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Find your inspiration for outdoor Find your inspiration for outdoor living all-year-round & save! living all-year-round & save!

Winter Winter Clearance Clearance on now! on now!

GEPPS CROSS 720 Main North Rd 8359 6533 GEPPS CROSS 720 Main North Rd 8359 6533 Showrooms also at Marion & Mile End Showrooms also at Marion & Mile End





Gepps Cross Carpet Court 750 Main North Road, Gepps Cross

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TILES • LAMINATES • TIMBER VINYL PLANKS • CARPET MASSIVE CLEARANCE Opening Hours Monday- Friday: 9am - 5pm 40% OFF Saturday: 9:30am - 4pm BLINDS Sunday: 11:30am - 4pm

Phone: (08) 8349


Mr, Ms or Mx In the ever expanding world of gender politics there are some who say the idea of being male or female is too limiting. They don't want their identity defined by name prefixes such as Mr, Mrs, Ms and Miss. In response, a new gender-neutral option is gaining ground. The honorific Mx (pronounced mix) signifies a cultural shift as gender stereotypes are breaking down, and governments and universities are looking for ways to satisfy all pundits in the complicated and contested arena of identity. One example is that Target has decided to stop labelling its toys and bedding as "girls" or "boys." The honorific Mx might be used by one who identifies as bigender (having two genders), agender (having no gender), gender fluid (experiencing gender in different ways at different times) or, perhaps, just because a person does not wish their gender to be a defining part of who they are; something that needs to be staked out for all to see right in front of their name. Mx could also be used when referring to a transgender person whose preferred pronouns (he or she, him or her) aren’t clear.

In parallel, the words "they" or "themself" to refer to a generic person or a person of unknown gender is becoming more commonly used. As an editor, I try to adhere to good grammar, but I don’t want to be a purist who gets left behind as language changes, so I’m going to adopt "they" as a singular pronoun in place of his/her or s/he, even though I know the MLL proofreader will cover the draft with red ink and tell me not to use a plural pronoun to refer to a singular subject. This means that a typical sentence will change from "If your child is thinking about writing an article for MLL, he or she can send it to the editor"; to the new gender-neutral statement; "If your child is thinking about writing an article for MLL, they can send it to the editor." Here’s hoping they will. What a flight of fancy it would be to hop on the back cover of MLL and whizz off to the wonderful places where the magazine lands, as this month's cover illustrates. Also take a look at page 24 where MLL goes from Bali to the Barossa with lots of spots in between. Keep those travel photos coming. We love them. ML residents are great travellers but nothing compares to the story of the long distance traveller on page 8. Take a look.

Linda Vining

Editor 'Living Legend', City of Salisbury

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Community Conversations

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Tobacco ban Hooray, at last I can sit outside in a cafe in Mawson Lakes (or anywhere else) and eat food without cigarette smoke tainting the air. As of July, by law, patrons will not be allowed to light up wherever food is served outdoors, at any time. The ban applies to all smoking products - cigarettes, cigars, shisha, hookah and water pipes. - Gary Drennam Simplify the vote I planned to vote early in the federal election so arrived at the Mawson Lakes school hall at 8.15am only to find a queue stretching the length of the car park. People who were standing shivering in the cold got talking. The consensus was that the public are disengaged in the election process largely because the voting process is complicated and drawn out. Here’s our solution: (1) Simplify the vote - one person one vote and do away with preferential voting. (2) Less talk, more action - dissolve the quarrelsome Senate and get things done. (3) Vote online using iPhone, tablet or computer and reduce the expense of elections. For those who do not have this equipment retain the postal vote. The govt now has three years to get a new system up and running to re-engage the public and restore confidence in the political process. - Harry d' Wheels, Cascades Nuisance calls You’re in a meeting or you just sit down for dinner and the phone rings. It’s someone asking for a donation or selling a product or service and it’s so annoying. To instantly get rid of them say "PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM YOUR DATABASE". This works with Australian telemarketing calls under the Telecommunications Act. Another strategy is to put your name on the free DO NOT CALL REGISTER but

this is of limited value as it does not not apply to all telemarketers e.g. charities and political parties. It does not carry any weight with overseas callers. Nowhere to eat We are 3 men from NSW who arrived at Parafield by light plane to do business in SA. First thing was to find accommodation. Next we needed something to eat. We picked up a copy of Mawson Lakes Living and looked in it for restaurants/cafés. NOTHING. Surely ML has somewhere to eat other than the pub. In the days we were here we did not eat in Mawson Lakes once, instead we went to the city or other places. Can you get some food places in the magazine with times of opening and addresses for people who don’t know the area and don’t have time to look around. - Steve Pauls, NSW Out of stock at Target Target invested a lot of money developing a store in Mawson Lakes, but it's like a ghost town in there, and I think I know why. The shop is so "out of stock" it’s a waste of time going inside. I recently went in to buy a pair of standard pillowcases. Plenty of European pillowcase on show but very limited supply of standard pillowcases. Nothing suitable. I asked about some lampshades "sorry we’re out of stock". So I ventured over to buy some Belle Curve stockings. None left in my size, just a partly ripped packet on the bottom shelf. How about some cosy singlets for my husband. "Sorry, it’s been cold and we’re out of that size". As a parting gesture I thought I’d buy myself a packet of chocolate coated peanuts. You guessed it. All that was left on the racks were packets and packets of hard, horrible chocolate bullets. "No thanks". - Cheryl Verni, Shoalhaven

Voice of the People: GREAT COFFEE On those cold winter mornings it can sometimes be hard to get the energy, motivation and willpower to get up and get going so a lot of people reach for a warm cup of coffee every morning. Mawson Lakes provides for those of us who need a caffeine kick and we all have our favourite place to go and our favourite blend. Jonathon Tonkin (pictured above) approached residents who frequent these places and asked for their two cents on who makes their favourite coffee and why they love it.


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 110 - August 2016

INDULGE - "It’s a great place to relax and we love the atmosphere and décor." – Hanieh & Maryam

Send your comments to the editor: Buying local My family moved to Mawson Lakes a few months ago and we love it here. We need lots of things and services so we read every part of MLL. We much prefer to buy local than take a chance on the internet. MLL is a great little magazine. I’ve never seen anything like it in all my travels.- Viq Ahuja

everywhere, everyday. It is stealing to take a trolley home and it is dangerous to leave these heavy steel obstacles lying around. It can cause accidents with cars, is dangerous to children and it is not a good look for our town. - Kym

Got something to say? Know something we don't?

