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CELEBRATING MENin BUSINESS “Be so good they can’t ignore you” – Steve Martin In this our June issue, we celebrate local businessmen from variety of industries and professions who are so good, you should not ignore them. Northern Connection is pleased to introduce you to them in this year’s Men in Business feature.

Antonio C. Aiello, CFP, CRPC

| Premier Wealth Partners

Antonio C. Aiello, CFP, CRPC, Premier Wealth Partners, is a Certified Financial Planner and Private Wealth Advisor who specializes in retirement planning and wealth management. Tony chose Ameriprise Financial based on the ability to become a business owner. “As a franchise, our team at Premier Wealth Partners can provide clients with the best of both worlds—access to a Fortune 500 company and the freedom to customize our work,” said Tony, who has been in the business for 20 years and his team has over 260 years in combined experience. What makes Premier Wealth Partners unique is its team approach and the relationship that Tony maintains with his clients. Having a team who possesses diverse skill sets enables Premier Wealth partners to help their clients achieve their financial goals and objectives. In addition to the depth of professional expertise, the team strives to live according to a common set of values – Integrity, Independence, Success, Gratitude and Health. Tony has chosen to keep his client base limited in order to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of each individual client, allowing him to provide a higher level of personalization than most other financial advisors. “I really consider my clients as an extension of my friends and family. I truly care about each one of them, beyond just their finances. I believe most people wait too long to hire a personal financial advisor,” said Tony. Most people in their lifetimes will intermittingly work with a broker, an insurance agent or the retirement plan representative from their company. However, many people wait too long to hire a personal financial advisor to put it all together. “Most people will come to us when they plan to retire, whereas if they would have come to us 5-10 years earlier, we could have implemented strategies years in advance to improve their situation or make it an easier process.” 412-922-7700 | antonio.c.aiello@ampf.com

Dr. Peter Peduzzi

| American Back Centers

American Back Center has been helping patients for over 50 years and specializes in disc, back and joint conditions and is the Pittsburgh area’s leading practitioner of the revolutionary VAX-D therapy system. VAX-D is instrumental in treating herniated discs, bulging discs, failed back surgery, degenerated discs, chronic low back pain, sciatica and spinal stenosis. They also have a 2nd part of the process which features a medical procedure that is non invasive and non surgical that helps people avoid surgery and the potential long term permanent complications from surgery. “I have always been into natural health and helping people in general – health and nutrition—and the importance of doing things as naturally as possible,” said Dr. Peter Peduzzi, who has a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Slippery Rock University and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from National University of Health Sciences in Chicago. “I came across American Back Centers and Dr. Miskovich after I finished school and realized it was different than other practices. American Back Center is more disc specific and has people coming from all over the country so that we can help people avoid surgery. American Back Centers was even featured on Channel 11 News showing how many people he has helped,” said Dr. Peduzzi, who has 17 years of experience. “I made a very good decision and purchased the practice from Dr. Miskovich. I am happy to be in a practice that not only focuses on chiropractic and nutrition but also helps people to avoid surgery and the long-term effects of surgery. We are happy to say that over 3,000 patients a day, with over 300 centers, get treated successfully,” said Dr. Peduzzi. americanbackcenters.com | 724-935-3300


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