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NICA is a membership-driven organization dedicated to strengthening relationships with the Fair, Festival, and Special Events Industries through effective communication, education, benefits, leadership, and solutions. National Independent Concessionaires Association, Inc. is a Florida Corporation with an Editorial and General Office located at 1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511 • Off ice: (813) 438-8926 • Fax: (813) 803-8460 • Online: The information contained in this Publication is based upon sources believed to be reliable. Readers should not act without professional advice. Cover to Cover © 1993-2022 NICA, Inc. All Rights Reserved. “We Can Thrive & Drive!” May 2022 NICA News


This Month’s Newest Members Eric Albro

Shawn Freeman

Lisa Porcelli

Kaleb Scott

Pat Armstrong

Ryan Hagy

Andrew Preston

Nate Scott

Marissa Britt

David Johnson

Dustin Ryen

Kelly Spaulding

Dennis Cymbalski

Stephen Kenny

Russell Scott

Michael Zdebiak

Michael Doolan

Mathew Mullen

Rob Scott

Midway Foods Albion, NY

Freeman Enterprises Redding, CA

Cornbelt Concessions Bloomington, IL Top Notch Concessions Whichita, Ks Midway Money Peoria, AZ

Big Fun, Inc. Jensen Beach, FL

Shamekia Falcon

Southeast FL Public Market Fair Association., Inc. Lake Park, FL

DeAnna’s Steak Sundaes Melbourne, FL KD’s Concessions Laporte, IN Butte County Fair Gridley, CA

The Snax Shack Encinitas, CA

Scott Amusements Pilot Mound, IA

World Wide Games, LLC Riverview, FL Ryen LLC DBA Zumapoke Davis, CA Scott Amusements Pilot Mound, IA

B & M’s Famous Fry’s / Cotton Scott Amusements Candy Connection, LLC Pilot Mound, IA Milton, VT Bryce Scott Denise Owens Scott Amusements Jackson County Fair Pilot Mound, IA Jackson, MI

Scott Amusements Pilot Mound, IA Spaulding Concessions Lecanto, FL Meester Mikes of Coral Gables Miami, FL Welcome to our 22 New NICA Members! See Page 33 for the 2022 Coca-Cola Membership Contest Leaderboard. “Together We Can!”

This Month’s Member Renewals Leonard Baginski

Robert Gottsche

Andrew Broomfield

John Heron

Durham Fair Durham, CT (2014)

Eastern States Exposition West Springfield, MA (2019)

Gary Newkirk, CFE

Ulster County Agricultural Society New Paltz, NY (2019)

Terri Prince

Always Fry Day LLC Ruskin, FL (2020)

Tom Varriale

Lorie Oberst

Michael Chambers

Triple J Concessions / Fresh Fries Woodbury, MN (2016)

Robert Julian

Raymond (Geoff) Clark

RTJ Concessions Inc. Dunstable, MA (2019)

Bob Oberst

Curt Kluth

Maria Costis

Saz’s Hospitality Group Milwaukee, WI (1997)

Leah O’Neil

Dennis Lilly

James Fraser

Triple ‘L’ Concession Flat Top, WV (1997)

Richie O’Neil

O’Neil Amusements LLC St. Paul, MN (2017)

Diversified Agriculture & Ag Mechanics Tulare, CA (2020)

Katie Linville

Jeremy Parsons

Stacey Weber

Garrett Giordano

Linville Food Service Zanesville, OH (2018)

Brian Linville

Ben Pfeffer

Coreana Giordano

Linville Food Service Zanesville, OH (2018)

Creamy Rich Bryan, OH (1993)

American Food Service Dade City, FL (1993) L H Ice Cream Lincoln, NE (2018)

Olympic Kitchen Grosselle, MI (2001) Big Jim’s Concessions Firebaugh, CA (2007) Apex Ceph Technologies Claremont, CA (2020) Apex Ceph Technologies Claremont, CA (2020)

Oberst Concessions Franklinville, NY (2018) Oberst Concessions Franklinville, NY (2021) O’Neil Amusements LLC St. Paul, MN (2017)

Clay County Fair Spencer, IA (2014) Tons of Fun Foods Douglasville, PA (2018)

James Malmquist

Keys Koncessions, Inc. SW Ranches, FL (2014)

µ 1993-2002

Firestone Financial Needham, MA (2012)

Mickey Venegas

Mickey’s Massive Burritos laSalle, IL (2021)

Dominic Jr Vivona

Amusements of America Plainsboro, NJ (2014)

Dean Vlazakis

K&K Insurance ‘ Group, Inc. Fort Wayne, IN (1996)

Katie Wilson

Beak Amusements Greshom, SC (2015)

2003-2007 2008-2012 2013-2021

Thank you to all 30 Renewal Members for your continued support! “Together We Can!”


May 2022 NICA News

President’s Message Daryl Whicheloe, CCE, President Every month the NICA Board of Directors meets for a couple of hours on a Zoom call to discuss any and all issues NICA is working on. Along with this we also meet for an all-day face-to-face meeting at the IAFE Convention and again in Florida for another all-day meeting at the NICA Business Expo. On top of that we also meet for a Spring Workshop somewhere in the country, most recently in Las Vegas. We typically have three full days of meetings to work on and review bylaws, policies and procedures, and all other business related to NICA. In my opinion the two face-to-face meetings and Spring Workshop are where a majority of the heavy work is done. This is where we get to sit around a large table and discuss our ideas,

concerns, and plans for making NICA financially stable while also making sure we are providing you, our members, with the best organization possible with all the tools and benefits we can for you. This is so you can also be financially stable and successful at what you do. ►► “Message” continued on page 6

Director’s Voice Kathy Ross, CCE, Director

Concessions by the Numbers

Recently I had the pleasure to be invited on Marla by the Numbers, the podcast hosted by Marla Calico, CFE, IAFE President and CEO, where we discussed “Five Things to Know About the Mobile Concession Business.” She introduced me by saying, “You’ve been a great advocate about the importance of having a great working relationship between our Concessionaires and our Fairs. We want to focus today on five key things that will help us have better communication, because we are all in this together!”

not going to be there. When you take the number of experienced years on your grounds, you have hundreds of years of Fair experience. We are very willing to share our experiences, positives, negatives, “have you tried,” and “maybe we can!” It’s funny, I just had a conversation with a new Fair Manager and we helped to solve two problems. Just that simply. “Well, have you tried this?” You may get so used to seeing your Fair as the way it is, but we see it differently. Are there small changes that you think aren’t going to impact anybody, like moving a Senior’s Day from one day to another? Whether it is a labor or supply issue, those small changes really do impact us and we need to know those things. Marla asked, “So what have you seen in the Fairs that keep those lines of communication open?”