Stealing trolleys We have a serious problem in Mawson Lakes with shopping trolleys. I see Woolworths trolleys


 Women's Health  Children's Health

Health, Wellness and Rehabilitation


 Mindfulness and Pain Management  Life Skills and Fitness Education  Personal Training and Classes

Shop 1, 5-19 Goodall Parade, MAWSON LAKES

08 8260

2157 0427 749 224 42nd STREET "They maintain a good standard with consistently good coffee regardless of who’s making it." –Steph

BOATDECK CAFE "They have great service and the Boatdeck is very atmospheric. I just love it." – Fatma

INDULGE "It has a very cozy atmosphere and is never too loud. And of course good coffee." – Issac

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New business Bringing Fabric To Life In The Sewing Room Every morning when Hue Le (pictured) opens her shop she puts on her tools of trade - her tape measure and thread snippers around her neck, and a pin cushion on her wrist. "Ever since I can remember I have wanted to have my own sewing shop," said the 29 year old woman whose mother stitched garments to supplement the family income. "I've always loved sewing. When I was a little girl I used to collect offcuts from my mother's work floor and play and stitch away making things. My mother never wanted me to touch her sewing machines because they were too complicated but now my pleasure is to have two of her machines in my shop and use them all the time. Mum is still giving me sewing tips and our love of sewing forges a close bond between us." "Opening my own shop is an exciting and scary venture, but already business is good and people here are very welcoming," said Hue who has worked with Adelaide fashion designers and alteration specialists for many years since graduating from TAFE. "People here are so encouraging that I know I made the right decision to start my business in Mawson Lakes." The alternative location was the city but there


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 110 - August 2016

is a lot of competition in town. Parking here is easy and the shops and services are close by. I hope to grow my business and employ skilled staff as time goes by. While alterations and repairs are daily work in The Sewing Room, Hue’s great joy is working with fabrics and colours and designing frocks for special occasions that will flatter her customer's figure. "Good designers bring fabric to life and this comes from understanding the mechanics of fabric and how it will perform," she said. Hue has her own label Willow and Grace and her original designs are on display in her shop window on Metro Parade. Ed

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Labour Hire Office Placements Computer Training Certificate Courses Secretarial Services

> Accessible > Flexible > Local

Barossa Valley | 08 8562 2122 Mawson Lakes | 08 7099 4877

NEW OFFICE IN TECHNOLOGY PARK OPEN JULY 2016! Formerly GOLD’S ACCOUNTING of Capital Street, New larger office serving business and individual clients in the local area

Phone: 08 8359 7320 Unit 1, 3 Park Way MAWSON LAKES Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads


Long Distance Travel Mawson Lakes residents are great travellers crossing the world by plane and boat, but there’s another little part-time resident who flies herself from Adelaide to the Arctic every year, an amazing distance of 12,000 km. This globetrotter is the Grey Plover, a small migratory bird that rests along the Australian coastline in our spring and summer, then heads north to breed in the northern summer in the Arctic. She can fly as much as 7,000km in one flight. To track these birds and discover their migration routes and stop-over sites in order to protect them, scientists have attached solar-powered satellite tracking devices to the birds. Here is what they discovered. One tagged bird who left the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary* set off on her marathon journey in March and flew northwest across Australia’s central deserts. She landed in Kununurra in WA and then headed out over the Timor Sea to Indonesia. After flying over the islands of the Philippines she landed in Taiwan to refuel her engine and rest for a few weeks - a well deserved stop-over after a flight of 7,340 km. By the end of May it was time to leave Asia, so she spread her wings, crossed over China and steered for Russia to catch the northern summer in June. Her destination was a protected sanctuary in Siberia where she built a nest in the dry open tundra and laid 4 eggs. When her chicks


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 110 - August 2016

Grey Plover in summer

Grey Plover in winter

turn two years old they will make the trip south to escape the cold winter in Russia. The females do this every year. The males do not. * The Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary stretches from the Barker Inlet near the Watershed Cafe in Mawson Lakes, for 60 km north to Port Parham. It is expected to become a National Park in 2018. The sanctuary plays a crucial role as a resting and feeding ground for migratory birds who forage on the mudflats and mangroves for small molluscs, worms, crustaceans and insects. If you see a Grey Plover on the shoreline around September to March look at her in awe. Ed

Your Voice in State Parliament

by Susan Close MP

Is the temperature in your home OUT OF CONTROL?


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Sales Service/maintenance Breakdown Repairs Ducted Reverse Cycle Evaporative Units Hi Wall Split Systems

8281 4100 or call 0417 889 422

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ORTHSIDE curtains




blindsw fo r a C al l no shutters FREE uo te & Q M ea su re

●Custom Made Curtains ●Swags & Tails ●Lace & Sheers ●Pelmets & Tracks ●Roman Blinds ●Holland & Vertical ●Timber & Venetian

swags & tails ●Soft Furnishings bedheads ●Cushions & Accesssories

8281 7377

8 2 8 1 7 37 7

I’m delighted the State Government 2016/17 Budget allocated $1 million for Mawson Lakes School to build a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) laboratory to help students better prepare for the jobs of the future. With our state economy shifting focus to new technology-based advanced manufacturing and three-quarters of the fastest growing occupations technology-related, our children and young people will need a new set of skills in the workplace, with a strong focus on STEM. This investment (part of $250 million statewide) will provide exciting new facilities for students to learn the skills of the future, while also delivering a valuable boost to our economy through the building jobs it will generate here in Mawson Lakes and across the state. The budget also provides $250 million in new low interest loans for non-government schools to upgrade infrastructure and $10.6 million to modernise the delivery of the SACE. The Government is investing $19 million in our defence industries, including $6 million to attract more defence companies to SA, $2.3 million for the Defence Teaming Centre to support local businesses and $1 million for Techport to expand our shipbuilding hub. Students today will learn the skills that will be needed for our Future Submarine, Offshore Patrol Vessels and Future Frigates contracts, while local defence companies will pick up more work enabling them to expand and create more jobs in our community. The budget will also deliver more than $100 million in funding over three years towards public transport projects, in addition to the $152.5 million set aside for the electrification of the Gawler line starting next year.

