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Everything Aircraft

From the Editor . . . . . . . .Bob Landry

Vol. 2, No.4

We are finally over the 2010 Olympics and everyone at the local aiports and surrounding area are getting back to normal.

April 2010

Publisher: NorAm Publications Ltd. Editor: Robert (Bob) Landry E-Mail: Mailing Address: NorAm Publication Ltd. 8 0 3 , 2 0 2 0 B e l l e v u e Av e We s t Va n c o u v e r, B C , C a n a d a V7V 1B8 The Everything Aircraft is published twelve times a year by NorAm Publications Ltd., and is available free at advertising Aircraft Broker’s & Dealer’s, AME’s locations and select airports in Canada, including many other aviation industry related businesses. Each issue mirrored in full PDF format in our website , tab Magazines. NorAm Publications Ltd. will not be held liable for publications missed for reasons beyond our control. NorAm Publications Ltd. will not be held liable for articles and printed opinions of any used contributing editors. However, we do express the right to refuse publishing any articles expressing offending or political viewpoints and press coverage of any event that the editors of this magazine deem detrimental to the well being of general aviation, its industry and readers. Any navigational content and material contained herein is reference made by the contributing author for reading enjoyment or study and not to be taken as navigational fact unless so mentioned. The Publisher will not assume liability for anyone using this information for reference to actual flying conditions or navigation. Any reference or information about any specific aircraft featured is source from the manufacturer verbatim and the Publisher will not assume any liability for any misinformation from these sources, as we feel that aircraft manufacturers are liable for their own published information about their aircraft. Photos submitted become the property of NorAm Publications Ltd. unless otherwise specified. Copyrighted photos must be clearly marked otherwise they become the property of NorAm Publications Ltd. Unsolicited editorial manuscripts and photos are welcome and encouraged and if material is requested to be returned, please send a self addressed, stamped envelope. Copyright Notice: Full complete and sole copyright in any advertisement or editorial bought or produced by NorAm Publications Ltd. is vested in and belongs to NorAm Publications Ltd. No copyright material may be reproduced in any form without the express written consent of NorAm Publications Ltd. The publisher does not assume any responsibility or liability for errors or omissions.

Front Cover Photo: Courtesy of the Former Adam Aircraft Company, NorAm Archives Photos

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Everything Aircraft

However aircraft sales are reported slower than usual, and it’s quite evident by some of the advertising customers we advertised for have had to drop out due to little or no sales. You only have to look at some of our past issues and see who’s not there now. Too bad, economic downturns seem to pick them off one at a time. The helicopter industry has had few years show slower than usual activity, however indications are it is making a comeback, and much quicker than fixed wing general aviation. Specialized industry demands. Many of the AME’s and AMO’s seem to be doing well, there is enough steady maintenance to keep them up and running. The lean and mean operators still rely on good maintenance shops to help keep them operating, hence some economic stability there. Flying schools ands aircraft sales sure are down compared to others businesses in the aviation industry. And increased aircraft sales may take some time yet. Local flying schools who have been taking on foreign students who are training them here. They are managing to do much better than those who don’t, but that does not happen without considerable expense to provide and keep foreign students in training and they are not buying many aircraft at this time either. Till next issue, time to start getting ready for more flying. Keep flying, Keep Safe. . . . . . . . . . Bob

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Aviation Humor? As the WWII bomber pilot settled into his seat, he pulled out a .38 revolver and placed it on top of the instrument panel. Turning to the navigator, he asked, "Do you know what I use this for?" The navigator replied timidly, "No, sir, what's it for?" The pilot responded, "I use this on navigators who get me lost!" The navigator proceeded to pull out a .45 and place it on his chart table. The pilot asked, "What's that for?" "To be honest sir," the navigator replied, "I'll know we're lost before you do." Did you hear about the new flight regulations for commercial aircraft? Now all commercial pilots must be able to read and write, hence, the two-pilot rule. One must be able to read and the other write. Two Redneck hunters got a pilot to fly them into the far north for elk hunting. They were quite successful in their venture, and bagged six big bulls. The pilot came back as arranged to pick them up. They started loading their gear into the plane, including the six elk. But the pilot objected he said, "The plane can take out only four of your elk. You will have to leave two behind." One of the hunters pushed forward, "Hey, last year our pilot let us take out six elk. It was the same model plane, same weather conditions, and everything. What's with this? We want you to allow us to fly out just like last year. Reluctantly the pilot finally permitted them to put all six elk aboard and the men all climbed in with their gear. But when they attempted to take off and fly out of the valley, the little plane could not make it. They crashed in the wilderness. Climbing out of the wreckage, one Redneck said to the other, "Do you know where we are?" "I think so," replied the other Redneck. "Yep! I think this is about 100 yards further along than where we crashed last year!" One mouse tells her girlfriend she dates a bat. " What is this "thing" you are dating?" " It's a bat, a mouse with wings!" " But he is soooo ugly!" " Well, yes, but . . . he is a pilot!" "So, a blonde fighter pilot was flying in a two ship one day. She was flying her heading just fine, when all of a sudden her wingman called, "We have Migs coming in at 6 o'clock!" She quickly took a thought, looked at her watch and said, "It's okay! It's only 5:30!" More Humor Next Month. . . . . . . . . We get e-mailed hundreds of jokes each month some with names, many with no names, we treat them as public knowledge as many have been heard time and time again, if they are decent we print them. . . . the Editor

April 2010

Need Hangar Insurance?

Donaldson to Certify New Barrier Filters for AgustaWestland, Eurocopter Aircraft in 2010 Donaldson St. Louis, Mo., Donaldson Aerospace & Defense, a division of Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI), continues its leadership in helicopter engine protection solutions, introducing two important new products. Donaldson Aerospace & Defense is developing Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) systems for the AgustaWestland AW109 Power and Grand as well as the Eurocopter EC135. Soon, worldwide operators of these aircraft will be able to eliminate the high costs of engine damage and have access to the best engine protection available. Officials anticipate certification in 2010. The EC135 IBF system features multiple long-life filter assemblies that are internally mounted to the existing EC135 cowlings, resulting in no drag penalties and no potential for environmental harm associated with externally mounted designs. The AW109 IBF will have dual applicability for the Power and Grand, utilizing conformal filters with proven filter media to virtually eliminate debris ingestion. Both new systems feature an integral inlet bypass system that allows mission continuation in the event of filter obstruction. Watch for further updates on these exciting new products. Operators worldwide know they can turn to Donaldson Aerospace & Defense to protect their aircraft power plant and other vital systems. Providing the most comprehensive line of IBF solutions, Donaldson Aerospace & Defense is the industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of high-performance engine IBF systems for commercial and military propul sion systems.

Ta l k t o u s a b o u r o u r N E W coverage & price options!

Telephone 1 - 8 8 8 - 9 1 7 - 11 7 7

Online w

and Grand, Eurocopter EC135 as well as the Bell 206L are currently in development. To learn more about Donaldson Aerospace & Defense, visit or

To advertise in this magazine is not very expensive at all, just call us today if you wish to advertise any aircraft, parts, any aircraft related equipment and can price out an ad in our Everything Aircraft Directory, in our classified ads section, or even a display ad placed anywhere between our covers. We have prices for all budgets, and we even duplicate your ad in our Internet website at no cost. Call us at: 604-925-5228 E-mail:

Through their St. Louis, Missouri location, Donaldson provides certified IBF solutions for the AgustaWestland AW119 Koala, AW119Ke and AW139, Bell 205A1, 206B, 407, 206L-3/4, 206L1(C30), 429 and 430; Eurocopter EC130, AS350 B/BA/B1/B2/B3, AS350’s with Soloy or Heli-Lynx Honeywell engine conversions and MD Helicopters MD 369H Series, MD 500D/E/F and MD 900/902. IBF solutions for the AgustaWestland AW109 Power Everything Aircraft Page 4

April 2010


• Brand new facility at Pitt Meadows Regional Airport Experienced AME’s mean a fast turnaround for your private and commercial aircraft.

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AerSpace Aviation Services Inc. 160 - 18799 Airport Way Pitt Meadows, B.C. V3Y 2B4 Everything Aircraft