Any successful relationship starts with communication. If we can’t communicate freely and openly and share our thoughts and concerns, then success is

►► “Voice” continued on page 7 May 2022 NICA News


Joe Potillo, Jr. Greg Miller, CCE Tom Sattler, CCE Russ Harrison, CCE Richard Busse, CCE Officers Tom Hodson, CCE President: Daryl Whicheloe, CCE st 1 Vice President: Vincent Nelson, CCE Jim Hodson, CCE (Deceased) Tim O’Brien, CCE 2nd Vice President: Kim Barr, CCE Ron Smith Treasurer: Dan Lusenhop Adam McKinney, CCE Secretary: Jacqueline Bradbury, CCE Mike Pence, CCE Jack Woods, II, CCE Directors Bob Hallifax, CCE Brandy Arredondo, CCE Frank Parnell, CCE Phil Delahoyde Larry Orme (Deceased) Kelly Grout Larry Sivori Thomas Hodson, CCE Rich Wright Kathy Ross, CCE Bill McKinney, CCE Stacey Pittroff-Barona Arthur Pokorny, Jr. Jeff Thornberry, CCE Gene O’Brien, CCE (Deceased) Jay Wells, CCE

Past Presidents’ Council

Sandy Class, CCE Don Delahoyde, CCE Kathy Ross, CCE Dan Lusenhop Dominic Palmieri, CCE Paulette Keene, CCE


Executive Director: Rey O’Day

Office & Membership Manager: Linda Frisco

Communications & Marketing Manager • NICA News Editor: Jesse Willard

East Council Coordinator & Social Media Coordinator: Jessica Gottsche

Midwest Council Coordinator: Dennis Larson, CFE

east Council

Bary Bunts, CCE Ryan Collmer Ryan Hagy Thomas Hodson, CCE Faith McGee Patty Tessari Michael Zdebiak, Jr.

Midwest Council

Connie Boesen Paulette Keene, CCE Bruce Kozelou Foundation James McConnell President: Audrey Poole Matt Ribar Vice President: Greg Miller, CCE Brad Schroder Treasurer: Jennifer Giordano, CCE April Smith Secretary: Rey O’Day

Trustees: Kim Barr, CCE Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE Mark Lancaster Don Kenna Vincent Nelson, CCE Larry Sivori

West Council

Brandy Arredondo, CCE Jodi Dirksen Irene Dugan Jan Gary, CCE Gigi Horowitz Ryan Long Kara Moederndorfer, CCE Ryann Newman Steve Vartanian

Do you have any questions or would like to get involved with NICA? Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or today!

“Message” continued from page 5 ►► I can tell you these meetings aren’t always fun; opinions about how to keep NICA strong and healthy often differ, leading to some heated and lengthy discussions. I have also learned that most Concessionaires, myself included, are not wired to be inside in meetings. Instead, we love to be outside doing what we do. With that said the Board of Directors recently finished our Spring Workshop in Las Vegas at the Tuscany Suites resort. I am truly honored to serve on this Board with such a great group of highly motivated people. We had a very productive three days of work where the most exciting part of the meetings was the planning and touring of the facility for our upcoming NICA Marketplace and Trade Show happening there in November 2022. This is YOUR event with everything related to Food, Beverage, and Commercial Concessionaires and our Fair Industry. It will be a great way to learn about the relevant topics and ideas that are in our lives every day. The Tuscany Suites resort is a beautiful venue with lots of room to put on a great 6

May 2022 NICA News

The NICA Board during a Spring Workshop recess, looking out towards the courtyard at the Tuscany Suites and Casino

Trade Show and Convention. I want to invite all of you to come and be part of this great new event. Go to the NICA website and register today. Another thing on my mind this month is the NICA Foundation Scholarship program. This is one of my favorite things that NICA does for our members and their families so please fill out those applications and send them to the NICA Office. All applications must be in the NICA Office by June 1st so please don’t delay. I wish you all a very successful month and I hope to see as many of you as I can, as we all travel across this great country doing what we love... feeding and entertaining our Fair Guests. ▲

can only be cut so many ways. If you want to have your businesses continue to upgrade and wrap their trailers, buy new uniforms, buy new flags... Communication Committees. The thought process the rent structures need to be discussed. What is that you take some trusted Concessionaires­— does your rent include? Does your rent include the your Commerical Exhibits and your Food admissions to the Fair for the Vendors and their Concessions—possibly your grounds guy, your employees? Does it include their stock vehicle rent electrician, and your Concession Manager. Gather, and their electric? Does it include their house trailer wherever that may be, whether it is a picnic table, and bunkhouse? Understand that extra fees are part an office, offsite, or a Zoom meeting. Just have an of the rent and it becomes a financial concern. If open conversation about what the concerns are: you have a large turnover at your Fair, you may have your concerns for us and our concerns for you. some issues with your rent structure or in general. Your Fair Vendors want to be there. Ask them “Why Infrastructure did you leave,” and “What was the issue?” Things are changing. Infrastructure In addition, Marla added, “There was a lot of in all facets is an issue. With the new discussion during the last couple of years on the trailers that are coming out, they are deposit structure as well as the timing of deposits. fitting more equipment in it which requires more That typically comes when you are not generating power. Our support vehicles are carrying more income. These are the types of things we really need refrigeration so we can carry more stock. Our to be communicating about with our Fairs.” house trailers are just coming out of the factory Sponsorships needing 50 amps. Basic power is an issue across the board. Getting into the technology part of When you are negotiating it, we are all requiring more internet bandwidth sponsorships, consider the impact with equipment for cash registers, credit card to your Vendor. Typically the soda processing, ticketing, and scanning. For example, companies are sponsors to the Fairs and they we were at a big Fair this Fall and none of our require us to buy their bag-in-the-box. We can credit card processors would work. It is frustrating usually get them to negotiate our National Account for us and it is frustrating for our customers. If it Pricing, but it is the water that they tend to sneak were a percentage Fair, it would be an issue with in at a higher cost. Therefore, I have to raise my the income. It’s across the board and we see it price to the customer, and that’s who suffers from pretty much every Saturday night unfortunately. it. Also, if they want to give away bottled water or a food item, consider using them at an exit gate Transfer of Ownership so that the customer has something to take home, I would like to retire someday. which could be greater for that sponsor. Without having a transferable Focusing on the Customer contract, the value of our business is scrap metal. NICA and IAFE have developed Through 2021 and now in 2022, we are seeing the white paper on Transfer of Ownership. I think activities on the grounds we have not seen in the the next conversation about that is a “Multi-Year past with the youth. Please don’t cut security if you Contract for Independent Concessionaires.” Your have to cut something. We want everyone to feel ride companies have had multi-year contracts safe and comfortable when coming to our Fair. for years. We would like the same courtesy. There In the end, I want to focus on the customer, are not a lot of young folks coming up into our because if it weren’t for them, none of us would Industry, so being able to transfer an established have a job. So, anything that you feel lessens the business to someone else has huge value for us. guest experience is something that we shouldn’t do. We must be their advocate, as they are “the Rent & Rent Structures person not in the room” when we are planning. They It isn’t easy. With the rising costs are the reason we live and breathe. of our products and needs, that brings Let’s hope that weather is our only concern this into it the whole issue with sourcing season! I am very hopeful for a positive 2022. ▲ our stock and getting the things we need. The pie “Voice” continued from page 5 ►►