Susan Close MP

State MeMber for Port adelaide

1 / 111 lipson St, Port adelaide, Sa 5015 P 08 8241 0300 f 08 8241 0400 e @susan_close susancloseMP

Your Voice in State Parliament

A family bu s i n e s s Airport, Main North Rd next to Bunnings Parafield servicing all of Visit our New Showroom Adelaide and located at Parafield Airport, surroundings Main North Road next to Bunnings. for over Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads 35 years


SCIENCE REPORT: New elements added to the periodic table Four new chemical elements have been added to the Periodic Table, and to scientists this is of greater value than an Olympic gold medal. The new elements are Nihonium (Nh), Moscovium (Mc), Tennessine (Ts), and Oganesson (Og). Okay, so you don't think about the periodic table too often. Maybe you remember it as a bizarrely coloured wall chart you had to memorise at school whose mysteries were briefly unlocked to pass chemistry exams. You do remember that everything is made up of atoms. You know that an atom has some protons and neutrons in the nucleus and some electrons zipping around in orbitals. You easily recognise names like hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, uranium. You may also know that you are made up of billions of billions of atoms. Chemists have learned that about 95% of your body is made up of the following elements - hydrogen (H),


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 110 - August 2016

carbon(C), nitrogen(N), oxygen (O), phosphorus (P) and calcium (Ca). The term 'element' is used to describe atoms with specific characteristics. There are almost 120 known elements. Top of the table is hydrogen (H) with only one atom. Helium comes in next with 2 atoms, uranium has 92 and is the heaviest element to exist naturally, but not all elements exist in nature. Scientists are constantly striving to create new elements. They manufacture them in laboratories by smashing atoms together. The 4 new elements are man-made this way.

The periodic table has 4 new elements

SUDOKU Solution on page 30 The Periodic Table is a near-perfect index to the various properties of the elements, and in this sense is a window into the way the universe works. Elements have different properties and the periodic tables helps predict the type of chemical reactions that are likely. For example, will an element conduct electricity, combine vigorously with water, or combine readily with a non-metal. The discoverers of new elements get to name them. Three countries - Japan, Russia and US have the honour to name the new elements.

TRIUMPHAL Sudoku! Instead of the numbers 1 to 9, use the letters TRIUMPHAL to complete the sudoku puzzle. When done, one row or column will spell the word!

Moscovium is named after Moscow, the Russian capital. Oganesson is named in honour of the 83-year-old Russian researcher Yuri Oganessian. Tennessine is named after the American state of Tennessee where the American researchers work. A group of Japanese researchers came up with the name for the fourth new element, Nihonium. The word "Nihon" means Japan in Japanese. Great names, and so easy to remember if you know where they come from! Ed

ADELAIDE RAINMAN Plumbing & Irrigation Specialists Domestic and Commercial Irrigation system installations and maintenance All general plumbing ASK ABOUT OUR LOYALTY CARD! Present this coupon for a FREE quote and NO CALL OUT FEE!


0400 262 824

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Caring For Your Feet with Mardi Edwards

Nail Problems: Toe nail problems are common in people of all ages. The causes of nail problems is varied including incorrect cutting techniques, tight shoes, trauma, infection, warts under nails or health conditions such as psoriasis or anemia. Some common nail issues include the following: Ingrown Toe Nails: Ingrown nails may be the result of several factors including nail shape, incorrect cutting, tight shoes , or inherited factors. They can often be managed with conservative care however sometimes require nail surgery under local anaesthetic. Fungal Nails: These are one of the most troublesome nail conditions to treat. Fungal nails are often thickened, discoloured and the nail can lift. We can trim and thin nails and discuss treatment options. Thickened Nails: Thickening of the nail can be the result of trauma and makes the nail uncomfortable and difficult to cut. We can painlessly thin the nail making them more comfortable and manageable. Trauma: Dropping something on your toe, or repetitive pressure from an ill-fitting shoe can cause nail problems. These can include bruising under the nail, nail loss or even permanent thickening of the nail plate itself. We can treat damaged nails to reduce pressure and pain and thin nails to improve appearance and comfort. If you have problems with your nails or have problems seeing or reaching them to cut, then make an appointment at Mawson Lakes Podiatry Clinic to get advice and treatment that will make your feet more comfortable.



0413 652 151



Opening Hours

8am til 4pm - 7 days a week Dinner By Arrangement

Available to groups of 25+ Bookings call 1300 60 50

665 Salisbury Highway Mawson Lakes

Telephone 08 8250 8070 12

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 110 - August 2016

ADVERTISING FEATURE: The Town Cottage by Connekt We spoke with Julie, a Paralowie resident living in a town cottage. What do you love about living in a town cottage? I love that the cottage homes have such character and amazing street appeal with the feature picket fence and buying in a street where all your neighbours have similar homes. Town Cottages are on a compact lot which makes them more affordable, low maintenance and easy living but you are still able to have an outdoor entertaining area and garden. What was your reason for moving to a town cottage? I wanted a classic design that wouldn’t age or date…. cottages have been around for over 100 years, the floor plan is tried and tested and this classic floor plan remains perfect for modern lifestyles with my double fronted cottage having three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a walk in robe and central hallway with a large open plan living/ dining/kitchen area out the back. I was worried about the added prices some builders include over and above the advertised price for traditional package homes, my cottage was turn-key with everything, including the front picket fence. All I had to do was move in. I worry that new modern rendered homes will look dated in a few years, I wanted something more timeless. I also wanted something I knew would be easy to sell in the future for my own investment protection, I had to fight a number of other buyers for my cottage, as they appeal to everyone first home buyers, retirees, investors. It usually doesn’t take very long for a cottage home in my area to be snapped up when it comes on the market (which is rarely). How does the town cottage cater for your family? The cottages are big enough for a couple or small family which is my neighbours but is also a perfect size for me living on my own. Would you live in another town cottage and why? I would love to live in an original row cottage in the inner Adelaide suburbs, but could never afford one and would worry about the maintenance and upkeep of a 100 year old home. My reproduction is the best of both worlds.

  Boardwalk at Greentree is a brand new land development in Paralowie. Rossdale Homes are pleased to present the release of 11 Town Cottages, all with their own unique features and floorplans. These stunning house and land packages offer a complete fixed price guarantee, with inclusions such as: • • • • • • • • • •

Fencing including traditional front Driveway/perimeter path paving Front landscaping Split system Panasonic Air conditioning Floor coverings including quality timber laminates and carpets 2700mm (9ft) ceilings throughout Robes to all bedrooms Stainless steel Westinghouse appliances Recycled water connections NBN pre-wire

For more information contact Connekt on 1300 88 59 22. See ad on page 32.

