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Wow. What a response! Our first issue of NKY Live flew off the shelves. Several even complained because they could not find an issue anywhere. We did our best though, to keep up with the demand. Thank you for the overwhelming response to NKY Live magazine. So we continue with our second issue where you can read several new columns. February 4th, ClassX Radio debuted Wildman Walker’s new show (M-F 4-6 PM). Yes, after 25 years at WEBN, he’s on board with ClassX! Also a new Saturday show started on February 9th, Motor Mania, 10-12 PM. Jimmy B, the host, approached us about writing his own column. You’ll enjoy his article this month as he reminisces about his teenage days and his cars! You can write for us, too. We’re always looking to give a voice to writers with unique entertainment stories.

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Table of Contents Love

Robert J Berry........................................... 5

Epic vs Anthem

Jim Shoe..................................................... 7

Motor Mania

Winter Storm Warning

Rich Apuzzo............................................... 9

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If you Said You Were, You Weren’t

Bob Theissen.......................................... 10

FREEEEEE Biiiiiirrrrrrrrrrd!

Jim Shoe................................................... 12

Radio, Law & Media

Eric Deters............................................... 14

Call of the ‘Wildman’

Jim Shoe................................................... 15

Weather Lights

Jim Shoe................................................... 16

Rock News Highlights

Melodi Moon............................................ 18

FOod hussy: Gittin’ LOVEY DOVEY in Northern Kentucky!

pg 20

FOOD hussy............................................ 20

Schmidt that Matters: AHC Foundation & Austin

Allison Schmidt....................................... 22

Motor Mania

Jimmy B.................................................... 26

Sky’s the Limit? Think Again

Eddy Mullet.............................................. 29

pg 29 4

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By R o b e r t J B e r ry It’s in the air. I can feel it. I’m not talking about pollen, although it’s as addictive as sneezing. I’m not talking anthrax, but sometimes I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy (even with that infectious laugh). Now I’m no Love Doctor, although I have played one on the radio, but I’ve got the prescription for what ails you. L-O-V-E

‘L’ is for lots of it! ‘O’ is for Oh-Mmm-Gee! And she’s not faking it! As the Big O

(Oprah) would say “you go girl! You go!” ‘V’ is for how does she do it? Volume! Volume! Volume! ‘E’ is for everybody wants it, just like Billy Squire taught us back in the eighties.

Look around. It happens every February; Valentine’s Day, which brings to mind LOVE and everything that goes with it, like romance, taut nipples, tight nipple-clamps, Stupid Cupid, and the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre. It also brings to mind my stint at WEBN radio. Come Valentine’s Day, I’d be out and about in an adult diaper. Why? Depends…oops, that was more like the what. Yes I was “Stupid Cupid”! Strutting my schtuff; playing the match-maker; pimping for love. Always UP for carefully guiding my quivern shaft to its love-starved target. ‘Straight as an arrow’ I’d shoot back whenever there was a sexual preference query. Every time somebody got dinged, I earned my wings. Okay they might look like Tinkerbelle wings-delicate and flimsy, and true, they did little to cement my legacy as a stud. But I did it all for L-O-V-E. Love of attention. Love of spreading it around. Love to show off my gams. Love of money. Of course we all do weird things for love. Commit to cuddle and then only cuddle? There has to be hope for


88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x radio.com • The New Breed Of Rock

something more. Rumor is she has a twin sister; (loves sharing; gymnast; wants to go out on top). 20th Century poets, also known as rock stars, know all about L-O-V-E- and S-E-X, and often cause us to confuse the two. Jungle Love, All You Need Is Love, Love Drive, and Good Love! Don’t believe me? Play my fun little game; change the word LOVE to SEX and sing the lyric. Love to love you, baby! Let’s not forget that there’s the game of love and love of the game. I have noticed some love-calls are divisive and the response time varies. Like when I rise to the occasion & announce I LOVE to be spanked!! Before I’ve even revealed my rider list, ‘23 year old sorority girls with firm thighs’, at least half the room has drifted away, often into traffic. But I LOVE the risk and the thrill of the risk & the sheer discipline of it all. It’s not the same as the unconditional love of a mother, a pet, a pet’s mother (like Bambi) or the love of a heavy petting session or the conditional love of a heavy or morbidly obese petting zoo. (Do not feed them or they may eat you). It’s not like the love of a good woman. Or the ‘love’ of an unbelievable (she might have been faking it) modest, yet

Bob Berry during his time at WEBN.

big in the moment, tootsie. Finally, there’s the love of…..Damn! I’ve forgotten the question… Oh! Yea! Why Stupid Cupid? Why not-after all; I love that.

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By: J i m S h o e


Rock And Roll music can be broken down by many subgenres. When describing a song or band with the use of descriptive terms such as: Classic, Metal, Prog, Heavy, or Southern, a listener will have a good idea of what to expect before ever hearing a tune. There are two more adjectives that can be used to describe a particular song, that transcend the above descriptions, without cancelling them out. Epic and Anthem. Many bands are known for one particular piece of Epic music, (The Outlaws - Green Grass and High Tides) with truly great groups having

88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x radio.com • The New Breed Of Rock

more than one (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Free Bird and Sweet Home Alabama). Other artists release songs that achieve financial success and become hit singles, but struggle for years to create their magnum opus without ever really succeeding (.38 Special - Hold On Loosely). The list of songs that are Epic has filled many a radio station’s weekend specialty shows over the past 30 years, while the list of Anthems is much shorter. An Anthem may just be a piece of music without lyrics (Rock & Roll Pt 2) or at least with

indiscernible ones (Louie Louie). To further complicate the issue, all Anthems are by rights also Epic, but not all Epic songs achieve Anthem status! Let me help you by defining the word Epic. Epic is defined as: - noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style; majestic; impressively great. In the history of rock music there have been many great songs that fit the definition of the word Epic. Some artists like The Beatles, The Stones and The Boss (Springsteen) seem to release an Epic track with every new album. An Epic will generally have two elements that make it so: dramatic tempo changes combined with memorable lyrics. Led Zeppelin’s, Stairway To Heaven is an Epic song. However ‘Stairway’ is not an Anthem! Bruce Springsteen has long been my personal favorite The Webster’s dictionary defines the word Anthem as: a artist. I have a massive library of his official as well as usually rousing popular song that typifies or is identified his bootleg releases, and have attended 17 of his shows with a particular subdating back to culture, movement, or his appearance in point of view. Oxford, Ohio as the 1974 HomeThe English group coming Concert. Queen caught lightThe ‘Boss’ has two ning in a bottle twice songs with simiin their recording calar titles, ‘Born To Lynyrd Skynyrd / Sweet Home Alabama reer and own two of Run’ and ‘Born In Rolling Stone’s / Jumping Jack Flash the most well known the U.S.A.’ Both rock Anthems ever Hendrix / Watchtower tunes are Epic, created. ‘We Are the Derek & the Dominos / Layla with dramatic Champions and We Fleetwood Mac / Go Your Own Way music and incredWill Rock You’. Both ible lyrics. Only songs are without a one is also an doubt, Anthemic in Queen / We Are the Champions Anthem. Can you scope. However, their Queen / We Will Rock You figure out which other massive hit, one? Gary Glitter / Rock & Roll Pt 2 Bohemian Rhapsody, Steam / Na Na Na Na - Kiss Him Goodbye is an Epic release Trick question: Black Eyed Peas / Lets Get It Started that just misses the Neil Diamond’s cut on becoming a hit, Sweet Carofull blown Anthem. line, what is it? Would you call it an Epic song? How about Anthemic? Here is the Anthem-litmus test; at a sporting event what does the house play to get a crowd going? Queen’s songs, ‘Champions’ and ‘Rock You’ are obvious, as is Springsteen’s ‘Born in the U.S.A.’ However, no venue cranks up ‘Stairway’ or ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ when trying to encourage the home team to score or when mocking the opposition. Oh yea; as to Neil’s ‘Sweet Caroline’, it’s an Anthem, at least according to Mike Brown of the Cincinnati BenCustom Apparel • Vinyl Graphics • Signs of All Types • Vehicle & Business Lettering gals, who for some reason insists on playing it at every • Yard Signs, Banners & Magnets • Car & Truck Accessories home game. Which just goes to prove, when it comes to 859-801-3698 OVER 18 Years music, it truly is all in the ears of the beholder. streetartkustoms.com Experience

Jim Shoe’s

choices as to the top five Epics and Anthems.



streetartkustoms@yahoo.com Monday-Friday call or email anytime

Located in Richwood Flea Market ( Booth C15-C17) Saturday & Sunday 9-5


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Winter Storm Warning what’s that?

