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The past month has every Key Clubber buzzing about, just like the busy bees they are! For seniors, such as myself, know how hectic college applications can be. But now, December is here, which means winter is here. Yay! There are sure to be many Holiday events coming up, so keep your eyes peeled for them. I wish you the best and happy Holidays! Have a wonderful and safe break~

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Stay Frosty,


Estella Hoang


Yo, Hippos!

Divison 21 Tech Editor

lo Hippos!

past month has been very eventful a HUGE DCM (with 198 attendees!!!), ally, and the “Catching Fire” movie aiser. At Fall Rally, we as a division ated over $2500 to PTP, and we were to snag five district board members ell as make it to the final spirit round. e you all had fun attending the ts with me and your fellow Key ClubI hope you are as PROUD of yours as I am of you, and I hope you are ng forward to the many upcoming ts that we will be having throughout est of this term, including our Deber joint DCM with Circle K, which e in one week! Now that we are e than halfway done with the Key year, I hope we can finish with a g!” and surpass our membership of 800; our fundraising goal of 0; and in amazing news – at 7,400 ce hours served, I will be extending erm goal to 11,121 hours, which I eve we can surpass just as easily.

Key Club aside, I hope you all end your Thanksgiving breaks with your es. Now that the holiday season is n us, please spend some time to BEE kful for all that you have, and reber why we as Key Clubbers do the ce that we do – for those who are as fortunate as us. With that said, I e you all enjoy whatever holidays celebrate this season! May your days lly and your nights be satisfying. py holidays, Hippos!

klas Lee

sion 21 Lieutenant Governor


Photo courtesy of Calvin Cheung


FALL RALLY SOUTH Fall Rally South is an annual event that takes place in November. Key clubbers from SoCal and Nevada flock to Six Flags Magic Mountain to have fun and fundraise for PTP. The fun begins immediately as Key Clubbers arrive at the park. One's sensory organs are assailed with an overload of information, from cheers to waves upon waves of all the rainbow's colors. Division 21’s spirit session started at 10 a.m., which was very early. UC high school and Madison were the first schools to arrive at the session and slowly the other schools started trickling in, because of later arrivals and lines for entering the park. Our division got into the final round and was in the top three divisions with the major spirit. Sadly we didn't win the spirit stick, but we always have next year! G -Double O-D J-O-B Good job Good job! This year Division 21 raised over $2500 and this money was used in a mock auction during our session to buy Michael Kumura (37E Jellyfish), Nick Lee (21 Hippos), Jeffrey (Sea Monkeys), Lincoln To (DTE), and Cecilia Li (31 Robots). Fall Rally South was an extremely fun experience filled with free hugs and spirit. Ooooooh Hippos! Harrison Luu Madison Key Club President

Photos courtesy of Michael Pham, Karen Hollman

Fall Rally South was such an amazing experience full of good vibes and wonderful people! FRS was also a great way to connect with other Key Clubbers and spread the love and all those free hugs, I know for a fact that FRS made some of our Hippos fall in love with Key Club and that Fall Rally was there Key Club moment. Even though only half of our hippos could make it to our rally, being in the final round felt so darn good, and even though we didn't win spirit stick this year, there's always next year! Thank you to our amazing LTG Nick Lee, our wonderful spirit coordinator Emily Van, and all of our hardworking officers! Where would we be without you guys? Liza Le Patrick Henry Key Club Member




Madison High School’s Key Clubbers volunteer annually at marathons. The Electric Run held this month was on Saturday, November 9th. It was a great opportunity for Key Clubbers who couldn’t attend Fall Rally South because it was held on the same day. Unlike most marathons that starts early in the morning, the Electric Run occurred at night, which motivated even more students to volunteer! As I walked over to the volunteer booth to check in I can hear the DJ testing out the music while I was getting a bright green neon volunteer t-shirt. I was able to get glow sticks as well. As I looked around seeing light strokes everywhere, I knew it was going to be an epic night. At the beginning of the event, all the volunteers were split into various groups. Some of the different groups included registration, t-shirts, and water stations. My friend and I were assigned to the water station. We placed neon cups all over the table and poured water in them as runner rehydrated. Meanwhile, the other groups were handing out glow sticks or cheering on runners on the racetrack. After the last person crossed the finish line everyone crowded to the center and celebrated. People were enjoying their time, bumping and dancing to the electro music and family and friends dancing. By the end of the night, the participants had had fun and experienced something magical and different. Alexis Mendoza Madison Key club member

Curie Elementary Lego League Expo On November 15th, University City Key Clubbers got to take a stroll down memory lane by volunteering at a local elementary school. Volunteers spent the night interviewing and hanging out with the future engineers of America, at the Curie Elementary Lego League Expo. Upon arrival, the Key Clubbers helped set up the event then proceeded to wait for the eager kids and parents to arrive. After everyone was settled, volunteers got the chance to play pretend and interview the children. The kids were super energetic and excited to show off their amazing inventions. The little engineers used Legos to build things such as rescue helicopters to save little Lego people from Tsunamis and moving earthquakes. All the projects were based around natural disasters and safety so the kids were more than happy to pass along their knowledge on the topic. Eventually, the volunteers gathered around and passed out prizes to each and every one of the kids. This was hands down the best part of the event because the Key Clubbers were able to put smiles on all faces in the room. The event was definitely a fun and successful event; the members were able to directly help the community and see the outcome of their hard work. Sharanee Sytha UCHS Key Club President