May 2022 NICA News


Riffing With Rey

Rey O’Day, Executive Director

Opening Scene

A Play in Two Acts

AZ had its First Fair in two years!!! That brought May is a flurry of activity out over 60 folks to play bingo and poker. A huge as we prepare for Summer. thank you to Jacque Bradbury, CCE, Kim Barr, CCE, Many of you are at Spring Kara Moederndorfer, CCE, and Jay Wells, CCE Festivals, Rodeos, and Fairs for putting a much-needed evening of fellowship figuring out the prospects of together. Fair Manager Jon Baker and his wife Lisa the coming season. Others are Thompson, Lisa’s Concessions, also donated over pulling equipment out to do $1000 to the NICA Foundation by matching funds maintenance and freshen on with an on-site, one-hole golf competition. Fun was the chance that you will not have to spend abundant for 11 days and congratulations are a lot of repair time and money before in order!!! See Page 29 for a summary you head out on the road. (Don’t of events, as well as fun photos from forget in case you need tires or the players of both events. paint or parts you have great The LA County Fair is “MAY is Benefit Partners who can help celebrating its 100-year definitely a month you save money. They are anniversary and its first of possibilities, listed on the NICA website opening in two years by under Benefits). The same moving its dates from opportunities, flurry is true for NICA so this September to May. With its prospects, chances, month I have found myself comeback, the 15th Annual risks, and writing two Riffings with Rey… Fairplex Golf Tournament will I would call it a Play in Two take place across the street options!!” Acts with several Scenes. on May 17th at the Mountain Meadows Golf Course. Watch ACT I: Scene 1 NICA Now! (Weekly e-letter) for In a paragraph with a collection of announcements of this and other events. thoughts, all of the Strategic Planning Committees ACT I: Scene 2 will have met by the end of May. Most of the Florida Fairs have successfully completed their June 1st is a HUGE day for the NICA run and their season culminates at the Florida Foundation: Scholarship applications are due! Federation of Fairs / Zone 1 & 2 Convention in Do you have a young person working for you who Naples, FL where NICA has a good showing. would like help paying for college? Is your son, Moreover, the Regional Councils are busy daughter, granddaughter, or grandson graduating planning rally events for our members and their from high school this Spring and on their way guests. For instance, Pima County Fair in Tucson, to a college or university this Fall? Don’t forget 8

May 2022 NICA News

that our Industry needs electricians, plumbers, welders and more… and we have money to help them take classes and become certified! Or have YOU spent some years in the work place or running your business and now would like to finish a degree you started? We have scholarships available for you. As in any “too good to be true,” there is a catch… You have to fill out the application and mail or email it so it is in the NICA Office by June 1st. The Goal is to award $33,000. In order to be a possible recipient, visit the NICA website at for the forms and instructions today. Please send them in immediately.

ACT I: Scene 3 On April 20, 2022 the Board voted to extend the deadline for Board Election Nominations to July 30th in the hopes that you will see each other, encourage each other to run for the Board, or maybe even run yourself. If you have served on City Committees, or Homeowner Associations, or Industry Committees, or planned family reunions, or have ideas about the Industry, consider running for the NICA Board. The Bylaws require that you be a member for three (3) concurrent, consecutive years and have been an Operating Manager of a Concession business for five (5) concurrent, consecutive years or more. The Nomination Package is available online at Why do this? For several years the Board has been discussing that the Board election cycle is too long, too few run, and too few vote. In the spirit of Einstein’s parable of quantum insanity quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” They voted to experiment with a different schedule and message in 2022 and 2023. In summary, Nomination Packages will be due July 30th in the NICA Office, Ballots will be sent out by mail and email by August 30th, anonymous voting will be completed and in the NICA Office by midnight EST on October 30th, and the Board will be installed

in February at the NICA Annual Membership Meeting. The process will be evaluated for two years, suggestions discussed and voted upon, and a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will be written and placed in all the appropriate documents. Your Board invites you to participate by nominating someone or running for office.

End of ACT I May holidays celebrate many of life’s events: May Day, Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day to name a few. We welcome Spring, celebrate many cultures, love and pray for our Mothers, and give honor and gratitude for the men and women who have lost their lives while serving in the U.S. military. I will be in NYC on Mother’s Day to see The Music Man with Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster. I purchased the tickets over two years ago and the date has changed four times. Finally seeing it in NYC feels like we have learned to live with COVID and are moving on. For that I thank God every day. May is also National Smile Month. I just read this and it made me LOL, “You might be a Concessionaire if you drive 500 miles and you see most of the same people you just left.” I knew you would smile, chuckle, or LOL and nod knowingly.

INTERMISSION (Get a snack, walk around, and welcome back!)

ACT II: Opening Scene MAY is the month of MAY be…. MAY be it will rain, MAY be it won’t rain; MAY be the sun will come out, MAY be it won’t come out; MAY be it will snow, MAY be we should plant flowers; MAY be we should buy new tires, MAY be we will receive a contract, MAY be we should clean the windows, MAY be we can wear sandals; MAY be we should wear a jacket… and on and on. MAY is definitely a month of possibilities, opportunities, prospects, chances, risks, and options!! The topic for ACT II May Riffing has ALL those dynamics and it is not MAY be… it is YES! “Together We Can!” The NICA Marketplace where Together we will share ideas, networking, products and services. ►► “Riffing” continued on page 10 May 2022 NICA News


“Riffing” continued from page 9 ►►

ACT II: Scene 1 NICA is gathering at the NICA Marketplace in Las Vegas on November 7th and 8th for 48 hours of Networking with Owners, Fair Managers and Thought Leaders in Roundtable Discussions, Receptions, Trade Show Exhibits, and Educational Sessions focused on topics related to Mobile Fairs and Events’ Food and Beverage and Commercial and Retail sales exhibits. For those of you who are attending the Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs Convention on November 9th, please know it is 450 miles north and we hope you can attend both. Early Bird Member registration is $99! Stop what you are reading and register now. Non-Member Early Bird Registration is $129. To receive member pricing become a member by using our limited time NICA Marketplace Membership Promotion… When registering for NICA Marketplace become a new NICA Member for $100 (which is a $50 savings). And do not forget to encourage your favorite Fair Managers, Concession Managers, and Commercial Exhibit Managers to attend. We will be at the beautiful Tuscany Suites and Casino where rooms are large, have basic kitchen facilities, parking is free, resort fee is waived, Wi-Fi is Free, and the Room Block Rate is $79. Book your Room Today. There are two pools with cabanas, 24-hour bar service, an inviting spa, casino, and snack, diner, and dining facilities. It is located on Flamingo Road just minutes from the airport and a few blocks from the Las Vegas Strip. Arrive on Sunday, November 6th and pick up your registration between 2 and 6 PM. Then wander into the Hospitality Suite to visit with friends.

ACT II: Scene 2 At 9:30 AM on Monday, November 7th, our Keynote Speaker, Michael Bradley, will help us “Think Like Walt” the ultimate entertainment entrepreneur in the world. Walt Disney knew his

Advertise Your Business in

customer and provided them with all the trends and technology available to him in order to give them a memorable experience that kept them returning generation after generation. Bradley will introduce us to the future Fair customer and illustrate the trends, technology, and memorable experiences they are seeking so they too will keep returning. This opening session will also feature “Together We Can Save,” a review of NICA Benefits and how to use them. We are developing Educational Sessions and Roundtables such as Propane 101; The Power of Serving Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages; To Tip or Not to Tip and If Yes, How Do We Do That; Food is the New Buzz Word for Agriculture…Let’s Connect; When 1% Is Not 1% at the Bottom Line; Payment Options; Labor and Supply Chain Sticker Shock; Menu Management; The Ever-Changing Landscape of Commercial Exhibits, and more. Watch for which ones make the cut and who will be the panelists and speakers. If you have thoughts, please contact me.

ACT II: Closing Scene Upcoming will be information about the Marketplace Trade Show, the “Ask Me Anything” sessions, the honoring of our Industry-wide Excellence Programs and the celebrating our Industry-wide Generational Families. This is one time when “What happens in Vegas, will NOT stay in Vegas!” It will spread throughout the Industry. See you there and Happy May!

THE END ▲ Reach your targeted audience through national exposure to key decision makers including Concessionaires, Fairs, and more! Receive a superb value through quality marketing opportunities. Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or or visit to learn more today!


