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November 2013

Headache Solutions: More than Medication


for Aching Heads

Neurologists affiliated with Houston Methodist Sugar Land Headache Center: Larry Tran, M.D.; Irfan Lalani, M.D.; Eddie Patton Jr., M.D.; Amitabh Shukla, M.D.; M. Faisal Khan, M.D.

“It was like something had hit me in the head,”

said Meg Gilbert, describing headache pain that started one Friday afternoon and didn’t let up for eight days. The 24-yearold auditor said medication prescribed by her family doctor provided little help. “I couldn’t concentrate on anything but the headache. The pain was constant - all day and all night.” Five days into her headache misery, Meg met Neurologist Larry Tran, M.D., with Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s Headache Center, who gave her new hope for relief. When blood work and an MRI ruled out a tumor and other serious abnormalities, his thorough history and physical exam pointed to a migraine diagnosis.

Dr. Tran prescribed medication to stop the pain, as well as a proven migraine prevention medicine. Meg said taking one pill for prevention before bedtime each night has nearly eradicated the headaches. When she gets an occasional headache, the pain reliever Dr. Tran prescribed really does the job, she reported. “Dr. Tran was great,” Meg said. “He was really thorough and listened to everything I told him.” Coordinated Headache Care Building on the headache expertise of Dr. Tran and four other board-certified neurologists, Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital opened a Headache Center in September to offer

Contact the Headache Center

To schedule a physician evaluation at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s Headache Center, call 281-276-8999 or email Our nurse navigator will answer your questions and help you schedule an appointment with a neurologist who is board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.


Types & Triggers Board-certified Neurologist Larry Tran, M.D., said migraines are the predominant type of headaches treated at the Headache Center at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. However, he and his associates provide treatment for all types of headaches, including: Tension headaches: The dull, achy pain of a tension headache usually is accompanied by a sore neck and often can be treated with over-thecounter pain medications.

Neurologist Larry Tran, M.D. consults with a patient. headache sufferers timely appointments and coordinated care for a wide range of treatments. Nurse Navigator Maureen Lall, M.S.N., R.N., F.N.P., is the first point of contact for anyone who calls the Headache Center. “I ask people to describe their symptoms and response to prior treatment. Our center’s ability to get people in quickly to see a doctor is very reassuring,” she said, adding that the center is


113million are the reason for

Options for a personalized treatment plan may include one or more of the following: • Lifestyle and dietary counseling – Provided through Houston Methodist Wellness Services on the hospital campus, with services such as massage, acupuncture and stress management • Drug therapy – Used to eliminate and prevent headaches • Infusion therapy – Given intravenously in the infusion center when pills do not provide sufficient pain relief, often saving a visit to the Emergency Department • Botox injections – Given to a select group of patients with chronic daily migraines to lessen frequency of attacks

” One in four

lost work hours.

committed to booking an appointment within five business days. “Our physicians all have special interest and extensive experience in diagnosing and treating headaches,” she continued. “They look for causes and triggers and work on prevention strategies.” “If headaches are affecting a person’s lifestyle and function, we encourage them to call.”

Headache Solutions: More than Medication Explaining what people can expect from the Headache Center, Dr. Tran noted, “We use the most updated therapies, and it’s not just pills. Everything is patient-centered. We present options and give people the freedom to choose and be empowered.”

U.S. households

Chronic headaches: Occurring more than 14 days a month, these headaches can be moderate to severe and may be a sign of an underlying condition. Rebound headaches: Frequent use of pain medication for headaches sometimes causes the pain to return or rebound. Stopping the cycle of rebound headaches requires discontinuing the use of that particular medication. Cluster headaches: Affecting less than 1 percent of the population, cluster headaches cause sharp, severe pain, generally on one side of the head. They last about 45 to 90 minutes. Migraines: The throbbing, severe pain of a migraine can last from several hours to several days. Related symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound.

has a migraine sufferer.

Although much is still unknown about the cause of headaches, Dr. Tran noted several factors that can trigger them:

“We recognize that headaches can be debilitating and decrease the quality of life,” Dr. Tran said. “Through coordination of these services and collaboration of our neurologists, we want to bring relief to sufferers in a timely manner.”

• Strong smells, such as perfume • MSG (a flavor enhancer added to some foods) • Chocolate • Caffeine • Lack of sleep • Too much sleep • Change in altitude or weather

(That’s 36 million Americans.)

“The more information people can give us about their headaches, the better we can craft a successful treatment plan for them,” Dr. Tran concluded. UPCLOSE ~ November 2013 ~ 3


By Sarah Warburton


hanges are coming to Dr. Ulises Baltazar’s office, but the transition will flow so smoothly, his patients might not even notice! He’s still accepting all major insurance plans, still at the same location, still delivering the same personal care….but he’s now part of the Methodist family. Dr. Baltazar says, “I know my patients will benefit from our official association with Methodist Hospital, and won’t even notice we’re no longer associated with Texas Surgical Associates. I’ll still offer free assessments, because I want to see whether your veins are really unhealthy and determine the best treatment for you. If you suffer from venous insufficiency, your treatment should be covered by insurance. I’ll have the same

4 ~ UPCLOSE ~ November 2013

and veins and in placing needles, guide phone number, the same office, and the wires, using lasers, ultrasound and the same mission: to treat only varicose veins, latest technology and techniques. offering true expertise, personal care, and Dr. Baltazar says, “My only professional the best treatment in Sugar Land!” passion has always been your elegant Board-certified in Vascular Surgery circulatory system! It’s not about the with a reputation that is second to none, number of veins I treat, but about Dr. Baltazar has been treating diseases offering each and every patient the of the arteries and veins for more than correct treatment and personal care. a decade. More than an expert in the I promise my commitment to you will treatment of varicose veins, Dr. Baltazar never change!” is also truly an expert in patient care. He has been voted by hospital staff at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital Ulises Baltazar MD, RVT, FACS as “Most Supportive Physician” Sugar Land Vein Specialists and he’s also won the “Patient’s 281-240-8400 Choice” award at Methodist. As a 16605 Southwest Freeway Ste 505 Vascular Surgeon, he has extensive (in the Methodist Professional Building 3) experience in diagnosing and treating diseases of the arteries

Body News

Total Transformation! T

he holidays are coming, and you could give yourself the best present of all...the body of your dreams! When you’re ready to change your life, make sure you choose a surgeon known for his expertise and his artistry. Dr. Ahmadi of Avante Plastic Surgery is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties to provide all aspects of cosmetic surgery. He says, “We’ll do an evaluation, discuss your options, and get you all the information you need for a total transformation!” Think about how many hours you’ve spent wishing you looked different. Instead of wishing, why not take the first steps towards making your dreams



come true? One patient writes: “I chose Dr. Ahmadi because he was highly recommended, highly educated and put me at ease during my consultation. Throughout the entire experience, Dr. Ahmadi listened to me and explained the process, my expected outcome and addressed all of my concerns and questions kindly. I could not be more pleased with the whole experience. I have nothing but sincere appreciation for Dr. Ahmadi, his incredible surgical skills, bedside manner and attentive staff.” Dr. Ahmadi’s signature procedure, the Lipotuck™, delivers the combined benefits of both a tummy tuck and liposuction for a curvy, natural silhouette. A patient writes: “I want to thank you for giving me an “early” Christmas present. You have given me my life back. I was so burdened by the way I looked and felt. I had forgotten how much I loved the holidays! Now I have this insatiable zest for life. The physical and mental support after my

Lipotuck™ procedure was amazing. I am so glad that I came to see you. I hope for the best of holidays for you all. Merry Christmas to me!” When you love someone, you want them to live a long and healthy life. Lipotuck™ could be the perfect jumpstart to years of happiness together. The daughter of a patient writes: “My mother of fifty-five years went into Dr Ahmadi’s office for consultation and the Lipotuck™. Of course any surgery that reduces your weight by at least thirty pounds is a big deal! My mother interviewed five different surgeons, before finally deciding on Dr Ahmadi. He is one of the most knowledgeable surgeons in this field. My mother recovered quickly. Best of all, they have a program for everyone who has this procedure done to help them keep the weight off through healthy living. My mother cannot stop raving about Dr. Ahmadi and how much he has changed her life!!” Give yourself the gift of beauty and health with a boost from Avante Plastic Surgery. Dr. Ahmadi says, “I have truly come to admire those who have used Lipotuck™ as a stepping stool to healthier living. Renewed confidence and pride in your body changes your entire life. This is a second chance for you to get back on track...because a total transformation is possible!”

