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Issue 99 • September 2015

Goodbye Work, Hello Sabah!



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Have you ever kissed a cane toad? I have. Just a few weeks ago. I was holidaying in Far North Queensland when I spotted a sign that said: "Cane Toad Races Tonite at 8.30". The action was happening in a dark, back room of a pub in Port Douglas conducted by a bush comedian who had a bucket of six long-legged cane toads eager to jump. The idea was to get the frogs to spring from a table into a bucket and the first in was the winner. For this, the comedian needed 6 'jockeys' to ride the toads. I was picked from the audience. Each frog had a name. Mine was FAT BASTARD and to motivate the toads, each jockey had to reach into the bucket and pluck out his/her frog ... and … give it a kiss for good luck. YUK. As I plunged my reluctant fingers into the ugly knot of toads, the comedian questioned me: "Have you ever kissed a Fat Bastard before?"

I paused and when I said "Yes" with a provocative smile the audience screamed with delight. With hundreds of eyes upon me I puckered my lips, closed my eyes and went in for the kiss. I missed. But the comedian wasn’t about to let me get away with an air kiss. "Oh no," he said as he made more jokes and insisted I do it again. By this time the audience was rolling on the floor with laughter. Anyway, Fat Bastard did not perform. While the spritely slim toads sprang high, my fellow stayed motionless. He came last. Too fat I guess; and no magic in my kiss! Now, back to Mawson Lakes: ABC radio man Peter Goers broadcast one of his shows from the Planetarium in Mawson Lakes last month where he interviewed a few well-known identities. Read a summary of the interview on page 10. While we talk about upcoming fun events this month, there’s some serious work going on in the quiet corridors of the ML campus and this issue reports on award-winning research at UniSA. I've selected a photograph of this research for the cover. Read more about it on page 6.

Linda Vining

Editor, Mawson Lakes Living Living Legend, City of Salisbury

RADAR spelt backwards is RADAR - they get you both coming and going!

Photographs by the editor, unless otherwise credited.

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Images of Research Sunscreen Sunflower photo by Stuart McClure See story page 7

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Effect of public outcry Community dissatisfaction about rezoning that threatened the future of the Mawson Lakes Wetlands (reported in MLL/June) has resulted in Salisbury Council changing its plans. A council committee has voted to classify the wetlands in the Shoalhaven housing estate as open space, rather than a proposed residential zone. Kind help I was walking my dogs around the lake when I had an incident with a bicycle and I ended up falling in the lake and hurting myself and I was unable to get out. I called for help and a passing couple assisted me by getting hold of my dogs’ leads, helping me out and using their phone to ring my husband. I was very upset and didn’t get their names so I hope they read MLL and know how grateful I am for their kind assistance when I was in distress. - Bev Nutrition Pyramid Your article on the updated nutrition pyramid (MLL/ July) was an eye-opener and made me rethink my diet. I now eat a rainbow, use spices instead of salt and select a different variety of grains. - Azaria Aspeb Birds of a Feather I am an Australian living in USA and every month I read a copy of MLL. I particularly liked the puzzle on Birds of a Feather in the issue with the pelicans on the cover (MLL/July) because I’m a keen bird watcher. Many of the birds in the puzzle are not seen in Australia but I see them here in the woods in America, for example woodpeckers, cardinals, blue jay, ostrich, roadrunners and red tailed hawks. - Sophie, Philadelphia USA Champion for business The population in SA continues to drop to the point where it is the lowest in Australia. This is concerning news. We need to be more upbeat about promoting successful businesses and selling business opportunities, so I am always encouraged by the positive approach that MLL takes towards businesses in Mawson Lakes. For example, last month it profiled four new business ranging from advanced manufacturing to an IT start-up to a tatoo salon. As you stressed in your editorial, our economy depends on small business success. - Nick Bandes, Economist

