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Catholic PRESIDENT’S REPORT fall 2022

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The Nolan Catholic High School President’s Report celebrates the generosity of our community. The report recognizes all audited charitable gifts and payments made to Nolan Catholic High School between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021, including those in support of endowments, capital projects, designated gifts, special events, tuition assistance, memorials, academic programs, and operations.


Under the direction of the Nolan Catholic Board of Directors, the volunteer members of the Advisory Council bring real world experience to share in the Nolan Catholic High School mission and vision. Their insightful guidance has helped to shape our school into one of the premier Catholic high schools in the nation. We thank each member for his and her commitment of time, talent, and treasure.

School Leadership

Father Moon, Chaplain

Kristy Webb, President Oscar Ortiz, Principal Ryan Faller, Assistant Principal for Academics

Cindy Jung, Assistant Principal for Student Affairs Spencer Smith, Dean of Student Formation Mandy Lester, Dean of Academics Brian Gaffney, Athletic Director

Board of Directors

The Most Reverend Michael F. Olson, STD, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth Brinton Smith, Superintendent, Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Fort Worth

Lana Beeter, Controller Jennifer Denney, Executive Director of Admissions, Marketing, and Communications John Alves, Director of Development

Grant Thomas, Executive Director of Facilities Jeff Suda, Executive Director of Technology Olga Watson, Director of Campus Ministry Alex Mechalske, Graphic Designer

Kristy Webb, President, Nolan Catholic Oscar Ortiz, Principal, Nolan Catholic

Advisory Council

Ross Griffith, Chair of the Council

Sean Laughlin, Vice Chair of the Council

Dr. Joann Sanders, Secretary

Laura Behee

Julia Ermish

Patrice Hall

Kevin Imming Michelle Miller-Lovato

Sam Saladino

Tiana Sanford

Amanda Stallings Ex-Officio Members

Kristy Webb, President

Oscar Ortiz, Principal


Dear Nolan Catholic Community,

We have begun a new school year, and we are excited about starting new classes, new athletic seasons, new adventures, new roles, and new relationships. As other leaders of Nolan and I have prepared for this 2022-23 school year, we have talked much about how important the beginning of the new academic year is to the entire year’s success. What we do on the first days will build a strong and impactful foundation for our students, parents, alumni, friends, and benefactors in the days and weeks to come. Everyone across the region will watch us closely to see how well we accomplish our objectives and goals. We intentionally and strategically focus on the goals that reflect excellence in everything we do here at Nolan Catholic.

Our Nolan Catholic community knows and recognizes the phrase “Esto Dux,” which means “Be a Leader.” Some may not realize the significance and importance of how this motto guides each administrator, teacher, coach, and staff member. We are compelled to train our young men and women to “be leaders” here at Nolan Catholic and throughout their lives, careers, vocations and wherever they may live in the world. It is my privilege to introduce Nolan Catholic’s newest leader, Principal Oscar Ortiz. Mr. Ortiz brings a vast amount of experience to the position as he moves in to lead our academic programs. You will be hearing much from him throughout this first semester. Welcome, Mr. Ortiz and your family, to our Nolan Catholic community!

There is no greater evidence of the impact of a Nolan Catholic education than the information reflected on the pages of this 2020-21 President’s Report. Your generosity continues to inspire, and we are overwhelmed by the devotion of our donors. Please take some time to review this report and pay particular attention to the spotlight articles. You will see in action and practice the motto that guides all that we strive to do here at Nolan Catholic. Esto Dux!



Letter from Kristy Webb


Annual Gala

Events Recap



Viking Club Classic

Paul Knippel Memorial Golf Tournament

Tony Hernandez Memorial Golf Tournament


Through the generous support of Bishop Michael Olson and the Advancement Foundation of the Diocese of Ft. Worth, a new Convent has been built on Nolan Catholic’s campus. This action emphasizes the importance and significance of the Dominican Sisters in the teaching ministry in the schools throughout the Diocese as well as the financial management and support of the Advancement Foundation offered to all Diocesan entities.


Blessed Imelda Lambertini’s story is so well entrenched in the collective memory of Dominican brothers and sisters around the world that it has remained firmly in the order’s history. The Dominican Sisters of Mary Immaculate, working across the Diocese of Fort Worth, continue to offer a faith unspoiled in its intensity. Blessed Imelda understood instinctively what many of us sometimes forget: that it is the single-hearted who are blessed and that unless we become like children, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

This fall, the newly constructed Blessed Imelda Convent, located on the Nolan Catholic campus, will open to house the Dominican Sisters who serve as teachers at St. George, St. Joseph, St. John the Apostle, St. Rita, Holy Family, St. Peter the Apostle, and Nolan Catholic. In addition to teaching, Sisters also serve as directors of religious education at St. Jude Parish in Mansfield. The Order was founded in Vietnam, and the Sisters first arrived in Texas in 1975, settling in Houston. They are shaping and leading young souls daily across the state and particularly here in Fort Worth, to know the truth, beauty, and goodness of our Catholic faith. Bishop

Olson has reminded us often of St. Dominic’s love for these attributes and the Diocese is blessed to have the Sisters of Mary Immaculate here. Nolan Catholic is extraordinarily grateful to Bishop Olson and the Advancement Foundation for the beautiful new convent on our campus.

The Foundation is a separate 501(c)3 Texas non-profit corporation that serves as an integrated auxiliary arm supporting all ministries of the Diocese. The Foundation receives contributions intended by benefactors to support all Diocesan activities while managing, investing, and distributing these generous contributions.

The Foundation serves the stewardship and funding needs of all entities across the Diocese. The professional staff, led by President/CEO Clint Weber, educates, motivates, and invigorates stewardship across the Diocese in a fiscally transparent and responsible manner. As the Dominican Sisters so often remind us, “God loves a cheerful giver!” We are all called to sacrificial giving throughout our lives as just a small way to show gratitude to God for all that He has so generously given to each of us.

Advancement Foundation advisors offer many ways to support the Diocesan causes you care most about.


There is a giving option available to best support the parish, school, program, or ministry of your choice. As you consider how and when to give, please know that no matter the amount of your gift, the impact will be eternal. The Advancement Foundation makes a difference in all of our lives by fostering a true culture of stewardship that manifests itself through prayerful, intentional, and joyful contributions of time, talent, and treasure.

For more information or to speak directly with a Foundation team member, please reach out by phone 817-5337242, or email – runderwood@adv-fdn.org. Thank you in advance for your prayers of support and willingness to explore how you can make a gift that has an eternal impact.