May 2022 NICA News

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Announcements Do you have any announcements you would like to share? Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or

Our Deepest Condolences to the Fischer & Chambers Families It is with deep sorrow that we announce the death of Duane W. Fischer, Greater Buffalo Concessions, of Hamburg, NY, who passed away on March 31, 2022. He was a NICA Member for over 20 years, served as a NICA National Representative for New York and Pennsylvania, and ran NICA’s trade booth at the IAFE Convention and Gibtown each year during the mid-2000s. Before retiring, he offered funnel cake, corn dogs, ribbon and curly fries, and soft drinks to Fairgoers for many years. Duane was the beloved husband of Carol (nee Roberts) Fischer; devoted father of Lisa (Michael) Chambers, Lauren (Ed) Dylag, and Amy (Dan Mahoney) Fischer; cherished Papa of grandchildren Hannah, Emily, Christopher, Leah, and Mitchell; loving brother of June Fischer; and also survived by nieces and nephews. A mass of Christian burial was held on Friday, April 22nd 2022 at the Saint Bernadette’s Roman Catholic Church, Orchard Park, NY. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Alzheimer’s Association or the Erie County SPCA. ▲

NICA Director Nominations Have Been Extended to July 30th NICA is currently accepting nominations for next year’s Board of Directors election. This month the Board voted to extend the deadline for Board Election Nominations to July 30th in the hopes that you will see each other and encourage each other to run for the Board or maybe even run yourself. If you have any questions, please refer to Page 9 in this issue. Joining NICA’s Board offers many opportunities to have your voice heard, connect with other professionals in the Fair Industry, and to further the cause of NICA. Learn more by visiting the Director Nominations page at or call (813) 438-8926. ▲

Russell Marquart, CFE, Longtime Industry Supporter, Has Passed We are saddened to share the news of the passing of Russ Marquart, of the New York State Association of Agricultural Fairs (NYSAAF). Several years ago, Russ welcomed the NICA East Council with open arms to present at their Annual Convention, and we have returned annually, never missing an opportunity to attend. The Fair Industry is better because of Russ and his efforts in New York and the Northeast. Our thoughts and prayers are with Russ’s family and friends. Russ’s passion in life was his love of Agricultural Fairs and who he fondly called “Fair people.” Russ was a mentor to hundreds of people who shared his enthusiasm for Fairs, whether they were exhibitors, starting up a new 4H club, working in a small, County Fair, a State Fair, or were performing musicians, celebrities or visiting national politicians. Russ helped them all with kindness, compassion, and a strict regime of hard work, performance and success. Russ is survived by his brother, Bruce and niece Chloe Louise Marquart and many cousins from the Lexo and Marquart family. A memorial reception will be held at 10:00 am, Saturday, May 21st at the Erie County Fairgrounds Ag-Grange Building. Donations can be made to the East Aurora Boys and Girl’s Club Camp Ska-No-Ka-San, 24 Paine East Aurora, NY 14052. ▲ 12

May 2022 NICA News

Thoughts From a Jennifer Giordano, CCE, Foundation Treasurer & Past Director

lines of communication open and allows me to have a better understanding of all aspects of our business. There is no job I am unwilling to do C&C Concessions is a myself that I ask another to do. family operation. Since my We strive to have a product we are proud to father-in-law started the serve and believe you should never sell anything company in 1964, a lot has you would not truly enjoy experiencing yourself. changed in our Industry! Be a good neighbor by celebrating others’ One thing that has not is the successes, whether it is a Fair, Carnival, or another need for open and honest Concession, and by sharing your own. Get involved communication. This needs in Communication Committees and always try to take place with our Fairs, to be positive and constructive. Open and honest peers, and our employees. In order to achieve true communication benefits everyone and contributes communication, you have to be a great listener, you to the success of the Industry and all of us who have to look at issues from others’ perspectives have the pleasure of making happy memories. ▲ (not only your own) and be willing to make changes when necessary. I believe you must be hands on to be Learn more and apply for the CCE Program by successful. Working side-by-side with our visiting us online at today! employees and key management helps keep the

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May 2022 NICA News


Thriving Partnerships Tim Koenigsfeld, Fleet Solutions Sales Manager, Goodyear


Hello NICA Members! My name is Tim Koenigsfeld and I am your Goodyear Fleet Solutions Sales Manager. I started with Goodyear close to seven years ago, but my first job in a truck shop was way back in May 1986 and I have been in the Industry ever since. A little about me: I have been married for 32 years, I have one daughter who is registered dietitian, and one son who is a rig welder. When off duty, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, boating, fishing, grilling, and hunting. This year is the year we get back on track and grow together! As the busy season draws near, I appreciate this special opportunity to address the unique NICA Member partnership with Goodyear and offer some tools to help you on the way to wherever you are going. You know better than I do that Concessionaires are an independent and hardworking group with unique challenges and unique opportunities. You have so many things to manage just to show up AND THEN the real work starts! I’ve learned over the last few years that passion and drive is what keeps you moving and I’m excited that Goodyear can help as you move forward. We can all agree that tire issues should never slow you down. Wouldn’t it be great if the time traveling between your earning opportunities was as seamless as possible?

Directors Jay Wells, CCE and Kim Barr, CCE with Derrick Hobart and Tim Koenigsfeld, Goodyear, at NICA’s Booth


May 2022 NICA News

Here is how NICA and Goodyear can help: Together we’ve created a special portal where members can research tires, find the right tires at a discounted rate, and connect with a dealer no matter where you are. Goodyear knows that investing in the right tires keeps your other investments paying dividends.

No Matter Where You Are, Goodyear Goes With You! Why Goodyear? Here is what Goodyear means for your tire needs: •

• •

Goodyear has the trusted consumer and commercial products for unique fleet. applications no matter the size and by using your NICA National Account through Goodyear, you can assure consistent pricing when on the road. Our nationwide network of more than 5,700 supply points is wherever you are—on the road or at home. Goodyear has a network of over 2,300 commercial locations that can service you in an emergency, on the road, throughout North America. NICA has a special roadside assistance number for members: make sure to call (866) 353-3847 for service when you need it. Through our partnership with NICA, we offer special pricing on the tires that meet your needs.

You have a lot to source for your business and we’ve worked with NICA to provide tools to, at least, make the tire buying process easier for members. Now is the time to register online with no obligation and do the research to find your tires. Using the Online Pricing Tool at, you can find the right tires for your needs, connect with a dealer to install the tires, and keep on rolling. No matter where you are—pre-event, post-event or in between—the Goodyear network of dealers is never far away.

My team at Goodyear understands that Concessionaires are a group on the move, and we want to keep it that way. The right tires, when properly maintained, means you’ll always arrive where you need to go and make this season one to remember! Thank you to all the NICA Members for their partnership. When I first visited the OC Fair, I noticed that almost everything Concessionaires own is on tires. I knew then we had a strong partnership ahead of us. NICA is a fantastic organization working hard to support its 1000 members, in part, by bringing together many valuable benefits for you. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions and I’ll see you down the road. ▲

Have You Signed Up? Participating is free for NICA Members and sign up is very fast. Visit or contact Tim Koenigsfeld at (636) 234-5904 or

Proudly ugh o ted thr ib r dist u Foods e Far 1-1601 800-65

With over 70 years of insurance expertise, K&K protects concessionaires and vendors with affordable coverage designed for your needs. And when claims occur, our colleagues are here to respond quickly and effectively. Visit our website to quote and buy online. K&K Insurance Group, Inc. is a licensed insurance producer in all states (FL license #L007299, TX license #13924); operating in CA, NY and MI as K&K Insurance Agency (CA license #0334819)

May 2022 NICA News


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May 2022 NICA News

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May 2022 NICA News


Dear Business Owners/Managers, Fair Industry Leaders, Trade Show Exhibitors, and YOU: we are proud to announce the upcoming NICA Marketplace Convention and Trade Show, taking place November 6-8, 2022 at the Tuscany Suites and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. In 48 hours you will network with colleagues, discuss practical solutions, enjoy storytelling, and return enriched. “Together We Can!” This inaugural event will feature a non-exclusive Trade Show, Educational Sessions led by hands-on 18

May 2022 NICA News

Event Industry Thought Leaders, and Networking Opportunities that are welcome and comfortable—a place where we all understand we are Customers of each other and Together we share a Fair Guest to serve. The event will be held at the beautiful Tuscany Suites and Casino, Las Vegas, NV. $79 Room Rate Sunday, November 6th through Thursday, November 10th, with no resort fee ($39 waived), suite sized rooms with kitchenettes, free Wi-Fi, and Free Parking! See you in Vegas!

