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Summer 2015

Building for a Better Future UPCOMING EVENTS YB Alumni Meeting September 15 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM Closing Awards Ceremony September 24 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM Mental Toughness Training October 5 - 9 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Make a Difference Day October 24 -----------------------------------

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YouthBuild North Shore Highlights

YouthBuild North Shore: Making an everlasting impact This summer   has   been   very   busy   for   the   YouthBuild   North   Shore   program.    This  summer  the  YouthBuild  par;cipants  con;nued  to  work   towards   their   educa;onal   goals   and   as   well   as   their   commitment   to   comple;ng  450  hours  of  community  service.  Included  in  that  service   were   the   NSCDC   Build   Days   which   consisted   of   work   repairing   10   homes,   landscaping   2   homes,   building   a   retaining   wall,   pain;ng   5   porches   and   building   6   fences.   We   also   helped   out   by   collec;ng   48   bags   of   trash,   cleaning   27   streets,   and   plan;ng   8   flower   gardens.   This   was  a  collabora;ve  effort  with  many  partners.  As  a  result  of  the  busy   summer  and  program  year,  many  members  have  reached  the  point  of   comple;on   for   the   program   and   have   begun   their   placements,   with   a   few   more   working   on   comple;ng   their   creden;als.   As   a   result,   the   YouthBuild   North   Shore   program   is   gearing   up   for   our   1st   Annual   Closing   Awards   Ceremony   where   par;cipants   will   be   given   special   awards  for  their  accomplishments  while  in  the  YouthBuild  Program.    

SUMMER 2015 PARTNER HIGHLIGHT: Marblehead Zen Center The Marblehead Zen center has been a very impactful partner with whom the YouthBuild program has had the pleasure of working. The Zen Center, under the leadership of Joan Amaral, has generously worked with our YouthBuild participants providing them with monthly opportunities for meditation and reflection workshops. This summer, our YouthBuild Students had the opportunity to go on field trips to both Plum Island and the Lynn Woods, where they were able to take meditative hikes. These therapeutic tools help participants find balance and break away from personal challenges. The participants have also been able to give back to the Zen Center by helping them on their farm in Newbury.

They were able to build a fence as well as provide gardening, weeding, and planting. We admire the Zen Center for the dedication and passion they demonstrate while working with our young adults and look forward to continued partnership.

Hike in the Lynn Woods

New Salem Power Plant Visit

On August 13th, Steve Falvey, in collaboration with the Carpenters Local #26, Iberdrola Energy Projects Inc., and Footprint Power gave the YouthBuild participants and staff a tour of the new Salem power plant being built on the old power plant site. During the visit, we had a hands-on perspective of a very large work site with all the hazards and planning strategies involved. While we were there, we saw piles being driven, foundations being formed, and rigging and trucking. This trip was a great way to expose YouthBuild participants to an actual construction site that can turn into a potential job. It provided them with an insight in to what a typical day on the job would be like and allowed them to apply their Occupation Safety and Hazard Administration training to real life scenarios.


New Salem Power Plant Visit

90% of members have completed PACT Certification 9 participants completed Driver’s Education 3 members passed the HiSet credential exam 3,510 AmeriCorps Service Hours completed by current cohort of participants

SUMMER 2015 YB Participants take on the road… As a major milestone on the road to self-sufficiency, YouthBuild students participated in a week long Driver’s Education course at Olbash School of Driving. This intense, full-day, week long course taught our participants the laws of driving in Massachusetts and proper techniques to becoming safe and knowledgeable drivers. The Olbash staff did an outstanding job working with our participants and we are grateful to them for their hard work and top-notch education program. Watch out world, here come the members of YouthBuild North Shore, ready to get their licenses!

STAFF DEVELOPMENT : MOCKINGBIRD EDUCATION The YouthBuild North Shore staff, alongside our partner educators from Catholic Charities, attended an intense 3-day world-renowned training with Mockingbird Education. This extensive training provided YouthBuild staff and partners with the tools to develop curricula and implement Youth Development best practices for YouthBuild participants both inside and outside of the classroom and construction site. With a strong emphasis on program enrichment, YouthBuild staff created foundational Core Values for the program’s structure and culture to guarantee a higher potential for developing the success we need to grow. Mockingbird Education is a unique program that provides professional development training and many other resources for education programs that serve low socioeconomic and marginalized populations. Shannon Sims, the training instructor, has a strong background in teaching and training and previously worked for a YouthBuild program for nearly 10 years.

YB Placement Coach Tara and Skills Trainer Doug at Mockingbird Training


Sean Dalton hard at work on a construction site

“YouthBuild taught me to support myself so I can have a better future"

Sean joined YouthBuild North Shore in March and in the 6 months he’s been with us, he’s accomplished so much! In May, he completed the Building Performance Institute’s course on green residential insulation, earning him valuable job skills and training. By July, Sean had moved on to the Home Builders Institute PreApprenticeship Certificate Training, becoming one of the first YBNS members to earn their certification. He also secured part-time employment with Moynihan Lumber, which he loves. And in August, Sean passed his HiSet exam! Sean hopes to complete his AmeriCorps hours soon and intends to enroll in a Carpentry Certification Program at Wentworth College in January. Sean is a dedicated member of YouthBuild North Shore and we are overjoyed at his success! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for him!

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Summer 2015