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SOIREE & FASHION PARADE to celebrate Bastille Day THURSDAY 14 JULY @ 6PM MAWSON CENTRE, 2 Main Street, Mawson Lakes

Champagne and Canapés on arrival Cost $25 per person. Bookings to Anne on 8353 1162 or 0412 394 525 by 1/7/16 Fashions by Lesley’s Boutique Gawler All proceeds to The Smith Family

Community Magazine

Winter Water As South Australia looks to the defence, digital and space industries for new economic growth, Mawson Lakes is well placed to capture spending on exciting new projects and expand its population with associated jobs. This will make our suburb a champion for emerging technologies, as you will see by reading the stories in this month’s issue.

• FULLY FURNISHED and equipped so you can step right into your new home • Freshly painted with new carpet and NEW APPLIANCES • 2 spacious study/bedrooms both with bathrooms, one with balcony • AIR CON, LARGE GARAGE, LOW MAINTENANCE, PLENTY OF STORAGE • SUPERBLY POSITIONED IN MAWSON LAKES within easy walking distance of UniSA, Technology Park, shops, cafes, rail and bus

Dry Creek starts in the Mt Lofty Ranges and travels for 28km before entering Gulf St Vincent at Barker Inlet. On its way it collects 1/3 of Adelaide's storm water runoff - no wonder it brings so much debris and rubbish with it. When the water reaches Mawson Lakes it is captured, treated in the wetlands then stored underground and used as part of the recycled water system; and that's why ML is so green. Enjoy the rain!

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Our July cover shows Dry Creek in flood. In Adelaide we enjoy a Mediterranean type climate - hot, dry summers and mild wet winters. At this time of year our rivers brim with water, the low bridges go under and the floodplains are a feeding ground for birds. An arresting vista.


Cover: Winter Water Dry Creek, Mawson Lakes iPhoto by Linda Vining Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads


Community Conversations

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Letterbox warning Just want to let our community readers know that our letterbox was stolen overnight. We had a very sturdy, charcoal grey sandstone letterbox cemented to a row of pavers, which have also gone. It’s going to cost about $400 to buy a new letterbox, then there’s the additional cost of replacing the pavers, cement and new house numbers. The thing that unsettles me the most is knowing that someone must have planned to steal it and was on our property while we were asleep. We take pride in our house and work hard to maintain a nice presentation and then someone just comes along and thinks it’s OK to steal and cause damage to our property. So be warned, make sure that your own letterbox is very secure and be alert to strangers in your street. I have made a formal report to the police and also advised our neighbourhood police team. - Cassandra Curtis, Greenstead Street A family read My whole family loves reading MLL every month. I am the Community Impact Coordinator at United Way which supports children to read and read aloud. My interest is in community engagement and MLL does this very well so I always take notice. My daughter (12) flips through the mag and gets excited when she sees people she knows. My son (15) likes to know what’s going. The front cover is a talking point with all of us and we like to do the quizzes too. Kerry Davies

Who keeps the kids? So Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have split up. There’s really only one question . . . who’s keeps Pistol and Boo? Problem Address I’m a resident of 4 Maple Circuit Mawson Lakes and my neighbour lives in 4 Maple Court, Mawson Lakes. Having a Maple “CT" and “CCT" within close distance is a real problem. I’ve lost count of how many times our mail has gone to his address and vice versa. It’s confusing for couriers and this is an Emergency Services risk also. We have made numerous contacts with Australia Post and I have contacted Council who say it may take some time to resolve. I have lived here for more than 3 years. Does anyone else suffer a similar problem? - Adam Glass Giant machines in Mawson Lakes The roads of ML are getting a new surface. A giant machine, called a "profiler" is used to strip the surface and load it directly into a truck, while others sweep and lift any remaining bits prior to relaying. Made in Germany, the profiler has some three hundred teeth on rollers mounted underneath, and the cutting depth is controlled from a computer operated at the rear, leaving the driver to concentrate on positioning from his open cab on top. - Mike Holtby

Photograph: Profiler by Mike Holtby

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 109 - July 2016

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Satellite ground station opens in Mawson Lakes As you drive along Park Way in Mawson Lakes, on the corner of Third Ave, you will see two huge new satellite dishes beaming towards the sky. The satellite ground station is operated by the commercial satellite communications company SpeedCast which has recently launched these new dishes to assist Australia with its defence strategy and also extend the ability of overseas countries to communicate with their military forces in the Indian and Asia Pacific region. The ground station is providing military communication services from its Mawson Lakes facility to several governments, including the US and UK governments in addition to the Australian Government. Speaking at the opening ceremony last month, British High Commissioner Menna Rawlings said the satellite station highlights the importance of the Asia Pacific region particularly with tensions remaining high in the South China Sea. "The United Kingdom has boosted its communication capabilities in South-East