Good Neighbours I come from the Barossa Valley and feel very at home in Mawson Lakes because Rosco with Hannah everyone smiles and says hello as we - partner Rhys and dog Rosco - walk past. In our street we have a lovely gentleman who every Monday morning (or more frequently in autumn) sweeps the leaves from all the neighbour’s front porches, tidies up shoes left by the front door, cleans driveways and clears gutters. He is the soul of the street and we like to drop in with a bottle of red every now and again to thank him for his selfless work. Hannah Manuel (22), Egret Street Fox control Foxes are a major pest, threatening the long-term survival of a range of native fauna; as well as little Nigella (MLL/Aug). The pest status of foxes is up for review by the State Government who is seeking public opinion on the best way to control them. Contact Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA). - Harold Belchstein Customer service comparison The other afternoon I ventured into the city to shop at Myers - a glamorous store but with a shortage of staff and hence terrible customer service. The following day I read in the paper that Myers has a new business plan that pins its hopes on a "turnaround strategy" where staff will be "better aligned with modern customer demands". Described as a more "nimble, leaner business model" it heralds store closures, retrenchment of staff and fewer staff employed during quieter times. I couldn’t wait to get back to ML to the owner-operated businesses who know that customers are their lifeblood and act accordingly. An example of this is Mawson’s Gourmet Meats in Light Common who get my award for the best customer service in Adelaide. - Marrilyn Dokerty

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 99 - September 2015

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Community Conversations

A YEAR 7 HIGH SCHOOL FROM 2016! Endeavour College is a modern, co-educational secondary school offering a holistic and supportive educational experience for all students. We are excited to announce that Year 7 studies will begin in 2016. Visit our website to learn more, or give us a call to arrange a personal tour of our campus.


(08) 8368 3311

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Images of Research Scientists often toil behind the scenes and their work is not always understood or appreciated, so an initiative by the University of South Australia called Images of Research was designed to expose the diversity and the beauty of research through photographs. Photo entries from researchers at the Mawson Lakes' Division of Information, Technology, Engineering and the Environment did well in the competition with several being shortlisted. PhD student Saad Al-Sharrah's photograph called Desert Wanderer brought home 2nd prize of $2000. First prize went to Dancing Cell by Dr Genevieve Secker from the Centre for Cancer Biology (see below).

Professor Simon Beecham (Pro Vice Chancellor of UniSA Mawson Lakes) with PhD student Saad Al-Sharrah who’s image of Desert Wanderer was the runner up in the university’s Images of Research Competition.

The competition featured photographs ranging from cancer research to electrical activity in the brain, to the collection of weather data in the Gibber Desert.

Head of a mouse embryo Dr Sophie Wiszniak

Dancing Cell Dr Genevieve Secker

Desert Wanderer by Saad Al-Sharrah

Motion of proteins Dr Malika Kumarasiri

Lymph drainage system in a mouse Dr Kelly Betterman

Shop 1, 9-11 Hurtle Parade, Mawson Lakes 5095

08 8359 8739 6

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 99 - September 2015


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This month's issue brings you stories about two photographs depicting research at the ML campus that were entered in the competition. More at

Scientific Research in Mawson Lakes

A photograph depicting his research was shortlisted in Images of Research. It shows a finger with a hydrogel membrane being treated with an ionised gas containing reactive oxygen and nitrogen (plasma) that will speed up the healing process and destroy germs that could infect the wound. "Plasma medicine is a new field that has taken off in the last 20 years but there is still a lot to understand," says Dr Szili. "Our research focus is on tailoring the delivery of plasma to tissue to achieve an optimal dosage of plasma. We have developed a thin hydrogel screen that will filter the plasma and control the dosage for sustainable delivery." The application is designed to treat chronic wounds that are slow to heal, for example diabetic wounds. When aimed at cancer cells, plasma therapy has the potential to target and destroy bad cells and assist the immune system thereby reducing the duration of chemotherapy.

