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August-September 2013




When more than leaves are


get a lift that is



Need a Lift This Fall? Katie Rice


t’s that time of year...the kids are heading back to school, leaves are falling from the trees, and summer’s at an end. If birds aren’t the only thing heading south, then let Ageless Med Spa give you a lift! Tired of looking tired? Getting a lift when and where you need it most has never been easier. Dr. Elvis Torres says, “The Silhouette Lift is an inoffice, minimally-invasive facelift that can usually be done without incisions, and takes about one hour to perform under a local anesthetic. You will get natural, long lasting results!” “This is an improvement from the Lifestyle Lift. In that procedure, the sutures were notched...leading to weakening, sagging, and failure of the procedure. We offer the Silhouette Lift which uses the latest technology, which uses bio-resorbable cones and hand tied knots in the suture to allow your body’s own collagen to reinforce and strengthen the lift we’ve performed. Silhouette Lift is suitable for both men and women.” “This is an easy way to roll back the years and reverse the signs of aging with hardly any downtime at all! We also offer

the ‘Vampire Facelift’ which uses your own platelet-rich plasma to improve the texture and color and tone of your skin, by utilizing your body’s own healing mechanisms to rejuvenate your skin...for an ‘ageless’ beauty.”

Maybe your face isn’t the only thing suffering the effects of time. When more than leaves are falling, get a lift with minimallyinvasive butt and breast lifts or even vaginal rejuvenation! Maybe your face isn’t the only thing suffering the effects of time. When more than leaves are falling, get a lift with minimally-invasive butt and breast lifts or even vaginal rejuvenation! Board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Torres is a member of the International Society of Cosmetogynecology and is trained in advanced anti-aging techniques, in-office tumescent liposuction, and is a certified laser specialist. He says, “Too often we put ourselves last...but September is a ‘New Year’ of sorts for parents. Now that the kids are back-to-school, it’s time

to get back to the ‘you’ you used to be!” “My intention isn’t to make you look like someone else. I want you to be happy with your personal beauty. The first thing I do with any patient is really listen to what you have to say. Because I offer a range of options, I can explain to you the benefits and limitations of Botox versus fillers, HCG weight loss vs. liposuction, and all of the other vast options offered at you can get the result you want and the lift you truly deserve!” Co-owner of Ageless Med Spa Danielle Steel says, “We’ll help you improve your life inside and out with comprehensive health care and an entire range of aesthetic services.” “Dr. Torres’ reputation speaks for itself with a very high rate of referrals from patients all around the world...and the medical skill to give you a lift that will last!” Ageless Med Spa 281-392-3700 414 West Grand Parkway South #115 Katy, TX 77494

Why go to the


Amy Sharp


hat if you could toss some popcorn in the microwave, grab a soda (or a beer!), and walk twenty steps to a custom, comfortable theater right in your own home? It’s 2013 and we have arrived. Home theaters, complete with cozy seating, lights, and surround sound are replacing the “entertainment” or “game” rooms of yesterday. Do you know where to start? “It can be overwhelming,” says Nick Lekousis, owner of Home Technology Solutions, “A lot of planning goes into a home theater, as you want to get as close to acoustically and visually perfect as you can possibly get. And then it all needs to be installed! But man, once it’s done…it’s amazing. You may never want to go to the movies again!” Nick started the company in 2009. He was looking for a more flexible job, and family and friends gave him the push he needed, Nick said, “Everyone kept telling me I needed to stop giving free advice and help about televisions and surround sound systems and start my own business!” Today, Home Technology Solutions is your one-stop-shop when putting in a home theater… providing equipment, design, lighting and installation with top-notch, quality service. Nick and his crew also install

home networks and home automation…you can control everything in your home--from your music and TV to your lights and thermostat--with the single touch of a remote or smartphone! As extremely satisfied customer Karen put it, “Who needs Geek Squads or the Genius Bar when you have Nick!” And what happens when you move? Take it all with you! Nick says, “We’ll take down your systems, pack them up, take them to the new location and install everything for you. Unlike movers, we make sure all of your equipment is fully insured while in our care!” “What sets us apart from the competition is that we’ll never sell you more than you need to have a great system. I believe in integrity and a high level of customer service. I demand it of my employees and I only subcontract or partner with those that hold the same business philosophy. We plan to be a part of this community for years to come!” And customers agree. Dr. Tom A. in Sugar Land says, “Home Technology is a professional, high quality company. They deliver a fine product efficiently and at a fair price!” Home Technology Solutions maintains an A rating with the BBB and is a member of CEDIA, the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association. Visit the Home Technology Solutions web page or Facebook page to see the endless possibilities…you may never go to the movies again! Home Technology Solutions 281-299-5582

Refreshing the

Breath of

Life by Sarah Warburton


both to resolve their sleep disorders and to hen all is well with your lungs, Not all cases of snoring screen for underlying conditions. I especially you may take the air you breathe for granted. People who struggle indicate sleep apnea and not urge parents to pay attention to the quality of with asthma, COPD, emphysema, or other every case of sleep apnea is sleep their children get, because together with pediatricians and orthodontists we can prevent critical lung conditions may struggle with every accompanied by snoring. sleep apnea with early intervention!” breath...and difficulty breathing can even affect Dr. Youssef is board-certified in Pulmonary Medicine, Sleep your sleep! As a pulmonologist, Dr. J. Georges Youssef treats any diseases or conditions that might keep your body from accessing the Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Critical Care Medicine and is a specialist in these disciplines. After earning his medical degree and air you need for a healthy life. “The first step is always getting to know each patient and doing finishing his residency, he completed a Pulmonary and Critical a thorough assessment,” says Dr. Youssef. “Then I have a range Care Medicine Fellowship at State University of New York at Stony of the latest evaluative tools and treatment options.” Whether you Brook and a Pulmonary Transplantation Medicine Fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. That need an inhaler, allergy treatment or Bronchial means he can evaluate your shortness of breath, Thermoplasty for your asthma, minimally-invasive diagnose the problem––whether it’s asthma, dysprocedures like Ultrasound Guided Bronchoscopy pnea, pulmonary fibrosis, or something else––and or Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy to provide treatment ranging from medicine to puldiagnose Lung Cancer, or the convenience of inmonary rehab to surgical options...even including house labs, radiology, and sleep lab testing, you’ll lung transplant. You’ll breathe easier knowing you get the answers and treatment you need from Dr. have an empathetic expert on your team! Youssef. “During my ten years of private practice in As the Medical Director of the Memorial Arizona,” says Dr. Youssef, “I started a pulmonary Hermann Southwest sleep lab, Dr. Youssef knows rehab program at the local hospital and introduced there’s more to sleep than sweet dreams. He says, sleep medicine to that county. When my son “Poor sleep can undermine all areas of your health entered high school, we decided to move to Sugar and literally take years off your life. In the case of Land for the excellent schools...and to be closer to sleep apnea, patients stop breathing in their sleep! family, since we’d been traveling here several times They are at increased risk of worsening of daytime a year to visit them. We love it here and I’m so fatigue, heart disease development/worsening of pleased to offer my services to this community.” hypertension, stroke, sudden death and increased risk of motor vehicle accidents. Not all cases of snoring indicate sleep apnea and not every case of J. Georges Youssef, M.D. sleep apnea is accompanied by snoring. Patients 713-781-4600 who suffer from insomnia, who suffer REM disor1429 Hwy. 6 South, Ste 303 ders like acting out their dreams, those who walk Sugar Land, TX 77478 or talk in their sleep all need thorough screening

