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“Together We Can!” Dedicated to strengthening relationships with the Fair, Festival, and Special Events Industries through effective communication, education, benefits, leadership, and solutions The National Independent Concessionaires Association, Inc. is a Florida Corporation with an Editorial and General Office located at 1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511 • Off ice: (813) 438-8926 • Fax: (813) 803-8460 • Online: The information contained in this Publication is based upon sources believed to be reliable. Readers should not act without professional advice. Cover to Cover © 1993-2019 NICA, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Stay safe on the road this season! May 2019 NICA News


This Month’s Newest Members! Daniel Bullen

Bullen’s Food & Games Xenia, OH

Kenneth McBrearty Future Vision Montezuma, GA

Jeffery New

New’s Concessions Goldsboro, NC

Chip Winkle

Winkle Concessions, LLC Winnsboro, TX

Stephen Canale Robo Labs Washington, DC

Welcome to our five New Members! Each referral is an entry in the Coca-Cola Membership Contest. See page 33 for the 2019 Coca-Cola Membership Contest Leaderboard. “Together We Can!”

This Month’s Member Renewals Andrew Andrescavage

Bob Bisesi

Barb Applegate

Blake Bishop

Allan Dennis Concessions, Inc Hughes Springs, TX (2014)

Dan Carroll

Dill’s Deli Redding, CA (2015)

Ron Cheatle

The One Man Band Cocoa, FL (2014)

Lakeland Marketing St Louis, MO (2010) Con Agra Foods Gretna, NE (2012)

Gary Armstrong

Armstrong Concessions Knoxville, TN (2016)

June Arner

R and J Food Concessions L.L.C. Valencia, PA (2015)

Ronald Arner

R and J Food Concessions L.L.C. Valencia, PA (2015)

Brandy Arredondo

Noel’s Foods, Inc Bakersfield, CA (2016)

Marco Arredondo

Noel’s Foods, Inc Bakersfield, CA (2015)

Leonard Baginski

Durham Fair Durham, CT (2014)

Jon Baker

Pima County Fair Tucson, AZ (2013)

Bishop Concessions San Antonio, TX (2017) WNA Lenexa, KS (2008) Swanel Beverages, Inc. Hammond, IN (2010)

Jonathan Chestnut

Chestnut Identity Apparel, Inc. Brookdale, CA (2005)

Monty Chittenden

Chittenden Concessions Springfield, MO (2008)

Joe Cipriani

Teti Bakery Cleveland, OH (2014)

Allan Dennis

Michael Dill

Marc Dobson

Danielle Fickel

Advanced Food Products, LLC New Holland, PA (2015)

Ron Flanigan

F.B. Purnell Sausage Co. INC. Simpsonville, KY (1998)

Jorge Flores

Lasco Foods St. Louis, MO (2009)

Joanne Fontanini

Raymond (Geoff) Clark

Fontanini / Capitol Wholesale Meats McCook, IL (1997)

Jerry Constantine

Rob Forner

Pam Cooper

Jason Gardner

L H Ice Cream Lincoln, NE (2018)

Corfu Foods, Inc. Bensenville, IL (2004)

Joy Cone Company Hermitage, PA (2007)

Lamb Weston A to Z Portion Control Meats, Dallas, TX (2008) Inc. Kristin Cullaz Bluffton, OH (2007) Gehls Foods, LLC

Gold Medal Products Co. Cincinnati, OH (2001)

Berk Concession Supply Warren, OH (1995)

Rich Gockelman

Madison Barnes

Robert Berk

Brian Berry

Sugardale Food Service Findlay, OH (2006)


Kraft-Heinz Pittsburg, PA (2016)

May 2019 NICA News

Germantown, WI (2007)

Rex Cusumano

Cusumano & Sons, Inc. Mt. Vernon, IL (2006)

Christy Daledovich

Mr. G’s Quality Cut Meats Chillicothe, MO (2004)

Lexie Gentleman

Coca-Cola Refreshments Tampa, FL (1999) Firestone Financial Needham, MA (2012)

Chris Hall

TasteMaker Foods Memphis, TN (1998)

Wes Heinkel

Heinkel’s Packing Co., Inc. Decatur, IL (2004)

Trey Higdon

Perfect Stix, LLC Vero Beach, FL (2006)

Robert Jackson

Jackson Enterprises Dulzura, CA (2007)

Fred Jackson

Manna Foods Arley, AL (2014)

Adam Jobe

Valley Meats, LLC Coal Valley, IL (2009)

Bob Kaiser

Kaiser Pickles Cincinnati, OH (2017)

James Kekelis

James Tea Company Perry, OH (2010)

John Kerrigan

Bunge Oil Chicago, IL (2007)

William (Billy) Level

Hog Wild BBQ Ronceverte, WV (2016)

Sandra Lewis

Nathan’s Famous Ft. Lauderdale, FL (2015)

Jeff Lindsey

Alpha Baking Waukee, IA (2007)

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President’s Message Kathy Ross, CCE, President

his Membership Committee have many ideas to increase our membership numbers, but the easiest of them is for YOU to ask someone to join. Share your “If everyone is moving forward together, then success experiences with the member benefit companies and the opportunities of meeting new people. takes care of itself.” Additionally, the NICA Office has been reaching —Henry Ford I wanted to use this month’s out to other associations in the Industry to involve them in our membership efforts; for example, the article to share NICA’s goals International Festival and Events Association (IFEA) and plans with you. In 2012, has interest in joining with NICA since their Vendors the NICA Board of Directors have the same issues and concerns as we do. realized that with each new A simple addition to this year’s application is the President, they took on a new set of goals and option for Auto-Renewal; by clicking the box online dropped the one from the year before. Projects were not completed and there was little continuity when joining or checking the box on the application, in vision. A Strategic Plan was developed with the your credit card on file will be automatically charged goals of “Growing Membership,” “Being a Voice in the renewal fee each year. Otherwise, mark the box on your renewal invoice or select “Yes” from the Industry,” “Increasing Member Benefits,” and “Becoming Financially Stable.” We developed long the Auto-Renewal dropdown under “Additional Information” in your Online Member Account. For term and short term goals for each, update them those of us that are traveling when our membership each Spring and report on them monthly. is due, this will be a time saver.

Growing Membership

Vincent Nelson, CCE, Board Secretary, is Chair of the Membership Committee; he and

►► “Message” continued on page 9

Director’s Voice

Kim Barr, CCE, Director

(first time for me at a Port of Entry), and what did I hear? “STOP! STOP! STOP THE VEHICLE!” I stopped As our Season is the truck as he asked for my log book, which I then approaching for much of us, handed over. He asked me, “Why are you here?” I and many may have already said, “Because I meet the weight requirements to started, I think most of us are pull into your station, and per Washington (where ready to get out on the road. we are from), we are required to run the scales.” Our weather has not been “What are you hauling?” He asked. He asked several the best for most of us! I’m times and I answered several times: “Concession guessing we all have cabin Equipment.” Finally, he handed my log book back to fever, so I think this year is me, and told me, “We don’t want to see you at our going to be better than the last! scales anymore.” This makes it very confusing for Many of us haul multiple trailers, stock trucks, most of us, so we will continue to research and get etc. DOT continues to be a challenge for many, answers throughout the year. while getting drivers at a reasonable rate is As we continue to have new Councils coming in, getting harder and harder. While I was driving our it makes us a well rounded group of people who are stock truck, I came upon the Arizona Port of Entry; willing to put in effort to make our business better, I pulled in, following the semi in front of me. He helping others understand the Industry. This helps pulled through, so I slowly approached the scale us continue with our motto: “Together We Can!” ▲ May 2019 NICA News