Esto Dux

Community Involvement

Serve Like A Saint Today

Show me your hands.

Do they have scars from giving?

Show me your feet.

Are they wounded in service?

Show me your heart.

Have you left a place for divine love?

~ Venerable Fulton J. Sheen


2nd Annual Catholic Bowl


Nolan Catholic participated in the Second Annual Catholic Bowl in Frisco, Texas. The event celebrates Catholic education and athletics with a focus on FAITH, FREEDOM, and FOOTBALL. The six schools who were represented in Ford Center at The Star are examples of quality Catholic education, as they honor God by using their leadership, athletic and academic talents. Each of these schools bears a proud tradition of excellence among its students, faculty, and alumni.

The Catholic Bowl was represented by Nolan Catholic, St. Thomas High School - Houston, John Paul II High School, St. Edmund High School, Sacred Heart High School, and St. Paul Catholic School. Each school joined for Mass and dinner on Friday, September 9 leading up to the Saturday games.



Nolan Catholic High School is committed to making improvements to our 36-acre property. We have a dedicated facilities committee and an exceptional facility team that cares for our property. Please consider a campus tour to see our new improvements and learn more about our needs and priorities.

Safety and Security

• Phase 1 Funded and Completed 2019

• Phase 2 Projected Date 2024 - UnfundedPriorityof$1.5M

Exterior Door Replacements

Interior Door Replacements

Adding Exterior Speakers

Adding Exterior Cameras

Commons Security Upgrades

Main Drive with Removable Bollards

Lane Dividers Parking Lot

Wrought Iron Fencing Additions and Landscaping

Access Control Upgrades

Nolan Catholic Chapel

• Phase 1 2025 - Outdoor Pavilion 2.5M

Build an outdoor pavilion to provide an outdoor space for weekly mass and other Nolan Catholic special events. The pavilion will become part of the future chapel.

• Phase 2 2031 - Chapel of $35M

Future site of 1200-person capacity chapel for daily mass

Athletic Complex Updates and Needs - $18M

Build Field House

Turf Softball and Baseball fields

New Batting Cages

Turf replacement for the football field Track resurfacing

Remodel locker room and bathrooms

Nolan Catholic Curb Appeal Project - $3.5M

Improve the curb appeal of school

New banners and flags

Resurface parking lot



The talented and dedicated teachers, staff and administration inspire, guide, and lead our students throughout the school year. We are humbled by the generous and sacrificial support from our team.

Faculty and Staff

2020-21 was a challenging time due to the COVID global pandemic. However, the faculty and staff at Nolan Catholic High School were equipped and ready for in-person AND remote instruction at the start of the school year and made the best of a serious time in our country’s history. Our teachers did an incredible job of managing extra responsibilities and challenges and kept students on track with their studies. Our staff worked through restrictive protocols and kept up with the changes as they were directed from the Diocese. We honor and commend the tenacity of our faculty and staff during that precarious time, and we are grateful for their dedication.


Parents of Alumni, Grandparents and Friends

Nolan Catholic has a rich history because of the legacy of families that sent their children to Our Lady of Victory High School, Laneri High School and ultimately, Nolan Catholic High School. We are blessed because of the continuity and tradition of Catholic education in the Diocese of Fort Worth. We are also blessed by families that have entrusted and continue to entrust their children to this important ministry of our Catholic faith. We extend our deep gratitude and appreciation to all who have a relationship with Nolan Catholic and continue to support our mission.

A Tax-Saving Way to Help the Diocese of Fort Worth

You can give any amount (up to a maximum of $100,000) per year from your IRA directly to a qualified charity such as the Diocese of Fort Worth without having to pay income taxes on the money. Gifts of any value $100,000 or less are eligible for this benefit and you can feel good knowing that you are making a difference at the Diocese of Fort Worth. This popular gift option is commonly called the IRA charitable rollover, but you may also see it referred to as a qualified charitable distribution, or QCD for short.

Nolan Catholic Alumni

Nolan Catholic Alumni selflessly and joyfully give their time, talent, and treasure contributing directly to the success of our school. Their generous support during the 20202021 school year is seen in this report, demonstrating their belief in the Nolan Catholic mission and vision as well as affirming their support of school leadership. Their support transforms the lives of our students while simultaneously blessing them by this generosity.

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Support your Parish, School or the Diocese of Fort Worth through a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) ELIGIBILITY FOR AN IRA QUALIFIED CHARITABLE DISTRIBUTION (QCD) Beginning in 2020, Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) do not have to be taken from your IRA until you turn 72; however, you can still make Qualified Charitable Distributions beginning at age 70½ without paying federal income tax on those distributions. Contributions must be made from traditional IRAs. Distributions must go directly from your IRA account to the Advancement Foundation. You cannot receive the funds first. 70½ or Older? Every time you give to the Diocese of Fort Worth, your parish, a Catholic school or other ministry, you are giving a gift to God. Giving directly from an IRA account to the Advancement Foundation is one of the smartest ways to make a real impact for the Catholic Church. TAX BENEFITS The tax benefits of a QCD may make it possible for you to make a larger gift to your chosen ministry. QCDs are excluded from taxable income. Itemizing not required to receive the tax benefit. You can donate up to $100,000 per year. Your QCD can count towards your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). HOW TO MAKE AN IRA QUALIFIED CHARITABLE DISTRIBUTION The Advancement Foundation processes IRA distributions as a service to parishes, Catholic schools and ministries in the Diocese of Fort Worth. 1. Complete the form on the reverse side. 2. Send one copy of the form to your IRA administrator and a second copy to Dianna Rhoads at drhoads@adv-fdn.org. 3. Upon receipt of the funds from your IRA administrator, the Advancement Foundation will direct proceeds to the parish, school or ministry you designate on the form. Please consult with your accountant, attorney and other professional advisors regarding your personal tax and financial situation. 210501 PRESIDENT’S REPORT FALL 2022 | 12

Nolan’s Robo Vikes advance to World Championship

Adapted from North Texas Catholic article: by Sandra Engelland April 19, 2022

This past spring, competing in the “varsity sport for the mind,” a group of Nolan Catholic High School students advanced to the robotics equivalent of the Olympics.

Nolan’s Robo Vikes competed at the World Robotics Championship in Houston after they won multiple championships and awards at district, regional, and state competitions.

