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This Month’s Newest Members

Debbie Badami

Cole Concessions

Covington, VA

Mike Cripe

Kelly’s Concession

Greenfield, IN

Melissa DeFrain

The Great Allentown Fair

Allentown, PA

Rick Girardi

Ricco’s Concessions

Clearfield, PA

Mark Goldrainer

Aspire Bakeries

Cincinnati, OH

Ed Gonzalez

Branding Iron Holdings

San Antonio, TX

Steve Harnack

Hometown Concessions

Phoenix, AZ

Brian Johnson

McCain Foods

Newnan, GA

Jake Levine


Orem, UT

Christopher Marler G T Concession LLC

Port St. Lucie, FL

Chris Nisi

Nisi’s Craft Bakery

Mill Valley, CA

Lori Randell

Steves Smokin’ BBQ

Traverse City, MI

Ryan Rickey

Rickey’s Jerky

Livingston, TX

Patrick Sieng

Oregon Fairs Association

Salem, OR

Wyatt Stumbo

Supplies on the Fly

Melbourne, FL

Greg Tomasello


Raleigh, NC

Beverly Venegas

Mickey’s Massive Burritos

LaSalle, IL

Amanda Weber

Fun Biz Concessions

Paige, TX

Brenda White Vaughn

Chesterfield County Fair

Chesterfield, VA

Diana Wolf

Texas Therasoles

Waxahachie, TX

This Month’s Member Renewals

Jay Beck

Beck’s Taffy & Concessions

Melvin, IL (2015)

David Belcher

The Eatery Huts, LLC and Footsie Wootsie

Princeton, KY (2014)

Brad Bennett

Bennett Concessions

Kokomo, IN (1997)

Danny Brown

Danny Brown Amusements Mesa, AZ (2015)

Matt Buchanan

North Carolina Mountain State Fair

Fletcher, NC (2011)

John Campbell

JSCM Concessions / J.S.

Campbell Management

Dixon, CA (2007)

David Cavallaro

Cavallaro Concessions

Mendota Heights, MN (2018)

Nancy Chapman

Chapman Fashion International Oakhurst, CA (2016)

Libby’s Ice Cream & Co. Ruskin, FL (2015)

John Class SAN-JON Enterprises Ruskin, FL (2018)

Evan Colglazier

Colglazier Enterprise LLC North Liberty, IN (2012)

Galen Cox µ Concessions by Cox of Ohio, Inc.

Columbus, OH (1993)

Joe Cranston

Cranston Concessions

River Falls, WI (2019)

Mark Davis

Log Cabin Concessions Coarsegold, CA (2014)

Herbert Decker Televac Products Versailles, MO (2017)

Phillip Delahoyde

Extreme Food & Beverage

Ukiah, CA (2011)

Gene Edick

Brogdon Concessions

Oceanside, CA (2013)

Rodney Fazackerley

Fazackerley’s Fudge & Candy

Pathrump, NV (2017)

Charmayne Fazackerley

Fazackerley’s Fudge & Candy

Pathrump, NV (2017)

Connie Featherston

Lee’s Concessions, Inc.

Faribault, MN (2010)

Pal Fontana

Fontana Foods

Cape Coral, FL (2011)

Dennis Fraleigh µ

F & W Concessions, Inc.

Hobe Sound, FL (1993)

Mark Frazier

Frazier Fair Foods

New Madison, OH (2003)

Lucas Gobeli

Great Jones County Fair

Monticello, IA (2015)

Lee Grigsby

Grigsby Enterprise LLC

Shreveport, LA (2015)

Hamp’s Concessions

Mount Vernon, IL (2021)

Lucky Henner


Citrus Heights, CA (2004)

David Higginbottom µ

Chesapeake Food Concessions

Baldwin, MD (1993)

Mark Hill, CCE

M. Hill Enterprises, Inc. dba

Goldmark Concessions

Upland, CA (2012)

Robert Holmes

Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance, Inc.

Kearney, MO (2018)

Bobby Jenks

Jenks Concessions, Inc.

Vale, NC (2013)

John Juliano

Mellowship Entertainment LLC

West Springfield, MA (2021)

►► “Renewals” continued on

Chad Hampton page 30 Libby Class
µ 1993-2003 2004-2008 2009-2013 2014-2022
Welcome to our 20 New Members! See page 33 for the final 2022 NicA Membership contest leaderboard. “Together We Can!”

Passi N g of T he g avel Passi N g of T he g avel

As I sit writing what is probably my last NicA article for a while, I am able to reflect on this last year with a smile. We all certainly saw our fair share of challenges, but I believe this was yet another great year in general for Concessionaires, NicA, and the Fair Industry as a whole. Record crowds and record spending are still there, although my fear is that this is soon going to change. I hope I am wrong.

My time on the West council gave me a better understanding of the issues and differences Concessionaires deal with regionally. My time on the Board has given me a better understanding of the complexities of our Industry nationally. I have thoroughly enjoyed this learning curve in my life, especially this year as your NicA President

NicA has really done well over the past year. We bounced back from COVID quickly with only a few minor bumps and bruises. You have a great Board of Directors that work well together with just enough differences of opinion to keep us grounded and heading in the right direction. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with each and every one of them. They are a credit to NicA and to our Industry.

Along with our Board, much of the success of NicA comes from the strength of the NICA Office, under the leadership of our executive Director Rey O’Day. The Office Staff of Linda Frisco, Jesse Willard, Jessica Gottsche, and Dennis Larson, CFE have all served NicA’s membership with tireless dedication. I can’t thank them enough for their continued efforts and hard work. They made my job easier and more enjoyable. They are all very much appreciated.

One of my biggest highlights of the year

was the introduction and success of the NicA Marketplace convention in Las Vegas in November. I think most of us on the Board had a reserved optimism that it would go well. We also had just a little doubt and concern that we would not get the attendance we needed to be successful. Not only were my concerns unfounded, but our expectations were exceeded by the attendance and support from many different entities in our Industry. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and I really look forward to seeing the future growth and success of this convention benefiting our Industry. Save the date for the next Marketplace event: December 3–6, 2023.

I have always felt like NicA was considered the annoying little brother/sister that had to ask if they could play in the sandbox. Over the past few years, I feel we have grown and established ourselves as a Voice to be heard and respected, making us feel welcome and openly accepted to play in the sandbox. I thank everybody involved in getting us to the place we are at today.

It has been my honor and pleasure to serve as your President this year. As I get ready to step down in February from my Presidency, I am both happy and confident in the continued success of NicA and its members. Your incoming President Vincent Nelson, CCE is a man of honesty and integrity and will serve our organization well. I look forward to working with him and the Board in the year to come and seeing what new endeavors and benefits to our organization can be provided.

NicA’s motto, “Together We Can!” has also become my personal motto. I have learned the value of working as a team and relish the opportunity of working with many of you as we continue to make our lives and Industry better. This year’s theme of “All In!” couldn’t be more fitting as NICA turns 30. I wish you all the best in 2023. ▲

January / February 2023 NICA News 5


2022 President: Daryl Whicheloe, CCE

2023 President: Vincent Nelson, CCE

1st Vice President: Kim Barr, CCE


Brandy Arredondo, CCE

Jacqueline Bradbury, CCE

Phil Delahoyde

Kelly Grout

Stacey Pittroff-Barona

Jeff Thornberry, CCE

Jay Wells, CCE


Sandy Class, CCE

Thomas Hodson, CCE


Bary Bunts, CCE

Bryan Enloe



Sandy Class, CCE

Kathy Ross, CCE

Dan Lusenhop

Dominic Palmieri, CCE

Paulette Keene, CCE

Joe Potillo, Jr.

