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Fund My Neighbourhood What community projects would you like to see in Mawson Lakes? A recent state government budget announcement is asking residents to submit ideas to Fund My Neighbourhood.

They are pictured on the cover in winter. And because they are extremely hardy and tolerant of harsh city conditions, air pollution, compacted roots and poor soils, they are popular ornamental shade trees for parks, roadsides and large spaces. They grow all over Mawson Lakes. To read more about them turn to page 8.

This initiative calls on the community to decide on projects to receive $40 million in government funding over two years. Projects can be small infrastructure upgrades, through to ideas to strengthen community cohesion. Our Council representative, Beau Brug (bbrug@salisbury. is seeking feedback on projects that could be put forward for consideration. Send him your thoughts asap to allow Council time to put a submission together.

At MLL we welcome Gayatri Nair to our team. She is a sensitive and creative journalist who likes to write human interest stories. Look out for two of her articles in this month's issue, with more to come next month.

I was watching the children play in the leaves of the London Plane Tree in the park outside my window. They had a competition to see who could find the biggest leaf, and the leaves are BIG. I decided to do some research on these splendid, deciduous trees that change with the seasons.

Linda Vining

If you are setting up a new business in Mawson Lakes or have achieved something special let me know. We like to report good news. For example, our newly-formed rowing team is winning awards already (see pic below). Congratulations rowers.

Editor "Living Legend" City of Salisbury


Come & Try ROWING. "Learn to Row" programs are available for all ages.

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Community Magazine

Novice Double State Champions Nicole Walker & Louisa Wagener

Mawson Lakes Living is an independently owned community magazine for people who live, work, study and play in Mawson Lakes. Advertising is open to anyone with products, services or events relevant to the people of Mawson Lakes.

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Editor: Linda Vining

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Applications NOW OPEN to JOIN the new Mawson Rowing Squad!

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that information in this publication is fair and accurate, Mawson Lakes Living cannot be held responsible for any content or advertisement, including errors or omissions. All artwork is accepted on the condition that permission has been granted for the use of the images and photographs in this publication. Cover: The fuzzy rounded seed pods of the London Plane Tree. Photo by Katarina Husakova.

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Community Conversations

have your say...

Messenger newspaper to go The Northern Messenger is reducing its circulation and will no longer be distributing the weekly newspaper in Mawson Lakes. The distribution changes came into effect at the end of July. Other areas being dropped from circulation include Salisbury, Salisbury South, Cavan and Greenfields. Responding to resident’s concerns In MLL/July in Community Conversations residents expressed concerns to do with dirty footpaths and with safety along Mawson Lakes Boulevard. Your local Councillors have taken note and reported these issues to Council and jobs have been logged to attend to both issues. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Beau Brug and Steve White, Salisbury Council Slum mentality After months of fighting against a problem, I am writing to Mawson Lakes Living to try to raise awareness about caring for our streets. Council has recently done a lot of work to smarten up Mawson Lakes. Bark has been laid in the garden beds around Garden Terrace, trees trimmed, pavements reconstructed and graffiti cleaned up. Mawson Lakes is looking clean and beautiful where I live in the commercial centre, but, alas, many residents do not know how a beautiful suburb looks or feels like. I have seen people littering, bins overflowing and contents lying on the street, plastic bags flying around, local newspapers lying outside doors with no-one bothering to pick them up. Shopping trolleys left on the street. The list of issues is endless because residents do not bother to keep their street/ suburb/community clean. No matter how many emails I flick to Council, and sometimes pick up rubbish myself, matters will not get solved unless people realise what is the right thing to do! It's a matter of taking the responsibility for where they live to keep it clean. It's a social awareness problem which I regret to say too few people in my area seem to have. Would you publish this problem as I believe that Mawson Lakes Living is a well-reputed magazine which is adored in Mawson Lakes. If even a few people listen to my voice, then maybe awareness will be created. 4

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 122 - August 2017

This magazine has so much interesting content. We are winemakers in the McLaren Valley and we invite you to our boutique winery to try our award-winning wines. It's a glorious drive from Mawson Lakes. How do we go about writing a regular column on wine in MLL? Winemakers Jim and Georgia Zerella from Zerella Wines. Abandoned shopping trolleys Shopping trolleys left around Mawson Lakes are a blight on the landscape. In Dry Creek near the shopping centre, I counted 11 abandoned trolleys. I think that anyone taking a trolley beyond the car park should be stopped by the owner of the store for theft and their shopping trolley and its contents confiscated without refund. Sol Guedes Trolley Tracker The manager at Woolworths said they engage a Trolley Tracker to drive around the streets of Mawson Lakes at night looking for abandoned trolleys. He encourages residents to report abandoned trolleys to Woolworths or Trolley Tracker on 1800 641 497 Ed Are we any closer to a post office at Mawson Lakes? I see that a new CEO has been appointed to Australia Post on a starting salary of $1.375 million a year with the potential to double this salary if she hits performance targets. How can we make a PO at Mawson Lakes one of her performance targets? Mark Christiane Continued on page 6

