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ortune tellers read your life in the lines on your palms, cardiologists study the lines of your EKG, but chiropractors understand your most important lifeline...the spinal cord and its protective covering, the spine. Over the last decade Dr. Scott Payne, his wife Dr. Gina Zummo-Payne, and Dr. Kevin Daude have spent their lives finding the best ways to protect your wellness! Are you taking good care of your lifeline? If not...prepare for more than back pain! Damage to your spine could lead to neck pain,stabbing sciatic leg pain, weakness, and tingling or numbness in your hands or arms. Luckily, there’s hope! Local patient Mary Carol says, “I’ve been to a lot of specialists, but no one matched Dr. Payne and Dr. Daude’s appreciation for education and the seriousness with which they take their profession. After my car was struck by a commercial truck, getting out of bed in the morning was excruciating. I couldn’t play racquetball, and nothing stopped the pain...not two years of muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medications or cortisone injections. Finally a back specialist did an MRI that revealed a tear in a spinal disc. He recommended continuing with pain medication, but I didn’t want to live that way!”


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therapies fail? Dr. Payne explains, “Computer-guided, targeted disc therapy lifts pressure from the injured region, allowing blood, oxygen and nutrients to flow through the disc for healing. Treatment options that target pain––like surgery, injections and medications––can be warranted, but as stand-alone treatments there’s no hope they’ll prevent problems from recurring.” “For lasting relief from back pain, we address all angles of the injured region––reducing the compressive force from the injured disc, restoring the spinal alignment, corrective strengthening and stabilizing exercises. Experience matters! We’ve spent the last ten years customizing programs for the most minor localized low back pain to extreme cases of torn discs and Sciatic nerve pain. Treatment options can be confusing, so we’re here to help you make educated choices. As Chiropractors, our goal is always treat the patient, not the symptom! Does life flow freely through your spine or are you living a life shadowed by pain? Call Parkway Family Chiropractic for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to review your history, x-rays or MRI’s. Together these doctors will work to restore health to the most important line in your life...your spine.

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Sarah Warburton

Dr. Kevin Daude, Dr. Gina Zummo-Payne, and her husband Dr. Scott Payne “I brought my MRI to Dr. Payne at Parkway Family Chiropractic. He studied it and explained my injured back wasn’t getting blood flow to relieve the inflammation for proper healing, but I’d be a good candidate for decompression. I started on a weekly decompression program of twenty-five minutes per session. Two months into the program my pain was gone! When I started, I rated my pain at 8.5 on a scale of 1-10 and by the end it was at 1.5...really minimal! Over the last year and a half, all I’ve done is a maintenance treatment once every four-six months... no medication and no pain! Pain changes your personality, your outlook, the way you spend your time...everything about your life. Decompression changed everything! I’m back to playing racquetball twice a week and feeling like myself again!” Dr. Payne says, “We love helping Mary and many others just like her.” Why does this decompression succeed even when other

Local patient Mary Carol on the nonsurgical decompression machine. The treatment has helped to return the disc back to its normal state thereby healing it. Parkway Family Chiropractic 281-980-3399 3565 Highway 6 Sugar Land, TX 77478 281-293-9180 1560 Eldridge Pkwy #132 Houston, TX 77077


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Seeing the Big Picture

Sarah Warburton hether you’re watching a barrage of television commercials or standing in front of a wall of choices at a Big Box Store, it can be hard to figure out what you need to create the home theater you’ve always wanted. Make the wrong choice today and your awesome system could be obsolete in a couple of years. For no-worry home theater packages and the straight scoop on each system, drop by our neigh-


THE FUTURE borhood store, Home Theater Evolutions founded by Richard Machemehl and Scott Crain. Richard says, “Our team loves all things electronic...plain and simple! Come talk with us, and we’ll offer well designed solutions at a variety of price points to help you get the best quality electronics for your budget. Getting a home theater can be easy... and it should be fun!” Get the ease of “point and click” shopping with the satisfaction of touching and trying out the “real thing” and asking all your questions in person. Scott says, “In our showroom we’ve set up demo rooms to

showcase our complete home theater packages which start at $4999 and go up. Each package includes a projector, a mount, a theater screen, 5 in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, a subwoofer, a receiver, a blue-ray player, cables, surge protectors, and a universal remote...and installation and set-up! You can swap in or out any elements you want...we’ll make those price adjustments for you. We don’t believe in hidden costs or fine print, that’s why we offer free in-home estimates. If your house has any challenges, you’ll know... before we draw up any paperwork!” If you want to upgrade one part of your home theater, which element should you choose? Richard says, “We tell all our customers that the things that will outlast any changes in technology are your screen and your speakers. If you put your initial investment in those areas of your home theater, they’ll last you 10-15 years. The nice thing about the screen is that if you can take it and the projector with you. I’ve seen plenty of people pack up their home theater and go!” “The future of projection televisions is definitely the 4K projector,” Scott adds. “Right now they’re fairly expensive, but like 3-D televisions, we expect them to become more and more affordable. If you upgrade your home theater package to include a

Black Diamond screen (or just buy one individually from us), it’s compatible with the projectors of today (1080p projectors)...and the future (4K). Not only that, but you can bring it into your family room for a much bigger screen than any television. There are different screens for different environments ranging from dark rooms to media or multi purpose game rooms with lots of light. The biggest everyday innovation about the Black Diamond is that it’s a charcoal grey instead of white, so the picture won’t fade away... even when lights are on in the room.” Richard says, “Scott and I keep changing up our inventory and our showroom to choose electronics that offer the best experience for the best value. We love designing options that work for your home, your family, and your budget!” Home Theater Evolutions 281-980-2300 3157 Highway 6 at Williams Trace

“There are different screens for different environments ranging from dark rooms to media or multi purpose game rooms with lots of light. The biggest everyday innovation about the Black Diamond is that it’s a charcoal grey instead of white, so the picture won’t fade away... even when lights are on in the room.”

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expert advice

A Board Certified Vascular Surgeon Dr. Ulises Baltazar treats all types of vein disease

HEALTHY VEINS 55 Percent Of Women Will Suffer Vein Disease In Their Lifetime Dr. Baltazar Helps Understand Vein Disease, Diagnosis, Complications, Treatment Options And More

Varicose Treatment Not In Vein W Sarah Warburton

heaviness, throbbing, aching and cramping, come see me. Varicose veins are more than a nuisance or a cosmetic issue... they’re a health risk!” The key to getting the right treatment is getting the right diagnosis. Dr. Baltazar says, “I offer a free assessment, because I want to see whether your veins are really unhealthy and how you can best be helped. I offer a range of treatment options ranging from medical-grade compression stockings to laser vein removal that’s done in-office and takes less than 30 minutes. I won’t offer you less than the best treatment for the health of your veins!” Dr. Baltazar has been board-certified in Vascular Surgery for over a decade. As a Vascular Surgeon, he has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating diseases of the arteries and veins and in placing needles, guide wires, using lasers, ultrasound and the latest technology and techniques. He says, “My only profession passion has always been your elegant circulatory system! It’s not about the number of veins I treat, but about offering each and every patient the correct treatment and personal care.”

e’ve all seen them...the veins that seem a little too big, a little too dark. We’ve all had them...legs that are tired and achy. But are they a fact of life, a cosmetic issue, or something worse? Dr. Ulises Baltazar says, “Varicose veins look like bulging, bluish cords beneath the surface of your skin. If left untreated, varicose veins can progress to chronic venous insufficiency, a more serious venous disease. Be aware of the warning signs of varicose veins...and come see me for a range of treatment options.”

Compared with other veins in the body, leg veins have the toughest job of carrying blood back to the heart. Did you know your veins defy gravity? Veins move blood from your body to your heart. When the one-way valves in your veins get weak, they may allow blood to flow backward and pool in your veins. Compared with other veins in the body, leg veins have the toughest job of carrying blood back to the heart. The force of gravity, the pressure of body weight, and the task of carrying blood from the bottom of the body up to the heart make legs the primary location for varicose and spider veins. So what can you do about those unsightly and uncomfortable veins? Exercising, elevation, and compression can slow the progression of your varicose veins, but if your symptoms worsen, it’s

4 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2013

time to seek medical treatment. Dr. Baltazar says, “If you begin to develop a rash or sores on your leg near your ankle, see a noticeable change in the color of the skin on your calf and ankle, or suffer daily symptoms such as pain, swelling,

Ulises Baltazar MD, RVT, FACS Sugar Land Vein Specialists 281-240-8400 16605 Southwest Freeway Ste 505 (in the Methodist Professional Building 3)

‘Divine fate brou ght me to Dr. Ahmad i’ A

change in your co nfidence, the way you feel & live life!

change in your body is more than a change in the way you look, it’s a change in your confidence, the way you feel, and the way you live your life. Over and over patients say that Dr. Ahmadi of Avante Plastic Surgery has changed their lives and helped them reclaim their own beauty. “I could see that pooch whenever I walked past a mirror and it made me really selfconscious.” “Divine fate brought me to Dr. Ahmadi. There’s no way on earth I’d go anywhere else now...I just wish I’d come to Avante Plastic Surgery in the first place!” Dr. Ahmadi says, “There’s a real proliferation of places offering ‘cosmetic services,’ but they’re not all meeting the same standards. I voluntarily undergo rigorous inspections of my work and my facility...I want my patients to know that I am held to the highest standards and I spare no time or expense for their safety or the beauty of their results!” “My experience at Avante has been wonderful! The best part of it all is that I feel like the real me now. My self-confidence is back. Lipotuck™ is the best decision I’ve made!” Dr. Ahmadi says, “I designed Lipotuck™ to address some of the problems I saw with more common procedures like simple liposuction or a tummy tuck. Too often patients aren’t satisfied with these limited solutions or they end up with a boxy look rather than the curvy one they’d hoped to achieve. To make it even easier for patients to get the best outcome, the Lipotuck™ is offered with all-inclusive pricing for a single procedure that’s even better than two in one!” “I feel beautiful again! Never in a million years would I have thought I could look like this. Dr. Ahmadi changed my life. He is a true artist.” Lipotuck™ is the result of Dr. Ahmadi’s years of experience and intellectual innovation. He combined the benefits of a tummy tuck and liposuction for an amazing result that’s superior to either alone. This completely-customized procedure will remove excess fat and skin from the lower abdomen, as well as smoothing bulges for superior results and a quicker recovery. Whether you start at a size 2 or 16,

I could see that pooch whenever I walked past a mirror and it made me really self-conscious.

