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ClassX Radio™ is the listener supported rock and roll station that remembers how radio used to be! The station, located on 88.9 and 89.1FM, is the brain child of one man; Bill Spry. After years of working across the country at various stations, the hometown boy who grew up loving classic rock, returned to the Cincinnati area with the idea of doing what no one else could or would do any more. Rocking the tri-state airwaves with deep album cuts, classic rock artists, and new music. While there has always been music from rock bands on the FM dial locally, there has been a huge void in the quality of the music played. Corporate radio changed the way one good local station, WEBN, used to be, and forced the other one, WOXY, to close. Spry was so committed to his idea, that he became a radio pirate, fighting for change with the FCC for years, in pursuit of his dream. Seven years after the one man show first began; he is now receiving recognition by the press and politicians as a man with an unstoppable vision.

EDDY MULLET Local Bands, Music, Interviews The Kindred Sanction Show Tuesday Nights: 7-10 PM BRYAN B. Aisle Of Plenty, Progressive Rock Saturdays: 6 -8 AM COUCH Weekday Mornings: 6:30-9:30 AM TONY CARPENTER Middays, Monday-Thursday: 10-3 PM BEATLES-A-RAMA 2 Hours of Nothing But The Beatles Saturday: 8-10 AM DOUG LEE: The FM Show 3 Hours of 70’s, 80’s & 90’s Rock Thursday: 7-10 PM DEBBY MANNING Pet Connection & Rescue Show Fridays: 3-4 PM SATURDAY NIGHT ON SHUFFLE “We’ll play anything you request!” With Doug Singleton and E  ddy Mullet and Special Guest appearances by Bob The Producer Saturday Nights: 7-10 PM FLOYDIAN SLIP: Hosted By Craig Bailey A Solid Hour of Pink Floyd Saturdays: 6-7 PM


In November of 2013, Mayor Sherry Carren of Covington, Kentucky presented Bill and Rhonda Spry of 89.1 FM, ClassX Radio,™ with a key to the City. ClassX Radio™ is the only true Northern Kentucky rock radio station, and was proud to receive this distinction. The Mayor also officially renamed a section of Covington, on Wright Street where the UFO House is located, as AREA 89, to further honor the Spry’s and ClassX Radio™!

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By Angie Moore



WHAT IS MY FURRY VALENTINE? My Furry Valentine is Greater Cincinnati’s largest companion animal adoption event. MFV brings together dozens of shelters and rescues, hundreds of adoptable animals and thousands of potential pet adopters under one roof. The Main Event is held in West Chester, Ohio and they have numerous participating satellite locations throughout the city.

WHY SHOULD I GO? If you’re looking for a new furry friend, My Furry Valentine is a convenient way to meet lots of homeless animals so that you can find your perfect match! All adopted pets go home with free pet supplies, products, toys and food from our generous sponsors. You will also be eligible to win one of many amazing gift baskets valued between $250 and $500!

WHEN AND WHERE IS MFV? SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM   SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 16TH from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM   FLEXI USA 8494 Firebird Drive West Chester, OH 45014

Pictured is Princess Belle, one of the many companion animals that are looking for their furever homes. Princess Belle is currently up for adoption through Paws & Claws Animal Rescue, Inc.

Our Main Event has FREE admission and FREE parking! Check for more information!!


For more information, visit


Amoré Dog Obedience Training, LLC is a dog training company located in the NKY area. Amoré Dog Obedience Training offers multiple dog training services at an affordable price. Services offered range from group basic obedience classes, puppy obedience and socialization classes, advanced obedience classes, and therapy dog training classes. For those clients that are not comfortable in the group class environment, we also offer private, in home training lessons. Right now, for a limited time, Amoré Dog Obedience Training is offering a private consulation session for $49! Class discounts are also offered for those clients that adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue group. Please visit their website for more information at or send an email to

Bandit, a rescue dog of Amoré Dog Obedience Training


By Melodi C. Moon Heard twice daily on ClassX Radio


KISS will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s in the class of 2014, and front man Paul Stanley is set to release his autobiography as well. ‘Face The Music: A Life Exposed’ will feature rare photographs of the singer and detail his hard-partying lifestyle as one of the co-founders of the iconic rock band. The book will go on sale April 22nd—soon after KISS will join Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, Linda Ronstadt and other honorees at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in New York on April 10th. The book won’t be Stanley’s first —he teamed up with Gene Simmons to tell the story of the group’s formation in the 2012 release, ‘Nothin’ To Lose’. On the long delay ‘til being inducted, Stanley says, “Certainly from the fact that fans get to vote to the fact that some of the past inductees are vehement and rabid KISS fans, things have worked out just fine. My issues over the years didn’t change; what changed was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. So it is a victory for everybody. It is very, very gratifying, and I do not take it lightly. There are a lot of people today who are very happy that KISS will be inducted, and I am certainly one of them.” Stanley says it’s “way too early” to know how KISS will handle the induction ceremony on April 10th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, but he promises that “it will be unapologetically and proudly KISS.”