Robo Vikes, which began in 2011 with just a few students, now has 32 students and 11 mentors, some of them engineering professionals from Lockheed Martin and Bell Helicopter. They compete in the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competitions as Team 4206.

first 15 seconds set aside for programming autonomous actions. Some actions work autonomously while other tasks are initiated by a team member via a controller. The robotics team is coached by engineering teacher Brad Billeaudeau. “Everything you learn in the engineering classroom is here: programming, manufacturing, the design process, CAD (computer aided design),” Billeaudeau said. “It’s the practical application of that knowledge.” “We have people doing data analytics, scouting matches, strategists, assemblers, drivers, a presenter, so many different roles.”

Some 400 teams from 37 countries competed in the World Championship. For each match, a team was randomly paired with another team and go up against two other teams. You never know who you’ll be teamed with, which fosters a spirit of “coopertition,” a mix of cooperation and competition. Paladin said, “That randomness means you help each other and help others whenever you’re available.”

They won district championships this past season in Amarillo and at a meet Nolan hosted in Fort Worth and placed third at a Florida contest.

The Robo Vikes attended the FIRST In Texas District Championships, accompanied by Bishop Michael Olson, and earned the title of District Championship Finalist and won the Gracious Professionalism award for outstanding demonstration of FIRST Core Values and working together both on and off the playing field. The 2022 season is sponsored by Boeing and features robots that pick up oversized tennis balls and shoot them into an 8-foot goal. Before time expires, they attempt to climb a series of three “monkey bars,” each one two feet higher than the previous bar. The robots have 2 minutes and 30 seconds for each round, with the

Not all mentors are engineers. Some are Nolan parents, past and present. Julia Ermish’s son graduated from Nolan in 2021, but she stayed involved to support Catholic education and assist the team to “make sure it’s there for them to continue.”

In addition to all their other duties, students must find sponsors for the team and raise funding. This year’s sponsors include Variosystems, Regan Scientific, Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopter, Southwest Airlines, FWN&A, Mouser Electronics, Uptown Pup, and the Crane Family Foundation. Individuals also can contribute to funding Robo Vikes. For more information, email robovikes@nchstx.org.

READING/WRITING MATH COMPOSITE SAT (2021) SAT (2020) Texas Texas 1003 1010 1060 1051 1161 1134 National National NCHS NCHS Texas Texas Texas Texas National National National National NCHS NCHS NCHS NCHS 505 498 510 500 545 543 528 523 597 564 577 557 IN 2022 LAST 5 YEARS TOTALING MORE THAN TO OVER 200 10 APPOINTMENTS SCHOLARSHIPS MILITARY ACADEMIES$15 MILLION OUR STUDENTS EARNED OUR STUDENTS EARNED “Lord Jesus, we gather in spirit at the foot of the Cross with your Mother and the disciple whom you loved. We ask your pardon for our sins, which are the cause of your death. We thank you for remembering us in that hour of salvation and for giving us Mary as our Mother. Holy Virgin, take us under your protection and open us to the action of the Holy Spirit. Saint John, obtain for us the grace of taking Mary into our life as you did, and of assisting her in her mission. May the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit be glorified in all places through the Immaculate Virgin Mary. Amen.” Nolan Catholic Daily Dismissal Prayer NATIONAL HISPANIC RECOGNITION PROGRAM NATIONAL MERIT PROGRAM AP TESTING 5-YEAR DATA 5-YEAR DATA 2016-2022 35 COMMENDED 532 EXAMS TAKEN 221 STUDENTS TESTED 84% SCORED 3+ 54% SCORED 4+ 24 CONTENT AREAS 17 SEMIFINALISTS 9 FINALISTS 27 SCHOLARS STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT PRESIDENT’S REPORT FALL 2022 | 14

FISCAL YEAR 20/21 Financial Report

Nolan Catholic High School is a not-for-profit organization whose mission and principal activities were organized in 1961 to provide quality secondary education to students in the Fort Worth area. The school is operated under the direction of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth. The financial information contained herein was compiled from the Independent Auditor’s Report and Financial Statements of Nolan Catholic High School for the year ending June 31, 2021.

The revenues and related costs of supporting program services and other activities have been summarized on a functional basis in the statement of activities. The statement of functional expenses presents the natural classification detail of expenses by function. Accordingly, certain costs have been allocated among program and supporting services based upon specific identification of costs, the approximate percentage of time expended, or usage of a building, as appropriate.

Any outside distribution, use, or reproduction of the information contained in this report, without the prior consent of NCHS and the Central Office of the Diocese of Fort Worth, is unauthorized.

Indirect costs allocated to all four functions include: Insurance; Maintenance and Repairs and Lawn Maintenance; Janitorial Services; Security; Utilities; Copier Rental; Postage; and Depreciation.


A Message from the Director of Development

Nolan Catholic High School was founded and located in 1961 at this present location because of the magnificent gift of land by Amon Carter, Sr. to then Bishop Thomas Gorman, leader of the Diocese of DallasFort Worth. Our very existence is because of this gift, and we continue today because of the sustaining generosity of YOU - our alumni, parents, friends, and benefactors. Without you, none of the achievements of our school or students would continue to be possible. Thank you for your support and kindness.

The sacrifices made by our pioneering and current administrators, teachers and staff is matched by the generosity of families who chose and continue to choose Nolan Catholic High School. We stand only because of this foundation upon which the school was founded. Women from Our Lady of Victory and men from Laneri High School set a course that 61 years later still benefits our community each and every day.

It is a humbling and sincere privilege to serve at this time as the Director of Development for Nolan Catholic. Because of our desire and commitment to recognize and honor this giving community, we present to you this President’s Report. Please note that while we have made a very serious effort to acknowledge all that have given in 2020-21, there may be some errors, so please inform us of any omissions or required corrections in our reporting.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and assistance to ensure the accuracy of our records. Of all the human qualities, gratitude is perhaps the most difficult to express appropriately or completely. It may only be in Heaven that we will adequately be able to express this powerful attribute. Please know of our profound appreciation, and may this report give you at least a hint of how important we consider each of you to be in our shared life mission of acquiring eternal happiness.


Don’t forget to save the date for our 80s Prom Night, Saturday, February 4, 2023 at the Hurst Conference Center! Please consider becoming a sponsor or purchasing a table with friends. Scan the QR code or click here to learn more.


