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NICA is a membership-driven organization dedicated to strengthening relationships with the Fair, Festival, and Special Events Industries through effective communication, education, benefits, leadership, and solutions. The National Independent Concessionaires Association, Inc. is a Florida Corporation with an Editorial and General Office located at 1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511 • Off ice: (813) 438-8926 • Fax: (813) 803-8460 • Online: www.nicainc.org The information contained in this Publication is based upon sources believed to be reliable. Readers should not act without professional advice. Cover to Cover © 1993-2021 NICA, Inc. All Rights Reserved. “Together We Can Move Forward!” January / February 2021 NICA News


This Month’s Newest Members Reginald Burnette Tropical Delights Durham, NC

Brian Crow

Jefferson County Fairgrounds Madras, OR

Carole Sanborn

Runway Fun Park LLC Swanzey, NH

Welcome to our three New Members! See page 33 for the final 2020 Membership Contest Leaderboard. “Together We Can!”

This Month’s Member Renewals George Atsidakos

The Original Minneapple Pie Rogers, MN (2019)

Stacey Barona

Chapman Fashion International Oakhurst, CA (2016)

Michael Barr

SAN-JON Enterprises Apollo Beach, FL (2018)

Jay Beck

SAN-JON Enterprises Apollo Beach, FL (2013)

Giant Ride, Inc. Roseville, MN (2015) Celebration Services, Inc. Ridgefield, WA (2014) Beck’s Taffy & Concessions Melvin, IL (2015)

Kurt Bechler

Bechler’s Fun Foods Bad Axe, MI (2009)

John Class

Sandy Class, CCE

Sam Coffman µ

Coffman Concessions / Red Barn Elephant Ears Wabash, IN (1993)

Eddie Cora µ

Greg Beling

Miami-Dade County Youth Fair & Exposition Miami, FL (1993)

Brad Bennett

Phillip Delahoyde

Joe Betras

Al DeRusha

Scott Borowsky

John Doolan

Sherwin-Willams Company Orlando, FL (1999) Bennett Concessions Kokomo, IN (1997) Whirley-DrinkWorks! Warren, PA (2012) Tourist Attractions and Parks Magazine Ardmore, PA (1999)

Mary Brown, CCE µ Mary’s Concessions Marysville, OH (1993)

Ronald Burback

Fun Enterprises, Inc. Portland, OR (1997)

Richard Busse, CCE Dr. Vegetable, Inc. Valparaiso, IN (2004)

Dick Campbell

Erie County Fair Clarence, NY (2007)

Andrew Castaneda

Source1 Purchasing Lake Worth Beach, FL (2014)


Nancy Chapman

January / February 2021 NICA News

Extreme Food & Beverage Ukiah, CA (2011) OABA Burnsville, MN (2005) Doolan Amusement Co. Stuart, FL (2002)

Dan Duggan

Duggan’s Concessions Fresno, CA (2007)

Jeffrey Dunham

Cousins Confections Youngsville, NC (2013)

Brian Duryee µ

B & E Novelty Shannon, MS (1993)

Gene Edick

Brogdon Concessions Oceanside, CA (2013)

Larry Feinberg µ

Lawrence Caterers Ocean, NJ (1993)

Mark Frazier

Bob Hallifax, CCE µ

Charles Giordano

Cindy Hallifax µ

Jennifer Giordano, CCE

Kim Hallifax µ

Kenneth Giordano

Russ Harrison, CCE

Lucas Gobeli

Raymond Hawkins µ

Rich Gockelman

Russell Heaton

Lee Grigsby

Cindy Henning

Frazier Fair Foods New Madison, OH (2003) C & C Concessions, Inc. La Verne, CA (2007) C & C Concessions, Inc. La Verne, CA (2007) C & C Concessions, Inc. La Verne, CA (2013) Great Jones County Fair Monticello, IA (2015) Firestone Financial Needham, MA (2012) Grigsby Enterprise LLC Shreveport, LA (2015)

Macey Kenna

Hallifax Enterprises St. Augustine, FL (1993) Hallifax Enterprises Galesburg, MI (1993) Midway Munchies Atlanta, GA (1993) Rudy’s Pizza & Slush Hernando, FL (2004)

United Concessions Baton Rouge, LA (1993) Bayou Concessions Shelburn, IN (2020) Showmen’s League of America Chicago, IL (2008)

Dickerson & Kenna Concessions Lebanon, IN (2017)

Thomas Hodson, CCE µ

Gib Gosser

Tina Hollis

Becci Griggs

J. Keith Hoover

Frank Hale

Fred Jackson

Clayton Hall

Joe James µ

Kentucky Association of Fairs & Horse Shows Somerset, KY (2013) Arrow Distributing Elkhart, IN (2000) Crystal Automotive Group Homosassa, FL (2014) Heart O’Texas Concessions Waco, TX (2012)

The Thomas Hodson Co. Homosassa, FL (1993)

Fiserv / First Data Merchant Service (Clover Solutions) Riverview, FL (2009) Pork Chop Express Adairville, KY (2013) Manna Foods Arley, AL (2014) Haas & Wilkerson Insurance Fairway, KS (1993)

►► “Renewals” continued on page 28 Year: µ 1993-2000 2001-2005 2006-2010 2010-2019