Sunday, November 6, 2022 2:00 – 6:00 PM: Registration 4:00 – 7:00 PM: NICA Marketplace Welcome Hospitality Evening on your own

Monday, November 7, 2022 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM: Registration

2:00 – 3:15 PM: Educational Workshops 3:30 – 4:45 PM: Educational Workshops 5:00 – 8:30 PM: Marketplace Trade Show & Happy Hour Evening on your own

Tuesday, November 8, 2022 9:30 – 10:45 AM: Educational Workshops

9:30 – 10:45 AM: Marketplace General Session featuring Keynote Speaker Michael Bradley, “Think Like Walt,” and NICA Benefits Review, “Together We Can Save!”

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM: Marketplace Trade Show

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM: Educational Workshops

5:15 – 7:00 PM: Industry Excellence Reception

12:30 – 1:45 PM: Box Lunches and Roundtables

Evening on your own

1:15 – 2:15 PM: Ask Me Anything: Fair Leadership 2:30 – 3:30 PM: Ask Me Anything: Business Owners 3:45 – 5:00 PM: Educational Workshops

Schedule is subject to change; visit and check NICA Now! for updates.

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May 2022 NICA News



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May 2022 NICA News

Musings From a “Larry” Randy Reichert, CCE, Past Director

Creatures of habit, but are we? As we travel in this unique brand of show business moving from one Fair to another, do we find ourselves following similar routines year after year? Do you find yourself making mental notes on specific dates that only can be changed by an “Act of the Fair Gods?” With each Fair we play, are there specific events that happen annually? A County Fair outside Chicago always calls for a steak dinner on Tuesday evening before the Fair opens. (You know, that place with the huge cow!!) All Fair setup is scheduled around this event. God forbid, it is only Spring of 2022, but travel plans, set-up routines, incoming staffing, and baby arrivals are secondary to the third Monday in September dinner at the Oyster Bar!!! In fact, someone once decided against another event because the Oyster Bar gathering would be sacrificed!! (OK, that may be sick in the head, but so is writing this column!) Let us not forget the August Monday evening gathering at “LaFratta North” in Wisconsin sandwiched between two adjoining County Fairs. I know someone trying to get into one of these Fairs, not because of business, but to be closer to this gathering!!

Creatures of Habit But these are the zany encounters that create the special bonds in our business. Right now, I know anyone reading this can share similar occurrences. These are our versions of a “holiday,” a time to catch up, share yarns, and just RELAX! Granted, we have County Fair X followed by State Fair Y that overlaps County Fair A and so on and so forth. This kind of routing has become instinctive and usual in our business thoughts. However, our routes are highlighted by these annual gatherings that have evolved into the “holidays” of our Concession schedule. Creatures of habit...?? You tell me. ▲

Editor’s note: A “Larry” in Carnival lingo is something that is “no good.” We hope you have enjoyed the “Musings from a Larry” series that Randy Reichert, CCE has written for the past few issues of NICA News. We certainly have! He was in the mood and we appreciated having them. If you have a hankering to write, use our Submit Your Content tool on the NICA website at or contact the NICA Office today at (813) 530-4750 or May 2022 NICA News


Marketing to Tomorrow

Get on Board or Be Left Behind Edited by Michael Bradley, Director, Cal Poly Fairs & Exposition Management Program This article is the direct result of a class research project by 41 students in the Cal Poly State University Fall 2021 Fair Management course. All 41 class members contributed to the research and the results. The article is written as a credit to their work, and in most cases in their own words, about the Fairgoers of the future.

Introduction For the past several decades, the traditional Fairgoer has been dominated by both the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations. As John F. Kennedy reminded us six decades ago “...the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans.” In 2021, that younger generation is under the age of 41 and is considered the first generation of Digital Natives. Millennials and Gen Z represent the largest share of today’s population (over 42% in North America) and as such, will, if we adjust now, represent the dominant portion of Fairgoers in coming years. For clarification of this article, we have combined this younger demographic making up two groups. Those born between 1981-1996 (Millennial) and those born between 1997-2012 (Post Millennial or Gen Z). Both groups shall be called Millennial for our purpose here with an emphasis on ages 20-35. It is important to understand the desires and behavior of Millennials to redesign existing Fair programs and create new experiences to continue to attract the millennial audience. The discussion below reviews a section of questions that have arisen as to how Fairs can adapt and change and become successful at marketing their Fairs to this technology driven generation.

The Point of View (POV) of Millennials Perception and habits are reality. Millennials

The three Cal Poly students who presented the “Marketing to Tomorrow” workshop at the 2021 IAFE Convention (from left): Emely Fernandes, Karlie Talbot, and Adriana Arias

are no different. Let’s take a look at overall spending habits and what Millennials think of Fairs. Population and spending habits from Influencer Marketing Hub:

Global Population • • • •

Millennials are now the largest adult cohort across the globe. Asia is home to a quarter of the global population of Millennials. Of all generations, they are the most educated and are increasingly influential. In China, Millennials hold two thirds of the country’s passports.

U.S. Spending Habits • • • • • • • • • • • •

In the U.S., Millennial per capita spending is set to increase over 10% by 2025. More than 90% are employed. Millennials’ spending power Is $2.5 Trillion. Millennials are spending more in 2021 vs. 2020. About a third uses Buy Now, Pay Later. Saving is actually a priority. Increasingly more Millennials choose to live with their parents. Their Biggest Expense is Food. Self-care drives their spending habits. Societal impact matters. Gaming is important to them. Amazon and Playstation are favorite brands.

Reprinted with permission, Fairs & Expos magazine, March/April 2022, International Association of Fairs & Expositions


May May 2022 2022 NICA NICA News News

• • • • •

Home furnishings are a big priority. Nearly 40% plan to spend less on pet supplies. Almost 30% of Millennials plan to spend more on streaming services. Online shopping is the most common. North American Millennials expected to spend the most this holiday season.

