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April 2013

strike Out Autism

Sharing Hope Hope and Eric Montgomery’s “surprise” triplets––the “triple divas” Londyn, Lakin, and Lauren––were born healthy and happy, but when they were two and a half years old, things began to change. Although Lakin was the first to speak, even counting, she began to regress sharply. Hope says, “Lakin stopped making eye contact and slowly became non-verbal. Soon there were regressions with her sisters. The three girls were eventually diagnosed as PDD-NOS (Pervasive Development Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified), an autism spectrum disorder. One in fifty school-age kids now have autism, more than those affected by diabetes, AIDS and cancer combined. Through various therapies and a special diet, our seven-year-old daughters have transitioned into public school. If sharing our battles with autism helps another family make it through, then our struggles are not in vain.” Darla Farmer was working as a volunteer at the Child Advocates of Fort Bend when she and Hope became friends. Darla says, “Hope’s girls were born on the anniversary of my own mother’s death and I felt a special connection. I investigated ways to help Hope’s family and other families like them and quickly realized how unobtainable even basic services are for autistic children. We brainstormed, did research and created this non-profit to bridge the gap between

families and service providers. And what makes us unique is that we focus solely on the epidemic of autism and no other disability”. Blessed Be Hope for Three, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Through school programs like “It’s Cool to Care,” speaking engagements, and events like our Car Wash for Kids at the Chase Bank on 4997 Sweetwater on April 7th from 11-3, Red E Golf on April 8th from 6-9 and Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt on Sweetwater April 2nd and 10th, Hope for Three raises funds and awareness about autism. Darla says, “We offer financial support to help families get autism-related services. We have a rigorous screening process and pay funds directly to service providers, who must supply follow-up reports and evaluations. The lifetime cost of caring for a child with autism ranges from $3.5 million to $5 million. We want families to see results from the therapies they pursue...without going bankrupt in the process!” Hope says, “My husband, my son, and I have the faith to keep our feet on the ground as we move through each day. Children do not outgrow autism, but early diagnosis, intervention, and treatments can bring significant improvements. That’s the reason behind the advocacy and support offered by Hope for Three. Together we can be the difference!” Hope for Three • 1-800-317-0787 10200 West Airport Blvd. No. 100 Stafford, TX 77477

Are you ready to

“Strike Out Autism?”

Are you ready to “Strike Out Autism?” Hope for Three partnered with Houston Area’s Minor League Baseball Team, the Sugar Land Skeeters, the Honorable Judge Hebert and all 18 Fort Bend City Mayors to host the largest community autism awareness event in our County’s history! Join us on Opening Weekend, April 21, 2013, at Constellation Field as we celebrate our families and their remarkable children with a Family Fun Day. Our hope is to not only raise awareness about autism, but unite the community and give our families challenged with the stresses of autism a fun-filled afternoon for everyone to enjoy. Volunteer, sponsorship and underwriting opportunities are available.


n! On! Turned EASY to be SMART!


wanted to upgrade our media room,” says local dad Gus Haddad, “so I talked to the guys at Home Theater Evolutions. They mentioned the Savant system, where your Apple devices become your remote control and I thought we’d give it a try. They did a nice job with the build out, set us up with higher end electronics, and installed the Savant system just in our media room. I could launch it from my iPhone, laptop, or iPad and immediately control the channels, volume, or the Apple TV. We really loved it, so we called them back to expand the system to the rest of the house.”

“Now we can use the Savant system to control the lights, every television in our home, the temperature of our pool, security cameras, the garage door, even our music system. I love the shortcut ‘speed dial’ feature. Before bed I press one button and it turns off all the lights except the ones over the staircases, which it dims to 20 percent. I press another button when we’re leaving the house and if my daughters have left lights on, they all turn off at once. If I’m at the office and we’re having someone come to do work on the house I can see them remotely through the Savant security cameras, open the garage door and disarm the alarm for them, watch them leave, and reactivate everything. If I’m driving home from work and I know I want to relax in the spa by the pool, thirty minutes before I get home I can start the heater and it’ll be the

perfect temperature when I walk through the door...I can just jump in! If you’re on vacation, the system can ‘read’ your usual activity and play it, so the lights come on and off just as if you were at home, plus you can literally keep an eye on everything.” “The team at Home Theater Evolutions was very accessible. Whenever you’re doing a big project, things come up. Everything I called about, they were right there. I appreciated the way they let us start with the basic package with the “brain” of the system (a Mac mini)...and since then I’ve called every few weeks to expand the system. My wife had been resistant to getting it in the first place, but she’s had me call them back to see if they can integrate our outdoor gas fireplace into the system...and they can. We won’t have any remote controls in our house except our iPhones, iPads, or iTouch. Everything’s on the Savant system. It’s easy to use, it makes our lives easier, and it’s just really cool!” Richard Machemehl and Scott Crain say, “Everything on the Savant control and automation system—from the design of the docking system to the user-friendly interface—is designed to be intelligent, affordable, and extremely easy to use. We offer demos in the store and straightforward pricing that includes installation and programming...that makes it easy to be smart!” Home Theater Evolutions 281-980-2300 • 3157 Highway 6 at Williams Trace

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Are Nurses Afraid to Go to the Doctor? E

milie Castillo, a nurse at Methodist Hospital Sugar Land, went to Dr. Ulises Baltazar MD,RVT,FACS of Sugar Land Vein Specialists for a free consultation about a painful varicose vein. She says, “Even working in the medical field, I was still nervous about going to the doctor. I knew Dr. Baltazar from the hospital. He’s very friendly and always makes the time to say hello. About three years ago I had a varicose vein that was really painful, so I went to him and he did a vein ligation. It helped so much that when I started having pain in a different vein three years later, I went right back to him again. He’s good at medicine...and talking to him is as easy as talking to a friend.” “I was in the waiting room for less than ten minutes. He answered all my questions and he didn’t assume I already knew anything. He’s informative and patient in explaining all your options. Once he’d laid everything out for me, I told him, ‘This is not my forte, but I trust your judgment. What do you think I should do?’ I appreciated that he went over all my choices before making his recommendation. On my second visit I had an injection that killed the vein that had been so painful. Now it looks better and feels better, too! Now I’ve referred a lot of my friends to Dr. Baltazar!” “As a nurse, I’m around a lot of doctors. The thing that’s so nice about Dr. Baltazar is that he’s a great doctor and also a thoughtful person. The way he deals with each patient and their family is wonderful. I know he’s spent years in this profession and has a real passion for it. He always asks his patients how they’re doing and is so proud of his kids. If you’re scared of doctors, you haven’t been to Dr. Baltazar!” “Anyone in a profession that involves lots of time on your feet or long hours sitting in one place can be prone to varicose veins. That includes teachers, nurses, police, postal workers, bus or truck drivers, and those who work at a desk 9-5,” says Dr. Baltazar, “but age, family history, obesity, and , MD, RVT, FACS other factors play a part. Varicose veins are caused physically when faulty Sugar Land Vein Specialists valves inside your vein allow blood to flow backwards and pool. However, 281-240-8400 not all faulty veins develop varicose veins...and not all incompetent veins 16605 Southwest Freeway Ste 505 become enlarged! I promise to explain all your options and recommend the optimal treatment for your specific case...because you and your veins are my (in Methodist Professional Building professional passion!”

Ulises Baltazar

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Body by Ahmadi before

Big Rewards!



lost fifty pounds,” says Kay Gartland, “but I was still 200 lbs at 5’5” and had an apron of scars and skin from my c-section. I went to see Dr. Ahmadi at Avante Plastic Surgery for a consultation to see if it would be better to wait for surgery until I’d finished losing weight. He said that any results I earned through further weight loss would just make me look better. I never had a flat stomach in my life, not even when I was young and thin...until now! Dr. Ahmadi gave me a stomach that’s flatter than when I was twelve. I can wear yoga pants or running shorts and feel confident!” “I had the procedure done in June right before my nineteen-year-old daughter went away to school. At Christmas she couldn’t believe how skinny I am...she’s never had a mother who looks like this! I can even steal her clothes! I’m fifty years old, but I feel like I’m thirty. This new body gives me the incentive to be my best self!” “I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Ahmadi. He’s got a great sense of humor, he’s so calm and professional, and he’s really kind. Right away he puts you at ease and you can see how much he cares about his patients. The women who work in his office are also professional, helpful, and empathetic. Whenever I had a question, I called the office and either got an answer right away from his staff... or Dr. Ahmadi would call me back and explain everything. I also appreciate that there’s one price for the procedure and everything related to it is included.” “Thanks to Dr. Ahmadi, I can throw on an outfit, feel confident, and go! Before the procedure, you had to make an appointment with me to visit a week in advance...that’s how long it took for me to find something to wear. Now I’m ready for anything at a moment’s notice.


My husband says if he’d known what a difference it would make to my life and how adventurous and outgoing I would become, we would have done this twenty years ago!” You deserve experience and quality and a new lease on life like Kay! Dr. Ahmadi of Avante Plastic Surgery is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and he says, “I adhere to a strict code of ethics, only operate in an accredited facility, and voluntarily undergo rigorous inspections. Your health, safety, and beauty are my priority! Come see me for a consultation, and we’ll discuss how to make your dreams come true.”