Rich Apuzzo

Chief Meteorologist S k y e y e W e at h e r L L C

“The National Weather Service in Wilmington has issued a Winter Storm Warning…” Do you know what that means? Do you know the difference between a Tornado Watch and Tornado Warning? As a meteorologist these terms are second must be put under a certain category…flood watch, flash flood watch, flood advisory, nature to me and the difference between a watch and warning is obvious, yet I still hear flood warning, flash flood warning, river flood warning, urban and small stream flood from people who don’t know the difference advisories, etc. So many names for the same and often swap one term for the other. A thing…too much water in certain areas, and long time ago I stopped using watches and the water can be dangerous to lives, transwarnings in my forecasts except to alert my portation, and property. clients that the watch or warning has been issued. If the words don’t tell you exactly I should make it clear that private enterprise what’s happening, then why not use words does a lot of that as well, but government that do? For example, a Winter Storm Warning means different things in different parts of the country so I prefer something like this, “A winter storm heading for the Tri-State area will bring strong winds, snow accumulations from 3 to 6 inches and falling temperatures during the afternoon…” That tells you what you need to know without having to worry about whether it’s a “watch” or “warning”. Of the many problems with big government, one that we can all agree upon is that government always complicates simple proj- and government-funded institutions are notorious for complicated naming systems ects and procedures. They never streamline and communications procedures… but the or simplify anything, though they someNational Weather Service is beta-testing times try. Just look at the alphabet soup of the idea of simplifying weather alerts. I saw agencies: FBI, CIA, NSA, NWS, NOAA, this article from the Associated Press last NCIS, EPA, NHC, SPC, FCC, FTC, and January, “Change in the Air for Blizzard of on and on. The abbreviations are supposed Winter Weather Terms”. In the article it is to simplify things, but for whom? Most people couldn’t tell me what all of the above noted that there are 14 different watches, warnings and advisories for winter weather abbreviations stand for and even fewer can alone! I like the idea of giving “just the facts” tell me exactly what each one does. without all the fancy names. Here is the The NWS is the National Weather Service, crux of that article: “…Alongside a winter and for a long time they have operated like storm watch for northeast Wyoming, the any other government agency with speWeather Service released a possible subcial names for different weather elements, stitute statement: “The National Weather oscillations, atmospheric or oceanic patService in Rapid City (S.D.) is forecasting terns and so on. Naturally that also goes for the potential for a significant winter storm.” everyday weather forecasts. Instead of just “The purpose of this project is to use lantelling us that flooding is possible, the data 9 88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x radio.com • The New Breed Of Rock

guage that is self-evident, that everybody would immediately understand,” said Eli Jacks, the forecaster leading the experiment. The experiment began in December and runs through March 31 at 26 Weather Service offices covering Alaska, Oregon, the northern Great Plains, Michigan, New England, Appalachia and Oklahoma. A separate website for the project avoids confusing people who just want to look up the forecast. The clear-and-simple approach could be carried over to heat waves, flooding, dangerous wind and other conditions, but that will depend on what the public has to say. The rest of the story is here: http://bigstory. ap.org/article/change-air-blizzardwinterweather-terms You won’t be seeing the proposed changes soon, but possibly starting next winter if the feedback is positive. Like any change in government operations, it takes a long time with lots of meetings and paperwork, plus training for the people issuing the new advisories because old habits are hard to break. In the meantime, winter is winding down in the Ohio Valley and I am seeing a favorable setup for an active tornado season here, which means that this is a good time to review your warm-season severe weather definitions. Here is a great website to get you started: www.nws.noaa.gov/om/severeweather/index.shtml Keep your eyes on the sky and enjoy the changing weather and my weather forecast. You can catch them each weekday by listening to ClassX Radio on 89.1 FM in Northern Kentucky. If the signal gets weak in your area, then try 88.9 FM or ClassXradio.com.

If you said you were,

you weren’t By: B o b T h e i s s e n Tom Waits once said: “The bad thing about history is, that the people who were there are not talking, and the people who weren’t there, you can’t shut them up.” In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, long before Bogarts, some great bands played at a local Cincinnati night club called Reflections (and The Ludlow Garage).

I thank God that I was there for most of it. Not all of it, but, quite a few historic events…or events that would later be historic…or worse yet, figments of people’s re-writing of history as they think they remember it.

Remember, there were more people who say they were at Woodstock

than were actually there. In fact, if someone ever tells you that they were at Woodstock, chances are good that they were not! I wasn’t. I was just 16 years old and a good Catholic suburban kid, that is until I saw the MC5 (more on that later).

Reflections was located at the corner of Vine and Calhoun in Clifton. At that time, it was the only club that booked international acts in concert. It later became Lighthouse Limited, then Burgundy’s, once disco came around and reared its ugly head. Only those of us old enough to have lived it, can tell you how pervasive disco was. It affected everything in music. The war was finally over and, (I assume), all they wanted to do

was dance to a repetitive beat and do powder cocaine until dawn.

Today’s MCs who rock the ones and twos, actually owe a debt to the disco era jocks from back in the day. It was the Discothèque’s that saw the birth of the DJ as live entertainment. Weather guy Pat Berry, and his partner, Jim Fox (Q-102) were the weekly guest DJ’s at Lighthouse. Tim Rea rocked the booth at Dixie Electric Co in Hamilton, complete with a live drummer enhancing the already thumping beat, and house DJ’s, Steve Hatton and Dale Shoemaker were blowing up the giant lighted dance floor at Burgundy’s, for years. But before there were discos there

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“The stage isn’t big enough to fit Roger’s drum kit.” 10 88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x radio.com • The New Breed Of Rock

FridaY NighT



9914 Old US 42, Union, KY 41091 www.facebook.com/FowlersCreekTavern?fref=ts

was a funky little club in Clifton; Reflections. Myths abound now from those times, but I was there and lived it, and so will attempt to set the record straight.

The first big fallacy is that Queen played there on their first tour. Nope, never did. But, it’s a very interesting story behind it. Queen was booked there. Their manager did show up the morning, the day before the show. He came in and announced in his British bravado that: “The stage isn’t big enough to fit Roger’s drum kit.” He demanded that the stage be extended another six feet into the dance floor below. No problem, we could do that. He also demanded that a second band room be installed below the upstairs one because: “We don’t want the opening band to use our facilities”. No problem. We can do that. Plumbers, electricians and carpenters were called in and work proceeded all day and all through the next day. The stage was nearing completion. The bathroom facilities were completed. All was good with the world. That is, until said British tour manager arrived around 6pm the night before the scheduled concert. In all his British bravado he once again bellowed: “The stage is still not big enough…We are not going to play”. There proceeded to be much grousing by the management staff at the club. The consensus was: “Fine…We’ll just cancel the show or get someone else”. That “someone else” was in Cleveland and had a night off from their own tour. During a hastily placed phone call, they said it would be no problem and we would see them the next night. So there you have it. Queen never did play. Peter Banks, the former Yes guitarist, had just left the band to form his Flash. They played and captivated everybody. Now of course we know that “other band’ went on to even larger fame. We did always wonder one thing though, did the members of Queen ever know the circumstances as to why the concert was canceled?

Reflections went on to present some bands in their early infancy that went on to later repute. Aerosmith played there on their first tour. Same with a guy named Bruce Springsteen. Bands like Genesis, Yes, Ambrosia, ZZ Top, Jo Jo Gunne and many others were featured there. Even Cincinnati’s own “The Raisins” performed there in full baseball uniform regalia.

