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27 Allied Specialty Insurance 25 Alpha Baking Company 28 Berry Plastics 18 Brakebush Brothers 06 Con Agra Foods 28 Corfu Foods 30 Fanestil Meats 26 Fare Foods 17 Firestone Financial 26 Heinkel’s Packing 25 Hummel Group

18 JKJ Workforce 28 K&K Insurance 18 Lamb Weston 18 Lasco Foods 27 Mr. G’s Quality Cut Meats 02 Pepsi 21 Rio Syrup 17 RJ Schinner 10 Schantz Mfg. 29 Sugardale Food Service 11 Swanel Beverage 30 Tastemaker 10 WNA

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Dedicated to strengthening relationships with the Fair, Festival, and Special Events Industries through effective communication, education, benefits, leadership, and solutions The National Independent Concessionaires Association, Inc. is a Florida Corporation with an Editorial and General Office located at 1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511 • Off ice: (813) 438-8926 • Fax: (813) 803-8460 • Online: www.nicainc.org The information contained in this Publication is based upon sources believed to be reliable. Readers should not act without professional advice. Cover to Cover © 1993-2020 NICA, Inc. All Rights Reserved. We hope you are staying safe and healthy! June 2020 NICA News


This Month’s Newest Members! Dan Reyes

OSD - A Distribution Resource Company, LLC Lenexa, KS

Michael Searle Snuffy’s Clowns Phoenix, AZ

Tina Tanner

BKE Concessions Muskogee, OK

Welcome to our three New Members! See page 29 for the Membership Contest Leaderboard. A New Member referral gets you an entry. “Together We Can!”

This Month’s Member Renewals Richard Allen

Jerry Constantine

Chris Hall

Bill Morrissey

Andrew Andrescavage

Pam Cooper

Wes Heinkel

Mark Nichols

Barb Applegate

Kristin Cullaz

Trey Higdon

Marc Pagano

June Arner

Rex Cusumano

Adam Jobe

Mike Petzel

Christy Daledovich

Bob Kaiser

Carl Ratermann

Allan Dennis

James Kekelis

Carl Ratermann

John Kerrigan

Danielle Rice

George Kolias

Vonda Riley

Jacqueline Leavitt

Andy Schaefer

Sierra Korn Enterprise Oroville, CA (2013) Lakeland Marketing St. Louis, MO (2010) Conagra Foods Gretna, NE (2012) R and J Food Concessions L.L.C. Valencia, PA (2015)

Ronald Arner

R and J Food Concessions L.L.C. Valencia, PA (2015)

Steve Aucoin

Aucoin Concessions Litchfield, ME (2015)

Rob Barona

Lamb Weston Dallas, TX (2008) Gehls Foods, LLC Germantown, WI (2007) Cusumano & Sons, Inc. Mt. Vernon, IL (2006) Mr. G’s Quality Cut Meats Chillicothe, MO (2004) Allan Dennis Concessions, Inc. Hughes Springs, TX (2014)

Danielle Fickel

Giant Ride, Inc. Roseville, MN (2015)

Advanced Food Products, LLC New Holland, PA (2015)

Robert Berk

Jorge Flores

Berk Concession Supply Warren, OH (1995)

Brian Berry

Sugardale Food Service Findlay, OH (2006)

Lasco Foods St. Louis, MO (2009)

Joanne Fontanini

Dan Carroll

Fontanini / Capitol Wholesale Meats McCook, IL (1997)

Suzy Cason

Joy Cone Company Hermitage, PA (2007)

Ron Cheatle

Gold Medal Products Co. Cincinnati, OH (2001)

Jonathan Chestnut

Coca-Cola Refreshments Tampa, FL (1999)

WNA Lenexa, KS (2008) Oklahoma State Fair, Inc. Oklahoma City, OK (2014) Swanel Beverages, Inc. Hammond, IN (2010) Chestnut Identity Apparel, Inc. Brookdale, CA (2005)


Corfu Foods, Inc. Bensenville, IL (2004)

June 2020 NICA News

Rob Forner

Jason Gardner

Lexie Gentleman

Rich Gockelman

Firestone Financial Needham, MA (2012)

TasteMaker Foods Hernando, MS (1998) Heinkel’s Packing Co., Inc. Decatur, IL (2004) Perfect Stix, LLC Vero Beach, FL (2006) Valley Meats, LLC Coal Valley, IL (2009) Kaiser Pickles Cincinnati, OH (2017) James Tea Company Perry, OH (2010) Bunge Oil Chicago, IL (2007) Bop’s Kettle Corn Tallahassee, FL (2019) Golden Wheel Amusements / The Legacy Group, Inc. Chugiak, AK (2015)

Sandra Lewis

Nathan’s Famous Jericho, NY (2015)

Jeff Lindsey

Alpha Baking Waukee, IA (2007)

Rick McMillen

Brakebush Brothers, Inc. Auburn, IL (1994)

Pat Marsillo

Pat Marsillo Concessions, Inc. Hamburg, NY (2019)

Fabri-Kal O’Fallen, MO (2015) Uncle Buck’s Concessions Central Point, OR (2004) Riverside Foods Two Rivers, WI (2018) Dawn Food Products Kansas City, MO (2006) Ole Mexican Food St. Louis, MO (2018) Ratermann & Associates Kirkwood, MO (2015) Leon’s Texas Cuisine McKinney, TX (2015) Jimmy’s Concessions, Inc. Creedmoor, NC (2018) R.J. Schinner Overland, MO (2011)

Julie Schmidt

Schmidt Concessions Conneautville, PA (2019)

Kenny Smith

Rocken Graphics Gibsonton, FL (2012)

Zach Smith

Berry Plastics Evansville, IN (2017)

Jeff Lindsey

Alpha Baking Waukee, IA (2007)

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President’s PresideNT’s Message

Don Delahoyde, CCE, President

To all our great members: I hope this finds you and your families healthy and well. We all understand these are times like we have never experienced in our lives, please pay attention to your health and mental being, this will end eventually. Who knows what life will ever look like in the future, but we are strong and will come out on the other side with good lessons and experiences. This month I wanted to give an overview of some of the things your Directors and Staff do to keep the organization running and managed. One of the positive things we do annually and are planning an additional meeting for soon is the Advisory Committee. This Committee is made up of 13 Fair Executives from across the country representing different size Fairs, as well as your NICA Board. The purpose of this Committee is to sit in a room and listen to their needs, concerns, and advice, as well as have them listen to our members’ needs, concerns, and advice. It is a positive experience for all involved. The NICA Board has four Committees that are made up of Directors and NICA Members: The Voice in the Industry Committee is led by Sandy Class, CCE, 1st Vice President. Their

attention is given to conventions, communications, publications, Social Media, technology, and alliances with Sister Organizations. The Benefits Committee is led by Daryl Whicheloe, CCE, 2nd Vice President. Their focus is on creating and maintaining member benefits such as scholarships, the NICA Association Health Insurance Plan roll out, and the AD&D policy for Regular Members. (By the way they created a savings of $6,630 on that policy this year by shopping it hard.) The Membership Committee is overseen by the Secretary of the Board, Vincent Nelson, CCE. We know this is going to be an extremely hard year gaining New Members; therefore, the Committee’s goal is to maintain the membership by offering good benefits, as well as offering the ability to extend your annual dues payment if any member needs that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. That proposal was passed unanimously by the entire Board. The Finance and Budget Committee is led by the NICA Treasurer, Jay “Rocko” Russell, CCE. It is responsible for setting financial stability goals, monitoring the NICA investment plan, fundraisers, rebate management, sponsorship protocol, submitting accounting and monthly P&L for Board approval, reviewing all insurances annually, overseeing the yearly audit, and the transition to the NICA Foundation.