Satellite dishes pointed at the sky at Mawson Lakes


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 109 - July 2016

Asia by opening a satellite ground station in Adelaide," she said. "Territorial disputes over uninhabited rocks and reefs have the potential to generate enough friction in international affairs to spark a confrontation," Ms Rawlings said. The Skynet 5A military communications satellite system has been moved 67,000 kilometres from above the Middle East into the South-East Asia region by Airbus Defence and Space and puts British military communications on a secure frequency. The two 11 metre antennas at Mawson Lakes track satellites 23,000 miles away. The Australian facility joins a chain of worldwide teleports in France, Germany, Norway, the UK and the US in providing global coverage in both fixed and mobile satellite services. Ed


ck a


DentalonMetro DentalonMetro



From the dentist Peter Bertossa

GapaFp reFeree

nd cle Smoking !C*k*heck an Ca hn ec Sorry smokers, this had and cle d clean ** ! an! ** to come up in one of my articles. Two gum conditions are commonly recognised by dentists; Gingivitis and Periodontitis. Gingivitis simply means inflammation ofBertossa the BDS DrPeter PeterBertossa Dr gums (the soft tissue BDS around your teeth). Signs of this are gums that are bleeding and swollen. Whereas Gingivitis is reversible with good oral hygiene and some tailored oral hygiene instruction from your dentist, Periodontitis is of greater concern. Periodontitis is inflammation in the structures holding your teeth in. These include the ligaments around your teeth and the bone to which they are connected. The predisposition to this is first and foremost hereditary. It is also very common – one in five to one in 10 people show varying degrees of periodontitis bone loss around their teeth. If too much bone goes, the result is loose teeth and eventually lost teeth. So where does the smoking enter the ww ww w.d we.den picture? For folks with a hereditary disposition to ntalota lonme nm periodontitis, smoking is a big aggravating factor, accelerating the bone loss from something that about AskAsk about our our may have been controllable over many decades, CAD-CAM CAD-CAM to something that occurs rapidly over years. Aside restorations restorations from tooth loss, the cosmetics of the dentition depends on the presence of healthy gums. Gums with bone loss tend to look receded and the teeth roots exposed. This is not to mention the stains that smoking leaves on your teeth. A professional clean at the dentist is an excellent reward for quitting! Dental on Metro • Client Parking • Client Parking assess and advises on gum conditions. We also • General Dentistry • General Dentistry refer to Quitting services like Quitline 137848 • No Mercury – White • No Mercury – White FillingsFillings only only (13QUIT). • Cosmetic Veneering • Cosmetic Veneering Your first check-up is gap free with dental extras cover. • Client Parking Dental on Metro Dental on Metro is a is a





• General Dentistry Dental in Mawson newnew Dental ClinicClinic in Mawson Lakes.Lakes. • No Mercury – White Fillings only After hours appointments are available After hours appointments are available KIDS KIDSCHECK CHECKAND AND CLEANS CLEANS • Cosmetic Veneering


Phone 8260 1007 Phone 8260 1007 27-29 METRO PARADE 27-29 METRO PARADE

Dental on Metro is a ClubClub Kids the Kidsbulk bulkbilled billed under under the Metro Building, Ground Metro GymGym Building, Ground Floor Floor Child ChildBenefi Benefits ts Scheme Schemenew Dental Clinic in Mawson Lakes. MAWSON LAKES MAWSON LAKES After hours appointments available ** are Please enquire for details. Valid when mentioning this promotion. ** Please enquire for details. Valid when mentioning this promotion.


Phone 8260 1007

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Codan building defence solutions Codan in Technology Park is setting up a defence division to capitalise on the defence sector’s growing potential in South Australia. The company has a history of supplying the defence sector with its high-frequency radio systems and landmine detectors used by military organisations all over the world. The increasing presence of global Tier One providers in South Australia represents an opportunity for Codan. At present a lot of defence companies are forced to go overseas for high-tech solutions. Codan is aligned with some of the work that will be required on upcoming defence projects which the government has announced just recently. The Australian based, high value added manufacturer said it is starting to engage with

defence-type companies such as Lockheed, BAE Systems, Thales. Ed



Bring this ad for a SPECIAL TRIAL OFFER: First 2 lessons at HALF PRICE

Contact Daniel on:

0411 456 129 or 8250 9025 8

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 109 - July 2016

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Here at Mawson Lakes Dental, Dr Satera Papageorgiou along with her proficient and professional team of dentists, dental therapists, hygienists and friendly staff is pleased to welcome you and your family to our practice. We provide many dental services to our valued patients which include; • General dentistry • Dental Implants • CEREC – cad cam technology - porcelain restorations • Veneers – resin & porcelain • Wisdom teeth extractions • Invisalign – the clear alternative to braces • Orthodontics • Laser Frenectomies


Dr Satera Papageorgiou Dr Cathy Wiering Dr Stephanie Walls Dr Emilija Ports Dr Peter Nguyen Dr Taf Mabheju

• Teeth whitening – Smartbleach teeth whitening - in house in 1 hour • Dental Hygienist/Therapist • IV sedation - for nervous patients • GA’s - dental treatment in hospital • Sleep study/sleep apnoea /anti-snoring devices • Mouthguards • Nightguards

Opening hours

Mon – 8.15am – 5pm Tuesday – 8.15am – 7pm Wednesday – 8.15am – 5pm Thursday – 8.15am – 7pm Friday – 8.15am – 5pm Saturday – 8.30am – 12noon

