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April 2014


April 27, 2014


ocal mom, advocate, and founder of the Autism Playgroup of Fort Bend, Susan Garczynski says, “If you see something quirky about your child––toe walking, a lack of friends, or an overly obsessive hobby––don’t let anyone dismiss your fears. At 15mos, my son Conner’s speech regressed and his play became quirky. Our Pediatrician told me ‘boys are just late talkers.’ My mom instinct didn’t wait for a label to start helping him.” “The same early intervention services that were a godsend to us turned away a friend...whose son did have high-functioning autism. There is no roadmap when it comes to autism, every kid is different. The only undisputed fact is that early intervention is vital! I’ve seen parents jump through financial and logistical hoops to find services for their child. One family had both parents working Houston-area jobs when a highly-sought out therapy became available. One of them commuted back to Sugar Land every single day during lunch to get their son to therapy.” Hope For Three founder Darla Farmer was a volunteer at Child Advocates of Fort Bend when she became friends with Hope Montgomery. Darla says, “Hope gave birth to a set of triplets on the anniversary of my own mother’s death and I immediately felt a special connection to them. When the “triple divas” Londyn, Lakin, and Lauren Montgomery were diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 ½, I investigated ways to help Hope’s family and families like hers. Quickly I real-

ized how unobtainable even basic services are. We brainstormed, did research and created this non-profit to bridge the gap between families and service providers. We are unique in focusing solely on autism... no other disability”. Blessed Be Hope for Three, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Through programs and events, Hope for Three raises funds and awareness about autism. One of their new programs is first responder education and area Susan knows too well. “I put Conner in time-out one day,” says Susan, “and he called 911. He learned at school to call 911 for he called 911 for “help” to get out of time out. But


help is subjective. I had to educate the officers on children with autism, and also educate Conner on the gray area between wanting help and having an emergency. I think training first responders to identify kids on the spectrum is a wonderful idea and I’m excited to see it happening right here in Fort Bend!” In addition to community awareness, Hope For Three also offers financial support to help families get autism-related services. Darla says, “We have a rigorous screening process and pay funds directly to service providers. Autism shouldn’t bankrupt families!” Susan says, “If you’re worried about your child, do not be afraid to inquire. Early intervention can help! There are services available to help your child be the very best he or she can be!”




April 27, 2014 by Amy Sharp

Not pictured: Kenneth Reid - Beasley • Darryl Humphrey, Sr. - Kendleton• Delbert Wendt Needville • Larry Bittner - Pleak • Bob Haenel Village of Fairchilds • Rod Pavlock - Orchard Leonard Scarcella - Stafford

Are you ready to “Strike Out Autism?”

Hope for Three partnered with the Sugar Land Skeeters, the Honorable Judge Hebert and all 18 Fort Bend City Mayors to host the 2nd Annual Strike Out Autism. Join us Opening Weekend, April 27, 2014, 2:05 PM at Constellation Field as we honor families and “Awesome Kids” with a Family Fun Day. Our hope is to not only raise awareness about autism, but unite the community and give our families challenged with the stresses of autism a fun-filled afternoon for everyone to enjoy. Volunteer and sponsorship opportunities available. Support local families and purchase tickets on line: www.HopeforThree. org/strike-out-autism

GAME TIME: 2:05PM Purchase tickets on line: A portion of each ticket is donated to Hope for Three. 1-800-317-0787 10200 West Airport Blvd. #100 Stafford, TX 77477 To advertise, 281-235-0600

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HOUSTON METHODIST CARDIOVASCULAR SURGERY ASSOCIATES WELCOMES ULISES BALTAZAR, MD, FACS Long-time Fort Bend physician Ulises Baltazar, MD, FACS, brings a compassionate, thorough approach to the treatment of painful varicose veins that can limit mobility and lead to more serious health issues. He and his staff focus on each and every patient to ensure they are well-informed and comfortable throughout the treatment process. Now in partnership with Houston Methodist Cardiovascular Surgery Associates — and supported by the leading-edge technology and highly skilled professionals at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital - Dr. Baltazar offers the most advanced surgical techniques to help patients suffering from the fatigue, pain and risk of varicose veins and related issues.


Medical Office Building Three 16605 Southwest Freeway,Ste 505 Sugar Land,Texas 77479 • 281.240.8400

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Body News

A Real Story

The Perfect Time for an

Incredible Change



hen Marylou says she lost “some” weight...she means an impressive 130 lbs! She says, “I’ve changed my life, exercising six and seven days a week and eating right. Finally I had to accept that no amount of work on my part would get rid of the excess skin and give me the flat stomach I wanted. I saw Dr. Ahmadi on television, talking about the Lipotuck™ procedure and how it gives better results than a traditional tummy tuck. I had consultations with a few doctors, but once I talked with Dr. Ahmadi, I was ready.” “During my consultation, Dr. Ahmadi never tried to sell me anything, he just asked me to tell him what I wanted. He really listened, then he told me what he believed he could do for me. He didn’t sugar-coat it or make everything seem quick and simple. He was purely professional and that gave me confidence. He was so positive about the way I had lost the weight. He said a healthy lifestyle was the only way to lose weight, and that he could give me a sculpted look.” Dr. Ahmadi of Avante Plastic Surgery is board-certified by the



American Board of Plastic Surgery, recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties to provide all aspects of cosmetic surgery. His Lipotuck™ combines the benefits of a tummy tuck and liposuction for a result that’s superior to either alone. This completely-customized procedure removes excess fat and skin from the lower abdomen, smoothes bulges, and creates a naturally curvy figure. Marylou says, “Dr. Ahmadi took a lot of time with me before my procedure answering my questions and saw me several times during my recovery. I was worried about how my body would heal, but Dr. Ahmadi reassured me. He said, “Look at my eyes. I promise I will take care of you. Nothing will happen to you and you will be okay.” He and everyone at his office have been wonderful!” After your Lipotuck™, your body will need time to heal, as it would from any surgery. Dr. Ahmadi says, “Patients are most concerned about their results and their recovery. I’ve been doing this so many years that we have everything in place down to all the fine details. My advice is to take care of yourself during your recovery... and you’ll find the results are worth the wait!” Marylou loves her results! She says, “When the procedure was over, Dr. Ahmadi had removed fifteen pounds of skin. It’s been an incredible change...I’m like a different person. My whole life I’ve always had a stomach, no matter how many days a week I exercised. It had always been with me like my closest friend, but I don’t miss it a bit now that it’s gone! I’ve had nothing but positive vibes all the way around. The Lipotuck™ was the perfect step for me at this point in my journey.” “I’m so glad I had Lipotuck™ with Dr. Ahmadi...I only wish I had it done earlier!”

Avante Plastic Surgery ~ 281-265-2639 (BODY) 1112 Soldiers Field Dr., Sugar Land, TX 77479

www.265BODY .com www.LIPOTUCK .com

Houston Rockets With A Local Electronics Store


hen the Houston Rockets needed to remodel their entire players’ area––the weight room, locker room, coach’s area, and more, they called in the experts from Home Theater Evolutions, founded by Richard Machemehl and Scott Crain right here in Sugar Land! Richard says, “Scott and I are definitely Rockets fans, so we really enjoyed meeting all the players and getting a look behind-the-scenes at the Toyota Center. We were also able to create some really cool electronic solutions for them... which is what we love to do!” Teamwork isn’t just for the court anymore...your electronics have to work together too! Scott says, “The Savant Automation System is the ‘brains’ of the system, so we set iPad controllers into the walls. The coaches & players can control every screen and all the sound from their own iPads. There’s an Apple TV and BluRay players hooked in...and we connected dozens of televisions throughout the facility. In the theater room, we created a video wall made of sixteen 55-inch LED panels that work together in a screen that totals 16 ft x 9 ft! Then in the locker room we used nine panels for a screen that’s 12 ft. x 6.5 ft.” Richard says, “Whenever we’re designing a theater room from scratch, we start with a conversation about how the room will be used. We talked about how the