BOARDWALK at Greentree


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Property Tips with Ben Depreciation – Are you reaping all of the benefits?

Create lasting

We are Australia’s leading sport program

Firstly, what is depreciation for 2.5–6 year olds! memories • 5 sports covered per term and what does it mean for you • Small class sizes through sport • FREE trial available and your investment property? Over time buildings and fittings wear out and diminish in value. If the property is income generating, Investors are entitled to depreciate both the items within their building, called Plant and Equipment, and the cost of the building itself, or Capital Works, against their assessable income. To determine the residual depreciation available for your property you will need a Quantity Surveyor to conduct an inspection and prepare a Depreciation Schedule. Many Your local Ready Steady Go Kids classes are held at: Your local Ready Steady Go Kids classes are held at: renovation items can also be depreciated so Location Location Address Address The Gardens Rec Centre, DS Goodes Pavillion, Surrey Downs Suburb Suburb make sure you contact your surveyor for an Parafield Gardens Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 1300 766 892 updated schedule if you have renovated your Monday, Friday, Sunday Para Vista COMING SOON! investment property. Free class 1300 766 892 special offer Fully depreciating a home and its contents takes many years so even if you have purchased an older home it is worth commissioning a Depreciation Schedule. For the Capital Works component, buildings constructed after 15 September 1987 are eligible for a 2.5% deduction per year over 40 years. For the Plant and Equipment component, the Australian Tax Office provides an effective life span for common household items. For example carpet life is given to be 10 years, and a kitchen stove is 12 years. Importantly, these timeframes begin when the Depreciation Schedule is submitted. So you may have carpet that is already 10 years old, but if your surveyor deems it to be worth $1,100 today, you can depreciate it "Experts in for the next 10 years, claiming $110 per year. property “Maintenance division” It really is never too late to benefit from Vince Musolino maintenance" depreciation. Your accountant can even claim 0458 220 165 depreciation from previous years that was not submitted earlier. Now might be the perfect time “Maintenance division” “Maintenance division” • Vince Home Improvements to review the depreciation schedule for your Vince Musolino Musolino 0458 220 165 investment property. • Home Maintenance 0458 220 165 Franchise opportunities available

• Handyman Service

To discuss further contact Ben on 0403 195 339 14

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 110 - August 2016

0458 220 165

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This coupon entitles one child to one free class. New enrolments only. Visit our website for class times and locations in your area. To redeem please call 1300 766 892.





Tender Crumbed Steak

Top Grade Beef Mince





Garlic Butter Chicken Wings

Juicy Chicken Schnitzels

The complete paddock to plate pork offer 100% AUSTRALIAN PORK

Absolutely Delicious Shop 5, 10-16 Light Common, Mawson Lakes

(08) 8260 1991

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Songlines “

heart Some songs just stay in your heart forever. They are a magnet that speaks to your soul and they form a continuous loop in your head. You sing them in the shower, the car or with a

ONCE UPON A TIME I WAS FALLING IN LOVE, NOW I’M ONLY FALLING APART. Bonnie Taylor Total Eclipse of the Heart (1983)

Prince Purple Rain (1984)

that stay in your

I never meant to cause you any sorrow, I never meant to cause you any pain. I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain.

bit of dutch courage at a karaoke night. Here are some of our favourites. MLL * Send an email and tell us your favourites.

"Wake me up before you go go, don’t leave me hanging on like a yoyo . . . cause I’m not planning on going solo." Wham, Wake me up before you go (1984)

"You may be right. I may be crazy. But it just may be a lunatic you're looking for." Billy Joel, You May be Right (1980)

"No words could say how I love you." Neil Diamond, Home Before Dark (2013)

I never thought I’d fall in love in a club. Guy Sebastian, Who’s That Girl (2012) 16

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 110 - August 2016


The hills are alive with the sound of music, with songs they have sung for a thousand years . . .

The Sound of Music (1965)

Dirty Dancing (1987)

"Would you know me if you saw me in heaven"

If I should stay I will only be in your way, but I know I will think of you every step of the way. And I will always love you. Whitney Houston, The Bodyguard (1992)

"Can’t take my eyes off you, you feel like heaven to touch, I want to hold you so much" Frankie Valli, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (1967)

Eric Clapton, Tears in Heaven (1992)

"Sometimes silence can seem so loud ..." R Kelly, I Believe I Can Fly (1998)

There are places I remember all my life, though some have changed, some forever, not for better. The Beatles, All My Life (1965)

"Grown tired and weary ... trying to feel your love through FaceTime." Dami Im, Sound of Silence, Eurovision Song Contest 2016

I like big butts ... I like them real, thick and juicy

"Like a virgin, touched for the very first time." MADONNA Like a Virgin (1984)

Sir Mixalot, Baby Got Back (1992) 17

Personal Lingerie Styling with Julie Did you know that more than eighty percent of women wear the wrong bra? Do you find that your bra rises at the back, the straps slip off your shoulders or you have bulges around your arms? The best way to overcome these problems is to invest in a good fitting bra. I have been fitting women for lingerie for more than 20 years and I know how much better a woman looks and feels when she has the correct underwear for her shape and size.


Intimo Lingerie is an Australian company specialising in providing good fitting bras for Australian and New Zealand women for over 20 years. Intimo has a full range of bras from 30A to 46G. Also available are slips, briefs, camisoles and lounge wear.

Tyres Wheels Exhaust Wheel Alignments Servicing Puncture repairs 4WD lift kits

As Coco Chanel said "LUXURY MUST BE



I can offer you the convenience of a fitting in my house or yours where you receive one-on-one attention and advice. I suggest that you have a fitting once a year because a weight loss or gain of just one kilo can make a whole lot of difference to the garment you wear.

STORE HOURS: 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday 8am - 1pm Saturday Corner Research Road & Main North Road POORAKA

email: JULIE WASLEY 0403 221 720 18

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 110 - August 2016

8359 0101

Ad design: Nicole Aspinall

To view the full range of Intimo Lingerie go to our website

Ask the Lawyer A monthly column where readers ask the question, the lawyer gives their answer. This free legal advice brought to you by Scammell & Co. You may want to chat about this subject, or


Meet Malcolm Daws one of our team of lawyers who has special experience with Wills and Estates.

