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NOTICE: The Township Office will be closed on the following days: Independence Day: Monday, July 5th Labor Day: Monday, September 6th

Garden Donations from Marywood University Graduate Student In February, I received an e-mail from Adrianna Stares, a graduate student at Marywood University, asking for a list of gardening tools needed by the Smith-Harker Community Gardeners. I was skeptical of this offer at first but replied with a list of items such as rakes, tarps and especially a wheelbarrow.  And she added that she would deliver the items by April, for an early start to the growing season. Well, she was true to her word and delivered the tools early one Monday morning in late April. At Marywood, Adrianna is working toward a master’s degree in social work.  This past semester, the curriculum required her to complete a project where she would help alleviate a need within the community.   Adrianna explained that since she is passionate about the struggles of food insecurity and since she loves gardening, she would combine these two areas and find a community garden to work with to complete her requirement.  She thought what better way to complete her project than to donate tools and supplies to a community garden in Pike County where residents grow their own organic produce. Adrianna was able to locate a spread sheet of all townships in this area and what each one offered in terms of community gardening.  Fortunately for the Smith-Harker Community Garden, Delaware Township was listed and was chosen.  Adrianna’s Continued on Page 10

IN THIS ISSUE DAILY LIVING Dingmans Ferry Delaware Township Historical Society Delaware Township Building Use Policy What’s Required on a Plot Plan? PA’s Enhanced “Move Over Law” Takes Effect Real ID: New Deadline is May 3, 2023


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CDC Loosens Outdoor Mask Wearing Guidance — Page 2

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT Random Thoughts & Points To Ponder - Summer 2021 DTVAC Receives Grant for CPR Devices Pike County Fire Dept. Listing DTVAC Recognized for Excellence in Pediatric Care MEETINGS & EVENTS Public Notices

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PARKS & REC Akenac Park Information Events at Akenac Park Search for Eagles: Dr. S. Marie Kuhnen Memorial Field Trip Tick Borne Diseases Task Force Shares Baseline Study Results Parks Prepare for Summer Visitors

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2021 Bulk Dump Disposal Days — Page 9

Garden Donations From Marywood University — Page 8

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• The numbers: There are 1,209,136 positive COVID-19 cases in Pennsylvania.


Sewage Officer: By appointment only

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• What we can do: It's important that everyone takes precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19 and get a COVID-19 vaccine when available to them. Together we can make a difference, slow the spread of the virus, and save lives. • Effective May 31, COVID mitigation orders are lifted, except masking. The masking order will be lifted when 70% of Pennsylvania adults are fully vaccinated or June 28, 2021, whichever occurs first.



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Dingmans Ferry Delaware Township Historical Society A Grant was awarded to the Dingmans Ferry-Delaware Township Historical Society by the Robert E. & Marie Orr Smith Foundation in May 2021. Ted Parsell, Society Treasurer, (left) and Tim Singleton, Society President, (center) received a check from Bobby Orr of the Smith Foundation, (right) in the amount of $5,000.00; these funds are earmarked to aid in payment of expenses being incurred in the expansion and renovation of the Society's Museum located in Akenac Park, Route 739, Delaware Township. The Officers and Members of the Historical Society wish to sincerely and gratefully thank the members of The Robert E. & Marie Orr Smith Foundation, and especially Bobby Orr of Delaware Township, for their consideration and generosity in providing this Grant to the Society so that we may be able to maintain and secure the history of our community. We are hopeful that a 'Grand Reopening' of the museum will be possible this season. We will be increasing our scheduled open dates as demand dictates. It is our plan to have dedicated room displays pertaining to Dingmans Ferry Indian life, Dingmans Ferry river crossing, Dingmans Ferry Village, local Military Veterans, and the war years, along with audio/video displays. Additionally, Dingmans Ferry before and after the 'Tocks Island Project', with audio/ video display, the history of our schools in a one room schoolroom display, a Marie Zimmerman room, and a reading room that explores our written history. Admittance to the museum, as always, will remain free. We are at the beginning of another season. Due to COVID, this last year has been a difficult one for all, greatly changing our normal lives. COVID restrictions are slowly being lifted. Our first monthly presentation was at the Township Building, Wilson Hill Road, on May 20th• The presentation was made by Tom Witter titled 'Summer Resort Days'. On June 17th, a D-Day Remembered program will be presented. On July 15th, there will be a presentation about Marie Zimmerman. Please check our website at www.dingmansferryhistoricalsociety.org, for event scheduling and updates. This past year has been an extremely lean one for the Historical Society. Membership dues have been very minimal and we were prohibited from having fund raising events. Even though we are presently restricted in what we can provide, our expenses have not been placed on hold. In parts of this Country history is being erased - please help us in preserving the history of Dingmans Ferry. We are asking for the support and aid of all current, past, future members and guests who have an interest in the continuance of our programs and the museum. Your assistance is needed in funding the Society's efforts now, tomorrow and for the future. Your membership dues and any additional donations will greatly help our continued existence. We sincerely hope to keep our program and museum admittance free to members and guests. Our membership dues remain at $5.00 per person and $10.00 per family annually. We wish to keep this from increasing. You can help by continuing your membership or joining the Society today. You can find a membership form of our website. If you wish to become a member, or donate to the Society, please copy the membership form and mail to: Dingmans Ferry-Delaware Townhsip Historical Society, 116 Wilson Hill Road, Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328. Additional information on the Society, and photos of our museum's progress, can be found on our web site at www.dingmansferryhistoricalsociety.org along with membership information and all our scheduled free events.

e BOARD OF SUPERVISORS e John Henderson Chair jhenderson@delawaretownshippa.gov Jane Neufeld Vice-Chair | Treasurer jneufeld@delawaretownshippa.gov Rick Koehler Secretary rkoehler@delawaretownshippa.gov

e ADMINISTRATION e Krista Predmore Township Administrator kpredmore@delawaretownshippa.gov Robin Jones H.R. | Administrative Asst. rjones@delawaretownshippa.gov

e ROAD & MAINTENANCE DEPT. e Vincent Flatt | Road Master vflatt@delawaretownshippa.gov Michael Moffa mmoffa@delawaretownshippa.gov Jeff Ireland dtbos@ptd.net Chris Kimble dtbos@ptd.net

e BOARDS & CHAIRPERSONS e Planning Commission Vincent Flatt, Secretary Zoning Hearing Board Krista Predmore, Secretary Board of Auditors Chair, Dennis Lee dennisleedtauditor@gmail.com

e ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS e Building Inspector Code Inspections, Inc. codeinspections@epix.net Zoning Officer Ron Tussel rontussel@Itis.net Sewage Officer Ron Tussel rontussel@Itis.net