Shop 10, The Promenade Shopping Centre, Mawson Lakes

Phone: 8260 2499

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Connectivity is the future for business Bricks and mortar no longer make up the infrastructure of business; it’s all about IT, Scott Hicks, former managing director of Adam Internet and now CEO of YourDC, Australia’s biggest data centre, told an audience of business people at Mawson Lakes. YourDC business owners and IT superstars, Scott Hicks and Greg Siegele, former director of Ratbag Games, explained how they have invested $30 million in an innovative data centre in Edinburgh Parks which has the highest levels of security, disaster recover and connectivity in SA. Scott told the capacity audience that information technology now drives business development and competitiveness and it is expanding at a huge rate. "With the NBN rollout and the mass move to cloud computing, SA will soon face a shortage of data storage space and associated infrastructure, so our company has bought a 6000sq/m site at Edinburgh Parks to house the data centre," he said.

Executive director of the company, Greg Siegele, illustrated Bruce Jacobssen from EziCleen talking how the business with Scott Hicks CEO of YourDC. facility has multiple power sources to ensure services do not go down if there is a power disruption. "Organisations can lose millions of dollars because of outages caused by anything from an earthquake (as in Christchurch), to sabotage, a flood, or even a terrorist attack. This can be catastrophic for business. In Adelaide, outages in recent times have caused disruptions that are not acceptable in a digitally based economy." Scott said that YourDC is one of the top-rated data centres in SA and is designed to be an energy efficient operation at every level which brings a cost advantage to customers. Ed





Gepps Cross Carpet Court 750 Main North Road, Gepps Cross

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TILES • LAMINATES • TIMBER VINYL PLANKS • CARPET MASSIVE CLEARANCE Opening Hours Monday- Friday: 9am - 5pm 40% OFF Saturday: 9:30am - 4pm BLINDS


Sunday: 11:30am - 4pm

Phone: (08) 8349

9055 Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 109 - July 2016

Personal Lingerie Styling with Julie Did you know that more than eighty percent of women wear the wrong bra? Do you find that your bra rises at the back, the straps slip off your shoulders or you have bulges around your arms? The best way to overcome these problems is to invest in a good fitting bra. I have been fitting women for lingerie for more than 20 years and I know how much better a woman looks and feels when she has the correct underwear for her shape and size. Intimo Lingerie is an Australian company specialising in providing good fitting bras for Australian and New Zealand women for over 20 years. Intimo has a full range of bras from 30A to 46G. Also available are slips, briefs, camisoles and lounge wear. As Coco Chanel said "LUXURY MUST BE


I can offer you the convenience of a fitting in my house or yours where you receive one-on-one attention and advice. I suggest that you have a fitting once a year because a weight loss or gain of just one kilo can make a whole lot of difference to the garment you wear.




CUSTOM PAINT & RESTORATION to cars, helmets, motorbikes, skateboards, vintage fridges and more!

SECURE STORAGE Caravans, Cars, Trucks, Boats, Trailers

FULL RESTORATION of all cars, motorbikes, scooters



JULIE WASLEY 0403 221 720


8349 7035 Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads

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To view the full range of Intimo Lingerie go to our website


New Business - Studio with a view A seat in the Boho Studio on Lakeside offers more than a hair and beauty style, it offers the best view in Mawson Lakes, over the water, across millionaires row, and right up to the hills. The new salon may be a little hard to find, sandwiched between restaurants, but once you walk up the stairs the full extent of the fabulous renovation is revealed. Monica Maddon opened her hair and beauty salon this year to offer women a one-on-one stylist in a relaxed atmosphere. She extends her creative talents to photography and You Tube videos to document the process and show her clients the before and after look. Monica said that a versatile mid length bob is popular at the moment. Another trend is a soft ombre with lighter ends and deeper roots with a soft melt. Rich chocolate browns and natural tones that match eyes and skin are in for winter. "A red tinge can add warmth in cold weather and a




Opening Hours

8am til 4pm - 7 days a week Dinner By Arrangement

Available to groups of 25+ Bookings call 1300 60 50

Monica Maddon at work in the new Boho Studio

short style is chic for mature ladies," she advises. Monica specialises in creative photo shoots, weddings, formals, special events and personal styling. See her ad below. Ed | ph (08) 7111 2989

20% off first visit. Shop 3, 131 Mawson Lakes Boulevard, Mawson Lakes SA 5095 (head upstairs)

studio | ph (08) 7111 2989

off first visit. | ph (08) 7111 2989

1 Mawson Lakes Boulevard, wson Lakes SA 5095 665 Salisbury Highway Mawson Lakes (head upstairs)

Telephone 08 8250 8070


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 109 - July 2016

20% off first visit. Shop 3, 131 Mawson Lakes Boulevard, Mawson Lakes SA 5095 (head upstairs)

Caring For Your Feet with Mardi Edwards

Cold Feet Winter is upon us and many people suffer from cold feet. For some, however, the problem is a painful one when they develop chilblains.