►► “Message” continued on page 6

SERVICE: It’s an Honor! Paulette Keene, CCE, Past President

My experiences being both a Director and President of NICA helped me step up and out in many areas of my personal life. I learned a lot about the organization’s Bylaws as well as Policies and Procedures. I can’t even remember how many times I referred to them for making decisions. I became

comfortable at speaking to a large group of people and being on the Board of Directors forced me to stay up to par with ever-changing technology. Most of all, I met a lot of people in all areas of the Fair Industry, and brainstormed on how to improve and create benefits for the NICA Members. I really miss spending time with the other Board Members and Staff who have became good friends. Thank you to all Nominees who applied for this year’s upcoming Board of Directors Election. You stepped up to join the Board of Directors for improving your knowledge of NICA and yourself! ▲ June 2020 NICA News



President: Don Delahoyde, CCE 1st Vice President: Sandy Class, CCE 2nd Vice President: Daryl Whicheloe, CCE Treasurer: Jay “Rocko” Russell, CCE Secretary: Vincent Nelson, CCE


Kim Barr, CCE Jacqueline Bradbury Andrew “Bruno” Broomfield Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE Kelly Grout Kevin McGrath, CCE Lee Stevens Jeff Thornberry, CCE

Immediate Past President

Kathy Ross, CCE

Past Presidents’ Council

Dan Lusenhop Dominic Palmieri, CCE Paulette Keene, CCE

Joe Potillo, Jr. Greg Miller, CCE Tom Sattler, CCE Russ Harrison, CCE Richard Busse, CCE Tom Hodson, CCE Jim Hodson, CCE (Deceased) Tim O’Brien, CCE Ron Smith Adam McKinney, CCE Mike Pence, CCE Jack Woods, II, CCE Bob Hallifax, CCE Frank Parnell, CCE Larry Orme (Deceased) Larry Sivori Rich Wright Bill McKinney, CCE Arthur Pokorny, Jr. Gene O’Brien, CCE (Deceased)


Executive Director & West Council Coordinator : Rey O’Day rey@nicainc.org

Communications & Marketing Manager: Jesse Willard communications@nicainc.org

Office & Membership Manager: Linda Frisco nica@nicainc.org

East Council Coordinator & Social Media Coordinator: Jessica Gottsche jessica@nicainc.org

east Council

Lindsey Constantine Thomas Hodson, CCE Gentry Miller Henry Mitchell Cameron Murray Kelley Myers Vincent Nelson, CCE Joshua Nicholson

West Council

Brandy Arredondo Kim Barr, CCE Irene Dugan Jan Gary, CCE Ryan Long Kara Moederndorfer Ryann Newman Erica Quintero Steve Vartanian Jay Wells

National Reps

Duane Fischer John Harkey David Higginbottom Charles Ivory, CCE Mike McGrath Kevin McGrath, II Etta Pence, CCE David Spann R. Josh Stremmel George Wandrey, Jr. Ted Wentz Nick White

Do you have any questions or would like to get involved with NICA? Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or nica@nicainc.org today!

“Message” continued from page 5 ►► This gives you an overview of some of the Board’s ongoing duties. We meet at least once a month for a couple of hours by phone to keep all abreast and updated regarding the operation of the organization. A few other points of business I would like to mention are that the Director Elections had a deadline of May 25th for interested eligible Nominees. It is easy to get on the ballot for future elections; ask any Director for the paperwork or call the NICA Office. Get involved! In addition, we are processing applications for 16 NICA Foundation Scholarships, which will be awarded for a total value of $30,500. These are for the good of the members and their families. The scholarship money is sitting in a designated account waiting to be awarded. There are also five $500 First Timer Convention Scholarships for firsttime attendees of an upcoming convention. Every member is eligible, assuming we have conventions in the year to come. I would like to personally thank each member for being part of NICA and I only hope for the best for all in the future. “Together We Can!” ▲ 6

June 2020 NICA News

Riffing With Rey

Rey O’Day, Executive Director

Happy Sunday! Yes, I know it is Sunday because I wind my grandfather clock, count my pills, and put the trash cans out. And I am so grateful every day for 7:00 PM because I leave my house and go for a walk with neighbors—ones I have met in the last three months in a neighborhood where I have lived for over 30 years. Oh, and I have lost ten pounds during quarantine because I am my chef and I have learned my hair is more gray than white. Such is everyday life in a pandemic where we are staying home. When did Fairs become “nonessential?” Buried in phase four community openings? The economic cost of Event cancellations for communities, our members, the Fairgrounds, young people, educational tax support, the confidence of being employed, and national productivity will be hard to measure and will take tenacity and time to rebuild. Social distancing is the threat and the opportunity, depending on your view or circumstances. I think managing the virus and/or embracing social distancing logistics will be the path to opening our Fairs and Events. As an integral part of Fair Industry success, I encourage you, individually and collectively, to become involved in those discussions with your Fairs. It matters. Each week I have the privilege to learn from so many of you what you are doing now. Many of you have Class-A driver’s licenses so you have taken on driving gigs. Others have opened businesses like interior décor and providing sanitizing services. Others have taken their Fair Concession

“Renewals” continued from page 4 ►► Dan Smoots

Steve Sweetin

David Sulmonetti

Phillip Tomber

Fanestil Meats Emporia, KS (2007) Pronto Pup Co., Inc. Portland, OR (2016)

Kim-Laine Fun Foods, LLC Springfield, MO (1995) RIO Syrup Company, Inc. St. Louis, MO (1997)