Former Whitesnake guitarist, and successful painter, Adrian Vandenberg’s new band, Vandenberg’s MoonKings, is currently in the studio recording their debut album. The album, to be released through Mascot Records on February 24th, features Adrian Vandenberg (guitar), Jan Hoving (vocals), Sem Christoffel (bass) and Mart Nijen Es (drums). The album includes a newly recorded version of the Whitesnake classic “Sailing Ships”. Special guest David Coverdale, adds his great voice to the equation, to complement Adrian Vandenberg’s powerful riffs, for a welcome moment of nostalgia. Ahhhh, this one will take me back. For more details on Vandeberg’s MoonKings visit


Queen rocker, Brian May, has opened up about the band’s forthcoming release, a compilation of unfinished tracks from the 1995 album, “Made In Heaven,” “We were looking at putting together a compilation of the more unusual and yet memorable Queen tracks. Things that weren’t singles that have become or stayed popular through the years,” May revealed. “That’s the way it started and then we unearthed a few tapes of Freddie (Mercury) singing and us in the studio that we never finished off.” He continued: “We thought we got to the end of it with Made in Heaven. But there are a few other things which have turned up. So the album may turn out to be a mixture of some unusual things from the past and some very unusual things which no one has heard at all.”

Melodi Moon can be heard (M-F) twice daily on, 88.9 and 89.1 FM ClassX Radio™, with her Rock News reports, covering the latest; gossip, rumors, innuendos, blatant lies, as well as actual news from the world of rock and roll! Follow her on TWITTER at; #Melodi C Moon. 88.9/89.1 FM • WWW.CLASSXRADIO.COM • THE NEW BREED OF ROCK




By Jeanette Jackson

Last year a colleague told me that I used music as an escape. Say what? This remark haunted me, popping up at odd times in my mind,

like while driving to work, or just before falling asleep, making me wonder, is it true? As I wrestled with the assertion, I began to recognize all the many ways I do involve music in my life; as a confidence builder, to express love, and to make me feel better when down or ill. In fact, all of my earliest memories revolve around music! You do not need to be employed in the music industry to appreciate music and have it be central in your life, too. I’ve always felt that music is something to be experienced, not just heard. Music has often been the basis for many of my friendships and whether you realize it or not, music has touched your life in many ways, too. Think about how societies use music. Countries are defined by national anthems, dis one or heaven forbid, forget the lyrics, and watch out! Militaries recognize the power of music; for centuries men have marched off to their doom to martial soul stirring sounds, and more recently the USA used Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ to disorient prisoners. Hitler took musical instruments away from prisoners

during the Holocaust to weaken a nation. Early Native Americans used music as a form of communication. Some music, such as protest songs like Neil Young’s ‘Ohio’, associate strong images across our National consciousness, while other songs conjure visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads. In the movie Silver Linings Playbook, the main character gets angry whenever he hears his wedding song, Stevie Wonder’s ‘My Cherie Amour’. While I personally do not have a goto anger tune, there are many songs that do evoke memories and powerful emotions in me. A Hank William’s song instantly can make me feel like a nine year old girl and I can fondly see my daddy while it plays, while Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back’ reminds me of the girls- only, pole dancing party I once hosted.  It was my stripper song. Like I said; powerful images!

increases a student’s test scores ( Even the Bible is a fan of music, calling for the faithful to ‘make a joyous noise unto the Lord ‘(Psalms 98:4). Music is like breathing; it is something we do not consider until we have to struggle to experience it. We are fortunate to live in a society that surrounds us with music, from television commercials, in dentist offices, and while cruising in shopping malls. In 2014, do not let music be merely background noise in your life. Embrace it and allow it to enhance the moments we all experience. I have decided that I do use music as an escape and urge you to try it too— I promise—it will make everything you do better…..and remember, ‘A Lady Never Lies…’

There are numerous studies indicating participation in school music programs

Join Lady J every Wednesday night 6:00-8:00 PM on ClassX Radio™, as she rocks your hump day. 8






By Missy WareShoemaker

These four, as well as countless others, have all been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, which is of particular interest to me because I, too, have been diagnosed. Celiac and Gluten Free have become as synonymous with one another as Kleenex and tissues. They are the same, but different. One out of 133 Americans has celiac disease and it is on the rise. Perhaps you have noticed by now, the term ‘gluten’ showing up more and more in grocers, restaurants and celebrity fad diets. Celebrities are going gluten free because of the immediate weight-loss associated with following the dietary restrictions. Others, such as myself, are G-free out of necessity. Celiac disease is a digestive disorder, it is hereditary, it is chronic and it is autoimmune. The only treatment to date is to begin a gluten free diet. Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and sometimes oats. So to be G-free means to forgo all pasta, cereal, bread, donuts, and beer!