President: Kathy Ross, CCE 1st Vice President: Don Delahoyde, CCE 2nd Vice President: Sandy Class Treasurer : Jay “Rocko” Russell Secretary : Vincent Nelson, CCE


Kim Barr, CCE Andrew “Bruno” Broomfield Carmel Dyer-Pittroff Kevin McGrath, CCE Mike Pence, CCE Daryl Whicheloe, CCE

Immediate Past President Dan Lusenhop

Past Presidents’ Council Dominic Palmieri, CCE Paulette Keene, CCE Joe Potillo, Jr. Greg Miller, CCE Tom Sattler, CCE Russ Harrison, CCE Richard Busse, CCE Tom Hodson, CCE

Jim Hodson, CCE (Deceased) Tim O’Brien, CCE Ron Smith Adam McKinney, CCE Mike Pence, CCE Jack Woods, II, CCE Bob Hallifax, CCE Frank Parnell, CCE Larry Orme (Deceased) Larry Sivori Rich Wright Bill McKinney, CCE Arthur Pokorny, Jr. Gene O’Brien, CCE (Deceased)

OFFICE STAFF Executive Director : Michelle Card

Communications & Marketing Manager : Jesse Willard Office & Membership Manager : Linda Frisco

Northeast Council, Southeast Council & Social Media Coordinator : Jessica Gottsche

Northeast Council

Lindsey Constantine Kelly Grout Henry Mitchell Cameron Murray Vincent Nelson, CCE Eddie Porcelli, III

SOUtheast Council

Jody Conklin Samantha Fairlie Thomas Hodson, CCE Gentry Miller

Proudly ugh o ted thr ib r dist u Foods e Far 1-1601 800-65


May 2019 NICA News

West Council

Executive Manager of Councils & West Council Coordinator : Rey O’Day

Jeff Ames Kim Barr, CCE Jan Gary Ryan Long Ryann Newman Erica Quintero Steve Vartanian Jay Wells April Wood

National Reps Duane Fischer John Harkey David Higginbottom Charles Ivory, CCE Mike McGrath Kevin McGrath, II Etta Pence, CCE David Spann R. Josh Stremmel George Wandrey, Jr. Ted Wentz Nick White

Do you have any questions for us? Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or today!

Card’s Corner

“Do You Have Health Insurance?”

could be well spent with a conversation with the folks from US Health Advisors. An example of one plan is with the Cigna Health insurance ranks PPO network. This example has a zero-dollar among one of the highest deductible and a max out-of-pocket expense of concerns for many NICA $3,000 per year. Full dental is included, and the Members. The NICA Benefits monthly cost for a single individual is $275-$350 Committee along with the dependent on location and age. It is important to NICA Staff are continually on note that one primary reason for the lower costs a search to identify health insurance options that may be is that certain coverages are excluded such as maternity care and addiction rehabilitation. a fit for the Membership. One Since there are many different options on of our newly found health insurance options is and off the public market, US Health Advisors now a NICA Member: US Health Advisors. has teamed up with other agencies and private Lewis Shaver and his team from US Health brokers to suit your individual needs. They are Advisors were new exhibitors at the 2019 NICA there to protect your most valuable assets, so Business Expo. Since then, they have brought affordable health insurance options to many who they can offer an array of helpful options. The health insurance arena is a maze, but attended, including NICA Members and Staff. Lewis and his team are there to navigate through Health insurance needs are different for each person and their family; there isn’t a one-size-fits- the plans and policies for you. Contact them today at (813) 884-4220 for more information. ▲ all option. However, a few minutes of your time

Michelle Card, Executive Director

The Importance & Convenience of Telemedicine Lewis Shaver, US Health Advisors What is telemedicine? Telemedicine allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients at a distance using telecommunications technology. The approach has been through a striking evolution in the last decade and it is becoming an increasingly important part of the American healthcare infrastructure. Although there are many types out in the market at this time to choose from, securing one of these features with your health plan is crucial for saving time and money. What we recognize as telemedicine today started in the 1950s when a few hospital systems and university medical centers started to try to find ways to share information and images via telephone. In one of the first successes, two health centers in Pennsylvania were able to transmit radiologic images over the phone.

In these early days, telemedicine was primarily used mostly to connect doctors working with a patient in one location to specialists somewhere else. Throughout the next several decades, the equipment necessary to conduct remote visits remained expensive and complex, so the use of the approach, while growing, was limited. The rise of the internet age brought with it profound changes for the practice of telemedicine. The proliferation of smart devices, capable of high-quality video transmission, opened up the

►► “Telemedicine” continued on page 8 May 2019 NICA News


cross country family vacation and you can still rely on the convenience of telemedicine. A simple call can get you the medical attention you need. possibility of delivering remote healthcare to Altogether, you are saving both the time and the patients in their homes, workplaces or assisted money that you would have otherwise spent on a living facilities as an alternative to in-person visits traditional doctor’s visit. for both primary and specialty care. Telemedicine is an important and quickly This modern feature allows a patient and a growing component of healthcare delivery in licensed physician to have a two-way interactive the United States. There are currently about 200 communication that can include both audio and telemedicine networks, with 3,500 service sites video interaction. You simply call a doctor or log in the US. More than half of all US hospitals now onto an application on your phone/computer use some form of telemedicine, and depending and start conversing with a doctor regarding on your insurance and state laws, your co-pay your symptoms. The doctor then determines a would be the same as a normal doctor visit. I diagnosis, which could result in a prescription believe telemedicine will definitely help the NICA sent to your local pharmacy, a recommendation to community based on the constant travel and time visit the Urgent Care, or other advice. restrictions. Contact your insurance and/or doctor You can be in your yard, on a business trip, to find out about telemedicine in your area. ▲

“Telemedicine” continued from page 7 ►►

Advertise Your Business in


Reach your targeted audience through national exposure to key decision makers including Concessionaires, Fairs, and more! Gain name recognition via our publications, website, and sponsorships available at Industry events; ask for more details. Receive a superb value through quality marketing opportunities.

Contact us today at (813) 438-8926,, or visit

“Renewals” continued from page 4 ►► Tim May

Handy Wacks Sparta, MI (2016)

Brian McKay

Inland Empire Concessions Spokane, WA (2013)

Mike Petzel

Dawn Food Products Kansas City, MO (2006)

Gary Pinkerton

Rick McMillen

Gary’s Fun Food Concessions, Inc. Broken Arrow, OK (2014)

Bill Morrissey

Mr. Sticky’s Inc. Antes Fort, PA (2014)

Dan Mourning

Mr. Sticky’s Inc. Antes Fort, PA (2014)

Lorie Oberst

Ole Mexican Food St. Louis, MO (2018)

Marc Pagano

Ratermann & Associates Kirkwood, MO (2015)

Brakebush Brothers, Inc. Auburn, IL (1994) Fabri-Kal O’Fallen, MO (2015) New Mexico State Fair Albuquerque, NM (2015) Oberst Concessions Franklinville, NY (2018) Riverside Foods Two Rivers, WI (2018)

Marcy Poorman

Phil Poorman

Carl Ratermann

Carl Ratermann

Jess Rebh

InnoSeal Systems Charlotte, NC (2015)

Thank you to all 78 Renewal Members for your support!


