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TECH EDITOR’S CORNER Hey Hippos, Well, I guess this is it. The end of my term. It feels a little too surreal for my newletters to stop coming in. But hey, that means that someone else will be taking my position and start cranking out some their own newletters! Most of them took so much time to do but I admit it was pretty fun. I’m pretty sad now that I am a senior and that this is my last year of Key Club. I just want to thank you all for taking the time to read my newletters. Thank you for being the perfect bunch of Hippos. You all experienced ups and downs on your Key Club rollercoaster, but I hope you enjoyed everything it has brought to you. I really hate goodbyes, therefore, let’s just end this note with a “See you later!” I hope you all will succeed with the skills Key Club has given to you as it did for me. We are arriving at our last destination, please exit to your left. This is your tech editor speaking, over and out. Stay Frosty, Estella Hoang 2

PS, I don’t really have a picture of myself, so have this quick sketch of me.


A WORD FROM OUR LTG Hello everyone! DCON is finally here! I can't wait to be installed with all the other LTG elects and also say good bye to all of our current LTG's. I would like to thank Nick for all the hard work and dedication he has put in to once again lead division 21 to greater heights! Nick was a great role model and I can't wait to represent the division along with him at DCON. One of my goals as LTG was to be able to bring an all new experience to this division. So starting right after DCON I plan to release a Divisional survey that any member will be able to fill out. With everyone's feedback we can then create a better experience for everyone! If everyone works together we are bound for success! If you want to hear about upcoming events, news and, Division Board applications please make sure to attend my first DCM as LTG, you wouldn't want to miss it! Hungry for service, Kai Sampadian Hey Hippos! Here it is; the last newsletter of the 2013-2014 CNH Key Club term. With the year coming to a close, the last event we have to look forward to is DCON 2014: Your Golden Ticket! Don't forget to stop by the ribbons and buttons booth to say “hi” - I'll be manning it! The past year had its fair share of amazing and defeating moments. It’s been rough, and although I would love to continue serving you all, I am looking forward to the happy ending on April 13th (finally, a break)! Lieutenant Governor-Elect Kai Sampadian has undergone training and will continue to do so throughout his term, so I believe Division 21 will remain in good hands. Together, we were able to do so much. I truly hope that this year served you to be an unforgettable experience, just as it did for me. I simply want to give thanks to each and every single one of you. Whether you served a single hour, raised a single dollar, or simply cheered your heart out sometime throughout this year, YOU were a part of something special, and I hope you never forget that. Don’t forget what Key Club has done for you, and in turn, what you have done for Key Club, and remember that although some of us may be graduating this year, the phrase “Once a Hippo, always a Hippo” will always remain true. Thank you for everything. In service, Nicklas Lee 3

Division 21 Lieutenant Governor Region 2 | Cali-Nev-Ha Key Club


PAST EVENTS St. Patrick’s Day Parade Kathy Doan

Patrick Henry Key Club was invited once again to join our sponsors, Grantville-Allied Gardens Kiwanis Club, along with other Kiwanis Clubs of San Diego, in marching in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Balboa Park! We then extended our invitation to the division in hopes of more attendees. We arrived early to the Veterans’ Museum parking lot and got to ride the tram to our destination! When we arrived to our spot in the parade, we were greeted by Kiwanians who offered us green accessories to wear along with our Key Club shirts. The green party beads, hats, headbands, and garlands all got us into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit! The Kiwanis Family was led by a mini car which had all of our organizations’ names on it and the Kiwanis International motto “Serving the Children of the World.” We were then given our banners, a Key Club International banner and a Patrick Henry Key Club banner. Key Clubbers held them with pride as we marched behind the Kiwanians and their own banner. Behind us were members of SDSU Circle K and CSU San Marcos Circle K! All of together, we greeted and waved at spectators on each side and even those up high watching in apartment buildings! After every announcer introduced our group, we all clapped and cheered. People were getting to know what the Kiwanis organization is all about! Overall, this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade was super fun and enjoyable.




