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February 2012

Deep in the Heart... of Kevin and Trish Kline


chance meeting with a vivacious fifteen-year-old at the Texas one surgeon, one assistant, four anesthesiologists, and four nurse shift Children’s Cancer Center changed life for Kevin Kline and his changes. I was inspired to train for and run my first marathon to honor wife, Trish. Kevin is the radio co-host of the Q Morning Zoo on Chelsea and her courage. I overtrained, so when I ran on June 14, 2007 KKBQ (The New 93Q) in Houston, TX. During a broadcast, he I had fractured both my shins with stress fractures, but it’s still the best met Chelsey and time I ever earned.” learned that she “When I talk to groups about runhad been diagnosed ning I tell them it comes down to paswith advanced, sion. Passion for this cause drives and stage four, undifferfuels me. If I was running for myself, entiated sarcoma. I wouldn’t do it. But when you have Impressed with her a cause like Snowdrop deep in your spirit and positive heart, it’s a no-brainer to get out there attitude, he came and run. I know any discomfort I go home and told his through training or racing is nothing wife all about it. compared to the pain those kids with Trish says, “Both cancer experience with grace and my grandparents courage every day.” passed away from cancer, so I was really 100K A Day to Run Cancer Away nervous about going to the hospital, but was the most successful event ever Kevin said I just had to meet these kids. held for Snowdrop Foundation. Not When you see them making crafts, colorbecause of the money raised. Not “If I was running for myself, I because ing, or riding around on Big Wheels pulling of the miles that Kevin Kline wouldn’t do it. But when you ran. It was because of the miles he their IV stands behind’s impossible not to fall in love. Kevin and I don’t able to run and the friends, have a cause like Snowdrop deep wasn’t have any kids, but through the Snowdrop supporters and new additions to in your heart, it’s a no-brainer the Snowdrop Family putting in the Foundation, it’s like we’ve adopted the whole hospital.” to get out there and run. I know laps for him. It was because of new With Kevin as president and Trish friends made, the tireless work of volany discomfort I go through as executive director, the Snowdrop unteers, and the relationship between training or racing is nothing Foundation raises money at various events Snowdrop and the city of Stafford. during the year. One of the ways Kevin compared to the pain those kids In short though, it was successful for raises awareness for the cause is by runkids with cancer because of YOU! with cancer experience with ning marathons and distance events. grace and courage every day.” Kevin says, “Chelsea’s ‘marathon’ surgery This remarkable story continues was twenty-seven continuous hours with on page 12... 2 ~ UPCLOSE ~ February 2012



Who Owns the Remote?


alentine’s Day is just a few weeks away. Have you thought about what to get that special someone? Instead of giving the expected––jewelry, flowers, candy, or lingerie––give a gift that will not only last, but also provide the perfect catalyst for romance - a home theater-related product. Whether cuddling up on the couch to watch that romantic movie, or providing the perfect romantic musical background to set the mood, Home Theater Evolutions has some great gifts that fill the bill. How important to your relationship is your home theater? According to a recent poll, a full 36 percent of Americans would rather give up sex than give up their remote control! Enhance the romance in your home with a slimline LED TV, great for delivering an amazing picture even in a bright room or a super-sleek wall-mountable Blu-Ray player. Juice

up your existing system with high-end speakers from the Danish manufacturer Dali. Scott says, “We were blown away by the incredible clarity and precise sound reproduction delivered by their built-in ‘ribbon’ tweeter. With these speakers, every seat’s the best seat in the house!” What do you give the person who has everything? A whole new way to play their favorite music! Richard says, “We have options for internet radio, like the new Sonos music system with a wireless mesh network and ZonePlayers. You can play your own music from your iPod or CD player, your MP3s or iTunes library, online music providers like Pandora, Rhapsody, Napster, or Sirius…as well as over 100,000 radio stations, shows and podcasts in every room of your house. Free of charge!” If you’re ready to break up with the cable company, Home Theater Evolutions has some tricks to help you move on. Richard says, “A digital antenna is a one-time purchase that will allow you to access a wide range of local channels. If you’ve been watching movies and shows via the internet, a Roku or an Apple TV will let you watch Netflix, iTunes, or Hulu Plus on your television. These are choices that let couples design their own programing and enjoy TV a la carte!” Really “WOW” your special someone this Valentine’s Day...with an electronic treat that will make the romantic sparks fly. Scott says, “Stop by our showroom and chat with us. We love to talk electronics...and we can help you find the right equipment at the right price!” Richard adds, “We want to make shopping for home theater products easy and fun!” Home Theater Evolutions 281-980-2300 3157 Highway 6 at Williams Trace

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Tired of Being Embarassed? Sarah Warburton


ven if they don’t make your legs tired and sore (and they could), varicose veins can put a dent in your self-esteem. Shay Tidwell says, “I didn’t have pain, but I did have varicose veins. Getting out of the pool I was embarrassed when someone pointed at a really ugly one on my knee and said, ‘That looks cool!’ I read an article in UpClose about a women whose experience was just the same as mine. She had three kids, so did I, she had varicose veins and issues with the way the looked... and so did I. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo of her legs made up my mind. She’d gone to see Dr. Ulises Baltazar...and so did I!” “At my free consultation, Dr. Baltazar asked if I had any pain. I said no, but I did have a real problem with restless leg syndrome at night and couldn’t get a good sleep. He said restless leg syndrom was a problem that could go hand in hand with the varicose veins. After he removed those damaged veins, I haven’t had another problem!” “Dr. Baltazar was so friendly and professional and prompt! If I waited more than fifteen seconds in the hospital gown, he would apologize. He was always careful to numb the area he was treating and I felt very little discomfort. Really, the worst part was the support hose you wear afterwards, and they weren’t all that bad! He was a real perfectionist and I have barely any scars, just faint millimeters. He’s such a positive, upbeat person, always talking about his wife and kids and a real pleasure to be around. “I can’t believe the difference now. I’m feeling great and I love the way my legs look. At my last appointment, I laughed and told him, now I look at people’s legs and wish I could tell them, “I know a doctor who could fix those veins!” “Varicose veins are more than a cosmetic problem, they’re a vascular health problem,” says Dr. Ulises Baltazar, MD, a board-certified vascular surgeon practicing full-time in Sugar Land. “Come see us in the Methodist Medical Office Building 3. “Treating your varicose veins will improve the look of your legs, as well as your vascular health! Come see us for a free consultation in our new location. We still have the same phone number, the same website, and the same single focus...we’re the vein specialists!” Ulises Baltazar MD,RVT,FACS Sugar Land Vein Specialists 16605 SW Freeway Ste 505 (in the Methodist Professional Building 3) Sugar Land, TX 77479 281-201-6052