May 2019 NICA News

Danielle Rice

Dan Smoots

Scot Sanders

Matt Stone

Leon’s Texas Cuisine McKinney, TX (2015) B & J Concessions Peoria, AZ (2016)

Fanestil Meats Emporia, KS (2007)

Heather Sattler, CCE

Southern Oregon Concessions Cave Junction, OR (2017)

Andy Schaefer

Demetri’s Greek Foods Mt. Airy, MD (2009)

Michael Short

RIO Syrup Company, Inc. St. Louis, MO (1997)

Sattler’s Leather & Hats Bonita Springs, FL (2005) R.J. Schinner Overland, MO (2011)

Nick Strates

Phillip Tomber

Michael’s Surplus Concessions Stryker, OH (2014)

Aaron Vincent

Zach Smith

Stacey Weber

Kevin Smith

Tom Wissinger

Kenny Smith

Mitch Zinder

Berry Plastics Evansville, IN (2017) McCall Farms Effingham, SC (2018) Rocken Graphics Gibsonton, FL (2012)

Metro Beverage, LLC New Boston, MI (2015) K&K Insurance Group, Inc. Fort Wayne, IN (1996) Sarge’s Kettle Corn Leeton, MO (2017) Victor Products Co. Richmond, VA (1998)

“Message” continued from page 5 ►► Our Council Program is growing with the continued efforts of the Northeast Council and the start of the Southeast Council, which will soon celebrate its first year. The Councils offer an opportunity to be involved and be able to share the concerns and benefits of a geographic area. If you are interested in becoming involved, reach out to the NICA Office.

Being a Voice in the Industry Don Delahoyde, CCE, 1st Vice President, is the Chair of the Voice Committee. NICA had representation at 14 state and national level Industry meetings in 2018. We would love to increase this, but we need your help. Many state conventions occur in the month of January, making it difficult to have representation at some. If you don’t mind speaking in front of a crowd of people and have the time to spare, we would love to have you help us. NICA presents a session at the IAFE Convention every year, along with WFA; those sessions are also then repeated at state conventions. Our goal of sharing our concerns of Industry issues is welcomed and invited by our sister organizations. NICA Now! and NICA News are monthly opportunities for communication with our members. Share your copy with someone on the Midway; they will appreciate it and they may become a member. Labor continues to be a common concern. NICA continues to support the OABA with the H-2B fight. The Board of Directors has asked our Executive Director Michelle Card to research the possibility of changing the J-1 Visa restrictions on our Industry. We will keep you updated.

Increasing Member Benefits Sandy Class, 2nd Vice President, is the Chair of the Benefits Committee. Our most used benefits continue to be the Pepsi and Coca-Cola national account pricing. Coca-Cola continues to offer a cruise and prize money for our annual membership contest. First Data, Sysco, and Fare Foods are also popular benefits with our members. Our Scholarship Program is offering $25,000 this year; the application is available online at and is due by June 1, 2019. The Benefits Committee is also looking into

adding other benefit companies. Some benefits may be from regional companies, but it is felt that a discount, if available, will always be appreciated. If you have a suggestion for a member benefit company, please let a Director or the Office know.

Becoming Financially Stable Jay “Rocko” Russell, Board Treasurer, is the Chair of the Finance Committee. We know if we increase membership, grow NICA’s voice in the Industry and increase NICA’s buying power, NICA’s financial stability increases. The Board of Directors approved the formation of a 501(c)(3) foundation, which will enable NICA to offer more scholarships, offer additional speakers at the Expo and other events, and more. Opportunities to donate will open soon and we will be sharing the details with you via NICA News. This is just a sampling of what has been accomplished by committing to a process that builds consistency and results for our organization and its members. NICA’s Strategic Plan is working and will move NICA forward to success. Your Board of Directors are proud to serve this organization and this Industry and believe in this process! ▲

Family Owned & Operated • Serving Our Customers Since 1904

Proudly serving the concessions

industry with their produce needs.

Distributed Through Fare Foods Call 800-651-1601 For More Information May 2019 NICA News



Announcements Do you have any announcements that you would like to share with the membership? The deadline is the first day of each preceding month for your target issue. Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or today!

2019 Scholarship Application Deadline is June 1st It’s time to think about college scholarships! For those of you heading off to or planning on entering college, the 2019 NICA Scholarship Application is available on the website at or by request. We invite you to apply as soon as possible; the deadline has been permanently extended to June 1st. In 2019, the NICA Scholarship Program will continue to award multiple scholarships, including the Gene O’Brien, CCE Vocational School Scholarship and one scholarship with a donation from CocaCola in honor of CCE-designated NICA Members. The remaining scholarships will be provided using donations from fundraising and the NICA Membership. Plan for the next chapter in your life today! ▲

Do You Use Pepsi? Send NICA Your Receipts! This year we are continuing our protocol when it comes to tracking your Pepsi purchases so the NICA Members who utilize the Pepsi pricing and rebate program can make sure they get their full rebate. Whenever you make a purchase, send a picture of your receipt/ticket/invoice to—we will assist you in case your receipts have degraded by the November due date. For more details, visit to see our new Pepsi page. ▲

Director Nomination Deadline is June 1st NICA is accepting nominations for next year’s Board of Directors. Joining NICA’s Board offers many opportunities to have your voice heard, connect with other professionals in the Fair Industry, and to further the cause of NICA. To qualify, all that is required is a signed “Statement of Commitment,” an “Election Nomination Form” with 10 signatures supporting the nomination, a biography, answers to a short questionnaire, and a photograph suitable for publication. All forms can be found online at and can be emailed to, faxed to (813) 803-8460, or mailed to 1043 E. Brandon Blvd. Brandon, FL 33511. Call the NICA Office at (813) 438-8926 if you have any questions or need the forms sent to you. ▲

Calling All Concessionaires! We Want to Hear From You! Were you here since the very beginning? Were you part of NICA’s leadership during these years? Did you join recently but want to share your story too? Has the Industry changed? We want to hear from you! Send your stories, photos, etc. to for consideration. ▲

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May 2019 NICA News

Thoughts from a This month’s Statement of Communications & Management Philosophy is from 2019 inductee and Past Board Member Richard George, CCE, George’s Fun Foods. My company was founded five generations ago, with one small food stand selling corn dogs. Our company mission was to always serve high quality products at fair prices, with excellent service and guaranteed satisfaction. Today we still have the same mission along with numerous changes to keep up with our ever-changing times. We believe that the Fair is a place of great family memories. My crew members and I love making memories

for our customers. A smile goes a long way; with that common courtesy and an extra hand when needed, if you take the time to enjoy what you do, the patron and their families will remember that and continue to come back time and time again. Relationships between the manager and employees should be based upon leadership and strategy, which is trust and respect. As management, we must lead by example and take the time to teach our personnel proper training and skills and with this earn respect and trust for each other. We must continue to evaluate our employees and advance their skills. ▲

Visit for more information on requirements and instructions on how to apply


St. Louis, MO 63103 | 800-325-7666 | Distributed through Fare Foods 1-800-651-1601

May 2019 NICA News


focused on


“One of the cool things that Phil Teague did was, he came out and actually worked in our business...” -Ryan Kuzma, Linn Enterprises Inc.