Avante Plastic Surgery ~ 281-265-2639 (BODY) 1112 Soldiers Field Dr., Sugar Land, TX 77479

An American Classic!


rmy specialist Dillon Cannon grew up in Pecan Grove, attended Pecan Grove Elementary and played baseball in the Lamar Little League for many years. He was serving our country in Iraq where he was shot in the neck by a sniper on December 29, 2006, leaving him paralyzed below the waist. He returned from Iraq and began the long road to recovery. Now Dillon travels all over the United States inspiring others to stay active!

Dillon says, “I met my roommate, Spencer “Peacemaker” Tesanovich, through Impact-a-Hero, a 501 c3 non-profit organization for helping wounded veterans. He’s the Captain of Team Defiance Paintball... and I’m the co-captain. Team Defiance is a paintball scenario team that allows combat veterans and our disabled brothers-in-arms to get back into the sport. We’ve been on FOX News, ABC News and in the Houston

Want some of the

Best Chili in Fort Bend? Thanksgiving day Parade with over 600,00 spectators. The best thing is traveling all over the United States and showing people who’ve been told they can’t walk that they can still get back outside to do the activities they love. Whether we’re meeting veterans or disabled kids, it’s awesome to help them understand they get back out there and be active.” When Dillon’s traveling locally, he needs a ride he can trust. He says, “I’d already had a Chevy Camaro, so I knew how easily I could get my wheelchair in and out of it. I’d heard good things about Classic Chevy, so I thought I’d stop by and see if I could find a Camaro... but I wasn’t sure I could work out the financing. I was blown away by the way they do things. My sales guy, Joe, had me in and out on the same day. He actually called to follow up, to see how I was doing, and to make sure the car was working out for me. I can’t say enough good things about those guys. They’re a great business and they treated me really well...and I love my new car!”

Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land

13115 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, TX 77478 • Sales: (281) 491-9000 Service: (866) 500-1660 6 ~ upclose ~ April 2013

Sample Fort Bend’s finest Hot, Sweet, or Non-Traditional chili at Classic Chevy’s third annual Chili Cook-Off on April 11, 2013. A $2 donation for admission, benefiting the Police Fund will get you into the event for all the chili you can eat (don’t forget a pocket full of dollars to vote for your favorites!). General Manager Mark Kolon says, “We’ll accept additional donations at the door...and all proceeds will go right to the Sugar Land Police. Any and all expenses for this event are covered by Classic Chevy! We’ll have a Soliz Casa De Tacos Jalapeno Eating Contest, plenty of games for kids and a bouncy house. ‘Relax and Enjoy the Difference’ with chili, fun and friends at Classic Chevrolet!”

100% of the money donated go to the Sugar Land Police. All expenses are covered by Classic Chevy!



n May 9 from 4:30-8:30 you and your family are invited to St. Michael’s Open House to celebrate our Grand Expansion of the first free-standing emergency room in Fort Bend. Since St. Michael’s Emergency Room first opened its doors in Sugar Land in 2007, it’s become the one place our community turns in times of need. Co- Founder Dr. Shannon Orsak says, “We’re excited to be growing from 5500 square feet to approximately 10000 square feet to better meet the needs of the community. Please join us in a celebration on May 9th to see our renovated and expanded facility. We are here to help you and answer any and all of your questions.” St. Michael’s still has pediatric exam rooms and a sports-themed exam rooms, all bigger than before...but that’s not all! Dr. Orsak says, “We’re adding a HarleyDavidson room sponsored by Republic Harley-Davidson and updating all our equipment. In addition to our nine exam rooms, we’ll also have a treatment room for observation suite with all the amenities you would find in the comforts of your home. Throughout every step of the process, We have been able to design the entire building for maximum patient comfort and medical efficiency, exactly the kind of emergency room everyone would like to visit.” At this “ER of the future,” you’ll find an on-site radiology department complete with x-ray and CT

scan,ultrasound and an onsite lab…so you don’t have to wait for a diagnosis and a confirmation. You’ll experience quality treatment and services from our board-certified physicians and specialty-trained nurses. St. Michael’s treats everything from allergic reactions and broken bones to high fevers and chest pain. There’s everything you’d find in a traditional ER...except the wait! Do you have questions about your rights and what the the affordable care act means? Come to the St. Michael’s Open House and ask your questions. We are the first and only free-standing emergency room in Fort Bend and the surrounding Houston area in-network with Aetna and are working on similar contracts with other insurance companies to make your life even easier. We accept more than 200 insurance plans, including Cigna, Blue Cross, United & Humana. You will pay the same ER copay, co-insurance and deductible for concierge service at St. Michael’s as you would pay at any other hospital ER without the wait! See the newly expanded emergency room that serves as the “heart” of Sugar Land. St. Michael’s supports our community’s schools, charities, sports teams, and children and puts our families first. Dr. Orsak says, “Drop by on May 9th...we can’t wait to meet you!” Currently not a Medicare or Medicaid participating provider.

St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms 16062 SW Freeway (at Hwy 6) Sugar Land, TX 77479 281-980-HELP

9000 Westheimer Houston, TX 77063 713-343-0911

26226 I 45 N. Spring, TX 77386 281-419-2911

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On The Cover ~ Strike Out Autism Publisher ~ Gina Pizzini Editor ~ Gina Pizzini Layout and Design ~ Night Sky Creative Account Executives Sara Adams Jennifer Pappas-Blancas Business Editor ~ Sarah Warburton Writers Maggie Beil Stacey Keith, Courtney Mcllvoy Amy Sharp Photography ~ J. Thomas “Jay” Ford is published monthly and direct mailed to 75,000 homes. For information on having your business featured in UpClose call Gina Pizzini at 281.235.0600. is not responsible for any claims made by its

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friends, neighbors, co-workers. They could have picked anywhere to live and do business. They chose to do it here. That speaks volumes for them already! UpComing Features: Do you know a candidate for our Successful Men or Women in Business issues? Contact UpClose Magazine because there is a story behind every business & smile, and we would like to help tell yours... 281.235.0600

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omplaints Department

“Now THAT’S a pretty door!”

Accepting Registrations For the 2013-2014 School Year

Academic Enrichment Programs 9:00 AM – Noon Weekly Themed Camps Noon – 4:00 PM Full Care/Extended Day Available 1717 Dulles Ave., Missouri City, TX 77459


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Summer Program Registration Begins April 15


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Replace that old Weather stripping from all your doors with NEW energy saving Weather Strips

* On-Site Refinishing in one day. * Mobile Refinishing Shops * Work in Any Weather * Hardware Replacement * Threshold Replacement

* Stained Glass Repair * Weather-Strip Replacement * Install Peep Holes * Sticking Door Adjustments * Over 30 years experience

Rick’s Front Door Refinishing 713-427-2487

Countdown to Summer... Are You Ready? Are your sunglasses the only thing that still fit?


hile the kids are marking off the calendar days until the end of school, are you worrying about the start of swimsuit season? Pumping iron, pounding the pavement, and counting calories are tough...especially when you don’t see the results you want. Dr. Jeffery Alford of Sugar Land Wellness and Weight Loss offers simple and effective solutions and the support you need to help you shed that excess weight. He says, “Start now...and you can feel and look your best this summer!” Tired of struggling and failing to stick with your diet plan? Seize success with NeuroAssist. Dr. Alford says, “My wellness program combines the tried and true method of calorie restriction with an amino acid appetite suppressant. NeuroAssist is a very effective solution for serious people, willing to put in the time and effort to lose serious weight. It was developed by physicians at the University of Minnesota, and works with your brain chemistry to suppress appetite…without those caffeinated, jazzed-up side effects you get from amphetamine appetite suppressants. You’ll eat exactly the way you always do, just staying within the calorie guidelines we set up for you. NeuroAssist will keep you from feeling hungry, so it’s easier to stay on-track. Your body eventually becomes satisfied with smaller portions. That’s a change that can last a lifetime!” Exercise goes hand-in-hand with diet...and Dr. Alford has a way to turbo-charge your exercise route. A sleek silhouette and tight tummy are within your reach with the FDA-approved i-Lipo. As featured on “The Doctors” and examined by Dr. Oz, iLipo offers a safe and painless way to smooth cellulite, target specific areas like the upper arms, abdomen, chin or thighs, contour your body and fight fat. Dr. Alford says, “If diet and exercise alone aren’t getting rid of stubborn fat deposits, the non-invasive i-Lipo laser shrinks fat cells immediately without damaging skin or surrounding tissue. I-Lipo uses a “cold, low level” laser to melt fat so your body can remove it easily and naturally. Follow each 30 minute i-Lipo session with 30 minutes to an hour of vigorous exercise to help your body metabolize the fat. Once you see results, you’ll be even more motivated to pursue a healthy lifestyle!” Get a superstar body without leaving Sugar Land. I-Lipo’s benefits have been featured on the“Ricki Lake Show,” “The Morning Blend,” “The Doctors,” “Dr. Oz,” in a feature titled “The Five-Day Body Makeover” in “Harper’s Bazaar” and “The Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Call Sugar Land Wellness today and you’ll be ready for the start of summer. Swimsuits...bring ‘em on! Sugar Land Wellness and Weight-loss 832-494-7469 16651 SW Fwy #100

