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Charles Zell, CCE, Chuck’s Foods

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Billy Tomber, RIO Syrup; Rex Cusamano, Cusamano & Sons; John Uhl, Century Industries, LLC; Mark Goldrainer, Advance Pierre Foods

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Dedicated to strengthening relationships with the Fair, Festival, and Special Events Industries through effective communication, benefits, leadership, and solutions The National Independent Concessionaires Association, Inc. is a Florida Corporation with an Editorial and General Office located at 1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511 • Office: (813) 438-8926 • Fax: (813) 438-8928 • Online: The information contained in this Publication is based upon sources believed to be reliable. Readers should not act without professional advice. Cover to Cover © 1993-2015 NICA, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Stay safe on your travels this season! May 2016 NICA News


This Month’s Newest Members! Amy Anderson Altamont Fair Altamont, NY

Brett Enright Juicy’s, LLC Corvallis, OR

Alfonso Ledesma Ledesma Concessions National City, CA

Keanan Moreno Family A Fair, Inc. Perris, CA

Gary Armstrong Armstrong Concessions Knoxville, TN

Dominic Gemmiti The Corner Grill Knoxville, TN

William Martinez Mr. Coconut Corp. Medley, FL

Gerald Sapp Triple T Concessions Bloomsburg, PA

Kristy Coleman Coleman Concessions & Equipment Lakeland, FL

Ryan Hagy DeAnna’s Food Concessions Melbourne, FL

Reed Mikesell Mikesell’s Concessions St. Henry, OH

Clinton Yoder Little Richards Lecanto, FL

This Month’s Member Renewals Barbara Adams B & S Concessions Clinton, MI (2013)

Robbi Miller Miller Concessions, Inc. Foley, MN (2013)

Aaron Vincent Metro Beverage, LLC New Boston, MI (2015)

Larry Wynn East Coast Concessions Summerville, SC (2015)

Bob Bassett Source1 Purchasing Boynton Beach, FL (2015)

Gary Pinkerton Gary’s Fun Food Concessions, Inc. Broken Arrow, OK (2014)

Adam Warrick Dickerson & Kenna Concessions Lebanon, IN (2014)

Thank you to all 12 of our New Members and all 20 of our Renewing Members for your support of NICA!

Thomas Carnahan Carnahan Concessions Stormville, NY (2003)

Edward Porcelli, III Spaghetti Eddie Edgewater, FL (2013)

Texas Giant Corny Dogs

Michael Chambers American Food Service Dade City, FL (2015)

Gregory Ruda Ruda Concessions Inc. Gorham, ME (2015)

Marian Eley Potato Tornados & More New Paris, OH (2014)

Heather Sattler, CCE Sattler’s Leather & Hats Bonita Springs, FL (2005)

Jim Guenthner Source1 Purchasing San Diego, CA (2015)


Mike Scranton Franklin County Fair Greenfield, MA (2014)

Lorena Hatfield K&K Insurance Group, Inc. Joy Short Fort Wayne, IN (1996) Murphy’s Trash Services, LLC dba The Farmer’s Robert Jackson Daughter Restaurant Jackson Enterprises Van Wert, OH (2015) Dulzura, CA (2007) Jaqueline Leavitt Golden Wheel Amusements / The Legacy Group, Inc. Chugiak, AK (2015)

Mark Stone M. Stone Concessions Edgewater, NJ (2014)

Nick Strates Demetri’s Greek Foods Mt. Airy, MD (2009) Available for purchase from Fare Foods. Call your sales representative or 800-651-1601 more for details.


May 2016 NICA News

President’s Message Paulette Keene, President

time they lose with their family. The Board of Directors has adopted a proposal Hello Everyone! It to develop three more councils around the United doesn’t seem like it’s been States in order to grow and strengthen our a month since I wrote my national organization. This is a plan that will help last President’s Message— members get involved in their local council, grow my, how time flies! My the membership in their geographic area, and find husband Norm and I are local benefits to help each other grow their bottom just returning from the NICA line. A ten-year history proves this plan has Board of Directors annual worked with the West Council that continues to Spring Planning Workshop grow membership, have a successful Food Show held in St. Petersburg, in conjunction with WFA, raise money from golf Florida. It was a full threetournaments and golf cart raffles, actively partake day workshop. We have reviewed and updated in NICA Benefits, develop leadership, and enjoy our Strategic Plan and I have appointed Directors each other’s company at Rally’s. Thanks to Past to their committee appointments. The Board has Director Tony Trafton, CCE for being instrumental worked hard and deliberated on the goals they set in drafting this concept for us four years ago. forth to accomplish in each committee. The Board of Directors also carefully reviewed Before I continue, I want to thank the whole the By-Laws, adopted staff job descriptions, Board for taking time away from their families and evaluated profit and loss statements on events businesses to fulfill their obligation to serve on the Board. I also want to thank all the spouses and children of the Board Members who sacrifice the ►► “President’s Message” continued on page 6

The Director’s Voice Jennifer Giordano, Treasurer

asked to serve on the Scholarship Selection Committee. We certainly have some wonderful Wow! I can’t believe I am young adults growing up in our industry. It is that just finishing my first year time again and we have a committee reviewing serving on the NICA Board. applications for this year’s scholarship awards. After seven years on the The recipients will be selected and announced NICA West Council I was next month. I am sure this year’s committee delighted to join the Board will be as impressed as I was with the amazing and it has been an amazing individuals who we are lucky enough to help reach year! One of my favorite their goals. Watch for the announcement of who things about being a part of will be awarded the scholarships in NICA News. both of these teams is the Spring has sprung and spring cleaning has fantastic group of people I begun! For us at C & C Concessions, this is the have had the pleasure of working with and getting time of year that we spend sprucing up our equipment and getting ready to hit the road. Our to know. The open exchange of information and understanding of the different needs of our fellow warehouse and yard are buzzing with activities concessionaires across the country is what I feel like pressure washing equipment, sanding, makes NICA such a great organization. I am sure we will remain friends for years to come. ►► “Director’s Voice” continued on page 7 Last year, before I joined the Board, I was May 2016 NICA News



President: Paulette Keene 1st Vice President: Dominic Palmieri 2nd Vice President: Dennis Fraleigh Secretary: Kathy Ross Treasurer: Jennifer Giordano


Sandy Class Dan Lusenhop Justin Sattler Daryl Whicheloe, CCE

Immediate Past President Joe Potillo, Jr.

Past Presidents’ Council Greg Miller, CCE Tom Sattler, CCE

Russ Harrison, CCE Richard Busse, CCE Tom Hodson, CCE Jim Hodson, CCE (Deceased) Tim O’Brien, CCE Ron Smith Adam McKinney, CCE Mike Pence, CCE Jack Woods, II, CCE Bob Hallifax, CCE Frank Parnell, CCE Larry Orme (Deceased) Larry Sivori Rich Wright Bill McKinney, CCE Arthur Pokorny, Jr. Gene O’Brien, CCE (Deceased)


NICA West Council Kim Barr Nate Janousek Dan Lusenhop Ashley Murray Mike Newman Dale Smith Lisa Thompson-Baker Jay Wells Daryl Whicheloe, CCE April Wood

nica Northeast Council Tom Ferguson Kelly Grout Russ Harrison, CCE Vinnie Nelson Jim Staub, Jr.