Greg Miller, CCE

Tom Sattler, CCE

Russ Harrison, CCE

Richard Busse, CCE

Tom Hodson, CCE

Jim Hodson, CCE (Deceased)

Tim O’Brien, CCE

Ron Smith

Adam McKinney, CCE

Mike Pence, CCE

Jack Woods, II, CCE

Bob Hallifax, CCE

Frank Parnell, CCE

Larry Orme (Deceased)

Larry Sivori

Rich Wright

Bill McKinney, CCE

Arthur Pokorny, Jr.

Gene O’Brien, CCE (Deceased)


Executive Director : Rey O’Day rey@nicainc.org

Office & Membership Manager : Linda Frisco nica@nicainc.org

Communications & Marketing Manager • NICA News Editor : Jesse Willard communications@nicainc.org

East Council Coordinator & Social Media Coordinator : Jessica Gottsche jessica@nicainc.org

Midwest Council Coordinator : Dennis Larson, CFE dennis@nicainc.org

Event Planning Coordinator : Kathy Ross, CCE kathy@nicainc.org


President: Audrey Poole

Vice President: Greg Miller, CCE

Treasurer : Jennifer Giordano, CCE

Secretary : Rey O’Day


Kim Barr, CCE

Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE

Mark Lancaster

Don Kenna

Vincent Nelson, CCE

Larry Sivori


Bary Bunts, CCE

Ryan Collmer

Ryan Hagy

Thomas Hodson, CCE

Patty Tessari

Michael Zdebiak, Jr.



Connie Boesen

Sandy Class, CCE

James McConnell

Richie O’Neil

Matt Ribar

Brad Schroder

April Smith


Michelle Allen

Brandy Arredondo, CCE

Irene Dugan

Gigi Horowitz

Ryan Long

Kara Moederndorfer, CCE

Ryann Newman

Steve Vartanian

* The Gavel is passed in February. New Officers will be elected from within the Board and incoming Directors also begin their terms.

sTa RT i N g T he seaso N

sTa RT i N g The s easo N

Happy New Year! When Past President Russ Harrison, CCE first signed me up for NicA close to 15 years ago, I never thought I’d be President of NicA someday, but this February I will be the incoming President

My NicA road has been like many members. I originally joined because Russ had me sold on NicA’s Pepsi benefit. I did not renew after Russ signed me up initially, although this was not for any specific reason. Then a few years later, my good friend Stacia Markowitz, Past Director, signed me up again and I learned there is much more that is available to us. I have been a member ever since. I do like the fact that we now have auto-renewal, too, which makes it a lot easier for members.

The start of the Fair Season comes with the New Year. I personally like that I’m already receiving my contracts for this season, and I try to have all my contracts paid in full by March 1st— one less thing to worry about. Although I do not open until the end of April, it takes a lot of work before the first sale.

First, I work on my schedule for the season by talking with my employees. I have several stands and not many full-time employees, which is one of my biggest challenges, so I start now making sure the people who have worked with me for over a decade start putting in for their vacation weeks to come help. This way stresses my wife out, but it works, nonetheless.

Recently, I had the privilege of speaking during the workshop “Two Views of the Food and Beverage Coin—A Conundrum,” moderated by Rey O’Day, executive Director, at the iAFe convention The main topics I spoke about concerned pricing and how it affects our business. Pricing is complicated and we all try to get the most we can in a short window. This past season was very complicated, because everything was up including the price of products, labor, and fuel! For example, potatoes that used to be $18 on the high end went

as high as $55 for 50 pounds. None of us tripled our prices, but we have had to raise our prices overall. I believe the reason we are getting more pushback than other food options is that we have not had a normal Fair or Event since 2019, so it is mostly sticker shock from our customers.

This month I will be representing NicA at the 2023 New York state Association of Agricultural Fairs in Rochester, NY, where I will be giving a NicA update at the beginning of their General session, echoing the topics I addressed at iAFe. My goal, as always, is to sign up more members, including Fairs, for NicA!

As we get ready for Florida Week at the NicA Business expo, February 13–15, 2023, I think of the value of a NicA membership. There are some great benefit savings, but the value goes beyond discounts. It’s about supporting organizations like NicA that provide us with educational workshops from Industry leaders. I also have to mention what you can learn from attending roundtable discussions with Concessionaires and Fair Committee members. Education has unmatched value to any benefit not only with NicA, but also with our sister organizations iAFe, OABA, and State Associations.

NicA’s Foundation also gives back by offering over $30,000 in scholarships to our future leaders. Moreover, if you are looking for value, the Annual Gala Dinner on February 15th at 7 PM at the tampa Brandon sheraton is worth what I pay for the membership alone. See YOU there as your newly installed NicA President. Let’s start off our 30th year “All In!”

January / February 2023 NICA News 7

Riffi N g Wi T h Rey

Rey O’Day, Executive Director

Happy New Year! Riffi N g Wi T h Rey

For me, each New Year arrives with the thrill of a blank slate, a plethora of ideas, exhaustion from the Holidays, a vow to read more, and spending more time with my friends. It is a time of reflection, hope, resolution, and random thoughts.

down the following day at its time of opening. On my bucket list this year is to return to Houston and Miami to celebrate that we are living with COVID and

respectful, and responsible a way as we can. For me, that means being very cautious when indoors with lots of people and keeping my vaccinations current. The important part of whatever it means to you is to and


me, it is about dumping some habits, refreshing some habits, and trying some new habits. I recently read “If you can’t stand thinking about

(No, I do not remember “but I just This concept reminded me I am in charge of the choice and reminded me of some tools. One is to get professional help. Another is to find distractions like stop thinking about bar you want to eat by going for a walk. I have a friend who puts a rubber band that she treats as the dial on a radio or TV channel “What channel in my I am here to tell

obtain clarity when feeling anger, sadness, or fear. Comparing thoughts in columns helps me sort them out. Naming what I want to release, even when the

me make the decision that I am ready to move on

and rodeo show because the event was shut

know I have mentioned keeping a gratitude journal during difficult times as a solid tool to uncovering

8 January / February 2023 NICA News

happiness. Consistently writing three new things down every day for which I was grateful, no matter my mood or how I felt, has moved me from challenging times to happiness on several occasions.

Moreover, this season I have refreshed my habit of intentionally listening to music more often. For me, music influences my current thoughts and emotions as much as it documents many of my past memories. The promise and power of music are whatever we need it to be; so, right now or next week, I invite you to reconnect with your inner music lover. Whether you seek respite, invigoration, or comfort, chances are it’s waiting for you in the melody, rhythm, or lyrics of whatever favorite genre you have chosen. Take some time to feel the experience. Take some time to simply listen. Take some time to Enjoy!

The New Year also invites random thoughts into my head. Here are a few:

• A Peloton ad asked, “Are we adding years to our lives or are we adding life to our years?”

Definitely a way to measure our every day activities and thoughts.

• People say they are done with crazy, but are they really? I think maybe we are all a little addicted to the adrenaline of being a little crazy now and then.

• “It’s not personal, it’s just business.” I think businesses are very personal because we put our hearts, sweat, and soul into them. This phrase is usually an excuse to violate the Golden Rule and not feel guilty. Let’s just follow the Golden Rule!

• Insecurity is loud and confidence is quiet… I have no more to say…

This year NicA and its members are “All In!” Come to the NicA Business expo and Fare Foods Food show, February 13–15 in Tampa, FL, to celebrate what that means. When we gather, we will have meaningful conversations, see facial expressions, and hear others speak so we can learn new concepts and ideas and develop a shared language for our community. In closing, I share Alfred Lord Tennyson’s words: “Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come.” Together let’s lower our shoulders, breathe, and smile back!!! ▲

January / February 2023 NICA News 9
Premium Fountain Syrups • Real Fruit Juices • Simple Syrup Tasting Is Believing! Fountain Syrup Dispensers and Ice Machines available for purchase. Talk to your FARE FOODS salesman today or call for details 800-651-1601 You can beat the high cost of brand name syrups & make your beverage program more profitable! Whatever we do for you...Service is at the core of all we do since 1941!