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April 2010

GTF able to power twin-aisle narrowbody: Pratt & Whitney

By Mary Kirby


rowing interest from airlines in the development of a new lightweight, twin-aisle narrowbody is among the factors driving Pratt & Whitney to ensure its PurePower geared turbofan (GTF) engine can provide as much as 40,000lb of thrust, a top executive at the engine maker says. The GTF has already been selected by Bombardier to power the 110/130-seat CSeries and by Mitsubishi to power the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ). The CSeries will be powered with the 20,000lb-24,000lb thrust class PurePower PW1000G. Yet, one of the reasons why Pratt & Whitney has "gone as high as 40,000lb of thrust is" that there are "airlines out there looking for a light twin", P&W vice-president next generation product family Bob Saia told ATI and Flightglobal last week during an exclusive interview in Dallas, where the engine manufacturer held a customer forum to exhibit some of its GTF hardware. These airlines are interested in an aircraft with an "[Airbus] A320, A321 seating capacity, so 170 to 220 seating capacity" that offers a twin-aisle configuration, says Saia adding: "The reason for the twin aisle was two-fold - cabin comfort, but another is can you turn the aircraft around faster in terms of boarding and de-boarding." It remains to be seen if airframers will pursue development of a twin-aisle narrowbody. Despite pressure from airlines to define their narrowbody replacement plans, Airbus and Boeing have instead been developing their current programmes to improve efficiency. Both airframers are looking at the possibility of re-engining their highly successful narrowbodies, with decisions expected this year. Some analysts believe Airbus and Boeing have stepped up their re-engining studies because a 150-seat variant of Bombardier's CSeries is in the works, but Bombardier has referred to such reports as "speculative". Nonetheless, Pratt & Whitney believes its GTF is well-positioned to play a role in any of these scenarios. "No matter what the application is, even if it were a lightweight twin-aisle, we believe the 40,000lb thrust regime would really cover that," says Saia. "So if someone like Bombardier decides to go larger, or if a re-engining happens, or if Boeing and Airbus really decide 'we're not going to reengine, we're going to do a new centerline aircraft and here's a new airplane' we can take all these requirements, and make sure we are ready to leverage the value of the gear, and have the demonstration to say, 'we know we're ready for this thrust regime'." With a fuel burn improvement of 15%, the GTF offers "significant" fuel cost benefits relative to a two shaft direct drive engine such as a conventional turbofan like the CFM InternationalCFM56, says Saia. "In the case of an airplane like an A320 or 737-800, you're saving about $750,000 per aircraft per year if you look at a CFM56 relative to our geared engine. So if you have a fleet like Southwest of [nearly] 600 aircraft, that's a significant amount of money," he claims. Saia further alleges that the maintenance benefit could represent hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of additional savings per aircraft per year. "Relative to the CFM56-5B, the GTF has four less life-limited disks and 1,500 less airfoils. The cost of these disks are approximately $100,000," he says. "Relative to the CFM International Leap X, the GTF advantage grows. The GTF has seven less life-limited disks and a minimum of 1,500 less airfoils. The cost of these disks represent a savings of $20 or more per engine flight hour. These life-limited parts plus lower airfoils will enable the PW1000G to have a greater than 20% engine maintenance cost advantage over the CFMI offering." A further 2% to 3% reduction in airline operating costs can be realized by European airlines that face airport noise fees. And additional savings from the GTF will be realized when airlines in Europe are forced to pay penalties for CO2 emissions, says the Pratt & Whitney executive.CFM International explains its decade-long development of LEAP technology has entailed extensive architecture studies focused on bringing the most advanced technology to every engine component, front to back: 3-D woven resin transfer molding, composite fan blades, a lean burn, ultra-low emissions combustor, next generation high-pressure turbine blades and third generation 3-D aerodynamics. "Each of these technologies is constantly evaluated through a filter of their potential impact on reliability, which is something on which our customers simply cannot compromise," says CFM. "LEAP is a more than worthy successor to the CFM56 product line and, we believe, the right choice for new or re-engined single-aisle aircraft applications in the future." Bombardier, meanwhile, is stressing to potential CSeries customers that a re-engined Airbus or Boeing narrowbody is not a new product. "It's a refresh," says Bombardier vice-president commercial aircraft programmes Ben Boehm. The only platform optimized "nose-to-tail" for the 100-149 seat market remains the CSeries family, he says. "Engines are only one part of the efficiency equation." Bombardier on 25 February announced Republic Airways as its third CSeries customer. The US operator has agreed to take 40 CS300s plus 40 options. Everything Aircraft

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April 2010

Diamond DA42 L360 has been selected by Aero-News Network its 2009 Plane of the Year, beating out all categories and manufacturers of general aviation aircraft. Phone: 905-477-0107 Fax: 905-477-9616 See website for a complete listing of our aircraft inventory.

Diamond’s turbo-diesel powered DA42 TDI, twin combines a proven, yet state of the art all carbon composite airframe with the industry standard Garmin G1000 flightdeck and a 180 hp Lycoming IO-360 engines. Diamond has delivered over 600 airframes delivered since 2005; the DA42 is the world’s best selling twin, enjoying popularity as a capable personal airplane, an advanced multi-engine trainer including a special mission aerial sensor/surveillance aircraft. Diamond has been impressive with its unequaled single-engine performance and dependability thru its development of a modern twin that offers exceptional visibility, versatility, comfort and a truly enjoyable flying experience commented Aero-News.

2010 Piper Meridian – New Garmin G1000 panel w/ 10" Pilot and Co-pilot PFDs, 15" MFD, GFC700, GDL69, IHAS, WX500, GTX33D, SVT, Jeppesen Chartview, Piper Spinner-to-Tail 2 Year Warranty; Deluxe Six Seat Club Interior Group, Much More!

Equally impressive is Diamond’s DA42 NG, using the same airframe powered by Diamond’s proprietary Austro Engine AE 300 jet fuel burning piston turbo-diesel engines. The award winning DA42 has also garnered high praise from Robb Report (Best of the Best 2004), Popular Science (Top 100 Technology Innovations 2004), Aviation Consumer (Airplane of the Year 2006), Aero-News Network (Airplane of the Year 2006) and Flying Magazine (Editor’s Choice 2006). Aero-News Network (Airplane of the Year 2009).

2007 Diamond DA40 XL - Only 360 Hours Total Time Since New, One Owner, One Pilot, Jeppesen Chartview Approach Plates, 406 ELT installed! TAS 600, Front Amsafe Inf. Restraints, Engine Pre-heater System, GDL69, Much More!!! -$229,000 USD

For more information on Diamond Aircraft, visit

2004 Piper 6X - Avidyne Entegra Glass Cockpit, Dual Garmin GNS430, S-Tec 55X A/P w/Electric Trim & Alt Pre-Select, Leather Interior. Beautiful Red Paint, Very Clean, No Damage History! - $345,000

In Canada visit Canadian Diamond Aircraft Sales Everything Aircraft

1980 Mooney M20K 231 - Ready to go! Sandel EHSI SN3500, Garmin GNS530, WX500, TurboPlus Intercooler and Speedbrakes, SL30 2nd NAV/COM, RMI, GTX327, Standby Horizon, Will be sold with a Fresh Annual! - $119,900 USD

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April 2010

Aircraft Rating Scale Courtesy of “Everything Aircraft� magazine A I R C R A F T 1 - 1 0 R AT I N G S C A L E - E X T E R I O R & I N T E R I O R AIRCRAFT INTERIOR

AIRCRAFT EXTERIOR 10/10 Aircraft is new.

10/10 Aircraft is new.

9/10 Paint is new. Airframe and paint are in excellent condition with no scratches or dents.

9/10 Interior is new. There are no scratches, cracks, crazing or other evidence of use.

8/10 Paint and airframe are in near new condition. Minor scratches (shallow, short and less than 1 or 2 per square foot) are detectable only on close inspection (inspecting aircraft while standing at less than an arms' length from it). Paint on often-used fasteners and screws may be chipped.

8/10 Interior is in near new condition. Any smell, dirt or matting can be removed by simple cleaning. Some evidence of use can be found only on close inspection.

7/10 Paint has high gloss. Small number (less than 3 or 4 per square foot) of scratches are apparent, mostly on leading edges due to abrasion. Close inspection reveals only a few small dents or chips (less than 1 or 2 per square foot). Windows are clear with no crazing or discoloring. 6/10 Paint is shiny. Several small scratches, chips or dents (4 to 6 per square foot) can be found, mostly around high use areas (fuel caps, doors, struts). Some crazing or small stress cracks (less than 2 or 3 hairline cracks per square foot) are visible in plastic and fiberglass structures. Several windows may be milky at edges. 5/10 Paint is sound (no corrosion apparent). Slight oxidation can easily be polished out, leaving paint shiny again. Two or three small areas (rounded corner of cowling, part of leading edge) of crazing can be found in paint. Paint on leading edges is rough from abrasion. Touched up or repaired areas may be seen on close inspection. Small number (3 or 4 per square foot) of short cracks can be found in fiberglass wingtips and cowlings due to normal wear or hangar rash. Cowling seals are faded. Many (less than half) windows have milky edges. Several windows may be crazed or lightly scratched. Aircraft looks attractive to most people during walk-around. 4/10 Paint is generally sound. Small areas require special attention (touch up or repair by trained individual) due to oxidation, peeling, chipping, corrosion or crazing. Paint is dull in many (less than half) areas. Most windows are crazed and scratched. 3/10 Paint is not shiny and has peeled in many areas. Most leading edges and upper surfaces are crazed and oxidized. Moderate number (5 or 6 per square foot) of chips, cracks or dents can be found. All window surfaces are scratched. Even after touch-up and polishing, aircraft still looks unsightly. 2/10 Aircraft looks terrible. Paint is badly oxidized, peeled and blemished. It is well beyond the touch-up and polish stage. Corrosion, dents and cracks require extensive work. 1/10 Exterior is so full of corrosion, heavy dents or tears that it will not pass an annual inspection without repairs.

Everything Aircraft

7/10 A small amount of wear is apparent. Small, shallow scratches and/or stains (1 or 2 per seat) can be found on seats, carpet or woodwork. Stain remover and shampoo removes almost all stains. Headliner is clean with no stains. There are no nicks in woodwork. 6/10 Headliner may have a couple of dirty spots that can be removed almost completely with cleaning. Matting in high use areas does not vacuum out completely. Steaming or shampooing improves interior considerably, but a couple of small, limited areas (doorway, beneath rudder pedals) remain looking worn or stained. No frayed or torn fabric is apparent. Leather, vinyl or woodwork has no cracks, but small scratches or creases (4 to 6 per seat) are obvious. Seats and drawers operate smoothly. Scratches in scuff plates around doorways are obvious. Interior still looks attractive when cleaned thoroughly. 5/10 High use areas (doorway, beneath rudder pedals) still look worn (fibers appear shorter than surrounding carpet) after thorough shampooing. Headliner may have several stains but is not torn. Minor (2 or 3 instances per seat) fraying, staining or cracking is apparent on less than half of the seats. Small nicks are visible in woodwork. About one-third of the seats and drawers do not operate smoothly. Interior can be made to look clean, but it lacks sparkle in many areas. 4/10 Scratches, stains and frayed fabric are seen on most seats. More than half of the leather or vinyl seats may have small cracks. Carpet is matted along aisle. Carpet also has numerous stains, snags or other irregularities. Interior has two or three tears. About half of the seats and drawers do not operate smoothly. Wood laminates may be peeling slightly. Several cracks in scuff plates around doorways are obvious. Interior cannot be made to look clean or smell fresh. 3/10 Tears, snags and stains are clearly visible in many areas. Several cigarette burns can be found. Most seats and drawers do not operate smoothly. Interior looks and smells dirty even after cleaning. 2/10 Cracks, stains, tears and snags are the norm. Many seats have exposed foam. Interior is dirty and foul-smelling even after thorough cleaning. 1/10 Interior is so dirty and worn that most people would be hesitant about sitting down for fear of damaging clothing.