Thursday 10 August 9.30am Friday 25 August 9.30am Saturday 9 September 9.30am Thursday 28 September 5.30pm



Join us for a St Paul’s College Tour. To book your place phone 8266 0622 or visit

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Community Conversations continued from page 4 Populate the country So lots of people in Mawson Lakes believe SA should not increase its population (MLL/July). I disagree. I’m originally from a rural area where it's hard to get labour. The unemployed on government handouts don’t want to work or volunteer for jobs or community service. If we could import migrants who are willing to work hard in rural areas it would be great. There are farm jobs waiting and plenty of unoccupied houses for people to live in, established communities to welcome them and schools that are looking for kids. Just don’t put them in the city. Dan Verni

Rate increase hurts Salisbury Council voted to increase rates by 3 percent for residential and commercial premises. The rise is the highest of all metropolitan councils. Home owners will have to pay an average of $1308 in rates, up $41 from last year. While businesses are struggling to survive, and families find it hard to make ends meet, Council has allocated $27 million to build a new Salisbury City Centre and $1.7 million for an upgrade to Salisbury Oval, both of which have little relevance to Mawson Lakes, and we could all do without. Page Pegus

Unemployment rate rising Appreciated the thoughts in Voice of the People on population growth (MLL/June). No, we don’t want more people in SA. Adelaide's northern suburbs has one of the highest unemployment rates in Australia for people aged 12 to 24. My daughter is one of them. How can we offer a livelihood to newcomers when the State is struggling to provide for the people we already have. Monika Comey

Solution to cut costs As prices for electricity and water go up, prices for travel are going down. Back in 1990 my wife and I took a round-the-world flight and the airfare was $3,500/ticket. We are off again next year and we expected the cost with inflation to be about $6,600/ticket. To our surprise when we went to book we found we could get a ticket for the same route for about $2,000. That’s less than 50 per cent off over 27 years ago. So, here's a tip. Stop using your electricity and water at home, close up the house and go travelling! Wilson Hopewell

Poo bag supply Why is it expected that councils will provide poo bags for dogs? I have a dog and am fully responsible for everything he does, but some people believe that if bags have run out or are not within immediate visibility they do not need to pick up after their dog. Instead they blame the council for lack of bags. Bring your own bags and at all times be responsible for your own dog. Elena Trainman

Best at recycling Recycling is a significant environmental movement, so last month's article on recycling of used items (MLL/July) gave useful advice, but did you know that SA leads the way in recycling, making SA the cleanest state in Australia. The container deposit scheme that Mike Holtby taps into has contributed greatly towards preventing discarded drink containers from littering streets, beaches and rivers. Green Industries SA

The gift of fruit Knowing the minister of his church was very fond of cherry brandy, a church member offered the minister a bottle, on one condition that the minister acknowledge receipt in the church newsletter. "Gladly," responded the minister. When the newsletter came out next week the gift-giver turned to the "Appreciation" column. There he read: "The minister extends his thanks to Mr Brown for his gift of fruit and for the spirit in which it was given."


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 122 - August 2017




OUR INSPECTION INCLUDES: • Rotate, Balance & Tyre Pressure • Wheel Alignment • System Check & Report • Oil Filter Change • Air Conditioner Check • Top Up All Fluids + Complimentary Wash & Vacuum + Safety Inspection Report > Offer valid for all makes and models Contact us today to make a booking.


MAWSON LAKES MAZDA MVD 272 561 567 Salisbury Highway, Green Fields, SA 5107 Ph: (08) 8209 5999 *Price includes labour only, any issues found will be discussed with you and authorised at an agreed Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads price prior to any work commencing.


Seasons of the London Plane Tree Parks and footpaths in Mawson Lakes have many deciduous London Plane Trees that are extremely hardy and provide shade in summer and a visual delight in winter when their seed pods hang down in furry balls (pictured on the cover). Look out for these trees and enjoy their changing personalities with the seasons. In their youth the trees have a pyramidal shape and grow quickly, up to one metre per year. As they age they develop majestic branches that open out reaching 15 to 30 metres high. They are very hardy with a deep root system so they don’t disturb surrounding pavements, making them a popular street tree.

The bark is usually pale grey-green and peels off to reveal a creamy white inner bark, giving the trunk a smooth mottled appearance.