Lipotuck™ delivers smooth, stunning results. You’ll get a beautiful, curvy shape corset or Spanx required! “The results have been phenomenal! Everyone who sees me can’t believe my waist is so small. It has completely boosted my self image - I feel like a new woman! Dr. Ahmadi’s talent is an absolute blessing.” Only doctors like Dr. Ahmadi who are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery are recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties to provide all aspects of cosmetic surgery. At Avante Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ahmadi himself will do your consultation, make his recommendations, and answer your questions. He says, “Your health and well-being are my highest priorities. I dedicate all my experience and training to earning your trust and improving your confidence...because you deserve to look and feel beautiful!” waist is so small. It has completely boosted my self image.

Avante Plastic Surgery ~ 281-265-2639 (BODY) 1112 Soldiers Field Dr., Sugar Land, TX 77479

Sarah Warburton


e found a local family with a lot in common...a love of community involvement, a passion for supporting local businesses, genuine warmth and friendliness, and ready smiles for everyone they meet. When this family needs a car to keep them on the go, there’s one place they recommend over and over again...Classic Chevy, Sugar Land’s three time GM Dealer of the Year winner and one of the largest Chevy stores in the nation. Classic Chevy’s commitment to their customers and our community first brought James Patterson through the door. He says, “They have a low-key way of dealing with people that makes a difference whether you’re looking for a vehicle or recommending a dealership to family or friends. I suggested to one friend that he stop by and look...even though he was definitely buying used. After the weekend he told me he’d bought a new vehicle from Classic Chevy because they treated him like country folk treat each other. Their service is so good that my oldest and youngest kids, my sister-in-law, my sister’s daughter, two of my grandsons, and my wife and I have all bought from them. You can’t beat the service you find at Classic Chevy... even long after the sale!” James’ sister Ann Smith and her son David Smith of Pamela Printing say, “What basically brought us in was Classic Chevrolet’s commitment to the community, their competitive prices, and how nice the people who work there are. I guess over the years between both branches of the family, our kids and grandkids, we’ve all probably purchased over a dozen vehicles from Classic Chevy. They make you feel comfortable, like you can come in and talk with

them without any pressure. They’re always there to help you with the service or maintenance. Pamela Printing’s been in Fort Bend since 1975, we really believe in supporting our local businesses. Don Kerstetter, the owner of Classic Chevrolet, has kept them really involved in local schools and organizations like The Arc of Fort Bend, a community-based organization advocating for and serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.” “Our local Arc does two big fundraisers each year,” says Ann. “I’ve been co-chairing one–our “Best in the West” dance and auction–for about 20 years and Don is a sponsor for that. Classic Chevy was also the Title Sponsor for our annual Golf Classic this year at the Weston Lakes Country club. At that event my brother ran the live auction and the event raised money to directly fund Special Olympics, social recreation, educational advocacy and the many programs and services offered by The Arc. When you visit Classic Chevy, you can enjoy the people there without feeling pressured, know you’re getting a fair price on a good car, and also support a local business that’s making our community stronger. That’s a win-win-win!” You can find more information on The Arc of Fort Bend at Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land • 281-491-9000 13115 Southwest Freewaym Sugar Land, TX 77478

Couture for the Cause SWEET WHITE A









Have fun, enjoythebenefits

La Dolce Vita


azzling fashions, a signature cocktail, delectable dishes, an exclusive swag bag, good music, good friends, and good times...all for a good cause. What could be better? All of us at UpClose are looking forward to the fourth annual American Cancer Society “Couture for the Cause.” This year’s event will be held on October 12th at a Tuscan-inspired private home in Sugar Land. Cari Middaugh, the 2013 Event Chair says, “Our theme is ‘La Dolce Vita’, the ‘Sweet Life.’ We hope to raise awareness and resources so that together we can create a world with more birthdays, one sweet life at a time. We have amazing support from local businesses like our presenting sponsor, the Wealth Design Group, community supporters like our honorary chairs Rick and Tara Ray, local restaurants, and models whose lives have been touched by cancer showcasing beautiful fashions. Best of all, a portion of the funds will support Hope Lodge Houston, a free home away from home where cancer patients undergoing treatment and their families can stay.” At UpClose we believe that joy comes from working together for the greater good...and we love Couture for the Cause because it’s a good cause

AND great fun, too! Next month we’ll be telling some stories of survival and courage behind the glamorous gala. Until then, limited sponsorship opportunities are still available. Call Cari at 281-460-2235. On The Cover ~ Parkway Family Chiropractic Publisher ~ Gina Pizzini Editor ~ Gina Pizzini Layout and Design ~ Night Sky Creative Account Executives Sara Adams Jennifer Pappas-Blancas James Ives Melissa Ives Stephanie Sherill Business Editor ~ Sarah Warburton Writers Maggie Beil Stacey Keith, Courtney Mcllvoy Amy Sharp, Lajuan Ellis-Thayer Photography ~ J. Thomas “Jay” Ford

is published monthly and direct mailed to 75,000 homes. For information on having your business featured in UpClose call Gina Pizzini at 281.235.0600. Magazine

is not responsible for any claims made by its advertisers, and the views expressed herein do not neccesarily reflect those of UPCLOSE Magazine. Magazine

All contents are copyrighted and may not

Wine Tasting Room & Boutique

3333 FM 359 Richmond, TX

Tue - Thurs: 2 pm - 9 pm Fri & Sat: Noon - Midnight Sun: Noon - 5 pm

be reproduced without the express written consent of the publisher. UPCLOSE ~ August 2013 ~ 7

The Cande Man Can


ho can give you a “grand-new look” at a family-friendly price? The “Cande Man Can.” Zip down the Grand Parkway or FM 723 to Grand Windows and Interiors and visit Candelario Lopez and his wife, designer Caron Lopez. Caron says, “Cande’s instrumental to the success of our business because everything he does, he does to perfection. I can design with confidence, knowing Cande’s a problem-solver who’ll make it all work. We’re a perfect match!” When you go to Grand Windows and Interiors, you’ll get quality materials, custom-made to your windows, at a competitive price. Caron says, “We had one customer come in, clearly braced for a high price based on our website and showroom. He was amazed that we beat the cost of getting shutters from the ‘Big Box’ home improvement stores. I told him, that’s really the price...with a great guarantee and no hidden fees!” “In my life,” says Cande, “I’m focused on God and family and I’m so proud of my kids and blessed to have a profession I love that helps provide for them. We never forget that your family is on a budget too. Running an efficient, local, familyowned business means we offer home improvements you can afford. Give your home a ‘Grand’ makeover with custom window treatments, metalwork, cabinetry, upholstery, granite, tile, faux painting and more!”

8 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2013

Fifteen years ago Margie and Danny Meeks went in with friends to expand their hobby of antiquing into a business: Antiques Around the Corner in Rosenberg. Danny says, “We believe in familyfriendly businesses that are warm and welcoming and really add to the sense of community we have here in Fort Bend. That’s why we called Grand Windows and Interiors when we needed shutters for our own home.” Margie says, “We were extremely impressed with their honesty, personal attention and excellent work. They gave great advice and now we get so many compliments!” Danny adds, “We had the shutters done on every window, even the unusuallyshaped garage window. Grand Windows gave us a good product at a reasonable price...with the peace of mind that comes from choosing a company that will stand behind their work! I grew up right here...and I think people who come from all over the world visit Rosenberg and see in it the same small towns where they grew up. You’ll get family-friendly service and expert craftsmanship from the team at Grand Windows.”

Grand Windows and Interiors 281-342-9160 1405 Avenue I Rosenberg, TX 77471

Next Stop...St. Michael’s! Tales from the ER: Jan-Michael Jenkins of Legacy Fitness

Sarah Warburton


ot only does JanMichael Jenkins make his living in the world of fitness, he’s always active in his free time, too. He says, “Through Legacy Fitness I offer corporate and individual fitness in both group and personal training settings. You can see everything we offer on our website at After work I like to push myself hard, so I hurt myself from time to time...and that brings me to St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms.” “I first met Shannon Orsak, the co-founder of St. Michael’s, through church and mutual friends and through the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce. I’m the Membership Director, and I got to know Shannon well when he went through our Leadership program. Knowing Shannon means knowing the quality of the people he has working at St. Michael’s and the high standards he upholds. If you want the best emergency care in the best environment, you need to visit St. Michael’s.” “I participate in an obstacle course designed for the British Special Forces, the “Tough Mudder.” It’s between ten and twelve miles with twenty-five obstacles. The first time I went through I hurt my foot and thought I might have broken it. In the past I’d gone into a hospital ER with a broken hand. That time I’d already had an x-ray and knew it was broken, but I ended up sitting in that hospital waiting room for four hours to get another x-ray, a wrap for my hand, and an huge bill. After I hurt my foot in the “Tough Mudder,”

St. Michael’s is the first and only free-standing emergency room in Fort Bend and the surrounding Houston area in-network with Aetna. We currently accept more than 200 insurance plans, including Cigna, Blue Cross, United & Humana. St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms does not currently participate in any Medicare or Medicaid programs.