To be specific, we have categorized traditional Fair programs based on the Millennial POV into three categories of satisfaction: I. Those areas that are highly successful and provide a high level of satisfaction: •

Fair Food 99 Always fun 99 Something old and something brand new each year 99 Fast service (could be faster) 99 Multiple senses satisfied

To put this group into further perspective, according to KASASA a Texas-based financial technology and marketing firm, this younger generation will soon be the wealthiest generation in U.S. history as they are expected to inherit more • The Carnival than $100 trillion from their Baby Boomer and Gen 99 Complete entertainment X parents by 2030. Not far behind is Generation 99 Thrilling Alpha (born 2012 and later) which will represent 99 Something new most years more than 2 billion members by 2025 worldwide. 99 The Industry has generally kept pace with No matter how you slice the data, the potential technology financial and social impact this younger generation has on Fairs is enormous. Unless we adapt, II. Those areas that are on the edge of being understand who they are and what they want, we unsatisfactory although having some level of as an Industry, will be left behind. satisfaction:

The Point of View (POV) of Millennials

The Livestock Program 99 Not welcoming – closed to participants only 99 No real educational value 99 No technology 99 Out of touch 99 Millennials are fans of 4-H and FFA 99 There is a desire to see, touch and learn about the animals

Entertainment 99 Stage or dirt shows that require tickets lack technology servicing and don’t emphasize spectator needs 99 Non ticketed entertainment is geared to older demographic or the VERY young 99 Millennials will spend money if catered to properly.

Shopping (Commercial Programs) 99 Products and services are old school 99 No real technology 99 No interesting food 99 No interaction 99 Too structured and sterile (layout, look, feel, products, sales, etc.) 99 Millennials will shop if program is done right

Now let us hear from this group regarding Fairs. When we consider this group’s approach in terms of POV relative to Fairs, their general perception is: 1. There is always something at the Fair for everyone to enjoy. 2. There are opportunities to learn about agriculture although limited. 3. The Fair unites the community and can be a cultural experience. 4. The Fair is fun and provides important social opportunities and a place to be with friends and family. When we consider POV in terms of what needs to change, Fairs should immediately adjust: 1. There is a significant need for elements at the Fair that are “interactive.” 2. More “experienced based” programs must be offered. 3. The Fair must modernize, showcase technology and be relevant. 4. Take a tech savvy approach to programing, monetary transactions, marketing, customer service and communication. 5. A commitment to diversity as societal and cultural themes are necessary and must be part of the Fair.

►► “Marketing” continued on page 24 May 2022 NICA News


One benefit of technology is that it provides a more fun and effective learning environment for students, Millennials, and other age groups. In III. Programs that face extinction soon with a terms of exhibit/display design, keep in mind that very low level of satisfaction: Millennials are obsessed with clean lines, neutral colors, and technology. • The Arts (Home Arts, Crafts, Fine Arts, Another aspect of a successful display of Youth Art and Similar Programs) educational information is having interactive or • The Agriculture/Horticulture Program tangible pieces to the display. People feel engaged • Floriculture when they can ask questions or participate in their • Equestrian programs learning; An interactive or tangible display will also 99 All these programs are very dry, static, and tired; the word boring has been used make your display more memorable. Finally, educational topics that would be on here display should be topics that have relevance in 99 The Fairgoer is not engaged your community or region. For example, if you 99 Zero Technology come from an area that grows lots of corn, it may 99 No real educational value be a good idea to have an interactive, educational 99 Geared to crowds over 55 display on GMOs. Other interesting topics that Future Programs, Solutions & Marketing may be relevant to you and your Fair may include climate change, The story of corn from seed to Strategies table, other food systems and production methods, Clearly this age group thinks and acts animal rights, drought, cancer, methane myths, or differently than older demographics. Let’s look forward to opportunities we can adopt in terms of farming technology. It would be very interesting in the livestock area to create a walk-thru, threetechnology, modernizing, interactive programing, dimensional display of the cow’s digestive tract marketing, and diversity. and how she converts all that feed and water to Millennials are a difficult audience to market milk. All these topics have importance although to due to their tendency to not spend money. However, one thing they are willing to spend money it’s valuable when these displays are used to help “buck the stigmas” behind them. Additionally, there on are experiences. According to a recent report are new and exciting ways that we can use to get by Eventbrite, three out of four Millennials value the community engaged. experiences such as concerts and festivals over tangible products. Have You Heard of a Selfie Museum? Technology has become the standard of In thinking about ways to update educational engagement today. It cannot be overstated as displays to appeal to Millennials, it is also a MUST for Fairs to adopt, utilize and showcase important to highlight unique elements that have technology whenever and wherever possible. never been seen at one before. For example, To keep displays and educational information Millennials are always looking for the perfect presented at the Fair relevant with your audience, “photo opp.” They live, sleep, and eat with their there needs to be a technology aspect highlighted cell phone. After doing some research, as well as at your displays. hearing anecdotal accounts from friends, the class “Marketing” continued from page 23 ►►

Examples of a food-themed backdrop (donuts are popular) featured at a variety of Selfie Museums


May 2022 NICA News

decided to reconfigure the popular growing trend of “Selfie Museums.” These exhibits are a social media focused take on a traditional art museum. In these models, like the Ice Cream Museum in San Francisco or the Color Factory in New York, they have separate, themed rooms that allow guests to interact with the displays and take professional looking pictures to their heart’s content. Our idea was to adapt this into a Fair friendly concept. Class members suggest scaling down the size, creating booths that share walls and are smaller, maybe 10 ft x 10 ft for example. It would also be a competition-style exhibit where local schools, groups or artists design and assemble the booths themselves with a monetary limit to keep things Fair. Guests would then be charged $5-10 dollars to walk through the booths, stopping to take pictures in any booth they want and voting on their favorites on their way out. All the subsequent posts (personalized hashtags, etc.) and stories from guests would provide free publicity and exposure for the Fair to its key missing demographic. This would also be a perfect place to showcase diversity, farming methods, different cultures, and educational causes. Another benefit to this type of attraction is that the financial obligations would be miniscule compared to other programs. The bulk of the cost will be the initial upfront investment for the booth materials and lighting. As a cost saving to the Fair, the competitors would be paying for all their own decor and props. Taking this a step further, the Selfie Museum Theme can be utilized to bring excitement, experience, and younger audiences to traditional programs like Home arts, fine arts, floriculture and Ag Hort. These are perfect opportunities to theme around food, farming, farmers and tell the Ag story in a more current format. In addition to the inclusion of a selfie museum to the Fair atmosphere, is incorporating a 4-D theater to attract more millennial guests to the Fair. A 4-D theater is a cinematic experience that appeals to a variety of the five basic human senses. Imagine Disneyland’s Soarin’ Around the World ride when picturing what a 4-D theater would look like. In this 4-D theater, guests would experience live motion seats and environmental effects such as scents, air, water, and fog, as added features to what is viewed on the screen.

Mike Bradley and his Cal Poly Management Class visited the Big Fresno Fair last Fall, where Mike Newman, Fruit Caboose, shared the ins and outs of owning a Food and Beverage company as part of their Industry research

This would showcase local gems within the Fair’s community, while simultaneously educating the public on the features and areas of interest that are unique to the county or region.

Food is Big! Regarding the food showcases, Millennials are the most willing to pay based upon the assumption that the Food Show will emulate the Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food Show “experience on a smaller scale.” At this showcase, guests pay a ticketed entry fee to enter the venue. Upon purchase of the ticket, guests are welcome to roam the floor and taste free samples at booths showcasing foods that pique their interest. The goal of the Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food Show is to highlight new innovations in cuisine on a global scale. To adapt this event to a Fair environment that tailors to a smaller scale audience, perhaps the event will highlight foods from local communities who provide samples and further information about recipes, culture, etc. or could provide a place for local restaurants to showcase their newest dishes that they plan to offer in the upcoming year, to the general public who purchases a ticket for the event.