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Body by Ahmadi

How I Found My Hero


ll my life I’d been overweight,” says Jennifer Khalil, “and after four kids and two C-sections, things weren’t getting any better. One day my husband’s cousin said, ‘You have to see this doctor in Sugar Land. He took a friend of mine from a size 16 to a size 8!’ That night I visited Dr. Ahmadi’s website, saw the before and after photos, and watched his video about his Lipotuck™. I work in the medical industry around a lot of doctors, so I could tell right away that he was an expert, but also very warm and caring.” “I hated my body and was constantly hiding it, so my husband and I went together to a consultation with Dr. Ahmadi. He made us feel so comfortable and said, ‘If you’ll follow my directions and go through the process, I believe you’ll have an amazing ‘after’ picture, too!’ Well, I’ll tell you that I didn’t fully believe him at the time...but he was absolutely right and he changed my life! Now the weight is off my body and my shoulders. It’s like Christmas every morning when I look in the mirror!”

before - size 18

after - size 8

“He and all the staff at his office were so sincere and kind that I consider them my friends now. They called me at home to folbefore - size 14 low up and responded quickly to emails. After my Lipotuck™ I wanted to get my legs done, but he said it was still too soon and made me wait before he would do it. He always put my health ahead of everything else. He also told me, ‘If you don’t like the way something after - size 6 looks, give yourself a chance to heal and if you’re still not happy, we’ll fix it.’ I recommended him to my sisters...and my older sister and younger sister both had wonderful experiences with him. I before - size 14 still see Dr. Ahmadi for Dysport and injectibles, and I see LaDonna at his office for skincare.” “Now I feel more confident and I’ve been having fun and traveling overseas. My stomach is taut and I’ve changed my lifestyle to get every benafter - size 5 efit from the beautiful work Dr. Ahmadi did. I literally trust him Visit with my life. He gave me a total body (and life!) lift and every time I and see Dr. Ahmadi look at my stomach I think, ‘I love explain the Lipotuck that man!.’” .

Avante Plastic Surgery ~ 281-265-2639 (BODY) ~ The Art of Skin

procedure in his

1112 Soldiers Field Dr., Sugar Land, TX 77479

own words during a

television interview

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Buy Chevy, Buy American

Sarah Warburton here’s never been a better time to buy a new car...and there’s never been a more important time to think about where you spend your money. Do you want a car with a back seat big enough to take the neighborhood kids to a baseball game or a compact car that makes your gas dollars go the extra mile? Whether you use your truck for fishing trips or your van to carpool to work, you need a vehicle you can trust, bought from an American company with over a hundred years of building amazing cars and trucks. Think back through your life...remember your favorite Chevy? Fort Bend community leader and owner of Classic Chevrolet, Don Kerstetter, says, “We asked Chevrolet drivers nationwide to vote on their favorite Chevy of all time. With choices like the Corvette Stingray, the Silverado, the Tahoe, and our best-selling small crossover, the Equinox, there was some heavy competition. Turns out, the winner of the Best Chevy of all time was the 1969 Camaro... but we’re also pushing to create your favorite car for the next century! And when it comes to Chevy’s, you can’t beat a Classic!”


Not only that, but the team at Classic Chevrolet is committed to making your dollars deliver the best value for you, too! Don says, “We don’t advertise low prices that we can’t deliver. When you walk through the door, our sales team’s empowered to take you straight through your transaction, so you won’t have to sit through the hassles of haggling. We offer easy-to-understand, competitive financing on our new and our preowned vehicles. And our GM Certified Vehicles receive a comprehensive and strict inspection, undergo a reconditioning process and come with a warranty…so you’ll have nothing to worry about whether you buy new or used from us!” What happens when you choose to buy an American-made car from a local dealership? Well, the experts will tell you that increasing demand at home improves the standard of living across the United States, provides better American job security, and gives us more control over the quality and responsibility of the methods of production. I don’t know about all of that, but I do know buying local means you’ll buy from people you know and can trust. Their kids go to school with your kids, they

attend the same churches you do and they give back to our community. Fort Bend community leader and Owner of Classic Chevrolet, Don Kerstetter wants all of Fort Bend to know that he is always here and available for them. Don is at the store everyday and will take the time to talk with them about who he is, where he is from and what he sees as the future of the dealership. He wants everyone to know that he wants to be a resource for the community. Our comittment to the community is the same comittment that he will have for you, he will be here to help today and in the future with anything you may need. Don says, “At the end of the day, we at Classic Chevrolet are your friends and neighbors...and we want you to know that Classic cares. We’re proud to support the local schools, sports teams, and service organizations that make our community strong!” Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land 13115 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, TX 77478 Sales: (866) 498-5485 Service: (866) 500-1660

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Bring Back Those Loving Feelings R

Becca Bragg

emember when you and that special someone just couldn’t get enough of each other? Now it’s “Sorry, honey, not tonight. And tomorrow isn’t looking any better.” Decreased libido isn’t just a fact of getting older. Dr. Lance Campbell, Pharm. D., R.Ph. says, “I like to tell my patients that sexy is more than a state of’s also a matter of balanced hormones. Aging results in a drop in estrogen and progesterone in women and in testosterone in men. Keeping your hormones in balance can put that spark back in your relationship and turn every day intoValentine’s Day.” Putting the spark back in your relationship may take more than a dozen roses or a special date night. When it comes to decreased libido, aging is an equal opportunity of fender. Dr. Campbell explains, “In both men and women, hor-

mones are the force behind your sex drive. It’s a common misconception that only women suf fer from a drop in hormones as they go through menopause. Actually, aging results in a drop in progesterone and estrogen in women, as well as testosterone in men. Keeping your hormones in balance is the key to getting your mojo back...whether you’re going through menopause or ‘manopause.” What’s the secret to feeling sexy at any age? Keeping your hormones in balance. Insuf ficient levels of progesterone in women can dr y up y o u r d e s i r e c o m p l e t e l y. D e c l i n i n g estrogen can lead to vaginal dr yness and discomfort. For men, decreased testosterone can put their inner fire o u t . D r. C a m p b e l l s a y s , “ A s w e l e a r n more about the ef fects of aging on t h e b o d y, w e r e a l i z e t h e i m p o r t a n c e of keeping your hormones in balance. Maintaining healthy hormone levels affects your weight, your sleeping habits, your energy levels, your mental alertness, your overall health, and your sex drive.” Are you ready to bring back those loving feelings? D r. C a m p b e l l says, “I believe ever yone should take control of their health and choose to feel their best. Call or stop by to make an appointment to t a l k w i t h m e a n y t i m e a b o u t h o rmone balancing.”

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Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy 281-980-2555 “If our staff can’t make it…then you probably don’t need it!” 4760 Sweetwater Blvd. Suite 103

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Does Your Relationship Need Saving?