I went to St. Michael’s. I didn’t even wait five minutes before they took me back, took several x-rays, and gave me the diagnosis of a bad sprain. The St. Michael’s doctor was great at explaining everything and educating me on what I needed to do next. I got much quicker attention and the same caliber of care I would have had at a traditional ER for a very reasonable price. I think people would be surprised to learn that the co-pay at St. Michael’s is the same as the co-pay at any emergency room... and reasonable self-pay rates are also available!” “The second time I went to St. Michael’s I had been training for an event and damaged my iliotibial (IT) band. They gave me injections to relieve my pain and showed me tricks and techniques to strengthen and stretch that area. They have a good network and strong alliances with other healthcare providers, so you can get the right referral for the best continuing care.” “I love working hard and pushing myself to the limits... and it’s great to know St. Michael’s Emergency Room is always there for me. This isn’t a little urgent care or simple first aid station. It’s a real, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, open on weekends and holidays, everythingyou-need emergency room!”

St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms 16062 SW Freeway (at Hwy 6) Sugar Land, TX 77479 281-980-HELP

9000 Westheimer Houston, TX 77063 713-343-0911

26226 I 45 N. Spring, TX 77386 281-419-2911

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Your Health, Dr. Dina White

Dr. Jon Schaffer

Dr. Jeffery Alford

Nurse Practitioner Joy Ju

Not Your Typical Doctor’s Office


eady for an office visit that feels like a visit to a friend? One group of local doctors listened to their patients and built a medical group designed specifically to meet their needs at Sweetwater Medical Associates. Internal Medicine physician Jon Shaffer MD says, “We’re pleased to announce two new additions to our office... Nurse Practitioner Joy Ju and Physician’s Assistant Adriana Polacek. They, Dr. Dina White, Dr. Jeffery Alford and I all believe in treating (both medically and personally) your family the way we would our own!” Joy Ju graduated from Dulles High School and Texas Women’s University, then earned her Masters at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Dr. Alford says, “Joy did her internship in our office.. and we got along so well she stayed on!” Joy says, “I was really impressed with the way Dr. Alford treats his patients. He and I share our belief in preventative medicine to keep people healthy and promote wellness. I love that he also offers weight loss and smoking cessation programs...because helping people get and stay healthy is my passion!” Originally an occupational therapist, Adriana Polacek loved helping others so much she went to Baylor College of Medicine to become a PA. She spent five years working in underserved areas before accepting a position at Sweetwater Medical Associates. She says, “As a resident of Sugar Land and the mother of three kids (ages 6, 2, and four months) I was thrilled to find a wonderful prac10 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2013

tice where I can still do the family practice that I love... while taking care of my own family, too! You may see me during a well woman exam, for your family’s checkup, or when you need urgent care. Joy and I help cover surprise illnesses and that you can be seen whenever you need help at your primary doctor’s office. We’re here for you and your family!” Ready for family medical care that really works for your family? Sweetwater Medical Associates has a staff of three Board-Certified Physicians, each with an expertise in family practice medicine or internal medicine. Dr. White says, “Together, our doctors and staff offer a superior level of treatment and service—integrating state-of-the-art techniques with proven traditional methods of treatment. We believe in genuinely listening to your concerns and providing personalized care for your specific needs...all in a comfortable and compassionate environment. All of us love our profession and our patients. We’re here to help you feel your best!” Sweetwater Medical Associates 281-494-4900 16651 Southwest Freeway, Ste 100 Sugar Land, TX 77479

Aging Is Normal, But Lower Testosterone Is Not


eople Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. For the past twenty years, men have come and gone from that list, but two have remained constant. Now ages 49 and 51 respectively, Brad Pitt and George Clooney own four of the past twenty titles… and are still top contenders every year! How do they do it?? Dr. Lance Campbell, Pharm.D, R.Ph at Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy in Sugar Land says, “Strange things can happen to a man after forty….they may grow flabby breasts, have poor skin tone, decreased muscle mass or lose their libido. These are all signs of a hormone imbalance or testosterone deficiency. Testosterone is literally what makes a man a man…but when a man’s body produces insufficient levels of testosterone, he suffers from condition called hypogonadism. Testosterone production can be affected by many external factors, including illness, medication, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, lack of exer-

F CUS cise, diet, psychological state and diabetes. Other ailments that cause the condition include testicular injury or infection, and disorders of the pituitary and hypothalamus glands.” If testosterone is diminishing, how do you get it back? Dr. Campbell says, “Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can help you get you back and help you age in style! Bioidentical hormones have the same molecular structure as the hormones made by your own body. We prepare a customized formulation just for you at Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy and follow up with you to make sure you are getting the relief you need with the lowest possible dosage.” “Every guy deserves to be dashing, handsome and vivacious after forty,” says Dr. Campbell, “not just the lucky few living out in Hollywood! We accept major prescription and insurance plans, so we’ll be able to take care of you and your family across the board. We’re so pleased to offer both commercially available medications and ones that are specially compounded to meet your needs. With our help, you’ll feel your best for years to come!”

Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone Brain Function Libido and erections Energy and vigor Irritability and depressed mood Cognitive function Sleep quality

Body Composition Fat mass - abdominal obesity Muscle mass and strength Bone mineral density Male hair density and skin thickness

Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy 281-980-2555 “If our staff can’t make it… then you probably don’t need it!” 4760 Sweetwater Blvd. Suite 103

The big day “I

’d spent hours preparing for this day. Madelynn had the perfect dress, her brother Bo’s hair was combed, my husband’s new suit dapper and my manicure from spectrum nails was flawless. But when we arrived, my boss didn’t even notice the new clothes and hairdos...instead she said, “Judy, your entire family has the most beautiful smiles!” I had to smile

Come in as a patient and leave as a friend!

myself. Chalk up another win to our favorite dentist, Dr. Thomas Lomonte, D.D.S. in Stafford! He’s always been there for us through the years. I remember Bo’s line drive to the face on the pitcher’s mound. There was blood everywhere, and once we could actually see the damage, the front tooth was chipped. But Dr. Lomonte fixed everything…you would never know it happened! And Dr. Lomonte is wonderful with the little ones. We started taking Madelynn along to Bo’s appointments at about 18 months. Dr. Lomonte recognized the weaknesses in her teeth and was able to apply sealants…preventing problems before they started. Would we even have Bo and Maddy if it weren’t for Dr. Lomonte? My husband’s snoring was so bad. First I thought we needed different rooms…and I was starting to think we needed different houses! Dr. Lomonte fitted him with a SnoreGuard and our fairytale was back on track! I owe a little credit to the good doctor for my smile, too. I really thought I was too old and would look silly with braces, but Dr. Lomonte told me about Invisalign. My teeth are being straightened, but I still have a beautiful, white smile…it’s my little secret!”


Dental Fact

You know you should throw out your mattress after ten years, right? Well, your toothbrush has a much shorter life span! It should be replaced every 3 months...and ALWAYS after you have an episode of flu, cold or other viral infections. Noxious bacteria can implant themselves on the toothbrush bristles leading to re-infection! Yuck!

Thomas M. Lomonte, D.D.S.

“Come in as a patient, leave as a friend.” 12122 Murphy Rd. Stafford, TX 77477 (281) 530-1440

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So Much


than a

Roofing Company Amy Sharp


hen looking for my new home, I wanted a project house, a fixer-upper,” says Fort Bend County new homeowner Cathy. “After the general inspection on a house I liked, I wanted more information on the state of the roof and the cost to repair it. I called Allegiance Roofing because they advertised free inspections and estimates. I knew it was a shot in the dark, but I didn’t know who to ask for a reference, so I took the chance. Boy, did I get lucky!” Joe Rangel, owner of Allegiance Roofing says, “Free, no-obligation inspections and on-site estimates are the cornerstones of our business. You shouldn’t be charged just to find out what it will cost to fix your roof!” For different reasons, Cathy decided not to buy that house…but she took advantage of Joe’s free inspection offer three more times before deciding on a home. “The roof is so important,” says Cathy, “and I wanted to be sure I knew what I was getting into with a project home. What really impressed me about Joe was how open he was sharing his knowledge and experiences when looking at my potential houses. I learned so much from him about the construction of homes and roofs.” Cathy purchased a house with a roof that had not been touched since 1985 and hired Allegiance Roofing to replace it. Cathy says, “The roof was in com12 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2013

plete disrepair... Joe couldn’t even walk on it during the inspection.” But Joe and his crew took on the challenge and surprised Cathy again. “Not only did they do a high-quality job replacing the roof, they also replaced all of the rotting trim and siding around the house. Then Joe sub-contracted the painting of the entire outside of the house, and supervised the work himself! He became my general contractor and always made sure I was happy…I didn’t have to interact with anyone but Joe. Made it so easy!” With over fifty years combined experience, everyone on the Allegiance team has passed the Certainteed Quality Master Exam and the Master Shingle Applicator Exam. Joe says, “We are an elite “Select Shingle Master Company’ and are proud to be among the 1% of roofing contractors within the United States that are authorized by Certainteed to offer 3 STAR, 4 STAR, and 5 STAR extended warranties!” Cathy says, “I’m sharing my story, because I know how lucky I was picking a roofing company without a reference. Over the course of fixing up the inside of the house, I’ve had to let go of contractors for a variety of reasons…disrespectful employees, poor-quality work, bad business ethics, no integrity. Joe and Allegiance Roofing are none of these things. They are rock-solid and awesome!”