Dr Szili says that scientific research is vital for medical science. "It’s what we don’t know now that will unlock the future of medicine." Contact Dr Szili at:

Sunscreens This month's cover photograph taken by Stuart McClure was a finalist in the Images of Research competiton. Stuart is a passionate scientist who is an expert on electron scanning microscopes for environmental research. His photograph zooms in on tiny particles of zinc oxide that are emitted into the environment from commercial sunscreens when it is washed off the skin in the surf or under the shower. Stuart said he chose the photograph because of its delicate beauty and because it examines a product that is in everyday use. "We cannot know the significance of a substance until we can measure it." "The scientific brain joins the dot in our knowledge by extending what we know, looking at the gaps and coming up with answers," he said. Ed

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Healing wounds As our resistance increases towards medical treatments, such as antibiotics, new medical technologies are being developed to assist the body's defence system. One such development is occurring at the University of South Australia in Mawson Lakes where Dr Endre Szili has developed a new way to accelerate the healing of wounds.


New Business -

Lautrec Cafe

In today's busy world, it's good to take some time and enjoy a leisurely afternoon of indulgence. A new cafe opened recently on Hurtle Parade offers a traditional High Tea experience complete with tiered vintage cake stands featuring a delicate balance of sweet and savoury morsels prepared fresh on the premises. The requisite glass of (non alcoholic) bubbles is accompanied by mini home made scones and delicate cakes from a french patisserie. Served alongside quiches, pastries, sandwich triangles, fresh fruit and tea or coffee, the high tea is an experience to be shared and enjoyed. Husband and wife team Peter and Sotira Moraitis recently traded in their city based cafe for a move to Mawson Lakes to be closer to home and escape the competitive pace of the city.

Breakfast, light meals, desserts and


Sotira loves working in the family oriented

and supportive community of Mawson Lakes. "We see all different sorts of groups in here, from the young through to the elderly who meet up for coffee regularly." Four weeks in and they are really enjoying the move. "It's just so different to the city - less pressure. Mawson Lakes has a great atmosphere, no stress. You look forward to coming to work everyday. The people are just so beautiful. They're really really lovely." Lautrec is open for breakfast through dinner 7 days. Late on Fridays and Saturdays and until late afternoon Sundays. They offer a home made selection of light healthy meals, pies, pastries, quiches, frittata, pita, salads and soups. French cakes and scrumptious desserts such as Churro's, waffles, crepes, fondue and sundaes.

LAUTREC CAFE ♦ Light meals ♦ Dessert



SHOP 2, 9-11 HURTLE PARADE MAWSON LAKES 0418 805 615 email:

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 99 - September 2015

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♦ High Tea ♦ Breakfast

“Experts in Property Maintenance”

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'Evenings' with Peter Goers When ABC radioman Peter Goers broadcast his Evenings program from the Planetarium at Mawson Lakes he profiled the suburb by talking to four personalities - Brendan Pihan General Manager of Lend Lease, Kelvin Trimper member of the early development team, Andrew Gunn owner of the Mawson Lakes Hotel and Linda Vining editor of Mawson Lakes Living. Below is a summary of the conversation. Peter said his first impression of Mawson Lakes was of a vigourous suburb with an excellent shopping mall, lots of restaurants and plenty of parking close to the shops. He asked the panel if Mawson Lakes has killed off the Âź acre block? Brendan replied, "Yes. South Australia has the lowest lot sizes in the nation and Mawson Lakes is a leader in quality high density living in a master planned community. There are more apartments in ML than anywhere else in SA." Kelvin Trimper described Mawson Lakes as a "Live, Learn and Work community" not a dormitory suburb such as West Lakes, but a multicultural and mixed-use community with the third largest rail/bus interchange in SA. Peter commented on the good reputation of meals at the Mawson Lakes Hotel, whereby Andrew Gunn advised that 3,500 meals are served every week at the hotel. "We are a 4 star hotel with 59 rooms and many apartments and a staff of 120 people. Accommodation is

the biggest income earner and most of this demand comes from the corporate sector linked to the university and technology park. Our greatest stress is red tape and keeping up with changing legislation. We have 45 poker machines and pay 75c in the dollar in tax on this income." Linda explained why ML is such a well-connected community and how it is becoming a social and cultural hub of the North. "In a world full of violence and fear, we feel safe and concerned for each other in Mawson Lakes." she said. Peter asked the panel many penetrating questions such as: Why are there no churches in ML? What will ML be like in 50 years time? Has ML changed domestic architecture and the way we think of suburbs? Who buys the McMansions in ML? He commented that Mawson Lakes has a 'sense of unreality' and questioned why it it such a popular place to live? Hear the answers to these questions on www. where you can listen to the whole conversation. Look under Community.