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www.milfordpetsupply.com LIVING DELAWARE | SUMMER 2021


Delaware Township Building Use Policy The Delaware Township municipal hall is available for rentals subject to the any existing COVID-19 rules and regulations set forth by the state of Pennsylvania and the below policy: 1. All building use requests must be submitted on the Waiver of Responsibility, supplied by Delaware Township, to the Township Board of Supervisors two weeks prior to date of use along with a $200.00 rental fee (cash or money order). Approval by the Board of Supervisors is required. Applicant must be a Delaware Township resident. Furthermore, this policy may be changed at any time and without notice by the Board of Supervisors, which may impose additional requirements on any individual or organization wishing to use the Municipal Building, or, at its sole discretion, may deny such use.

RENTAL RATE A $200.00 rental fee (cash or money order) is required at the time of Building Use Request. There will be a $500.00 charge for any lost keys less the $100 key deposit. If the Board of Supervisors approves the use and the applicant defaults on its day of use, the township will retain the down payment. The keys, building and dumpster keys, must be returned the following business day that the Township is open. The building must be left in a clean manner or the township will retain the security deposit. This includes sweeping, mopping and garbage being taken out to dumpster. Hall (Including Kitchen) $200.00 Key Deposit/Security $100.00

2. AFTER the Board of Supervisors has approved the use, an approval letter will be sent to the applicant and the balance of the rental fee will be required.

DECORATIONS: Decorations may be used with the following exceptions:

3. On the Friday before the requested use the applicant must supply the township with a $100.00 key deposit/security. A deposit of either cash or money order will be excepted. They will be returned to the applicant as long as the keys are returned on the next township business day, and the building is left in a neat clean condition. Hall must be swept, mopped, and garbage taken out.

1. NO pins, tacks, nails, etc. 2. NO scotch tape-only masking tape. 3. NOTHING to be hung from the ceiling fans. FLOOR AREA: 1. NO products, such as dance floor powder etc., can be used. 2. NO smoking allowed in building.


Applicant/User for itself, its successors and assigns, hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Delaware Township, its Supervisors, officers, and employees from and against all losses, and expenses of every kind and nature, whether or not covered by insurance, arising out of, resulting from or caused by, in whole or in part, any act, omission, negligence or fault of Applicant/User, its agents or employees in connection with the use of the Delaware Township building for its event, including, but not limited to, those in connection with loss of life, bodily injury, personal injury, damage to property, contamination or adverse effects on the building, any liability for fines, fees or penalties for violations of any statutes, ordinances, codes, rules, regulations or standards applicable to use of the building.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have set their hands and official seals this day of, ___________._____________ ___________________________________ Delaware Township Representative ____________________________________________________ Signature Organization President, Chairman, or Individual Attest: ______________________________________________ DELAWARE TOWNSHIP BUILDING USE APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT I/We ____________________________________ respectfully request and apply for use of the Delaware Township Hall and Kitchen on: DATE START ______________________ FINISH______________________ Reason for request:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ And I/We have been provided all regulations/and agreements, which I/We fully understand and agree to. ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Applicants Signature Applicants Organization Applicants Address:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


ing Hom since




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Applicants Phone Number (Home/Work):______________________________________________________________________________________________

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What’s Required on a Plot Plan? Zoning and Building permits in Delaware Township require plot plans for application submission. The required information needed on a plot plan is as follows: 1. Plot shape of property 2. Note size of property (i.e., 50’ x 100’) a. Acreage b. Square footage c. Lot lines d. Dimensions 3. Survey required as plot plan unless: a. More than 1 acre of land b. Previous survey on file (as built) i.e. additions/decks 4. All structures-existing and/or proposed (properly labeled) 5. Height of all structures existing and/or proposed 6. Please be sure to label distances between all structures (no less than the tallest structure) Example of a proper plot plan. 7. Setback from all property lines and R.O.W. lines (front -rear-sides) setbacks required as per zoning district a. residential district min. lot 1 acres i. 40’ front setback ii. 25’ rear and side setback b. Residential less than 1 acre i. 40’ front setback ii. 12.6’ rear and side setback 8. Setbacks should be shown from furthest most projection of structure 9. See exception in zoning ord. for non-conforming lots 10. In the case of corner lots the R.O.W. line of the least dimension is the front lot line 11. Provide calculation for % of lot coverage for the zoning district – i.e. residential district not to exceed 35%. Lot coverage is the at part of the lot that is taken up in structures, impervious drives and impervious parking areas. Lots less than ½ acres will include the same as above, but include all other impervious surfaces as well. 12. Need to show parking space (for new construction) as per parking regulation. Single family dwelling – 2 spaces required-min. 10’x20’ garage and/or driveway will constitute compliance.

Call me today for a noobligation quote! 570.828.6145 Rebecca Gray Your Local Farmers Agent 100 MARY LOUS WAY (Route 739) DINGMANS FERRY, PA 18328 RGRAY1@FARMERSAGENT.COM


Pa’s Enhanced  “Move Over Law” Takes Effect  Pennsylvania’s Move Over Law requires drivers approaching an emergency response area to either move over or, if they are unable to safely merge into a lane that is further away from the response area, to slow to at least 20 mph below the posted speed limit.  Under the act, an emergency response area is where an emergency vehicle has its lights flashing, or where road crews or emergency responders have lighted flares, posted signs, or tried to warn travelers. The enhanced law is vital to protecting the lives of our emergency responders and roadworkers on the scene. Act 105 of 2020 creates new penalties that impose two points for failure to merge out of the lane next to the emergency response area; sets fines at $500 for first-time offenders, $1,000 for a second offense, and $2,000 for a third or subsequent offense; and requires a 90-day license suspension for a third or subsequent offense. In cases where a violation causes serious injury or death to another person, the penalties increase. 

