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elcome to the very first issue of Sligo Now. From here on in your month will never be the same without it! Sligo Now has been launched to provide a platform for all that is good in our wonderful city. It will provide inspiration, intelligence, information and irreverence. We aim to bring you the very best Sligo has to offer. Every month, we’ll bring you the best in style, fashion, beauty and intriguing features. Over time we will become the trusted friend that Sligoians will turn to to find out what's hot and what's not - the best restaurants, films, shows and exhibitions the city has to offer. Want to know the best places to socialise, the best events to attend? We’ve got it covered. In this, our first edition, we talk to Scruffy Duffy, a man who has succeeded in defying trends and making his businesses flourish. We chat to athelete Mary Cullen about her training regime. Off the Hook, a new and upcoming band in Sligo talk to us about the music scene. We go out and about on the streets to see what everyone’s wearing on Street Style. Plus we have loads photos from various events that have been happening over the last month.

Your month wouldn’t be the same without it!

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Waterpoint Enniscrone Waterpoint’s unique fusion of water park, health suite and sports centre has made it one of Enniscrone’s most popular activity attractions since it opened in 1998. Waterworld-type facilities include a 65-metre flume waterslide and a children’s pool. The sports centre has floodlit astroturf pitches, a heath suite, a state-of-the-art gym, a steam room and a jacuzzi. In addition a range of classes are available including aerobics, step, circuit training, swimming lessons and aqua aerobics. Waterpoint is the ideal facility for all your rainy day needs.

Sligo Library & County Museum Sligo Library and County Museum are located together, with the library being housed in a former Presbyterian Church which was built in 1851. This small Gothic Revival Church was converted in 1954 into the Sligo Town Library. The Manse, situated beside the Library, was built in 1867, and was converted into the Sligo County Museum in 1955. The Sligo County Museum contains a fascinating collection of exhibits detailing Sligo’s rich stone-age history, including a large firkin of 100-year-old bog butter. Admission is free and it is situated on Stephen Street.

The Model The Model, home of The Niland Collection, is one of Ireland’s leading contemporary arts centres. Built in 1862 as a Model School, the present building which is situated on the Mall has been extended twice. The building boasts a restaurant and coffee dock, a bookshop, a wonderful gallery circuit, a purpose built performance space, and a suite of impressive artist studios on the top floor with enviable views of Sligo town and County. This award-winning building is home to the impressive Niland Collection of art, one of the most notable collections inIreland and featuring works by John and Jack B. Yeats, Estella Solomons, Paul Henry and Louis Le Brocquy among others.

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Sligo Indoor AirSoft & Archery Perfect place to head to on that wet afternoon, their AirSoft guns are replica weapons which fire small plastic pellets, giving you the experience and the fun of shooting without the danger. Their Archery Range has 8 shooting lanes. They have adults and children's Recurve bows in both right and left handed.

VOYA Seaweed Baths Imagine relaxing back into a bath full of hot seawater and steamed seaweed. The heat releases all the seaweed's rich, silky, essential oils so your body feels smooth, buoyant and luxurious. Tiredness, tension, aches and pains slip away. Voya Seaweed baths rehydrate and moisturise skin, relieve psoriasis, acne and dry skin, aid back and muscular pain, ease rheumatism and arthritis and assist circulation. Voya Seaweed Baths are also excellent for detoxing your body. You can find out more at

Funny Bones Funny Bones House of Fun is a Children's Activity and Play Centre based in Colloney just outside Sligo. Sit down and enjoy a cappuccino as you listen to the rain beat off the roof and your children run wild in somebody elses house!

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He is one of Sligo's best known entertainers, and has been doing it for over twenty years now! Sharon Conway caught up with DJ Scruffy Duffy to chat about life, career, the Irish drinking culture, and why he thinks women mature a lot faster than men!!


ith his signature style mixing the best in pop past and present with his off the cuff comedy, Martin Duffy aka Scruffy Duffy has steadily built up a thriving business in the north west in what he does best....entertain! Between weddings, kids parties, standup comedy, karaoke nights, singing competitions, Scruffy is a well known and well liked personality in the town. Taking his first ever gig aged fourteen, he hasn’t looked back; “I was approached by a guy called Andy McNabb

who was a well known DJ in Sligo. He organised a DJ-ing gig for me, handed me twelve records, and that was the start of it. I had one deck, and so I had to fill time chatting to the crowd in between playing songs by artists such as the Beatles, Elvis, Shakin Steven's. That's where the improv started, and that's where I got the buzz for the first time. I was hooked ” A self confessed lover of the limelight from an early age, Scruffy was encouraged by his grandparents to follow his passion “My grandparents taught me to always speak my mind and never be afraid to express my thoughts and beliefs, its something that has really stood to me to this day. It has helped with my confidence and getting up on a stage. Mum and Dad influenced me in different ways. Dad was a very positive man, he thought us never to be angry, bitter or to hold grudges. On the other hand, Mum taught me to be edgy, to push buttons. She challenges you, pushes you to

question things” Scruffy's Dad, a chef instructor tried, and succeeded for some time to get him into the culinary world; 'It was inevitable that I was going to get into the whole food thing. Through working with my Dad I quickly developed a passion for cooking. I was accepted into the Killybegs Catering School, and at night I continued with my plays and drama. I was always attention seeking, even at work!” he jokes. Scruffy would entertain co- workers with impersonations of comedy greats such as Basil Faulty, Billy Connolly, Richard Prior. “I started a work placement in an Italian Restaurant in Ballina and that's where I started to really hone my skills as a chef and also where I started to look for work in the club scene that was happening in the town at the time. My first big gig was in Belleek Castle in Ballina on a Saturday night for 500 people. I put my own slant on the set

with my improv on the mike between songs. I quickly learned that connecting with your audience is the key, whether you are playing to ten people or to a thousand people. I love the challenge of creating an atmosphere, to get the crowd singing back to you.

“Complacency is a killer, you have to keep things fresh”

“Entertainers often go into character, its nearly like acting, the ego comes out, its hard to explain it! I think it helps with the nervous energy.” And what about the darker side of that buzz, the side that can cause problems for many who choose to pursue their passions through the stage and performance world?

