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Table of Contents Wildman; 14 fun facts

Wildman Walker....................................... 5

Peter Comes Alive

Robert J Berry........................................... 6

Let Freedom Ring

Jim Shoe..................................................... 7

Bob Michaels Bedtime snack

Bob Michaels............................................. 8

The British are coming, The british are coming....

Jim Shoe..................................................... 9

Food Hussy:Guess Who’s Back? Walt’s Hitching Post is back!

FOOD hussy............................................ 11

Dog Days Not Just for Summer

Angie Moore............................................ 13

Which of You Out There Believes in Magic?

Jack Williams.......................................... 15

Baseball, Hot Dogs, apple pie and.....Rock & Roll

Jack Williams.......................................... 17

The Return of Johnny Bravo

Charles Infosino..................................... 20

Moxy13 Makes Summer Debut

Eddie Mullet............................................. 22

Summer Forecast

Rich Apuzzo............................................. 23

Record This/Record That

Bob Theissen.......................................... 26

ClassX Rock News

Melodi C Moon........................................ 28

This Just In

Jim Shoe................................................... 28

4th of july in independence

Jim Shoe................................................... 30 4

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Pete Rose and WILDMAN; 14 Fun Facts By W I L D M A N

Numerology is any study of the purported divine, mystical or other special relationship between a number and some coinciding observed (or perceived) events. I live and breathe the truth of this as it relates to the number 14 . Think its all hooey? Read on my friend… 1. Pete Rose was born; 4-14-41. 4 + 1 = 5, 5 + 4 = 9, 9 + 4 = 13, 13 + 1 = 14 2. PETER EDWARD ROSE = 14 Letters 3. CINCINNATI REDS = 14 Letters

4. Pete’s original Reds number was 27. 2 x 7 = 14

5. On his 14 th at bat in his rookie year, he got his first hit (a triple). 6. Pete won his first batting title in 68’. 6 + 8 = 14

7. At GABP, there is how many bats in the smokestacks that loom over the outfield? 14 8. In 78’ Pete broke his 44-game hit streak on what day? 14 th. ( July)

9. What are the most runs the REDS have ever scored in a single inning? 14 (8-3-89 with Pete Rose as the manager against the Astros). 10. My dad’s name has how many letters? James E Walker Jr. = 14 letters

11. How many busses did Evel Knievel jump at Kings Island in the 70’s? 14

12. How long did it take the Boss, Bruce Springsteen to record his greatest album, Born To Run? 14 months 13. What number do I always play on a roulette wheel? 14

14. To win the million on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, how many questions must you answer correctly?? 14

I could go on and on (at least another 14 pages) but I think you get my point. So tune into my show every weekday from 4-6 on 88.9 / 89.1 fm ClassX Radio. And who knows, perhaps you’ll be my 14th caller and win some swag!

89.1 ClassX presents

WILDMAN WEDNESDAYS at WILDMAN WALKER will be at every Wednesday Home Game leading the 7th Inning Stretch activity!

Wednesday Home Games: May 22, June 5, June 12, June 26, July 10, July 31, August 7, August 14, August 21, FINAL Home Game September 4.

Order Tickets at You can also WIN tickets by listening to ClassX or by following us on Facebook!


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Use Promo code; ‘ClassX’ receive a $2 discount!



Everybody assumes I met Peter Frampton on our big fireworks boat. We did meet there; hit it off, saw fireworks. But it wasn’t the first time. Our history goes back much further. It was the sixties. The only thing I remember is my instrument was a chick magnet. Peter took notice. At attention, Peter was up and raring to go! I passed along a few notes; Peter picked them up like a sponge. “Show me the way” he squealed, sat down and wrote a song about it.

I offered to continue my tutelage. “If you have any questions,” I says to him, “don’t hes-i- tay-iyate…to ask.” He didn’t, hes- i-tayiyate and asked about my influences. “I love a big...Closer!Hendrix, townshend, and the biggest smash of all—el kabong! But I wouldn’t follow their lead. They go thru a pile of guitars and guitars ain’t cheap!!” As a matter of fact, Peter asked me to carry his guitar once, but I was distracted when I accidentally inhaled a talk box. I sure sounded funny when asked about the missing guitar, “n-n-no wo-wo-wo-worries, mate. W-wwh-where could it go?” We laughed till we cried and soon cried ourselves to sleep. I could tell Pete had a question cuz he had his hand up. “What’s with your tutu?” I was taken aback and stammered “it’s a homage to my mentor, desmond or Bishop Tutu.” I sensed he wasn’t buying it and dodged his flying paperweight. Peter followed the ballet closely. Sometimes too closely, so a restraining order was issued. He’d been toying with the idea of combining his two passions. “You like to plie”? (Pronounced plee-ay) was his question. “I like to pleeay. Heck, I am a pleeaya”. Was my reply.


It got nothing. Being that I am a little paranoid, I ‘pirouette’, to see what was approaching my rear: again nothing. Not even Peter.

But on his Cincinnati ‘come-back’ he was wearing a tutu, just like mine! He had also slipped into something more comfortable—his ballet slippers. And slipped into serenading me: “do you feeel like I do?” And “all I wanna be...Is in a tutu”. I have to say his tutu really ‘showcased Peter’. ‘Play to your strengths’, that’s my motto!


An oldies station @ 107.9FM. WGIO Independence

88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x • The New Breed Of Rock



The greater Cincinnati area is blessed by the many venues fans can attend to catch live music. Every night of the week, on both sides of the river, this town is jumping to the sounds being laid down and that’s just focusing on the talented local scene. When you add in all the larger halls and places that National recording acts can play, the choices become overwhelming. Bill Spry, a native to Cincinnati/NKY, owns and operates an several local independent radio stations (88.9 FM/Cincinnati and 89.1 FM/NKY), better known as ClassX Radio, that has won several honors, including being voted as Cincinnati’s Best Rock Radio Station, by City Beat and by NKY Scene magazine, he said,” Oh my Gosh, it’s incredible”! Spry continued,” There is no way a typical music fan could go to all the big name shows that play here. I am not just talking about the ticket cost either, but just by the dates booked”. Spry has a point. This year alone, on Friday June 14th, music fans have to decide between seeing, Billy Idol in Cincinnati, Kenny Wayne Sheppard at the Madison Theater in Covington, or Get the Led Out (the American Led Zeppelin) at the Fraze Pavilion in Dayton. With so many concerts and so little time, the savvy fan has to consider other factors before deciding where to go and spend their hard earned dollar. Considerations such as where a venue is located, if parking is included, how clean the overall facility is, the quality of the sound and

what it can cost to enjoy a cold adult beverage, all become as much a part of the decision, as sometimes the artists themselves. General Manager Josh Anderson from the Florence Freedom baseball team understands. The Freedom has developed a stellar reputation among music lovers as an A+ rated music choice. “Yes, we are a lot more than just great baseball,” he said, “We have local bands scheduled all summer long and we love to take a team off day and treat the region to a great concert. Of course without help from our sponsor, Miller Lite Beer, we probably could not afford to do these type of concerts”. Spry from ClassX Radio said, “The Freedom gets it. What can be better than grabbing some friends and going out on a summer night to see one of the bands you have heard for years on the radio, playing live under the stars”! Apparently he is not alone in his sentiment, as the Freedom has hosted over 50,000 music fans through the years. Missy Shoemaker of Florence Kentucky has attended a few of the concerts there, she said,”I like the openness and the cleanliness of the venue. It’s a safe place to go and hangout with friends to see a show, the parking lot is huge and well lit and is right next to the field. They always book shows that I want to go see”. The Miller Lite Concert Series began in 2010 with two shows, Styx and Dierks Bentley. It has continued each year since with, KC and the Sunshine Band, The Charlie Daniels Band, Styx (again), .38 Special, Foreigner, Eddie Money, and Three Dog Night.

Jim Shoe

A Q&A with the Freedom’s Josh Anderson;

HOLLER Hops & Grill NKY’s Premier Craft Beer Bar




June 7 Ashley Peacock June 8 Sami Riggs and the Ugly Truth June 14 Gearhardt (accordian pop) June 15 Out of the Blue June 21 Ashley Peacock June 22 CGI accoustic Trio June 28 Mike and Jeff June 29 Jigawat OPEN MIC July 5 Ashley Peacock every other TUESDAY July 6 Fat Shannon

2$ domestics 1 off calls


July 12 Mike and Jeff July 13 CGI Acoustic Trio July 19 Ashley Peacock July 20 Sami Riggs and the Ugly Truth July 26 Three Sheets July 27 Jigawat



7500 Oakbrook Drive, Florence, KY


LIVE: Who is on the dream list of acts you would like to play a summer show in your stadium? J.A.;


I don’t really have a dream list, but we’d like to feature 2-5 national acts each year. Have you got some names ready to go for 2013?