Now that I have your attention, let me pop-quiz you. What do NFL standouts Cedric Benson and Drew Brees, as well as actress Zooey Deschanel and Talk Show host Elisabeth Hasselback all have in common? As far as a G-spot, I cannot tell you, but as to a G-free spot, let me clue you in!



Gluten damages the “villi” in the small intestine and this causes the body to lose out on vital nutrients. People who are extremely sensitive can become ill from just trace amounts of gluten, even a single breadcrumb can keep them down for days. One of the problems in getting a correct diagnosis from the medical community is that celiac symptoms mimic so many other problems. Symptoms can include; headaches, fatigue, joint or bone pain, bloating from gas, anemia, constipation and excessive weight loss or gain. Celiac can be scary until diagnosed. I had been sick for so long and just getting worse, despite every medical test my Doctor could conceive. We started hearing talk from the experts about the possibility of adult leukemia and liver tumors. I was fortunate in that a specialist who was familiar with Celiac ordered the right tests to catch it. I noticed an immediate improvement after just a week of going G-free. I was completely devastated

when first diagnosed. My husband and I are what our friend Jungle Jim Bonomo calls, FOODIES. We once drove to Atlanta Georgia just for a cheeseburger. Granted, it was one Helluva burger, but you get my point. To be G-free means that going out to dinner takes on a new perspective on menu choices. No more pizza, cookies, or cakes? Depressing, I know right? Probably the toughest thing for me was the loss of my one true love… Krispy Kreme donuts. When we travel, that orange HOT FRESH NOW sign always meant an immediate pit stop! As harsh as it sounds to fellow food lovers, I did not want to end up back in the hospital again with a bag of blood hooked up to my veins. So I began the process of eliminating gluten from my diet. Easier said than done because it is everywhere. Gluten can even be found in non-food items like shampoo and cosmetics!

Probably the toughest thing for me was the loss of my one true love… Krispy Kreme donuts

Here are some suggestions of local establishments to try. Red Robin is very diligent in their G-free approach. The manager prepares the food and it is then brought to the table personally by him! This is important because gluten free offerings should be prepared in clean pots, pans, and utensils. Cross contamination is a huge issue in kitchens that offer a mixed menu. When I need a cheeseburger and a beer, this is my go-to stop! For pizza: you might try Mellow Mushroom, BJ’s Brewhouse, or Dominos. My favorite is Larosa’s and it was one of the things I missed terribly until they started to offer a (delicious) G-free option! I go to their Alexandria, Kentucky location a couple of times per month to get my pizza fix. Gigi’s Cupcakes in Florence makes a tasty cupcake that is G-free, check their Facebook page for the days and choices. More and more restaurants have started to offer a separate gluten free menu so be sure to ask when you are seated. In Cincinnati, I enjoy dining , G-free, at The Moerlein House, Arnolds, The Yardhouse, and Yesterdays, just to name a few different places. Even food trucks are getting in on the trend, Cest Cheese will make you a G-free grilled cheese!

It was difficult at first to find good food that did not taste like Styrofoam (or worse). Through trial and error I have found brands that are actually very good. There are even different grains that are G-free like, Quinoa, Millet and Buckwheat. If you suspect that you may be effected by gluten, see your physician and suggest being tested for Celiac. As the problem has become more widespread it is gratifying to see certain establishments that are becoming more sensitive to the increasing demand for gluten free choices

A wealth of information is available about celiac, too much to represent here. The Bottom line is do not be discouraged if you are diagnosed. You will feel better and it gets easier over time. Join a support group and learn where to shop for the best G-free items!





The last track, number 12, is the one song Jamison Road must play at every show, as their fans, the Roadies, wait for the chance to dance and sing along to the ‘Girls Drinkin’ Song,’ a humorous, countrified, party tune.


By Toran S. Erickson MAX

Out of a 5 Star rating system, I give this artistic work a 5 star rating! Vocals are extremely strong yet don’t overpower the instrumental artistry, with well crafted storytelling Put on your boots and your cowperson hat and crank the volume to the maximum!


Written and performed by Jamison Road, Laurie Heltsley, Jennifer DePalma and Brent Duersch Vocals by Laurie Heltsley, Jennifer DePalma and Brent Duersch, featuring Eddie Bayers on drums, Eli Beaird on bass guitar, Larry Beaird on acoustic guitar, Howard Duck on Keyboards, Brent Duersch on acoustic guitar, Dan Dugmore on steel guitar and Troy Lancaster on electric guitar.