Passing of the Gavel

Don Delahoyde, CCE, 2020 President

Fair Food events. Moreover, the Fairs have acted as distribution centers, animal shelters, and fire camps. It is important that Fairs are recognized Happy New Year! As I write in their communities for all the things they do. We this it is January 1, 2021. surely do not want them to go away! What does the new year offer? I believe there is nothing we cannot accomplish; 2020 has been full of turmoil it’s just sometimes such a giant hurdle. We ask for most of the world and ourselves, will it ever stop? Will it get easier to certainly the Fair Industry. My survive in our Industry? Will our Industry look heart goes out to those that anything like it was before this Pandemic? Success have lost family and friends does not come easy and definitely not fast in these and to those whose lives have been turned upside down. Our Industry has times. Yet “Together We Can” keep fighting and been decimated by COVID-19 and beyond. With keep believing that we will prevail! so much negative happening in our lives and This magazine edition represents the end of world it is easy to get caught up in the negative. It my term as President of NICA. I am proud that you then becomes so easy to close our eyes and not chose me to run the organization. It was a year like notice some of the good things happening in our no other, but I believe the organization is in the best Industry. We have many Fairs that have stepped up place it can be considering all that has happened. to offer their facilities for emergencies, COVID-19 testing, and now vaccinations. Many Fairs have ►► “Gavel” continued on page 6 worked with Food Vendors to facilitate Drive-Thru

Movin’ Forward!

Sandy Class, CCE, 2021 President

Happy 2021! 2020 is in the history books! I would be remiss to not express my sadness to all our members for the losses we have all endured. Whether it may be the loss of a loved one or a dear friend, loss of income, the cancellations of most of our Fairs, and/or the hardship on the many layoffs within our partnered Fair Industry. My prayers go out to all of you! When the Florida Strawberry Festival ended in March of 2020, I had no idea it would be my last Fair in 2020. In fact, I said to myself, I would be crazy to think this Pandemic would take on the shape of what we know it as today. As our Executive Director Ms. Rey O’Day has written, “2021 is wet cement.” Prosperity, happiness, wellness, and a fun-filled season is my wish for 2021!

With that being said, I would like to introduce myself as your incoming NICA President for 2021. My journey on the Board has been enlightening, and my growth and love for the Industry is insurmountable. In my tenure I have served with some very respected people in our Industry: Don Delahoyde, CCE, Kathy Ross, CCE, Dominic Palmieri, CCE, Dan Lusenhop and Paulette Keene, CCE, not to mention all the Board Members that have served in the chairs and as Directors-atLarge. My mission this year is to update and upgrade our CCE Program, strengthen our Member Benefit Programs, support the scholarship work of the NICA Foundation, form the Central East Regional Council, and get us all back to work as soon and safely as possible. At our last Board Meeting we approved Tom Hodson, CCE as the East Regional Council ExOfficio Director, Kim Barr, CCE as the West Council

►► “Movin’ Forward” continued on page 9 January / February 2021 NICA News


Paulette Keene, CCE Officers* Joe Potillo, Jr. 2020 President: Don Delahoyde, CCE Greg Miller, CCE 2021 President: Sandy Class, CCE st 1 Vice President: Daryl Whicheloe, CCE Tom Sattler, CCE Russ Harrison, CCE Richard Busse, CCE Directors Tom Hodson, CCE Kim Barr, CCE Jim Hodson, CCE (Deceased) Jacqueline Bradbury, CCE Tim O’Brien, CCE Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE Ron Smith Kelly Grout Adam McKinney, CCE Vincent Nelson, CCE Mike Pence, CCE Jeff Thornberry, CCE Jack Woods, II, CCE Outgoing DirectorS Bob Hallifax, CCE Andrew “Bruno” Broomfield Frank Parnell, CCE Kevin McGrath, CCE Larry Orme (Deceased) Kathy Ross, CCE Larry Sivori Jay “Rocko” Russell, CCE Rich Wright Bill McKinney, CCE incoming DirectorS Arthur Pokorny, Jr. Phil Delahoyde Gene O’Brien, CCE (Deceased) Thomas Hodson, CCE

Past Presidents’ Council

Dan Lusenhop Dominic Palmieri, CCE


Executive Director & West Council Coordinator : Rey O’Day

Communications & Marketing Manager: Jesse Willard communications@nicainc.org

Office & Membership Manager: Linda Frisco nica@nicainc.org

East Council Coordinator & Social Media Coordinator: Jessica Gottsche jessica@nicainc.org

Central East Council Coordinator: Dennis Larson, CFE dennis@nicainc.org

east Council

Bary Bunts, CCE Ryan Collmer Thomas Hodson, CCE Gentry Miller Henry Mitchell Kelley Myers

West Council

Brandy Arredondo, CCE Kim Barr, CCE Irene Dugan Jan Gary, CCE Ryan Long Kara Moederndorfer Ryann Newman Steve Vartanian Jay Wells

National Reps

Duane Fischer John Harkey David Higginbottom Charles Ivory, CCE Mike McGrath Kevin McGrath, II Etta Pence, CCE David Spann R. Josh Stremmel George Wandrey, Jr. Ted Wentz Nick White


Do you have any questions or would like to get involved with NICA? Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or nica@nicainc.org today! * The Gavel is passed in February of every year and the titles of the three Officer positions change accordingly. The new 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected from within the ranks of the Board. Newly elected Directors also begin their terms.