4 ~ UPCLOSE Katy ~ September 2013

Chad Meadows

Melinda Rains

Monette Insani

Who Wins a Car?

Sarah Warburton Sarah Warburton ou could win a car...just ask Monette Insani, Chad Meadows, and Melinda Rains, a few winners of Classic Chevy’s Free Car Monthly Giveaway. Chad says, “I heard Don on the radio talking about the giveaway, so I signed up online. When Classic Chevy called a few weeks later, I thought it was a sales thing...then I recognized Don’s voice! He said, ‘You won a car. What do you think your wife will say?’ I told him, ‘She’ll think I’m lying or crazy!’ I sweettalked her into coming with me to the dealership. Later I found out another winner hadn’t even been able to convince his wife to come pick the car up! My wife needed a new car, so I offered the Spark to her with one condition...I couldn’t have my name on the title to a pink car! Luckily, she settled for lime green. The car was completely free, and we traded in her old, hail-damaged car to upgrade the stereo and navigation. Everyone was so friendly and down-toearth...they seemed really excited for us. We’re saving to buy a house, so the timing couldn’t have been better! We live in


a skeptical age, but I received no marketing emails, no pressure, nothing. Enter this contest and if you get a call from Classic Chevy...pick up the phone!” Monette says, “When I went online to check the used car inventory at Classic Chevy and saw the online ad for the contest, I thought, ‘Well, I’ve got nothing to lose!’ I didn’t tell anyone, not even my husband, that I’d entered...because seriously, nobody wins a car! Then on April Fool’s Day Don and Mark called to tell me I’d won a Chevy Sonic. I was shaking and in absolute shock and it took me quite a while to explain it all to my husband. We’ve got three kids, so we loaned the new car to my daughter. She is almost seventeen and I feel so much better knowing she’s got a good car to drive. Now I tell everyone at work and all my Facebook friends to enter the contest!” Melinda says, “When I heard Jerry Reynolds, the Car Pro, talk about the car giveaway on 740 Talk Radio, I thought, ‘Nobody ever wins these things’...but I kept re-entering every month. Then the first week in August, Mark gave me a

call. I was on vacation to see Graceland, so I didn’t pick up my phone or call him back...honestly, I thought it was a sales call! Once I was home, he told me I’d won a Chevy Spark. I could just fill out the paperwork and drive away or apply the cost of the Spark towards another vehicle. My husband and I are saving to buy a business and the bank told us not to do anything that might change our credit winning a car was a blessing! I chose the Silver Spark and I just love it. I use it to commute to work from Pinehurst into Houston and the Spark gets great gas mileage...and it’s so cute! All my family is ecstatic. My dad keeps saying how proud he is of me and I say, ‘Dad, all I did was spend two minutes online. That’s all it takes to win a car!’” Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land 281-491-9000 13115 Southweswt Freewaym Sugar Land, TX 77478

Too Much of a Good Thing Amy Sharp


e’ve all grown up with the idea and studies stand behind it…the use of fluoride drastically reduces tooth decay, especially in children. But did you know too much fluoride can have a very negative effect? Dr. Faisal Khan of Grand Parkway Pediatric Dental says, “Too much fluoride can cause defects in the tooth enamel…a condition called fluorosis. In this condition, the enamel remains strong…but it may discolor, which is both aesthetically displeasing and expensive to mask.” Excessive ingestion of fluoride can occur in several ways…it occurs when water fluoridation is not properly regulated, when fluoride supplements are used incorrectly, or when a child ingests too much fluoridated toothpaste. And there is another way to get too much fluoride that most parents probably haven’t even thought of…reconstituted baby formula! Dr. Khan says, “Several adult teeth begin formation during the first couple months of life…so

any higher than normal fluoride intake during that time can affect dental development. Powdered formula contains some fluoride, and when fluoridated tap water is added, an excessive amount of fluoride can be ingested!” But what do you do if excessive fluoride is a concern? Dr. Khan says, “Part of our job as pediatric dentists is to help educate you about fluorosis and optimal fluoride intake for your kids. We can provide you with information about fluoride levels in local water supplies and help guide you when it comes to mixing infant formula. Our end goal is always the same…to give our little patients great smiles! And that starts with what they are eating in the first few months of life!” Dr. Khan is President of the Houston Academy of Pediatric Dentists and a member of the FBISD Foundation Board of Directors. As a Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist and a Fellow in Special Care Dentistry, Dr. Khan’s passion is making visits to the dentist fun and easy for all kids, even those with different or special needs. Dr. Khan says, “When kids enjoy coming in, have a good time and then leave with a smile, it’s really easier for everyone!” Call and schedule an appointment today! Grand Parkway Pediatric Dental ~ Dr. Faisal M. Khan, DDS 832-222-TOTS (8687) 7830 W. Grand Parkway S, Suite 270, Richmond, TX 77406

How Much is Too Much?