Allegiance Roofing 281-232-9100 P.O. Box 2010 Richmond, Texas 77406


Scary, Ugly, and Dangerous...Yikes! Sarah Warburton


f your tub has you avoiding the bathroom...take heart. Jonee and Paul Barnett, owners of Miracle Method Surface Refinishing, say, “You don’t have to live with a tub that looks dated or ugly...and you shouldn’t live with a tub that’s unsafe. We can completely transform not only the look of your tub, but the way it works, too. Whether you want a new look or a walk-in tub conversion, we make it easy to enjoy a bath again!” Even if your tub is hideous, a miracle can make it pretty again. Al Roker saw the miracle himself on the Today Show, where he ran his hands over the before and after of an old bathtub that received the Miracle Method. This Old House on PBS recommends the Miracle Method to transform your vintage clawfoot tub into something sleek, usable, and beautiful! Not only that, but Miracle Method has redone tubs for Disney and Hilton resorts across the country. Jonee says, “We take pride in knowing that the Miracle Method has successfully transformed surfaces in every major hotel chain in addition to thousands of apartments, college dormitories (including the University of Texas at Austin), and homes across the US and overseas. We know we can give your tub a makeover you’ll love!” It’s hard to enjoy relaxing in your tub, if you’re worried about a dangerous slip every time you get into it. Paul says, “Stepping through and into your

281.980.0095 Serving Fort Bend and the Greater Houston Area


50 Off


All services over $500

25 Off


All services under $500

with coupon only








When Quality Counts

Miracle Method Surface Refinishing 281-240-2284 603 Murphy Road (by appointment only), Stafford, TX

“Now THAT’S a pretty door!”

Proudly Serving Fort Bend for 19 Years!

Tree Trimming Tree Removal Senior Citizen Discount! Free Estimates! Insured for your Protection

bath (not up and over the side) is safer! We offer The Easy Step® walk-in tub conversion, which creates a 24-inch wide by 9-inch tall notch in the side of the tub. Our Safety Package includes the one-day installation of the Easy Step® conversion for porcelain, steel, fiberglass or acrylic tubs, two ADA approved safety grab bars, and a slip-resistant surface applied to the bottom of the tub! This is a great way to protect yourself and those you love!” Beautiful, safe, and easy...that’s the wonder of a Miracle Method tub transformation! Miracle Method Surface Refinishing. “Call us for your free estimate” say Jonee and Paul. “Give us a few days and we’ll give you a tub, kitchen or bathroom that looks like new!”

Angies list


Replace that old Weather stripping from all your doors with NEW energy saving Weather Strips

* On-Site Refinishing in one day. * Mobile Refinishing Shops * Work in Any Weather * Hardware Replacement * Threshold Replacement

* Stained Glass Repair * Weather-Strip Replacement * Install Peep Holes * Sticking Door Adjustments * Over 30 years experience

Rick’s Front Door Refinishing 713-427-2487

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We’ve Seen the Future! G

Sarah Warburton one are the days when the dentist would approach you with a scalpel in his hands and a stern look in his eye. At EcoDental, you’ll enjoy a patient-centered atmosphere with massaging chairs, digital x-rays, laser dentistry, and empathetic care. Dr. Danny Nguyen of EcoDental says, “At our office we promise to be as gentle with our patients as we are on the planet! Our new Picasso Lite laser means I can perform treatments with even more precision... in a way that’s even easier for patients!” You won’t play “the waiting game” at EcoDental, even in the waiting room! Parents enjoy free wireless, while kids have their own room to chill with a game or a movie. Dr. Nguyen says, “Even though we’ve made our office as comfortable as possible, we know you don’t want to wait around. The Picasso Lite allows me to perform more

procedures in less time...with even more post-op comfort for my patients!” The Picasso Lite was designed to replace the archaic use of scalpels and electro-surge in the treatment of soft tissue. Lasers are substantially less invasive, which makes your recovery easier. Dr. Nguyen says, “Using a dental laser for soft tissue purposes not only eliminates the need for stitches and anesthesia, but also minimizes the risk of infection and the impact on surrounding areas. The Picasso Lite also has a distinctive whitening system you get better results, more quickly and comfortably!” We predict beautiful smiles and happy dental visits in your future at EcoDental. Dr Nguyen says, “I’m always looking for advances that make our patients more comfortable while offering the very best in dental

care. We’re really happy to introduce the Picasso Lite to the community. In fact, if you have an aphthous ulcer, fever blister, or cut in your mouth, come see us and I’ll treat it free of charge to relieve your pain. You and your family deserve happy, healthy and in the future!” Dr. Danny Nguyen, D. D. S. 281-491-9494 Ecodental 15870 SW Freeway #500 (59@Hwy 6 next to Whole Foods) Sugar Land, TX 77478

Pecan Grove 281-239-6565

Fulshear 281-533-0000

Katy 281-394-5565

First Colony 281-265-5555

Greatwood 281-545-3333

Rosenberg 832-595-0550

Sienna 281-778-7888

Riverstone 281-261-6665


Medium 1 Topping

with purchase of a large specialty pizza at regular price Valid for delivery, dine-in or carry out. Not valid with any other offers or specials. Must present coupon to cashier. Expires Expires7/26/13 10/30/13

Gluten-Free Pizza Available 14 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2013

ffloor This’ll

Twenty Homes...




Sarah Warburton ver the course of my husband Rod’s career,” says Jackie Erskine, “we’ve been transferred seventeen times and lived in twenty houses. You get used to dealing with all kinds of people and companies. We’ve always been of the mindset to use local when we can. Since we’ve only had good experiences with All About Carpet and Floors, we stay loyal to them and pass their name along. Over the last twenty years we’ve gotten to know them so well I consider them friends. I can’t tell you how many projects they’ve done for us...I’ve literally lost count!


They replaced all the carpet in a home for me on Sweetwater and all the flooring in our son’s house. Years ago at Cypress on the Green they gutted a house for me and did it all...granite, wood floors, tile, everything! At one point my master bathroom was lying in a pile on the floor. I wish I had taken a picture, because when you saw how beautiful the finished room was you wouldn’t have believed it! I trust All About Carpet completely. In fact, one time they were tearing up old tile and wood flooring to replace the flooring in our whole we left for a week-long cruise. I just handed them the keys and took off!” Damian makes sure every job moves along smoothly. When they tell you a date that’s when they do the job. We live active lives and are really busy in the community...and I like knowing I can count on them. There was one house we were getting ready to put on the market. All About Carpet had another job going on elsewhere, but they knew we had a time constraint and told us they would work us in. We were meeting with our realtor and saw Shaun and his fiancé in the study pulling up the flooring to get a head start on the job. If every company had that much heart and went to those lengths to get a job done, this world would be a better place! A few houses ago I had a home on the CASA home tour for the very first time. It was the first day of the home tour, fifteen minutes before the doors opened with people lining up in front and the press there to do a write-up for the paper....and one of the volunteers came running out to tell me that a copper pipe in the bathroom was leaking all over the carpet! All About Carpet had just finished a job on my house,

so I didn’t hesitate...I called Bobby. He had his crew drop everything and run over with their water extractor. They cleaned up the water and laid cardboard over the carpet on a path for the tour. If it wasn’t for that cardboard, you’d never have known anything had happened...and the tour started only ten minutes late. We still laugh about the story. Thank Goodness All About Carpet was there to save the day!” Renee, Shaun, and Steven McKelvey and Damian say, “All About Carpet and Flooring is your one-stop-shop for tile, hardwood, laminate, countertops, and all the things that come together to make your house into a home. We promise personal attention, design advice, an easy-to-understand quote, and installation you can trust!” All About Carpet and Floors 281-265-3700 3145 Highway 6 South (next to Shipley’s)

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Back to School… Is Your Child Ready? by Amy Sharp


ver heard of the “summer slide?” Betsy de Vega, Learning Specialist and founder of the Kn.I.L.E. Center says, “The loss of academic skills and knowledge during the summer break is very real. It varies by child, but a loss of at least a month of knowledge is not uncommon.” But how do you “kick start” academics before school starts? With EduCoachNow, the cornerstone tutoring program offered by the Kn.I.L.E Center. Betsy says, “What sets EduCoachNow apart from traditional tutoring programs is that we really focus on strengthening cognitive skills…the critical skills for learning. Much of the training is multi-sensory and game-oriented. Students love it...and what’s better than learning when you don’t know you are learning? We create confident students who attack and process information––no matter the subject––more effectively!” Bring your child in August and the EduCoachNow team will identify cognitive areas that need work and get that brain jump started...but the process doesn’t stop there. Betsy says, “Continue after-school sessions in September and we’ll ‘use the backpack’… we’ll continue to build cognitive skills while incorporating what your child is working on at school!” With prices competitive to traditional tutors, EduCoachNow is one-on-one, pay-as-yougo cognitive training….with an added benefit. Betsy says, “Everyone involved in your

child’s educational process needs to be on the same page. When your child is enrolled in EduCoachNow, I will personally attend parent-teacher conferences or ARD meetings with you if desired…at no extra charge. Advocating for your child’s education is part of the EduCoachNow program.” In addition to EduCoachNow, the Kn.I.L.E. Center hosted a series of successful summer camps and is home to Kn.I.L.E. Prep Academy. At Kn.I.L.E. Prep, students of all learning abilities––those who are accelerated and those who need extra support––enjoy a state-of-the-art curriculum in a cozy, boutique-style school. Kn.I.L.E Prep is accepting enrollment for grades 3 through 12 (the first day of school is August 22). During August, mention this article and receive $50 off EduCoachNow enrollment fees. Visit the website for more information and testimonials or give Betsy a call. Betsy says, “My passion is education, and I’m always ready to help your child be successful!” Betsy de Vega 281-682-4573 Kn.I.L.E Center, LLC EduCoachNow Kn.I.L.E. Prep Academy 245 Gonyo Lane Richmond, TX 77479