“There's always that battle with insecurities when you put yourself out there in the public eye. In many ways you are putting yourself up to be knocked down so you have to develop a thick skin, that's how you sustain it! You wouldn’t think that when you see me doing my thing at a wedding or for a club crowd that I had might have gotten through a day of immense anxiety.” he says Whether you are Robbie Williams or a local entertainer, there’s always the flip side. Indeed its easy to see how the lifestyle and hours and the inevitable coming down would make it very easy to fall back on drink “I never needed a drink to ease the nerves, but there was a time in my twenties and thirties that I rewarded myself with a few drinks after a gig. Its a very easy thing to slip into. I had money in my pocket, drinking and music seem to go hand in hand. It was a slippery slope. I was drinking to escape personal issues.” He quit drinking started to actively deal with his issues, and life started to rapidly change for the better. At forty two, the father of three admits he is happier now than ever before in his life “I honesty believe that men don’t come into their own until they hit their forties, they are slower to mature than women. Women are better at talking and sharing thoughts and feelings. I'm an open book now and I believe that if you have a down day you should talk about it. Men are only learning that its okay to admit to having fears and vulnerabilities” Talking about the drinking culture here in Ireland he says “Everyone on the planet will have a touch of anxiety or depression at some point in their life, add alcohol on top of that over a long term basis and that's where the problem really develops- the anxiety will only get worse. It's clear that Scruffy feels more needs to be done to create awareness in our young people of the perils of excess drinking “Im certainly not a party pooper, I think drink is a wonderful tool for relaxation if your able to use it correctly, and not to excess. We need to have more eduction for kids at a very young age on the dangers of excess alcohol consumption” So whats next on the horizon for the energetic Sligo man “ I have revamped the website, the business is going well. It's still a very personalised experience, if u book Scruffy you will get Scruffy. I haven’t brought anyone else in on the act.”

November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 8

And his favorite aspect of work? “My favorite side of it is the karaoke/standup comedy- off the cuff comedy, stuff that's not scripted, or to spot someone in the crowd and make a legend out of them. I guess that's the edgy side of me coming through.” He laughs Speaking about today's Irish comedy circuit he adds “Irish comedians are the funniest of all. It goes back to our culture of story telling. It's in our DNA to be funny. Our ability to laugh even at the worse possible times. We can always find some way to lighten the mood. It's also in our genetic pool to write, perform, create and make music” Scruffy's core business is wedding DJ, but he offers a couple of new packages, including a special four hour cabaret package, incorporating games, comedy and music; “ New brides have grown up in the 80's and 90's so they didn’t grow up with the Show Band culture, they want something different that's going to be value for money. I have another package where I organise the church music, pre wedding entertainment, a comedian after the meal and music in the residents bar. Im a believer that the harder you work in life the luckier you get” And all the hard work paid off when Scruffy was awarded the highly sought after accolade of best DJ in Connacht earlier this year “Next year I will be going for the Best DJ in Ireland. I will be running a big face book campaign again. Sligo people are fantastic for supporting their own, but Sligo people are also amongst the most honest people you will ever come across. If you earn their respect and stay grounded then they will respect you” These days Scruffy is a contented family man who lives with his partner Tracey and son Conor “Tracy is a wonderful partner and fantastic mum. Conor is almost five and is already showing signs of being a little entertainer. I'm really enjoying the wee fella. Scruffy also has two grown up children, Eoghan who is 18 and works in events management and Lorraine who is 19 and like her dad has a good singing voice and is not shy of the mike. I have a happy home life and a really good relationship.” He cites compromise, open communication and a 50- 50 balance as the key ingredients “Every day you gotta work on it! Never get complacent... complacency is a killer, not just of relationships, but in entertainment and work. You have to keep things fresh, keep evolving and pushing out the boundaries! Sure that's what makes life exciting isn’t it!?

“Im certainly not a party pooper, I think drink is a wonderful tool for relaxation- if your able to use it correctly, and not to excess.”

November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 9


Karl Kerins, Siobhan Kilgallon, Lorraine Kerins and Auriol Moody

Margaret and Deirdre Farrell ,Jackie Maloney, Charlie Kelly and Peter Farrell

Willie and Angela Quain

Cameron Hall

Therese Tierney, Sophie Barrett, Ali Crowe and Stephen Whelan

Valerie and Gerry Hegarty

Suzanne Reynolds Anne Reynolds

Brian Lynch, Andy Igo and Ingrid Lynch

Martina McIntrye and Sue Cooke

David Preedy and Rebecca Stevens

Barry Doyle and Rosie Legue

Enda and Cliodhna Rooney

Dessie and Aileen Wisley

Lian and Mary Floody

Karen Daly and Louise Daly

Louise OHehir, Orla Barry and Mary Nielson

Mark Duffy and Sonia Gilmartin

Tata Short, Enda Scanlon and Jo Scanlon

Shinara McGown and Darragh Healey

M on ey Sa vi n g ti p #1 g of tea, An hou r be fore you wa nt a mu ploc Zi a o pou r a mu g full of water int the n wh en ba g an d ta pe it to you r torso, of tea you ’ ll you act ua lly wa nt you r mu g fro m 37 deonly ha ve to heat the water invest me nt gre es. you ’ ll save you r init ial 6 mo nth s. in the Zi ploc ba g aft er about

Judy Scanlon and Pauric McCaffery

Barbera Moloney and Linda O Hanlon

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Martin and Sinead Toolan

Martin and Margret Horan

Freelance Journalist

Trish McCormack, Amanda Brennan, Jan Van Anwegan, Michelle Mullen and Lisa downs

Chris Walsh and Orla Sunning

Joseph and Deborah Cullen

Liam and Patricia Filan, Declan and Caroline Currid

Suzanne Harvey and Tracy Hammilton


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Dominic and Carmel McGarrigle

Josephine Laydon, Marie O Regan, Marie Gilgan, Una Mc Tiernan

The Famine Monument

Martin and Michelle Dunleavy

Nula Sheridan and Ann Healy

The Great Famine which devastated Ireland between 1845 and 1850 was certainly the most terrible tragedy ever to occur in Ireland. Sligo Town and County were particularly badly hit with more than 52,000 local people either dying of starvation or disease, or through emigration in a five year period. The Famine Monument is located opposite The Harp Tavern in Quay Street, and was erected here in July 1997 in memory of all those who died and suffered during the famine. It depicts a family in the depths of despair, starving and with no hope for the future, yet the child, a young girl can be seen pointing towards the ships, one of which would carry them to a new life in America or Canada. The plaque on the monument reads as follows:

Lorraine Henery and Michelle Hargadon

'Letter to America, January 2, 1850' I am now I may say alone in the world all my brothers and sisters are dead and children but yourself... We are all ejected out of Mr. Enright's ground the times was so bad and all Ireland in such a state of poverty that no person could pay rent. My only hope now rests with you, as I am without one shilling and as I said before I must either beg or go to the poorhouse... I remain your affectionate father Owen Larkin, be sure answer this by return of post.

