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North Shore CDC invests in neighborhoods to create thriving communities. We envision a North Shore where every neighbhborhood is one of choice and opportunity.

The History of Gloucester Crossing

Gloucester Crossing was originally build in 1902 to house workers at the United Shoe Machinery Corporation. The United Shoe factory created an abundance of jobs, creating apartments and multi-family housing in close proximity to meet the workforce demand. For decades, the United Shoe served as the primary source of income for the overwhelming majority of the community. After the factory closed in the 1980s, the area struggled with poverty and economic isolation for over twenty years. “In the past 30 years the neighborhood has grown from a depressed neighborhood neglected by the city, to an area on the rise. After the YMCA and North Shore CDC invested in Gloucester Crossing, crime has decreased and residents have worked with the police to improve their neighborhood.� -Captain Negrotti, Beverly Police.

Survey 2016

The Annual Gloucester Crossing survey has been used as an engagement tool and a guide for community engagement strategies at North Shore CDC, as well as other local organizations.

In 2012, North Shore CDC began collaborating with Endicott College to help strengthen the survey content, process, and data analysis. The improvements now focus on resident satisfication on various facets of life in the neighborhood.





White / Caucasian






Black / African American



41 years old

Average Age of Respondents

2008 92% Non-Latino 8% Latino

2017 77% Non-Latino 24% Latino

Pictured: Beverly, MA Police serving dinner at North Shore CDC’s First Thursday Event in 2016


The unemployment rate in Beverly is 3.8%, compared to 4.7% in all of Massachusetts. Of our Gloucester Crossing residents:

15.7% 45.1% 21.6% 7.8% 7.8% 2.0%

did not finish high school

have their High School Diploma or GED

attended some college

have their Associates Degree

have their Bachelor’s Degree

have their Master’s Degree

Resident’s Income





e m or



9, 1 45 9, $8

135 8, $5



8, $5 1-







145 5, $2


0 2, $4

2, $3

5, $2 180

9, $1


0 95

0 45

s le s or 0 80 9, $1



“A lot of the people living in the Gloucester Crossing neighborhood don’t have the incentive to invest in their neighborhood because many of the residents live there short-term. The Beverly Police Department’s goal is to empower residents to make positive changes in their neighborhood and to help them learn to fix some problems on their own. We believe this will help eliminate the distrust and disconnect between the police department and the residents.” -Captain Negrotti, Beverly Police.

Community Opinions


of residents would recommend Gloucester Crossing as a good place to live


of respondants use Gloucester Crossing’s Holcroft Park frequently

Improvements that still need to be addressed 67% of respondents stated that drug activity is an issue in this community 51% of residents thought there is inadequate street lighting 75% of those polled believed traffic or speeding to be an issue 65% of those surveyed think there could be less litter in their neighborhood

Community Priorities Infrastructure Safety Community Engagement Social Services

Infrastructure 88% of those surveyed rated the community parks, playgrounds, and recreation centers as fair or better “I used to use the park and bring my dog but then people started leaving trash and stopped picking up after their dogs.”

Social Services 92% of the residents described public utilities such as water, electric, and gas as being fair or better “More youth services.”

City Services The below statistic represent respondants who answered fair, good, or very good

Police Protection 88% Emergency Services 92% Public Transportation 85% Sanitation Services 93% Cleaning/Plowing Streets 71% Traffic Control 54% Local Government Responsiveness 67% “Local government is responsive and there is a lot of activity locally.�


Almost all respondants feel safe or very safe inside and outside their homes at night.

“Neighborhood has gotten better and more safe” “Number one priority is cleaning up the streets and getting rid of the drugs.” “Speeding is definitely an issue.”

Community Engagement 90% of residents

surveyed are somewhat - very satisfied living in Gloucester Crossing

64% of respondents would continue living in this neighborhood, given the choice

66% of those surveyed are somewhat - very involved with their community

Strategies for 2017 Gloucester Crossing has seen ongoing improvements in the community over the last few years. However, there are still challenges that the community is facing. With a shared vision of a thriving Gloucester Crossing, North Shore CDC is committed to working with residents and partners to make the neighborhood the best it can be. Based on the results of this survey and community input, the following goals will guide the work of North Shore CDC over the next year.

2016-2017 Community Goals • Increase communication and collaboration with city hall and other Beverly stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan to tackle some of the highlighted concerns in the survey • Identify the best way to communicate with residents and foster inter-resident relationships • Apply for funding opportunities to help revitalize the community • Continue to build a network of organizations that can provide on going services to Gloucester Crossing residents

Save the Dates The “First Thursday” model incorporates monthly informal community meetings where residents can get to know each other and connect with other neighbors and social service providers across the city. By providing a space to network and build relationships, we hope to foster a stronger sense of community. At each event, dinner is provided, a community resource is invited to speak and share literature about their services, and there is an interactive activity for children.

January 12th 5-7pm Stephy’s Kitchen

July 6th 5-7pm Holcroft Park

February 2nd 5-7pm Stephy’s Kitchen

No August First Thursday

March 2nd 5-7pm Stephy’s Kitchen April 6th 5-7pm Holcroft Park May 4th 5-7pm Holcroft Park June 1st 5-7pm Holcroft Park

September 7th 5-7pm Holcroft Park October 5th 5-7pm Holcroft Park November 2nd 5-7pm Stephy’s Kitchen December 7th 5-7pm Holcroft Park

2016 Survey Partners Special thanks to our 2016 survey partners and the Gloucester Crossing resident participants Rosario Ubiera-Minaya Chief Program Officer North Shore Community Development Coalition Dr. Nathalie Saltikoff Principal Investigator Professor at Endicott College Beth Almaio Community Engagement Coordinator North Shore Community Development Coalition Lindsey Cobb Community Engagement Graduate Fellow Merrimack College Shannon Marshall Research Assistant Endicott College Kendall Fitzpatrick Research Assistant Endicott College

Build Day

Pumpkin Festival

Stephy’s Kitchen presented with the Beverly Police Community Action Council’s 2016 Community Police Partnership Award

Tree Lighting

First Thursday at Stephy’s Kitchen with the Beverly Police

Calling Gloucester Crossing Teens Are you looking to get more involved? Meet new people? Make a positive change in your community? Join the Beverly Community Engagement team as a Neighborhood Ambassador! Provide your fellow neighbors with information, resources and opportunities to create a better living environment in Beverly. You will have the opportunity to serve as a liaison between the larger community and residents in order to enhance communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. Current Projects: • Share information and resources with neighbors • Volunteering/Organizing neighborhood events • Acting as a resident representative at Coffee Hours with North Shore CCD, Beverly Police Department, and other community leaders. • Identifying neighborhood issues and creating programs to mitigate problems • Contribution to monthly newsletter and Facebook updates • Organize volunteers for park clean ups. If interested, please contact the Community Engagement Coordinator, at 978-825-4013 or

Connect With Us North Shore CDC 96 Lafayette Street, Floor 2 Salem, MA 01970

2016 Gloucester Crossing Survey Results  

Completed with Endicott College

2016 Gloucester Crossing Survey Results  

Completed with Endicott College