Interim Executive Manager : Rey O’Day • Office Manager: Yachika Rogers • Communications, Marketing & Design: Jesse Willard • Bookkeeper: Lisa Fleming •


2130 Walnut St, La Verne, CA 91750

National Representatives Duane Fischer John Harkey David Higginbottom Charles Ivory, CCE Mike Markowitz Mike McGrath Kevin McGrath, II Dannie Moreland Etta Pence, CCE David Spann R. Josh Stremmel George Wandrey, Jr. Ted Wentz Ed White

Are you Interested in becoming a National Representative, starting a Communications Committee, or learning more about NICA? Contact the NICA Office at (813) 438-8926 or today!

“President’s Message” continued from page 5 ►► efficiently. The third year plan was to search and hire a new ED who would have an efficient transfer with updated information and the time to become and conventions, established a benefit company familiar with our association and its members. protocol, began planning with Fare Foods for I have been told the Industry is looking for the 2017 NICA Business Expo & Fare Foods us to hire an ED and some members are ready Food Show, assigned participation in zone and to hire now. I believe the concern is due to the association meetings, committed to reinvigorate fact that the person in place has “Interim” before the Read and Win program with IAFE (see page her title, giving the impression we are not stable, 30), and inserted topic ideas and suggestions which is far from the truth! This past year, a lot of from our NICA Business Expo member sessions work has been accomplished; we still have a lot into this year’s Strategic goals. to accomplish and we are working diligently to It seems the scuttle-butt about NICA is do so. We want a smooth transition so the NICA around hiring an Executive Director (ED). This is Board of Directors has hired Career Partners probably because last year the search committee International to search and bring us candidates developed a three-year plan to hire Rey O Day, for the ED positon. giving her the title of Interim Executive Manager In closing, I have decided it is a challenge to with the job description of Executive Director. The govern a board made up of nine entrepreneurs plan was for Rey to do the executive work of the with nine different businesses who all operate Board, as well as also train an Office Manager, differently and successfully. We all have to bring oversee the Office Staff, and assist in day-to-day exceptional ideas together to serve you, the 1100 operations. The second year was to finalize all members of NICA, for the betterment of all. I am Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), develop excited about what we are planning and doing. Board protocols and gather/update documents Thanks for your membership! “Together We or agreements needed to run the organization Can!” ▲ 6

May 2016 NICA News

“Director’s Voice” continued from page 5 ►► painting, building, repairing, and fine-tuning our menus and pricing. Looking at the things we can do to improve our operation and our bottom line. That’s where our NICA benefits can be a big help! Everyone please use our benefits! Some examples of the savings our company has been able to reap are through CLC Lodging, First Data processing, and the Sysco/Source1 program. Communicate your ideas to the Board Members so we can try to find more ways to help you

reduce your expenses. Taking advantage of the benefits makes your membership pay for itself. We just finished the Board of Director’s Spring Planning Workshop which was very inspiring! We worked on our Strategic Plan and set goals that we are determined to achieve. As the Treasurer, I am looking forward to helping this organization become stronger and better than ever. I would like to encourage each of you to get involved—join a committee, attend a rally or fundraiser and most importantly, communicate. Remember, “Together We Can!” Safe Travels! ▲

seen at Spring workshop Photos by Rey O’Day, Interim Executive Manager


Daryl Whicheloe, CCE, Director, Kathy Ross, Secretary, and Dennis Fraleigh, 2nd Vice President

Justin Sattler, Director, Paulette Keene, Joe Potillo, Jr., Past President, Jennifer President, and Dominic Palmieri, 1st Giordano, Treasurer, and Directors Vice President, reading NICA News Dan Lusenhop and Sandy Class

Joe Potillo, Jr., Immediate Past President, Dennis Fraleigh, 2nd Vice President, and Justin Sattler, Director sharing a good laugh

Rey O’Day, Interim Executive Manager, Daryl Whicheloe, CCE, Director, and his wife Kristen


Contest! Find the Traffic Cone

Jennifer Giordano, Treasurer, Paulette Keene, President, Norman Keene, and Dan Lusenhop Director

Traffic Cones typically mark a dangerous area in your route. This time, however, it shows a path towards a Gift Card worth $25!

So... What if you Find it?

Well, lucky reader, tell us where you think it is by entering online at

You may also call the NICA Office at (813) 438-8926 or send us a letter with the page number, general page location, your name, address, and phone number to NICA, Hidden Object Contest, 1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511. Member entries must be sent in by May 31, 2016.

Happy Searching this Month! The Next Winner Could Even be You! May 2016 NICA News


Thoughts from a This month’s Statement of Communications & Management Philosophy is from Charles Zell, CCE, Chuck’s Foods: “Over the years that we have been in business, my management and communications have had to change with the times. Being in the concession food business, seeing Fairs and Festivals, I have noticed that you have to approach this with an open mind. For one thing, there are never two years that are the same. They may vary from labor problems to location problems to product shortages. So, when these problems arise, you learn how to handle them. I feel that our industry has taken a lot of steps forward. One of those steps is having an organization such as NICA to help inform us of important things that we should know, but this is only one part of it. Our local State Association also helps keep us informed. In today’s growing market, you have to be willing to advance with new and better looking Charles Zell, CCE equipment to catch the public eye. You have to merchandise your product Chuck’s Foods so the public will want to purchase your items. You also need to be aware CCE Earned in 2000 of local state health requirements. These issues are of great importance to you and to help keep the public safe. Communication with the Fair Directors and Festival Committee people has become a very big part of my job. As the Directors learn about our business and what organizations we belong to, they have realized that, yes, we are a food business that is the life of their shows. They are more willing to ask for ideas on how to improve their event. I fill that we need to help keep our Directors informed on what is happening in the business so that we can grow and do a better job in serving the public. We also need to get them involved in NICA and State Organizations to help educate them along with us.” ▲ The CCE Program was developed to recognize the professionalism of Concessionaires. The title of CCE represents a deep understanding and respect for the Fair and Festival business and indicates that the titleholder will perform with the highest level of professionalism. The applicant must have a minimum of seven years as a full-time chief operating manager of an independent concession business and be a current member of NICA, at least one State Association, and of one of the following associations: IAFE, IFEA, or the WFA. The applicant must then complete a questionnaire and a 150-200 word personal philosophy of communication and management as it relates to the fair industry. Applications are accepted until October 1st of each year—don’t miss your chance! Visit the CCE website for more details on how to apply:


May 2016 NICA News

Member’s Voice The greatest part of NICA is the Membership! The Membership’s Voice influences where the organization is headed and what it can improve, especially when it comes to which benefits are being used and which events people are interested in attending. The NICA Office has been continuing their survey of responses from Renewing Members. This month, we took a special look at some of our renewing Associate Members. Billy Tomber, RIO Syrup of St. Louis, Missouri, did the interview for his father Phillip who was out of town. When asked to describe the relationship this Associate Member had with NICA, the first words that popped out were “it’s fantastic.” He praised the NICA Business Expo and Fare Foods Food Show as a great opportunity to see their customers and be able to make a connection. He feels the Food Show gives them an opportunity to be able to talk with the actual front line people who hear from the customer as to whether the product is good or just so-so. He feels the NICA News (which he mainly reads online) gives a good profile of what’s new on the midway and the current trends. RIO Syrup does not only make flavors for ice, but even developed one for bacon flavored funnel cakes. They will try to manufacture any flavor you need or want to try. They use the NICA Membership Directory for their mailings and emails to network with customers and prospective customers. Billy feels that it is most important to keep people informed. He admitted that he personally had not made much use of the benefits but he thought his Dad was probably more aware of them. Rex Cusamano, Cusamano & Sons from Mt. Vernon, Illinois, stated that he feels NICA is a great organization. He explained that his company works with Fare Foods and supplies them with produce that is then distributed to over 22 states. This makes it possible to have a “reaction to the customers’ needs and wants and allows for instant communication between the distributor and the customers’ needs.” Rex pointed out that anything can be available even if not in the

catalog. If it is in season his company can search and find and fly it in to meet the customers’ needs. He is proud of his company’s ability to understand the “time sensitivity” of their customers’ needs. “They needed it yesterday, not tomorrow!” Rex has made use of the Sherwin Williams benefit. He especially enjoys the Member’s Voice articles in the NICA News. These articles are enlightening, showing newer to older members and small to larger businesses giving their perspectives of what it’s like to be a Concessionaire. It is “not easy,” but NICA helps “bring to light” this fact. It also helps to educate its membership. The membership can produce change through “group effort.” Participation in the Food Show allows him to talk with many excited Concessionaires whose entrepreneurial spirit is great and they are looking forward to the coming season. John Uhl, Century Industries, LLC of Sellersburg, Indiana, has been a member of NICA since its beginning year of 1993. He described the relationship with NICA as being very positive. Initially, he felt that there was a need for such an organization to have the ability to represent the

►► “Member’s Voice” continued on page 10 May 2016 NICA News


“Member’s Voice” continued from page 9 ►►

hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, explained that his relationship with NICA has been based on his participation at the NICA West Food Show held in side of Concessionaires. He stated that he also conjunction with the WFA Convention for the last had personal contact with many of the founding five years. This company is an industry leader in members and they recruited him. His primary supplying quality beef, chicken and pork products reason for continuing his membership for this and is the “number one” provider of sandwiches, long is to stay informed and in contact with the fully cooked burgers with certified Angus beef, industry. “Our company is not out there operating Philly steaks, stuffed chicken breasts, and country a unit, but standing on the periphery.” He feels fried steaks. He admitted that he had “not taken that his relationship with NICA allows him to be advantage of many of the benefits.” He does connected with an organization that looks at “the glance through the NICA News and pays attention Big Picture” in this industry. John also said that he to any of the electronic information he receives. is aware of the many benefits, but has not made He thinks the only thing to be added to NICA News use of them with the exception of the CheckInn would be perhaps a column for “Exchange Info” Direct Card. He is from the “old school” and enjoys where someone who was looking for a product reading the paper issue of the NICA News. He could list it in hopes that a person having such reads from cover to cover looking for “tid bits.” He product could contact them. especially enjoys reading the Member’s Voice. He The NICA Office plans to continue these calls also felt that the NICA Membership Directory is a to our Renewing Members throughout 2016 and benefit, as it provides an update on members who beyond, especially since we have just added new forget to notify Century Industries of any change. discounts through Source1 Purchasing and would “Fairs change, customers’ taste evolves, and this love to hear your experience. If you hear from is frequently evident in the news.” us, we’d love to know what’s on your mind! If we Mark Goldrainer, Advance Pierre Foods haven’t called yet, we’ll be in touch soon. ▲

As a trusted provider of concessionaires and vendor insurance, K&K is committed to helping you succeed by offering quality coverage and services designed for your organization. K&K’s expertise is respected throughout the industry; we are your solution for affordable insurance coverage. It’s easy to work with K&K—visit our website now for more information. • Apply and buy online • Competitive rates and coverage • Over 60 years of insurance and claims experience

K&K Insurance Group, Inc. is a licensed insurance producer in all states (TX license #13924); operating in CA, NY and MI as K&K Insurance Agency (CA license #0334819)


May 2016 NICA News

WE DELIVER! We deliver to events on site in 44 different states and Canada. Customers value our friendly customer service and with our warehouses centrally located in Tampa, Florida and Southern Illinois they

Complete supply of all concession products! • Meats • Produce • Frozen Items • Dry Goods • Canned Goods • Paper Products • Fun Foods • Custom Printed Cups

appreciate consistent delivery of product

Call and Speak with a Customer Service Representative Today!

to their events throughout the year.




Frozen Items

Dry Goods

Canned Goods

Paper Products

Fun Food

Custom Printed Cups

May 2016 NICA News


Travel Safety News NEWS US DOT & Safety Partners Work to End Distracted Driving National Transportation & Highway Safety Administration Last month, The United States (US) Department of Transportation’s (DOT) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), California Highway Patrol (CHP), the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), and Impact Teen Drivers (ITD) joined together for the national kickoff of Distracted Driving Awareness Month. In 2014, 3,179 people were killed and an additional 431,000 were injured in collisions involving distracted drivers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. That same year, inattention collisions resulted in the death of 104 people and the injury of 11,436 others in California. “Behind every distracted driving death is a story of loss. In the blink of an eye, lives can be transformed forever,” said US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “Scrolling through song lists on a cell phone, or texting while driving is not just irresponsible, it can have tragic consequences. We’re calling on drivers to put down their devices and help keep the roadways safe for all Americans.” Federal, state, and local law enforcement were out raising awareness about the dangers of distracted driving to change behavior and save lives. The month kicked off with a national advertising campaign and law enforcement 12

May 2016 NICA News

crackdown called U Drive. U Text. U Pay. that ran from April 8 to April 13 this year. The campaign is aimed at combating distracted driving nationwide and the effort includes television, radio, and digital advertisements. Drivers caught texting or using their mobile devices when behind the wheel were issued citations in states with distracted driving bans. “Lives are at stake on our highways. NHTSA wants to drive behavior change, stop bad habits, and encourage safe driving,” said NHTSA Administrator Dr. Mark Rosekind. “People need to understand the potential price of distracted driving. The cost of a ticket is nothing, compared to the irrevocable cost of taking someone’s life.” To support these efforts, OTS also conducted a social media campaign urging drivers to Silence the Distraction. According to data from the CHP’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System, 22,306 people were involved in distracted driving collisions in 2013. The number of distracted driving victims in California increased slightly in 2014 to 22,652. “As we rely on our cell phones more and more

in our everyday lives, we seem to be kidding ourselves in thinking that they don’t affect our driving,” said OTS Director Rhonda Craft. “Crashes are up. The scientific evidence is solid. The dangers are real, and they apply to all of us. We need to silence the distractions.” A 2014 study by the American Automobile Association Foundation, based on actual behavior rather than law enforcement reports, found that distraction due to cell phone use is much more prevalent than is reflected in official government statistics. “Our investigators can determine if speed, alcohol, or drugs were a factor in a collision,” CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow said. “However, it is difficult to determine when distracted driving is the cause. Most people do not declare that they were distracted before they crashed. Therefore, we know distracted driving statistics are underreported.” “Distracted driving is a completely preventable cause of death or injury on our roadways. We believe education can be as important as enforcement in addressing this problem, which is why we are pleased to have our traffic safety partners and other law enforcement agencies working with us,” Commissioner Farrow added. “Driving a car is one of the riskiest activities any of us undertake on a daily basis and it is especially dangerous for our most novice drivers – teens,” Kelly Browning, Ph.D., Executive Director