REAL ID: New Deadline is May 3, 2023 The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has pushed back the deadline to obtain a REAL ID card from October 2021 to May 3, 2023, due to pandemicrelated delays. Pennsylvanians now have additional time before needing a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license, photo ID card, or another form of federally acceptable identification to board a domestic commercial flight or enter a federal building or military installation that requires ID. For more information, visit PennDOT’s Website.


EMERGENCY MGMT. Random Thoughts And Points To Ponder - Summer 2021 I don't know about you, but as we seem to be coming out of full ”pandemic” mode and preparing to return(hopefully) to a somewhat normal existence, I find myself overloaded with many issues to be decided and thoughts on going forward in an uncertain future. As I consider all of these on a personal and professional level I have to force myself to keep in mind that all of us -even here in sleepy little Delaware Township will likely have to adjust to a new “normal” and consider all that will encompass. At the same time there are certain “constants” for our vulnerabilities and capabilities to respond to the impact of events that will not change completely – but certainly be affected. With that in mind I thought I would share a variety of random thoughts and points for you to ponder, in no particular order and not necessarily connected – but in my opinion still of value to you as a resident.

The challenge in this development remains that there are way more functional areas that need to be addressed in any disaster and not nearly enough local resources to fill those tasks as required by Federal and State guidance. For example: the Delaware Township Fire Company is currently responsible for approximately 5 of 15 required functional areas in the plan. The volunteer ambulance corps is tasked with 2-3, the town road department with 3, the township administrative staff with 3. and as we all know personnel are limited at best and the ability to accomplish several tactical objectives at once can be a struggle

equally true for businesses, churches, camps, etc. so when we reach out in the coming weeks to update records -please provide accurate information. The seasons are changing again, and as the saying goes that I learned when I first moved here over 30 years ago- Pennsylvania has passed from winter to “Construction”. Be aware of the ongoing and upcoming road maintenance projects. Plan for delays, learn alternate routes, SLOW DOWN in construction areas and be on the lookout for “flaggers” and restrictions. The life you save may be your own. Lots of wildlife and motorcycles again too- be alert and aware!

Power outages and significant storms occur as much in the summer months as the winter- maybe even more often depending on the weather pattern.

With the resumption of normal activities with little or no social distancing, reestablish your “situational awareness” at group events. Recent events have shown that no community or location is immune Priority will always be to for active shooter deliver limited township or acts of violence. Adopt the We know full time population same posture when shopping. resources where they can has increased (not sure how do the most good for the An unfortunate fact of life in much yet)- understand that this today's world. most people- while awaiting translates to increased traffic assistance for “unmet needs” and possibly persons with less Always ask yourself “what if?” from higher authorities or knowledge of roads. Drive Reach out to reliable sources agencies. defensively. and knowledgeable people if If you want to know or learn you cannot come up with an Especially as the pandemic about how we establish these answer. With vaccinations complete, ends and with the change in priorities, please consider cases declining and the neighborhoods be aware of After what we have all been completing the FEMA easing of restrictions, the more kids outside and on through the past 14 months, independent study course new Deputy Coordinator and community roadways stay positive about the ability IS700 Introduction to the myself are moving forward National Incident Management Wondering how many people to face any other challenges on the required revision to nature, technology or man System online. Then volunteer took my suggestion in the last the Township Emergency bring forth. It may not newsletter and completed Operations Plan for review and in some capacity – it does seem like it but many small either of the 2 FEMA promulgation by the Board of not have to be with the fire and large successes in the company or ambulance-independent study classes I Supervisors. Originally due pandemic were the result people in all disciplines are referenced IS324a- Hurricane of frameworks and plans last year 2020 the Covid-19 needed. Preparedness or IS909virus limited our ability to developed specifically in Community Preparedness? achieve that, while we focused During any emergency advance of events like this. Here is another suggestion – IS Based on historical analysis on response and Continuity declaration, private 394a- Protecting Your Home of Government. We hope to communities/developments and a “Common Operating and Business in Disaster. have this Basic Plan ready to should do their best to Picture”. Across the past year go by the middle of June and coordinate their activities and my ears have been ringing An educated citizen is a then will turn our attention to situational needs with the with the constant motto “we're prepared citizen- and a required revisions to position township. Having accurate prepared citizen is less likely to all in this together”, so as we based operational checklist information on Points of be completely overwhelmed in come out of this it may be and comprehensive resource/ Contact and authority on significant events. What is your good to keep that ingrained notification listings for critical/ file in the plan enhances in your mind for the next plan? How will your family vulnerable entities in the effectiveness. The same is power outage, hurricane, food, communicate if separated? Township. PAGE 6

winter storm and remember that if you could wear a mask everywhere among family, friends and strangers on the pretext of protecting them-- be in it together when the storm damages your neighbor’s home or the power goes out – especially with so many new residents who may be unfamiliar with that experience here. I will close this time with 2 quotes from one of my favorite coaches and leaders of all time the great John Wooden- teacher and humanitarian. From the day I read these many years into my volunteer career they have helped guide and inspire me to keep serving. Until the fall, stay safe! “Your greatest joy definitely comes from doing something for another, especially when it was done with no thought of something in return.” “You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.” 


DTVAC Receives Grant for CPR Devices Device will help EMS volunteers save lives DINGMANS FERRY, PA — Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps (DTVAC) has announced it has received a grant award in the amount of $8,993.20 to help offset the cost of a chest compression device to help patients who suffer from cardiac arrest.  The device, called a LUCAS 3, is a mechanical CPR device used to help patients who suffer from a cardiac arrest, a severe medical condition which requires CPR. 

Pike County Fire Depts. Lackawaxen Twp. Volunteer Ambulance Service (Dept. 21) 109 PA Rt. 590, Greeley, PA 570-685-4022

Mechanical CPR, provided by the LUCAS, has been implemented by many hospitals and emergency response agencies because it ensures perfect CPR is constantly being performed in accordance with the American Heart Association guidelines. The device with its accessories, costing almost $16 thousand dollars, allows EMTs to keep CPR going while a patient is being moved, even up or down stairs. It is also a safer way to do CPR when transporting a patient because EMTs can now be seat belted in the ambulance even if they have to transport a patient who requires CPR. Recently, the Department of Defense COVID-19 Practice Management Guide identified the LUCAS chest compression system as the best practice for managing patients in cardiac arrest to reduce the risk of exposure to care providers. In addition, the LUCAS also puts less of a physical strain on ambulance volunteers. This is DTVAC’s second LUCAS device. Since 2017, DTVAC has used LUCAS devices on patients throughout the County including in Westfall, Blooming Grove, Shohola, and Dingman Townships. The new device, placed in service late last year has already been used to help save the life of a victim in a private community in Delaware Township. 

