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November 2012

Automated Home

“Technology should simplify life, not complicate it.�


Home Automationth Open House Nov. 10

On! Turned The Future is in Your Hands

Sarah Warburton


ifteen years ago, could you have imagined how easy it would be to video chat on your phone, to check your email on your television, or to stream movies to a tablet computer? In 2027, it may be hard to remember life before everyone had home automation. You’ll check your security systems from your phone, know that lights will go on and off as needed, and have complete control over the entertainment systems in your whole house at your fingertips. “You don’t have to wait fifteen years to enjoy this technology,” says Richard Machemehl of Home Theater Evolutions. “That’s why we’re hosting an Open House on Saturday November 10th from 10am-2pm to demo how the Savant home automation system can make your life!” Do you remember life before the iPad? It’s hard to believe that first ones were sold

2 ~ upclose ~ November 2012

in 2010, since today more preschoolers are familiar with the tablet computer than with the etch-a-sketch. Savant’s made home automation easier and more cost-effective by offering a system that can be controlled by an iPad or iPhone. Scott Crain says, “The Savant control and automation system’s a great example of quality and value. Everything—from the design of the docking system to the userfriendly interface—is designed to be intelligent, affordable, and extremely easy to use…the way the best technology should be.” See what it’s like to have the future in your hands at the Home Theater Evolutions Savant Open House. You can try out the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch controllers that can do everything from video switching and distribution, lighting and HVAC control and more. Suddenly it would be so simple to operate the television and music in your master bedroom, family room, game room, home theater... even out by your pool! You could control lights inside and outside your home and program them to come on and off at certain times. Not only is the system easy to operate, but Home Theater Evolutions offers straightforward pricing that includes installation and you won’t have to worry about a thing! “You don’t outgrow loving electronics,” says Scott. “Richard and I are living proof of that! Helping people find just what they need in our own store is a dream come true…and now my son Sean and Richard’s son Nicholas are friends, too!” Richard says, “Scott and I keep changing up our inventory and our showroom to choose electronics that offer the best experience for the best value. We love designing options that work for your home, your family, and your budget!”

Let the fun begin!

Get a little taste of how easy life could be with a pre-holiday special from Home Theater Evolutions. No need to get out of bed and walk across the cold floor just to shut off your

Get one Lutron light and a Pico remote for a one-time price of $199 including bedroom light.

installation in any room of your house and programming. Control the light with the remote in a wall mount or a stand or use your phone. Sweet dreams! Home Theater Evolutions 281-980-2300 3157 Highway 6 at Williams Trace

Drive Forever! Sarah Warburton elaxed, low-pressure sales, friendly, low-key employees, and a real commitment to community involvement are at the core of the Classic Chevrolet Philosophy. Now a new employee, Ray Aguilar, and a new Classic Program, “Drive Forever” are enhancing your Classic Experience. Don Kerstetters says, “Ray’s upbeat, positive, and energetic, a good match for Classic...and we hope our ‘Drive Forever’ program gives our customers peace of mind and the knowledge that we stand behind the cars we sell!” Ray Aguilar, former Executive Director of Oyster Creek Manor, worked for sixteen years in the senior living field. He says, “I first met Don Kerstetter of Classic Chevrolet three years ago through the Fort Bend Leadership Forum. When I was ready for a new employment opportunity, my first call was to Kerri Schmidt from the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce and my second was to Don. We talked about his vision for Classic and he asked me to come work for him. He knew I’m passionate about being a community advocate and volunteering...and that’s the role Classic Chevy plays here in Fort Bend. I can’t tell you the respect I feel and the loyalty I have to Don.” Treating people right is a way of life at Classic. Ray says, “Don believes in going above and beyond to look out for people. We have a senior customer with a ragtop convertible Camero. When her key got stuck in the ignition, she called me. I brought her a demo to drive and brought her car in to be fixed. Then I brought it back to her and drove the demo away...she didn’t even have to set foot into the dealership to get the Classic experience.”


The care you receive at Classic follows you long after you drive off the lot. Pre-owned Sales Managers Emmett Waldron says, “Don came up with the ‘Drive Forever’ program as another way to protect our customers. Under this program when you buy a pre-owned car from Classic, we cover the engine and transmission for as long as you drive it. Almost every car on our lot qualifies for either our GM certified warranty or the Classic Drive Forever program. Don believes in taking care of people at the dealership and in the community...over the long haul.” “I’ve been here over three years since just after Don and Classic Chevy started in Sugar Land,” Emmett adds. “Every Wednesday morning, we have a managers meeting. And for the first thirty minutes of every meeting for the last three years, Don has addressed customer service. He believes in taking care of people, making a positive impression, correcting mistakes as soon as they happen, and keeping the focus on Classic culture, where it’s all about the customer. ‘Drive Forever’ isn’t a GM’s a Classic program!” Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land 281-491-9000 13115 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, TX 77478

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Do You Keep Your Legs Under Wraps?


illian Rubio used to keep her legs under wraps. “I’m always on my feet at work and I have four kids,” she says. “After the pregnancies, my veins started showing and became more and more noticeable. I knew I should do something about them, but I kept putting it off. I wore capris and long pants instead of shorts, never wore short dresses, and tried to put those veins out of my mind. Finally my legs started hurting. I complained to my friends at work, and they recommended Dr. Baltazar. All the nurses at Methodist told me he was caring and did a great job!” Local Vascular Surgeon, Ulises Baltazar MD,RVT,FACS offers free vascular screenings...and that’s what helped Lillian take action. She says, “It put my mind at ease to know there wouldn’t be a cost to find out what the problem was and whether Dr. Baltazar could help me at all. My veins were very big, but Dr. Baltazar said they could be treated. I didn’t know if the procedure would be covered by my

insurance, but it was. It wasn’t painful and after four or five visits I saw a huge change! In fact, Dr. Baltazar even took before and after pictures...and the difference is amazing!” “I’m actually excited to show off my legs! I hadn’t worn shorts in public for fifteen years, but I do now! I don’t have any pain and I even feel like exercising and running. Seeing Dr. Baltazar made a difference to my self-confidence. He’s a real delight. He has a way of making you feel like a member of his family and putting you completely at ease. I enjoyed my visits, because he’s so easy to be around. I completely recommend Dr. Baltazar to everyone...and I’m happy to show off the difference he made for me!” Do you keep your legs under wraps because of varicose veins or suffer pain and discomfort in your legs? Call Sugar Land Vein Specialists for your free screening. Dr. Baltazar says, “I’ll determine whether your veins are working properly for optimum blood flow. If we detect any

problems, I have a range of treatment options to help your legs look and feel better. I am passionate about your elegant circulatory system and my sole professional obsession is keeping your veins strong and healthy!”

Ulises Baltazar MD,RVT,FACS ~ Sugar Land Vein Specialists 281-240-8400 16605 Southwest Freeway Ste 505 (in the Methodist Professional Building 3)

You’re Invited! Open House November 15th from 6-8:30PM

Body by Ahmadi

Celebrate the Power of Positive Transformation


o you need a little lift before the holidays? Take the first step towards reclaiming your inner and outer beauty at a special celebration hosted by Avante Plastic Surgery. Bring your girlfriends and enjoy an evening of beauty designed for you. This is your opportunity to learn more about HydraFacial, Obagi medical grade skin care products, Merz Aesthetics, Biodroga, Allergan (implants), and injectables including Restylene, Radiesse, Dyspor t and Botox. The first 100 guests will receive special gift bags. All evening you’ll have opportunities to win raffle prizes and door prizes including skin care treatments, a pletely customized for better results and a holiday skin care kit from the Art of Skin, quicker recovery at a more affordable price. massages from a licensed massage thera- Once you unlock your true beauty, you’ll pist...and more! Get into the Thanksgiving love showing the world your curvy figure spirit with the caring team at Avante. If with new-found confidence. you bring a canned good to be donated to Your journey of personal transformation the Fort Bend Food Bank, you’ll get an begins the moment you call Avante for the extra raffle ticket! first time. At the November Open House, If you’ve been dreaming of big you’ll meet Dr. Ahmadi and see how carchanges, this is the “can’t-missing and knowledgeable he is. His enthuevent” that will open your eyes to siastic and empathic staff will be the amazing possibilities. You’ll there to encourage you and answer have the opportunity to speak your questions. Representatives will The first 100 with Dr. Ahmadi and hear him be able to show you all the effective guests will receive a answer questions about the latproducts and services at your disest technology and products. Dr. special gift bag you can go into the holiAhmadi is a double board-certiday season feeling and looking your fied plastic surgeon, certified by best. Come celebrate at a night the American Board of Surgery that could change your life! Please and the American Board of Plastic RSVP by Thursday November 1st Surgery. He performs every kind of pro- to cedure from face lifts and nose contouring to breast augmentations, reductions, and Avante Plastic Surgery ~ The Art of Skin lifts. Patients love Dr. Ahmadi’s Lipotuck™, 281-265-2639 (BODY) a completely unique all-in-one procedure 1112 Soldiers Field Dr., Sugar Land, TX 77479 that removes excess fat, tightens stretched muscles, and minimizes stretch marks and excess skin. Whether you start at a size 2 or 16, Lipotuck™ is com-