of ITD, said. “For the first time in over 50 years, traffic deaths have increased eight percent despite decades of vehicle design improvements and traffic safety advancements. Simply put, we need to change our behavior behind the wheel. We need to keep both hands on the wheel, both eyes on the road, and our minds on driving. Focus on the road ahead to get to where you’re going safely—we all have loved ones counting on us.” The problem of distracted driving is not limited to teenagers. The DOT notes at any given moment in 2014, during daylight hours, more than 587,000 vehicles were being driven by someone using a hand-held cell phone. “Today I’m calling on adults to turn off their devices when they drive,” said NTSB Chairman Hart. “Once again, teens will follow our example. I’m calling on teens to turn off their devices as well, and lead by reminding their peers to do the same.” Every CHP Division in the state and many local law enforcement agencies have planned educational efforts throughout the month to spread information about the problem of distracted driving. April 7 and 20 were “zero tolerance days,” when all agencies were especially vigilant for distracted drivers. Although the purpose of the campaign was not to write as many citations as possible, sometimes citations were necessary for drivers to understand the importance of focusing on their driving. ▲

Getting Ready for the 2016 Roadcheck by Examining 2015’s Results Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance From June 2-4, 2015, last year’s annual CVSA International Roadcheck was conducted. This is an annual event where big rigs and other vehicles are randomly inspected across Canada, the United States, and Mexico over a 72-hour period. Last year resulted in the lowest rates of out-of-service violations since the event started keeping records in 1991. 69,472 truck and bus inspections were conducted with 44,989 being North American Level I Inspections, which include a 37-step procedure that involves an examination of both the driver’s record of duty status and the safety of the vehicle. “CVSA’s International Roadcheck is the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles in the world, with

nearly 17 trucks or buses inspected, on average, every minute, over three days,” said Collin B. Mooney, CVSA Acting Executive Director. “However, we must remember that the work done over that 72-period represents only a fraction of what’s accomplished every day by approximately 13,000 CVSA-certified local, state, provincial, territorial and federal inspectors at hundreds of inspection locations across North America.” ►► “Travel Safety” continued on page 22 May 2016 NICA News


Are Your Profits Going up in Smoke? Jim Guenthner, Source1 Purchasing

Foods in this category that are in-stock at various Sysco OpCos and offer significant savings. Source1 Purchasing, NICA partner and the Protein is a critical category for NICA Members power behind the NICA Sysco Marketplace, just as protein items account for 11 out of the top 20 completed an in-depth analysis of purchases items purchased by NICA Members from June made by NICA Sysco Marketplace members to August, 2015. Farmland is one of the largest from Sysco from June to August of 2015. From producers of protein products in the world and this analysis, Source1 was able to identify over their program with Source1 offers deviated pricing $100,000 in potential savings for NICA Members (savings right off invoice) and rebates on most by considering alternative contracted items items within the program. Farmland is also a longalready in stock at Sysco. time supporter of NICA, supplying many NICA Our analysis shows one of the most noticeable Members with high quality protein items. opportunities to build profits exists within key Here are a few examples of items purchased protein items, including highly used items like by many NICA Members, and what the savings bacon, spare ribs and beef franks. Source1 was potential would be on a similar item from able to identify contracted items from Farmland Farmland with the NICA Sysco Marketplace:

Pork Spare Rib 4.9# Down Quantity Purchased: 783 cases or 30,956 pounds Sysco SUPC: 5808056 Manufacturer: JBS Total Cost: $77,029.69 Price per Pound: $2.49 Rebate Earned (Y/N): No

Quantity Purchased: 783 cases or 30,956 pounds Sysco SUPC: 1046770 Manufacturer: Farmland Total Cost: $54,623.17 Price per Pound: $1.76 Rebate Earned (Y/N): Yes

Savings Potential $: $22,406.52 plus a rebate • Savings Potential %: 29.1%

Cooked Sliced Bacon Quantity Purchased: 214 cases or 1,305 pounds Sysco SUPC: 6515183 Pack Size: 1/300 ct Manufacturer: Hormel Total Cost: $10,728.53 Price per Case: $50.13 Rebate Earned (Y/N): No

Quantity Purchased: 214 cases or 1,305 pounds Sysco SUPC: 2145241 Pack Size: 2/150 ct Manufacturer: Farmland Total Cost: $8,775.16 Price per Case: $41.01 Rebate Earned (Y/N): Yes

Savings Potential $: $1,953.37 plus a rebate • Savings Potential %: 18.2%

Beef Franks 8x1, 6” Quantity Purchased: 444 cases or 4,440 pounds Sysco SUPC: 1137728 Pack Size: 2/5# Manufacturer: Sysco private label Total Cost: $13,678.52 Price per Case: $30.81 Rebates Earned (Y/N): Yes

Quantity Purchased: 444 cases or 4,440 pounds Sysco SUPC: 1883131 Pack Size: 1/10# Manufacturer: Farmland Total Cost: $9,555.65 Price per Case: $21.52 Rebates Earned (Y/N): Yes

Savings Potential $: $4,122.87 plus a rebate • Savings Potential %: 30.1% 14

May 2016 NICA News

If you are buying proteins and not taking advantage of this program you are missing out… To get your share of these savings… 1. Contact your Source1 account manager. They can share with you an individual report that specifically shows the products you have purchased and any possible contracted alternatives in stock at the local Sysco OpCo. This report is called a “Contract Product Match” report, and will be specific to your business. 2. Identify possible savings opportunities by reviewing this report with your account manager. 3. Request samples from your Sysco point of contact for items you would like to compare against your current product. 4. Pick the best product for your needs. Please keep in mind that all decisions are left to you; Source1 just wants to bring money saving possibilities to you for consideration. 5. Once you have sampled an item and decided to make a switch, please confirm stock status or special order availability with your Sysco representative and have them add the new item to your Sysco order guide.

6. Start ordering the new item and begin saving money. ▲

May 2016 NICA News


The Benefits of Traveling with NICA Don’t forget to take advantage of NICA’s many auto, travel and related benefits from our premier partners. For more information, be sure to visit our Member Benefits page at, call the NICA office at (813) 438-8926, or see pages 28-34 in your 2016 Membership Directory. Stay safe this season and save some money!


Save at the gas Pump! Superfleet

SuperFleet is a total fleet fuel management program designed to help fleet managers control costs and monitor vehicle performance. If you travel in the Eastern or 123 4567 890 1234 5 Midwestern part of the NICA Member 5/14 ◄ Good thru Vehicle # 1234567890 1234 ◄ Fleet code United States, you can Fuel Only receive up to 5 cents per gallon fuel discounts at the following locations: Marathon, Speedway, Rich, Pilot, and Valvoline. Service includes online account management, bill payment, and multiple security options. Sign up at


Save on auto Parts! Autozone

AutoZone is the nation’s largest aftermarket auto parts provider, with nearly 4,200 company-owned locations and over $6.3 billion in sales. Through the country’s largest cooperative buying program for local government, AutoZone was awarded a national contract to help support cities, counties, educational institutions, state agencies, and non-profit organizations. Through this contract, NICA is eligible to benefit from the national pricing and services offered by AutoZone. It is important to tell the attendant in the store that this is a commercial account. You can find your Autozone number on the back of your NICA Member Card or by calling the NICA Office.