Sean and Gillian Coen

Orla OBrien and Michelle McKenna

Mr and Mrs Tommy Healy

Kathleen Gordon and Ann Keaney

Jimmy and Karen Whealer

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One-to-One with Sligo’s very own Over sixty shows in their first eight months, wedding bookings for the next year and a residency in the Garavogue; Sligo band Off the Hook are going from strength to strength. Denise Kavanagh talks to Marie Conway, lead singer on their success.


ff the hook are a cover band with all members hailing from Sligo. They are; Marie Conway, Derek O’Hara, Deco Laing, Daniel O’Hara and Graeme Bourke. Marie was part of the Conway Sisters making an appearance on the X Factor in 2005 with her sisters Laura, Sharon and Sinead before beginning their solo careers. Derek, Daniel and Deco have been playing for years in several bands around Sligo and Graeme is a multi-instrumentalist playing piano, keys, synth and saxophone; a talented bunch! So how did you guys end up forming ‘Off the Hook’? “Well basically I wanted to do this for a long time and I sort of met up with Derek and we kind of chatted for

a few months before it happened. We were just chatting about how we’d like to form a band and then nothing came of it for

I think our most popular song that we love to do and always gets the floor full is ‘Proud Mary’ by Tina Turner. We get asked for it so often, we get asked for an encore and they want ‘Proud Mary’ again so it’s kind of cool!”

a while and then we met up one evening ….he said ‘do you still want to do it’ and I said ‘yeah do you?’ and we just decided that we would get it together and it just fell into place after that. He already knew the bass player (Deco), and the drummer (Daniel) and then I

November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 14

got the piano player (Graeme) and before we knew it we were rehearsing a week later.” The guys Derek, Daniel and Deco used to play in several bands before Off the Hook, was it easy to form a new band as those guys were used to playing together? “Well I think it was great for them in the sense that they were very used to each other and they knew how to read each other. I mean, Daniel and Derek are brothers and they’ve just got chemistry on stage, because they’re brothers they can just look at each other and they can know what the other one is thinking. So that was kind of nice for them I think. For me it was just so easy because they were so good and they were so up for rehearsing. It took no length of time to get a set together and we were just off before we knew it.”

Marie told me that Off the Hook began with the aim to become a wedding band. “The whole reason we started the band was because we wanted to get into weddings. That’s the whole reason we wanted to do it in the first place because I just love singing so much and I just wanted an outlet to be able to do that. I’ve been to so many weddings myself and I’ve seen so many bands that I really wanted my own wedding band. So it was the whole reason we put this thing together, we do weddings now and because of the residency in the Garavogue we’re getting loads of bookings now. It’s fantastic; it’s really just taken off.” What’s your most popular first dance song at weddings? “Well, we’ve only been together since the start of this year so because most people book weddings a year in advance most of our wedding bookings are for next year! We haven’t done a huge amount of weddings but the popular songs are ‘At Last’ by Etta James, that’s a hugely popular first song, and Adele ‘To Make you Feel My Love’. The one’s we have on our website are the classic first dance songs.” What covers are your favourite to play/sing? “There’s a few, we’ve done a song recently we’ve put on our set. It’s an old eighties song called ‘Rosanna’ by Toto. It’s not

stereotypically mainstream; it’s not what we’d play at a wedding but it’s just what we do for fun at our Garavogue gig. We just absolutely love playing it, it’s just such a fun song to do. Other songs that are really fun to do are ‘Rolling in the Deep’ by Adele because we’ve got a saxophone player in the band as well and he does sax solos in different songs.

That’s the whole reason we wanted to do it in the first place because I just love singing so much and I just wanted an outlet to be able to do that.

That’s Graeme, he’s really, really good on the saxophone. I think our most popular song that we love to do and always gets the floor full is ‘Proud Mary’ by Tina Turner. We get asked for it so often, we get asked for an encore and they want ‘Proud Mary’ again so it’s kind of cool!” Do you have much time for social lives and life in general between rehearsing and playing gigs? “Ah yeah, well I mean we’re all doing different things. We’re all working and studying and doing other things. The gigs don’t feel like a job, we enjoy

it so much that it’s almost like a night out to us even though we’re gigging. That’s how much of a buzz we get from being on stage! Of course we get our nights off but it’s been pretty hectic for the last six months. We’ve been gigging nearly every weekend…two or three nights at least so we find time here and there to have the odd night out! It has to be done!” What’s it like being the only girl in the band? “It’s nice! I feel like they’re my boys; they look after me, they’re good to me, they’re like a family to me. They really are, they’ve become like my family, and it’s so cool. We get on really, really well. We have such a laugh together, we thoroughly enjoy gigging and singing and playing music together. We’ve just gelled really well. I think we’re all very lucky that we happen to meet at the same time and want the same thing. It’s going really well so far. “ No disasters or strops yet? “ Ah no! Not at all. The guys are so good, they’re so easy to work with and I couldn’t say a bad word about them now, I’d be lying if I did!” Marie also told me that the band put a lot of work and effort into their work but also recognise that a lot of the local businesses have been very good to them. “Our first gig was at the very end of December last year and from that it just…I don’t know where all the gigs came

from! Literally we had a full diary; there have been certain pubs in town that have been really good to us and we’ve gotten regular gigs and people seem to enjoy the music and they ask us to come back. We’re very happy to have that opportunity because it’s not easy, there’s a lot of really, really good bands in Sligo. There’s so much music in Sligo town, it’s unbelievable. It’s quite a privilege for us to say that we are so busy.” What’s the plan for the year ahead of you? “We’re going to keep gigging. We want to keep improving our set, we want to keep learning new songs, we rehearse every week, we try and learn three or four new songs every week so that we can constantly keep mixing up our set. Next year we want to keep doing our gigs but we want to start getting weddings and corporate events… birthday parties. That’s our aim, we want to be a party band basically! We have so much fun and we want everyone to feed off that. That’s the plan, gig, gig, gig and keep them coming.” You’ll be gigging all through Christmas then? Yeah, the more the better! You can catch Off the Hook every Sunday night in Sligo town where Marie describes it as being a great night out with a really nice atmosphere. You can also check out the band on Facebook and on

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Emma Scanlon

Kim Farrell

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On the Right Lines Lancome Le Regard Pro €40 Hi Brow Kit by La La from €39.95


he first rule of a perfect makeup is flawless eyebrows. They have become number one in the beauty stakes and dominate both the catwalks and the media worldwide. Eyebrows frame the windows of your soul and make a big difference to how you look so it is important to keep them well groomed and shaped. Getting Started If your eyebrow routine up to now has just been plucking a few hairs out maybe darkening your brows with pencil – now’s the time to get started and give those brows some TLC and professional styling. First to find a good beauty salon with a therapist who really does understand about eyebrow shaping. A recommendation from a friend or colleague is one of the best ways to find an eyebrow guru. You need only visit them once for them to get your brows into the right shape and then it is easy to keep it up yourself with tweezing. And if you get a bit lax and they get out of shape or you just want a little pampering then visit them again for a quick fix. There are several ways to remove hair from your brows – tweezing, electrolysis, sugaring, laser – the choice is up to you. I prefer tweezing as it is quick

Benefit Brow Zingo €29.50

and gives you or the therapist more control. The best time to tweeze your brows is when you get out of the shower as the pores are open and it is less painful to pull out the hair. Go slowly take just one hair at a time and alternate between the brows to keep things even. Don’t take too much off without taking a break and stepping back to see how your brows look.

kits on the beauty counters to suit all budgets. To choose your colours you should go by your hair colour and keep away from black unless you are a raven haired beauty. First of all brush brows straight up. Pluck only stragglers. Fill in sparse brows with pencil. Brush back into place and set with brow gel or hairspray. Brush brow-shaping powder against hair grain to lay-in colour. Then brush brows back into shape. Holding back the years As we grow older our skin tone fades and so does the colour of our eyebrows – in fact in sometimes they almost seem to disappear into the skin– so we need to define them, but that doesn’t mean making the big mistake of taking a black brow pencil and making them really dark - the shade they were in our 20’s.