Sarah Warburton hether you’re trying to sleep with earplugs or you keep getting hit in the head with a pillow at 3AM, it’s a sad truth that snoring can tear even happy couples apart. If you’re tired of playing the “blame game” over coffee and staggering like a zombie through your day, there’s an FDA-approved prescription solution that can save your relationship. Dr. Thomas Lomonte, DDS says, “The patented Snore Guard® intra oral device is clinically proven to help eliminate snoring...and that can be a real relationship-saver!” If snoring has driven you or your spouse to sleep on the couch, call Dr. Lomonte for help. He says, “As a dentist, I’ve seen the way jaw position impacts your airway. The Snore Guard® features Air Flow Technology™ to help prevent the jaw and tongue from dropping back into the throat and restricting the air passage. Keeping the air-way open greatly reduces snoring. Come in and I’ll custom-fit your snore guard, so you can get back into your own bedroom in time for Valentine’s Day!” Getting a good night’s sleep is important to the state of your relationship...and the state of your health! Dr. Lomonte says, “Whether you’re

the one snoring or the one listening, you’re losing sleep. Fatigue can lead to headaches, concentration problems, hypertension, depression, and cardiac disease. Sleeping pills, earplugs and nose strips are all expensive attempts to treat the surface problem...the noise. But snoring starts with the position of your jaw and tongue at night. Snore Guard® has been proven up to 99% effective in the treatment of snoring and it’s FDA cleared for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. I want my patients to live long, healthy lives...and Snore Guard® can help!” If you or your spouse are among the 45 percent of adult men and 30 percent of adult women who snore at least a few nights a week...come see Dr. Lomonte. He says, “From snoring solutions to bite correction to whitening, I love finding ways to help my patients show off their beautiful smiles...and find peace at home!”


Thomas M. Lomonte, D.D.S. 281- 530-1440 12122 Murphy Rd., Stafford, TX 77477


The Miracle of Love

Sarah Warburton


hat’s the secret to lasting love? Knowing that you don’t have to throw everything out just to change things up a little! Jonee and Paul Barnett, co-owners of the Miracle Method, have been married for twenty-six years, so they know how love endures...even as the the tides of fashion change. Jonee says, “The Miracle Method makes it possible to update and completely transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom...without ripping out or removing anything!” When you look at your spouse, can you remember what you both were wearing the first time you met? The corduroy suit, the

8 ~ UPCLOSE ~ February 2012

bell bottoms, the pink denim miniskirt and jelly sandals––these styles didn’t stand the test of time...even though your relationship’s still going strong! Jonee says, “If you love your house, but you hate the

When you look at your spouse, can you remember what you both were wearing the first time you met? hunter green and mauve bathroom that was just perfect when you moved in ten years ago, we’ve got an easy fix! The Miracle Method transforms porcelain, ceramic, laminate, acrylic, or cultured marble surfaces without ripping them out. His and hers sinks take on a whole new look with the Miracle Method’s seamless, non-porous, heat resistant, scratch resistant surfaces!” The bedrock of a good relationship is dependability, thoughtfulness, and trust. Jonee says, “Our team shows up on-time and ready to work. Small jobs take only a day and even a big job with a couple of

bathrooms and a kitchen takes less than five. Paul and I love knowing the results are always fantastic...and save up to seventyfive percent over the cost of removal and replacement. That’s why we’ve got customers that keep coming back for one room after another, year after year!” Remember the thrill of falling in love? You and your sweetie could fall in love with your house...all over again! Jonee says, “Call us for your free estimate, give us just a few days...and we’ll give you a kitchen or bathroom that looks like new. We’re sure you’ll love this miracle!” Miracle Method Surface Restoration 281-240-2284 603 Murphy Road (by appointment only) Stafford, TX

The Tree of Knowledge Sarah Warburton


id you think the secret to success in school was “smarts” or “studying?” Even smart kids who try their best can struggle. Betsy de Vega, a Learning Specialist with over twenty years of experience, says, “There are two parts to smart––knowledge and intelligence. Knowledge is the information we vocabulary words, dates, and math facts. Intelligence is the process of learning information...the way our brain processes information independently, efficiently, and retains that information. We know that knowledge plus intelligence equals learning excellence...and that’s why I founded the Kn.I.L.E. Center. At our after-school program, EduCoachNow (ECN) we offer students one-on-one solutions for success.” Does your child work hard, but nothing seems to “stick?” Betsy says, “I always start with a free consultation and session to assess which areas need strengthening and which educational coach would be the best fit. Processing skills like attention, memory, speed, visual, auditory, logic and reasoning affect the way the brain absorbs, processes, and retains information. Study habits, organizational skills, problem-solving,

goal-setting, and strategic study and test skills also impact a child’s success in school. By looking at the big picture, we can help your child succeed across the board!” Knowing “how” to study is as important as knowing “what” to study. Coach Rachel Johnson says, “We incorporate the material kids need to know right away––like vocabulary words or history facts––into the learning exercises we do. I love seeing students having fun while they learn how to learn!” Coach Emily Bruce says, “We help kids succeed in all subjects, not just in math or Spanish. The educational strategies and learning skills they get here will help them throughout life. Seeing kids build their self-esteem and develop confidence in their abilities (both academically and socially) makes this center invaluable!” Nowhere else do Spanish students learn how to learn a language, math students learn how to memorize math facts, and history students learn how to take notes and organize material. EduCoachNow teaches If traditional schools aren’t successful in kids how to succeed everywhere! Parents love reaching your child, come see the flexible the pay-as-you-go approach and say, “Betsy is learning environment of the KnILE Prep an amazing, creative and patient educator. She Academy. Owner and Director Betsy de finds ways to connect with my daughter that Vega says, “Most children can perform no other teacher or tutor has!” and “We’ve high-level work...under the right conditions. seen a big improvement!” We specialize in educating students with Betsy de Vega dyslexia, sensory issues, attention-deficit 281-682-4573 disorder and the like. Students in grades Kn.I.L.E Center, LLC 4th -12th, follow a superior, easy-to-learn, “Knowledge plus Intelligence equals technology-enhanced curriculum in a Learning Excellence relaxed and welcoming setting.” Check us EduCoachNow out at

Is your child succeeding in school?

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Sugar Land flips for new Gym Formerly known as Bill Austin Gymnastics


by Sarah Warburton

ugar Land families are flipping for the newest gymnastics studio in town. Over the past six months since Robert Gifford, founder of Safety America and new owner of Sugar Land Gymnastics, bought the gym next to the Sugar Land Ice Center, he and his top-quality staff have tripled the enrollment! He says, “I don’t believe in doing things half-way. When we bought this location and founded Sugar Land Gymnastics, we brought with us the same philosophy that’s made Safety America the largest martial arts school in Fort Bend: Respecting and encouraging our students is the only way to succeed!” You can see the changes in the newly remodeled gym, with state-of-the-art elite equipment, revamped parent waiting room with flat screen televisions, and a separate karate studio (still with a viewing window for parents). But the difference at this innovative gym is more than meets the eye! Bryan Kiser, the Executive Director and General Manager of the Sugar Land Gymnastics and Dance Studio says, “We looked for staff that had an elite background in the sport...and that really love working with kids. At the end of the day, we want our kids to understand that it can be fun to do your best!” “Building skills in gymnastics, karate or dance starts with building confidence and self-esteem,” say Bob. “We treat our kids with respect, so they’ll be excited about striving to excel! We’re a member club of USA Gymnastics, we host the Dufour Dance Studio, and we have instructors in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Self Defense and Aikido. I’m proud to be the sole owner of the Sugar Land Gymnastics, Dance, and Karate center...and if you’re not familiar with me and the way I do business, I’d like to invite you to stop by any time!”