May 2016 NICA News


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Trip Sheets Online by Over the Road Permitting Service, Inc. is a new, fast and very simple way for tracking your trip miles and fuel for filing your road use taxes. For as little as $20 per month, you have the power of practical truck routing from zip code to zip code or city to city. Once signed up, this program can be accessed on your smart phone, tablet, or any computer. Miles are broken out per state for reporting, and fuel can be added after or during each trip or move. All the information is kept online for your access anywhere. Print your trip sheets and reports quickly and easily - monthly, quarterly, and annually. Calculate your quarterly taxes based on your fleet, each truck individually, or in groups. Printout IFTA schedules for quarterly reporting. Tax rates are current for all previous quarters! To sign up or to learn more, go to

Hertz Rent-A-Car offers special low rates and discounts on car or truck rentals for NICA Members. Save up to 20% on Hertz Business Travel Rates at all locations; special rates are also available at Hertz Location Edition® locations. Complimentary membership in Hertz #1 Club Gold® (a $60 value) and earn FREE Rental Day Certificates with each qualifying rental. No additional driver fees when other employees drive the rental vehicle. Active accounts receive quarterly statements & additional value-added offers and savings. At offairport locations across the U.S. and Canada, receive discounted rates with the same great service you receive at their airport locations. Sign up at and call the NICA Office for the PIN Code.


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Arrow Distributing began selling RV and Motorhome parts in 1980 out of one location in Omaha, Nebraska. Today, Arrow has eight warehouses primarily located in the Central U.S. and still grows while maintaining the strong Midwestern values that they were built on. This amazing discount program on RV parts and accessories is made available to NICA Members through Arrow Distributing. Contact the NICA Office to get the toll free number for Arrow Distributing and a purchase order number. As with all of our national discount pricing programs, you will be responsible for payment of your orders.

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Budget Rent a Car System, Inc. is an American vehicle rental company that was founded in 1958 in Los Angeles, California. Rent your vehicle today at over 800 locations nationwide and save! Your BCD# is on the back of your membership card. Sign up today at

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Advanced Testing Solutions (ATS) offers DOT/FMCSA-specific drug and alcohol testing, non-DOT drug testing, and background screening services. All of their services are available online by simply logging onto their system. This allows for your candidate results to be viewed anytime anywhere! ATS offers competitive pricing for all NICA Members. For additional information, call them at (866) 413-6872 or visit them online at


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Crystal Automotive, located in Homosassa, Florida, offers Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Nissan, and Chevrolet vehicles to meet your travel needs. All NICA Members receive “Crystal Family and Friends Discount Pricing (Below dealer’s invoice) as well as free shipping anywhere in the continental United States.” To receive your discount, please contact Greg Worth at (352) 634-4582, or or visit Crystal Automotive’s physical location at 1035 S. Suncoast Blvd., Homosassa, Florida 34448. For additional information, they can be visited online at

Ford Fleet program

Ford Motor Company’s Fleet Program is available at any Ford Dealership. To receive the fleet discount you must call the NICA Office to get the Fleet ID# once you are there. The dealership will ask for this number and your current NICA Membership Card; be sure to have the membership card with you.


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Why pay more for a hotel room than you have to? The CheckINN Card from CLC Lodging gives NICA Members access to deeply discounted hotel rates that provide 20-40% savings off workforce travel at CLC’s broad network of hotels. There are more than 10,000 hotels coast-tocoast that accept the CLC Card. Enrollment is FREE for all NICA Members. The only cost is a $4.95/per night fee, which is usually a small fraction of what you can save! Call the NICA Office for the required key code and sign up at or by calling (866) 226-1544. ▲ May 2016 NICA News


Transferring Ownership Deb Aschmann, Fairs & Events Consulting A while ago, I was chatting with one of my friends, a Food Concessionaire. The subject of retirement came up and his reaction was not positive about it being in his future; after all, he told me, he has nothing but a bunch of equipment to sell. Knowing how busy he is during the season, I argued that he is well established in a variety of venues and that should be worth something. His answer spotlighted an issue on which I hadn’t focused. Vendors seldom have claim to a location, though they may have spent a lifetime building their business there. When I look five to ten years down the road, I am alarmed at Fairs’ diminished options in Professional Concessions. We Fairs should have a healthy nervousness about where the next generation of Concessionaires are coming from and how that transition will happen. My biggest fear is that we end up with corporate food service programs as our only option! Concessionaires are hard working people and the numbers entering the field are not what they used to be. Besides the political concerns of labor, transportation, and rising product and operations costs, there is also health, retirement, and succession as major factors. With this plateful of business head-aches, what enticement is there to become a Concessionaire—especially if there aren’t secure locations? We need to work with our Concessionaires to nurture the next wave of

operators. Having owned, operated, and sold a small business, I know a business value has many factors: the market, inventory, contracts, client lists, location, and reputation, among others. Being able to produce documentation for these is critical in successfully selling a business. In the past, the Dutchess County Fair did not have a written policy. Often, new owners took up residency without our fore-knowledge. Last year, the Board of Directors adopted a Business Transfer Policy (see below). We acknowledge that location is integral to a concession business. We require references for the new owner and allow him/her to stay at that location for a year, as long as quality and income remain steady. This policy

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The Dutchess County Fair’s Business Transfer Policy The Dutchess County Agricultural Society, Inc (DCAS) recognizes the contribution our concessions and vendors make to the success of the Dutchess County Fair. We also recognize that they are not traditional “brick and mortar” businesses and as they look to transition their business to new owners, the location of their operation at our Fair is key to the value of their business. The policy of the DCAS for the transition of business ownership to new owners is as follows: • The prospective owner must fill out a DCAS 18

May 2016 NICA News

Fair application, including references and submit this prior to taking ownership. • After the references are checked and the prospect is approved, DCAS will offer the location to the new owner for 1 year, with the understanding that product quality remains at or above the existing standard and income produced from the booth also remains at or above the existing level. • Any concession or vendor not abiding by this policy in transferring their business may lose their location(s).