Property 12

May 2019 NICA News



Workers’ Compensation

Planning for 2020 Reserve Your Hotel Room Starting June 3rd Audrey Poole, Fare Foods The 2019 NICA Business Expo and Fare Foods Food Show was a tremendous success. Plans are already underway for the 2020 event. The event will be held February 3-5, 2019 at the Sheraton Tampa Brandon Hotel. As many of you are aware, the hotel sold out quickly last year, and we were not able to accommodate everyone that wanted to stay at the Sheraton. We have been in negotiations with the hotel, and they have agreed to block the hotel for our event and OABA. No reservations can be made except through our designated link that we will be provided. The rooms will be available until September 15, 2019. After that date, they will only be available if any rooms remain in our contracted block. The link to make reservations will be publicized on June 3, 2019. I would strongly suggest to make your reservations early and before September 15th. There will be a limit to the number of rooms that you will be allowed to book so everyone will have the opportunity to stay at the host hotel. Rates for 2020 will be $144 plus tax for standard rooms. There will be a limited number of junior suites available. Reservations for the junior suites can only be requested through Audrey Poole by email There will be a modest upcharge for those rooms.

We are very grateful that the Sheraton has given us the opportunity to sell the hotel rooms to our attendees before offering any remaining rooms to the general public. Please do not wait until the end of the year to make your hotel reservations. As soon as the link is publicized, make your reservations and don’t delay! If you are signed up for the Fare Foods or NICA Now! newsletters, you will receive an email that contains the link. It will also be published in the NICA News and OABA will be sending an email notification as well. 2020 is going to be a huge event and you certainly don’t want to miss it. Mark your calendar! We hope to see you in Tampa during Florida Week 2020. ▲

“Announcements” continued from page 10 ►►

NICA Members Awarded Ohio Fairs Hall of Fame The Ohio Fair Managers Association inducted Jack Woods, II, CCE and Jacqueline Woods, CCE into their 2019 Hall of Fame for their support to Ohio Fairs, the concessions trade, service to our country, and their community. Jack was born and raised in the Concession business by his father and he only missed two Fair seasons in his lifetime due to two tours of duty in Vietnam. Jacqueline and Jack started out buying two trailers from Jack’s parents in 1971. Those two trailers became many food trailers including several games and a couple of rides and funhouses. Jack served on the Greater Ohio Showmen’s Association Board for 22 years, with four years as President, and on the NICA Board for five years, with one as President. He continues to serve on both the GOSA and NICA Past Presidents Councils. As a team, this dynamic couple have supported the communities we work in to this very day. Congratulations! ▲ May 2019 NICA News


Cutting Edge Solutions from Rey O’Day, Executive Manager of Councils

On January 21-22, 2019, Sysco, Source1 Purchasing, and NICA produced the NICA Sysco Marketplace Food Show as part of the Western Fairs Association (WFA) Convention and Trade Show. New products were introduced, long established items were re-confirmed, and orders were taken. This show is also an opportunity to bring together Sysco Corporate Vice Presidents, Master Associates, District Sales Managers, Account Executives and Vice Presidents of Contract Sales with Source1 Purchasing leadership and NICA users in order to continue to share current practices and collaborate on new ones. It is a gift to have quality time with our Sysco and Source1 Purchasing partners to gather together to share successes: $12 million in sales; suggest changes: OPCO’s buying bulk together; and plan for the future: providing online training.

Annual NICA, Sysco & Source1 Purchasing Dinner: Todd Ruslender, Sysco Central California, Michelle Card, Executive Director, Corey Smart, Sysco Sacramento, Steve Reed, Sysco Riverside, Mark Contreras, Sysco San Francisco, Jennifer Giordano, CCE, C&C Concessions, Kathy Ross, CCE, President, Dale Keith, Sysco Central California

Rey O’Day, Executive Manager of Councils, Drew Ammerman, Sysco Riverside, Nicco Ysiano, Sysco Riverside, Jan Gary, West Council, Dominic Palmieri, CCE, Past President, Karen Gary, Leap of Faith, Dan Lusenhop, Past President, BreeAnne Gillespie, Sysco San Francisco, Rebecca Kelley, Sysco Corporate, and Lynn Schepers, Sysco Corporate

Sysco San Francisco’s District Sales Manager Bree-Anne Gillespie was so inspired by our meetings in Reno that she created a new event for all of us. On February 28, 2019, Sysco San Francisco hosted a Food Show for NICA Sysco Marketplace Members who purchase groceries on the program at Sysco Sacramento, Sysco Central California and Sysco San Francisco. She dreamed up this “Pop Up” Food Show as a way to introduce members to rebated/contracted products like pizza, paper products, ice cream and condiments; to provide education on products such as French fries; and to introduce the three seasoned, sales 14

May 2019 NICA News

Source1 Purchasing and Sysco Convention Floor Team at the 2019 WFA Convention and Trade Show

Julie Vartanian, Vartanian Concessions, Ryann Newman, West Council, Rob Webb, Sysco Sacramento, Jay Wells, West Council, Josh Coleman, Source1 Purchasing, Mike Newman, Ryann’s Happy Day Pony Ride, Ryan Long, West Council, and Wendy Long, L&L Concessions

Sysco’s Rob Webb, Michael Dye, and Dale Keith greeted everyone as they entered the “Pop Up” Food Show

Drew Smith, April Wood, West Council, Jeff Satey, Sysco Portland, Kim Barr, CCE, West Council, Brenda Ames, and Jeff Ames, West Council

►► “Solutions” continued on page 17

Masters in the art of insuring amusement risks. Since 1983, we’ve crafted risk management solutions solely for the Amusement, Entertainment and Leisure industries. That’s expertise we bring to your business. We find the perfect mix of innovative and affordable insurance programs for each and every individual client, then add 24/7 claims service to give you peace of mind. Call and see how we can help:

800.235.8774 XL Group and Allied Specialty Insurance are global brands used by XL Group Ltd’s insurance subsidiaries. Coverages are underwritten by the following XL Group Ltd insurance companies: Greenwich Insurance Company, Indian Harbor Insurance Company, XL Insurance America, Inc., XL Specialty Insurance Company and T.H.E. Insurance Company. Coverages not available in all jurisdictions.

May 2019 NICA News


Sysco and NICA have partnered

to bring you greater PRODUCT VARIETY & COST SAVINGS for your business! Specially selected & specially discounted products brought to you exclusively by Sysco and NICA SUPC 9777087 3976586 4494292 0387498 4939476 1137702 2356402 1970888 1006733 2838243 4686622 4189247 1998917 4356473 2000416 7294929 0389365 7086820

PACK/SIZE 36 / 4.5 OZ 40 / 4 OZ 2 / 5 LB 6 / 10 CT 120 / 1 OZ 2 / 5 LB 2 / 5 LB 2 / 5 LB 2 / 5 LB 6 / 5 LB 1 / 25 LB 6 / #10 6 / 5 LB 6 / 5 LB 6 / 5 LB 12 / 6 CT 6 / #10 1 / 30 LB



For more information, contact your Sysco Marketing Associate or visit


May 2019 NICA News

“Solutions” continued from page 14 ►► representatives in person: Rob Webb, Sysco Sacramento, Michael Dye, Sysco San Francisco, and Dale Keith, Sysco Central California. Chef Jay Marshall was also there to introduce some products like deep-fried avocado and deepfried-pretzel-dipped chicken, Steve Johnston, Produce Merchandising Director, took us on tour of the warehouse, and Bree-Anne Gillespie taught us all how to order on online. Several commented

Together we can save in 2019!