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coaches wanted to use the room. We were able to include an annotation system, so that there’s a sixty-inch touch screen where the coach can ‘write’ with a stylus

directly onto the footage. You know when you’re watching a game at home and they mark up the playback with graphics? He can do that for his team...and then pull it up on the television or “send” it to any television in the facility. If an injured player is getting iced, the coach can turn on the

system remotely in that room, so the team can review footage and go over a game plan together.” The players like to pump up the music while they’re pumping Home Theater Evolutions gave them 4000 watts of sound with JBL speakers in their weight room and 2000 watts in their locker room. Scott says, “The team likes how flexible and user-friendly it is. They all picked it up really quickly and can play music from their iPhones, iPods, XM radio or Pandora through the sound system.” Every customer is treated like an MVP at Home Theater Evolutions. Scott says, “Come by our showroom and see the demo for the twenty state-of-the-art theater chairs we created and installed in the Houston Rockets theater room... complete with their logo on the back! Whether you pick a ready-to-go home theater package or want something custom-designed, we’ll create a game

plan that works for your home, your family or business, and your budget!” Home Theater Evolutions 281-980-2300 3157 Highway 6 at Williams Trace

Proudly Serving Fort Bend for 19 Years! Tree Trimming Tree Removal Senior Citizen Discount! Free Estimates! Insured for your Protection

Serving Fort Bend and the Greater Houston Area

On The Cover Strike Out Autsim/ Hope for Three

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is designed to treat multiple areas of the body. Renew Laser & Skin is pleased to introduce truSculpt—a proprietary radio frequency technology that causes shrinking of fat cells, promoting a slimming and smoothing effect. truSculpt treatments are comfortable, quick, and effective with heat being delivered through the skin in just onethree treatments. You can now be on your way to a new self with no down time.

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Adam becomes Eve

and Eve becomes Steve


oes this sound familiar? Once a married couple hits forty...they’re not the same people who got married years earlier. Dad loses his energy and passion and sits around in the recliner watching “Animal Planet.” And Mom runs on pure adrenaline and aggression, going five hundred directions at once. Lance Campbell, Pharm.D., R.Ph. says, “When your hormones are out of balance, so are your relationships. Hormonal imbalance affects both men and women, but it isn’t an inevitability of aging. Once your hormones are in balance, you’ll enjoy life and all your relationships with energy and vigor again.” Some signs of hormonal imbalance are as plain as the nose—or the hair—on your face. When estrogen and testosterone become imbalanced, you may suffer anxiety, insomnia, poor concentration, irritability, weight gain, acne, hair loss, night sweats, or reduced sex drive. Women may lose their waists, have trouble sleeping, or suffer dull skin and facial hair. Men may grow flabby breasts, have poor skin tone, and lose their libido. Do you look in the mirror (or at your spouse) and wonder what just happened? You both may be in need of hormonal bal-

8 ~ UPCLOSE ~ April 2014

ancing. After all, estrogen impacts more than fertility…it also affects bones, brain, beauty, and body weight. Testosterone plays a similar role for men. Dr. Campbell says, “It’s a common misconception that only women suffer from hormonal imbalances. Signs of low testosterone include weight gain, depression, and lethargy. Under the right circumstances, hormone replacement therapy can save your sanity...and your relationship!”

Call and set up a consultation with Dr. Campbell today…and see why so many have made Campbell’s Compounding their one-stop pharmacy. Campbell’s accepts major prescription and insurance plans, stocks all commercially available medications, and compounds medications to meet your needs. Dr. Campbell says, “Here at Campbell’s, we don’t stand at a distance…we give you our undivided attention and personal service. I believe that if you treat people with a good, ethical, Christian attitude, you’ll always have enough business. Working so closely with our patients means really remembering them as individuals. I find great satisfaction in getting to know you and your family and tailoring medications to fit your needs. I want you to enjoy your life and always be at your best!” Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy 281-980-2555 “If our staff can’t make it… then you probably don’t need it!” 4760 Sweetwater Blvd. Suite 103

Next Stop...St. Michael’s! HANG UP BEFORE YOU PICK UP



In the Blink of an Eye

Sarah Warburton


ccidents happen in the blink of an eye,” says Dr. Shannon Orsak of St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms. “April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, as well as National Alcohol Awareness Month. At St. Michael’s we want you to remember to put the safety of yourself and your family first.” According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2012, there were 90,378 traffic crashes in Texas that involved distracted driving. These crashes resulted in 18,468 serious injuries and 453 deaths. In fact, nearly one in four crashes in Texas involves driver distraction. Dr. Orsak says, “Consider putting your cell phone where you can’t get to it, or having a passenger serve as your designated texter. Remember, even if you just take your eyes off the road for a few seconds, your car keeps moving quickly. Whether you’re changing your music, turning around to fuss at the

kids, or something else, no distraction is worth a life. Be safe and drive smart!” “As emergency room physicians,” says Dr. Orsak, “we see the tragic effects of alcohol all too often. The last thing we want is for a happy time like graduation, a wedding, or a get-together with friends and family to end in tragedy. At St. Michael’s we’re committed to the health and safety of our whole community, so please make sure you and your loved ones always have a safe and sober ride.” Co-founded by Dr. Shannon Orsak and his brother Brian, St. Michael’s offers a luxurious waiting room, designated pediatric waiting rooms, an on-site radiol-

ogy department and lab, board-certified physicians and dedicated nurses. St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms is the first and only free-standing ER in Fort Bend and the surrounding Houston area. St. Michael’s ER is in-network with AETNA and also accepts more than 200 insurance plans, including Cigna, Blue Cross, United, and Humana. You’ll pay the same ER price for concierge service at St. Michael’s as you would pay at a standard ER...and often even less! St. Michael’s offers everything you need from an ER––physicians trained in emergency medicine, X-ray, Ultrasound and CT, and an on-site diagnostic lab––without the wait! “We designed St. Michael’s to deliver the superior care we’d want for our own families,” says Dr. Orsak. “We sponsor schools, sports teams, and charity events throughout our community.. because we believe in being a good neighbor. Be safe and remember that St. Michael’s is always here for you!” Currently not participating with Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare at this time.

St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms 16062 SW Freeway (at Hwy 6) Sugar Land, TX 77479 281-980-HELP

9000 Westheimer Houston, TX 77063 713-343-0911

26226 I 45 N. Spring, TX 77386 281-419-2911

AreYou aBeliever? Sarah Warburton


our kids sharing one bathroom created a big mess,” says “Miracle Method Believer” Shannon Price. “I’d heard good things about Miracle Method, so I decided to give them a call.They were so easy to work with and the end result looked so good that I had them do my downstairs bathroom, the kids’ bathroom upstairs, and the kitchen counters, too!” Jonee and Paul Barnett of Miracle Method Surface Refinishing founded a business with such honesty and integrity, they’ve received the Angie’s List 2013 Super Service Award and are a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating. Shannon certainly had an A+ experience. “We needed major work in the kitchen,” she says, “but I just didn’t want to think about tearing out the old countertops. Once you do that, you almost have to tear out the cabinets...and that seemed like a huge mess! Paul and his team redid my countertops without tearing them out. They used that Natural Accents™ that looks like granite and did the bullnose edges. Now my counters look better than new!” 10 ~ UPCLOSE ~ April 2014

“I wanted something bold and contemporar y for our downstairs bathroom. Then they did the upstairs bathroom countertops and tub in a neutral and it’s just amazing to see the difference. I swear, the kids don’t even throw their towels around or trash it like they used to. My daughter said that it looks like a hotel bathroom...and I hope they keep it nice!” “Throughout the entire process, the whole team was polite, on-time, and did excellent work. If you want a big change without the hassle of remodeling, I definitely recommend the Miracle Method!” Jonee says, “I had to laugh when I heard what Shannon’s daughter said about her new bathroom. We take great pride in knowing that the Miracle Method has successfully transformed surfaces in every major hotel chain, including Disney and Hilton resorts, across the US and overseas. But don’t worry...we have so many choices that you can create a beautiful bathroom or kitchen counter that matches your unique style!” Paul adds, “Call us for

your free estimate, give us just a few days...and we’ll give personal attention, stellar service, and a kitchen or bathroom that looks brand new!” Miracle Method Surface Refinishing 281-240-2284 603 Murphy Road (by appointment only), Stafford, TX

Classic Chili Challenge April 10 4-8 PM

Join us for a great afternoon of chili, family fun, friends and live music!