The flowers of the female are red, while the male flowers are yellow and grow from old branches further back toward the trunk. The flowers bloom in May to June. One of the most interesting features of the tree is the pendulous seed pods that appears in winter. As the flowers mature they turn into brown, hard, fuzzy balls full of tiny seeds and these make great ammunition for kids’ games. The balls hang on the trees, two or three to a stalk, and slowly begin to break down into hairy clumps. You will see these on the ground now. The wind picks up the seeds and blows them away. Ed


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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 122 - August 2017

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The maple-like leaves are broad, thick and stifftextured with serrated edges. The young leaves in spring are bright green and coated with minute, fine, stiff hairs that can give hayfever suffers a rough time, but the hairs wear off and by late summer have gone. In autumn the leaves turn brown and crinkly and children love to play in them and delight at the leaf size which can be bigger than a man's outstretched hand.

1800 114 114

Qualified doctors providing bulk-billed after-hours medical care to patients at home and in aged care facilities in the North.

online booking available

Weeknights from 6pm Saturday from 12noon All day Sunday All day Public Holidays

GP HOME DOCTOR SERVICE Home Visits. Bulk Billed. Reliable.


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OPEN 8am til 4pm 7 days a week

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Dinner by arrangement for groups of 25+

665 Salisbury Highway MAWSON LAKES


8250 8070

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Pledger Wetlands ten years on Can you remember when the railway wetlands looked like this?

Supplies are provided by the City of Salisbury and the group is also supported by Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges. More than 10,000 seedlings have been planted over the 10 years, and the whole area has been mulched many times over and weeded. Residents take it in turns to water the plants in the dry season. Trees and native shrubs are a haven for birds and a magic spot for photographers. In addition, the track provides an idyllic green space for walking, jogging or cycling. It’s an urban biodiversity corridor that is one of Mawson Lakes great natural assets.

Pledger Wetlands 10 years ago

Over the last 10 years it’s taken a huge amount of labour, dedication, organisation and negotiation to transform a muddy course into a magnificent environmental corridor known as the Pledger Wetlands (pictured below and opposite). The development and maintenance of the whole stretch is solely undertaken by volunteers who are mostly residents of Mawson Lakes and known as the "Friends of Pledger Wetlands".


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 122 - August 2017

The Pledger Wetlands form the western boundary of the Shearwater, Brookside and Trinity Green Villages in Mawson Lakes running alongside the railway from Mallard Crescent to Trinity Circuit and Glen Court. The Friends of Pledger Wetlands has a group work session on the last Sunday of every month. If you would like to become involved in this rewarding community project contact the coordinator Colin Taylor on 0427 616 814.

Mind Massage

MLL holds some of the answers, others may need research. Solution is on page 30

1. The seed pods on the cover of this issue come from which tree?

11. Proverbially, if you "spare the rod" what do you do to the child?

2. Where in Mawson Lakes would you find this tranquil place?

12. Vert is the French word for: (a) green (b) black (c) violet (d) orange

3. Which Australian city will host the Invictus Games in 2018?

13. How often does a deciduous tree lose all its leaves?

4. What is 'Hour of Code'?

14. In the English alphabet which letter comes after Q?

5. Name the trio described as the "Royal Team Windsor"

15. In which country is the state of Punjab?

6. Cervinia is a ski resort in which European country?

16. What five colours form the interlocking Olympic rings?

7. What is 13 squared?

17. What is meant by 'the elephant in the room'?

8. Jarred Roughead is captain of which AFL team? 9. Otology is a branch of medicine dealing with diseases of the (a) foot (b) nose (c) ear (d) abdomen 10. Add up the total number of days in Spring

Pledger Wetlands today. Photo by Katarina Husakova

18. Which month of the year has the shortest name? 19. What does the Kelvin scale measure? 20. What is the star sign for people born in August?

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The Biggest Loser Vivacious Sophia Runjo from Mawson Lakes lost 34kg when she starred on Channel 10’s "The Biggest Loser Transformed". She said the experience changed her life and taught her a lot about herself, her eating habits, and that she didn’t need to please everybody all the time. Sophia, who went from 106kg to 74kg, said she started putting on weight when she was pregnant 10 years ago. "I didn’t fell well when I was heavy. I suffered anxiety, felt uncomfortable, was sweating, and I played the clown because I believed that being the funny girl covered up my ugliness." "Now, at 74kg I am fit and firm as a result of all the exercise I do. In May when I got into my red dress for the judging (pictured), I felt a million dollars, like I could conquer the world."


SOPHIA’S TIPS FOR WEIGHT LOSS Don’t fear food, don’t skip meals and don’t become obsessive about food. Have a balanced diet - Eat your carbs, include protein and veggies and 2 fruits a day.


Personalised Self Inking Stamps MADE TO ORDER

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Have a handful of nuts for a snack. Walk everyday and get out and about.

Eat less for weight loss and exercise more to tone your body.

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*Conditions apply

Keep moving - dance with everything you do, stretch and reach and expend energy.

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 122 - August 2017

Ask the Lawyer A fortnightly column where readers ask the question, the lawyer gives their answer. This free legal advice brought to you by Scammell & Co. You may want to chat about this subject, or



Meet Sam Ngai, one of our team of lawyers who has special experience with Family Law matters.

