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Whose Chili is

the BES ? let Chili Challenge 2nd Annual Classic Chevro

March 2012

Do You Have the

Best Chili in Fort Bend? by Sarah Warburton

Buc-ee the Beaver, mascot for Buc-ee’s & famous for his beaver nuggets!

Swatson, one of the mascots for the Sugar Land Skeeters (don’t worry, he won’t bite)

Don Kerstetter and his

team at Classic Chevrolet invite you to prove you’ve got the best chili in Fort Bend...and support the Sugar Land Police Officers’ Association, too! Don says, “We at Classic Chevrolet believe it’s our duty and our privilege to partner with all of you in supporting our Fort Bend community. We’ve reached out to over thirty local charities including the ARC of Fort Bend, the Fort Bend Women’s Center, Fort Bend ISD, Impact a Hero, and the Child Advocates of Fort Bend. The Oasis Senior Living team (Ray Aguilar, Carrie Boisen, Steve Smith and Tony Perez) won the grand championship at our first annual Chili Cook-Off... and we raised so much for the Police Officers’ Association that we’ve decided to make this an annual tradition!” Do you have the best chili in Fort Bend County? Classic Chevy is sponsoring its second annual Chili Cook-Off on Thursday April 5th. Bring your Hot, Sweet, or Non-Traditional (that means beans, folks!) Chili for a chance to win cash, trophies, and serious bragging rights. Teams need to register in advance by calling Patty Werner at Classic Chevy ( 281-419-9000) and submitting the $25 entry fee. Then you and your team can bring the heat or the sweet…three gallons of your best chili for the competition along with decorations for your booth. You could win prizes, trophies, and braggin’ rights! More interested in eating than competing? Mark Kolon, General Sales Manager, says, “We need all of you to help with the tasting and judging! An admission fee of $2 for the Police Fund will get you into the event, we’ve got the Fort Bend Boys Choir performing, and we’ll ask you to bring your family, friends, and a pocketful of dollars to vote for your favorite. Classic Teams will be eli-


The Oasis Senior Living team (Ray Aguilar, Carrie Boisen, Steve Smith and Tony Perez) won the grand championship at our first annual Chili Cook-Off!

Whose Chili is

the BES ? 2nd Annual Classic Chevrolet

Chili Challenge

gible to win your hearts and tastebuds...but not any prizes! We’re thrilled to announce our panel of judges will be Kinky Friedman (perhaps with samples of his popular Men in Black Tequila), Swatson, one of the mascots for the Sugar Land Skeeters (don’t worry, he won’t bite), and the famous Buc-ee the Beaver, mascot for Buc-ee’s.The team with the most money raised by public vote will be declared the Grand Champion. It’s a great way to help raise money for the Sugar Land Police Officer’s Association, meet and greet your Fort Bend neighbors and favorite local celebrities…and have a blast! ” Not only is Don an active and positive presence at Classic Chevrolet, he’s also a board member of the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Sugar Land Exchange Club, the Sugar Land Rotary, and the Fort Bend Economic Council. He says, “Half of our employees are Fort Bend residents, so when you do business with us, you’re strengthening the local economy. We never forget that the customers who come to us for a new or used car or service and repair are also our friends and neighbors! We want to earn your loyalty for the long-term with our huge selection, low prices, community spirit…and the decent way we treat people!”

Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land 13115 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, TX 77478 Sales: (866) 498-5485 Service: (866) 500-1660

Kinky Friedman

“Governor of the Heart of Texas”

Are Your Legs Ready to Dance? Sarah Warburton


eventy-two-year-old Judy, mother of eight children couldn’t afford to accept her varicose veins lying down. She says, “I teach ballroom dancing, so I’m on my feet at least eight hours a day. My legs were so sore and I really didn’t like the way they looked. My daughter recommended I visit Dr. Baltazar and he was wonderful.” “Dr. Baltazar is a very comforting person,” says Judy. “He’s extremely professional and sets you at ease. He lets you know what he’s doing as he goes along, so you know just what to expect. He asks you questions about everything and there was very little discomfort at all during the process.” Judy’s still dancing...and she loves the way she feels! She says, “Now I feel good and I even like to put on my Bermuda shorts again. Feeling confident about the way your legs look make a real positive impact on the way you feel in general.” “I’d encourage everyone not to be afraid to take that first step. I think that with varicose veins, they’re just not going to get better on their own, so why not catch them earlier and enjoy the benefits now?” Varicose veins don’t feel good, they don’t look good, and they’re actually not good for your overall health! You probably know that veins are part of the circulatory system and bring back blood to the heart from the body. But did you know that your veins have one-way valves inside that keep the blood flowing in one direction. If those one-way valves don’t work, your blood won’t flow the right way and could stay in the legs, causing enlargement of the veins resulting in visible varicose veins in the superficial system. “Varicose veins are more than a cosmetic issue, they’re also a health issue,” says Board-certified vascular surgeon, Dr. Ulises Baltazar, MD. “Varicose veins also indicate an increased chance for blood clots in the superficial system (thrombophlebitis) and clots in the deep system or deep venous thrombosis “DVT”, which are potentially lethal. Some patients can develop “venous stasis ulcers” or sores on the ankles. I specialize in treating varicose veins to improve not only the appearance of your legs, but also your overall health!” Don’t trust your health to some “free-standing vein clinic.” Dr. Baltazar has devoted his career and his entire practice to healthy veins. He says, “Treating your varicose veins will improve the look of your legs, the way they feel, and also your vascular health! Come see us for a free consultation in our new location. We still have the same phone number, the same website, and the same single focus...we’re the vein specialists!” Ulises Baltazar MD,RVT,FACS Sugar Land Vein Specialists 16605 SW Freeway Ste 505 (in the Methodist Professional Building 3) Sugar Land, TX 77479 281-201-6052

4 ~ UPCLOSE ~ March 2012

Body by Ahmadi

A New Look for a New Life


hen you feel confident about the way you look, you feel strong enough to meet all of life’s exciting challenges. Women and men from all over the United States have discovered one place that can make their dreams of a new look come true. Newly-divorced and relocating to Fort Bend from Mississippi Dr. Norma looks over a decade younger thanks to the artistry of Dr. Ahmadi. She says, “The most powerful thing about my experience with Dr. Ahmadi was my realization of his artistic ability. I wanted to look refreshed and youthful...and he made it look so beautifully natural!” Double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ahmadi’s signature procedure is unique trademarked Lipotuck™. This amazing procedure combines liposuction with tightening of the skin to create a firm, curvy figure. Dr. Ahmadi says, “Whether a patient starts at a size 2 or a size 16, the Lipotuck™ is completely-customized, so that each individual patient gets the very best results possible. I understand not everyone is ready to commit to a complete transformation, so I also perform everything from nose reshapings to breast augmentations, reductions, and face lifts like one Norma requested.” Norma says, “I’m close to sixty, but thanks to Dr. Ahmadi, I look forty-something! After my divorce, I wanted to get my sparkle back. I started with dermatologist, peels and wraps, but I wanted a bigger change. During my consultation with Dr.