Avante Plastic Surgery ~ 281-265-2639 (BODY) 1112 Soldiers Field Dr., Sugar Land, TX 77479

Wrap your wrist this season with a little color from Lagos Ready to glow for the holiday

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n! TurnedOn!

Sarah Warburton


Can You Believe It? The Future is NOW!

ave you seen a toddler today with an Etch-a-Sketch (or even a desktop computer)? The first thing they do is put their hands on the screen and tap for some action. It’s hard for any of us to remember the iPad was introduced just three years ago. In just a few more years it may be hard to remember life before every home and business was fully automated...and accessible through your iPhone, iPad, or laptop. “We’re getting great feedback from families who love how easy and fun the Savant system is to use for their entertainment systems,” says Richard Machemehl of Home Theater Evolutions. “But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!” Remember when you had to go through that phone system just to hear movie times...and still drive to the theater to get your ticket in person? “Technology is changing the way we live our lives and the way we do business,” says Scott Crain, co-owner of Home Theater Evolutions.

“Richard and I like the Savant system because it’s well-designed, user-friendly, and well-priced. Now it’s easy to control the lights, every screen in your home or office, your shades or blinds, your music system (including internet radio), and more. There’s even a shortcut feature that allows you to do several things at once, like turning or dimming multiple lights while setting your alarm. This system saves you time and makes everything easy and efficient!” Imagine using your phone or computer to monitor your home or business remotely. You could see workmen or cleaning crews arrive, disarm the alarm, open or close a garage door for them, and arm the system again after they leave. Richard says, “Technology should make your life easier...and Savant does just that. Everything—from the design of the docking system to the user-friendly interface— is designed to be intelligent, affordable, and extremely easy to use. This system

speaks to the future of how we live and work today!” Whether you’re looking for a “Happy Pre-Holidays” present the whole family (even you!) will enjoy or planning to bring your business, church, or office up-to-date, Home Theater Evolutions has you covered. The Savant system is easy to operate, and you’ll get straightforward pricing that includes installation and programming! Scott says, “Richard and I love designing options that work for your home or business, your family, and your budget. Our staff is always current on the latest technologies, and we provide affordable solutions to take full advantage of the technologies of today, while providing easy integration into the technologies of tomorrow.” Home Theater Evolutions 281-980-2300 3157 Highway 6 at Williams Trace

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Holiday Hustle and Bustle

Put a Sparkle

by Maggie Beil


he holidays are coming around the corner faster than you think. Soon your home will be flooded with out-of-town friends and longdistance relatives. On top of having to feed and house your loved ones, your home needs to be presentable. Professional Maid Service knows this season gets hectic, so they’re here to help prep your home for the holidays! Everyone has a great-aunt Helen who runs her finger along the shelves to check for dust or a grandpa Joe who swears you need to buy a new television because he can’t hear it, even though the volume is up as loud as it can possibly go. After all the hustle and bustle comes to an end, cousin Trisha and her five kids will head for the airport...leaving your guest bedroom in a post-monsoon state. A call to Professional Maids is like a little pre-holiday gift to yourself. No-hassle key drop off and pick up means you can cross “cleaning house” off your to-do list for good! These maids are bonded and insured, have undergone thorough background checks, and arrive neatly uniformed in a clearly-labelled company car, so you can have complete peace of mind.

• • • • •

Cleaning to the

“Max” Max’s Cleaning Tip: It’s hard to keep a full house clean. To make clean-up easier during the holidays prepare in advance! Before you start cooking, line your pans with foil. After boxing up the leftovers, rip the foil from the pan and toss it. That pan will only need a quick rinse before finding its way back into the cupboard! Max McCammond, owner of Professional Maid Service, says, “Holidays are already stressful enough. We want our clients to be able to entertain their families and enjoy their time together without having to worry about the cleanliness of their home. Then you can call us back to handle the post-holiday mess. Give us a call to get your home ready for your family and friends...and to put it back together after they’re gone!” Professional Maid Service 281-342-6500

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in your holiday

Tasting Room & Boutique 3333 FM 359 | Richmond, TX 281.762.1375 Tues - Thurs: 2pm - 9pm Fri & Sat: Noon - Midnight Sun: Noon - 5 pm

Next Stop...St. Michael’s!

The Flu and You

Sarah Warburton


ne day you wake up with a cough, a sore throat, and feeling sore and tired out. Is it a cold...or is the flu? Dr. Shannon Orsak

everyone to get the flu vaccine...and remember we’re here for you throughout the holiday season!” When does your “sick day” turn into an emergency? Dr. Orsak says, “The state of Texas has You’ll want to know as soon as adopted “the prudent laypossible if you or your kids have the person standard” if you flu...or just the sniffles. think your symptoms are serious enough to go to an emergency room, then that constitutes an emergency. If you’re coughing up blood, have a fever of 103 or higher, have bluish tinged lips, or are confused and disoriented, come in and let our doctors make the diagnosis.” The most common method for diagnosing the flu is an “antigen” test which can be processed by a St. Michael’s of St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms lab technician and evaluated by a St. says, “Most cases of the flu have more Michael’s Emergency Room doctor. Dr. severe symptoms and a more sudden Orsak says, “Any time at all, you can onset than symptoms of a cold. The flu call on us with any emergency...large or may also cause a fever of 101 or more. small. We can work together to stop the Here in Fort Bend, the flu season ususpread of flu this season.” ally runs from October through April... You’ll want to know as soon as posand we’ve already seen a flu-related sible if you or your kids have the death in Dallas this October. I urge flu...or just the sniffles. Most antiviral medications must be taken within the first forty-eight hours to be effective. “Preventing the spread of diseases helps everyone,” says Dr. Orsak. “At St. Michael’s we offer separate rooms for children, for infectious diseases, and for general emergencies...and we get you treated without a wait. We’d always rather wait on the patient than have a patient wait on us!”

The CDC urges emergency medical care for a sick child with any of these symptoms: • Rapid breathing or trouble breathing • Skin color looking bluish or gray • Not drinking enough fluids • Severe or persistent vomiting • Not waking up or not interacting; general listlessness • Not wanting to be held or comforted • Flu-like symptoms improve, then return with fever and cough

The CDC encourages adults to seek emergency medical care with any of these symptoms: • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing • Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen • Sudden dizziness • Confusion • Severe or persistent vomiting • Flu-like symptoms improve but then return with fever and worse cough • Having a high fever for more than three days

St. Michael’s currently accepts more than 200 insurance plans, including Cigna, Blue Cross, United & Humana. St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms does not currently participate in any Medicare or Medicaid programs.

St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms 16062 SW Freeway (at Hwy 6) Sugar Land, TX 77479 281-980-HELP

9000 Westheimer Houston, TX 77063 713-343-0911

26226 I 45 N. Spring, TX 77386 281-419-2911

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Have You Seen the Difference? by Sarah Warburton


re-owned Sales Managers Stuart McMillan and Emmett Waldron have a different way of doing things. Born in England, Stuart says, “I came to this country in 1989 on a one-way ticket with a ten dollar bill in my pocket. Now at Classic, I’m living the American dream!” Emmett was born in Ireland and moved to Houston with his family when he was thirteen. He says, “My dad was always in the car business. I played football at Rice and afterwards for NFL Europe. When I was ready to retire, I came back to cars… and I love the way we do things at Classic Chevy! Whether you’re looking for a new or pre-owned car or need service, we invite you to ‘Relax and Enjoy the Difference!’” Everyone on the Classic sales team is empowered to handle your transaction from start to finish …without any running back and forth to some hidden room. One customer writes, “I purchased a 2008 Dodge Ram yesterday. My salesman was extremely helpful, professional and knowledgeable. We were able to make a deal quickly and professionally. I am very pleased with my experience at this dealership. Thanks again for a great deal!” Another customer writes, “I bought a used car from Classic and they really “went the extra mile” for me. They know how to treat their customers and they really care about your experience. I felt like I was treated like I was buying a new car instead of a used one. Thanks for helping me find the exact car that I was looking for!” Emmett says, “Don believes in taking care of people, making a positive impression, correcting mistakes as soon as they happen, and keeping the focus on Classic culture, where it’s all about the customer. A great example is our Classic Drive Forever program that covers the engine and transmission on each of our eligible, thoroughly inspected pre-owned long as you own the vehicle!” “You’ll see the difference from the moment you step onto our lot,” says Don. “It’s in the quality of people on our team and the experience we’ve created for you. When we run our cars through rigorous inspections and provide warranty’s because we’re thinking of the folks who’ll be driving them. We want you to drive with confidence….that’s the Classic difference!”

