The tragic-farce reenactment: "small victorious Anschluss"

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THE TRAGIC-FARCE REENACTMENT: «SMALL VICTORIOUS ANSCHLUSS» Voice and text: Roman Osminkin | Sound: Anton Komandiroff | Video and scenography: Anastasia Vepreva

Reenactments are a popular pastime 3. among patriotically-minded Russians Unknown soldiers dancing Russian folk today: the war against Napoleon in 1812 dances with «the prosecutor of the or the Battle of Stalingrad or something Crimea» and sings a «Polite People»* song. else. But Russian are too busy playing in a reconstruction, that they aren’t noticed Polite people politely stand as they escalated into actual fighting. Polite little AKAs from their shoulders hang and camo is the politest of all hues Cooperative «eredovoe udogestvo» politely chevrons are torn from sleeves presents its own version of an historical battle reenactment in 7 polite faces hidden by polite stocking shafts polite smoke politely wafts parts with a prologue and epilogue. politely they’ll ask you not to pass or politeness will stand in your path P R O L O G polite politeness of people polite On the screen lights up epigraph from Karl nothing in this world has more might Marx “The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis because politness is something Bonaparte”: History repeats itself the you can’t just acquire first time as tragedy, the second as farce. first you have to purge the impoliteness by blood and fire 1. and then a sunray will unfurl «Warning”: The Unknown Soldier (Roman Osminkin) announces: die Achtung! This Of polite gentleness dawing all over the world space is declared the territory of the 4. Russian Federation for half an hour”. Plays a chronicle of hostilities in the SouthEast of Ukraine. Unknown Soldier performs 2. A tank appears. «The prosecutor of the alarming march «Theater of Military Actions». Crimea» Natalia Poklonskaya (Anastasia Tee-Em-A Tee-Em-A Tee-Em-A Tee-Em-A Vepreva) gets out of the tank and presents Theater of Military Actions to an audience «passports of the Russian Federation». A popular song «The coup has There’s a war on over images, occurred - the Crimea became ours» plays: and it’s a holy war The real is thrown aside, The coup has occurred and symbols take the day armed seizure of power. See here, Blood has been shed on a mass scale the glints of Stalinism’s gilded stars in an anti-constitutional outrage. Frozen echoes of a voiceless vertical We don’t have the moral right And there we have the urgent siren’s howl to stand aside in front of people. Fixing-chorus-singing-drilling rage Our task is to establish and acursed passion storms the fields public prosecution in this country. forests and oceans, Power, Blood, throats full of ha-ha-holy oil Nyash-Myash to grease the catchword cords Blood, Power, and hit the road in sleighs the Crimea is ours. to be caught as bait _____________________________________ * Polite People - Russian armed forces, which appeared anonymously in the Crimea in March 2014 before anschluss.

Tee-Em-A Tee-Em-A Tee-Em-A Tee-Em-A Theater of Military Actions but tempers blew like a cloudy fog and chain tracks cut the grass like in days of old and with that frenzy heal the people’s soul with not a shadow of doubt to stink up your nose United while whole and whole ever since under the symbol of the one true faith and the messiah strikes out with his vengeful hand to all those bad things said of Russia in jokes and memes ready to divide like a swampy worm to scare off the enemies by making them want to puke Blind like kittens they squeel in the dark and brother eats brother without longing for food sister eats sisters and all go to bed to die in their sleep for eternal spring Tee-Em-A Tee-Em-A Tee-Em-A Tee-Em-A Theater of Military Actions

5. «The prosecutor of the Crimea» Natalia Poklonskaya destroys the tank and falls to the floor in prostration.

6. Plays a chronicle of the 1st World War. Unknown Soldier sings the old Russian soldier song «The Fields of Galicia»: The Russian Brigade The Fields of Galicia took And the only reward they gave me Were these two cast-iron crooks Three of us left the village, Three of the village’s best But two stayed at Peremyshl To rot in the soggy earth

I’ll return to the village I came from I’ll build a cabin on the side The wind howls and my legs ache As if they were actually there. I’ll live alone on this earth No-one needs me; I don’t belong to anyone You’ll say, who is to answer For three dead men... The Russian Brigade The Fields of Galicia took And the only reward they gave me Were these two cast-iron crooks

7. Plays a thrash video «corpses corpses kittens corpses». Unknown zombie soldier gets up and executes a hysterical rap: corpses corpses kittens corpses corpses corpses corpses corpses kittens corpses corpses corpses corpses corpses kittens cats corpses corpses corpses corpses corpses kittens kitties corpses kittens corpses corpses corpses kittens kitties cats a corpse corpses corpses kittens Putin corpses corpses kitties corpses kittens Putin Putin Putin corpses cats a corpse a cat kitties Putin Putin corpses corpses Putin Putin Putin Putin corpses corpses corpses Putin Putin Putin Putin E P I L O G Everybody is dancing, rejoice and sing: We are fluffy kittens We want warmth and affection Scratch us behind the ear For the sake of peace in the world