There are a number of choices available to enhance brows, one is permanent eyebrows. This works like a tattoo action and can look good – but remember you are stuck with the shade and the shape, and it is very expensive. Another option is a salon brow tint which will last around 6 weeks maximum before it fades. This takes around 15 minutes and costs from around €15 depending on the salon – but you’ll also need a brow shape which usually costs extra. Brow tints are great for holidays and special occasions but an expensive way to maintain the brow colour all year round. The newest eyebrow experience of all is a number of salon treatments which will give you bespoke brows these giving amazing results but start from €35 and will last around 8 weeks.

Shape Up Your Brows First clean up the area in between the brows. Remove stray hairs, but be careful not to take off any hair beyond the inner corner of your eye. Brush brows upward (use a brow brush or small toothbrush) and tweeze hairs underneath the brow to create the shape you want. If necessary, take off stray hairs above the brows. This is optional and you need to be careful not to take off too much. For brows that are long or unruly, brush them up; then take baby scissors and carefully trim brows. Again, only cut a tiny bit at a time you can always go back for more. Defining your brows Even perfectly shaped brows need a little definition. The best way of brow defining is to learn some DIY techniques. Use a brow pencil to fill in the sparse areas and a powder shadow to add colour and definition. There are a few brow definition

Benefit Brows a Go Go - 36.50

November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 19


Catherine Clarke, Lynne Kilgallen and Michelle Kilgallen

Hilda Fallon and Richard Kelly

Sky and Star

Sarah's hen party!

Martina, Nicki, Glenda, Grace and Emma

Stephen McBrearty and Gerard McGlinty

Richard Henry and Padraig Fallon

Sabrina Summers and Regina Looby

Barbara Edwards and Claire Flaherty

Kirk, Deckie and Dave

November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 20

Richard Wemney, Turilry Connor, Mike, Myles, Finn Considine and Colin Reddington.

Audrey, Eithne, Maureen, and Teresa

Sabime Lenc ,Pawei Partoszyuski, Sylwie Siuela, Rad Siude, Woitek and Ola

Alex Jecek and Marcin Szczodrowski

CM Punk ,Dvon and Spike

Michelle Taylor, Michelle Walsh, Mary Louise, and Stephen Gallagher

Mlebh Lee, Aoife Conconcon and Olwyn Parslow

Gregory Nopiehoan, Kimye, Pietney

Naviasc & Renote Rose

Vicky Kelly, Gemma Price, Laura Kilpatrick and Diane Hetherington

Ciara Dolan, Fiona May, Ruth Goodwin and Leona Moran

November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 21


M on ey Sa vi n g ti p #3 bu y the wife a nice hea vy coat,s ave s heatin g the hou se wh en you are not the re

David Munnelly and Declan Munnelly

Colin and Donna

Helena Feerick, Billy O’Halloran, Tom Martin, Evangeline, Pat Conroy

Mary Kilfeather and Ann Garby

Siobhan Kelly and Jacintha O’Connor

Keith Powers and Tom Roszko

Lorna Kilcoyne, Scott Harte, Sean Colreavy, Maeve Donaghy, Michelle McMorrow

Andrea Sheridan and Mary Flynn

Sharon Looby, Shelly McNiffe, Regina Looby, Catherine Flynn

Anita Conboy and Annaleen Carr




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November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 22

Rachel Tiernan, Jennifer Tiernan, Michelle McMorrow and Nicola Summers

Orla McLean and Una Clarke

Ciara Kearins and Clare James

Ciara Kilgallen and Megan Higgins

Heather Brady and William Hall

Catherine, Anthoney, Una, Sandra and Kevin

Micheala Murray and Linda Hanley

Ann Marie Gallagher, Lorna Reilly & Louise Leonard

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Congrats Cong!at"lations to Sligo Rovers #om all at Sally Salon Ser$ices

Teeling St!eet, Sligo Telephone: 071 9146296 sligo@salon-ser$

Congratulations to Sligo Rovers from

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The Sligo Rovers squad before the start of the game. Airtricity League Premier Division,


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Sligo Rovers v Shamrock Rovers, Showgrounds, Sligo. Photo: David Maher / Sportsfile

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Sarah McDaid, Louise Orr and Hannah Scollan

Grainne Blont, Maudy Kane and Rachel Whoedon

The 2013 Sligo Rugby Calendar Girls

T Emer Benson and Niall Draper

he night saw the hugely successful launch of the ladies calendar. A big crowd turned out at Suzy McCanny’s studio for the official launch and after party. It was Suzy who took the shots for the calendar. The sporty women posed for the shots to help raise much needed funds for Northwest Hospice The calendar is now officially on sale in shops around Sligo or on so make sure to pick up your copy – contact

Amy Merrily and Maudy Kane

Carley Leydon and Patricia Healy

Amy Gerrity and Ruth Feeney

November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 26

Marian Rolf with Suzy McCanny


Micheal Storie, Brian Mullen, Clare Storie, Trevor Sweeney and Edel Moran

Grainne McGuire and Annette Healy

Kerrie and Paul Carroll

Hannah Scollan, Grainne Blont and Louise Orr

Dawn Howard, Niamh Connolly, Maudy Kane

M on ey Sa vi n g ti p #4 Ha ve all your poos in wo rk, th ere fore sa vin g loa ds on toilet pa pe r.