Ahmadi, he suggested that only a surgical remedy could give me the best results. I experienced no pain and his staff were all so courteous, funny, and kind. Dr. Ahmadi himself is so compassionate, perfectionist, and extraordinarily professional. I knew that other women might look to see if I’d had work done, but Dr. Ahmadi made the

I went on a few dates with a man who felt that women over fifty-five who get work done end up looking plastic or fake. He was sitting two feet away and had no idea! incision in my hairline and my hair is growing over it’s invisible. he took twenty years off my face! People have said I look rested and wondered if I lost weight, the change is so beautiful and subtle. Actually, I went on a few dates with a man who felt that women over fifty-five who get work done end up looking plastic or fake. He was sitting two feet away had no idea! And to top that off it was only 3weeks later. Dr. Ahmadi is a true artistic who can roll back the years so you look fresh, beautiful, and completely natural.” Dr. Ahmadi says, “This is the kind of story that warms my heart. My staff and I are passionate about changing lives through the work we do!”





Avante Plastic Surgery 281-265-2639 (BODY) The Art of Skin 1112 Soldiers Field Dr.Sugar Land, TX 77479 To advertise, 281-235-0600

UPCLOSE ~ March 2012 ~ 5


ou only have three seconds to make a first impression...are you putting your best face forward? LaDonna Marie of the Art of Skin is a licensed medical aesthetician with an infinite passion for caring and teaching other about the necessity of skin care. She’s been a licensed and practicing aesthetician for over fifteen years. Trained in Europe, she’s committed to continually updating her education to stay on top of the latest trends and medical discoveries. She says, “When I opened my own business, I promised myself I would make everyone understand how easy it can be to take the first step towards a more beautiful you!” As the lead injectionist at Avante Plastic Surgery, La Donna can achieve incredible, immediate results with non-invasive procedures like Dysport™ and fillers like Restylane™ and Radiesse™. She’s certified on all major platforms including IPL Laser hair removal, skin tightening and collagen remodeling. She says, “If you can only afford to see me twice a year, I’ll help you choose solutions that offer the most impact. That’s why your initial consultation with me is always free, so we can make a plan and work towards your long-term skin goals.” Getting the gorgeous skin you’ve always wanted doesn’t have to be an intimidating or expensive experience. La Donna says, “The medical grade products I’m able to offer mean you’ll get proven results at a reasonable price. I can work within any budget and with any skin concerns. Some of my clients are teenagers, and I love the opportunity to help them correct skin issues...while teaching them how to prevent the problems I see in people their parents’ age. I’d like you to know that it’s never too late to put your best face forward! I have enjoyed the fifteen years and relationships I have built. My patients feel like family and hold a special place in my heart.” La Donna’s pick: She says, “If I could only recommend one product to fit into any skin care regimen, it would be antioxidants. They reverse existing damage and stop the ravages of time. That’s where I usually recommend my clients start and then we build on that. My top-picks are the CE Serulic and the Phloretin Gel Serum antioxidant treatments by SkinCeuticals, voted number one by Allure Magazine.” As a March Special, you’ll receive a $50 instant rebate on all Fillers and Dysport™.

Three Seconds you only have

The Art of Skin (inside Avante Plastic Surgery) • 281-879-8039 1112 Soldiers Field Dr., Sugar Land, TX 77479

6 ~ UPCLOSE ~ March 2012

Celebrating A


sk Dr. Lance Campbell, Pharm. D., R.Ph. about the miracle and mystery of life and he’ll laugh and tell you how his youngest played quite a trick. He says, “When my wife, Rakel and I had the ultrasound done, we were told it was a boy. Our two other children, Cole and Chloe were excited about a new brother…but we had a wonderful surprise on the day of the birth. You could have knocked me over with a feather when they told me Rakel had just given birth to a beautiful baby daughter. Now Catilyn makes our lives complete and we think she’s a beautiful example of the wonderful way God works.” “Rakel and I are thrilled to be a part of ‘The Source for Women’ and their annual banquet to celebrate life. Last year we enjoyed a talk by Tim Tebow and have a commemorative football signed by him. Our photo with him will be part of their online campaign to raise awareness about this organization and the support it offers. This year President George W. Bush will be the keynote speaker at The Source’s Annual Dinner on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at the Hilton Americas-Houston. The theme is ‘Coffee with the President’ and we’re anticipating another inspiring evening!” “We’d like the community to know that Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy is dedicated to supporting and celebrating healthy, happy families. We offer shots and supplements for those undergoing fertility treatments and a wide range of prenatal vitamins. You’ll also find prescription medications, compounded solutions, and nutritional supplements for grandparents, mom and dad, kids, babies...even your pets! Come see us anytime with your questions and we’ll give you a friendly smile and the help you need!”

Photo by Michael Mauldin

For the last thirty years in Houston, The Source has endeavored to empower women in unintended pregnancies to say YES to living a fulfilling and positive lifestyle by providing wisdom, wellness and hope to these young women, their families and their children. If you have any questions, you may email Events@ or call Development Director, Becky Turner at 281-857-7796 Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy 281-980-2555 “If our staff can’t make it…then you probably don’t need it!” 4760 Sweetwater Blvd. Suite 103

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Meet Your Neighborhood Dentist

Sarah Warburton he days when we knew the name of the neighborhood grocer and the person who delivers our mail don’t have to be gone forever. Dr. Thomas Lomonte, DDS says, “In this fast-paced modern world, I believe it’s more important than ever to know my patients as people. In my office, we take the time to care for your teeth...and we never forget that each mouth comes with an interesting person we’re happy to see walk through the door!” Come to a place where “everybody knows your name.” Dr. Lomonte’s been at the same location on Murphy Road in Stafford since 1982. He’s got patients of all ages, personalities, and walks of life––moms, granddads, models, businessmen, preschoolers, college kids, construction workers, type-A overscheduled folks and the laid-back types who take things slow.


Dr. Lomonte spending some time with his son Matt and daughter Natalie.