I am elderly, suffer from cancer. My wife left me. No agreement on property settlement. I want my assets to go to my children of a prior marriage. What happens if I die before a property settlement?

It is important that you first review your Will. If you pass away and your estranged wife is still your executor and / or beneficiary, then she will probably receive most of your assets / estate. Your Will needs to state that your children are the only beneficiaries of your estate, and appoint someone other than your Wife to be your executor. Your executor acts as your legal personal representative when you pass. You need to also immediately consult a Family Lawyer about initiating Court proceedings for a Family Law property settlement. The Family Law Act allows your executor to be substituted into the Court proceedings if you pass away before final orders are made.

In determining what property settlement is appropriate when a party has passed away the Court needs to be satisfied that it: 1. Would have made a property settlement order if the deceased party had not died; and

If you do not commence Court proceedings and fail to obtain a property settlement before you pass, your estranged Wife will most likely succeed in contesting your estate if your Will leaves her with nothing. Your situation is quite unique. You can definitely benefit from obtaining advice from Scammell & Co.

2. Is still appropriate make a property settlement order.


Family Law Property settlements take into account spouses’ future needs. For a deceased spouse that is no longer a factor. Hence, generally speaking, you will receive a more favourable settlement if you survive your Court proceedings than if you did not.

Port Adelaide: 8447 4466 Adelaide: 8212 6875 Gawler: 8522 7160 Visit the website for more help / advice.



another legal matter. Phone and make an appointment with one of our offices. In many cases the first half hour of the appointment is free. Bring in your information, you might not need more than 30 minutes.

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New Labor candidate for Mawson Lakes Earlier this year, I was selected as the Australian Labor Party candidate for the State Electorate of Playford, which now covers Mawson Lakes. As a local with a young family, I want to make our area the best it can be. As your Labor candidate at the March state election I’m committed to and fighting for more employment opportunities and secure jobs now and for our kids. I’ve been listening to locals and the cost of living, the state of our environment, energy security and concerns over development are all issues that have been raised with me. We are all part of a diverse and growing community here in the North. A community with great strength and great potential. As your local Labor candidate I’m out and about in the community because I want to hear your views and opinions about how we can use that potential to make Mawson Lakes even better. I want to represent you in parliament to make a difference for all of us here in Mawson Lakes. If you have an opinion or issue you’d like to raise then please contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.



LABOR FOR PLAYFORD M: 0422 571 174 A: PO Box 82, Para Hills, SA 5096 E:

Listening to you 14

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 122 - August 2017



GeneralPractitioner Practitioner General

ShanthiKandasamy, Kandasamy, Dr Senthil Govi DrDrShanthi MBBS,FRACGP FRACGP MBBS, MBBS, MS, F


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Dental Care Pre-Employment Medical NOW OFFERING PHYSIOTHERAPY SERVICES Workcover EBMFamily FamilyMedical MedicalPractice Practiceisiscommitted committedtotoproviding providing EBM Skin Cancer Treatment comprehensive medical carecombining combiningbest bestscientific scientificevidence, evidence, comprehensive medical care experienced professional judgementand andpatients’ patients’ values.EBM EBM experienced professional judgement values. Women’s Health

strivestotoprovide provideeasily easilyaccessible accessiblequality qualitycare careinina amodern, modern,well well strives equippedclinical clinicalsetting. setting. equipped

GeneralPractitioner Practitioner General General Prac

MurtuzaZirapuri, Zirapuri, DrDrMurtuza Dr Shanthi Kan MBBS,FRACGP FRACGP MBBS,

MBBS, GeneralPractitioner Practitioner General


Dentist MBBS, Dentist


General Prac SueKanagasabai, Kanagasabai, DrDrSue BD BD SSDr Murtuza Z

General Prac MonicaMarian, Marian, DrDrMonica MasterofofNutrition Nutrition Master Dr Sue Kana Dietetics &&Dietetics Nutritionist Nutritionist


Dentis Sivakumar Gopalakrishnan Master of Orthopaedics, Dr Monica M Sports & Musculoskeletal Master of N Physiotheraphy

APA Titled Musculoskeletal & Dietet & Sports Physiotherapist Nutrition

EBM Family Medical Practice is committed to providing Shop 1,33Coventry Coventry Street, comprehensive medical care combining best scientific evidence, Shop 1, Street, Book Appointment Online Book Appointment Online experienced professional Mawson judgement and patients’ values. EBM MawsonLakes, Lakes, SA5095 5095 15 Please mention Mawson Lakes Living(08) when responding to ads1115 SA Call 8258 (08) 8258 1115 15 Please mention Mawson Call Lakes Living when responding to ads strives to provide easily accessible quality care in a modern, well