Shane Ward, Ronan Moriarity, Neil O'Brian, Ian Pauler, Ben O'Reilly, Fiona Feeney, Connor Kenny Fiona Brougas and Denise Curran

Lee Dyson and Niamh Feeney

Gabriel and Timmy Roarty and Mike Kelly

Ann and Liz

November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 27


Sarah and Edel Finn

Ciara Price, Amy Garvin, Megan Harman, Laura Hannon and Amy Daly

Aoife Carbin, Darragh Cattigan, Helen Egan, Matthew McAree Tommy Curley

Ciara Doherty, Cora Duggan, Grainne Perry

Emma Flatley Forde, Michaela Horton, Elaine Walsh and Aileen Coyle

Maria Leahy, Orla Campion Kate Winder

David Durkin, Megan Davitt, Lana Finnegan

David Cannon, Tomas Cooney, Aidan Wright, Oisin O'Malley

Leah Davis, Roisin Egan, Lisa Killen

Lara Brennan, Louise Gilligan

November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 28

Karen Lockhart and Heidi O'Donnell

Carolin and Paul McCarthy

John and Noreen McSharry

Paul McCarthy at Barry's Public House Fancy Dress

Zoe and Sean Nicholson

Paddy Davis

Killian McGowan

Donal and Helen Gilroy

November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 29

HEALTH PRE CHRISTMAS DETOX TO HELP FIT INTO LITTLE BLACK DRESS!!! Colonic Hydrotherapy can help to lose weight and give you a flatter stomach. It helps to get rid of waste and faecal matter that has been lying in the colon for years and years. The average person will store around 20LBS of faeces in their colon while a person who suffers with constipation will store around 40LBS of faeces in their colon. You will also remove toxins, gases and bad bacteria from the colon during a Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment and you can lose up to 3LBS per treatment on average. How much weight and inches are lost during a treatment will depend on person to person and how compacted their colons are. Your diet and lifestyle is also an important part in the detox process. The majority of clients have noted a vast improvement immediately after the Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment as their stomachs are a lot softer and flatter and some have even noticed their waist bands being looser! Colonic Hydrotherapy will rid the body of toxins which in turn increases your metabolism and together with a good diet and lifestyle will help the digestive system to work more efficiently and therefore, burn off more calories. Colonic Hydrotherapy a course of 3 is recommended and more is possibly required depending on the individual colon and its needs. Article courtesy of Claudia McGloin

Madeline with a member of the large crowd

Sarah Gavigan with some of her designs

A member of the Cara Pharmacy make up team at Glamour in the Glasshouse.

The event raised €1187.19 for North West Hospice


M on ey Sa vi n g ti p #5 ok for the fee lin g a bit col d.. go out sid e,lo up on it ak big ge st dog you ca n fin d, sne it give it g tin the n as soo n as it’s not ex pec the ba cka wh opper fat he r Ted kick up roa stin g in sid e.. the cha se will ha ve you pa rk now. the no tim e.. . just on my wa y to talk about sav ing s.

Brid from The Vintage Rooms

The Colour Bar team at work

November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 30

he event was held recently to raise awareness and funds for the North West Hospice and the service they provide for patients and families in the North West.'Glamour in the Glass House' managed to raise €1187.19 for North West Hospice. A big thank you to everyone who supported us and our event. 3rd year students from IT Sligo who are studying Marketing P.R and Event management were the hosts. The event comprised of luxurious beauty treatments from top class local professionals from the health,beauty and fashion industries for the North West,all of who provided their services complementary to ticket holders on the night!

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10-5 9-7 9-7 9-8 9-8 9-7 10-5 10-5

with Miriam Harte, Chef, at Hargadons, O’Connell St, Sligo

Cod & Salmon Bake

(serves 4) Ingredients 800g fresh cod skinned & de-boned 240g fresh salmon skinned & d- boned 50g diced leeks 100g diced onion SAUCE INGREDIENTS 50g plain flour 50g butter 500ml milk 200ml fish stock (stock cube will do) 200ml cream (can use milk) 200ml white wine ( Chardonnay is best) Pinch of salt & black pepper 1tsp fresh chopped parsley TOPPING 4 bacon rashers cooked and finely chopped 50 g melted butter 200g breadcrumbs 2 finely diced tomatoes 1 tsp chopped fresh herbs ( dried will do ) Pinch of Salt & pepper

METHOD 1. In a little oil gently cook leek and onion (without browning) 2. Lightly butter 4 individual dishes or one large pie dish, place 1/2 ( 100g ) cod in base of each and 60 g of salmon on top , then 100g cod on top ...Like a sandwich!! 3. Divide the leek & onion mixture over each. 4. Gently warm stock, milk & cream; set to one side. 5. To make the sauce, melt the butter in a pan, add the four mix well tog ( this is called a roux). 6. Slowly whisk in the warm stock milk & cream . 7. Bring to the boil whisking continuously, add the white wine & then turn down the

Enjoy with a glass of La Perrine 2010, Viognier/Chardonnay... Crisp white wine. This will compliment the cod and salmon bake. heat to low and allow sauce to cook out for 15 mins, (whisking gently, infrequently), add the S&P and herbs. 8. Pour this sauce into each dish , covering fish. 9. For the topping mix all ingredients together , and sprinkle over each dish, covering the sauce. 10. Bake in a preheated oven @ 180 degrees for about 20 30 mins, if browning too quick, cover with foil.

Nagnata AKA Sligo Claudius Ptolemy the second century Greek geographer, produced a map of Ireland which identified the location of the present day Sligo Town or as it was then called Nagnata. Nagnata was, according to Ptolemy, in its day, a trading centre of sufficient importance to be known to the Romans. The Nagnatae or Magnatae were described as a people of ancient Ireland, recorded in

November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 34

Ptolemy's 2nd century geography as living in northern Connaucht. Ptolemy records the Nagnatae as an Irish tribe, and their coastal town of Nagnata as being situated on the west coast of Ireland with Benbulben and Truskmore to the north, and Knocknarea to the south, guarding (what would have been) one of Ireland's major Claudius-Ptolemy was a greek population centres. mathemathician and astronomer

Call: 071 9310910

November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 39




Thursday 1

Ruby Ridge Hargadon’s Scruffy Duffy - Garavogue Gorilla Radio Play With White Gorrila’s - Fiddler’s Nathan Carter - Hawk’s Well Lisa Gannon - Swagman Fim - Jo Nesbø’s Jackpot 8pm - The Model Fire Side Sessions Barrys, Grange Source-Kieran Quinn & guest

Their music is the most played on radio stations around the world and the musical based on their life is still packing theatres from Waterloo (pardon the pun!) to Timbuktu. Believe it or not, it is forty years since they started and this terrific show celebrates with a loud and proud fanfare! It has played to full houses all over Ireland during their tours here for the past 5 years! Wednesday 28 November at The Hawk's Well Theatre


Trad Session Harp Tavern Rock Music - Swagman Artist - Clement Mc Aleer Throughout November The Cat & The Moon Gallery Disco Bar every night Shenanigans Industry Night- Garavogue


Trad Session The Harp Tavern Rock Music - Swagman Artist Seamus Nolan Trades club 1111 Exhibition Running Until 25 Nov The Model Disco Bar every nightShenanigans Industry Night- Garavogue


Trad Session The Harp Tavern Rock Music - Swagman Culkins Emigration Museum - Ongoing Exhibition - Dromore West Disco Bar every night Shenanigans Industry Night- Garavogue


Trad Session The Harp Tavern Rock Music - Swagman Taylor’s Art Gallery Ongoing exhibition - Art Class’s & Music Lesson’s Available - Riverstown Disco Bar every night Shenanigans Industry Night- Garavogue