The Benefits of Being a Director Russ Harrison, CCE, Past President At NICA’s Annual Past Presidents and Directors Meeting, held during Florida Week, the current Board of Directors and Past Directors had a discussion on the advantages of serving on the NICA Board. I had the privilege to serve NICA for several years, first as a State Rep and then as a member of the Board of Directors. I became a State Rep because I believed in NICA and felt we needed a voice to represent us as a group. After serving as a State Rep, Tim O’Brien, CCE, who has become one of my closest friends, recommended me to fill a vacant seat on the Board. The Board accepted the recommendation. I am still grateful for their decision. Through my experience with NICA I was able to meet many people from our industry that I would have possibly never met. As a NICA Director you are given the opportunity to meet and communicate with Fair Management, Association Leaders, Lobbyists, and Show people from around the country. The exposure you will

receive as a NICA Director remains long after your term expires. I personally learned and sharpened my technology, time management, personal, and finance skills that I have applied to my own business. Open communication with Fair Management has given me a much broader understanding of our industry and has improved the way we operate. Every year we are being forced to comply with new rules and regulations. Each new regulation seems to cost us more time and money and we must learn to operate within compliance or pay a fine. NICA, IAFE, OABA, and State Associations give us a voice and respect as a group to resolve issues, save money, and lobby on issues including labor and DOT to name a few. Without these trade associations we don’t have a voice or a chance. NICA elects new Directors each year to replace Directors who have served their terms. I have met many of you who would be an asset to represent NICA. Serving NICA takes time and is an expense, but the benefits you gain far outweigh the expense. Besides, it’s a tax write-off! In closing, I hope you will consider the benefits of becoming a NICA Director and consider where we would be today without the many who have served for us. “Together We Can!” ▲

Director Nominations Due June 1, 2016! It’s that time again! NICA is now accepting nominations for next year’s Board of Directors. Nominations must be received in the NICA Office no later than June 1, 2016 to qualify. You can download the required forms at After completing the forms, you must send them with a short biography and a photograph suitable for publication to the NICA Office at 1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511 or via email at Ballots will go out to voting members on July 15, 2016. For more information, please contact the NICA office at (813) 438-8926 or ▲

Here’s to the future members of the NICA Board of Directors! May 2016 NICA News


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Announcements Do you have any news that you would you like to contribute to our announcements section? Contact the NICA Office at (813) 438-8926 or e-mail to share your information and/or photos.

NICA West Announces Golf Tournament Date The 10th Annual NICA West Golf Tournament takes place on June 20, 2016, during the San Diego County Fair, at the Lomas Santa Fe Country Club in Solana Beach, CA. See page 29 in this issue for more details and your chance to sign up. For more information on this event and how to become a sponsor, contact event organizers (and NICA Members) Gary Barham at (619) 987-3049, Nate Janousek at (214) 403-0706, or Ashley Murray at (310) 316-7510. ▲

2016 Membership Directories are Here! NICA Members should have received their directories in the month of March. This annual publication includes reference information on all members to connect the association and to provide useful contacts in case you need to order new supplies, connect with a Fair or sister organization, or even if you forgot one of your fellow member’s phone numbers. If you have not received your copy yet, contact the NICA Office today at (813) 438-8926 or to get your copy. ▲

Calling All Contributors—We Need Your Content! Do you have a story, photo, announcement, classified ad, or opinion that you’d like to contribute to this magazine? If so, contact NICA at (813) 4388926 or and we will consider your piece in a future issue of NICA News. We look forward to seeing your content! ▲

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business with him, so approval was immediate. This year, two Vendors are seeking to transfer their businesses. One Vendor crossed off his was given to each Vendor in their check-in packet. information on the contract and wrote in the The three parties involved (the Concessionaire, new information. I reminded him that we have a the buyer, and the Fair) each have a stake in Business Transfer Policy and he needs to follow the operation. The Concessionaire can add it. The other Vendor called and asked how to our contract and policy to his or her business’ proceed. The policy lays out the process clearly; assets, increasing its value. The buyer has a fully we reviewed it and she has her course of action. operational business when he goes for financing. Fairs are such a vital part of the fabric of The Fair has the ability to research and approve the American landscape and our Concessions the new owner and is committed only for one year. compliment our efforts to attract Guests. I truly The Dutchess County Fair policy has already believe that Fairs have a responsibility to our been tested. On the final day of the 2015 Fair, a Concessions and Vendors to work with them and Concessionaire came to us with his buyer and show gratitude to them for their hard work. In application. We knew the buyer, as we already do working with them, we are helping ourselves. ▲ May 2016 NICA News


“Travel Safety” continued from page 13 ►►

were placed out of service. Regarding Level I inspections, 3.6% of drivers were placed out of service last year compared to 4% in 2014. There were also less drivers placed out of service for Vehicle Inspections HazMat violation at 1.5% versus 2014’s 3%. Less Out of all the inspections that included passenger carrying drivers were placed out of vehicles (any level), 17.5% were placed out of service as well at 1.9% compared with last year’s service this year compared to 18.7% last year, 3.9%. so there was an improvement on that front. Among the out of service violations issued Including only Level I inspections, 21.6% of for drivers, 46% came from Hours-of-Service vehicles were placed out of service, compared to violations, which is down from over 50% in each of the last three years prior to 2014. False logs and 23% last year. DQ’ed drivers were the second and third biggest Among all HazMat inspections, 11.5% of reasons respectively for drivers to be placed out of vehicles were placed out of service due to service. Drivers driving with a suspended license HazMat violations, which is marked decrease and improper endorsement round out the top five from last year’s 16%. reasons drivers were placed out of service. Passenger carrying vehicles continued the Each year, International Roadcheck places downward trend. In 2014, 9.3% of passenger special emphasis on a category of violations. The carrying vehicles were placed out of service special emphasis for 2015 was cargo securement. compared to 7.6% in 2015. Among out-of-service violations for vehicles, During the event, inspectors issued 2,439 violations for load securement. The leading load brakes were the biggest culprit with 27.5% of securement violations, by number of violations vehicles placed out of service for brake system violations and 15.5% placed out of service due to issued, were: poor brake adjustment. This is down from 2014’s • Failure to prevent shifting/loss of load • Failure to secure truck equipment (tarps, results at 29.5% and 16.7% respectively. Tires/ dunnage, doors, tailgates, spare tires) wheels, lights and safe loading issues make up the rest of the top five reasons for out of service • Damaged tie downs (typically unacceptable wear on chain or cuts and tears on web straps) violations for vehicles. • Insufficient tie downs; and • Loose tie downs. Load securement Driver Inspections enforcement is a normal part of Level I Inspections, but securing cargo and equipment Among all driver inspections, the results were are vital to safe operations. ▲ the same as the previous year: 4.8% of drivers

Roadcheck 2016 Checklist CVSA’s 29th Annual International Roadcheck will take place June 7-9, 2016. International Roadcheck is a 72-hour period when approximately 10,000 CVSA-certified local, state, provincial, territorial and federal inspectors in jurisdictions across North America perform large truck and bus safety inspections. Each year, International Roadcheck places special emphasis on a category of violations. The special emphasis for 2016 International Roadcheck is tire safety (i.e., measuring the tire tread depth, checking the tire pressure, checking to make sure that no items are lodged between 22