We actually have a long list we are considering, and in fact just sent out an email to all our fans asking for their input. I think we are close to making an announcement about this year’s concerts, but not just yet.

LIVE: When you have the contracts all signed, will you be coming on the air with the Jim Shoe Concert Con-X-tion to break the news? J.A.;

I’m sure we’ll talk plenty about our 2013 concert series, however we reserve the right to break the news to our eFlock members f irst. One of the perks to becoming a subscriber of our eNewsletter is that we tell our inner-circle everything f irst. Sorry Jim!


I would have to say Styx was the best overall show (drew around 4,500 people). Foreigner would be a close second as they were pretty impressive and sounded amazing.

LIVE: Who has been the best act overall and why?


There is a rumour that Bruce Springsteen came to a game before a 2008 Cincinnati show and sat in the stands with only a couple people recognising him, can you confirm this? Have you ever issued a pass to a Bruce Springsteen or have you ever issued a pass to a ‘Boss’?

I was not a part of the organization in ‘08 and this is the first I’ve heard of it, so I can neither confirm or deny.

LIVE: When Jerry Glanville was an NFL coach, he left a pair of tickets at every stadium for ‘Elvis’.....does the Freedom have a standing VIP pass at Will Call for any celebrity? J.A.;

No standing VIP pass, but sometimes visiting teams leave fake names on the pass list. We’ve seen them want to leave tickets for Donald Duck and Barrack Obama before...they went unclaimed.


Hmmmm I have not heard about this from Wildman, urban legend perhaps.


There is a story going around that 88.9/89.1 FM, ClassX Radio’s WILDMAN Walker will pierce an ear at home plate on the final Wednesday home game in September...if the Freedom win by X (10 runs) at home, on a Wednesday night....can you confirm this?

88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x • The New Breed Of Rock

Check out

BoB Michaels during his ClassX show BedTime Snack

I have been a music junkie since Jr. High, where my daily bus commute was filled by an AM radio tuned to a terrific little rock station. I used to spend my allowance on 45’s (remember them) until I plunged into LP’s by buying ABBEY ROAD, and the rest as they say is history! I interned during High School at a couple of radio stations until I finally scored a jock-job at WBSR overnights and weekends.

plete albums on the radio? If you listen to my show, you know by now that I love progressive rock and that Yes is my favorite group! On any given night, you will hear classic rock, hard rock, folk, psychedelic, metal, pop or blues. I am committed to playing a NEW album every week by both established classic rockers and the hundreds of awesome new artists that ClassX discovers. If variety is the spice of life, then ClassX is the gourmet kitchen of Rock and Roll, and The Bedtime Snack is its allyou-can-eat buffet! Check out my constantly changing menu on, follow me on Facebook, and of course; ‘don’t you dare go to bed hungry’!

Radio money being what it was then (and now), I took a part time job at Record Bar where a career spent managing their stores led me to my dream job; managing their Tri-County Mall store and hanging out with the Cincinnati Reds!

Thanks to my job and my passion, I collected an obscene amount of music and saw more than my fair share of concerts courtesy of the record labels. I also met hundreds of bands and artists, thanks to back-stage meet-and-greets, in-store visits and manager conventions. The day I first heard ClassX, I listened for about an hour, and realized that excellent radio was still possible! I sat down and wrote a three page email to owner Bill Spry telling him all the reasons why I NEEDED to be involved. By the week’s end, I was working Sunday afternoons. Finally the Bedtime Snack was born, and I moved to a time slot that better fit my lifestyle and body clock. What better way for me to share my love of album rock than to play com-

Come Help Us Celebrate Jojo & Wildman Walker’s Birthday!


We will be hosting their party on June 22 from 8pm-Midnight. Featuring Metallica cover band Battery, Masters of Metallica. Tickets are $10 per person at the door. Call 513.831.0160 for more information.


4575 Mt. Carmel Rd, Cincinnati, OH facebook/townshipfieldstavern



88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x • The New Breed Of Rock

The British are coming,

the British are coming…

Mick Jones’s band, Foreigner, will play at the Red White and Blue Ash Fest on Thursday July 4th as the city’s gift to the city. Blue Ash has a long (20+ years) history of putting together concert attractions that are simply amazing and 2013 will be no different when Foreigner take the stage to perform for FREE! This is the same group that has been in the area three times in the past year and a half, with thousands paying over $40.00 a ticket to see them perform. Jones, born in England, formed the sextet back in the seventies, and came up with the name after realizing that with three Americans and three Brits, no matter which country the band visited, they would always be foreigners. With over 70 million records sold and 16 top thirty hits, the band remains a staple on Cincinnati rock radio stations such as 88.9 & 89.1 FM, ClassX Radio, where long time member Tom Gimbel recently called into the Friday Concert ConX-tion shoe (10AM-3PM) after chatting with the host ( Jim Shoe) for over an hour! You can hear the interview on Music/ Band Interviews page at

Kelly Hansen joined the band in 2005, taking over lead vocals after singer Lou Gramm was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Hansen has the look and stage presence of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, the showmanship of Bruce Springsteen, an a voice that seamlessly recreates the hit sound on fan favorites such as, “Hot Blooded”, “Cold As Ice”, “Juke Box Hero”, and the mega hit, “Waiting For A Girl Like You”. The band could not have found a better replacement. Band founder and guitarist Mick Jones, has worked with a who’s who of rock and roll. He produced Van Halen’s 5150 record, wrote for Ozzy Osbourne and recorded with; Bill Wyman of the Stones, Peter Frampton, and George Harrison. He also has a Grammy award for co-writing “Bad Blood” with Eric Clapton. However after all the awards, honors and opportunities, his day job is still Foreigner.

Jeff Pilson has been playing bass with the band since 2005, “You know it’s never been about any one guy or guys with this group. Foreigner has always been about the music. That was true when we started and it’s still true today. We are a band in the truest sense of the word. We get together, we all write and contribute ideas, we all have a say in the live shows. Mick is our clear leader, but it’s a benevolent dictatorship in that he channels all the energy and ideas and gets it to gel We’ll give you a basket filled with your own bottle of wine, dinner into this magical thing that is Forfrom the Backstage Café and HECK, we’ll even include the ANTS! eigner.” Our picnic basket will have tickets and backstage passes to see Adam Ant on August 24th at the Madison Theater in Covington Ky We first met back in 1985 during the Agent Provocateur tour. The band played at Riverfront Coliseum (Sept 1st, 1985) with Joe Walsh as the opening act. After his set, a back stage guest of Walsh, gave him a KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD is pair of Kangaroo bounce shoes, he coming back to the got the idea to strap them on, and Madison Theater Listen every Friday between 10-3 to on June 14th and came bouncing out on stage during Jim Shoe’s Concert Con-X-tion on ClassX has your tickets and your blistering solo on “Dirty White 88.9/89.1 fm and follow us on Facebook, Meet-n-Greet passes ClassX Radio for all the details! Boy”…this is a band that has fun out on the road, is it still as loose and fun Log onto to get yours today! for everyone? It is! “We can’t wait to hit the stage and get the party started.

ClassX Wants to Throw YOU a Picnic this Summer!


88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x • The New Breed Of Rock

Kelly (Hansen) is a great entertainer and his singing is so pure and true to the way the music sounds on the radio. People have fun and jam at a Foreigner show!”

contribute money for their program. Supporting local music is very important to all the guys in the band, and this has been a fun and effective way to interact in a local grassroots way.”

Foreigner has enjoyed so many big hits, that it almost can work against you. If you tried to play every song that charted, you would be on stage over three hours a night! When you start playing through your set list, you can actually hear fans getting excited as they realize a song they know from rock radio belongs to you guys. Is it tough to create a set list that makes everyone happy? “A little bit! We have certain songs that we have to work in, like “Urgent” and “Hot Blooded” But we might mix it up from time to time with some of the other great ones.”

Foreigner, or the Grammy Foundation, visit

I really love the new acoustic disc that comes in your three CD box set, I think it takes your classic songs and allows the band to make them all their own. On stage, will we be treated to some of these when you play on the 4th? “Yea, maybe! We might throw in one or two and then kick it in.” You guys are the toast of NASCAR, the drivers and fans have you cranked up all over tracks on race day; how awesome was it to play before 140,000 people at the Texas Speedway? “Unbelievable! Just this sea of people, you couldn’t see the ends of. The roar they made after a song, was as loud as our amps!” The band might be busier now than ever before. Besides this tour, you have a CD box set that has one disc of updated songs featuring Kelly and the band, an acoustic disc with a fresh spin on your classics and a concert DVD. You also have three songs featured in the Rock of Ages movie, and “Feels Like the First Time” is blowing up in the Magic Mike movie. The band is obviously making a connection with a new generation of fans; what’s a Foreigner show like today? “It’s a mix. We have fans that have been with us from day one, and we see a lot of younger folks out at the show too. Foreigner is sorta timeless that way. Between rock radio, video games and the movies, our songs are all over. The show is high energy from beginning to end and loaded with hits” Foreigner performed your number one smash hit, “I Want To Know What Love Is” at Madison Square Garden with the likes of Phil Collins and CSN, as the background choir during Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary party; will there be a local choir for this show? “We love the whole local choir thing. It’s a little something extra we have been doing for about 4 years now and are thrilled to do. We have a local group back us up and we

10 88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x • The New Breed Of Rock

FOOD hussy

Gittin’ LOVEY DOVEY in Northern Kentucky!