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Seven days without exercise makes one weak.


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 99 - September 2015

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 99 - September 2015

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Legal Eagle’s Perch with Bill Morris

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De-facto property case – The other partner with no substantial property. When the 12 year de facto relationship of Mr Fielding and Ms Nichol ended, the question was who was to get what of their property. This was a second relationship for both parties. The property they had was mostly rescued by Ms Nicol from her first relationship and brought into this relationship. The parties had agreed to keep their property separate throughout their relationship. Mr Fielding moved into the house owned by Ms Nichol and seemingly made a financial contribution towards the current value of that house by making improvements to it. Mr Fielding applied to the court for an equal division between them of all the property. She asked the court to dismiss Mr Fielding’s application and to make no orders at all about their property so that each would be left with whatever they held in their own name at the end of the relationship. Before making an order about the division of property of married or de facto couples the court must be satisfied that it is ‘just and equitable’ that any order at all about property be made. In this case the Judge was not persuaded that it was just and equitable to make any order at all. It was a close run thing for Ms Nichol because such decisions turn on the facts of each case and are made at the discretion of the Judge. Ms Nichol could have protected herself from those proceedings in the first place with a Binding Financial Agreement to quarantine from any subsequent claim regarding the assets that she had brought into the relationship.

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Spring Flower Word Search Puzzle Solution on page 30


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 99 - September 2015

Your Health with Dr Bhatti

GET friends YOUR SKIN CANCER/MOLE "Good help you to find important CHECK DONE AT OUR BILLING things when you have lost BULK them… your smile, yourSKIN hopeCANCER and yourCLINIC courage” A positive message from our medical centre to our community.

GET YOUR SKIN CANCER/MOLE CHECK DONE AT OUR BULK BILLING Some useful helplines: SKIN CANCER CLINIC MAWSON or 13 11 14 MEDICAL or 1800LAKES 55 1800 CENTRE or 1300 22 4636 (opposite Target or 1300 78 99Store) 78 or 1800 650 890

8am - 9pm Weekdays 9am - 5pm Weekends 8am - 9pm Weekdays 9am - 5pm Weekends TRAVEL + FLU VACCINATION

Saturday 24 October 2015 Tanunda Show Hall

Enjoy an evening of Cabaret Style Entertainment by Brass and Concert Bands BYO Beer, Wine, Glasses and Supper - Catering available Unique audience voting for the Best Band of the evening

Tickets $20 per head Children under 15 free /barossabands BUY 3 tickets and get 1 FREE mention ‘Mawson Lakes Living’

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10 September-is national R U OK? Day. A not-forprofit organisation which encourages people to reach out to others who may be MAWSON struggling with life by simply LAKES MEDICAL CENTRE asking “Are you ok?” (opposite Target Modern day life comes Store) with overwhelming demands on us and our time. MAWSON Work, family, social and financial commitments all keep us busy and take up mostLAKES of ourMEDICAL time. Our CENTRE daily routine is becoming increasingly mechanical (opposite Target and digitalised. Our laptops, i-pads,Store) tabs, smart phones etc have taken over our lives. Our face to face human interaction is getting less and less. “R U OK? is a simple question and it’s TRAVEL + FLU VACCINATION something we don’t ask people very often. As an individual and community at large, we have a role to play. We owe it to our friends, family, colleagues and society in general. The best form of contribution can make is giving our time to TRAVEL + we FLU VACCINATION people and causes that we care about. Let’s have empathy, compassion and understanding for each other. Together, let’s encourage people to thank, inspire and ask R U OK?