Want a little free-style fun? Bring your kids to Open Gym night at Sugar Land Gymnastics on Fridays from 6-9 and get psyched for Spring Break Sports Weeks...where it’s all fun, games, and sports! Gymnastics, Karate, Dance, Soccer, Zip Line, Rock Wall, Jedi Sword Fighting, Flag Football, and more. All for a daily rate of $ reservations needed!

Over the past six months since Robert Gifford, founder of Safety America and new owner of Sugar Land Gymnastics, bought the gym next to the Sugar Land Ice Center, he and his top-quality staff have tripled the enrollment! Sugar Land Gymnastics and Dance • 281-240-0999 16215 Lexington Blvd, Sugar Land, Texas 77479

My Doctor, My Friend Sarah Warburton ou want a doctor you can trust, one who’ll look out for your health, and one that you and your family really like. Marijo Balderas knows firsthand how your relationship with a good doctor grows over time. She says, “In 1993, when we moved to Sugar Land, we were in need of an eye doctor. Everyone in my family wears glasses.


“Dr. Doan has been our eye doctor for over fifteen years. We saw a few different doctors, but none of them were just right. Then the Missouri City Vision Source opened up and it was just across the street from our neighborhood. Dr. Anh Doan’s friendliness and expertise were just what we were looking for!” Why is it important to like your eye doctor? You’ll be seeing a lot of her over the years! If fact, you’ll want to see your eye doctor for yearly checkups to track changes in your vision and catch problems like cataracts, glaucoma, macular


degeneration, and other eye diseases. Marijo says, “Dr. Doan has been our eye doctor for over fifteen years. Besides standard yearly care for our eyes, we have from time to time needed to be seen on an emergency basis for unplanned occurrences. Of course, with her ‘Please come in and let me help you’ attitude, Dr. Doan is always accommodating!” How do you know if your eye problem warrants a trip to the doctor? Dr. Doan says, “It’s always all right to call me if you’re worried. If you’ve suffered an injury to the eye, have severe eye pain, or experience a sudden, drastic change in vision, please seek immediate medical attention for your eyes. If you’re bothered by a continual eye irritation, I can do a check up and let you know if it’s allergies or an infection. Any time you have a problem with your vision, I hope you’ll feel comfortable in calling for help. I tell my patients...that’s what I’m here for!” How would Marijo describe her family’s eye doctor? “Warm, caring, competent, that is how I would describe my eye doctor...and my friend, Dr. Doan!” Dr. Anh Doan, O.D. Vision Source! 4725 Highway 6 South 281-261-2647

Bringing Dreams to Life

Sarah Warburton on’t give up on your dreams! “If you’ve been trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully for over a year or if you’ve experienced two failed pregnancies,” says triple board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. Subodh Chauhan, “come talk with me. Every year brings new advances to the world of fertility. I promise to really listen and to put all my resources at your disposal...sometimes the answer is simpler than you might think. Making family’s dreams come true is the most exciting thing in the world!” Everyone at Dr. Chauhan’s office is committed to breathing life into the hopes and dreams of families. One patient told us, “We had a successful pregnancy with the help of Dr. Chauhan and we decided we wanted another baby. That time, when in vitro didn’t work the first time, Dr. Chauhan was as disappointed as we were…I could see the tears in his eyes. Later when we learned we were pregnant again his whole office was so happy for us.” Another patient said, “The day we got the positive test results, Debbie walked into the room with Dr. Chauhan and I could tell from the smiles on their faces that I was pregnant. They really rejoiced with us and it felt fantastic to know they were in our corner.”

How do patients get in touch with Dr. Chauhan? They tell us he takes his time in every appointment, answers their phone calls, emails, and texts...and really cares about them and respects their feelings. One patient writes, “I was a patient of Dr. Chauhan’s when he practiced in WV. Perhaps the best compliment I could give is to say that if I ever go through fertility treatments again, I would temporarily reside in Texas just so he could be my doctor. He’s that good. Knowledgeable. Caring. Understanding. Polite. Patient. Kind.” Your dreams of having a family are possible...with the expertise of Dr. Chauhan and his team at the Fertility Specialists of Houston. Dr. Chauhan says, “If you’re concerned, come in for a consultation and together we’ll explore the amazing possibilities.” Fertility Specialists of Houston 4724 Sweetwater Blvd, Ste 105 • Sugar Land, TX 77479 832-553-5IVF (5483) •

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Chelsey Campbell

Nicky Sauter


ho is this strong, happy boy cheering as Kevin Kline runs to raise money for the Snowdrop Foundation? Except for his sign saying “Kevin runs for kids like me!” you might never know that Nicky Sauter is a cancer-survivor...and the inspiration for Nicky’s Journey. Back in November of 2007, when Nicky was only four years old, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), the most common leukemia in children. Nicky went through two and a half years of chemotherapy treatment...and he and his family learned about the incredible strength of the human spirit. His mother writes, “Today Nicky is a rambunctious, bright, compassionate...and cancerfree. But for every child who completes treatment there is another just beginning. I thought back to all of the generous and loving people who have “paid it forward” for my family and knew that we had to do something. That’s why we started our foundation, Nicky’s Journey.” Nicky’s Journey is a nonprofit organization existing for the sole purpose of providing a portable DVD player, case and a gift card for purchasing DVDs for children at Houston hospitals who are diagnosed with cancer. During the long hours in the hospital, Nicky turned to a portable DVD player to relieve the boredom. Nicky and his family hope that each time a child is newly diagnosed at the hospital, they can be given a DVD player for free. Nicky hasn’t forgotten the help and support he received as he went through his journey... and now he’s committed to paying it forward with the compassion and insight of someone who’s really been there. “Cancer put me on the right path,” say Nicky. 12 ~ UPCLOSE ~ February 2012

One month back in 2005 fifteen-year-old high school sophomore CHELSEY CAMPBELL was a homecoming co-princess, the next she was diagnosed with advanced, stage four, undifferentiated sarcoma, a rare cancer of the soft tissues that only affects fifty people each year. When her doctor told her that only one person in ten survives this type of cancer, Chelsey told her doctor that she “would be that one person in ten” and that she would see her sixteenth birthday. During a “marathon” surgery session that lasted twenty-seven hours, doctors removed ninety-five percent of Chelsey’s tumors. Only two remained post surgery and four weeks of radiation, only one remained. Unfortunately, continued radiation treatments did not eliminate this last tumor. Chelsey lost her battle on December 9, 2006. In June of 2006, Kevin and his wife Trish gifted Chelsey with Snowdrop Foundation, a 501(c)(3) created in her honor in order to raise money for pediatric cancer research at Texas Children’s Cancer Center. Kevin says, “Not only did Chelsey celebrate her sixteenth birthday, but the foundation was created and approved as a nonprofit literally within days of her party.” At you can view the trailer for DEAR CHELSEY: Strides Across Texas. This full-length documentary details the way Chelsey’s battle with cancer helped Kevin see beyond himself and inspired him to commit his life to running marathons to remember, honor, and join the fight to help kids who stare down the biggest challenge of their lives. Kevin and the filmmaker, Everett Marshall says, “To the Campbell Family: Thank you for sharing Chelsey with us. She said, her life ‘will continue for a hundred billion trillion years’… and so will our love for her.”