Living Everyday Lives in Extraordinary Times

model and morphed it to frozen purchase/take out, local drive through, and/or delivery service. Many of you are concerned about routes that are being decimated by Fair cancellations, product supply chains that have become slow and expensive, and the mathematical effects that Guest discomfort of being in large crowds and/or social distancing will have on attendance. Many of you have received PPP loans/grants; however, much has changed between the time you applied for them and received them. The increase in late summer and fall Event cancellations and Employees needing to move to unemployment. Now those of you who have received these loans need them to have more flexibility. The House of Representatives passed bipartisan legislation H.R. 7010 on May 28th to give small business more flexibility with PPP loans they received to keep their businesses afloat. The legislation extends the time to use the money from eight weeks to 24 weeks. The bill eliminates 75/25 restrictions that forced businesses to spend 75 percent of their loans on payroll and only 25 percent on other operating expenses like rent and utilities. The formula changes to 60/40 percent. For loans that aren’t forgiven, businesses would have more time for repayment: from two years to five years. It also extends the time businesses need to make a

►► “Riffing” continued on page 8

Vinny Valentino

Valentino’s London Broil Plant City, FL (2019)

Dave Westrum

Westrums Quality Foods Delano, MN (2014)

Dan Williams

R3 - Reliable Redistribution Resource St. Louis, MO (2006) Thank you to our 58 Renewal Members for your continued support! “Together We Can!” June 2020 NICA News


Thoughts from a This month’s Statement of Communications & Management Philosophy is from NICA Treasurer Jay “Rocko” Russell, CCE, Russell Foods:

Jay “Rocko” Russell, CCE notes, be able to survive the winter and have money

to start the next season. As my business grew, my Philosophy was to treat my Employees in a manner “I believe I have done that I wanted to be treated. My Employees are my every job possible that a Customers’ first impression. I believe the key to Concessionaire can do in my success is to treat Customers in a courteous and 40-year career. I started my friendly manner. One last thought is the importance career in this business being of fostering good relationships with the local counter help and stock boy. The business owners at the Events we operate. We all next season my duties included have our favorite mechanics, plumbers, electricians, driving, setups, cooking, and tear downs, eventually hotels, hardware stores and restaurants. A good moving into a Manager’s position for two years. I relationship and communication with these bought my first Concession Stand at 20 years old. I businesses should not be overlooked.” ▲ don’t believe that I had a Management Philosophy during those first years of struggling. Initially, my Are you interested in applying for your CCE only goal was to make enough money to get to designation? Visit our CCE website today to the next event. Eventually, my hopes were to have learn about the process: www.nicainc.org/cce the funds at the end of the season to pay my bank

CCE Earned in 2020

Member recruiters. The “recruiters” will still be entered into the $500 cash awards. Dennis Larson is beginning to gather the Central East Regional Council; the Merchant Task Force will be bouncing “good faith” effort to rehire Employees from from its successful IAFE Convention presentation June 30 to December 31, 2020. If you are one of into a plan to create a NICA platform for our these recipients for whom this legislation would Commercial Vendors to find training, networking, be helpful, please contact the US Senators that benefits and support. represent you. In closing, this past month I have had the honor Our NICA Committees have been busy to be the Closing Keynote Speaker at the IAFE Zone completing and adding new Strategic Goals 1 virtual meeting and the Guest Services Instructor for 2020. We have added two new websites; at the virtual IAFE Institute Summit. I miss seeing NICA Foundation and #NICAFairFoodFinder, a you and am glad to visit with you by phone and partnership with Saffire, First Data, and Carnival Eats. We will be announcing scholarship recipients email. Marla Calico, IAFE President and CEO, often says, “Fairs Change Lives!” Please let our elected in August. The NICA Association Health Plan officials at every level know that our beloved is moving forward. Fair cancellations (they are Fair Industry is “essential” and delivers a huge really heart wrenching) have cancelled some of Economic, Educational, and Social Impact to the our Rallies and annual Fundraising Events like communities and residents they represent. During Golf Tournaments. As a thank you to all our 2020 Renewing Members, part of our NICA Membership this pandemic I leave you with, “you have to able to Contest sponsored by Coca-Cola Refreshments will take chances for chance to find you.” Stay healthy change. This year all of their names will be placed and take at least one or two chances while we are living everyday lives during these extraordinary in the Coca-Cola drawing for the $2000 Cruise times. Do enjoy! ▲ Travel Voucher instead of the New or Former

“Riffing” continued from page 7 ►►


June 2020 NICA News

Member’s Voice The greatest part of NICA is the Membership! The Member’s Voice influences where the organization is headed and what it can improve. The NICA Office has been continuing their survey of responses from Renewing Members. Rich Gockelman, Firestone Financial, out of Needham, MA, just celebrated his second year as an Associate Member, although Firestone Financial, as a company, has been with NICA since 2012 and has been an annual participant in the NICA Business Expo and Fare Foods Food Show. Founded in 1965, Firestone Financial is a nationwide lender that specializes in the mobile food distribution, outdoor and indoor amusement industries. According to Rich, they finance “businesses like yours—we finance new and used Concession trailers, bunk profile houses, trucks, generators, rides, and more!” Over the past 30 years, they’ve financed over $350 million in the Industry, customizing every loan to meet the specific needs of the borrower. As for his personal history, he shares, “After I graduated from high school I joined the United States Marine Corps and served in the infantry with the First Marine Division, 9th Marines. I traveled all over America and the world. The talents and skills I learned over my fouryear enlistment continue to serve me personally and professionally.” Regarding his favorite Events, Rich states, “I enjoy going to the different Fairs around the country and seeing parts of America I wouldn’t have ordinarily visited. I enjoy them all, but I especially enjoy the Minnesota State Fair and The Big E, which I have gone to for two years.” He enjoys meeting potential and existing Customers at these Events and is thrilled that “there are so many NICA Members at these Fairs.” He goes on, “The Fairgoers specifically come to these events to look for their favorite foods and to try new ones. Both of these events feature traditional and new food and beverage offerings and every year someone comes up with a new concept.” Along with his emphasis on food and fellowship, Rich proudly reveals that, “This past year I attended The Big E and was happy

Rich Gockelman, Firestone Financial, at the 2020 NICA Business Expo and Fare Foods Food Show

to be representing Firestone Financial as a cosponsor for the NICA Northeast Rally event with Jessica Gottsche of NICA and my fellow NICA Members. It was a wonderful event.” He explains that his favorite NICA Benefits are educational: “I enjoy going to the NICA conferences like the NICA Business Expo and Fare Foods Food Show and the NICA speaking events at other conferences such as the Western Fairs Association. NICA does a great job of arranging speakers and topics that are educational and informative. I especially enjoyed attending the presentation by Rey O’Day on successfully arranging the right mix of Carnival Food offerings at the WFA Convention in Reno, NV.” As for other benefits, he adds, “I’m happy to be involved with an organization that focuses their valuable partnerships on the members who will benefit from them the most.” He enjoys reading the print version of NICA News at his desk while drinking a cup of coffee. “NICA Members have extensive Food Industry knowledge to share with the readers. I’d love to see more articles contributed by the members on how they overcame their business challenges and made improvements in their food distributions.” When asked about Industry challenges he answers, “I think one of the challenges that Fairs