Why do I need to make a Will and what are some of the key points you would make on this subject?


A will decides how your assets will be distributed after your death and who will administer your estate after your death. Your assets are frozen until the Probate Court issues a certificate called a Grant of Probate. This certificate confirms that you have left a valid Will and gives your executor authority to deal with your assets. If you don’t have a valid Will your estate is distributed in accordance with South Australian legislation. Home-made Wills and Will kits: Beware! Homemade Wills can be more trouble than no Will. They are designed for you to ‘fill in’ the gaps. They do not cover your individual circumstances. People who use them are usually not aware of succession laws.

Capital Gains Tax: This tax can apply on the disposal of your assets There are ways of legally minimising such taxes. Unnecessary taxes: Your Will may create unnecessary taxes. The way your Will is worded can make the difference between high taxes or tax liability being minimised.

by a Will and come into effect after your death. The trustee (person managing the trust) can be family members such as your spouse or children. It is important that the legal aspects are explained to you. This Estate planning: maximises your family’s inheritance. Be sure to get legal advice.

Superannuation: This money is taxed if paid to non-dependents. Some of your family may pay tax if they receive your Superannuation whereas others may not.

Port Adelaide: 8447 4466

Testamentary trusts: They can save taxes. These trusts are discretionary, established

Visit the website for more help / advice.

Adelaide: 8212 6875 Gawler: 8522 7160 NORTHFIELD 2066


another legal matter. Phone and make an appointment with one of our offices. In many cases the first half hour of the appointment is free. Bring in your information, you might not need more than 30 minutes.

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Mind Massage

Some answers are in the magazine. The rest is up to you. Answers on page 30 1. Match each new element in the Periodic Table - Nihonium, Moscovium, Tennessine, and Organesson - with its country of discovery that includes Japan, Russia and United States. 2. Who recorded the song in 1974 "Can't take my eyes off you" ? 3. In what month is International Take Your Dog To Work Day?

10. Sternutation refers to (a) sneezing (b) coughing (c) deformity in birds (d) strict parenting 11. Proverbially, what killed the cat? 12. A lexicologist compiles (a) poetry (b) music (c) dictionaries (d) antiques 13. What is burlesque? 14. What are the 4 STEM subjects?

4. Who are the reigning AFL premiers?

15. T or F? Noddy was created by Enid Blyton.

5. Which Asian capital city is often referred to as the Lion City?

16. What is the capital of the Indonesian island of Bali?

6. Finish the Mark Twain quote "Truth is stranger than . . . . ."

17. In SA how many years must a learner driver spend on P plates?

7. How old was Muhammed Ali when he died in June?

18. Where does the Grey Plover breed?

8. If a $50 shirt is discounted by 35% how much is it? 9. What is the German name for Mister?

19. How many prime numbers are between 23 and 41 inclusive? 20. In the X Factor on Ch7 this year who will replace Danni Minogue as a judge/mentor?

Photo: Mawson Lakes at night by Karina Bobridge


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 110 - August 2016

World craze comes to Mawson Lakes

Queen of the Desert Vast and epic landscapes tell the story of a pioneering English woman, Gertrude Bell, (played by Nicole Kidman) who found her way into the deserts of the Middle East in the late 1890s. Gertrude was a woman ahead of her time, a renown writer, political adviser to the British government and an archaeologist. She could ride a camel at top speed through the wilds of the desert, politically charm marauding gangs of traders, slavers and mercenaries and earn their trust and respect. Her unique knowledge of the desert tribes and landscape, her scientific approach and literary skills earned her an Order of the British Empire. She died in 1926 in Iraq unmarried, but she did not lead a loveless life according to this film. In Tehran she met a sophisticated young man who swept her off her feet but the romance was stamped out by her family who would not give their blessing to the match. Her next love was with a married man who brought only heartache (as her love letters reveal). To ease her broken heart she threw herself into her work and earned a reputation as "the female Lawrence of Arabia." This stunning, sumptuous and visually exquisite film is an inspiration based on a true character who changed the course of history.

The latest craze taking over the globe is Pokémon Go, a mobile game that enables users to find and capture tiny virtual creatures called Pokémon (short for Pocket Monsters) through the magic of augmented reality. Based on the popular franchise that began with Nintendo games and trading cards in the 1990s, Pokémon Go has quickly become a cultural phenomenon, rocketing to number one on the download charts on day one and attracting nearly 21 million users in its first week. Using their smart phone’s camera and GPS features, players walk around in the real world, finding and capturing Pokémon. To be a real Pokémon Master you need to collect as many breeds as possible, train them and evolve them. Encouraging you to get outside and moving, the app alerts you when a Pokémon is nearby or you are approaching a Pokéstop or Gym, which are usually found at significant landmarks. The Blooming Bike outside the Mawson Lakes Living office is a Pokéstop where you can collect Pokéballs, which you will need to catch characters. Other assets to acquire include medicine to heal weakened Pokémon and eggs that will incubate while you walk. After you catch a good number of Pokémon, the next step is to train them at a Gym and engage in battles with other Pokémon. This can make your digital creatures grow stronger and evolve to the next level. Mawson Lakes is full of water Pokémon, so get out there and enjoy rediscovering your suburb while you “catch 'em all”. by Nicole Aspinall


8359 0888 Office 4, 19-21 Metro Parade, Mawson Lakes SA 5095

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Movie Review by Linda Vining


pick your bonus.

*Terms and conditions apply, see instore for details. Offer ends 31.08.16

Vodafone Ma or off Lakes store i 2 GB per month per month Vodafone Mawson open. Vodafone Mawson Bonus


Available in store. Bring your Student ID to pick up your bonus.

to use in Oz.

Lakes store is Lakes now store is now Come in and meet our frie located on Main Street, ne open. open. opposite Mawson Lakes H Come in and meet our friendly team,

Come in and meet our friendly team,on Main Street, near UNISA, located located on Main Street, near UNISA, opposite Mawson Lakes Hotel. opposite Mawson Lakes Hotel.