4th Annual

A Family Favorite! Bring your family or meet your friends and share great chili for a great cause at the annual Chili Cook-Off at Classic Chevy. Don Kerstetter, Owner of Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land, says, “Teams from all over Fort Bend will bring their Hot, Sweet, or Non-Traditional to our fourth annual Classic Chevy Chili Challenge on April 10, 2014 from 4-8pm for a chance to win cash, trophies, and serious bragging rights. Last year we had over 2,500 local people attend and together we raised $15,000 dollars for the SLPOA. Classic Chevy is proud to be the home of this local event and raise money for the men and women who protect our community every day! We hope you’ll enjoy dropping by and seeing why we invite you to ‘Relax and Enjoy the Difference’ at Classic Chevrolet!” Mark Kolon, General Sales Manager, says “In addition to all

by Sarah Warburton

the awesome chili, we will have a live band, games for kids, face painting, a bouncy house (monitored in previous years by the Stafford High School JROTC), fire trucks and other live entertainment. Our judges this year include Kinky Friedman, Bucee the Beaver, Swatson the Skeeters Mascot, Rosenberg Mayor Vincent M. Morales Jr, Sugar Land Mayor Thompson, national celebrity comedian J.Anthony Brown….and YOU! A $2 donation for admission, benefiting the Police Fund will get you into the event for all the chili you can eat (don’t forget a pocket full of dollars to vote for your favorites!). We’re happy to accept additional donations over the 2 dollars at the door. Any and all expenses for this event are covered by Classic that every single penny raised will go to the Sugar Land Police!”

For additional information please contact Patty Werener at 281.969.4132 or email at When twins Alexis and Sara Aguilar, graduates of Travis High School, received a softball scholarship to Kilgore College, they needed their own car. Sara says, “My dad works at Classic Chevy. One night we were going out to dinner and Dad said, “So, who wants to drive?” Alexis and I said, “No thanks.” Then he said, “But that new Equinox LT sitting in the driveway is yours!” That’s when I said, “I’ll drive!” When we moved into school, we fit all our softball gear, a microwave, and all our boxes in our new Equinox. It was a smooth

ride from here to the Longview area. Dad loves the gas mileage (we make the 3.5 hour drive to school on half a tank) he says the Equinox is really safe! It’s also the perfect size for taking our friends at school out to shop or eat!” Proud papa Ray Aguilar says, “When Sara and Alexis first started looking for a car, the people at Classic treated them with such respect. My daughters told me, ‘The team at Classic answered all our questions. We’ve got it all under control.’ That’s what every dad wants to hear! They won’t be back from school for the Chili Contest...but I’ll just have to eat their share!”

281-491-9000 13115 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, TX 77478 UPCLOSE ~ April 2014 ~ 11

Cleaned like MAGIC!


ow many times have you sat and looked at a messy house and wished you had a magic wand to pling? Well, using a professional maid service can do just that! We asked Amy, a Greatwood resident, why Professional Maid Service is one of her favorite things and here is what she had to say…”Being a mother of three,”she said, “I cook for my kids, drive them to all their activities, volunteer at the school, and do a little parttime work from home. Having the Professional Maid Service team come in and clean for me feels like a treat. Not only does it free me up to do all the other things on my schedule, it also gives me a lift!” Max McCammond, owner of Professional Maid Service, says, “We are serious about providing a reliable and convenient service. With a drop-off key option, we make a clean home seriously simple for you! A team of our professional maids will show up on time in a company car with their own name brand supplies. We are bonded and insured for your peace of mind. All of our maids are trained and motivated to

get your home clean––really, really clean––in the most efficient and effective way possible. We’ll get to all those little places that get neglected like baseboards, around the back of the toilet and window treatments for a sparkle that will make you smile.” Amy’s friend Trisha from Sweetwater told us, “My husband and I work full time and our evenings are packed...helping the kids with homework and catching up with each other. The maids come during the day, and we say, “Look, the house has been magically cleaned!” Our kids think that’s really exciting!” Ready to see the difference a cleaning service can make? Call the Professional Maids at 281-342-6500. Be happy... and leave the cleaning to the professionals! Professional Maid Service 281-342-6500


Cleaning to the


Max’s Cleaning Tip: How long has it been since you cleaned your child’s toys? Max says, “It’s easier than you might think! Most plush toys just take a quick spin in the washing machine, but check their labels first. Plastic toys are usually dishwasher safe. A little detergent and hot water and they’ll be disinfected and good as new. Large toys or electronic ones will need to be dusted and disinfected by hand. Use a weak bleach solution on bath toys or previously used toys. Give outdoor toys a once-over with a spray disinfectant, or let the kids give them a “toy-wash” on the driveway...and they’ll be ready for more fun!”

Alden Springs in Riverstone • Well Priced from the $400’s • Designer Collection Homes on Texas Size Lots • Lots Average 65’ x 150’ • Prestigious FBISD Schools • 17 Acre Water Park PLUS Many Luxurious Amenities • Heavily Wooded Area • Sugar Land Addresses

Exclusive Builder on Texas Size Lots in Riverstone Due to Builder’s continual efforts to improve its plans and design, we reserve the right to change features, specifications and prices without notice. 3/14

12 ~ UPCLOSE ~ April 2014

Come Visit Our Gorgeous Models! Mon-Sat 10am-6pm Sunday 12-6pm 5626 Granite Falls Lane 713.340.0371

April Showers It’s Hard To Stop A Trane


H Amy Sharp

umidity and heat! If you felt very lucky that your A/C made it all the way through the is the time to call Jackson Air and Heat, Sugar Land’s go-to guys for full service air conditioning and heating. Brian Jackson of Jackson Air asks, “Did you know that you have better control of your air conditioner in your car than in your house? The A/C in your home comes on full blast, then shuts off, then goes full blast, then cuts off again. Starting and running at full capacity causes high electric bills and premature failure. After years of developing and testing, Trane has introduced the variable speed XV20i air conditioner and it is amazing! It has TruComfort technology that gives you the exact amount of air conditioning you need...whenever you need it. It’s very high efficiency and is great at removing humidity. Plus you can control your comfort from your smart phone or computer!”

“Summer heat in Texas is always off the charts! It’s April, and it’s time to make sure your home is prepared. If you wait to replace your old system, you’ll be paying extra money for every day it is running inefficiently. You’ll also run the risk of it breaking down when you need it most. We are making it easier with 0% financing or up to $2000 in instant rebates. So don’t wait!” For over 30 years, Jackson Air has made a reputation for service and they stand behind their work. More than eighty percent of their new customers are referrals from friends and family of existing customers. They are EPA and NATE certified. Not only that, they are endorsed by and are recipients of the Angie’s List “Super Service” award and the BBB Award of Excellence for the last four years. Installation is the most important part of a new system, so Jackson Air doesn’t use sub-contractors. Brian says, “This industry is always changing, but our crews stay current on training and education...and we’re staying right

To advertise, 281-235-0600

here where we’ve always been! We’re proud to be the oldest Trane Comfort Specialists in Sugar Land.” Celebrate the coming of summer with Jackson Air. Brian says, “We love having professional baseball right here in our backyard and we want to share the experience with our Fort Bend families. We are offering free Skeeters baseball tickets with every system purchased (while supplies last). And stop by the customer service booth for your free hand fan to keep you cool during the game. Give us a call today and have a worry-free, comfortable summer…and a night out at the ballpark!” Jackson Air and Heat, Inc. Sugar Land’s Oldest Independent Trane Dealer 281-240-1037