►► “Voice” continued on page 11 June 2020 NICA News



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June 2020 NICA News

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“Voice” continued from page 9 ►► have today is making themselves accessible to busy working families. Families are so busy with schools, activities, sports and dual working parents that they may be inhibited to come out to the Fair due to time constraints. I’m excited to see how Fairs continue to improve their scheduling and incentivized ticket packages to get more of these busy dual income family households to the Fair.” Rich concludes, “The coronavirus has created an unprecedented business and economic challenge to the Fair Industry and the American way of life. I have always been impressed by the

NICA Members I speak with about their creative new food items, food menu bundling ideas, and inventive business ideas. I am sure that from this pandemic they will come up with new strategies that will be incorporated into the Fair Mobile Food distribution for successful implementation. I hope to have the opportunity to continue to partner with NICA and NICA Members to help implement these solutions and see the Carnival and Concessions Industries continue to grow.” Thank you for your responses Rich! The NICA Office plans to continue these surveys throughout the new year and beyond regarding your membership, use of benefits, experience in the Industry, and more. If you hear from us, let us know what’s on your mind! ▲ June 2020 NICA News


Power During the Pandemic Jessica Gottsche, Social Media Coordinator

the Ebola epidemic and the Zika outbreak all had prominent, and widely documented, influence on Social Media conversations. Just ten years Many of our members have found ways to ago, NGOs weren’t necessarily well-equipped to stay connected and close during the COVID-19 communicate risk information online. The people Pandemic, and for many, the easiest, most used Social Media to look for directives, but efficient, and most fun way to connect has been unreliable and/or unofficial sources had the loudest through the power of Social Media. A quick scroll voices.” It is all of our jobs to be diligent and through a Facebook or Instagram feed provides updates on what our friends are doing, keeps us in vet information on Social Media before making touch with the Industry and puts news from around assumptions. Most importantly, Social Media has been used the world right at our fingertips. On NICA’s Social Media, since the pandemic hit, to spread the power of positivity. Throughout the last several weeks, we have seen the we have had over 80 unique posts on Facebook. emergence of #fairstrong, which members of the This number does not include posts shared from other companies or organizations. We have added Fair Industry throughout the country have used as a reminder that Fairs, Vendors, Agricultural nearly 200 new followers on Facebook, seen an average reach of 595 (reach is the number of times Exhibitors, Carnivals, and Outdoor Entertainment will persevere, overcome, and return with an a post has had a unique view), and are seeing an excitement that won’t be matched. Hospitals average of nearly 50 engagements. This data is and healthcare workers are sharing videos of trending higher than our annual averages, as our their doctors and nurses dancing and singing for members continue to look to NICA for valuable COVID-19 patients in order to keep their spirits information. up. Many of us are sharing some of our hidden Social Media, though, has also provided an talents or hobbies in order to distract others from avenue to rise above the pandemic. We are all the pandemic. There is even a group that began doing our best to stay home, but we need the on Facebook, in Western Massachusetts, that has power of connection to our friends, families and colleagues. Many of us are using Facebook Rooms earned national media coverage for its efforts in spreading positivity throughout their area. for dance parties, for Girls’ Nights In, business The Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine Hartford to meetings, baby and bridal showers, and extended Springfield, is more simply known as the group of family dinners. Wine Fairies; members create gift baskets of joy The power of information has not been more relevant than during this time. Government leaders and secretly leave them at doorsteps with the hope of just bringing a smile to the recipient. and health officials are using that information The power of Social Media attracts and drives to drive their decisions as we emerge from this us even more today, as we are spending more time pandemic. According to The Drum’s Michael Sokolav: “The coronavirus outbreak wasn’t the first at home, and finding ways to fill our days. Allow it to bring you positivity and connection to those to arrive in the age of Social Media: at least three you miss. Stay connected with NICA on Facebook, other international pandemics occurred in the ten years preceding it. The H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic, Instagram and Twitter. #TogetherWeCan ▲

Follow us online for the latest announcements!

Visit www.nicainc.org or search NICA on Social Media 12

June 2020 NICA News


SIgn UP your business today for the Attention NICA Members! Thanks to a partnership between First Data, NICA, Saffire, and Carnival Eats, we are excited to share with you a new opportunity to drive business to you, whether you are based at an event, change locations each week in your local area, or even have a more permanent location in mind. The #NICAFairFoodFinder is a Vendor-generated database of locations that can connect with people who are trying to find Fair Food in their local area. Although the site won’t officially launch until later this month, we have begun to gather the information that will populate the #NICAFairFoodFinder’s first listings, and we invite you to sign up. There is an initial sign up form at

Attention Members! Do you need our help?

Each Listing must have the following items: • • • • • •

Business name Contact number and email Business categories and/or sub-categories Business locations / addresses Business website or business Social Media pages A description of your business including menu items (if available) • Up to five images www.nicainc.org/finder but we will also accept signups via email at communications@nicainc.org. Once your listing is online, visitors to the site can search by their zip code, their desired food categories, and more. Stay tuned to our Social Media and NICA Now! for more updates. ▲ Are you a NICA Member who needs to sell equipment or is in need of staff? Alternatively, is your Fair, Festival, or Event in search of the next big thing, a unique item, or a variety of Vendors in Concessions or Straight Sales? We can help!

We provide an excellent resource to both sides of the Industry. Pricing is flexible and bulk rates are available. We can work with you to give you the best ad possible. We will also replicate your listings online at www.nicainc.org/classifieds to maximize your views. Contact us by email at communications@nicainc.org or phone at (813) 530-4750 to learn more! June 2020 NICA News


Are You OPEN for Business? During this challenging time, we can count on the entrepreneurial spirit of Concessionaires to inspire others. We have heard stories of how successful some of our members are doing during this time, and we want to know if there’s anything you’d like to share regarding your experiences. Submit your story, photos, and other content to communications@nicainc.org or at www.nicainc.org/submit-your-content

Bair’s Concessions is Open! Brent Bair, Bair’s Concessions We were eagerly looking forward to the 2020 season after having a most prosperous 2019. Then the COVID-19 Pandemic happened. The April portion of our route was cancelled in Ohio, so my wife, Nikki, and I decided to stay a little longer in Key West, FL, where we snowbird for the winter, and quarantine. After a time of uncertainty and trepidation, we retumed to Ohio, quarantined for another ten days, opened our shop, and started preparing equipment for an abbreviated season. When our May Festivals were cancelled, it was the wake up call that made us realize that the possibility of all our Events for 2020 were in jeopardy of being cancelled. My son Trent, and his wife, Annie, are our partners. With two families to feed, we knew it was time to take action. After a time of being on an emotional roller coaster filled with self-pity, we kicked it into gear, and went in survival mode. Time to be proactive. We then applied and received a Paycheck Protection Program loan, so we were able to take some Employees off unemployment and put them back to work.