Di R ec T o R ’s v oice Di R ec T o R ’ s v oice

Happy Convention Season! It started in November with NicA’s first annual Marketplace at the Tuscany Suites and casino in Las Vegas, NV. What a great convention and turn out! As a Board we worked to make this the most successful event we could and we did!!! I would encourage all of our members to mark their calendars for the second Marketplace taking place once again in Vegas, December 3–6, 2023. Stay tuned for registration, accommodations, and programming information, coming soon. Next I attended the iAFe convention with more great workshops and networking. It was a great convention! A big shout out to Marla Calico, CFE and all she puts into the iAFe organization. THANK YOU! Mark your calendars for Salt Lake City, UT next year: November 26–29, 2023.

I was nominated and elected to serve on the iAFe Board as the Associate Director-at-large. I’m super honored and proud. My dad John Libby, retired General Manager, Minnesota state Fair, was an iAFe Past President and also an iAFe Hall of Fame recipient. He would also be proud. I’m happy to serve on the Board and the Industry that has given so much back to me. I’m looking forward to meeting new friends in the Industry, too.

Moreover, I just recently returned from the Wisconsin Association of Fairs meeting, hosted in Wisconsin Dells, WI, January 8–11, 2023. I met and networked with all my Wisconsin state Fair family. You know I’m a Florida girl, and venturing north in January was cold, YIKES!!! But what a great convention!

NicA Business expo, February 13–15, 2023, is just around the corner with the theme “All In!” We have great programming scheduled along with a fabulous Food show with Fare Foods. Thank you to Ron and Laura Porter and to your staff who help make this such a great event.

IT’S FLORIDA WEEK! When planning your visit, make sure to attend the many other events during the week including the Florida state Fair, February 9–20, 2023, and the iisA Gibtown extravaganza and trade show, February 14–17, 2023, and the OABA Annual Meeting, February 17, 2023.

As I am ending my remarkable journey, I will share with all the membership that it has been a great ride and one I will never forget! Ms. Rey O’Day you have been a mentor to me. To the Office staff, Linda and Jesse, you rock! You two both make all the behind the scenes come together. Thank You! To all of our councils, thank you! It’s been a great adventure! I am excited and sticking around to see where 2023 is going to take us. And to the current Board of Directors, I am so proud of ALL of you. As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

10 January / February 2023 NICA News
Sandy Class, CCE, Past President Sandy Class, CCE, Past President and iAFe Director, pictured with fellow iAFe leadership during their Board installation

Thoughts From a

This month’s Statement of Communications & Management Philosophy is from one of the creators of the cce Program, SanDee O’Brien, CCE, O’Briens’ Food services, who received her designation in 2002:

Having grown up in the Concession Business, I have seen many changes in the ways different aspects communicate with each other. Today there is definitely a much wider corridor through which to travel in order to benefit all. With the help of others, I hope this trend continues to widen.

It has always been my policy in dealing with my employees to never ask them to do something I personally would not do. My husband claimed I do this to a fault; for instance, it is not really necessary for me to physically mop the kitchen floor, but I would teach someone to do it the way I

want it done. I suppose my teaching background runs over into my “Concessionairing.” I have always found “visual” learning to work bettter than “verbal.” It comes naturally for me to “show” rather than “tell” employees their job.

Showing others by your own example is the best way to express your philosophy. My business has built a reputation for its cleanliness and homemade cooking from cakes to meatloaves. This reputation is one I’m proud to say I helped my company earn. It succeeded because of the hard work of my family, employees, and Fairs. ▲

January / February 2023 NICA News 11
▲ Custom Ingredients From TasteMaker/Reed Food Technology Specializing In: • Funnel Cake Mix • Corn Dog Mix • Batters & Breadings • Sauces Proudly Distributed Through Fare Foods • Call 800-651-1601 For More Information • www.farefoods.com We put the fun in funnel cake! Learn more about the cce Program today by visiting our website at www.nicainc.org/CCE

Association a nnoun C ements


Our Condolences to All Who Suffered Losses This December

We are deeply saddened to share the passing of NicA Members’ family members during the month of December: Edna Jean Pittroff, mother of Fred Pittroff, Giant slide, mother-in-law of Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE, Foundation trustee, and grandmother of Stacey Barona-Pittroff, Director, and Judith Ann Pemberton, mother of Audrey Poole, Fare Foods.

Edna Jean Pittroff passed away December 8, 2022, at the age of 105. Daughter of Walter and Edna Attrill, she was born on February 21, 1917 in the small farming town of Star City, Saskatchewan, Canada. Her family moved to California in 1920 and Jean met her husband of 68 years, Eugene Fred (gene) Pittroff, as a teenager while living in Pasadena. After raising her children, she worked for many years as the receptionist at the family business, the House of Printing, established in 1942. With her husband Gene, she enjoyed dinner and dancing at the Pasadena elks lodge, weekly bridge games, and traveling and cruising around the world. Jean is survived by her son and daughter-in-law

Fred and Carmel Pittroff of Newport Beach, son and daughter-in-law Tim and Mickey Pittroff of San Marino; eight grandchildren, Mija Pittroff, Brent Jacobsen, Bradley Jacobsen, Kelley Pittroff Reinhard, Robin Jacobsen-Diederich, Tami Pittroff-Torres, Stacey Barona-Pittroff, and Andrew Pittroff; fifteen great-grandchildren, seven great-great-grandchildren, and one great-great-great grandchild. She was preceded in death by her husband Gene, daughter Marjorie Jacobsen, son-in-law Kendall Jacobsen, daughter-in-law Beverly Pittroff, three sisters, Beulah, Marjorie and Doris, and brother Walter. A mass was held at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church on January 4, 2023.

Judith Ann Pemberton, 84, of Marion, IL passed away on Monday, December 19, 2022 at Deaconess Gateway Hospital in Newburgh, IN. Judy was born in Harco, IL on June 6, 1938 to the late Leo and Mildred (Hickman) Clarida. In her early years, she worked at Harrisburg Manufacturing Company and later at Brushy Creek Mine until its closure. She loved to cook and enjoyed gardening, fishing, camping, and spending time with her family. She was a Baptist by faith. She is survived by her daughters, Audrey (Mike) Poole of Galatia, IL, and Amy (Richard) Schuhardt of Tunnel Hill, IL, her grandchildren, Savanah and Abby Schuhardt of Tunnel Hill, IL which she adored, and several nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents, brothers Donald Lee Clarida, Jackie Dale Clarida, and her partner of several years Eugene Borum. A celebration of life will be held at a later date with burial to follow at Sunset Lawn Cemetery in Harrisburg, IL.

2023 Coca-Cola Pricelists are Now Available

The 2023 NicA National Pricing Discount Pricelist for coca-cola has been officially released and is now available to view on our Peer-to-Peer resource center at www.nicainc.org/resources. You may also contact the NICA Office at nica@nicainc.org or (813) 438-8926 to have it sent to you. Do you sell beverages but haven’t signed up yet for this amazing program? You are missing out on some great savings! coca-cola’s representatives are ready to assist you with ordering and securing the pricing with your local bottlers. see Page 15 for more information. ▲

12 January / February 2023 NICA News
you have any announcements you would like to share? Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or nica@nicainc.org

2023 Scholarship Applications

It’s time to think about scholarships! For YOU or those of you with children, grandchildren, or employees planning on entering college or Vocational school, the 2023 NicA Foundation scholarship Application will be available starting February 1st online at www.nicainc.org/scholarship.

With the financial challenges that many of our students and their families are facing right now, the NicA Foundation is honored to award lifechanging funds to so many deserving students. Because of the overwhelming support from our donors in 2022, we were able to not only meet our goal of awarding $30,000, but exceeded our goal and awarded $33,500 to our commendable recipients. All scholarship Applications and supporting materials must be received in the NICA Office no later than June 1st to qualify.