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finding a W

hen you chat with a friend, you do more than form words, you also listen to what they say...and pick up on nonverbal cues like facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language. People with autism may find it hard to produce the right sounds...and to hold a conversation with another person. Dana and Jason Johnson are the speech therapists/husband and wife team who founded Speech Therapy Unlimited. They say, “We offer solutions to help individuals on the autism spectrum build bridges, so they can learn to use language and to communicate with others.” The first barrier to communication may be speech problems. Dana says, “A person with autism may not talk at all, may utter sounds instead of words, may hum or babble, may only repeat the words of other people, or may speak in a monotone. If a person’s language is not there at all, we might start with picture boards, or electronic aids (Jason really loves some of the new apps). If a person can speak, but is difficult to understand, we’ll dip into our ‘speech therapy toolbox’ for exercises to expand and compress speech sounds, improve articulation, and work on the rhythm and flow of sentences.” Learning to speak is only the first step. “We never forget the ulti-

mate goal of speech is communication,” says Jason. “Some of our patients with autism rely on memorizing words or phrases without understanding them, repeating back words or phrases to communicate, and others have trouble with eye contact and gestures, understanding words in different contexts, and coming up with a variety of language. We’ll find the best match on our wide staff of speech the therapy we offer will be personal and flexible. Improving communication may happen through bonding over a child’s special interest, recounting the events of the day, or narrating through play.” “We can’t overstate the importance of building communication skills,” says Dana. “When a child with autism has a tantrum, that may be their only way to communicate frustration over being misunderstood or ignored. With persistence and patience, we’ll work to help people with autism find their voice!” Speech Therapy Unlimited, PLLC most major insurance accepted No Headaches, No Unreasonable Terms, Just Great Speech Therapists! 281-746-3053 12808 West Airport Blvd. Ste 332 Sugar Land, TX 77498

Open the Door to Healing Sarah Warburton


eady to escape the stress of everyday life? Behind this door the air is filled with the scent of lemongrass and the sounds of soothing music. Slip off your shoes, accept a welcoming cup of chrysanthemum tea, and let your tension go. Theo and Mona, husband and wife owners of Therapeutic Thai Massage, say, “In addition to our packages and annual memberships, we’re offering gift certificates that are perfect for Mother’s Day...but we don’t believe in pressuring you for a commitment. Acupressure is the only pressure we practice!” You can choose between Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage, but Therapeutic Thai Massage is famous for traditional Thai Massage, also called Thai Yoga Massage. Thai Massage uses acupressure, aromatherapy, and stretching to improve circulation, reduce tension, and offer relief from pain. Therapists will use acupressure along your meridian lines to unlock your body, improve your circulation, and renew your energy. Formally trained in both Thailand and Texas, licensed massage therapist Mona says, “Our masseuses may use their elbows, knees, forearms, thumbs, or even step onto your back...but each therapist chooses the right positions for your comfort level.”

14 ~ UPCLOSE ~ April 2014

Prefer to ease your way into Thai Massage? Theo recommends the Thai Combination Massage as an introduction. He says, “The Thai Combination Massage combines the therapeutic benefits of Thai Massage with the deep relaxation of Hot Stone Massage and aromatherapeutic oil. Some clients love the way this massage relieves soreness and restores peace so much that they keep asking for it over and over. It’s our most popular massage and the perfect choice for a Mother’s Day treat!” Mona adds, “On Mother’s Day we’ll offer a special sparkling complimentary drink for mothers to celebrate all they do!” Therapeutic Thai Massage 281-395-5652 1548 S Mason Road Katy, Tx 77450 281-310-1787 4787 Sweetwater Blvd Sugar Land, Tx 77479 13346 Briar Forest Dr., Suite 150 Houston, TX 77077 (281) 752-9256


don’t fo

ODM M ay is Mother’s 8th Sunday,


Protecting Women’s Eyes Sarah Warburton


t the park I observed three different women sitting around with eyeglasses they picked up from the drugstore. Those glasses may be cute, they may be bejeweled and coordinate with your outfit...but if you’ve misdiagnosed the problem with your vision those glasses won’t help. So a few people decide to self-prescribe, pick up some groceries and a pair of glasses on the same trip, and shell out $10 to $20 for harm, no foul, right? Not always. Many of these patients neglect regular eye exams, which “can lead to a myriad of concerns from simple eye strain or discomfort to undiagnosed glaucoma or retinal disease,” says Dr. Doan, of Vision Source in Missouri City. “It’s not uncommon for women to put their own health at the bottom of their list of priorities, but an annual eye exam is a ‘must-do’ for everyone!” More women than men suffer from the four leading eye diseases in the United States….age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Whether this is because women live longer than men, making us more susceptible to age-related eye disease, or whether we put ourselves and our own health last, it’s time to make a change! Dr. Doan says, “Prevent Blindness America has designated April as Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month. We encourage women age 40 and older to prioritize a dilated eye exam yearly...or anytime you notice a change in vision. In fact, if you notice a change in your vision,

please call me right away. Make healthy choices: Exercise, eat a well-balanced diet rich in fish and including a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, and please don’t smoke. Work to control other health issues including obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes which can cause permanent blindness. Your eyes are impacted by and reveal truths about the health of your entire body.” One last tip as summer approaches. Dr. Doan says, “Always choose sunglasses that block at least 99% of both UV-A and UV-B radiation. Long-term exposure to radiation increases your risk of developing cataracts, cancers of the eye, or macular degeneration. You can enjoy stylish frames in a variety of styles...just make sure they protect your vision!” Dr. Anh Doan of Missouri City’s Vision Source Dr. Anh Doan, O.D. Vision Source! 281-261-2647 4725 Highway 6 South

We Offer Fine Art & Classic Portraiture Watercolor Giclee Portraits Gallery Wraps Metal Prints Hand created Pencil, Watercolor & Oil Portraits Oil Enhanced Canvas Portraits

In His Image Photography Capture a Moment in Time….Beautifully.

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re you tired of dealing with the usual suspects...the big-name, small-heart companies that are just looking to fleece you for every last dime? We’ve found a plumbing company that offers straightshootin’ service and solutions for all your pesky plumbing problems. At Alan’s Plumbing, master plumber Alan Burkhalter, along with his brother Chris, his two oldest sons Beau and Luke, and fellow team members Zach and Kyle stand behind their work with pride. Even the “young guns” on this team are old-timers in Fort Bend. Alan’s Plumbing has been fixing plumbing problems all over Fort Bend for more than fifteen years. Alan and his wife Jennifer raised their sons (all graduates of Elkins High School) right here...and you can tell by their courteous service they were raised right! When you call Alan’s Plumbing, Jennifer will give you the straight story. She’ll talk you through shutting off your water, if needed, and give you confidence. Then one of the guys you see in the picture will show up and get right to work with genuine warmth and Texas courtesy. All of Alan’s trucks are “nophone zones,” and you’ll never have to compete for your plumber’s attention. Being a family-owned and operated company keeps their overhead low, so your bill isn’t bloated by extra costs. Leaking pipes, drain cleaning, hot water heater replacements, and major repairs are no problem for Alan’s Plumbing. Big corporate companies may try to lure you in with coupons or fancy promises... but the final price is often still twice as expensive as you might have paid elsewhere. If a big company shows you their “Price Book,” you should know that it only shows the prices that company charges, not a universally charged fair price. At Alan’s Plumbing you won’t have to worry about the ol’ “bait and switch.” These guys have the experience to know what needs to be done, the skill to do it, and the honesty to treat you right. Alan’s more than a local small business owner and the father of three great sons...he and his team are also your neighbors! If what you want is an honest plumber, the only number you need is Alan’s Plumbing at 281-261-1064.

ALAN’S PLUMBING • 281-261-1064

Celebrate Our Helpful Heroes by Sarah Warburton


ou might find an occupational therapist helping a child with disabilities to participate in school and social settings, helping an adult recovering from a stroke to regain physical and social skills, or providing support for a senior after a hip replacement. Together with the team of nurses, speech therapists, physical therapists, doctors and technicians at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital Sugar Land, occupational therapists take their patients through exercises to improve everyday activities like walking, climbing stairs, preparing a meal, or feeling confident living at home. Let’s celebrate these helpful heroes, since April is National Occupational Therapy month. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the leading cause of injury death among older adults. Usually a combination of factors causes a fall, so occupational therapists consider your performance skills, activity demands, habits and routines, and environments. At

HealthSouth an occupational therapist might work with a client recovering from a wrist fracture caused by a fall. HealthSouth Sugar Land invites you to a Falls Prevention Class on the last Thursday of every month. Two HealthSouth therapists––PT Kimberly Johnson and OT Christy Burrows––will walk you through safety tips and precautions including safe transfers in and out of the tub and car, adequate lighting, and removal of hazards like throw rugs. The program is offered at 1:30 pm in the second floor conference room. For more information, contact: Bindu Varghese, 281-276-7574.