Our ServiceS

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Covington, KY | Call Us: 859-431-7745 |

All-Brite, Inc.

Serving Northern Kentucky for 25 years

Allen R. Jones

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Walt’s Hitching Post is an institution in Northern Kentucky. Known for their salted rye bread and their ribs, it was a sad day when they closed three years ago. But now, new owners have purchased and renovated Walt’s and reopened in late April. The part of this re-opening that I love the most is the tribute that was paid to the man that owned Walt’s for over 50 years – Billy Melton. Billy and his wife purchased the property in 1958 and made quite an impact. You can tell this as you walk through the newly-renovated Walt’s! There are homages to Billy everywhere – the bar is even named Billy’s! So who are these new owners? Bronson Trebbi and Donny Arnsperger purchased Walt’s in September 2012. I was lucky enough to chat with Donny during my meal. Donny has a long history of quality steak in his past after working for 19 years with Jeff Ruby – and it shows. Everything about Walt’s from the moment you come up the stairs says “fine dining” but it’s also got a great relaxed feel about it. They have completely renovated – but kept the rustic look that doesn’t make you feel too self-conscious as you lick your fingers after gnawing on one of their signature BBQ ribs. We were seated at the bar – because for the first month or so they are seating with reservations-only in the main seating areas. There are two bars with ample seating - and the bar area is very nice. Billy’s has a beautiful stone bar (with hooks underneath for purses – Hallelujah!) as well as a leather wall with Billy Melton’s name in studs. Dave the bartender (who has his own secret talent of BBQ catering) took excellent care of us.

11 88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x • The New Breed Of Rock

He was bringing us a great spread for dinner all the while manag- enjoyed this and will likely enjoy the leftovers in the morning for ing customers and answering my firing squad of questions! breakfast! We started with their signature salted, toasted rye bread. This is Lastly I wanted to tell you about my husband’s entree – he like the cheddar biscuits at that fishy chain – it’s one of the things ordered B.T.’s Signature Strip ($30). Not surprisingly with all of Walt’s is known for! I was very happy that tradition did not disthe Ruby-background filling up Walt’s – this steak was someappear. While I didn’t love my bread as much as I remembered (it thing special. Donny shared with us that the rub on this steak was a little too toasted maybe) – the flavor was still there. is his own secret recipe! The steak was fantastic! It was seared on the outside with a wonderful crust and then when you cut After bread, we quickly were brought house salads that accompainside – perfectly medium rare/rare. My husband – while a big nied our entrees. I ordered mine with ranch and it passed the musguy – doesn’t often polish off an entire 16-ounce steak. Let me tard. If you weren’t aware – I am a connoisseur of ranch. The salads tell you – the dogs were lucky to get a doggie bag with a few bites were fine – fresh and crunchy – but fairly typical of a house salad. Then it was entree time! I went for their signature ribs (half-rack) leftover. – which are smoked outside in a little smokehouse for 30 minutes After all of this meat and potatoes – we left full and happy for sure. While everything wasn’t 100% perfection – this was a delibefore they go on the grill – and a crab cake ($20). The ribs were cious dinner. The high points were definitely the steak and the served with a baked potato and side of BBQ sauce. The potato was baked really well and very soft and fluffy. For the most part, I crab cake. ate the ribs sans extra sauce and the rub is tasty. The meat wasn’t The service was also top-notch – obviously they were attentive to “fall off the bone” but it did have good flavor. When I pulled off us because they knew I was going to a couple of pieces and dipped them in the sauce – it was tasty. It be writing my experience – but even was a thinner sauce but sweet and tangy. the rest of the staff we passed by were friendly and constantly busy. Now to my favorite part of my entree – the crab cake! I was very I saw quite a few smiling faces as curious as to whether I would get a preformed patty like you see people headed home and mine was at the grocery store or something that was prepared with care and definitely one of them. delight. I was very happy to get the latter! The crab cake was wonderful! The crab was sweet and the sauce was creamy but not overwhelmWALT’S ing. I would order this again in a minute! HITCHING POST At this point Chef Ryan came out to chat with 3300 Madison Pike us. Turns out he too comes from the world of Fort Wright, KY 41011 Ruby with a recent stint at Chart House in 859-360-2222 Newport. I was quick to let him know how I loved the crab cake! He was pretty shitchingpost proud of it as well. Open 7 days a week, at 5pm nightly. We also ordered a side of Mac & Cheese in a Skillet ($6.99) and didn’t have too much room left for this – but I did try a 2865 Chancellor Dr., Suite 200 CTIC HEALTH few bites. Made with thick fusilli pasta, RA C P Crestview Hills, Ky 41017 the Mac & Cheese was creamy but not overly cheesy. There was also a light 859-491-8300 layer of crisp breadcrumbs on the top. I E




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Days Not Just For Summer Angie Moore for ClassX Radio and LIVE Magazine Summer is just around the corner, time for you and your buddy to get out and soak up some rays. Thankfully, there are some wonderful parks designed just for your dog!


5550 Idlewild Road Burlington, Kentucky 41005

FORT THOMAS DOG PARK 85 Mayfield Ave., Fort Thomas, KY 41075

KENTON PAW DOG PARK 3950 Madison Pike, Covington, KY

With the good times outdoors you and your pet are about to enjoy; it might be time to get their coats and shots ready for the heat (and ticks)!

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Your Best Friend Pet Salon Inc. was opened in March of 2003 by coowners Amanda Atkins and Suzanne Whitaker. Amanda and Suzanne wanted to have an upscale salon in Northern KY where they could offer customers quality services for their best friends. Since the salon was opened, they haven’t looked back. This year, they are celebrating their 9th year in business! Last year their salon was voted as BEST of NKY.

Behavioral Trainer Mike Dixon has always had a love and passion for dogs. He is able to relate to dogs on their level due to his understanding of canine ethology and pack mentality. Mike has been training for over 11 years and has literally trained thousands of dogs. Mike has mentored with Police Dog trainers in Central Kentucky, attends mentoring sessions with leading behaviorists in the industry, and continues to study and read the latest industry related research and publications.

Your Best Friend Pet Salon Inc. provides an affordable level of care and compassion that is hard to beat. On top of the exceptional service, they also use all natural, biodegradable shampoos, because they are safer for pets and the environment.

As a Behavioral expert, Mike has experience with many types of issues that in-

Your Best Friend Pet Salon, Inc. is a full service salon that offers services such as nail trims, ear cleanings and teeth brushing, dog grooming and cat grooming. When you stop by, be sure to say hello to Hal. Hal is a 13 year old cat that started working for the salon in October 2009. Hal is responsible for looking out the front window for incoming clients, checking the toilet daily for plumbing issues, keeping the office chairs warm, night and weekend security guard and providing love to all the employees. For more information on Your Best Friend Pet Salon Inc, visit their website at or call 859586-5100. Before you and your pet get out and about, be sure your loved one will be as social and obedient with others as they are at home.

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We are currently looking for individuals with great personalities and sales a free community entertainment magazine from 89.1 & 88.9 fm experience to join our fast-paced team selling advertising and radio spots.

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Music For your Eyes

clude, separation anxiety, anti-social behavior and aggression. He designs behavioral plans catered to the specific needs of your dog to ensure that the undesirable behavior is changed. Mike also offers private in home training. This program is highly successful for clients as Mike is able to see how the dog acts in the home environment-which in turn allows him to put together an accurate behavior plan that will set the dog up for success. On top of behavior training, Mike also teaches group obedience classes. He has multiple locations throughout the Northern KY and Cincinnati area. Mike teaches with positive reinforcement training methods which makes the training enjoyable for both the dog and the owner. To see a list of upcoming classes and locations, check out his website at

For weekly information about your pets, be sure to tune in to The PET CONNECTION and RESCUE radio show, every Friday afternoon from 3-4pm on 88.9 / 89.1 fm ClassX Radio, or you can stream it at Debbie Manning is your host each week talking about all things PETS! Thanks to our sponsor, Kerry Chevrolet, we will keep you informed about the area vets, training, groomers, rescues, and even dog friendly restaurants!

