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Farm Trails Makes It a Breeze to Buy Homegrown


By Holly Hester

Photo: Singing Frogs Farm

Back to the Land Lush crops thrive at Singing Frogs Farm.

s a parent, how many times have you said to yourself, “I really want to be a part of the food revolution that’s happening right now, but how? Someone tell me how!”

Alright, you’ve never said that. Me, either. That’s okay. Because while we’ve all been busy popping out children and trying to figure out what a cold mist humidifier is and the difference between baby nail clippers and regular nail clippers (there’s no difference), other good citizens from all over America have been staging a food revolution. They’ve been saying no to corporate farming. No to food shipped from thousands of miles away. No to fruits and vegetables drenched in chemicals. 10 SonomaFamilyLife

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Basically, they’ve been saying no to the Hot Pocket. (I’ll give Hot Pocket lovers a moment of silence here.) We know now that eating local, seasonal, fresh food is not only the best thing to do for our health, but good for the environment and the local economy as well. But how, you ask? How do I become part of the food revolution? How do I start fitting in with all the cool foodie kids?

October 2015

Sonoma Family Life October 2015  
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