Brent Bair: “Ready for the day. Our friends, AE Amusements have a game trailer set up next to us.”


June 2020 NICA News

Trent, Annie, Brent, and Nikki Bair, Bair’s Concessions

Our company, founded by my late father, is operating in what will be our 62nd year. We still hold a couple of contracts that my great uncle acquired back in 1948 and turned over to my father in the 1960’s. That being said, I can never remember a situation where we went “roadside.” We have always booked Events, Festivals, Fairs, Celebrations, Concerts, and Carnivals. This was going to be new territory. I scouted parking lots in our hometown of Lancaster and worked out an agreement with a store owner to set up one trailer. I made a deal to pay percentage, agreed to provide my own water, electric, gray water removal, and trash disposal. We operate seven trailers and they are mostly one stand-alone item in each unit. Our trailer we decided to set up was turned into a bit of a grab joint, selling fresh cut French fries, funnel cakes, deep fried Oreos, lemonade shakeups, hot dogs, and soda. We knew we were about to experience the “new normal” of being compliant, abiding by the CDC, State, and local mandates. We began prepping for the opening which included erecting plexiglass guards as a barrier between us and our Customers, setting up a hand sanitizing station, ordering masks, gloves, disposal bin for such, and gallons of sanitizing cleaner, displaying a COVID-19 checklist, having a forehead thermometer and symptom recording sheet to check in Employees, displaying of social distancing signage along with

marking spaces six feet apart for Customers, and purchasing condiments in packets, since no selfservice was allowed. We knew it was possible to provide an income while at the same time keeping our Employees and Customers safe! The back of the house was addressed as well. We would need a water tank and pressure pump, a generator, and a pump to siphon the gray water from the blue boy into containers for proper disposal. The daily routine was about to consist of hauling in water and gasoline every moming, and hauling out gray water and trash every evening. We advertised on our Facebook page, while updating our schedule of hours, menu, and locations. Friday through Sunday, 11 AM - 7 PM seemed to work best. The support from friends and Customers was overwhelming. We exceeded our expectations and have other locations lined up. We have been invited to work three Fair Food Carry Outs on Fairgrounds: one in our county and two in surrounding counties. The concept has been very successful across the nation, so we’re happy to participate. While at our first lot, we received word of the first County Fair we work to officially cancel. It was expected, but to actually see it in writing was like getting kicked in the gut. We have since had another County Fair and our 4th of July Celebration cancel. As more Events are sure to cancel, we have plans to visit the towns in the counties where we would normally work their Fair. While we might be down, we definitely are not out. Although scaled back, we are going to take the show on the road and try to make the best out of a bad situation. We have 62 years under our belt and have full intentions of making it to a 63rd. The new rallying cry for America is “We’re all in this together.” It is very similar to another one we’ve been fond of for oh so many years: “Together We Can!” ▲

Dara Baldwin’s Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls family

Our Cinnamon Roll families came together to unite and work together in this challenging time and decided to do some pop-up events in our very supportive cities of Fresno and Los Baños. We have an amazing following in the Fresno and Los Baños areas and play the Fairs as well as many Street Fair venues and Craft Fairs at the local college. We had some good friends offer us a place to park in front of their restaurant in Fresno (Pardinis) and we did our first pop-up event. It was a huge success and we were overwhelmed with the support. Wearing masks and gloves took some getting used to but it became easier as the day went on. Unfortunately, we caused some traffic issues and neighborhood congestion so we asked our very supportive team at the Big Fresno Fair if we could use the parking lot there. They were happy to accommodate us and we kicked off a whole weekend of Drive Thru sales. It worked smoothly and people were very excited and appreciative to have a warm tasty comfort food treat in these crazy times. We are lucky to have a single product to focus on and an area of people who enjoy our product. With the shortage of yeast, we were nervous about getting supplies, but we managed to stock up on some. Desserts are a perfect comfort food right now and people are baking like crazy so we knew it was our time to Hang in There All! shine. We have five pop-ups scheduled into June. Our Industry has some of the toughest most Dara Baldwin, Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls creative people I know! We have to be able to adapt and change when we need to. This is an As soon as we learned of 80% of our season unprecedented time for all of us but I’m hoping we being cancelled from April through August, we were brainstorming a new creative way to generate can all find a way to come through this. It has made us all realize that nothing is a guarantee and made income. We have always been diversified in our us more creative for sure. I have a feeling things Concession business, playing Fairs and also will never be like they used to but maybe there’s a Street Fair venues, football games and various Events that aren’t strictly on Fairgrounds. I feel this silver lining in all of this. That’s what I’m trying to benefited our circumstance because we use a self- focus on. Hang in there all, we are a resilient group! ▲ contained food truck for many of those Events. June 2020 NICA News


NICA Board & Advisory Committee Meet to Discuss Reopening Fairs

As our President, Don Delahoyde, CCE, mentioned in his greeting, the NICA Advisory Committee met with the NICA Board on May 27th. Past President Kathy Ross, CCE invited the group and other guests and following Don’s welcome, led the meeting. Here are some highlights: Eddie Cora, CEO, Miami Dade County Fair and Exposition, reminded us how much relationships made in good times count in troubling times. For instance, the Fair just recently arranged bank funding, so that they can begin refunding deposits to “Fair Family” businesses that they know need those funds. He also said this is a good time for asking, “Are we doing what we should be doing for our community?” “Does what we do add to the Guest experience?” “Are we a Fair stuck in 1990 or reflecting 2021?” While having to close the Fair 30 minutes before opening was expensive and very painful, it provided opportunities to focus on the future. Dominic Palmieri, CCE, NICA Past President, requested Fairs start or gather their Communication Committees to meet with their Event Staff on a regular basis. He reminded everyone that the Health Department did not close the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show; it was the Parking Department that pulled their permits. His suggestion is that when a Fair plans to open, be sure you have an agreement with every agency that has the ability to shut you down. He also raised an interesting attendance idea. Many Fairs have a length of stay of approximately four hours and 45 minutes. He suggests that a Fair could sell two sessions. For example, one session could last from 10 AM to 3 PM, close the facility to clean and sanitize, and then reopen the second session from 5 to 11 PM. This would make it possible to maximize a 50% occupancy. Howard Call, CEO, Ohio Fair Association, pointed out that just like with our businesses, sometimes when you piece the economic numbers 16