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April 2010

Cessna Adds Flight Training Schools to Cessna Pilot Center Network


ICHITA, Kan., Feb. 18, 2010 - Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, has added seven flight training schools to its global network of more than 280 Cessna Pilot Centers (CPCs). The newest members of the CPC network are:

Air Associates of Missouri in St. Louis, Mo. (KSUS) Fly Carolina in Rock Hill, S.C. (KUZA) FreeFlight CDVA in Lokeren, Belgium NR/EBAW) Gulf Air Center in Gulf Shores, Ala. (KJKA) Gunner Aviation in Rancho Murieta, Calif. (KJKA) Phoenix East Aviation in Daytona Beach, Fla. (KDAB) Premier Flight Training in North Las Vegas, Nev. (KVGT) CPCs are flight training affiliates that use the new Cessna Flight Training System and Cessna aircraft and offer customers an array of services including flight training. “Expanding our CPC network is part of the company’s effort to make flying more accessible and to reenergize pilot training,” said Julie Filucci, Cessna CPC manager. “Cessna’s newly developed flight training system, our range of stable training aircraft including the newly introduced 162 Skycatcher, and our large CPC network, make this training option a complete package for anyone who wants to learn to fly,” Filucci said. More information can be found at

Cessna is the world’s leading general aviation company, based on unit sales, with five major lines of business: Citation business jets, Caravan single-engine turboprops, Cessna single-engine piston aircraft, aftermarket services and lift solutions by CitationAir. In 2009, Cessna delivered 754 aircraft, including 289 Citation business jets, and reported revenues of about $3.3 billion. Since the company was originally established in 1927, more than 192,000 Cessna airplanes have been delivered around the world, including more than 6,000 Citations, making it the largest fleet of business jets in the world. More information about Cessna Aircraft Company is available at Everything Aircraft

Cessna Citation CJ4 WICHITA, Kan., Feb. 17, 2010 Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, announced today the first Citation CJ4 built on Cessna's new assembly line made its first flight today.and services. More information is available at

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April 2010

Republic Airways Holdings Becomes First North American Customer for Bombardier CSeries Aircraft with Order for up to 80 Airliners February 25, 2010 — Toronto Aerospace


ombardier Aerospace announced today a major order for its all-new CSeries aircraft to Republic Airways Holdings Inc. The Indianapolis, Indiana-based airline has signed a firm purchase agreement to acquire 40 CS300 jetliners. The agreement also includes options for an additional 40 CS300 aircraft. Republic Airways Holdings is the first North American airline to place a firm order for Bombardier’s CSeries jetliners. Based on the list price for the CS300 aircraft, the contract is valued at approximately $3.06 billion US, which could increase to approximately $6.34 billion US if all options are exercised. “Republic Airways Holdings has selected Bombardier’s CSeries jetliner because no other aircraft can match the attributes it brings to the market,” said Bryan Bedford, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Republic Airways Holdings Inc. “The CSeries aircraft’s leading-edge technologies bring unmatched economics, operational flexibility, reduced environmental impact and passenger comfort. Our passengers will find the aircraft’s cabin features – wide aisles, spacious seating with increased shoulder space, extra large windows and upsized storage - particularly attractive. The CSeries aircraft will give us a major competitive cost advantage and complement our future growth and development plans.” “The CSeries aircraft program is a significant part of Bombardier’s future, and we’re delighted that Republic Airways will be part of it,” said Gary R. Scott, President, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. “This major CSeries aircraft order from our first North American customer reflects the confidence Republic Airways has in Bombardier’s ability to deliver a game-changing aircraft and to service the airline’s requirements.” Since launching the CSeries family of aircraft at the Farnborough Air Show in July 2008, Bombardier has recorded firm orders for a total of 90 CSeries aircraft which includes the order for Republic Airways announced today, a firm order from Deutsche Lufthansa AG for 30 CS100 aircraft, and one from Lease Corporation International Group for 17 CS300 and three CS100 aircraft. The program has also booked options for an additional 90 CSeries aircraft. The CSeries aircraft which are optimized for the longer range, single-aisle 100- to 149-seat market will deliver the lowest operating costs in their class, exceptional operational flexibility, widebody comfort and an unmatched environmental scorecard. The CSeries aircraft will benefit from the latest technological advancements, including fourth generation aerodynamics; increased use of composites and advanced aluminium alloy in structures; a next-generation engine – the Pratt & Whitney PurePowerTM PW1000G engine; and the very latest in system technologies, such as fly-by-wire and electric brakes. At entry into service in 2013, the CSeries family of aircraft will be the greenest single-aisle aircraft in its class. These game-changing aircraft will emit 20* per cent less CO2 and 50* per cent less NOx, fly four* times quieter, and deliver dramatic energy savings – 20* per cent fuel burn advantage as well as 15* per cent improved cash operating costs versus current in-production aircraft of similar size. The CSeries aircraft will set a new benchmark in the industry, consuming as little as two liters of fuel per passenger per 100 kilometers in its more dense seating layouts*. About Republic Airways Holdings Inc. Republic Airways Holdings, based in Indianapolis, Indiana is an airline holding company that owns Chautauqua Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Lynx Aviation, Midwest Airlines, Republic Airlines and Shuttle America, collectively “the airlines.” The airlines offer scheduled passenger service on approximately 1,600 flights daily to 118 cities in 44 states, Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico under branded operations at Frontier, Midwest, and through fixed-fee airline services agreements with five major U.S. airlines. The fixed-fee flights are operated under an airline partner brand, such as AmericanConnection, Continental Express, Delta Connection, United Express, and US Airways Express. The airlines currently employ approximately 11,000 aviation professionals and operate 283 aircraft. About Bombardier A world-leading manufacturer of innovative transportation solutions, from commercial aircraft and business jets to rail transportation equipment, systems and services, Bombardier Inc. is a global corporation headquartered in Canada. Its revenues for the fiscal year ended Jan. 31, 2009, were $19.7 billion US, and its shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (BBD). Bombardier is listed as an index component to the Dow Jones Sustainability World and North America indexes.

News and information are available at Everything Aircraft

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April 2010

By: Dave Fitzpatrick, CAIB

The Invulnerable Pilot Have you ever found yourself trying to turn a bad landing into a good one - like after several bounces down the runway? Have you continued a flight into deteriorating weather conditions despite the potential risks and hazards? If you said yes, you have been guilty of a pilot decision-making error. These are the leading cause of the majority of aviation accidents and the resulting insurance claims. The Invulnerable Pilot There are, of course, hundreds of different pilot errors. But perhaps the worst problem is what we refer to as “the invulnerable pilot”. The invulnerable pilot believes that the y have the skills and expertise to over come any situation that comes their way. They’ve usually been flying for years and nothing bad has ever happened to them. As a result, an undue sense of security and downright overconfidence can develop. This often leads to bad decisions—and big trouble. Here’s an example that I came across a few years ago. Peter, a very experienced pilot, was captaining a Learjet owned by a large corporation. He was ready for take-off as soon as his passengers arrived. They were two company executives who had rushed in from a business meeting and were behind schedule for a meeting at their next stop—which was a two-hour flight away. The weather conditions at their airport of departure consisted of a 2000 foot ceiling with scattered layers at 500 and 800 feet. The airport was surrounded by mountainous terrain. An IFR clearance would take at least 30 minutes. Since his passengers were in such a rush, Peter decided to depart VFR and try to obtain an IFR clearance en route, flying at about 1500 feet AGL. The one possibility Peter didn’t consider happened: he was unable to obtain his IFR clearance because of heavy IFR traffic. Peter was unable to maintain visual references to the ground. Just a few minutes after take- off the jet crashed into a mountain. The Moral of the Story This story shows that even a veteran pilot can make a fatal error when their decisions are based on something other than smart piloting. In this case time pressure was the culprit , but it can be any number of things. Another problem was that Peter didn’t think the situation through very carefully. He just assumed he would get his IFR clearance. It never occurred to him that he might not. Had he thought about all the possibilities he would have realized the danger. The low visibility and dangerous terrain didn’t seem all that significant to Peter and as the prototypical invulnerable pilot, he was confident that nothing could really go wrong for him. The trouble is that very often the first thing which goes wrong is also the last. In the luckiest cases such pilots get a big scare which straightens them and their attitude out. But the best way to avoid the risk is to keep educating yourself about proper piloting decisions. You have to realize that accidents can and do happen. Only by maintaining a healthy respect for safety and your own limitations can you minimize your risks. Keep learning ... And ‘keep on making good decisions.’

Head Office: 380-18799 Airport Way Pitt Meadows BC, V3Y 2B4 Local Ph.604-460-8787 Local Fax 604-460-8788 Toll Free 1-888-917-11177 Toll Free Fax 1-866-372-2755

Everything Aircraft

Toronto Office: Local Ph.905-910-0526 Toll Free 1-888-917-1177 Toll Free Fax 1-866-372-2755

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April 2010

Ed’s Aerodrome

By: Ed Anderson

Howard DGA-15 The Howard DGA-15, built by the Howard Aircraft Corporation in 1939, was a derivative of non other than Mister Mulligan, the premier four seat racing Howard DGA-6, winner of both the Bendix and the Thompson Trophies in 1935. As with its’ forerunners the DGA-15 was a single engine, high performance, high-wing monoplane with a wooden wing and a steel tube truss fuselage. But, contrary to earlier models this metal-clad version with a deeper, wider body, superb visibility, extra headroom and long “legs” allowed four or five passengers to travel great distances non-stop in complete comfort. Also this solid, husky, cabin airplane sporting a smooth cowling, big prop spinner and panted fixed gear with electric-spring loaded flaps, emerged a coveted favorite of the rich and famous.