Don’t forget to enter Classic Chevy’s Free Car Giveaway!

Monette says, “When I went online to check the used car inventory at Classic Chevy and saw the online ad for the contest, I thought, ‘Well, I’ve got nothing to lose!’ When Don and Mark called to tell me I’d won a Chevy Sonic, I was in absolute shock! We loaned the new car to my seventeen-year-old daughter. I feel so much better knowing she’s got a good car to drive. Now I tell everyone to enter the contest...the next winner could be you!” Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land 281-491-9000 13115 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, TX 77478

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Focus on Your Blessings... Pharmacy accepts major prescription and insurance plans for commercially available medications and specially compounded medications. More importantly, they look out for you as if you were a member of their own family. Dr. Campbell says, “We promise to be alert to the signs of over or under medication in you and your family members. If we see any red flags, we’ll contact your doctor. Working closely with our patients means we can deliver the personal service that’s crucial for your health!” “Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy. Caring for you is one of our greatest blessings!”

Not Your Pain! A re you ready for Thanksgiving? With your guest list, your grocery list, and your to-do list growing longer every day, you can’t afford to let anything cloud your mind. Local pharmacist Dr. Lance Campbell, Pharm.D, R.Ph says, “The holidays are hard enough without dealing with pain...or the serious effects of pain medication! At Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy, we offer a variety of solutions, so you can focus on your family and enjoy your holidays to the fullest!” Life gets busy around the holidays, but pain can bring you to a standstill. Dr. Campbell says, “I know more and more patients are afraid to seek help because of the stigma and side effects associated with narcotic pain medications, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence. We can compound creams that deliver pain relief to the specific area where you need it most... without nausea, mental impairment, or social stigma! These pain-relief creams are almost one hundred percent covered by insurance. We also offer auto-refills and free shipping, but we’re always happy to have you stop by, get to know us, and talk to us about your concerns!” When your football team suffers a

crushing defeat, that’s one kind of pain...but physical pain is something else altogether. Dr. Campbell says, “In consultation with your primary care doctor, orthopedist, or other specialist, we can tailor your medicine to your specific pain...whether it’s nerve pain, inflammation, throbbing, or chronic pain. If you’re using a pain-relieving cream and it begins to irritate your skin, you can talk to us and we’ll change the formulation. You deserve face-to-face contact with a pharmacist who’ll look you in the eye, give you a smile, and answer all your questions. We’d like you to think of us as your family pharmacy!” When you really think about it, we all enjoy countless everyday blessings––family, health, and our freedom. Legally, you have the freedom to choose where you will get the medication prescribed by your why not Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy choose the phar281-980-2555 macy that com“If our staff can’t make it…then you bines convenience probably don’t need it!” and personal atten4760 Sweetwater Blvd. Suite 103 tion? Campbells Compounding UPCLOSE ~ November 2013 ~ 11


Show Me Sarah Warburton


the Magic!

re you living in the house of your dreams...or are you dreaming of the way you wished your home really looked? The talented team at Grand Windows and Interiors can bring your vision to life. Zip down the Grand Parkway or FM 723 to Grand Windows and Interiors and visit Candelario Lopez and his wife, designer Caron Lopez in their amazing showroom. Caron says, “We have the design options, the professional experience, and the artisans to provide window treatments, shades, shutters, painting, faux painting, metalwork, stone or brickwork, tile, and custom drapery. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen!” The best way to envision the possibilities is through a visit to the Grand Windows showroom. This French Quarter style building has a 5,000 square foot showroom with over 20,000 gorgeous fabrics, trims, window treatments, and hardware from more than fifty different quality suppliers. Under one roof you’ll get a dazzling variety of choices and up-to-date advice from experienced designers. Caron says, “Our new clients are amazed at how much we have to offer, how close and convenient we are, and how much fun it can be to design and decorate your rooms!” The right window coverings are more than functional...they’ll enhance the look of any room. Caron says, “Not only are we the leading draper in Fort Bend, we also have a wide range of shades, shutters, blinds, and sun-protective covering for your windows. We have automatic ones, ones that are safety-approved for children, contemporary looks, traditional designs, essentially

12 ~ UPCLOSE ~ November 2013

anything you can imagine in a range of price points...with a great guarantee and no hidden fees!” Ready for your color and design consultation? In the Grand Windows and Interiors showroom you’ll meet personally with designers, and experience even more than fabric and paint samples. Caron says, “We have a beautiful example of Faux Painting artwork on our wall and examples of custom bedding, tilework, and all the special things our artisans can create upstairs. Our upholsterer has the expertise to build furniture and can work with bare frames, antiques, or simply putting on a new fabric. Cande does incredible brickwork and intricate ironwork. I can design with confidence, knowing Cande’s a problem-solver who’ll make it all work!” Experience, artistry, and perfectionism are the magic behind Grand Windows and Interiors. Caron says, “Essentially, we’re able to custom-create exactly the look you want down to every last detail. We’re equally happy to do your entire home or make just the right changes to work with what you already long as it makes your dreams come true!” Grand Windows and Interiors 281-342-9160 1405 Avenue I Rosenberg, TX 77471

Speaking About Speech Sarah Warburton hen you ask a teacher “Does my son sound funny?” or “Is my daughter saying enough words?” what you’re really asking is “Do you think my child’s speech and language are delayed?” You’ll get the best answer from a speech therapist. Husband and wife team Dana and Jason Johnson of Speech Therapy Unlimited say, “Our therapists provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment, home programs, and consultations with no waiting lists for treatment. We’ve assembled an excellent team of therapists to deliver real results!” Both Dana and Jason are Speech-Language pathologists, the perfect people to run a Speech Therapy-based business. They know that therapy services are only as good as the therapists providing those services. One of their therapists writes, “They do a great job of allowing therapists to feel appreciated and


The family law firm

enjoy the profession we chose to do. I love being a part of a team which focuses on servicing children effectively and allowing you to work in a stress free environment.” In addition to placing speech therapists in daycares, schools, rehab centers, and senior centers, Speech Therapy Unlimited offers individual, patient-centered speech therapy for clients from a threemonth-old to ninety-nine years old. One client writes, “Our involvement with Speech Therapy Unlimited, PLLC regarding our granddaughter has been life changing, Great Job! Keep up the great work.” Another adds, “Our family is forever thankful to the caring professionals at Speech Therapy Unlimited for giving our daughter the gift of communication.” When you’re worried about your child, you don’t want to wait for answers. Speech Therapy Unlimited offers free assessments and there’s no waiting for therapy services! With over twenty-five therapists with specialties in

pediatrics, adults, and accent modification, you’ll be matched with a therapist based on skill set, gender, and personality. “Speech therapy is a partnership,” says Jason. “Dana and I and all our therapists believe speech therapy works best as part of everyday life. With schools, parents, kids, and therapists working together...your speech therapy will deliver amazing results!” Speech Therapy Unlimited, PLLC most major insurance accepted No Headaches, No Unreasonable Terms, Just Great Speech Therapists! 281-746-3053 12808 West Airport Blvd. Ste 332 Sugar Land, TX 77478

“Now THAT’S a pretty door!”

Associates that cares about families.







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Why can’t she understand me?

Angies list


Ronique Bastine Robinson

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Preparing Your Pipes For the Cold

Maggie Beil


he winter season is coming! In Texas we’re not always prepared for cold weather, but there are some nights that will drop below the freezing point. The local plumbing experts at Alan’s Plumbing want to make sure you know exactly how to wrap your pipes beforehand! Plumbing is a specialty and Fort Bend families trust the specialists at Alan’s Plumbing. Alan, his brother Chris, his two oldest sons Beau and Luke, and fellow team member Zach can handle all your plumbing needs. Whether you have questions about wrapping your pipes or need help with a leaky faucet, running toilet, or an old hot water heater, calling Alan’s Plumbing today will save you money and trouble this holiday season.