He says, “My staff and I really enjoy people. I believe that knowing my patients well helps them feel comfortable telling me when they’re worried about their teeth and easier for me to make recommendations based on their personality, lifestyle, and budget. Dentistry really isn’t a one-size-fits-all profession. Building a strong patient-dentist relationship not only makes it more fun to keep your also gives you a healthier, better-looking smile!” Your dentist shouldn’t have the “get’em-in, get-’em-out” filling station mentality. Dr. Lomonte’s patients tell us he keeps to his schedule and respects their time...and also gives their spirits a lift with every visit. Dr. Lomonte says, “We offer anything you need from a simple cleaning or a little filling to implants to a full mouth reconstruction. I’ll give your mouth a thorough examination, but I’m also going to get to know you and really listen to what you tell me. When you spend five, ten, or twenty years treating your patients, you ought to consider them friends...and that’s always my goal. Professional, expert dental care that really comes from the heart!”

Come in as a patient and leave as a friend!

Thomas M. Lomonte, D.D.S. 12122 Murphy Rd. Stafford, TX 77477 • (281) 530-1440

When Quality Counts Sarah Warburton aybe your HOA is driving around your neighborhood, noticing which branches are overgrown and which trees need trimming...but keeping your trees trimmed is more than a matter of aesthetics. We asked Jimmy and Cammy Simpson of Simpson’s Tree Service what you need to know about protecting your home and landscaping this season. Jimmy says, “Getting your trees properly trimmed keeps your home safe, encourages new growth, and helps maintain your lawn.” What’s hanging over your head? Cammy says, “Trimming your trees keeps branches off your roof. We get a lot of calls when the weather report says a storm is coming...but even in good weather overhanging branches can cause damage. They even make it easier for animals to get up on your roof and into your attic. Branches that are hanging out over your lawn block sunlight from getting to your grass. The grass just thins out and eventually disappears


Last year took a toll on the trees of Fort Bend. Jimmy says, “We’ve been trimming trees in this area for over fifteen years and we’ve never seen a combination of drought and extreme heat like last summer. altogether. People try to re-sod, but the sod just long as the light can’t get through. Getting those branches thinned will give your lawn a fighting chance this summer.” Last year took a toll on the trees of Fort Bend. Jimmy says, “We’ve been trimming trees in this area for over fifteen years and we’ve never seen a combination of drought and extreme heat like last

8 ~ UPCLOSE ~ March 2012

summer. It left lots of dead trees behind. If you don’t get them removed, they could come down on their own and take out your car, your fence, or your neighbor. Let us take the danger away by checking your trees and removing any dead ones. We’re experts in tree removal...the bigger, the better!” When you need work done, call the experts! Cammie says, “Two of our team members have been cutting for us for fifteen years each, another three or four for eight to ten years each. When you call us for a follow up, you’ll see the same guys. We take pride in offering the kind of local experience and customer service hat makes a real difference.” Is it time to Spring clean your trees? When quality matters, call Simpsons Tree Service to thin, trim, or remove overgrown branches, unwanted shoots, deadwood, dead trees, and old branches. For trimming, cutting, and removal services, call 281-980-0095


Holding On to Hope: Rebecca’s Story didn’t anticipate how difficult it would be to have a baby,” says local teacher, Rebecca Martin. “Eventually I was referred to Dr. Chauhan by my ob/gyn. After a checkup, he recommended that I finish my current cycle of Clomid...and I did actually get pregnant. At the six week ultrasound we discovered it was a Molar pregnancy (where tissue becomes an abnormal growth instead of a fetus). After it was removed, Dr. Chauhan called me to follow up and stressed how rare a Molar pregnancy is. He told us to wait before trying again so my body would be ready and we would have time to grieve.” “We waited until my hormone levels regulated and then gave it another year. Dr. Chauhan put me back on Clomid and added Ovdril and I got pregnant right away. At six and a half weeks everything looked good...but at eight weeks I had a spontaneous miscarriage. Dr. Chauhan asked if we knew about the GSN, the Gene Security Network. They could test and see if genetic abnormalities explained the miscarriage. We got the results within a week...and it was triploidy, an extra set of chromosomes. Dr. Chauhan told me it’s a common cause of spontaneous miscarriage, usually undiagnosed. He wanted to be sure I understood it wasn’t likely to reoccur and that it shouldn’t make me afraid to try again. His confidence and compassionate explanation really helped me hold on to hope.” “Once Dr. Chauhan knew it was safe, we tried again..and I got pregnant. This time, everything looks good. I love Dr. Chauhan’s bedside manner. He really has to be your therapist through the process, especially when you have the kind of bad luck we did. He made sure that we never felt pressured and we never rushed. I really didn’t anticipate how hard the process would be for us...but it’s made me a better person. Both Chris and Debbie in his office were phenomenal whenever I called with a question or concern. Every step of the way Dr. Chauhan made sure I was never in the dark about what was going on...he never lost confidence, and he helped me believe this miracle could really happen for our family.” Fertility Specialists of Houston 4724 Sweetwater Blvd, Ste 105 Sugar Land, TX 77479 832-553-5IVF (5483)

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Choose to Change

Sarah Warburton hen I wanted to get in shape and get my pre-baby body back,” says local mom Melissa Nguyen, “I had to choose to change. My husband and I have two daughters (ages one and four) and I work as a nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital, so I don’t have a lot of free time. I made smarter decisions about food...and I chose RipQuest Boot Camp. I started in August and by December I’d lost twenty-five pounds, reached my goal weight, and gone from thirty-five percent body fat to twenty-one percent. I love how Carrie and her team keep the workouts changing, so you’ll actually look forward to getting up at 5am! On the days I’m not working a twelve-hour shift at Texas Children’s, I get up, go to boot camp, and nobody at home




even knows I’m gone. Then I can enjoy the rest of my day knowing I did something just for me. I’ve really learned that you’ll never regret working out, but you’ll always regret not working out. RipQuest was really effective...and I believe it’s good for my girls to see their mom exercising. Now people keep asking me how I lost the weight, but it’s not magic... it’s just a choice to do the work. RipQuest’s the perfect way to change your life (and your body) for the better!” Ready to live a healthier, happier life? That’s exactly why Physical Therapist, Carrie Moore started RipQuest Boot Camp. RipQuest is staffed by experienced trainers who know what it takes to achieve your fitness goals and become a healthier you. You’ll find RipQuest Boot Camp right around the corner with locations in Sugar Land and Bellaire and a new location in Pecan Grove. Accommodate your schedule and your budget with morning and evening classes starting as low as $12.50 per class. The next 5-week session starts March 19-April 20...but you can jump into a session in-progress anytime! Sign up today at