Ask Dr. Gigi.


hen it’s “that time of the month,” do you turn to an all-black wardrobe, wear super-baggy clothes, or call in sick, close the curtains and stay in your pajamas? Dr. Quynh-Thu “Gigi” Doan, MD says, “You shouldn’t have to rearrange your schedule because you’re afraid of accidents. During a normal menstrual cycle, you’ll lose less than three ounces of blood. If heavy bleeding ever stains your clothing, lasts longer than seven days, or requires more than a pad or tampon every hour, call a doctor right away. If you’re not sure if what you’re experiencing is ‘normal,’ come talk to me and together we’ll find the solution that works for you.” Does the thought of wearing white pants or going swimming fill you with fear? “We’ll chat until you feel comfortable enough to tell me what’s really going on. Believe me, no matter what you’re experiencing, you’re not the only one,” says Dr. Gigi. “I don’t like to jump straight to the most extreme treatment. We may try medical solutions like birth control pills, an in-office procedure like endometrial

6 ~ UPCLOSE Katy ~ September 2013

ablation, or a hysterectomy. Patients are surprised to learn how much misinformation is out there! Hysterectomies are the second most frequently performed surgery among women (after C-sections). It will address your heavy bleeding, but a hysterectomy alone doesn’t send you into early menopause and won’t necessitate hormone treatment. Where you are in your fertility and how much bleeding you’re experiencing will help us decide together what treatment might be the best choice.” “One patient of mine took her two children to the zoo during her period... and had an accident. Another called in sick to work two days a month, every month. Another had to be taken to the hospital for excessive blood loss. I know how embarrassing this subject can be, but you have to take care of yourself first, so you’ll be able to continue caring for others! As a woman, I have the advantage of having been both a patient and a doctor, so I know how you feel. Don’t let fear keep you to me and we’ll get you back to your life!”

Dr. Quynh-Thu “Gigi” Doan, MD 281-717-4366 777 South Fry Road, Suite 202 Katy, Texas 77450

Making it Picture Perfect! Katie Rice


hen Elaine Dennis found a picture of the “bathroom of her dreams,” the first thing she did was show it to her husband, Mark. Then she started looking for a local designer who could make her dream a reality. She says, “Grand Windows and Interiors was recommended to us by friends. You really want someone you trust to come into your home, and from the minute I stepped into the showroom, the designer Caron Lopez put me at ease.”



picture yourself here

“I showed her the inspirational photo of a designer bathroom that I liked (although it was bigger than mine) and right away she said, ‘No problem, we can make it happen!’ She worked very hard to get the job rolling. Caron worked with the photo to find the materials and figure out exactly what we needed...and by golly she gave me the bathroom of my dreams!” “We had a very good working relationship and I loved my bathroom, so I asked her what she thought I could do with my master bedroom. Never at any point did she push me or try to persuade me of anything. She’s an amazing listener, so when she did make a suggestion, it was usually spot on! I had seen tile that looked like distressed wood and she found it for my bedroom. I’ve had so many compliments on it! She selected the right automatic shades for the bedroom and found the perfect creamy color for the walls, so the bathroom and bedroom really flow together. I’m enjoying them so much!” “The person who referred Grand Windows and Interiors to me told me she’d absolutely be using them again...and I know I’ll do the same!” Ready to make your design dreams come true? Zip down the Grand Parkway or FM 723 to Grand Windows and Interiors and visit master artisan Candelario Lopez and his wife, designer Caron Lopez. Give your home a “Grand” makeover at an affordable price with custom window treatments, metalwork, cabinetry, upholstery, granite, tile, faux painting and more!

281-342-9160 1405 Avenue I Rosenberg, TX 77471

UPCLOSE Katy ~ September 2013 ~ 7

Thai Magic

Sarah Warburton


ou don’t have to renew your passport or pack your bags to experience the healing magic of Thai Massage. Leave your shoes by the door, inhale the scent of jasmine and lemongrass, listen to the soothing fountain, slip into a pair of slippers, and let all your stress go...right here in Fort Bend. At Therapeutic Thai Massage Theo and Mona have created a personal oasis that improves your health and rejuvenates your spirit. Whether you visit the Katy location or the Sugar Land location, the Thai Combo is the perfect introduction to the healing magic of Thai massage. In a single session you’ll enjoy Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Thai Massage. Formally trained in both Thailand and Texas, licensed massage therapist Mona says, “Thai Massage is also known as ‘Thai Yoga Massage,’ because it gives many of the benefits of yoga like balance and improved circulation. The two key components are stretching and acupressure. All of our therapists understand body mechanics, so they can press just

the right spots to improve circulation. We have clients who are doctors and chiropractors who come and bring their families...and every Sunday Mona and I pay for my parents to have a massage, too!” Entering a Therapeutic Thai Massage is like entering a professional spa with all the warmth and personal touches of a private home. On the doors of each massage room, little shutters like traditional Thai picture frames can be opened to reveal a panel telling you a massage is in session. Theo says, “The custom-made front door separating our waiting room from our massage area in both locations has special meaning. When Mona and I were on our honeymoon in Thailand we stayed at an incredible resort, Rabbit Resort in Pattaya, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit. We had a Fort Bend artist created our door and distress it to look exactly like the traditional doors at the Rabbit Resort. Every day it reminds us of our love for each other and for the traditions of Thailand.” Don’t we all need a little extra relaxation in our life? Theo says “So many of our clientele liked the

aromatherapy herbal compress balls we use in our Herbal Ball Massage and the special tea we import from Thailand that we offer them for sale. We’re so grateful for the warm welcome we’ve received from the community!”

Therapeutic Thai Massage Katy 281-395-5652 1548 S Mason Road Katy, Tx 77450 Therapeutic Thai Massage Katy Sugar Land 281-310-1787 4787 Sweetwater Blvd Sugar Land, Tx 77479 13346 Briar Forest Dr., Suite 150 Houston, TX 77077 (281) 752-9256

The Official Dining Guide of Fort Bend

Summer 2013


ITALIAN Roots in Sicily, journey through St. Louis, hearts in Texas!

UPCLOSE Katy ~ September 2013 ~ 9

Lomonte’s-Your Neighborhood

ITALIAN Restaurant


or seven years, the family-owned Lomonte’s Italian Restaurant has been making a home in Richmond, Texas. Friends and neighbors have long enjoyed the easy ambience and marvelous food, some of which carries the authentic flavors of “The Hill,” that traditional Italian enclave of St. Louis, Mo. where the Lomonte family’s American story began...but the true story has its roots in Sicily. “My Sicilian grandmother Antonina Lomonte brought her own recipes from her home in Licata, Sicily,” says Braden Lomonte. “She inspired my family to open the first Lomonte’s Italian Restaurant in Houston in 1986...and it’s still in operation today. Over seven years ago, Jason Tatlonghari and I opened our Fort Bend’s location. Now longtime regulars of the Houston Lomonte’s know they will still find many of the same timeless dishes prepared in Grandma’s tradition right here in our Pecan Grove neighborhood. Bring your friends and family to share traditional Southern Italian meals always served with a smile.” Chef Jason aka “J.T.” loves knowing that Lomonte’s has become the ‘go-to’ place for families and friends to enjoy time together. He says, “We’re a local place, so we’re proud to have plenty of local wines and craft beers at our bar. We’ve always got some guys hanging out for the game, ladies having a night out, or friends getting together after work. Personally, I don’t think you can beat a deep dish Sicilian pizza, a good brew, and a good game in a good atmosphere...especially if you keep it local by finishing with a Chocolate Chip/Pecan Pie and Texas Blue Bell ice cream a la mode.” What gives Lomonte’s such a family feel? “It all comes down to our guests,” says Braden. “They’re what really matters to us. We like