There were four variations of the now rare DGA-15, often referred to as the “Damn Good Airplane”. The first was the DGA-15P, powered by a nine-cylinder 450-hp Pratt and Whitney 985 Wasp Junior radial piston engine. Next, the DGA-15J utilized a 330-hp Jacobs L6MB radial and the DGA-15W used a 350-hp Wright Whirlwind R-760-E2 radial, followed by the GH-DGA-15P built for the US Navy and US Coast Guard as a utility and ambulance (Nightingale) aircraft. Numerous civilian Howards, DGA-8 through DGA-15 were commandeered by the U.S. Army during WWII to be used as officer transports and air ambulances and designated the UC-70. Overall the Howard Aircraft Corporation manufactured close to 550 DGAs, the last of which was built in 1943. Today there are roughly 70 airworthy DGA-15s, most in the United States where at least one or two appear at various antique flyins over the summer months around North America. The cleanly designed DGA-15 of “Benny” Howard, an early air racing enthusiast, had a peak speed of 201 mph at 6,000 ft and cruised nicely at anywhere from 170 to 190, with a service ceiling of 21,500 feet and a range of 1263 miles, fully fueled. Considered a ‘Golden Age’ Classic the Howard DGA-15 is said to be comparable to the Spartan Executive and Beech 17 Staggerwing of the same era. The included photo is of a DGA-15P, S/N 1010, tail #NC 727ST, taken at Concrete WA, in July 2009. If you are looking for a photo or information on a particular warbird or vintage aircraft, contact: Ed Anderson at

Story and Photo By: Ed Anderson

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April 2010

Garmin® Announces an Affordable HTAWS Option for the GNS 430W/530W Family of Products

Avionics Installation

Avionics Dealer for Narco, Garmin, David Clark, Trimble, PS Engineering. ELT Certification $35 CDN. Other Avionics Available Various & Used Maintenance and Repairs for Single and Light Twin Engine Aircraft. Specialized work includes Structural, Fabric Recovering, Restoration, Sheet Metal Work, and Float Repair

Aircraft Parts

Various new and used parts for sale.

Aircraft Storage

OLATHE, Kan.— Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation, today announced a new Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS) for the GNS 430W/530W series navigators. HTAWS is available as an option on newly purchased systems or as a field upgrade for current owners. When added to the GNS 430W/530W navigators, operators will receive graphical and audible alerts of potential terrain and obstacle conflicts along the flight path. “Garmin is serious about safety, and HTAWS is life saving technology that will increase safety of flight,” said Gary Kelley, Garmin’s vice president of marketing. Garmin’s HTAWS has forward looking terrain avoidance (FLTA) capability with visual and aural advisories to keep pilots advised of hazardous terrain. It incorporates a new five color terrain scale (red, orange, yellow, green and black), and also gives terrain voice alerts when descending below 500 feet. Voice callouts operate in all HTAWS modes, and Garmin’s technology allows the pilot to select multiple callouts, in one hundred foot intervals, descending from 500 to 100 feet above ground level (AGL). In addition, Garmin’s HTAWS offers a reduced protection (RP) mode that allows lowlevel operations with minimal alerting while continuing to provide terrain and obstacle protection. Garmin has incorporated three new helicopter specific databases for HTAWS. The obstacle database adds nearly 30,000 additional low-altitude obstacles. The new terrain database has been enhanced to show higher resolution. The navigation database lets operators navigate to over 7,000 heliports without having to create user waypoints at those locations.

Ph.: 204-642-8755 • Fax: 204-642-4735

w w w. s k y l i n e a v i a t i o n . c a Email:

Our Postal Address Box 1819 Gimli, Manitoba Canada R0C 1B0 N50 37' 41" W97 02' 36" M.F. 122.15Mhz

Garmin’s HTAWS is expected to be certified and available in the second quarter of 2010 for $9,995 as a fieldupgrade or as an option on new GNS 430W/530W series products. Additional information about Garmin’s HTAWS or complete line of helicopter products is available at About Garmin International Inc. Garmin International Inc. is a subsidiary of Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation. Since 1989, this group of companies has designed, manufactured, marketed and sold navigation, communication and information devices and applications – most of which are enabled by GPS technology. Garmin’s products serve automotive, mobile, wireless, outdoor recreation, marine, aviation, and OEM applications. Garmin Ltd. is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, and its principal subsidiaries are located in the United States, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit Garmin’s virtual pressroom at or contact the Media Relations department at 913-397-8200. Garmin is a registered trademark of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries. All other brands, product names, company names, trademarks and service marks are the properties of their respective owners. All rights reserved. ###

In addition to viewing HTAWS information on the GNS 430W/530W series, rotorcraft operators who have also installed the new G500H can display all HTAWS annunciations on the G500H’s large PFD and MFD. Everything Aircraft

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April 2010

Manufacturer’s Feature Aircraft

IIT IS HARD TO IMPROVE ON A LEGEND... Our solution? Start again, providing the performance, reliability and versatility that has come to be expected from the twin otter in over 40 years of worldwide operations. Still Canada's most successful 19-seat commercial aircraft program with more than 800 aircraft built, the Twin Otter is popular for its rugged construction and useful STOL performance.

Everything Aircraft TAS Sea Level: 170 kt 5,000 ft: 181 kt 10,000 ft: 182 kt Enroute Rate of Climb at Sea Level: (both engines at maximum climb power): 1600 ft/min Service Ceiling - both engines at maximum climb power (Rate of climb 100 ft/min): 26,700 ft (8138 m)

Payload Range – at maximum cruise speed Payload for 100 nautical mile (185km) range: 4280 lb (1941 kg) Payload for 400 nautical mile (741 km) range: 3250 lb (1474 kg)

Perhaps the best testimony to the timelessness of the Twin Otter’s design is the fact that it remains today the largest-selling 19-passenger commuter airplane in the world.

Maximum Range - zero payload with Standard Tankage (2583 lb (1172 kg) fuel): 775 nm (1435 km) with Long Range Tankage (3190 lb (1447 kg) fuel): 980 nm (1815 km)

The de Havilland Twin Otter is a highly maneuverable, versatile aircraft which can be flown safely at various speeds from 80 to 160 knots. The Twin Otter is a high winged, un-pressurized, twin engine turbine powered aircraft ideally suited to operate in all conditions and climates.

Maximum Endurance with Standard Tankage (2583 lb (1172 kg) fuel): 7 hr 10 min with Long Range Tankage (3190 lb (1447 kg) fuel): 9 hr

Around the world in jungles, deserts, mountains, the Arctic, and anywhere where rugged reliability and short-take-off-and-landing are required you will find the hard working Twin Otter. Adding to that versatility the Twin Otter can be fitted with wheels, skis or floats. Well liked by operators for the easy maintenance offered by its fixed undercarriage, the Twin Otter’s two engine design also offers dependable passenger safety and confidence. Click here for more dimensions and interior. . . . GENERAL INFORMATION: Maximum Takeoff Weight: 12,500 lb (5670kg) Maximum Landing Weight: 12,300 lb (5579 kg) Number Of Crew: 1 or 2 Number Of Passengers: 20 Fuel Capacities: Total – 378 US Gallons Fuel Capacities: Optional Long Range – 89 US Gallons


All data is preliminary and subject to change without notice Viking is the owner of the Type Design and Certificates relating to de Havilland Aircraft product lines; DHC-1 Chipmunk, DHC-2 Beaver, DHC-2T Turbo Beaver, DHC-3 Otter, DHC-4 Caribou, DHC-5 Buffalo, DHC-6 Twin Otter, DHC-7 Dash 7. Viking is a privately held Canadian Corporation and is not in any way, shape or form affiliated with Bombardier Aerospace or any of its subsidiaries

Viking Air Limited 1959 de Havilland Way Sidney, BC Canada V8L 5V5 Telephone: (250) 656-7227 Fax: (250) 656-0673

North America Toll Free: (800) 663-8444 International Toll Free: (800) 6727-6727 E-mail:

• Not Refurbished • Not Overhauled • Not Converted • Totally New!

AIRFRAME: Configuration All metal, non pressurized, high-wing monoplane and a construction with fixed tricycle (steerable nose) landing gear DIMENSIONS: Wing Span 65 ft (19.8 m) Length 51 ft 9 in (15.77m) Cabin Height 9 ft 8 in (2.95m) Tail Height 19 ft 6 in (5.94 m) CABIN DIMENSIONS: Cabin Length 18 ft 5 in (5.61m) Cabin Height 4 ft 11 in (1.50m) Cabin Volume (usable) 384 cu ft (10.87 cu. m.) Cabin Doors (left side) 50 in X 50 in (1.27m X 1.27m) Cabin Door (right side) 30 in X 45.5 in (.76m X 1.16m) ENGINES: Two, Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-34 or optional PT6A35, single stage, free-turbine engines. PROPELLERS: Two, Hartzell, HC-B3TN-3DY, three bladed reversible pitch, constant speed, fully feathering propellers. Optional 4-blade – type and configuration TBA STANDARD AIRCRAFT BASIC WEIGHT: 6881 lb (3121 kg) PERFORMANCE SUMMARY: STOL Takeoff and Landing Distance: 1200 ft (366m) (Takeoff distance to 50 ft) Maximum Cruise Speeds:

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April 2010

408C Otter Bay Springbank Airport Calgary, Alberta, T3Z 3S6 Ph. 403-286-4277 Fax 403-286-5989

To l l F r e e : 1 - 8 7 7 - 7 9 1 - 4 6 0 0

Airframe: Engine(s):