Mike also offers Therapy Dog training program. This program is extremely successful due to his use of real life situations to prepare the dogs for therapy work. Not only does his Therapy program prepare the dogs to pass the test, but also how to succeed in environments such as hospitals, nursing homes and libraries. More information about Tri-State Canine Obedience is available by phone, please call Mike Dixon at 859-816-5500 or visit his website at

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Daily Lunch Specials Mondays $ 5 burgers

Tuesday & Thursday $ 2.50 select imports Wednesday Customer Appreciate Day Wednesday $ 5 Flatbread pizzas , HALF PRICE PINTS & DOMESTIC BUCKETS Wednesday Nights Karaoke Megatouch & Golden Tee Games Three buildings all joined together , up to 350 people

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103 Hwy 465, Sparta, KY 41018 (Off I-71, Exit 57) 859-643-3100 •

Where New Friends Meet And Old Friends Congregate! Mouth Watering Food • Thirst Quenching Drinks • Great Live Entertainment Thursday - Karaoke with DJ Tony Nickol Sunday - Biker Sundays

BATTLE OF THE BANDS Proud To Support Local Original Bands


1st place = $3000 2nd place = $1500 3rd place = $500

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Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and…….Rock & Roll JACK WILLIAMS

Baseball; it has long been America’s summer love affair. It often continue his playing career. originates in the backyards and streets when no cars are comThe fans have continued to show love and support ever since. ing. Often-as-not these days, it’s played at schools and parks and In 2007, the Freedom hosted its first Frontier League All-Star can begin as young as 4 in Tee-Ball leagues. Through the years, Game. Freedom star, Reggie Watson had three runs batted in and as young players develop and time goes on, responsibilities make was named the game’s Most Valuable Player. The game’s attenthemselves known, life takes definition. Certain areas in our dance of 4,483 set a new record for the stadium. blessed country get to ascertain the wonders that are regional, In 2008, the team finished with a 47-49 record, narrowly missinherent, the lay of the land. In the Greater Cincinnati/Northern ing a playoff spot. That year saw the Freedom attract well over KY region, we are treated to the budding talent that blooms only 100,000 fans for the year, another team record. so often; in our hectic worlds it’s good to take 3 hours and behold The Florence Freedom the creation of stars it by a combinain their genesis. For “We want this to be a great time for a family to come does tion of good community some young men who grew up playing out and enjoy all season long, so we work hard to relations and by attracting young, talented ball the game, there can keep all our costs low.” -Josh Anderson, GM players who dream of often be a disconnect swinging, fielding and after their school capitching their way on to ‘the Bigs’, ‘the Show’; the major league! reers come to an end. The problem has been there were too many Many players do in fact go on to pursue their dream at the next players anxious to continue in pursuit of their dreams and simply level. Three players from the 2012 Freedom team have signed not enough roster spots in the major league farm systems. In the winter of 92, some men who love America’s pastime, got together major league contracts! to form an independent professional baseball league encompass“We have high expectations for our team this season!” said Josh ing the West Virginia, Kentucky and southeast Ohio regions, Anderson, the Freedom’s General Manager, “last season, we were with the goal of helping men to carry on with their careers. The two wins away from the championship, and this season we have Florence Freedom is a part of what they created, which is now fifteen returning players off that team”! known as the Frontier League. In its decade of existence, the Two of those returning, are 2012 all-stars: catcher Jim Jacquot league has flourished. Other league cities now include Evansville and Infielder Junior Arrojo. IN, Rockford IL, and Erie PA. Jacquot also finished 2nd in the 2012 Home Run All-Star derby. Thursday May 16th, at 6:35 PM, marked the ninth opening day Head Coach Fran Riordan: “Jim Jacquot established himself game for the Florence Freedom Amateur Baseball Team. as one of the best catchers in the league last year.  I know he is It was on June 18th in 2004, that the Freedom opened their new excited to build on what he did last year personally and what we stadium before a crowd of 4,453 fans. That team was managed were able to accomplish as a team.  He’s a great player and a great by former Reds great Tom Browning. That same year Pete Rose guy to have as a leader in the clubhouse.” Jr. took over for one game, but left after making a decision to “Junior Arrojo is arguably the best player to ever wear a Freedom

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JUNIOR arrojo

Arrojo stats #5, Infielder .302 Batting AVG, 100 hits, 5 Home Runs, 30 RunBatted Ins, 76 runs, 10 doubles, 28 stolen bases (Wow) Junior Arrojo is a 5-9, 175 lb. infielder from Miami, FL. From 2007-2010, he attended and played for Florida International University. He was undrafted out of college and signed with the Freedom in 2011. This year will be his second season with the club.

JIM jacquot

jacquot stats

#27, catcher Jacquot’s professional playing career began later in the 2010 summer after he was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Seattle Mariners. He spent parts of 3 seasons in affilitated baseball for the Single-A Everett AquaSox (Mariners) and Kannapolis Intimidators (White Sox), as well as the Rookie-League affiliate Great Falls Voyagers (White Sox). Batted 244., 10 HR, 54 RBI, 15 doubles, scored 39 times

WILDMAN walker

WILDMAN stats WILDMAN Wednesdays WILDMAN will be broadcasting live from the stadium most nights when the Freedom play at home on a Wednesday May 22nd June 5th 12th 26th July 10th 31st August 7th 14th 21st September 4th

WE ARE SEEKING ON-AIR TALENT TO WORK ON-AIR SHIFTS! Weekend slots available, weekday daytime and evening slots available. Always wanted to be on the air. If you have the talent, we have the time. Free training.

Call 513-436-0089.

is also seeking rock writers!

uniform. He finished third in the league MVP voting in 2012 and he looks great in Spring Training so far.  Freedom fans are lucky to be able to watch Junior play every night. Hopefully a Major League team will take notice this season and he can get a shot to make the Big Leagues.” Riordan continued. Coach Riordan and his staff finally narrowed the roster down to 24 players just before Opening Day. “Spring Training is a very exciting time for me and our pitching coach, Chris Homer. We spend a lot of time on the field and these guys work very hard every day. We have a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time so the hours are long but it’s a lot of fun seeing the guys from last year’s team and seeing what the new guys can do as well.” The Freedom work hard to be good community partners and actively look for ways to make coming to a ball game affordable, fun, and an interactive experience for families. Sundays thru Wednesdays features ‘Meijer Kids Eat Free’ at UCMC Stadium. Parents just need to pick up their “Kids Eat Free” voucher from their area Meijer store and bring it to the game with them. There are many other family friendly special promotions and theme games through the season, making your park visit that much more of a memorable experience. “After Sunday games, kids can run the bases,” added Anderson. Thursday and Saturday games feature area bands such as NKY favorites, DV8, Still Playing, and The Rebels, playing post-game concerts. Each and every Friday night game is followed by an aerial display of Rozzi Fireworks. A special mid-day game is planned for Thursday, July 11. “We’re calling it Splash Day, “Anderson said,” Imagine a 40’ inflatable water slide, thousands of water balloons, squirt guns and other water themes. All on a hot Cincinnati summer day”! Splash Day will have a special 11:05 AM start time. More fun details  are on the Freedom website and Facebook page. The UCMC Stadium parking lot is huge, well laid out, nicely lit at night, and best of all, free with a game ticket. Gates open for all games one hour before the first pitch. New in 2013, the University of Cincinnati Health Physicians became the naming rights partner for the Florence Freedom Stadium. “That was huge for us in the off-season,” said Mr. Anderson. “Their coming aboard made for a solid presence of emphasizing health for our team and area residents.” The University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC) Stadium has a brand new scoreboard and a new marquee. Area businesses and groups can use the new additions to enjoy special recognition at UCMC Stadium during regular season games. The Freedom also offers discounted packages and special seating and is always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate special functions. Details of how your group can take part in these and other activities are on the Florence Freedom website. The UCMC Stadium has four concession areas. Along the 1st base line fans can find traditional ballpark staples (hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos). There is also Wally’s Burrito Stand (Wally is The Freedom’s inflatable water tower

18 88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x • The New Breed Of Rock

mascot, like the Florence Y’all water tower). Here, fans can enjoy Freedom Nachos (Fritos w/ Cincy style chili, cream cheese and cheddar cheese), chicken or beef burritos, tacos and nachos supreme. Further down the right field line is the Christian Moerlein Lager Shack featuring fried pickles and boneless chicken wings. Over on the third base line is the Hot Corner Grill. Here fans can enjoy premium grill items like ½ lb. fresh made cheeseburgers, foot-long hot dogs with all the fixings, and rib-eye steak sandwiches. Of course, there is ice cold beer at all the concession stands (Miller Lite, Coors Light, Hudy, Hudy Delight, Redd’s Apple Ale, Blue Moon, Summer Shandy and Canoe Paddler). Up the first base line is the Pinnacle Vodka Pub featuring a full liquor bar with specialty drinks like the Pinnacle Vodka Fish Bowl. Adjacent to the Pinnacle Pub is the Stonebrook Winery Wine Bar featuring local fruit wines from Kentucky’s own Stonebrook Winery. GM Josh Anderson, “We want this to be a great time for a family to come out and enjoy all season long, so we work hard to keep all our costs low. For example, the Freedom have teamed up with 89.1 FM, ClassX Radio this year so fans can have some fun and save money, too. We are calling it WILDMAN Wednesdays, after ClassX’s popular weekday afternoon (4-6pm), WILDMAN Walker Show.” Anderson added, “Fans who log onto our web site and pre-purchase tickets to any of our Wednesday night home games (10 this year) can use this promo code CLASSX, to get 2.00 off a ticket and free parking!” Bill Spry from 88.9 & 89.1 FM, ClassX Radio, “WILDMAN will be broadcasting live from the stadium most nights when the Freedom play at home, so for just eight bucks, sportsrockers can come down and actually be live on the air with the WILDMAN! You never know, we might have some special surprises for everyone who joins us there that night.