Crossword Puzzle Solution on page 30 ACROSS 1. Guitar relative 6. Ewe like 11. Yang's opposite 14. "___ a Grecian Urn" (Keats) 15. Helped 16. "Double Fantasy" artist Yoko 17. Comment to a sneezer 19. Flying saucer, for short 20. Door frame part 21. Blackens, as steaks 23. Insults 26. Animal life of various regions 27. Handbags 28. Addressed a crowd 30. Winged Greek God 31. Sharp mountain ridge 32. Sharp bark 35. "CD" follower 36. Put into action 38. Hockey great Bobby 39. Supply with weapons 40. Kind of jar 41. Enormous 42. Nightly news hour, often 44. He flew too close to the sun 46. Extensive landed property 48. Barley and rye, for two 49. Live like a parasite 50. Puddle-stomping boot 52. At-cost connection 53. "I'm not the only one!" 58. Wedding declaration 59. Figures in Iranian history 60. Ulnas' partners 61. Basic unit of Romanian currency 62. Large books 63. City near Salt Lake

DOWN 1. Cranberry field 2. "Much ___ About nothing" 3. Beatty of Hollywood 4. Unemployed 5. Using a web browser 6. Drying kilns 7. Strong grip, metaphorically 8. Pastoral composition (var.) 9. Classic introduction? 10. Taught


11. Who to wish "Merry Christmas" to 12. Prefix with "red" or "sound" 13. Hangman's knot 18. Concludes 22. Crayola gradation 23. Diva's setting 24. Angry display 25. Where a tip may travel 26. It may have a twist 28. Fabric introduced by

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 122 - August 2017

DuPont 29. Bridle strap 31. Church alcove 33. Dispute 34. Decrease? 36. Purple birthstone 37. Surface, as a road 41. # in a tweet 43. Fond du ____, Wis 44. See 34 Down 45. Cuba's Fidel or Raul

46. Internet messages 47. Balloon probe 48. Water holder 50. Island discovered by Magellan 51. Exercise aftermath, sometimes 54. "Eureka!" relative 55. Find sums 56. Be dishonest, in a way 57. Relatives

Anxious, depressed, angry, helpless and "on guard"??

Is it PTSD?

Post Trauma Stress: Most of us have experienced a racing heart, shaking hands, tight muscles and fear- our bodies preparing for flight or fight against a real or perceived threat. Later we may avoid, feel fearful, have flashbacks or nightmares, and re-experience the symptoms. Our brain "works through" the situation until we can think about it again, without feeling the emotions.

Key Accountants

1st floor, Suite 3/32-36 Metro Pde Mawson Lakes

Is the temperature in your home OUT OF CONTROL?


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Post Trauma Stress Disorder: If, however, we’re re-living the feelings of panic, fear, anger, emotional numbness or hypervigilance and it’s affecting our lives months later, the brain processing has changed from making sense of the world to an exaggerated fear activation - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Treatment: Traditional psychological treatment helps deal with the symptoms by understanding the problem, learning the triggers and dealing with the stress, so we can get on with our lives. These therapies involve some aspect of "reexperiencing" which can increase rather than decrease emotional reactivity. Why Neurotherapy? We have successfully used EMDR, EFT, CBT and hypnosis for PTSD. However, none of these is easier than LENS neurotherapy - non-invasive, non-talk approach for effortless brain change. See We accept: Mental Health Care Plans (from your GP) NDIS, Veterans Affairs, Return to Work clients

Performance Management Psychologists Maria and Tony

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Indulge: Chocolates, burgers, and cheers! "I rarely take a day off, and clocked in more than 15 hours a day when we first started. But I wouldn’t exchange this life for anything else!" says Sheree McMahon. To residents of Mawson Lakes, Sheree is no stranger. She is one of the

many lovely faces that they encounter behind the shelves of delicious looking desserts at the hugely popular Indulge café. The 30-year-old and her partner James Rendon (pictured) bought the café a little over a year ago. And, since then, both the café and their lives have undergone massive changes.

"I have always loved Mawson Lakes. Residents are so community minded. Everyone greets and looks out for each other. One feels like they belong to a tight knit community here. So when I decided to pursue my childhood dream of opening a café, there could be no other place," she says. The duo invested themselves into the café and infused new life into the old Indulge. "A café, we concurred, cannot be sustained only on coffee and desserts. We added breakfasts, salads,

WORD FLOWER Make 6-letter words through the middle of the Word Flower by placing the pairs of letters shown. The first one is done for you!

Solution on page 30.