Jonathan When Jonathan was sixteen, he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Approximately 140,000 people are diagnosed with some form of blood cancer each year, but AML is a rare diagnosis for teenagers...with only 500 adolescent cases a year in the U.S. Jonathan went through more than eight rounds of aggressive chemotherapy and moved in and out of remission. Doctors believed that the only thing that could give Jonathan a full recover was a bone marrow transplant. Stem cells from a donor help restore the function of the marrow, which produces blood for the body. The odds of a match are low, even among blood relatives. According to the LeukemiaLymphoma Society, the chance of having a full match with a sibling is about 25 percent. If that match is not available, the search begins for an unrelated donor in the National Marrow Donor Program registry. That bank of potential donors to date includes the profiles of more than 7.4 million people who have volunteered to be tested.“You could save a life,” said Kevin O’Malley, Jonathan’s father. “It could be anybody in this world. So it’s a great way to do something greater than yourself.”

After a double cord blood transplant in 2010, Jonathan is still free from leukemia...and still our hero! He continues to struggle with one challenge after another including: pericarditis, GVHD of the lungs and GI tract, fungus in the sinus cavity with removal of the left maxillary and left palate of his mouth, and many other viruses and infections. Jonathan has been put on Foscarnet, still difficult to get a year after a story done by Kevin Reece at KHOU TV Houston described the nationwide drug shortages and discussing Jonathan’s need for Foscarnet. His mother writes, “You never get comfortable and should be prepared for anything when you’re the parents of a child who has cancer or some other life threatening illness. Jonathan is truly our miracle child and we are thankful for your thoughts and prayers.”

The FACTS Behind the Faces

Bryson and Luca Strength comes in all sizes and the kids at Texas Children’s Cancer Center are true fighters. Bryson was born in June of 2008. The following March he came down with cold-like symptoms. After two frantic trips to the doctor, his parents rushed him to Texas Children’s Hospital where he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with MLL- rearrangement. He was only nine months old. Bryson was due to be done with all his treatments in May 2010, but an unexpected relapse sent him through the transplant process with cord blood starting August 2, 2010. As one mother said, after transplant “the leukemia is only half the battle.” Bryson’s mom writes, “He is amazing to say the least, he grabs attention where ever we go and touches people’s hearts. He is the reason our life is filled with so much joy, his laughter is contagious but his fight for living is what is truly amazing, at the age of two he has seen more of a hospital than anyone should...yet he smiles, he shines and he is living life as a “normal” toddler. We love him more than words can say and we pray as well ask for prayers for his fight to overcome this battle that has been his life.” A year after his transplant, Bryson is a feisty three-year-old who’s learned to walk all by himself... and run and jump and excel. He’s melting hearts everywhere he goes!

Want to be a hero? Register to become a marrow donor. At the age of two, Luca was diagnosed with leukemia. Before his fifth birthday, he’d endured over sixty rounds of IV

Childhood cancer is the leading cause of non-accidental death in children More children die each year from pediatric cancer than from asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, congenital abnormalities and AIDS combined. Nine children die of cancer every school day. The cause of childhood cancer remains unknown. No one knows why the incidence of childhood cancer in the United States has increased at approximately one percent per year. The incidences of the most common type of childhood cancer––acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) are up 10 percent; the incidences of childhood brain tumors are up more than 30 percent. By the age of 20, 1 in every 330 children or adolescents is diagnosed with cancer. More than 75 percent of drugs used to treat adults with cancer originated from studies in children with cancer. In the last 50 years, more children have died from cancer than U.S. soldiers in all military actions combined.

Kevin Kine with Emily Freeman

Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Service is an internationally recognized center of excellence for pediatric hematology/ oncology care. It is the largest pediatric cancer and hematology program in the U.S. and the only pediatric hematology and oncology treatment facility in Houston with the full range of pediatric subspecialty care available in-house, on call, 24-hours a day. One hundred percent of the Center’s clinical faculty are board certified in pediatric hematology/ oncology.

chemotherapy, eight doses of full body radiation, eight PICC lines, one port, one pheresis catheter, over twenty plasma exchanges, one hundred and forty two platelet and one hundred and twenty blood transfusions. Why do his family call him lucky? Luca is alive and well today. The pic is of Luca with his bone marrow donor––a New York firefighter!

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The MOST Complete


Sports Medicine

Jeffrey B. Wood, M.D.

Diseases & Deformities of the Spine

Eddie T. Matsu, M.D. General Orthopedics

Mark W. Maffet, M.D.

Knee & Shoulder Surgery, Sports Medicine

Timothy C. Sitter, M.D.

Knee & Shoulder Surgery, Sports Medicine

Vincent C. Phan, M.D.

Hand & Upper Extremities

Carl A. Hicks, M.D.

Joint Reconstructive Surgery

Christopher K. Smith, M.D.

Methodist Orthopaedic Specialists of Texas

Adult & Pediatric Orthopedics

Methodist Orthopaedic Specialists of Texas (MOST) physicians are recognized as some of the finest board certified physicians in the specialty of orthopedics. They provide comprehensive, world-class orthopedic care under one roof right here in Fort Bend County — from sports medicine to joint replacement, hand and wrist to ankle

David A. Braunreiter, M.D.

Sports Medicine

Ray R. Valdez, M.D. Foot & Ankle

Anthony J. Muffoletto, M.D.

Diseases & Deformities of the Spine

and spine care. They perform on a higher level, so you can, too. To schedule an appointment, call 281-494-MOST (6678) or email

1201 Brooks Street Sugar Land, TX 77478 281-494-MOST (6678)

Go to our website now to make an appointment by using your smartphone QR reader.




Do You Love Your Kitchen? Sarah Warburton


tarting a big project is hard enough, but when it’s a project that doesn’t interest you, it’s even harder! Three years ago Donna Crary and her husband moved into a twenty-year-old house and had been updating it room by room ever since. Donna says, “I’m not much for the kitchen in general (I only use the oven for shoe storage), so I kept putting it off. It’s just a galley kitchen, but the wallpaper and counters were awful and I had no idea what to do. I’d even had a consultation with a designer. She didn’t generate a lot of ideas and I’d gotten to the point where I just wanted to go away for a week and come back to find the kitchen redone. I found All About Carpet in UpClose Magazine. Working with Shaun McKelvey was an absolute dream. I showed him pictures of my kitchen and explained that I didn’t know what I wanted. The floor had already been done, but everything else needed to be redone. He made me feel like we could do the project together piece

I wasn’t thrilled about starting the project...but I’m thrilled with the way it turned out. He described the look with neutrals and creams as Tuscan, but I feel like he transformed my kitchen into a beautiful “desert cave.” My husband and I had lived overseas and I cried when we left. The look of the kitchen reminds me of that style. I told them I don’t use my kitchen to cook, but we still found something beautiful and practical. Now it’s a place where I’m happy to spend time and I can’t believe how much I love it!” Shaun says, “My mom and dad, Renee and Bob McKelvey, and all of us here at All About Carpet and Floors take pride in offering the best customer service and helping you make sense of all the choices for your flooring, kitchen, and bath. You really can love every room in your home... and we’re here to help!”