Making a Difference:



Sarah Warburton


ilma’s oldest son Joseph was two years old when he was diagnosed with autism. She says, “We didn’t know why he wasn’t talking. Later when we couldn’t understand the sounds he made, he’d get so frustrated. He started at ECI (Early Childhood Intervention Services) but when he turned three he aged out. We went to the school district for an evaluation, but they only offer speech therapy thirty minutes once a week...and I knew Joseph needed more. The person we worked with at ECI gave me a list of speech therapy providers and I just started dialing numbers, trying to find one that took our insurance and had an opening. I was desperate to find help. When I called Speech Therapy Unlimited, I found exactly what I was looking for!” “I’m so thankful for Speech Therapy Unlimited. They’ve helped a lot and working with people other than his parents has made a real difference. Ms. Rica has been great. He sees her twice a week and a supervisor even evaluates their progress once or twice a month. Joseph’s really improved so much. He loves the iPad and looks forward to seeing his therapist.” Speech Therapy is about much more than pronunciation. For a child with autism, all kinds of communication can be difficult, confusing, and frustrating. Dana and Jason Johnson, founders of Speech Therapy Unlimited, understand these kids may not have the words to express themselves or the skills to interact with other people. Dana

10 ~ upclose ~ April 2013

says, “We wanted to help children and their families, so we created a practice with a large, diverse team of skilled therapists...and no wait for therapy!” In addition to Joseph, Vilma has a daughter with autism, as well as a three-year-old and a seventeen-month-old, both without autism. She says, “I do one full-time job at work and another when I get home, taking my kids to therapy and working with them. As a parent, you feel so lonely, like you and your kids are in a different world than everyone else. My heart breaks for parents who look for help and only find places that don’t take their insurance or put you on a waiting list. I called so many places before I found Speech Therapy Unlimited...and I’m so thankful for them. They’ve made a real difference in Joseph’s life!” Speech Therapy Unlimited, PLLC - most major insurance accepted No Headaches, No Unreasonable Terms, Just Great Speech Therapists! 281-746-3053 12808 West Airport Blvd. Ste 332 • Sugar Land, TX 77478

We support Strike Out Autism!


Is It Me…or is it My Hormones?


ou’ve been following the rules to a ‘T’ since January. Clean diet, exercise, adequate sleep. But still, the scale hasn’t moved, you feel bloated, the cravings are unbearable and you feel as if depression is setting in. Add to that the marriage, the kids, the homework, the house, your job…and you are starting to think, “Maybe this is just part of life, it’s who I am, but I’ll get through it, no big deal.” And as for that sex life…not only do you feel you do not have time for it, you don’t have the desire! Dr. Lance Campbell Pharm.D., R.Ph. at Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy in Sugar Land disagrees. “This is not normal. Regardless of your age, weight or medical history, these very well could be signs of a hormone imbalance. Hormones affect everything…the body, the mind and your emotions. Luckily with today’s advances in hormonal health there is no longer any reason to just ‘deal with it.’ For both men and women, suffering due to hormone imbalance is simply not necessary.” Dr. Campbell is talking about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, or BHRT. Dr. Campbell says, “Bioidentical hormones are by definition, the exact same chemical structure as hormones produced in your body. We’ll prepare a customized formulation just for you at Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy and follow up with you and your doctor to make sure you are getting the relief you need with the lowest possible dosage. With the right balance of hormones, you can truly feel like yourself again!” Are you wondering if BHRT is for you? Schedule a private

or group one hour consultation with Dr. Campbell where he will explain the fundamentals of BHRT and how they will benefit your health. You can discuss any concerns with him and really get the answers you need. Dr. Campbell says, “It’s really all about helping you be the best ‘you’ that you possibly can be. You know what they say, put on your own oxygen mask before helping others…take care of yourself and everyone and everything else in your life benefits!”

Schedule a private or group one hour consultation with Dr. Campbell where he will explain the fundamentals of BHRT and how they will benefit your health.

Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy 281-980-2555 “If our staff can’t make it…then you probably don’t need it!” 4760 Sweetwater Blvd. Suite 103

Primrose Schools® Summer Camp -

Passport to Adventure! From the great outdoors and virtual travel to music and dance, Camp PrimroseSM is your family’s passport to adventure and fun this summer! Exciting field trips, creative activities and fun adventures with friends will help Explorers play, laugh and learn their way through an unforgettable summer. Customize your adventure by selecting specific camp weeks or join us all summer long!

Start planning your summer adventure now - Join Primrose Schools’ summer camp for a chance to win a $1,000 American Express Travel gift card!* For more details, visit *No purchase necessary

Primrose School of First Colony 4605 Austin Parkway, Sugar Land, TX 77479 281.565.2707 | Each Primrose School is a privately owned and operated franchise. Primrose Schools and The Leader in Educational Child Care are trademarks of Primrose School Franchising Company. ©2012 Primrose School Franchising Company. All rights reserved.

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The Clock is Ticking...Are You Prepared?


he worst way to find out you’ve got a hole in the roof is when a hurricane sweeps through, leaving your home drenched and damaged. Joe Rangel of Allegiance Roofing (a division of Joe Rangel Contracting LLC) says, “We want you and your family to be and dry and safe, no matter what’s going on with the weather! That’s why we offer free roof inspections and estimates for your peace of mind. The hurricane season in Texas starts June 1st...and the time to get your roof ready starts now!”

roof, work with your insurance, repair, convert, or replace as needed. Our entire team has passed the Certainteed Quality Master Exam and the Master Shingle Applicator Exam, and have gained the elite certification of “Select Shingle Master Company.” Only 1% of roofing contractors within the United States are authorized by Certainteed to offer 3 STAR, 4 STAR, and 5 STAR extended warranties. We believe in putting your peace of mind first. That’s why we handle dealing with insurance companies, offer the very best products, and stand one hundred percent behind the work that we do.” Looking for experts in our local weather and our local roofs? Allegiance Roofing is licensed, bonded, has an A+ rating with the BBB, is active in the community and sponsors spring sports teams all over Fort Bend including Lamar Little League Baseball, RoseRich Girls’ Softball, the Katy Girls Softball Association, and the Lamar Green Hornets Little League Football. Joe says, “Call us for a free roof inspection and estimate and remember...we’re also able to handle home contractor services like Hardie Siding, house Painting, and windows and doors!” Call Allegiance Roofing in the month of April and receive $500 off the cost of a new roof (minimum $8000) or $50 off your roof repair (minimum $350).

You can stock your pantry with canned goods, get extra batteries for all your flashlights, and plan your escape route, but is your house hurricaneready? Your roof is only as strong as its weakest point, and it’s one of the biggest investments you can make in your home. Joe says, “We’ll assess your

Allegiance Roofing 281-232-9100 P.O. Box 2010 Richmond, Texas 77406

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring at Visit any of our three convenient locations during the month of April and receive

$25 off any service over $250* $50 off any service over $500* $100 off any service over $750* *exludes batteries, tires, and state inspection. *based on pre-tax subtotals

Greatwood 20015 Southwest Fwy. On Hwy 59 Near Greatwood (281) 343-5666

First Colony 2303 Williams Trace Near Hwy. 6 (281) 980-2666 *Must Present Coupon for instant rebate *Not valid with any other coupon or offers

12 ~ upclose ~ April 2013

Sugar Land 960 Eldridge Near Hwy 90A (281) 313-2886 Offer Expires April 31, 2013



We Repair & Refinish in 2 Days or Less

Reduce, Reuse... UPcycle!