Rey O’Day thanking the Sysco San Francisco team: Patrick Kisee, President, Mark Contreras, VP of Contract Sales, and Bree-Anne Gillespie, District Sales Manager

Ania Delahoyde, Extreme Food and Beverage, receiving the iPad she won from Bree-Anne Gillespie after the online ordering session

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that it was nice to have the time to focus on it and thought they would use it. Some of its advantages include knowing what is in stock at the time of isit refe onVanother ordering, not having toPcount our person r r N e d ICA order, orScontacting to remember the entire the upp | Sy l i s e c rs a when sales representativeSat same o M deadline hothe t th a r ke w iAll e n everyone else is ordering. who sat in online t plathe Ren Ja n c e o u a F on Mto win an ordering session had theryopportunity ood 21s ond t a a iPad. Ania Delahoyde won it­ — congratulations! nd T y Ja n uesfor our Rey O’Day reflected: “Ituisarvery y 22 good d ay n ! members when the OPCO’s create dpurchasing deals together and I like that this event is easily repeatable at other OPCO’s.” Last but not least, please look at the lefthand page for the off-invoice, product cost savings that Sysco and NICA announced at this event. ▲

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Food & Beverage Concession Trends Jim Sinclair, Deputy General Manager, Minnesota State Fair

It’s an economic truism that a business cannot remain static. It can grow and evolve, but if it never adjusts as its market changes, it will die. Companies (and their leaders) who allow themselves to become complacent in any aspect of their work will find the competition passing them by. What’s more, no company will succeed in the future if it depends on what it learned and how it operated in the past. For the holiday season this year, Starbucks released a unique drink: the Juniper Latte. Arby’s has served up duck and venison sandwiches, Sonic offered up pickle juice slushes last summer, Shake Shack attracted long lines for its eel burger in New York last year, and a couple of foods to hit New York City recently are the smoked watermelon “ham” and smoked cantaloupe burger at Duck’s Eatery. As the trend cycle moves faster and younger generations seek out new experiences, it’s becoming even more important for every Food/Beverage Concession Operator to pay attention to the next generation of food, beverages, and flavors. That said, following are some things Fair Food/Beverage Concession Operator may wish to put on their radar and watch for in the year ahead. Around two billion people already eat crickets, mealworms and other insects, and studies suggest the market for edible bugs will be worth up to $1.2 billion by 2030. Chicken strips have long been a consumer favorite, and the double-digit growth in chicken strip servings has come from product innovation. This proves that when you take something that consumers already love, elevate the form and deliver value, you have strong potential for growth. Eggs are getting more interesting and adventurous... cured and shaved egg yolk, egg 20

May 2019 NICA News

pies, yolk jam and smoked eggs are gaining popularity. Rice is a staple that is moving into the spotlight propelled by everything from the bowl trend, which often relies on rice as a base, to an exploration of heirloom rice; e.g. fried rice tots made from jasmine rice. Target recently launched seven varieties of almond milk-based ice cream under its Archer Farms private label and research from Global Market Insights shows that the global non-dairy ice cream market will hit $1 billion by 2024. Globally inspired and ethnic foods, according to Statista, are expected to grow at retail from $10.9 million in 2013 to $12.5 million in 2018. Among Whole Foods’ 2019 trend predictions is flavors from the Pacific Rim. The Specialty Food Association’s Trendspotter Panel believes one of the biggest trends for 2019 will be a regional shift that will see products embracing street fare-focused flavors from Latin America, South America and Africa. Mexican, Asian, Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors should also be on the radar. For example, booza and dondurma, sometimes called Arabic ice cream, has a stretchy, almost taffy-like texture that keeps it from melting in the hot sun, and it’s ten times as rich as gelato. XO sauce may be the new Sriracha with its rich, complex flavors like dried seafood, chilies and ham that lift up other flavors in a dish. Bing, a Chinese crepe born on the streets of Shanghai, is showing up and gaining ground in the US as a handheld. Customized, whether through fillings or inclusions in the batter, make the bing a great addition to breakfast, lunch or on snack menus. Similarly, flatbread is on the rise, thanks in some measure to fascination with all the flavors coming out of the Eastern Mediterranean, along with a serious boom in hummus. They’re exceptional vehicles for adding flavors to the dough and different versions of sharable

flatbreads offer opportunity by topping them with various intriguing flavor combinations. Whether puffy and doughy or crispy, thin and cracker-like, flatbreads are not only ideal partners for dips and spreads, they’re finding their way into unique sandwiches, sharables and handhelds, because they’re easily stuffable, convenient and portable, with limitless possibilities. Plus, they’re extremely popular with millennials. Plant-based foods are on a growth track. Future Market Insights is forecasting annual growth in plant-based protein foods taking the form of burgers, cheeses, seafood, pork, chicken and even eggs through 2028, driven in part by a rise in vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian diets. And Whole Foods Market has named plant-based foods one of its top trends for 2019, because those who don’t eat only vegan or vegetarian are exploring plant-based snacks, crave something different and may just want to take a break from meat. Fusion Foods like queso, the dish of melted cheese, spicy chilies and chorizo, offers opportunity by infusing various other intriguing flavor sources and combinations. Likewise, according to the National Restaurant Association’s “What’s Hot 2019 Culinary Forecast” reflecting contemporary consumer cravings in tandem with emerging societal dining trends, gourmet lemonade was ranked third among top trends in non-alcoholic beverages, and specialty iced tea ranked fifth. Operators are creating iced tea with fruit, herbal and floral infusions, such as peach, mango, hibiscus or pomegranate. Beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, that deliver more flavor are also making their mark. Ingredients in beverages like carrots, beets, turmeric, ginger and/or blueberries, deliver on the promise of a fantastic flavor experience all while promoting everything from digestive health and mental clarity to stronger immunity. And consuming low-ABV drinks is said to be an opportunity to access flavors and textures that you might not otherwise have been able to achieve. Plus, they allow you to enjoy these beverages in greater quantities and over longer periods of time. Non-alcoholic mixed drinks are a hot trend right now, as Americans are increasingly conscious about what they put in their mouth and are more focused on maintaining a healthy

lifestyle. 1 out of 10 people are interested in seeing mocktails in more bars and eateries. They’re on the menu at Starbuck’s Reserve Roasteries, juice giant Ocean Spray is in the game with a mocktail product line that includes a cranberry-peach Bellini and sangria, and Bar None is a new line of cocktail-inspired, non-alcoholic bottled beverages from Coca-Cola that comes in varieties such as ginger mule, Bellini spritz, dryaged cider and red sangria. Younger customers aren’t drinking as much as older generations are (millennials drink less alcohol than Gen-Xers, and centennials/ Generation Z drink less than millennials). Dry January, a movement launched in the United Kingdom in 2014, is gaining traction with multiple generations in the US and January 13-19 was the first ever National Mocktail Week, but even after January, non-alcoholic drinks have been trending upward. According to the global market research firm Mintel, 13% of consumers agree that mocktails are a good alternative to alcoholic drinks, with younger women their target market, and 45% of millennials would give up alcoholic beverages in order to improve their health. Starting in February, packages of Bud Light have prominent labels showing the beer’s calories and ingredients, as well as the amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein in a serving. The brand’s research shows that younger drinkers, in particular, want to know what’s in their beer. Craft Beer sales in the US were on track to rise 5% this past year, hitting a new record, and the number of craft breweries was set to grow 20% to more than 7,000, according to the Boulder, Colorado-based Brewers Association. (Craft brewers are defined as small and independent, producing less than 6 million barrels annually.) There were 2,252 brewpubs in the US by the end of 2017, up from 1,308 five years ago, and 85% of drinking-age adults now live within 10 miles of a US craft brewer. What’s more, the economic impact of the US craft beer industry is $76 billion, and the number of jobs generated by the US craft beer industry approximates 500,000. Globally, craft beer sales are on track to book 12% annual growth through 2022.