“Gavel” continued from page 5 ►► Your Board and Staff have worked hard to keep things operating while providing members with as many services and benefits as possible. NICA income has been cut drastically as it has been for most of you. However, we did receive $35,000 in PPP money, and we were in good financial shape going into the COVID-19 era. One of NICA’s big missions has been to grow and strengthen our scholarship and educational programs. It you are in a position to, and you can, I ask you to donate to the newly formed NICA Foundation which funds our Scholarship Program. In 2020, we were able to award $33,500 in scholarships to our member families. We do not know how that will look for 2021, but it would be great to continue with that many scholarships. For those of you that have already donated to the NICA Foundation, “Thank you!” Nothing like investing in our youth. A reminder, we will be having some sort of Business Expo this year as well as our Annual General Membership Meeting. Will it be live or 6

January / February 2021 NICA News

virtual or both? Time will tell. Remember, we are the only organization that offers their Expo, Trade Show, and Convention for FREE. If you cannot attend, please tune in on your computer and participate. Sandy Class, CCE will be the new NICA President for 2021 and I wish her nothing but success. I will remain on the Board for one more year as the Past President. Thank you to all our great members for helping and participating in NICA. Moving Forward! ▲

A Note from NICA Our NICA Board of Directors understands that during this time of COVID-19, tight money and uncertainty is having an impact on many of our members’ businesses. If you are a member in good standing experiencing a hardship paying your NICA Membership dues please contact us at (813) 438-8926 or nica@nicainc.org and we will provide a six month grace period. “Together We Can Move Forward!”

Director’s Director’S Voice

Kathy Ross, CCE, Past President

2019 IAFE Convention and Trade Show. NICA’s member benefits are a tool with which “Leave it better than you we attract and keep our members by giving them found it.” —Robert Badenbuying power and value with their membership. Powell. The newest addition to the list is Dell Computers. My term as Past President It joins our other benefits such as Pepsi, Sysco, is ending, and I feel I need Fiserv/First Data, Hummel Group’s AD&D policy, to reflect on the NICA I am Source1, Sherwin Williams, Coke, and others. leaving. First, I feel I AM leaving Our hugely successful scholarship program is it better than I found it. now being administered by the NICA Foundation. Our Industry has taken Development of the Foundation has been a huge hit in 2020, but this trade organization on NICA’s to do list for many years. With the is standing strong. Through great planning direction of the current Board, Rey O’Day, and and foresight by previous and current NICA Linda Frisco among others, the work to give the administrations and leadership, our organization is Foundation life has successfully occurred. stable and able to weather this storm. NICA’s Voice in the Industry is the Following our Strategic Plan has strategic plan area that NICA has streamlined NICA’s focus and experienced the largest growth resulted in many successes in during my tenure on the Board. “Following our reaching our goals. Membership, NICA’s founding fathers Strategic Plan Benefits, Voice in the Industry gathered to have a voice, and has streamlined and Financial are the areas NICA’s voice is being heard. NICA’s focus on which we focus. Under Rey In 2019 NICA was present at and resulted in O’Day’s leadership, the Strategic fourteen Industry Conventions many successes Plan has grown strong legs and and State and Zone Meetings in reaching our started running. and events. To date this was goals.” When I joined the NICA Board in our greatest representation on a 2014 a conversation was had about national level. focusing on the Commercial Exhibitor. It is understood that if your During my tenure, the Board welcomed Jeff membership is using your benefits and feeling Thornberry, CCE as an Ex-Officio Director to that they are being heard in the Industry that the develop NICA’s relationship with our Commercial financial aspect will take care of itself. NICA is Exhibit Vendors and Fair Administration. The future financially sound and our current Staff are aware of the Straight Sales Vendor has been a concern of the need to be financially responsible. for Fairs and NICA alike; our goal is to work with I am proud of what was accomplished both parts of the equation for mutual success. We during my years of service with NICA… With the found that it was a real concern in the Industry at teamwork of many, great things are possible! a standing-room-only educational session at the “Together We Can” continues to be true. ▲

Attention Members! Do you need our help?

Is your Fair in search of the next big thing, a unique item, or even some all-around help for your Fair in Concessions or Straight Sales? Alternatively, are you a Concessionaire or Vendor who needs to sell equipment or in need of staff? We can help!