Sarah Warburton


pdating your kitchen or bathroom doesn’t mean settling for the hassle and expense of tearing out counters, tubs, and tile. You can go green while saving green with the durable beauty of surface refinishing by Miracle Method Surface Refinishing. Owners Jonee and Paul Barnett say, “We’re big believers in making everything old look better-than-new. Don’t think of it as recycling...think of it as UPcycling!” You can keep your counters in your kitchen and out of the landfill...without giving up your dreams of a whole new look. That’s like having your cake and eating it, too! Miracle Method transforms tile, cultured marble, Corian®, Formica®, Wilsonart® and other laminate countertops.…without ripping them out. After your original counters are cleaned, the scratches and chips repaired and grout lines sealed, you can custom-create the perfect shade for your finish, or request a “color match” to coordinate with your décor. Jonee says, “Our customers love Natural Accents™, a finish that delivers the look of natural stone.” As the Green Remodeling alternative, the Miracle Method makes it possible (and painless) to refresh the look of your bathroom without tossing your old tub, sink, tile, or vanity top. Not only is Miracle Method easy and affordable, it’s durable enough to stand the test of time. As seen on the DIY Network’s Rescue Renovation, the Miracle Method can even make a clawfoot tub look brand-new...and extends its usable life by fifteen years or more. Going green just seems

smarter and smarter! You don’t have to DIY to get the benefits of a personal touch and work done with care. Jonee says, “Our business is founded on the good old-fashioned values of honesty, integrity, and quality craftsmanship. We’re happy to offer a five-year transferrable warranty on our work.” Paul says, “Miracle Method is used by Hilton and Disney and has been featured on ‘This Old House’ and the ‘Today Show.’ The truth is, it looks amazing in hotels, resorts…and homes!” Celebrate Earth Day (Monday, April 22) by calling the Miracle Method Surface Refinishing for your free in-home estimate. You can make the earth more beautiful...starting with your own home! Miracle Method Surface Refinishing 281-240-2284 603 Murphy Road (by appointment only) • Stafford, TX

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There are some things best left to

Professionals! by Becca Bragg


nyone can run a paper towel over spilled milk or sweep up some Cheerios , but there are some jobs better left to the Professionals. After all, when’s the last time you dusted the blades of your ceiling fan, cleaned underneath your stove top, or really got down and dirty in the bathroom? “Every home has places that never really get clean,” says Max McCammond, our local cleaning expert and owner of Professional Maid Service. “That’s when it’s time to call the Professionals!” What’s that ick along the baseboards of your kitchen or the mysterious

muck in the corners of your shower? Instead of finding out the hard way, make a call to Max. His team of uniformed, bonded and licensed Professional Maids will speed to the scene of the grime in a company car. They have the training and the dedication to put the sparkle back in your home. Max says, “Our teams actually love cleaning. They get to all those nooks and crannies that get overlooked, really scrub down any stubborn stains or spots, and do all dirty you don’t have to!” Are you tired of toothpaste smudges in the sink, soap scum in the shower,

Cleaning to the “Max”

and hairspray residue on the mirror? You don’t need to put up caution tape, just call for professional help. Max says, “We offer no-hassle key drop-off and pick-up and always give a reminder call the day before we come to clean. We want you to relax and enjoy the shine! Don’t get your hands dirty...leave the icky stuff to the Professionals. ” Professional Maid Service


Max’s Cleaning Tip:“Ever since Mythbusters did an episode that showed the spray from flushing your toilet with the lid up didn’t make much of a difference, I’ve gotten follow-up questions,” says Max. “A recent study of hospital toilets showed that a germ causing diarrhea can be sprayed up to ten inches above a flushed toilet and showed up on toilet paper dispensers, door handles, and surrounding surfaces. Closing the lid of the toilet before flushing keeps your bathroom cleaner and is a healthier choice. When we come in to clean your bathroom, we’ll clean the dirt you can see...and sanitize the germs you can’t!” 14 ~ upclose ~ April 2013

and the

BRAIN SUMMER CAMP linking music and cognitive ability Sarah Warburton

one hour a day. Kids are used to working in groups in school, so this model makes sense to them...and it makes music lessons social and fun! We want every child to discover their love of music.” Call for information about group and private lessons for all ages and you can see what your child’s potential could be. President of Fort Bend Music Center, Rick Cochran, says,“If you can play it, we can sell it, repair it, and offer you lessons. After a single lesson at Fort Bend Music, you will be able to play something. Everyone can unleash the music in their heart!” Fort Bend Music Center 281-494-5885 12919 SW Freeway, Ste 160


his summer your child could take the first step on a life-long journey. Kids ages four and up can find their groove with awesome summer camps from Fort Bend Music, Fort Bend’s premier music school for over twenty-five years. Jim Calvert, Manager of the Lessons Program says, “Our popular sampler summer camp give kids the opportunity to have a blast and explore something new...without a long-term commitment.” Just like hitting shuffle on the iPod or sharing a playlist, Fort Bend Music offers a sampler camp featuring some of their most popular lessons. Jim says, “Kids get the first five lessons in voice, guitar, percussion, and piano...and we’ve added brass this year. Over the two and a half hours of camp they’ll spend thirty minutes on each station. I know a lot of kids are trying to decide if they’d like to join the school band and what instrument might be best for them. That’s part of the reason we added brass and instead of drums we use the practice pad and bell kit for percussion...just like they will in school. It’s a great way to see what sparks their interest.” Wondering if your preschooler is ready for music lessons? Try Fort Bend Music’s summer camp and watch your mini-musician blossom. Jim says, “Our camp for kids ages four through six incorporates piano, rhythm, games and dancing into


Schedule p m a C r Summe

sses): en) orning cla (ages 7-te (m 0 e :3 n 2 O -1 0 n Optio 2 from 1 s 4-6), or July 8-1 2:30 (age June 3-7 -1 0 :3 1 1 r -11 o sses): or from 10 (ages rnoon cla e ft (a o 2:30-3pm w 1 T m n o o fr ti p 9 O -1 4-6). or July 15 pm (ages 4 -3 -1 2 0 r 1 o e 0 n Ju 0-1:3 from 12:3 7-teen) or now, s is open p m a c r e on’t wait to t for summ d Enrollmen m li re a s lessons size ontact the but group C t! o p s r ou Bend reserve y p by Fort to s r o t n departme . nter today Music Ce

Surviving Allergy Season Sarah Warburton


neezing and congested? Watery, red eyes? Must be springtime in Texas! If you want to enjoy baseball season and bluebonnets without letting your seasonal sniffles get in the way of your sight...come see Dr. Anh Doan of Missouri City’s Vision Source. She says, “In addition to all the congestion, there’s also a lot of confusion surrounding allergies and your eyes. The first step to relief is getting the right diagnosis...that’s why I’m here!” Just grabbing a bottle over-the-counter drops could actually hurt you! Your first step should be a visit to Dr. Doan for a diagnosis to rule out an infection like “pink eye” or another condition like chronic dry eye. Only antibiotics will fix an infection and antihistamine allergy medication can make dry eyes worse! Even if it is allergies, certain OTC drops can discolor or damage certain lenses. Dr. Doan says, “Once we know what’s aggravating your eyes, I can recommend or prescribe the right drops for you.” You don’t have to watch the flowers bloom

through a film of tears, and you don’t have to kiss your contacts goodbye until the pollen count goes down. Dr. Doan says, “We might also consider switching to another kind of contact lens, like daily disposable contact lenses, which are discarded nightly. Since you’ll replace your lenses each day, irritating deposits don’t build up and make your allergy-related discomfort worse. We have contact lens choices for near and far sightedness, to correct astigmatism, for those needing bifocals and even for people with allergies or dry eyes. You might even wear your new contacts home the same day!” You can survive this allergy season with no more tears with a little professional help! Dr. Doan says, “Don’t assume you can just squirt something in your eye and find relief. You’d see a doctor for a cough...and you should see an optometrist for red, itchy, or uncomfortable eyes!”


Dust Mites Mold

Featuring these and other high quality contact lenses

Dr. Anh Doan, O.D. Vision Source! 281-261-2647 4725 Highway 6 South

Suffer From Numb, Burning Feet? Maggie Beil


ver 24 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes. Sadly, many will go on to develop a nerve condition called Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN). DPN is a degenerative condition of the nerves which causes numbness, tingling and burning sensations in your feet and legs. Patients commonly report difficulty maintaining balance, irregular sleep patterns due to pain and large, non-healing wounds. The good news is that these patients are now finding relief at the Neuropathy Center developed by Dr. Marco A Vargas of Foot & Ankle Associates. As a board-certified foot surgeon, Dr. Vargas has been offering a proven, non-surgical DPN treatment in his office that’s both convenient and effective! Without side effects or the need

for medication, this treatment provides significant relief in over 75% of all patients! In just two visits a week for eight weeks, you’ll find relief... and many patients report improvement as soon as the third treatment! He says, “Diabetic patients are at risk for DPN. Once you develop DPN, you may not be able to feel scrapes, blisters and cuts on your feet...and that puts you at increased risk of infection and amputation. By undergoing this treatment and reversing the symptoms of DPN, patients are able to experience increased comfort and improve their foot health.” Walking shouldn’t be a pain, and neither should finding treatment for your foot pain. Foot and Ankle Associates is your “one-stopshop” for all of your DPN treatment needs from wound care to diagnostic and therapeutic modalities to a neuropathy specific supplement line. Not to mention the Footmaxx orthotic

Sugar Land 888-784-5335 • 281-313-0090 17510 W. Grand Parkway South

Foot and Ankle Associates Missouri City 281-313-0090 3281 Rocky Creek Drive

16 ~ upclose ~ April 2013

scanner, a computerized foot scanner used to analyze a patient’s walking pattern and foot function, because properly fitting orthotics are a key component to preventing diabetic foot complications. If your feet feel like they have a swarm of bees on them, Dr. Vargas at The Neuropathy Center can diagnose and treat your condition in one easy, convenient location with appointments available all day Monday through Friday. This treatment is covered by most insurances including Medicare. Feel free to give us a call and request a free, no-strings attached report on DPN.