Are You Ready for the Heat? Becca Bragg


ou’re planning for the school holidays, looking into summer camps, stepping up your lawn service, and packing away your winter clothes...but is your air conditioner ready for summer? Brian Jackson of Jackson Air says, “If your old air conditioner struggled to keep up last summer, odds are that it won’t make it through June, July and August. We offer seasonal checkups and service that will extend the life of your air conditioner and make it as efficient as possible...and if you’re thinking you’ll need a new one, there’s no time like the present!” As Sugar Land’s oldest independent Trane dealer, Jackson Air’s helped Fort Bend families stay comfortable through temperatures that top one hundred degrees and humidity like a tropical rain forest. Brian says, “Our new air conditioners are more energy efficient, so they’ll cost you less to run and cool more than an older unit ever could! We’ve got some great 0% financing deals and we’re happy to lay out the options and walk you through them, so you can decide on the best choice for your home.” When the temperatures rise in Texas, the phones start ringing off the hook at Jackson Air. Brian says, “We’re always happy to get

10 ~ UPCLOSE ~ March 2012

your call and help you out, but I can tell you from experience it’s quicker for us and more comfortable for you to have an air conditioner replaced in March than in August. If you’ve been thinking about putting your old air conditioner out to pasture, why not do it now and enjoy lower utility bills and extra comfort this summer?” What does it take to stay comfortable as Fort Bend weather gets extreme? Brian Jackson says, “We at Jackson Air and Heat believes that it takes quality, reliability and technology! That’s why we’re a Trane Comfort Specialist offering the most efficient cooling and heating equipment on the market for every home and budget with a 100% money back guarantee. We’re proud to say

that eighty percent of our new customers are referrals from friends and family...and we hope to see you and your family soon!” Jackson Air and Heat, Inc. Sugar Land’s Oldest Independent Trane Dealer 281-240-1037

Taking a Closer Look

Sarah Warburton


hen you think about an eye exam, do you think it’s all eye charts and glasses? A comprehensive eye exam is an important part of your overall health, even if you don’t have any vision problems. We asked Dr. Anh Doan of Missouri City’s Vision Source to break down the parts of an eye exam...and why they matter to you! “Most eye exams do include the eye chart to measure how well you see near and far,” says Dr. Doan, “and most will also do a test to measure your side, or peripheral vision. Those tests tell us how well you see, but a comprehensive exam also includes tests that check for health issues that might threaten your vision...without giving you any warning! When I dilate your eyes, that widens your pupils so I can look through to your retina for signs of damage to the optic nerve or problems like diabetic retinopathy or age-related macular degeneration...the leading cause of adult blindness. Annual eye exams not only help correct vision problems; they also reveal the warning signs of serious undiagnosed health problems like hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Even if you don’t need vision correction, you need that yearly exam. Students and adults really need annual eye exams––even if you don’t wear glasses or contacts! If you take care of your health with annual eye exams,

you’ll need a doctor you look forward to seeing! When Dwayne Bolden and his family moved to Stafford seven years ago, they found that Dr. Doan had been awarded four out of four stars through on-line patient reviews. He told us, “We’ve gone to Dr. Doan ever since. She has a beautiful attitude. Her sister works in the office with her and she’s had the same personnel for years. There are five in our family between the ages of ten and thirty-five. Four of us wear glasses and all of us get annual exams. I get it all...testing to see if my prescription has changed, dilating my eyes for an exam, everything. We’ve gotten to know each other so well that my wife and I stop in sometimes just to say ‘Hi’ to Dr. Doan.” “I’d say if you’re looking for an optometrist with a positive attitude who’s great with kids, she’s the right doctor for your family!” Missouri City Vision Source Dr. Anh Doan, O.D. • Vision Source! 4725 Highway 6 South 281-261-2647

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’ Dont

mess with Taxes.

CAUTION: Tax return penalties often cost more than having the return done right the first time.


t Trevathan CPA, we love our business clients and are continuing to move them to the New Age Accounting. However, we also prepare and help individuals with their tax returns too. We use the same first class tax software we use for our businesses and we scan and store all your data and return copies in the ‘clouds’. We also use the best-in-the-business tax research software to get the best answers to those prickly issues that brings you to us in the first place. We have nothing against individuals doing their own tax returns using the off-the-shelf software, if the return is simple and the client understands the lingo. But if you have more complicated tax issues that you do not understand, it is probably worth the price of the return to get it done right. The other reason to consider using Trevathan and his crack accounting staff for your return is that you HATE doing tax returns. And that is a good reason too. So if you know just enough about doing taxes to be dangerous, give us a call. Trevathan, CPA, PLLC 19901 SW Fwy, Sugar Land, Tx 77479

281.207.1333 M 281.684.8133 F 281.207.1334

We Specialize in Children

We’re on the hunt

...because kidz are people too

❋ Specialist in dentistry for infants, children and adolescents ❋ Now offering Braces and Orthodontic services ❋ Offering Oral and I.V. Sedation

for an Advertising Sales Consultant to join our UpClose team.

❋ Se Hablo Espanol ❋ Most major insurance accepted ❋ Ask About NO INTEREST PAYMENT PLANS

Call Gina Pizzini

4706 Riverstone Blvd., Suite 200, Missouri City, TX 77459

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Located behind Kohl’s in the Offices at Riverstone