January / February 2023 NICA News 13
Available Online February 1st The Thomas Hodson Company The Thomas Hodson Company “For all oF your Beverage needS” (407) 709-9546 (407) 709-9546 snkbby@aol.com snkbby@aol.com Drop In’s • Valves • Gauges • BIB Pumps Carbonators • S/S Fittings • Tubing Complete Systems • Beverage Carts Drop In’s • Valves • Gauges • BIB Pumps S/S Fittings • Tubing Complete Beverage Carts
14 January / February 2023 NICA News G E T A H E A L T H P L A N B U I L T F ® SCAN TO LEARN MORE OR GET A QUOTE The NICA Health plan is built with you in mind & gives you the health benefits you deserve. Can be extended to employees Nationwide network Competitive rate Powered by: Call your NICA Health Plan contacts at 866-569-1304 for a quote or visit: hummelgrp.com/nicahealth Professional claims processing Multiple plan options including H.S.A. compatible plans & copay plans RIO SYRUP CO. St. Louis, MO 63103 | 800-325-7666 | www.riosyrup.com Distributed through Fare Foods 1-800-651-1601

Attention Members!

are you taking advantage of nICa’s benefits?

One of the most important aspects of NicA is the access to benef its that we provide to our membership. No matter where you are in the country, you can have access to our Membership Benefits Guide in print or online editions. Below is a list of a few of our benefits that can help you save as you prepare for the New Year:

Every NicA Member who is a Food and/or Beverage Vendor is automatically eligible for this great discount program. You must connect with our coca-cola representative Alyssa Ownby at (813) 326-5727 or aownby@coca-cola.com at least three weeks before an event to ensure that you receive your special discount pricing.

2 3

Once sign up is complete you will receive an email from Goodyear in 1-2 days with your approval and account information.

1 2

Complete an online application on our website at www.nicainc.org/coca-cola or fill out a W-9 form and create a list

with your route, with each venue and their dates outlined; include any established bottler contacts.

If not applying online, mail your W-9 and route list to aownby@coca-cola.com and nica@nicainc.org to get started.

NicA Members have access to Goodyear’s leading commercial and consumer tires and retreads with 24/7 emergency roadside service (and more) at more than 5,700 locations, all at a competitive national price.

Once approved, visit the NICA/Goodyear page to login, view pricing with our NEW online pricing tool and review details about the program before ordering. 1

Complete the electronic national account sign up form online on Goodyear’s page at www.goodyeartrucktires.com/nica or

contact Tim Koenigsfeld at (636) 234-5904 or tim_koenigsfeld@goodyear.com

sherwin-Williams is a one stop shop for all of your coating and application needs. NicA Members receive 30% off national account pricing on select paint products (some exclusions apply) and 30% off retail price on all sundry items such as brushes, rollers and drop cloths, etc. (excludes ladders and spray equipment). This discount is only available at sherwin-Williams stores. 1 2

Visit www.sherwin-williams.com and select “Find a Store” for the location nearest you or call 1-800-4SHERWIN.

To receive your discounts when purchasing your items, provide the store commercial attendant with the program account number on the back of your NicA card ▲


Ron Porter, Owner, Fare Foods

Happy New Year! My name is Ron Porter, and I am the owner of Fare Foods. I am fortunate to be a secondgeneration owner. Fare Foods was initially Porter Foods and was founded in 1958 by my parents, Raymond and Carolyn Porter. The business began in the backyard of our home operating out of two refrigerated truck bodies servicing the Du Quoin, IL area. One group of customers was the Concessionaires at the Du Quoin state Fair. When the Fair came to town, my father and I would walk the Midway and take orders. When my dad retired in 1989, I bought the company, and we continued to serve the Southern Illinois area.

In 1993, Frank King of King Food service, a native of nearby Herrin, IL, called me asking me to bring some supplies to his next Fair in Tulsa, OK. Once we showed up at the Fairgrounds to deliver stock, four white pickup trucks with Texas license plates came up to me and asked who I was and if I was going to be back tomorrow so they could buy some stock. Those trucks belonged to the McKinney family from Hughes Springs, TX, who today remain loyal customers.

On this trip to Tulsa, I realized I had found a niche business opportunity that no one else had filled. Concessionaires needed a reliable source for their products, and someone that had enough warehouse space to store Concession foods and supplies. I was going to deliver to Concessionaires onsite and supply them with anything they needed. Not having to load their stock trucks and carry product around from Fair to Fair was a huge selling point to Concessionaires. I was willing to be there and service their needs. I owe my success to the Founding Fathers of NicA who first supported my idea. Today, this company is called Fare Foods and we currently service 39 states at over 6,000 locations.

Long before that, I met this beautiful girl named Laura and married her way back in 1984. We are going on 39 years of togetherness, and 29 years of being in business together. We’ve busted the odds apart when it comes to perseverance. During that timeframe, we had two children, our son Trampas, and daughter Jennifer, who is married to AJ Bleyer Trampas and his wife Jessie are involved with the transition of Fare Foods to the next generation. As a family, we like to golf, and look forward to OABA’s top Golf event each year. I have been around golf my entire life and love to be involved with it. Our grandkids are also the apples of our eyes now. They are small enough that they still want to be with us, so we like to spend as much time with them as we can.

Fare Foods’ partnership with NicA began in 1995, right down the street from the Florida state Fair in Tampa. We were at the sheraton Four Points, which is where the Hard rock casino is today, and Gene O’Brien, CCE had invited Fontanini italian sausage and Farmland Hot Dogs to exhibit. This was the first time we came up with the idea of having Vendors intertwined with NicA’s Annual Membership

16 January / February 2023 NICA News
Ron and Laura Porter with AJ and Jennifer Bleyer and Trampas and Jessie Porter during the Holiday Season Father and Son in the early years

Meeting. I was very involved with the Founding Board of NicA and they helped pioneer my business as well. NicA retained me to produce the first full event in 1996 where we went out and solicited Vendors.

Today, we are still involved with NicA, and we are proud supporters of the NicA Foundation scholarship Program. We really believe in supporting the young kids in our Industry to further their education; however, we would like to see them come back into our Industry, becoming the next generation to carry on family businesses, or potentially buying one of their own. That’s something we have to work on together. Fare Foods was the first company to pledge our support for the Foundation with a 3-year commitment, and I am glad that we did. Today, others have become highly involved whether on the Foundation Board or monetarily. What a wonderful organization to be a part of. My wife, Laura, and I will continue to support the Foundation in their endeavors.

Like everyone else, we’re being challenged right now. Due to personnel retiring and other labor concerns, we are trying to take our new team and see if they can visualize what we have been doing for the last 29 years and get it down. We are a customer service-driven company that doesn’t ever say “No” and we have always been able to say “Wherever you go, we will bring you the stock.” Well, that, in some cases, has had to change over the last couple of years with the prices of products and fuel as well as new transportation regulations.

The supply chain problem has created an enormous change in our business, but I really think the generational change is the biggest challenge that we have taken on in the last 29 years. Fare Foods sells one product—a delivery service. It brings the product to the customer where they go,

when they need us. To find the next generation that is willing to work hard to make that happen is a real challenge, but we are looking forward to it. Every day we have put forth an effort to try to continue to recruit younger, newer, energetic people so we can transition the company forward for another 29 years and beyond that.

If you would like to place an order, advance notice is encouraged. We would also encourage all members to have some additional stock in their stock trucks. Where some used to like to have it “just in time,” or they can only hold so much stock so we’d get there before they would run out. In today’s times, the Concessionaires need to have extra stock for safety because we may not get there as quickly due to those regulations.