Cheech and Chong did their entire first album in a live performance…more on that in a moment.

First a little story about that little ‘ole band from Texas. ZZ Top had just released their first album, Rio Grande Mud. They were booked sight unseen. Word of mouth was enough to make the staff realize that, yes, we must book this act immediately! ZZ Top came on with just a simple announcement (no name, no nothing): “Ladies and gentlemen…A little ‘ole band from Texas”. From the first note everybody stopped what they were doing. All conversation stopped. All eyes went to the stage. Yes, they were that mesmerizing. The stereo, not mono…STEREO, sound that emanated from the stage that night had never been heard before. Guitar notes pinging back and forth. Sound as pure as you could hope for. At that time, great club PA systems were still in their infancy. I can still remember the sheer musical joy I felt that night. Later ZZ Top would return to Burgundy’s for an after show party that started a new legend about a limo, the Genius of Water on Fountain Square and a cop on a horse, but that story is for another day… The comedy team of Cheech and Chong were also booked at Reflections. If you’ve heard their first album, Big Bamboo, you know the material. “Sister Mary Elephant”, “the dogs Herb and Frank sniffing each others butts”, “Dave’s not here”, all the timeless classics. I was sitting in the front row of the elevated portion behind the dance floor. I was laughing so hard that I was about to get sick, or stop breathing. I couldn’t stop laughing and it was now hurting. Just when I was able to breathe they did something else that made me convulse in pain and laughter. Ah, what a memory. Did I tell you the one about the legendary MC5 at The Ludlow Garage? We’ll save that for a later installment.

These articles are from the recollections of someone who was actually present and stone sober. If you remember it differently… maybe you weren’t there…

ZZ TOp played in the early infancy at Reflections

During their first tour, Aerosmith made a pit stop at Reflections

Bruce Sprinsteen also played at Reflections

Freeeeeee Biiiiiirrrrrrrrrd!

By: J i m S h o e

It happens at hundreds of live shows in every state. The musicians pause and from out of the crowd someone yells it out: “Free Bird”!

Be it bar bands or headliners, no one is immune. The story of how and why FREE BIRD has become as much a part of a band’s concert experience as the laser lights or groupies, can be traced back to just a couple of individuals.

“Free Bird” is a song by Florida’s own Lynyrd Skynyrd. It appeared on the band’s debut album in 1973 and was released as a single in November 1974. “Free Bird” became the band’s second Top 40 hit where it peaked at No. 19. A live version of the song also reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1977 (No. 38). The song became a staple for Skynyrd during their live shows. The band would consistently play it as the last song of every show, and it quickly became the group’s magnum opus. It has become a staple of classic rock radio. WMWX (89.1 ClassX) radio station owner Bill Spry, calls it ‘the most-requested song in the history of rock and roll’. “Free Bird” is included in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll, and ranks number 193 in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. In 2009 it was named the 26th best hard rock song of all time by VH1. Free Bird also achieved the No. 3 spot on Guitar World’s 100 Greatest Guitar Solos. Initially, fans shouting for “Free Bird” came about directly from Lynyrd Skynyrd themselves. Their first live album, 1976’s “One More from the Road”, was recorded over two days at Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta. On the recording, for their second encore, vocalist Ronnie Van Zant can be heard asking the crowd,

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12 88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x radio.com • The New Breed Of Rock

“What song is it you wanna hear?” which was immediately followed by shouts of “Free Bird”. Van Zant went on to work the crowd by asking again, ‘What song?” making the crowd call again and again before saying, “I heard it that time,” as the beautiful piano intro begins. A small portion of the interaction was left on the album as an introduction to the song, and fans have called for the track at every Skynyrd show since. Here is something that might surprise you. Brady Bunch mom, Florence Henderson, is also (indirectly) to blame. I’ll explain. Back in the mid-80s, Henderson had a concert scheduled in Chicago where radio jock Kevin Matthews worked. Matthews encouraged his listeners, ‘the KevHeads’, to torment Henderson by calling for “Free Bird” between her songs, “to break up the monotony.” But even he bemoans the decline of “Free bird” etiquette. “It was never meant to Kevin Matthews be yelled at a cool concert -- it was meant to be yelled at someone really lame,” he says. “If you’re going to yell ‘Free bird,’ yell ‘Free bird’ at a Jim Nabors concert.”

Elayne Boosler wondering why the audience is shouting ‘reverb’ to the greeting card depiction of a drunk with a lighter requesting the song from wedding musicians, to the organist for the Chicago White Sox playing it during the 7th inning stretch.

Calling for the song has lost its original comedic feeling and is now perpetuated only by the overindulged and those who are terminally two-steps behind cool. Audiences have become as tired as the performers of the inevitable yell, which is little comfort for those who work a microphone from a stage.

“It (Free Bird) was never meant to be yelled at a cool concert - it was meant to be yelled at someone really lame.”

According to author Mitch Myers, yelling “Free Bird” would have become little more than a fan-to-band ritual for Skynyrd Nation, if not for one man’s self-assigned mission: rock music fan Adam Coil. For over 25 years Coil had attended hundreds of concerts with the express purpose of waiting for the perfect moment to become ‘that guy’. He is truly the type of person that puts the ‘ATIC’ in the word ‘FAN’. In his book, “The Boy Who Cried Freebird”, Meyers described a little of Adam Coil’s motivations for those who want to know more.

What started as a solitary pursuit quickly spread past what one man could ever achieve. Like the lone believer who scrawled JOHN 3:16 and sat in the end zone during NFL telecasts eventually morphed into a movement of copycats followed by parodies that corrupted the original intent. As a result, the shout-out for ‘Free Bird’ has forever been changed from inside joke to tired cliché.

What do the surviving members of Skynyrd think of it all? Ronnie’s brother, Johnny Van Zant, who took over as the band’s singer told the Wall Street Journal, “it’s not an insult at all -- I think it’s kind of cool. Its fun and people are doing it in a fun way. That’s what music’s supposed to be about.”

Van Zant also added his own confession: Persuaded by his wife to see Cher in Jacksonville, he couldn’t resist yelling “Freebird” himself. “My wife is going, ‘Stop! Stop!’ ”he recalled laughing. “I embarrassed the Hell out of her.”

free bird

Brady Bunch mom, Florence Henderson

From music’s archive to radio prank to fan zeal, “Free Bird” has gone viral and will forever hold a place in rock and roll history.

free bird

“Free bird” moments have now invaded the national consciousness -- from baffled comedian

13 88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x radio.com • The New Breed Of Rock

Comedian Elayne Boosler

Radio, LAW & Media

Our Founding Fathers created, in our government, the checks and balances of the three branches of government: executive, legislative and judiciary. As an attorney, active observer and student of the political theater, I’m engaged in all three branches. As our country evolved, the “fourth branch” of our country formed: the press/media. This “branch” of our government kept the other three honest and in line. Can you By: Eric Deters imagine politicians without fear of mass publication of their conduct, both personal and official? Well, now you can. Despite an abysmal record across the board, both domestic and foreign, 50% plus of those voting reelected Barack Obama. The combination of these voters only being concerned about what the federal government is doing for them and the press/media running interference on the reality of the facts, created the environment to allow the re-election of the President. The President, his team, and his party knew his record makes no difference. How do we fight the reality newspapers, networks, and their multi-media platforms, which reach these 50 plus one voters, throw

in with the President and his party. It’s nearly impossible. I learned years ago the power of the media and I’ve recently learned the power of networking in law. The public is enamored with medical issues, law enforcement, pop culture and law. Simply review all the television shows covering one or all of these topics. When you battle “goliath” like I do every day, it helps that “goliath” knows the “fourth branch” has an interest in the story. Yet, there are even issues here. In the past year, I have filed two newsworthy cases against two of our area’s hospitals, who (based upon their advertising spending habits) succeeded in there not being a single story on either case. So, I shifted gears. I utilized social media to allow the stories to spread. It’s my belief that social media/interest has become and will become the great equalizer on media matters. Having a radio microphone is a responsibility. It’s one I take very serious. It’s also an advantage to be a member of the media. At the same time, I’m informing, inspiring and entertaining, I also know I’m doing well with the advantage I have. Thank you ClassX .