Let’s Talk Turkey… I Sarah Warburton

f you’re thankful for your health, remember to protect one of your most precious gifts…the gift of sight. What’s the best protection? A comprehensive dilated eye exam! “When I dilate your eyes,” says Dr. Anh Doan of Missouri City’s Vision Source, “that widens your pupils so I can check your retina for signs of damage to the optic nerve or problems like diabetic retinopathy or agerelated macular degeneration...the leading cause of adult blindness.Annual eye exams do allow me to correct vision problems, but they also reveal the warning signs of serious undiagnosed health problems like hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This is one annual appointment you can’t afford to miss!” Glaucoma is an eye disease in which the optic nerve is damaged, most often marked by raised internal ocular pressures. Once the nerve is damaged and vision is affected, it’s gone forever. Dr. Doan says, “Because this disease is irreversible, painless and can strike anyone, many people just don’t realize they’re developing glaucoma…that’s why it’s the second leading cause of blindness in the U.S. But there’s good news! With early detection and

treatment, we can reduce the chances of damage and usually save your sight.” Are you living with diabetes? Be sure to have a dilated eye examination at least once a year…and if you experience any change in vision, come see Dr. Doan right away. “Anyone diagnosed with diabetes simply must have an annual dilated exam. I’ll look at the retina for signs of leaking or damaged blood vessels. We want to catch problems like glaucoma and cataracts as early as possible.,” says Dr. Doan. Don’t let another year slip by without a visit to Dr. Doan. Many sight-threatening diseases are completely painless. A comprehensive eye exam is the only way to catch them early enough to save your sight! Dr. Doan says, “I’m sorry to say I recently saw major diabetes and end-stage glaucoma in patients who hadn’t kept up with their annual eye exams. To see clearly, check we can protect your precious vision!” Dr. Anh Doan, O.D. Vision Source! • 4725 Highway 6 South 281-261-2647

Taking a Closer Look to Solve the Mystery

Sarah Warburton hat do Lucille Ball, James Coburn, Joy Fawcett (an Olympic gold medalist in soccer) and the artist Renoir have in common? They all struggled with the autoimmune disorder, rheumatoid arthritis. “Disorders that cause pain and inflammation in the tissues and joints can be difficult to diagnose,” says Dr. J. Edward Hernandez, M.D. at Fort Bend Rheumatology Associates. “At our office, we can now use an MRI for extremities to see what’s really behind your we can


6 ~ upclose ~ November 2012

determine the best course of treatment.” Your pain may bring you into the doctor, but the next step is determining the underlying cause. Dr. Hernandez says, “We always start by listening to what the patient tells us about pain and symptoms. If you have negative or inconclusive blood work but you’re still having symptoms, an MRI can give us more information. With an MRI we can see erosion from arthritis two years before it can be picked up by an x-ray. Once we can see what (if any) damage has been done, that helps us decide how aggressive to be with our course of treatment.” Anyone can see the pinched mouth, furrowed brow, and pale skin that shows you’re in serious pain. With an MRI, Dr. Hernandez can see active inflammation, erosion, or structural issues like fractures or tears. He says, “Dr. Valicek and I always

try to put our patients completely at ease. We offer an extremity MRI in our office for those who need only their hands, wrists, feet, ankles, or elbows to be scanned. This MRI allows you to sit comfortably next to the machine with the part of body to be scanned safely placed inside the machine. There is no long, full body machine to climb into or to make you feel claustrophobic.” Dr. Hernandez and Dr. Valicek offer the use of their on-site MRI machine to their own patients, but anyone who has a physician’s order for an MRI of an extremity is also welcome to have their imaging done at Fort Bend Rheumatology Associates. Fort Bend Rheumatology Associates 281-980-1742 1327 Lake Pointe Parkway, Suite 515

Give Yourself a Hostess Gift

Cleaning to the “Max”

by Sarah Warburton


hen the house is sparkling and the guests arrive bearing hostess gifts like flowers and wine, everyone’s ready for a good time. Take the stress out of party prep by giving yourself the best hostess gift ever...a home cleaning by the Professional Maids. Max McCammond, owner of Professional Maid Service says, “We offer regularly scheduled cleanings and special help for special occasions, too! We want you to enjoy hosting friends and family this holiday season, so leave the cleaning to us!” You don’t have to be a holiday hostess to call Professional Maids. Folks all over Fort Bend love knowing they can go to work, run their errands, and come home to a home that’s sparkling clean. No-hassle key drop off and pick up means you can cross “cleaning house” off your to-do list for good! These maids are bonded and insured, have undergone thorough background checks, and arrive neatly uniformed in a clearly-labelled company car, so you can have complete confidence. Schedules start filling up in November and things stay

crazy right through New Year’s. Give yourself or a friend a little extra “ahhhhh” with regular home cleanings by the Professional Maids. If you’re getting ready for major Thanksgiving festivities, let the Professional Maids give you a helping hand. They’ll make your house look as fabulous as the feast itself! Then spread the joy the next time you’re a guest. Instead of giving another bottle of wine to share at the party, give the gift of a cleaning by the Professional Maids. Max says, “We want you to be thankful for your home, your family, and the extra time you’ll enjoy... when you leave the cleaning to the Professionals!” Professional Maid Service 281-342-6500

Max’s Cleaning Tip: Give yourself a head-start on cleaning up after the Thanksgiving feast. Once the turkey’s out of the oven and onto a serving platter, fill the roasting pan with soapy water . Put it back into your oven and let it soak at 250 degrees F, while you and your guests enjoy a meal together. When you’re ready for kitchen clean-up, the baked-on juices from the turkey and stuffing will be softened up and easy to rinse off. Happy Thanksgiving!!

After school. Totally cool. Before and After School programs for school-age children A variety of exciting activity ‘Zones’ designed to keep your child happy and engaged

Primrose School of First Colony

(Under New Ownership) 4605 Austin Parkway, Sugar Land, TX 77479


Educational Child Care for Infants through Private Kindergarten and After School Each Primrose School is a privately owned and operated franchise. Primrose Schools and The Leader in Educational Child Care are trademarks of Primrose School Franchising Company. ©2012 Primrose School Franchising Company. All rights reserved.

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Take Care of Those Pearly Whites… Without Leaving Money on the Table!

Amy Sharp y now we’ve all started creating (and hopefully checking off!) a mental check list of all the “must-dos” by the end of the year: Christmas shopping, tax deductible charitable donations, IRA contributions. But how about your teeth? Have you been putting off routine or recommended dental work? Now’s the time! Dr. Thomas Lomonte and his team in Stafford want to help you


Fun Run Sugar Land

maximize your dental benefits for 2012. “There are four very good reasons you should maximize utilizing your dental benefits,” says Dr. Lomonte. “Premiums, yearly maximum, deductible and the certainty that dental problems will worsen. If you are paying your dental insurance premiums every month, you should be using your benefits! Even if you

don’t require any treatment, regular cleanings are proven to help prevent and detect early signs of cavities, gum disease and other dental problems.” If you do need treatment, nearly all plans have a yearly maximum. That is the most money your plan will pay in a calendar year. Unused money will not rollover, and come January 1st that unused money will be lost! If you have already had some dental work performed this year, chances are you have met your deductible….and like yearly maximums, deductibles do not rollover and also reset January 1. Finally, common sense tells you delaying dental treatment today puts you at risk for more expensive and extensive dental work down the road. If you don’t take action, today’s filling could be tomorrow’s root canal! As an added bonus, health flexible savings account money can also be used to pay for your portion of any dental work. And as we all know, like dental plans, FSAs are also “use or lose it”! Since 1982, Dr. Lomonte’s been helping whole families––from moms to kids to granddads–– have healthy smiles! When you run over to Dr. Lomonte’s office, look in his reception area for the registration station for the 30th Annual Fort Bend Optimist Club Sugar Land Four Mile Run/Two Mile Walk. As a founding member of the Fort Bend Optimist’s Club, Dr. Lomonte says, “I really believe in this organization’s goal of ‘honoring high school students who are dedicated to helping others, in an effort to make themselves better people and to make the world a better place.’ I’d like to invite everyone to

30th Annual Sugar Land Optimist Club November 4th, 4 mile Fun Run/2 mile Walk Run on over to register at Dr. Lomonte’s and receive a gift of equal value!

8 ~ upclose ~ November 2012

come on over to our office and register for the Optimist Club’s annual four-mile fun run to raise money for local youth charities including College Scholarships, Shoes and School Supplies for Underprivileged Children, Sponsoring Boy Scout Troops, Adopting Needy Families for the Holidays, and the Leadership Program for High School Sophomores. We’ve got a registration center all set up and we’ll even give you a special gift equivalent to the value of your registration fee. Whether you walk or run with us on Sunday November 4th starting at Sugar Land Memorial Park, located at the corner of Commonwealth Blvd. and University Blvd., your feet can help spread smiles all over Sugar Land!” Thomas M. Lomonte, D.D.S. 12122 Murphy Rd. Stafford, TX 77477 (281) 530-1440

Come in as a patient and leave as a friend!

Next Stop...St. Michael’s!

Better Than a Good Neighbor! Sarah Warburton


hat does it mean to say someone’s “like” a good neighbor? You need someone who really IS a good neighbor, always looking out for you and your family. We’re fortunate in Fort Bend to have a seriously great neighbor available 24 hours a day, 7 days a St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms. Being an emergency room physician takes expertise, energy, and enthusiasm...and for local doctor, Dr. Shannon Orsak it’s his passion! A graduate of Houston Baptist University and the University of Texas Medical School in Houston, Dr. Orsak did his residency at Hermann Hospital in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Orsak’s also a ringside physician for mixed-martial arts and boxing and the featured physician on Channel 2’s “Health Matters” series. After working in local hospitals including Memorial Hermann SW, St. Luke’s and West Houston Hospital where he was Assistant Medical Director, he was ready for a new challenge. When his brother Brian, a financial analyst, heard about a friend’s harrowing all-night visit to a standard ER, the two brothers put their heads together and envisioned a new kind of ER experience. Dr. Orsak says, “I knew the kind of place I’d want to bring my own family and that’s the kind of patient-centered ER we created at St. Michael’s. Nobody should have to wait for emergency service or feel anxious or stressed by their ER experience.” Why wouldn’t you want a concierge emergency room for the same price you’d pay to sit around an impersonal ER for hours? At St. Michael’s, the waiting room features leather furniture and an extensive coffee bar and the exam rooms have flat-screen TVs and DVD players...but you may not wait long enough to enjoy them! Most patients don’t even finish their paperwork before they’re seen by a physician. Dr.