By attending our annual get-together, the NicA Business expo and Fare Foods Food show, NicA Members qualify for Vendor Allowances when ordering products. The best way to contact us is to call our office at 1-800-651-1601. Let our customer service team learn about your business; once we learn about each other, we can make sure we can serve you properly. If you need custom promotional products like buckets, plates, or cups, we also provide that service.

We invite you to join us at the NicA Business expo and Fare Foods Food show where you are going to learn and see some unique products and ideas you will find nowhere else. I think 2023 is going to be an “all in!” year, and we are looking forward to a great event. We are going to make sure we have an “All In!” of a time. ▲

Have You Signed up? Fare Foods offers a complete supply of all Concession products, as well as Vendor Allowances when ordering for NicA Members who attend the Food show. For ordering and product information, contact Fare Foods today at 1-800-651-1601 or visit www.farefoods.com
Laura, Ron, and Trampas Porter making a donation to the NicA Foundation at the last Annual Gala Fare Foods services 39 states and counting with their fleet

Welcome Welcome to to Flor i da Flor i da

With our record numbers seen this past season, this Industry is coming back strong! We look forward to celebrating the spirit of “All In!” at the 2023 NicA Business expo and Fare Foods Food show. The NicA Business expo will be held Monday through Wednesday, providing Workshops and Discussion Groups which cover the issues and the daily challenges our Industry is faced with today. All attendees will receive one extra Food show Windfall ticket and a chance to win a door prize in each workshop.

On Wednesday evening, we invite you to attend the Annual General Membership Meeting, where we will present our Year in review, Old and New Business, install the 2023 Board of Directors, announce the 2022 NicA Membership contest winners, and hear Greetings from Industry Partners At the Annual Gala, we will highlight the NicA Foundation, honor Don Delahoyde, CCE as our Hall of Fame

recipient, hold silent and live Auction, and enjoy Dinner courtesy of Fare Foods

The Fare Foods Food show will run Monday and Tuesday evening and will feature over 50 Exhibitors showcasing the latest products, food trends, and technology that will define and kickstart the 2023 Fair Season. Throughout the event we also encourage you to participate in our various activities such as the corn Hole contest, Food show Windfall, cupid’s Quik Pick, and more! The schedule is planned so you can attend all e xpo and Food s how events, engage in Industry Roundtables on “Hot” topics, and network every day with other N ic A Members .

Pre-Register TODAY! It’s EASY! It’s FREE! Go to www.nicainc.org/2023 , scroll down until you see “Register,” follow the directions, and choose your Food s how time slot. Wristbands, will be required for the Food Show, Hospitality Receptions, Annual Meeting, and Gala Dinner.


Schedule of Events Schedule of Events

ONDAY, Fe B ru A r Y 13, 2023

10:00 AM—8:00 PM: Onsite Registration Lobby

Educational Workshops

9:00 AM—12:00 PM: Heartsaver CPR Class $20 Fee • Limited class size

Brandon 4

CPR is a must-have skill for anyone who works or attends public social events like Fairs and Festivals. Class includes Adult (dummies provided), Child, and Infant CPR, Choking, AED, EpiPen instruction, and quiz. American Heart Association cards will be issued upon successful completion of the class. Presented by Tampa Bay CPR

12:30—1:45 PM: “how To” Sessions .................................................................................

Palm Room

Moderator: Jessica Gottsche, NICA East Council Coordinator • NICA Health Plan: Andy Yost, Hummel Group

Propane 101: Vincent Nelson, CCE, Vinnie’s Fine Foods • Reconciling Clover Deposits to Bank Statements: Kim Barr, CCE, Pacific Crest Concessions

2:00—3:15 PM: New Products That Draw Media Attention

Palm Room

Presenter: Audrey Poole, Fare Foods • Vendors: Boxed Water, Glove to Go, Mrs. T’s Pierogies, and Smithfield Media attention helps sell products and new products help gain media attention. These Vendors show you how!

3:30—4:45 PM: Why the Choices You Make During Move-In Matter

Palm Room

Moderator: Kathy Ross, CCE, Ross Concessions • Panelists: Kevin McGrath II, The Best Around; Rey O’Day, NICA Executive Director; Jeff Thornberry, CCE, NICA Director-at-Large; and Matt Wallsmith, South Florida Fair

When all the light bulbs work, flags are fresh and vibrant, freezers and trash are out of view, propane is safely strapped down, signage is professional, windows are clean, condiment stations are spotless, utilities are connected correctly, cables are covered, and privacy screens are in place, you know Move-In has gone well and the Fairgoer will experience opening day, every day. Our experienced panel will give you tips to be successful.

5:15—6:15 PM: Roundtables ................................................................................................ Brandon 2

Topics: Convenience Fees, Sustainable Packaging, and Fair Hours

Fare Foods Food Show

required Ballroom & Cypress Room

8:50 PM: Food Show Windfall Drawing Group 2-M NICA Booth

9:15—11:00 PM: Fare Foods Hospitality Reception Wristband required ............................ Palm Room

t ues DAY, Fe B ru A r Y 14, 2023

8:30 AM—8:00 PM: Onsite Registration Lobby

Educational Workshops

9:00—10:30 AM: Successful Exit Strategies Palm Room

Moderator: Rey O’Day, NICA Executive Director • Panelists: Tom Hodson, CCE, The Thomas Hodson Company; Bill Prowant, Prowant Specialty; Jim Sinclair, CFE, Minnesota State Fair; and Phil Teague, Hummel Group

Now it is time to retire… Have you put a succession plan together? You want to sell… Do have a Transfer of Ownership process to share with the Fair? Will it be a family transaction or a third-party transaction? No matter where the Next Generation of Vendors comes from, the process will be financial and have many interpersonal dynamics, with the most important one being Trust. You will rest easier after hearing from our panelists.

Lobby 5:00—7:00 PM: Food Show Group 1-M Wristband required ........................ Ballroom & Cypress Room 6:50 PM: Food Show Windfall Drawing Group 1-M ............................................................ NICA Booth 7:00—9:00 PM: Food Show Group 2-M Wristband
4:50 PM: Food Show Ribbon Cutting
** *Schedule is subject to change; visit www.nicainc.org/2023 and check signage for final details.

9:00—10:30 AM:

Nuts and Bolts of Successful Selling Florida State Fair

Presenter: Jeff Thornberry, CCE, NICA Director-at-Large

This hands-on Commercial Managers and Exhibitors focused workshop will feature choosing locations, booth display design, merchandising techniques, product lighting, pricing promotions, island layouts, and include a visit to the Florida State Fair Commercial Building.

10:45 AM—12:00 PM: What’s On Your Mind? ..................................................................

Palm Room

Moderator: Rey O’Day, NICA Executive Director • Accessibility: Erin Ribar, Duke’s • Point of Sale: Tina Hollis, Fiserv

Auditing: Shawn Brunk, Brunks Concession Auditing • Third-Party Companies: Rey O’Day, NICA Executive Director Strengthening relationships and building trust between Fairs, Vendors, and Fairgoers is always on our minds. Let our group of experts lead us in a discussion of collaborative solutions to develop better Industry practices.

1:30—2:45 PM:

Making Social Media and Marketing Work For You

Palm Room

Moderator: Jessica Gottsche, NICA Social Media Coordinator • Panelists: Bary Bunts, CCE, The Apple Cart; and Rachael Lough, Carolina Classic Fair

Effectively using various social media platforms can increase engagement and drive business to our Industry in ways that were nearly impossible to achieve before. By using QR Codes, Stories, Live Videos, and more you can raise your social presence to the next level and build a new generation of followers and Fairgoers.