June 2020 NICA News

together, the risk of spending the money to open is too much to gamble when income sources are so uncertain. He also set the example of how to write a professional plan for opening together. Many who came to the meeting to understand possible expectations and requirements will find Howard’s report helpful to that conversation. Phillip Delahoyde, Extreme Foods, and NICA President Don Delahoyde, CCE explained all the aspects of a Drive Thru Fair Food Event from Health Department permitting to menu selection; from utility needs to traffic control; from labor requirements to packaging for to-go items; from lower pricing to lower rent; and from Supplier lead times to the importance of contactless efficiency for the Customers. There was a lot of interest in this concept from the Fair Managers. Jeremy Parsons, CFE, CEO, Clay County Fair, also pointed out that having occupancy numbers changed from specific numbers like 250 capacity per facility to percent numbers like 50% occupancy is very important to the possibility of Fairs opening. Rey O’Day, NICA Executive Director, urged all of us to move away from “All or Nothing” thinking and instead search for collaborative solutions by communicating our needs and creative thoughts in meetings like this. She reported how Concession Stands might be operating when reopening, which is covered in this issue on page 20. She also confirmed the need for Communication Committees and provided some discussion topics for Fairs and Concessionaires to consider as they move towards opening Fairs. • Based on what criteria will the event open, who will decide, and what will be the timeline for the announcement? Explain Supplier ordering timelines if appropriate. • What will be the protocols for protecting Employees and Guests? • What are the plans to limit crowd capacities? • How will social distancing take place?

• Are there adjustments (financial, insurance, or other) that need to be addressed in Event agreements? • How can we participate in developing a unified plan together? A big thank you to Howard Call, CEO, Ohio Fair Association; Gene Cassidy, CFE, President/CEO, The Big E; Eddie Cora, CEO, Miami Dade County Fair and Exposition; Renae Korslein, CFE, CEO, North Dakota State Fair; Melanie Linnear, VP of Food Service, State Fair of Texas; Dan Mourning, General Manager, New Mexico State Fair; Jeremy Parsons, CFE, CEO, Clay County Fair (Iowa); James Romer, CFE, Assistant Fair Manager, North Carolina State Fair; Scott Suchomski, CFE, CEO, Tennessee Valley Fair; Nancy Smith, CFE, General Manager, South Carolina State Fair and IAFE Chair. Also, thank you to the NICA team: Jacqueline Bradbury, Sandy Class, CCE, Don Delahoyde, CCE, Dominic Palmieri, CCE, Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE, Kevin McGrath, CCE, Kathy Ross, CCE, Jay Russell, CCE, Lee Stevens, Jeff Thornberry, CCE, Daryl Whicheloe, CCE, Phillip Delahoyde, Jessica Gottsche, and Rey O’Day. ▲

Thank you for your business and your trust.

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June 2020 NICA News


HOW CAN YOUR BUSINESS SIGN UP? Take these steps: Dates notated in Red are items to be completed by the NICA Member and Dates notated in Green are items to be completed by the Hummel Group. Throughout this process, there will be ongoing communication between the Hummel Group and the NICA Member. This process could take between 30-45 days.

Step 1 Provide Business Group information to a Hummel Group Contact (see form below):

• • • • •

Business/Group name Address Contact person Contact email and phone Completed list with information for contact person and all Employees

Step 2: A member of the Hummel Group will send a medical health link for eligible Employees to complete.

Step 3: Once all Employees have completed the link, underwriting will evaluate the group.

Step 4: A member of the Hummel Group will provide a proposal and presentation of health benefits to your business.

Step 5: NICA Member will decide at this time if they would like to move forward with one or more plans. A member of the Hummel Group will then start the implementation process and send a welcome letter.

The NICA Association Health Plan Business Group Sign Up Form Business/Group Address Contact Person Contact Email Last Name*

Contact Phone First Name*

Zip Code

DOB mm/dd/yy*



Send this along with current health coverage information, if applicable, to aobrien@hummelgrp.com or Hummel Group, 630 Lexington Ave. Mansfield, Ohio 44907 June 2020 NICA News


Together We Prepare

To Open Concession Stands

Rey O’Day, Executive Director

During the last few weeks I have been asked by our members many times over “How should we be preparing and what should we be doing in order to be ready to open our businesses at Fairs?” After reading numerous articles and participating in many conversations, I have noticed that there are some suggestions about how to open Food Concession Stands at Fair and Festival crowdEvents post-pandemic that come up over and over. Hand Washing: Whether hands are in gloves or Without guidelines and a crystal ball, I am going not, they must be washed (20 seconds) or hand to opine that the redundant ones are where we sanitized often. Do not touch your face with your should focus our attention. hands at all. Require anyone entering or exiting a Employees: When they arrive for work, take their stand at any time to wash their hands before they temperature and confirm with them they feel do anything else and dry them with paper towels. healthy. If you notice anything that makes you Six Feet Apart: When in the stand or out of the think they do not feel well (sneezing, sniffles, etc.) stand, work stations will need to be organized to do not assign them work; send them home. support being six feet apart from each other and Training: This refers to training that would be the Guest. This may include plexiglass barriers in addition to the usual healthy practices, food on counters, or between Guest and Cashier, or preparation, Guest Services, and cooking training between work stations. you already conduct. Be sure that there is signage, Hand Sanitizer: It seems that hand sanitizer is photos, videos and check lists stating clearly expected to be at every stand for Employee and what is expected of Employees. Be prepared to Guest use. These would not be shared containers. communicate with people that have a different first language. Stress that they are to follow all the Fair Menus: In most Concessions, menu items are rules of entrance, exit, and social distancing when listed on window signage or menu boards. If there is Guest access to either, they will need a coming and going to their work stations. consistent schedule for cleaning. If menus are PPE: At the beginning of each shift distribute being given to Guests, they must be single usage. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as a Ordering: Expanded mobile food ordering will face mask and gloves to each Employee with the be expected. To be efficient and successful, requirement that they must be worn during the this will require technology and well thought out entire work shift. procedures. (Can orders be made before arriving or while walking around and can a pick up time be chosen?) Orders could also be taken in line by masked order takers and then sent to the kitchen by whatever means chosen by the Operator. Contactless Payment: Expect cashless options to expand as new payment technology solutions are created; however cash and digital transactions will probably coexist. During the pandemic, patrons have become used to a variety of touch-free 20

June 2020 NICA News

payment methods like debit/credit cards, smart card, e-wallet, key fob, smart phones and other mobile devices. Perhaps a separate line may need to be created for cash transactions. Condiments: Self-serve shared items like sprinkled spices, pumped condiments, straws, cutlery, and napkin dispensers most likely will not be allowed. A package with napkin and cutlery inside and individually wrapped straws, spices, and view of the Customer in order for them to feel condiments will probably be acceptable. Beverage Service: Because no service item can be comfortable. All personal items will have to be exchanged back and forth, refill cup programs may stored out of view. change. The Guest can purchase the novelty cup; however, the refill would be given to the Guest in a one-time use cup that they would then pour into their own novelty, refill cup. Also, since drinking fountains will be disabled, be prepared to provide a small cup of water to patrons for taking pills or quenching thirst.