1983 Cessna Conquest 425 Reg # C-GRHDSerial # 425-0167 Price: $ 1,390,000

Cessna Caravan

6527 TTSN Left & Right: 370 Hours SNEW, PT6A-135A Blackhawk Modifications Prop(s): SPNEW: 1065 Hours, McCauley 4 Blade Blackmac MAINTENANCE CONDITIONS • Ramp WT: 8,675 Lbs • Empty WT: 5,542.3 Lbs • Usefull: 3,132.7 • MGTOW 8,600 AVIONICS • Collins FIS-70 S/UE FDI/HSI • Sperry C-1000 IFCS/AP w/ Yaw Damper • Collins DME 40 • Collins ADF 60 • Garmin 530/430 WAAS Certified • GMA 340 Audio Panel • GTX 327 Mode C Transponder • GTX 330 Mode S TRXP with Data Link • WXR-300 Color Radar • ALT-50 Radar ALT • WX 500 Stormscope • Avidyne EX 500 Multifun Display • Electronic Chart Software for EX • KMH 880 IHAS TAS/EGPWS • Shadin Fuel Flow • 4300 Electric Attitude Indicator • Co-Pilot HSI OPTIONS • American Speed Stacks • Lead Acid Battery • Electroluminescent Lighting • Fire DET/EXT System • Rudder Gust Lock • Dual A/C Inverters • Cabin Display Signs • Courtesy Lights • JEPP Storage Rack • 114.9 Cu Ft Oxy • Davitron Clock • Rosen Sunvisors • Electric Torque System Upgrade • Fuel Totalizer • Air Cond • Strobes • Spar Mod Cap Service Kit INTERIOR • 8 Place Blue Leather, Gray Carpet, 3 Place Lounge EXTERIOR • White with Gold/Blue Accents

Aviat Husky 2003 Aviat Husky A-1B, TTAF 212, Bauman Floats, Amphibian, Wheel Gear, $135,000US

Cessna C-150 1968 Cessna C-150, TTAF 3825, SMOH 1954, SPOH 396, Polished Aluminum, $19,000 Firm.

Beech Baron 55 1969 Beech Baron D55, TTAF 4883, SMOH L360, R1724, SPOH L&R 240, $Offer?

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2006 Cessna Grand Caravan 208B Sale or Lease, TTSN 2299, SHOT 488, Cycles 2,470, SPOH 321, $1,450,000 USD.

Cessna Conquest 1983 Cessna Conquest 1, TTSN 6527, Engines SNEW 370, Props 1065, SIDS complete, PT6A-135A Blackhawk Mods, $1,390,000 USD.

Mooney 1983 Mooney 231 M20K, TTAF 2018, SMOH 60, SPOH 60, Good Avionics, All logs, $Offers?

Piper Super Cub

1963 Piper Super Cub PA-18, Lycoming O-320, Prop Sensenich metal 74, TTAF 2,026, SMOH 13, SPOH 13, Must go now! Looking for offer$?,


1980 Maule M-5-235C, TT 1390, SM 1390, STOH 240 SPOH 240, Complete logs, Good Avionics, New Paint, Fab, Gear, Windows, Wing Struts, much more, 66 Gal US Fuel, $68,000US

Beaver DeHavilland 1950 Beaver DHC-2 MK.1, TTSN 19,000, SMOH 900, 3 Bld Hartzell due, Trades Accepted, $295,000

Commander 1977 Commander Rockwell 114, TTAF 1691, STOH 196 new baffels, SPOH 105, Reduced to $95,000

April 2010

Canadian Aircraft Broker’s & Dealer’s (Please








Island Aero Services

Tel: 250-656-7627, Fax: 250-655-1135 E-mail: Website: 9548 Canora Rd., Sidney, B.C., V8L 4R1 Upper Valley Aviation Ltd. Tel.: 604-792-0735; Fax: 604-792-0819; E-mail:; Web site: 8406 Lockheed Place, Chilliwack, B.C., V2P 8A7 Venture Aviation Services Ltd. Tel.: 250-245-3499; Fax: 250-245-3497; E-mail:; Web site: P.O. Box 192 , 3422 Spitfire Rd., Cassidy, B.C., V0R 1H0

Goderich Aircraft Inc. Contact: Andy Orr, Tel.: 519-228-6706; Fax: 519- 228-6724; E-mail:; Web site: P.O. Box 554, Hangar #2, Canada Dr., Huron Park, Ont., N0M 1Y0 J.A. Spears and Associates, Contact: James A Spears Tel.: 416-203-0600; Fax: 416-203-6363; E-mail:; Web site: Toronto City Centre Airport, Toronto, Ont., M5V 1A1 Lake Central Air Services Tel.: 705-687-4343; Fax: 705-687-8983; E-mail:; Web site: Muskoka Airport, RR #1, Gravenhurst, Ont., P1P 1R1 Lauriault Aviation Tel.: 705-476-5133; Fax: 705-476-7285; E-mail:; Web site: 363-2 Lansdowne Ave., North Bay, Ont., P1B 6Y3

Westcan Aircraft Sales and Salvage Ltd. Tel.: 250-554-4202; Fax: 250-376-1119; E-mail:; Web site: #100-2985 Airport Rd., Kamloops, B.C., V2B 7W8

Northstar Aircraft Sales Contact: John Hughes, Tel.: 416-409-8000; Fax: 416-693-0178; E-mail: Hangar 3, Toronto City Centre, Toronto, ON, M5V 1A1

West-Wind Aircraft Sales Tel.: 250-837-9579; Fax: 250-837-6595; E-mail:; Web site: Box 1140, Revelstoke, B.C., V0E 2S0

Orillia Aviation Ltd. Tel.: 705-325-6153; Toll free: 800-461-8930; Fax: 705- 325-6377; E-mail:; Web site: 6422 Bluebird, RR #6, Orillia, Ont., L3V 6H6


P R A I R I E A I R C R A F T S A L E S LT D . Tel.: 403-286-4277; Toll free: 877-791-4600; Fax: 403- 286-5989 E-mail:; Web site: 408C Otter Bay, Springbank Airport, Calgary, AB, T3Z 3S6,

Thomas Aircraft Sales Tel.: 780-451-5473; Toll Free: 800-363-3785; Fax: 780- 454- 4122; Web site: 11941-121 St., Hangar 38, Edmonton, Alta., T5L 4H7 M A N I TO B A

SKYLINE MAINTENANCE AND AVIONICS Tel.: 204-642-8755; Fax: 204-642-4735; E-mail:; Web site: Box 1819, Gimli, Man., R0C 1B0

O N TA R I O Aeroplane Sales & Consulting Tel.: 519-372-3302; Fax: 519-372-3304; E-mail:; Web site: Billy Bishop Regional Airport, RR #8, Owen Sound, Ont, N4K 5W4


Contact: Anna Pangrazzi or

Bruce Musgrove Tel.: 905-477-7900; Fax: 905-477-8937; E-mail:; Web site: 2833 16th Avenue, Box 220, Markham, Ont., L3R 0P8


Tel.: 905-477-0107; Fax: 905-477-9616; E-mail:; Web site: Toronto Buttonville Airport, 2833 16th Ave., Box 101, Markham, Ont., L3R 0P8 C & S Enterprises Ltd., Contact: Steve Assaly Tel.: 613-632-0123; Fax: 613-632-9027; E-mail: Web site: 129 Main Street E, Hawkesbury, Ont., K6A 1A2 Field Aviation East Inc. Contact: Michael Latino, Tel.: 905-676-1540; Toll free: 877-204-3717; Fax: 905-676-9737; Web site: 2450 Derry Rd. E., Hangar 2, Unit 24, Mississauga, Ont., L5S 1B2

Everything Aircraft

O’Shea’s Irish Field Aviation, Contact: Wayne O’Shea Tel.: 705-527-1124; Fax: 705-527-0874; E-mail:; Web site: 1516 Alvin Williams Rd., Penetanguishene, Ont., L9M 2C1 Ross Poulsen Aircraft, Contact: Ross Poulsen Tel.: 905-454-2110; Fax: 905-455-0093; E-mail: 2-9 Hillcrest Ave., Brampton, Ont., L6W 1Y9 TransGlobal Aviation Inc. Contact Martin Weening, Tel: 705-487- 6222 Fax: 705-487- 6226 Toll Free: 1-866- 487- 6220 E-mail: Website: Lake Simcoe Regional Airport 224 Line 7 North, R.R. #2 Oro Station, Ontario, L0L 2E0 Wilson Aircraft Tel.: 905-713-1059; Fax: 905-477-6618; E-mail:; Web site: 14845 Yonge St., Suite 353, Aurora, ON L4G 6H8 Springwater Aircraft Sales Tel.: 705-722-3522; Fax: 705-721-9923; Web site: 560 Anne Street N., Barrie, Ont., L4M 4S4 QUEBEC Atavco Inc., Contact: Bill Atrill Tel./Fax: 514-684-2959; E-mail:; Web site: 4940 Dollard Street, Pierrefonds, QU., H8Y 2E9 Aviation Pierre Auclair, Contact: Pierre Auclair Tel./Fax: 450-665-1928 (Canada) or 506-833- 1935 (Costa Rica); E-mail:; Web site: 643 De La Joie, Laval, Que., H7A 3Z4 Intairbraff Ltd. Tel.: 450-447-4999; Fax: 450-447-4410; E-mail:; Web site: 1548, Michel Lague Street, Suite 109, Chambly, Que., J3L 6V1 Thabet Aeroplus International Inc Tel.: 418-871-0047; Fax: 418-871-6937; E-mail: Web site: 706B, 7e Avenue, Aeroport de Quebec, Ste-Foy, Que., G2G 2T6

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April 2010

Aircraft Dealers in Canada Certified Aircraft, Where to buy - Aircraft Manufacturers Aircraft Manufacturing & Development Co. (formerly Zenith) Heart of Georgia Regional Airport, P.O. Box 639, Eastman, GA, 31023, Tel.: 478-374-2-SKY; Fax: 478-374-2793; Website: AMD Alarus CH 2000