10 ~ UPCLOSE Katy ~ September 2013

to suggest dishes they’ll enjoy like our favorite Catfish Picante with our made-in-house Louisiana style picante sauce and Fettucini Alfredo. Then sometimes our customers suggest something we’ll enjoy, too, like a dish on our menu inspired by a long-time regular, Phil Lindblade. The Phil’s Baked Pasta includes sliced Italian sausage, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, and black olives in a spicy tomato cream sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese and baked to perfection.” “Being a neighborhood restaurant means you’ll see us all over town: whether we’re working with local charities, sponsoring area school events or catering at-home dinners. In fact, if you want a special Italian meal at home, it’s as easy as giving us a call. We deliver throughout the area, and this brings us even closer to our neighbors!” Classic Sicilian or a new favorite, with friends in a cozy dining room or at home with family, come see why Lomonte’s has been a favorite for Italian lovers across Fort Bend County. Braden says, “Our roots may be in Sicily and our journey went through St. Louis, but our heart’s right here in Texas!” Lomonte’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria 281-232-8290 815 Plantation Drive Richmond, Texas 77469 Mon-Thurs: 5:00–9:30 pm Fri. 5:00–10:30 pm Sun 4:00–9:00 pm

It’s Fresh It’s Texas!

by Amy Sharp he burgers are hand-formed MONSTERS!” “A local joint with regional selections and nothing prepackaged!” “Check ‘em out…a pleasant surprise!” That’s what your neighbors are saying about Texas Mesquite Grill...and we couldn’t wait to tell you! Owner and Katy resident for more than a decade, Austin Yates has created a menu highlighting dishes Texans have come to expect in neighborhood joints--jalapenos, burgers, ribs, Tex-Mex, shrimp and catfish--with popular specials on the weekends like surf-and-turf! Austin’s business model is simple––he promises to make the food as fresh and local as possible. “I promise that the freshest ingredients are on your plate every single time….it’s a promise that definitely comes at a cost,” says Austin, “It requires carefully scheduled and more frequent deliveries. But I know it’s what sets us apart and I have no plans to change our philosophy!” Grab a seat inside or on the spacious patio and enjoy complementary“Texas Caviar”—candied jalapeno and cheese dip! Save room, appetizers like the Fifty/Fifty—a mix of fried pickles and Texas Armadillo’s (fried jalapeno sticks)—are to die for and you still have to get to the main course. Austin says, “We’ve got plenty of ‘backyard gourmet’ choices, but I think it’s hard to beat a great burger and beer!” September’s Football Time in Houston! Texas Mesquite Grill is a proud supporter of the Houston Texans. Yates says, “When the Texans are playing, we show the game on three huge projector screens and twelve flat screens! Be sure to call ahead and reserve a table for your party!” With more than twenty years experience (including time as General Manager at Pappas), Austin has created a neighborhood hangout with the biggest and brightest flavors in Texas cuisine. Austin says, “Drop in anytime for a meal or call to set up catering...we can’t wait to meet and serve you!”


Owner recommendations: Quail Bites—Hands-down the most popular appetizer— Bacon-wrapped quail breast stuffed with jalapeños and jack cheese. California Avocado Burger—You can’t go wrong with a fire-grilled burger, and Austin’s personal favorite features avocado, pico de gallo, jack cheese and creole mayo. Shrimp and Rib Combo—Customers clamor for these mesquite-grilled shrimp drizzled with pineapple glaze and served with mesquite ribs.

Texas Mesquite Grill ~ 281-829-0444

20095 Katy Freeway, Katy, TX 77450 (Southwest corner of Fry & I-10 – next to Conn’s)

by Amy Sharp

A Sweet Step Back in Time


ired of the hustle and bustle of meals in paper bags and indoor playgrounds? Do you long for a place where you can gather just to have a soda and homemade food? Look no fur ther! At Another Time Soda Fountain and Cafe on the corner of Third Street and Avenue F in Rosenberg you step back to a sweeter time! Owner Renee Butler says, “This building has been a working soda fountain since the 1920s—only closed in 92-93. Since gaining ownership, we’ve done renovations to restore it to its original architecture. There’s a high counter and bar stools where you can watch our Soda Jerks prepare traditional fountain drinks. Wood tables and benches fill the restaurant…a quaint space for you and family and friends to sit back, visit, and relax!”

But the space isn’t the only thing restored to its original style! Renee says, “All of our formulas are from a 1950’s Soda Jerk. Everything is true to the soda fountain’s past…from the perfect hot fudge sauce to expertly blended malts and shakes. We have good ‘ole one pound banana splits and ice cream sodas. And who remembers phosphates from the depression era? Treat yourself to a little taste of history!” Stop in between 11:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. Wednesday through Sunday and enjoy the daily Blue Plate Special--entrees like meatloaf, pot roast, and chicken spaghetti are served with fresh vegetables. You’ll also find handmade hamburgers and fresh squeezed lemonade. Or come in for dinner Friday or

Saturday night! Renee says, “We make everything from scratch, so come in early for the Blue Plate Special, because it always goes quickly. Be sure to save room for dessert…after all, this is a soda fountain!” Renee’s efforts to resurrect a simpler time haven’t gone unnoticed. Her historic renovation won “Best Physical Improvement: Best Commercial Interior” for the state, awarded by the Texas Downtown Association. But perhaps even more endearing…an elderly couple stopped in, sat at the counter and ordered ice cream sodas. After the first sip the man looked up with a twinkle in his eye and said, “I haven’t had an ice cream soda like this in 50 years!” Another Time Soda Fountain and Cafe 281-232-2999 800 Third Street Rosenberg, Texas 77471