Not only will you get to dress in your best 80s prom attire, but you will also experience the super-fun entertainment of The Spazmatics! This 80s tribute band will play all the greatest 80s hits and will surely be a totally awesome show! You will not want to miss it!


One raffle ticket winner will be drawn on Saturday, February 4, 2023, at 10:00 A.M. and will be announced live on Facebook. The winner will receive a $5,000 tuition credit for the 2023-2024 school year at any Diocese of Fort Worth Catholic School or a $5,000 Visa gift card. There is not a physical ticket for the raffle. Your purchase confirmation of the Tuition Raffle is your proof. Tuition Raffle purchases are not tax-deductible.

• 1 Raffle - $25 • 3 Raffles - $60 • 7 Raffles - $120 *Raffle purchases are not tax-deductible.


Nolan Catholic is proud to announce our official Nolan Catholic Alumni Facebook and Instagram page. You can find us on Facebook, Esto Dux - Nolan Catholic Alumni News, and on Instagram @nchsalum.

Viking Victory Shop

Our brand-new Viking Victory Shop is now open in the library! Come shop for all of your Viking game day needs.

Contact Us: SpiritStore@nchstx.org


Scholarship Fundsand Endowments

Individual and family benefactors, Diocesan parishes, corporations and foundations have created endowment and annual scholarships over the years which provide financial aid that is distributed to our deserving students each year. This foresight and generosity are providing a solid base of funding for the future needs of Nolan Catholic students.


Stephen Breen was a member of the Nolan Catholic High School Class of 2007 who died in 2004 after a lengthy battle with cancer. A foundation in Stephen’s memory was established to assist in the education of young men and women. The Stephen Breen Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a graduate of Nolan Catholic who embodies a dedication to the school, serves as a source of encouragement to classmates, exhibits a powerful faith and demonstrates a commitment to the community.


The Lepanto Tuition Assistance Fund aims to support students and families that desire an education at Nolan Catholic High School and need financial assistance. A dedicated donor has established the Lepanto Tuition Assistance Fund. This generous benefactor supports the mission of Nolan Catholic and is encouraged by the desire and devotion of so many young people who seek an education at Nolan.

“Without the LepantoTuition Assistance Fund,I would not be where I am today.This program has helped my family and me tremendously throughout my 2 years here at Nolan...not only has this program been beneficial formebutalsoformymom.IhavelearnedsomuchfrombeingaNolanstudent-athleteinthepast2years,and Ilookforwardtocarryingmyintelligencetocollege.ThisNolanexperiencehasbeenoneofthebestexperiences ofmylife,andIwouldn’thavebeenabletodoitwithout the Lepanto Financial Aid.This program has really helped me achieve many of my academic goals and also my sports goals. There are still other people at theschooljustlikemethatareonthisprogram.Ican speak for all of us about this program being the most beneficial program out there. Thank you, Lepanto Tuition Assistance Fund. It really has been the best timeofmylife.”


In a world desperately seeking leaders of great virtue, faith, integrity, and courage, Lepanto Tuition Assistance Fund awardees recognize the legacy of Lepanto and the opportunity provided them through this financial assistance.



The Dr. Joseph Kuban Awards for Excellence are college grants awarded annually to two graduating high school seniors. Each award is considered separately with equal emphasis on exemplary performance in the areas of science and music. The award was established to honor Dr. Kuban’s lifelong passions – science and music - as well as his longterm commitment and dedication to Nolan Catholic High School.


The Todd C. Anish Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Todd, Nolan Class of 1987, who was killed in a car accident. The proceeds from the fund and a plaque honor the difference Todd made in the Nolan community.


Todd C. Anish Memorial Scholarship

Michael Stephen Byrne Memorial Scholarship Award

Craig Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund

Fischer Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Marianne Hoss Harris Scholarship Endowment Fund

Logan Kitowski Memorial Fund

Lubrano Family Scholarship Quasi-Endowment Fund

Paul S. Knippel Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marianist Endowment Fund

(Society of Mary, Province of St. Louis)

D. Brennon Meyer, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marc & Paul Rearden Memorial Endowment Fund Minority Student Endowment Fund

Faculty & Staff Endowment to Support Financial Aid


We are proud to count among our alumni the women of Our Lady of Victory and the men of Laneri High Schools who came to the co-institutional Nolan campus in 1961 upon our founding. As we celebrate our 61st year, we are most grateful for these pioneers that built the foundation we stand on. The benefactors listed here demonstrate their leadership and belief in the value of a Nolan Catholic education.

The Annual Fund

In addition to the Annual Fund, the donors listed here are inclusive of all donations made in the 2020-2021 school year.


President’s Circle

$5000 and above

Advancement Foundation - Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Connors

Double Eagle Natural Resources LP

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ermish

Mr. and Mrs. David Fischer

Good Shepherd Catholic Community

J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund

Kelly Hart and Hallman LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Fred LaGroue

Mr. David Lovato and Ms. Michelle Miller Mr. Andrew A. Lubrano

Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Munro

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Migliaccio Mike’s Garden Center, Mr. Mike Cook, ‘87

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Moore

Dr. and Mrs. Gilberto Morales Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morano II National Christian Foundation North Texas National Philanthropic Trust Mrs. Jennifer Hayes Nickels ’89 and Mr. David B. Nickels

North Texas Community Foundation

Ella McFadden Charitable Trust

North Texas Knights of Columbus Insurance Fort Worth Agency, Mr. Chris Stark

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Padilla Mrs. Reda Polk and Mr. Bernard Polk, ‘66 Mr. and Mrs. Rene Ramirez

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Rupay

Scanlan Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John Seidlitz

Mr. and Mrs. George Shelton Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Steele

SureCrete Commercial

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Swienton

Dr. Jeffrey Tessier and Dr. Therese Duane

The Ben and Mary Frances Doskocil Family Foundation

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth

The Nelrod Company

The Stephen Breen Memorial Foundation Barbara F. Wheeler Foundation

Mrs. Sofia Pendergast Barnes, ’85 and Mr. Michael Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. James Breen Dr. Michele Cole and Dr. Gary Cole Mr. Kevin Drake


Fort Worth Colonial Charities

Frank W. Neal and Associates, Inc. George-McKenna Electric

Tony Hernandez Memorial Golf Tournament, Mr. Thomas Hernandez ‘85

Linbeck Group, LLC

Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore J. LoCoco Dr. Olfeo Lorenzetti

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Muraski Mr. and Mrs. Donald Murphey Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Rios