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Everyone’s Marathon


hen one local athlete, fifty-six-yearold Tracy Minish, began losing his sight several years ago, he thought his racing days were over....until he found the C Different Foundation, which pairs sighted guides with sight-impaired athletes. Before he began losing his sight, Tracy had run over ten marathons by himself with times as low as sub-four hours. After finding C Different, Tracy finished the USA Fit Half Marathon, with a time of 2:09:38. At the USA Fit Half Marathon, two guides ran slightly ahead of him to help him keep pace and provide water. His third guide kept an eye out for problems like uneven pavement, manhole covers, and other runners. With the assistance of these guides (see photo) ––Amy Amadi #1022, Giulia Hattan #1440, and Markell Marler #1640, Tracy finished the event with a big smile! On January 29, 2012, walkers and runners from all over the country joined Tracy to participate in “Everyone’s Marathon,” the “USA Fit Marathon/Half Marathon and Methodist Orthopaedic Specialists of Texas 5K.” The event took place over eight hours so people of all abilities could participate - from Boston qualifiers to first time marathoners! If the half or full marathon was intimidating, the 5K was an ideal starting point. The temperature was perfect for a marathon - sunny and cold. The event started/finished at the University of Houston - Sugar Land campus. Fort Bend residents were thrilled to have a marathon right in their “own backyard!” Volunteers turned out in force from FBISD, as the event benefits the Fort Bend Education Foundation. The USA Fit Marathon event has donated over $34,000.00 to the Foundation. Methodist Orthopaedic Specialists of Texas sponsored the 5k and also provided the Medical Director, Dr. David Braunreiter, a Board Certified Physician in primary care sports medicine and a MOST physician. “Methodist Orthopaedic Specialists of Texas is pleased to be involved with USA Fit, an organization that brings people from all over to Sugar Land and benefits the local Fort Bend Education Foundation” states Dr. Braunreiter. Event Sponsors included local restaurants: Outback Steakhouse, Mission Burrito, Kolache Factory, My Fit Foods, Whole Foods, Carl’s Jr., and local businesses: Athletic Training and Massage Services, Minute Maid, Finish Line Sports, J Loggins, The University of Houston - Sugar Land Campus, the Hilton Garden Inn, Dr. Bradford Patt and the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, Community Coffee, Luke’s Locker, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Koala, and Fuel Belt. Overall Marathon winners were: male Cheney Change, age 32, (time 3:03:40)

& female Melinda Davis, age 31, (time 3:32:24). Sponsor Doug Stinemetz of The Stinemetz Law Firm donated a prize purse of $500.00 each to Cheney and Melinda. Half Marathon winners were male Weston Caceres (time 1:11:55) & female Aroline Hanson (time 1:29:06). Marathon and Half Marathon winners were also awarded silver marathon jewelry designed and donated by J Loggins Jewelers. The 5K Overall Winners were Jayson Jenkins (time 21:47) and Whitney Andrews (time 21:54). •

If a Marathon, Half Marathon, or 5K are on your “Bucket List”, don’t miss the January 2013 event. For more information visit the website For training information for the 2013 event, visit (USA Fit has a 23 year history of training people to walk or run a Marathon/Half Marathon) and locally visit Fort Bend Fit just celebrated its 12th season of “Ordinary People doing ExtraOrdinary things”

Pre-K to 8th Grade

Extended Hours available until 6:30PM for registered students Homework Assistance Program Registering for the 2012-2013 School Year.

Extracurricular activities include: *Piano *Voice *Guitar *Art

*Chess *Math *Student Council

Private School Interscholastic Assoc. Member 1717 Dulles Ave., Missouri City, TX 77459

Member of


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Methodist Family Medicine Group LET OUR FAMILY CARE FOR YOUR FAMILY!

Yana Finkelshteyn, M.D. Jennifer Diamond, M.D. Julie Hung, M.D. Family Medicine Family Medicine Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

Our physicians speak… English

Mona Sheth, M.D. Family Medicine

Seva Papageorge, M.D. Family Medicine

Lisa Holloway, D.O. Family Medicine

Ana Corteguera, D.O. Family Medicine

Tayma Shaya, M.D., FAAFP Family Medicine

With seven family practice specialists and one internist/pediatrician, each with her own unique background and interests, there is a physician on


our staff who is right for you and your loved ones. Our physicians are all


board certified and highly skilled, with extensive experience in diagnosing


and treating illness and disease with a caring, hands-on, family-oriented


approach. Each of our physicians has a strong commitment to improving the health and well-being of the Fort Bend community. Methodist Family Medicine Group is also supported by the leading technology and expertise of Methodist Sugar Land Hospital and its medical professionals and physicians.  Call 281-275-0800 or email to schedule your appointment.  Same-day and Saturday appointments are available with most physicians.  Located on the Methodist Sugar Land campus in Medical Office Building Three.

Family Medicine Group 16605 Southwest Freeway, Suite 400 Sugar Land, Texas 77479 281-275-0800

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Service That Will Floor You!


Sarah Warburton


’ve been reading UpClose since we moved here in 2003,” says Charlotte Childress. “I liked the cute and catchy stories about All About Carpet...especially that they’re a family business and can do a ‘turn-key job.’When I needed my shower and tub installed back in 2009, I gave them a call. I was really pleased with their work. I looked at hardwood floors back then, but I couldn’t do two big jobs back to back. When I walked into their show-

room again this January, Bob said, ‘You did come back!’” “After Bob came out and gave me a quote, I looked at lots of different hardwoods for our downstairs living areas. I knew I didn’t want something too dark or that light oak, so when I saw the Tuscan series with variable width planks from Johnson I just knew. I fell in love with that flooring. It’s got a distressed look so you can see all the different colors in the hickory wood and the variable width planks make it so interesting and beautiful. Then the next job was to pick the tile for my kitchen. That took longer, because it had to go with my cabinets and my new floor! Bob let me take a sample of the hardwood and a couple tile samples home and I lived with them for about a week to see how they looked in my house at different times of day and in different lights. Once I’d decided on the right ceramic tile, the guys from All About Carpet took care of the rest.” Even though I had a hardwood installer and a tile installer working in my home, the whole experience was really good. Bob and Renee get the best people to do the work. They were very professional and did an excellent job. Not only that, but I knew if there were any issues, Bob would take care of them. A family-owned place like All About Carpet and Floors doesn’t stay in business so long without making their

To advertise, 281-235-0600

customers happy. They give a personal, family feel that’s still extremely professional. That what I got from them both times. If I need carpet or flooring again...there’s only one place I’d go!” Bob, Renee, and Shaun McKelvey say, “All of us here at All About Carpet and Floors take pride in offering the best customer service and helping you make sense of all the choices for your flooring, kitchen, and bath. Come on in and see us...we’d love to show you what we can do!”

All About Carpet and Floors 281-265-3700 3145 Highway 6 South (next to Shipley’s)

UPCLOSE ~ March 2012 ~ 15

KHS Athletic Club Hosts Annual Golf Tournament


he Kempner Athletic Booster Club’s Annual Golf Tournament will be held April 2, 2012 at Pecan Grove Country Club., Tee time is 1:00 p.m. This is our largest fundraiser of the year. All proceeds support all of the sports programs at Kempner High School. Please mark your calendar and come out to play, volunteer to obtain donations for the live and silent auction, or work the tournament. The players have fun; the volunteers have fun and our athletes reap the benefits. If you would like to be a sponsor contact the Booster Club. Your help and support is vital to the success of the golf tournament. To be a part of this very worthy cause please contact Donna or Jim Hammond at 281-491- 3752 to get involved. Thank you in advance for helping make this event the BEST!