The Celtic Twilight Exhibition - Running Until Jan 27 - The Model Drawing With Michael Wann -11am - 1pm Beginners - 2pm - 4 pm Experienced - The model Trad Session - Shoot’s Trad Session - Mc Garrigle’s


Every Little Step The Rhythm Of Hope 8pm - Hawk’s Well Trad Session - Shoot’s Trad Session - McGarrigles DJ every night - Leitrim Bar


Film - The Model’s Shorts Showcase The Model Ride On - Hawk’s Well Film - 3 / Triúr - The Model Trad Session - Shoot’s Trad Session - McGarrigle’s DJ every night - Leitrim Bar


Cosi Fan Tutte Hawk’s Well Trad Session - Shoot’s Trad Session - McGarrigle’s DJ every night - Leitrim Bar

November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 36

The Social - Fiddler’s Dancing At Lughnasa 8pm - Hawk’s Well Open Mike - Furey’s Live Music - McGarrigles Live Music - McLaughlins Trad Session - Shoot’s



The Social - Fiddler’s Artist’s Sam Keogh & Lucy Andrews - Exhibition’s Running Until 25 Nov The Model Open Mike - Furey’s The North West Film Festival Film - Let Fury Have The Hour 7pm - The Model


Film - The Model’s Shorts Showcase The Model The Social - Fiddler’s Open Mike - Furey’s Film - Shut Up And Play The Hits - 8pm - The Model Disco Bar - shenanigans Live Music - McLaughlins

Abba Forever Hawk’s Well The Social - Fiddler’s Open Mike - Furey’s Disco Bar - shenanigans



Ruby Ridge Hargadon’s Scruffy Duffy - Garavogue Lisa Gannon - Swagman Ruby Ridge - Hargadon’s Traditional - Earley’s Jonathan De Winter, Artist In-Residence The Model Fire Side Sessions Barrys, Grange Source-Kieran Quinn & guest


Ruby Ridge -Hargadon’s Scruffy Duffy -Garavogue Lisa Gannon - Swagman Film - Berberian Studio The Model Fire Side Sessions Barrys, Grange Source-Kieran Quinn & guest


Scruffy Duffy -Garavogue Lisa Gannon - Swagman See:Hear - The Model Talk/Read - Antonino D’ambrosio - The Model Ruby Ridge - Hargadon’s Fire Side Sessions Barrys, Grange


Ruby Ridge -Hargadon’s Scruffy Duffy - Garavogue Source-Kieran Quinn & guest Lisa Gannon - Swagman Live Music - Venue, Strandhill Fire Side Sessions Barrys, Grange Traditional Music - Earley’s


Saturday 2

Forgotten - 8pm - Hawk’s Well A Local Band - Fiddler’s Music Live - Garavogue Live Music - Waterfront, Rosses Point John L - Foley’s Live Music - The Venue, Strandhill Life Drawing With Artist Clea Van Der Grivin - The Model Murder mystery weekend Yeat’s Hotel,Rosses Point


A Local Band - Fiddler’s Live Music - Waterfront, Rosses Point Music Live - Garavogue Live Music - The Venue, Strandhill Life Drawing With Artist Clea Van Der Grivin - The Model John L - Foley’s Live Music - McGarrigles Live music - Kennedys on the parade


Local Band - Fiddler’s Music Live - Garavogue Live Music - Waterfront Rosses Point An Triail - Nationwide Tour For Schools 10.30am & 1.30pm - Hawk’s Well Film & After Party - Fatale Presents Some Like It Hot The Model John L - Foley’s Live Music - McGarrigles Live music - Kennedys on the parade


Romeo & Juliet - For Schools 10am & 2pm - Hawk’s Well Live Music - Waterfront, Rosses Point A Local Band - Fiddler’s Music Live - Garavogue Music - 3epkano & Iarla Ó Lionáird 8pm - The Model Film - Very Extremely Dangerous 10pm - The Model John L - Foley’s

Sunday 3

Silent - 8pm - Hawk’s Well Party With FM104 & OceanFm - Fiddler’s Trad Music -Quay Bar, Mullaghmore Hugie Lowry - Harp Tavern V Sound - Earley’s Murder Mystery Weekend Yeat’s Hotel, Rosses Point Seamus, Rodney & Friends - Foley’s Cool Hand Jukes - Swagman Live Music - the Belfry


Dancing At Lughnasa - 8pm Hawk’s Well Party with FM104 & OceanFm - Fiddler’s Breakaway - Harp Tavern Live Entertainment - Yeat’s Inn, Curry Live Music - The Irish House Michael Gillispie - Earley’s Seamus, Rodney & Friends - Foley’s Live Music - the Belfry


Dennis & Oliver - Earley’s Con Brio Presents: Chamber Ensemble 8pm - The Model Rick Epping Concert - 8pm Hawk’s Well Seamus, Rodney & Friends - Foley’s Traditional Music - Quay Bar Mullaghmore Duggan Bros & Lisa Stanley Harp Tavern Live Music - the Belfry


Nighthawks - Harp Tavern There’s No Business Like Show Business 8pm - Hawk’s Well Party With FM104 & OceanFm Fiddler’s Carsoul - Earley’s Sligo Music Industry Day- The Model Film & Q&A - Good Vibrations - 8pm The Model Live Music - the Belfry

4 Sunday Mass - Mc Garrigle’s Bluemoose Unplugged - Garavogue Quakers - Swagman Glenn Cal - McHugh’s Tabby - Fiddler’s Lunchtime Jazz - Harp Tavern Live Music - Furey’s Brendan Grace - Art Deco Theatre Cathy & Paddy - Earley’s Verona Ryan - Donaghy’s ‘Release’ - The Hawkswell 11

Sunday Mass - Mc Garrigle’s Quakers - Swagman Glenn Cal - McHugh’s Tabby - Fiddler’s Live Music - Furey’s Live Trad - The Irish House Francie Keohan - Earley’s Lunchtime Jazz - Harp Tavern Live Music - Owenmore Inn, Collooney Bluemoose Unplugged - Garavogue


Julie Feeney - 8pm - Hawk’s Well Bluemoose Unplugged - Garavogue Sunday Mass - Mc Garrigle’s Film - Baraka - 2pm - The Model Glenn Cal - McHugh’s Tabby - Fiddler’s Film - Shut Up And Play The Hits 10pm - The Model Mary Rose & Enda - Earley’s Lunchtime Jazz - Harp Tavern


Tabby - Fiddler’s Film - Silence - 6pm - The Model Bluemoose Unplugged - Garavogue Sunday Mass - Mc Garrigle’s Quakers - Swagman Glenn Cal - McHugh’s Live Music - Furey’s Paddy Kelly - Earley’s Lunchtime Jazz - Harp Tavern Film - Samsara - 4pm - The Model


John L - Foley’s The Nualas: 1 Night Of Dignity Hawk’s Well Live Music - Waterfront, Rosses Point A Local Band - Fiddler’s Music Live - Garavogue Live music - Kennedys on the parade Live Music - McGarrigles

Then we would love to hear from you! Be it a Gig, play, exhibtion, launch or other social event - simply drop us a call on 071-9154538 or you can email us the details to Get in touch today and have your venue or event featured in Sligo’s finest Social Magazine!