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Gentle Dental Care Gives Back

Dr. Tara Dallmann and her Gentle Dental Care staff have been in Northern Kentucky for over 15 years and feel grateful to be a part of such an awesome community. Gentle Dental Care continues to participate in the Donated Dental Services program because Dr. Dallmann has a special place in her heart for people that just cannot get ahead. They have donated in access of $100,000 over the years through this wonderful program but know that the wait through this agency can be over 2 years at times. The entire staff has been touched in some way by the economic downturn and understands patients who are worried about paying for healthcare along with bills. Prior to leaving for Christmas break, Dr. Dallmann and her team were brainstorming about ways to give back to the community and this is when the idea came to them that they should have a Gentle Dental Care Gives Back contest. Over the years Dr. Dallmann has come across many people with heartbreaking circumstances which prevented them from going to the dentist on a regular basis. Embarrassment and shame had kept

them from living a normal life, until Dr. Dallmann and her team changed their lives by changing their smile. Through the years, these patients have gained confidence that they did not have prior to their smile transformation and in turn were able to get better jobs and or promotions that before were not an option. Dr. Dallmann and her team desperately need your help!! Do you know of anyone that deserves a smile makeover? Someone that because of their circumstances has not been able to afford desperately needed dental work. This could be you or someone you know. Please write an essay explaining why you feel this person deserves/needs a makeover and please attach a photo. Dr. Dallmann and her staff will select a winner whom they feel particularly understand the value of good oral health but, until now has been unable to afford significant dental care. This is just one small way the team at Gentle Dental Care can give back to the Northern Kentucky Community that has been so good to them since 1997.

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Call of the By: J i m S h o e

He’s back! After more than 25 years on the radio and with the completion of a six-month contractual hiatus, ‘WILDMAN’ Walker is back on the air, courtesy of Cincinnati’s original rebel, Bill Spry of 89.1 FM ClassX Radio. “Why wouldn’t I bring WILDMAN to ClassX’? Spry asked,” He is a legendary personality in this town. We are honored to have him!”. Walker is on the air Monday-Friday from 4-6 PM talking sports and mixing in classic rock songs throughout his show. “I’ve got the best of both worlds now,” Walker crowed,” I get to talk to all my old fans, plus my sponsors all followed me to ClassX, and now I get to play all my favorite rock music during my show! It’s incredible,” he enthused. Wildman is as much a Cincinnati original as the chili his hometown is known for, and maybe just as popular. The first thing we had to clear up was the name: Wildman Walker. “Well that’s easy, it was my CB handle back in the 70’s craze!” he revealed. Throughout his career Wildman has been identified with the teams he loves: The Reds, Bengals, Cyclones and U.C. “I love this town Jim, always have, and I don’t care who knows it”, he said. When his son was born, there was only one choice for a name, “Pete” he proudly proclaimed,” named for the greatest Red ever!” In fact, his devotion to the Reds led to his discovery as a potential radio talent. “I have always gone to the stadium to watch the Reds play and I like to talk sports with people,” he said, “So back in ’83, I’m at Riverfront and a buddy points out the Boss Groover (Michael Luczak) from WEBN. I go over and introduce myself to him, cause I had been calling his show to discuss the Browns and the J. Giels Band and Rock & Roll for a long while”, Wildman continued,” It was Luczak who lobbied for me over at 102.7, to get air-time.” According to Wildman, Michael Luczak recognized that WEBN had become stale and had lost touch with the people and communities that had propelled them to their number one ranking. Luczak felt that while untrained, Wildman was just the shot of realism the station desperately

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needed. What began as a part-time gig covering sports press conferences, blossomed into full time membership on what would go on to become the number one rated morning show. And so the legend, myths, and stories began. “Ohhh Jimmy I have stories, how much time we got,” Wildman laughed. When asked about his worst gig he ever did, Wildman tells about agreeing to sit in every seat in Riverfront Stadium. “They send me down there, I have no clue how long we’re talking when I agree to go. I end up living in the visitor’s locker room for 10 days!’ During the day, Wildman literally went around the stadium and in a precursor to his gig on ClassX Radio, did the UP ONE / DOWN ONE thing. “I would sit down, get up, take a step, and back down,” he said. “But the Reds would not turn on the lights, so at dark each day I had to quit and go the locker room, because I was supposed to stay there till every seat had been done.” Wildman has been honored by the Mayor with a ‘Key to the City’ and his philanthropic deeds have helped to set attendance records. He once bet Cyclone’s defenseman, Dallas Eakins, that if Eakins scored 6 goals during the season, Wildman would publicly shave Wildman & Kinison his long hair at a future game. “I thought I was safe, Dallas had never scored 6 goals in his career,” he continued,” Well, within a week, Eakins scored in six games! The entire team started feeding him the puck and I think the other squads played him soft”. So true to his word, Wildman sat at center ice during halftime to have his head shorn. “10,299 fans turned out to watch,” Wildman said,” it’s still to this day the largest crowd to attend a Cyclones game”! His most famous stunt was in agreeing to ascend a billboard overlooking the city, with the vow to stay until the 1991 Bengals finally won a game. He climbed up in October and stayed…and stayed…..and stayed. Sixtyone straight days in the fall, outdoors, in Cincinnati. “You grew up here, you know how the weather is, man I got it all, it was 85 degrees, then I got soaked by a storm, and of course it snowed too” Wildman revealed. “But it was actually cool,” he continued,” restaurants delivered my meals three times a day, they had a bucket and would rope-it-up to me, and the station had put a port-a-potty up there for me. I did remote broadcasts from there too”. In a move that would forever seal their friendship, it was the Bengals Eric Thomas that made it possible for Wildman to come back down. “E.T. broke the Brown’s field goal coverage to block their go-ahead kick with no time left in the game and give the Bengal’s their first win,” Wildman said,” Sam Wyche gave me the game ball too, I still have it!” Everywhere he goes, and he still goes out a lot, Wildman will have someone ask him about driving his 1974 Ford Granada to the 86 NFL Superbowl game, in yet another station stunt that did not work out as planned. “Me, Rick Bird from EBN and these two guys that won the contest load up and head out, driving our way to California for the game,’ Wildman said. “So we make it as far as Vegas, and right in front of the Flamingo, BOOM! My car just dies and we’re done”! Luckily for Wildman, the station stepped-up and flew them on to LA for the game and flew them back to Cincinnati too. “I got a million stories I could tell about the good, bad and ugly secrets that a lot of famous people would rather forget. You see me somewhere checking out a band or game, ask me, I’ll tell you some,” he promised. Wildman can be found on many nights at a local

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Weather Lights By: J i m S h o e

Few restaurants in Northern Kentucky boast a better view of the tri-state than the 360. What? You say you have never heard of it? Well, I’ll bet you have seen it!

The 360, also know as the Radisson, sits at the bottom of the cut-in-the-hill, rising above the river and towering over downtown Covington and the Brent Spence Bridge. Depending on who you ask, you might also hear it called: ThreeSixty, Riverview 360 or if you kick it ‘old-school’, The Revolving Restaurant. Part of the lack of name recognition can be traced to the fact that during its 40-year-history, the building has housed three different hotels: the Quality Inn and the Clarion before becoming the Radisson.

The Radisson helps inform NKY

in the daylight; it is spectacular at night! The award-winning restaurant is one of the top ‘100 romantic restaurants’ in the United States.

Northern Kentuckians that are in the know, book reservations early for the 4th. of July and Labor Day weekend. There is simply not a nicer, more comfortable place to be part of the river festivities than sitting in the cool restaurant. The front row, unique view of the Rozzi fireworks display is fantastic! After the show, the ability to leisurely stroll down to your room to finish

The restaurant’s name pays homage to the fact that the entire restaurant can make a complete 360 degree rotation at the pace of about once per hour.

