike Torque Taumarunui is also your authorised agent for Polaris, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha and reminds customers that to protect the warranty on any of your machines, they must meet the franchise servicing requirements. Work must be carried out by an authorised franchise dealer who has the appropriate training and tools. Our Taihape service agent offers a free on-farm demo service, and Harry can talk to you about upgrading your farm bikes. If you are looking at buying new, contact our Taumarunui sales team for some great in-store specials. We currently have some “one-off deals” with big savings, ex-demo units with low kilometres and bikes with added extras. Finance options are

available with competitive interest rates for successful applicants. We can ship nationwide and will consider trade-ins. We are happy to assist with all your


enquiries into service repairs, sales, parts and accessories. Contact Harry Sircome for farm service repairs on 027 499 205.

All prices include GST

2016 HONDA PIONEER 500 Tidy 2 seater, 7632kms, & 1035.8hrs, roof, screen & wiper, poly rear panel, alloy flat deck tray, mudflaps, storage box, good tyres, 2WD/4WD, 15.5L tank & reserve, 500cc single fuel inj, ind rear susp, 5speed paddle shift, 453kg towing.

2016 HONDA PIONEER 500 Tidy 2 seater, 18263kms, 1367hrs, roof, screen & wiper, alloy flat deck tray, good tyres, 2WD/4WD option, 5.5L tank & reserve, 500cc single fuel inj, ind rear susp, 5speed paddle shift, compact chassis, 453kg towing

2017 SUZUKI KINGQUAD LTA500 Good cond, 7665kms & 1067hrs, new tyres, heated grips, CVT trans, Hi/Lo ratio & difflocks, 2WD/4WD & downhill engine braking, fuel inj, ind rear susp, one owner op, from drystock farm, bullbars & mudflaps

2016 YAMAHA WOLVERINE 700 EPS R 20967kms, 1 dry stock owner, good 26’ tyres, roof, fold down screen, clear rear panel, front rock crawler bar, 2WD/4WD & difflock, full engine braking, Hi/Lo ratios, auto trans, fuel inj, pwr steering, cert ROPs cage

2016 YAMAHA GRIZZLY SPEC ED Gen 1 bike owner, ex sheep farm, 13693kms, EFI 700cc 4 stroke with CVT, Auto Hi/Lo trans, 2WD/4WD & Difflock, power steering, bullbars, alloy mag wheels, good tyres, 1055hrs.

2016 YAMAHA GRIZZLY 700 Good cond, 1 owner op, ex sheep & beef farm, 16187kms, 1893hrs, EFI 700cc 4 stroke & CVT, Auto Hi/Lo trans, 2WD/4WD & difflock, power steering, bullbars, shock spacers, good tyres.

2017 POLARIS RZR XP TURBO EPS Gen 1 owner, only 58.9hrs, 1301kms, 168HP, 3500lb synthetic rope winch, rear LED lights, rear storage box, sport roof, convex rear mirror, loaded with gen accessories.

2015 SUZUKI LTA500 KINGQUAD Good cond, 1 owner op off drystock farm, 19835kms, good tyres, CVT trans, Hi/Lo ratio & difflocks, 2WD/4WD with downhill engine brakes, fuel inj, ind rear susp, bullbars & mudflaps fitted.

2014 YAMAHA GRIZZLY 700 Good cond, ex sheep farm, genuine 1 owner, 27148kms & 2696hrs, EFI 700cc 4 4 stroke & CVT, bullbar & overfender kits, new tyres, auto Hi/ Lo trans/2WD/4WD & difflock, pwr steering

2016 POLARIS RANGER 570 Tidy, 1 owner op, 2141hrs, 23,580kms, roof, front/rear screens, good tyres, CVT Belt drive, Hi/Lo Ratio, Turf Mode/2WD/AWD/ADC Mode, 570cc Pro-Star engine, dumpbox, tilt tray.

2014 YAMAHA GRIZZLY 700 Good cond, Ex sheep & beef farm, 19166kms, 1571hrs, EFI 700cc 4 stroke with CVT, bulbar kit, new tyres, Auto Hi/ Lo trans, 2WD/4WD & difflock, power steering, ready to work, hunt or play



2011 SUZUKI LTA500 Solid bike from drystock farm, 39169kms, 3842hrs, good tyres, CVT Trans, Hi/Lo ratio & difflocks, 2WD/4WD with downhill engine brakes, fuel inj, ind rear susp, bullbars, recently serviced by us











All used stock is fully serviced. Buy with confidence from a LMVD

ASK US FOR A CUSTOMISED, DETAILED QUOTE TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS. Finance available on all stock subject to credit approval. Application and administration fees payable and T & Cs apply.