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 122 - August 2017

burgers, etc. We open at 7 am on weekdays and remain open till 9 to 10 pm, sometimes even later. Our team of 19 members work very hard! Customers can just walk into our café, grab a croissant or a quiche, and a cup of coffee and be on their way," says James who works for the Australian Defence Force. The young entrepreneurs source all their materials like coffee, vegetables, fruits, and meat locally, thereby keeping the business in South Australia, and helping local enterprises. Some of their fast selling items including the decadent Belgian hot chocolate, strawberry and salted caramel waffles, double bacon burgers, corn and zucchini fritters, among others. "It can be overwhelming sometimes. We are always on the go. But when I look up from my coffee machine, and I see the cafe brimming with people, having conversations, laughing, reading, or just enjoying the sun, I know that all our effort was worth it," says Sheree. - Gayatri Nair

Pooraka Tyres Wheels Exhaust Alignments Servicing Repairs 4WD lift kits

Caring For Your Feet with Mardi Edwards

Heel Pain Heel pain is a very common and debilitating foot condition. It can reduce your ability and enthusiasm to complete your daily activities and exercise. The problem is often Plantar Fasciitis which is inflammation of the ligament under the foot. The pain is usually in the heel and/or arch of the foot and people often describe pain on first step in the morning. Some common causes of heel pain include increase in activity, change of footwear, weight gain, high arched or flat feet, or sudden injury. Treatment of heel pain involves reducing the forces which caused the problem, and treating the inflammation. It is important not only to improve foot function and comfort but to also prevent recurrence. Tips to treat plantar fasciitis: • Get an accurate diagnosis to ensure optimal treatment success • Evaluation of footwear and activity • Daily calf stretching exercises • Ice and massage to area • Taping to reduce mechanical strain • Supportive footwear • No barefoot walking • Orthoses/insoles to modify mechanical strain on foot structures Don’t let foot pain hold you back. If you have heel pain come and see us to get you back to doing what you love.

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STORE HOURS: 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday 8am - 1pm Saturday Corner Research Road & Main North Road POORAKA

8359 0101 Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads



Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 122 - August 2017

Community Mawson Services inLakes GENERAL WASTE COLLECTION

Three different bins are collected in Mawson Lakes. red lid general waste bin collected weekly at no charge

yellow lid recycling bin collected bi-weekly at no charge green lid green waste bin collected bi-weekly on alternate weeks to the yellow lid bin. Available to purchase from council and incurs a small fee payable with your rates for collection. Call 1800 111 004 or 8259 2100.


Mawson Lakes residents are entitled to one hard waste collection per calendar year, for a $10 contribution. The next pick up is scheduled for October but you'll need to book a month in advance. Call 1800 111 004 or 8259 2100.


Why Business Planning is important Most people don’t set out in business to fail. In fact, most are well prepared and spend a lot of time and money making sure they are well equipped with the tools they need, relevant to their operations before they put out their ‘open for business’ sign. Most small business owners don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan, for long term growth, improvement, cash flow and staffing issues and eventually succession planning, and retirement. These issues should be discussed early on, and reviewed regularly in order to be successful long term. Evaluate your financial position weekly or at least monthly. Monitor your debtors, creditors, cash in bank, work in progress, stock holdings and staff productivity. Meet with your accountant monthly or at least quarterly to discuss your profit and loss statement and balance sheet and evaluate where you stand with budget vs actual figures. You will feel more at ease and in control of your business if you are able to see these figures and make changes where necessary to prevent any ‘surprises’, such as large bills from suppliers or the ATO. We can assess your situation and recommend strategies that are appropriate for you, so phone us today and make a no obligation appointment to discuss your needs. The Mawson Lakes Traders Group meets monthly in our office. A great networking opportunity, get to know local business owners and hear guest speakers from Government and industry discuss relevant local issues. For more information please email:

Sarah Reimann

If you spot a street light that is not working, call the Council on

8406 8222

Phone: 08 8359 7320 Unit 1, 3 Park Way MAWSON LAKES

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Raising children in the digital age

Susan is an international expert on cyberbullying, a mother, former police officer and author of Sexts, Texts and Selfies. She said the three biggest risks are bullying and harassment, followed by the increasing number of children sending naked photos, and thirdly sexual predators.

"It is a parent’s responsibility to protect and guide their children through dangerous situations. Technology is here to stay, it brings the world into our lives on a small device but it also brings with it evil." Susan's first rule. Parents must be protective with a digital spine, and not afraid to set boundaries because children don’t always make good decisions or recognise danger. Don’t let the internet be your child’s educator, she advised. "Kids are not born knowing right from wrong, you have to teach them. Parents need to establish good online habits, just as they do with other aspects of their children’s lives."


"Predators troll social media in search of children they like the look of. All pictures of kids on social media can potentially land in the hands of child sex offenders." She told parents that the cyber safety message needs to start from day one. "The minute a child is given a device, the conversation about appropriate ways to act online and what not to do has to start - so age three or four," "A parent should be fully aware of what their child is doing online, what apps they're using and who they are talking to. Parents should have their child's passwords and be checking accounts and viewing their communication."