Houston 281-313-0080 7105 Lawndale Street

floor All About… This’ll



Amy Sharp


ack in December, Jay Klein wanted some new flooring and a bathroom remodel…three months later he’s done so much more! Jay says, “I called All About Carpet to do the downstairs floors and master bath remodel in my home. I knew they had a reputation for quality products, and I liked what I had read about them. Plus, the guys had been doing our carpet cleaning for a number of years, so I was familiar with them.” For the downstairs rooms, Jay chose black slate flooring…and agreed to have the light fixtures and baseboards replaced in each room. For the master remodel––the shower, countertops and fixtures––a porcelain tile highlighted with granite was chosen along

We caught the Kleins enjoying spring break with their grandchildren

with stone flooring. Jay says, “I expected quality, but I was blown away by the attention to detail and perfection. Everything was top of the line. The seamless glass shower doors are amazing. The guys put in a handmade listello (accent border) that is just gorgeous. It’s made of pieces of tile, glass and travertine. You really have to see it to appreciate its beauty!” Jay was so impressed with the work of All About Carpet and their capable subcontractors, he decided the following month that they would be his choice to do a near complete remodel on his vacation home. Jay says, “My river house is 70 miles away in Brazoria and it needed a ton of work. But I knew without question that I wanted All About Carpet to do all of it…one stop shopping.” And the remodel was “all about” the entire house. The bath was remodeled, complete with new counters, fixtures and shower. Sheet rock repair was completed and the entire house was painted. Mini blinds were installed throughout. Cabinetry was ripped out and rebuilt to accommodate new appliances. And of course…all of the floors were replaced. After nearly three months of constant remodeling across two homes, Jay is still smiling. He says, “I love these guys... they are great!” See for yourself that customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship never go out of style at All About Carpet and Floors. “We are so grateful for the community’s professional and personal support over the years,” says Renee McKelvey and her two boys Shaun & Steven. “Come see us in our showroom anytime and we’ll show you the best in granite, natural stone and tile. We can talk about your design options for remodeling your home, or check out the latest and greatest in engineered hardwood floors and laminates. We can help you create a plan to meet all your remodeling needs! Whether you’re a repeat customer or a first-timer, we’re always happy to see you and promise to give you our best service on every job we do!”

All About Carpet and Floors 281-265-3700 3145 Highway 6 South Monday through Saturday 9am to 6pm (Next to Shipley’s)

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Teamwork and Camaraderie: A Culture of Caring W

hen you choose a HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital, you get more than a healthcare provider patients. Bindu says, “Even when we’re at our busiest, there’s a known nationwide for their inpatient rehabilitation sersense of energy and serenity on the floor. We’ve got a state-of-thevices. You also get the benefit of an amazing group of people! Bindu art gym with the latest rehabilitation technologies...and the kind Varghese, Director of Therapy Operations at HealthSouth Sugar of people whose attitude of love brings a tear to my eye daily. I Land, says, “I’ve worked in just about every different setting you was a therapist here for five years before I was offered the position can imagine from in-home therapy to a big hospital setting. Never of Director. Like everyone at HealthSouth, I love patient care... have I seen a therapy team as phenomenal as the one we have here!” but this amazing group of people has made being Director just as Skill and experience are united with community and an intrinsic rewarding. We all share a passion for caring for others!” love for patient care at Health South. “Teamwork and camaraderie elevates the experience we offer our patients!” says Bindu, “I actuHealthSouth Sugar Land Rehabilitation Hospital ally enjoy my drive in from Pearland every day because spending the 281-276-7574 day with our PTs, OTs, Speech Therapists, Technicians and patients 1325 Highway 6 is beyond amazing. We rely on our co-workers to cooperate with us, Sugar Land, TX 77478 to build relationships, and to lend support. We are most productive as a group when we share professional behavior, teamwork, and mutual cheerleading.” How do patients respond to the Healthsouth culture? According to their Director of Quality, Lisa Calvo, since the beginning of last year, therapy patient satisfaction scores on over 300 surveys were consistently in the ‘90s! These scores reflect the courtesy of the therapist, how well each therapist explained treatment/progress, how well patients parJoint Commission Diseaseticipate in setting their goals and how well Specific Care Certification each therapist helped them meet their goals. for Stroke Rehabilitation Patients write: “The communication and teamwork in therapy was phenomenal, everyChoosing a hospital with The Joint one was willing to help each other out because Commission’s Disease-Specific Care therapy understands that it is all about getting Certification in Stroke Rehabilitation can the patient well and back to the community.” And, “The culture within the department is make all the difference in how successful truly unique and makes patients comfortable you are in returning to maximum and excited for their continued therapy.” independence. We are proud to offer All members of the HealthSouth therapy a higher level of care that has earned team communicate with respect, encouragement and warmth with each other and their this distinction. Learn more about our programs and how we can help you achieve better outcomes to get home faster. Call 281 276-7574.

1325 Highway 6 • Sugar Land, TX 77478 281 276-7574 •

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Count on QUALITY

Saving Lives, One Screening at a Time


ould you be shocked to learn that one American dies every hour of every day from oral cancer? Or that oral cancer has a higher death rate in America than cervical cancer, Hodgkin’s disease, cancer of the brain, liver, kidneys, or ovaries? One local dentist, Dr. Thomas Lomonte, is working to protect his patients. He says, “The key to early detection is oral cancer screening…and we recommend one every year for all our adult patients.” No matter how you twist and turn in front

Free oral screening ($65 value) to all first-time patients who come in during the month of April.

Come in as a patient and leave as a friend!

of the mirror, you just can’t do an oral cancer screening on your own. The number one spot for oral cancer is underneath the back of your tongue where only your dentist can see it. Dr. Lomonte says, “The screening for oral cancer isn’t invasive or painful... and with early detection, oral cancer is ninety percent curable!” Do you have five minutes to spare? Those five minutes could save your life! Dr. Lomonte says, “An oral cancer screening in our office doesn’t take long at all...and I can’t stress enough how important it is to get screened. Right now, seventy percent of oral cancers are detected late and forty-three percent of those who are diagnosed die within five years.” Having zero risk factors doesn’t mean you’re not at risk. One out of four oral cancer victims has absolutely no risk factors at all...they’re non-smokers, they don’t drink alcohol, and have no family history. This disease strikes the famous––like Babe Ruth, Aaron Spelling, Eddie Van Halen Bruce Paltrow, and Lana Turner––and our friends and family, too. “I think of my patients as my friends,” says Dr. Lomonte, “and I encourage them to get screened because early detection really does save lives! In honor of Oral, Head and

Dr. Lomonte performing a free screening as a public service at Consolation Field, Home Of The Sugar Land Skeeter’s Neck Cancer Awareness Month, I’d like to offer a free oral screening ($65 value) to all first-time patients who come in during the month of April. Together we can spread the word about oral cancer screenings...and beat this disease!”

Thomas M. Lomonte, D.D.S. “Come in as a patient, leave as a friend.” 12122 Murphy Rd. Stafford, TX 77477 (281) 530-1440

We Specialize in Children ...because kidz are people too

❋ Specialist in dentistry for infants, children and adolescents ❋ Now offering Braces and Orthodontic services ❋ Offering Oral and I.V. Sedation ❋ Se Hablo Espanol ❋ Most major insurance accepted ❋ Ask About NO INTEREST PAYMENT PLANS 4706 Riverstone Blvd., Suite 200, Missouri City, TX 77459 Located behind Kohl’s in the Offices at Riverstone To advertise, 281-235-0600

281.261.0020 upclose ~ April 2013 ~ 19

Batter Up!

Amy Sharp


n evening drives you can see the lights...ballparks all over Texas light up the night sky for kids and adults alike as they take partake in summer’s rite of passage…baseball! But wait…summer already? Was last summer a nail biter with the AC? Did you feel relieved just to make it to October? Are you fed up with dealing with it? It’s time to call Jackson Air and Heat, Sugar Land’s home team for full service residential and commercial air conditioning and heating. Brian Jackson of Jackson Air says, “Summer heat in Texas always goes into extra innings. It’s April, and it’s time to make sure your home is prepared. We’ve been installing Trane systems in Fort Bend County for more than thirty years. If you need an energy-efficient replacement, we’ve got all the bases covered. When you switch to a new Trane air conditioner, it’ll be more effective at controlling the heat and humidity that is undoubtedly on its way. And a more efficient system not only means a reliably cool and comfortable house, you’ll also save on energy costs…and that’s a home-run! There’s not a better time than now to replace that old inefficient AC with a new Trane system. We have 36 months at 0% or rebates up to $1750.” The crews at Jackson Air are air conditioner All-Stars. With the constant changes in the industry, Jackson Air stays current on training and education. They are the oldest Trane Comfort Specialist dealer in Sugar Land. More than eighty percent of their new customers are referrals from friends and family of existing customers. They are EPA and NATE certified…and are accredited members of the Better Business Bureau. Not only

that, they are recipients of the Angie’s List “Super Service” award and the BBB Award of Excellence for the last three years. What’s their secret? Brian says, “We hit a grand slam with our high-tech solutions, prompt and professional service, and deep commitment to our customers. And we know comfort doesn’t stop at the equipment we install...we’re only happy if you are happy.” To celebrate the coming of summer and as a “Thank You” to loyal customers... Jackson Air invites you to root for the home team! Brian says, “The response of our community to the Sugar Land Skeeters inaugural season last year was out of the ballpark. We love having professional baseball right here in our backyard and we want to share the experience with our Fort Bend families. We are offering free Skeeters baseball tickets when your purchase a new efficient, reliable Trane system. Give us a call today and have a worry-free, comfortable summer…and a night out at the ballpark!” Jackson Air and Heat, Inc. Sugar Land’s Oldest Independent Trane Dealer 281-240-1037