Jamison Road thrusts country rock into the “I want to hear that one again on the radio.” Jennifer DePalma’s gutsy vocal style is a perfect compliment to the music that her partners produce. Neither supersedes the other, all blending perfectly like a fine wine. For the sophisticated listener, repeat play is a must! Twelve originals songs, loaded with some notable standouts. The third track ‘Coaltown’ is a touch of outlaw, hard hitting rock combined with old school country lyrics. Bassist Laurie Heltsley lets you see into her past, with honest and emotional lyrics. ‘‘Let Me Outta Here’ is the eleventh track and one that many readers are familiar with, from its frequent spins on Jim Shoe’s, Friday Concert Con-Xtion show, heard on 88.9 & 89.1 FM, on ClassX Radio.™ Sporting a Wynonalike vocal over a rock and roll guitar riff, this is country rock at its finest.



The latest single performed by the Taylor Shannon Band is a honey of a cut. Recorded locally at the prestigious New Fidelity Studios, this song features Taylor Shannon on vocals and guitars, Billy Jack Dennison on bass, Chris Ellison on drums and Elton Clifton on guitars, Hammond B3 organ and percussion. Produced by the Godfather himself, Elton Clifton. The Taylor Shannon Band expertly mixes the country outlaw sound with the rock ‘n roll lifestyle. “SOUTHBOUND” sports a typical, bluesy, outlaw rolling vibe. Expounding on the tale of a free wheeling, whiskey swilling, all alone traveler, it captures your internal outlaw and makes you long to hit the open road, with a bottle in your hand! Taylor Shannon’s vocals are the real outlaw deal! Fans of Dallas Moore and Bobby Mackey will be thrilled with the band’s first effort. Their instrumental backdrop, ties it all together like your Grandma’s patchwork quilt. A crazy mishmash of influences that wraps you up and makes you feel great!


Out of a 5 Star rating system, I give this artistic work 4 Stars. 3.5 stars for lyric development. I liked the story told even if it is a little outlaw cliché. It maybe could have been more in depth with one extra story telling verse. 4.5 Stars for the country rock instrumental. Delivers a very complete backdrop with the unmistakable Elton Clifton touch. It made my playlist.

Until the next issue; Keep playing it forward….



By Rose Reilly

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I wanted to give a shout out to my favorite rock star couples from ClassX.™ These lovers all have a great story to tell.

#3. BILL & RHONDA SPRY, owners of ClassX™, just celebrated 12 years of wedded bliss this past September. These two are a great team at work and at play; they make working for ClassX™ and Li VE Magazine a real party! #2. THE SHOE; JIM AND THE BLONDE BOMBSHELL. Music brought these two together over 26 years ago when she ‘won” a Valentine’s Day contest at Burgundy’s Nite Club to see HEART in concert. He won her over with concerts tickets! (2nd. Date to see Buffett at Timberwolf) and music continues to bind them together still. Don’t miss their rocking dynamic on Fridays from 10-3 PM on the Concert Con-X-tion show, only on 88.9 & 89.1 FM, ClassX™! #1. My favorite “it” couple, ClassX weekday-midday host, TONY CARPENTER, AND HIS LOVELY DATE, DAWN. This was only date number three and they had us all feeling mushy. How did they meet, you ask? Tony was the DJ at her wedding! What is better than this? The first choice DJ had a prior engagement and gave the gig to Tony. We know there will be a date number four because Dawn won dinner from Borderline Bar and Grill at the ClassX Christmas party. Be sure to catchTony on the air Mon-Thurs from

10-3 PM…and grooms-to-be, be careful when letting your bride hire the wedding DJ! Tony & Dawn, what’s the ETA on date four? There is still time to plan the perfect Valentine’s date. Cincy Winter Beerfest is happening on February 14th and 15th, and the 2014 Fest will offer 350+ craft beers to sample. Tickets can be purchased at Calling all 80s lovers—The Syndicate will offer dinner and a concert (TBA) on February 14th. On the 15th, don’t miss the Battle of the 80’s Night Club event! Enjoy a blast from the past when DJ’s from the Glass Menagerie and Conservatory come together to entertain you. More details can be found at You can always ‘slide’ on over to your local White Castle for a candlelight dinner with your sweetie, featuring live entertainment. Advance reservations are required. I’ll see you lovers at the 80’s reunion! xoxo Rose 88.9/89.1 FM • WWW.CLASSXRADIO.COM • THE NEW BREED OF ROCK




By Jim Shoe

The phrase ‘To Party like a Rock Star’ has a different meaning for pro photographer Mick Chandler than for most music fans. “Oh yeah, back when I first started documenting rock bands they all wanted to know if I was cool. If I was, then they wanted me to prove it by doing this, that, and the other along with them backstage,” Chandler laughing, recalls, “When a guy like Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon or David Lee Roth from Van Halen thought you were cool or okay, then the magic could really happen, at least from a photographer’s point of view”. Chandler grew up with a passion for music in all of its many forms. He quickly went from casual radio fan to performing on stage as a talented drummer. While living and playing in Key West Florida, he decided the endless setup, teardowns and low pay was enough, and so retired from the music world, or at least thought he would. “I had a buddy who invited me to go with him to shoot a ZZ Top show and so I grabbed a 35mm SLR camera and tagged along. When I developed those prints, I thought to myself, hmmm these turned out pretty good, then when my buddy saw them he said you have an eye, you should

start shooting shows, and the rest as they say, was history.” His first professional paying gig was a double bill, Gary Wright opening for Robert Palmer. He went on to become the go-to guy in a business filled with paparazzi wannabes. “After I moved back home to the tri-state, I started to shoot all the Electric Factory and Nederlander dates, and then landed the deal for the City of Blue Ash with their annual Taste concerts. He has been on hand for the biggest names that have played here including, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, KISS, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Buffet, and Bruce Springsteen. When asked who he missed or wished to cover he quickly named two, “I was not at The Who show where it all went bad and have wondered what