Vodafone Mawson Lakes Available on selected consumer voice plans. Lakes Vodafone Mawson

Vodafone Mawson Lakes Shop 1A, 9 - 15 Main Street, Mawson Lakes, SA 5095

Shop 1A, 9 - 15 Main Street, Mawson Lakes, SA 5095

Shop 1A, 9 - 15 Main Street, Mawson Lakes, SA 5095 +61 8 8260 2821

+61 8 8260 2821


+61 8 8260 2821






The nitty gritty: Personal use only. Available to approved new & upgrading students (excludes rate plan change) who sign-up to a Red/Qantas Red $40 or above 24 month plan, $70 24 month plan, Red/Qantas Red $25 or above SIM Only 24 month plan, $42 SIM Only 24 month plan, Red $30 or above SIM Only 12 month plan or Red $30 or above SIM Only month-to-month plan. Customer must sign-up in-store with a valid student ID and select from one of the following bonuses at sign-up: a) 2GB bonus data for use in Australia; or b) $5 discount on monthly access fees (‘Bonus’). For 24 month plans, Bonus is available from months 1-24; for month-tomonth & 12 month plans, Bonus is available for as long as you remain connected (‘Bonus Term’). Bonus is forfeited if you cancel your contract. If you choose Bonus a), min monthly spend is $25, $30, $35, $40, $42, $45, $50, $60, $70, $80, $85, $100, $130 ($25, $30, $35, $40, $42, $45, $50, $60, $70, $80, $85, $100, $130 plans respectively) (‘Full Min Monthly Spend’). If you choose bonus b), min monthly spend is $20, $25, $30, $35, $37, $40, $45, $55, $65, $75, $80, $95, $125 ($25, $30, $35, $40, $42, $45, $50, $60, $70, $80, $85, $100, $130 plans respectively) for the Bonus Term, after which you min monthly spend will revert to the Full Min Monthly Spend. For 12 & 24 month plans, early exit fee is min month spend x months left on contract plus any handset payments. For month-to-month plans, minimum connection is 1 month and recurring monthly access fee charged until the end of the month in which you notify Vodafone that you wish to cancel. Services subject to device capabilities, network limitations & customer location. Offer not transferrable or redeemable for cash and subject to change. V05106 06.16

V05106_A5P DBL-sided flyer students postpaid June 29th 16 FA.indd 2


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 110 - August 2016

14/06/2016 5:48 pm

Ad design: Nicole Aspinall

Offer ends 31.08.16.

8am - 9pm Weekdays 9am - 5pm Weekends



p Free

Check and

DentalonMetro DentalonMetro



From the dentist PeterGBertossa a

GaGpaFp reFeree

clean! ** Nursing and Infant Dental Decay Check Chec Teeth generally begin to erupt at k and and cle clean! ** an! ** around 6-8 months of age and once teeth are present the potential for dental decay arises. Saliva in the mouth is nature's protection against tooth decay, however saliva flow slows down at night (during sleep). Intuitively therefore night time feeding increases the risk of tooth decay – after teeth are present.BDS DrPeter Peter Bertossa Dr That said, however, we have beenBertossa feedingBDS our infants to sleep and demand feeding our infants at night since we were cavemen. Studies of prehistoric skulls do not show dental decay in infants. So why do some infants get decay and others not, despite similar feeding patterns. Some studies have put this down to the difference between breast milk and pasteurised (cow) milk and formula. Breast milk contains lactoferin and immunity from the mother which is www.d thought to counteract ethe ntabacteria lonme in saliva (and therefore decay). Furthermore, breastfeeding is thought to cause less ‘pooling’ of milk in an infant’s mouth•while sleeping than bottle feeding. Client Parking Certainly we•• General knowDentistry that using a bottle as a No Mercury – White Fillings only ‘comforter’, whether • Cosmeticduring Veneeringthe night or day, is a ww ww w.d we.den sure recipe for dental decay. Infant meals should ntalota Dental on Metro is a lonme nm have a start andnew a finish, then the source of food Dental Clinic in Mawson Lakes. After hours appointments are available removed. about AskAsk about our our the above, in decay Phone 8260 variation 1007 CLEANS In addition to CAD-CAM CAD-CAM METRO PARADE E from one infant27-29 to another also depends on restorations restorations Club Metro Gym Building, Ground Floor der the genetic disposition to dental MAWSON LAKES decay and oral eme hygiene practices. ** Please enquire for details. Valid when mentioning this promotion. With the above in mind, daily assisted brushing, minimising or eliminating night feeds (as soon as possible), sweet drinks (and foods) and the use of bottles as ‘comforters’ will get the best outcomes for infants' teeth. • Client Parking • Client Parking Dental on Metro is a family practice, kids can • General Dentistry • General Dentistry have check-ups as soon as they have teeth! We • No Mercury – White • No Mercury – White FillingsFillings only only recommend from 2 years onwards. Kids check-ups • Cosmetic • Cosmetic Veneering Veneering are gap-free through to 16 years with any dental extras cover. Dental on Metro Dental on Metro is a is a


Dental in Mawson newnew Dental ClinicClinic in Mawson Lakes.Lakes. After hours appointments are available After hours appointments are available

Phone 8260 1007 Phone 8260 1007

Kids the Kidsbulk bulkbilled billed under under the Child ChildBenefi Benefits ts Scheme Scheme

27-29 METRO PARADE 27-29 METRO PARADE Club Metro Building, Ground Club Metro GymGym Building, Ground Floor Floor MAWSON LAKES MAWSON LAKES

** Please enquire for details. Valid when mentioning this promotion. ** Please enquire for details. Valid when mentioning this promotion.

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Who’s reading MLL This little magazine is designed for the people of Mawson Lakes but it has legs that take it all over Australia and around the world as these photos show.

Olivia is enjoying her holiday in Bali with MLL

Beach Huts at Middleton, Receptionist Trish Allen at job. with a copy of MLL on the

Debra and Mitchell Laginestra checking out MLL with a glass of wine in the Adelaide Hills.

Resident Thuan with Mia and Ryan at Universal Studios Singapore.

Send a picture and caption to the editor of yourself, friends or family reading Mawson Lakes Living, anywhere outside of Mawson Lakes, for publication in an upcoming issue. 24

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 110 - August 2016

Christy Norton, conference executive at Novotel Barossa Valley, enjoying fine food at a local winery with a copy of MLL.

Home Loan Help with Joe Vancura Winter is a time when many of us end up at the local friendly Doc for a health certificate and a check-up. Even the healthiest of Aussies take time to invest in an annual health check to nip any problems in the bud before they become bigger concerns. While you’re at it, circle a date on your calendar for an appointment with your broker: your financial health also requires annual maintenance! Your once-healthy home loan may be looking a little under the weather, no longer suiting your financial position, the wider market’s norms or indeed your goals for next financial year. A home loan health check will typically look at your all-important interest rate: does it match the ultra-low mortgage options now on offer? There may be a better mortgage product available for you which reflects the RBA’s latest rate cuts.