Greeley Fire Department (Dept. 23) 245 PA Rt. 590, Greeley, PA 570-685-7537

The grant funding was obtained through the Fire Company & Emergency Medical Services Grant Program administered by the Pennsylvania Office of the State Fire Commissioner. DTVAC is always looking for volunteers to help respond to emergencies, fundraise, and help with administrative tasks. For more information about volunteer opportunities with DTVAC, contact (570) 8282345 or email info@dtvac.org.

Dingman Twp. Fire Dept. (Dept. 26) 680 Log Tavern Rd., Milford, PA - 570-686-3696

Bushkill Fire Company (Dept. 24) 124 Evergreen Dr., Lehman, PA - 570-588-6033 Blooming Grove Fire Dept. (Dept. 25) 484 PA Rt. 739, Hawley, PA 570-775-7355

Central Fire Dept. (Dept. 27) 574 Westcolang Rd., Hawley, PA 570-685-7344 Delaware Twp. Fire Co. (Dept. 28) 131 Wilson Hill Rd., Dingmans Ferry, PA - 570-828-2223 Delaware Twp. Ambulance Corp. (Dept. 28) 135 Park Rd., Dingmans Ferry, PA - 570-828-2345 Hemlock Farms Fire & Rescue (Dept. 29) 1053 Hemlock Farms, Lords Valley, PA - 570-775-6447 Lackawaxen Fire Dept. (Dept. 31) 116 Township Rd., Lackawaxen, PA 570-685-7330 Matamoras Borough Fire Dept. (Dept. 32) 506 Avenue Q, Matamoras, PA - 570-491-4154 Milford Fire Dept. (Dept. 33) 107 W. Catharine St., Milford, PA - 570-296-6121

Giving Birth


WOMEN’S HEALTH CENTER of PIKE COUNTY 570-775-8838 ● wmh.org/givingbirth

NEW DINGMANS FERRY OFFICE Part of Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers LIVING DELAWARE | SUMMER 2021

Mill Rift Fire Dept. (Dept. 34) 139 Bluestone Blvd., Mill Rift, PA 570-491-4850 Promised Land Fire & Ambulance (Dept. 35) RR 390, Greentown, PA 570-676-3818 Tafton Fire Co. (Dept. 37) 235 PA Rt. 507, Hawley, PA 570-226-4273 Westfall Fire Dept. (Dept. 39) 101 Mtn. Ave., Matamoras, PA - 570-491-4717 Shohola Fire Dept. (Dept. 41) 325 PA Rt. 434, Shohola, PA 570-559-7525 Forest Fire Dept. (Dept. 81) 1129 Towpath Rd., Hawley, PA - 570-226-5022


DTVAC Recognized for Excellence in Pediatric Care Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps recognized for their dedication in caring for pediatric patients Every year, over 100,000 children are transported by ambulances in Pennsylvania. This means that almost every seven minutes, a child is being taken to the hospital with a potentially life-threatening medical condition. In order to ensure that EMS agencies within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are prepared for pediatrics, the Pennsylvania Emergency Medical Services for Children program, in partnership with the Department of Health, Bureau of EMS, and the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council, created the Pediatric Voluntary Recognition Program to recognize EMS agencies that are willing to go above and beyond current requirements to deliver excellence in emergency medical care to children within the Commonwealth. The Pennsylvania Pediatric Voluntary Recognition Program has recognized over 200 EMS agencies across the state, including Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps, located in Dingmans Ferry, PA.  The program consists of five levels that include pediatric equipment standards, ChildLine background checks, pediatric-related continuing education courses, community outreach programs, and car seat check programs. In 2017, after 18 months of preparation, Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps was recognized at the Master Level, meaning the EMS agency had additional pediatric-specific medical equipment on their ambulances, required EMS providers to complete ChildLine child abuse background clearances, required EMS providers to complete four hours of pediatricspecific continuing education per year, and was actively involved in multiple community outreach programs.  Since 2017, when Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps was originally recognized under this program, Delaware Valley Emergency Services has provided free FBI background checks and pediatric training to Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps, freeing up funds to allow Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps to purchase thousands of dollars in upgraded pediatric response equipment. Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps has continued its commitment in care to pediatrics, and this month Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps was recognized at the highest level under this program, the Expert level.  In upgrading from the Master to the Expert level, DTVAC now has a dedicated Child Passenger Safety Technician available to assist in car seat checks at their ambulance station and has a designated Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator who assists with continuing education, skill verification, and equipment purchases relating to pediatrics. Since Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps was originally recognized under this program, Delaware Valley Emergency Services has provided free FBI background checks and pediatric training to DTVAC freeing up funds to allow DTVAC to purchase thousands of dollars in upgraded pediatric response equipment. By participating in this program, Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps is demonstrating that they are truly prepared for pediatric patients and are ready to respond to any and all emergency situations involving Pennsylvania’s youngest citizens. Duane Spencer, Emergency Medical Services for Children Program Manager at the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Service Council, said, “Congratulations to the Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps on their upgrade to the Expert level and continued support of the Pennsylvania Pediatric Voluntary Readiness Program.  Their efforts demonstrate a commitment to readiness, clinical excellence, and patient safety while caring for the pediatric population in your area.” Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps is the only ambulance service in Pike County and only one of fifteen in the EMS of Northeastern Pennsylvania EMS Region to be recognized under this program. The EMS of Northeastern Pennsylvania EMS Region is the designated regional EMS council that serves Bradford, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Pike, Susquehanna, Wayne, and Wyoming Counties. Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps is the primary ambulance provider for Delaware Township. Additionally, the ambulance service provides mutual aid coverage to municipalities surrounding Delaware Township. They provide both basic and advanced life support ambulance services in eastern Pike County. For more information or for volunteer opportunities with Delaware Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps, contact (570) 828-2345 or email info@dtvac.org.  