Chefs Go Out to Eat


Sarah Warburton


ith over twenty years as a “Sushi Man” and two previous restaurants (Kaneyama and Sushi King) under his belt, finally Keeper Lin’s bringing his inventive cuisine to Fort Bend. Sushi-lovers and food aficionados like Chef Frederic Perrier of Aura are gathering at Keeper’s Japanese Restaurant and Bar to enjoy mouth-watering, fresh food in a welcoming atmosphere perfect for lunch or dinner anytime! What makes Keeper’s a restaurant where chefs love to eat? Quality! Keeper uses only Tamaki Gold rice, the number one best-selling rice in Japan and the freshest fish he personally chooses daily at the fish market. He says, “In the early morning I go out to choose the best fish, but if something like sea urchin comes in later, they’ll give me a call. I’ve made a trip to the fish company at midnight, just to be sure I got the freshest seafood. For quality, you can’t just place an order over the have to inspect it yourself!” Start your meal with Dobin Mushi, a soup that melts away stress while whetting your appetite. Drink the fragrant broth out of the little cup, then open the dobin (like a little teapot) and eat the sweet morsels of Sashimi-grade red snapper, fresh clam, shrimp, fishcake, chicken, shitaki mushroom and a gingko nut...good for the memory. Want a roll to remember? You can’t be Texan without trying the Cowboy: tuna or salmon and avocado inside topped with blackened beef, four colors of tobiko (flying fish roe in ruby, black, wasabi, and golden yuzu) and cowboy sauce with a serious kick! For something a little sweeter, pick the Skydiver: soft-shell crab and cucumber inside, topped with unagi, avocado, sesame, and eel sauce. Why not cool down with a Blood Orange Martini or Watermelon Mojito from Keeper’s amazing mixologist, Tia? Then heat things up again with beef or tuna Hobayaki topped with miso-sesame paste with cashew nuts and onions and served on a hot volcanic stone...deliciously dramatic! Keeper says, “We’d like to invite you to our Happy Hour all day everyday. We are adding more options than before with appetizers, hand rolls and even more sushi to choose from! We’ll also offer drink specials everyday from 4-7, 9-close, and all day Saturday and Sunday!” Enter Keeper’s Japanese Restaurant and Bar and the smiling hostess, the sushi chefs, and the servers will greet you with the Japanese welcome, “Irashaimase!” You’ll find the perfect meal, whether you prefer sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, tempura, noodles or a selection in the Bento Box lunch sampler. Keeper says, “My chefs Freddie and Juan and I all understand and passionately respect Japanese culture. We love living and working in Fort Bend...and our Japanese spirit comes through in the food we make and serve to you.” Keeper’s Japanese Restaurant & Bar 281-242-0389 4654 Highway 6 South, Sugar Land, TX 77478




let Big Ben Tavern answer the call. This “Texas Original” has now opened a farm-to-table GastroPub near the Sugar Land Skeeters Constellation Field at the corner of Highway 6 and University. Chef and partner “KK” believes in having fun with his food! He says, “Whether you order fries or a burger, we make our own sauces to complement them. Instead of pig in a blanket, we created the pork ‘belly in a blank’, and you won’t find a more savory burger than the 80 percent beef, 20 percent bacon variety we offer. As a shout-out to our British roots, we’ve got Chicken Tikka, Scotch Eggs, Butter Chicken, and seriously good beer.” Tap-Takeovers by local breweries, Beer Pong Competitions, Ladies Nights, 14 ~ UPCLOSE Katy ~ September 2013

twenty-five high definition TVs for all of your favorite sports, and Live Music will banish your boredom. Wake your taste buds with one of our 78 premium beers and innovative dishes made with fresh never-frozen ingredients...”We don’t even own a freezer!” In the competition for the biggest, boldest flavors and most awesome entertainment, Big Ben Tavern Dominates! Big Ben Tavern 832-532-7855 636 Hwy 6,Ste 1000, Sugar Land, TX 77478 4 p.m.-2 a.m., Monday through Saturday 4 p.m.- midnight on Sunday.


Have fun, enjoy the benefits

Celebrating La Familia! by Sarah Warburton t Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant Lupe Garcia uses recipes handed down for generations and grinds her own spices for amazing authenticity and flavor. Lupe’s husband of 34 years, Jaime says, “Lupe’s been cooking professionally for over thirty years, but she learned her recipes from her family. Now she’s teaching our granddaughter to make tortillas, too! She used to have to stand on a stool...but now she’s eleven and making tortillas like her abuela!” These mouthwatering Mexican meals are guaranteed to make your family smile! Start with piquante warm salsa made with real


Finish with a sweet treat like churros and the good feeling that comes from enjoying a delicious meal with your family at a price you can afford! Meet your amigos y familia for an authentic Mexican meal or a celebratory happy hour... or call Lupita’s for a fiesta-to-go. Jamie says, “Whether you want to celebrate with your office or your corporate clients, invite friends over for a backyard get-together, or host a fabuloso neighborhood party, call us. You send the invitations, we’ll handle the fajitas…for fiestas of any size!” Over the years since Lupita’s opened, Jaime has made many trips to the town where he grew up for an annual festival… bringing food, toys, and clothing to as many as four hundred local children. Voted BEST MEXICAN FOOD in Fort Bend! Just like their trips tomatoes, roasted in the kitchen and served to Mexico, Lupita’s restaurant is a labor of with a side of smoky charro beans. Then love for the Garcias. “Every dish Lupe makes sample fajitas made with Lupe’s secret blend brings people together,” says Jaime, “Lupe, of spices, hand-made tortillas, and spices Rigo, Leo and I humbly thank you for ten freshly-ground with a Molcajete Mexican wonderful years of loyalty and support…from mortar and pestle. Jaime says, “Our seaour family to yours!” food is fresh, we use the best meats and vegetables, and Lupe often offers up special Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant choices in the restaurant or on our website. 281-265-6556 You should be able to eat delicious food Southeast corner of Hwy 6 made with fresh ingredients at a price you & Williams Trace can afford. That’s our promise to you!”

Wine Tasting Room & Boutique

3333 FM 359 Richmond, TX

Tue - Thurs: 2 pm - 9 pm Fri & Sat: Noon - Midnight Sun: Noon - 5 pm

16019 City Walk Sugar Land, Tx. 77479 (281) 937-7447

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“Innovative American with an inch of French...”

Sarah Warburton


ffering the best of both worlds~ Coupling Classic French Techniques with Familiar Ingredients, Perrier creations come to life in the lively and sleek

setting known as the “new Aura,” AURA Brasserie. Renowned French Chef Frédéric Perrier remade the original Aura in Missouri City into Coco Pazzo, an Italian restaurant with elements of Aura (for those who pleaded with him not to relocate!) Shortly after Coco Pazzo was unveiled, Aura Brasserie opened in Sugar Land Town Square. Both locations offer cuisine that continue to WOW! Chef Perrier’s loyal clientele. Chef’s wife Michelle says, “Our customers are like family! One customer (who 99% of the time opts for the 5-Course Tasting Menu) has dined at Aura more than 500 times!” The Perriers create dining rooms that are warm, fun and welcoming, with the freshest food, World-Class service and techniques, super-reasonable pricing and NO jacket, tie or special occasion required.