Smart Choice Sub 80 Home Loan

3.92% 4.07% (comparison rate)

pa pa

To find out more talk to us now! AAA Mortgage Solutions Suite 5, 32-36 Metro Parade, Mawson Lakes SA 5095

8182 5555

We will compare hundreds of home loan products from over 30 leading bank and non bank lenders and structure a loan that’s right for you.

An appraising eye will also be taken to your personal circumstances: if your family has grown, the kids have moved out or your income pattern has changed, your once bushy-tailed loan might be looking worse for wear. Find out if your home loan is healthy. Book your check-up now.

For more handy tips please visit our website

Suite 5, 32-36 Metro Parade Mawson Lakes.

Comparison rate of 4.07% pa is correct 15/06/2016 and is subject to change without notice. Based on a new loan of $150,000 over 25 years. Maximum 80% LVR. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the example given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. Full details on application. Terms, conditions, fees, charges and lending criteria apply. New borrowers only. Australian Credit Licence 385791

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In My Garden Winter in the garden is a time of rest before the rejuvenation of spring arrives but Lilly Pillys remain green all year round and add colour with their beautiful glossy ruby red tipped new growth. You will see them in various shapes and sizes scattered all around Mawson Lakes and growing vigorously. Bev and Paul of 12 McKinlay Court love them for their colour variation, dense foliage and versatility. They have many growing in their garden. Two beautifully round ball shaped Lilly Pillys in large pots provide a magnificent entrance. Small conical shaped Lilly Pillys beside them adding interest, while others are used for small hedges. Lilly Pillys are an Australian native and well suited to our soil conditions and weather. They are easy to grow and very hardy and lend themselves to trimming into various shapes. With their thick growth they work well as hedges and have been named ‘Goodbye Neighbours’! In spring they produce fluffy white flowers followed by red berries that are quite acidic and tart to taste but can be used in jams and jellies useful as well as beautiful.

Vaaldir Thrupp

President, Mawson Lakes Garden Club

Mawson Lakes

Garden Club

Lilly Pilly Homemade Jelly 1kg Lilly Pillys water to cover 5 cups sugar

juce of 1 lemon (1/3 cup)

Boil until berries are pale and soft. Pass liquid through muslin, discard berries. Boil liquid with sugar and lemon until disolved, simmer. Sam Lewers, The Klutzy Cook


Shop 1, 9-11 Hurtle Parade, Mawson Lakes 5095

08 8359 8739 26

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 110 - August 2016

Ad design: Nicole Aspinall

Sponsored by Mawson Lakes Living

Travelling with Kids by Penny Reidy I often hear people say they put travel plans on hold once they have kids. I have always had the travel bug and was determined that bringing children into the world was not going to mean that I no longer got to explore it. Travelling with kids is no walk in the park, but there are some simple steps you can take to make sure that both you and your kids enjoy the experience.

WORD PUZZLE Solution on page 30 Fill in the gaps in words 1-6, then transfer the letters you found to the squares to find the hidden word. Watch out – the first letter you think of might not be the one you need!

1. SCAR_ 2. SHI_T 3.JO_NS

A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of love and dreams.

1. KEEP HAND LUGGAGE TO A MINIMUM We have all seen the cute kids backpacks and wheelie cases and think they would be cute for our toddlers. However the reality is that by mid trip you will end up carrying not only your own luggage, but most likely your toddler and that cute spiderman roller case as well. 2. BOOK CHILD-FRIENDLY HOTELS If you are chasing the sun check the resort has a kids club and a pool. If you as a parent want to relax, a few hours a day of included child care will allow you to schedule adult-only time to balance your holiday. 3. PACE YOURSELF Whilst visiting 20 countries in 20 days can be great when you are single, it just does not work with kids. Pace your holiday, pick five destinations and allow for down time when the kids need it.

4. L_VER 5.CROW_ 6._EMON


We love what we do.

• In-House Creative Design • Small & Large Quantities • Speedy Turnaround • Personalised Service

Call us for a quote on 08 8154 3600

Printing in SA for over 40 years Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads


Dogs that go to work by Nigella It’s awful being left at home alone - it's so boring and lonely. I often see tradies with their dogs on a work site and think what a great life for a dog to go to work every day in the outdoors. I got a nice surprise a few weeks ago when Mummy and I went into an office, and sitting quietly under a desk was a cute little dog called Chloe on a doggie cushion. She was snoozing when we walked in and when she saw me she lifted her head, wagged her tail and sat up straight. She told me it was "International Take Your Dog To Work Day" and some of the staff had their dogs with them. She said they had a dog-friendly boss so dogs could come to work at anytime. The boss has his own dog at work every day who sits under the table when there are meetings. He gets lots of pats. "The boss has created a dog patch out the back with doggie bowls, toys, clean-up bags, bins and even dogsafe disinfectant. Awful smell. When people break for morning tea and lunch we get to go outside for a stretch and a drink," said Chloe. She told me that dogs in the office are really helpfull when the tension builds up or someone gets upset, or the mood gets a bit heavy, like after a difficult meeting. The boss suggests they all go out for a dog walk in the park. "We just play fetch and romp around and our owners laugh about the lovable and funny things we do and when we all come back to the office things seem happier."

"The boss has a few rules about pet behaviour that we all follow," said Chloe, "or else we get left at home. He's arranged for a mobile dog van to come to the office every 6 weeks so we all get a groom. Oh, that’s a nice day." The office is puppy-proofed by the boss who checks every morning that nothing poisonous (felt pens, food) or dangerous (electricity cords) are in a dog’s reach. Not all dogs are suited to office life but dogs that are sociable and well-behaved are no problem. Chloe said if a dog gets boisterous or is having a bad day the owner is allowed time off to take the dog home, but the number one rule is that no dog is to be left alone in a car. I go to work every day. My mummy works in the Mawson Lakes Living office and I am with her on my cushion under the desk. I get to meet and greet lots of visitors and sometimes we go out to interview interesting people or attend functions. Mummy calls me a member of the PR team.

DOG ATTRACTION: A famous portrait artist was found rubbing raw meat onto one of his paintings of a rather homely woman. "What’s the idea?" asked his friend. "A wealthy woman is coming in this afternoon to see her portrait. I happen to know she never goes out without her poodle. When her dog gets excited about the painting she will probably buy it ... and pay a very good price."