WILDMAN Wednesdays: June 12th 26th July 10th 31st August 7th 14th 21st September 4th. Pre-purchase tickets online at Use discount promo code ClassX and save $2 off regular ticket prices. Single game and group tickets are available by calling the Freedom box office at 859-594-HITS (4487) or by visiting The Florence Freedom regular season began May 16 at UCMC Stadium against the River City Rascals on Thirsty Thursday. Promotions that night included $1 beer, soda and ice cream sandwiches, a UCMC Stadium Rally Towel to the first 2,000 fans, and a post-game concert by C.G.I. Acoustic Trio. Single game and group tickets are available for opening night by calling the Freedom box office at 859-594-HITS (4487) or by visiting

BULLOCK ROOFING Bullock Roofing has been providing customers in Cincinnati, OH the best roofing services in the area since 2007. In addition to roofing repairs and services we work with gutters and chimneys as well. Bullock Roofing’s Services Include: •Roofing Services-new roofs, repairs, sky lights and more •Gutters - repairs, replacements, special sizes and more •Chimneys - repairs, re-builds removals and more Our brands include Elk-Gaf and Owens Corning

We proudly service the entire Greater Cincinnati, OH area and give a 5 year workmanship warranty on roofs.

Contact Bullock Roofing today at 513-771-2096 for a free estimate and/or inspection or visit us online

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Recycling Domestic Used Auto Parts Computerized Inventory


14145 Decoursey Pike, Morning View, KY

I M P O R T S A LV A G E A Division of Moyer Auto, Inc. Foreign Used Auto Parts Computerized Inventory

859-635-3600 3743 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria, KY

By C h a r l e s I n f o s i n o Charles Infosino is a Northern Kentucky-based freelance writer and the author of The Unofficial Guidebook to Paramount’s Kings Island.

The Return of Johnny Bravo Here’s the story…of a man named Brady…This year marks the 40th anniversary of one of the most iconic episodes of The Brady Bunch — the family visits Cincinnati’s Kings Island. The episode, called “The Cincinnati Kids,” was filmed at Kings Island from August 20 – 24, 1973. It all happened during the second year the park was open and while The Brady Bunch was a top 10 TV hit, bringing huge crowds to the park each day despite a typical wet Cincinnati spring. The Brady Bunch episode first aired on November 23, 1973 and has continued to appear on TV Land and other cable outlets that air syndi­ cated episodes of the series. Three of the Brady Bunch stars, Barry Williams (Greg Brady), Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) and Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady), returned to Kings Island recently to commemorate the episode, and to entertain park guests during four shows filled with singing, dancing and show anecdotes. “The Kings Island episode is one of my favorites from the Brady Bunch, right up there with the episode shot in Hawaii and the Return of Johnny Bravo,” Williams said. Here is a quick trivia fact you can use at your favorite water­ ing hole to score a free drink; What do Nick Lachey, Carmen Electra, Justin Jeffre (98 De­grees), Susan Perkins (Miss America 1978), and Susan Kay Johnson (Miss Ohio 1987) all have in common? A Kings Island employee ID! Since the Park opened in 1972, the entertainment program has employed an amazing

array of tal­ent, which means that the kid whose singing makes you smile this summer could be the star you tell everyone, “ I remember him from when…” Kings Island has built a solid reputation as a ‘must-visit’ loca­ tion by continuously tweaking every aspect of the park, from the food, to the attractions, to even the landscaping. Did you


11173 US Route 52 S., Brookville, IN 47012 Call Us Now: (765) 647-4151 Full-service Body Shop capable of repairing any make or model AND estimates are


Jim True Ford Inc. has been in operation since March of 2007. Located in Brookville, Indiana Jim True Ford is proud to offer a full line of quality Ford vehicles. We have something for everyone. Stop in and see us. With on-the-spot financing, you could drive away in your new car, truck or SUV today!

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We look forward to serving you!

is a new children’s show appearing at the Peanuts Playhouse. The 20-minute show features Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus in a jungle adventure.

know, there are more than 25,000 plants on display throughout the park and they are all grown in the park’s very own green­ house! The 41st season kicked off Spring 2013 with excitement. A new eatery opened, new dinosaurs moved in, there are new shows to entertain guests, and some groovy Television actors working in the park. Kings Island is introducing some new Rock-n-Roll shows into its entertainment mix. Rock n’ Roll Never Forgets is a new 25-minute music revue which features tunes and singers with the look and sound of; Elvis, Michael Jackson, Buddy Holly, Whitney Houston, and other artists. Playlist, Live! is a 20-minute classic rock show performed by an all-new seven piece band. The songs will be familiar to listeners of 88.9 / 89.1 FM’s ClassX Radio. Ed Alonzo’s Psycho Circus of Magic & Mayhem 2 is the sequel to last year’s Ed Alonzo Psycho Circus! show and it has already started ( June 1). The 25-minute show starring Ed Alonzo, from TV’s Saved by the Bell, allows guests to meet the actor after the performances. For families with young ones; Charlie Brown’s Jungle Journey

Kings Island and the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum have collaborated to create a new restaurant in the ‘Rivertown’ area of the park. The Reds Hall of Fame Grille is a full-service, air-conditioned Reds-themed restaurant which features authentic framed jerseys, photos, and other Reds memorabilia. One of the visual highlights of the restaurant is the Hall of Fame plaques displayed for each of the 75 play­ ers, the three managers and three executives inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame. This new restaurant’s menu includes Montgomery Inn pulled pork, burgers, chicken wings, baby back ribs, Saratoga chips, wraps, appetizers, salads, homemade desserts, soft drinks, draft beer and wine. “We are excited to partner with the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum,” Kings Island vice-president and general manager Greg Scheid said. “The Reds Hall of Fame Grille will be a paradise for baseball fans and will allow guests the opportunity to sample the rich history of the Reds during their visit to the park. Dinosaurs Alive! located in the Coney Mall section of the park, is a massive 12.5 acre Jurassic jungle themed area which features more than 60 life-sized dinosaurs, posed throughout. The world’s largest animatronics’ dinosaur, a life-size Sauro­ poseidon, is the area’s newest resident. When they roamed the Earth, Sauroposeidons were believed to have been 112 to 118 feet long, up to 56 feet tall, and weighed 50 to 60 tons. Kings Island’s version towers six stories in the air and spans the length of three school buses! There are a host of other new dinosaurs this season, as well. A pack of Albertosaurus, a car­ nivorous species which were believed to live and hunt in packs or families, are now part of the exhibit. Dinosaurs Alive! can be added for only $5 extra to a regular park admission. Calling all ‘Celiacs’. The park has always been on the cutting edge in terms of cleanliness, attractions and total guest satis­ faction, and 2013 is no different. Someone at K.I. has been paying attention and doing their homework as it relates to a serious food diagnosis known as Celiac Disorder. Celiac intolerance can cause those afflicted to suffer a variety of unpleasant symptoms whenever they consume any products with ingredients that feature grain (beer is a no-no)! This year the park has included items that not only have a ‘Gluten Free’ option, but actually have Celiacs craving to visit and partake. The areas first, and for now only, Gluten Free ice cream cone is available at the park! GPS it: Kings Island, 6300 Kings Island Dr, Mason, OH 45040 (513) 754-5700

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MOXY13 Makes Summer Debut! E d dy M u l l e t