CHRISTMAS TREE LOT CONSTRUCTION Around this time of year, Grantville Allied-Gardens Kiwanis Club sets up their annual Christmas Tree Lot! Their Christmas tree lot, unlike others, is nonprofit; all of their proceeds go back to the community, including local schools like Patrick Henry! Saturday, November 16, G.A.G. Kiwanis began construction and invited us to join! Alongside SDSU Circle K, members of Patrick Henry Key Club assisted Kiwanians with the construction of the lot! Members woke up bright and early to help out our lovely sponsors. There, we helped unload all of the necessary equipment, build the skeletons of tents, lay out tarps, and anything else the Kiwanians needed! It was a great Kiwanis Family event; through teamwork, it was visible that everyone was really supportive of each other. It was also a great to meet the Circle K members; they talked to many of us about the college application process and college life! Although there was a lot of heavy lifting and puzzle work, it was all okay because it’s the least we can do to show our gratitude towards everything they do for us Key Clubbers! Kathy K Doan Patrick Henry Key Club President

STENCILING EVENT On November 16th, Key Club and various other organizations gathered around a local Mira Mesa park to participate in another cleanup effort organized by I Love A Clean San Diego, involving stenciling warning messages on storm drains and picking up trash around the neighborhood. I Love A Clean San Diego is well known for its events involving environmental conservation and citywide beautification, and this event was no exception! As a part of this event, many different organizations had “stenciling kits” that we’re designed to stencil “No Dumping” on top of storm drains as a way to caution ocean pollution through these drains. These storm drains lead directly to our ocean, and some trash materials are carried through these storm drains to the ocean where marine animals can consume them and then die. Serra Key Club in particular took care of trash pickup all around the eastern section of Mira Mesa; we gathered all kinds of repulsive materials polluting the neighborhood, including cigarettes, food wrappers, and rusted bicycle parts. Members were especially enthusiastic and held joyful spirits as we all bonded together while beautifying our local community!

Darian Martos Serra Key Club President




CTC Interested in running for Lieutenant Governor? Come to CTC, an educational training even that teaches Key Clubbers all about a Lieutenant Governor's role, duties, responsibilities, and more! WHO: KEY CLUBBERS INTERESTED IN RUNNING FOR LTG WHAT: WORKSHOPS RUN BY CURRENT LIEUTENANT GOVERNORS TO TEACH YOU ABOUT THEIR POSITIONS WHEN: DECEMBER 14, 2013 WHERE: GAJOME PARK ACADEMY Note: There is a $5 admission fee.

Division Board Lt. Governor: Nicklas Lee Email: EA: Frank To Email: EA: Kai Sampadian Email: EA: Tyler Ly Email: News Editor Email: d21.cnhkc.te@gmail,com Spirit Co.: Emily Van Email: K.Fam.: Karen Hollman Email: Fund.: Yemaya Hubert Email:

Bishop President: Jennifer Wang Email: Vice Pres.: Ashley Peng Email: Secretary: Carley Haft Email: Treasurer: Sarah Burnett Email: Editor: Morgan

Clairemont President: Kathy Tran Email: Vice Pres.: Lily Meakim Email: Vice Pres.: Mindy Nguyen Email: Secretary: Irvin Salceda Email: Treasurer: Kyra Johnson Email:

High Tech Int.


President: Kevin Vankham Vice Pres.: Ava Toledo Email: Secretary: Karlianna Salas Email: Treasurer: Felipe Vetter

La Jolla President: Madaline Myers Email: Vice Pres.: Katie Lepis Email: Secretary: Vivianna Vasquez Email: Treasurer: Jordan Nieto Email:

Madison President: Harrison Luu Email: Vice Pres.: Jasmine Chung Email: Vice Pres.: Wesley Kirk Email: Secretary: Roger Galac Email:


Mira Mesa President: Winnie Kuang Vice Pres.: Kristy Huynh Vice Pres.: Nicholas Tu Email: Secretary: Leianna-Richelle Barreyro Treasurer: Taylor Yeerong

Scripps Ranch President: Yvonne Luu Email: Vice Pres.: Mary Kim Email: Secretary: Gracie Yip Email: Treasurer: Thai Tran Email:

Email: Editor: Stephanie Tran Rojas



Mission Bay President: Jasmine Nguyen Email: Vice Pres.: Thao Tran Email: Secretary: Amy Nguyen Email: Treasurer: Alexis Green Email:

Patrick Henry President: Kathy Doan Email: Vice Pres.: Aileen Lee Email: Secretary: Lindsay Stall Email: Treasurer: Kathy Khem-maniyong Email:

Point Loma President: Nina Nguyen Vice Pres.: Jorge Gomaz Email:

Secretary: Kaleb Duke President: Treasurer: Jon Boone

President: Anthony Quach Email: Vice Pres.: Nicole Campos Email: Vice Pres.: Sandy Lai Email: Vice Pres.: Erin Pontecorvo Secretary: Therese Salazar Email: Treasurer: Abimael Hernandez

University City President: Sharnee Sytha Email: Vice Pres.: Emily Halaka Email: Vice Pres.: Osama Khan Email: Secretary: Nhatha (Helen) Nguyen Email: Treasurer: Mikaela Magpali Email:

Website CNH: Mira Mesa: mmhskeyclub University City:

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