3:00—4:15 PM: Working Together On Affordability......................................................... Palm Room

Moderator: Rey O’Day, Executive Director • Panelists: Vincent Nelson, CCE, 2023 NICA President; Greg Miller, CCE, Foundation Vice President; Audrey Poole, Foundation President; and Daryl Whicheloe, CCE, 2022 NICA President

Food and Beverage is one of the top reasons people come to the Fair, yet Food and Beverage prices are also one of the largest reasons people complain. Affordability matters to our Guests, yet Fairs and Vendors are all plagued by inflation at every level of the supply and labor chains. How do we make it a win/win/win for all of us? We will have to work together on affordability if we are going to take care of our Fair Guests and not lose value in their minds.

4:30—5:30 PM:

Topics: Tipping Practices, Product Duplication, and Multi-Year Contracts

Fare Foods

Booth 9:00 PM: Cupid’s Quik Pick Drawing .................................................................................


Booth 9:15—11:00 PM: Fare Foods Hospitality Reception Wristband required Palm Room

We DN es DAY, Fe B ru A r Y 15, 2023

5:00—6:30 PM: Annual General Membership Meeting Wristband required ....................... Palm Room

The Annual General Membership Meeting features the Board of Directors Installation, 2023 in Review, Old and New Business, Greetings from Industry Partners, and Membership Contest Winners. Door Prize: 2 Busch Gardens tickets

6:30—7:00 PM: Cocktail Hour Wristband required Ballroom Foyer

7:00—10:00 PM: “all in!” Gala Wristband required .................................................................... Ballroom

The Gala features Silent and Live Auctions; includes messages from Marla Calico, CFE, IAFE President and CEO, and Greg Chiecko, CFE, OABA CEO; spotlights the work of the NICA Foundation; and celebrates NICA’s gratitude for Hall of Fame Recipient Don Delahoyde, CCE and his contributions to NICA and the Industry. Dinner hosted by Fare Foods

t ues DAY, Fe B ru A r Y 14, 2023
Brandon 2
Food Show 3:00—5:00 PM: Food Show
1-T Wristband required ......................... Ballroom & Cypress Room 4:50 PM: Food Show Windfall Drawing Group 1-T ............................................................. NICA Booth 5:00—7:00 PM: Food Show Group 2-T Wristband required ......................... Ballroom & Cypress Room 6:50 PM: Food Show Windfall Drawing Group 2-T NICA Booth 7:00—9:00 PM: Food Show
Ballroom & Cypress Room 8:50 PM: Food Show Windfall
Group 3-T
Drawing Group

Hall of Fame Hall of Fame

The NicA Hall of Fame award honors distinguished achievements and outstanding contributions by any individual to the health and well-being of this organization by any means, whether it be through hard work, influence, financial contribution or by any other positive method and/or whether they be Concessionaire, Associate, Event Management, Administration, or Volunteer. We are proud to announce Don Delahoyde, CCE, Past President, as this year’s Hall of Fame recipient. Congratulations!

Don began his food service career at a young age, starting with his first ice cream business in 1973 at age 18. By the time he was 30 years old, he opened, owned, and operated five restaurants. It was at this time when Don began his association with Fairs. Don once said, “I got in the Fair business by accident in about 1983.” His local, hometown Fair in Ukiah, CA had a notice for a bid for a Beer Concession and he liked the idea. He won the bid and built his first Beer trailer. From there it was Margarita Trailers, then BBQ, Fish, Corn Dogs, Funnel Cakes, Pizza, Lemonade, and Hamburgers, as well as Merchandise and Novelties. Bill Pearce, the Fair Manager, was a great help to him in navigating the business. The Fair business grew from there, adding food trailers and many Fairs in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Arizona. By about 1990, he sold most of the restaurants and became the Master concessionaire for the Western Baseball league, supplying food, beverages, and novelties to five stadiums. He was also the Master concessionaire at the Sonoma County Fair for 15 years, handling hundreds of events a year as well as 40 points of sale at Fair time. Don is very appreciative of Jim Moore, Sonoma County Fair’s CEO, for giving him the opportunity and having faith in a young business person.

His relationship with Fairs has lasted over 40 years and the company now is operated by his son and daughter-in-law Phillip and Ania Delahoyde. They currently play 40 shows in

California, Oregon, and Washington, with over 95 locations. The business continues to thrive under their direction.

Don is now retired but still is involved with the Industry. He served on the Board of Directors for the Western Fairs Association for six years, becoming the first-ever service member to become President. He even received WFA’s Hall of Fame Award in 2020 and developed a scholarship program that is still active to this day. He was also a founding member of NicA West, and served on the West council for six years before running for the NicA Board of Directors. He was part of the original group that negotiated the first contract between NicA and Sysco, as well as playing a major role in the first NICA Sysco Marketplace Food shows. Before joining the Board, he stated, “I believe in the concept of NICA, I believe there is room for improvement, and I would like to be part of that. I am ready to put my time and energy into helping the Industry that has built my career.” He eventually worked his way up the chairs and served as NicA’s 2020 President. He is proud of his time on the Board and supported the membership with many popular fundraisers and events that we all know and love, with the most recent being the super Bowl, Beer cooler, and corn Hole contests. We are thankful for his service and wish him and his family the best. “Together We Can!” ▲


Fairs united in Indianapolis

From November 27–30, 2022, the international Association of Fairs and expos (IAFE) hosted their Annual convention for the first time in Indianapolis, IN, at the indiana convention center, with the theme: “Fairs United.” NicA was a silver sponsor of complimentary notebooks for all convention attendees, had a booth where you could meet staff and Board Members and get your hands on NicA’s collectible card. This year’s raisin’ for a reason was held at the indiana state Fair and featured a Mini-Fair, with food, rides, and a drive-thru light show. We proudly presented or participated in the following workshops:

• “Vendors: The Guest Experience and Improving the Fair/Vendor Relationship,” with Moderator Kathy Ross, CCE, ross concessions, and Panelists Justin Aquino, San Mateo County Fair, Kim Barr, CCE, 2nd Vice President, Lisa Immel, Wisconsin state Fair, Jim Logan, Latah County Fair, Karen Nicklas, the Great Frederick Fair, Amanda Schlatre, Houston livestock show and rodeo, Janet Schutter, Clay County Fair, and Jeff Thornberry, CCE, Director.

• “Fair Industry Tough Questions!” Open Forum with Jeremy Parsons, CFE, 2022 iAFe chair, Andy Deggeller, OABA chair, Daryl Whicheloe, CCE, NicA President, Marla Calico, CFE, iAFe President/ceO, Greg Chiecko, CFE, OABA President, Rey O’Day, NicA executive Director, Jenni Axelson, Sherburne County Fair, and Lynelle Smith, CFE, Sydney Royal Easter Show.

• “Two Views of the Food and Beverage Coin—A Conundrum,” with Moderator Rey O’Day, executive Director, and Panelists Norb Bartosik, CFE, Midwest Fairs Association, Dan Mourning, GM, New Mexico state Fair, Vincent Nelson, CCE, 1st Vice President, and Daryl Whicheloe, CCE, President.