• • • • • • • •

set time restrictions and boundaries identify good apps and bad apps deal with cyber bullying work out who to 'friend' and 'unfriend' guard your child’s digital reputation do not share photographs of children on social media have accounts on strict privacy and location settings know you child's passwords and check their communications often

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 122 - August 2017

Ad design: Nicole Aspinall

"If your children are online they are at risk," said Susan McLean when speaking in Adelaide last month about parenting in the digital age.

Mawson Lakes Living goes travelling This little magazine is designed for the people of Mawson Lakes but it has legs that take it all over Australia and around the world as these photos show.

reading MLL m West Lakes Shore Rosmarie Jones fro rth Haven. No b, Clu cht Ya g isin magazine at the Cru

MLL goes boating in 'The Big Duck' at Victor Harbour

Send a picture and caption to the editor of yourself, friends or family reading Mawson Lakes Living, anywhere outside of Mawson Lakes, for publication in an upcoming issue.

Ross and Rosalind Baker deliver MLL into letterboxes every month so it's not surprising to see them with their favourite magazine in South Africa at the Mabu la Game Park!

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KID'S PAGE HOUR OF CODE by Preet, Year 6 What is your biggest nightmare? Most kids reply "a week without the internet". We rely on technology a lot but are there enough people experienced in computer science to keep up with the demands of the 21st century? Many experts put their heads together and tried to think of a way to make sure there are. Hadi Partovi, founder of code. org, along with his brother, Ali Partovi, developed an international movement called Hour Of Code. This is an educational movement in which

12-20 AUGUST

anyone from the age of 4 to 104 can participate. It gives an introduction to coding and teaches you the basics. This is all done in one hour, but if you find yourself interested you can take additional tutorials. Using code, you can create apps, websites, games and so much more. A big bonus to the Hour Of Code is that you can host it in your school, class, with friends or alone and it’s all free! This has been such a big success that many other coding websites have decided to host their own Hour Of Code so you can experience different methods. This will make many more kids interested in coding and hopefully grow up to be computer geniuses! I think that the Hour Of Code is a great experience and you should try it.



Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 122 - August 2017


How to make your own SLIME by Sharna Making slime is as fun as playing with it. You will need to make your borax solution first (see instructions to the right) Don't throw away your leftover solution, keep it in a squeezy bottle so you can make slime again. 1. Put 1/4 cup of PVA craft glue in a bowl and add 1/8 cup of water and mix. 2. Add food colouring, paint, glitter or sequins for your own special touch and mix again. 3. Add one teaspoon of your borax solution into the glue and mix thoroughly. When it starts pulling away from the bowl, add another teaspoon.

BORAX solution Borax powder is available in the laundry section of Coles. Mix 1 cup of warm water with 1 tablespoon of borax powder and mix until dissolved.

4. Start to knead with your hands, adding another teaspoon of borax solution if it's sticky but don't add too much or you can make your slime turn hard easily. It's ready when it no longer sticks to your fingers. And there you have it, SLIME! Keep in an airtight container, it lasts for months, and don't drop it on the carpet!

1 2



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Vietnamese Women's Association of South Australia in Mawson Lakes Approximately 13,000 people of Vietnamese origin reside in South Australia. And, Mawson Lakes is home to more than 400 Vietnamese, 3.1 percent of our total population according to the 2016 Census. Interestingly, the suburb also houses the South Australian Chapter of the Vietnamese Women’s Association. The history of the Association goes back to the 1990s when a group of citizens of Vietnamese origin considered the lives of Vietnamese women in South Australia and decided that an organisation advocating for Vietnamese women in SA was needed, leading to the birth of the Vietnamese Women's Association, SA. The Association was officially launched in March 1998. In January 2010, the Association began to receive funding to support older Vietnamese members in the northern suburbs and the association moved to its present headquarters in Goodall Parade, Mawson Lakes.

Executive Officer, Lien Nguyen-Navas said the vision of the association is to "strengthen the community by empowering independence and embracing positive living." This vision manifests itself in various activities undertaken by the organisation - with a special emphasis towards caring for the elderly. This includes outings for senior Vietnamese citizens, training carers to provide for the elderly, organising citizenship test preparation classes and the annual commemoration of the Trung Sisters (see photo). "Many Vietnamese nationals migrated to South Australia following the Vietnam War in the 1970s. I am one of them," said Lien. "In terms of the ageing population, we are among the top 10." Some well-known properties owned by Vietnamese in Mawson Lakes, either wholly or in partnership, include the Queen Phoenix Grocery store and Cha-time. - Gayatri Nair

Each year Vietnamese women celebrate their ancestral heroes at the Commemoration of the Trung Sisters where they dress in colourful traditional gowns and walk to the beat of drums and gongs and call to the spirits to join them. Lien is back row third from left.


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 121 - July 2017


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WORD MAZE Start with "BRIGHT" and trace a continuous path through every letter to find 7 more words that mean "smart".