I might have been able to capture that night and I have always wanted to see what I could do with Bono and U2.” After being on hand to intimately document over two thousand rock shows for artists that became both friends and in some cases enemies, Chandler reached a point where all the backstage parties and sycophants was no longer appealing and walked away, selling all of his equipment and taking a job in a non-music profession. “I was done, man,.”Chandler sighed, “I had moments of extreme joy like working with YES and then of raging anger, like the time Jackson Browne’s tour manager ignored five different badges draped around my neck, and bashed my camera with a huge flashlight, or the time Sting sent his personal continued on page 16



“There are nights when you just lock-in and you feel it, you know it, and you get in a groove.” -Mick Chandler




COVER STORY continued

bodyguard over to rough me up to get back film I had shot of him in some moments he never wanted revealed!” Chandler was forced to file suit to recover the cost of his gear from Browne and stood his ground with Sting to preserve his photos, but could sense the metamorphosis the live concert world was undergoing and walked away on his own terms. “That was pretty much it for awhile; until I met my muse, Gini Maddocks, and let her slowly begin to really put me back together again.”Chandler candidly revealed. “I had grown a dead spot, and did not even realize it myself, but she did, and kept encouraging me to get back in touch with my artistic side and to start to shoot pictures once more.” Seventeen years later, the couple remains one another’s biggest fan and supporter and Chandler is quick to stress that if there were no Maddocks, there could be no Chandler, at least as far as a skilled in-demand photographer goes. The couple once again enjoy going to live concerts together, in addition to Chandler’s other work as a wedding and special events photographer. His newest music gig is covering all of the shows Rick Warner of RWA Tickets promotes. “I have tried lots of different photographers for my shows, and prefer the pictures Mick gets for me, I cannot wait to see what he comes up with for RWA in 2014,” said Warner. Digital photography has developed to the point that today, almost anyone can take a technically perfect picture. Shaky hands, low light, and action shots no longer present the challenge that once hampered most photographers from capturing the moment. “That does not bother me at all,.”said Chandler, “I try to focus on capturing the essence of an artist.” Chandler likens his shooting a show to something Greg Allman of the famous brothers band once said to him, “There are nights when you just lock-in and you feel it, you know it, and you get in a groove.” Luckily for Mick (and the promoters who hire him), there have been more of those times than not allowing him to get the shot, throughout his career.


Some of his favorite memories include a one man exhibition he put on, showcasing his extensive rock collection that includes over two decades of backstage passes, ticket stubs and of course, exclusive never before published candid rock portraits. “Gini and I plan on changing that in 2014.”Chandler said, “She has been helping me with a coffee table book idea we have. A way to collect and release a history of all the shows, bands, and artists I have been lucky enough to meet and capture, maybe include little tidbits about the circumstances surrounding a particular shot.”

Tune into Jim Shoe’s Concert Con-X-tion Show, heard every Friday between 10 AM & 3 PM on 88.9 & 89.1 FM ClassX Radio™ for chances to hang out backstage at a future rock concert with Mick Chandler and be apart of his photos!




The one I get most these days is “Bob, how do you stay so damn young?” I might be paraphrasing. Occasionally it’s “How do you stay so young?” But usually it’s “Bob, how do you stay so sophomoric?” and most often, “How do you stay so juvenile?” “…So infantile?” And to be honest, it’s usually not how, but “why?”

By Robert J. Berry

My secret for staying young is getting in touch with my inner child; holding on to that inner child.


YOUNG AND THE RESTED I cannot leave the house without being bombarded by inquiring minds… “What are you doing now?” “Is that your real voice?” “Can you lend me a twenty?”

First, I found it is the company you keep. Hanging with the young keeps me youthful. They are so full of life; so full of energy. I got me a laptop and a lap dance and embraced them both. I started e-mailing, which is how the young connect. Next thing I knew, my e-mails were singled out, sort of like an author’s ‘reading’ or appreciation. Only I recognized the voice reading my words back to me. It was Chris Hansen. You know the ‘Predators guy?’ I explained “I like to surround myself with youth cuz it keeps me young.” I could feel the years slipping away. However, my big secret…I found a fountain of youth. As I started getting on; speeding towards my golden years, I remember a prognosticator predicting a 60% chance of golden showers headed my way. It gave me this warm, tingly feeling all over. I was having issues with control; something I shared with Mr. Hansen... at the meetings. Ironic. Now what was I saying?… Oh, staying young. I might have overdone it. Stayed in the fountain or shower too long. Now I am in my second childhood. You have seen the pictures; me out and about in a diaper, not a care in the world. Now that I have shared my secrets, are you ready for a change? Guess it all ‘depends’, eh?