Ads start at $25 per month and are also viewable online at www.nicainc.org/classifieds Contact us by email at communications@nicainc.org or phone at (813) 530-4750 to learn more! January / February 2021 NICA News


Riffing With Rey

Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going? Rey O’Day, Executive Director Greetings, the old year ends with a Season of Gratitude and the new year begins with the promise of hope and possibilities. As a good Irish woman on New Year’s Eve, I opened my front door (with my coat on) and let all the **** of 2020 out and welcomed in the hope and possibilities of 2021. I hope you have done the same. I do not know about you, but I am really tired of the word “uncertain.” I have moved onto the concept of “Wet Cement” for 2021. Yes, it will be messy, but it will also begin to take form so we can make decisions and move forward. Despite COVID-19 many things were accomplished in 2020. NICA opened the year with the best attended, and very successful NICA Business Expo and Fare Foods Food Show. The NICA Foundation found its mission, formed a Board of Trustees, approved its Operating Bylaws, and exceeded its 2020 scholarship awarding goals. Our social media engagement has increased by 13.5% as we have provided useful information, fun activities, and networking events. The Code of Bylaws was updated to allow meetings to be held virtually and to allow for the use of current technology. (Yes, we have moved our meeting platform to Zoom along with the rest of the world.) The Membership Committee put in place a dues grace period program and sent outreach calls and cards to empathize and listen to members as Fairs and Festivals canceled, postponed, or shrank. NICA’s voice was heard in collaboration with IAFE regarding the importance of maintaining good relationships with the local Health Departments that we need to help us reopen events. We added member benefits, stabilized our Staff, published a monthly magazine, emailed a weekly update, provided Communication Committee materials to 250 Fairs, and remained solvent. We learned that, even in what feels like exile, friendship exists! 8

January / February 2021 NICA News

Most importantly, YOU, our members absorbed the blow of the Pandemic by creating successful Fair Food Drive-Thru events that have spawned other Drive-Thru events. You found locations to do still spots, opened restaurants, launched new businesses, cleaned shops and closets, moved, homeschooled children, built homes, recovered from COVID-19, and even enjoyed Summer family vacations. To those who have lost family and loved ones for any reason, my sincerest condolences. Now, where are we going in 2021? YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO WORK to deliver great food to Fairgoers, earn money for your families, and provide financial support for your events. AARP suggests WE must “reset, rethink, and repair our finances” which means “adjust our spending, saving, and planning to thrive in today’s economy.” Ask your Fairs if you need a payment plan. Fairs, if you can accommodate the timing, please consider slashing or eliminating deposits this year knowing that your event income will be the same either way. By our calculations, we think around 70% of our members had an 80% or more decrease in their prior year’s earnings. Fairs have experienced the same thing. Let’s work together to turn that around for everyone in the Industry. Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show, Florida State Fair and South Florida Fair have moved their event dates out of the first quarter to the second quarter of the year. Several are also splitting their Fair up into pieces to better accommodate social distancing, labor shortages, youth livestock events, vaccine advantages, capacity requirements, protecting the brand, and the possibility to open. I believe some of this will continue into the second quarter and maybe the third quarter which means we should anticipate some route disruption. The Industry has also undergone furloughs and layoffs, so we should expect to see smaller staffs and new faces at our Fairs. Due to safety concerns, presume that communication will not occur in person, but through many other mediums. Employers might be expected to take temperatures before every shift; require masks, gloves, and social distancing; provide sanitizing

stations, six-foot dots, signage, and Plexiglas shields; enforce hand washing and safe point of sale transactions; try food ordering apps; and have protocols for when someone reports they have COVID-19. Guests may expect verified testing and vaccine results, digital tickets, designated seating areas for eating, mask and social distancing enforcement, and capacity limits to feel safe to return to venues. Speaking of capacity: as events are opening, capacity limitations will be part of the guidelines. What does that mean for us? Less space because of social distancing and cue line control, fewer guests, and probably fewer Vendors. How will the “fewer Vendors” decisions happen? If concerns about Health Department mandates did not move you to start a Communication Committee hopefully a discussion about capacity at which you are NOT at the table will motivate you to start one. NICA has a list of guidelines to steer capacity discussions and decisions, and a detailed brochure on starting Communication Committees. You can

view the Communication Committee brochure online at www.nicainc.org/resources and/or you can request one be sent from the NICA Office. Coronavirus is not going anywhere soon. Yet, if we only focus on how much we are missing, we cannot see anything that we are gaining. So how do we move forward with this virus in our society and how can we do things safely and better? Personally, I think it should be a priority to figure it out because people need and want socialization, and Fairs and Festivals are the perfect place for that to take place. We have work to do, waiting to do, listening to do, flexing to do, and deep breathing to do, but the important part is the “to do.” Ask to be at the table where decisions are being made. I know you are not supposed to wear a belt and suspenders at the same time, but this year we may need to…hope that idea makes you laugh because we also have some laughing to do. Let’s do it all… Together… Happy NEW Year! With bundles of encouragement, Rey. ▲

Don’t Miss Another Issue! Contact the NICA Office to check if you are currently on the mailing list. You can also view NICA News online at our website www.nicainc.org or each week via NICA Now!