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by Nigella One morning on our early morning walk along the streets of Mawson Lakes we turned a corner near the Pledger Wetlands and there, standing right in the middle of the footpath, was a pretty grey and white cat.

As we came closer, Miss Pretty just stood there maintaining her position and staring at us. Mummy, who likes cats (I’m not so keen myself), politely asked kitty to move aside so we could pass by.

"No" said the cat, "I’m not moving and you can’t pass by on my footpath."


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 121 - July 2017

We all stood a moment longer looking backwards and forwards at each other, then in an act of total defiance the cat sat down right in the middle of the pathway and looked directly at us. Mmm, what were we going to do about this feline with Attitude? Retreat! I’ve had a few bad experiences with cats so I thought it best to keep my distance. Mummy agreed. So we crossed over the road and walked on the other side. And what did the cat do? It stood up . . . and wandered off . . . Catmanship. Triumph to the cat. I could hear a dog barking in the background so I reckon this cat rules the roost at her place, and no dog (or human) is going to push her around.

jam slice Step 1: Preheat the oven to 180C. Place the flour, desiccated coconut, sugar, butter and egg in a large bowl and mix until combined. Use the back of a spoon to press mixture into a lightly greased slice tin lined with baking paper. Step 2: Cook for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Spread the jam over the cooked base. Step 3: To make the topping, place the desiccated and shredded coconut, egg whites and sugar in a medium bowl and mix until combined. Sprinkle over the jam layer and cook for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. Cool completely before slicing into squares. Makes approximately 24 serves. Refrigerate in an airtight container.



Ingredients 1 1/2 cups self raising flour 1/4 cup desiccated coconut 1/2 cup caster sugar 125g butter, chopped and melted 1 egg 1 cup jam of your choice Topping Ingredients 1 cup desiccated coconut 1 cup shredded coconut 2 egg whites 2 tablespoons caster sugar


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Community Groups Listings sponsored by Mawson Lakes Living Community Church: Sundays 10:00am Pastor Chris Mann - 0403 007 156 or 8162 5108 Cricket Club: Senior and junior teams – Jason 0402 406 826 Crossroads Community Church: Sunday 10:30am The Denison Centre, Anthony - 8258 3179 or 0425 874 240 Heart Foundation Walking groups Contact Christine 8260 3855 Football Club: Tues & Thurs 6:15pm, Mawson Lakes Hotel Oval David - 0413 302 908 Life Church: 5:00pm Sundays. Level 1, 31 Main Street. Nick - 8284 3861 Mahjong: Every 3rd Sunday from 11am at the Mawson Centre. All Levels. Janelle 0403 539 226 Mawson Lakes Garden Club Ph Vaal Thrupp: 0467 925 004 Find us on Facebook Mawson Lakes Girl Guides 8418 0900 or Mawson Lakes Hotel Social Club: Lyall Hill - 0414 951 859

Useful Numbers Mawson Lakes Living Magazine Salisbury Council ML Library & JP Service ML Community Centre Mawson Shops Mgment - Taplin Adelaide Transport Info Ambulance, Fire, Police Emergency Neighbourhood Police Officer Electricity problems Gas problems Water/Sewerage problems

8260 7077 8406 8222 8302 5555 8302 5449 8211 8777 8210 1000 000 0419 572 514 13 13 66 1800 808 526 1300 883 121

Mind Massage solution from page 11 1. London Plane Tree 2. The Pledger Wetlands 3. Sydney 4. An educational program that teaches computer coding 5. Prince William, Catherine and

Prince Harry 6. Italy 7. 169 8. Hawthorn Football Club 9. c) ear 10. 91 (Sept, Oct, Nov) 11. Spoil the child 12. (a) green 13. Once a year 14. R 15. India 16. Blue, yellow,

black, green and red 17. When something obvious is ignored because it is uncomfortable or confronting. 18. May 19. Temperature 20. Leo

Crossword Puzzle solution from page 16

Mawson Lakes Photography Club Vaughan 0400 472 318 Mawson Lakes 'Ducklings' Playgroup: 9.30am Thurs at the Denison Centre, Michelle 0481 234 212 Mawson Lakes Scout Group Meets in Parafield Gardens. Ages 6-15 Jeff - 0407 619 357 or Sarah - 0417 848 088 Mawson Lakes Toastmasters Club, Communication and leadership training. Darko 0403 314 498 Mawson Lakes Golf Club Mawson Rowing Club, The Boat Shed, First Avenue Mawson Lakes. Jerry Elder 0419 854 371 Over 50's Club, meets 1-3pm on the first Thursday of the month at the Mawson Centre. Rotary Club of Mawson Lakes Significance Church: Sundays 10:00am 8260 1832 or 0434 679 754 A/H Quilting Friends: Mawson Centre Clare - 8367 6918 or


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 122 - August 2017

Word Flower solution from page 18

Word Maze solution from page 27

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