NicA has been dedicated to strengthening relationships with the Fair Industry since its inception. We congratulate Sandy Class, CCE, on joining the iAFe Board of Directors, representing Associate Members. OABA chair Jay Strates spoke in an iAFe Zone Meeting where he stated something to the effect that “Every Fair should belong to the IAFE, their State or regional association, OABA and NICA.” Our Board Members were so impressed by hearing him promote us that half of them joined OABA that very day. One of our long time traditions is engaging in a conversation with our Advisory Committee over a meal during the iAFe convention. This year’s Advisory

22 January / February 2023 NICA News
Rey O’Day, Executive Director Rey O’Day, executive Director, during a light moment in “Two Views of the Food and Beverage Coin—A Conundrum”

committee luncheon, sponsored by r.e. smith, took place on Wednesday and discussed concerns and ideas pertinent to our Industry. The committee is composed of a group of Fair and/or Vendor Managers from across the country for three-year terms. This year’s Advisory Committee included:

• Norb Bartosik, CFE, Secretary/Treasurer, Midwest Fairs Association

• Gene Cassidy, CFE, President/ceO, eastern states exposition, and Past iAFe chair

• Vicki Chouris, CFE, ceO, south Florida Fair and Palm Beach County Expositions

• Jennifer Giesike, CFE, ceO, Washington town and Country Fair (MO) and 2023 iAFe chair

• Kathy Kramer, CVE, CFEE, President/ceO, central Washington Fair

• Melanie Linnear, VP of Food service, state Fair of texas

• Dan Mourning, General Manager, New Mexico state Fair

• Jeremy Parsons, CFE, ceO/Manager, Clay County Fair (IA) and 2022 iAFe chair

• James Romer, CFE, Concessions and Midway Operations Director, iowa state Fair

• Amanda Schlatre, senior Manager of exhibits and events, Houston livestock show and rodeo

• Scott Stoller, CFE, General Manager, colorado state Fair

• Michael Searle, Deputy Director and Smile engineer, Arizona state Fair

• Lynelle Smith, CFE, Head of entertainment, Sydney Royal Easter Show

• Nancy Smith, CFE, General Manager, south carolina state Fair

• Scott Suchomski, CFE, ceO, tennessee Valley Fair

The Advisory Committee and the NicA Board focused on the topics of Employment (What makes us an “Employer of Choice” for US and OTHERS and how do we protect that?), Value (Are Fairs and their many partners delivering the experience the Guest deserves for the money they spend?), Operations (Payment systems and their challenges), and Unity (We are working together more than ever… How do we continue to do so?) “Together We Can!”

We appreciate your support and your participation in our workshops and meetings. We look forward to the next iAFe convention, taking place November 26–29, 2023 in Salt

City. ▲

January / February 2023 NICA News 23
Lake Stacey Barona-Pittroff, Director, and Sandy Class, CCE, Past President NicA Members Russ and Rob Scott, scott Amusements, with Randy and Tracey Reichert, Meggers road concessions, in Indianapolis A conversation between Randy Reichert, CCE, Past Director, James McConnell, Midwest council, Larry McConnell, CCE, Mcconnell concessions, and Larry Sivori, Past President NicA leadership, Fair Managers, and Guests gather and celebrate the Industry while addressing important topics at the annual Advisory Committee Luncheon, sponsored by r.e. smith Trampas and Ron Porter, Fare Foods, with Daryl Whicheloe, CCE, 2022 President, and Rey O’Day, executive Director, on the trade show floor Vincent Nelson, CCE, 2023 President, speaking during the convention

Hearing From a First Timer Convention Attendee

The NicA Foundation was created by NicA to oversee and administer an academic and vocational educational scholarship program, foster development opportunities and training services, and provide a travel stipend for first time convention attendees. Brandi Ebner, Deschutes County Expo Center, has written about her experience at NicA Marketplace as a First timer convention scholarship recipient:

I was honored to be chosen as a NicA First timer scholarship recipient to attend the first NicA Marketplace in Las Vegas. To be honest, I set the bar low on what I would gain out of it as I am the Vendor coordinator of the largest County Fair in Oregon and I felt that this conference was likely designed for Food Concessionaires. I was unsure what the educational content would be or if I would be the only Fair represented in the room. My assumption could not have been more wrong!

I took along a Board of Directors member who oversees my Vendor Volunteer team and we boarded the flight. Arriving at NicA, we were greeted numerous times by Board Members and instantly felt that our presence was appreciated and welcomed. We quickly learned that many of our counterparts from large State Fairs to smaller County Fairs were there as well. The educational sessions truly surprised me—the topics were better than most any other fair conference i attend. In every session we gained valuable insight from a Vendor’s perspective and they learned more about topics from the Fair coordination side. Information that we gained has already gone into effect as we updated our 2023 Vendor application, contracts, and policies.

At most conferences, I feel like if you aren’t part of certain groups or cliques of people who all know each other, you sit silently at back tables and don’t feel like you are really part of the event. At the NicA conference—every single person talked to each other! When I sat down for a meal or session, conversations quickly started with everyone within ear shot. We all shared our stories, successes, stresses, and ideas. I left there with contacts that I know I can rely on for advice—from food

vendors who may never work one of my events to fairs across the country who have similar issues to me. Every person in attendance had a desire to improve the Fair and Vending experience across the country!

I was also pleasantly surprised at the trade show. As a Fair Representative, I wasn’t sure if the value would be there for me. But since our facility also runs our own Concession stands and contracts many caterers and food trucks for events, I picked up many great contacts for food and other products that would improve the quality and experience at our Fair and all of our events.

I left the NicA convention inspired and excited. I would HIGHLY recommend this conference for any Fair Directors or Vendor coordinators. It was affordable, well planned, and one of the best conference experiences that I have ever had. I am looking forward to attending next year and will likely inquire about Volunteer and Board positions so that I can play a higher role in achieving NicA’s mission. If any Fair would like to discuss NicA further, you are welcome to contact me at brandi.ebner@deschutes.org or (541) 585-7208.

Patty Breitbach, Director, and Brandi Ebner, Vendor coordinator, Deschutes County Expo Center
Brandi Ebner, Deschutes County Expo Center

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*Offer expires June 30, 2022. Offers valid for First Data customers only. New merchant account required and is subject to credit approval. Requires merchant acceptance of applicable Terms and Conditions and an active NICA Membership. Qualifying merchants will receive a credit of $250, if they purchase rented equipment, which will be applied as a statement credit. Applicable rebates and credits will be issued to your funding account approximately 60-days after the month in which the rebate requirement has been met. First Data is solely responsible for this offer. Offer subject to change without notice. Offer not valid with any other offer. Offer void where prohibited.

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Mark Walker, OA Finance, during the Marketplace trade show Lynn Schepers, Sysco, speaking during an educational workshop Kim Barr, CCE, 1st Vice President, giving a gift of chocolates to Rey Chef Shawn O’Neale gave attendees a kitchen tour at Sysco Las Vegas Wayne and Tammy McMurtry, concession Mall Jeff Thornberry, CCE, Director, explaining what NicA means to him and what it feels like to be “Together!” Shan Dobaria, WOODY’Z Drinkware Kelsey McKenney and Elizabeth (libby) ulm, Specialty Insurance Many trade show attendees tried their hand at the cornhole contest Audrey Poole at the Fare Foods booth during the trade show Daryl Whicheloe, CCE, President, and Joe Cetor, Forever concession trailers, calling the trailer winner Rey O’Day, executive Director, and Drew Ammerman, Sysco Yvonne Lepor, Berk, and Steve Harnack, Hometown concessions Daryl Whicheloe, CCE, 2022 President, and Kim Barr, CCE, 1st Vice President, sharing a selfie Pete Holohan and Kelly Courtland, Goodsource solutions

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From the Camera Roll...

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January / February 2023 NICA News 29
Two Past Presidents making corn dogs at the indiana state Fair’s Mini-Fair: Sandy Class, CCE and Ron Smith Rey O’Day, executive Director, with her unique record invitation to entegra’s connect 23 convention Kim Barr, CCE, 1st Vice President, and Kristin Whicheloe, southern Oregon Food and Beverage, at the Mini-Fair Vincent Nelson, CCE, 2023 President, Jacqueline Bradbury, CCE, Secretary, Brandy Arredondo, CCE, Director, Sandy Class, CCE, Past President, Kelly Grout, Director, and Stacey Pittroff-Barona, Director, with their newly acquired OABA Memberships at the NicA Board Meeting

Scott Kunz

Galaxy Amusement Sales

Tampa, FL (2017)

Mark Lovell

universal Fairs

Cordova, TN (2021)

Lorna Massey

Mark Massey Concessions

Germantown, KY (2018)

James McConnell

James McConnell


Indianola, IA (2016)

Mike McGrath

The Best Around Inc.