EVENTS & NOTICES NOTICE Delaware Township seeks to fill a vacancy on the Zoning Hearing Board. The Board meets on an as needed basis. The volunteers would be expected to become familiar with the Township’s Zoning Ordinance. Letters of interest should be provided to: Delaware Township, 116 Wilson Hill Road, Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328 or by email to DTBOS@ptd.net. No phone calls please.

From the Pike County Area Agency on Aging

Thank you Krista Predmore Township Administrator/Assistant Treasurer

NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the meetings for the Delaware Township Board of Supervisors for 2021 will be on the second (2nd) and fourth (4th) Wednesday of each month on the following dates: January 13th, January 27th, February 10th, February 24th, March 10th, March 24th, April 14th, April 28th, May 12th, May 26th, June 9th, June 23rd, July 14th, July 28th, August 11th, August 25th, September 8th, September 22nd, October 13th and October 27th. November and December meetings ONLY will be on the first and third Wednesday of each month on the following dates: November 3rd and November 17th, and December 1st and December 15th All meetings to be held at the Delaware Township Municipal Building, located at 116 Wilson Hill Road, Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328. Workshops will begin at 6:00 p.m. and regular meetings at 7:00 p.m. DELAWARE TOWNSHIP BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Krista Predmore Township Administrator

NOTICE The Delaware Township Planning Commission will hold regularly scheduled meetings on the first (1st) and third (3rd) Tuesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m. These meetings will be held at the Delaware Township Municipal Building, located at 116 Wilson Hill Road, Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328. Thank you. Krista Predmore Township Administrator/Assistant Treasurer

important contacts for seniors

2021 Bulk Dump Disposal Days The Delaware Township Bulk Disposal will be open the first and third Saturday of each month from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during the Spring, Summer and Fall. Bulk will only be available the first Saturday of the month during the winter months. July 3, 2021 and July 17, 2021 August 7, 2021 and August 21, 2021 September 4, 2021 and September 18, 2021 October 2, 2021 and October 16, 2021 November 6, 2021 December 4, 2021

MEDICARE PLANS AVAILABLE www.medicare.gov Call APPRISE at 800-783-7067 Call Medicare at 800-633-4227 or 877-486-248 (TTY) Or call us at 570-775-5550 for appt. to assist you. PIKE COUNTY TRANSPORTATION Hours 7:30am-4:00pm 570-296-3408 or 866-681-4947 DO NOT CALL REGISTRY If you want to stop those nagging calls from solicitors you can place your phone number on the Do Not Call registry by calling 888-382-1222 or go online to www.donotcall.gov SENIOR LAW CENTER Senior Law Center protects the legal rights & interests of seniors in PA through legal services, referral services and advocacy. Call their helpline at 877-727-7529 PIKE COUNTY AREA AGENCY ON AGING Blooming Grove - 570-775-5550 Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Dingmans Center - 570-828-7812 Hours: Tues & Fri 9am-3pm Lackawaxen/Shohola 570-685-7808 Hours: Mon, Wed, Thurs 9am-2pm Milford - 570-832-1929 Hours: Wed & Fri 1am-3pm




DIG DELAWARE Garden Donations from Marywood University Graduate Student Continued from Page 1 home is in Greentown, PA and she wanted to help a garden that was in her vicinity. Adrianna found friends and family to help acquire the needed garden tools. All the donations will be in use at the community garden’s second workday of the season on May 8.  When joining the community garden, all participants are required to volunteer 8 hours to maintain the public areas of the township garden.  This is in addition to planting and maintaining their individual plots. The garden was established in 2002 and is supported by the Delaware Township Supervisors.  Many residents live is areas that are either rocky or shaded, not ideal conditions for gardening. Adrianna would encourage other communities to provide the opportunity for residents to get involved with gardening when they cannot garden at their homes.  Participants benefit in many ways.  They produce their own organic vegetables, they enjoy the outdoors while working, they get the exercise that comes with digging and planting and they share information and gardening tips.   A big thank you goes to Adrianna from the Smith-Harker Community Gardeners for recognizing our need and we wish her the best in her future endeavors.



PARKS & REC Akenac Park Information Akenac Park is open for summer fun! Located just off Route 739, along Abbey Lane in Delaware Township. The Park offers activities for the whole family including fishing, hiking, swimming, boats, picnic area, playground, party rental facility, and historical society museum.


Delaware Township/ Pike County taxpayers are FREE with proof of tax bill


Non-Resident of Pike County: $5.00 per person Out of State non-resident: $20 per person

Lifeguards: Skyler Bower, Sara Wynne, Erik Fass, and Michael Zharov.


(adopted by the Board of Supervisors on August 9, 2017) Park Seasonal Operational Hours Memorial Day through Labor Day 8:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Sunday. Closed every Tuesday. All individuals entering the Park are obligated to provide proof of residency of Pike County.


All Pike County residents shall enter the Park free of charge.

We are pleased to welcome our seasonal staff for the 2021 season:

All Pennsylvania residents who reside outside of Pike County may enter the Park at a charge of $5.00 per person.

$5.00 Per Hour

Park Supervisor: Enid Resto

All out of State residents will be ENTERING THE PARK permitted to enter the Park at a MUST CONSENT TO PROVIDING PROOF charge of $20 per person. OF PIKE COUNTY All individuals within the park RESIDENCY. may rent a boat at a charge of $5 per hour per boat. Personal Akenac Park at Delaware Township is a family recreation boats are prohibited. facility. Please obey all posted Alcoholic beverages are rules and regulations posted at prohibited. the park. Delaware Township Board of Supervisors reserve No smoking. No vaping. the right to review fees. No pets. Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult.