“Movin’ Forward” continued from page 5 ►► Ex-Officio Director and Jeff Thornberry, CCE as the Merchant Task Force Ex-Officio Director. You might ask, “What is an Ex-Officio Director?” They are Regular Members in good standing who have served with a specific mission for at least a year, which they now will represent. Ex-Officio Directors may not take the positions of 1st or 2nd Vice President without being elected by the General Membership during the annual Board of Directors Election. In the last annual election, Vincent Nelson, CCE, who was the East Council Ex-Officio Director, Kelly Grout, who was appointed to fill the seat of Vincent Agnifili, CFE, CCE (may he rest in peace), and Phillip Delahoyde, were all elected Directorsat-Large by the General Membership. They will be installed at the Annual General Membership Meeting in February. Kudos to our Regional Council Members as they continue to hold fundraisers and communication meetings. Jessica Gottsche has

been a rock for our East Council and our social media communications. Our Council Members will be some of the future leaders on the NICA Board. I would also like to welcome Dennis Larson, CFE as a new Council Coordinator for the Central East region. Rey O’Day has been guiding us though the NICA Strategic Plan—her tenacity and wisdom has been an asset to the NICA Staff and Board. I cannot forget our great Office Staff Linda Frisco and Jesse Willard. KUDOS TO YOU BOTH! Our membership belongs to an awesome organization. Embrace and enjoy It! NICA’s Business Expo and Fare Foods Food Show is February 16 and 17. It will be at the Sheraton Tampa Brandon. The Annual General Membership Meeting will be live and virtual so that our members across the country may participate for the first time in NICA’s history. Be open minded: it’s all about being reunited again—doing whatever we can to be together. We are ALL show people, and we ALL adapt to make it happen! “Together We Can!” Happy New Year! My best to all of you and your families. Stay healthy, have some fun and grow prosperous! That is my hope for 2021. I am honored to serve as your Incoming President. ▲ January / February 2021 NICA News




Do you have any announcements you would like to share? Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or nica@nicainc.org

Our Condolences to the Families Who Suffered Losses in December We are deeply saddened to share the news of the sudden and unexpected passing of two Concessionaires in December: Rene Piche, Jack’s Fries (retired) and Joseph Blume, Stuart Confections, Inc. Rene Piche is a true legend in this Industry, and if you worked a Fair that Rene played, you certainly knew him. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of Rene’s family, especially Judy, Mark, and Brad. Rene also preciously lost a son Buddy, and daughter Jeanne. A self-proclaimed farm boy, Rene Piche was far from simple in the ways of business. An icon in the Concession Industry, he mentored many and paved the way for Concessionaires to follow. At 20 years old he purchased his first french fry trailer for $1500 and slept on the floor for several seasons before getting a camper. Blessed with an articulate way with words and an unwavering work ethic, by the height of Jack’s Fries, he had 17 joints on the road playing multiple Fairs and locations simultaneously. Jack’s Fries is now operated by Kelly Grout, who is also a Director on the NICA Board of Directors. As his friends and family know, he had the ability to make you feel like the most special person in the room. His genuine spirit was a gift to us all who knew him and leaves us with a multitude of wonderful memories, funny stories, and wisdom he was happy to share. He will be greatly missed. A memorial service was held Saturday, December 12th, at The Club in Treasure Island, FL. For more information, and to post your own tribute, visit the following website address: shorturl.at/dnxDX ▲ A longtime NICA Member and Concessionaire, Joseph “Joe” Blume, 56, of Stuart, FL, passed away unexpectedly on December 29, 2020. Joe was born in Newark, NJ to Frederick and Jacqueline Blume where he was raised in Rockaway Township, NJ. He graduated from Morris Knolls High School and after graduation, Joe held the position of management in the Food Industries. In 1994, Joe decided to move to Florida and start a new beginning and met Todd Desgranges, his soul mate, in 1999. Joe’s career flourished when he began working with the Outdoor Amusement Business with Todd, Irvin and Evelyn Deggeller, operating Stuart Confections, Inc. which opened a whole new world to him for over 20 years. Joe’s love of life and his larger-than-life personality was always a huge hit with all who knew him, along with every friendship he made during his journeys when traveling. His never-ending wit and humorous joking were continuously non-stop. Joe’s love of family became the glue to which he bonded with all. He lived life to the fullest, enjoying every single day and always with a smile on his face. Joe’s greatest passions were entertaining, cooking, and traveling. He loved to feed everyone, no one was a stranger at his table, and all were always welcomed. Joe and Todd LOVED their traveling from state to state especially New Jersey, Las Vegas, the Bahamas, and their many cruises they took.

►► “Announcements” continued on page 12 10

January / February 2021 NICA News

Member’s Voice The greatest part of NICA is the membership! The Member’s Voice influences where the organization is headed and what it can improve. The NICA Office has been continuing their survey of responses from Renewing Members. This past month we spoke with Cathy Grout, Jack’s Fries and KC Concessions from Ware, MA. “To me NICA means that we are not alone we are all in this together. NICA speaks up for our Industry which in today’s society we need all the help we can get. My husband Kelly Grout is also an active Board Member of NICA.” Cathy’s family business specializes in fried dough, funnel cakes, dough nuggets, fried candy bars, fried oreos, French fries, corn dogs, hot dogs, and chips. “The company was started 58 years ago by Rene Piche, with just one small trailer selling French fries,” she said. Through the years it expanded from one trailer to 15 trailers. As time passed, the trailers were passed down to the kids. “Some have left the Industry while others like my husband stayed in the business and have grown. Me and my husband have seven trailers that we operate. We have six fried dough trailers and one French fry.” She states that they normally travel on the East Coast: “A typical year for us (not including 2020) would be starting our season out in Miami, FL then Brockton, MA, Middletown, NY, Hamburg, NY, Essex Junction, VT, Hebron, CT, West Springfield, MA then ending our season in Raleigh, NC. Unfortunately at this time we are not working since all our Fairs

Although they weren’t at their normal Fairs this year, the Grouts offered their sweet fried treats to their local area, advertising online: “Come down and get your daily fix!”