Therapy might include exercises for strength and improved movement, an examination of the factors that led to the fall, and the creation of a customtailored fall prevention plan.Together the patient, the caregiver, and the occupational therapist form a team

To advertise, 281-235-0600

that work for the best outcome…in conjunction with your doctor and any other specialists. Nick Hardin, CEO of HealthSouth Sugar Land, says “Occupational therapists empower older adults by helping them stay active and they can live life to the fullest. Our enthusiastic and passionate occupational therapists share teamwork and a wonderful sense of camaraderie with our physical therapists, speech therapists, technicians, nurses and doctors. All our disciplines pulled together to earn certification with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare (JCAHO) for Disease Specific Accreditation for Hip Fractures. Every member of our HealthSouth team works to create a culture of caring that’s ideal for the patients...and those who care for them!” HealthSouth Sugar Land Rehabilitation Hospital 281-276-7574 1325 Highway 6, Sugar Land, TX 77478

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Award-Winning Restaurant Lands in Sugar Land


n 1976 in Wilmington, Delaware, Lois Margolet and her brother Alan opened Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop (named after their beloved grandfather)...and a legend was born! They roasted whole fresh turkeys overnight and served made-to-order sandwiches on fresh-baked rolls piled high with hand-pulled turkey, the best quality meats, cheeses, and produce. When Capriotti’s opened an outpost in Las Vegas, it became a destination...and some customers even had sandwiches shipped to them across the United States! Today Capriotti’s sandwich, The Bobbie ®, made with in-house, slow-roasted, Thanksgiving-quality turkey, homemade stuffing, cranberry sauce and a touch of mayo on a freshly baked roll is “The Greatest Sandwich in America,” as voted by thousands of AOL readers. What makes a winner? Authenticity, dedication, and good taste! Recent winner of “Best of” awards in Dallas, San Diego, Las Vegas and Delaware, Capriotti’s can please anyone with hot subs, cold sandwiches, kids meals, salads, and vegetarian options. In addition to the award-winning The Bobbie ®, another fan favorite is The Capastrami ®, made with hot pastrami and Swiss cheese with Russian dressing and crisp cole slaw. Now the legend has come to us! The owners of our local Capriotti’s, Bryan Burnett and his wife JoAnn, grew up eating Capriotti’s and share a longtime love of the shop’s award-winning sandwiches. Bryan says, “From a young age, I have been a huge fan of Capriotti’s.They are the best sandwiches I have ever had and Capriotti’s continues to offer the same great service that I remember as a child. I am truly honored to bring the amazing taste of my childhood to our friends and neighbors here in the Houston area!” Good taste runs in the Burnett family. Bryan and JoAnn’s daughter, Jennifer, will be heading up the Sugar Land location. She says, “My sister is working as a party-planner in Manhattan, and she’d want me to tell you that we offer plenty of catering options including a meatball bar, party trays, and box lunches. We have curbside service when you’re in a hurry, but we promise that if you have to park...we’re worth the walk!” Grabbing a quick sandwich doesn’t mean settling for less than the best. A Capriotti’s sandwich has a taste of home in every bite! Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop ~ 281-242-4300 2228 Texas Dr., Sugar Land, TX 77479


Get a medium one topping pizza for $1, with purchase of any large at regular price Offer Valid for Dine In, Carry Out or Delivery. One coupon per person. Offer not good with any other special offers. Expires 04-30-2014

Order online, call in, or drop by one of our local stores at your convenience. We are always glad to hear from you at Pepperoni’s. First Colony (281) 265-5555 Sienna (281) 778-7888

Greatwood (281) 545-3333 Pecan Grove (281) 239-6565

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Fulshear (281) 533-0000 Riverstone (281) 261-6665

Katy (281) 394-5565 Rosenberg (832) 595-0550


Owner of Kaneyama and Sushi King Strikes Gold Again


ord must have gotten around about the amazing food and uncompromising quality of one Fort Bend favorite. Over the last three years, renowned “Sushi Man” Keeper Lin has seen business at Keeper’s Japanese Restaurant and Bar double! Keeper says, “We sincerely thank our customers from Sugar Land, Missouri City, and beyond. Your feedback has inspired us to extend our popular Happy Hour, to continue to provide the freshest seafood, and to refine our menu, our service, and every aspect of our restaurant as we seek perfection.We appreciate all your support!” If you don’t see Keeper in the restaurant, he may choosing the best salmon, the freshest tuna, or another speciality like yellowtail, live scallops, uni, or New Zealand pink snapper from a fish market or supplier. He never asks a supplier to cut, trim and deliver an order...because he considers it the responsibility and privilege of his team to select, clean, and hand-cut your sushi to order. Now Keeper’s has five “Sushi Men,” four kitchen chefs, and a new one on the way. A new manager, Ben, has been raising the bar for service. Keeper says, “Many of our team have been with us from the beginning, and our new manager has been a chef and a manager at another well-respected sushi restaurant. Our Japanese spirit and passion for quality comes through in the food we make and serve to you.” As Keeper celebrates the third anniversary of Keeper’s Japanese Restaurant and Bar this April, he says, “I never forget how blessed I am...thanks to all of you. We look forward to seeing you for lunch any day of the week, for Happy Hour, or for Mother’s Day. Domo arigatou gozaimasu...thank you so very much!” Keeper’s Japanese Restaurant & Bar 281-242-0389 4654 Highway 6 South, Sugar Land, TX 77478

To advertise, 281-235-0600


Now that you’ve discovered Keeper’s, share the love with others! A beautiful and delicious sushi party tray makes the perfect hostess gift and really elevates any occasion...from book club to a church gathering to game night with friends. Perk up your office lunch or change up your party with a to-go order of Bento boxes from Keeper’s. Keeper says, “You may reserve our restaurant for your corporate event, workshop, or an after-school awards program from 3-6pm daily. We’ll offer specialty pricing for your party and we always have free wi-fi for your convenience.”

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I chose MD Anderson in Sugar Land - Michelle Williams

When I had breast cancer, the world’s leading care was right here. My team of experts in Sugar Land focused only on me and my cancer. They guided me through advanced MD Anderson treatment options including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, clinical trials and support services. They customized a plan just for me. Having MD Anderson in my community kept me close to my two boys and close to home. I chose MD Anderson in Sugar Land. Find Your MD Anderson today.