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word Moxie as; courage; confidence; gutsy; aggressive energy; initiative; know-how. On June 8, this summer, a new music event will take place whose birth is the collective description of the aforementioned definitions. Moxy13, an all ages music event, makes its debut at the Thompson House in Newport, Ky, The event will showcase 20 bands, playing on three stages, on three floors. Co-founders Jeff Connor and Andrea Simler DeGolier envisioned the all day jam nearly a

year ago, after attending the Cincinnati events; Bunbury and MidPoint Music Festivals. Moxy13 will feature a mixture of local and regional acts from various genres all with the common emphasis on rock. Jeff Connor explains, “You could pick any genre in Cincy, bluegrass, country, shoegazer and put together a festival. Lately, some festivals have had leanings that weren’t as inclusive of the hard rock realm.” Simler DeGolier adds, “Jeff and I figured, why not create a festival to quench the thirst of those (rock) people?” Besides quenching the thirst of local rock fans, Moxy13 is designed to give the fans the chance to see bands they may have only heard of and to help the musicians themselves to connect with one other. “The phrase ‘introducing fans to bands/bands to bands/bands to fans’ really encapsulates everything.” Conner elaborated, “You may like this (particular) band, and you’ll have the opportunity to see them, at a very reasonable fee, with all these other bands thrown-in, and one of those bands, I guarantee will have you walking out at the end of the night saying ‘ok, now THEY are Thompson House one of my favorite bands.’ Across the board it gives everyone the opportunity to walk away saying ‘I got something good out of that day and what I got out of that day, I really appreciated.” When it came to 10:30 AM – Midnight Sunday – Thursday selecting regional bands for Moxy13, 10:30 AM – 2:30 AM Friday & Saturday Andrea says, “it was simply finding people on the road who stood out to us”, referring to the regional bands that they were familiar with from touring with their own band, Chakras; Absinthe Junk, The Nearly Deads (both from (Nashville), Ain’t Worth Killin’ (Louisville), Clynch (Lexington), Sunspot (Madison, WI), No Pit Cherries, These City Limits and Dell Zell (all from three from 9914 Old US 42, Union, KY 41091 Indianapolis).





22 88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x • The New Breed Of Rock

As for local representation, 3 bands nominated for Hard Rock Band of the Year at the 2013 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, Atlantis Becoming, Specyphi, Chakras (2013 winners of the award), as well as area standouts Acarya, The Last Troubadour, Rootbound, Killer Star Effect and The Stories. Both agreed, “these are bands that stood out and appeal to us musically & professionally. Every single band on this show is gonna kill!” “We’re gonna have cattle prods,” Jeff jokes, “so that if someone is standing in an area too long we’re going to shock them to the next floor and tell them that they have to go to the next floor for just a little bit, then you can come back down later. Anytime electricity is involved…..”, (Andrea jumps in) “and flesh! It’s going to be interesting”. Everyone bursts into laughter…… you can’t top that!” Each band will play a forty minute set with twenty minutes between each set, designed to give everyone a chance to see at least thirty minutes of each band’s show.. The lineup even has Moxy13 Primary Coordinator Jessi Gabis (jokingly) wanting to “retire a day early” so she can take in the entire show. Jessi has been working tirelessly as well securing onsite vendors such as, Tom & Chee, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt and Chicago Don’s Hot Dawgs, so you won’t have to leave the premises to satisfy your hunger or chance missing any part of the show, as well as Strong’s Brick Oven Pizza who will help nourish the musicians backstage. When asked what they hope people will say when they walk away from Moxy13, without a moment’s hesitation Andrea exclaims “that it kicked ass!” She and Jeff both add “it was well organized & I was proud to be a part of it. It was fun.” Jeff, Andrea and Jessi’s passion, drive and dedication (as well as the passion and dedication from of all the event’s volunteers) will undoubtedly make Moxy13 an event that everyone will have been proud to be a part of.

Event info: Saturday June 8, 2013 Doors at 3pm/Show at 4pm Thompson House Newport 24 E 3rd St, Newport, KY 41071 ALL AGES Tickets are $8 presale, $10 day of show, Primary contact: 513-241-5070 Those interested in volunteering:

Summer Forecast R i c h A p u z z o, C h i e f M e t e o r o l o g i s t

The year is passing quickly and after a slow, often delayed start to spring because of cold and snow (March had 8.8” of snow – 5.8” above normal!) we’re heading into summer and I’m sure you’re wondering if it’s going be anything like the hot, dry summer of 2012. One way to see where we’re going is to understand where we have been, and if our wintry March wasn’t a signal, let’s look at the bigger picture. Check out the temperature departures across the nation from January through March 2012. The massive red and orange blob is above-normal warmth extending from the eastern Rocky Mountains to the east coast! Do you recall the 80s we had in March 2012? There were four days in the 80s and a bunch of days in the 70s and the month ended 725 degrees above normal!

Graphic 1

different too, but my analysis shows that just about every part of this year will be a big change from 2012 and I believe that will include the summer as well. Before I show you some maps of what might be coming, let’s compare one other important weather feature from last year…the drought. You likely remember hearing about the massive drought in the Plains and parts of the Graphic 3 Midwest. Here’s what it looked like on the official Drought Monitor map from late last August. That also dramatically changed this spring as heavy snow and rain eliminated most of the drought as I type this in late April, reducing it to mainly a long-term (more than 6 months) rainfall deficit…but shortterm moisture is in great Graphic 4 shape heading into the summer. Here’s a lateApril Drought Monitor map. It still looks nasty in parts of the Plains, but there has been a dramatic improvement

Here is the same three-month period this year. See any differences?

Graphic 2

The majority of the country had below normal temperatures with most of that cold coming in February and March. Here in Cincinnati we had a swing of more than 1,100 degrees as March 2013 ended 398 degrees below normal

Just because we have a dramatically different start to the year doesn’t necessarily mean that the summer will be

Free Country 105.5 FM.

nothing but neW Country Hits. WFKC Walton.

23 88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x • The New Breed Of Rock

401 Crescent Ave Covington, KY 41011



Moms I’d Li

ke to


MOMS EAT FREE ON THURSDAYS STARTING AT 5PM!* Moms are also welcome to Join Us in the bar after 9pm (21 and up only) for 25 cent drinks until midnight! *Mom’s eat free with the purchase of an entrée of equal or greater value, dining room only.

WE’VE GOT THE KIDS COVERED TOO! Kids always EAT FREE ** at Willie’s in Covington.

**Limitations apply. Two kids meals from kids menu with the purchase of an adult entrée at regular price. Drinks not included.

Some places actually had too much rainfall and melting snow, and headlines were made in April as flooding hit Chicago, St. Louis and many other places in Illinois and Missouri as well as parts of Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota and North Dakota. So we have seen a big shift in temperatures and precipitation from the winter and spring of 2012 to the winter and spring of 2013. Is that trend going to continue? Yes, it will. Out in space we have the weakest sun / solar cycle in nearly 200 years and that weakness started back in 2009. There’s usually a 2 to 3 year lag in impacts from solar changes, so this weak cycle favors cooler global and regional patterns for the next decade or more. That doesn’t mean each month or season will be cooler, but the long-term trends (6 months or more) will show cooling. The Pacific Ocean is colder than normal and the Atlantic Ocean has been cooling as well, though it’s still slightly warmer than normal. The Atlantic will likely be below normal in the next 5 years. Without getting into a lengthy explanation and analysis, here’s what we can expect for the summer of 2013. By looking at past years with a weak solar cycle, a colder Pacific and slightly warmer Atlantic (and a number of small scale features) here are the national temperature and precipitation trends from June through August.

Graphic 5

Overall it should be a summer with near to slightly above normal temperatures in the Ohio Valley… but no big, extended heat waves…and near to below normal precipitation, though significant drought is highly unlikely. I am, however, expecting a busy hurricane season that may pound our

eastern coastline (Florida to New York), especially in August, September and early October.