Create a Tech Savvy Experience Concerts and music festivals draw crowds of Millennials; in fact, 82% of Millennials have attended at least one live music event in a typical year. Right now, average concert ticket prices range from $50-$100 for seats and $70-$130 for up close floor tickets. While these are average prices, Millennials will pay much more to see their ►► “Marketing” continued on page 26 May 2022 NICA News


“Marketing” continued from page 25 ►► favorite artist. Many Millennials report that they plan on spending extra money at concerts on merch or drinks, or that they are willing to purchase VIP passes on top of a regular ticket. This includes a special area to socialize, upgraded restrooms, private bar, and upscale food. Livestreaming is also something to be considered. Eventbrite reports that 67% of those who watch a livestream of a concert are more likely to attend that concert in the future. Livestreaming your concert or music event may help bring publicity and encourage those who weren’t able to attend to attend the following one.

What is the Perfect Concert Experience? There are a few factors that contribute to the perfect concert experience, some of which being an easy ticketing process, cleanliness of concert grounds, and easy ways to find seating, restroom access, and beverage access. First off, easy ticketing. It can be difficult sometimes to remember printed tickets, or in some cases to even just print out concert tickets. Having a ticketing switch to 100% electronic would be helpful for many. Simply being able to present tickets on your phone is efficient, as well as easy. The fact of the matter is, almost everyone remembers to take their phone into a concert. Having a clean concert area too also contributes to a great overall experience. Concertgoers appreciate cleanliness. Easy restroom access is more important than one may think. No one wants to waste time at a concert waiting in a restroom line or have to search around for a restroom. Finally, easy beverage access. It is no surprise that concert attendees like to have an ice-cold beverage of any kind in their hands at nearly all times. Having a designated area, or possibly even a few areas for attendees to be able to purchase beverages is one of the most important aspects of a perfect concert experience. Quick lines, efficient process, and cold beer. That is how to make attendees happy.

The Future of Fairs Millennials have a vision for what they want to see and know about the future of the Fairs. An impactful experience through technology would be seen as hands on technology that shows the 26

May 2022 NICA News

education of the Fair or any subject in general. The second thing that should be at the Fair is using this technology to promote hands-on visuals to promote education in any field. By these ways we think that technology can provide terms of innovation and some thoughtful solutions to climate change and other issues that are in our world today. A main purpose of a Fair is to reflect the lifestyles of local communities. Events such as livestock displays, and other agricultural exhibits were originally implemented to enrich and educate the predominantly agricultural communities of years prior. However, as the general population has for the most part moved away from a rural lifestyle, public interest and relatability towards these events has somewhat waned. Due to the Fair’s purpose to reflect the values and lifestyles of the community, modern Fairs must adapt accordingly to draw public interest and represent today’s society. Likewise, as civilization has evolved, technology has also, and these advances have paved the way for an almost entirely technologically dependent generation. To cater to this trend, Fairs should have a stronger emphasis on introducing the latest technological advancements to its attendees, as it aligns more with our new generation’s lifestyles and interests. One tech trend that would likely draw interest from Millennials and other younger generations is the concept of artificial intelligence or “AI.” Automation is increasingly becoming a part of our lives and both educating and familiarizing the public with just how much artificial intelligence affects our daily lives would be highly optimal. Another recent technological advancement that should be displayed at Fairs is the development in virtual and augmented reality. According to TechJury, the AR and VR market is expected to grow to $209.2 billion by 2022. Having exhibits and events that let Fair attendees demo these technologies can help to instill further interest and demand for these products. Although there will always be a place for agricultural education at Fairs, it is important to look at what would draw the interest of most of the population, and education in technology is a great place to start. Cannabis is an increasingly popular industry, especially among Millennials. As it becomes legal in more and more states, it has grown exponentially. The cannabis industry

profit has surpassed common popular foods such as Oreos, and certain organic produce in sales. A study has shown that 76% of Millennials believe that marijuana should be legalized. If we integrate cannabis in the Fair, it will bring other businesses as well. So, showcasing the cannabis industry would not only bring in Millennials but bring a whole new look to art and agriculture at the Fair.

How Do Fairs Reach A Tech – Driven Millennial Audience? One proven marketing method for Millennials is to establish or improve an advanced, interactive, user-friendly App that is constantly updated. This is not your standard App. What are the Top 10 items to include in you App? 1. 2. 3. 4.

An interactive GIS map of the Fairgrounds. Purchase all Fair admissions and event tickets Purchase parking pass. Daily deals and promotions—be creative and use BOGO. 5. Updated wait times on Carnival rides. 6. Moderated Q&A blog. 7. List of Commercial Vendors with links to web pages and social media accounts. 8. Schedule of events/entertainment. 9. Concessions on grounds with updated food menu, wait times, ability to order, price list and nutritional/diet/allergy information. 10. Purchase Carnival “Virtual” wristbands.

What’s Trending? The #1 reason Millennials use social media platforms is to see what people (like them) are talking about. Millennials are visually motivated. According to an Eventbrite study, more than half of Millennials attend live events to share on their social media outlets. As such, a hog calling contest could be an effective way to draw Millennials because, due to its uniquely humorous nature, the event would likely be something that Millennials would post a video of on their social media platforms to share with their followers. Moreover, an article published in The Atlantic highlights that Millennials represent the largest share of pet owners in the United States and more than one half of that share is anticipated to be dog owners. Therefore, a dog show event is a recommended addition to the Fair entertainment schedule in an effort to attract the Millennial sector of the population.

Fairs need to create experiences that this group will talk about. Some include: 1. Food at the Fair—Food photos are a big deal and will drive interest. Use TikTok and Instagram to drive these images. 2. Consider creating a mobile Speak Easy that moves to a different location each day and only announced by followers. 3. The Selfie Museum. 4. Programs and celebrations that showcase diversity. 5. This sparks FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) which is very positive. 6. Special photo opportunity areas at the Fair. 7. Karaoke Night.

Conclusion While these ideas and many more may need time to be integrated into the traditional Fair experience, these would greatly help in attracting not just Millennials, but new younger generations that are starting to come of age now, as well. It is clear we must adapt or be left behind as an Industry. ▲

Perfect Stix LLC Food Skewers Are Available Through Fare Foods! Call 800-651-1601 For More Information 4416 US Highway 1, Vero Beach, FL 32967 • Perfect Stix LLC products are meticulously crafted with 100% white birch wood and are produced in an ISO 9002 Registered Facility. Our wood products are great for the environment and are of such high-quality, that we had to name ourselves Perfect Stix LLC

May 2022 NICA News


For over 60 years and three generations, RJ Schinner has been a leader in the wholesale distribution of plastic and paper packaging and disposables, proudly serving the food service, supermarket, and sanitation markets as a partner in success. As the largest independent redistributor in the US, our customers benefit from our enhanced flexibility, our quick to market operation, and the advantage we have of not being tied to Wall Street expectations like many of our competitors.