Off-Season Operational Hours September through October;

8:00 a.m. to dusk April through May Hiking, fishing and playground available. Beach closed. No swimming. No grilling permitted. Park Closed November through March (to be determined based on weather by BOS) except on M, W, F - 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. for access to the Delaware Township Library

No foul language. No littering, dumping refuse or disposing of outside refuse. No hunting. No open fires. Charcoal and/or gas grills only. No fireworks or explosives are permitted to be discharged or possessed in the park. No solicitation or sale of goods without written approval. Plant removal prohibited. Harassment of wildlife is prohibited. Unreserved park facilities are first come first serve. Reservations may be made with the Township. Defacing and/or removal of park property is prohibited. No operation of motor vehicles outside designated parking and entrance area. Noise and/or music should be kept to an acceptable level and not disturb normal sensitivities of other visitors. Harassment of other visitors or disorderly conduct is prohibited. ALL INDIVIDUALS

Delaware Township Recreation Committee

Events at Akenac Park Movie Night

July 10, 2021 - FREE ** JURASSIC PARK ** Movie will begin after dark Light refreshments & popcorn will be served while supplies last

Music in the Park

August 21, 2021 - FREE “ROXON” will be playing your favorite Classic Rock & Country songs! Bring your lawn chairs & dancing shoes! Coolers are allowed - no alcoholic beverages All ages welcome

Harvest Fest

September 25, 2021

Trunk or Treat October 23, 2021

Holiday Lights

December 4th, 11th and 18, 2021



and ask about our special Advertising Rates! LIVING DELAWARE | SUMMER 2021


Dr. S. Marie Kuhnen Memorial Field Trip: Search for Eagles Sunday, 7 March 2021 The season’s fourth and final Dr. S Marie Kuhnen Memorial Field Trip, Search for Eagles took place in the Delaware Valley Sunday, March 7 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The temperature at the start was 22 degrees and at the finish 34 degrees. It was a cold partly cloudy sunny day with lots of snow on the ground. All roads were clear and navigable. We began by watching feeder birds including Hairy Woodpeckers, Dark-eyed Junco, Blue Jays, and Pileated Woodpecker among others. Six participants, wearing face covering and social distancing logged 144 miles in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and Upper Delaware Scenic River from PEEC to the Bushkill Access and the trip’s conclusion at the headwaters of the Lackawaxen River. Jack Padalino, president emeritus of the Brandwein Institute and PEEC a partner with the National Park Service, led the search that included seeing 33 species of birds: 15 Bald Eagles -10 adults and five juveniles, 12 Red-tailed Hawk, 1 Coopers Hawk, 2 Common Ravens, and a Common Loon. Previous Search for Eagles Reports are on the Brandwein website: www.brandwein.org.

Our first bald eagles sighted were two juvenile birds perched up river from the Bushkill Access. Returning to Toms Creek where on the way south we had no eagle we had an adult eagle fly above our vehicles. At the Dingmans Access we watch two juvenile eagles 100 yards up river from the bridge attack 30 Common Mergansers. No eagles were at Dingmans cemetery. At the Route 209 mile marker 16 nest we observed a female adult bald eagle feeding eaglets. She was tearing pieces of a fish and feeding it to the youngsters. No eagles at the shale pit nest near mile marker 17. A Common Raven flew over the Raymondskill. No luck at Milford Beach or the river road. We spotted a perched adult Bald eagle as we entered Gassman Lane on the way to checking the nest near the Pierce House. Earlier during the week I spotted an eagle on the nest. Behind the Delaware Valley High School, no eagles present. We added a pit stop at the PA Welcome Center The Laurel Grove Cemetery overlook above the tri-states monument is where we checked an active nest. No eagle present; however we added Common Loon. The Eddy Farm Resort overlook was quiet, no new species added. By noon we were at the Hawks Nest historical marker. We checked the whitewash on the cliff and found a Peregrine Falcon in the sunlight hugging the cliff above it. From the Indian Head Canoe livery station we located the nest on the PA side of the river. We spotted a female adult bald eagle in the nest apparently feeding young. Another adult eagle flew above very close to us from the PA side. We continued to the Mongaup Falls observation blind, Plank Road, and the Rio Reservoir Dam, no eagles present. This is the first time this year we did not have an eagle on this loop. We returned to the Delaware and traveled to the Mill Rift Bridge where we spotted an adult bald eagle flying into a huge nest located in Pennsylvania about 200 yards up river from the bridge. This is the first time we found this nest and is now the tenth nest in the search area that we have under observation. At BermChurch road we chatted with a fellow-birder who told us about eagles recently on the ice eating a large sucker. A flock of 25 Eastern Bluebirds flew from feeding on Staghorn Sumac fruits as we chatted. Continued...



We proceeded to the Barryville-Shohola nest site. No eagles. Our twelfth bald eagle of the day was an adult in flight in the vicinity of Jerry’s Canoe Livery. We added three adult bald eagles along the Lackawaxen. As we were crossing the Lackawaxen bridge we spotted an eagle perched in a White Pine in front of us. At the Appert Road nest in the tree where we previously observed eleven eagles we watched a bird nestled deep in the nest. Our final eagle of the search was a juvenile perched at eyre-level in a tree at Field Bend Road. We concluded our field trip at 3:30 p.m.

Tick Borne Diseases Task Force Shares Baseline Study Results Pike County’s Tick Borne Diseases Task Force shares the results of a first-of-its-kind baseline study it conducted from 2018 to 2019 in partnership with the Dr. Jane Huffman Wildlife Genetics Institute at East Stroudsburg University. The public can visit pikepa.org/tick to view a video summarizing the study results. The Task Force is an initiative of the Pike County Commissioners focused on decreasing the number of tick borne illnesses by building community awareness through education, support, and advocacy. In 2019, its efforts were recognized with an Environmental Partnership Award from the Northeast Environmental Partners. Study Parameters “This is the largest county-wide study ever conducted in Pennsylvania, and we are grateful for the partnerships that have made it possible” says Rosemarie Schoepp, who Chairs the Task Force. “Our continuing work will focus on bringing more awareness to this important public health issue and building on our research.” The baseline study involved the collection and testing of 1,000 Blacklegged Ticks for seven disease-causing organisms, called pathogens, which the ticks may carry. The intent was to assess disease and infection rates in order to provide educational outreach to the public and medical professionals on risks and prevention of tick-borne diseases. The research project was funded by the Pike County Board of Commissioners; Lyme Disease Association, Inc.; the Delaware Valley Educational Foundation; and Pike County Bar Association. Pike County was divided into a grid of nine sections, with three to five tick collection sites selected per section. Milford Borough was tested as a 10th section with three collection sites. Only blacklegged ticks in the nymph (immature) or adult life stages were tested for diseases. Any tick species other than blacklegged ticks that were found were collected and accounted for but were not tested for diseases. These included the following species: Dog Tick, Lone Star Tick and Asian Long Horn Tick. Due to the heightened activity of ticks in the spring and fall, the study was conducted from the spring of 2018 through the fall of 2019. Dog Ticks were only found in the springtime as they are not active in their life cycles in the fall. Results