Alan’s Plumbing • 281-261-1064

ALAN’S PLUMBING Plumbing Tips: 1. The main water riser that goes directly into the home MUST be wrapped. This is the main point of the freeze. 2. Always make sure your sprinkler vacuum breaker that goes to the sprinkler system is wrapped. 3. After wrapping the exposed pipes, go to the vacuum breaker for the sprinkler system, turn one knob to shut off the water to it and turn the other to bleed down the water that’s still in there. Otherwise, it will freeze and expand, causing a crack and flooding. 4. Most importantly, remember that the pipes are going to be colder in the attic. This means your water inside will take longer to heat up, so don’t panic and think something is wrong…just give it a couple more minutes.

for all

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Keeping Your Kitchen Current

by Sarah Warburton


aniel and Line Thouin love their house in New Territor y...and they love All About Carpet and Flooring for keeping it current! Daniel says, “We’ve lived in our home for eighteen years. Back in 1995 ours was one of the first houses on this side of New Territory...and there sure weren’t many places for flooring except down Highway Six..We’ve been using All About Carpet so long that I can’t even remember where I first heard about them...but I have a feeling it might have been through UpClose Magazine! “Ten years ago All About Carpet replaced all our floors. About two years ago they redid our entire bathroom for a modern look we love. When we were ready to redo our kitchen, there was no question at all in our minds...we went straight to All About Carpet. Line and I already knew what we wanted, and we were able to pick through the different options in the showroom until we found the perfect match. They tore out our existing countertops and replaced them with quartz.” Renee says,

“Silestone Quartz countertops are not only beautiful...but they’re the only brand that contains a formula developed by Cosentino that uses the latest generation silver ions to prevent bacterial growth.” Line wanted something really special for the backsplash in their kitchen. Daniel says, “She chose little tiles and they go all the way up to the ceiling for a really dramatic look.” Shaun adds, “I love the design possibilities of tile! If

you want to make a statement, we can customcreate a design for you, use brightly colored tiles to outline a window or accent a nook, or create a beautiful backsplash.” “Over the years,” says Daniel, “We’ve pretty much had our whole house redone by the crew at All About Carpet. They keep on schedule and do excellent work. Plus, you know their warranty really means something...because they’ve been around for years and they’re not going anywhere!” Ready to remake your home? Take it one step at a time like the Thouin family, and All About Carpet and Flooring will be there through every change you make. “We’ll design and install kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring in

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any room of your house,” say Renee, Shaun, and Steven McKelvey and Damian. “All About Carpet and Flooring is your one-stop-shop for tile, hardwood, laminate, countertops, and all the things that come together to make your house into a home. We promise personal attention, design advice, an easy-to-understand quote, and installation you can trust. Styles and trends may change, but our commitment to service and quality will remain the same!” All About Carpet and Floors 281-265-3700 3145 Highway 6 South (next to Shipley’s)

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Is Your Child Falling Through the Cracks? by Sarah Warburton nstead of red flags, some children only put up orange or yellow flags to show they’re in distress,” says Betsy de Vega, Learning Specialist and founder of the Kn.I.L.E. Center. “Many bright children, even gifted children, just don’t thrive in a standard classroom environment. Whether the problem is anxiety, sensory processing, or social stresses, at Kn.I.L.E. Prep Academy, we let kids relax and focus on learning!” Neither Einstein nor Edison did well in a traditional classroom...but obviously it wasn’t because they weren’t bright. A 2009 study suggests that one in every six children has sensory issues that impede their daily functioning, socialization and learning. “Not all children with trouble focusing have ADD and not every child who’s sensitive to noise and sounds is diagnosed with autism,” says Betsy. “Children with Sensory Processing Disorder can’t process all the information that comes into their brains through touch, hearing, taste, smell, sight, body awareness and movement…that doesn’t mean they aren’t bright. Some kids with SPD crave movement, impact, and noise...others are hyper-


sensitive to stimulation. In the right environment like Kn.I.L.E. Prep, these kids can flourish. We offer students in grades 3 through 12 an accelerated or accommodated curriculum in a boutique setting perfect for different learning styles.” “I designed the Kn.I.L.E Center to be a hub of resources for families,” says Betsy. “We offer a oneon-one after school support in our EduCoachNow program for kids to strengthen their cognitive skills through multi-sensory and game-oriented “brain training.” As part of the program, I’m personally willing to attend parent-teacher conferences or ARD meetings with you. Advocating for your child’s education and offering workshops for families is part of our give every child the power to succeed!” Do school, social settings, or life in general over-stress your child? Licensed Professional

Counselor, Jennifer B. Schlett will offer “You Are Not Alone,” a workshop on anxiety in children at the Kn.I.L.E. Center on November 14th from 6-9pm. Betsy says, “We expect this free workshop to fill up quickly, so please call 281-682-4573 to reserve your seat. Space is limited.”

Betsy de Vega ~ 281-682-4573 Kn.I.L.E Center, LLC EduCoachNow Kn.I.L.E. Prep Academy 245 Gonyo Lane Richmond, TX 77479

Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid. - Albert Einstein

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“Thank You for Our Smiles!”

by Sarah Warburton hat’s what Veronica Ceballos’ two daughters want to tell Dr. Bianca Sanchez of Little People’s Dentistry this Thanksgiving. Veronica says, “My kids love going to Little People’s Dentistry. My oldest was thirteen when we started going there and she loved the cool floor and the surfboard counter. My youngest was seven and she was thrilled by the carnival game room. Dr. B. recognizes the girls at first glance and remembers all the little details about them.” “When I was a kid, a dentist’s office was scary––cold, white, and medical. Little People’s Dentistry is not that way at all! The kids put on neon sunglasses for their exam, watch TV, and relax. My youngest is easily frightened... but not by Dr. B.! Now both girls are always asking when we can go back again!” “We knew they would need braces...and Dr. B. let us know when it was time to get started on the process. My youngest is getting prepped for ortho work now. She has a very narrow upper and lower jaw, so she’s wearing expanders. I like knowing that the work later will be easier and quicker because of this!” “My husband always tells the girls, “You don’t have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.” Dr. B. motivates them to take care of their teeth and be thankful for their smiles. That’s why we’re so thankful for her!” Dr. Sanchez says, “We’re thankful for all our patients and their families, too! We’d like to invite you to participate in our November contest. Write a little bit about


what you’re thankful for (mom and dad can help the littlest ones) and bring it to us. We’ll enter you in a drawing for a Toys-R-Us gift certificate.” Remember...your dental benefits and health savings account may be running out on January 1st. Dr. Sanchez says, “With so many changes going on in the world of health insurance, please use your benefits now, if you have them. We’re open more Fridays in November and are waving your deductible on treatment (if you have insurance). We want your kids to use every benefit they have for stronger, happier smiles...while there’s still time!” Little People’s Dentistry “Because Kidz Are People, Too.” 281-261-0020 4706 Riverstone Blvd., Suite 200 (behind Kohl’s in Riverstone)

Is It ADHD, Anxiety...or Something Else?


s your child or Adolescent having problems and you are at the end of your rope to try and manage it alone? Well, professional help is right around the corner. Local Psychiatrist Dr. Diana Collins says, “If your child is experiencing problems in academic performance, professional achievements, or personal relationships, it’s time to find a solution!” “I’ll take care to rule out organic problems first, like a thyroid disorder and then other issues like anxiety, depression or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Medication Management is very important if needed, along with a comprehensive treatment plan.”