“Maintenance division” Vince Musolino 0458 220 165

"Experts in property maintenance"

Ad design: Nicole Aspinall

“Maintenance division” “Maintenance division” Vince Musolino Vince Musolino 0458 220 165 0458 220 165

• Home Improvements • Home Maintenance • Handyman Service

0458 220 165

Chilblains are red/purple lumps which are often very sore and sometimes itchy. They are most common on the ears, nose, hands and feet. People with poor circulation are at higher risk. Prevention is the key. Here are some hints to prevent cold feet and chilblains: Stay warm - wear warm socks and shoes to protect feet. Also keep body warm with layers. Warm up gradually - heating up cold feet with a hot water bottle or radiator will cause rapid increase in temperature which will cause redness and swelling of the area. Its’s better to slowly warm feet. Give your feet space – tight fitting shoes and socks can restrict blood flow and increase likelihood of cold feet and chilblains. Get active – exercise is a great way to keep the blood flowing. Be sure to dress warmly for outdoor activities.

Is the temperature in your home OUT OF CONTROL?


Ad design: Nicole Aspinall

• • • • • •

Sales Service/maintenance Breakdown Repairs Ducted Reverse Cycle Evaporative Units Hi Wall Split Systems

Avoid smoking - smoking constricts blood vessels and makes chilblains worse. Treatment of painful chilblains includes padding to offload local pressure and monitoring to prevent breakdown and ulceration. If you have problems with cold or painful feet contact us for an appointment.

8281 4100 or call 0417 889 422

website email

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Property Tips with Ben The cyclical nature of the property market Wondering when to jump into the property market? As we discussed in last month's article, there is an axiom that property prices have historically doubled every 7-10 years in Australian capital cities. However, property prices do not rise in a linear fashion. Instead they change sharply and then stagnate, in a cyclic manner. In the diagram to the right we see that one full revolution of the property cycle takes 7-10 years. During that time prices will slow down and there will be an oversupply of property on the market, prices will then slump as there are more sellers than buyers. Valuations will fall because a house is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and buyers who have a lot of choice can afford to be choosy! This is called a "buyers market". Then we start to see a recovery and people’s confidence begins to restore in property due to the low prices and perceived

value. As more people are looking to buy the prices go up, valuations rise, the media generates interest and we go through a boom. This is called a "seller’s market" because there are more buyers than sellers, creating competing for limited stock. As an example, in Adelaide in 2008 the median house price was $460,500, then in 2009 there was a slump and the median house price fell to $425,125. This was followed by a slow recovery to $468,500 in 2012, then a three year rise to $585,000 in 2015. So, wait long enough and your property too will go through this cycle, values will rise and fall, it’s all just a matter of timing. To discuss further contact Ben on 0403 195 339

Sign on a golf buggy:

Ad design: Nicole Aspinall



Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 109 - July 2016

Ask the Lawyer

You may want to chat about this subject, or

Q &

another legal matter. Phone and make an appointment with one of our offices. In many cases the first half hour of the appointment is free. Bring in your information, you might not need more than 30 minutes.

Do everyday people get served with intervention orders and could this ever happen to me?


In light of the public discourse about domestic violence, applications for intervention orders are often pursued by the police out of an abundance of caution and sometimes in cases that intervention orders were not designed for. A common scenario is when a relationship breaks down and the usual exaggerated angerfuelled accusations find their way into a police statement designed to demonise an expartner. If the police bring the application based on that complaint, or even if the complainant brings the application in person, the court will hear it in the defendant’s absence and will make an interim order if it

is reasonable to suspect that the defendant will, without intervention, commit an act of abuse against a person and the issuing of the order is appropriate in the circumstances. Once the interim order is made, it cannot be withdrawn unless the complainant chooses to do so and the matter will have to go to trial. While the interim order is on foot or if it becomes a final order there is a risk the defendant will be accused of breaching the interim order. If so, the police may charge the defendant with breaching the

Meet Ursula Matson, one of our team of lawyers and barristers who specialises in Criminal Law and Family Law.

intervention order and this charge carries a term of imprisonment. These applications are served on everyday people experiencing what they regard as a normal breakup. It is therefore vital that you seek legal advice in the event you are served with an application for an intervention order.

Port Adelaide: 8447 4466 Adelaide: 8212 6875 Gawler: 8522 7160 Visit the website for more help / advice.


A monthly column where readers ask the question, the lawyer gives their answer. This free legal advice brought to you by Scammell & Co.

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jumbled numbers

Unscramble the words on the children's tops to reveal which country they were born in!

Each number 1-26 represents a letter in the order it appears in the alphabet. A=1, B=2, C=3 etc. The numbers and therefore letters which are NOT shown will form a jumbled word related to the cartoon drawing. WHAT FOOD IS THE BOY EATING?

hidden words Find ten words beginning with W from these jumbled letters. Use the picture clue to solve one of the hidden words. If you can find fourteen words you're a genius!