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With over 65 years of insurance expertise, K&K protects concessionaires and vendors with affordable coverage designed for your needs. And when claims occur, our colleagues are here to respond quickly and effectively. Visit our website to quote and buy online.

K&K Insurance Group, Inc. is a licensed insurance producer in all states (TX license #13924); operating in CA, NY and MI as K&K Insurance Agency (CA license #0334819)

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In 2017, Taco Bell created its Cantina concept, with plans to open about 300 of the locations that serve beer along with the chain’s Mexicaninspired menu. Starbucks has also experimented with craft beer and the chain’s new high-end Reserve Roasteries concept includes a full bar boasting local beers.

digestive discomfort and eating “gluten-free” as a tool linked to weight management. As consumers reexamine their diets, foods that promote gut health are coming to the fore, including healthy fats, collagen, resistant starch, fermented items and foods free of grain, dairy and markers of industrial production. In pursuit of wellness, consumers are exploring a diversifying landscape of foods and beverages that promote energy and good digestion.

Health and Wellness

Beyond food/beverage menu, operationally...

“Trends” continued from page 21 ►►

Technology in the form of cashless Carnival Midways at Fairs are a reality. How soon will we see self-service electronic kiosks for ordering food/beverages, especially given the current labor environment; i.e. shortages of employees and increased minimum wages? Social media presence for your company and products can be a free or low-cost and efficient way to generate buzz that will grow your business. For example, Facebook is an excellent social media tool for building an audience. As of 2018, 68% of US adults use a Facebook account; including 81% of those ages 18-29, 78% of These facts should give us cause to question... those ages 30-49, 65% of those ages 50-64 and • Are portions too large and are we over-serving 41% of those 65 and over. It gives followers an Fair guests? opportunity to send you questions and direct • Are we serving guests over-sized portions just messages, post photos and share stories to to maintain a higher retail price? create excitement about your products/services • Do Fairs and Food/Beverage Concessionaires and presence at the Fair. (Tips: posts with photos have a responsibility to promote healthy food or video that encourage comments and sharing alternatives? typically perform the best, and Facebook can be • What is the potential “fallout” if they don’t? especially helpful in reaching an older audience.) Twitter is a great place to post short updates, 92% of American adults believe digestive photos and communicate directly or broadly with health is important to their overall health, a 2017 potential customers. As of 2018, 24% of US adults Health and Wellness report finds that consumers used a Twitter account; including 40% of those are adding nutrient-dense foods and beverages ages 18-29, 27% of those ages 30-49, 19% of promoting good digestion to their diet, and 38% those ages 50-64 and 8% of those ages 65 and of consumers say they are consciously adding above. (Tips: Twitter can be especially helpful in probiotics to their diet. This is evidence of the mainstream interest in probotic-rich cultured and reaching a millennial audience, but you only have 280 characters to work with.) fermented foods, such as yogurt, kombucha and Instagram is also a platform to share photos fermented vegetables, that contain gut-friendly “good bacteria.” Kombucha, once an exotic, fringe, and is a great place to show your food and product photos. As of 2018, 35% of US adults use home-brewed probiotic beverage has become an Instagram account, but that number is rapidly readily available and is consumed for both increasing. 64% of those ages 18-29, 40% of digestive wellness and pleasure across all types those ages 30-49, 21% of those ages 50-64 and of consumers. 10% of those ages 65 and over use an Instagram Similarly, “gluten-free” has seen widespread appeal because of connections consumers make account and millennials are particularly active on Instagram. between eating gluten-free to remedy general Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is no more sincere love than the love of food,” but some of the statistics we’re hearing are staggering; e.g. more than 2/3 of the US population is overweight or obese. Adult obesity rates were 45% in 2016 and predicted to be at 50% by 2030, plus the International Diabetes Federation is predicting one in 10 adults will have diabetes by the year 2030. In addition, childhood obesity, diet–related health diseases and heart disease are on the rise and the obesity epidemic is expected to continue plaguing the US.


May 2019 NICA News

Snapchat, Linkedin, Google My Business, etc. are also some of the many viable and useful social media tools available for your use, and you should look into which of them make the most sense for your business. Two examples of the Minnesota State Fair’s use of social media are for its New Foods and Specialty Brews and Beverages announcements each year. The New Foods announcement is posted on three platforms; i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Facebook reach (the total number of people who saw the posts) was 880,934, Twitter impressions (the total number of people who saw the tweets) was 121,247, and Instagram reach (the total number of people who saw the post) at least once) was 59,286. The Specialty Brews and Beverages announcement is posted once on three platforms; i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Facebook reach was 187,110, Twitter impressions were 26,309 and Instagram reach was 17,920.

Equipment What’s with the “outsized” Food/Beverage Concessions with extremely high marquees and/ or big fronts? Do such “oversized” Food/Beverage Concessions work, what advantage(s) do they offer Concession Operators and what do they offer the Fair? Theme and “Eatertainment” can be equally and possibly more effective than size. A theme, narrative or story related to your Concession, creating a narrative, whether it’s completely made up or with elements of truth, is a great way to garner attention, tell customers what a Concession is all about, as well as get a footing and grow a new Concession. A new backstory can also do the same and offer a fresh start to an old Concession. A history or story provides a guide for the décor, menu items and overall vibe of the Concession. In the context of creating a new or revising an old Concession, it’s great if the main elements of the theme or storyline are accurate and real, and if you can weave that in with imaginary elements that represent fun characters, interesting times and places, the whole storyline can create a background character and shape a fascinating atmosphere. Examples at the Minnesota State Fair are The

Hangar (Food/Beverage Concession themed around historic use of the building it occupies as an airplane exhibit), Coasters (drawing on its proximity to the carnival), Giggle’s Campfire Grill (located in our Northwoods area) and Café Caribe (with its Caribbean menu and vibe). The future will be dramatically different. We can’t stop progress, but we can progress with it, and we need to, because the future is where we will spend the rest of our lives. We must ask ourselves: are we simply doing the same things year after year and expecting different results (which is the definition of insanity), or are we constantly reviewing our products, services, procedures and purpose; reworking, repackaging, reconstituting and redeveloping our product, presentation and programming to reflect the times in which we live and meet current trends? ▲

“Food and Beverage Concession Trends” was originally presented at the NICA 2019 Business Expo as a Panel-led discussion.

Serve the best.