Cape Coral, FL (2019)

Kevin McGrath II

The Best Around

Cape Coral, FL (2004)

Melvin Melton

Mel’s Food Milltown, IN (1994)

Chris Miladelaroca

MK Concessions

Pinon Hills, CA (2019)

Rob Miller

Miller Concessions, Inc.

Foley, MN (2013)

Paul Muller

OA Finance

Lee’s Summit, MO (2022)

Mickey Neck

Ormic Concessions Inc.

Brownsville, TX (1998)

Vincent Nelson, CCE

Vinnie’s Fine Foods

Kingston, NY (2012)

Joshua Nicholson

Dr. Vegetable, Inc.

Wanatah, IN (2017)

Leah O’Neil

O’Neil Amusements LLC

St. Paul, MN (2017)

Hari Paizis

Paizis Concessions, Inc.

Fort Smith, AR (2008)

Joseph Parkhurst

JP’s Old West Cinnamon Rolls

Arroyo Grande, CA (2021)

Debra Poeppelman

Poeppelman Concessions, Inc.

Wapakoneta, OH (1996)

Kenneth Ragley

Food Concession Signs

Houston, TX (2016)

Tom Robinson

Ludwig Fish & Produce Co.

LaPorte, IN (2019)

Risa Sanders

Oasis Concessions

McLean, VA (2017)

L.C. Scramlin

Oakland County Fair

Davisburg, MI (2002)

Patrick Sheridan

Sheridan Concessions

Avon, CO (2013)

Larry Smith

Gold Concessions

Plant City, FL (1995)

Patty Tessari

Layton’s Concessions/Crabby

Patty Windber, PA (2021)

Mark Walker

OA Finance, LLC

Lee’s Summit, MO (2021)

David Webster

Webster Enterprises

Spring, TX (2017)

Tim Weiss

Giggles Campfire Grill LLC

Saint Paul, MN (2018)

Ed White

White’s Concessions

Worley, ID (1995)

Carol Wilkinson

Alibi Entertainment Inc.

Toronto, ON (2017)

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January / February 2023 NICA News 31 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K ai165912025835_NICA August Ad.PRINT.pdf 1 7/29/2022 2:44:26 PM
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Renewal Members ($2,000 Gift of Travel) For a complete list of Renewal Members, eligible for the $2,000 Gift of Travel, view our page online at www.nicainc.org/contests Referrals: General Membership Jeff Ross, CCE 6 Ron Smith 2 Rod Beach ...................................................................................... 1 Eric Campbell 1 Chris Conkle, CCE 1 Carmel Dyer-Pittroff ....................................................................... 1 Rusty Groscurth 1 Russ Harrison, CCE 1 Mark Hill, CCE 1 Steven Jankiewicz 1 Don Long, CCE ................................................................................ 1 Ann Menchen 1 Charles Miller 1 Timothy Packer .............................................................................. 1 Audrey Poole 1 Jeff Saty 1 Horst Schacht................................................................................. 1 Gary Shepard 1 Dale Smith, CCE ............................................................................. 1 R. Joshua Stremmel 1 Phil Teague 1 Referrals: Regional Councils Steve Vartanian 4 Jan Gary, CCE 2 Gigi Horowitz .................................................................................. 2 Ryann Newman 2 Patty Tessari 2 Bary Bunts, CCE 1 Ryan Hagy 1 Matt Ribar 1 Referrals: Board of Directors Jacqueline Bradbury, CCE 9 Tom Hodson, CCE 9 Jay Wells, CCE 5 Daryl Whicheloe, CCE 5 Sandy Class, CCE ........................................................................... 3 Phil Delahoyde 3 Dan Lusenhop 2 Vincent Nelson, CCE ...................................................................... 2 Stacey Pittroff-Barona 2 Brandy Arredondo, CCE 1 Kim Barr, CCE ................................................................................. 1 *referral listing as of 12/31/22. see back cover for more information, rules, and prizes. Going Round and Round on Insurance? Independent agent representing Westchester, a Chubb Company, Programs Division. Insurance provided by Ace American Insurance Company and its U.S. based Chubb underwriting company affiliates. Chubb is the marketing name used to refer to subsidiaries of Chubb Limited providing insurance and related services. All products may not be available in all states. For a list of these subsidiaries, please visit www.chubb.com. Protect yourself with risk management and business insurance from a company that specializes in the amusement industry. Haas & Wilkerson Insurance provides better products and services, leading coverages and limits, and over 80 years of industry experience. Our well-trained experts specialize in comprehensive insurance and can tailor solutions that are cost-effective and specific to your unique needs. For a comprehensive review of your coverage and exposure, call 913.432.4400 or visit hwins.com/RoundandRound
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34 January / February 2023 NICA News • Highest revenue per hour • Industry’s lowest counters • Most ergonomic space STANDARDIZED TO HIGHLY CUSTOMIZED FAIR & FESTIVAL ASSETS 618.266.8475 schantzmfg.com chesterbuilttrailers.com

Natio N al iN depe N de N t Co NC essio N aires a sso C iatio N , iNC . 1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511

Phone: (813) 438-8926 • Fax: (813) 803-8460

Email: nica@nicainc.org • Website: www.nicainc.org

rE gul A r M EM b E r S h I p

q regular Member $150

q Additional Member $100

q Employee Member............................................................ $75

q retired Member ................................................................ $50

b u SINESS / g roup M EM b E r S h I p

Includes five Memberships in one: one Regular Member, one Additional Member, and three Employee Members ($475 value).

q Business / Group $400

Additional Member :

Employee Member 1:

Employee Member 2:

Employee Member 3:

rE gul A r MEM b E r S h I p CAt E gor IES

Check a category below and provide a detailed description of your company’s services in the next column under Business Description.

q Food / Beverage

q commercial exhibitors / retail / Merchants

q Attractions / entertainment

q Games

q Guest services

gENE r A l r out IN g I NF or MAt I o N

List all states / provinces where you conduct your business.


The NICA-sponsored $10,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance Policy is provided to Regular Members. List a beneficiary and a phone number below.

Beneficiary : Phone :

A SS o CIAt E M EM b E r S h I p

A person or entity who provides services to the Concession Industry.

q Fair / Festival (over 75,000 attendance) ..................... $150

q Fair / Festival (under 75,000 attendance) .................. $100

q Manufacturer / Distributor / supplier .......................... $150

q carnival / circus Operator ............................................. $150

q Association / special services $150

b u SINESS D ESC r I pt I o N

Provide a detailed description of your business, products, and/or services below. This information will be used for your entry in the annual NICA Membership Directory and as keywords to search for your business on the NICA website.

q I authorize NICA to charge the agreed amount listed above to my credit card information provided above. I agree I will pay for this purchase in accordance with the issuing bank cardholder agreement. Auto MAt IC rENE wA l o pt I o N

q I authorize NICA to make automatic renewal payments for my Membership using the credit card information above. I shall update NICA with all changes to payment information or my intent to cancel automatic renewal payments prior to my next renewal month.

Applicant’s signature Date
ApplICAtIoN q Mr. q Mrs. q Ms. First Name: Last Name: Name of Business: Physical Address: City : State: Zip: Mailing Address: City : State: Zip: Primary Phone Number : Cell / Secondary Phone Number : Email: Website: Age Range: q 20-35 q 35-50 q 51-70 q 70+ q Other : NICA News Preference: q Mail q Email Referred by : A NN u A l M EM b E r S h I p F EES pAy MEN t q Cash q Check q Money Order #: q Visa q Mastercard q American Express q Discover Credit Card #: Security Code: Expiration Date: totAl: Signature of Credit Card Holder For Off ice Use Only Date: #: q Member Renewal

National Independent Concessionaires Association, Inc.

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