American Champion Aircraft Eastern Canada factory direct: Tel.: 262-534-6315; Fax: 262-534-2395; Website: P.O. Box 37, 32032 Washington Ave., Rochester, WI, 53167 Citabria Aurora 7ECA, Citabria Explorer 7GCBC, Champion Scout 8GCBC, Super Decathlon 8KCAB, Citabria Adventurer 7GCAA

Tel.: 541-318-1144; Fax: 541-318-1177; 22550 Nelson Rd., Bend, OR, 97701 Columbia 350, 400 Sales E-mail:; Website:

Tel.: 307-885-3151; Fax: 307-885-9674; E-mail:; Website: 672 S Washington St, P.O. Box 1240, Afton, WY, 83110 Husky, Pitts, Eagle

Columibia AIrcraft Sales, Inc. 175 Tower Avenue, Groton-New London Airport, Groton, CT, US 06340, 1-888-501-4960 E-mail:


Commander Aircraft Company

Exclusive Canadian Representatives

Tel.: 405-495-8080; Fax: 405-495-8383; 7200 Northwest 63rd Street, Bethany, OK, 73008 Website:


Buttonville Airport, 2833-18th Avenue, B0x 101, Markham, Ont. L3R 0P8 Tel.: 905-477-0107; Fax: 905-477-9616; E-mail:; Website:

CESSNA AIRCRAFT CO. Tel.: 316-517-6056 (for outside the US); Website: P.O. Box 7706, Wichita, KS, 67277

Tel.: 772-567-4361; Fax: 772-978-6584; Website: 2926 Piper Drive, Vero Beach, FL, 32960 Piper 6X/6XT, Archer III, Arrow, Malibu Meridian, Malibu Mirage, Saratoga II HP, Saratoga II TC, Seminole, Seneca V, Warrior III

Canadian Representatives Wilson Aircraft, (Eastern Canada) 14845 Yonge St. Suite 353, Aurora, ON, L4G 6H8 Tel.: 905-713-1059; Fax: 905-477-6618 E-mail: Website:

Exclusive Canadian Representatives


Brampton Flying Service Brampton Airport, 13691 McLaughlin Rd., RR#1, Cheltenham, Ont., L0P 1C0 Tel.: 905-838-1400; Fax: 905-838-1405; E-mail:; Website:

Everything Aircraft

Canadian Representatives J.A. Spears and Associates Toronto City Centre Airport, Toronto, Ont., M5V 1A1 Tel.: 416-203-0600; Fax: 416-203-6363; E-mail:; Website:



Canadian Representatives

11941-121 St., Hangar 38, Edmonton, Alta., T5L 4H7 Tel.: 780-451-5473; Toll free: 800-363-3785; Fax: 780-454-4122; Website: Spring Aviation 3010 Aviation Way, Kamloops, B.C., V2B 7W1 Tel.: 250-554-2616; Toll free: 800-667-3373; Fax: 250-554-2215, Website:

Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Company (formerly Lancair)

Aviat Aircraft Inc.

2625 S Hoover Rd., Wichita, KS, 67215. Tel.: 800-4-CESSNA; Fax: 316-517-2772; Website: Skyhawk, Skyhawk SP, Skylane, Turbo Skylane, Stationair, Turbo Stationair


Tel.: 218-727-2737; 888-750-9927; Fax: 218-727-2148; 4515 Taylor Circle, Duluth, MN, 55811 Cirrus SR20, SR22, SRV Website:

Tel.: 410-266-5518; Fax: 410-266-8697 2315-B Forest Dr., Box 47, Annapolis, MD, 21401 Sky Rocket


Toronto Buttonville Airport, 2833 16th Ave., P.O. Box 220, Markham, Ont., L3R 0P8 Tel.: 905-477-7900; Fax: 905-477-8937; Web site:

Cirrus Design

Avia Bellanca Aircraft Corporation

408C Otter Bay, Springbank Airport, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T3Z 3S6, Tel: 403-286-4277, Fax: 403-286-5989, TF1-877-791-4600 Website:



Buttonville Airport, 2833-16th Ave., Box 101, Markham, Ont., L3R 0P8 Tel.: 905-477-0107; Fax: 905-477-9616; E-mail:; Website:

Raytheon Aircraft Co. (Beech) Tel.: 316-676-5034; Fax: 316-676-6614; Box 85, Wichita, KS, 67201-0085 Bonanza A36, Premier I, King Air 350, King Air B200, King Air C90B, Baron 58, Hawker Horizon, 800 XP, 400 XP Website:

Socata Aircraft Tel.: 954-893-1400; Fax: 954-964-0805; E-mail:; Website: North Perry Airport, 7501 South Airport Road, Pembroke Pines, FL, 33023 TB9GT, TB10GT, TB20GT, TB21GT, TB200GT, TBM700 Aircraft models: Nordic II, Nordic VI & Nordic VIII

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April 2010

Boeing Selects Pratt & Whitney to Power Boeing's Proposed NewGen Tanker to be Offered to U.S. Air Force


AST HARTFORD, Conn., March 5, 2010 – In an announcement made today, Boeing said it is offering the Pratt & Whitney-powered NewGen Tanker as its platform for the U.S. Air Force’s KC-X recapitalization program. Boeing’s proposal calls for the NewGen Tanker to be powered by Pratt & Whitney’s PW4062 engine. Pratt & Whitney is a United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX) company. “Pratt & Whitney is honored to partner with Boeing on the NewGen platform to be offered as America’s next generation of tankers for the U.S. Air Force’s KC-X program,” said Bill Begert, Pratt & Whitney Vice President of Military Business Development and Aftermarket Services. “The PW4000 engine has an exceptional track record of performance and reliability with numerous commercial customers operating the engine globally. We are confident it will meet Boeing and the U.S. Air Force’s performance requirements and expectations.” Pratt & Whitney has delivered more than 2,500 PW4000-94” commercial engines that collectively have logged more than 100 million flight hours on commercial aircraft around the world. The PW4062 is the highest thrust model in Pratt & Whitney’s PW4000-94” commercial engine family and is offered for both commercial freighter and military tanker applications. Two PW4062 engines, each delivering 62,000 pounds of thrust, will power The Boeing Company’s NewGen Tanker. The PW4000 family of engines includes models with thrust ratings ranging from 52,000 pounds to 98,000 pounds. These engines have an outstanding safety record, high reliability, excellent performance and low maintenance costs. The PW4000 family meets all required emissions and noise regulations, and offers superior fuel economy and maintainability. The PW4000-94” engine operates commercially on Boeing 747, 767 and MD-11 aircraft and the Airbus A300/310 series.

practices, budget plans and availability of funding, and in the number of aircraft to be built; challenges in the design, development, production and support of advanced technologies; as well as other risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to those detailed from time to time in the companies’ Securities and Exchange Commission filings. Pratt & Whitney is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines, space propulsion systems and industrial gas turbines. United Technologies, based in Hartford, Conn., is a diversified company providing high technology products and services to the global aerospace and building industries. Stephanie Duvall Pratt & Whitney Military Engines 860.557.1382

This press release contains forward-looking statements concerning future business opportunities. Actual results © 2010, United Technologies Corp. - Pratt & Whitney may differ materially from those projected as a result of certain risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to changes in government procurement priorities and Everything Aircraft Page 18 April 2010

AEROART & MODELS 1-866-202-1252

“Please contact me for more information on these and other models and aviation art prints.”

Silver Dart

DH New Beaver

DH Turbo Single Otter

Cessna Caravan

DH Turbo Beaver

DH Twin Otter

Pilatus PC-12

Honda Jet

Avro C Jetliner

Diamond Jet $89

CF104 Starfighter $59

Airbus A-340-500



Otter $59

Air Canada


Pacific Western Airlines

CC-177 Cdn Armed Forces

Canadair CL-415


Jazz Dash 8 -300

Beech King Air B200

L-19 Bird

Nordair L-188

Wardair Dash 7

Lancaster Mk I

Norseman RCAF

Norseman 2

TCA Vanguard


Century of Flight

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April 2010


armor protection, self-sealing fuel tanks, a tracking beacon system, and the ability to directionally track VHF and UHF signals were added muscle and insurance.

Cessna A-37B Dragonfly The little airplane that could!! From a standard two-seat jet trainer, the Cessna T-37 ìTweetî evolved to become a warrior as the A-37B Dragonfly, ìSuper Tweetî. The T-37 ìTweetî had worn the colours of the United States Air Force since 1957 with a superb service-reliability record. In 1962 the Special Air Warfare Center of the United States Air Force set out to determine the potential of the T-37 for conversion to a Counter-Insurgency (COIN) light attack aircraft. Two T-37Bs were subsequently allocated for test and evaluation, which prompted numerous modifications, but without any firm decisions. It wasnít until 1966, with the growing involvement of the USAF in Vietnam, that the need for a light strike-jet fighter was authorized.

The Cessna Aircraft Company was then engaged to convert 39 T-37B trainers from those on hand at the DavisMonthan Air Force Base, later called the A-37A Dragonfly. Deliveries of the new variant, equipped with larger engines, wingtip fuel tanks, and eight underwing hard-points, among other modifications, began in May of 1967. The initial batch of twenty-five A-37As, after operational evaluation in Vietnam, were transferred to the 604th Air Commando Squadron at Bien Hoa, and then in 1970 were allocated to the South Vietnamese Air Force. In the meantime, Cessna Aircraft produced a new-build prototype strike-fighter, based on the T-37, classified as Model 318E. Still possessing the low straight wings, signature wing tanks, and inconspicuous twin wing-root jet intakes for the fresh 2,850-lb thrust J85-GE-17A engines, there were nonetheless significant differences. An airframe that was stressed for 6 Gs, a beefed-up undercarriage to ease rough strip landings, greater fuel capacity507 US gallons, plus 400 additional gallons in four underwing auxiliary tanks, and an air-refueling capability. The ìSuper Tweetî was re-designated the A-37B Dragonfly, a ground support gunship, bristling with assault weaponry, and other offensive advantages. Armed with a GAU2B/A 7.62-mm Gattling Minigun in the nose, capable of firing 6,000 rounds a minute, an ability to carry and dispense various mixes of general purpose, incendiary or cluster, and phosphorus bombs, made for a ëMighty Miteí airplane. Gun pods, rocket pods, gun cameras, cockpit Everything Aircraft

Ed Anderson

The ëDragonflyí weighed empty at 6,210 pounds, but fully loaded weighed out at 14,000 pounds. Maximum speed at 16,000 feet clocked 525 mph, with a cruise rate of 489 mph at 25,000 feet. Range was 460 miles, hauling a max load of external weapons; otherwise the Dragonfly could attain a reach of 1,010 miles. More than suitable for use against lightly armed ìinsurgentsî, the A-37s low stall speed, under 100 mph, made it a precision weapons platform. Cessna Aircraft built 577 units of which 254 were assigned to the South Vietnamese Air Force, where the ëDragonflyí became their primary strike aircraft. When South Vietnam was being overrun by the Communists, there were 187 A-37s on strength, from which the Americans were able to recover 92 Bs. The remainder were used by the North Vietnamese until the early 1980s, when most were passed off to Poland, the Soviet Union, and East Germany.