“I’m not much for the kitchen in general (I only use the oven for shoe storage), so I kept putting it off. by piece. I had a hard time figuring out how everything would go together. Finally I brought in a piece of the flooring and Shaun set up three stations to show how my favorite tile and granite choices would look with the floor and the two windows. He sketched it out and made it so easy. Once we had a plan, I was impressed with the crew they sent to do the work. Every day they came in early and worked hard until 5pm. They were all very pleasant and very quiet. They sanded down my cabinets and found a stain to match. Even though the wood didn’t take the stain evenly, they found a way to make it look just right. At the last minute I asked the team from All About Carpet to run the backsplash up and around the arches...and it looks so good.

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All About Carpet and Floors 281-265-3700 3145 Highway 6 Sugar Land, TX 77478

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True Tales of Plumbing Disasters Sarah Warburton


ne local family left town for a well-deserved vacation. They were relaxing and having fun, when they got a call from a neighbor saying, “There’s water running into the street...and it’s coming from your front door!” A busted supply line under the sink flooded the home, but that same alert neighbor knew the best solution to every plumbing problem...a quick call to Alan’s Plumbing. Alan says, “Aging pipes, outdated hot water heaters, and faulty equipment are the leading causes of plumbing disasters. These things aren’t made to last forever, so call us when you notice a little problem...before it becomes an emergency!” After faulty equipment, the second leading cause of plumbing disasters is the thought: “Before I call Alan’s Plumbing, let me try it myself.” One local woman had a clog in the line to her toilet. She checked the internet, found some instructions, and sent her son up on the roof with a hose to flush it out. She told us, “Turns out, if you put that hose in the wrong place you flood the attic,

and when the gas builds up your toilet explodes! I never imagined it could be such a mess!” Put down the wrench and pick up the phone... before you turn a little problem into a plumbing disaster! Alan’s wife Jennifer says, “Put down the tools and pick up the phone. I’ll talk you through cutting off the water at the source or the main, then we can send someone out to fix the problem. If your ‘little’ problem’s actually complicated, we’ve got Master Plumbers, including Alan, with the training to deal with any plumbing disaster.” What’s the best way to prevent your own

g n i b m lu P s ’ n la A l l a C

Alan’s Plumbing 281-261-1064

4 6 0 1 1 6 2 1 8 2 16 ~ UPCLOSE ~ February 2012

plumbing disaster? Keep the number for Alan’s Plumbing by the phone and hand it to your neighbor with the spare key and the house code. Whether you’ve got a burst pipe, a clogged drain, need to replace a hot water heater, or a toilet reset, call Alan, Jennifer, their three sons––Beau, Luke, and Jake––brothers Chris and Brian and fellow plumber Zack. They’ll get the job done at a reasonable price...and only tool you’ll need is a phone!

Put Your Party Wings On... Sarah Warburton …it’s time for a high-flying celebration! No, we aren’t talking about Cupid...this party’s in February, but it isn’t for Valentine’s Day. Dr. Biancia Sanchez explains, “We love February at Little People’s Dentistry because it’s Children’s Dental Health Month and also our anniversary. Those are two great reasons to celebrate our patients! I’ve gotten so much good advice from the tooth fairy over the years that I let her give me some fashion advice, too. I’ll be keeping my wings, wand, and tutu for our next anniversary celebration!” Kids (and a few parents) enjoyed VIP treatment at the Little People’s photo shoot...and next year so could you! Dr. Sanchez says, “We dress up with boas and funny glasses, I hand out ‘special occasion’ goody bags, and we display this photo in our office all year as a big ‘thank you’ to our patients. We always end up with a waiting list, because it’s one of our most popular events. We really want to thank all our patients and their families for our first three wonderful years at Little People’s Dentistry. We’re looking forward to

seeing these great kids grow along with us!” Ready for a bonus gift? Dr. Sanchez says, “To celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month, we’re offering special discounts on braces: a $200 discount off the total treatment cost for patients with insurance and $500-$1000 off the total treatment cost for self-pay patients. We offer free orthodontic consultations and Saturday appointments. I always tell parents that correcting a problem like crowding when your child is young minimizes the amount of work and extractions (and teenage social embarrassment) that have to be endured later. Things may not be as simple if you wait until your child’s twelve or thirteen. A free consultation allows Dr. Radford to evaluate the situation, so we can make the best decisions for your child.” Did you recognize Dr. Sanchez’s staff members dressed as the molar, toothbrush, and toothpaste? She says, “One of the best parts of being a pediatric dentist is seeing these amazing kids smile...and we’ll do anything to make that happen!”” Little People’s Dentistry “Because Kidz Are People, Too.” 281-261-0020 4706 Riverstone Blvd., Suite 200 (behind Kohl’s in Riverstone)

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The Real Secret of the Stars Sarah Warburton


ou’ve seen their glowing complexions on the cover of magazines or walking the red carpet. So what’s the big secret? Stars like Eva Longoria, Heather Locklear, Sophia Bush, Eric Dane and Usher know they’ll get the products and services their skin needs and the five-star service they love

Treat yourself like a celebrity!

Special Event! Feb. 14th 11am -2pm Complimentary, Brow-shaping & Mini facial! Kalologie Medspa

at Kalologie. Maybe you’ve seen Kalologie on “Great Day Houston,” “The Doctors,” or the “Tyra Banks Show. Come see the secret for yourself at Sugar Land’s Kalologie location, where all of us can get celebrity treatment for a gorgeous glow. One non-celebrity client writes, “Kalologie is one of the best spa experiences I have had ever! One of the things that I like so much is how extremely knowledgeable everyone is... from the manager to the on-site nurse to my esthetician. They have all helped me get my skin on track! They talk to you about your skin––healthy ways to treat it, lifestyle changes, and possible services/products that will help. I have complete faith in them, they know me as a person, they know my skin, and they are in it for the long haul with me...and they don’t try to sell you products that aren’t right for you. It’s great to go somewhere you trust, where the people know you, in very extremely comfortable surroundings with experts who treat your skin as if it were their own.” Treat yourself like a celebrity at a price anyone can afford with Kalologie Medspa’s Spa Pass memberships. Enjoy one Classic Facial a month with the Spa Pass Membership for

$59 monthly or choose from one of four signature facials–– the Signature Facial, the Clear-Skin Facial, the Age-Defying Facial or the Vitamin C Facial––for $89 a month. As an added perk you’ll receive 10% off all medical services, and discounts on Kalologie Lab products, Botox, and Juvederm...anytime during your membership! Looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Love and beauty come together at Kalologie. Stop by Kalologie Medspa on Valentine’s Day for a complimentary browshaping and 30-minute mini-facial! From 11am-2pm at a first-come, first-served basis! Kalologie Medspa 281-265-0880 15890 Southwest Freeway Whole Foods Shopping Center Sugar Land, TX 77478

1206 Hagerson Road Sugar Land, TX 77479 281-499-6067

Personal Training Studio and Fitness Center

Gift Certificates Available!