Methodist pulMonary and sleep Medicine specialists Helping you breathe easier and live healthier. Methodist sugar land hospital (Mslh) is pleased to welcome Bhadresh shah, M.d., priya oolut, M.d., and suneesh nair, M.d., to Methodist pulmonary and sleep Medicine specialists. together, these three board-certified physicians provide a wide range of advanced pulmonary services including in-office pulmonary function testing and a sleep lab. they use a compassionate, patient-centric approach and are supported by Methodist sugar land hospital’s state-of-the-art technology and caring, knowledgeable staff.

Bhadresh Shah, M.D. • Priya Oolut, M.D. Suneesh Nair, M.D.

From comprehensive testing and diagnosis to individualized treatment plans, Methodist pulmonary and sleep Medicine specialists can help you and your family members lead a healthier, more productive life.

Two Convenient Locations:

16 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2013

Dr. Shah and Dr. Oolut 4780 Sweetwater Boulevard Suite 150 Sugar Land, Texas 77479 281-242-2444

Dr. Nair Medical Office Building Two 16659 SW Frwy., Suite 421 Sugar Land, Texas 77479 281-325-0005

Going Green and

Saving Green

It’s Hard To Stop A Trane


ack-to-school season doesn’t mean the end of the summer. Here in Texas the heat just keeps on coming...and that could cost you more than comfort! Your energysucking A/C unit could be costing you money and taking a toll on the planet. Brian at Jackson Air and Heat in Sugar Land says, “Your AC doesn’t have to be a drain on your pocketbook. Switching your old, cranky system out for a new efficient one will really save you money over the long run. Never make a rash, off the cuff decision about your AC, because there is a big difference in quality and reliability when it comes to air conditioners...and air conditioning companies!” Do you know your SEER? New air conditioners have better SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings making it easier and cheaper to cool down your house and saving you up to 50% on your energy bill. That’s right....going green can save you green. “We know what it takes to get per-

fect indoor weather in Texas,” says Brian, “and Trane will get you there. At Jackson Air we also understand efficiency, quality of air, and ‘greenness’. In 2013 it’s no longer just about cooling and heating… it’s also energy efficiency and indoor air quality. That’s not only good for the planet, it’s also good for the long-term comfort of your family.” If you wait until next summer to replace your old A/C, you’ll be paying extra money for every day it’s running inefficiently. Jackson Air and Heat is the oldest Trane Comfort Specialist in Sugar Land. Brian says, “This year Trane is celebrating their 100 year anniversary. That’s 100 years of reliability and innovation. Plus Trane has another great reason to change out that old energy monster, with interest free financing and instant rebates”. Jackson Air and Heat is EPA and NATE certified. For the third year in a row, Jackson Air has been the winner of the “Award of Excellence” from the Better Business Bureau, they’re endorsed by and have received the Angie’s List Super

Service Award. Don’t call some here-today, gone-tomorrow company, some company claiming to be in business for a long time or someone located 100 miles down the road. Brian says, “We’re right here in Fort Bend where we’ve been for the last thirty one years...and we’re ready to help when you need us! And our emphasis on comfort doesn’t stop at equipment…we are here to provide honest, no pressure advice and we always follow up to ensure your complete satisfaction. At Jackson Air, we’re your service, repair and replacement specialists...and your neighbors.” Jackson Air and Heat, Inc. Sugar Land’s Oldest Independent Trane Dealer 281-240-1037

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3 Things Your Child Can’t Tell You

Sarah Warburton


“wait and see” approach to your child’s speech isn’t a good idea. Dana and Jason Johnson, founders and owners of Speech Therapy Unlimited say, “Approximately 40-50% of children who are late to talk don’t catch up on their own. The earlier you seek help, the easier it is for your child to catch up. Baby talk is just as important as “big people talk”...and we’ve put together three tips for understanding it!” 1. Milestones matter! The wiggle room in meeting a milestone is only a couple of months. Between the ages of 12-17 months a child should imitate familiar words, use “mama” and “dada,” make the “sounds” of familiar animals, and vocalize for enjoyment. By the age of 2 a child has around 200 words in speaking vocabulary, uses 2 word negative phrases (“No go!”) and refers to self by name. Just six months later a child uses about 450 words, uses short sentences, past tense and plurals and combines nouns and verbs, and begins to control behavior verbally rather than just physically. And by the age of three you child will use contrac-

tions, tells simple stories, uses nearly 1000 words, and can make the sounds m, n, p, f, h, b, and w. 2. What you say matters! Dana says, “Even if you feel crazy, model correct speech and language, narrate your day, and respond to your child when she or he makes a sound. When your child begins to talk, listen and ask questions! Always talk a little beyond his or her level of language Communication production. Jason and I tell our clients, working on speech isn’t something we do only here in the office, it’s something that happens every minute of your day!” 3. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to talk! Jason is essential for personal, social, and educational growth. says, “Temper tantrums, sullenness, disobedience, tears...these are all signals that your child wants Speech Therapy Unlimited, to communicate with you...and can’t! PLLC - most major insurance accepted Help your child unlock the power of No Headaches, No Unreasonable Terms, speech. At Speech Therapy Unlimited, Just Great Speech Therapists! we believe in matching the right thera- 281-746-3053 12808 West Airport Blvd. Ste 332 pist with each child for therapy that’s Sugar Land, TX 77498 fun, targeted, and effective!”

Beauty Indulgence

day spa & salon

BACK TO SCHOOL BEAUTY BASKET DRAWING & DISCOUNTS Stop in to enter drawing for a Back to School Beauty Basket

20% OFF Spa Services $20 OFF First Time Customers


4715 Sweetwater Blvd., Sugar Land, TX

For a Dependable Aroundthe-Clock Hot Water Supply

2 Safety Steps for a leaking water heater If the leak is major: 1. Shut off water supply to the water heater 2. Call Alan’s Plumbing at 281-261-1064!


othing’s worse than being the second or third person into the shower and getting a faceful of freezing cold water. Or standing by the sink waiting and waiting for the water to heat up so you can get your morning shave before work. Or knowing that there won’t be enough hot water to run the dishwasher, the laundry, and your child’s bath. Luckily, the plumbing company you can depend on recommends a hot water heater that can go the distance. Alan’s Plumbing has been recognized as Fort Bend’s most reliable plumbing company...and Rheem has been recognized by homeowners as the most reliable brand of water heaters. As a family-owned and operated company, Alan’s Plumbing believes in offering the best value for your money...that’s why they often recommend Rheem water heaters to their clients. After all, they know that quality counts whether you’re choosing a tank or a tankless water heater. For over 100 years,

Rheem has maintained its reputation with high-performance, cost-effective water heating solutions. Not sure what type water heater you need? You’re probably most familiar with a tank water heater, which can normally store between 20 and 80 gallons of hot water. Tank water heaters are typically located in the garage, basement or attic. Want more hot water? You’ll need a water heater with a larger tank...or a tankless water heater. No matter how many body sprays and showerheads, no matter how deep the whirlpool, you won’t run out of hot water with a properly-sized water heating system. There are more energy-efficient choices these days, and once Alan’s Plumbing installs it for you, you’ll be in total control! Has it been ten years since you had a new hot water heater? Call Alan’s Plumbing...they’ll bring the heat! Alan’s Plumbing • 281-261-1064 •

ALAN’S PLUMBING To advertise, 281-235-0600

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eye Know You! O

Sarah Warburton

ver the last seventeen years, Dr. Anh Doan has seen patients preparing for their first day of school, leaving for college, trying contact lenses before their wedding day, selecting the perfect frames for a new job, and even bringing their own children in for a first eye exam. She says, “I love practicing optometry, getting to know my patients and caring for their sight!” As the mother of two children (Alex is attending University of Houston and Addison is a Senior at William B. Travis High School), Dr. Doan knows how busy back-to-school time is. She says, “Children can’t tell you they don’t see clearly...because they don’t know there’s any other way to see the world. Fitting a child with much-needed glasses and watching that young patient see clearly for the first time is priceless. That’s one reason I work with all Fort Bend ISD school nurses to provide free exams for students who cannot afford an exam. My goal is always to prevent vision problems and diseases through examination, detection and education.” “I never lose sight of what a privilege it is to care for you and your families,” says Dr. Doan and she worked hard to earn that privilege! Dr. Doan was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the US at the

age of 12. She quickly learned English and adapted to her new environment. After graduating from Robert E. Lee High school, she finished her undergraduate studies at the University of Houston in just three years. She completed her externships in eye diseases and treatment at the prestigious Omni Eye Services in Atlanta and South Texas Eye Institute in San Antonio. In 1992, she received her Doctor of Optometry degree and license from University of Houston. When you walk into Dr. Doan’s office, keep your eyes open for the knitted dolls that are always so fashionably dressed, and for the medals she earned running many marathons and half marathons. She says, “I confess, I’m an avid runner and #1 a knitter...but not at the same Did you know your eye time! I look forward to hearing colour is controlled by the level of melanin in about your passions, while pro- your iris? viding you with the best vision brown eyes have more melanin (a dark possible.” brown pigment) in


their iris

Dr. Anh Doan, O.D. ~ Vision Source! 281-261-2647 4725 Highway 6 South

Back-to-School Tips from the Tooth Fairy


20 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2013

The first person ever to have blue-eyes lived sometime between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago.Before then, all people had brown eyes.

blue eyes have less melanin which allows collagen (which is blue) to show through.