Birds seen on the March 7, 2021 Search for Eagles Common Loon

American Crow


Common Raven

Black Duck

Tufted Titmouse

Common Merganser

Black-capped Chickadee

Hooded Merganser

White-breasted Nuthatch

Bald Eagle

Red-breasted Nuthatch

Coopers Hawk

Carolina Wren

Red-tailed Hawk

Eastern Bluebird

Ring-billed Gull

American Robin

Peregrine Falcon

European Starling

Rock Pigeon

Dark-eyed Junco

Mourning Dove

Northern Cardinal

Hairy Woodpecker

White-throated Sparrow

Downy Woodpecker

Red-winged Blackbird

Pileated Woodpecker

Common Grackle

Blue Jay

American Goldfinch


• A total of 1,051 Blacklegged Ticks and 1,003 Dog Ticks were collected. It was reported that 1 Lone Star Tick and 1 Asian Long Horn Tick were also found. There was a fairly even split between female and male ticks. • The black legged ticks collected were tested for the following pathogens: Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Bartonellosis., Mycoplasmosis, Miyamotoi, and Powassan Virus Lineage II (also called Deer Tick Virus). • Lyme Disease was the most pervasive finding, with 38.77% of the ticks testing positive for this pathogen. • Bartonellosis was the second highest finding, with 18.52% of the ticks testing positive for this pathogen. • There were 123 ticks found to be carrying two or more diseases, known as a co-infection. The presence of multiple diseases can complicate a medical diagnosis and treatment and may increase the severity of symptoms. The highest co-infection observed was Lyme disease and Anaplasmosis. “To date this study is the largest and most comprehensive analysis completed on tickborne illnesses in one county of PA. The results of this study will contribute to the overall goals of the task force by providing fine point data of ticks and tickborne diseases across the county to bring awareness to physicians and residents. With this data, we can provide better education of the risk for exposure to these tickborne diseases in Pike County,” says Nicole Chinnici, Laboratory Director of the Dr. Jane Huffman Wildlife Genetics Institute. Educational Outreach The Task Force offers educational brochures to help people prevent tick borne diseases and safely enjoy the great outdoors. The Tick 101 brochure covers identification, removal, symptoms, testing facilities, and prevention techniques. Tick 201 provides proactive measures to help protect your property, and includes a refresher on tick identification and testing. The Task Force also offers educational materials for children including a short story, lessons, and activity sheets. The Task Force meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m., currently via Zoom. New members are welcome. For more information on the study’s results, visit the Task Force website at www.pikepa.org/ tick or contact Brian Snyder at bsnyder@pikepa.org or by phone 570-296-3500.


Park Prepares for Summer Visitors Employees at Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area have been busy gearing up and getting facilities ready for a busy summer season. The 70,000-acre national park unit in PA and NJ and was the 10th most-visited national park unit in the country in 2020 with 4.1 million visits recorded. “This summer, our visitors will see our staff stationed at busy sites throughout the park where we can best serve the public’s needs. We’re going to put our focus where our visitors are and where we can be of most assistance.” said Superintendent Sula Jacobs of the park’s summer plans. “We’ve been planning ahead and getting the park ready to welcome our visitors,” she added. “But for the best trips, we recommend that visitors plan ahead too.” Get information online or by phone: o Call the information desk at (570) 426-2452. o Follow us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/ DelWaterGapNPS. o Visit the park website at www. nps.gov/dewa. The health and safety of our visitors and our employees is our top priority. Prior to visiting the park, visit the Current Conditions section of our website for up-to-date information on important public health and safety measures that are in effect related to stopping the spread of Covid-19. Some services remain limited or unavailable. Accessibility: For information on accessible facilities in the park visit the park’s website or call (570) 426-2434. Audio files of wayside exhibits located throughout the park can be downloaded from the website before visiting: Wayside Audio - Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (U.S. National Park Service) (nps.gov). Cool Off In, or On, the River: All beaches and boat/ canoe launches are open for the season. A $10/car fee is charged 7 days a week; annual passes are available for $45. The handlaunch access at Cadoo Recreation Site in NJ is open Monday morning through Friday evening and is closed on weekends; there is no charge to use the access. o Lifeguards will be on duty at Milford Beach from 10 am to 6 pm, Thursday through Monday, beginning June 20 and ending August 28. o Inflatable pool toys are not permitted within designated swimming areas and lifejackets are recommended when lifeguards are not on duty. o Visit the park website for a list of businesses in the area that rent canoes, kayaks, tubes, and rafts and provide transportation; or B.Y.O.B- bring your own boat. PAGE 14

Always wear a properly fitted and fastened US Coast Guardapproved lifejacket when on or near the water. Lifejackets must be worn by children 12 and under while aboard any vessel. Go for a Ride…or a Drive: o The McDade Trail in PA is a great place to ride your bike (and it’s the only trail in the park where bikes are permitted). Visit our website for information on bicycle rentals in the area. o Take a scenic drive and enjoy the views. o The upper section of Blue Mountain Lakes Road and Skyline Drive will be open to vehicles on weekdays beginning May 10. They will remain closed to vehicles on weekends, from Friday at dusk until noon on Monday. These roads will be closed to all users later in the summer for road work including re-grading, resurfacing, and drainage improvements. Updates will be posted on our website and on our Facebook page as construction schedules are finalized. o Freeman Tract Road off River Road in Middle Smithfield Township will be closed weekends, closing on Friday evenings and re-opening on Monday mornings, beginning May 10.

o Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC) o Peters Valley School of Craft (Peters Valley) o Foster-Armstrong House and Nelden-Roberts Stonehouse (Montague History) o Walpack Center and Van Campen Inn (Walpack Historical Society) o Montague Grange (Montague Grange)