Colony Lakes


Oilfield Road


ive one Dr


verst Lake Ri





i Un

6 Lake Olympia


v Bl



Shalom Way

Struggling to find the ideal TREAT for your family in the last few days before Valentines? Why not try our RETREAT that can work to achieve their fitness or weight loss goals for 2012 in the gym!




n .U

Manor Drive

Health at The Fitness Retreat Fitness Center - 24 hour, no enrollment fee, no contract Personal Fitness Evaluation Body Composition Analysis Personal Training - always under our personal trainer’s watchful eye and motivational guidance Adult and Kids Outdoor Fitness Training Mixed Martial Arts Training

FM 1092

Baseball at The Fitness Retreat Baseball Cages and Rentals Professional Baseball Coaching Sports specific baseball conditioning available on a covered, outdoor, turfed training area




The Fitness Retreat



• Two miles from Elkins High School • 3 miles from Hwy 6 & FM 1092 Murphy Road

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Do You Get VIP Treatment? Becca Bragg


ugar Land’s home to some famous names, and one of them is our oldest independent Trane dealer, Jackson Air. Eighty percent of Jackson Air’s new customers are referrals from friends and family...and it was a referral from his fatherin-law that introduced Tom DeLay to Brian Jackson. We asked Tom DeLay what has kept him coming back to Jackson Air year after year and he told us: “I’ve lived here for over ten years and I’ve been using Jackson Air so long I can’t remember when I called them initially. I always love dealing with a family-owned company and in the case of Jackson Air, that’s proved to be the right decision! They do a walk-through and let you know what’s really going on. Brian’s excellent about explaining all the different systems and you’ll get a written estimate up-front before they do any work. This is one company that really knows how to look after customers!”

“You need to go with a company that does the job right. Replacing my air conditioner and furnace was very difficult due to the tight space in the attic and outside area. The team from Jackson Air was able to do all that in an efficient and clean way. They installed a very technologically advanced new system with different levels of output and humidity control. I chose it to be very energy efficient...and I hope to see those savings on my bill this summer.” If your air conditioner was gasping and choking last summer, barely able to control the heat and humidity in your home, why wait? Brian Jackson says, “We’ve got excellent off-season pricing, 0% financing plus a FREE whole house media filter with the purchase of a new system, that makes this

30 Years

Celebrating John Trevathan, CPA, PLLC

of happy clients!

the perfect time to snag an energy-efficient system for your home. We gave Tom DeLay the same VIP service we give to all our customers...because we hope to keep you coming back year after year!” Jackson Air and Heat, Inc. Sugar Land’s Oldest Independent Trane Dealer 281-240-1037

Pre-K to 8th Grade

Extended Hours available until 6:30PM for registered students Homework Assistance Program Registering for the 2012-2013 School Year.

Extracurricular activities include: Now Hiring! John Trevathan, CPA, PLLC 281-207-1333 19901 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, TX 77479

*Piano *Voice *Guitar *Art

*Chess *Math *Student Council

Private School Interscholastic Assoc. Member 1717 Dulles Ave., Missouri City, TX 77459

Member of


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Kiss the Mess Goodbye! by Sarah Warburton


oes your significant other love to whip up gourmet meals or take a picnic to the ball game? Have you planned a romantic evening with roses and candles or a night out at a comedy club? However you and your special someone spend your free time, it’s a sure bet that you both love a clean house...but no one loves doing the cleaning! “When you give someone–or yourself–the gift of regular cleanings, what you’re really giving them is time to spend doing the things they love!” says Max McCammond, our local cleaning expert and owner of Professional Maid Service. “We value your home, your time, and your peace of mind...that’s why our employees are bonded and insured, arrive in a company car with uniforms, and deliver a clean that really sparkles!” Instead of arguing over whose turn it is to mop the floor or take out the trash, you could be enjoying time with your loved ones. Leave the cleaning to the professionals and kiss the mess goodbye. Professional Maid Service 281-342-6500

20 ~ UPCLOSE ~ February 2012

Cleaning to

the “Max” After the pillow fight is over, you don’t have to toss those pillows in the trash...even if they’re filled with feathers or down. As long as the covers don’t have any slits or tears, you can put them right in the washing machine. To keep your machine from rocking and rolling, load two pillows at a time (one on each side) and use only a small amount of detergent. Max says, “I recommend you use the delicate cycle and give the pillows a second rinse at the end. Then put them in the drier with several clean tennis shoes. It sounds crazy, but the shoes help fluff the pillows and keep the down and feathers from clumping up. They’ll still take longer than a normal load of clothes, but there’s no reason to replace them when cleaning them is so easy!”

Get a Little

Photo by Brian Kanof


If there’s a burr under the saddle of complacency, it’s Kinky Friedman. And if you’re one of the people who (as Kinky said) “listen to the songs that made me infamous and read the books that made me respectable,” you don’t want to miss out on seeing Kinky in person. In a live show described as “Mark Twain meets Groucho the corner of Johnny Cash and Lenny Bruce” Kinky brings his brand of humor and his brand-new Man in Black Tequila through the Deep South...and he’s kicking off this “Southern Discomfort Tour” right here in The Woodlands at Dosey Doe on Feb. 8. Ready to experience your inner Kinky? You’ll get a taste of Kinky’s biting and hysterically accurate assessment of politics, twisted tunes like “They Ain’t Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore,” “Sold American,”

and “Ride ‘Em Jewboy,” and reading from Kinky’s works like his popular mystery series or his recently completed book with Billy Bob Thornton, “The Billy Bob Tapes...and better than icing on the cake, a special tasting of his new top-shelf Tequila either before or after the performance. You’re guaranteed to leave this show kinkier than when you came in! Pull out your Kinky and bring it to the show. An official signing party follows each night’s performance. Will Kinky sign your favorite teeshirt, your holster, your dog’s collar? This “Governor of the Heart of Texas” promises, “I’ll sign anything...but bad legislation!” Can’t make it on the 8th? Follow the Southern Discomfort Tour from The Woodlands on the 8th to Austin at the Cactus Café on the UT campus Feb. 9; Bryan at Village Downtown Feb. 10; Dallas’ AllGood Café Feb. 12; and Denton at Dan’s Silverleaf Feb. 13. If you dare to leave the Lone Star State, look for Friedman in Lafayette, La., at Vermillionville Feb. 15; New Orleans at The Maple Leaf Feb. 18; Atlanta at Smith’s Olde Bar Feb. 19; Birmingham, Ala., at WorkPlay Theatre Feb. 20; Nashville at Exit Inn Feb. 22 and Oxford, Miss., at Proud Larry’s Feb. 23. Staring in Lafayette, Nashville producer and comedic country musician Kacey Jones (heard on A Prairie Home Companion, Woodsongs, and The Bob and Tom show) will open the show for Kinky.