“Stress, caused by these conditions, affects every system in your body. Adolescents dealing with the stressors may be more likely to self medicate and turn to drugs or alcohol or develop secondary illnesses.” “However, not everyone with a diagnosis of ADHD needs medication,”says Dr. Collins. “We’ll start with an assessment. If it’s a clear-cut case of ADHD, a patient may not even need further testing. Some patients need a medical diagnosis of ADHD in order to get the basic modifications they need for school or college. Others need a letter or my testimony at an ARD meeting. If medication is necessary, I’ll prescribe it and coordinate with other physicians to moni-

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tor other medications a patient is taking. I work closely with area pediatricians and neurologists, who refer to me as needed.” Once you’re aware of an issue, you can get help for’s never too late! Dr. Collins says, “Often parents will get their children assessed, before realizing that they themselves could benefit from treatment. Attention Deficit Disorder is genetic, and other issues like thyroid disorders or anxiety and depression also run in families. If life seems overwhelming or you’re worried your child needs help, I’m here to help! Call for an assessment today.” Dr. Collins sees children, adolescents and adults. Dr. Diana Collins earned her medical degree at the University of Texas Health Science Center in 1992, finished her residency in General Psychiatry in 1995, and completed a Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in 1997. She’s been in practice since 1997 and has had her own office in Sugar Land since 1999 and is conveniently located. She is on the Mental Health America of Fort Bend Advisory Board and a Fort Bend Medical Society Member. Dr. Diana Collins, MD Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology 281-240-7477 One Sugar Creek Center Blvd. Ste. 955

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Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital Plans $93 Million Expansion As Fort Bend County continues to lead the state in population growth, Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital is making plans for that growth with a $93 million Campus expansion. The three-phase project begins with renovations and technology additions to the current facility, followed by construction of a 100,000-square-foot professional office building and culminating with a new 120,000-square-foot patient tower. “The hospital’s service area is projected to grow rapidly over the next five years,” said CEO Greg Haralson. “It’s important for our hospital to grow with the community in order to continue providing our patients with quality care.” Phase one of the project, slated to begin later this year, will add eight beds to the Emergency Center, expanding capacity to 26 beds. It will also add a new surgical suite with full digital integration affording surgeons access to patients’ records and imaging studies within the operating room. This phase also includes shell space for four future surgical suites. Technology additions include a new MRI and an upgraded CT scanner. Completion of this phase is expected by mid-2014. Phase two of the project, a professional office building, is the second of its kind on Memorial Hermann Sugar Land’s Campus. Located to the west An artist’s rendition of Memorial Hermann Sugar Land’s three-phase expansion.

An artist’s rendition of Memorial Hermann Sugar Land’s entry after major expansion.

of Medical Plaza 1, the new structure will provide 100,000 square feet of combined physician offices, expanded sports medicine and rehabilitation services, along with outpatient imaging. Groundbreaking is set for November 2013 with completion during the summer of 2014. Phase three of the project, expected to begin in the fall of 2014, adds a six-story patient tower on the northeast corner of the hospital grounds. When completed in early 2016, it will increase the hospital’s total bed count to 141. ICU beds will increase to 14 and an intermediate care unit will add 16 beds. Another 30 beds will bring the total to 60 new beds during this phase of the expansion. The tower’s structural composition will allow the addition of four more floors to accommodate future growth. Other space in the tower includes preadmission and education areas, as well as a self-contained endoscopy suite offering patients a one-stop location for endoscopy procedures. “We are seeing more esophageal and colon cancers being diagnosed in the area,” said Haralson. “This endoscopy

18 ~ UPCLOSE ~ November 2013

suite will serve as the foundation for a digestive disease center, bringing patients and subspecialty physicians together in one place for diagnosis and treatment.” This is the hospital’s first major expansion since opening in 2006 and promises the addition of more medical subspecialties on Campus. With the opening of the patient tower, the hospital anticipates adding 160 to 180 new employee partners. “This expansion project is a testament to all members of the Memorial Hermann Sugar Land family, who consistently work toward advancing the health of those we serve every day,” said Malisha Patel, chief operations officer. “We are excited to engage our physicians, employees and community as we build a tower with this vision in mind.”

Is Your Tile Really Vile? Don’t Replace...Refinish! Sarah Warburton


re your white tiles looking dingy or do the pine green tiles in your bathroom drag the room down? Instead of ripping it all out and installing new tile, get a brand-new look for a fraction of the time and trouble. Jonee and Paul Barnett of Miracle Method Surface Restoration say, “Miracle Method transforms more than cultured marble, Corian®, Formica®, Wilsonart® and other laminate countertops…it can also transform your tile!” If you thought replacing or “reglazing” were your only options, prepare to be amazed. “Reglazing is actually a misnomer,” says Paul. “Why would you remove ceramic tile that has been installed and ship it back to the factory for

re-firing in a kiln? Miracle Method Ceramic Tile Refinishing involves a unique seven-step spray application to give you a durable refinished surface that’s long-lasting and beautiful.” Ceramic tile in a shower, around a bathtub, on a bathroom floor, kitchen counters or backsplashes, or bathroom vanities are all excellent candidates for a Miracle makeover. Natural Accents™ multi-color stone look offers a high-end makeover for any decor – modern, traditional, country or casual. The new Quartz Highlights finish can be applied after the Natural Accents™ for the additional sparkle and depth of real stone. Natural Accents™ is seamless, non-porous, heat resistant and scratch resistant and easily repaired. Best of’ll look like totally new tile! Why should you replace all your bathroom

or kitchen tile just because one or two tiles are damaged? Jonee says, “I can’t tell you how many customers call us because their tile has been discontinued, so they’d have to replace all of them because they couldn’t find a match. Call us for your free estimate, give us just a few days and we’ll give you a beautiful kitchen or bathroom that looks like new!”

Miracle Method Surface Refinishing 281-240-2284 603 Murphy Road (by appointment only), Stafford, TX

Leading the Nation in Quality Recognized, again and again, as one of the best health systems in the nation. Now more than ever, Memorial Hermann stands out as one of the best health systems in the country. Our clinical excellence, quality, patient safety and operational performance have all been recognized nationally by multiple organizations. In fact, we’re the only health system to receive both National Quality Forum recognition and the John M. Eisenberg Award for Patient Safety & Quality. So if you or a loved one need medical care, rely on the nationally ranked health system with deep roots in Houston: Memorial Hermann.

Learn what our recognition means for you. Visit

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A Real-time

Roadmap of Your Lungs by Sarah Warburton


ung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, among both men and women. “Lung cancer claims more lives each year than do colon, prostate, ovarian and breast cancers combined,” says board-certified pulmonologist, Dr. J. Georges Youssef, “because of the difficulty of early detection. Recently,The National Cancer Institute sponsored a randomized phase III National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) , for the first time, proving that low doze CT Scan(LDCT) screening can reduce lung cancer–specific mortality by 21%. Annual lung cancer screening and surveillance with LDCT is recommended for smokers and former smokers with a 30 pack-year history of smoking and long-term lung cancer survivors aged 55 to 79 years. Screening may begin at age 50 years with a 20 pack-year history of smoking and additional comorbidity that produces a cumulative risk of developing lung cancer of 5% or greater over the following 5 years. If we find a nodule or a lymph node, the next question is what to do about it. Thanks to new technology, Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB) and Ultrasound Guided Bronchoscopy (EBUS),

with ENB are outpatients and go home the same day with minimal discomfort... it truly is a minimally-invasive way to see into the deepest reaches of your lungs.” Early detection by LDCT does save lives.. and the ENB/ EBUS offer the least invasive and best diagnostic tools possible for lung cancer. Board-certified in Pulmonary Medicine, Sleep Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Critical Care Medicine, Dr. Youssef is always searching for the best ways to improve your life by helping you breathe easy again. we can better locate, test, and plan treatment for small lung lesions not reachable through traditional bronchoscopy procedures. This technology saves lives!” Imagine your lungs as an ever-narrowing series of branching roads. A traditional bronchoscope can only go down the larger paths. ENB allows Dr. Youssef to use GPSstyle electronic navigation to reach even the outermost areas safely. He says, “The ENB offers minimally-invasive access to distant tumors...even in some of the most outer regions of the lung and smaller bronchi. The virtual navigation allows me to follow each tiny pathway, so that we get exactly where we need to be.” Getting eyes on the inside is only part of the appeal of the ENB and EBUS. These systems not only allow Dr. Youssef to see the nodule or the Lymph node, he can reach it with tools. He says, “If a nodule is suspicious, even if it is small, we can now biopsy it in a way that wasn’t easily possible before. ENB and EBUS can be used with a broad group of patients, even some with reduced lung function who are not suitable for other surgical techniques. Most patients treated

J. Georges Youssef, M.D. 713-781-4600 1429 Hwy. 6 South, Ste 303 Sugar Land, TX 77478

When You’ve Already Paid For It... You Should Use It!

The best accessory to wear that never runs out of style is your beautiful SMILE!