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The Woodlands


Sugar Land

Texas Medical Center Bay Area

A Restaurant

Every Occasion…



believe in creating good food for all occasions,” says Chef Frédéric Perrier, “not just restaurants for special occasions.” And good food is exactly what you’ll enjoy at any of Chef Frédéric’s three restaurants: Coco Pazzo, Aura, or Hoggs n’ Chicks…“The Trifecta”, per the fiercely loyal following! Imagine the comforting flavors of real Italian food...minutes from home. No jacket, tie or special occasion is needed to drop into Coco Pazzo. Open five nights a week, this is that neighborhood Italian restaurant where friends and family gather. And, at Coco Pazzo, it’s the real deal. Everything is created in house, from scratch. Alfredo sauce, made the way it is in Italy, with cream and flour, no additives, just silky and delicious! Meatballs are clearly housemade, herbs are fresh, tomatoes ripe and the fresh fish creations mimic those found on menus in the Italian/Mediterranean. With flavors and authenticity far superior

We Look Forward To Seeing You Soon! -the Coco Pazzo, Aura and Hoggs-n-Chicks Family

to Italian “chains”, ordering “To-Go” from Coco Pazzo won’t cost you more than you pay elsewhere. Whether it’s a half-pan of lasagna for family dinner or a full sheet for the office, just call for Curb-side Service! Try a crowd-pleaser like chicken parmesan or something innovative like gnocchi with escargot, tomato, and garlic butter. Coco Pazzo makes it easy and affordable to enjoy true Italian food, from Catering to Take-Out to Dine-In Fine food doesn’t have to be super-fancy or intimidating, even if it’s French! A Brasserie is essentially a brewery...and with special $5 pricing on small plates, cocktails and wine, Happy Hour at Aura Brasserie has become a hit! Some folks drop in for a simple meal of wine and pâté, others prefer the menu created for every taste and budget. The lunch menu includes French favorites, Texas sandwiches, and a 3-course “Business Lunch” for under $15 that changes everyday. Sunday brunch includes Eggs Benedict

and to-die-for French Toast, to name a few! When thinking how the French and Italian Mediterraneans merge, it makes sense that the same chef created Coco Pazzo and Aura Brasserie. Hoggs n’ Chicks is a Texas homage to pulled pork sandwiches, fried chicken, and family fun. From the grand chandelier to Miss Piggy on the tiled floor, this “fine food shack” is the best way to get good food, fast, 7-days a week. Praised & Craved by 5-year olds to Foodies!

Coco Pazzo by Aura 281-403-2870 3340 FM 1092 (Murphy Road) Missouri City Township Hoggs n Chicks 281-778-4644 8817 Hwy 6 Sienna Shopping Center Aura Brasserie Sugar Land Town Square 281-403-2872 15977 City Walk Sugar Land Town Square


Summ P CAM


Catch the COOLEST Camp in Sugar Land


hen the temperature rises, the only way to beat the heat is to head indoors. But you want your kids to have fun and be active, even when the temperature hits the triple digits. Your kids need a different kind of summer camp, like the one at Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center. Jamie Feltus, General Manager, says, “We put our own spin on summer camp with ice skating, bumper ice cars, broomball...and more!” Break out of the rut of traditional summer camps and slice through summer boredom at Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center. Your kids will boost their coordination, confidence, strength, and balance through ice skating. Jamie says, “Whether campers are just beginning or already

skilled, daily ice skating sessions give them a great workout and tons of fun!” When it comes to fun at this summer camp, skating is just the tip of the iceberg. Jamie says, “Last summer (as well as over Winter and Spring 22 ~ UPCLOSE ~ April 2014

Break) we partnered with IDEA Lab to offer kids camps that combined our signature ice activities with brain builders and themes for every interest from Lego and Minecraft to Top Chef and Crazy Art. In addition to skating, our camp kids also share pizza, play karaoke, spin in bumper cars on the ice, and play thrilling games of broomball.” New to broomball? Jamie adds, “It’s a great, all-ages game that started in Canada. Think hockey, but without skates! Broomball is a game played on the ice in your sneakers, with short broomsticks, a small rubber ball, and hockey goals. You can literally ‘sweep’ your team to victory!” On the two rinks and 72,500 square feet of Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center, you’ll find skating, figure skating, hockey, and more! Meet your friends and family at an “Open Skating” session, sign up for “Learn to Skate” or “Beginning Hockey” lessons, or schedule your next party at the rink! Jamie says, “Our figure skating program goes all the way through competitions, shows, exhibitions, recitals, and the US Figure Skating Basic Skills Program. Our “Summer Figure Skating Academy” offers skaters a chance to hone their skills, while having fun and making friends! We also have hockey classes, clinics, youth leagues, adult leagues, and the Imperials Hockey Team, Houston’s first NA3HL South Division

A Cool Event to Warm Your Heart: Every Saturday

morning at 9:30 Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center offers Skate Therapy for skaters with special needs. One instructor, Yulia, wrote: “Skate Therapy is truly amazing. Many times when I teach those kids I am reminded of how blessed I am and how blessed those kids are. To be able to teach them is amazes me how much they can do and how much they enjoy coming every Saturday to skate.”

team..making us the most comprehensive hockey program in the region!” As the weather heats up, spaces at Sugar Land’s coolest camp start filling up! Don’t wait to reserve your space in Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center’s summer camp. Call today! Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center 281-265-7465 16225 Lexington Blvd, Sugar Land, TX 77479


Wonderfully Y

Stylish Windows

our windows are among the main architectural elements in your home or office. Are you treating them well? Designer Caron Lopez and her husband Candelario invite you to visit their French Quarter style showroom and explore the possibilities. Caron says, “‘Treating’ your windows properly improves the style, comfort, privacy, and value of your home. We have everything you need from your initial design consultation through precise installation. Stylish windows are our specialty!” Shutters allow a great view of the outside without giving your neighbors a great view of the inside of your home. Caron says, “We’ve made quite a reputation in plantation shutters by delivering competitive pricing, perfect measurements, careful advice, and expert installation. Not only do custom shutters look great,

but they increase the value of your home and can be financed into a mortgage. You can choose shutters with two panels that open from the center or bi-fold to the side...or double-hung shutters with upper and lower sections for a bathroom or breakfast room. We’ll make sure they’re right for the depth of your window and work with the molding in your room.” Another way to get privacy, light control, and sensational style is through horizontal blinds. Caron says, “Wood blinds or faux-wood blinds have wonderful visual appeal. You can choose slats that are stained to highlight the grain of the wood, distressed for an artisanal look, or painted ones to complement a modern decor. Our clients are amazed to learn that as much as 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows... unless you choose the right blinds. All

Hunter Douglas window fashions provide window insulation to minimize the sun’s heat during the summer.” From shutters and blinds to custom draperies, solar screen and tintings, Grand Windows and Interiors is your one-stopshop for well-dressed windows. Caron says, “Remember, windows are only part of what we can do. With over 20,000 gorgeous fabrics, trims, window treatments, and hardware from more than fifty different quality suppliers, the possibilities are truly endless!”

Grand Windows & Interiors

281-342-9160 1405 Avenue I Rosenberg, TX 77471 UPCLOSE ~ April 2014 ~ 23


Johnson Development BRINGS YOU...

HOUSTON’S LARGEST Tou J ohns r maps onlin onDev e el opm at m







2013 GHBA

Developer of the Year

24 ~ UPCLOSE ~ April 2014

Find more info at Homes from $170s-Millions+


eople are so strange! They don’t bury their treats for later, they don’t lunge at squirrels, and they definitely don’t tackle each other to say “Hello!” I like living in a house with the Warburton family much better than living on the street, so when they brought me to Walter at Lone Star Pet Lodges to learn some manners, I took it seriously. Luckily, Walter really understands dogs...and when I’m aceing my training, he always gives me treats and compliments. After my first lesson on “Sit” (which means “keep sitting until they tell you to stop”) I was dogtired! Then my people gave me training sessions every day...and it was just as tiring as a trip to the dog park! Now I’m mastering “Walking Nicely on a Leash,” “Down” (which also means “keep laying down until told otherwise”), and “Polite Greetings” (which means “don’t jump up on people when I greet them”). When I sit, people pet my ears...and that’s definitely worth it! When training time is over, I get lots of tummy rubs from the General Manager Diana and Brittney (who took care of me during

Daisy Digs Lone Star Pet Lodges!