By Laurel Kincaid, L! VE™ Magazine and Jim Shoe ClassX Radio™




19 19

ClassX Radio™ (88.9/89.1 FM) is a privately owned and publicly funded rock station operating in the Greater Cincinnati region. Bill Spry owns and handles the day to day operations of the listener supported station, considered by many to be the fastest growing local FM channel as new listeners are literally streaming over from the Cumulus and Clear Channel outlets. “Our web site,, gets over five million hits every month, so yes, you are correct in saying listeners are switching to us,” he laughed. One of the many reasons behind the station’s growth, is the marketing tactics Spry comes up with on what seems to be a monthly basis, such as the ClassX Radio™ Band of the Year. “I love local music and want to support local artists, so I have specific time slots dedicated for them on air such as Kindred Sanction on Tuesdays from 7-10 PM and The Concert Con-X-tion heard Fridays from 10AM-3PM. Even though that represents ten times what any other station does, I just felt like it was not enough and I wanted us to be doing more. Then, in 2012, I had an epiphany and thought, why not choose one band and adopt them for a year as the house band for ClassX Radio™,” Spry explained. ”I chose a great local group, Lemon Sky, as our inaugural BotY for 2012 and am so pleased with how that went that I decided we would continue it in 2014”.


That brings us to Spry’s choice; which is

BRENT JAMES AND HIS BAND, THE VINTAGE YOUTH. A four piece outfit that delivers the sonic punch of groups twice their size, the 2014 choice as the BotY is a popular one among the staff as well as the listeners of ClassX™. In addition to front man Brent James who is remarkably similar on stage to Foreigner lead singer Kelly Hansen, the band is made up of lead guitarist Ricky Veeneman, bassist Matt Gandenberger, and drummer Nick Braverman. The band has their debut CD out (Moment of Silence), a new one ready to go, and has been discussing a deal with Warner Brothers Records to help get them to the next level! Their first single ‘Moment of Silence’ broke into the top 50 of the Billboard AC charts over the summer. “I love their first CD, “Spry said, “Brent James brings the traditional acoustic sound back to the world of rock. His unique vocals give us something to get excited about!” The band is developing a tremendous following and is extremely savvy in using social medium platforms to interact with their fans. Their Facebook page, Brent James Music, has over 5500 fans and the band actively posts updates there as well as candid photos to their Instagram account. One of those fans, Patricia Fox, heard the band once and was smitten, “Why do I like them? I’ve never met a nicer group of guys. They each bring something unique to the band. Brent is such an amazing front man. He kind of reminds me of a mix of a young Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler, but better looking, of course,” she laughed, “I got involved because I’ve always been a huge music fan. A good friend of mine introduced me to Brent a few years back; I knew right away he had tremendous talent. Since then, I’ve made it my personal mission to help these guys get noticed”! The group works continuously and is blessed with a fan base and supporters that travel with them almost as an extended family. Besides headlining their own well attended and received shows, BJVY (Brent James & the Vintage Youth), is also in demand as an opener for National acts such as Huey Lewis, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, and Candlebox, among others. James was hand picked by John Mellencamp’s son, Speck, to be on the bill for Farm Aid 2012, “I was humbled to be included in Farm Aid 2012. To take part in such a great cause was a dream come true moment,” James told Li VE. His show was so well received, that he


“I was humbled to be included in Farm Aid 2012. To take part in such a great cause was a dream comes true moment” -Brent James was the first artist to be booked for the 2013 show. In 2014, Brent James and the Vintage Youth are scheduled to make their third Farm Aid appearance! From the time he was nine years old, James knew what he wanted to do when he was older, once telling his parents that when the time came he would move to New York City and become a rock singer. Grown now and with a son of his own, the hometown kid has decided to stay close to his family and roots, living locally,

while pursuing his dream to rock the world with his passion and music. James writes almost all of his own music using a piano and guitar and confesses to having a favorite song on the first CD, “Shine Shine Shine is my favorite off that record. I wrote it in about 15 minutes. It’s definitely a crowd favorite live. I had just found out that I was about to have a baby boy on my hands and there are a few lessons for him in there I guess. Maybe one day he’ll understand it and it will send him well on his journey.” The ClassX Radio™ BofY gets their music rotated in heavy rotation all year long, gets special booking opportunities through the many agents and venues that follow the station and want to capitalize on the heavy air exposure, and the band is invited to come to the air studio to play live