Cathy Grout, Jack’s Fries and KC Concessions, with her husband Kelly, NICA Director

canceled. When the Fairs do finally start opening we will be ready to serve our customers following all the necessary guidelines to keep our customers safe and healthy.” When asked if she had a favorite event, she said, “It’s hard to pick just one event but if I had to My favorite event that we play is The Eastern States Exposition (The Big E) in West Springfield, MA. It goes on for 17 days in September, an absolutely beautiful Fair, also right in our own backyard as we live only 15 miles away.” On the topic of member benefits, Cathy states, “NICA offers such amazing benefits for its members; my favorite benefits are the Airgas and First Data/Fiserv.” She adds that she appreciates the non-food benefit programs like Hertz, Budget, Crystal Automotive, and NICA News. “I love the NICA News! It’s informative, fun to read and I also love seeing all the pictures of our Fair family. I don’t read it online, but I love the magazine!” Cathy’s final note echoes our theme for the year, Movin’ Forward! “This Pandemic has hit us all. We are all panicking and afraid of what is to come. Every person has been affected in one way or another, what we need to remember is that it won’t last forever. We survived the Great Depression, World War 2 and 9/11. No matter what the devastation, eventually things got better. Yes, the trauma and financial impact may live on longer, but we will survive this together, because we are NICA and ‘Together We Can’ get through anything!” ▲ January / February 2021 NICA News


“Announcements” continued from page 10 ►► Joe is survived by his husband Todd, the “Love of his Life” along with his mentors in life, Evelyn Deggeller and her late husband Irvin, his three loving sisters; Debra Fiorello (and late husband Richie), Linda Miller and husband Lenny, Donna Hon and husband Michael, and his sister-in-law Joan Blume. Joe is also survived by his adoring nieces and nephews: Nicholas, Michelle, Pamela, Michael Jr., Amanda, Samantha, Jayden, and Jessie, his cousins, his aunt Roxann Blume, his furry companions Lola and Leo, and all his friends. He is predeceased by his parents Frederick and Jacqueline Blume and his loving brother Frederick Blume. A “Celebration of Life” will be planned for a later date. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in memory of Joseph Blume, to the Loyal Order of Moose, 2454 SE Indian Street, Stuart, FL 34997. ▲

Congratulations to Barham Award Recipients Dominic & Kim Palmieri! Congratulations to NICA Past President Dominic Palmieri, CCE and Kim Palmieri, Odyssey Foods and Sanitized Now, who were awarded the Barham Award during the WFA Virtual Convention’s Industry Awards Presentation on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, surrounded by their family. Rey O’Day, Executive Director, introduced Dominic and Kim by sharing some of her favorite stories about them. This was extra special since this was the first time there have been second generation Barham Award Recipients! Kim is the Director of Food, Administration and Marketing for Ray Cammack Shows Inc., serves on the AZ State Fair Concession Committee, and enjoys crafting and skiing. Dominic manages their commercial real estate business, is a Past President of NICA, fronts Odyssey Foods and Sanitized Now, stays in touch with everyone he knows, and likes to race fast cars. Kim and Dominic have diligently balanced family life and their work lives. They share strong core values regarding family, people, work, faith, quality, and life goals. They encourage each other to keep their own styles and identity, and in loving, supportive ways make opportunities possible for each other. This inspirational team embodies the words of Will Rogers: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression!” That is their core belief in every aspect of life! The prestigious Barham Award is presented in recognition of Hot Dog on a Stick founder Dave Barham and recognizes innovation, quality and leadership in WFA’s Service Member Division. ▲

2021 Scholarship Applications Available February 1st It’s time to think about college scholarships! For YOU or those of you with young people heading off to or planning on entering college, the 2021 NICA Foundation Scholarship Application will be only available online at the Scholarship Program website starting on February 1, 2021 at the following address: www.nicainc.org/scholarship. With the financial challenges that many of our students and their families are facing right now, the NICA Foundation is honored to award life-changing funds to so many deserving students. Because of the overwhelming support from our donors in 2020, we were able to not only meet our goal of awarding $30,500, but exceed our goal and award $33,500 to our commendable recipients. Applications must be received in the NICA Office no later than June 1, 2021 to qualify. ▲

►► “Announcements” concluded on page 29 12

January / February 2021 NICA News

Thank you for your business and your trust.

CELEBRATING CUSTOMERS FOR 55 YEARS Since 1965, Firestone Financial has been committed to strengthening and supporting the industries that make us who we are.