Sitting high atop the 18th floor of the Radisson Cincinnati Riverfront Hotel, in Covington Ky, it is a throw back to the time of the late 60s - 70s, when the concept of a revolving restaurant was considered to be chic and part of the wave of the future. The 360 is one of only a handful to still be in operation and is the largest revolving restaurant located east of Las Vegas. The view encompasses the Northern Kentucky hills, the downtown skylines and the river. As impressive as it can be

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your holiday while avoiding congested expressways, is to cop a TV commercial phrase: priceless!

As one of the nation’s few remaining revolving restaurants, 360 still offers the most amazing views of the Cincinnati skyline and the Ohio River as well as an outstanding menu and first-class service. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion with family or just enjoying a night out with friends, ThreeSixty is the place to create and celebrate great memories.

Just as you’ve seen the restaurant but did not know much more about it, have you also noticed the lights that line the 360’s outside perimeter? They are not just there to provide added restaurant atmosphere, but in fact are tied into the Kentucky atmosphere! The ‘weather-lights’ also hearken back to a time before 24/7 cable stations and the Internet. As archaic as it may seem to a generation raised in a world of instant communication, the lights served as an important way to alert Kentuckians as to what to expect from the skies, in the days before meteorologists, like ClassX Radio’s Rich Apuzzo, offered alerts via his SKYEYE service (http://www.skyeye-

weather. com)

been a heat advisory or warning declared. Stay cool and hydrated.

Green Solid Lights; When the lights

Blue Tracing Lights; When the lights

are solid green at the top of the Radisson Hotel, it’s a beautiful day and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

Orange Solid Lights; When the lights

are solid orange at the top of the Radisson Hotel, it’s hot. Not too hot, but definitely hotter than usual.

Red Tracing Lights; When the lights

are red and tracing across the top of the Radisson Hotel, it means we are under a storm warning. At this time you should tune in to the news to find out where the warnings are and whether you are affected.

Red Solid Lights; When the lights are

red and solid across the top of the Radisson Hotel, it means severe weather is imminent.

are blue and tracing across the top of the Radisson Hotel, we are under a winter storm warning. Expect snow, sleet and cold.

360 Great Food.

Great Views. Great Memories.

Blue Solid Lights; When the lights are

Tuesday - Saturday 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm Sunday Brunch 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Closed Sunday Dinner & Monday

Orange Tracing Lights; When the

The 360 is located at: 668 West Fifth Street Covington, KY 41011

solid blue at the top of the Radisson Hotel, it’s cold. Be sure to grab a jacket and try to stay warm.

lights are orange and they’re tracing across the top of the Radisson Hotel, there has

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Sammy Hagar

Fans of Sammy Hagar, known as ‘Redheads’, are the subject of an upcoming documentary. ‘The United States of Cabo’ is currently in production and is due out in 2014.


ASIA has announced that guitarist Steve Howe has decided to leave the group, in order to concentrate on his other projects and his work in YES. Announcements regarding Howe’s replacement, the group’s 2013 schedule, and the release of new material will be coming soon.

Thin Lizzy Def Leppard

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen has just launched a new organization to help U.S. veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The Raven Drum Foundation will hold ‘Warrior Gatherings’ at Def Leppard shows in the U.S. to provide support. More info at: www.ravendrumfoundation.org

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Thin Lizzy will change their name to “Black Star Riders” with the release of a new album. The album is due for release in May.

The Scorpions

Three years after they said they were calling it quits, The Scorpions have just announced that they are not retiring after all. The band is also planning a new album.


The super-group Snakecharmer is now releasing their first album this year, it is self titled and they are planning a worldwide tour to support it. Info at: snakecharmer.org

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M i c k y M o o dy ( o f Snakecharmer)

Continued From pg 15 tavern watching a band play. “Oh man, I have

himself on, and the things he will reveal no one will want to miss”! Wildman’s show on ClassX radio has picked up where he left off six months ago, with plans to ride in the Opening Day parade, taking lucky listeners’ out to some concerts with him, and his latest online petition to have his fans Anna Kathman, the intern contribute $1.00 each to send him out to Goodyear Arizona to report on the Red’s spring training, as the only radio representative to make the trip. The WILDMAN Walker show can be streamed world-wide at www. classxradio.com. The station also has free phone apps available by searching ClassX Radio in the App Centers. Wildman is on the air weekdays, from 4-6 pm at 88.9 and 89.1 FM, ClassX Radio, The New Breed of Rock.

Moody Blues


seen so many good shows; tons of great memories,” he continued,’ I’ve seen a who’s-who of rock-n-roll; from The Beatles (2x) and The Stones, to Zeppelin both nights in 77, to The Who show in 79”. “In fact the only ones I have missed are Elvis and Bowie”. Wildman has also become as much a part of the fabric of ‘Opening Day’ as the parade itself. “I have the record for attendance over any other media personality in Cincinnati,” he revealed,” I have not missed a game since 1967, so I even got Marty Brennaman beat (1974)”. “I have attended every All-Star game held here and every local World Series game since the 70’s,” He proudly proclaimed. “I haven’t changed, not really,’ Wildman said,” I’ve always gone to concerts and games, and unlike all these other station DJ’s that only go out if someone pays them, I do it because I love it.” In a town that has all but lost any creative radio spark, it is refreshing to tune-in to listen to Wildman and his drive-time crew (Anna Kathman) banter with ‘Sports-Rockers’ and celebrity guests. During his first few shows, Wildman has fielded welcome back calls from Jerry Lucas, Eric Thomas, UC coach Tommy Tubberville, and Cyclones head Coach Jarrod Skalde, and has had most of the TV sports reporters on too. “Stay tuned,” Wildman promised,” when the time is right, I’ll have Pete (Rose)

A box for a Moody Blues show at the O2 Arena in London has sold for $60,000! The sale was made during a charity auction in Barbados in aid of the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust. The money will go towards raising funds for the Trust, which built ‘Sunshine Village’ on the island. The Village is a facility for less privileged children which aims to improve the lives of children with physical or learning difficulties.

Anthrax will release a new EP on March 19th featuring a cover of RUSH’s Anthem as well as covers of classic rock tunes by AC/DC, Journey, Boston, Thin Lizzy and Cheap Trick.

Alice in Chains

Alice in Chains have announced some new tour dates in support of their, as-yet-untitled album, which is set to be released sometime this year. The tour kicks off April 25 at the Fillmore in Miami Beach, Florida. So far no gigs in the Tri-State but even more dates are to be announced soon.

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FOOD hussy www.thefoodhussy.com

Gittin’ LOVEY DOVEY in Northern Kentucky!


hat’s right kids – it’s February, the LOVE month, Valentine’s Day. It’s the time when couples buy silly gifts, like a wooden rose (yes – it’s in a vase in my kitchen) and single people cry about how lonely they are over bottles of wine. Nobody will ever love them. Oh isn’t this fun?! That said – you just might want a cozy spot to have a Valentine’s Dinner anytime you and your loved one need it, and if you do, I have a few ideas for you!


738 York St, Newport, KY 859.261.9675


512 Madison Ave, Covington, KY 859.291.1484

This place has been voted “Best First Date” restaurant, a If you’re looking for something unique, head to Riverside number of times. It’s cozy and yet bustling. The tables are for some of the best authentic Korean you’ll find in the trivery tight, though private. There are tchotchkes everywhere. state area. Get a table on the floor, pop off your shoes and If your date is boring you, there will be plenty of interesting play a little footsie under the table. Let me tell you, if you’ve things to look at. Our hands-down favorite dish is the York never had Bi Bim Bap in a stone bowl you have no idea Street Fresh Catch. My favorite is when it’s served with what you’re missing! The rice gets crispy from the stone Halibut and encrusted with spinach & artichokes. They serve Bonbonerie desserts and there’s one more special thing, the art gallery on the third floor! When my husband and I went up, the lights were all off. Rather than to ask them to turn them on, we used specials my flash camera to see what the pieces $ 3 areas for 99 of art were! It was fun and romantic $ 5 areas for 159 wandering in a dark gallery and seeing We get the dirt other cleaners leave behind! Custom Clean has been serving the Northern KY area for over 23 the surprise of the art in our camera. years. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and offer a deep down steam clean that is truly second to none. We can help you clean your hardwood, tile & grout, upholstery and we even offer a 24 hour water extraction emergency service.