The American Dental Association recommends every child have an orthodontic evaluation by age 7 to prevent or reduce the severity of malocclusions (bad bite) in the permanent teeth. Luckily, Little People’s Dentistry’s Dr. Gary Radford offers orthodontics to straighten out misaligned teeth and bad bites for healthier smiles! Dr. Sanchez says, “A bad bite or misaligned teeth can affect how kids speak, breath, sleep, and eat. We offer free orthodontic assessments...and we are continuing our summertime special to all new ortho patients without insurance.” For your convenience, Little People’s Dentistry is going to be open two extra fridays in August to better accommodate new and existing patients. With the summer break coming to an end you definitely want to consider getting the kids into the dentist before life gets hectic again. After all, according to the tooth fairy, a smile is your most important back-to-school supply!

Maggie Beil e asked the tooth fairy what things she did to get ready for the start of tooth fairy school. A little extra sparkle for her wand, a little extra flutter in her wings, and a visit to Dr. Bianca Sanchez. What about the pencils, notebooks, and lunchboxes? The tooth fairy insists that a sparkling, healthy smile from Little People’s Dentistry is the only thing you need for a super school year...have you gotten yours yet? During the school year, getting your children into the dentist’s office can be a little challenging. Summer is the perfect time to get in for that much needed and maybe overdue check-up or cleaning... but don’t wait until the week before school starts! Dr. Sanchez says, “You should never brush off taking your child to the dentist. If you call now, we can still get a cleaning and any needed treatments handled before school gets into full swing. Think of preventative dental care as “smile” insurance…where we catch and correct problems early.”


If you have blue eyes, then you share a common ancestor with every other blue-eyed person in the world.

Little People’s Dentistry “Because Kidz Are People, Too.” 281-261-0020 4706 Riverstone Blvd., Suite 200 (behind Kohl’s in Riverstone)


Raising the Barre for Your Workout Sarah Warburton


achel Hosea’s been dancing since she was just a little girl in Sugar Land. She says, “I went to TCU and majored in Ballet. After graduation I knew that professional dance wasn’t my life’s path, instead I wanted to share my love of fitness and grace. I continued my education and earned my Pilates certification. I met the owner of a Barre Studio...and the concept really resonated with me. I began teaching Barre and Pilates for her and completely fell in love. I knew Sugar Land needed access to this kind of transformative workout... so I moved back home and opened Reformed Body Studio.”

Athletes, people recovering from knee injuries, men, women...all ages and fitness levels can benefit from a Reformed Barre workout. It’s a highenergy, low-impact class that strengthens all the little muscles in your body, and is really fun! This class combines elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates in one invigorating workout. “This is a sustainable workout,” says Rachel. “as low-impact as physical therapy, but even athletes tell me the Barre made them sore in places they didn’t know they had muscles! People are amazed at how quickly the hour goes by. We use upbeat music and

work your entire body...your arms, abs, glutes, hamstrings, and sides, all those trouble zones!” Want to look longer, leaner, sleeker, and secretly be stronger, too? The secret is the benefits of the Barre...and it’s easy to get started! Reserve your mat and pay for your session online and chose from a variety of different pricing options. Rachel says, “Since this is the only Reformed Body Studio, I had the freedom to design every aspect of the experience. I decided to give my clients flexibility in payment options, just like the flexibility they get through

a workout. You don’t have to sign a contract and you can pay by the class or buy packages allowing you from one to six classes per week. I’m happy to tailor this experience to your needs!” Change your body with the same workouts loved by celebrities, dancers, and professional athletes. In addition to Barre classes, the locally-owned, independent Reformed Body Studio also offers group mat Pilates classes as well as private sessions on the reformer. Rachel says, “After one workout, you’ll be passionate about the benefits of the Barre, too!”

Reformed Body 832-532-7986 3527 Highway 6, Suite 220 Sugar Land, Texas 77478

Thai Magic

Sarah Warburton


ou don’t have to renew your passport or pack your bags to experience the healing magic of Thai Massage. Leave your shoes by the door, inhale the scent of jasmine and lemongrass, listen to the soothing fountain, slip into a pair of slippers, and let all your stress go...right here in Fort Bend. At Therapeutic Thai Massage Theo and Mona have created a personal oasis that improves your health and rejuvenates your spirit. Whether you visit the Katy location or the Sugar Land location, the Thai Combo is the perfect introduction to the healing magic of Thai massage. In a single session you’ll enjoy Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Thai Massage. Formally trained in both Thailand and Texas, licensed massage therapist Mona says, “Thai Massage is also known as ‘Thai Yoga Massage,’ because it gives many of the benefits of yoga like balance and improved circulation. The two key components are

stretching and acupressure. All of our therapists understand body mechanics, so they can press just the right spots to improve circulation. We have clients who are doctors and chiropractors who come and bring their families...and every Sunday Mona and I pay for my parents to have a massage, too!” Entering a Therapeutic Thai Massage is like entering a professional spa with all the warmth and personal touches of a private home. On the doors of each massage room, little shutters like traditional Thai picture frames can be opened to reveal a panel telling you a massage is in session. Theo says, “The custommade front door separating our waiting room from our massage area in both locations has special meaning. When Mona and I were on our honeymoon in Thailand we stayed at an incredible resort, Rabbit Resort in Pattaya, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit. We had a Fort Bend artist created our door

and distress it to look exactly like the traditional doors at the Rabbit Resort. Every day it reminds us of our love for each other and for the traditions of Thailand.” Don’t we all need a little extra relaxation in our life? Theo says “So many of our clientele liked the aromatherapy herbal compress balls we use in our Herbal Ball Massage and the special tea we import from Thailand that we offer them for sale. We’re so grateful for the warm welcome we’ve received from the community!” TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Therapeutic Thai Massage Katy 281-395-5652 1548 S Mason Road Katy, Tx 77450 Therapeutic Thai Massage Katy Sugar Land 281-310-1787 4787 Sweetwater Blvd Sugar Land, Tx 77479 22 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2013




ustin Pridey is a local seventeenyear-old with Aspergers. Because of his condition, Austin had a hard time making friends and keeping up in school. His parents tried different schools and finally settled on homeschooling. After his mother left unexpectedly, Austin had no schooling at all between the ages of eight and twelve. His family finally found a local private school for him, where he met Richard Kelly. Richard saw potential in Austin that nobody had noticed before. Once he figured out that Austin was a fan of music, Richard began to give him guitar lessons. These lessons (and the positive attention) motivated Austin to move past his depression. Today Austin plays bass guitar in the band at Living Stone Church. After Austin’s father passed away in 2011, Richard stepped up as guardian. Austin has been living with Richard, his wife Felicity, and their son Alex ever since. When Richard Kelly and Lisha Vanar started Amazing Grass and Launch Academy, Austin was one of their first students and workers!

Austin’s Story

Richard and Lisha started Amazing Grass to help people with educational differences reach their full potential through a trade. As seen on the Fox news segment on Amazing Grass, these students really do “Learn to Work, Work to Learn!” “On the first day at Amazing Grass,” says Richard, “someone with autism may only work twenty minutes...but the incentive of getting paid and the positive social pressure from the rest of the team makes a difference. Our basic lawn package is a mow, cut, edge, and blow, but we’ve done pool landscaping and do really well on commercial properties like churches. The only things we don’t do are bulldozers and sprinklers!” Amazing Grass and Launch Academy––a private school designed solely for kids (ages 12-19) with developmental challenges–– have turned Austin’s life around. He says, “My father had Dyslexia and couldn’t read well. The only job he was able to do was sales, but he worked in sales until he died. He taught me that being disabled doesn’t have to hold you back. I’m going to matter what!”

by Maggie Beil

In addition to the vocational program, Launch Academy offers music, art, supplemental classes for homeschooled students, an accredited curriculum through Holt-McDougal and a unique college fast-track program. Registration starts August 1st. Launch Academy 832-457-2560 in Parkway United Methodist Church 5801 New Territory Blvd. Sugar Land, Texas

It’s gonna be a bright (bright), so bright Sun-Shiny day! Registration Starts August 1st Call for your tour today!