Apparently several A-37Bs wound up in the hands of Warbird collectors in the United States, and another four or five to Australia, and New Zealand where they are currently in airshow condition. A-37Bs were phased from regular service and reserve units in the United States onward from the late í70s. Some of these aircraft were exported to Latin American countries where more than 60 are still attached to active military squadrons. Surprisingly, hefty numbers of the T37B and T-37C models are in use with Germany, Greece, Turkey, and North Korea. The United States Air Force alone continues to operate over 200 of the T-37Bs for training purposes. The pictured aircraft is a Cessna A-37B Dragonfly, privately owned and currently operating in Australia under tail # VH-AZD. Story and Photos By: Ed Anderson

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April 2010

Bell Helicopter Expands Service Offerings in Europe FORT WORTH, Texas (Feb. 26, 2010) - Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, today announced the acquisition of Aviation Service, a world-class provider of modifications and upgrades, avionics and special mission packages, based in Prague, Czech Republic with annual revenues of about $14 million. "Bell is committed to meeting the needs of our European customers; this acquisition allows us to more rapidly provide support and service to this important region," said John L. Garrison, Bell president and CEO. "This facility provides us with the capabilities to meet the maintenance and modernization needs of Bell's current European fleet of aircraft, while providing a foundation to accommodate future growth with local completion and customizing capability for new aircraft deliveries." "This central European location will further enhance our industry-leading Customer Support and Service organization, bringing the complete suite of Bell's support and service offerings closer to our European customers," said Danny Maldonado, senior vice president of Customer Support and Services and Chief Service Officer. "Supporting the European fleet is a priority for Bell, acquiring Aviation Service is one of the first steps to increase Bell's rising presence in Europe." As part of the new acquisition Bell expects to be able to generate supplemental type certifications to meet customer requirements, building on Aviation Service's EASA Part 21 Design Organization and 145 Repair Station certifications. Leading this new venture is Gordon Harveson, general manager Bell Europe and a long-time leader at Bell. Among his recent accomplishments, Harveson managed the Bell Customer Supply Center in Amsterdam, a facility he will once again have responsibility for. "Building on the existing experience of Aviation Service, the introduction of the 429 and the world class supply capabilities at our Amsterdam facility, this acquisition signals the commitment of Bell in the European market," said Harveson.
Helicopter Textron
Worth, TX

Everything Aircraft Ph. 250-656-7627 Fax 250-655-1135 9548 Canora Rd. Sidney B.C. V8L 4R1

Victoria International Airport CESSNA SINGLES 66 C-172 Flt Plane 4192 533 $80,000 US 67 C-172 180hp 2500 550 $52,000 US 5200 720 $59,000 US 70 C-172 Flt Plane 73 C-172 10000 "0" $59,000 US 74 C-180 2440 435 $139,000 US 76 C-180 1993 462 $127,000 US 69 C-182 2530 969 $87,000 US 75 C-182 2768 1201$90,000 US 75 C-182 5000 700 $99,000 US 75 C-182 1475 225 $100,000 US 75 C-182 1947 447 $105,000 US 2233 33 $175,000 US 76 C-182/280hp 77 C-182 4500 150 $85,000 US 78 C-182 2250 654 $95,000 US 79 C-182(2000TBO) 3393 1169 $79,000 US 06 C-T182T 114 114 $295,000 US 63 C-185 5200 300 $85,000 US 3000 500 $175,000 US 66 C-185E Amphib 67 C-185E Floats 10000 5000 $96,000 US 6250 65 $135,000 US 72 C-185 Flt Plane 73 C-185 2700 111 $145,000 US 73 C-185 3678 690 $150,000 US 74 C-185 4250 256 $147,500 US 2833 390 $175,000 US 75 C-185 Flt Plane 76 C-185 6648 940 $120,000 US 76 C-185 3400 747 $135,000 US 76 C-185 6883 “0” $155,000 US 76 C-185 AmpSTOP/184 4195 127 $220,000 US 78 C-185Flt/Skis 6203 1368 IO550 $150,000 US 78 C-185 1859 450 $197,500 US 79 C-185 2290 0 $195,000 US 81 C-185 5821 717 $145,000 US 81 C-185 2000 200 $165,000 US 2833 148 $245,000 US 81 C-185 Amphib 72 C-206 2104 “1” $135,000 US 2275 580 $160,000 US 74 C-206 Flt Plane 76 C-T206 4452 100 $170,000 US 77 C-206 6269 269 $115,000 US 77 C-206 Flt Kit8850/1850(550STOP) $145,000US 77 C-206 3181 1540 ("0"STOP) $105,000 US 77 C-206 2692 980 $135,000 US 78 C-206 Flt Plane1810/809(100STOP)$130,000US 78 C-206 1820 10 $199,000 US 79 C-206 4151 5111 $119,000 US 79 C-Turbo 206 2474 795 $190,000 US 2804 200 $225,000 US 81 C-T206 Flt Plane 81 C-T206 Amphib 2305 115 $265,000 US 84 C-U206 4700 250 $169,000 US 74 C-Turbo 210 3175 427 $119,000 US 75 C-210 8096 474 $100,000 Can 82 C-210 w/deice 3835 10 $169,000 US 82 C-T210 w/deice 3313 243 $210,000 US CESSNA TWINS 64 C-310 2030 380/380 $95,000 US 65 C-310 6200900/900 $97,000 US 79 C-310 w/deice 7500 1121/2070 $170,000 US 66 C-320 STOP Both 6200 1830/400 $50,000 US

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PIPER SINGLE AND TWINS 58 Piper Super Cub 2591 1391 73 Piper Cherokee 6 2900 400

$80,000 US $99,000 US

BEECHCRAFT 70 Baron 58 3213 1255/1255$153,000 US 83 King Air F90MedV2684 2684/2684$1,300,000 US DeHAVILLAND 48 DH Beaver on flts 29100 49 DH Beaver 17895 51 DH Beaver on Flts14599 51 DH Beaver on Flts15400 52 DH Beaver 15226 52 DH Amp Beaver 4898 55 DH Beaver 6000 56 DH Beaver 24000 59 DH Beaver 9367 64 DH Beaver 15454 67 DH Beaver on Flts12589 56 DH TurbOtteronFlts14660

275 949 212 500 810 145 600 450 241 1377 1152 1121

$395,000 US $305,000 US $285,000 US $325,000 US $325,000 US $600,000 US $479,000 US $295,000 US $395,000 US $295,000 US $375,000 US $1,160,000 US

YACHTS, JETS, TURBOPROPS, WARBIRDS, HELICOPTERS, FLOATS, HANGARS 88 C-208Super Cargo Master16000/5000$675,000US Westwind II 5895/5891MSP/5889MSP $2,100,000 US Edo 3430 C- 206 Gear $12,000 US 1998 58 ft Westbay Sonship 850/850 $800,000 US

Island Aero Yacht Sales 1998 58ft. Westbay Sonship Low Times Hull & Engines

Price Reduced

Call Now! Ph. 250-656-7627 Current Price: $800,000 USD

Hull Material: Fiberglass Engine/Fuel Type: Twin Diesel We offer a gorgeous lightly used and wellpriced West Bay SonShip. From her stunning fruitwood-stained quarter sawn oak interior, to her classic teak deck accents. Enjoy many years of trouble free cruising, for she has less 850 hours of total time on her mains. Boathouse Available! For a full list of options and details, visit our websit at: w w w . i s l a n d a e r o . c o m

April 2010

E A’s B r o k e r / D e a l e r “ F e a t u r e A i r c r a f t o f T h e M o n t h ”

1975 Cessna C-210 LOGBOOK SUMMARY • Airframe Total Time: 8096 Hours • Engine Time: 447 Hours • Prop Time: 1460 3 Blade Hartzell AVIONICS • NAT Dual Audio Panel • King KY196 Digital Com G/S • Mitchell MX170 Nav/Com • King KNS80 RNAV/DME • King KLN90B GPS • King KT78A Transponder/Encoder • Radar Altimeter U/S • Cessna 400A Autopilot • Sigtronics 4 Place Intercom • JPI Instruments Fuel Flow Analyzer EXTERIOR • White with Two Tone Blue Trim • Rated - "7" INTERIOR • 6 Blue Fabric Seats • Rated - "7" REMARKS • Avionics Master • Long Range Fuel • Gear Door Mod • Brackett Air Filter • External Ground Recept • Wing Tip Strobes • Heated Pitot • Electric Trim • Alternate Static • Rear Air Vents • Cleveland Wheels and Brakes • Canadian Registered • No Corrosion • All Logs • Damage History (gear up landing) • Commercially maintained • Aircraft setup for Canadian Forestry Patrols • Pitot.Trans/Encoder/Altimeter due 5/29/10