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 110 - August 2016

Kids page Kids column with Preet -

Recently, I got a chance to go your bedside table if you don’t get up, and the name is my Preet and this is thetonew to aHi! highMy school with class internet findkids information quickly. These days to watch performance called wepage can take page.a It’s just like the Nigella butphotos, about watch videos, shop and Mekhanika. a billion more things from the comfort of our kids! First I’m going to tell you about my trip homes all because "there’s an app for that". to Latitude! It was a wonderfulHave fun! performance that stated one Kids are now spending too much time on things question… have humans gone that put games, music, videos and so much more too far with technology? at our fingertips. They are now forgetting the world. Latitude is an indoor play centre thatoutside is full of fun The andparks and playgrounds are After the performance I thought about this now being left empty. exciting activities. A few days question a lot. I wonder how technology has ago we went there for a changed the way we see and interact with the the In my opinion,walls, the technology level is fine but birthday party and tried climbing world around us. When I asked a friend she there should be a balance. My wish is that every trampolines andfarthe bouncy said that humans haven’t got enough with basketball child courts. (does notThen matter what age) gets together technology!we There is still lot party more toroom do. Some a parkItatwas leastour once a month, maybe the went to athe and had atcake. say that technology is now shaping us and weekend, and makes friends as well as play… host’s birthday as well! After thatwithout when technology. everyone What’s your opinion and will beginning to control us. except two other friends, had gone Iwe antheextra seehad you at park one day? Well there’s no Technologysession has madeand things easier us bungee jump, app tothe tellbig us allbag, that…yet! tried outforthe though, such as alarm clocks that jump off

balancing beam, sky-high obstacle course and much more! We didn’t think this day could get any better until our friends decided to come to our house and got OPEN to try her awesome new rebel bow and arrow! It•was Weekdays so much fun! 9am - 7pm


ALL BULK BILLED Ad design: Nicole Aspinall



Weekends 9am - 1pm

MAKE an APPOINTMENT NOW for YOUR FREE* FLU VACCINATION *FREE with all bulk billing consultations

We are proud to host Plaque-check stroke prevention screening in our surgery, not just for the benefit of our own patients. Anyone is welcome to the service and results will be sent directly to your own doctor.

www. 4-6 Light Common MAWSON LAKES SA 5095 PH

8262 3222

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Community Groups Listings sponsored by Mawson Lakes Living Community Church: Sundays 10:00am Pastor Chris Mann - 0403 007 156 or 8162 5108 Cricket Club: Two day and one day senior teams New Friday night u/10 team. Jason - 0402 406 826 Crossroads Community Church: Sunday 10:30am The Denison Centre, Anthony - 8258 3179 or 0425 874 240 Heart Foundation Walking groups Contact Christine 8260 3855 Football Club: Tues & Thurs 6:15pm, Mawson Lakes Hotel Oval David - 0413 302 908 Life Church: 5:00pm Sundays. Level 1, 31 Main Street. Nick - 8284 3861 Mahjong: Every 3rd Sunday from 11am at the Mawson Centre. All Levels. Janelle 0403 539 226 Mawson Lakes Garden Club Ph Vaal Thrupp: 0467 925 004 Find us on Facebook Mawson Lakes Girl Guides 8418 0900 or Mawson Lakes Hotel Social Club: Lyall Hill - 0414 951 859 Mawson Lakes Photography Club Vaughan 0400 472 318 Mawson Lakes 'Ducklings' Playgroup: 9.30am Mon and Thurs at Denison Centre, Michelle 0481 234 212 Mawson Lakes Scout Group Meets in Parafield Gardens. Ages 6-15 Jeff - 0407 619 357 or Sarah - 0417 848 088 Mawson Lakes Toastmasters Club, Communication and leadership training. Darko 0403 314 498

Useful Numbers Mawson Lakes Living Magazine Salisbury Council Mawson Lakes Library ML Community Centre Mawson Shops Mgment - Taplin Adelaide Transport Info Ambulance, Fire, Police Emergency Neighbourhood Police Officer Electricity problems Gas problems Water/Sewerage problems

8260 7077 8406 8222 8302 5555 8302 5449 8211 8777 8210 1000 000 0419 572 514 13 13 66 1800 808 526 1300 883 121

Mind Massage Solution from page 20 1. Nihonium (Japan), Moscovium (Russia), Tennessine (US), and Organesson (Russia) 2. Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons 3. June 4. Hawthorne 5. Singapore 6. fiction 7. 74 8. $17.50 9. Herr 10. Sneezing 11. Curiosity

12. Dictionaries 13. An exaggerated variety show typically including striptease 14. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics 15. True 16. Denpasar 17. 3 years 18. Russia in the Arctic 19. Five (23, 29, 31, 37, 41) 20. Iggy Azalea

Sudoku Solution

Puzzle Solution

from page 11

from page 27


Mawson Lakes Golf Club Mawson Rowing Club, The Boat Shed, First Avenue Mawson Lakes. Jerry Elder 0419 854 371 Over 50s Club, meets 1-3pm on the first Thursday of the month at the Mawson Centre. Rotary Club of Mawson Lakes Significance Church: Sundays 10:00am 8260 1832 or 0434 679 754 A/H Quilting Friends: Mawson Centre Clare - 8367 6918 or


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 110 - August 2016

Girls Guides planting trees along the Pledger Wetlands

Advertise in 3 easy steps

2016/2017 Advertising Booking Form Step 1. Size: Select the advertisement size you wish to book and tick the box. (2016 prices) 1/8 page

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Step 2. Issue(s): Tick the issues below in which you wish to advertise. For our Frequency Discount, see the booking details at

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We are bringing the Town Cottage Back! Boardwalk at Greentree is a brand new land development in Paralowie, brought to you by award-winning developers, City of Salisbury. The team at Boardwalk and Rossdale Homes are pleased to present the release of the Town Cottage product as part of the Boardwalk development. There will be 11 town cottages available, all with their own unique features and floorplans. These stunning house and land packages offer a complete fixed price guarantee, with inclusions such as fencing (includes front picket), driveway/perimeter paths, air-conditioning and floor coverings.

For more information contact our Sales Agent at Connekt on 1300 88 59 22 or

Mll august 110 online  
Mll august 110 online