my recent vacation at Lone Star). When it rains, not even a training session can get rid of all my wiggles. Luckily, Lone Star Pet Lodges also offers Doggie Day Care, to keep dogs busy and happy and return us calm and rested...not exhausted. For busy people, Walter can combine Doggie Day Care and training, so we can do our work, while you do yours. Now that I understand being a well-trained dog is part of my job...I’m really proud of myself!” Walter and Lara Darr founded Lone Star Pet Lodges to offer the best services for all your family’s pets. Don’t tell Daisy, but in addition to Training, Lone Star Pet Lodges also offers Day Care, Lodging, Grooming, and Transportation services for cats, small mammals, small reptiles, and well as dogs! Walter says, “Daisy’s making great progress on her training...and she made plenty of friends on our team when she lodged with us over Christmas. She just relaxed and enjoyed her stay-and-play vacation with us, but we do offer a ‘Lodge and Learn’ option for busy dogs who want to go through their training without all the distractions of home. We treat each pet like a star...because they deserve a vacation, too!” Lone Star Pet Lodges Quality Lodging, DayCare, Training and Grooming 281-403-7700 • Missouri City, TX 77459

by Sarah Warburton

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owe it to your family

by Sarah Warburton


ow can it be good for your stress levels or your health to run across town to appointments at one office after another? Relax and enjoy the one-stop convenience and personal care of family-owned and operated Sugar Land Medical & Aesthetics founded by board-certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist Dr. Chary Tamirisa M.D aka “Dr. T” and his wife of thirty-eight years, board-certified Internist Dr. Tamirisa Renu, M.D. Together with their daughter, Aparna Tamirisa, M.D., a Baylor College of Medicine graduate and board-certified Internist and Dr. T’s brother, Dr. Ravi V. Tamerisa, a board-certified Anesthesiologist who specializes in pain management, the Tamirisa family has put the “caring” back in health care. You owe it to your own family to age happier and live healthier with the right diagnosis and treatment. Dr. T says, “Men and women can benefit from bio-identical hormone replacement using pellet implants like BioTE. Simply put, having the proper balance of hormones can decrease your fatigue, depression, irritability and anxiety, muscle soreness, stiffness and joint pain. On the plus side, you’ll gain energy, focus and mental acuity, lean muscle mass, bone density, libido and sexual performance. I tell all my patients that they can look and feel great again!” If you only go to see the doctor when you’re sick, you’re putting your health at risk! “An annual exam helps us identify problems early,” says Dr. Renu. “Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and the numerous conditions we treat are often quite manageable...with annual screenings, early diagnosis, advance planning and good medical help!” Dr. Renu has been recognized by the Bridges to Excellence Diabetes Recognition Program for her outstanding and consistently high level of care to patients with diabetes. She applies scientific knowledge and clinical expertise

to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adolescents and adults across the spectrum of disease from health to complex illness. She firmly believes in treating illnesses early and preventing them from becoming complicated. Now, with her daughter joining the practice they are able to accommodate patients who are in need of care the same day in an outpatient setting. “We’re in the process of establishing the Houston Center for Clinical Research here as well,” says Dr. Tamirisa. “We know our patients will be excited about the opportunity to participate in applicable clinical trials. These studies will test the latest innovations in medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, asthma, COPD, and much more.” Not only will you find a multitude of specialties in one location, Sugar Land Medical & Aesthetics has an on-site lab and diagnostic testing. Dr. Tamirisa says, “We also offer an ambulatory sleep study, which allows you to take the equipment home to do the study, then bring it back to be evaluated. We want to give our patients good health in the most convenient, comfortable way possible!”

Sugar Land Medical & Aesthetics ~ 281-277-3300 3519 Town Center Blvd, Suite B, Sugar Land, TX 77479






Evaluation and treatment for different lung diseases Pre-operative evaluation • Sleep Evaluation Disability evaluation • Occupational health evaluation • Minimally Invasive Procedures • In-house Labs • Bronchial Thermoplasty

J. Georges Youssef, M.D. Call 713-781-4600 for an Appointment

most insurance accepted Same day appointments are available. Two locations to serve you! Main Location: 1429 Hwy. 6 South Sugar Land, Texas 77478



Refreshing of


Second Location: 7777 Southwest Fwy, Suite 860 Houston, Texas 77074

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Give your face an extra glow in two appointments! Experience Urban Retreat’s state-of-the-art Sciton Laser Photofacial Treatment for your face and follow it up with a rejuvenatig stand alone 30% Acai Berry Peel.



(regularly $520)


CALL 713.523.2300 Located in River Oaks 2034-A West Gray Houston, TX 77019 Available for purchase through April 30th. Offer must be redeemed at our River Oaks location by September 30. Follow-up visit must be booked within 2 weeks of initial service.

Urban Retreat will honor any competitor’s laser coupon or deal. It’s simple, just bring it in and we will match it!

$25 OFF

purchase of $100.00 or more one per customer • exp 04-30-14

Clothes that can take

“fabulous you” from the beach to the dance floor!

281-240-3228 2735 Town Center Blvd N., Ste.Y Sugar Land, TX 77479



Pink in the Park Celebrating Breast Cancer Survivors May 23 * 6:15 p.m. Pregame Ceremony * 7:05 p.m. First Pitch Constellation Field Join Memorial Hermann and the Sugar Land Skeeters for this year’s Pink Out game in support of breast cancer awareness. Commemorative pink baseball jerseys will be auctioned off to benefit the Memorial Hermann Breast Care Centers. The first 50 survivors to register for the ceremony will receive two Picnic Area tickets that include food and drinks. Some 2,000 fans will receive a complimentary gift. So wear your pink proudly and come support Sugar Land’s favorite team–and a great cause. To register a survivor or submit a survival story, visit

UPCLOSE ~ April 2014 ~ 27


Spring Fling

Front Row: Greg Haralson, Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital CEO; Caron Marble, Fort Bend Family Promise Board Member; Amanda Hudson, Fort Bend Family Promise Board Member; Nancy Olson, Fort Bend Family Promise Board Member;Vera Johnson, Fort Bend Family Promise Executive Director; Robin Mallett, Fort Bend Family Promise Board Member and Auctioneer James Patterson, Fort Bend County Commissioner.


he Fort Bend Junior Service League (FBJSL) 2014 Spring Fling Committee would like to thank our top sponsors: Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital, Fort Bend Family Promise Board of Directors, Houston Diamond Outlet and Texas Direct Auto. FBJSL and Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital have joined together to present the FBJSL Spring Fling “Black & White Bash”. A majority of the proceeds from this casino-themed event will benefit Fort Bend Family Promise (FBFP). Through a collaborative effort with local church congregations, FBFP provides shelter, meals, and comprehensive support to families that have lost their homes due to unfortunate circumstances. All remaining proceeds will benefit the FBJSL Community Assistance Fund which allows FBJSL to extend their financial support even further in the community by providing multiple smaller grants to local charitable organizations. The sold out “Black and White Bash” will take place on April 5th, 2014 at Skeeters Constellation Field Insperity Club. This event will have several fun and exciting fundraising opportunities, including a casino, live auction, champagne and diamonds raffle, a wine and whiskey pull, bid board, and the

Back Row: Emcee Michele Fisher, Radio Personality & Owner of Michele Fisher Voice Overs; Cindy Dempster, FBJSL President; KK West, FBJSL Spring Fling Co-Chair; Melissa Hayslip, FBJSL Spring Fling Co-Chair; Johnnie Wright, FBJSL Spring Fling Co-Chair and Maggy Horgan, Owner Houston Diamond Outlet. Not Pictured: Texas Direct Auto.

opportunity to knock one out of the park from home plate at Constellation Field. FBJSL Spring Fling is still accepting donations for the live auction and bid board. If you would like to donate toward this worthy cause or for more information, please con-

tact FBJSL Spring Fling Co-Chairs, Melissa Hayslip, KK West or Johnnie Wright at or visit our website at For more information about Fort Bend Family Promise please visit

Pictured (L to R) - Front Row: Co-Chair KK West, Co-Chair Melissa Hayslip, Co-Chair Johnnie Wright and President Cindy Dempster. Second Row: Cari Middaugh, Felicia Smith, Nikki Kokel, Amanda Braxton, Veronica Sessom, Mary Lovely, Angie Wierzbicki, Jane Lu, and Sharon Dimicelli. Third Row: Shannon Bloesch, Lori Bramlett, Brigit Engleman, Shirley Merriett, Liz Ford, Kellie Gardner, Ashley Joshi-Patel, Ashley Willis, Amy Brown, and Kelly Ditta. Back Row: Laura Taylor, Shanda Provost, Amy Johnson, Raquel Smith, Fallon Moody, Leslie Piwowar, Bonnie Stewart, Nicola Turner-Johnson, and Ashley Van Hoozer. Not Pictured: Melony Barran, Yolanda Celestine, Alysse Harrison, Caron Marble, Melissa Morrison, Kendra Paul, Lizz Sansone, Pam Spencer and Russelle Waldorf.