Orsak says, “We’re a licensed freestanding emergency room, with board-certified physicians and state-ofthe-art equipment. We have an X-ray, Ultrasound and CT, and an on-site diagnostic lab that can deliver test results in 15 minutes or less. If you need surgery or

St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms accept more than 200 insurance plans, including Cigna, Blue Cross, United, Humana, Medicare and now “in network” with AETNA. What “accepting” these plans means to you: St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms will file the forms and deal with the insurance companies for you. We’re here to care for you from start to finish! a hospital admission, we have agreements with area hospitals, so we can choose the very best and appropriate specialist and facility for you. If you need to be admitted to a hospital, we’ll streamline the process, so you don’t have to wait!” How did Dr. Orsak design an ER that’s perfect for patients of all ages? In addition to his medical experience, he’s got some serious parenting credentials, too! You might see Shannon and his wife, Sara, around town with their son or their twin daughters, who are rising cross-country stars. He says, “As a dad, I know how nerve-wracking it is when your

child has a medical emergency. That’s one reason we offer pediatric-themed rooms...without a wait!” As the patron saint of emergency medicine, St. Michael is the perfect name for Sugar Land’s first and best-loved free-standing ER. St. Michael’s was also the first free-standing ER in Sugar Land contracted to be “in network” with Aetna and takes first place in community involvement. Not just “like a good neighbor,” St. Michael’s actually IS a good neighbor. Dr. Orsak, his doctors, nurses, and staff believe in hand-on community involvement. Everywhere your family goes, St. Michael’s goes, too. They’re at your neighborhood soccer games and swim meets, your high school football games and pep rallies, sponsoring the Rainbow Room and offering first aid at their golf tourney, hosting a corral at the “Best of the West” fundraiser for Arc Fort Bend, working with the Exchange Club, and rallying around the families of Fort Bend. Did we say “good neighbor?” St. Michael’s is a GREAT neighbor! At St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms you’ll find everything you’d find in a traditional ER...except the wait! St. Michael’s treats everything from allergic reactions and broken bones to high fevers and chest pain. Wherever you and your family go, St. Michael’s is there, making sure Fort Bend is a safer, happier, more caring community!

St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms 16062 SW Freeway (at Hwy 6) Sugar Land, TX 77479 281-980-HELP

9000 Westheimer Houston, TX 77063 713.343.0911

26226 I 45 N. Spring, TX 77386 281.419.2911

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It’s All in the Family


rowing up as a child in rural Oklahoma as one of eleven children, Johnny Jackson didn’t have the luxury of air conditioning. Little did he know where he’d end up! After four years in the Air Force as an air craft mechanic and twenty years with National Cash Register, Johnny started Jackson Air Conditioning in Sugar Land in 1982. Three generations and over thirty years later, Jackson Air’s still going strong! As a teenager, Brian Jackson worked alongside his dad learning about the business from the ground up. Brian is proud to say his son Blake is doing the same, helping out in the family business. Brian says, “We learned early on that there is a big difference in the quality of air conditioning and heating equipment and that’s important in our climate. That’s why we teamed up with Trane almost 30 years ago. Trane has the best most reliable air conditioners on the market, a system for every home and budget, and are made in Tyler, TX.” “Knowing that we’re a family team gives other local families confidence in us and our work. As Sugar Land’s oldest Trane Comfort Specialists, we do our own work (both residential and commercial), don’t use subcontractors, and always stay up to-to-date on all the latest technology and developments in our field. The guys you see in photos on our website and articles are the guys who’ll show up on a job. Our philoso-

phy of experience, straightforward pricing and superior customer service has made Jackson Air winners of the BBB Award of Excellence and the Angie’s List Super Service Award” for the last two years.” “We’ve been “Licensed to Chill” since 1982, and we love taking care of generations of Fort Bend Families. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Jackson Air!”

“This time of year we want you to keep your own family getting your furnace checked! We’re already finding major carbon monoxide leaks in old furnaces. No families should be sent to the hospital because their home had twenty times the ‘safe’ level of carbon monoxide. This stuff can kill you…and many people don’t have any warning at all. Call us at Jackson Air and Heat for a thorough inspection of your furnace. We make it easy to keep your family safe and comfortable!” Jackson Air and Heating, Inc. Sugar Land’s Oldest Independent Trane Dealer 281-240-1037

We See Perfect Indoor Weather In Your Forecast CREATING COMFORT & TRUST FOR OVER 30 YEARS



You Can Tell a Lot About a Company...

Sarah Warburton y the way they handle those “not-so-big” jobs. After all, most companies will roll out the red carpet for a customer requesting a major project, but you want a company that cares about matter how much work you need done! Debbie with Prudential Gary Greene and Marvin Marcell with Group 1 Automotive never forgot the incredible experience they had with All About Carpet...even a decade later. Debbie says, “At our house in Sugar Lakes, our carpet had a stain that couldn’t be removed. We went to All About Carpet and they were able to match our existing carpet and replace the ruined section. Around the same time, we had some potted plants that had leaked water onto our hardwood floors and All About Carpet fixed that problem, too. They were ver y conscientious and attentive in their desire to make sure they did everything perfectly. Being an agent we’ve had new houses since then and we’ve recommended them to others and always heard good things back. I am always so impressed with the level of customer service they offered us and the quality of their work. The damaged places were replaced and matched exactly...just incredible!” “Marvin and I were among the first families to move out here back in 1986, when we moved to Sweetwater. We’ve been here in Sugar



Land for over twenty-five years...and we were here when All About Carpet had their Grand Opening over twenty years ago. It’s always good to know they’re right there, because we knew what a strong family company they are. They’ve got years of experience and they really put the customer first. Marvin and I understand how the quality of the service they offer sustained them over the years. Based on our experience with them and their experience in the community, we endorse them wholeheartedly!” Whether you need your upstairs carpet replaced, your bathroom re-tiled, hardwood flooring in your downstairs, or restoration for your existing flooring, you’ll find the advice, the service, and the quality installation you need at All About Flooring. The McKelvey family understands that taking care of your flooring starts with caring for you! “My family is so grateful for the community’s professional and personal support over the years,” says Shaun. “Come see us in our showroom any time and we’ll show you the latest products, talk about your design options, and create a plan to meet your flooring, tile, and counter needs! Whether you’re a repeat customer or a firsttimer, we’re always happy to see you and promise to give you our best service on every job we do!” All About Carpet and Floors 281-265-3700 3145 Highway 6 South (next to Shipley’s)

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What’s the Miracle?

Sarah Warburton hether it’s your Thanksgiving menu, your travel plans, or your gift list, nothing around the holidays seems easy. If you’ve been looking at your worn bathrooms and outdated kitchen, but just don’t know if you have the time and energy to change them before the holidays...there’s hope! Getting the “Wow!” you want doesn’t have to be a headache with the convenience of the Miracle Method. Jonee and Paul Barnett of Miracle Method Surface Restoration say,“The miracle in our method is how quickly we can transform your counters, tiles and bathroom. With our help, you could have a ‘new’ home for the holidays!” Want to impress your family and neighbors this holiday season? Forget the mess and expense of a major remodeling project. Miracle Method makes it simple to get a big change without a big hassle. Switching up a big surface like a countertop makes a big impact…especially on a popular room like your kitchen! Miracle Method transforms counters, tile, and tubs…without ripping them out. Miracle Method’s popular Natural Accents stone-look finish will update lami-


nate, tile, cultured marble, Corian and even fiberglass surfaces. They may think you have a contractor on speed-dial, but you’ll know it’s the miracle of the Miracle Method. If you thought it would take a miracle to make your kitchen and bathrooms look new again, you could be right! Luckily, this is the easiest miracle you’ll ever find and the results are gorgeous. Miracle Method is used by Hilton and Disney and has been featured on DIY’s Bathtastic, HGTV’s Carter Can, PBS’s This Old House, and the Today Show. This miracle looks amazing in hotels, resorts… and homes! Experts tell us that a frozen turkey should be thawed in the refrigerator, allowing one day for every four pounds. That’s three days for a twelve pound turkey! Before it’s ready to pop in the oven, your counters and tiles could be completely transformed with the Miracle Method. Paul says, “Most jobs are completed in a day and even the biggest ones take three or four. Put the turkey in the fridge, we’ll do our work, and we’ll be gone long before you’re ready to start making the Thanksgiving feast!”

Miracle Method Surface Restoration 281-240-2284 603 Murphy Road (by appointment only) Stafford, TX

We Specialize in Children ...because kidz are people too

❋ Specialist in dentistry for infants, children and adolescents ❋ Now offering Braces and Orthodontic services ❋ Offering Oral and I.V. Sedation ❋ Se Hablo Espanol ❋ Most major insurance accepted ❋ Ask About NO INTEREST PAYMENT PLANS 4706 Riverstone Blvd., Suite 200, Missouri City, TX 77459 Located behind Kohl’s in the Offices at Riverstone 12 ~ upclose ~ November 2012


On The Cover ~ Automated Home Home Theater Evolutions

Where is

The Best?

The Public Has Spoken: Let’s Eat An insider’s guide to the best Fort Bend restaurants Readers have told UpClose in a series of emails where they believe the best food, fun and service can be found in Fort Bend. Over next several pages our readers reveal undiscovered treasures still waiting to delight your tastebuds! Fort Bend has world-renowned and award-winning chefs and the most delicious food influenced by cultures from around the world. With a Fort Bend family-owned restaurant, your money stays local while your mouth stays happy!

Do you enjoy finding the best food in Fort Bend through our new “Off The Chain” section? We still need your help! What is your favorite “Off The Chain” restaurant? Help us by letting UpClose know who should be featured. Visit us at, click on the Off the Chain button and tell us why your favorite place is “Off the Chain!” Your review may be featured in the next issue of UpClose Magazine! Cheers! UpClose Magazine

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omplaints Department

Floyds Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez! Sarah Warburton re you ready to “let the good times roll?” The only thing better than hanging out at Floyds would be chillin’ at your own bait shack...and if you go to Floyds, they’ll do all the work, while you watch the game! Floyd “Dawg” Landry grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana working for his uncle at Don’s Seafood and Steakhouse. He teamed up with Bret Floyd, whose dad #75, was on the gridiron for the Houston Oilers and Gary Pearce (a Sugar Land resident!) to bring Floyds Cajun Seafood and Texas Steakhouse to Sugar Land. General Manager Rob Gilbert says, “We’ve got locations in


“Dawg” and his team.