Pitch a Tent: o Alosa River Campsites are available to river users by reservation. There are 6 individual campsites at this location. Go to recreation.gov or call (877) 4446777 to reserve your riverside campsite before you visit. There is no vehicle access to these campsites. o Dingmans Campground offers tent and RV sites. For more information or to make a reservation visit their website at Dingmans Campground or call (570) 828-1551. o River camping is available to those on extended river trips in accordance with park regulations. Designated river campsites can be found on the park website. o Backpacking on the Appalachian Trail is permitted in accordance with park regulations. o A complete list of campgrounds, Planned Construction/Road river campsites, and regulations Work: Additional information is available on the park’s website. is available on the park’s website Make reservations well in advance and project updates will be as campsites and campgrounds posted to the park’s Facebook are in high demand during the page. Scheduled road repair and summer months. construction projects include: o Mountain Road in NJ will Pick a Place to Picnic: All remain closed to vehicles due to picnic areas are open except construction on a historic culvert. for those at George W. Childs The road is open to pedestrians Park which remains closed for wishing to visit Buttermilk Falls. construction. Check the park o Old Mine Road near Watergate website for group size limits and in NJ will be open, but motorists restrictions. may experience single-lane o Grills are not provided anywhere closures with traffic control due to in the park, but visitors may ongoing construction in the area bring their own grill to one of the through July. following designated picnic areas: o The dirt section of National o In PA: Milford Beach, Park Drive in the Slateford Farm Smithfield Beach, Toms Creek area is closed to vehicles due to Picnic Area, Bushkill General construction. Store Picnic Area, Hialeah Picnic o Route 209 near Adams Creek will Area (open weekdays only) be closed evenings from 9 pm to 5 o In NJ: Turtle Beach and am from June through July due to Namanock Recreation Site in NJ construction work on the bridge over o Most areas are “carry in/carry the creek. A detour to and from out” so please take all food scraps, the Milford area will be in place via trash, and other waste with you Route 739 and Milford Road. when you leave so that wild animals are not attracted to these areas. Visit one of our partneroperated sites: To protect park resources, The park works in partnership including wildlife, and to reduce with several not-for-profit and trash, picnicking and food volunteer organizations who offer preparation and consumption are a variety of programs and services prohibited at the following areas: for the pubic. Thanks to these o Raymondskill Creek, Trails, Park Partners, visitors can visit and and parking areas, from the park tour historic homes and villages, boundary to the confluence of the learn about nature, practice Delaware River, including Hackers outdoor adventure skills, or learn a Falls and Trail; fine craft. Check their websites for o Point of Gap overlook parking hours and program offerings: area and riverbank along Route o Mohican Outdoor Center 611; (Mohican Outdoor Center ) o Sawkill Creek from park

boundary to the confluence with the Delaware River (including the Mott Street Bridge and pool below the bridge); o Riverview Trailhead parking area for the McDade Recreational Trail on River Road; and o Karamac Trail and riverbank. Watch Water…Fall: Because of the unique geography and geology of the area, the park boasts several stunning waterfalls that are free to visit. From water rushing over a steep cliff to rambling streams with gentle cascades, there is a waterfall for everyone. Waterfalls are among the most popular, and busiest destinations in the park, especially on summer weekends when visitation swells. For the best experience, visit on a weekday, early in the morning, or at twilight. To protect park visitors and resources, including wildlife, picnicking is not allowed at any of the waterfall areas and visitors are expected to take everything they brought in back home with them when they leave. “Some of the most beautiful places in the recreation area are our many waterfalls and the streams that feed them. They are also among the most fragile environments in the park and are easily damaged by trash, human waste, overuse, and misuse,” said Kara Deutsch, Chief of Resource Management and Science at the park. “We ask all visitors to follow the rules and regulations when visiting so that these special areas can remain as they are for future generations of visitors to also enjoy.” Swimming is prohibited within 50 feet upstream from the top of all waterfalls. o Dingmans Falls: Dingmans Falls Visitor Center will remain closed this year however the trail is open daily, and the access roads will be open on weekdays, from noon on Mondays to dusk on Fridays, beginning on May 10. On Saturdays and Sundays, the roads will be closed to vehicles and only open to pedestrians. o Buttermilk Falls: Mountain Road in NJ will remain closed to vehicles due to construction but is open to pedestrians wishing to access Buttermilk Falls. o George W. Childs Park remains closed for construction.

for the McDade Trail are closed from May 1 to September 30 to maintain public safety; protect environmental and scenic values; protect natural and cultural resources; and avoid public use conflicts. Where can I park? Parking areas are located throughout the recreation area and directions to them can be found on the park’s website under the listing for each location. On weekends, parking areas at many destinations fill by 9 am. “When a parking area is full, the site you wish to visit is also full,” Chief Ranger Eric Lisnik would like to remind visitors. “Some sites have narrow trails or viewing areas or are in fragile ecosystems and can only fit a limited number of people at one time before the area is damaged or it gets too crowded to enjoy. If the parking area is full when you arrive, choose a different destination or a different time to visit that area.” Park rangers recommend having several backup plans in case the area you want to visit is already full when you arrive. Take the Shuttle: Use the Pocono Pony’s Hiker Shuttle to get back and forth between the Park and Ride lot in the town of Delaware Water Gap, PA and the Kittatinny Point/Mt. Tammany and Lake Lenape/Mt.Minsi area trails at the south end of the park. The shuttle runs every 30 minutes on summer weekends. Masks are required to be worn aboard the shuttle. Schedules are available at: www.gomcta.com/trip. The River Runner shuttle for boats and bikes will not be operating in 2021.

Tips for Travelers: o Plan ahead! Visit the park website or call ahead to find out what you can and can’t do, where you can go, what you need to bring, and what you should leave at home. o Travel on Tuesday… or Wednesday, or Thursday to beat the crowds. Weekends are the busiest times in the park. o Have a Plan B… and C in case the places you wish to visit are already full when you arrive. If the parking area is full, the site is also full. Many popular destinations reach capacity by 9 am on summer weekends. Go Take a Hike! From steep, o Recreate Responsibly. Help take rugged climbs to the top of the care of the park by following all Delaware Water Gap to lazy strolls rules and regulations, taking all along the river on the McDade trash and waste home with you Trail, there is a trail in the park to when you leave, and by practicing suit every visitor. All trails are open Leave No Trace © principles: except the following which will Plan Ahead and Prepare, Travel remain closed until further notice and Camp on Durable Surfaces, due to public hazard or ongoing Dispose of Waste Properly, construction work: Leave What You Find, Minimize o The George W. Childs Park Campfire Impacts, Respect trails and the Conashaugh Wildlife, Be Considerate of Other Equestrian Trail remain closed for Visitors. To learn more about what construction. you can do visit Leave No Trace o The Adams Creek drainage area Seven Principles (U.S. National and the White Pines trailhead Park Service) (nps.gov).


































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