For more info go to

Leave It to the Professionals!

by Sarah Warburton veryone knows the saying, “Time is money,” but it can also be so much more! Time is the memories you make with your kids, the extra conversation you can have with your spouse at the end of the day, the difference between a good night’s sleep and constant exhaustion. Save your energy for the thing you have to do (like work!) and your DIY-impulse for the things you love to do. As for cleaning your house...leave it to the professionals! Max McCammond, our local cleaning expert and owner of Professional Maid Service says, “Our maids are highly-trained and always motivated to get your home sparkling clean!” When you try to squeeze cleaning your house into an already full schedule, you only get a little bit done each day. By the time you get to the end, it’s time to clean the beginning again! “Getting your whole


16 ~ UPCLOSE ~ March 2012

home professionally cleaned on a regular schedule keeps everything at a higher level,” says Max. “You can enjoy time with your family, knowing that a simple swipe of the counters is all you need to have a company-ready home. Our maids will really sanitize your bathrooms, scrub your sink, and dust your ceiling fans. Not only that, but like all true professionals, our employees are bonded and insured, arrive in a company car with uniforms, and work to your satisfaction!” Don’t sweat and stress to clean your house. Relax...and leave it to the professionals! Professional Maid Service 281-342-6500

Cleaning to the “Max” Max’s Cleaning Tip: Did your teenager forget to cover a bowl of queso in the microwave? Maybe a baked potato or a bowl of pasta and sauce exploded all over the inside. Don’t despair! Max says, “Before cleaning the microwave, get a small glass or a bowl of cold water, add a few drops of lemon juice and microwave at full power for about five minutes. The steam from the water helps loosen dried food and the lemon juice helps cut through grease...and odors. Remove the glass or bowl (be careful, it’s hot!) and wipe down the inside with a solution of white vinegar and water or your favorite non-toxic cleanser.”

Getting a Fresh New Look for Spring


e’re not talking about changing your lipstick or flipping through the fashion mags for the latest trends this season. Your home has one face it shows the world...and your front door is smack dab in the middle of it. If winter has left your door looking worn, get a fresh new look for spring with the help of the expert team at Ricks Front Door. Rick Davis says, “Not only do we make your door look exceptional, we also deliver exceptional customer service every time!” Does your home owners association representative frown and shake his head when he drives past your home? No matter how much work your front door needs, Ricks Front Door can make it beautiful again! Rick says, “Our craftsmen will come right to your home and will refinish your door on-site, in one day, and at a great price. We’re fully insured and bonded, all work is warrantied for your satisfaction, and we show up on-time. And you don’t have to worry about the weather...our vans are mobile refinishing shops fully equipped to tackle any job, any time. Call my daughter, Jessica, and she’ll schedule you in a morning or afternoon slot.”

love. Rick says, “I’ve taught my craftsmen to treat your doors like gorgeous pieces of furniture that adorn the front of your homes. We use the very best stains and urethanes to give a lustrous finish that will stand up to the elements and we lay down a finish without any brushstrokes. We can also replace the weather strip from around your door to keep your warm air in, the critters out...and make your home more energyefficient to save you money!” Give your front door a spring makeover with Ricks Front Door, winners of the 2011 Angie’s List Super Service Award for Excellence. Rick says, “Your happiness is our top priority. Call us and we’ll show you how easy it is to get your door a fresh new look you’ll love!” Are you ever tempted to park in front of the neighbor’s house and sneak home through the back yard to avoid looking at your front door? The “front door artists” at Ricks Front Door can transform that embarrassing door into one you’ll

Rick’s Front Door Refinishing 713-427-2487

Where to Find a Dr. Oz Anti-Aging Secret

Sarah Warburton as a lifetime filled with the joys of work, family, and kids taken a toll on your skin? Turn back the hands of time, get back to your pre-pregnancy jeans, get a handle on your love handles, and get a boost to your skin and your confidence with a super anti-aging secret. At Kalologie Skincare and Medspa in Sugar Land, clients are discovering the ease and effectiveness of Thermage, a non-invasive, FDA-approved procedure featured on Dr. Oz’s “Ultimate Anti-Aging Show.” Thermage can reverse damage caused by sun exposure, time, and gravity on your face... and other places, too! We asked esthetician Sarah Dudley to explain it to us.


“As we age,” says Sarah, “Our skin loses elasticity, so we develop sagging, looseness, and wrinkles. Thermage works by stimulating your body’s natural renewal of collagen using unique radiofrequency (RF) technology. It’s a one-time treatment that starts to deliver results from day one and you’ll see your most dramatic results six months later...those results continue to develop naturally and last for two years. Essentially it breaks down your old collagen and cellulite and delivers tighter smoother skin, softened lines and wrinkles, and increased lift and firmness on your skin. If you have our Kalologie Spa Membership for your monthly facial, don’t forget you’ll also get a ten percent discount on Thermage, and our other treatments and beauty products! As a March special, we’re offering 40% off the price of Thermage for all our clients!” Make time for yourself at Kalologie. Sarah says, “I love the warm, personal atmosphere here, the variety of services offered, and helping our clients feel and look great!” Kalologie Skincare/Medspa 281-265-0880 15890 Southwest Freeway Whole Foods Shopping Center Sugar Land, TX 77478 •

To advertise, 281-235-0600

Back to Basics-

Quick and Easy Ways to Look Your Best! Want to learn how to wear daily makeup...but worried about clogging your pores? Kalologie and La Bella Donna mineral makeup make it easy to achieve a five minute makeover with only five products that are also great for your skin! Join Kalologie Medspa for the The “Back to Basics” event on March 7th from 12:30-5:30. Enjoy an additional 15% off products that day!

UPCLOSE ~ March 2012 ~ 17

When Smart Kids Struggle in School.