Early Sunday morning Patrick Henry and University City hippos woke up and rushed over to Petco Park, ea- 5 ger to volunteer. March 9 from 5:30 a.m. To 12 p.m, Several volunteers got the opportunity to help with the San Diego's half marathon event downtown. I got the chance to volunteer alongside Patrick Henry hippos along with my fellow hippo-cent Patrick Du, at the events gear check. This is where we took the runners bags before the run and returned them after. The half marathon is held in San Diego every year with 100 percent of the profits towards charities and causes such as the make-a-wish foundation of San Diego, the National Foundation for autism research and Toys for Joy. The event was slow at first as earlier runners drop their bags off but picked up upon their arrival back after the run. This event was a great start to volunteering in the month of March and volunteering with the half marathon should be anticipated next year!

San Diego Half Marathon Eileen Vedar

5 5

UPCOMINGEVENTS EVENTS UPCOMING Fast Times 5K Run Not attending DCON? Here’s an event for you, the Fast Times 5K Run? Want to raise club funds? It’s a perfect opportunity to do so here!

When: April 12 Where: Mission Bay Why: Raise Club Funds

Ocean Beach Kite Festival Come out and support Ocean Beach Kiwanis at their 66th Annual Kite Festival! There were about 900 children who came out last year, so no volunteers should be bored! There will also be kite displays/games, craft vendors, and food trucks.

When: May 10 Where: 2483 Sunset Cliffs Blvd, San Diego, California 92107 Why: Help children with their kites!





UNICEF Tap Project



Division Board Lt. Governor: Nicklas Lee Email: EA: Frank To Email: EA: Kai Sampadian Email: EA: Tyler Ly Email: News Editor Email: d21.cnhkc.te@gmail,com Spirit Co.: Emily Van Email: K.Fam.: Karen Hollman Email: Fund.: Yemaya Hubert Email:

Bishop President: Jennifer Wang Email: Vice Pres.: Ashley Peng Email: Secretary: Carley Haft Email: Treasurer: Sarah Burnett Email: Editor: Morgan

Clairemont President: Kathy Tran Email: Vice Pres.: Lily Meakim Email: Vice Pres.: Mindy Nguyen Email: Secretary: Irvin Salceda Email: Treasurer: Kyra Johnson




High Tech Int.


President: Kevin Vankham Vice Pres.: Ava Toledo Email: Secretary: Karlianna Salas Email: Treasurer: Felipe Vetter Email:

La Jolla

President: Madaline Myers Email: Vice Pres.: Katie Lepis Email: Secretary: Vivianna Vasquez Email: Treasurer: Jordan Nieto Email:


President: Harrison Luu Email: Vice Pres.: Jasmine Chung Email: Vice Pres.: Wesley Kirk Email: Secretary: Roger Galac Email: Treasurer: Christine Nguyen Website:


President: Darian Martos Email: Vice Pres.: Kimberly Banh Email: Secretary: Tommy Giang Email: Treasurer: Cindy Nguyen Editor: Nicole Hernandez Email:



Mira Mesa President: Winnie Kuang Vice Pres.: Kristy Huynh Vice Pres.: Nicholas Tu Email: Secretary: Leianna-Richelle Barreyro

Scripps Ranch President: Yvonne Luu Email: Vice Pres.: Mary Kim Email: Secretary: Gracie Yip Email: Treasurer: Thai Tran Email:

Treasurer: Taylor Yeerong Email: Editor: Stephanie Tran Rojas Email: Website:

Mission Bay President: Jasmine Nguyen Email: Vice Pres.: Thao Tran Email: Secretary: Amy Nguyen Email: Treasurer: Alexis Green Email:

Patrick Henry President: Kathy Doan Email: Vice Pres.: Aileen Lee Email: Secretary: Lindsay Stall Email: Treasurer: Kathy Khem-maniyong Email: Website:

Point Loma President: Nina Nguyen

Kearny President: Anthony Quach Email: Vice Pres.: Nicole Campos Email: Vice Pres.: Sandy Lai Email: Vice Pres.: Erin Pontecorvo Secretary: Therese Salazar Email: Treasurer: Abimael Hernandez Website:

University City President: Sharnee Sytha Email: Vice Pres.: Emily Halaka Email: Vice Pres.: Osama Khan Email: Secretary: Nhatha (Helen) Nguyen Email: Treasurer: Mikaela Magpali Email: Website: Vice Pres.: Jorge Gomaz Email:

Secretary: Kaleb Duke President:

9 Treasurer: Jon Boone Email:



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