Graphic 6

I’ll leave you with one other note. “Normal” temperatures and precipitation are often just averages of extremes, so don’t be surprised by some quick bursts of heat or cold, rounds of severe weather, local flooding or periods of very dry weather over the period from June through August. It’s nothing new and nothing we haven’t seen before, but when it’s all said and done we should have an “average” summer in the Tri-State. Keep your eyes on the sky and enjoy the changing weather! Rich Apuzzo, Chief Meteorologist Skyeye Weather LLC • • Hear my weather forecasts M-F on 88.9 & 89.1 FM, ClassX Radio


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Reis Concrete offers a wide range of concrete mixes for residential and commercial customers, including but not limited to: • Ready-Mix Concrete (Delivery Available) • Concrete Foundations • Footers • Driveways • Floors • Sidewalks

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Record This / Record That Bob Theissen

In March 1964 I was 11 years old. My parents had bought me my most treasured gift that previous Christmas. The Fisher-Price close and play record player was a modern gem. The insides were bright orange surrounded by a snow white plastic outer casing. I received two singles to go with it: The Beatles “Can’t Buy Me Love/You Can’t Do That” and The Animals “House of the Rising Sun”. Both songs were topping the charts. As a child I would get under the covers with my tiny transistor radio and listen to WSAI AM. Dusty Rhodes and his crew were the only station playing all the latest British Invasion songs that were crossing the Atlantic. Dusty and his WSAI crew co-sponsored The Beatles on August 27th, 1964 at Cincinnati Gardens. 14,000 fans and 115 degrees of sweaty revelry. That summer was the harbinger of what was to be infused in my blood for the rest of my life. In the summer of 1968 I received my first Panasonic portable cassette player. I immediately rode my bike out to Super X in Ft. Mitchell, Ky to buy my first albums. For less than $5.00 I bought the first albums by Spirit and Clear Light. I had never heard of either band, but, the text and the covers were psychedelic enough to make them impulse buys. It was also the year I discovered that by holding the cassette player’s 3 inch con-

denser mic up to the speaker of the turntable or the speaker of my radio I could record all of my favorite songs. I could listen to them while riding my bike by simply putting the cassette player in the wire basket on the front of my bike. By late 1968 I was becoming a home taping whiz. So you may ask what’s the point of all of this. Well bucko, just an example of how home taping was starting to kill the music industry. In the late 1960s through the mid 1970s you could buy records just about everywhere. Rock was big business. When I was in high school you could hit Arlens in Latonia, Rinks in Florence, Pennys and Sears in downtown Covington, and Shillitos in downtown Cincinnati for just about any record you could want. By 1971 as I grew more experienced at buying records the record shopping experience became a lot hipper. There were independent record stores popping up all over. There was Lemon Starship on Pike Street in Covington. Charlie Gates had his shop on Pike Street or Charlie and Dee at C&D Records in Newport. Over in downtown Cincinnati you had The Song Shop, Music World, Swallens and Globe Records. About this same time the mother of them all opened on Queen City and Grand Avenues in Cincinnati. Sight and Sound had everything a “hip” record buyer could want. Albums were $3.89 or 3 for $10.00.


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FREE APPETIZER With Purchase of Sandwich or Entree Excluding wings. Dine in only.


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• Nightly Dinner Specials • Favorite Sports on 80” TVs • Reds & Nascar Specials • 12 Beers on Tap • Coldest Beer in Town!


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The Biddle brothers that ran the shop took me and my quest for all cording bills that would put profits back into their dwindling coffers. musical knowledge and gave me a job. For the entire year I worked It didn’t work and that’s what got them to where they are today. A there I sold records. I was in heaven, man. This is about the time the shell of a business model trying to hold onto whatever life they can. Biddle’s decided to take the basement and turn it into a huge record By antagonizing and making the consumer feel like a thief they sank department and keep the modern tech gear up-stairs. Over 7500 their own ship. The pre-Mp3 generation grew up with this adversquare feet of musical bliss…and a working fountain dead center at sarial relationship with the music corporations. the bottom of the ramp to the basement. I am far from in favor of destroying corporate music business. By the mid-1970s used record shops started popping up in every They shot themselves in the foot and instead of accepting the new major American city. You didn’t need to buy new records anymore. technology, as it came along, they fought it tooth and nail. Digital Mole’s Records in Clifton had them for half the price of retail. And delivery is the new norm and there is the people, like Jess, that ran Mole’s were knowledgeable and helpful. nothing out there that will bring the old Jess was a few years older than I was and he would turn you on to model back. music you may had never heard of. Jess’s knowledge of jazz, and havVinyl is making incredible in-roads and ing WNOP broadcasting jazz daily, made Cincinnati a touchstone its sales increase annually. The milfor music of all kinds. lennial’s have embraced this supposed The mid 1970s was also the time of the higher end cassette and reel outdated format with open arms. The to reel recorders. Cassettes were the option that most of my generahipness of vinyl has replaced the cold ention gravitated to. Its portability and ease of use made it every teen’s coded Cd. The warmth of vinyl’s sound is home set-up. I could buy an album, tape it, and trade it to a friend refreshing to people who dislike the cold, so he could tape it. We didn’t know that we were taking money out sterile and flat response of the MP3.  of the corporate hands of Columbia, Atlantic, Warner Brothers or Here’s to the hope that the vinyl industry hundreds of other labels. We just liked the portability of taking our will only continue to grow to bring back music with us wherever we went. this treasured format of music delivery. By the late 1970’s every car was becoming equipped with a cassette deck. Replacing the 8-track cartridge that we all hated. It was bulkier than the cassette and chopped songs up to make them fit the format. And you couldn’t record onto an 8track as easily as you could a cassette. Around 1986 came Dan Houston the first CD players. They were expensive KY & OH CCDW Classes and out of the reach class meets all state requirements for certification of a hard working kid. We all thought that Instructor Classes they would be a fad and would quickly NRA Instructor die off. The discs were Call for rates and dates expensive and nobody wanted to re-purchase their entire record 567 Rosebud Circle, Walton, KY 41094 collection on this new 859-743-7210 • format. Within a few short years Phillips designed one of the first rack mounted Cd recorders. For roughly $500 you could now record your entire music collection onto these new shiny discs. I had one of the first CD recorders on the market. There were some bugs to work out, but, it did what it was supposed to do (keep me from buying It SAVES you MONEY! pre-recorded discs and enable me to make 2 Words, RESALE VALUE my own) quickly and simply. By this time the second of three bells were sounding the PINK is GREEN! death knell of the music delivery corporaSNUGGIES are tions. All of them were scrambling to avert SO last year their dwindling profits. But, they were all jumping on the bandwagon of the CD music delivery system. At the same time When it’s a they were dumping their entire catalogue of • New Roofs • Repairs recorded history onto CDs using outdated NEW ROOF TIME for • Attic Insulation masters and safety copy tapes to record the your home, call us! music onto CD. Quality suffered and buyers knew it. Why buy a Cd when we could home record a similar or better copy from 859-341-TIME (8463) FREE Owens Corning Attic Hatch the original LP or cassette. Well, CDs flourished for a quite a while. Insulation Tent (AS-10) The price came down a little and CD playwith every new insulation package! ers could be found for less than $100. The music industry was still trying to use their Value $99.00! muscle to get Congress to pass home re-


Top 4 Reasons to INSULATE Your Attic



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ClassX Rock News


Melodi C Moon

Jim Shoe

Rod Stewart’s new album and a visit to Cincy!

That voice! As soon as he begins to speak, tri-state residents begin to smile! Wildman Walker is back on the Cincinnati-NKY airwaves, and is as busy as he has ever been.

Gone are the days of Rod Stewart covering standards and putting out Christmas LPs. We’re getting an original, more rockin’ album from him this year. This will be his first album of new material in almost 20 years. Self-produced, the Time CD according to Stewart is “just a good, old-fashioned Rod Stewart album [with] a lot of mandolin and acoustic [guitar] and fiddles and good storytelling.” The album, released on May 7th, features more adult themes, according to Stewart. “There’s no ‘Hot Legs’ but they’re, I think, songs people can relate to.” At Age 68, Stewart is still touring and on July 21st will perform at Riverbend. You can hear Stewart’s new single, ‘She Makes Me Happy’ only on 88.9 & 89.1 FM, ClassX Radio.

Hello it’s….techno??

Todd Rundgren hasn’t fallen off the grid; he’s spent the last several years producing. He’s produced for such artists as the New York Dolls, Patti Smith, Badfinger, Hall & Oates, Meatloaf, and XTC.

The style of his original music has fluctuated over the years. His new LP entitled “State” is a one-man-band project of contemporary electronic and industrial beats. He began this techno-like style on 1993’s CD “No World Order”. The new LP is out now.


Bet you didn’t know that Adam Ant’s mother, was a house cleaner and she cleaned Paul McCartney’s house for a while? In 1982, Ant’s single ‘Goody Two Shoes’ hit #1 on the UK Singles Chart. His most popular album “Strip” was released in 1983. Phil Collins played drums on two tunes on the album, ‘Puss n Boots’ and the title track. Singer Anni-Frid Lyngstad, (ABBA) performed the female spoken part on ‘Strip’. On Saturday August, 24th. Ant and his band The Good, The Mad & The Lovely Posse will raid the Madison Theater in Covington Kentucky in support of his new album “Adam Ant is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter”. Listen every Friday to Jim Shoe’s Concert Con-X-tion show from 10 AM-3 PM on ClassX Radio, for a chance to win a Rock-and Roll Picnic! A winner will enjoy a picnic dinner complete with wine, tickets, and back stage passes to meet Adam Ant! ClassX Rock News can be heard daily on 88.9 & 89.1 FM and on classxradio. com. Join Melodi as she shares the dirt on the latest new releases’ and gossip about the people and artists heard on ClassX radio!