Beaumont, Webster (celebrating its 9th anniversary!), Pearland...and each location has its own unique feel and regulars who’ve been coming since day one. We opened here in Sugar Land on July 1st and we can’t wait to see how you make it your own!” Nothing’s better than fresh seafood right out of the gulf and Floyds gumbo and crab bisque make it sing! The oyster bar has its own oyster grill and fresh shrimp and fish are trucked in daily. Want some real fried catfish? Floyds only uses American farm-raised...the real thing! Game day specials, a full bar, twelve beers on draft (many crafts from Texas & Louisiana!) and a “big beer” that’s 25oz. makes Floyds a great coastal hangout, no matter how far away the ocean actually is! Floyd Landry pioneered bringing crawfish from Lafayette to Houston back in 1976 (Don’s Seafood came to Houston in the 1970’s). Now Crawfish season is rolling around again and

you’ll want to get ‘em while they last! Bring the party to Floyds or call them to cater your crawfish boil or family gettogether.

Floyds isn’t part of a corporate’s still the family-owned, home-grown good food and good times place born in Layfayette.

Cole Landry, Floyd’s son, runs the kitchen and handles expediting. If you see a guy with a thick South Louisiana accent and golf shoes working the front door, that’s Floyd himself! Grab a po-boy for lunch or a seafood dinner and you’ll see how being Cajun to the core means Floyds delivers Lagniappe...a little bit extra! Floyds Cajun Seafood and Texas Steakhouse “A Great Tradition from Louisiana to Texas” 281-240-3474 16549 S W Freeway Sugar Land, TX 77479

upclose ~ November 2012 ~ 13

Finding the of

in Sugar Land

Everything you see I owe to spaghetti~ Sophia Loren


hy aren’t there any ice cream desserts on the menu at Corelli’s Italian Cafe? Because they don’t have a freezer! Nothing at this restaurant is frozen... it’s all made fresh, the way things are done in Italy. Corelli’s opened in Sugar Land fifteen years ago this November, and the menu dates back seventeen years to the opening of Corelli’s Galleria location. General Manager Sean Kennedy and Manager Patrick McMillan say, “We’re proud to say there are only two Corelli’s in the world...and we’ve had the same owner and the same menu since day one!” Voted by the Houston Business Journal as the second most underrated restaurant in Houston, Corelli’s has been discovered by Penelope Cruz and Nicholas Cage. The cast of “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” enjoyed

14 ~ upclose ~ November 2012

a meal at Corelli’s when they came through Texas, but it’s been a local favorite for years. Whether you enjoy Chicken Piccata, Salmon Florentine, Lasagna or Pizza, there’s something in the air that makes your mouth water! Sean says, “Our secret is our base sauce, Sugo Rosa, based on extensive (and delicious) research in family recipes and traditional cooking throughout Italy. We can add meat to it or cream, we use it for the base of our’s at the heart of our Italian kitchen.” The Old World charm of Corelli’s enclosed patio and arbor is so popular, they’re considering expanding it. Sean says, “We have customers who choose to sit out there in all kinds of weather!” With a cappuccino and a piece of Tiramisu or Cheesecake (made in-house), it’s the perfect mini-vacation.

Since Corelli’s first opened on Highway 6, says Patrick, “Sugar Land has grown up around us. The same kids who used to choose a $5 kids meal (including drink) and beg for our signature Dessert Pizza, brought their girlfriends here before prom, and are scheduling their rehearsal dinners here now. Strangers who met in the wine room over ten years ago have become friends and still get together Friday and Saturday nights when the wine room is for ages 21 and over. We’re committed to keeping a warm, neighborhood atmosphere...and when it comes to tradition we believe you don’t mess with success! ” Corelli’s Italian Cafe 281-491-8900 3229 Highway 6 @Williams Trace, Sugar Land, TX

Easy, Elegant, Exciting Becca Bragg


hen you want an upscale environment with exciting food, good friends, and fine wine or cocktails, locals recommend the highly rated Post Oak Grill

right here in Sugar Land. Kevin Rios says, “I grew up in the restaurant business around Houston and my family’s owned and managed restaurants in Sugar Land for the last five years. Creating the best experience for our customers is a point of pride for us. Dad helps with brainstorming, my mom does our books, and our staff’s been with us for so long, they’re like family, too. We’d love to see you in our upscale lounge for Happy Hour Monday through Saturday from 4-7pm!” Locals loved the Post Oak Grill’s Sugar Land location so much that the Rios family had to expand the dining area, open out the patio overlooking the lake, and build out the lounge with its own separate entrance. Now you can enjoy fine center-cut steaks, chops, fresh seafood, and unique twists on old favorites from innovative salads to Chilean Seabass to Muscovy Duck. Ready for an elegant evening out? You’ll love Post Oak Grill’s six-days a week of Happy Hour and live music in the lounge on Fridays. Kevin says, “In addition to our full bar and creative cocktail selection, we offer a variety of 715 wines. We keep our wine cellar at

fifty-eight degrees and it holds up to 4,500 bottles. We’d like to welcome you to purchase a wine lock and become one of the Post Oak Grill’s wine members!” We’ve got the perfect recipe for every party or exciting event. Post Oak Grill/Sugar Land offers special chef-designed and prepared menus and superior service to make your soiree a success. Or invite your guests to join you for an unforgettable meal in one of Post Oak Grill Sugar Land’s private rooms...a private bar, a wine cellar, or two private dining rooms overlooking the lake. Kevin says, “Whether you’re hosting a small social gathering or large business function, we’ll custom-tailor every detail––from the food and drinks so the ambiance and timing–– are just right.” Nothing’s more romantic than a meal at the Post Oak Grill, overlooking the lake and watching the lights on the fountains. Come for a phenomenal night out with your date on the veranda, meet your family for a wonderful meal in the dining room, impress your colleagues with a special event, or celebrate an evening out with friends in the lounge, it’s easy to see why Post Oak Grill’s a local favorite!” Post Oak Grill ~ 281-491-2901 1550 Lake Pointe Parkway, Suite 500, Sugar Land, TX 77478

Looking for authentic Mexican food?

Sarah Warburton hat makes Lupita’s “Off the Chain?” When you walk through the door, you’re greeted like a member of the a member of the family! Lupe and Jaime Garcia, married for thirty-four years, believe in good times, fresh, fabulous food, and fair prices. On November 3rd Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant is celebrating nine years...and at Lupita’s, the fiesta never stops! Sit down to a basket of hot, crispy chips, fresh red salsa, and Lupe’s incredible charro beans described by patrons as “smoky, with a hint of bacon, soft and heavenly.” Then enjoy Lupe’s outstanding homemade flour tortillas with her “secret ingredient” fajitas or try a new dish like the stuffed avocado or a seafood special. Jaime says, “We’ve always said that Lupe won’t share


her secret recipes with anyone, but I’ve seen her teaching our granddaughter to make tortillas ‘Mama’s way.’ I can tell you that every dish from Mama’s Specialties to Papa’s Enchiladas is made by us with high-quality, fresh ingredients!” Celebrate the season with something extraspecial from Lupita’s. Throw a fiesta for your office or your corporate clients, invite friends over for a backyard get-together, or host a fabuloso neighborhood party. Now’s the time to order Lupe’s tantalizing tamales…and don’t count on leftovers (unless you hide some for yourself)! Jaime says, “We have families who call every year for tamales or Tres Leches cake to-go for the holidays. You send the invitations, we’ll handle the fajitas…for fiestas of any size! Meet your amigos y familia for an authentic Mexican meal or a celebratory happy hour in the relaxed family atmosphere at Lupita’s! Mama Lupe says, “Jaime, our kids, and I are here every day, taking care of our customers. We put love into everything we do!” Jaime, Rigo, Leo, and Mercedes and two-month-old Dominique (the future owner of Lupitas’s) say, “Muchas Gracias for giving us the opportunity to share our food and service with you. We humbly thank you for nine wonderful years of loyalty and support… from our familia to yours!”

Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant 281-265-6556 Southeast corner of Hwy 6 & Williams Trace

Let’s Do Lunch!

Sarah Warburton


ith over twenty years as a “Sushi Man,” Keeper Lin of Keeper’s Japanese Restaurant and Bar knows how to create incredible, craveable sushi. He says, “I chose every detail to give our customers the best experience––the Tamaki Gold rice (the highest grade Japanese rice), the fresh seafood I personally inspect and buy, and our expert service. Our menu holds delicious choices for every taste and budget.” Word is getting around about Keeper’s amazing happy hour featuring special pricing and the innovation creations of mixologist Tia...but we love the new Express Lunch at Keeper’s. Open the door and the smiling hostess, the sushi chefs, and the servers will greet you with the Japanese welcome, “Irashaimase!” Not sure what to order? Get a recommendation from your friendly server...whether you prefer sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, tempura, noodles or a selection in the Bento Box lunch sampler. Each of my friends has their own favorite roll. Tina loves the Cowboy: tuna or salmon and avocado inside with blackened beef, four colors of tobiko (flying fish roe in ruby, black, wasabi, and golden yuzu) and

16 ~ upclose ~ November 2012

cowboy sauce on top! For something a little sweeter, try Felicia’s favorite, the Phoenix with fried white fish and eel sauce. On the rare occasions when I don’t try the special of the day, I love the Nemo: spicy tuna or salmon with avocado inside, fresh salmon, Nemo sauce, and green onion on the outside...almost too pretty to eat! Tiffany Laerum says, “I already loved coming to Keeper’s for lunch with friends, so I chose it for a recent New Territory Women’s Association Ladies Night Out. Everything from the chicken salad with fresh fruit to the rolls to the Chirashi (assorted sashimi quality fish arranged over rice) received rave reviews...and the service was wonderful!” If you can’t eat in the restaurant, bring a Keeper’s lunch to you. Call ahead for a to-go order for one or more. Share the joy with delicious Bento boxes, the perfect fit for conferences, meetings, or holiday parties. These innovative five-space Bento boxes or four-space boxes with a separate salad are fresh and fun...and great for large groups! Remember, you don’t have to wait for Happy Hour to have a happy meal at Keeper’s!