May 2016 NICA News

dual tires and examining the overall condition of the tire to make sure that no deep cuts or bulges exist in the sidewalls of the tire). While checking a vehicle’s tires is always part of roadside inspections, CVSA is highlighting tire safety as a

reminder to drivers and carriers. From a commercial vehicle safety inspector’s perspective, the point of the Roadcheck inspection is to ensure both your safety and those of others traveling on the highways. The costs associated with being put out of service are insignificant when compared to the costs of having an accident. Be proactive and inspect your vehicle thoroughly before you take your next trip, and especially before this year’s Roadcheck. The following list is adapted from the Roadcheck Checklist available at BRAKES Check for missing, non-functioning, loose, contaminated, or cracked parts on the brake system; check for “S” cam flipover; be alert for audible air leaks around brake components and lines; check that the slack adjusters are the same length (from center of “S” cam to center of clevis pin), and that the air chambers on each axle are the same size. Check brake adjustment; ensure the air system maintains air pressure between 90 and 100 psi; measure pushrod travel; inspect required brake system warning devices, such

as ABS malfunction lamps and low air pressure warning devices; inspect tractor protection system, including the bleedback system on the trailer. COUPLING DEVICES Safety devices/full trailers/converter dolly(s): check the safety devices (chains/wire rope) for sufficient number, missing components, improper repairs, and devices that are incapable of secure attachment. On the lower fifth wheel, check for unsecured mounting to the frame or any missing or damaged parts, or any visible space between the upper and lower fifth wheel plates. Verify that the locking jaws are around the shank and not the head of the kingpin, that the release lever is seated properly, and that the safety latch is engaged. Check the upper fifth wheel for any damage to the weight bearing plate (and its supports) such as cracks and loose or missing bolts on the trailer. On the sliding fifth wheel, check for proper engagement of locking

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May 2016 NICA News

“Travel Safety” continued from page 23 ►►

Verify that rear doors are securely closed. Where load is visible, check for proper blocking and bracing. It may be necessary to examine inside of mechanism (teeth fully engaged on rail); also the trailer to assure that large objects are properly check for worn or missing parts and ensure that secured. Check cargo securement devices for the position does not allow the tractor frame rails proper number, size and condition. Check tie down to contact the landing gear during turns. Check for anchor points for deformation and cracking. damaged or missing fore and aft stops. STEERING FUEL & EXHAUST SYSTEMS Check the steering lash by first turning the Check your fuel tanks for the following conditions: steering wheel in one direction until the tires begin loose mounting, leaks, or other conditions; to pivot. Then, place a mark on the steering wheel loose or missing caps; and signs of leaking fuel at a fixed reference point and turn the wheel in below the tanks. For exhaust systems, check the the opposite direction until the tires start to move following: unsecured mounting; leaks beneath again. Mark the steering wheel at the same fixed the cab; exhaust system components in contact reference point and measure the distance between with electrical wiring or brake lines and hoses; the two marks. The amount of allowable lash and excessive carbon deposits around seams and varies with the diameter of the steering wheel. clamps. SUSPENSION FRAME, VAN & OPEN-TOP TRAILERS Inspect the suspension for: indications of Inspect for corrosion fatigue, cross member(s) misaligned, shifted, cracked, or missing springs; cracked, loose or missing, cracks in frame, loosened shackles; missing bolts; unsecured missing or defective body parts. Look at the spring hangars; and cracked or loose U-bolts. condition of the hoses, check suspension of air Also, check any unsecured axle positioning hoses of vehicle with sliding tandems. On the parts and for signs of axle misalignment. On the frame and frame assembly, check for cracks, front axle, check for cracks, welds, and obvious bends, sagging, loose fasteners or any defect that misalignment. may lead to the collapse of the frame; corrosion, TIRES, WHEELS, RIMS & HUBS fatigue, cross members cracked or missing, Check tires for proper inflation, cuts, and bulges, cracks in frame, missing or defective body parts. Inspect all axle(s). Inspect for non-manufactured regrooved tires on steering axle, tread wear, and major tread groove depth. Inspect sidewalls for holes (i.e. rust holes, holes created by rubbing or defects, improper repairs, exposed fabric or cord, friction, etc.) and for broken springs in the spring contact with any part of the vehicle, and tire brake housing section of the parking brake. For markings excluding it from use on a steering axle. vans and open-top trailer bodies, look at the Inspect wheels and rims for cracks, unseated upper rail and check roof bows and side posts locking rings, and broken or missing lugs, studs, for buckling, cracks, or ineffective fasteners. On or clamps. Also check for rims that are cracked the lower rail, check for breaks accompanied by or bent, have loose or damaged lug nuts and sagging floor, rail, or cross members; or broken elongated stud holes, have cracks across spokes with loose or missing fasteners at side post or in the web area, and have evidence of slippage adjacent to the crack. in the clamp areas. Check the hubs for lubricant LIGHTING leaks, missing caps, or plugs, misalignment and Inspect all required lamps for proper color, positioning, and damaged, worn, or missing parts. operation, mounting, and visibility. Regular maintenance and frequent checkups SECUREMENT OF CARGO are not only good advice to prepare for Roadcheck Make sure you are carrying a safe load. Check tail 2016; they prevent faults and long-term damage board security. Verify end gates are secured in to your vehicle. Plus, they ensure that you, the stake pockets. Check both sides of the trailer to driver, will benefit the most of all by driving safely ensure cargo is protected from shifting or falling. for the rest of the year. ▲ May 2016 NICA News


What Is New With the DOT & Fuel Tax? Fred Simcic, Over the Road Permitting One of the biggest terms being used right now is “Beyond Compliance!” The Feds are looking to have trucking companies help themselves by adding additional value to their fleet, and help the Feds by having ease of use to these added features. Read the below excerpt. “Beyond Compliance” directives require Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to develop and implement an incentive system for carriers that gives credit either in the CSA, SMS, or via some other methodology in the CSA program to carriers who do one of several things in their safety investments and operations. According to the bill’s text, credits are to be required for motor carriers who do one or a combination of the following: • Install advanced safety equipment. • Use enhanced driver fitness measures, like Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) such as • Adopt fleet safety management tools, technologies and programs, such as and • Or satisfy an as-yet-unspecified set of other “standards determined appropriate by the administrator.” Who knows what this may be, but if you have your thinking cap on, you may add something to your fleet that might make the difference. The “BEYOND COMPLIANCE” program’s inclusion in the highway bill ensures its regulatory pursuit, and the final bulleted item above allows for a range of credit possibilities. 26

May 2016 NICA News

All of this is currently attainable and easy to install or access, especially the online driver files, vehicle files and electronic HOS systems. A little side note on ELD’s: Owner-Operator Independent Driver’s Association has filed initial arguments in its challenge to the FMCSA’s electronic logging device (ELD) mandate final rule. The association argued in its appeal of the ELD mandate that requiring electronic monitoring devices on commercial vehicles does not advance safety, is arbitrary and capricious and violates Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures. It will be interesting to see where that goes! To further compliance in 2016, the DOT, FHWA, and FMCSA are out there looking for your money and will be glad to accept it. They are looking for all the bad apples in the trucking industry and they are finding many of them. Remember, this group of hard-working showmen are viewed no differently when it comes down to compliance. They indicate that even though you only travel limited miles a year, you are still working at the Fairs and Carnivals, and all those hours add up, which cause you to be out of compliance. We know that the industry is changing and the showmen have been changing with the times and working diligently to stay in compliance. We have heard your concerns over the years that it can be very difficult. I have read that many large trucking companies are now asking for special exemptions from driver qualification rules to allow the 14-hour driving rule when off-duty or sleeping because the current regulations are so stringent that it

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Scenes from Out West Photos by Rey O’Day, Interim Executive Manager & Dominic Palmieri, 1st Vice President

Rey O’Day, Interim Executive Manager and Debbie DreyfusSchronk, CEO San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo

Bob Johnson, OABA Executive Director, Dominic Palmieri, NICA 1st Vice President, Zach Turner and Pete Downs, Waterloo Tent and Tarp, at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Source1 Purchasing and Sysco team members: David Koretsky, Leon Valley, Rhonda DeGregorio, Jim Guenthner, April Hobbs, and Martha Loeffler—this is the team that makes the NICA Sysco Marketplace happen!