May 2022 NICA News

Gatherings at the Pima County Fair After two years of change, the Pima County Fair was opening again, which was a great sigh of relief for its loyal Concessionaires. “It’s a great week to be across from my friend Jackie,” said Kim Barr, CCE, 2nd Vice President, who along with Jacqueline Bradbury, CCE, Secretary, Jay Wells, CCE, Director, and Kara Moederndorfer, CCE, West Council, planned the 6th Annual Pima County Fair Poker and Bingo Tournament event in April. This year, over 60 people gathered at the Pima County Fair’s Cantina to enjoy poker, bingo, beer, snacks, cookies, and good, old-fashioned fellowship. There was also a silent auction to raise funds for NICA Foundation scholarships and NICA educational programming. To add to the fun, they also held the 3rd Annual John Needham Open Golf Tournament later in the week. Kim added, “It was a great turn out for a last minute gathering!” Congratulations to $50 Drawing Winners Mat Wells, Pacific Crest Concessions, and Natalie Harrington, We Have Your Flag; Poker Winners Gina Lockaby, Jackson Enterprises, with 1st Place, Rodney Fazackerley, Fazackerley’s Fudge, with 2nd Place, and Blake Bishop, Bishop Concessions, with 3rd Place; the Pima County Fair RV Space Winner Alan Barr, Pacific Crest Concessions; and Alan Harrington, We Have Your Flag, who was the Closest to the Hole (34”) Winner at the John Needham Open Golf Tournament. A huge “Thank You!” goes to the following: •

Jackie Bradbury for the wonderful charcuterie board food display, gifts, and decorations.

Jay Wells, CCE, Director, Alan Harrington, We Have Your Flag, Jon Baker, Pima County Fair, Kim Barr, CCE, 2nd Vice President, Jacqueline Bradbury, CCE, Secretary, and Kara Moederndorfer, CCE, West Council, at the Golf Tournament

Congratulations to Poker Winners Gina Lockaby, Jackson Enterprises, Rodney Fazackerly, Fazackerly’s Fudge, and Blake Bishop, Bishop Amusements

• • • • • • • • •

Joe and Amy Castle, Totally Baked, for the cookies. Kim Barr, CCE and Dominic Palmieri, CCE for prizes. Justin Murray for hats and sunglasses. Pepsi Phoenix and Kara Moederndorfer, CCE for the BMX bike. Pima County Fair for the RV Space. Gary for the No Bad Days cooler. Kim and Alan Barr for snacks, blue tooth speaker, and prizes. Jay Wells, CCE for snacks and prizes. Jan Gary, CCE for prizes.

In addition, thank you so much to Lisa Thompson and Jon Baker who donated $500 to the NICA Foundation! On NICA Live, Kim shared “What a fun day! Thank you Pima County Fair and all who participated.” We look forward to the next NICA Gathering and we hope to see you there! ▲

If you weren’t into poker, plenty of excited attendees chose bingo as their game of the night! May 2022 NICA News


What’s in a Tag? It’s a Social Thing…

Jessica Gottsche, Social Media Coordinator

see and share it too! Have you come across an Industry article or story that others should see, tag Hashtags, tag me, why tag, let’s play tag, the Association and we’ll get it out there. See an remember freeze tag? What is a tag? Let’s try to important update from a Sister Organization, a Fair answer all your social media tagging questions association, or any of our Vendors? Let us know by here! Then, use this knowledge to NICA in your tagging! social media posts to drive traffic to both our So how can tagging help us, help each other? business profile and yours! This practice will drive traffic to both of our First, success in social media relies on profiles, and posts, increasing engagement across regular posting and faithful engagement through the social media channels and helping to grow connections, conversations and consistency. One our networks, while sharing relevant, engaging of the easiest and most effective ways to drive content for and about our members. Tagging NICA those conversations is by using tagging. According in your posts also tells us that you approve the to, tagging on social media Association sharing your own content. “allows social media users to engage an Now, what about those hashtags? individual, business or any entity with a In many cases, hashtags are a fun social profile when they mention them creative way to continue your story, in a post or comment. In Facebook and summarize your post or identify your Instagram, tagging notifies the recipient location. For instance, if you’re at the and hyperlinks to the tagged profile.” NICA Marketplace in November, and How do we do it? When you develop post a photo of yourself at the Trade a social post for Facebook or Instagram, Show, you may use #Vegas at the end of and you are interested in tagging NICA in that. But, remember that hashtags serve the post, simply use the @ symbol, and start typing a technical purpose as well. By using the good ol’ either “National Independent Concessionaires pound symbol (remember that?!) in front of a word Association” or our Facebook page name “nicainc” or short phrase, with no spaces, it instantly makes so it will look like this: @National Independent that term searchable. In several NICA posts, you Concessionaires Association or @nicainc. Before will see #TogetherWeCan. If you then click on the long, and often before you finish typing, a link to phrase from a post, you will see all other posts our profile will be offered in a drop down box. Click that use the same hashtag. Many are ours, but on the link, and the platform will automatically link there will be posts from other organizations and our profile to your post. individuals as well. Consider developing your own When do we tag? When you’re at a Fair, or hashtag for your company, use it in all of our social an event, a gathering or enjoying time with Fair media posts, and regularly check on your activity friends, snap a picture or take a short video. Post by searching that hashtag. It’s a fun way to keep it to your social media and tag NICA so we can some history! ▲


See You Online! Follow and like us on our social media accounts for additional engagement opportunities, as well as the latest updates, stories, pictures, and videos. We also encourage you to tag our page when you 30

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post. View our social media accounts by selecting the icons at or in your weekly NICA Now! email. You can also visit them directly on your social apps at,, and and by searching “@nicainc” an all platforms.

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ai165065538111_NICA May 2022 Ad.PRINT.pdf 1 4/22/2022 3:23:06 PM










May 2022 NICA News

2022 Membership Contest Leaderboard* Renewal Members ($2000 Gift of Travel) For a complete list, visit

Referrals: General Membership

Let Gold Medal’s Experience Take Your Business to the Next Level

Rod Beach............................................................................. 1 Chris Conkle, CCE................................................................. 1 Russ Harrison, CCE............................................................... 1 Timothy Packer..................................................................... 1

Referrals: Regional Councils

The year was 1931. With just $2,000 and the strong work ethic of founder, David C. Evans, Gold Medal was born. The first product sold with the Gold Medal name was a simple drink concentrate. In the years that followed, the business evolved into a full line of concession equipment and supplies including popcorn, cotton candy, Sno-Kones®, and much more.

Ryann Newman..................................................................... 2 Ryan Hagy.............................................................................. 1 Steve Vartanian..................................................................... 1

A lot has happened throughout our history. The third generation of the Evans family now leads the company and the fourth generation is working here as well. From our humble beginnings, we’ve grown to over 500 employees supporting efforts from engineering to manufacturing, marketing to customer service. We’ve been at the forefront of industry innovations, creating new products, continually improving processes and above all, serving the needs of our customers. Put our experience to work for you. Whether you’re new to Gold Medal or a decades-long, loyal customer, we will help you get the most out of your concession business.

Referrals: Board of Directors

We’re proud Gold Medal is trusted as the industry’s leading concession equipment manufacturer and supplier, and we are committed to continuing to earn your trust by providing top quality products, service, and support. Together, we will keep making history, now and in the future. You can count on us to deliver snacks, smiles & success!

Tom Hodson, CCE................................................................. 8 Jacqueline Bradbury, CCE.................................................... 4 Phil Delahoyde....................................................................... 2 Jay Wells, CCE....................................................................... 2 Brandy Arredondo, CCE........................................................ 1 Sandy Class, CCE.................................................................. 1 Dan Lusenhop....................................................................... 1 Vincent Nelson, CCE............................................................. 1 Kathy Ross, CCE.................................................................... 1 Daryl Whicheloe, CCE............................................................ 1

Gold Medal Products are proudly distibuted by Fare Foods • 1-800-651-1601


St. Louis, MO 63103 | 800-325-7666 | Distributed through Fare Foods 1-800-651-1601

*Referral Listing as of 3/31/22. See back cover for more information, rules, and prizes.

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May 2022 NICA News

National Independent Concessionaires Association, Inc.

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q Additional Member..........................................................$100 q Employee Member............................................................. $75

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