We See Perfect Indoor Weather In Your Forecast CREATING COMFORT & TRUST FOR OVER 30 YEARS 20 ~ upclose ~ April 2013

Remodeling Your April Showers

Matt Harris


ant to save a little money remodeling your bathroom? Don’t make the mistake of doing everything yourself or choosing a “one-stop” remodeler for the entire job. No matter how many books you read or how impressive the contractor with the clipboard sounds...if you’re remodeling your bathroom, you need a licensed plumber! When you’re designing the fixtures, colors, and look of your dream bathroom, remember...there’s more to remodeling than meets the eye. When it comes to the pipes in your bathroom, all that stands between you and April showers (and flooding and drips and leaks) is a good plumber. An expert in tile or glass or paint isn’t the same as an expert in plumbing. Master Plumber Alan Burkhalther and his team have seventeen years of experience here in Fort Bend...and the training, certifications, and dedication to get the job done right for a fair price. The best way to save money when you’re remodeling your bathroom is simple. Get the job done right the first time! A call to Alan’s Plumbing will help you avoid years of aggravation like flooding, tearing out shower tile to find and fix bad plumbing hidden behind the walls, mysterious, persistent leaks, and never-ending drips. No one would ask their plumber to cut and polish tile...and good tile guys know you need a licensed plumber to reset your toilet, convert a tub to a shower, or move a sink.

Insist on a local licensed plumber from Alan’s Plumbing. When you call Alan’s Plumbing, you’ll be helped by Alan, his brothers Chris and Brian, his two oldest sons Beau and Luke, or fellow team member Zach. These guys deliver more than excellent work, they also arrive with genuine warmth and Texas courtesy. They’ll show up on time, do the work carefully, and answer all your questions. All of Alan’s trucks are “no-phone zones,” and you’ll never have to compete for your plumber’s attention. Being a family-owned and operated company keeps their overhead low, so your bill isn’t bloated by extra costs. Alan’s more than a local small business owner and the father of three great sons...he and his team are also your neighbors! That’s a customer/plumber relationship you won’t get from a big chain company. Plumbing is a specialty and Fort Bend families trust the specialists at Alan’s Plumbing. Alan, his brothers Chris and Brian, his two oldest sons Beau and Luke, and fellow team member Zach can handle all your plumbing needs. Whether you’re planning a big remodeling project or need help with a leaky faucet, running toilet, or an old hot water heater, calling 281-261-1064 today will save you money and trouble tomorrow.

Alan’s Plumbing • 281-261-1064 •

Alan’s Plumbing

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The Doctor is IN!

Sarah Warburton


e’s IN his new office, he’s IN-network, and he’s INterested in freeing you from pain! Dr Mark Brown wants to make getting relief from your pain practically painless. That’s why he’s moved to an easy-to-access office in a professional medical building...and why he’s happy to announce he’s now in-network for more insurance plans. As a Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management, double board-certified (in both anesthesiology and pain medicine) Dr. Brown knows backs... and necks, and spines, and all things anatomical and skeletal that make you say “Ouch!” He’s gone through extensive training and testing to be sure that he’s fully versed in the scope of pain. Because pain is his specialty, he won’t just hand you a pill and send you on your way. He has a wide range of solutions including medical management, physical therapy, aquatherapy, core strengthening, and injectible nerve-blockers and steroids. If you need an outpatient procedure, Dr. Brown has privileges at multiple accredited facilities and offers you the option of choosing the best location for your needs. He says, “Unmanaged pain destroys your quality of life and can actually compound other health concerns. I believe you should enjoy your from pain!” Dr. Brown’s new office building is easy to get to and so is 22 ~ upclose ~ April 2013

the office itself! Park by the center of the Imperial Medical Center on Highway six and the elevator will take you within steps of his office. The waiting room is warm, airy, and welcoming...but don’t get comfortable, you won’t be waiting long! Dr. Brown says, “Every choice I make is made with my patients’ care and comfort in mind!” Dr. Brown’s loyal following of devoted patients give the new digs rave reviews. He says, “Being in here at the hub of Sugar Land’s medical district means our patients are close to any ancillary services they might need like imaging, therapy, or other specialists. His wife Cathy, a Registered Nurse and the co-Founder of Back Pain Interventions, says, “Being in the Imperial Medical Center is another nice reminder of the history of Sugar Land and all the reasons Mark and I chose to move our practice and our family here.” Mark Brown, MD Back Pain Interventions Associated, PA 281-494-6900 Imperial Medical Center Building 1111 Hwy 6 Suite 240 Sugar Land, TX 77478

Your vision. Our Experience! I

s the sunlight streaming through your back windows heating your home and fading your furniture? Call Grand Windows and Interiors for solar screens, custom tint or even new energy-efficient windows...but hang onto their number! As the Leading Draper in our area, Grand Windows can also create beautiful curtains, drapes and toppers for even the trickiest windows, bedding or cushions to tie the look together, then change the color of your walls, and reupholster or even custom-create furniture. Owners Caron and Candelario Lopez say, “We’re equally happy to ‘do’ your entire home or make just the right changes to work with what you already have!” All the little touches that transform a home––faux-painting, custom-metal work, brickwork, tile––are created by the artisans at Grand Window and Interiors. Employee Joni Britton shares Caron’s passion for color and together they can help you navigate the dizzying world of patterns, shades, and textures. Caron says, “No two clients are the same and that makes this job thrilling. We might be faux-painting a Texas map on the wall of a library, finding the perfect window treatments for a family from Nigeria, or meticulously matching bricks and crafting an outdoor kitchen for an existing older home.” What’s keeping you from loving your home one hundred and ten percent? Caron says, “We want to highlight the architectural details of

your home and create the changes that make a big difference. Cande is a real perfectionist, so every shutter and window will be hung and aligned perfectly and his metal-work is amazing! For one client, we even created a large, Hacienda-style cabinet for a dining room from Mesquite with hand-painted fresco details, custom wrought-iron knobs, and a wrought-iron grapevine lattice over the open shelves.” Make an appointment to come by the showroom and ask Caron about any photo you’ve seen on the Grand Windows website. She knows more than the details of each design...she knows the story of the people behind the pictures. She says, “We don’t want to stamp our personality on your home...we want to listen to you, offer our suggestions, and then create a home that captures your personality and continues your legacy. Stop in or call for a free consultation, and we’ll explore your home’s possibilities! Grand Windows and Interiors 281-342-9160 1405 Avenue I Rosenberg, TX 77471

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Bridging the Gap Sarah Warburton any kids may be nervous about visiting the orthodontist, but at Lemke Orthodontics your child will be put at ease. The benefits of orthodontic treatment are so important for any child. Early orthodontic intervention can make it easier for children to swallow, breath, speak, and eat, and can simplify any later treatment needed. Our team will strive to make your visit very positive!” Dr. Lemke’s office treats patients with patience, kindness, and understanding. Children love the welcoming atmosphere and the friendly and gentle touch of this orthodontist and her staff. Dr. Lemke says, “Understanding each patient helps me find the right treatment for an individual case. I know that for many kids with autism, traditional braces bonded to the teeth can cause sensory problem. If a child picks at the braces, the brackets could come loose. In that case, another solution like Invisalign might be a better choice, since they’re extremely comfortable and removable.” A great smile can boost your selfconfidence and improve your health... and getting a great smile doesn’t have to be difficult or unpleasant. In fact, patients of all ages smile when they think about Dr. Lemke. She says, “My office is open late (until 7pm) on Mondays and early (7am) on Fridays, so it’s easier for my patients (and their parents)! When children are seven-years-old, that’s the best time to see if orthodontic treatment


will be needed. The first permanent molars and incisors have usually come in by that time and crossbites, crowding, and other problems can be evaluated. We’ll take an x-ray and examine any existing or potential problems. Even if I don’t do anything right away, it’s good to know what’s coming.” Children come with a million different shapes, sizes, and smile. Dr. Lemke says, “I love getting to know my patients and designing the best path to straightening teeth, closing gaps, and achieving their perfect smile. Whether we use traditional braces, Invisalign, or Incognito (or lingual) Braces, we’ve got a range of solutions for straighter, healthier smiles...and happier kids.” Lemke Orthodontics 281-277-3555 Katia Lemke, DMD, PA 4907 Sandhill Dr., Ste B Sugar Land, TX 77479

Pecan Grove 281-239-6565

Fulshear 281-533-0000

Katy 281-394-5565

First Colony 281-265-5555

Greatwood 281-545-3333

Rosenberg 832-595-0550

Sienna 281-778-7888

Riverstone 281-261-6665


Medium 1 Topping

with purchase of a large specialty pizza at regular price Valid for delivery, dine-in or carry out. Not valid with any other offers or specials. Must present coupon to cashier. Expires 7/26/13

Gluten-Free Pizza Available 24 ~ upclose ~ April 2013

A Victory All Kids Can Enjoy!