Have you tried Chef Frédéric’s amazing FrenchAmerican creations…or as he says, “innovative American with an inch of French?” My (extremely particular) mother and I enjoyed the weekday three-course, Prix Fixe lunch menu for only $14.99 each. She started with the refreshing salad of mixed greens and goat cheese, while I savored sauteed frog legs, redolent with garlic and herbs. For our main courses, she chose the fried chicken breast, saying, “Just as good as my Mama used to make!” I had the short rib in a decadent red wine sauce. For dessert we lingered over profiteroles filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with warm chocolate sauce, the

The French understand that eating is about more than’s about enjoying life. perfect end to a delightful lunch. This menu changes daily, based on the best the market has to offer. If you’re free for dinner early (between 5-6:00/6:30), you can try the Sunset Prix Fixe 3-Course Menu for only

$24.99 ($19.99 at Coco Pazzo)...but you can always order off the lunch menu, dinner menu, the Specials Board or Go for the Gold...The 5~ Course Tasting Menu at Aura Brasserie. Set your own limitations or direct Chef to surprise and dazzle you! And, if you want a creative menu for your Sunday Brunch~ try the Creme Brulee Dipped, Coconut Brioche French Toast...need I say more?!! The French understand that eating is about more than’s about enjoying life. Chef says, “Even in my free time, I cook, usually barbecuing or smoking…Texas cooking. I live, love, and do everything through my cooking.” The perfect vice for a chef!

Aura Brasserie 281-403-2872 15977 City Walk Sugar Land Town Square Coco Pazzo by Aura 281-403-2870 3340 FM 1092 Missouri City Township 16 ~ UPCLOSE Katy ~ September 2013

It took a long time for this Trane to reach the station, but it won’t take long to get yours!


ince 1898 the MKT (referred to by its stock exchange symbol, “the K-T” or “Katy”) depot saw trains come and go. The last passenger train went through the Katy Depot in 1957...but a brand-new Trane is keeping things cool today. In 1979 a group of concerned citizens formed the Katy Heritage Society to save the depot from demolition. That same year the depot was moved to Katy City Park and restored. In 2003, Katy Heritage Park was created on George Bush Drive. In 2006, the old MKT depot and caboose were moved, restored, and opened on First Street as a railroad museum and visitors center. Gerald Svetlik, Katy resident and owner of True Fix A/C and Heating, says “When they called us up about replacing an air conditioner in the new location, there was only one choice for a restored train depot. Everyone knows you can’t stop a Trane!”You can find Trane air conditioners everywhere––from Sea World in Orlando to the Statue of Liberty, New York to the Washington Monument in D.C.––but they’re made in Tyler, Texas. No other air conditioner is as efficient at handling our Texas combo of heat and humidity. Gerald says, “Give us a call and we can talk with you about the current tax credits, rebates, and special financing currently available. Transitioning to a new Trane will cool and de-humidify the air in your home for maximum comfort....and can even save you $$ over the long haul. We promise to treat you like family!” The MKT depot is a Katy landmark...and True Fix is a Katy fixture. This family-owned business is the oldest independent Trane dealer in Katy. With Trane products at True Fix you will receive a 100% performance guarantee. True Fix is a member of the Katy Chamber of Commerce, a Gold Star BBB member, a member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, EPA and NATE certified. Gerald says, “Thank you Katy for voting True Fix “Best of Best” in the Heating and Air Conditioning category of the Katy Times for two years in a row! Trane’s been in business for one hundred years...True Fix and the old MKT depot plan to keep on chugging too!”

Katy Texas History

Sponsored by True Fix A/C and Heating

Railroad Park 5615 First Street ~ 281.391.8400 Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Saturday, 10:00 – 2:00 The downtown “pocket park” is home to the historic Missouri-Kansas-Texas Depot, which has been restored to serve as an Information & Tourist Center. It is a central location for tourists and visitors. The Katy Heritage Society Railroad Museum inside the Depot displays many original elements and explains how the Depot operated as a passenger rail service in Katy until 1957. The Heritage Society’s red caboose is also located on the beautifully landscaped site with benches and a town clock.

True Fix A/C & Heating 281-392-9334 Greenbusch, Katy, TX 77494 •

To advertise, 281-235-0600

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Increasing Your Sales? I

f it hasn’t been updated for a few years, it’s not pulling its weight anymore! Sherry Han and Daisy Huang, Founders and Lead Marketing Strategists of Get Internet Exposure say, “Your website is not just an online business card. It should be working to target your customers and get you viable leads. We offer full-service web design and internet marketing services that will make your company vibrant and active online.” “We still see websites that haven’t changed since the 1990’s, and that just doesn’t draw any traffic in today’s world,” says Sherry. “Your website is the platform where everything starts. It should be a simple social hub that builds your credibility and encourages people to return over and over again. If you want to expand your business, but you don’t have the time, skill, or interest to work on your online presence, give us a call. We can manage your online listings across the web to make sure they give the accurate information you want your customers to know. We can monitor customer feedback on a variety of sites and help you generate new content for your website, Facebook page, and Twitter. Maintaining a lively and relevant online presence will help you get leads over the internet, and that’s one of our primary goals.” “My business partner Daisy Huang and I have a total of 18 years experience between us of working in this field as freelance web designers. We saw so many people that could use our help that we realized it was time to move to the next level. Our team will do your web design and handle your internet marketing for small to medium-sized companies. Sports cen18 ~ UPCLOSE Katy ~ September 2013

ters, restaurants, pet sitting, cleaning companies, management firms, medical offices...there’s no business that can’t be helped by a professional, active online plan. When you’re ready to give your business a boost, think of us as your online marketing department!” “Nowadays, you can’t afford to be ‘silent’ online! Get Internet Exposure will do the work online to keep your business growing and thriving. Are your customers going to Yelp or Google or Yahoo for information about your business? We’ll update your information and stay on top of customer reviews, wherever they turn up. Can your information be easily viewed on a smartphone? We’ll make sure customers have mobile access to your business. We also offer video creation as a part of branding and to generate leads, because people love to share links to videos and a good video can send your Google Plus rating through the roof.” Sherry and Daisy wrote the book on internet marketing... literally! You can get your own copy of Marketing Your Local Business Online: Key Strategies to Increasing Sales and Profit Using the Internet from Amazon. For effective, affordable web design and internet marketing services, contact Get Internet Exposure today!

Get Internet Exposure 1-877-345-1932

Fort Bend’s Only authorized Yamaha Piano Dealer in the Houston area!