TAUMARUNUI: 07 895 7994 | OTOROHANGA: 07 873 8196 A/Hrs Joel Rees 027 279 5425 or Jette Josiah 027 446 4849 For your local Bike Servicing call Harry Sircombe 027 499 2051


August 2019


A bigger and brighter business From its formation in 1946 by locals Brown and Brownlie, The Tractor Company (TRC) had humble beginnings in a small tin shed in Eyre Street, Feilding.


QUAD BIKE SAFETY Wear a helmet. A helmet is a must while riding a quad bike around the farm.

Artist’s impression of TRC 4 Turners Road, Feilding

More than 70 years later, this locally owned and operated business, vacated premises it shared on Aorangi/ Gladstone Streets Feilding to move to 4 Turners Road. The new premises are a 7,000 square metre purpose-built site at the easterly entrance to Feilding, the heart of the Manawatu agricultural region. From its new high-profile site, TRC continues its relationship with AGCO — the world’s largest agricultural company and holder of brands, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Valtra, Iseki and what was Lely Hay and Harvest Equipment. The big, bright new look workshop has five double-height bays, from where TRC can service and repair the largest of agricultural equipment using the latest technology while harnessing the vast knowledge and experience of our loyal technician team.

The well-stocked parts department, with helpful front counter staff, now carries more than 1,600 lines on the floor with access to thousands more within 24 hours. TRC is proud of the brands we work with, and the showroom holds a wide range of merchandise from technical outdoor clothing and apparel to agricultural toys for children of all ages! While the premises are new, the foundation of TRC is the same. The team continues to build and support long term relationships with our customers and community, right here in the mighty Manawatu and beyond. TRC — The Tractor Repair Company invite you to visit us at our new site, 4 Turners Road Feilding. With ample offstreet parking, an amazing customer lounge and friendly staff — we look forward to seeing you.

Work Hard. Play Hard. Right Now.

When it comes down to business, Mazda BT-50 is ready to be put to work. It’s built to take on any task, and it’s equipped with all the creature comforts anyone could ever want. Plus, when each Mazda Commercialcare Fixed Price Service costs only $200, the BT-50 is great for office overheads. And for a limited time, get a BT-50 with No Deposit and Interest-Free Mazda Finance*. So work hard, play hard, right now. Based on Mazda BT-50 Recommended Retail Pricing effective 1st July 2019; valid for sales concluded on/ or before 30th September 2019 to approved purchasers. On payment to the Dealer of On-Road Costs (ORC) and the cost of any accessories, the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) plus a $360.35 Establishment Fee are financed and paid over 48 equal monthly instalments* with an interest charge of 0% per annum. See full terms and conditions at 645 Tremaine Ave, Palmerston North Ph (0800) 424 642 Kieran (0274) 969 020 Andrew (0275) 512 684 Shaun (0274) 819 082 Shane (0211) 904 474

Manawatu Rural Marketplace

Phone 0800 466 793



• EV / Hybrid / Car / Light truck servicing and repair • Courtesy car available • Warrant of Fitness $55 Kyle Flynn Workshop Manager Ph (06) 353 3473 FREEPHONE 0800 895 133

BANK SAID NO? We specialise in Farm Finance, working capital and debt consolidation. Also welcome applications from property developers, builder’s and first home buyers. Call 0800 888 449 or email

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Servicing the Lower North Island for all rental equipment

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Felted wool saddleblankets made in the Manawatu




August 2019





Sam Whitelock, Massey Ferguson ambassador

Massey Ferguson tractors are designed for exceptional performance and efficiency. The new S-series covers a huge range from 100 HP to 370 HP. With a low finance rate of 0.99%* across the S-Series range, now is the time to secure your new S-Series Massey Ferguson tractor. MF 5700 S SERIES 100 – 130 HP

MF 6700 S SERIES 120 – 180 HP

MF 7700 S SERIES 150 – 280 HP

MF 8700 S SERIES 300 – 370 HP

NOW MOVED TO: 4 Turners Road, Feilding

06 323 0309

*For new orders placed from 01/08/2019 to 30/09/2019 and delivered before 5pm on 31/10/2019. Finance with an interest rate of 0.99% p.a. available on Hire Purchase agreement based on minimum 30% deposit, the GST component repaid after 3 months and monthly repayments in arrears over a 36 month term. Fees and lending conditions apply to approved GST number holders who use the equipment for business purposes. Finance is approved by AGCO Ltd, GST number 88-831-861.


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Manawatu Farming Lifestyles, August 2019  

12,655 copies DELIVERED FREE to rural delivery address in Manawatu

Manawatu Farming Lifestyles, August 2019  

12,655 copies DELIVERED FREE to rural delivery address in Manawatu

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