To see how we can help, contact Rich Gockelman: 617-641-9214 rgockelman@firestonefinancial.com



firestonefinancial.com Firestone Financial is an affiliate of Berkshire Bank (Member FDIC)

January / February 2021 NICA News


Thoughts From a This month’s Statements of Communications and Management Philosophy are from our newest CCE Recipients Brandy Arredondo, CCE, Noel’s Foods, who serves on the West Council and Jacqueline “Jackie” Bradbury, CCE, Sweet Cheeks, who serves on the Board of Directors:

Brandy Arredondo, CCE CCE Earned in 2020

Noel’s Foods’ communication and management philosophy is that our Customers are our number one priority. We flourish in management and communication when we have an open line of communication with everyone within our Industry. The reason for this is so we can help our Employees give our Customers the best service and quality items that we can provide to them. The importance of having an open line of communication with the events that we play is to create a better bond between our business and the Event Holder, Employees, Health Department, Vendors, Customers, etc. This helps to learn new information that will be important for future implications with those individuals. With a Food Business like this in a service-based Industry, it takes everybody to have an open line of communication to be successful when it comes to communication and management. Noel’s thrives on our philosophy of management and communication and makes a great aspect of a well run business in this Industry. ▲

Jacqueline Bradbury, CCE CCE Earned in 2020

The philosophy behind Sweet Cheeks’ communication and management is that our Customers are our first priority, as well as keeping up communication within the Industry to always be on top of the requirements and codes of conduct. We want to serve our Customers the best food and Customer Service that we can. We thrive on the happiness of our Customers and our Employees and how they feel about the business as a whole. With the philosophy of communication, we want to acknowledge how the Customers feel as well as all the latest updates within the Industry. This includes how the Industry is frequently changing and how it affects the customers and the overall management within the business. As a company, we train our Employees how to handle certain situations and make sure they know the importance of Customer Service in this service-based Industry that we are always being judged upon. With that philosophy we want to make sure everyone is enjoying their time and having fun. And in the words of Joshua J. Marine: “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” ▲

Q: “So, How Do I Get My CCE?” It’s easy! Any time is the perfect time to apply for your CCE! The Certified Concessionaire Executive Program was developed to recognize the professionalism of Concessionaires, with the title representing a deep understanding and respect for the Fair and Festival business and indicates that the titleholder will perform with the highest level of professionalism. The applicant 14

January / February 2021 NICA News

must have a minimum of seven years as a fulltime Chief Operating Manager of an Independent Concession Business and be a current member of NICA, at least one State Association, and of one of the following associations: IAFE, IFEA, or WFA. Visit the CCE website today for more information, as well as the downloadable CCE Application: www.nicainc.org/CCE ▲

INSURANCE PROGRAM BUILT WITH Exclusive rates and coverages Developed with concessionaires

member benefit

IN MIND Doing business in 48 states Work with industry experts

Property | Fleet | Liability | Workers' Compensation 800.860.1060 | 330.335.2521


info@focusedonconcessionaires.com January / February 2021 NICA News


By the Numbers

An Infographic Guide to NICA Benefits, Membership, and More!

Since the creation of the CCE Program in 2000, there have been 74 CCE Award Recipients.

Since the creation of the Scholarship Program in 1996, there have been 169 Scholarship Recipients.

Since NICA’s inception in 1993 there have been 64 members on the Board of Directors.

NICA currently offers benefit discount programs from 22 Vendors.


January / February 2021 NICA News























Since 2020, 38 donors have supported NICA Foundation Scholarships.

Starting in February 2021, NICA will have 25 members in Leadership Positions.

NICA will have a total of 19 Hall of Fame Recipients after this year’s award presenation at the 2021 Annual General Membership Meeting in February.


Fair & Festival Members



Concession Members

Associate Members

NICA’s largest membership category is Concession Members, followed by Associate Members and Fair & Festival Members.

We put the

fu n

in funnel cake!

Custom Ingredients From TasteMaker/Reed Food Technology Specializing In: • Funnel Cake Mix • Corn Dog Mix • Batters & Breadings • Sauces

Proudly Distributed Through Fare Foods • Call 800-651-1601 For More Information • www.farefoods.com January / February 2021 NICA News


As of our publishing date, NICA and Fare Foods are “Movin’ Forward” during Florida Week with an in-person 2021 NICA Business Expo and Fare Foods Food Show at the Sheraton Tampa Brandon Hotel. Like most 2021 events, this event will look slightly different than in the past, however, we are excited to host the event as an act of “Movin’ Forward in 2021.” The Food Show, favorite workshops, and Industry panel discussions will be held on Tuesday, February 16, 2021. Prizes and giveaways will be provided throughout the day. The NICA Annual General Membership Meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 5:00 PM. All

Regular and Associate Members, and their guests are invited to attend. Light hors d’oeuvres will be available. To attend this FREE event please follow the pre-registration directions to the right, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to make your hotel reservation at the Sheraton Tampa Brandon Hotel—a special reduced rate of $146 plus tax is available for the event. Register today and then download the Whova app to stay “in the know” regarding all things event-related. Cheers to our Exhibitors, Sponsors, Speakers, Volunteers and YOU, our Attendees, for making our FREE annual event possible. Thank you for your continued support… Take care and SEE YOU SOON!