Common Usage: In addition to the cleaning usually done, crews with masks, perhaps eye shields, gloves, and non-toxic supplies will need to constantly be cleaning/sanitizing tables, chairs, counters, railings, and trash containers in full

Note: Please remember all the above is only a bestguess opinion; use it as it makes sense to you. Fairs will reopen. Now is the time to formulate an active plan so that you will be ready to reopen with them. Visit your Health Departments and listen to what they are thinking, visit Food Concessions that are open and see what they are doing, and share your plans with your Fair Managers. All business relies on relationships: don’t let this year become out-of-sight-out-of-mind. Be curious, ask questions, and let it be known that you are a NICA Member who is ready to help. ▲


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June 2020 NICA News


Honoring the Past, Present & Future The NICA Foundation Board of Directors is in the process of designing and approving the many things a new corporation must do including building a chart of accounts, creating sponsorship opportunities, generating financial procedures, constructing a website, accepting the Foundation-related strategic goals from NICA, and organizing mission-driven projects. The NICA Foundation’s mission is, “To foster leadership development in the Fair and Event Industries by providing support through educational scholarships and by enhancing training and professional services.” Right now, in 2020, the most important project is to keep the promise we made to award $30,500 in scholarships. We are proud to say that applications have been arriving every day (deadline was June 1). Once they arrive, the applications are appropriately redacted and sent to three readers who score them. After the results are final, we will present the recipients in NICA News. None of this would be possible without the gift of time and generosity that our members provide at our Fundraising Events. Thank you! Meet our NICA Foundation Board of Directors, who collectively have 170 years in the Fair business:

Audrey Poole President Audrey Poole, has had the opportunity to be associated with the Fair Industry for over 15 years. Currently, Audrey is the Vice President of Business Development at Fare Foods Corporation, Du Quoin, IL and Tampa, FL, and produces the annual Food Show in conjunction with NICA’s Business Expo during Florida Week. Fare Foods has been a NICA Member since 1994, and was built on excellent service and delivery. Audrey’s favorite work activities include working with Fare Food’s Customers to develop long-term relationships and all special prints and marketing pieces for their Customers. Audrey also serves on the Board of Governors for the Showmen’s League of America. Audrey has also always been active in the Food Industry, as a member of the Executive team for a grocery wholesale company for 24 years. Audrey is honored to be asked to serve as the first NICA Foundation President. For her it is a dream come true. Audrey’s vision and passion will lead the Foundation to grow its scholarship and educational programming. She adds, “I am very passionate about scholarship programs, and ways to further assist in the education of our young people, as well as those who have chosen an alternate career path later in life.” 22

June 2020 NICA News

Greg Miller, CCE Vice President Greg Miller, CCE owns and operates Miller and Company Food Concessions, LLC, out of Lewisburg, WV, with his wife Janey. Greg served on the NICA Board for six years and as NICA President in 2012—2013 and 2014—2015. He continues to be active in the organization today. Soon after high school, Greg entered his family-owned John Deere business, and spent a decade working his way through all aspects of the dealership, expecting to someday own it. When he received that opportunity, he ran it for four years before selling, and then found himself intrigued by the Concession business. Greg started his operation, selling soft-serve ice cream, and since has expanded to several other food products. Today his route includes much of the Southeast and is as far west as Kentucky. Greg earned his Certified Concessionaire Executive designation in 2009, and has been a guest speaker at many Local, State and National Fair Conventions. He is also very proud of his three sons Gentry, Holland and Peyton and their spouses. Greg’s philosophy of life—“walk a mile in another man’s shoes”—has served him very well, especially when managing his Concession business and communicating with the Fair Industry.

Rey O’Day Secretary Rey O’Day started her Fair career as a young performer at State Fairs. Then, as owner of Wings of Fame Productions, a Los Angeles based training and entertainment production company, she built Costumed Characters and produced or directed hundreds of Theme Park, Fair and Special Event shows. After being the Entertainment Manager at Busch Gardens LA, she went to work for Fairplex, the home of the LA County Fair, where during 18 years, she held a number of key management positions including Assistant Operations Manager, Retail Sales Manager, Entertainment Manager, Director of Food and Beverage, and General Manager of Cornucopia Foods, LLC. Her food and beverage responsibilities led her to NICA where she served two terms on the NICA Advisory Committee during the 1990’s. In 2006, she began working for NICA part-time, served as Interim Executive Director from 2015—2016 and today serves as NICA’s Executive Director. Currently, she also teaches the IAFE Institute courses on “The Principles of Food and Beverage” and “Guest Services,” and is an Instructor at UCRiverside in “Principles of Event Management.” She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and a California Community College Credential in Dance. Rey added, “I am honored to be the NICA Foundation Secretary, proud of the scholarships that we provide, and looking forward to the educational and leadership opportunities we will develop for our members and the Fair Industry.”

Jennifer Giordano, CCE Treasurer Jennifer Giordano, CCE, owns and operates C&C Concessions, La Verne, CA, with her husband Ken and family—a company started by her fatherin-law in 1964. It is a cafeteria/ barbecue Concession business with a route in California. Jennifer’s business strives to have a product they are proud to serve and believes no one should sell anything they

would not truly enjoy experiencing themselves. Jennifer served as a member of the NICA West Council for six years and as the NICA Board of Directors Treasurer for three years, beginning in 2015. She earned her Certified Concessionaire Executive designation in 2018. She has also participated in many Communication Committees at the Fairs she works on the West Coast. Jennifer believes in our Industry, and in the need for open and honest communication among Concessionaires, Fairs, and Employees. In her Board confirmation letter she delightfully added, “I am looking forward to great things.”

Deb Aschmann Trustee Deb Aschmann grew up showing her sheep at Fairs in New York State and working Concessions at the Dutchess County Fair. 15 years ago, she was hired at the Dutchess County Fair, NY, as Administrative Operations and Vendor, Concession and Partnership Manager. Because of aging parents, in 2014, she was able to split her job, move to Florida and now manages the Concessions, Vendors and Partnerships from her office in Florida. Deb’s background includes owning an international computer training company, managing banking IT systems, newspaper operations and retail management. She and her husband, Andy, travel to New York for Events during the season and enjoy going to the Southern Fairs in the winter. She states, “I am truly excited about the opportunities to support an Industry which I love!”

Mark W. Lancaster Trustee Mark Lancaster brings 25 years’ experience in the Outdoor Event Industry as the President of Vista Mobility, Inc., a company his father started in 1987. Mark graduated from St.