AMERICA Saturday, August 10

“A Horse With No Name”

“Sister Golden Hair”

Loretta Lynn Saturday, August 24



Country Music

Peter Noone Friday, September 20

“Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter” “I’m Henry the VIII I Am”

The Dirty Truth Behind A Dirty House

by Maggie Beil


eeping a clean home plays a key part in keeping your family healthy. Through the hustle and bustle of everyday life you don’t have the time to stop and clean up. Germs and dust that accumulate over time can have a harsh effect on our bodies. Luckily, Professional Maid Service dedicates their time to keeping your home clean for you and your family. The kitchen is the heart of a home. There is nothing better than a home-cooked meal, but after a long day sometimes its hard to bring ourselves to clean up after dinner. When dishes sit, bacteria builds! Cold and flu spreading germs lurk in your sponges, on your cutting boards, and in your sink. Even if you are good about tidying up every day, it’s the more detailed cleaning that can get overlooked, like dusting on top of the entertainment center or vacuuming the rugs. When dust particles build up they can trigger your family’s asthma and allergy symptoms. A clean home is a Healthy home. Nobody knows this better than Max McCammond, owner of Professional Maid Service. He says, “We send in rotating teams of maids. They’re highly trained to spot every spot, sanitize your kitchen and bathrooms, and wipe all your dust away for a professional clean.” No-hassle key drop off and pick

Cleaning to the

“Max” Max’s Cleaning Tip: Kitchen sponges are the number one source of germs in the whole house. To keep it from harboring bacteria, just wet your sponge and pop it in the microwave for two minutes to kill any germs lurking in the crevices. up means you can cross “cleaning house” off your to-do list for good! These maids are bonded and insured, have undergone thorough background checks, and arrive neatly uniformed in a clearly-labelled company car, so you can have complete peace of mind. No more worries about a dirty house...or doing the cleaning! Keep your home clean, your family healthy, and yourself happy with a little help. Call today for a free in-home estimate and leave the cleaning to the professionals! Professional Maid Service 281-342-6500


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Starring Peter Noone

Voted Best Show Ever at The Stafford Centre

The Stafford Centre 10505 Cash Road • Stafford, TX 77477 281.208.6900

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We Sell, Service and Install

Water Softener Reverse Osmosis Filters & Backflow Testing and Repair No Salt Conditioners



Fort Bend’s Only Full Line authorized Yamaha Dealer in the Houston area! Sarah Warburton rom a single flute to seventy-six trombones, there’s only one stop you need to make in Fort Bend for band instrument purchase, rental, repair, lessons, and accessories. March on over to the Fort Bend Music Center. “We are a complete, full-line music store,” says Betty Tinney, Store Manager. “We are an authorized Yamaha dealer with everything from pianos, guitars, drums, lessons and band instruments. Every year we’ve added something new. Our biggest news this year is becoming the only authorized full-line Yamaha Music provider in Fort Bend. If

F for online instrument rentals or come in and talk with one of our band department professionals. Most instruments and accessories that local band directors prefer and recommend are in-stock (even intermediate and pro horns). Special orders can usually be filled within a week!” Betty has been at Fort Bend Music Center for four years, but prior to coming to work for Fort Bend Music Center, she worked for Joyce Cochran (founder of Fort Bend Music Center) at Sherman Clay Pianos for 13 years, primar-

repair and restoration in Fort Bend and the Houston area, with over fifty years experience.” “Music is our specialty!” Rick Cochran, President of Fort Bend Music Center says. “We’re very proud to be the only accredited Yamaha Music School in Southwest Houston. We offer private lessons for all band instruments, and all the support you need from instrument rentals, sales, repairs and recital space. Whether music moves your feet or moves your heart, we’ll help you unleash the music in your soul!”

From a single flute to seventy-six trombones, there’s only one stop you need to make in Fort Bend for band instrument purchase, rental, repair, music, lessons, or accessories. Yamaha Music makes it we can get it!” “NOW is the time to come in and reserve your band instrument rental for the upcoming school year. Rather purchase? No problem... we even offer financing! Visit our website www.

ily in institutional sales. She says, “We also offer in-house, on-site, repairs from Monday through Saturday from 10-5. We have four technicians which allows for prompt service. Our shop foreman, Bill Barth, has a reputation for instrument

Fort Bend Music Center 281-494-5885 12919 SW Freeway, Ste 160


Greatest Show

in Fort Bend

Sarah Warburton


ou’ll see kids flipping for joy, performing karate chops and dancing and cheering with exceptional skill. This is better than the circus coming to town... Robert Gifford, founder of Safety America and Sugar Land Gymnastics, Karate, and Dance, says “We’re pleased to announce the September 3rd Grand Opening of our new Missouri City location at 4545 Sienna Parkway in Sienna Plantation! The new center will be called Sienna Gymnastics & Karate. We’ll be offering classes in gymnastics, karate, tumbling and cheerleading, as well as hosting birthday parties and providing camps over school vacations. We’ve always believed that a top-quality staff, a targeted curriculum, and the right mix of discipline and fun is a recipe for success! Come see what we have to offer.” Back in 1994, Bob began giving karate lessons to his four kids and two neighbors. Today his school is the largest martial arts school in Fort Bend County. At their five locations, dedicated instructors have produced State and National Champions...and his gymnastics programs are all going strong. He says, “Kids love mastering skills and gaining selfconfidence...and we make sure that it’s always fun!” When a child takes gymnastics, karate, or dance lessons, they’re also gaining strength, skill, confidence, and good health. Bob says, “Even the eighteen-month-olds in our ‘Mommy and Me’ classes love learning new

skills...and we love seeing the pride and joy on their faces as they progress and succeed. We offer programs that stay with your child as they grow from tiny toddlers into competitive one ages out!” Bob’s motto, “Do your best. We ask no more, we expect no less” applies to much more than Karate, Gymnastics, Dance and Cheer. All four of these sports encourage fair-play and respect for others, team spirit, and self-discipline. Your child will thrive under the care of professional teachers who are accredited and often have competitive experience in their fields. Bob says, “I believe in hiring the best people...not only do they love their sport, they also love working with kids. When we offer and expect excellence, our students enjoy it...and they deliver!” Want a little taste of the fun? Summer camp at the Sugar Land location runs through August 23rd (if there are any spaces left!) and Fall Enrollment for all locations is open now. Call 281-240-0999 to register for karate, gymnastics, dance or cheer in Sienna Plantation today!” Sugar Land Gymnastics and Dance 281-240-0999 16215 Lexington Blvd Sugar Land, Texas 77479

President of Lowery Bank J. Michael Dinges and Sugar Land’s own Mayor James “Jimmy” Thompson.

Stories of Success from LoweryBank:

Mayor James “Jimmy” Thompson Sarah Warburton oes your bank know you by name? When you walk through the front door, do they greet you and offer you a cup of coffee? At LoweryBank you can get a “hello neighbor” greeting and a warm, welcome feeling...together with a full array of personal and commerical services and products such as online bill pay, safe deposit boxes, a twenty-four hour ATM. That’s why Sugar Land Mayor James “Jimmy” Thompson says, “I have several banking relationships, but I do all my personal banking at LoweryBank. Just like Sugar Land, they’ve got all the amenities of any world-class location...but with a smalltown, family-friendly feel!” A native Texan, James A. “Jimmy” Thompson graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University and was a United States Air Force C-130 pilot from 1970 to 1979. Now in his third term as mayor of Sugar Land, he’s had a hand in lots of things that make Sugar Land great...including the creation of Town Square, the development of Sugar Land Regional Airport, additions to the City Park system, acquisition of the land for the


fun 5facts

Mayor James Thompson

Brazos River Corridor, and the establishment of the University of Houston campus in Sugar Land and Constellation Ball Park. He says, “My wife Gay and I have been mar-

Who knew that banking could be so pleasant? I really like my bank... and that feels great! ried since 1970. We can’t imagine any better place to raise our kids–– Michael, Tara and Meredith––than right here in Sugar Land. When I was looking for a personal bank, I thought of the same things I love about living here: modern convenience, friendly people and local ties!” “I’ve known and banked with Mike Dinges (President of LoweryBank) for many years...and I was familiar with LoweryBank as a family-owned bank with roots in East Texas and a strong finanHow Well Do You Know Your Mayor?

Best Golf Game? Pinehurst #2. 77 Favorite Ice Cream? Butter Pecan Do You Play the Lotto? No Cats or Dogs? No pets. But consider myself a dog person If You Could Have Lunch With Anyone Who Would You Pick? My mother, who is deceased

cial presence. Mike Dinges started working there and, based on my personal relationship with him, I started banking at LoweryBank. I really enjoy working with them, have been extremely satisfied with the service, and look forward to many more years with them.” Mike’s lived right here in Fort Bend his entire life, graduating from Dulles High school and even serving three terms as Mayor of Fulshear. He says, “Mayor Thompson and I both understand how community banking helps local families and our local businesses. I grew up here in Fort Bend, and I really believe in the power of building relationships. That may seem old-fashioned in today’s fast-paced financial world, but our goal is to combine convenient banking with real customer service.” That’s exactly what Mayor Thompson likes about LoweryBank. He says, “When you walk though the door, you’re recognized and greeted. I know if I pick up the phone, I’m not going to have to punch my way through an hour’s worth of automated responses or get transferred a dozen times to get answers. They’re good people who really deliver a warm, personal experience. Who knew that banking could be so pleasant? I really like my bank...and that feels great!” LoweryBank, MEMBER FDIC 281-263-1100 16555 Southwest Freeway, Ste 100 (between Methodist Building 3 and Floyd’s Cajun Seafood & Texas Steakhouse)

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This Re-Modelista comes complete with Top Remodelers, Plumbers, Electricians, Painters, and Contractors You Can Trust!