“Well let’s see, I host a sports talk-rock music show 5 days a week on my new home; 88.9 FM in Cincinnati, 89.1 FM in NKY and on 89.3 in Warren County (Waynesville), ClassX Radio,” Wildman said,” That’s 2 hours a day from 4-6 PM and I am a frequent guest on channel 5’s Sports Talk with my buddies George Vogel and Ken Broo, that is on Sunday nights at 11:35pm. So I have more on air time now, than ever”. You can also listen to me on iTunes>Classic Rock, Windows Media Tuner, the TuneIn application for your phone plus ClassX has our own phone apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. We have you covered! No excuses!” WILDMAN has been a fixture on local airwaves for over 25 years, long enough to build a huge loyal following and to be ranked in the top 40 radio personalities of all time by the Cincinnati Enquirer’s John Kiesewetter, “Well Jim, I was honored, John’s role at the paper is to know and to share with his audience, everything about local radio and TV, so for him to include me in there, it’s a thrill,” Wildman said. This summer fans will actually be able to hear WILDMAN Walker more than at any other time in his illustrious career, as the Florence Freedom baseball team has hired him to handle the PA duties for the 2013 Frontier League home schedule! Wildman said,” I AM THE NEW PA ANNOUNCER FOR THE FRONTIER LEAGUE FLORENCE FREEDOM. I WILL TAKE OVER PA DUTIES BEGINNING WITH HOME GAME #4. I CAN’T WAIT TO GET BEHIND THE MICROPHONE AND ANNOUNCE THE STARTING LINEUPS. IT”S THE CYCLONES LOSS (IT WASN’T MY CHOICE TO LEAVE) AND IT”S THE FREEDOM’S GAIN”. Bill Spry from ClassX radio added, “We have decided not to pre-empt Wildman’s show on nights when the Freedom play during his 4-6 PM air shifts. Rather, I have set-up a remote broadcast studio at the Florence Freedom stadium, and Wildman will be live on the air and on the stadium PA system during those games! Fans can actually sit by WILDMAN and participate live on his show over the ClassX airwaves”. Join Wildman Walker weekdays from 4-6 PM on 88.9 & 89.1 FM ClassX Radio and at weekday home games all season long at the Florence Freedom baseball field. Follow the Freedom schedule online at

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PLUS LOCAL PROGRAMMING... JIM SHOE Concert Con-X-Tion - Friday’s 10 AM-3 PM WILDMAN WALKER Sports Rock - Weekdays 4-6 PM EDDY MULLET Tuesday Nights on the Kindred Sanction Show 8-10 PM DOUG SINGLETON with the Friday Night Rock Show - Fridays 8-11 PM BRYAN B. 2 Hours of Progressive Rock - Saturday Mornings 6-8 AM BEATLES-A-RAMA 2 Hours of Nothing but The Beatles - Saturday 8-10 AM DOUG LEE THE 70’S SHOW 2 hours of 70’s Rock -Thursday 8-10 PM WILDMAN WALKER Monday-Friday 4-6 PM DEBBIE MANNING Pet Connection & Rescue Show - Fridays 3-4 PM KENNY KOLTRANE ClassX Cafe - Saturday Nights 8-10 PM “HOTROD” JOHN HOWARD Motor Mania Show Saturdays - 10 AM-NOON

Top off your night with Bob Michaels during The Bedtime Snack where he plays a full album every weekday night Mon-Thurs at 10 PM and Fridays at 11 PM.

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4th of


in Independence Jim Shoe It’s never too early to plan a party, and with the biggest blast of the summer right around the corner, now is the time to set your Fourth of July plans.

Located in the heart of Kenton County, the City of Independence is just 15 minutes south of Cincinnati, and offers a relaxed lifestyle different from neighboring towns because of their unique combination of urban amenities situated in a rural ‘everyonelooks-out-for-one-another’ setting. Independence is one of the fastest growing cities in the Commonwealth and was recently ranked as the 99th fastest growing city in the nation!

There are many picnics, parades, and firework parties scheduled across the tri-state, but the best happens in a place so perfect, it shares the dates name; Independence. The city of Independence Kentucky’s event does not actually take place on the 4th, but rather rocks the weekend, Friday the 5th, starts at 5:00pm–11:00pm Saturday the 6th, Parade begins at 3:00. Fest from 4:00pm–11:00pm Friday the 5th and Saturday FREE Parking both days at Summit View School the 6th.

I f Yo u G o

Last year saw the largest crowd ever, 45,000, and Captain Anthony Lucas from the Police FREE shuttle service on Saturday from 7:30pm–12:30am. department anticipates it will be The mayor, Donna Yeager, has Festival happens rain or shine! even bigger this year,” It was huge been helping to throw this bash No outside Coolers. last year, and the temperature was since it first began in 1999. Lawn chairs are permitted. well over 100 degrees. This sumEach year the party (and costs) Pets on the festival grounds permitted by leash only. mer looks like it might be cooler, gets bigger, but the city of Indeplus we have added so many more pendence is firmly committed attractions and vendors, we could draw a record setting crowd.” to hosting this annual event for their residents and everyone else Captain Lucas added, “All of the city services are preparing so who wants to come out, relax, and party with them. that we can best help with directions, traffic assistance and anything else a visitor might need, we want everyone who attends to leave happy and 1984 Walton Nicholson Pike Independence, KY 41051 impressed with our beautiful city”. 859.363.1616

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1984 Walton Nicholson Pike Independence, KY 41051 859-363-1616

“After many years of unpleasant dental visits, this was the best dental experience of my life. Thanks to each of you; Dr Dallmann, for understanding, takes time with me and the follow up phone the night before my treatment. The rest of the team thank you thank you for your care, friendliness and efficiency. I have been telling everyone about my experience. I am looking forward to returning to start getting my healthy and beautiful smile!” -S. B. of Hebron, KY Sedation Dentistry rGeneral Dentistry rRestorative Dentistry rCosmetic Dentistry Porcelain Veneers rTeeth Whitening rPeriodontal Therapy rRoot Canals rFull-Mouth Reconstruction

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This year the city has added a balloon glow! “Picture 10 hot air balloons, all lit up and glowing, rising and falling on their ground tethers over the picnic grounds as the band plays and the vendors interact with all the people, it’s going to be beautiful and very cool,” said Independence Parks and Recreation Director, Nita Brake. (Yes that is her real name!)

The fun begins on Friday the 5th at 2001 Jack Woods Parkway at 5:00 pm. For the kids there are pony rides, games and carnival rides from Miracle Amusements. Plenty of food choices are available for dinner from food vendor favorites like Pomodori’s, Dan the Corn Man, and Mr. Softee, as well as from the Key Sponsors, La Rosa’s Pizza and Skyline Chili.

“We are so grateful to La Rosa‘s Pizzeria and to Skyline, because without franchise owner Gary Holland’s support, we could not do this event nearly as well,” Parks Director Brake said.

Independence keeps the event clean, safe, and very family friendly, so beer is a no-no on the grounds itself. However, La Rosa’s Pizzeria will have their beer garden set-up facing the festival again this year for fans who enjoy an ice cold draft with their slice! On Saturday the 6th, the festival kicks off with a parade down Madison Pike that begins at 3:00pm. Saturday night the party kicks into high gear with Kentucky’s only rock station, 89.1 FM ClassX Radio, blasting rock blocks from 3-6 over the festival grounds and then at 7:00pm, Northern Kentucky’s hottest band, The Rebels, explode across the amphitheater stage to rock the crowd until the big show finale at 10:00pm, by Kenton County’s own Vito’s Fireworks. Trust me; this is the fireworks display you want to end your holiday with. Every bit as spectacular, long lasting, and colorful as anything you can find along the river, with the added bonus of not having to fight expressway traffic on the way home! Want to participate in the celebration? Contact Nita Brake, Parks Director, 859-356-5302 Questions about the festival? Contact Captain Lucas, 859-3562697 For updates; check the city’s Facebook page: City of Independence, tune into 89.1 FM, ClassX Radio for traffic updates.

The Rebels will be playing live in a free concert, courtesy of the City of Independence, from 7:00pm until the Big Bang at 10:00pm by Vito’s Fireworks.

The Rebels are: Vance Best, Lead Guitar • Eddie Stamper, Bass • Mike Haid, Percussion • Marty Connor, Lead Vocals Follow them on Facebook at The Rebels.

MEET THE REBELS The four boys you’ve been hearing so much about will be making their outdoor debut this summer when they take the Independence Amphitheater stage on Saturday July 6th. at 7:00pm.

A Boone County High School reunion in 2012, brought the longtime friends back together for what was billed as a one night only jam. “It just clicked,” drummer Mike Haid said,” We started playing and were in a groove, we were looking at each other, like, is this as good as we think it is? When we looked out at the crowd they were totally into it and I think everyone just knew we had to keep this going”! The Rebels play classic rock from all the great bands of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. “If you like ClassX Radio, you’ll love us,” Lead singer Marty Connor added.

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HOme OF tHe

6 FOOt Party SuB

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