November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 37




oung people who are reaching to achieve their dreams should look up to Mary Cullen. She has achieved phenomenal success in her career while still remaining grounded. She has not forgotten where she comes from and remembers Sligo with fond memories. Mary is an athlete who, at a young age was offered a scholarship in the US. She represented the Providence Friars and achieved several achievements in her college years and afterwards. She studied, trained and achieved successes beyond her own belief such as beating one of Sonia O’Sullivan’s indoor records.

normal enough for anyone leaving home, your leaving your comfort zone and everything that is familiar. At Providence there is such a strong Irish connection it felt like home away from home so I guess I was lucky in that sense that it didn't take too long to settle in. We were welcomed with open arms from all the American students because a lot of them would have strong Irish connections from their ancestry so that was nice too.” What did you study in college? Did you enjoy the subject? “I studied Social Science, I did enjoy the subject, I guess it was a bit like an Arts degree here so it had a pretty broad curriculum which I liked and it suited me.”

Mary Cullen with her parents Geraldine and Pat and Sister Caroline after finishing 4th in the Senior Woman’s event during the 2008 European Cross Country Championships, Brussels, Belgium. Photo: Brian Lawless/Sportsfile

You have been very successful as an athlete; you started your career at a young age, when did you realise you were interested in athletics? “I loved sports growing up, as a kid I was always outdoors, I grew up in a tight knit family with cousins across the road so we were forever out playing games like tip the can, hide n seek, wembley (against the garage door)…so the love of sports was there from a young age, then like most kids growing up in Ireland I took part in the community games and I really enjoyed taking part in athletics so from there I joined my local athletic club North Sligo when I was about 11 I think and I just loved it, I loved meeting my friends after school but I also just loved the feeling of running fast around a field haha it just gave me a real buzz even when I was little.” When you were training did you stick to a strict diet? “When you’re training you’re running quite a bit, it could be

anywhere from 70-80 miles a week so you have to make sure you are fuelling yourself well for that. I never really follow a super strict diet, I try to eat healthy and get in all the appropriate carbohydrates, fats and protein, so my diet will consist of a lot of chicken, fish, red meat at least twice a week, veg ( I love green veg like Kale, spinach, broccoli so I think that helps) fruit, rice, pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes. When you’re training hard your body is pretty good at telling you what it needs so I try to listen to it and fuel well for it, also when you’re running a lot of miles during the week I always allow treats to be part of my diet too, I have too much of a sweet tooth to not have them in there!” What was it like going over to the States to go to college? Did it take you long to decide to take up the offer of the scholarship? “Going to college at Providence College in RI was

November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 28

an amazing experience, not just athletically but socially and academically too. It took me a little while to make the decision because at 18 moving to America is a big move but thankfully I was going over with friends of mine from Ireland so it was easier than going alone, obviously the first 3 months you are finding your feet and adjusting to a new way of life there but our coach Ray Treacy was from Ireland so he helped us out a lot getting settled. Athletically it was the best move for me, the team to train with, the NCAA competition, it allowed me to transition from a junior athlete to senior athlete a lot smoother over the 5 year period.” Did you find it tough to fit in to college in the US being so far away from home at such a young age? “The thing I found toughest about moving to America was leaving my family, like I said at 18 its a pretty big move, I missed my family a lot but I think that's

Did you have much time to study or have a social life in between the training? “The great thing about being on an athletic scholarship in America was there was study hall and tutors provided for you so you could get the necessary study in and if you fell behind a little you could utilise a tutor to get you back up to speed. Socially it was good, we were part of a team so got to hang out a lot and do little things like pasta parties, where we would cook dinner together and just have a laugh, usually at the end of a season so after XC nationals which took place in November the team always threw a pretty good party to celebrate all the hard work.” How did you react when you realised that you broke Sonia O’Sullivan’s indoor 3000m national record? “When I broke Sonia O' Sullivan's indoor 3k national record it was kind of a surreal moment, obviously as a kid growing up in Ireland and loving athletics Sonia was someone most Irish athletes looked up too and I never thought I would actually get to a time where I would break one of her records, I always dreamed about doing

something like that but to actually do it was a different feeling altogether. It was a great night in Boston, Ray (coach) had mentioned in passing that he thought I was in shape to do it but we went out with the aim of running the European standard for Turin so my friend and training partner Roisin Mc Gettigan (Irish steeplechase record holder) paced me for the first half of the race at 8:50 pace, she did such a great job pacing I just tried to continue on the momentum but push on a little and when I crossed the line and realized I did it, it was a brilliant feeling.” You arrived home to a huge crowd in 2009 after winning bronze in the 3000m European indoor championships in Turin; were you overwhelmed by the response of the crowd? “I will never forget the response I got from people after I won the medal in Turin, you never think that you have so much support until something like that happens. As runners we sometimes have a tendency to be always looking ahead to the next race or competition and don't stop to take in what we just did, so when I arrived back to Sligo to bonfires, people out on the streets of Sligo and the huge crowd at Rathcormac NS it was an overwhelming and humbling experience something that I will never forget, to feel so much love and support that day was a fantastic.” You suffered an injury in 2010 which ruled you out of the European Cross-Country Championships that were in Portugal. How do you deal with injuries and frustration in coping with not being able to train or race? “Unfortunately injuries have played a major part in my career of late, they are something every athlete dreads, they are part of the gig but you certainly don't want them as often as I have got them in the last 3 years. I have found them extremely hard to deal with, for me it’s hard because my heart and lungs want to work really hard but my frame has been letting me down a bit, you try everything in your power to try to stop them, physiotherapy, massage, ice baths, stretching, gym work to combat the weaknesses but sometimes they still come. I would be lying if I said I didn't find it upsetting and frustrating dealing with the injuries, it is very difficult when you can't do something you love to do, when you can't get out the door to run without being