Keeper’s Japanese Restaurant & Bar 281-242-0389 4654 Highway 6 South Sugar Land, TX 77578

An Italian Gem in Sienna Plantation Sarah Warburton perspective makes them even better. We’ve been open less than a year, but we already have regulars who love our Fettucini Alfredo with Chicken or Shrimp and my ‘Victor’s Homemade Lasagna’ with seasoned beef, a three cheese blend, and a rich tomato sauce.” Kick off your evening with Prosciutto wrapped with cheese topped with balsamic vinaigrette and grilled cherry tomatoes or Tomato Bruschetta. Then enjoy fresh, comforting Italian dishes with a personal flair. Seafood Risotto is on my personal “musttry” list, but I’ve heard great things about the Chicken Marsala. Will you finish with the decadent Tiramisu or try one of the new house specials? It’ll take more than one visit to choose your personal favorites...they’re all so delicious!


re you living la dolce vita (the sweet life)? If you need a reminder that life can be bene, bene, molto bene (good, good, very good), you need a night out at Molto Bene, an intimate Italian gem nestled in the heart of Fort Bend. Owner Victor Bentz, grew up here, graduated from Elkins High School, and has been in the restaurant industry since he was 18. He started as a server, worked his way to manager, and in his thirties went to culinary school. He says, “For the last twenty years I always dreamed of having my own place...and when the opportunity presented itself to open Molto Bene, I ran with it!” Catch up with a dear friend or enjoy a romantic evening at Molto Bene. Victor says, “My Executive Chef Cassandra Lynn Rangel is the brains behind the menu and she puts a lot of thought and love into everything she creates. Many of the recipes are mine, but her

If you know you love Molto Bene’s elegant, charming dining room and fresh flavorful food, consider choosing Molto Bene to host your private party or handle your catering. Victor says, “Our dining room seats 45 people, so it’s a great setting if you’d like to reserve it for an intimate gathering. For more information on catering and events contact us anytime at” “I remember when my parents moved out here,” Victor adds. “Back then you had to drive all the way up Highway 6 to 59 to find a place to eat. Now I’ve finally created the kind of personal, inviting restaurant I’ve always wanted. Visit our website for information about wine dinners and special events. We’re adding in happy hours and wine events...but even as we look to the future, we’ll never abandon our commitment to great food in a warm and intimate environment!”

Molto Bene Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar 281-778-1474 8817 Hwy 6 Suite 200 Missouri City, TX 77459

upclose ~ November 2012 ~ 17

for the Restaurant Formerly known as Aura


id you know we have a world-renowned chef right here in our own back yard? Frédéric Perrier, a native of Lyon, France, worked at Michelin two and threestar restaurants all over France, then moved to New York City. As Executive Chef of La Cité in Manhattan, he was praised in virtually every reputable `foodie’ magazine, newspapers and named `Rising Star in American Cuisine’ by the James Beard Foundation~ at only 27 years old! He has served as the Private Chef for the French Ambassador to the United Nations and was requested by celebrities and heads of state. By 1993 he met the woman who brought him to Texas, his nowwife, Michelle...and thank goodness she did! Chef’s restaurant, AURA, has received almost unachievable recognition being rated 29 of 30 for both food & service from the prestigious Zagat Guide, making Alison Cook’s 2007 Top Ten New Restaurants list weeks after opening, and being selected among the Top 100 Restaurants in Houston and surrounds. His sauces alone would be worth a flight out of the country! Now we are going to have two locations to enjoy his innovative, delicious food... the original location in Missouri City (changing its name to Coco PazzoRistorante Italiano) and AURA relocating to City Walk in Sugar Land Town Square where it will take on a new look and name, AURA Brasserie. Before the holidays, you can expect to see Aura Brasserie open in the heart of Sugar Land. Imagine all the good things about fine dining... without the stuffiness, or price tag! Michelle says, “We’ve got surprises planned in the decor and the menu. Frédéric traveled all over France so he can put his own twist on the traditional Brasserie style. We believe in putting a true bit of ‘us’ in everything we do (Chef can’t stop himself!). AURA really is fine dining... no special occasion required!” Are you ready to get “Crazy in Love” with the Restaurant Formerly known as AURA? Michelle Perrier says, “When Frédéric and I met in New York he was so ‘French’ and had such a reputation that I thought he was a headache waiting to happen. Captivating, Handsome & Brilliant, but CRAZY! He literally asked me out daily, for over a month...just over and over and over. Finally I said ‘yes’ to dinner. We met for a drink beforehand at a trendy little Italian place called Coco Pazzo...and the rest is history! When we saw the NYC restaurant had closed, we were thrilled to bring the name to Texas (complete with slight misspelling of the Italian) Coco Pazzo by Aura...both for the memory and the meaning, “Crazy Chef.” “When you think how close the parts of France and Italy that border the Mediterranean really are, it makes sense to do a restaurant that has a bit of both. Frédéric has always loved to cook a variety of cuisines. We’ve already put some Italian on the menu at AURA and our daily specials are becoming more Mediterranean and we’ll keep some of the Aura favorites. One day you’ll walk into AURA, the next day you’ll walk into Coco Pazzo. With a seamless transition, the menu will look different, but the atmosphere, the service, and the quality of the food will remain the same!”

Aura Restaurant (soon to be Coco Pazzo) 3340 FM 1092 Rd, Ste. 160 Missouri City, TX 77459-2215 281-403-2872 ic

Frédér Crazy Chef wife d an r ie Perr Michelle

AURA Brasserie 15977 City Walk Sugar Land, TX 77479 281-403-2872


Go Green

s by Larry Fagala by Maggie Beil ~ photo



etween our busy schedules and our undeniable sweet tooth, sometimes eating right is hard to do or to want to do. Amazingly, we found a restaurant that will completely change the way you think of healthy. Ruggles Green is Sugar Land Town Center’s newest eatery and the chefs here have a way of making “healthy” taste straight-up delicious! “The Ruggles Green experience is more than just the food you eat,” says General Manager John James, “It’s the quality of it... it’s the organic vegetables, the whole wheat pasta, and the corn tortillas made

in Houston. We’re a certified ‘Green’ restaurant with a passion for deliciously healthy food.” The chefs at Ruggles Green use local produce and organic ingredients and each dish is always made to order. Our meat is hormones, no antibiotics, and no steroids. In addition

to organic, locally-sourced ingredients, Ruggles Green also offers the most extensive Gluten-Free menu in Texas. About 80% of the menu is Gluten-Free and nearly everything on the menu can be made GlutenFree upon request. You can see the difference at Ruggles Green even before you taste it. From the beautiful planter boxes, the onsite herb gardens, and the enormous enclosed patio that allows you to enjoy our (finally!) cooler temperatures to the tree actually inside the cozy restaurant (ask us about that adventure), this open, inviting atmosphere invites you to relax over a delicious that you can actually feel good about eating! Crowd favorites include the Spicy Shrimp Tacos with fried or grilled tilapia and a side of mouthwatering house-made habanero hot sauce. Take a walk on the light side with a Fresh Goat Cheese Salad made with organic greens and topped with a creamy sundried tomato vinaigrette dressing. Satisfy your sweet tooth with Pink Velvet Cake (you read that correctly!) or a hi-protein Chocolate Hemp Brownie. In this new era of going green, no restaurant can top Ruggles Green. They recycle everything and compost with help from Animal Farm, they use 100% LED lighting and their electricity is all wind powered, there are intended solar panels on the roof, and their servers wear organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo shirts. The Citycentre location is the greenest restaurant in Texas and the sixth greenest in the United States, and by the end of this year the Sugar Land location will be the greenest restaurant in the world! University of Houston alum and founder/co-owner of Ruggles Green (whose business card literally says “The Green Guy”) Federico Marques says,“One of the many reasons we chose Sugar Land Town Square for our newest location was the support we’ve seen in the community for going green while providing healthier options for families.”

Visit Ruggles Green for a tasty and organic meal. If you don’t look might just leave feeling satisfied AND healthy!

Ruggles Green 15903 City Walk Sugar Land, TX 77479 281-565-1175


Texas-Style for Three Generations

Amy Sharp ailing from a family of several successful Texas-style barbeque restaurants since the 50’s, Michael and Shiree’s grandfather, James Kiddy, opened The Hickory Barn in 1979. After he passed on, he left the business to their dad, Joel Kiddy who through the late 80’s and 90’s ran the daily operations. Today Michael and his sister Shiree are still there, preparing and serving great food just like grandfather and father did when it first opened. You won’t have to wait... but this isn’t fast food! Shiree and Michael say, “We smoke our briskets 12 to 14 hours using hickory wood. The rest of the meats are put on the pit at 6am, so come lunch, we have fresh, smoked-onsite barbeque ready to go for you. Our team is just like family and have been preparing our made-from-scratch sides for 20 plus years. You can find them every morning cutting the cabbage for the coleslaw or chopping the potatoes for potato salad.” The menu features all the smoked meats Texans know and love. Brisket…Ribs…


Chicken…Pork…Sausage…Turkey. Enjoy a plate with a choice of homemade sides, put it in a sandwich or baked potato, or take it home by the pound…you can have your barbeque the way you like it! Over the years the menu has expanded to include more homemade selections besides the famous barbeque. Michael says, “We have a little bit of everything that’s good. Chef salad,chili,vegetable soup, catfish… all made-from-scratch of course!” Having a party or event? Hickory Barn can cater! Shiree says, “No party is too big! Want something different this year for the Thanksgiving turkey? Bring it to us at Hickory Barn! Many people don’t know that we will smoke your meat for you! We do this year round and only need 24 hours notice…unless it’s Thanksgiving. Bring a turkey by Monday that you want to be smoked, because we’ll be smoking more than 100 turkeys that week! First come first serve.” When you stop in, be sure to tell Michael and Shiree “Hi!” They frequently work the food line at the restaurant, ensuring their cus-

For the Post-Stuffing Stuffing

tomers receive the same friendly, down-home service their grandfather and father dished out. Whether you’re a native Texan or you got here as fast as you could, Hickory Barn is your closeto-home cream-of-the-crop location for enjoying authentic Texas barbeque! Hickory Barn Barbeque 11534 S. Wilcrest at W. Belfort (Foodarama Center) Houston, TX 77099 281-530-9382

$5.00 OFF


we will smoke your meat for you

FREEBundtlet when you purchase 3 Bundtlets

Limit one coupon per customer. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Redeemable only at the bakery listed. Must be claimed in-store during normal business hours. No cash value. Expires 11/24/12.