J-Burger Seasoned Beef Patties

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Travel Safety News NEWS Electronic Logging Devices Implementation Timeline

December 16, 2019 ELD Deadline: How to Prepare Your Fleet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has implemented a transition process that started in early 2016 and is currently in “Phase 2,” in which electronic logs, namely Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), are the mandatory method of logging Hours of Service (HOS). However, Automatic On-Board Recording Devices (AOBRDs) purchased before December 18, 2017 are grandfathered in as an acceptable solution until the next phase, “Phase 3”, which requires full compliance and the use of a registered ELD only after December 16, 2019. See the table to the right for a guide on the phases. As a quick refresher, an ELD is intended to help create a safer work environment for drivers, and make it easier and faster to accurately track, manage, and share records of duty status (RODS) data. An ELD synchronizes with a vehicle engine to automatically record driving time, for easier, more accurate HOS recording. The first thing to think about in preparation for “Phase 3” of the ELD mandate implementation is your current method of HOS logging. If you already have an ELD system in place, you are already in compliance. If you are still using paper logs or a faulty device, you’re operating outside of the law and you can face some serious violations in the event of a roadside inspection. If you have an AOBRD device, your device should be grandfathered into the current ruling, meaning that you should not receive violations for using your AOBRD. However, you’ll want to ask your AOBRD/ELD provider the following questions before “Phase 3” implementation:

1. Will I need to buy additional hardware to transition to an ELD? If so, what is the cost per vehicle? 2. Will I need to update my software to 26

May 2019 NICA News

Feb 16, 2016– Dec 17, 2017


Awareness and Transition Phase During this time, carriers and drivers subject to the rule could prepare to comply and voluntarily use ELDs. Carriers and drivers subject to the rule could use any of the following for records of duty status (RODS): Paper logs | Logging software | AOBRDs ELDs that are self-certified and registered with FMCSA

Dec 18, 2017–Dec 16, 2019


Phased-In Compliance Phase The two-year period from the Compliance Date to the Full Compliance Phase. Carriers and drivers subject to the rule can use: AOBRDs installed and in-use prior to December 18, 2017 ELDs that are self-certified and registered with FMCSA

After Dec 16, 2019


Full Compliance Phase All drivers and carriers subject to the rule must use self-certified ELDs that are registered with FMCSA.

A Phased Approach As the ELD rule is implemented, motor carriers will be allowed time to transition to full adoption of ELDs. This table illustrates which recording methods are acceptable during each phase implementation.




ELD AOBRD LOGGING SOFTWARE PAPER *Drivers and carriers exempt from the ELD rule may continue to use any of these methods of record keeping to log their HOS data.

transition to an ELD? If so, what is the cost? Is your ELD registered with the FMCSA? Will your support team be able to provide help for my drivers as they transition to ELD? What is the turnaround time for shipping new equipment (if necessary) and updating? Will my data from the AOBRD system seamlessly transfer over to the new system?


3. 4. 5. 6.

Once your ELD system is in place, how do you avoid violations and losses? Make sure your ELD provider is registered with FMCSA, ensure proper installation of the device, make sure your drivers know how to use the device, and report any malfunctions to FMCSA. Regardless, don’t delay; December 16th is closer than you think! ▲

2019 US Fuel Outlook

December-to-March price increase since Energy Information Administration December 2011 to For the summer driving season that runs March 2012. EIA through September, 2019, the Energy Information forecasts Brent spot Administration (EIA) forecasts that US regular prices will average gasoline retail prices will average $2.76 per $65/barrel in 2019 gallon, down from an average of $2.85/gallon and $62/barrel in last summer. The lower forecast gasoline prices 2020, compared primarily reflect EIA’s expectation of lower crude with an average of oil prices in 2019. For all of 2019, EIA expects US $71/barrel in 2018. EIA expects that West Texas regular gasoline retail prices to average $2.60/ Intermediate (WTI) crude oil prices will average gallon and gasoline retail prices for all grades to $8/barrel lower than Brent prices in the first half average $2.71/gallon, which would result in the of 2019 before the discount gradually falls to $4/ average US household spending about $100 (4%) barrel in late-2019 and through 2020. less on motor fuel in 2019 compared with 2018. EIA estimates that US crude oil production Brent crude oil spot prices averaged $66 per averaged 12.1 million barrels per day in March, barrel in March, up $2/barrel from February 2019. up 0.3 million barrels per day from the February Brent prices for the first quarter of 2019 averaged average. EIA forecasts that US crude oil $63/barrel, which is $4/barrel lower than the same production will average 12.4 million barrels per period in 2018. Despite lower crude oil prices than day in 2019 and 13.1 million barrels per day in last year, Brent prices in March were $9/barrel 2020, with most of the growth coming from the higher than in December 2018, marking the largest Permian region of Texas and New Mexico. ▲

International Roadcheck 2019 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) 32nd Annual International Roadcheck will take place June 4-6, 2019. Each year, International Roadcheck places special emphasis on a category of violations. This year’s focus is steering and suspension systems. “Steering and suspension are safety critical systems for any commercial motor vehicle,” said CVSA President Chief Jay Thompson with the Arkansas Highway Police. “Not only do they support the heavy loads carried by trucks and buses, but they also help maintain stability and control under acceleration and braking, keeping the vehicle safely on the road. Furthermore, they keep tires in alignment, reducing chances of uneven tire wear and possible tire failure, and they maximize the contact between the tires and the road to provide steering stability and good handling.” International Roadcheck is a 72-hour period when approximately 10,000 CVSA-certified local, state, provincial, territorial and federal inspectors in jurisdictions across North America perform large truck and bus safety inspections.

During Roadcheck, inspectors will primarily conduct the North American Standard Level I Inspection, a 37-step procedure that includes an examination of both driver operating requirements and vehicle mechanical fitness. Inspectors may opt to conduct the Level II Walk-Around Driver/ Vehicle Inspection, Level III Driver/Credential/ Administrative Inspection or Level V Vehicle-Only Inspection. The vehicle inspection includes checking critical inspection items such as brake systems, cargo securement, coupling devices, driveline/ driveshaft, driver’s seat, exhaust systems, frames, fuel systems, lighting devices (headlamps, tail lamps, stop lamps, turn signals and lamps/ flags on projecting loads), steering mechanisms,

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We put the

fu n

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From a commercial vehicle safety inspector’s perspective, the point of the Roadcheck inspection is to ensure both your safety and those of others traveling on the highways. The costs associated suspensions, tires, van and open-top trailer with being put out of service are insignificant bodies, wheels, rims and hubs, and windshield wipers. Additional items on buses, motorcoaches, when compared to the costs of having an accident. Be proactive and inspect your vehicle passenger vans or other passenger-carrying vehicles include emergency exits, electrical cables thoroughly before you take your next trip, and and systems in engine and battery compartments, especially before this year’s Roadcheck. The following list is adapted from the North American and seating (temporary and aisle seats). Standard Roadside Inspection Vehicle Cheat Drivers will be required to provide their Sheet available at driver’s license (operating credentials), Medical Examiner’s Certificate and Skill Performance BRAKES Evaluation Certificate (if applicable), driver’s Check for missing, non-functioning, loose, record of duty status, and vehicle inspection report(s) (if applicable). Inspectors will also check contaminated or cracked parts on the brake system. Check for S-cam flipover. Be alert for drivers for seat belt usage, sickness, fatigue, and audible air leaks around brake components and any apparent alcohol and/or drug impairment. If no critical vehicle inspection item violations lines. Check that slack adjusters are the same length (from center of S-cam to center of clevis are found during a Level I or Level V Inspection, pin) and the air chambers on each axle are the a CVSA decal will be applied to the vehicle, same size. Ensure the air system maintains air indicating that the vehicle successfully passed a pressure between 90-100 psi (620-690 kPa). decal-eligible inspection conducted by a CVSAInspect for non-manufactured holes (e.g., rust certified inspector; however, when a rear impact holes, holes created by rubbing orfriction, etc.) guard is required and violations are present, a and broken springs in the spring brake housing CVSA decal shall not be issued. If an inspector does identify critical inspection section of the parking brake. Measure pushrod travel. Inspect required brake system warning item violations, he or she may render the driver devices, such as ABS malfunction lamp(s) and or vehicle out of service if the condition meets low air pressure warning devices. Inspect tractor the North American Out-of-Service Criteria. This protection system, including the bleedback means the driver cannot operate the vehicle until the vehicle and/or driver qualification violation(s) system on the trailer. Ensure the breakaway system is operable on the trailer. are corrected. A driver can also be placed out of service for driver credential-related issues or COUPLING DEVICES driver conditions, such as fatigue or impairment. Safety devices/full trailers/converter dolly(s): “International Roadcheck is a high-visibility, check the safety devices (chains/wire rope) three-day commercial motor vehicle and driver for sufficient number, missing components, inspection and enforcement event,” said Chief improper repairs, and devices that are incapable Thompson. “However, aside from the increased inspections, we are not doing anything differently of secure attachment. On the lower fifth wheel, check for unsecured mounting to the frame or than any other day. The inspections performed any missing or damaged parts, or any visible during International Roadcheck are the same space between the upper and lower fifth wheel inspections that are conducted the day before International Roadcheck starts and the day after it plates. Verify that the locking jaws are around the shank and not the head of the kingpin, that concludes, as well as any other day of the year.” the release lever is seated properly, and that the Chief Thompson added, “It’s important to safety latch is engaged. Check the upper fifth remember that inspections are conducted 365 wheel for any damage to the weight bearing plate days a year. We publicly announce the dates (and its supports) such as cracks and loose or of this three-day enforcement and awareness initiative in advance because we want all vehicles missing bolts on the trailer. On the sliding fifth wheel, check for proper engagement of locking on our roadways to be safe and compliant.”