Amy Sharp ant an extracurricular activity that sharpens brain power, boosts attitude and even improves performance in other sports? Victory Sports in Sugar Land is a win-win for all the kiddos in your household! Owned by Vicki and Rob Dill, Vicki says, “Our top priority is to increase our students’ skills in a positive and safe environment. Our programs are about self-esteem, new friends, physical fitness and fun!” Now in their 17th season, Victory Sports is home of the Championship Victory Vipers. Vicki says, “Our competitive teams aren’t just about cheer, tumbling or dance…they build life skills. Team members learn to work in groups, set goals, and manage time. They win with a positive attitude and learn to handle challenges gracefully.” But there’s a reason Victory is part of their name…this year they took home multiple National Championship titles and 2 teams will be competing at Worlds. It’s not too late to be a part of this WINNING program. The low-stress team placement evaluations are going on during March and April! Do your kids bounce off the walls or veg like couch potatoes? Show them what a blast it can be to get active with gymnastics, tumbling, and dance classes at Victory Sports. Gymnastics and dance are both strong foundations…they’re disciplined and focused. Kids can excel in so many other areas and sports because of the experience they have in these programs. You don’t have to be enrolled in a class to get a taste of the fun at Victory Vipers...thanks to summer camps, birthday parties, Parents’ Night Out. Vicki says, “We offer camps in cheer, tumbling and dance. Our special “Adventure Camps” are perfect for boys and girls…the kids do a variety of physical activities on the gym equipment as well games, and arts and crafts. Every day is different!” Birthday parties at Victory Sports are packed with


fun, climate-controlled, stress and mess-free! Finally, the first and third Friday night each month is Parents’ Night Out. Drop off the kids to play in the gym, eat pizza and watch a movie. Vicki says, “Bring the kids to Parents’ Night Out anytime…they’ll be having so much fun, they won’t notice you’re gone!” Visit the web page or “like” Victory Sports Cheer and Dance on Facebook and see why every kid flips for Victory Sports! Victory Sports 281-240-2437 750 Sartartia Sugar Land, TX 77479

Receive $35 off a new class registration during the month of April.

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You Really Can Have It All!


he Fitness Retreat provides the finest in personal training, spa services, MMA training and batting cage rental. Glenn Gagnon and Jill BylerHarrison, owners of The Fitness Retreat, say, “Our customers are extremely important to us and we always try to show our gratitude by maintaining our ‘small town hospitality’ service approach. The Fitness Retreat is enveloped with a tree-laden beauty that is simply breathtaking...and we’re only five minutes away in Riverstone close to the L J Parkway and Hagerson intersection!” If you’re doing the correct exercises incorrectly, you won’t get the results you want...and you might get injured, instead! Jill Byler-Harrison says, “At The Fitness Retreat we pride ourselves on ensuring our clients practice proper form when they train. If you have experienced an injury due to improper training, or just life in general we are ready to help you recover through proper training. Glenn and I take great pride in the quality of the training we offer. In fact, our son David Harrison is working on getting his certification through the Cooper’s Institute of Dallas, a highly respected certification program. Since we’ve made a life in the world of fitness, it’s wonderful to see that passion to help others continuing in our son.” If you want a healthier Like father, like son! David (pictured here with lifestyle, improved range of his proud dad Glenn) is working on getting his motion, increased flexibility, certification.

and muscle strengthening, the right personal trainer can make all the difference! Certified Personal Trainer Ashley Lloyd received her training certification from Cooper’s Institute of Dallas and has been training clients at The Fitness Retreat for almost five years. She has currently returned to school to obtain a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She believes fitness is a key to preventing injuries and recovering after an injury or surgery. Working with a Certified Personal Trainer is a natural and necessary step after any physical therapy program. James Miller, Certified Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist and Personal Fitness Trainer (PFIT-RES-C, Certified Personal Trainer Ashley PFIT-CPFT) has Lloyd is here to help you improved over ten years experience work- range of motion, increased ing with clients flexibility, muscle strengthening and healthier lifestyle! to improve fitness or simply rehabilitate an injury. For training that’s personal, peaceful, protective, and packs a punch, call The Fitness Retreat. Jill says, “We’ll never take a ‘one-routine-fits-all’ approach. Our trainers will help you achieve proper form for real results!”

James Miller, Certified Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist and Personal Fitness Trainer

The Fitness Retreat 281-499-6067 1206 Hagerson Road Sugar Land, TX 77479


BACK & NECK PAIN SEMINAR Whether you’ve had back and/or neck pain for just a few days or several long years, we are here to help. Join physicians from Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s Spine Center to have your questions answered regarding back and neck pain.

FREE BACK & NECK PAIN SEMINAR Dr. Jeffrey Wood Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Thursday, April 11 6 p.m. Methodist Sugar Land Hospital - Conference Center Refreshments • Door Prizes

Dr. Larry Tran Neurologist

For Reservations: 281-274-7500 or

16655 Southwest Freeway • Sugar Land, Texas 77479

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When the Abnormal Becomes Your Normal:

Camilla’s Story “W

e can’t do anything for you.” “Nothing’s wrong.” “You’re exaggerating.” Over and over those are the things Camilla saw in the eyes of the doctors she consulted for her persistent pelvic pain. She says, “I’d been suffering from cramps, heavy periods, and severe pain for years. I went to several gynecologists in the Austin area and one at a world-renowned cancer center in Houston. I’d had MRI’s, x-rays, intervaginal ultrasounds and no one had ever said the word “endometriosis.” Although I was relatively young, my new doctor at the world-renowned cancer center suggested a hysterectomy...and it changed

of Reproductive Surgeons (SRS) as well as Reproductive Endrocrinology and Infertility (REI). He is board-certified in both Obstetrics/ Gynecology and REI. He sees patients that are referred to him by gynecologists from all over the US and other countries and is a clinical advisor to the american Endometriosis Association. He listened to me and didn’t look at me like I was crazy. Although my case was severe, I knew he’d handled worse and I felt confident for the first time in years. “Dr. Mangal saved my life. When you first come in, he brings together a group of patients

everything. During the operation my doctor was astonished at the amount of endometriosis she found. After three and a half hours, she couldn’t perform a hysterectomy because everything in my pelvis was glued together (including my colon and bladder). The pathology report used words like “unrecognizable” and “shredded.” “After surgery, my disease kept progressing so that I went to the bathroom every thirty minutes and relations with my husband were excruciatingly painful. I educated myself online and found a blog by a woman with an experience just like mine. She found help with Dr. Mangal at the Fertility Specialists of I called him right away. Dr. Mangal is double fellowshiptrained in Advanced Endometriosis Surgery through the american Society Dr. Mangal

and spends an hour and a half going over endometriosis and pelvic pain in detail. He’s got a gift for teaching and took the time to explain everything to me and my family. He did an exploratory surgery and literally drew me a plan of what he found and what he planned to do. He had a team of specialists––a colorectal surgeon, an oncologist, and an urologist ––for my surgery. He’s careful and thorough. Even just six weeks after surgery I had no pain and had a normal quality of life. My husband says Dr. Mangal must be one of the best doctors in the world!” “When the abnormal becomes normal, you don’t even realize how much pain you’ve been in until it’s I feel amazing. My husband and I would have traveled anywhere in our search for the highest level of care. Dr. Mangal is one of a small handful doctors in the country I found who can really perform this kind of surgery. I want to tell other women who are suffering like I was.... keep searching for the best medical help and don’t give up!”