Sarah Warburton ometimes the answer isn’t repeating the information, but changing and strengthening the parts of the brain that handles learning,” says Betsy de Vega, a Learning Specialist with over twenty years of experience. “Knowledge is the information we learn and intelligence is the way our brain processes and retains that information. We know that knowledge plus intelligence equals learning excellence...and that’s why I founded the Kn.I.L.E. Center, home of EduCoachNow and Knile Prep Academy.” At the after-school program EduCoachNow (ECN) students get one-on-one educational coaching that prepares them to succeed...across the board! Betsy says, “We start with a free consultation and session to assess which areas need strengthening and which educational coach would be the best fit. Then we begin regular one-on-one, pay-as-you-go sessions targeted specifically for your child. The educational strategies and learning skills students get here will help them learn how to learn... so they’ll succeed in every subject and throughout life!” If your child suffers with reading, learning, attention, comprehension, headaches, and light sensitivity, Irlen Syndrome might be to blame. Betsy says, “Starting this Spring at the Knile Center we will offer screenings


If your child suffers with reading, learning, attention, comprehension, headaches, and light sensitivity, Irlen Syndrome might be to blame

for visual processing/neurological disorders treatable with the Irlen Method.” “From our innovative curriculum, to screening for Irlen Syndrome, to our special one-on-one EduCoachNow summer sessions, to classes in teen and adult CPR certification, we’re always looking for new ways to help kids succeed! Call to reserve your space now!” If traditional school isn’t working for your child, try the flexible learning environment and low student-teacher ratio of the KnILE Prep Academy. Owner and Director Betsy de Vega says, “We specialize in educating students with reading concerns, sensory issues, attention-deficit disorder and the like. Students in grades 4th -12th follow an exciting, technology-enhanced curriculum in a relaxed setting that enables them to do their best work. Check us out at Now accepting enrollment for the 2012 school year...but space is limited. Call to schedule your tour today. Betsy de Vega 281-682-4573 Kn.I.L.E Center, LLC • EduCoachNow KnILE Prep Academy 245 Gonyo Lane • Richmond, TX 77479

Lose the Other Last Ten Pounds Sarah Warburton e all know how hard it is to lose those last ten pounds...and that’s true whether they’re on your hips or in your closets! If pounds of paper, clothes, toys, and clutter keep you from enjoying your home, Anne Marks has the answer. She says, “I was a schoolteacher for years, but I’ve always loved organizing and decorating. Finally my friends talked me into starting a business, Organize Anything. I offer everything you need to make your home the beautiful refuge you deserve. I do it all, from organizing your drawers to rethinking your decor...and everything in-between!” Imagine a home that’s functional and attractive. It’s not an impossible dream with the help of Organize Anything! Anne says, “No task is too daunting. I have clients who hesitated to call, thinking they were the only ones suffering from ‘stuffed closet syndrome.’ With three kids and two dogs of my own, I can organize anything! Usually it’s not as bad as you think. My philosophy is that organization should be easy to maintain, so that’s the kind of system I’ll help you create.” Is your home warm, inviting, and filled with the things you love? Let Anne decorate your space to


“I can fix this!”

18 ~ UPCLOSE ~ March 2012

reflect your personality. She says, “Sometimes all you need is a fresh eye to see how things could be rearranged, removed, or added for a pulled-together look. I can give you advice, help you shop, or do it all...and I can work within your budget. Whether you’re looking to maximize what you already have, add a few new touches, or start from scratch, Organize Anything can give your home or office a new look at an affordable price.” “My home is my refuge from the world,” says Anne, “and that’s the way I think everyone can feel. Call me for a consultation and I’ll give you my advice on what will make the biggest impact in your home. From a few little changes to a whole-house and yard makeover, Organize Anything can transform your home into your haven!” “Check out our Facebook page for photos of the difference we can make in your space!” Organize Anything by Anne Marks 281-795-6787


r efo




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Are You in the Market for a Miracle? W

hether you’re planning to put your home on the market or you want to enjoy a “ready-to-show” look in the home you’ll live in for years, everybody loves a miracle! Cassie Snyder told us, “We were putting our home on the market and while we’d done a lot of upgrades, we hadn’t touched the kitchen. I knew the realtor would notice...and sure enough she said, ‘Your house is beautiful, but walking into the kitchen’s like going back in time!’ Luckily, I’d seen an article about the Miracle Method in UpClose, so I gave the owners, Jonee and Paul Barnett, a call.” How old was Cassie’s kitchen? She laughed when she told us, “We lived in the house for twenty years. I’ve repainted the kitchen three or four times but the countertops were still the original 1980’s fake butcher block look. In fact, when Miracle Method came out for our free estimate, they brought in a sample countertop half-done with Miracle Method...and the ‘before’ was the same as my countertop! That was like a sign. I chose a color called ‘Landslide’ with black, gray and white to pick up the floors and the black and white appli-

ances. They got all the work done in a single day and it looks fabulous! My friends said, ‘Oh my gosh, why didn’t you do this fifteen years ago?’” Cassie’s house was on the market only two days before she got an offer...and they scheduled six more viewings right after. She says, “All the feedback about the house and the counters has been wonderful...and everyone loves knowing the warranty on the Miracle Method is transferable. Throughout the process, from our free estimate though getting the work done, everyone had excellent communication. Paul came in and checked on the progress. Both Paul and Jonee are sincerely nice and really care about the work. I know people are quick to share complaints, but I was so happy with the results we got that I wanted to call Jonee right away! The counters look so good...I almost wish we weren’t leaving them behind!”

To advertise, 281-235-0600

Miracle Method Surface Restoration 281-240-2284 603 Murphy Road (by appointment only) Stafford, TX

UPCLOSE ~ March 2012 ~ 19

April 26th - 30th | Inaugural Season






Opening Day! Three spectacular Fireworks Shows! April 26, 27, & 28

Season Tickets Starting at $8 a game

Magnetic Schedule Giveaway

Piggy Bank Giveaway

T-Shirt Giveaway

Sponsored by Republic Services

Sponsored by Wells Fargo

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April 27

April 28

Just Announced Individual Tickets

April 29

8-Game Ticket Plan Starting at $10 a game

Go on sale MARCH 17

Sugar Land Skeeters Minor League Baseball

281.240.HITS (4487) |

Why Do Skeeters Buzz?