Dr. Joann Sanders

Schwab Charitable Mr. Diego Semper Mrs. Margaret Burciaga Taylor, ’77 and Mr. David Taylor Textron Matching Gift Program

Uptown Pup

Mr. and Mrs. James Walden Wealth Management – U.S. Bank Dr. Victor Olivas and Ms. Prudence Zavala

Esto Dux Circle $2500-$4999 PRESIDENT’S REPORT FALL 2022 | 22

Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. William Berry Dr. Lewis Britton, ‘70 Gene and Jerry Jones Family Charities


Mr. and Mrs. Alan Alpar America’s Charities

Mr. Maximo Angeles Mr. Emmanuel Arias

Mr. Douglas Aselage

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Avila

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Becht Mr. Bruce Bennett and Ms. PiChuan Chang Ben E. Keith Beverages

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Berndt Mr. Tim Bicknell Blackbaud

Mr. Michael Bourland C&T Lawns, L.L.C., Mrs. Tammy Wolfe Austin, ’89 and Mr. Chris Austin ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Cantu Mr. and Mrs. Michael Catania

Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Clark Colonial Country Club Corgan Associates, Inc. DataMax

Mr. Michael Davidson, Laneri ‘60 Delgado Orthodontics, Dr. Michael Delgado, ‘86 Mr. Raymond Depta Mr. and Mrs. John DeRuntz Ditt Properties LLC Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Donato Mrs. Nancy Friedman Donohoo, ’64 and Mr. William Donohoo, ‘64

Mr. and Mrs. John Draude Dr. and Mrs. Ronnie L. Erwin Fidelity Charitable FIRST in Texas

Fitzpatrick Media Group Mrs. Jennifer Fossier Mrs. Anita Franko and Mr. Michael Franko, ‘77 Mrs. Donna Galvan and Dr. Robert Galvan, ‘63

Ms. Rhonda Krasselt, ‘88 Mrs. Carol Walsh Leito, ’75 and Mr. James Leito, III, ‘75 Dr. Jon P. Romer, ‘69

Dr. and Mrs. Wilson Garcia Mr. Peter Gerard

Mrs. Brenda Griffith and Mr. Ross Griffith, ‘81 Mr. Manny Guerrero Hall Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Ms. Louri O’Leary-Harrison, ‘78 and Mr. Jim Harrison Mrs. Peggy Hebert and Mr. Joseph Hebert, ‘73 Mr. Gregory Hoffman, ‘17 Holy Family Catholic School Horizon Tech Industries (M and E Products Inc), Mr. Jonathan Pastusek, ‘98 Ms. Robyn Howarth Mr. and Mrs. John Hyde Ms. Uyen Nguyen and Mr. Gordon Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kardaras Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Keagy Mr. and Mrs. John Kleiser Knights of Columbus 6269 Mr. Vernon L. Langlinais Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Larson Dr. Anna Lavedan and Dr. Pierre Lavedan Dr. Mary Lindauer and Mr. Patrick Lindauer Lockheed Martin Employees’ Political Action Committee Mrs. Nynochka Strittmatter Lubrano, ’85 and Mr. Lawrence Lubrano, ‘85 Col. and Mrs. Dennis Madl Mr. and Mrs. Norman Malnak Dr. and Mrs. Rey Marquino Mr. and Mrs. Jake Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Mark Matson Mr. and Mrs. Wade Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Michael McAvoy Mr. and Mrs. Ron McClure Mr. Matthew McPhail and Ms. Jennifer Kramer-McPhail Mr. and Mrs. Victor Navarro Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neff Mr. William Nolan

Founder’s Circle $1961-$2499
Circle $500-$1960 23 | PRESIDENT’S REPORT FALL 2022

Mrs. Jaclyn Long Osterhaus, ‘00

Dr. Christine Quatro Ott, ‘81 and Mr. Jeffrey Ott

Paladini Financial Mgt., Inc., Mr. Matt Paladini

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Park

Mr. and Mrs. George Paschall

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Pecot

Pershing – BNY Mellon Company

Mr. and Mrs. Don Phifer

Mrs. Patricia Gilmore Pierret, ’78 and Mr. Steven R. Pierret

PrintMPro Ltd NDSI Direct Solutions, Mrs. Shelley Hyde Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Benedict Reyes

Mr. and Mrs. Akram Rihani

R-Maxx General Contracting, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Rodriguez

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ross

Mr. Ben Saladino, ‘86

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Saladino

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Schiml Mr. and Mrs. Jon Schwartz Mrs. Julie Wegman Schwebel, ’96 and Mr. Gerardo Schwebel

Dr. and Mrs. William Seger

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Sexton Mr. and Mrs. David Seyer

Shea Family Charitable Trust, Mrs. Jean Ann Shea Stahl

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Simmons Skihi Enterprises, LTD

SPD Resources, LP, Mr. Matt Schmidt, ‘98

Mr. Jay Spotts and Ms. Julie Vaccarella

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Stark

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Steining Mr. and Mrs. Steven Stierman

Ms. Melissa Swan

Tarrant County Farm Bureau

Texas Farm Bureau

Texas Presbyterian Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thompson

Mrs. Franceen Shocklee Thompson, ’72 and Mr. Peter Thompson, ‘72

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Townsend

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Traylor

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Uranga

Vanguard Charitable Vela Wood P.C., Mr. Kevin Vela ‘95

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Walkoviak

Mr. and Mrs. David Webster

Ms. Rose Hall-Welborn and Mr. Walter Welborn, ‘63

Blue and White Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Angus Mr. and Mrs. John Avila Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Bayer Mr. and Mrs. Trey Becan Mr. and Mrs. Grant Becker Mr. Brad Billeaudeau

Mr. and Mrs. John Blakeway Mrs. Mary Walsh Blaschke, ’67 and Mr. Dennis Blaschke, ‘67 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Borkowski Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Breclaw Mr. and Mrs. John Byrne

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Carey Mr. and Mrs. Robb Catalano Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Clarke Mrs. Jeannette Cocharo Mr. David Coleman

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Collier Mr. and Mrs. James Cummings Mr. and Mrs. William Cyrus Mr. Kent Davis