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May 2019 NICA News

mechanism (teeth fully engaged on rail); also check for worn or missing parts and ensure that the position does not allow the tractor frame rails to contact the landing gear during turns. Check for damaged or missing fore and aft stops.


the trailer to assure that large objects are properly secured. Check cargo securement devices for proper number, size and condition. Check tie down anchor points for deformation and cracking.


Check the steering lash by first turning the Check your fuel tanks for the following steering wheel in one direction until the tires begin conditions: loose mounting, leaks, or other to pivot. Then, place a mark on the steering wheel conditions; loose or missing caps; and signs of at a fixed reference point and turn the wheel in leaking fuel below the tanks. For exhaust systems, the opposite direction until the tires start to move check the following: unsecured mounting; leaks again. Mark the steering wheel at the same fixed beneath the cab; exhaust system components in reference point and measure the distance between contact with electrical wiring or brake lines and the two marks. The amount of allowable lash hoses; and excessive carbon deposits around varies with the diameter of the steering wheel. seams and clamps.

FRAME, VAN & OPEN-TOP TRAILERS Inspect for corrosion fatigue, cracked crossmember(s), loose or missing, cracks in frame, missing or defective body parts. Look at the condition of the hoses, check suspension of air hoses of vehicle with sliding tandems. On the frame and frame assembly, check for cracks, bends, sagging, loose fasteners or any defect that may lead to the collapse of the frame, corrosion, fatigue, cracked or missing crossmembers, cracks in frame, missing or defective body parts. Inspect all axle(s). Inspect for non-manufactured holes (i.e. rust holes, holes created by rubbing or friction, etc.) and for broken springs in the spring brake housing section of the parking brake. For vans and open-top trailer bodies, look at the upper rail and check roof bows and side posts for buckling, cracks, or ineffective fasteners. On the lower rail, check for breaks accompanied by sagging floor, rail, or cross members; or broken with loose or missing fasteners at side post adjacent to the crack.

LIGHTING Inspect all required lamps for proper color, operation, mounting, and visibility.

SECUREMENT OF CARGO Make sure you are carrying a safe load. Check tail board security. Verify end gates are secured in stake pockets. Check both sides of the trailer to ensure cargo is protected from shifting or falling. Verify that rear doors are securely closed. Where load is visible, check for proper blocking and bracing. It may be necessary to examine inside of


Inspect the suspension for: indications of misaligned, shifted, cracked, or missing springs; loosened shackles; missing bolts; unsecured spring hangars; and cracked or loose U-bolts. Also, check any unsecured axle positioning parts and for signs of axle misalignment. On the front axle, check for cracks, welds, and obvious misalignment.

TIRES, WHEELS, RIMS & HUBS Check tires for proper inflation, cuts, and bulges, regrooved tires on steering axle, tread wear, and major tread groove depth. Inspect sidewalls for defects, improper repairs, exposed fabric or cord, contact with any part of the vehicle, and tire markings excluding it from use on a steering axle. Inspect wheels and rims for cracks, unseated locking rings, and broken or missing lugs, studs, or clamps. Also check for rims that are cracked or bent, have loose or damaged lug nuts and elongated stud holes, have cracks across spokes or in the web area, and have evidence of slippage in the clamp areas. Check the hubs for lubricant leaks, missing caps, or plugs, misalignment and positioning, and damaged, worn, or missing parts. Regular maintenance and frequent checkups are not only good advice to prepare for the next Roadcheck; they prevent faults and long-term damage to your vehicle. Plus, they ensure that you will benefit the most of all by driving safely for the rest of the year. If you suspect that you have any issue listed, get your vehicle checked out as soon as possible, before it becomes a dangerous (and expensive) problem. â–˛ May 2019 NICA News


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May 2019 NICA News

2019 Membership Contest Leaderboard* General Membership Fare Foods............................................................................ 2 Wayne Decker....................................................................... 1 Nate Janousek..................................................................... 1 Kim Netterfield...................................................................... 1 Vincent Navarra.................................................................... 1 Dominic Palmieri, CCE......................................................... 1 Pasco County Fair................................................................ 1 Randy Reichert, CCE............................................................. 1

Councils Henry Mitchell...................................................................... 2 Samantha Fairlie.................................................................. 1

Board of Directors Kathy Ross, CCE................................................................... 8 Dan Lusenhop...................................................................... 5 Kim Barr, CCE........................................................................ 1 Don Delahoyde, CCE............................................................. 1 Vincent Nelson, CCE............................................................. 1

Administration Office................................................................................... 25

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2019 Events Calendar

Representing NICA & Its Industry Partners

May 3-5: 2019 IAFE Management Conference • Costa Mesa, CA 16-18: Florida Federation of Fairs and IAFE Zone 2 Meeting • St Augustine, FL 27: Memorial Day (Office Closed) 31: San Bernardino County Fair Service Member Meeting • Victorville, CA

June 1: Board of Directors Nomination Forms Due 1: Scholarship Applications Due

7: Merced County Fair Service Member Meeting • Merced, CA 17: 13th Annual Mark Neagles / NICA West Invitational • Solana Beach, CA 20: San Diego County Fair Service Member Meeting • Del Mar, CA

July 4: Independence Day (Office Closed) 15: Director Election Ballots go out to Voting Members

25: California State Fair Open House • Sacramento, CA

August 8: Ventura County Fair Service Member Meeting • Ventura, CA 13: 4th Annual Northeast Council Rally at the Erie County Fair • Hamburg, NY 21: Antelope Valley Fair Service Member Meeting • Lancaster, CA 27-29: Day in the Life at the Alaska State Fair • Palmer, AK

Although these dates are based on sources believed to be reliable and true, they are subject to changes throughout the year. Visit our calendar at or view upcoming NICA News for updates, changes, additional dates, and more!

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May 2019 NICA News

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May 2019 NICA News  

Featuring Travel Safety News, Benefits, Thoughts from a CCE, Director's Voice, Cutting Edge Solutions from Sysco, Food & Beverage Concession...

May 2019 NICA News  

Featuring Travel Safety News, Benefits, Thoughts from a CCE, Director's Voice, Cutting Edge Solutions from Sysco, Food & Beverage Concession...

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