Sarah Warburton

oes your bathroom need a re-do or your outdoor kitchen need a do-over? You don’t have to start the process of calling friends, asking for recommendations, getting in different contractors for quotes...only to feel stuck with the first one you pick. Call the Re-Modelista, Teri Gilberg, the “Get-it-done Diva.” She’ll meet you, talk about your contracting needs, and match you with the right team for the job. All you’ll need to do is watch the magic happen! After years of working in the contracting business with companies big and small, Teri decided she could offer a better value out on her own. She says, “I used to coordinate contractors for one of the biggest ‘Big Box Stores.’ The same contractors we used I knew could do their own work often at a lower price for the customer. With one eye on quality and the other on VALUE, I felt unsatisfied not giving the customer the best bang for their buck. I know people are familiar with wedding planners and event coordinators...remodeling is exactly that type of event where you need a coordinator most. That’s where I come in!” If you want remodeling done, call Teri, your personal Re-Modelista. She says, “I’ll come over and we’ll discuss what you want done. Then I’ll introduce you to the contractor I think would be the best fit for the job and your personality. All our teams have had thorough background checks and years of experience. Two of the contractors I work with most often have sixty years combined experience in the industry! We can give you a ‘turnkey’ job in just about any area of your home!” Working with a contractor you don’t know can be awkward...that’s why local homeowners consider Teri their go-to Girl Friday for remodels that reflect your personal style. She says, “Since I work with several contractors, it’s easy to find the perfect match. If you do need a change, there’s no worry. Just give me a call and I’ll handle everything! Basically you’ll get the choice and peace of mind you’d get going through Home Depot or Lowe’ a better price!”

Re-Modelista:Your Home Renovation Specialist “She Gets the Job Done!” 832-731-3191

The Day She’ll Never Forget: Peyton’s Story Sarah Warburton



hen my daughter Peyton developed problems with her teeth,” says Jennifer Pappas Blancas, “I brought her to Dr. Katia Lemke and I can’t say enough good things about the experience. Dr. Lemke’s a miracle worker! She was really clear about what we could expect and made it really easy. I feel like we’ve given Peyton a gift for the rest of her life...a beautiful smile. But I’ll let Peyton tell you the story in her own words.” “I was a little scared when I went in to get my braces off,” says Peyton. “As Dr. Lemke took the braces off, I thought ‘Wow, is this really happening?’ Just like all my other visits to Dr. Lemke, there weren’t any shots and nothing to be scared of at all. Dr. Lemke’s so gentle and careful about explaining what’s happening. I have a friend who still has braces. As soon as I saw her she said, ‘Oh my gosh,you got your braces off...and you look so good!” For the rest of her life, Peyton will smile when she thinks of Dr. Lemke. A great smile can boost your self-confidence and improve your health...and getting a great smile doesn’t have to be difficult or unpleasant. In fact,


patients of all ages smile when they think about Dr. Lemke. She says, “My office is open late (until 7pm) on Mondays and early (7am) on Fridays, so it’s easier for my patients (and their parents)! When children are seven-years-old, that’s the best time to see if orthodontic treatment will be needed. Whether we use traditional braces, Invisalign, or Incognito (or lingual) Braces, we’ve got a range of solutions for straighter, healthier smiles...and happier, more confident kids.” Lemke Orthodontics 281-277-3555 Katia Lemke, DMD, PA 4907 Sandhill Dr., Ste B Sugar Land, TX 77479

All of our doctors will see you now. Richmond Bone & Joint Clinic is proud to serve the community. Come visit our doctors in Katy, Richmond and Sugar Land. Visit to schedule an appointment. 15035 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, TX 77478 281.344.1715

1517 Thompson Rd (FM 762) Richmond, TX 77469 281.344.1715

21222 Kingsland Blvd Katy, TX 77450 281.344.1715

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time dure with minimal to no down r Non-invasive, in-office proce ed clear r FDAendless treatments r Toxin-free, no need for antiperspirants r No need for ineffective

Now Available

Now there's a lasting solution for excessive underarm sweat. Underarm sweat stains? What a PITY.



last r Immediate results that rarm sweat r Dramatic reduction of unde dure with

proce r Non-invasive, in-office minimal to no downtime r FDA-cleared

endless treatments r Toxin-free, no need for antiperspirants ctive r No need for ineffe

So all that comes

To lear n more visi

Now there’s miraDry ® r r r r r r

Immediate results that last arm sweat Dramatic reduction of under time dure with minimal to no down Non-invasive, in-office proce FDA-cleared ss treatments Toxin-free, no need for endle rspirants No need for ineffective antipe


Underarm Sweating? Amy Sharp


t’s something no one wants to talk about, but for many, it’s something they can’t hide. Do you slip on your suit jacket to jump out of the car for a quick errand after work? Are you stashing a shawl in the car––just in case––even though we’re in the worst of the Texas summer? Are you hiding excessive underarm sweat? Donna Braunreiter MS, co-owner of You Only Younger says, “One out of five men and women suffer from excessive sweating. But you shouldn’t let this easily treatable condition keep you from living your best life!” But what are your options? As seen on Rachael Ray and Dr. Oz, miraDry® is the only FDA approved, non-invasive, in-office procedure that gets immediate and lasting results for underarm sweat! Kami Owen FNPBC, co-owner of You Only Younger says, “miraDry® is revolutionary and life changing. In just two treatments, underarm sweating

30 ~ UPCLOSE ~ August 2013

You are not Alone!

can be reduced as much as 90%! No need to don winter wear in the summer or throw away your favorite blouse due to sweat stains…the results are proven and long-lasting!” One of only three licensed miraDry® providers in the Greater Houston area, You Only Younger is conveniently located right here in Fort Bend County in the Greatwood Professional Plaza. Want to know who else is doing it? Donna says, “It’s obviously a hush-hush topic, but among our clients are Houston professional sports members, realtors who spend most of their day in and out of the heat, stylists from some of the most prestigious salons in the area, business professionals who want the chance to take off their suit jacket when its hot, ballet dancers who feel their graceful presentation is marred by underarm sweat…it’s a common problem and one so many are hiding!” At You Only Younger, rest assured you are

in good hands. With a Masters in Science, Donna understands the advanced technology involved in the process. Kami is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a Post-Masters Degree in Emergency Medicine. Kami says, “The underarms only comprise about 2% of all our sweat stopping the sweating under the arms is safe and will have no adverse effects on the rest of your body’s ability to sweat!” Visit or the “You Only Younger” Facebook page to learn more about the process and the spa. Then call and schedule a private consultation with Donna or Kami. Freedom from embarrassing underarm sweat is just a couple of visits away! You Only Younger ~ 281-937-7537 7002 Riverbrook Suite 700, Sugar Land, TX 77479

KEEPING YOU Anyone can be cool, but COOL & AWESOME takes practice.



company...All Out A/C and Heating.” Mister A/C Bryan Bellamy says “A new, energy-efficient air conditioner can cut your energy bill in half! We’ll provide you a quote at no charge with good, better, and best choices....and we offer 100% financing with approved credit!” Nobody’s as good a listener as Mister A/C. Seriously, once the rooftop A/C unit on the service bay by the parts department at Classic Chevy broke. Everyone thought it would have to be replaced. Bryan says, “We were called in to take a look, but they had already been told by another company that unit just couldn’t be repaired. Since that building is scheduled to be replaced with an entirely new facility, it didn’t make sense to invest in a new unit. Not only did we repair it...but it’s still running today! Our business is based on making the A/C decisions that make sense for your family and your business!”

hat does Mark Kolon, General Sales Manager at Classic Chevrolet, think about Bryan Bellamy, Chance Kamp, and the crew from All Out A/C and Heating? He says, “For starters, Bryan rocks! I was at work when my wife called and said our house was just too warm upstairs.I knew Bryan from around the community...and as a businessperson in Fort Bend, I wanted to get A/C help from another Fort Bend based business. All their technicians were busy, but Bryan came out himself the same day! That’s incredible service!” “Our A/C unit was thirteen years old, so I’d been expecting the worst. Sure enough, servicing it just didn’t make sense, because it needed to be replaced. That was Friday. On Friday afternoon Bryan called and said he could do the job as early as the next day! Since my four kids (ages 7, 10, 13, and 15) were all camping out in the living room, we were really appreciative that All Out A/C and Heating would come out on a Saturday!” “Bryan made everything so easy. Like most homeowners, I don’t know much about air conditioners except whether they work or not. Bryan gave me his recommendations on the size and type of A/C that would be the best choice...and I took him up on it. I never felt like he was pressuring me. He just laid out my options and got the job done. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.” “When we’re having work done, I wish I could be there to keep an eye on things...but my work schedule just doesn’t make that easy. My wife called to tell me the entire team from All Out A/C and Heating was polite, professional, and really inspired confidence. The team arrived during the one hour window Bryan had given us and finished the job exactly when they said they would. Since their prices are just as good as their service, I can’t imagine ever call626 ing anyone else again. We’ve found the best A/C


Highway 90A, Richmond, TX 77406

back pain? neck pain?




The Spine Center at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital is the comprehensive, coordinated option for you in Fort Bend County. For back and neck pain, there’s only one premier choice — Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s Spine center. Whether you’ve had pain for just a few days or several long years, you’ll find everything you need to diagnose and treat your condition in a convenient location, with access to premier spine specialists and a complete range of treatment options. Getting started is easy. We will guide you through a customized treatment plan, with expedited access to world-class neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic spine surgeons and interventional pain specialists. plus, physical therapy, occupational/hand therapy, and the most advanced imaging and surgical technologies in the world are available on-site.

Stop enduring pain. Call or email today and begin your personal treatment plan. 281-313-BACK (2225) or

16655 Southwest Freeway • Sugar Land, Texas 77479 281-313-BACK (2225) • @MethodistSLHosp

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