$5 OFF

when you purchase a 10” decorated cake Limit one coupon per customer. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Redeemable only at the bakery listed. Must be claimed in-store during normal business hours. No cash value. Expires 11/24/12.

Online Ordering Available

1531 Highway 6, Suite 125 Sugar Land (281) 491-2253

20 ~ upclose ~ November 2012

Pick Up Special

What Does Local Mean?


epperoni’s New York Style Pizza is the perfect definition of local, by offering ten convenient locations to serve their loyal patrons of Fort Bend County. Ray Salti founded Pepperoni’s in 1990 with the concept of an old-style relaxed pizza parlor, friendly and family-oriented atmosphere. At the same time, he wanted to give families a healthier option by using all natural and high quality ingredients, including 100% unbleached, untreated wheat flour. Although specializing in pizza, Pepperoni’s offers a wide variety of unique subs, salads, pastas, calzones, wings and desserts. “As a parent who has raised three pizza loving boys, I understand the need for healthier food choices without sacrificing flavor,” said Ray. Every Pepperoni’s pizza uses natural mozzarella cheese, and premium tomatoes for his sauce. Whether you’re in the mood for Veggie or All the Meats, there is a variety of toppings to

choose from. Have any diet restrictions? I’m happy to report that Pepperoni’s accommodates gluten intolerant patrons by offering a gluten-free crust, as well as low-fat cheese and vegan cheese upon request. Pepperoni’s doesn’t just cook for their patrons, they also support the community by partnering with non-profit organizations and schools to help raise funds. Ray understands the importance of giving back to the community, as they’re the ones who have helped Pepperoni’s grow over the years. This internationally acclaimed and Fort Bend made pizza chain was named a 2007 World’s Best Pizza Finalist in the International Pizza Expo, and named Houston’s “Ultimate

Monday and Tuesday Large 1 Topping $9, Medium 1 Topping $6 Online Code: Pick-up

Restrictions: No Limit. No cash value. Not valid with any other specials or coupons. Tax & Gratuity not included. Valid Monday & Tuesday only.

Pizza” by the Houston Chronicle. Order online at, download their app, drop by or call your neighborhood location for an old-fashioned pizza parlor experience, and treat your family to a tasty Fort Bend original!

Order online, call in, or drop by one of our local stores at your convenience. We are always glad to hear from you at Pepperoni’s. First Colony (281) 265-5555 • Sienna (281) 778-7888 Greatwood (281) 545-3333 • Brazos Town Center (832) 595-0550 Pecan Grove (281) 239-6565 • Fulshear (281) 533-0000 • Cinco Ranch (281) 394-5565 New Territory (281) 277-5555 • Riverstone (281) 261-6665 • Woodbridge (281) 498-6677

upclose ~ November 2012 ~ 21

A Beautiful Welcome Home

Amy Sharp


is the season of giving thanks and celebrating with family. From the kid that has been away at college a mere two months to the aunt you haven’t seen in a

years, you are excited to hang a bountiful harvest wreath on the door and welcome those you love into your home for a fabulous Thanksgiving feast. But when you go to hang the wreath, you realize the toll the Texas summer has taken on the door. Instead of the rich-in-color, beautiful door you were expecting, you find a cracked, faded, weather-beaten piece of wood! It’s time to call Rick’s Front Door Refinishing! Serving the greater Houston area, Rick’s Front Door Refinishing can have your door ready for the holiday in less than four hours! And the process is simple and on-site! Rick says, “On the day of your appointment, one of my super-friendly and superbly-trained crews will arrive at your home promptly at the designated time. We remove your door from its hinges and take it out to the street, because you don’t want dust, noise and fumes in a home that you are trying to prepare for the holidays. Inside our “mobile refinishing workshop”, your door is professionally stripped, washed, repaired and sanded. Then your color choice of premium stain is applied and FOUR coats of Helmsman UV protecting spar urethane…that’s awesome stuff to protect your door! Once the door and hardware is reinstalled, you’ll hang your harvest wreath, and VOILA!...ready to welcome everyone home for the holidays!” Rick’s Front Door Refinishing maintains an “A” rating with the BBB…and the beautiful work speaks for itself. Check

out Rick’s web page or Facebook page for countless before-and-after pictures of masterfully redone doors…and testimonials about both the work and level of service from satisfied customers. One customer says, “They are true craftsmen, not to mention gentlemen!” Call Mrs. Terry today and she will set you up with a morning or afternoon time-slot. Rick says, “We will get your door done on the day of your appointment, rain or shine… and we’ll leave you with a beautiful entrance into all of your holiday feasts and get-togethers!” Rick’s Front Door Refinishing 713-427-2487

METHODIST ONCOLOGY PARTNERS CANCER CARE EXCELLENCE Methodist Sugar Land Hospital is pleased to welcome Dr. Jorge Darcourt to Methodist Oncology Partners. Dr. Darcourt has extensive experience in treating cancer and blood disorders. He delivers individualized, compassionate care through an integrated, team-based approach that ensures each patient’s unique needs are met. At Methodist Oncology Partners, Dr. Darcourt is now supported by the leading technology and highly skilled medical professionals of The Methodist Hospital System. And as an active member of The Methodist Research Institute, Dr. Darcourt can offer patients access to a wide range of clinical trials and the latest therapies to fight cancer. This is the Methodist level of cancer care—from diagnosis to survival, where technology and compassion—are leading to a cure.

Call 281-276-5200 today to schedule an appointment. •

Jorge Darcourt, M.D. is board certified in hematology and oncology.

Located on the Methodist Sugar Land Hospital campus in Medical Office Building Two, Suite 151.

Medical Office Building Two • 16659 Southwest Freeway, Suite 151 Sugar Land, Texas 77479 • 281-276-5200 •

22 ~ upclose ~ November 2012

You might have to age gracefully but your kitchen doesn’t ! Sarah Warburton


f a dining room needs a face lift or some cabinets need a makeover, local designers and DIY enthusiasts alike know Heritage Paint has h as the answers. Bruce Hendricks, owner of Heritage Paint, says, “We’ve got simple solutions and speciality finishes with the kind of advice and expert service you won’t find anywhere else! I’ve asked our manager, Eddie Stone, to tell you about two of the most popular finishes for the extreme make over.” Want to add a little drama to your countertops? Eddie says, “We love the Giani Granite kit. Over and over customers tell me they can’t believe how great it looks and how easy it is. Essentially it creates the look of granite in a choice of five colors: Sicilian Sand, Bombay Black, Chocolate Brown, Roma Red, and Emerald Green. Change your formica countertops into “granite” or paint the top of an old table to give it a dressy, contemporary look.” You don’t have to be Martha Steward to impress your guests. Painting a room or touching up a few details like your counters or cabinets is an easy,

He’s Got You Covered! “I

inexpensive way to make an impact! Eddie says, “For the last ten years I’ve recommended our Old Master Gel stains for an easy home improvement project. Enhance your oak kitchen cabinets with a walnut gel stain for a rich modern feel. You can revitalize an old table or chair or highlight accents like the mantel over your fireplace. Some customers have even used them to help their crown moldings stand out from the ceiling.” Since these gels dry in just three to four hours, they’re a quick and easy way to boost the look of a room...and your confidence. “We offer the highest quality products and the highest quality customer service to match,” says Bruce. “You don’t need a lot of time and experience if you have the right advice and the right products. Our popular line of Benjamin Moore paint, Aura, comes in 3300 colors and covers existing colors in only two it’s easy to use. Look for Eddie and Heritage Paint on Channel 13 this month for tips on how to remake your home for the holidays!” Heritage Paint and Decorating 281-499-2000 4709 Hwy 6 S (at Dulles)

Sarah Warburton

’ve been in the roofing business for years,” says Joe Rangel of Allegiance Roofing (a division of Joe Rangel Contracting). “I realized early on that when other related jobs came up, my customers always asked me for advice first and preferred to work with one person coordinating everything. Through Allegiance Roofing, we do everything...assessing your roof, working with your insurance, repairing, converting, or replacing. In addition, we’re able to handle home contractor services like Hardie Siding, house Painting, and windows and doors. We’re licensed, bonded, have an A+ rating with the BBB and are known for our community service.” If storms, water, wind, or age have taken a toll, it’s good to know that Allegiance is Houston’s Roofing and Siding experts! Just ask Michael Berry from KTRH 740AM who endorses them! After all, your roof

If storms, water, wind, or age have taken a toll, it’s good to know that Allegiance is Houston’s Roofing and Siding experts! After all, your roof is only as strong as its weakest point, and it’s one of the biggest investments you can make in your home.