Happy Feet Hang Out Here! W

Becca Brag

ant happy feet that are ready for soccer season or sandal season? Get your feet a tune-up and some special products designed “for feet only!” Local podiatrist and founder of Foot & Ankle Associates, Dr. Marco A. Vargas, says, “We’ve added a number of products to help you put your best foot forward from companies I trust like Podiatree, Dr’s Remedy, Bako Clinical, and more!” You’ll be proud of your feet with these podiatrist-approved solutions. The Podiatree Company designed antiperspirant just for your tootsies, nail whitening scrub, treatment for athletes foot, moisturizing foot cream, and more. Bako Clinical offers therapeutic solutions including antifungal creams and polish, and solutions for cracked heels and thick, rough skin. Dr. Vargas says, “It’s important for all patients––especially those with diabetes––to include foot care in your daily self-care routine. I chose products designed to treat dry skin, fungal growth, callouses, and discolored toenails. Take good care of your hard-working feet!” You can have nails that are pretty and healthy! Dr. Vargas says, “Dr’s Remedy nail polish (developed by podiatrists!) offers

over 30 different shades of nail color, as well as base coat, top coat, cuticle care and nail hydration. You’ll get color and shine without ingredients that could damage your nails.” Whether you picked up a nail fungus from a locker room, shower stall, or for other reasons, new laser technology can zap it quickly.

Dr. Vargas says, “Our laser treatment is 85-90 percent effective, completely painless, and usually lasts only 20-30 minutes. For most patients, one treatment is enough, but even the most stubborn cases respond to two or three treatments. Afterwards, a weekly antifungal nail polish from the Podiatree Company or Bako Clinical should prevent re-infection.” Have you treated your toes (and the rest of your feet) to a treat from Foot and Ankle Associates? This “one-stop-shop”has all the necessary tests and state-of-the-art equipment needed to diagnose and treat your feet…and the right products to keep them healthy and happy at home!

Foot and Ankle Associates 888-784-5335

Dr. Marco Vargas

Sugar Land 281-313-0090 17510 W. Grand Parkway South Sugar Land Wellness and Weight-loss 832-494-7469 • 16651 SW Fwy #100 Houston 281-313-0080 7105 Lawndale Street

Exchange Clubs of Fort Bend and Rosenberg, joined by the Child Advocates of Fort Bend, invite you to participate in a brief ceremony at one or both of the previously mentioned locations, dates

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month On April 1, 2014 at 5:15 at the Historic Fort Bend County Courthouse located on Hwy 90A (309 S. 4th Street, Richmond, Texas) and on April 2, 2014 at 5:15 at the esplanade located at 90-A and Present Street in Missouri City/Stafford, the Exchange Clubs of Fort Bend and Rosenberg will

be dedicating their third Annual Awareness Fields. These fields commemorate the number of children who received services from Child Advocates of Fort Bend during the year 2013. The prevention of child abuse is the primary focus of service of Exchange Clubs across the United States. As such, the

To advertise, 281-235-0600

and times. The dedications will be short and to the point, with the reading of several proclamations from community elected officials and a brief message from the Exchange Club of Fort Bend. Please join us for one or both of the ceremonies. If you have any questions, please contact John Healey, member of the Exchange Club of Fort Bend, at 281-341-4469. UPCLOSE ~ April 2014 ~ 29




by Amy Sharp

“One can acquire everything in solitude except character.” – Stendhal


firmly believe that if you really want to make a difference in the world,” says Dr. Thomas Lomonte, D.D.S. of Stafford, “you need to reach out to the young people in your community. Helping them shape their character helps shape a positive future. That is why I love the Fort Bend Optimist Club––I truly believe in their goal of ‘honoring high school students who are dedicated to helping others, in an effort to make themselves better people and to make the world a better place.’” Way back in 1983, Dr. Lomonte was an original charter member of the Fort Bend Optimist Club––a national organization committed to bringing out the best in kids, by providing hope and positive vision. Members conduct positive service projects to provide a helping hand to local youth. With an upbeat attitude and a helping hand, the club members empower young people to be the very best they can be. This year the Fort Bend Optimist Club hosted the Optimist International Oratorical Contest. The

Come in as a patient and leave as a friend!

30 ~ UPCLOSE ~ April 2014

theme of the contest was “How My Passions Impact the World.”...and winners earned the chance to win a $2,500 scholarship. Dr. Lomonte says, “Without a doubt, these students have a bright future ahead of them. The speech presentations were wonderful and the students displayed so much confidence in the questions posed to them. I want to personally congratulate every student who participated!” Dr. Lomonte’s lifelong commitment to community and the Optimist Club is paralleled by his commitment to his career. Since 1982 Dr. Lomonte has been giving Fort Bend families great smiles at his original location on Murphy Road. He and his staff take pride in greeting you as a patient...and waving goodbye to you as a friend. He has been in practice long enough that he now sees second and third generation patients. But there is always room for new patients and friends-to-be too! Dr. Lomonte says, “I believe in this community and everyone in it. Stop by anytime, we’re always happy to hear from you and see your beautiful smiles!”

Thomas M. Lomonte, D.D.S.

“Come in as a patient, leave as a friend.” 12122 Murphy Rd., Stafford, TX 77477 (281) 530-1440


C / A . Mr he Day Saves th

. . . n i a g A d n Again a Sarah Warburton


ow many ways can Mr. A/C, aka Bryan Bellamy, of All Out A/C save the day? Rhett Baker has four...and the last one’s a doozey! Rhett says, “My oldest son and Bryan’s went to school together. When I bought an older home a few years ago, I realized that Bryan and Chance Kamp owned All Out A/C. I called them up to replace the old A/C in my ‘new’ home. Bryan explained about the new dual-speed units, how they use less electricity. I got one...and my electric bill dropped so much the new A/C actually paid for itself in about two and half years! It comes on in a lower, quieter, more energy-efficient setting….essentially it doesn’t have to work as hard to keep you cool. Since then I’ve moved into a bigger home and I had Bryan install two of those dual-speed A/ Cs into the new house. When we bought a condo in Galveston, All Out installed new equipment and handled everything we needed to have air conditioning in that salty environment.” “Any of those three experiences would be worth a testimonial, but about two years ago Bryan and All Out really went above and beyond. I own a manufacturing facility that’s about 40,000 square feet...and 15,000 of that is office space. In the middle of summer, six of the A/C units that cooled our offices were stolen. I called several different companies, but

they weren’t very responsive. I didn’t know if All Out A/C did commercial work, but I gave Bryan a call. Summer’s their busiest time, but he told me, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll make this happen!’ Literally, about three hours later our office was cool with new units installed, up and running. The thieves had taken all the copper piping and conduits, but there was no way we could wait for the insurance company to send out was over a hundred degrees outside! Bryan helped us clear all the insurance hurdles by documenting every step with photos and making sure we had a clear price estimate. I’ll never forget that when we really needed help, All Out A/C was there for us.” “I’m an expert in my own business, but I don’t know anything about air conditioners. Luckily, I feel I can trust Bryan. When I have a question, I can

just call him up. All Out A/C’s done maintenance on my air conditioners and has been really flexible with pricing. Their excellent service gives me a high comfort level.” When it comes to comfort, nobody beats Mr. A/C and the team at All Out. Bryan says, “Right now we have some amazing limited time offers on qualifying systems including a Centerpoint instant rebate of up to $1450 and instant manufacturers rebates of up to $1200. We always offer quotes at no charge and we have 100% financing and options that include no payment for first whole year with approved credit. Don’t wait for an emergency to get a new energy-efficient A/C system...these deals won’t last!”

281-238-9292 License #TACLB8446E UPCLOSE ~ April 2014 ~ 31

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A fun lifestyle magazine for Sugar Land, Texas and the surrounding area.

00 upclose april 2014 2014 04 sugar land issuu  

A fun lifestyle magazine for Sugar Land, Texas and the surrounding area.