Don't forget to enter! Mawson Lakes Garden Club Inc.

so aw M

n La k es

GARDEN COMPETITION 2015 Entries close 18 Sep 2015

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Salts that sneak into your diet

* For new customers on first order only. Minimum spend $40. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. See for full Terms & Conditions. Stay In Bed Milk & Bread Pty Ltd trading as Aussie Farmers Direct ABN 39 115 166 982. Valid until 31 December 2015.


hamburgers, cereals, snack foods, potato chips, processed meats such as sausages, salami, bacon, luncheon meats, pre-packaged sauces and condiments such as tomato sauce, soy sauce, stock cubes and dehydrated or packet foods such as instant peas and soups. Some products try to camouflage salt by calling it sea salt, rock salt or vegetable salt. But salt is salt. It all contains sodium and that’s the problem. Look at the labels on the packet. Less than 120mg/ 100g is considered OK by Nutrition Australia. Healthy foods such as vegetables, fruit, raw nuts, most dairy and fresh meat are low in salt. Salt preference is an acquired taste that can be unlearned. It takes about 6-8 weeks to get used to eating food with much lower quantities of salt, but once it's done, it actually becomes difficult to eat salty food.

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 99 - September 2015

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A new study has found that Australians eat more salt than people in Amercia and the UK and we are not meeting salt reduction targets set by the World Health Organisation. The research from The George Institute for Global Health revealed Australians consume 8.9g of salt a day, way above the amount recommended by the international advisory body of 5g per day. The US consumed 8.8g, New Zealand 8.6 g, Canada 8.5g and UK 8.1g. The National Health and Medical Research Council advises Australian adults that they should consume no more than one teaspoon of salt a day (4g) in order to prevent chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and heart problems. A high level of salt puts pressure on your kidneys, arteries, heart and brain and has been linked to osteoporosis and increased risk of fracture. A whopping 75 percent of the salt in our diets comes from processed foods, restaurants and takeaway foods. Because we cannot see added salt we are often unaware of the amount we are eating. Food high in salt include bread, pizza,


S on c ET c K $5 C ts, T I du l



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Open Day at Mawson Lakes Campus






New students who are starting their courses in the second half of the year were welcomed to the campus with an Indigenous Dance Performance, lunch and a look at the services available to students. 1. Indigenous performers teaching students to dance to an aboriginal beat. 2. Undergraduates Jamie Gower (IT) with Matt Cruickshank (IT) 3. Student Experience Officers Zoe Zweek and Caleb Osborne. 4. Nancy Frank (Civil Engineering) and Julia Rauchhaus (Civil Engineering) 5. Stavros Katsoulotes (studying IT) and Jarryd Ligertwood (Aviation)

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 99 - September 2015


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Science is Changing. Are you? Then

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 99 - September 2015


When we offer crowns at Dental on Metro, clients often conjure memories of previous crown experiences or crowns they’ve seen in friends or strangers.

ck and


Better Materials, Better Results

Gap Fr eeGa Che

DentalonMetro DentalonMetro



From the dentist Peter Bertossa

Dr Peter Bertossa BDS Dr Peter Bertossa BDS

Traditional dental crowns were like handmade jewellery. The final result was a combination of (usually) a precious metal like gold, with a fusion of feldspathic porcelain baked on in a furnace. To see these made is a beautiful art. The human eye and hand is still responsible for many well-made crowns and bridges.

However, many of us are familiar with the tomb stone appearance of the single poorly done front tooth. Common mistakes with crowns are crowns that are ‘over-contoured’ (too fat in the forward direction), the wrong colour, or with exposed gum lines. In particular the old porcelain fused to metal crowns were made on old shade matching systems and an exposed gum line would look black, ruining the cosmetics of the crown. It is the new world now with scientific colour matching systems and the availability of fully ceramic crowns. That is to say no metallic component. This allows light to travel ‘through’ the crown giving the crown amazing life-like properties. Crowns now seamlessly blend with other teeth. Modern ceramics such as ‘Emax’ and ‘Empress’ are also super strong when bonded.