is only as strong as its weakest point, and it’s one of the biggest investments you can make in your home. The entire Allegiance team––management, sales representatives and installers––have passed the Certainteed Quality Master Exam and the Master Shingle Applicator Exam, and have gained the elite certification of “Shingle Master Company.” Only 1% of roofing contractors within the United States are authorized by Certainteed to offer 3 STAR, 4 STAR, and 5 STAR extended warranties. Joe says, “We believe in putting your peace of mind first. That’s why we handle dealing with insurance companies, offer the very best products, and stand one hundred percent behind the work that we do.” Nobody knows our local roofs like Joe and the experts at Allegiance. Joe and his family live right here

and he’s been recognized by the Latino American Who’s Who for his achievements and by the Central Fort Bend Chamber Alliance Hispanic Business Division for his role and sponsorship in their Cinco de Mayo Fundraiser for Fort Bend Seniors Meals on Wheels. Check Allegiance’s Blog for information on “Construction 101,” and “Does Your Roof Show Age,” and visit their Facebook page for more information, events, and special offers. Allegiance Roofing is offering a special offer on your Christmas Lights Service this year. Joe says, “Call us to do the install and take-down and we’ll give you a free roof evaluation...including a written report detailing its current condition!” Allegiance Roofing 281-232-9100 P.O. Box 2010 Richmond, Texas 77406

upclose ~ November 2012 ~ 23

About an Amazing Talk Place! Sarah Warburton


hen an eight-year-old was bullied because of the way he talked, his mother said, “What if he had something to say and we never got to hear it because he was too embarrassed to speak?” Dana and Jason Johnson, founders of Speech Therapy Unlimited, have worked in schools, hospitals, and assisted living communities...but they couldn’t shake the feeling they could do more to help their patients. Jason says, “Dana and I are both passionate about speech therapy. We really believed we could achieve great results in less time if we could design our own programs to fit each individual client.” In addition to placing speech therapists in daycares, schools, rehab centers, and senior centers, Speech Therapy Unlimited offers individual, patient-centered speech therapy for clients from a three-month-old to ninety-nine years old. Dana says, “Nikki in our office can answer all of your questions and set you up with a thirty minute screening within a day or two of your request. Then, we choose your therapist based on skill set, gender, and personality. We have twenty-five hand-picked therapists with specialties in pediatrics, adults, and accent modification. We know how strong the bond between therapist and client

becomes. In fact, we provided speech therapy for a foster child and when the foster mom got to adopt, we were the first ones she called!” In conversation, things should flow naturally. And, at Speech Therapy Unlimited, kids might practice speech therapy while playing on an iPad or talking about a favorite game. Adults might discuss a television program, follow a recipe, or talk about their day. In groups clients can practice with others, gaining fluency and building friendships. Jason says, “We don’t want people to feel that speech therapy is ‘happening to them.’ We want each client and their family to take an active role, participating in their therapy.” “We called our office Speech Therapy Unlimited,” says Dana, “because we wanted parents to visualize what they want for their kids in the future. We want to get kids ready to communicate in high school, in college, and in the greater world. When our daughter couldn’t express herself, she would scream in frustration. Now that’s she’s able to greet parents coming into her preschool class and call her friends clearly by name, we can see the confidence and joy on her face.” Have you seen Jason driving around Fort Bend in his white truck with the green “Speech Therapy Unlimited” information on it? He says, “Dana and I believe speech therapy works best as part of everyday life...while you’re watching cartoons, reading a bedtime story, or cooking dinner. We believe that with schools, parents, kids, and therapists working together... your potential truly is unlimited!” Speech Therapy Unlimited, PLLC most major insurance accepted No Headaches, No Unreasonable Terms, Just Great Speech Therapists! 281-746-3053 12808 West Airport Blvd. Ste 332 Sugar Land, TX 77498


Looking Out For Dad I

t’s the perfect Thanksgiving. Everyone is home and your heart swells with gratitude…you’re so blessed to be surrounded by family. But this year something is different. Dad, who for years brimmed with pride and thankfulness at the head of the table, now seems to just go through the motions. Once the ring leader of the fiercely competitive game of tag football, now he finds an excuse to sit it out in the recliner. Excessively fatigued…weaker…depressed…irritable…these are all common signs of a drop in testosterone. Lance Campbell, Pharm.D, R.Ph at Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy in Sugar Land says, “Many times people don’t even think about a drop in testosterone, because the symptoms are so commonplace to what we consider ‘getting older.’ The onset creeps up on you so slowly, that you literally get used to feeling lousy and functioning poorly. Before you know it, it’s affecting both your relationships and your career. When men’s bodies produce insufficient levels of testosterone, the condition is call hypogonadism. The condition is extremely under-diagnosed!” Testosterone affects EVERTHING in the male body. It affects the brain, libido, muscles, mental health, blood...the list goes on and on. At least physically, testosterone is what makes a man a man. But if it’s diminishing, how do you get it back? Dr. Campbell says, “Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can help you get your life back! Bioidentical hormones are manufactured in the lab to have

the same molecular structure as the hormones made by your own body. We prepare a customized formulation just for you at Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy and follow up with you to make sure you are getting the relief you need with the lowest possible dosage.” Maybe it’s time to help the man that has provided so much for your family. Dr. Campbell encourages Dad to call and ask questions to see if he’s a candidate for this therapy. Dr. Campbell can help him find a physician to diagnose and manage his hormonal therapy. For further questions, you can schedule a one-on-one or group session with Dr. Campbell allow for more questions if needed. Because you love Dad, you know he deserves to relish in his beautiful family this Thanksgiving…and not just go through the motions!

Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy 281-980-2555 “If our staff can’t make it…then you probably don’t need it!” 4760 Sweetwater Blvd. Suite 103

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Slim Down for the Winter Becca Bragg


very single day, excess calories from your diet end up in your adipose tissue (that’s doctor speak for “body fat”). Unless you’re planning on hibernating for the winter, those extra pounds won’t do you any good. Instead of throwing caution to the winds and worrying about weight loss as part of your New Year’s Resolution...make this the year you actually slim down before the

holidays. Sound impossible? Not with the help of Dr. Jeffery Alford of Sugar Land Wellness and Weight Loss. He says, “The non-invasive i-Lipo laser shrinks fat cells immediately and turbo-charges your exercise. It’s a great way to get a jump start on making healthy choices and feeling confident!” Are you already worried about the holiday parties, Thanksgiving feasts, and cookies exchanges in your future? As featured on the“Ricki Lake Show,” “The Morning Blend,” “The Doctors,” “Dr. Oz,” in a feature titled “The Five-Day Body Makeover” in “Harper’s Bazaar” and even used by Brandi on “The Housewives of Beverly Hills,” the FDA-approved i-Lipo offers an affordable, safe, and painless way to smooth cellulite, contour your body and fight fat. How does it work? “Essentially,” says Dr. Alford, “i-Lipo triggers the release of fat from cells so that it can be processed by your lymphatic system. I recommend following each 30 minute i-Lipo session with 30 minutes to an hour of vigorous exercise to help your body metabolize the fat. You should see some results immediately after your treatment, and after eight sessions many patients lose one to two dress sizes.”

You don’t have to hide your “trouble zones” under long sweaters and lots of layers this winter. I-Lipo targets specific areas like the upper arms, abdomen, chin, or thighs...and there’s no pain, no needles, and no downtime! Start now and you’ll ring in the New Year feeling tight and toned. Want to make amazing progress? Patients who also diet and exercise see even more dramatic results. Dr. Alford says, “I offer several physician approved weight loss programs to fit most lifestyles and help patients achieve a healthy weight. We’ll make sure you have the information, the support, and the motivation you need to succeed!” Maybe a Mama bear wants to pack on pounds for the winter, but the rest of us would rather stay fierce and foxy all year long! Call Sugar Land Wellness and Weight-loss for the power of i-Lipo, supportive weight loss options, and help for hormonal imbalances. You can kick fat to the curb and celebrate a healthier, happier holiday season. Sugar Land Wellness and Weight-loss 832-494-7469 16651 SW Fwy #100

New Home Got You Down? Amy Sharp


ne year after purchasing my new home,” Milete says, “I still didn’t know how to start making it my own. I hated the color scheme and wanted everything redone, but I didn’t want to go through trial and error and make mistakes… because that wastes money, and I had a budget to stick to.” Milete remembered reading about

Dina Holleron of The Designer’s Niche in a local publication and she had a friend who’d used Dina with terrific results, so she made the call. Milete and Dina planned a complete overhaul of the kitchen, living room, study and sitting room. And they redid almost everything…ceilings, lighting, paint, curtains, trim and furniture. Milete says, “Dina was efficient, easy to work with and energetic. She was great at asking questions and giving me choices. She was very attuned to what I was looking for and making everything fit my taste and budget.” Dina took care of every detail. For the kitchen countertops and electrical work, she hired contractors she trusted. When Milete’s old console

table didn’t quite match the new décor, Dina stripped it down and refinished it herself. Milete says, “Dina is very petite but very strong. She moves furniture around that you would not think she could with her small size!” And there was fun involved as well. “Sometimes Dina would include me on her shopping trips to look for fabrics or furniture. We had a great time! Dina is just a bundle of joy!” Dina’s credentials speak for themselves. After graduating with honors from the Art Institute of Houston and earning her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design, Dina is ranked in Pearland Journal’s “Best of 2011” for Interior Design and is an award winner through A.S.I.D. (American Society of Interior Design). But nothing speaks louder than an enthusiastic and satisfied customer. Of her four new rooms, Milete says, “They are perfect. I love them! I plan to use Dina to help me redecorate the upstairs game room very soon!”

Dina Holleron, Owner B.F.A.Interior Design Allied Member A.S.I.D. Faux Finish Artisan 281-323-3630 281-692-1013 (f)

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treating and managing pain.

Ask the Doctor About Pain

featuring Dr. Mark Brown of Back Pain Interventions


What type of doctor are you?


What types of patients do you treat?

I typically treat adult patients ages seventeen and older. On occasion with a physician referral I may treat a younger patient.


If my back, shoulder, or neck hurts, what will you do for me?

There are as many different types of pain as there are types of patients, so we can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. When you come in, tell me about your pain and I’ll do an evaluation and an assessment. If you have a recent MRI, I’ll take that into consideration. If you need one, I’ll order it and will give you your results over the phone so you won’t have to make a special trip or pay an extra co-pay. I offer a wide range of pain solutions


I am a double boardcertified (in both anesthesiology and pain medicine) physician with over two decade experience specializing in the treatment of pain. In order to be board-certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine, I take separate exams for each subspecialty every few years. My experience in anesthesia gives me an extra understanding of your spine and nerve roots…and I’m trained in all available avenues of

including medical management, physical therapy, aquatherapy, core strengthening, and injectible nerveblockers and steroids.