inhibited by pain but I have to believe it will come right again and I can get back to where I was. I don't know if I developed it from my Mum and Dad but I just can't quit on it yet as I feel that I have a lot more to achieve before calling it a day. Ya there are days when I want to cut myself off from everyone and feel sorry for myself but at the end of the day that doesn't make you feel better either, I don't know if I use it as a protective measure but I am a person who believes things happen for a reason and although in the moment it’s hard to see it I have to believe there is a lesson to be learned from every bad experience. I guess another negative I could take from injuries is how difficult it has become to secure myself in terms of sponsorship on a local to national level, after the success of Turin a lot of businesses shied away because of the economic downturn, and then coupled with that I lost my contract with Reebok due to the same reasons and because I decided to base myself in Ireland instead of the US. Without the financial backing I have found it very hard to continue to train at the level that is required but you have to keep fighting so onwards and upwards! What was the highlight of your career? “I guess the highlight of my career to date has to be breaking Sonia O' Sullivans’ indoor 3k record and winning the bronze medal in Turin. I know it is only one of her indoor records but no other Irish athlete has broken one of Sonia's senior records and I know records come and go but it is a nice feeling. Winning the medal in Turin will always be a highlight because the race was stacked full of European and World medallists and to come away with a piece of hardware that can never be taken away is a pretty sweet feeling. Turin will always hold a special place in my heart because my Dad got to see me win a European medal, he passed away July 2011 so that will forever be a great memory to have.” What advice would you give to young people getting involved in athletics? “For young people getting involved in athletics I would highly encourage it. It opened so many doors for me; I made so many great friends around the world because of running, people from America, New Zealand, Australia etc etc. I would not be the person I am

Professor Terri Scott, President Institute of Technology, Sligo, presents a life time membership of IT Sligo Sports Arena, to Mary Cullen, Bronze medal European Indoor Championships 3,000m Champion. When in Sligo, Mary Cullen is a regular user of the running track at IT Sligo (Photo: Declan Bray).

today without it. Firstly it’s a great form of exercise no matter what, if you take it seriously competitively or just for leisure, competitions are a great part of the sport because you get to show all the hard work and effort you have put into your training no matter what the outcome, the journey to that point is exciting, you get to see your goals come through. There is a lot of hard work involved in running but it is one of the most rewarding feelings, you get to see what your body can do, I feel like it makes you tougher mentally not just when it comes to running but in other aspects of your life, you learn how to overcome things better.” What does Sligo mean to you? “Sligo will always be home to me, no matter where I have been in the world, places such as Japan, South Africa, America, Europe, I always compare them to Sligo. Nothing beats the feeling of coming back to Sligo and getting your first view of Benbulben from the dual carriageway, especially if I have been away for an extended time. All my friends that have never been to Sligo have been pestered by me to come and see it for themselves. I mean there aren’t many places in the world where

you have beauty spots within such short distances of each other (Lisadell, Strandhill, Rosses point etc) and all of them are easily accessible. I think when I was younger I took for granted where I grew up in Drumcliff, it’s not until you move away you appreciate your surroundings more. There is nothing better when I get home to Sligo to go for a run around by Lisadell beach or just going for a walk on strandhill beach with my family, it’s the little things in life.”


Sam Keogh and Lucy Andrews Exhibition

Artist Sam experiments


wo emerging contemporary artists, Sam Keogh and Lucy Andrews currently have an exhibition at the Model Art gallery. Irish artist Sam Keogh, now based in London, focuses on mixing materials of varied colour, texture and value to produce strangely familiar yet numinous objects. Keogh is interested in how matter can contain power, or the various ways that an object can become important,

Lucy Andrews

valuable or auratic. Through a combination of their production and display, these ‘things’ declare the contingency of their power and simultaneously return to themselves as a currency in their own right. This exhibit will be shown alongside the work of English artist, Lucy Andrews. Andrews, based in Dublin and a recent graduate of NCAD, explores spaces of illusion and everydayness through her carefully crafted sculptures that are embodiments of familiar objects. Andrews assembles found objects, domestic detritus and various liquids into what can variously take the form of playful experiments or seemingly accidental occurrences. The materials she uses are allowed to react with each other in such a way as to reveal hidden agencies, emphasizing their volatile and temporary nature. This is how the work suggests possibilities, like the potential for transformation and the subversion of physical forces. Rather than using materials as a means to an end, both artists treat the materials they work with as active, fluctuating, and vital ends in themselves. Through

The Original cast of Some Like it Hot - Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon

Sam Keogh

a process of experimentation, work is made in collaboration with matter, and eventually articulated as an object, which speaks of this relationship. Exhibition runs until the 25th of November at the Model Gallery and admission is free.

A mixture of various materials and objects makes up this display

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Film Fatale comes to The Model Sligo

FILM Fatale will have its first event in The Model as part of the North West Film and Music Festival on 16th November. This screening of Some Like it Hot — one of the world’s most beloved comedies — stars the silver screen’s most famous platinum blonde, Marilyn Monroe, in her most sizzling role as Sugar Kane. This will be a night of cinema nostalgia and old–style Hollywood glamour that will transport the audience back to the 1920s for an evening of film, vintage music, cocktails, dancing and good old-fashioned fun. Opening the festivities, chanteuse Derby Browne will reprise her role from 2010’s National Concert Hall show 'Let's Make Love' for a Marilyn-inspired tribute. The show will include songs from Some Like it Hot, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, There's No Business Like Show Business and Let's Make Love, alongside Marilyn’s famous rendition of ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’. The screening of Billy Wilder’s hilarious comedy will be followed by a 1920s party mirroring the film’s setting with Film Fatale’s resident DJs, The Andrews Sisters’ Brothers, playing hits from the era and dance floor fillers from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. The audience is invited to help set the scene by dressing up in their vintage finest, paying homage to the 1920s or dressing like Marilyn and her co-stars Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. Sit back, enjoy a classic signature cocktail designed especially for the night, as the Film Fatale usherettes serve you popcorn while watching Billy Wilders most side-splitting comedy. Then dance the night away to ‘ I Want to be Loved by You’. The North West Film Festival, formerly Sound and Vision Festival, will run from 14th to 25th November in The Model, Sligo, with a fantastic mix of documentaries, feature film premieres, rare archive, live scores and extra special guests. Ticket are €14 and are now on sale

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November 2012 • Sligo Now Magazine • Page 44


A Casa Mia - 071-9141690 Tonergal Lane Cafe Fleur - 071-9144406 O'Connell St Dine Inn - 071-9147700 Unit 9b Level 5 Quayside Shopping Centre Express Alley - 071-9170720 Finisklin Rd Ko - 071-9151826 Level 5 Quayside Centre Lyon’s Cafe - 071-9142969 Quay St Margarets- 071-9162027 Bottom Of Finisklin Business Park

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Pepper Mill - 071-9119212 The Mall Peking House - 071-9171731 Pearse Road Picnic Basket - 071-9183538 Ballymote Raffaelle’s - 071-9185325 Tubbercurry Riva - 071-9163763 Grange Roberto’s - 071-9140620 24 Market St. Roberto’s - 071-91 18010 Main St Royal Dragon - 096-37800 Enniscrone Sligo Kebab House 071-9140994 Split Rock - 096-49449 Easkey Subway - 071-9180800 1 Quay St Zam’s Zam’s - 071-9146222 High St


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Sligo Now Magazine - Back Issues - November 2012  

Sligo Now Magazine - Back Issues - November 2012

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