We also do auto Detailing!

We are a small local business and we get our supplies from a vendor here in Kentucky, so support your small local business's and their families.

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bowl. The meat is marinated and so flavorful. The veggies are crisp and the egg just brings it all together. Heaven in a stone bowl!


616 Main St, Covington, KY 859.916.5511

yum! yum!

Located in the heart of Mainstrasse. This is fun because of the dessert at the end. If you’re there for lunch try a light salad or sandwich. For dinner, try some of Chef Nicola’s scallops. But no matter when you go, be sure to save room for dessert. When you finish, head up front and share a big ol’ cup of the best gelato in NKY, with your sweetie!

#4 360 AT THE RADISSON 668 W 5th St, Covington, KY 859.491.5300

If your weeknight life is too hectic for some romance with the loved one, have Sunday brunch! Every Sunday from 10am-2pm, head to the revolving restau-

rant (yes that one) and enjoy brunch ($19.95 for adults). There are stations for omelets, carving and crepes, as well as the buffet that includes shrimp, eggs, fried chicken and a whole lot more! Plus – there’s dessert. How can you go wrong? In just one hour you can see the whole view of the city. Take it slow, enjoy the view and try to recognize the places below that you and your love have visited over the years!

#5 REALITY TUESDAY CAFE 1518 Dixie Highway, Park Hills, KY 859.261.4939

Maybe it’s a new relationship and you’re not so sure about it. Maybe it’s just not to the “date NIGHT pressure” stage, yet. If that’s the case, you might just want coffee and a cupcake. Well guess what? NKY has that too! I’m about to bust out of my Weight Watchers jail just thinking about their White Chocolate Cheesecake! They’re open until 10pm, so you can still have a date night with a little less pressure. If none of these trip your trigger there is always the White Castle in Covington! They have linens and flowers to make it special every Valentine’s Day! (Ladies, if he takes you there you might want to re-think that whole thing.) Here’s to gettin’ lovey-dovey in Northern Kentucky with the Food Hussy!

Great108 An oldies station @ 107.9FM. WGIO Independence 21 88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x radio.com • The New Breed Of Rock

the Want

More from

FOOD hussy?

visit her blog at: www.thefoodhussy.com


AHC FOUNDATION By: A l l i s o n S c h m i d t


t was just hours after birth, on August 28, 2009, when baby Austin, son of proud parents Eric and Mollie, experienced some alarming and irregular eye movements which were suspected to be indicative of a seizure. He was immediately sent to NICU where he was subjected to several tests in an attempt to verify a diagnosis of epilepsy. It was a scary time for his family, but all tests came back “normal” and doctors could find no evidence that a seizure had occurred. After five days of observation and testing, Austin’s very relieved parents were finally able to take him home.

Unfortunately, over the next several weeks, the irregular eye movements continued sporadically as did abnormal posturing of the head and neck. His little body would randomly become rigid and

We are seeking On-air talent tO WOrk On-air shifts! Weekend slots available, weekday daytime and evening slots available. Always wanted to be on the air. If you have the talent, we have the time. Free training.

Call 513-436-0089.

is also seeking rock writers!

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his actions often appeared involuntary. This was quite alarming to his parents. They began to videotape these instances in order to demonstrate to Austin’s doctor, the specifics of what they were seeing. Once presented with the visual information, his pediatrician suggested that a neurologist review the videotape and symptoms.

Initially, Austin’s diagnosis was Nystagmus, an eye movement condition. However, his team of doctors felt certain that something else was behind his mysterious symptoms. Then, at approximately five months of age, intermittent paralysis plagued one side of his body, further complicating the situation. As a result, he was referred to a neuro-opthomologist in hopes of getting a complete diagnosis. After examining Austin, the videotapes, and speaking with the parents, Austin’s doctor diagnosed him with Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC). After researching the symptoms and problems associated with AHC, his parents agreed with the new diagnosis. Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood is an extremely rare, neurological disorder in which repeated, transient attacks of hemiplegia (paralysis of a portion of the body, including the face) occur, usually affecting one side of the body or the other, or both sides of the body at once. It ranges from simple numbness in an extremity to a full loss of feeling and movement. The attacks may last for minutes, hours or even days and are normally relieved by sleep. Mollie described a typical episode for Austin as “fine one minute, playing with his brother and sister. Then, seconds later, he is completely paralyzed. At this point, he is not able to eat, drink, and has difficulty

& AUSTIN swallowing, which can lead to choking. This usually lasts for up to 7 days. It is extremely scary for everyone involved.” AHC episodes are often associated with triggers that precede or induce the attack and appear to have a sensory component. These may include; but, are not limited to environmental conditions (odors as well as temperature extremes), exposure to water,

“[Austin] is fine one minute, playing with his brother and sister. Then, seconds later, he is completely paralyzed. At this point, he is not able to eat, drink, and has difficulty swallowing – which can lead to choking. This usually lasts for up to 7 days. It is extremely scary for everyone involved.” M o l l i e , A u s t i n ’ s m o t h e r

physical activities (exercise, swinging), lighting, foods (chocolate, food dye), emotional response (anxiety, fright, or stress), fatigue, and even some medications. Inconsistent and unpredictable, symptoms of AHC vary in children. From a lack of muscle tone, stiffening of the extremities, and ataxia (lack of coordination when performing voluntary movements), to eye disorders, developmental delays, and seizures. One can only imagine the daily challenges faced by children with

Open Monday through Saturday from 6 AM until 4 PM.


11173 US Route 52 S., Brookville, IN 47012 Call Us Now: (765) 647-4151 Full-service Body Shop capable of repairing any make or model AND estimates are


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Jim True Ford Inc. has been in operation since March of 2007. Located in Brookville, Indiana Jim True Ford is proud to offer a full line of quality Ford vehicles. We have something for everyone. Stop in and see us. With on-the-spot financing, you could drive away in your new car, truck or SUV today!

We look forward to serving you!

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AHC and their families. Currently the cause of and a cure for AHC is unknown. In addition, medicinal treatment options are extremely limited. The medication Flunarizine (trade name: Sibelium), is a calcium channel blocker and has shown some effectiveness in reducing the severity, intensity and/or duration of paralytic episodes, but even that is not an effective treatment in all cases.

A diagnosis of Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood is only given to an estimate 1 in 1,000,000 children with approximately 800 confirmed cases, the rarity of the disorder results in no government funding and does not garner interest from pharmaceutical companies. Quite simply, it would not be profitable for a business to invest in research to develop a cure or treatment for a disease that affects so few children.

Until meeting Austin’s mother, Mollie, I had never heard of AHC. We became acquainted when The Schmidt That Matters promoted a contest, supporting her efforts to win funding on behalf of the AHC Foundation for research to find a cure for the disease. Her dedication to her child as well as commitment to help all families affected by the disorder was inspiring. As a diagnosis of Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood is only given to an estimate 1 in 1,000,000 children with approximately 800 confirmed cases, the rarity of the disorder results in no government funding and does not garner interest from pharmaceutical companies. Quite simply, it would not be profitable for a business to invest in research to develop a cure or treatment for a disease that affects so few children. However, the true incidence of the disorder could be higher as mis-diagnosis is likely due to the lack of public awareness, education for pediatricians and the variability of its clinical features. But, for families like

ning now, Start your pleanDa 13 Rare Diseas gy 20 in m co is

rediseaseday/ storify.com/ra anning-nowpl rou t-y ar st y-is-coming da eas ise -d re ra

Austin’s, the need for treatment is critical. As his mother expressed to me, “it is miserable watching your son suffer and not being able to do a darn thing about it!” And, she is not alone. As a result, the AHC Foundation (www.ahckids.org) was created as an organization of families who work tirelessly in their communities to raise awareness and funding on behalf of their children.