Where’s Your Mail? I

f bad news about the post office and delays with your mail have got you down, it’s time to check out our friendly neighborhood UPS store, locally-owned and operated by Mike Moton and his wife. Mike says, “We’re located at 5680 Highway 6, between Riverstone Blvd. and S. University Blv. next to T-Mobile in the shopping strip directly in front of the Palais Royal parking lot. Only a line of trees stands between us and Highway Six! Once you find us, we know you’ll be back...and we look forward to welcoming you as another of our regular customers!” Need packing, shipping, office supplies, or printing services? At Mike’s UPS Store, you can do it all! Mike says, “Because of my background as owner of Image Printing and Discount Printing, our UPS store has more than a choice between black and white or color copies. We still have access to advanced printing equipment for all your printing needs. We specialize in NCRs, the two or three part invoices. We’ve got the equipment and the skill to print anything...except money!” Whether your business is large or small, Mike’s UPS store offers solutions for you! Mike says, “For individuals or those who work from home, we offer secure mailboxes with a real street address...not just a PO Box number. If your company is unhappy with their current corporate shipper, let me enter your account into our system for a real ‘drop and go’ experience. I’ll get them out and put your receipt in a dedicated box to be picked up monthly or at your convenience.” When you are driving in Sugar Land/ Missouri City on Highway 6 between Riverstone and University...don’t drive past Mike’s UPS store. It’s a treasure worth finding! Mike says, “I love being a part of the Fort Bend community. My three boys all attended Kempner High School and now all three are in the medical field. My family and I work hard to operate this business with pride. Now we offer extended hours i.e. Monday through Friday 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM. Saturday 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Sunday, after church services, from 12:00 noon until 5:00 PM. Come in and see how we can make your life easier!” Ready to say “Howdy” and show off some Texas style? Display your Texas pride with products like wallets and belts made from genuine Texas cowhide. Available soon at the store or online at The UPS Store 281-403-3280 5680 Hwy 6 Missouri City, TX

“I love being a part of the Fort Bend community. My three boys all attended Kempner High School and now all three are in the medical field. My family and I work hard to operate this business with pride.”

20% off

All UPS Shipping and Packaging with this coupon

This coupon is only valid at our UPS store located at 5680 Highway 6, Missouri city, TX 77459.

Are You Paying, Paying, Paying? T hat’s what local mom Kristin Baker told us about her electric bill. She says, “I’m a yoga instructor at Embody with three kids, and I felt like all my money was going to the electric company. We live in Quail Valley in a house built in 1971. My air conditioner was still working, but not very well. In the summer, my bill was $700...and it still wasn’t cool in the house! I’d turn it up when we were all out of the house and I kept it at 72, but I kept paying, paying, paying on my bill and that old system just wouldn’t die.” Luckily for Kristin, she knew who to call. She says, “I’ve known Bryan for a long time. He’s such a nice guy, really honest, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make his customers happy. He came out to do one of the free evaluations that All Out A/C offers and he told me I’d have to get the system redone at some point. Finally, I called him up and said, ‘It’s some point right now!’ His team was on-time and professional. They replaced our whole air conditioning system and all the duct work, so we have a

brand new system. The new system is really efficient and we started feeling the difference in our home and seeing the difference on our bill right away. This is one year when I’m not afraid of seeing my summer electric bills!” If you’ve been paying outrageous amounts of money to the electric company and getting nothing back, call up Chance Kamp and Bryan Bellamy, owners of All Out A/C and Heating. Bryan says, “We always offer a free evaluation and estimate, so we can walk you through your options. Often the savings with an energy-efficient system are significant enough that it could pay for itself over time. Plus, a new system comes with a ten year warranty, for added peace of mind. Instead of sending that money out to the electric company, you could be putting it back into your home...and making your family more comfortable, too!” All Out A/C and Heating 281-238-9292 626 Highway 90A Richmond, TX 77406


ll Out


Now THAT’S a Pretty Door!


f time has left your door looking a little worse for wear, Ricks Front Door can deliver a makeover guaranteed to win rave reviews. Rick Davis says, “I believe to build a great company, you have to give exceptional customer service. My team will refinish your door like we would refinish a piece of furniture... because I believe your doors are beautiful, exotic pieces of furniture that adorn the front of your homes.” Where does the magic happen? Rick says, “On-site, in one day, and at a great price! Our process is simple and time tested. Our Craftsmen are professional and courteous. We use the very best stains and Marine grade spar urethanes to give a beautiful and long lasting finish. We use the best, professional grade, Hvlp Spray units to lay down a smooth, even finish, without the brushstrokes. Our vans are mobile refinishing shops equipped to tackle any job, in any weather. Visit our website for the full process and prices. We’re really passionate about making each and every door into a work of art!”

“My craftsmen carry all the weather strips for your doors in their vans. We can replace the weather strip from around your door to keep your warm air in and the critters out. Rubber weather strips need to be replaced about every seven years because of deterioration. Metal weather stripping needs to be replaced if it’s damaged. Worn weather stripping can cause your electric bill to rise 20% higher than normal. We want you to join our family and we will take care of all your door and weather strip needs.” Nothing boosts the curb appeal of your home like a truly gorgeous front door...and no one knows that secret like Rick’s team of talented craftsmen. He says, “We’re pleased to announce we won the 2011 Angie’s List Super Service Award for Excellence. We bend over backward to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied. We’re fully insured and bonded, all work is warrantied for your satisfaction, and we show up on-time. We love our customers and we take pride in the work we do!” “Call my daughter, Jessica,

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and she’ll schedule you in a morning or afternoon slot...and come ‘friend’ us on Facebook. I’d love to show you how easy it can be to get a door that’s easy on the eyes!” Rick’s Front Door Refinishing 713-427-2487

UPCLOSE ~ February 2012 ~ 23


Our panel of heart experts includes: Dr. Imran Mohiuddin Vascular Surgeon

Dr. Sherman Tang

Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Kesavan Shan

Diagnostic Cardiologist

Dr. Uttam Tripathy

Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon

Dr. B. Keith Ellis - Moderator Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Earl Mangin

Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Tapan Rami


Dr. Mahesh Ramchandani

Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon

Methodist Sugar Land Hospital

YOUR HEART HEALTH BELONGS WITH METHODIST SUGAR LAND HOSPITAL When it comes to matters of the heart, you don’t need to travel far to receive the best heart care in the area. All the services you need are right here at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. Our highly skilled doctors use state-of-the-art technology and surgical techniques, so you can get back to what really matters. Trust your heart to the experts at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital — your home for cardiac care. Come meet our panel of multispecialty doctors who will discuss: • Heart disease • Signs and symptoms of a heart attack • The importance of seeking treatment right away when having a heart attack • State-of-the-art technology and surgical techniques at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital

HEART SMART SEMINAR Thursday, February 23, 2012  6-8 p.m. Methodist Sugar Land Hospital - Conference Center To register: call 281-274-7500 or email Refreshments  Door prizes

FREE SCREENINGS FOR THOSE ATTENDING:  Cholesterol/glucose lab test gift certificate  Free blood pressure screening

16655 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, Texas 77479

UpClose Magazine  

A fun lifestyle magazine for Sugar Land, Texas

UpClose Magazine  

A fun lifestyle magazine for Sugar Land, Texas