Dr. Robert DeLuca, ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. John Delvac Mr. and Mrs. Russel Devenport Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Eder Mr. and Mrs. Jose Esparza Mrs. Darlene Fazzio and Mr. Frank Fazzio, ‘76 Mr. Robert Williams and Ms. Cheryl Ference Mr. Brian Freeman, ‘05 Mrs. Tracy Friday and Mr. Lee Friday, ‘78 Mr. and Mrs. William Gamble Mrs. Bertha Gomez and Dr. Omar Gomez, ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Haywood Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hazel P.S. Hollis Trust Intel Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jackman Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kahanek Rev. Thomas Kennedy, ‘71 Mrs. Susan Swihart Knippel, ‘76 Mrs. Ann Handler Lawler, Class of ’83 and Mr. Bradley Lawler Mr. and Mrs. Leroy B. Ledet, Jr. Legatus of Fort Worth Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leshner Mr. and Mrs. Chieu Lien Mr. and Mrs. Mukishi Longo

Ms. Monica Mota-Rodriguez and Mr. Jose De Jesus Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McCormick Mr. Joseph McDermott, ‘98 Mr. Jason Mills, ‘91 Mrs. Anna Marie Moncrief, ‘66 Mr. and Mrs. John Moore

Mr. Joel Morales

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Moyer Mr. and Mrs. Alan Nagid Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O’Malley Mr. Clif Overcash, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Parker Mr. and Mrs. Joel Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Rob Peters Mr. and Mrs. Bill Petitt Mr. David Phillips Mrs. Jennifer McDonald Proctor, ‘83 and Mr. Daniel M. Proctor Mrs. Heather Rainey and Mr. Paul Rainey, ‘90 Mrs. Deborah Regalbuto and Mr. Michael Regalbuto, ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reilly Ms. Rachel Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Paul Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rowell Mrs. Joanne M. Ruppel Mr. and Mrs. George Salerno Mr. and Mrs. Richard Self Mr. Dennis Sell

Representative and Mrs. Dennis Shingleton Mr. David Siebold, ‘66 Mrs. Frances Wing Soechting, ’78 and Dr. Henry Soechting Ms. Megan Soyer

St. Andrew Catholic School St. Joseph Catholic School Mrs. Jean Drollinger Stevens, ‘78 and Mr. Craig Stevens, ‘78 Prof. and Mrs. Leonardo Strittmatter Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Sulak Mrs. Ingrid Sullivan Sunbelt Pools Inc Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sutton Mr. and Mrs. David Swaim Mr. and Mrs. Gary Tackett Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Taylor Mrs. Janet Mata Thomas, ‘85 and Mr. Grant Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Tice Mr. and Mrs. John Van Zanten Ms. Vonne Velez Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Vennel



American Airlines Charity Trust Account

Mr. Andrew Smith

Brig Gen (Ret) and Mrs. David G. Ehrhart

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carden Coca-Cola GIVE Communities Foundation of Texas Mr. David Brooks

Ms. Della Hannah Mrs. Mary Meyer Tune, ’89 and Dr. Johnathon D. Tune, Sr. Dr. Celeste Mulry Baldwin, ’73 and Mr. Mark Baldwin Dr. and Mrs. Harlan Jones Mrs. Mary Ann Boteler and Dr. John Boteler, ‘68 Mrs. Carol Hunter Klocek, ’85 and Dr. John Klocek, ‘86 Mrs. Suzanne Wiemar and Dr. Kenneth Wiemar, ‘68 Dr. and Mrs. Paul Vu Dr. and Mrs. Sebastian Ciacchella Dr. Christopher K. Hull Dr. Natalie Hubbard Dr. Symionne Quarles Ms. Ellen Schmitz Mr. Frank Rieger Mr. J. P. Allison Mr. and Mrs. James Hoelke Jamie Henry Mr. Julrey Solis Kendra Scott

Ms. Lona Le

Mrs. Rhonda Hernandez and Lt Col. Michael Hernandez, ‘90 Maj. and Mrs. Gerald Schwebel Mr. and Mrs. Al Perez Mrs. Lisa Flori Bautz, ’83 and Mr. Andrew Bautz

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cordell Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Vasquez Mr. and Mrs. Bob Riethman Mrs. Loretta Bernardy Endres, ’94 and Mr. Brad Endres Mrs. Jeanne Radle Lott, ’90 and Mr. Brian Lott Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Corbett Mr. and Mrs. Byron Dossey Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Chris Johnston Mrs. Angela Chavez Smith, ‘94 and Mr. Christopher Smith Mr. and Mrs. Colby Horton Mrs. Becky Friday Staats, ‘76 and Mr. D. E. Staats Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Dick Gilley Mr. and Mrs. Don Short Mr. and Mrs. Donald Utendorf

Mrs. Rosemary Childress Hayes, ’66 and Mr. Douglas Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Garland Ellsworth Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Westerlage Mr. and Mrs. Gene Jarvis Mrs. Christy Sulak Koelzer, ’91 and Mr. Helmuth P. Koelzer Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fraim Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Geiser Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Gutierrez Mr. and Mrs. John Delatore Mr. and Mrs. John Mutch Mr. and Mrs. John S. Adami Mr. and Mrs. John Sheedy Mr. and Mrs. John T. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas Gernhauser Mr. and Mrs. Jon T. Glover Mrs. Angie Waldson Gallaway, ’97 and Mr. Jonathan Gallaway Mr. and Mrs. Jose Fernandez Mr. and Mrs. Julian Dozier Mrs. Amy Bartosiewicz Utendorf, ‘95 and Mr. Kevin E. Utendorf Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Harte Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lewis Mrs. Pam Weaver Jacoby, ’70 and Mr. M. G. Jacoby Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Estrella Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wichter Mr. and Mrs. Matt Lester Mrs. Dianna Flores Noble, ‘78 and Mr. Michael A. Noble Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cash Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gotta Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Mike Costanza Mr. and Mrs. Mike Rash Mr. and Mrs. Ned Stocker Mrs. Karen LaCroix Coby, ’66 and Mr. Patrick Coby Mr. and Mrs. Paul Delatore Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Engler Ms. Robin Jermann-Rabito and Mr. Michael Rabito Mrs. Laura Martinez Coalter, ’84 and Mr. Robert A. Coalter Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Behee Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Gieselman Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Duron Mr. and Mrs. Samian Vaccarella Mr. and Mrs. Shane Lewis Mrs. Amy Renner Petrie, ’87 and Mr. Shawn Petrie Mrs. Anne Robilllard Mrs. Erika Keever, ’15 Mrs. Diane Burns Mills, ’80 and Mr. Timothy S. Mills

$0 - $249

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Bosquez

Mr. and Mrs. William Arneson Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Robinson