Liz Waxstein, WFA Trade Show Manager and Dan Lusenhop, Director

Jim Tucker, Retired IAFE President and CEO with NICA President Paulette Keene with her husband Norm and grandson Jaden

Teresa, Rich, Carol, and Sil Brander, Brander Concessions, are the proud recipients of the “Barham Award,” the highest Industry honor for WFA Service Members. Congratulations!

San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Committee Chairs Tony, Kay, and Kathy took Rey on an amazing tour. This Fair is in Awesome Hands!

Paulette addresses the NICA Membership meeting during the WFA convention

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10th Anniversary

SaN DiEgo Golf TourNamENt

Monday, June 20, 2016 at Lomas Santa Fe Country Club 11:30am: Registration • 12:00pm: Putting Contest • 1:00pm: Shotgun Start


(One Form per Foursome)

Name:__________________________________________________ Phone:________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sponsorship of Hole, Company Name:__________________________________________________________ $100 (Sign Included) Foursome Player Names:

□ □

_________________________________________ $125 _________________________________________ $125

□ □

_________________________________________ $125 _________________________________________ $125


Total Enclosed:______________

Contact Gary Barham at (619) 987-3049, Nate Janousek at (214) 403-0706, or Ashley Murray at (310) 316-7510

$125 PLAYER FEE Includes Green Fees, Golf Cart, Amenities, and Awards Dinner following Tournament

PRIZES 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winning Teams, Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin, and the $10,000 Hole in One!

Lomas Santa Fe Country Club 1505 Lomas Santa Fe Drive Solana Beach, CA 92075 (858) 755-6768

Drop Applications off at CHUCKWAGON during the San Diego County Fair, register online at OR send via mail to NICA West Golf Tournament, 2130 Walnut St., La Verne, CA 91752 no later than June 15, 2016.

IAFE and NICA Team Up! Get Kids to the Fair with

Read and Win

The National Independent Concessionaires Association (NICA) is sponsoring these ribbon bookmarks for fairs to use in creating innovative partnerships with their schools and libraries, all designed to drive traffic to the fair. Reward young readers with a bookmark and some incentive to the fair (tickets, coupons for free or discounted food and drink, carnival midway tickets, etc.). This is a WIN-WIN situation for everyone — kids, libraries, concessionaires, carnival operators, communities, and the fair! Each member fair creating a program can receive up to 1,000 ribbons FREE, courtesy of NICA. Additional ribbons may be purchased for 7 cents each. Contact Matt at the IAFE Office (800-516-0313) or or go to (Products in the Resources tab) to download an order form. “The Dane County Fair, Madison, Wis., passed out 710 reading ribbons to youth (ages 17 and under). The participants used their reward to gain free admission to the fair and then exchanged the coupon for a reading ribbon. Each library set their own reading requirements, but used the free admission as a highly sought after reward for participants finishing the reading goals. The fair intends to continue working with the South Central Library System in offering this program.”


May 2016 NICA News

“Scenes” continued from page 27 ►►

Jennifer Giordano, Treasurer, with Ron Quint, winner of the $500 Opportunity Drawing!

The 2016 Golf Cart winner was Carol Brander, Brander Enterprises, sitting with Dale Smith, West Council Member

NICA is proud to salute the excellence of Jeff Thornberry by presenting him his CCE (Certified Concessionaire Executive) award. His recognition makes our organization stronger. Thank You Jeff!

“What is New” continued from page 26 ►►

and fined. If you are required to track fuel and mileage and file IFTA returns, is is difficult for some companies to keep their a user-friendly, cost-effective program that will business flowing because there are occasional assist you with these tasks. The program features situations where drivers exceed the rule. industry-accepted PC Miler, if you are using the In the last few months alone, the DOT has not auto-mapping process, and it calculates all the only shut down several companies for safety, but roads and miles for each state—you can even put have revoked driver’s licenses from many drivers half a year of your route in at a time. You can take who refuse to adhere to the laws, especially a picture of your fuel receipt and upload it to your with drugs and alcohol. One driver was recently trip sheet in the event that you lose the original. It banned from driving after his fourth DUI. It makes will calculate your information and get you ready me wonder, why was he not banned on his first to file your IFTA tax return with a few clicks of a DUI? I will tell you that if you are a Class A driver, button. you must have a drug policy for your company Remember, the penalty for not having quality and follow it! Ion Drug And Alcohol, Inc., a NICA and proper trip information can cause you to have Member, offers top-notch personalized service as a 20% penalty on your MPG plus the cost of fuel well as, most importantly, vast knowledge of DOT tax, plus another penalty on the failure to properly regulations to keep you in compliance, as well as file—that starts at $50 per quarter and goes up— “Beyond Compliance!” plus interest back to the first difference of tax. The last issue I would like to cover is that of Believe me, it can add up quickly. If you struggle mileage, fuel, tags, and permits. It is always the or do not have the time for all this mandatory owner’s responsibility to make sure that tags and reporting, I recommend using a program to annual inspections are up to date. Remember, assist you such as, or you are required to have a fuel (IFTA) permit and hire a reputable service to assist you. I would license if you are over 26,001 lbs. or 3 axles, or recommend Evilsizor Process Servers, Inc., as more, and travel interstate. a full-service, knowledgeable, experienced, and If you are required to have these permits, make friendly service to assist you. Their contact is sure they are up-to-date before you head out on (303) 482-2965. the road. If you fail to follow these requirements, I hope this article has been a helpful resource the consequence will fall back on you, as the to assist you to be not only in compliance, but driver, and you can expect to be put out of service “Beyond Compliance!” ▲ May 2016 NICA News



May 2016 NICA News

Sugardale Food Service is a leading provider of quality foods and customized product solutions since 1920.


When you want extraordinary flavor and performance, serve Sugardale Food Service wieners. All Sugardale wiener items are Child Nutrition Certified.

2016 Membership Contest Leaderboard* General Membership Vinnie Valentino....................................................................3 Etta Pence..............................................................................2 Jody Conklin..........................................................................1 Carmel Dyer-Pittroff..............................................................1 Larry McConnell, CCE............................................................1 Faith McGee...........................................................................1 Kevin McGrath, CCE..............................................................1 Janie Miller............................................................................1 Robert Santorelli...................................................................1 Jack Sturgeon.......................................................................1 Jack Woods, II.......................................................................1 Charles Zell, CCE...................................................................1

Northeast & West Councils Ashley Murray.......................................................................2 Kim Barr.................................................................................1 Russ Harrison, CCE...............................................................1 Dale Smith.............................................................................1 Lisa Thompson-Baker..........................................................1

Sugardale Food Service wieners, franks and coneys are available in many varieties, all delivering the same quality taste and nutrition you expect.

Board of Directors Kathy Ross............................................................................6 Dominic Palmieri...................................................................3 Dan Lusenhop.......................................................................1

Administration Office....................................................................................10

93 %



96 %


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