Laurel Kincaid writes: Early to arrive and as

congenial as anyone I’ve ever met, it was my pleasure to gossip over a cup of coffee with the tri-state’s own, Brent James. His debut album, “Moment of Silence,” has attracted the interest of major labels, including Warner Brothers. The title track from the album, co-written by James and Skidd Mills of Nashville, features a soaring rock-forward hook that is simply addictive to the listener. James’ songwriting is increasingly attracting the attention of Nashville notables. He has collaborated with the likes of Big Kenny of Big and Rich and Nashville songwriting giant, Chris Lindsey. Brent James and his band, the

several times throughout the upcoming year. Listeners to ClassX™ get treated to the band’s library of music, oftentimes hearing new music first, long in advance of even the band’s social media and live show followers. Spry is excited to offer one of those exclusive, listener appreciation offers, right here and now! To get your own FREE download of the Brent James and the Vintage Youth exclusive track, ‘Me After You’ simply type this link into your web browser; classxradio/ The page is password protected and is just for the fans and supporters of ClassX Radio™ and Li VE Magazine; when prompted for the password enter; ClassX.

Vintage Youth, have taken the tips and experience the Nashville royalty have offered and turned that into a new EP entitled “Needle to the Groove”. The Band is scheduling an album release party at Bogart’s to showcase their sound in February of 2014. Music lovers can be the first find out all the details by staying tuned into ClassX Radio.™ Fans can also look forward to the release of three music videos for “Needle to the Groove” during the year! The question everyone James meets asks of him; will Brent James and the Vintage Youth sign with a major label and go National in 2014? The final word has yet to be spoken!





By Rose Reilly

Born with Irish blood; married into an Irish family. Guess what this girl’s favorite Holiday is? With Cincinnati’s German heritage, who knew we could do it up so big on St. Patrick’s Day? From our Annual Cincinnati St. Patrick’s Day parade to our beloved Reds donning a new green and white uniform for their St. Patty’s Day Spring Training game against the Cleveland Indians on March 17th, our city will be celebrating full force. To date, the annual St. Patty’s Parade has never been cancelled since its start in 1967. The 2014 Parade will be held on Saturday, March 16th, 2014, rain or shine. More information and registration documents can be found at While there are numerous Irish pubs around town, there will be no shortage of green beer flowing at most local establishments. Claddagh’s Irish Pub, Molly Malone’s and Brazenhead are some of my favorites for celebrating. Be forewarned about Brazenhead and get there early! It stays at capacity most of St. Patty’s day beginning with an early morning offering of kegs–n-



eggs. Yum. The Irish version of green eggs and ham, perhaps? Why only celebrate with the Irish one day in March? Get a jumpstart by catching Celtic punk band, Flogging Molly, at Bogart’s on March 3rd. Dublin-born Dave King formed the band in the 90s and they have been rocking us non-stop ever since. The band got their start at Molly Malone’s bar in Los Angeles; playing there every Monday night. They felt they were “flogging a dead horse” and a band name was born. Cincinnati is just one stop on their 2014 Green 17 tour presented by Live Nation. See you there!! Have no fear and tune in to the Jim O’Shoe Concert Con-X-tion on ClassX™ every Friday from 10–3 and he will be hooking up some lucky listeners with tickets to the show.


Celebrated on March 17th as this is the feast day of St. Patrick. The actual color of St. Patrick is blue. St. Patrick was not Irish. The first St. Patrick’s Day Parade was held in Boston, not Ireland. Who knew? There are more Irish in the USA than in Ireland.

See you out and about for St. Patty in the ‘Nati and if you aren’t wearing your green, expect a pinch!

Drowning the Shamrock” is the custom of floating a shamrock on top of whiskey before drinking for a prosperous year.

xoxo Rose

4.2 billion pints of green beer are consumed worldwide on St. Patrick’s Day.






By Wildman

My 61 day stay atop a downtown billboard in 1991 will forever be known as the greatest on air promotion in the history of Cincinnati Radio. I am willing to bet that what you did not realize is that it was actually my second stunt with WEBN. My first one is not as well remembered, so let me clue you in! Long before the GPS, this promotion involved me attempting to drive my beat up, 1977 brown Ford Granada, with a pair of lucky listeners aboard for the adventure, all the way to Los Angeles, California to attend Super Bowl XXII on January 31, 1988. News Brother Rick Bird and the two lucky listeners (they were brothers from somewhere in Western Hills, I have forgotten their names), were given a live, on-air send off from Hyde Park Square on Saturday, January 23rd, 1988. The two brothers had never traveled outside of Cincinnati in their entire lives (if I am lying, I am dying), ‘Oh the pain, Will Robinson, oh the pain.’