Amy Sharp


on’t you hate it when you pay for your groceries but forget to put them in the car? Wait a minute…you would NEVER do this! But maybe you’re doing the very same thing with your dental benefits! Dr. Thomas Lomonte in Stafford says, “Each year, millions of people allow their dental benefits go

Don't Forg Hurr y, use et! before you it it on Dece lose mber 31s t!!

to waste. If you are paying your dental insurance premiums every month, you should be using your benefits!” “Premiums, yearly maximums, deductibles and the certainty that dental problems will worsen are all extremely important reasons to maximize utilizing your dental benefits,” says Dr. Lomonte. “Even if you don’t require any treatment, regular cleanings are proven to help prevent and detect early signs of cavities, gum disease and other dental problems.” And when you do need treatment, nearly all plans have a yearly maximum, which is the absolute most money your plan will pay in a calendar year. But unused money does not rollover and is lost January 1st. “Delaying dental treatment today puts you at risk for more expensive and extensive (and painful!) dental work down the road,” says Dr. Lomonte. “Plus, if you’ve already had some work done this

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Come in as a patient and leave as a friend! year, chances are you have met your deductible…so it pays to have the additional work done before year end…because like the yearly maximum, the deductible also resets on January 1!” As an added bonus, health flexible savings account money can be used to pay for your portion of any dental work. And as we all know, like dental plans, FSAs are also “use or lose it”! From moms and dads to kids and grandparents, Dr. Lomonte has been everyone’s family dentist since 1982! Call Dr. Lomonte today and schedule an appointment. If you require treatment, Dr. Lomonte and his team will walk you through the options and help you pick the treatment that works best for your mouth, your smile, your schedule and your benefits plan. And with that beautiful smile, you can be confident that you’re not walking out of 2013 with money left on the table!

Thomas M. Lomonte, D.D.S.

“Come in as a patient, leave as a friend.” 12122 Murphy Rd. Stafford, TX 77477 (281) 530-1440

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Innovations in Weight Loss for Happier, Healthier Holidays


he holidays are notorious for derailing weight-loss, but Dr. Alford knows how to get your brain back on track. Quit trying to stuff yourself into those too-tight jeans and take advantage of the latest generation of weight-loss solutions. Dr. Jeffery Alford of Sugar Land Wellness and Weight Loss says, “With the right advice, the right support and the latest can achieve lasting weight-loss!” Holiday parties and Thanksgiving feasts can wreak havoc on your willpower. “Your brain is a powerful tool for lasting weight loss,” says Dr. Alford.“NeuroAssist was developed by physicians at the University of Minnesota, and works with your brain chemistry to suppress appetite. By raising the levels of your neurotransmitters, we adjust your appetite without any unpleasant side effects. Essentially, you’ll be able to follow a strict diet and exercise plan...without feeling hungry, cranky, or stressed out!” Are you getting up before dark for an early-morning run or staying out late to sneak off to the gym...but still not seeing the results you want? Defeat your muffin top and cottage cheese thighs with the latest slimming technology. As examined by Dr. Oz and “The Doctors,” i-Lipo™ uses body-shaping lasers to move those stubborn pockets of fat. If your trainer tells you it’s impossible to “spot-reduce,” you need a boost from i-Lipo™. No needles, no downtime, no pain...just results! Dr. Alford says, “Traditional exercise can only gradually reduce overall body fat from everywhere on an individual’s physique. I-Lipo™ can help reshape your figure and sculpt smoother contours, while taking off inches of fat. I-Lipo™ uses a cold, low level laser to melt fat so your body can remove it easily and naturally. After each 30 minute i-Lipo™ session I’ll ask you to do thirty minutes to an hour of vigorous exercise to help your body metabolize the fat. Once you see results, you’ll be even more motivated to pursue good health throughout the holiday season!” After years of helping patients lose weight and keep it off, Dr. Alford is pleased to unveil his latest innovation, Medihealth Nutrition, available for the first time this holiday season from Sugar Land Wellness and Weightloss. Dr. Alford says, “This new program will combine the benefits of Medifast and Optifast together with the experience I’ve gained over years of helping patients struggling with weight loss. We’ll take the number-crunching and decision-making out of meal planning and offer grab-and-go options for your busy life. With the proper balance of nutrition and calories, you’ll really see results!” Thanksgiving’s just a few weeks away…why wait until New Year’s to make a resolution for better health and a rockin’ bod? Call Dr. Alford and sail through the holidays slimmer and with more confidence!

Sugar Land Wellness and Weight-loss 832-494-7469 • 16651 SW Fwy #100

Dr. Jeffery Alford of Sugar Land Wellness and Weight Loss 22 ~ UPCLOSE ~ November 2013

A Beautiful Smile is Worth a Thousand Pictures W

e’ve all heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” How much is a beautiful smile worth? The right smile turns a bad day into a good one, breaks the ice with a new friend, and makes you feel great. That’s why Dr. Zahra Cook believes a beautiful smile is worth a thousand pictures…and she’s devoted herself to giving gorgeous smiles to all her patients. How do you get a priceless smile? Start by searching for the best dentist. You’ve seen those “drive-by” dental offices where you sacrifice quality for a quick fix. If you need more treatment (and you probably will), you’ll be on your own again, hunting for a specialist who can finish the job. Dr. Cook is not a “drill and fill” dentist. She’s had the additional training to perform every treatment you might need... veneers, root canals, orthodontics (braces and Invisalign), implants and restorations, extreme makeover dentures, TMJ treatment, wisdom teeth extraction and more. And if you’re too afraid to seek treatment, don’t worry! Dr. Cook is licensed to administer sedation, so you can relax while your work’s being done. When she thinks about your teeth, Dr. Cook can’t help but smile. She loves dentistry so much that she spends her free time continuing her education. She’s a

Fellow of the International Congress of Implantologists (FICOI) and a Fellow of the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies (LVIF). This past summer she earned her Master of the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD) award. “We are proud to honor Dr. Cook for her commitment to continuing education in her quest to provide quality dental care and oral health education to her patients,” says AGD President Jeffrey M. Cole, DDS, MBA, FAGD. “There are more than 169,000 general dentists in the United States and Canada and less than two percent of those are Masters with the AGD. It’s a remarkable accomplishment.” Enjoy the friendly, personal atmosphere of a neighborhood dental office...with all the benefits you’d get from several specialists. Whether dad needs an implant, mom wants whitening, or your teenager needs braces, Dr. Cook can handle it all... and more! She says, “I consider it a real privilege to care for families. Protecting your smile and the health of your teeth makes every day special.” “For twenty-five years,” Dr. Cook says, “I’ve pursued continuing education in this field. I believe in the saying, ‘Choose a profession you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.’ It’s true for me...this is my passion!”

Zahra Cook, DMD, MAGD, LVIF, FICOI Advanced Cosmetic Dentist 281-342-8481 1536 Fm 359 Rd Richmond, TX 77406

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Texas Made, Texas Tough

It’s Hard To Stop A Trane

Becca Bragg


f you’re toughing it out, waiting for the heat to break before replacing your old air conditioning system, off-season pricing and a special tax-break make this the ideal time. After all, here in Texas the heat is guaranteed to come back! Brian Jackson of Jackson Air says, “A highefficiency, energy-saving system from Trane will make a big difference in the comfort level of your home. But the rebates and financing offers are running out soon and the tax credits end on December there’s no time to waste!” “This time of year we want you to keep your own family getting your furnace checked! We’re already finding major carbon monoxide leaks in old furnaces. No families should be sent to the hospital

24 ~ UPCLOSE ~ November 2013

because their home had twenty times the ‘safe’ level of carbon monoxide. This stuff can kill you…and many people don’t have any warning at all. Call us at Jackson Air and Heat for a thorough inspection of your furnace. We make it easy to keep your family safe and comfortable!” Not even a Longhorn can defeat a Trane! Brian says, “Texas-made and Texas Tough, Trane air conditioners can stand up to our hot humid Texas summers. Just like Trane, Jackson Air is tough enough to stand the test of time. Brian says, “Whether it’s service, repair or replacement, we’ll always believe in treating the customer right and doing whatever it takes to make them happy. This is why most of our new customers are referred by existing customers. We’re

EPA and NATE certified and repeat winners of the Angie’s List “Super Service” award and the BBB Award of Excellence. Fort Bend is our home, and we’re not going anywhere! We consider our customers to be our friends and neighbors...and that’s why Trane is our air conditioner of choice. You deserve the best.” “It’s hard to stop a Trane...and it’s impossible to stop Jackson Air. We’re Texas Tough!” Jackson Air and Heat, Inc. Sugar Land’s Oldest Independent Trane Dealer 281-240-1037