Gap Fp reFeree

cleanC *h * eck an Chec! k d cle

and cle an! ** an! **

www.d ww w.den entalon talonm metro etro.c .com.a Ask about our u Ask about our CAD-CAM CAD-CAM restorations restorations


• Client Parking n• m Client eParking m.a

• General Dentistry Dentistry We are making these crowns every day, in one day, • General • No Mercury – White Fillings only • No Mercury – White Fillings only at Dental on Metro using precise 3-D cameras, • Cosmetic Veneering CAD-CAM and computer controlled furnace firing. • Cosmetic Veneering Come in and talk to us. • Client Parking Dental on Metro is a


Dental on Metro is a

Dental in Mawson • General Dentistry newnew Dental ClinicClinic in Mawson Lakes.Lakes. After hours appointments are available After hours • No Mercury – White Fillings onlyappointments are available KIDS KIDSCHECK CHECKAND AND CLEANS CLEANS Phone 8260 1007 8260 1007 ALWAYS GAP FREE • Cosmetic Veneering Phone


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Who’s reading Mawson Lakes Living? This little magazine is designed for the people of Mawson Lakes but it has legs that take it all over Australia and around the world as these photos show.

In Far North Qld children of the Mayi incorporate a copy of MLL into their -wunb tribe traditional dance.

MLL travelled with Christine and Mike Flynn (from ML) through England, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Here it is in Knaresborough Market Square, North Yorkshire, with a British relati ve.

Mancini, owners of Up the line with Caterina and Colin Salt of the Earth Cafe at Port Wakefield.

Hannah and Rhys (from ML) take MLL away on holidays to do the puzzles and read the stories. Here they are in Bali enjoying the good life with cocktails and MLL.


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 99 - September 2015

Send a picture and caption to the editor for possible publication in the magazine, of yourself, friends or family reading Mawson Lakes Living anywhere outside of Mawson Lakes.

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Caring For Your Feet with Mardi Edwards Heel Pain Pain under the heel is one of the most common adult foot problems we see at Mawson Lakes Podiatry Clinic. The pain can range from mildly annoying to excruciating. Regardless, it limits activities, prevents sufferers from exercising, and even walking any distance. "I get up in the morning and can’t put my foot down. After a few steps it settles but every time I sit down and get up the pain is back again." Does this sound familiar? A common cause for heel pain is Plantar Fasciitis - a term used to describe irritation to the ligament under the arch and heel of the foot. Many people come in after trying creams, pre-made insoles and extensive Dr Google consultation, with little effect. At Mawson Lakes Podiatry Clinic we examine the foot and leg to identify any underlying problems which need to be addressed. We then formulate a treatment plan to tackle the problem which may include taping, stretching, footwear, dry needling, foot mobilisation and foot orthoses. The best part of my job is being able to offer someone in pain alternatives to reduce their discomfort and allow them to return to what they love doing. If you suffer from heel pain or any other foot discomforts, call me on 8262 9999 and make an appointment.

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 99 - September 2015

Mardi Edwards PodiatriSt

Mawson Lakes Specialist Centre Level 1, 1 Main Street Mawson Lakes SA 5095

Ph 8262 9999

Crossword Puzzle Solution on page 30 ACROSS 1. Official language of India 6. Obviously surprised 11. Sound like a lovebird 14. Chipmunk tidbit 15. 'bad bad' Brown of song 16. Sound from the stands 17. Prosecuting pooch? 19. Letters heard in a crime drama 20. Bleat of a sheep 21. Command to a pooch 23. Using an unspoken language 27. Williams with a racket 28. Hollowed out, as an apple 29. Like a cat of the '40s 32. "Carry on Wayward..." 33. Elevator inventor 34. Swampland 36. Competed in a 10K 39. Butter units 40. River in Missouri 41. Like a skinny-dipper 42. Boston time zone 43. Word with 'gin' or 'candy' 44. Declare assertively 45. Affirmative vote 47. Ground layer 48. Gallup finding 49. Fire stirrers 52. Consecrates with oil 54. Land once known as Serendip 57. Mentally quick 58. Command to a collie 59. Uncouth steed? 64. Hue holiday 65. End of MGM's motto 66. Per ...... (yearly) 67. Foxlike 68. Lid swellings 69. Locker room groups