ccording to West African folklore, there’s an entertaining story behind a mosquito’s buzz and scientists now say the mosquitoes buzz in harmony to attract a sweetheart...but I say if you slow that buzzing down, you might hear something surprising. Could it be the mosquitoes have something exciting to tell you? In an UpClose Magazine first, we interviewed a local skeeter to find out what’s got all of Sugar Land buzzin’. What’s the Skeeter whispering in your kid’s ear? He says, “The Sugar Land Skeeters are coming to Constellation Field. I made sure we included something for all the kids at Constellation Field! There’s an awesome playground for you to climb, swing, and slide... plus a splash pad to cool off! You and your parents can ride a fully-restored 20-horse antique carousel...and you can watch a game with a picnic on the outfield grass berm that overlooks the field. ” “The seats at Constellation Field have plenty of leg room, individual cup holders, and fewer seats between aisles for all those trips for ice cream. Have trouble sitting still? Get your wiggles out on a 360 degree walkway around the ballpark with no stairways. Mom and dad can catch the action from different angles, while you burn off your extra energy. Catch the score on a Texas-shaped scoreboard that’s one of the largest scoreboards in minor league baseball...and on the same kind of old-school manual scoreboard like Fenway Park and Wrigley Field.” Don’t slap the skeeter who buzzes around your ear! He’s got great insider information. The skeeter is telling moms and dads, “The Ice House takes the ‘sports bar’ concept to the next level, because you can see the action right out the window! Grab your buddies, your family, or you co-workers and get together in premium seats, like the padded theaterstyle seats (the closest seats to home plate!) in the Imperial Box and as an added bonus... all Premium Season Ticket holders receive access to the Legends Club gourmet dining at no extra cost (excluding alcoholic beverages) with an extensive buffet with carving stations, salads, appetizers, entrees, special menus and desserts, popcorn, peanuts and non-alcoholic beverages.” Don’t let the buzz pass you by! Snap up your Skeeters season tickets...and don’t forget to thank your friendly neighborhood skeeter for spreading the news!

For a small fee, kids ages 13 and under will get the ultimate Skeeters experience with a backpack, a ticket to the Houston Zoo, an autographed baseball card, stickers, a quarterly magazine, other goodies... and the first 200 kids to sign up will be part of the high-five tunnel at the historic Grand Opening on April 26.

What Keeps the Phone Ringing?

D Matt Harris

on’t be fooled by flashy promises designed to get a company’s foot in your front door. Too often those plumbers are just hoping that once they cross your threshold, you won’t question the prices they quote. Day after day, week after week, month after month the phones keep ringing at Alan’s Plumbing...where they earn your business the old-fashioned way––by giving the best prices on the good work they do. Being a family-owned and operated business for the last sixteen years keeps the operating costs low...and Alan’s Plumbing passes those savings on to you. When it comes to honest pricing on the actual job, Fort Bend knows they’re the best in town! That’s why they’ve won ten consecutive Reader’s Choice Awards. When you pick up the phone and call Alan’s Plumbing, Alan’s wife Jennifer or his mother will answer. Even if you’re waist-deep in water, their cheery, can-do attitudes will keep you calm. Remember the way American customer service was meant to be? You can still find that straight-up, down-to-earth attitude at Alan’s Plumbing. One satisfied customer wrote in an 22 ~ UPCLOSE ~ March 2012

online review: “When our water meter leaked I had no time to call just any plumber in the yellow pages. I called Alan’s Plumbing. Three years later I am still calling them with my plumbing needs! They are a family-owned and operated business that really cares about their customers. They are friendly, thorough, and quick with their repairs! Not only did I find their rates reasonable, I appreciated their business motto - to catch a problem before it becomes a crisis. They really took the time to assess my plumbing problems and told me how to prevent future catastrophies. This company really responded with quality, dependable and quick service.” This family business is built on the rock solid foundation of dependability and honesty. They don’t come any better than that. Whether you’ve got a burst pipe, a clogged drain, need to replace a hot water heater, or a toilet reset, call Alan, Jennifer, their three sons––Beau, Luke, and Jake––brothers Chris and Brian and fellow plumber Zack. Don’t forget to clip and save this number, 281-261-1064. You won’t have to ask the neighbors to recommend a good plumber….you already know one! Alan’s Plumbing • 281-261-1064

In the Zone by Penny Keats hen Martha Klashman finds a promising company featured in our magazine, she tears out the article so she’ll remember. She says, “Our air conditioners were at least twenty years old, but they never broke...they just stopped working well. Last summer I was never comfortable and this year we have extra people staying with us. Not only that, but the way our house was zoned didn’t make sense. We have two air conditioners and what they call a one and a half story house. The master bedroom downstairs and upstairs bedroom and game room all shared a they were always roasting upstairs while I froze downstairs.” “I saw four companies for estimates before I remembered I’d torn out an article about All Out A/C and Heating. When Bryan came out he seemed really honest and knowledgeable. I liked that their company wasn’t too small to stick around and deal with service issues down the line...but not so large, so they wouldn’t care about me. Everything about All Out A/C was just right! Bryan gave me two excellent references to call. One mom (featured in UpClose) was still very happy. Martha Klashman says “Bryan The other was an engineer who solved my zoning problem!" was even going to have All Out


continue servicing the two systems while he was out of the country on business. I was convinced!” “Bryan solved my zoning problem! Not only did we get two new air conditioners, but Bryan redid the ductwork with separate thermostats for my bedroom downstairs and the other bedroom upstairs. Now we have better air distribution and zones that really make sense. We got two air conditioners with SEERs of 16. Bryan said considering the leaks in our ducts and the age of our old air conditioners, we’d probably been at about a 6. I’m looking forward to seeing the savings on my energy bill!” “I actually enjoyed the process...and it only took a few days. I thought it would be more intrusive, but half the time I almost forgot they were here. When we had the city inspector out to inspect the finished work, he said we’d gotten an excellent job! My only regret is not getting it done sooner...because it really was easy and my house is so comfortable. Now I’m ready for summer!” All Out A/C and Heating 281-238-9292 626 Highway 90A Richmond, TX 77406


To advertise, 281-235-0600

ll Out

Comfort! UPCLOSE ~ March 2012 ~ 23



FA CT: Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death for men and women.

FACT: Colorectal cancer

usually does not present symptoms in its earliest stages.

FACT: Early screenings

can translate into saved lives.

Dr. Gregory Shannon, Dr. Ali Mahmood and Dr. Nitesh Vachhani

Pick up your FREE screening kit! Join Dr. Gregory Shannon, Gastroenterologist, Dr. Ali Mahmood, Colon and Rectal Surgeon and Dr. Nitesh Vachhani, Gastroenterologist for a

FREE SEMINAR ABOUT COLORECTAL CANCER. Attendees will receive a FREE colorectal screening kit to take home. Thursday, March 29 • 6:30 p.m. Methodist Sugar Land Hospital - Conference Center

To register: call 281-274-7500 or email

16655 Southwest Freeway Sugar Land, Texas 77479 281-274-7500

UpClose Magazine  

A fun lifestyle magazine for Sugar Land, Texas and the surrounding areas.

UpClose Magazine  

A fun lifestyle magazine for Sugar Land, Texas and the surrounding areas.