E L W S L U K A R 16

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 109 - July 2016

CATCH THE DIFFERENCE Examine the pictures carefully and find the two that are the same.

musical maze Can you beat the drum? Find your way through the maze and make some music!

word jumble Study the picture below for clues and unscramble the words that relate to the shiny character

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Mind Massage Sturt Desert Pea in a Mawson Lakes garden Photo by Mike Holtby

Look through this issue to find many of the answers. Puzzle solution page 30 1. How distant are the satellites being tracked by the two new space stations in Mawson Lakes?

11. The View Club is the social and fundraising arm of which charity?

2. In which part of the body would you find the disease Periodontitis?

12. Who was the first US woman in space?

3. Who said "Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it's not luxurious"? 4. Find a gold car in MLL. What is the make and model of this car? 5. Chilblains are (a) children with high ability (b) inflamed feet (c) dutch soup (d) sore eyes? 6. What colour is a pomegranate? 7. Name the song that Dami Im sang at the Eurovision Song Competition in 2016 8. Bendigo is a rural city in which Australian state?


13. How many prime numbers are between 17 and 37 inclusive? 14. In the zodiac, which sign is illustrated with an archer? 15. How many hours are in 19 days? 16. Is Sweden a kingdom or a republic? 17. Unscramble these letters to name a South Australian town oontam? 18. In the stage show Sound of Music coming to Adelaide in August who plays Captain von Trapp?

9. How old was Marilyn Monroe when she died?

19. What does the expression "to shuffle off this immortal coil" mean?

10. In snooker, how many points are assigned to the pink ball?

20. In Greek mythology the youth Narcissus fell in love with what?

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 109 - July 2016

Home Interiors with Jeanette Silvestri Let's turn your house into a beautiful place to live! Whether you are updating your existing, or are building an exciting new one, Northside Curtains and Blinds can help you achieve your own individual dream home. Since winter is now definitely upon us, let's talk insulation!



Even blinds can achieve the look that you are after, whilst helping keep the cold out!


Come into our lovely showroom at Parafield (next to Bunnings) or call us now and let one of our consultants help you.

ORTHSIDE curtains


8281 7377

RANGE, SERVICE, QUALITY PRICE Parafield Airport, Main North Rd next to& Bunnings w fo r a C al l no

F R EQE uo te

M ea su re


0413 652 151 PR

Pelmets and blockout lined curtains are one of the best ways to achieve these savings. If you like a more simple, elegant modern look, you can choose a beautiful sheer with a blockout lining behind to keep out the cold.




printing brochures



$ competitive


8154-3600 call now for a free quote

leaflets - brochures - booklets - stationery + more

●Custom Made Curtains ●Swags & Tails ● L a c e & S h e e r s Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads ●Pelmets & Tracks

Ad design: Nicole Aspinall

With the correct window coverings, did you know that saving even one degree of temperature can save you around 10% in your running costs of heating or aircon?


NEW OFFICE IN TECHNOLOGY PARK OPEN JULY 2016! Formerly GOLD’S ACCOUNTING of Capital Street, New larger office serving business and individual clients in the local area

Phone: 08 8359 7320 Unit 1, 3 Park Way MAWSON LAKES

pick your bonus.

*Terms and conditions apply, see instore for details. Offer ends 31.08.16

Vodafone Ma or off Lakes store i 2 GB per month per month Vodafone Mawson open. Vodafone Mawson Bonus


Available in store. Bring your Student ID to pick up your bonus.

to use in Oz.

Lakes store is Lakes now store is now Come in and meet our fri located on Main Street, n open. open. opposite Mawson Lakes H Come in and meet our friendly team,

Come in and meet our friendly team,on Main Street, near UNISA, located located on Main Street, near UNISA, opposite Mawson Lakes Hotel. opposite Mawson Lakes Hotel.

Vodafone Mawson Lakes Available on selected consumer voice plans. Lakes Vodafone Mawson

Vodafone Mawson Lakes 20

Shop 1A, 9 - 15 Main Street, Mawson SA- 5095 Mawson Lakes Living Lakes, : Issue 109 July 2016

Shop 1A, 9 - 15 Main Street, Mawson Lakes, SA 5095 +61 8 8260 2821

Shop 1A, 9 - 15 Main Street Mawson Lakes, SA 5095 +61 8 8260 2821

Home Loan Help with Joe Vancura Financial planning for a better retirement Financial independence in later life does not just come from how much is earned but also from good money management. It is never too early or late to start a good retirement plan. There is a big difference between "making a good living" and "enjoying a good life." Making a good living refers to a person's earning capacity. Enjoying a good life on the other hand is how the money is spent. Making conscious and deliberate choices about how the money is spent is the basis for a financially independent life in retirement. The four key elements of sensible money management are: 1. Giving priority to savings. "Pay yourself first" is a common edict. Set aside a sum of money as savings to be used for wealth creation. 2. Living within one's means. That is buying only what one can easily afford. 3. Investing wisely. Money in a bank account earning minimum interest will not help to create wealth. It has to be invested in assets that grow in value over time.

SOLUTIONS With the threat of Interest Rates increasing this year

How would you like to be paying just

3.99% 4.49%

for the next 3 years (comparison rate)



To find out more talk to us now! AAA Mortgage Solutions Suite 5, 32-36 Metro Parade, Mawson Lakes SA 5095

8182 5555

We will compare hundreds of home loan products from over 30 leading bank and non bank lenders and structure a loan that’s right for you.