Mrs. Pam Dolenz and Mr. Bruce Dolenz, ‘78 Mr. and Mrs. Dana Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Gutknecht Mrs. Veronica Davidson Tucker, ’94 and Mr. Aaron Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Adam Pick Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Rosales Mr. and Mrs. Agustin Cano Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Crisafulli Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Martin Mrs. Heather Pearson and Mr. Anthony Pearson, ‘95 Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Romero Mr. and Mrs. Arlen Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Atienza Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Beltran Mr. and Mrs. Bienvenido Camungol Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ciskowski Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cox Mr. and Mrs. Brent Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Brian Blandford Mrs. Denise Gillen and Mr. Brian Gillen, ‘76 Mr. and Mrs. Bronco Ormuz Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Keever Mr. and Mrs. Carson Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kiehlbauch Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wegman Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cheney Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Conover Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kopp Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Colin Rainey Mr. and Mrs. Colin Starks Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ewert Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cleary Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Zavala Mr. and Mrs. David Beaudin Mr. and Mrs. David Duman Mrs. Lisa Halden Griffith, ’80 and Mr. David Griffith, ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. David Guillory Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Breclaw Mr. and Mrs. Jim DeSmet Mr. and Mrs. Dinh Nguyen Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kolker Mr. and Mrs. Edward Torres Mr. and Mrs. Frank Flores Mr. and Mrs. Frank Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Frank Poeschel Mrs. Anne Vecera Fernandez, ’77 and Mr. Fred Fernandez

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Obudzinski

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Reiter Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Delgado Mr. and Mrs. Greg Russell Mr. and Mrs. Howard Franques Mr. and Mrs. James Hickey Mr. and Mrs. James Janowiak Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson Mr. and Mrs. James Reeves Mr. and Mrs. James Suter Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Flores Mr. and Mrs. Javier Vega Mrs. Jill Wegman Suda, ’99 and Mr. Jeff Suda Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Chiappetta Mr. and Mrs. Jerome English Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Socha Mr. and Mrs. Jim Horton Mr. and Mrs. Joe Barragan Mr. and Mrs. Joe Paniagua Mr. and Mrs. Joel Sauer Mrs. Katie Anthony and Mr. John Anthony, ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. John Bartosiewicz Mrs. Robyn Flores and Mr. John Flores, ‘88 Mrs. Jenny Schmidt Henderson, ’10 and Mr. John Henderson Mrs. Cecilia Lunt and Mr. John Lunt, ‘65 Mr. and Mrs. John Page Mr. and Mrs. John Sandusky Mr. and Mrs. Jose Arriaga Mrs. Ellen Jacobi and Mr. Joseph Jacobi, ‘73 Mrs. Leigh Wilde and Mr. Justin Wilde, ‘90 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Alford Mrs. Kerry Fenoglio and Mr. Kenneth Fenoglio, ‘66 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lonnquist Mrs. Layla Vela and Mr. Kevin Vela, ‘95 Mr. and Mrs. Lee Boley Mrs. Helen Chenevert and Mr. Leonard Chenevert, ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tovar Mr. and Mrs. Luis Flores Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brannon Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dungan Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hubartt Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ingebrigtsen Mrs. Briddy Finn Simeroth, ’72 and Mr. Mark Simeroth, ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tepera Mr. and Mrs. Martin Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Martin Zavala Mrs. Elizabeth Sutton and Mr. Matthew Sutton, ‘99 Mrs. Diane Ashton and Mr. Michael Ashton, ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cecil Mr. and Mrs. Michael Evans Mrs. Kathy Handler and Mr. Michael Handler, ‘74


Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kambarn

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kolp Mr. and Mrs. Michael Madl

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mattler Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Quattrochi Mr. and Mrs. Michael Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Yokell Mr. and Mrs. Mike Krippel Mrs. Laura Rutherford and Mr. Neal Rutherford, ‘83 Mrs. Luz Garcia Ravelo, ‘90 and Mr. Nicolas Ravelo, ‘90 Mrs. Constance Ochoa and Mr. Oscar Ochoa, ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brindle

Mrs. Mary Clark Robinson, ’78 and Mr. Paul Robinson, ‘78 Mrs. Janice Baptiste and Mr. Perry Baptiste, ‘72 Mrs. Adreanna Velasquez Ramirez, ’95 and Mr. Peter Ramirez, ‘95 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zylkowski Mrs. Raye Handler and Mr. Philip Handler, ‘67 Mr. and Mrs. Phuc Vu Mr. and Mrs. Refugio Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bryan Mrs. Theresa Estrada and Mr. Richard Estrada, ‘78 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gravel Mr. and Mrs. Richard Guhl Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ridenour Mr. and Mrs. Richard Standerfer Mrs. Kimberly Terrell and Mr. Richard Terrell, ‘89 Mrs. Gretchen Ziegler and Mr. Richard Ziegler, ‘66 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kai Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neumayer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ornelas Mrs. Diane Diaz Ornelas, ’81 and Mr. Robert Ornelas, ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Riethman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schmidt Mrs. Diana Chisholm and Mr. Roderick Chisholm, ‘88 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Reed Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cawyer Mr. and Mrs. Sam Flores Mr. and Mrs. Scott Huffman Mr. and Mrs. Sean Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Stan Chesshir Mrs. Vickie Bean and Mr. Stephen Bean, ‘68 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Authier Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McFaul Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roanhaus Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Purpura Mr. and Mrs. Todd Norris

Mr. and Mrs. Todd O’Brien

Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Thompson

Mrs. Robin Bolliger and Mr. Walter Bolliger, ‘65 Mrs. Julie Rodriguez and Mr. Xavier Rodriguez, ‘90 Ms. Mireya Villa and Mr. Carlos Ramirez Mr. and Mrs. Thang Nguyen Mr. Andrew Quach

Mr. Charles D. Lincoln, III, ‘78 Mr. Charles Roehl, ‘67 Mr. Christopher Anthony, ‘78 Mr. Christopher Leito, ‘04 Mr. Clinton Weber

Mr. Daniel Ashley, ‘81 Mr. Daniel Wilson

Ms. Stacy Krogerus and Mr. David Mabry Dr. Hilda Black and Mr. Eric Black Mr. Evan Roll, ‘10 Mr. Fred Quatro, ‘81 Mr. Geordie Tregre, ‘66 Mr. Gregory Freese Mr. Gregory Miller, ‘70 Mr. Harvey Richey Mr. Ivan Lopez

Mr. Jack G. Flanary Mr. James Cummings, ‘16 Mr. James Hoang Mr. James Honquest Mr. James Lacy Mr. James Sabin Mr. Jason Stewart Mr. Jim Wuis