Our first stop in Memphis (home of the King), was not planned. We had a muffler problem so we ended up at the Fire Place and Muffler Shop to get my Granada back in good working condition. While in Memphis we took a tour of Elvis’s airplane “the Lisa Marie, but did not have time to visit Graceland (we had bigger fish to fry). Not long after we left Memphis, my 8-track tape player stopped working, leaving us with only the radio to listen to. Let’s be honest, it was slim pickings trying to find some rock and roll on the radio while cruising through the Bible belt. I have no memory of what the four of us even discussed as we rode along. Also, please bear in mind that it has been over 25 years since I made the trek to the West Coast with Rick Bird


and the two brothers, so I cannot recall in detail all the stops (voluntary and involuntary), we made along the way. While driving across the Lone Star state late at night, an 18 wheeler lost pieces of his retread tire that hit the front end of my car, causing damage to the radiator, and forcing us to find a garage that was open. I will never forget the looks I received walking into the garage for wearing a Washington Redskins jersey (one of the teams to play in Super Bowl XXII). As you Sports Rockers all know, the Cowboys have never liked the Redskins, so my wearing a Washington jersey in Texas was a little like living the lyrics to Charlie Daniels ‘Ballad of the Un-easy Rider’! After quickly explaining our LA destination was a radio promotion, the

guys in the garage sprang into action fixing the radiator and once more we were on our way with one of the listeners driving. That did not last long as he almost wrecked my car about a mile down the road. Why I let him drive, I cannot fully recall now. After an overnight pit stop somewhere in Albuquerque, New Mexico (not exactly a bastion of night life), we hit the road with our next stop being Las Vegas. While making our way across the two-lane top of the Hoover Dam, the Granada started to grunt, sputter and groan and all I could think of was “if we break down here we will snarl traffic for miles,” which might make for great radio back in Cincinnati, but would SUCK for me! Somehow my car made it across and even stopped making weird noises as we emerged from out of the mountain. I grandly pulled up to the Valet in front of the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas; to enjoy all the pleasures that rocking town has to offer. We pulled our bags from the trunk, I got back in the car to move the Granada, turned the key and…NOTHING! Dead, no power, no lights, no sounds! I called the Program Director back at the studio in Cincinnati and asked, “What should I do now? No car to finish this trip.” I was told to go ahead and purchase three one-way plane tickets to LA, as Rick Bird had only planned to ride as far as Las Vegas. I made a few calls to some junk yards in Las Vegas hoping to get a few bucks for my car along with a tow from the

Flamingo. Wishful thinking. I ended up paying a junk yard $50 to tow it away. I sometimes get the feeling that somewhere in Mexico my old Granada is enjoying life as a Tijuana taxi! After crashing overnight, the two lucky listeners and I flew on to LA just in time to take in the nightlife on a Friday night. That is where I first saw one of the great comedians of all time, George Wallace, at The Comedy Store. After the show Wallace and I shared a good laugh when I told him I attended the 1968 George Wallace for President rally at the Cincinnati Convention Center. On the eve of Super Bowl XXII, I dragged the two winners, kicking and screaming, to see the LA Kings hockey game at the Forum. I cannot make this stuff up. My first in person NHL game ever, I witnessed Jimmy Carson of the Kings score a hat trick (three goals) and goalie Roland Melanson make 39 saves in shutting out the Minnesota North Stars 5-0. Epic! The LA Kings coach at that time was none other than former Cincinnati Stinger Robbie Ftorek and the head coach of Minnesota was Herb Brooks. The same Herb Brooks who led Team USA to Olympic Gold in 1980. “Do you believe in miracles?” YES! After the game I waited by the North Stars bus to get the autograph of Herb Brooks on a hockey puck which I still cherish to this day.

The following morning, Super Bowl game day, the two listeners and I boarded the train for San Diego to take in Super Bowl XXII. The Broncos jumped out to a quick 10-0 first quarter lead only to have the Redskins score 42 unanswered points to win it all for future Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs, his second Super Bowl victory. Redskins quarterback, Doug Williams was named Super Bowl MVP. Our seats at Jack Murphy stadium (now the Qualcomm Stadium), were at field level between the 20 and 30 yard line, and yes, I still have the ticket stub from that game with a Joe Gibbs autograph on it. When we finally arrived back home in Cincinnati, I copped a ride with the winner’s family to my apartment in Mt. Washington, and to this very day, I have never seen those two brothers again. The mystery of where they, and my Granada, may or may not be now, will have to be forever unsolved. Now you know all about my two greatest stunts during my 25 year run on WEBN. I will let you in on more career highlights in the next issue of Li VE.

WILDMAN can be heard Weekdays 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM on 88.9 and 89.1 FM ClassX Radio™





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Live Magazine Winter 2014  

Wildman Walker, Bob The Producer, Cincinnati Band Of The Year, ClassX Radio, Music For Your Eyes, Northern Kentucky, Indiana

Live Magazine Winter 2014  

Wildman Walker, Bob The Producer, Cincinnati Band Of The Year, ClassX Radio, Music For Your Eyes, Northern Kentucky, Indiana