PRICE: $100,000 Canadian Ph. 250-656-7627 Fax 250-655-1135

9548 Canora Rd. Sidney B.C. V8L 4R1

For more details on this aircraft and many more, please visit our website

Victoria International Airport Everything Aircraft

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April 2010



ebruary 25, 2010, Kerrville, Texas— Mooney Airplane Company has appointed new personnel in the key areas of warranty and parts supply. Missy Dominguez was promoted to the position of Warranty Manager, and Glenda Thompson replaces Ms. Dominguez as Supply Chain Specialist which includes service parts support. Both positions are based at the factory in Kerrville, Texas. Missy Dominguez joined Mooney Airplane Company in 1997. She served for more than ten years in the service parts department in key roles, most recently as Service Parts Manager. Her background at Mooney also includes coordinating warranty claims. “My entire career at Mooney has been customer focused,” says Ms. Dominguez. “Customer satisfaction has always been and will continue to be my number one priority.” Glenda Thompson brings a wealth of purchasing and parts management experience to her new role as Supply Chain Specialist. Mrs. Thompson began her career at Mooney in 2005 and had previous experience in the aviation and automotive industries. Her roles at Mooney have included Master Scheduler, Production Planner and Buyer. Mooney Airplane Company continues to provide support to the more than 8,000 aircraft owners flying today despite the harsh economic climate. About Mooney Airplane Company Mooney Airplane Company, located in Kerrville, Texas, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mooney Aerospace Group, Ltd., a general aviation holding company. It currently sells three models of the M20—the Acclaim Type S, the Ovation3 and the Ovation2 GX. Since its incepEverything Aircraft

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tion in 1946, the company has manufactured and delivered more than 11,700 aircraft worldwide. Today, 7,000 customers in the United States and 1,000 more overseas fly these proven, high-performance airplanes. For more information, visit CONTACT:

Susan Harrison Mooney Airplane Company Phone: 830.896.6000

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April 2010

12 Bell Customer Service Facilities Achieve Platinum Rating HOUSTON (February 22, 2010) - Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, today recognized 12 Customer Service Facilities (CSFs) as achieving Platinum-level ratings for 2010. “We are extremely pleased to announce the 2010 Platinum-level Customer Service Facilities,” said Danny Maldonado, senior vice president of customer support and chief services officer at Bell Helicopter. “We are proud to call these 12 CSFs part of our global network and are honored to award them with the Platinum rating for excellence in customer service.” The 12 Platinum-level CSFs for 2010 are: • Air Asia Company Ltd., based in Taiwan; • Alpine Aerotech Ltd., in British Columbia, Canada; • Arrow Aviation Co. LLC in Broussard, La.; • Avialta Helicopter Maintenance Ltd. in Alberta, Canada; • Eagle Copters Maintenance Ltd., in Alberta, Canada; • Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., based in Tochigi, Japan; • Motorflug Baden-Baden GmbH in Rheinmuenster, Germany; • Northwest Helicopters LLC in Olympia, Wash.; • Patria Helicopters AB, operating in Sweden; • Rotorcraft Support, Inc., based in California; • Sikorsky Aircraft Australia Ltd. DBA Sikorsky Helitech, operating in Queensland, Australia and • Uniflight, LLC, based in Grand Prairie, Texas. Each year, the highest level of customer support. The Bell Achievement Ranking System (BARS), which reached full network-wide deployment in 2008, measures Bell’s authorized CSFs on multiple factors relating to the customer experience. All 12 of the 2010 Platinum level CSFs have factory-trained maintenance technicians, a guaranteed inventory of Bell spare parts, insurance coverage for helicopters and a safe, clean environment. “BARS is designed with the customer in mind,” said Kirk Blackwelder, manager, customer service facility support. “Our CSFs are measured on inventory management, third-party maintenance focus, comprehensiveness of service, technical training and facility quality.” Everything Aircraft

Maldonado added, "We are committed to providing our customers a complete customer experience and improving overall levels of support. Our global CSF network plays a key role in ensuring that commitment becomes a reality. Under the BARS process, we challenge our CSFs to provide superior levels of customer service. These 12 CSFs have risen to that challenge, delivering Bell helicopter operators with excellence in customer service.” The Bell CSF network consists of more than 120 service facilities located in 32 countries around the world. All Bell-approved CSFs undergo a strict audit process to ensure Bell customers are provided About Bell Helicopter Bell Helicopter, a wholly owned subsidiary of Textron Inc., is an industry-leading producer of commercial and military, manned and unmanned vertical-lift aircraft and the pioneer of the revolutionary tiltrotor aircraft. Globally recognized for worldclass customer service, innovation and superior quality, Bell's global workforce serves customers flying Bell aircraft in more than 120 countries. About Textron Inc. Textron Inc. is a multi-industry company that leverages its global network of aircraft, defense, industrial and finance businesses to provide customers with innovative solutions and services. Textron is known around the world for its powerful brands such as Bell Helicopter, Cessna Aircraft Company, Jacobsen, Kautex, Lycoming, E-Z-GO, Greenlee, and Textron Systems. More information is available at Bell Helicopter Post Office Box 482, Fort Worth, TX 76101 Contact: Bridget Meyer (817) 280-7963 (office) / (817) 964-0334 (cell) bmmeyer@

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6527 TTSN Left & Right: 370 Hours SNEW, PT6A-135A Blackhawk Modifications SPNEW: 1065 Hours, McCauley 4 Blade Blackmac

AVIONICS • Collins FIS-70 S/UE FDI/HSI • Sperry C-1000 IFCS/AP w/ Yaw Damper • Collins DME 40 • Collins ADF 60 • Garmin 530/430 WAAS Certified • GMA 340 Audio Panel • GTX 327 Mode C Transponder • GTX 330 Mode S TRXP with Data Link • WXR-300 Color Radar • ALT-50 Radar ALT • WX 500 Stormscope • Avidyne EX 500 Multifun Display • Electronic Chart Software for EX • KMH 880 IHAS TAS/EGPWS • Shadin Fuel Flow • 4300 Electric Attitude Indicator • Co-Pilot HSI OPTIONS • American Speed Stacks • Lead Acid Battery • Electroluminescent Lighting • Fire DET/EXT System • Rudder Gust Lock • Dual A/C Inverters • Cabin Display Signs • Courtesy Lights • JEPP Storage Rack • 114.9 Cu Ft Oxy • Davitron Clock • Rosen Sunvisors • Electric Torque System Upgrade • Fuel Totalizer • Air Cond • Strobes • Spar Mod Cap Service Kit INTERIOR • 8 Place Blue Leather, Gray Carpet, 3 Place Lounge EXTERIOR • White with Gold/Blue Accents

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exterior fairings for Cessna, Piper, Beech, Lake Citabria, Rockwell, Grumman including Edo Floats. • Order by E-mail, Fax or Phone us at: P h : 8 1 9 - 3 7 7 - 11 5 5 Fax: 819-377-1854 Cell 819-692-3912

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P re-Owned Qualit y Aircraft For S ale Toronto Buttonville Airport 2833 16th Avenue, P.O. Box 220, For New Cessna Aircraft Markham, ON Te l : ( 9 0 5 ) 4 7 7 - 7 9 0 0 Fax: (905) 477-8937

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Tel: (403) 286-4277 Fax: (403) 286-5989 Toll Free: 1-877-791-4600 e-mail: p r a i r i e a i r c r a f t @ t e l u s . n e t 4 0 8 C O t t e r B a y, S p r i n g b a n k A i r p o r t Calgary, Alberta , Canada, T3Z 3S6

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Everything Aircraft

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Certified Aircraft Weld Repairs Inc.

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• Fuel Tanks • Engine Mounts • Exhaust Systems • Carburetor Heat Boxes & Other aircraft components U n i t 1 8 , 7 1 7 1 To r b ra m R d . Mississauga, Ontario, L4T 3W4 Te l / Fa x : 9 0 5 - 6 7 7 - 9 9 7 4 Steve Galea, Gen. Mgr. D.O.T. 182-94 # 1

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April 2010

Panel upgrades or instrument repair? Maxcraft Avionics specializes in modernizing legacy aircraft cockpits and is the experts in glass panel integration. We also have a certified instrument shop that offers repair and overhaul of avionics, instrument and electrical components.

ASPEN ANNOUCES REBATE Now is the time to install an Aspen PFD! Take advantage of the limited time offer and receive up to $2,000 on the EFD1000 Pro and/or the EFD1000 MFD purchased before March 31, 2010. This is a drop-replacement of your existing instruments and adds HSI, GPS Steering, Moving map, Airspeed and Altitude tapes, etc.

Sign up for the new MaxNews e-newsletter Finding it tough staying up to speed with all the advancements in avionics? Our new MaxNews electronic newsletter will keep you informed of all of the latest technology, product reviews, etc. Send us a email at to subscribe. MaxNews will also keep you in the loop on our soon to be announced seminar and podcast series. Pitt Meadows Airport, British Columbia AMO 33-90 Ph. (604) 465-3080 Everything Aircraft

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Fax: (604) 465-3084 April 2010

408C Otter Bay, Springbank Airport Calgary, Alberta T3Z 3S6 PH: 403-286-4277 FX: 403-286-5989 1-877-791-4600


NEW FOR 2010! . . . G1000 AVIONICS PACKAGE AND TKS ANTI ICING AVAILABLE ON ALL NEW CARAVAN AIRCRAFT. Prairie Aircraft Sales is a distributor for the new Cessna Caravan Line. Prairie sells aircraft of all manufacturered types worldwide. If you are looking to buy, sell, lease, or have an appraisal, call Prairie Aircraft Sales.

Like new, fresh inspection, Call Now!

SIDS complete, Call for details!

Fresh inspection Aug 09’, beautiful aircraft ready to go now!

Everyting Aircraft Apr. 2010  

Publisher of the "2in1" monthly aviation magazine "Everything Aircraft / Rotary Wings" serving the Canadian Fixed Wing and Helicopter indust...

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