DOWN 1. Computer in '2001' 2. Decorate with frosting 3. Holiday concoction 4. lack of excitement 5. Like marquetry 6. Beer's cousin 7. First, reverse or neutral 8. Jason's ship 9. Surveys of public opinion 10. Like spuds with no buds 11. Fearful Baltimore footballer? 12. Like many an old bucket 13. Tara resident 18. Put an embargo on 22. Spanish gold 23. Breadth 24. Small amounts 25. Starkly realistic feline? 26. Haunted house inhabitants 30. Muse of poetry 31. Asian temple 34. Comment from Elsie or Elmer 35. DC fugure, briefly 37. "Looks ...... everything" 38. Hardly hipsters 41. Opera baddie, usually 43. Andres Galarraga's hometown 46. Sniggler's catch 48. Chapeau for Lincoln 49. Sibilant attention-getters 50. Bay window 51. Charger's noise 53. How a wee lassie might say 'no' 55. Pop singer Perry 56. Musical India 60. Viper's warning 61. Genetics lab study 62. Altogether number 63. Mama has a couple

“Great teaching is about a person’s curiosity being awakened and about exploring possibilities.” - Randall Pearce Head of Pedare Junior School

Private School Bus Service from Mawson Lakes Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads


Health & Fitness with David Morris I started my fitness career in the Australian Army in 2006. In that time I have trained recruits and elite combat soldiers.

FOR SALE Round Walnut Dining Table Custom made by Mabarrack Furniture 4 setting Diameter: 110cm


I opened CrossFit 5000 in Pooraka two years ago as I have a serious passion for functional fitness that works for all fitness levels.

Price Contact Marlene Tribbeck on

0432 161 067

So, what is the best fitness program? To answer this, you need to have a look at your goals, your personality and your motivation for training. Goals - Do you want to be able to run 5kms? To be able to lift 100kg? Maybe you want to be able to piggyback your kids up Mt Lofty? You must find your why. Personality - Are you self motivated? Do you need a push? Maybe you like your training sessions designed for you? These must be considered, if you are not self motivated then a fitness program that has you training by yourself, just wont cut it. Motivation - Do you want to keep up with the kids? Is it fat loss? Or to feel healthy and energised? Remember, It must be fun and excite you. Cheapest isn't always the best. Make sure you look at what is included and stay clear of lock in contracts.

don't settle for less!

4/12 McGowan Street POORAKA South Australia 5095

David Morris

Head Coach

0415 156 862 26

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 99 - September 2015

The best things in life are nearest: breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, the path just before you. Then do not grasp at the stars, but attend to life’s plain common work as it comes, certain that daily duties and daily bread are the sweetest things in life. - Robert Louis Stevenson Photo of frog: John Nason McGregor


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Party for Dogs by Nigella There’s a buzz around the doggie campsite in Mawson Lakes. Our favourite time of year is on the way when there’s a day devoted to dogs. It’s called Dogs Day Out. Doggie bags are being filled with treats, doggie dancing is being rehearsed, doggie clothing is being made for the best dressed in show. MLL is a major sponsor of DDO so we have a stall there too. Quilting ladies have spent months making two gorgeous quilts to raffle at the show. The money raised will go to Pet Rescue. I took one look at all the cute breeds on the quilts and noticed one big omission. I said to Karin Brown, the quilt coordinator: "You’ve missed the cutest and most popular pooches in Mawson Lakes!" So, have a look my doggie friends at the quilts and see if you can work out who’s missing. Are you there? Food is a very important part of a party and there will be lots of treats at DDO. At the moment I’m enjoying a new dog food called Raw4Dogs that has just been introduced to SA. It’s a tasty dish made with human grade Australian meat and seasonal vegetables, fruit and farm eggs including crushed shells for added calcium, things for healthy joints, cod liver oil and all sorts of vitamins and minerals. Dinner time at my place is like going to a different restaurant every night with a selection of chicken, lamb, turkey, beef and kangaroo. Delicious. Get the details on this page and try it for yourself.