Because of the efforts of Mollie and Others, the outlook for this disorder is improving! With the help of a $250,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant, won through a community voting campaign, the AHC Foundation partnered with both Duke University and the University of Utah. Funding allowed for genetic testing and research that led to the discovery of a gene mutation (ATP1A3) directly responsible for some cases of AHC. There are likely other genes that contribute to the cause of AHC as well. And, with an identification of causes comes the most important aspect: treatment, possibly even a CURE for this disease. Since his initial diagnosis, Austin’s

No Matter Who You Are, There Are Times And Circumstances Which Require An Approach Only A BulldOg Can Provide.

Mollie, Austin’s mother

We will work smart and fight hard to both win your case and/or maximize its value at settlement or trial. If it is a criminal matter, we will do the same to win your case or minimize punishment. This is our job and our promise to you. As your legal matter proceeds, we will also keep you informed and be responsive to your questions, issues and concerns. Our goal is to make you so happy, you are a repeat customer and refer family, friends and co-workers to our firm. Thank you for your trust. As always, you can personally call, text or email me 24/7. (859) 250-2527 eric@ericdeters.com WWW.ErICdETErS.COM

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mother explained that his attacks of paralysis have become for more funding to support research and the development of much more frequent and severe. They typically occur every treatments is critical. two to three weeks and last an average of three to four days; I am often asked why I started “The Schmidt That Mathowever, they can last up to 7 days. The severity of the attacks ters.” My intention was to promote and support a variety of varies greatly from a single limb to full body paralysis. He causes and families in our community. Austin’s story is an takes medication that example of why. Awareness is must be legally obtained the key. We can all do “somethrough Canada as it is thing.” There are SO many not FDA-approved in opportunities to help Austin the United States. Moland other children diagnosed lie explained that while with AHC as well as provide Mania Fundraiser for March Madness it has proven helpful to encouragement and support for reduce the length and Visit their families. From promotseverity of his attacks, it www.charitymania.com/give/Y3001 ing awareness and education has not eliminated them. to buy an eticket through social media (Facebook Almost 3 years old, and Twitter – it only takes This will give you Austin is still unable to a moment to share a status $20 in music downloads walk; but, he is absoupdate about the AHCF or reand a chance to win anywhere from lutely determined to do tweet) to participating in and 30-$2000!! so. He wants to be able sustaining the many creative efto play with his older forts to raise funds by the AHC brother and sister, have Foundation. In fact, an upcomfun independently and ing March Madness promotion eventually go to school, through Charity Mania (https://www.charitymania. com/give/ without limitations by his neurological disorder. If the attacks Y3001) will be a fun and inexpensive way to Make Schmidt can be eliminated or even more reduced, his development will Happen for the cause. Not only will your donation earn you only progress. He will be able to live as normal a life as posfree music and book downloads, but you can also win up to sible. Isn’t that what ALL children deserve? Hence, the need $2000…simply by supporting a deserving, charitable organi-

How You can Help

zation, dedicated to improving the quality of life for children with Alternating Hemiplegia!

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Dr. Kenneth Silver, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology at the University of Chicago, who treats patients with AHC, has expressed that with the gene mutation now pinpointed, research is just waiting on funding to get started. First, researchers must start with animal trials to construct a drug that targets the mutation, and then begin human trials. Again, the common theme is the need for funding. Perhaps a post on the AHCF Facebook page expressed it best, “Many people donate to charities and WE need to make Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood their charity of choice. WE need to raise awareness and spread the word of how this discovery will affect and change our children’s lives. It starts with OUR family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and then shared with THEIR family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and so on. The research is only as good as the funding and support behind it.” According to Mollie, “despite his obstacles, Austin’s spirit remains bright! He is always laughing and genuinely loves life.” His positive attitude is clearly inspired by his mother’s commitment to helping him and her passion to serve others in the AHC community. And, WE are fortunate to have the opportunity to support them. This is the Schmidt That Matters.

www.ahckids.org “LIKE” them on FACEBOOK “FOLLOW” them on TWITTER For more information email mollie@ahckids.org.

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Motor M “Ain’t That A Shame?” ’m a middle aged car guy so I have seen a lot of car trends and fads that have come and gone. Some have returned and some have faded away forever, for good reason. The most alarming trend of late is one that has me concerned. It will forever change the make up of American culture as a whole. Specifically the car culture, that has become as much a part of Americana as Baseball and yes, apple pie.


Recent reports show that an increasing number of young people are not showing interest in automobiles. An incredible nineteen percent of kids, ages sixteen to nineteen, are simply not excited about getting a drivers license! I remember the day I turned sixteen. I had already taken my temporary permit test and put the finishing touches on my Chevelle. I could not wait to get out and get seen and that’s exactly what me

and my buddies did. It was a coming of age, a rite of passage. It was common to see Nova’s, Mach 1’s, Barracuda’s and a host of other cool cars pounding the pavement around the Tri-State. Back in the seventies and eighties, some cars needing minor repairs could be picked up for a thousand bucks! A Saturday night special with glass-pack mufflers, air shocks and fat tires, a set of chrome wheels and a good stereo and you were good to cruise the strip, Frisch’s, McDonalds, the Drive in. Of course, it was all about horse power and quarter mile Mention ClassX to get a Free 8x10 times back then. You could be cool driving just about anything with a set of www.stevensphotographyllc.net Cragers on it. A

26 88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x radio.com • The New Breed Of Rock

lot of us drove our cars to work Monday through Friday, cruised the strip on Friday and Saturday nights and then to the drag strip on Sunday. From the post war era into the early nineties, a cool old car was a daily driver for many of us. They were all different and unique in their own way; they were an extension of who you were and how others identified you. I remember meeting people for the first time and they would say, “You’re the guy with the Road Runner right”? So what happened? Why are the majority of these old cars reserved for Sunday drives and car shows? How has the American car culture changed?

By: Jimmy B

Well, I think the shift is the result of several factors. The insurance crunch in the early seventies put an end to performance and muscle car production for decades. As a result, the availability began to shrink. At the same time, the Japanese car market was expanding in the US and with the gas crisis and economic downturns in the US, these cars became attractive. The old car market suffered as a result. Competition was at its peak in the eighties. Car manufacturers were focused on building cars cheap and affordable. Our lives were so busy that a two door coupe was no longer feasible for the average family. The hemi Coronet that my Mother took her license exam in was not the car that you would put a soccer mom sticker on. However, that would be the coolest today. The late nineties was an adaption period. Asian performance was growing overseas and the performance parts market exploded. It made go fast parts cheap for Asian cars. For the younger generation, these cars were what was available and what they could afford. I have no problem with the wave of custom and performance cars these days; in fact I am impressed by the amount of performance and horsepower that can be made by late model four

and six cylinder engines. My son has a turbocharged Nissan six cylinder that I painfully admit would have probably outrun my V8 Chevelle. The problem is that too few young kids are into the car culture. The ones that are, have formed underground clubs and societies and no longer cruise for entertainment. Nor do they long to have the baddest car in town. Following the lead of Hollywood

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for young people as they once did. Many manufacturers are bringing back performance cars. However, these new high horsepower; high fuel economy rockets don’t fit into most people’s budgets. It affects young folk’s pocket even more so. The culture of hot rodding and cruising was rooted in do-it-yourself; in fact you would have to deal with a lot of flak if you bought something someone else had done. The fun was the progression, the upgrades and the tweaks. I like modern muscle but it just doesn’t have the same mystique of the old muscle and street cars. There was a time when I could identify a car by its headlights in the dark. Not anymore. All of today’s cars look the same and it seems kids would rather drive a video game car than the real thing. Boost their ego with points instead of horsepower, online instead of on the road. I hope I’m dead and gone before the American car culture is only read about in history books. I hope there are enough young kids out there that appreciate the art of hot rodding, the nostalgia, the passion and satisfaction that comes with it, to keep it alive. Whether it’s a 68 Mustang or your dad’s old Honda, make it fast, make it loud, and make it yours.