Under One Roof Sarah Warburton


he sweetest memories of the holidays are time spent with family…kids, parents and grandparents all together under one roof. But time and bad weather can take a toll on your home’s roof. We’ve found a local company with deep roots in this community that delivers personal service, attention to detail, and a professional guarantee. Joe Rangel of Allegiance Roofing says, “We’re here to help you out with free roof inspections as we enter the end of hurricane season. We’ll also help you get ready for hail, handle your roof restoration, take care of all the red tape with your insurance company...and keep your family home safe and dry.” A wind storm can rip out trees from Missouri City to Rosenberg and hail stones can get as big as golf balls. Is your roof up to the challenge? Call Allegiance any time for a free roof inspection. This fully insured and licensed residential and commercial roofing company and manufacturer-certified installer offers your family the gold standard in shingle protection. “The worst time to find out there’s a problem with your roof,” says Joe, “is when the storm is just starting. Give us a call and we’ll take a look...for free!” What’s the only thing scarier than going through a storm? Dealing with the insurance companies when it’s all over! Joe says, “We know all the ins and outs of

dealing with insurance companies. When we say we’ll take care of your roof... we mean that we’ll do the labor and cut through the red tape, too!” You don’t have to sweat the small print on your warranty... Allegiance has done the work to get you the best warranties around. With over fifty years combined experience, everyone on the Allegiance team has passed the Certainteed Quality Master Exam and the Master Shingle Applicator Exam. Joe says, “We are an elite “Select Shingle Master Company’ and are proud to be among the 1% of roofing contractors within the United States that are authorized by Certainteed to offer 3 STAR, 4 STAR, and 5 STAR extended warranties. We know that our customers deserve the best!” Joe and his team at Allegiance have a reputation for taking care of families before, during, and long after the job is done.Joe says, “I’ve spent my whole life here and I love knowing my three kids will grow up in this community. We’ve been here for a long time, and we pride ourselves on looking out for your family and leaving a satisfied customer…every time!”


Allegiance Roofing • 281-232-9100 P.O. Box 2010 • Richmond, Texas 77406

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Designing the Perfect Plan

Becca Bragg


re you overwhelmed with the holiday design tips on television and magazines? “Design goes deeper and is much more timeconsuming than a thirty minute episode of a show on HGTV,” says Dina Holleron of The Designer’s Niche. “It requires knowledge of scale, placement and use of color... along with lots of time and budgeting. That’s what I’m trained to do on all levels, and I also have teams of people to help get the job done.” We all have a special piece of furniture, something given to us by a loved one or handed down through generations, a piece that really resonates with our personal story. Dina will create a design that showcases the things that matter most to you for a look that’s vibrant, stylish, and personal. She says, “Through the Designer’s Niche, we do so many things that we are pretty evenly dispersed with remodels and updates both large and small, decor and drapery, and painting and faux. You’re always in control of the amount of work we do, so 26 ~ UPCLOSE ~ November 2013

What You See Is What You Get! See high quality examples of your new designs before commiting.

you’ll be able to budget our services into your project.” Are you getting worried about holiday company? Call Dina for a big change in just a day! She says, “One of my favorite projects is a one-day makeover...perfect to help you prepare for the holidays. We can usually get any room––a kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom–– decorated to at least ninety percent on a

shopping spree, and some clients have everything they need in their home already. We just stay in and refresh what you own...making everything look and feel new.” An honor graduate from the Art Institute of Houston and holder of a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design, Dina is ranked in Pearland Journal’s “Best of 2011” for Interior Design and is an award winner through A.S.I.D. (American Society of Interior Design). Dina says, “I want my clients to completely love their transformation and I want them to feel like they had a blast working with me and know that I worked very hard for them. Celebrate this holiday season by giving your home a seasonal makeover.” Dina Holleron Allied Member ASID The Designer’s Niche Interior Design and Custom Faux P.O. Box 841161 • Pearland, TX 77584 281-323-3630 • 281-692-1013 (f)

Holiday Happiness for the Whole Family by Amy Sharp all is here, and with it comes some of the most memorable times of the year—the holidays! Perhaps more than any other occasion, the holiday season is steeped in family tradition, with cherished elements that sometimes span generations. But when family members get older, or have declining health, maintaining their involvement in those traditions can become more of a burden than a boon. Shehnaz and Munah Vadgama, owners of Visiting Angels—a division of one of the nation’s leading non-medical home care companies—have some suggestions on how you can make sure that older relatives are included as part of the family’s holiday events, even if they can’t participate the same way they used to. “Your loved one may not want to admit they can’t make dinner for 25 anymore,” says Shehnaz, “But you really need to evaluate what they can reasonably manage. Small modifications can make a big difference. Different family members can provide parts of the meal, or holiday catering from local grocery stores is very reasonable. You can use the family dishes and skip the preparation, or even use elegant disposable dinnerware. The key is to be flexible while keeping the routine as much as possible…all the while looking for opportunities to make things easier in a meaningful way.” Are you holding onto traditions out of habit? “Don’t just do things because it’s ‘the way we’ve always done things,’” says Shehnaz, “Decide


which elements truly hold meaning for your family, then make changes where needed. Grandkids can help decorate and cousins can drive loved ones to shopping centers. You may come up with some new traditions that you love even more! Plan early, make sure all of the extended family is on the same page…you’re in for a great holiday!” “What really matters is that everyone gets to enjoy this special time,” says Shehnaz, “And that means you also deserve to enjoy festivities instead of being primarily a caregiver. Hiring one of our angels during the

holidays allows you to spend more time with the family and have peace of mind!” For more ideas or if you need information on homecare help for the holidays or beyond, give Visiting Angels a call! Visiting Angels 281-207-1259 19901 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, TX 77479

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Close To Home & Caring Makes All the Difference...


hen you need medical care, you need the other kind of caring, too...the kind that warms your heart and lifts your spirits. “That’s what really sets our team of doctors, nurses, therapists, and support personnel apart,” says Bindu Varghese, Director of Therapy Operations at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital in Sugar Land. “We all share a passion for caring for others!” Eileen, a “graduate” of HealthSouth says, “I wanted to write you personally to let you know how pleased I was with my stay at this facility. I had previously visited friends who were there, but this time got to be a patient

myself. I had bilateral, partial knee replacement on July 12. It is very comforting and encouraging to attend a rehabilitation facility

It is very comforting and encouraging to attend a rehabilitation facility that is close to home, as it is easy for family and friends to visit, and that is good for the patient’s morale. It also makes one feel that they are just one step closer to being home.” that is close to home, as it is easy for family and friends to visit, and that is good for the patient’s morale. It also makes one feel that they are just one step closer to being home.”

“Without exception, I had wonderful care, from my nurses and techs, OT and PT personnel, to the doctors overseeing my care. Even the janitors were friendly and helpful! The nurses and techs were very patient with me during the first few days when it was so painful for me to lower my legs to transfer to the wheelchair. I thanked them daily, but that does not adequately express how much I appreciated their kindness and empathy, and the gentle way they handled my very painful legs. I feel that I would not be as far as I am now, a month post surgery, if I had not had the training at your facility.” “All of the techniques I learned were very helpful when I got home and was on my own. I am a widow and live alone, and while my son and a friend stayed with me the first few nights home, I was able to take care of myself the rest of the time. The arrangements by the social worker for my transition home went smoothly. Thank you for the high caliber of staff that you employ, and your commitment to your patients’ needs. We are really blessed to have a rehabilitation facility of this caliber in our own backyard!” HealthSouth Sugar Land Rehabilitation Hospital 281-276-7574 1325 Highway 6 Sugar Land, TX 77478

Holiday Gifts Certificates: The path to ultimate Relaxation.