Sarah Warburton


ack in 1983, Fort Bend Music Center got its start as a piano delivery service...and today it’s our one-stopshop for buying, renting, repairing, moving, or learning to play musical instruments. Evie Offord, Fort Bend Music Center’s Piano Sales Manager says, “We’re thrilled to announce that Fort Bend Music Center is now the only authorized Yamaha Piano Dealer in the Houston area, as well as the only certified Kawai and Shigeru dealer.” Whether you want an electric piano you can unplug and slip under the sofa to save space or a baby grand to make your foyer spectacular, Fort Bend Music Center has

used, rebuilt, digital, even rental pianos. If you already have a piano that needs a little TLC, Fort Bend Music Center offers complete piano repair and restoration. And if your piano is missing a pianist, we can do a player install so it’ll make music all by itself.” Better yet, why not call for lessons? Fort Bend Music Center has the only accredited Yamaha piano music school in Southwest Houston. Group lessons are fun and creative, but private lessons are also available...just call the school to find a time that works with your schedule.

The music doesn’t stop with pianos... from a single flute to seventy-six trombones, march on over to the Fort Bend Music Center for band instrument purchase, rental, repair, lessons, and accessories. “We are a complete, full-line music store,” says Betty Tinney, Store Manager, “and a full-line authorized Yamaha dealer with everything from pianos, guitars, drums, lessons and band instruments. your perfect match. Evie says, “We have pianos for every home and budget––new,

The music doesn’t stop with pianos... from a single flute to seventy-six trombones, march on over to the Fort Bend Music

To advertise, 281-235-0600

Center for band instrument purchase, rental, repair, lessons, and accessories. “We are a complete, full-line music store,” says Betty Tinney, Store Manager, “and a full-line authorized Yamaha dealer with everything from pianos, guitars, drums, lessons and band instruments. Visit our website www. for online instrument rentals or come in and talk with one of our band department professionals. Most instruments and accessories that local band directors prefer and recommend are in-stock (even intermediate and pro horns). Special orders can usually be filled within a week! We also offer in-house, on-site, repairs from Monday through Saturday from 10-5. Our shop foreman, Bill Barth, has a reputation for instrument repair and restoration in Fort Bend and the Houston area, with over fifty years experience.” “Whether music moves your feet or moves your heart,” says Rick Cochran, President of Fort Bend Music Center, “call us, stop by anytime, or visit our website for a schedule of classes, teacher biographies, and our fees and policies. We’ll help you unleash the music in your soul!” Fort Bend Music Center 281-494-5885 12919 SW Freeway, Ste 160

UPCLOSE Katy ~ September 2013 ~ 19

Want to Drink Your Way to Better Health?


isa was tired of being mistaken for being pregnant...until she found the answer with the Detox Trio at Renu Herbs. “People stopped her at the mall to ask when she was due––but not anymore!” says Robin Anthony, mother of four and founder of Renu Herbs, “90% of Americans like Lisa have a toxic colon, but you don’t have to live with sickness, weight gain or

fatigue. Until you clean out that toxic waste that’s clogging your system, you won’t experience vibrant health! Our all-natural, organic Detox Trio has been a hit with so many people! Now we’re excited to announce our entirely new unique product to our lifesaving lineup of herbal health products...Renu Organic Tea Leaves!” Renu Organic Tea Leaves is a proprietary blend of herbs in the perfect ratio, made from herbs harvested in the rain forests of South America and Southern Europe... including one herb known as the “leaf of survival.” Robin says, “This tea pulls toxic waste from your body...working to eliminate hot flashes, memory lapses, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, circulatory problems, diabetes, nervousness and lack of energy. When cholesterol and waste is removed from the blood vessels, more blood flows quickly to the brain, improving circulation throughout the body and boosting your memory. An old preacher was having trouble remembering some parts of his sermon. He said after taking this miraculous leaf tea for a while, he didn’t have such a hard time remembering his sermons...even without his notes!” Some customers are even drinking away high cholesterol! Stephanie says, “My husband

went to the doctor every two months. He was on over seven medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, liver and diabetes. He hated the side effects and the way the medications made him feel. After only three weeks of drinking the tea, the doctor says his cholesterol is now normal, liver is 75% better and his diabetes is under control! And the doctor has moved his visits to every four months instead of two!” You can “renu” your life with Renu Herbs...just ask Tracey Gates. She writes, “This organic tea is the second product of yours that I use. The first was the Detox Trio that gave me such beautiful skin that people thought I had microdermabrasion. I brewed the tea on Friday and had my first cup on Saturday morning. I turned 50 in March and have been having hot flashes that drive me crazy. We’ll I’m happy to report that it’s Monday and I haven’t had a single one. I did not have to sleep with my fan on all night. Thank you Robin!” Check out for information on all of Robin’s all natural, organic products. The wildly popular Detox Trio consists of three powerful products...Robin’s original Detox Tea to help cleanse the blood, Parasite Blend to zap the deadly parasites (and their eggs) responsible for sugar cravings, and Colon Cleanser to remove the toxins and parasites from your body. Together they detox your system leaving your body ready to run at peak performance. Robin says, “Once the Detox Trio has helped to eliminate the waste from your system, you’ll notice a flatter stomach, easier weight loss, and skyrocketing energy levels! Want to lose even more? Try Drop Slim or Drop Slim Plus Herbal Fat Burners designed to cut your appetite in half, reduce sweet cravings, enhance your water intake, and boost your energy for all of the components of successful weight loss!” “It’s like a dream come true. With my newest addition, the Renu Organic Tea Leaves, you and your family can literally drink your way to a healthier, happier, more powerful and in-control YOU!” Renu Herbs 713-541-4372 • 888-64HERBS 8785 S. Gessner, Houston, TX 77074

20 ~ UPCLOSE Katy ~ September 2013





This Re-Modelista comes complete with Top Remodelers, Plumbers, Electricians, Painters, and Contractors You Can Trust!

Sarah Warburton

oes your bathroom need a re-do or your outdoor kitchen need a do-over? You don’t have to start the process of calling friends, asking for recommendations, getting in different contractors for quotes...only to feel stuck with the first one you pick. Call the Re-Modelista, Teri Gilberg, the “Get-it-done Diva.” She’ll meet you, talk about your contracting needs, and match you with the right team for the job. All you’ll need to do is watch the magic happen! After years of working in the contracting business with companies big and small, Teri decided she could offer a better value out on her own. She says, “I used to coordinate contractors for one of the biggest ‘Big Box Stores.’ The same contractors we used I knew could do their own work often at a lower price for the customer. With one eye on quality and the other on VALUE, I felt unsatisfied not giving the customer the best bang for their buck. I know people are familiar with wedding planners and event coordinators...remodeling is exactly that type of event where you need a coordinator most. That’s where I come in!” If you want remodeling done, call Teri, your personal Re-Modelista. She says, “I’ll come over and we’ll discuss what you want done. Then I’ll introduce you to the contractor I think would be the best fit for the job and your personality. All our teams have had thorough background checks and years of experience. Two of the contractors I work with most often have sixty years combined experience in the industry! We can give you a ‘turnkey’ job in just about any area of your home!” Working with a contractor you don’t know can be awkward... that’s why local homeowners consider Teri their go-to Girl Friday for remodels that reflect your personal style. She says, “Since I work with several contractors, it’s easy to find the perfect match. If you do need a change, there’s no worry. Just give me a call and I’ll handle everything! There’s no extra charge to worry about and you won’t pay anything for my services. Basically you’ll get the choice and peace of mind you’d get going through Home Depot or Lowe’ a better price!”