4. Using some of the money to make a difference. Being grateful for what one has and showing that gratitude by helping those who are less fortunate. Bearing in mind that for a better life it is necessary to be financially independent in retirement and it is never too late to put into place a saving and wealth creation plan to achieve one's financial goals.

For more handy tips please visit our website

Suite 5, 32-36 Metro Parade Mawson Lakes.

Comparison rate of 4.49% pa is correct 1/04/2016 and is subject to change without notice. Based on a new loan of $150,000 over 25 years. Maximum 90% LVR. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the example given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rates. Full details on application. Terms, conditions, fees, charges and lending criteria apply. Australian Credit Licence 385791

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Kids page Kids column with Preet -

Hi every one! and stay still on your seat all the time. Moreover My of name is Preet and this the new HowHi! many you have theisdrive-in haskids the advantage that indoor watched Book? cinemas do not have; you don’t get disturbed by page.the It’sJungle just like the Nigella page but about Well, recently I got a chance, the person next to you, and you can go as you kids! First I’m going to tell you about my trip not at the cinema, not at please. to Latitude! Have fun! home, but at the drive-incinema at Gepps Cross. Usually for me watching a movie like the jungle book would have been too scary but this time I I was very excited when I heard we were going. watched it like my favourite movie so that proves Drive-in-cinemas are basically cinemas, my of dadfun wasand right when he said...OLD IS Latitude is an indoor playbut centre thatthat is full outdoors, where you just drive in with your GOLD! - Preet XX excitingbuy activities. A few family and friends, tickets, park yourdays car ago we went there for a facing the screen, relax in your car and wait birthday party and triedfor the climbing walls, Life is not about how the movie to begin.

trampolines and the bouncy basketballfast courts. you Then run, or how We decidedwe to park and and had cake. wentthe tocar thebackwards party room wasclimb, our highIt you opened the back of it, folded all the seats down, host’s birthday as well! After that when everyone but how well you and set up with a blanket in our own car feeling ...bounce! except two was other friends, had like in a tent! The sound picked up from ourgone we had an extra car radio and we justand needed to tune to the right jump, the big bag, session tried out the bungee channel and adjust how loud it was. The screen sky-high obstacle course and much is really bigbalancing and high so beam, everyone could see. I had gone to an more! indoor cinema before but it wasn’t We didn’t think this day could get any better half as good as this because you had to be quiet until our friends decided to come to our house and got to try her awesome new rebel bow and arrow! It was so much fun!

Create lasting memories through sport

We are Australia’s leading sport program for 2.5–6 year olds! • 5 sports covered per term • Small class sizes • FREE trial available

Your local Ready Steady Go Kids classes are held at: The Gardens Rec Centre, Parafield Gardens Monday, Friday, Sunday DS Goodes Pavillion, Surrey Downs Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Para Vista COMING SOON!

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Your local Ready Steady Go Kids classes are held at:

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 109 - July 2016 Location Address

Location Address

Responding to tests As we enter the second half to the year it is test time. Students in years 3, 5, 7 & 9 recently undertook their NAPLAN tests. These tests can cause much concern and certainly stimulate discussion at a variety of levels. As the year progresses all students will take various exams. So what should our attitude and approach to these be? Firstly, and most importantly, our IQ, our looks, our size, our gender, our sporting ability or our success in any test or exam does not define who we are. The test of who we really are comes from deep in our heart. Our attitude to life, how we value life, how we treat others and how we demonstrate our gratitude to God and our families indicates who we are. The decisions we make and the actions we display indicate our internal values, and it is these upon which we are judged. All of life is a test. It is a constant test of character. It is a constant test of our resilience. It is a test of how we respond to failure. Of all the characteristics required for long term success in all aspects of life, resilience is one of the most crucial. We must all be prepared to "have a go" and continually strive to be the best we can – all the time!


We welcome Dr Asif Hussain - Consultant Physician to our team of Visiting Specialists



Extract from St Paul’s College newsletter by Principal Paul Belton


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Who’s travelling with Mawson Lakes Living? This little magazine is designed for the people of Mawson Lakes but it has legs that take it all over Australia and around the world as these photos show.

The Kershall Family taking a holiday at Port Lincoln

er, Melissa Windsor L in the cold weath While we read ML oys her copy on a beach in Fiji. from ML enj

Rose and Rosemary at the textile exhib ition at the Top of the Torrens Gallery at Birdwood

MLL finds its way to the shores of Lake Geneva, sent by a Mawson Lakes resident to her friend Sona in Switzerland. That’s Mont Blanc in the background, the highest peak in the French Alps.