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281-310-1787 4787 Sweetwater Blvd Sugar Land, Tx 77479

281-752-9256 13346 Briar Forest Dr. Ste 150 Houston, TX 77077 28 ~ UPCLOSE ~ November 2013

Mike Dinges, Erik Spencer, John Van De Wiele, and Jeff Vogler

Stories of Success from LoweryBank:

John Van De Wiele Sarah Warburton


of Van De Wiele & Vogler Inc

an De Wiele & Vogler, Inc. is a consulting civil engineering business formed in 1978. John Van De Wiele has been President from its inception until January of this year when he transitioned to Chairman of the Board. He says, “I’m pleased to announce our new President is Jeff Vogler and our new Vice President is Erik Spencer who are both proud to be from Fort Bend. We offer civil engineering services for land development, municipal engineering, transportation, water supply and wastewater treatment. In addition, our GIS (geographic information systems) staff has supported planning and engineering projects with GIS services for many years!” “Although our offices are located just off the Beltway at Westheimer, I moved to Sugar Land in 2006. I’ve found that LoweryBank can be of great service, both for my

personal banking needs and for my business. LoweryBank is a nice-sized community bank that offers all the services that we require. I believe that I have a very good relationship with Mike Dinges, the President of LoweryBank, and that makes me confident in recommending LoweryBank to anyone for banking services.” “At Van De Wiele & Vogler Inc. we believe in the power of community. We’re proud to be active in the Fort Bend community and to support local charities. I serve on the Board of Directors of Fort Bend Green, which facilitates planning and development of parks, green space, and recreational areas in Fort Bend. Our philosophy of service and commitment to excellence really matches the way they do things at LoweryBank.” Mike Dinges says, “As a community bank, we love building relationTo advertise, 281-235-0600

ships with customers from every field of business. We’re looking forward to seeing what John Van De Wiele and the team at Fort Bend Green have planned to enhance Fort Bend. It might seem old-fashioned in today’s fast-paced financial world, but our goal at LoweryBank is to combine convenient, modern banking with real, down-home customer service. At Lowery we always take the time to know our customers so we can understand their needs. Whether you have a personal, or business banking need, we’re here to assist you and welcome the opportunity to get to know you better.” LoweryBank, Member FDIC 281-263-1100 16555 Southwest Freeway, Ste 100 (between Methodist Building 3 and Floyd’s Cajun Seafood & Texas Steakhouse) UPCLOSE ~ November 2013 ~ 29

Make Time to Smile! Sarah Warburton


hyllis Diller said, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” When life throws curveballs at you, it’s tricky to remember to smile...and even trickier to remember to take care of your smile. Dr. Danny Nguyen of Sugar Land’s own EcoDental says, “We know that your dental benefits are running out at the busiest time of year. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make it easy for you to use them to get the dental care you deserve...before time runs out!” Whether you’re working nine to five in the office, driving the highways and byways of Greater Houston, or chasing kids from dawn to dusk, there’s still time to fit in that dental work you need. EcoDental offers extended hours for people just like you. Dr. Nguyen says, “We’re open from 9-5 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, but we’re also open until 7pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, and from 9-3 on Saturdays. Plenty of my patients are working parents, pull double-shifts, or just need the convenience of those evening or weekend appointments. When you’re working hard, every minute and every dollar counts. I’m happy to offer flexible hours, so you can take advantage of your dental benefits and flex accounts.” Most benefits have a heartless “use ‘em or lose ‘em” policy. That’s like winning a night of Bunco and leaving your prizes behind or buying a pecan pie and tossing it out without unwrapping it. Dr. Nguyen


s a child, Robert Dawson’s mom, the original T.G., used to stand on a stool and stir a bubbling pot in her own Grandmother’s kitchen. That love of food and family is at the heart of T.G.’s To Go...Entrees and Catering. Whether you want to stock a freezer for a new mom, cater a business meeting or holiday party, or enjoy dinner with your family, T.G.’s To Go makes it easy! Shhhh….it’s mom’s little secret. Some of the best cooks in Fort Bend County bring their own casserole dishes to T.G.’s To Go to be filled. Take T.G.’s To Go to your own home or someone else’s..and take the credit, too! If you need anything from turkey to cranberry sauce, or other scrumptious sides for the holidays...T.G.’s To Go has you covered. Need a change from turkey? From Enchiladas to Lasagna to King Ranch casserole, you can pick up a ready-to-go meal to feed any number you need. That’s the perfect way to take care of all those outof-town relatives and a great way to bring a special dish to a potluck, even when you’re short on time. Maybe dad’s planning a holiday hunting or fishing trip? T.G.’s To Go offers meal packages for easy “heat-n-eat” solutions to take guys through the weekend. Think about how much time and mental energy you spend meal planning, shopping for ingredients, doing the prep work, and cleaning up afterwards. T.G.’s To Go makes homemade meals from fresh ingredients and well-loved family recipes, while you spend that time helping your kids with their homework, running one child to scouts and 30 ~ UPCLOSE ~ November 2013

says, “Your benefits are meant to be enjoyed and used...after all, you paid for them! Come see us for preventative health care or cosmetic services in an encouraging and friendly setting. Even if you need extensive work to rebuild, straighten, strengthen, or whiten your smile, there’s no reason to put it off. Together we’ll talk through your options and make a plan that works for you!” Can you remember when you last saw the dentist? Take advantage of this gentle reminder and use your dental benefits...before the end of the year. Dr. Nguyen says, “Going to the dentist should be easy, convenient, and make you feel like smiling!” Dr. Danny Nguyen, D. D. S. ~ Ecodental 281-491-9494 15870 SW Freeway #500 (59@Hwy 6 next to Whole Foods) Sugar Land, TX 77478

another to soccer, or catching up with your ‘to-do’ list. Take advantage of Sunday Savings with 25% off all fresh or frozen food items and get ready for the week ahead. Thanks to T.G.’s To Go, you’re never too busy for a family dinner! T.G.’s To Go manager at the Greatwood location, Karin Whigam, says, “Back home in Lafayette, whenever my grandmother couldn’t attend a gathering, she sent over a dish of her chicken with cornbread dressing. My grandmother passed away ten years ago, but the chicken and cornbread dressing at T.G.’s To Go is the closest to hers I’ve ever tasted. I told my mom that with one bite, the memories come flooding back!” $10 OFF small or large entree OR 10% OFF Thanksgiving orders placed by Nov 10 Greatwood location 281-937-7140 19875 Southwest Freeway Ste. 180 Sugar Land, TX 77479 Richmond location 281-342-2255 1410 U.S. 90 Alternate #400 Richmond, TX 77406

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In a “Temperature Emergency”, Nobody’s Better Than Mr. A/C


How’s your health? Mr. A/C says, “As winter approaches hen you have a health emergency, you need a doctor... and when you have a heating or cooling emergency, you your family needs a flu shot...and your furnace needs a safety need Mr. A/C, aka Bryan Bellamy of All Out A/C. He check. Improperly maintained heaters can be worse than hazsays, “We have a friend and co-worker who cut his hand badly and ardous to your health...they can be deadly! Since carbon mongot great care at St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms. I’ve been there oxide is an odorless, tasteless gas, our trained technicians use myself and taken my own son there for medical emergencies. The a carbon monoxide detector to see if your furnace has danger truth is, that’s where our friends and family go for the best emergency medical care...and St. Michael’s has always exceeded our spots. I strongly recommend both a seasonal inspection of expectations. That’s exactly the way we’d like our own customers your furnace by a professional as well as a carbon monto feel. When you need the best A/C or Heating care for the best oxide detector for your home. Even in small price...think All Out A/C!” doses, this gas can be lethal! Protect In a temperature emergency, even emergency doctors call Mr. your family by getting a checkA/C at All Out A/C. Bryan says, “After St. Michael’s remodeled up for your furnace today.” and expanded, they had some issues with their new air conditioner. When they called on us, we came right away to save the day! We know how important patient care is to them, and we’re happy to play our part in making St. Michael’s comfortable.” Don’t wait to grab the best price on a new system. Bryan says, “This is the time to replace your system...when it isn’t hot outside. Our guys are ready to leap into action and we promise to do the best job for the best price every time. Going the extra mile is part of our philosophy, so we don’t ever take shortcuts. A new, energy-efficient air conditioner can cut your energy bill in half! We’ll provide you a quote at no charge....and we 626 Highway 90A, Richmond, TX 77406 offer 100% financing with approved credit. Nobody beats Mr. A/C and the team at All Out!”

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how can we help? Appointments & Online Scheduling Houston Methodist Sugar Land Doctors Send an E-greeting Visit the Web Nursery Maps & Directions News & Events

00 upclose november 2013 integrated issuu  

A fun lifestyle magazine for Sugar Land, Texas and the surrounding areas.

00 upclose november 2013 integrated issuu  

A fun lifestyle magazine for Sugar Land, Texas and the surrounding areas.