Dr. R. K. Mangal Fertility Specialists of Houston 713-512-7880

Empowering Parents to Help Their Kids


child may see a specialist one or two hours a week, but the rest of the time mom and dad are on-call. At one local multidisciplinary clinic, The Speech Enrichment Center, not only can you find speech, language, and occupational therapy services for children and adults... parents can also learn the skills they’ll need to extend those services during meals, play, and bedtime routines at home. With the right training, you and your child can make great strides. The Speech Enrichment Center offers the Hanen Program® More Than Words® We all want our kids to have this kind of to empower parents of children confidence to be able to speak up. Not diagnosed with autism or social know the answer but be afraid to say it. communication disorders to be partners in facilitating communication with their children. Stephanie White, MA, CCC/SLP, Executive Clinical Director and Owner of The Speech Enrichment Center says, “More Than Words® practically turns parents into mini-speech pathologists for their children!” Parents can expect to gain new knowledge to promote many skills within their children from attending the Hanen Program® More

Than Words® such as improved social skills, the ability to engage in back and forth interactions, and improved understanding of language. Parents will be able to use what they learn in class to set realistic goals for their child’s communication and social growth. Two key components of the class are ways to teach your children how to play as well as how to make friends, skills which are tough for children with social communication difficulties. This eleven week program consists of eight evening class sessions and three home video conferences. The next session will begin in the fall with an orientation held in late call or email us to get your name on the list! “We’re always looking for research-proven, result-driven ways to help our patients. In addition to the Hanen Program® More Than Words®, we’re also certified in the Hanen Program® It Takes Two To Talk®, designed specifically for parents of young children (birth to 5 years of age) who have been identified as having a language delay. We’ve worked hard to earn the certifications to offer these programs, because we believe in the importance of training parents to partner with us to help their kids. Call today for a free consultation!” The Speech Enrichment Center 281-403-5437 (KIDS) 3424 FM 1092 Road, Suite 200 Missouri City, Texas 77459

A Different Look at YOU and Your Body Sara Adams


ayne Dyer says if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. And science tells us that just by observing a molecule, the molecule changes. What if you could do that with your body? If you are always judging your body as too old, too tired, too fat, too ugly, too…(fill in the blank), will it continue to become the body that you have been looking at and judging? Would you be interested in learning a new way to look at your body? Donnielle Carter, Access Consciousness™ Facilitator, international speaker, and a major contributor to the book, Right Body For You, is offering a 2 day interactive workshop. She asks the question: “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy life & your body and to leave judgment behind?” The Right Body For You workshop will be held in Houston at the Hilton Houston Post Oak on Memorial weekend, May 25 - 26. After a lifetime of working in the 28 ~ upclose ~ April 2013

media and ignoring her body Donnielle started using the Right Body for You tools and her body changed from a 16 to a 6 in 4 months. And that was only the BEGINNING of the amazing changes she created by looking at her life and her body in a different way.

You can meet Donnielle in person for a 2 hour Introduction to Right Body for You on the evening of Friday, May 24th. Experience for yourself the joy, the wisdom and the lightness of being that Donnielle brings to every class she presents. In this Introductory Evening she will give you a taste of what to expect in her 2 day Right Body For You workshop. • Build Communication With Your Body • Develop Conscious Eating Habits • End Judgment of You and Your Body • And so much more… You’ll receive potent tools and techniques that are easy to implement and can generate dynamic change not only for your body but also for your life. What if the Right Body for You is closer than you think? For more information and to register: 832-788-9072


GREATER HOUSTON AREA Theres a story behind every business and we would like to help tell yours.

Specializing in Portrait, Product and Advertisement Photography Architectural. Interiors. Industrial. Aerial. Real Estate. Products. Event. UpClose Photography is also specialized in maternity, child, family, and commercial portraiture for clients in the greater Houston area. We believe that our style is to capture something that is beautiful, moving and real. Our photographs are done with use of props, but allowing the focus to remain on the subject(s) while achieving a unique look.

Contact Gina Pizzini 281.235.0600

Getting a New Perspective!

Getting a bird’s eye view of the world doesn’t take a jib crane, a dolly track, or a helicopter. With zero setup and just one photographer, you can enjoy aerial views, soaring videos, smooth moving shots, and the kind of angles in a still photo that just weren’t possible before. Now aerial photography is available through the UpClose Photo Studio, already known for product and advertisement photography, event photography, maternity, family, and commercial portraiture...and more. You could say we’re reaching new heights! If you want to sell a million dollar home on the waterfront, photographs taken just six feet off the ground aren’t going to do it justice. Aerial photography videos or stills will make a real impact, delivering breath-

taking views from above, from out over the water, and showing off the property from angles and heights that aren’t possible any other way. Whether a construction company wants an aerial still taken once a month to show progress on a project, a car dealership wants “flyover” shots to show the scale of their business and the sheer volume of vehicles they have to offer, or you want photos to document or promote an outdoor celebration, aerial photography delivers a uniquely beautiful perspective on the world. One skilled photographer and one quadcopter lifted and propelled by four rotors can deliver incredible shots with unlimited applications. Even if the shot is taken only ten to twelve feet off the ground, this streamlined process combines the edge that sets you apart with savings you’ll appreciate. An experienced photographer can get the “WOW” shot safely. An aerial photographer can capture remarkable images of a wedding celebration, sporting event, or special venue. But honestly, a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words... and seeing these aerial videos will make you a believer! You’ll want to get comfortable, kick back, and visit UpClose on Facebook or and let these incredible movies roll. Then when you need an aerial photographer, call us at 281-235-0600.

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The Hidden Truth About Your Foundation


hile working for a Houston-based foundation repair company Gary Anderson, owner of Aqualift and Root Wall Pro, discovered the problems with conventional foundation repairs the hard way. He says, “We spent months on a $100,000 dollar project doing everything right according to industry standards…. and two years later all the same cracks re-appeared.” This failure inspired him to take courses concerning house damage from expansive clay soils and climate at University of Texas at Arlington. What Gary learned changed his approach for foundation repairs. As a result, in 1990, he designed and received a patent on a sensored moisture content stabilization system which maintains a controlled level of moisture content around your foundation. As Dr. Thomas M. Petry, Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Texas at Arlington confirmed, “Aqualift’s watering system eliminates the need to level your foundation with piers or pilings with a fraction of the trouble and expense.”

Soaker hoses just don’t work! What affects soil besides climate? Trees are 50% of the issue! A large oak tree can extract 300 gallons of water a day through its roots. If a foundation repair company repairs your foundation but fails to install root walls/root barriers for the very trees that initially caused 50 % of the problems, the piers and pilings will fail. But more importantly, the tree’s roots that are still active under your home can cause additional structural damage to the interior of your home costing many thousands of dollars. Gary says, “If your foundation has minor settlement, it can usually be corrected with the installation of a root wall and a foundation watering system.” Gary is passionate about spreading the word on why “Foundation Repairs Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up To Be.” Look for this YouTube video of the same name, visit www. or, or listen to Randy Lemmon KTRH Gardenline 740 AM weekends or check out rootwallpro’s Facebook page. Call for a free, no obligation estimate at 713-979-9977. Aqualift, Inc./Rootwall Pro 713-979-9977 3346 East T.C. Jester D-37 Houston, Texas 77018

Owner Gary Anderson

April Special

Save $1,000 60’ Root Wall (2-30’) with 2 Zone Foundation Watering System

Endorsed by Randy Lemmon & Local Engineers 20 Years Experience

0 $8,60 il (Reta ) $9,600

Save Your Trees! Add Deep Root Watering Systems to Your Sprinkler System or Add to Any Rootwall Pro Foundation Watering System

Financing Available • 30 ~ upclose ~ April 2013


Do You Know

Here’s a bonus tip from Mister AC: Don’t forget your semi-annual inspection this Spring! Bryan says, “Over 70% of all air conditioning and compressor outages could be avoided if the equipment was regularly checked, calibrated, and maintained by qualified technicians. Why not sign up for an All Out Comfort Membership and let us keep you comfortable year round!”

Mr. AC?

got AC questions? You need Fort Bend’s Answer Man, Mister Air Conditioning himself, Bryan Bellamy. As the owners of All Out A/C Chance Kamp and Bryan Bellamy know the ins and outs, ups and downs of every air conditioner...and they’re happy to share their knowledge. How do you know if your air conditioner’s just a “little broken” or on its last legs? Ask the experts! Bryan says, “If the problem is an isolated incident, then a repair is the right answer... but if your unit’s in the process of a gradual breakdown, it doesn’t make sense to put off the inevitable. We’re seeing air conditioners now with SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)s of no lower than 13 and as high as 20. An old air conditioner might have started as a 10 and be functioning at a 6. That makes it harder and more expensive to cool down your house. A new, energy-efficient air conditioner can cut your energy bill in half...and we offer 100% financing with approved credit!” When Bryan comes out to give you a bid, he’ll answer all your questions. He says “We’ll provide you a quote at no charge with good, better, and best choices...and prices for financing or with a cash discount. While the work’s being done, you can always reach me on my cell. We’re also happy to give you free advice like changing your filters, shutting the blinds on south or west facing windows during the afternoon, and clearing garden debris away from your condenser.” Have you seen seen All Out A/C’s trucks around town? Maybe you’ve seen Bryan aka Mister AC at a local business networking event or community fundraiser. He says, “You wouldn’t believe the AC questions I get, even standing in line at the grocery store! I love to talk comfort...go ahead, ask me anything!” 281-238-9292 626 Highway 90A, Richmond, TX 77406

Don’t let a

stroke alter your life story.

Learn how to lower your risk of stroke. Join us for a free stroke education seminar:

Thursday, May 9, 2013 | 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Methodist Sugar Land Hospital Conference Center Call 281-274-7500 or email for more information and to register. Registration is required.

80 percent of strokes are preventable. So while you can’t control all of the factors that can lead to a stroke, we want you to know the ones you can.

As a primary stroke center in Fort Bend County, we are committed to educating you about the warning signs and risk factors for stroke. Because the more you know, the better prepared you’ll be to create a longer, healthier life story.

UpClose Magazine  

A fun lifestyle magazine for Sugar Land, Texas and the surrounding area.

UpClose Magazine  

A fun lifestyle magazine for Sugar Land, Texas and the surrounding area.