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 109 - July 2016

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In my Garden Pomegranates – luscious red fruit filled with succulent crimson seeds. Pomegranates have been noted in ancient Greek mythology from the 7th Century BC. Some scholars believe that the pomegranate was the forbidden fruit offered by Eve to Adam! Pomegranate trees grow well in Mawson Lakes. We have the Mediterranean climate that they love. I have one growing in front of my house (77 Shearwater Drive) and it is a great source of interest with people passing by. It is an attractive deciduous tree with glossy green leaves growing to around 4m although dwarf forms are available. In spring the red flowers look very similar to a hibiscus and later form the red fruit, which develops over the summer and is ready to pick in autumn. My tree has been producing fruit since the first summer that it was planted. For good growth plant in a sunny spot, water deeply once a week in summer and fertilise in spring and around January when the tree is fruiting. Prune in winter to keep in shape but remember that the fruit grows on the old wood.

Vaaldir Thrupp

Upcoming Garden Club events 26 July: ‘Flowers of Royalty’ with Ken Jacobs 23 August: AGM followed by ‘Bonsai’ with Andrew Ward 27 September: ‘Geraniums and Pelargoniums’ with Joyce Geff For more details go to

President, Mawson Lakes Garden Club

Mawson Lakes

Garden Club


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Parenting Mindfulness moving into classrooms If your child comes home from school and tells you that s/ he has been meditating in class it doesn’t mean your student has been daydreaming, rather it’s part of a new practice in schools around the world called Mindfulness in Schools. Mindful meditation seeks to quieten the mind and focus attention on the present moment. It is designed to develop a sense of calm and clarity in students and help them cope better with stress, enhance their academic performance and improve overall emotional management. As mental health issues such as anxiety and depression become more widely reported, some schools see this as an antidote to the pressures of modern life.

Mindfulness activities range from developing better eating habits to handling conflict, to more formal meditation exercises. Many teachers who have been trained in mindfulness report that it calms kids down, helps them resist negative emotions, improves their attention span and enhances the mood of the school. Smiling Mind has developed a free web and app-based program that is being trialled by the Victorian government who hope to introduce it into the Australian curriculum. See

> > > > >

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 109 - July 2016

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Helping Cubs Achieve 100 Challenges This year marks the 100th anniversary of Cubs, and to enthuse the youngsters (aged 8 to 10) the Commissioner for Cubs in SA has set a series of 100 centenary challenges. These include raising $100 for charity, picking up 100 pieces of rubbish, doing 100 good turns, undertaking 100 hours of community service and planting 100 trees. And planting trees is where the residents of Mawson Lakes come into the story. Friends of the Pledger Wetland who plant and cultivate a long strip of parkland that runs along the railway line, got out their shovels on a sunny Sunday last month, and with plants provided by Salisbury Council, spent a morning helping the Cubs of Mawson Lakes achieve their tree-planting challenge. Phoebe Skewes (pictured) who has just graduated from Cubs to Scouts said she loves being outdoors. "It’s much better to be busy than bored," said the 11-year-old who has been camping, surfing, canoeing, sailing and surfing with the Cubs.

Mawson Lakes Assistant Cub Leader Leigh Tonkin planting trees with Cub Jake Sinclair (8) and Scout Phoebe Skewes

Boys and girls aged 8-10 can join Cubs. They then graduate to Scouts (10-15), then Venturers (14-18) and later Rovers (18-24). For more information about Mawson Lakes Cubs contact Sarah Jones on

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Stormy Weather by Nigella Lightning and thunder are a feature of winter weather but for many dogs this is a scary and dangerous time. I was walking along Dry Creek one day with my friend, Sammy the German Shepherd, when a storm caught us by surprise. The sky turned dark, thunder rumbled in the background and flashes of lightning arched across Mawson Lakes. Sammy took shock and jerked his lead out of his owner’s hand and took flight. He ran into the distance with his tail between his legs, his ears pinned back and his owner sprinting after him. I’ve never seen a dog so stressed.

Storms don’t worry me, but they affect lots of dogs badly. A conference of vets in Adelaide last month talked about "storm phobia". Organiser Dr Weer told how he had to treat a golden retriever who had ripped its teeth out while trying to escape from his backyard during a storm. He said that in a state of anxiety dogs forget all the rules. Their training means nothing. They race across roads in a state of panic and get into all sorts of trouble. Here is some advice to pet owners from the vets . . . •

Monitor for coming storms on the weather report and think about your pets.

Before a forecasted storm bring us inside.

Don’t go for walks in stormy weather because we can smell a storm coming and hear rumbling before humans and this is scary.

Have a quiet, dimly lit room where we feel safe. Pull the curtains.

Sit beside us and be calm, maybe tell us a story or give us a massage.

• toPlay some masking music. You can buy You’re invited "frightful noises audio mix" for dogs to teach them to tolerate scary noises.

Advance Behavioural Training’s Open Day •

If the phobia is intense you may need to

givemembers us some anti-anxiety medicine. Talk to Bring the whole family (including the K9 of course!) the vet about this.

Saturday 30th July 2016 11AM-3PM

You’re invited to

TH Behavioural Training’s Ope ! B I RBring ABT'S 5 Advance Y A T HtheDwhole family (including the K9 members of cou

93 Francis Road, Wingfield | 0431 301 118 |

You’re invited to You’re invited to

Advance Advance Behavioural Behavioural Training’s Training’s Open Open Day Day Bring the whole family (including the K9 members of course!) Bring the whole family (including the K9 members of course!)