Re-Modelista:Your Home Renovation Specialist “She Gets the Job Done!” 832-731-3191 • To advertise, 281-235-0600

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When Your Roof Says “Ouch!” W Katie Rice

hen a hailstorm or hurricanes hit your car, you can see every ding and dent for yourself. When baseball-sized hunks of ice hit your roof, it’s harder to tell the extent of the damage. When’s the worst time to realize your roof’s been damaged? When the next storm sweeps through and the rest of your home suffers water damage! Make sure you’re covered—whatever the weather—with a free inspection from Ameristar, the company your neighbors trust to keep them covered. Hurricane season is no time to take chances. Sure, everything looks okay from the ground, but you can’t get a bird’s eye view of the big picture. The experts at Ameristar will go up, walk around, and take a good hard look at what’s hanging over your head. Hurricane season doesn’t actually end until November 30…don’t wait until the weather punches a hole in your worn-out roof. Nobody want to live under a blue-tarp! The free 2013 Texas Hurricane Guide is available at the City of Katy Fire Department. Ameristar Owner Reuben Stafford says, “We’re an active member of the Better Business Bureau and the Katy Chamber of Commerce. Building our reputation as a responsible community partner is something we take very seriously. When we come out to your home, you can ask us for recommendation and references…we’re happy to share information about the kind of company we are. We carry two million dollars worth of general liability insurance, so you won’t have to worry. And we won’t ask for a cent until the job is completed to your satisfaction.” Everyone—the management, sales team, and installers—at Ameristar has passed the CertainTeed Quality Master Exam and the Master Shingle Applicator Exam. Since Ameristar’s earned the elite certification of “Shingle Master Company,” (something only one

percent of roofers nationwide can say), they can offer CertainTeed’s 3 Star, 4 Star, and 5 Star Extended Warranties— the gold standard in shingle protection. Ameristar customers get the best products with the highest available warranty… and stellar service every time! Not only that, but Reuben says, “Several members of our staff were insurance adjusters in former lives…so we’ve seen both sides of the fence. Ameristar has helped with literally thousands of homeowner’s insurance claims…it’s part of our job. We work on your behalf to make sure any loss or damage your roof has suffered is recovered.” NOAA predicts another active hurricane season…can your roof take the pressure? Give Ameristar a call today for your free inspection and get to know the roofing company that’s endorsed throughout our community—and by your Katy friends and neighbors, too! Ameristar Roofing 281-410-5995

ROOF REPAIR & REPLACEMENT Quality Workmanship You Can Trust

Houston is known for its sudden storms that bring high winds, drenching rain, hail and even an occasional tornado. All these can cause serious damage to your roof. Let Ameristar Roofing assist you with your claim; we can help take the headache out of dealing with insurance adjusters. • Free Roof Inspection & Estimates • Roof Insurance Claim Recovery • Roof Warranty Coverage • Certified Installers/Bonded & Insured • Roof Hail Damage • Leaky Roofs • Roof Restoration • Re-Roofing

$250 OFF NEW ROOF • $50 OFF ROOF REPAIR Must present ad at write-up, cannot be combined with any other offer. Roof Repair & Replacement Quality Workmanship You Can Trust


1006 FM 359, Richmond 22 ~ UPCLOSE Katy ~ September 2013


Sarah Warburton ife moves pretty fast, so you can’t afford to be slowed down by pain or held back by the effects of pain medication. Local pharmacist Dr. Lance Campbell, Pharm.D, R.Ph understands how fast life moves today. In fact, we caught up with him after a day of work at Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy, picking his kids up from soccer camp. He says, “As a parent and a business-owner, I know how much time we spend on the road. As a pharmacist, I know my patients need safe and effective treatments for pain. At Campbell’s, we can compound creams to treat your pain...without the risk of drowsiness or addiction.” Whether mom’s driving to work or dad’s shuttling kids to football practice, driving and pain medications are a dangerous combination. Dr. Campbell says, “Pain makes it hard to focus, destroys your mood, and impacts your entire life...but many people are afraid of taking medication. Compounding a cream for your pain means we can deliver relief to the specific area where you need it most...without


DEATHS from Opioid Pain Relievers Exceed Those from All Illegal Drugs Opioid pain relievers

Illegal drugs

12 10 8 6 4 2 0


25-34 35-44 Age Group




Source: CDC, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 60(43):1489,2011

Deaths per 100,000 population

Don’t catch a severe case of addiction

Getting you the medication you need nausea, mental impairment, or social stigma.” “Working with your primary care doctor, on your schedule has never been easier! orthopedist, or other specialist, we can tailor Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy accepts your medicine to your specific pain...whether all major prescription plans and insurance, and it’s nerve pain, inflammation, throbbing, or offers both commercially-available and spechronic pain. We’ll compound your medica- cially-compounded medications. Dr. Campbell tion with muscle relaxants, pain relief, or says, “We cherish the warm relationship we anti-inflammatories in the perfect combina- have with our patients and we welcome every tion. These pain-relief creams are almost one opportunity to make your life easier. That’s why hundred percent covered by insurance. We we offer everything you’d find at a chain pharalso offer auto-refills and free shipping, so macy...and so much more!” “I became a compounding pharmacist you won’t have to worry about running out because I want to find solutions that really of your medicine...or running out to get it.” “One of our patients is a fourteen-year-old help people. These new compounded pain athlete who loves doing motorcross on the relieving creams are among the most patientweekends. After his injury, he was able to specific forms of treatment we do!” take the pain cream we compounded to school and apply it to his back as Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy needed. His parents love that it 281-980-2555 isn’t a controlled substance that “If our staff can’t make it…then you might get into the wrong hands probably don’t need it!” and he’s thankful he doesn’t 4760 Sweetwater Blvd. Suite 103 have to go to the nurse when he needs it.”

To advertise, 281-235-0600

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A fun lifestyle magazine for Katy, Texas and the surrounding areas.

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