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movies like The Fast and Furious, the drift style street racer is the new cool. The demand is up which is driving the cost of performance ever higher. In our economy, the cost to modify or customize any car has pushed more young folks away from the car culture. Let’s face it. You have to be more than a little savvy to make a computer controlled car go fast. Technology is not cheap. A lot of businesses don’t want the kids hanging out in the parking lot and wherever a crowd of cars and kids are, the police are sure to follow. This has forced these few car crazy kids to meet in secret places to hang out, away from public view in a place that the police won’t easily find them. I can remember in my day, the thing to do was go cruising with a group of cars. We would meet up where there was another group of cars and so on. Except for an occasional burn out, we didn’t cause any harm and we certainly did not go out looking for trouble with some fool who thought his car was faster than ours. Street racing has never been legal. The law is a lot tougher on you now if you get caught. The couple of times we were stopped, the police told us they didn’t want to see our cars out for the rest of the night; that was it. Today you lose your car, pay a lot of fines, and lose your license. It’s dangerous and not worth the risk. This might be part of the reason kids don’t put the effort in cars like we did. It makes me sad to think of a day when the old muscle cars, hot rods, and cool daily drivers are only seen in museums. The trend is so widespread that the Chrysler Corporation had to close its car museum in Michigan where there was low attendance and financial problems. I guess you could feel the same about a lot of things from the “good ol’ days”. The evolution from vinyl records to MP3’s didn’t put an end to music. The end of the VHS tape didn’t stop us from watching movies. We get the same cultural benefit only better with those evolutions, but cars are different. It is different because cars do not have character anymore. They don’t have the individuality between makes and models and they don’t have the same appeal

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Think again By: E d dy M u l l e t

C l a s s X- K i n d r e d S a n c t i o n S h o w T u e s d ay n i g h t s 7 - 1 0 P M

the limit? The tag line on Lemon Sky’s Bandcamp reads;

“This is the debut album from Lemon Sky. It’s a psychedelic play-land waiting for you to arrive.” Lemon Sky is reminiscent of an era when musicians were experimenting with and pushing the boundaries of their instruments’ perceived capabilities and limitations, as well as their own. Endless hours spent searching for that elusive tone or lyric, to create what no one had achieved or even perceived at that point.

Originally billed as Madras Lounge, the band felt a name change was in order. The vocalist elaborates, “Madras Lounge was not easily remembered, people mispronounced the name, and it didn’t really fit the band.” Several names were kicked around, Dirty Voltage and Crimson Spiders for example, before deciding on Lemon Sky, “it’s easy, it paints a beautiful picture, and really when you think about it and listen to the music, it makes sense. It took a little time to settle in, but it’s been the best decision we’ve ever made.” Lemon Sky went through several personnel changes as well before settling on the current lineup which consists of the

Don’t call them a “throwback band”, more so a musical simile to an era where musicians and lyricists were discovering that the only limitations in music were those that they imposed upon themselves. “we’re influenced by it, it’s not that we’re copying it” according to vocalist Aaron Madrigal.

“Music back then was all about unbridled, unrestrained creativity, whereas now it’s all about the formula…..and #%@! the formula!”


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aforementioned Madrigal (vocals/guitar), Eric Keyes (drums), Steve Korfhagen (bass), Ed Bruker (guitar) and Eric Cronstein (guitar/console).

Two very important individuals also factored prominently into the development of Lemon Sky, consultants/mentors/friends Jerry Chambers and Shawn Graham. Many hours were spent during the creation of the bands’ debut album listening to records suggested by Chambers or Graham as reference points, ideas, call it a musical education or enlightenment that helped to define their current sound. The duo exposed the group to many obscure artists of the psychedelic era, as well as classic rock legends such like Cream, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Captain Beyond, Dick Dale and many others.

“We would be in the studio (recording the album)”, explains Graham “and we’d venture down to the vinyl room, Jerry had like 5,000 albums down there with 2 or 3 turntables. You name it, there it is.” Aaron adds, “during the preproduction of a song, I would ask him ‘Do you have any tones like this?’, he’d go down to the basement, root through some vinyl and say ‘Paris, that’s what you listen to’, or ‘here listen to this, Budgie’. We’d be able to go down there and study some tones, then go back to pre-production to try and figure out how they did that. It definitely broadened my horizons and gave me a larger arsenal of ideas.”

Lemon Sky has a sponge-like ability to absorb or breathe in everything they hear musically, digest it , process it, and expel it through their lyrics, their voice and their instruments in a fashion that makes it purely their own.

The results of Lemon Sky’s boundless creativity, their self-titled opus , came to fruition late in 2011. It was released not only as a cd, but also as a vinyl album (that’s accompanied by a digital download).

When asked why the decision to release a vinyl, Aaron explains, “For me personally, when I see a band live, I prefer to buy a vinyl album that comes with an mp3 download. Then if the cd gets damaged I can burn as many copies as I want. PLUS you have that beautiful 12x12 artwork, that’s a lost art, I LOVE album art.” Shawn adds, “It’s about sitting that stylus down on there. It’s like when Jimi Hendrix used to record, you hear those amps explode in a way that you don’t hear on a cd.”

Aaron explains, “Back in the day it was people making sweet music. It was like the stream of consciousness, the creativity was just flowing a free community entertainment magazine from 89.1 & 88.9 fm through them. (when writing) you let the music through you, that’s when you get the good stuff, and fortunately that’s what we’re able to do”. The bands’ sound has evolved over the years by just playing together. Members have no creative limitations, everyone is involved in seeking the “Lemon Sky sound” for each song.

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Madrigal confides, “I don’t always know what I want, but I know the sound I’m looking for”. At practice the band will jam until they find something that clicks, then expand upon that. He adds, “Everyone shares the vision of the band and when that happens you get outstanding results”. Graham concurs, “No boundaries just GO!”

30 88.9/89.1 FM • www.class x radio.com • The New Breed Of Rock

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a free community entertainment magazine from 89.1 & 88.9 fm

Music For your Eyes

Upon its release, the band debuted their album, in its entirety, on Kindred Sanction, the local and regional music program hosted by Eddy Mullet and Cynthia Dye Wimmers. Having been familiar with the band since the Madras Lounge years, both were blown away with the new Lemon Sky. “It sounds like you boys took the last forty years of rock and roll, chewed it up and spit it out on your new album.” The disc was then passed on to ClassX Owner and Music Director, Bill Spry, who added the tracks “Princess/Bail” into “hot” rotation, shortly thereafter the symphonic, psychedelic-inspired rock ballad “Cherries” was added as well.

An interesting side note, although it contains the line “you are summer, cherries through a lemon sky”, which ultimately provided the inspiration for the bands’ name, when it came time to select songs that would appear on their album, a secret ballot amongst the Lemon Sky collective revealed that “Cherries” was not the most popular choice to make the cut. Jerry Chambers and Aaron were the two who pushed for the song’s inclusion. “I didn’t want to be a dictator, but I said ‘sorry, it’s going to be on there, Jerry and I are right, trust me”. Upon hitting the airwaves on ClassX , “Cherries” quickly set the request lines abuzz, ultimately becoming the station’s most requested song for 2012 and reaching #1 on the ClassX Rotation song list.

to Ayn Rand’s 1943 novel “The Fountainhead” (initially rejected by publishers before ultimately selling 6.5 million copies worldwide), the story revolves around Howard Roark, a brilliant young architect with an unwillingness to adhere to tradition, or society’s formula for success. Innovative and uncompromising, he is the author’s idealization of the human spirit & a representation of the triumph of individualism over collectivism. “#%@! the formula!”

Although Lemon Sky are currently writing songs for their next release, due out sometime in 2013, they continue to play throughout the greater Cincinnati area, building their reputation as one of the strongest live acts in the area. Their on air presence and the musical philosophy that Lemon Sky embodies has also led to them being named the official house band of ClassX Radio in the Fall of 2012. There are also plans for the band to tour outside the region this year, unleashing their brand of tradition-based “molten rock” on unsuspecting new audiences. As they prepare to do so, a line from the band’s smoldering track “Peruvian Torch” seems to pose the appropriate question, “you think you’re ready…..”

You’d better be, because they are.

“Cherries”, as well as the Lemon Sky itself, draw comparisons

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