Saturday 30th July 2016 11AM-3PM Saturday 30th July 2016 11AM-3PM

93 Francis Road, Wingfield | 0431 301 118 |


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 109 - July 2016

93 Francis Road, Wingfield | 0431 301 118 | 93 Francis Road, Wingfield | 0431 301 118 |

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Saturday 30th July 2016 11AM-3PM

Marilyn Monroe lifts her skirt Wow, what a gorgeous girl was Marilyn Monroe. I sat under her upswept skirt this month when we drove all the way to Victoria to see the Marilyn Monroe Exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery. In the main street there was a sculpture of her as high as a two story building. I fell in love with Bendigo . . . just so dog-friendly. First off we had breakfast at the Boardwalk Cafe on the lake. The walking path was a thoroughfare of animated dogs, and I was a new pooch in town so they all wanted to check me out with up-close sniffs. I knew the Boardwalk Cafe was doggie domain when I saw their water trough saying “How good are dogs!" (see picture) so I steered mummy this way. Lots of people stopped to give me cuddles and take photos and the cafe owner ran away and brought back a picture book featuring all his regular doggie clients. He gave us a free copy of "Dogs of the Boardwalk" and I saw hundreds of cute faces across 160 pages. They really know how to make a doggie feel welcome in Bendigo.

The HUGE Marilyn Monroe sculpture in Bendigo

Next up was a tour on the "Vintage Talking Tram". Mummy put me in a backpack and on we hopped. No problems, but it was all a bit scary for me. The old rattler lurched and thumped and made sharp, jerky noises as it clanked along the tracks and sent out awful smells. I got the nervous shakes, but when I looked at Mummy she was calm and smiling, stroking me and telling me what was going on so I knew I was OK. I settled down, put my head on her lap and enjoyed the unusual adventure. The Marilyn Munroe Exhibition lasts till 10 July. Catch it if you can. I didn’t go inside the Art Gallery but it was nice sitting outside overlooking the park. Beautiful parks in Bendigo too, and, ooh, so many delicious new smells.

Nigella xx

Dogs Welcome at The Boardwalk Cafe

'A Head to Toe Experience'

ring Marilyn Lavis on 8260 3610 or

0407 181 143

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Community Groups Listings sponsored by Mawson Lakes Living Community Church: Sundays 10:00am Pastor Chris Mann - 0403 007 156 or 8162 5108 Cricket Club: Two day and one day senior teams New Friday night u/10 team. Anton - 0412 394 592 Crossroads Community Church: Sunday 10:30am The Denison Centre, Anthony - 8258 3179 or 0425 874 240 Heart Foundation Walking groups Contact Christine 8260 3855 Football Club: Tues & Thurs 6:15pm, Mawson Lakes Hotel Oval David - 0413 302 908 Life Church: 5:00pm Sundays. Level 1, 31 Main Street. Nick - 8284 3861 Mahjong: Every 3rd Sunday from 11am at the Mawson Centre. All Levels. Janelle 0403 539 226 Mawson Lakes Garden Club Ph Vaal Thrupp: 0467 925 004 Find us on Facebook Mawson Lakes Girl Guides 8418 0900 or Mawson Lakes Hotel Social Club: Lyall Hill - 0414 951 859 Mawson Lakes Photography Club Vaughan 0400 472 318 Mawson Lakes 'Ducklings' Playgroup: 9.30am Mon and Thurs at Denison Centre, Michelle 0481 234 212 Mawson Lakes Scout Group Meets in Parafield Gardens. Ages 6-15 Jeff - 0407 619 357 or Sarah - 0417 848 088 Mawson Lakes Toastmasters Club, Communication and leadership training. Darko 0403 314 498 Mawson Lakes Golf Club Mawson Rowing Club, The Boat Shed, First Avenue Mawson Lakes. Jerry Elder 0419 854 371 Over 50s Club, meets 1-3pm on the first Thursday of the month at the Mawson Centre. Rotary Club of Mawson Lakes Significance Church: Sundays 10:00am 8260 1832 or 0434 679 754 A/H Quilting Friends: Mawson Centre Clare - 8367 6918 or


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 109 - July 2016

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Puzzle Solutions from page 16 Picture Puzzle 1. Sweden 2. India 3. Indonesia Jumbled numbers: NUTS Hidden Words: Walrus, wall, walls, walk, walks, walker, war, wars, was, wake, weak, well, wells BONUS special word: wreak Puzzle Solutions from page 17 Catch the difference: 1 and 3. Number 2 is missing the grass stain from the knee and Number 4 the ball is in a different position Word Jumble: Compact, disc, drive, storage, computer, technology Mind Massage solution from page 18 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

23,000 miles Teeth Coco Chanel 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Inflamed feet Red Sound of Silence Victoria 37 Six

11. The Smith Family 12. Sally Ride 13. Six (17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37) 14. Sagittarius 15. 456 16. A kingdom 17. Moonta 18. Cameron Dado 19. To die 20. His own reflection

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