►► “Foundation” continued on page 24 June 2020 NICA News


“Foundation” continued from page 23 ►► Nobert College in Green Bay, WI in 1992 with a BAFinance degree. After graduation, Mark joined the Theme Park division for his father’s company. A year later, he launched the Outdoor Event division where he developed and specialized mobility equipment programs to assist State Fairs across the country. In 1995, Mark and his father were the pioneers of handicap scooters to the Outdoor Event Industry. Through hard work, passion, and involvement with NICA, WFA, and IAFE, he has developed a solid foundation of 40+ clients across the U.S. Mark’s experience, relationships and charisma will be instrumental in exposing Vendors across the country to the benefits of the NICA Foundation and the importance of continued support and donations. Mark observed, “Educational scholarships, training and support are essential for the success of our Industry.”

Jessica Gottsche Staff Liason Jessica Gottsche has been the NICA Northeast Council Coordinator since June of 2016, and the Southeast Council Coordinator and Social Media Coordinator since January of 2018. Jessica now coordinates the East Council, a group of engaged NICA Members planning events, recruiting members, and building fellowship at Fairs up and down the East Coast. With the formation of the NICA Foundation, Jessica will partner with the Executive Director and Foundation Board to create Fundraisers and Events to support the scholarship and educational programming of the National Independent Concessionaires Association. Jessica is a foodie at heart and loves everything from greasy spoon diners to fine dining, but Fair Food holds a special place in her heart. Being around the entrepreneurial spirit of Concessionaires keeps her inspired to continue to better this Industry for Vendors, Fairs and the Guest. Jessica also enjoys vacationing in Bar Harbor with her husband and young daughter, and the weekly spaghetti nights with her sisters and dad every Wednesday. 24

June 2020 NICA News

Prior to coming to NICA, Jessica was the Concessions Coordinator at Eastern States Exposition, Home of The Big E, in West Springfield, MA. During her tenure at The Big E, Jessica partnered with NICA to establish the first Communications Committee on the grounds, made up of Food Concessionaires that participate in The Big E, where Fair Management and Concessionaires worked together to establish a profitable souvenir cup program, moved to an open market for Suppliers and met regularly to discuss issues throughout the Fairgrounds. That Committee is still active today. Jessica also serves as the Marketing Specialist for the Recruitment Department at Baystate Health, the largest health system in western Massachusetts. Jessica has a Master’s in Public Administration and Non-Profit Management from Westfield State University, and has earned the designation of a Certified Healthcare Recruiter from The Recruiter Academy. As we plan for our 2021 fundraising, we are glad to announce that Coca-Cola has sent $3,000 for their annual scholarship that honors our CCE Designees. Thank you! Also the 2020 CARES Act provides provisions for Enhanced Tax Benefits for Charitable Gifts: $300 Deduction of Cash Contributions: Ability for an above-the-line deduction of up to $300 of cash contributions to charities, regardless of whether the individual itemizes deductions. Changes to Limits on Charitable Contributions:

• Individuals: For those who itemize their deductions for charitable giving the 60% of adjusted gross income limit is suspended for 2020. • Corporations: The 10% limit on charitable contributions is increased to 25% of taxable income. In summary, the creation of the NICA Foundation is a sign of the strength, the stability, and the potential of the National Independent Concessionaires Association and its members. As NICA and the NICA Foundation continue to focus on the future, the Foundation Board will lead us in the growth and enhancement of the scholarship program; new, unique and relevant educational opportunities; fostering leadership in the Fair and Event Industries, and providing opportunities for the youth of our great Industry. ▲

THE NICA HEALTH PLAN IS STILL A GO! This one-of-a-kind plan was and we are preparing quotes now through July 1st.






be husb


d wife



Health Plan Team

Brian Thompson

Contact Brian or Audrey Today!



Audrey O’Brien

focused on




June 2020 NICA News

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June 2020 NICA News

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2020 Membership Contest Leaderboard* General Membership Jennifer Giordano, CCE........................................................ 2 Dennis Larson...................................................................... 1 Marcy Poorman.................................................................... 1 James Pope......................................................................... 1 Wayne Smith........................................................................ 1




Tom Hodson, CCE................................................................ 2 Gentry Miller......................................................................... 2 Brandy Arredondo................................................................ 1 Lindsey Constantine............................................................ 1 Kelly Myers........................................................................... 1 Ryann Newman.................................................................... 1 Erica Quintero....................................................................... 1 Jay Wells.............................................................................. 1

Board of Directors Jacqueline Bradbury............................................................ 4 Daryl Whicheloe, CCE........................................................... 2 Kim Barr, CCE....................................................................... 1 Andrew “Bruno” Broomfield................................................. 1 Sandy Class, CCE................................................................. 1 Don Delayhode, CCE............................................................ 1 Vincent Nelson, CCE............................................................ 1 Kathy Ross, CCE................................................................... 1 Lee Stevens.......................................................................... 1

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Do You Need a Card? All Renewal Members should receive a new Membership Card in the mail once they renew. If you haven’t received your card, please contact nica@nicainc.org or call (813) 438-8926 today! June 2020 NICA News


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Regular Membership q

A person or entity who provides services to the concession industry.

Regular Member..............................................................$150


Fair / Festival (over 75,000 attendance)......................$150


Fair / Festival (under 75,000 attendance)...................$100

q Retired Member................................................................. $50


Manufacturer / Distributor / Supplier...........................$150

Business / Group Membership


Carnival / Circus Operator..............................................$150


Association / Special Services......................................$150

q Additional Member..........................................................$100 q Employee Member............................................................. $75

Includes five memberships in one: one Regular Member, one Additional Member, and three Employee Members ($475 value).


Business / Group.............................................................$400

Additional Member : _______________________________________ Employee Member 1: ______________________________________ Employee Member 2: ______________________________________ Employee Member 3: ______________________________________ Regular membership categories Check a category below and provide a detailed description of your company’s services in the next column under Business Description.

Business Description Provide a detailed description of your business, products, and/or services below. This information will be used for your entry in the annual NICA Membership Directory and as keywords to search for your business on the NICA website.

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___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ AD&D Insurance Policy The NICA-sponsored $10,000 AD&D Insurance Policy is provided to Regular Members. List a beneficiary and a phone number below.

Beneficiary : _________________________ Phone : _____________

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Signature of Credit Card Holder q I authorize NICA to charge the agreed amount listed above to my credit card information provided above. I agree I will pay for this purchase in accordance with the issuing bank cardholder agreement.

Automatic Renewal Option q I authorize NICA to make automatic renewal payments for my membership using the credit card information above. I shall update NICA with all changes to payment information or my intent to cancel automatic renewal payments prior to my next renewal month.

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