Dr. Sarah O’Brien and Mr. John O’Brien Mr. Jose Arriaga, ‘19 Ms. Leslie Vu and Mr. Josh Nguyen Mr. Joshua Mills, ‘94 Mr. Juan Luna, ‘07 Mr. Julius Solis Mr. Kelly Zwinggi Mr. Kyle Handler

Ms. Aidalina Zambrana and Mr. Lazaro Terry Mr. Luke Vu Mr. Manuel Flores Mr. Marco Guerrero

Mr. Mark Smith, ‘77 Ms. Sara Marmolejo-Perez and Mr. Martin Perez Mr. Matt Hunter Mr. Matthew Handler Mr. Michael Ference Mr. Michael Freeman Mr. Michael Halloran Mr. Michael Hartman, ‘93


Mr. Michael Sylvia

Ms. Helen Gonzales and Mr. Nathan Berecin

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Belauskas

Ms. Myrna De La Hoya and Mr. Raul Cheu Mr. Reginald Luster

Mr. Robert Barham

Mr. Robert Brassil

Mr. Robert Duran, ‘75 Mr. Stephen Joyce

Ms. Dianna Kondratowitch-Pierce and Mr. Stephen Pierce

Mr. Timothy Keen

Mr. Timothy King, ‘72 Ms. Asan Hoang and Mr. Van Nguyen Mr. and Mrs. Charles Austin

Dr. and Mrs. Roland Moore Mrs. Cathleen Gilmore Guinn, ’87 and Mr. Shawn Guinn Mrs. Cecelia Halloran King, ’80 and Mr. Tom King Mrs. Elizabeth Eder Northern, ’05 and Mr. Will Northern Mrs. Mary Anthony McNulty, ’81 and Mr. Brian McNulty Mrs. Mary-Margaret Meyer Soknich, ’06 and Mr. Sam Soknich Mrs. Sharon Pannell Hydak, ’65 and Mr. Al Hydak, Laneri ‘62 Mrs. Tisha Sulak Mercer, ’80 and Mr. Gary Mercer Mrs. Yovana Strittmatter Gonzalez, ’82 and Mr. Hernan Gonzalez

Mrs. Ashley Henry Mrs. Elinor Simmons Mrs. Elva Castillo Mrs. Gail Pouttu Mrs. Graciela Partido Mrs. Holly Kashinsky Mrs. James Wiggins Overtree Mrs. Josephine Schast Mrs. Karen Olson Mrs. Kim Radle Mrs. Kimberly Ansberry Mrs. Lila Chiappetta Mrs. Margaret Duane Mrs. Mary Jo Kyle Garst, ‘64 Mrs. Natalie Leshner-Sylvia and Mr. Michael Linwood-Sylvia Mrs. Paula Mouton Mrs. Teresa V. Rodriguez Mrs. Thelma Flores Box, ‘76 Mrs. Virginia Abraham Mrs. Wendy M. Collins Ms. Alice Swaim Ms. Alicia Vera Ms. Alison Fawthrop Ms. Alyssa Fenoglio, ‘99 Ms. Ana Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Claudio Broido Ms. Anna Reed

Ms. Asan Murphree Ms. Ashley Mouton Ms. Beth Davis

Ms. Bianca Mendez Ms. Cecilia Rupert Ms. Christienne Callasan Ms. Christina Hernandez

Ms. Cindy Barnett Ms. Claudia Nix Ms. Claudia Rodriguez Ms. Colleen Gale Ms. Cynthia Jung Ms. Cynthia Lastimosa Ms. Deirdre Large Byrne, ‘81 Ms. Denis Lyons Ms. Diane Mertz Ms. Elia Jimenez

Ms. Elizabeth Hood, ‘78 Ms. Elizabeth Negrob Ms. Elizabeth Radle Ms. Erica Reynolds Ms. Erin Bury, ‘10 Ms. Ginda Abraham, ‘66 Ms. Grace Terrell, ‘19 Ms. Isabella Zamora Ms. Jacquie Alford Ms. Jamie Kuntz Ms. Janet Gieselman Ms. Jennifer Alford Ms. Jennifer Dozier Ms. Jennifer Redler Ms. Jennifer Wegman, ‘94 Ms. JoAnn Diaz Ms. JoAnn Hernandez, ‘72 Ms. Judy Winaski, ‘66 Ms. Julia Taylor Ms. Julie Washam Ms. Karen Gieselman Ms. Kathryn Stone Ms. Kathy McCoy Ms. Kayla Beaird Ms. Keli Vedda Ms. Kelly Pizzurro Ms. Kerri Cronin Ms. Kimberly Speairs Ms. Kristine Webb Ms. Linda Pham Ms. Lori Zarate Ms. Maria Carrillo & Dr. Alexander Hidalgo Ms. Maria Ceja Ms. Marissa Black


Ms. Mary Helen Franko, ‘71

Ms. Mary Grimes

Ms. Mary Larson, ‘12

Ms. Mary Punches, ‘12

Ms. Mary Raso

Ms. Melissa Kasmeier

Ms. Melissa Quevedo

Ms. Monica Ashour, ‘83

Ms. Nancy Lazzaroni

Ms. Nicole Vu

Ms. Patricia Connelly, ‘63

Ms. Patricia Perez

Ms. Pearl Hoang-Nguyen

Ms. Peggy Marquard

Ms. Penny Allison

Ms. Penny Ramos

Ms. Philipa Pinkard, ‘80

Ms. Raquel Portillo

Ms. Rebekah Yarmchuk, ‘12

Ms. Renee Underwood

Ms. Rhonda Harris

Ms. Rita Spotts

Ms. Sally Gracey

Ms. Selina C. Glover

Ms. Sharon Griffin

Ms. Sheila Miller

Ms. Shelley M. Starr, ‘73

Ms. Sodonia Johnson Ms. Stevanie Ferguson

Ms. Sue Zemka, ‘76 Ms. Sylvia Flores

Ms. Taryn Jalomo

Ms. Tessa Saladino, ‘19

Ms. Veronica Gonzalez

Ms. Veronica Martinez, ‘77

Nolan Catholic High School Student Council

Ms. Renee Garofalo

Rev. Oscar Vasquez, SM

Ms. Sally Wilshire

Ms. Shantelle Camungol

Ms. Therese O’Herron

Ms. Tina Vasquez

Ms. Tran Lam

Ms. Twila Boss

Western Metroplex Chapter Knights of Columbus


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