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 99 - September 2015

One of the hand-made quilts to raffle at Dogs Day Out

All natural - Raw (complete BARF diet) Nutrition for your dogs Like us on facebook


Community Groups Listings sponsored by Mawson Lakes Living Community Church: Sundays 10:00am Endeavour College. Stephen - 0403 007 156 or 8162 5108 Cricket Club: Two day and one day senior teams New Friday night u/10 team. Anton - 0412 394 592 Crossroads Community Church: Sunday 10:30am The Denison Centre, Mawson Lakes School Anthony - 8258 3179 or 0425 874 240 Heart Foundation Walking groups Contact Christine 8260 3855 or Elaine 0415 889 018 Football Club Training: Tues & Thurs 6:15pm at Mawson Lakes Hotel Oval Geoff - 0410 412 281

Useful Numbers Mawson Lakes Living Magazine Salisbury Council Mawson Lakes Library ML Community Centre Mawson Shops Mgment - Taplin Adelaide Transport Info Ambulance, Fire, Police Emergency Neighbourhood Police Officer Electricity problems Gas problems Water/Sewerage problems

8260 7077 8406 8222 8302 5555 8302 5449 8211 8777 8210 1000 000 0419 572 514 13 13 66 1800 808 526 1300 883 121

Puzzle solution from page 12

Life Church: 5:00pm every Sunday. Level 1, 31 Main Street, Mawson Lakes Nick - 8284 3861 Mahjong: Every 3rd Sunday from 11am at the Mawson Centre. All Levels. Janelle 0403 539 226 Mawson Lakes Garden Club 4th Tuesday of the month, 7:30pm Mawson Centre, room 2-03. Ph Vaal Thrupp: 0499 303 167 Find us on Facebook Mawson Lakes Girl Guides Contact Girl Guides SA on 8418 0900 Mawson Lakes Hotel Social Club: functions, discounts, weekly members draw and meat raffles $30 annual fee. Lyall Hill - 0414 951 859 Mawson Lakes Music Appreciation Club 4th Sunday of month at 4pm in different homes. Ph: 8260 7077 Mawson Lakes Photography Club For experienced/amateur photographers of all ages. Vaughan 0400 472 318

Crossword solution from page 25

Mawson Lakes 'Ducklings' Playgroup: Birth to 5 years 9.30am Mondays and Thursdays at Denison Centre Bec 0422 425 967 or Michelle 0481 234 212 Mawson Lakes Scout Group Meets Scout Hall, Parafield Gardens weekly. Ages 6-15 Jeff - 0407 619 357 or Sarah - 0417 848 088 Mawson Lakes Toastmasters Club Communication and leadership training Darko 0403 314 498 Mawson Lakes Golf Club Redeveloped, new members & public welcome Playgroups in Mawson Lakes on facebook or Fran T. - 8162 5108 / 0437 081 942 Rotary Club of Mawson Lakes Significance Church: Sundays 10:00am GP Building UniSA Office 8260 1832 mobile 0434 679 754 A/H Quilting Friends: alternate Mondays 6pm-9pm & 2nd & 4th Sat each month 10am-5pm - Mawson Centre Clare - 8367 6918 or


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 99 - September 2015

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MLL 99 Sep 2015  

Mawson Lakes Living Award Winning Community Magazine

MLL 99 Sep 2015  

Mawson Lakes Living Award Winning Community Magazine