I heard about a meningitis scare on the news. Should I be worried?

The contaminated medications in these cases originated from an unregulated private pharmacy in Massachusetts. We only deal with large pharmaceutical companies that are regulated by strict FDA guidelines. We have had no dealings with the pharmacy that provided contaminated products and none of our patients were affected. If you have any questions about which clinics or medical providers may have received these products, visit outbreaks/meningitis-facilitiesmap.html.


How can I be sure your facility is safe?

We wanted to be sure that we had access to a surgical center that was convenient for our patients and met our high standards. That’s why we made sure it earned the voluntary AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care), the highest accreditation possible! My wife Cathy’s an RN and neither of us would settle for anything less. She says, “Knowing that we meet the absolute highest safety standards for our procedures gives us peace of mind…and helps us address your pain effectively and with compassion!” Do you have more questions? At Back Pain Interventions, you’ll spend the time you need with Dr. Brown and get a personalized pain solutions that really works!

Mark Brown, MD ~ Back Pain Interventions Associated, PA 281-494-6900 6350 Hwy 90A Suite 700

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Alan’s Plumbing

ALAN’S PLUMBING TEAM with Morrison Supply Company have the tools to get the job done!

Are You Ready for Company? G

Sarah Warburton

etting ready for company means more than stocking the fridge and vacuuming the floors. If you’re going to have a full house for the holidays, your plumbing needs to be up to the job. Over the last fourteen years in Fort Bend, Master Plumber Alan Burkhalther and the team at Alan’s Plumbing have been fixing plumbing problems for the families of Fort Bend. Huge holiday meals, extra helpers in the kitchen, and heavier use in your bathrooms and showers mean that the holidays can be hard on your plumbing. Remember, your garbage disposal isn’t a “magic hole” that makes trash disappear. Most disposals really can’t grind things like potato peels, turkey or chicken skin or bones, celery, onion skins, or pumpkin pulp. And don’t

stuff your garbage disposal full before you turn it on. If your kids are home from college or your cousins are visiting for a week, wait ten minutes between showers to give your hot water heater a chance to catch up. And if you really don’t want to scald Grandma or freeze Uncle Jim, consider running the dishwasher and washing machine at night…that’ll keep your water temperature and pressure nice and even during peak shower times. Your Thanksgiving table is a “no-phone zone” and so is each and every one of the Alan’s Plumbing trucks. When you call a local, family-owned company, you get personal, polite service and one-hundred percent of your plumber’s attention so your job will get done right. You won’t have to struggle though a lot of fine print

or try to figure out the difference between the fancy promises and the bottom line. Are you thankful for your plumbing company? At Alan’s Plumbing, you’ll get genuine warmth and Texas courtesy... and good work delivered at a fair price. If dripping faucets, running toilets, clogged drains, a worn-out water heater, outdated bathroom fixtures, or a plumbing emergency try to spoil your holidays, you’ll be thankful to have the number for Alan and his team! Alan, his brothers Chris and Brian, his wife Jennifer, their sons––Beau, Luke, and Jake, and fellow team member Zach wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving! Alan’s Plumbing • 281-261-1064

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STAAR Light, STAAR Bright Sarah Warburton


ne simple nursery rhyme is striking fear into the hearts of teachers, students, and parents all over Texas. The STAAR test is coming! “Standardized tests and report cards can be a wake-up call,” says Learning Specialist, Betsy de Vega. “The next step is identifying and addressing the underlying problems that keep students from shining at school. It breaks my heart to see bright students who feel defeated or discouraged because they don’t thrive in a traditional educational setting. At the KnILE Center we offer additional after-school support through EduCoachNow...and an alternative to the onesize-fits-all approach in the boutique learning environment of our KnILE Prep Academy.” Have you seen the panic in your child’s eyes on test day? Anxiety, crowded classrooms and hallways and social pressure suck the fun out of school and keep kids from doing their best work. KnILE Prep Academy offers a smaller, more supportive setting and an elite curriculum that allows kids to focus on learning...without all the stress. Whether you’ve got a bright kid who’s bored in school or a non-traditional learner, KnILE Prep Academy will set them up for success! “No child should feel like they can’t succeed or are just ‘no good’ at school,” says Betsy.

“At EduCoachNow we offer one-on-one, pay-as-you-go after school educational training sessions to help children strengthen and reinforce the skills they’ll need for a lifetime of learning. Getting the right support can make the difference between a child who’s afraid to show you a report card and a confident, eager student!” Help your scholar shine on the STAAR test with the high school STAAR Workshop at the KnILE Center the week of November 26-30 from 5pm6pm for ninth-graders and from 6pm-7pm for tenth-graders. Betsy says, “There are only twelve spots available in each workshop, so a RSVP is required. You may contact me at for more information or visit our website Sign up by November 15th to receive $25 off the cost of $225 for the five-day workshop.” SAVE THE DATE … STAAR workshops for 3rd – 8th grades coming in the Spring. Betsy de Vega • 281-682-4573 KnILE Center, LLC 245 Gonyo Lane Richmond, TX 77479

Beauty Should be an Everyday Indulgence Maggie Beil


on’t we all love to relax and get pampered? Getting your nails done can be one of the more relaxing parts of your week. At Spectrum Nail Salon, you can get exceptional customer service in a luxurious atmosphere...without blowing your budget! After being pampered here you will walk out feeling like a princess at a price even a pauper could afford! Chi, the owner of the salon, has a knack for making things beautiful... and I’m not just talking about your nails! The interior of Spectrum is simply spectacular from its lush drapes and classic artwork to its luminous lighting and marvelous chandeliers...this salon is fit for royalty. Chi says, “When I designed our new location, I knew I wanted to create a space with the opulence and decadence to make you feel like a Queen, but we’ve kept our prices low. I

30 ~ upclose ~ November 2012

believe beauty should be an everyday indulgence.” Enjoy complimentary wine, soda, and juices as you relax. Choose from one of the many servicesfrom manicures and pedicures to facials,waxing and threading. Just let your troubles drift away as your feet soak, while one of Spectrum’s many veteran employees make you feel beautiful. With over 16 of the best nail technicians, you have almost zero wait time! Spectrum has over 300 Shellac nail polish colors and the largest selection of powdered color in Sugar Land. Chi says, “All my nail technicians keep up with all the latest trends and we have a staff member whose full-time job is cleaning and sanitizing every single inch of our salon.” Spectrum Nail Salon and Spa now offers Eyelash Extension a full set for 100.00 and refills are just 35.00. Remember to pick up a Gift Certificate for someone you love to get the Spectrum royal treatment!

Spectrum Nail Salon 281-499-5458 5011 Hwy 6 South Suite 105 Missouri City, TX 77459


They Blew Me Away! and got quotes from them on a new system...but we weren’t impressed. Then I contacted my friend and asked him for Bryan’s number. Bryan called me right back. He and John came over and the first thing they did was unload a portable air conditioner for us to borrow. That just blew me away! Since it was off-season (even though it was still hot!) no place had a portable unit for sale. Even though we hadn’t even decided whether to go with All Out or not, they cared about our comfort. Bryan’s just good people!” “All Out A/C had all the answers we needed and were very competitive with their quote. They did an excellent job and installed everything in an afternoon. Jodi was home when they came to do the work and she says they were really pleasant, explained everything they were doing, and left the house clean. They came back the next day for a follow-up, just to confirm everything was functioning properly. Now that we’ve got a two-stage system with a better SEER for higher efficiency, it’s so quiet you don’t even hear it come on and it’s much cooler with less effort.” “I was extremely happy with the entire experience. In fact, I plan to start using them at my office and have recommended them to others. All Out A/C is just phenomenal!”

Sarah Warburton


knew Bryan Bellamy from All Out A/C through a friend,” says local dad John Yurcak, “but my family had been using the same air conditioning company for over seven years. When our air conditioner went out, we just called up our regular guys. They checked it out...and our system was toast! Since the house (and the air conditioner) was fifteen years old, the entire system would have to be replaced. They quoted me a price of twelve grand. Holy smokes, that was higher than I expected!” “My wife Jodi and I decided we should get three or four competing bids. We drove out to a couple of big home improvement stores, looking for a portable air conditioner


626 Highway 90A, Richmond, TX 77406

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My Message to Other Women


Dr. Clive Shkedy Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Pierre Chevray Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Deanna McDonald OB/GYN

Joan Yanker Breast Cancer Survivor

Dr. Sandra Templeton Breast Surgeon

Dr. Jorge Darcourt Oncologist

Dr. Stephen Phillips Breast Radiologist

I am so thankful that somethIng kept tellIng me to schedule my well-woman exam ImmedIately. On a busy summer day while out running errands, I found myself near

my OB/GYN's office. A little voice in my head told me to go in and make an appointment now, and I am so glad I did. During my annual well-woman exam, my physician found a lump in my breast and scheduled my mammogram immediately. I was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. Within days, I had an entire team of specialists working together to provide state-of-the-art diagnostic services, surgery, radiation treatment and chemotherapy—all close to home. Thanks to my breast cancer care team, and the compassionate care I received at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, today I am cancer-free!

Don’t put it off…call today and schedule your annual exam and mammogram. — Joan Yanker, Breast Cancer Survivor This is the Methodist level of cancer care—from diagnosis to survival, where leading technology and compassion—are leading to a cure. To speak with Joan Yanker about her experiences—or for more information about the comprehensive breast cancer services offered only at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital—call 281-242-CURE (2873). To schedule your mammogram, please call 281-242-PINK (7465).

Breast Center

16655 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, TX 77479 281-242-PINK (7465)

UpClose Magazine  

A fun lifestyle magazine for Sugar Land, Texas and surrounding Fort Bend County.

UpClose Magazine  

A fun lifestyle magazine for Sugar Land, Texas and surrounding Fort Bend County.