The 2021 NICA Business Expo and Fare Foods Food Show will be following CDC guidelines. Wearing a face mask will be required in the hotel and to attend all Expo and Food Show events. Seating layouts and Food Show exhibits will use social distancing protocols. We are committed to host a safe and fun event for all attendees. “Together We Can!” 18

January / February 2021 NICA News

Schedule of Events* Tuesday, February 16, 2021 10:00 AM: “Onsite Registration” 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM: “Insurance Principles: Back to Basics” Presented by Phil Teague, Hummel Group 12:50, 3:20 & 5:50 PM: “Food Show Ribbon Cutting” 1:00 - 3:00 PM: “Food Show Group I” Presented by Fare Foods (Ticket and Mask required. Must pre-register to obtain FREE ticket) 1:15 - 1:45 PM: “Explore the NICA Peer-to-Peer Resource Center”

2:00 - 3:00 PM: “Payment Options that Ensure Customer Safety” Presented by Tina Hollis, Fiserv

3:30 - 5:30 PM: “Food Show Group II” Presented by Fare Foods 3:30 - 4:30 PM: “Unintended Consequences to the Supply Chain” Panelists: Ryan Collmer, Meatball Factory, Greg Miller, CCE, Miller & Company, and Lori Wynn, Fare Foods; Moderator: Rey O’Day, Executive Director 4:45 - 5:45 PM: “Back to Business” Panelists: Gene Cassidy, CFE, The Big E CEO, Vicki Chouris, CFE, South Florida Fair CEO and Gentry Miller, Josephine’s Glazed Donuts; Moderator: Rey O’Day, Executive Director 6:00 - 8:00 PM: “Food Show Group III” Presented by Fare Foods 6:30 - 7:00 PM: “Explore the NICA Peer-to-Peer Resource Center”

THERE WILL BE DRAWINGS AT ALL THREE “FOOD SHOW” GROUPS for $150 With a top prize of $500 Awarded at 8:15 PM Top Prize winner NEED Not be Present to win

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 5:00 - 7:00 PM: “Annual NICA General Membership Meeting” Agenda will include Installation of the NICA Board of Directors and Hall of Fame Induction (Topics for Agenda Consideration must be sent to NICA Office by February 3, 2021)

Pre-register at www.nicainc.org/2021 & Download the Event App Today! As with last year’s event, Whova is the registration program for the FREE 2021 NICA Business Expo and Fare Foods Food Show. In order to pre-register for your FREE ticket(s): 1. Put in number of tickets being requested. 2. Provide registration information in ticket information section for each person.

3. Choose your two hour time slot for the Food Show (1:00 to 3:00 PM, 3:30 to 5:30 PM or 6:00 to 8:00 PM). 4. Agree to COVID-19 Liability Release Waiver. 5. Submit the form and you are pre-registered! After your FREE pre-registration, download the Whova app to stay up to date on the event.

*Schedule is subject to change; visit www.nicainc.org/2021 or the Whova app for updates!

January / February 2021 NICA News


2020 2020 Strategic Strategic Plan Plan Annual Annual Report Report Rey O’Day, Executive Director In 2020 each Committee met three times, reported their progress at two different BOD meetings, and for the first time had a Staff Member assigned to them. We all know that 2020 roared in with high potential and then the Pandemic appeared. Many thought by the 4th of July it would be gone. Wrong! Soon Fair cancellations began across the country; yet there were also a few brave Fairs who incorporated protocols and showed us reopening was still a possibility. Now with vaccines, we believe an end is in sight. Through it all, NICA, as a member-driven organization, remained fiscally and administratively stable, stayed connected to its members, approved three Certified Concessionaire Executive (CCE) awards, formed the NICA Foundation that successfully provided $33,500 in scholarships to member family students, published NICA News monthly, and accomplished both planned and unexpected goals.

Increasing & Strengthening Membership Chair: Vincent Nelson, CCE, Secretary Director Members: Jackie Bradbury, CCE, Director, Don Delahoyde, CCE, President, Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE, Director, Jeff Thornberry, CCE, Director Staff Member: Linda Frisco, Office & Membership Manager, Rey O’Day, Executive Director Committee NICA Members: Brandy Arredondo, CCE, Josh Nicholson, Stacia Markowitz This ten-person Committee, led by NICA Secretary Vincent Nelson, CCE, oversaw the increasing and strengthening of membership goals and ventures like the Regional Council 20

January / February 2021 NICA News

Program. Before the Pandemic, this year’s plan was to focus on building a structured Member Retention Plan. Instead of designing an SOP for the future, the Committee and Councils realized they needed to show support and empathy for our members immediately. Many of them made phone calls, sent texts, joined in on Zoom calls and wrote emails to touch base with fellow members. Two postcards were sent out to the entire membership to say we are with you and together we can get through this Pandemic. While our new member growth is significantly down, our renewing membership rate is significantly stronger. Staff started conversations with insurance providers, food providers, loan providers, and Fairs to discuss creating flexible payment plans for our members. We also encouraged members to stay in contact with their Fairs so when they began reopening, they would be contributing to solutions. This included encouraging Fair Managers with a mailing and many conversations to reconvene or start Communication Committees. We want to be at the table when capacity, COVID-19 protocols, point of sale policies, liability insurance, deposits, and rents are discussed. Knowing there would be member economic hardship, the Board offered members in good standing a six month stay on paying membership dues followed by a payment plan of their making that is still in place. Bowing to Pandemic realities, the Coca-Cola Membership Drive was revamped to award a travel package instead of a cruise to Renewing Members instead of to Member Recruiters. The Central East Council will form in 2021 instead of 2020 as will plans for a Commercial Vendor Council and Generation Forward. Drive-Thru Fair Food events became the happy story of 2020. A video review of their success is up on the NICA website and has been featured at

Industry Trade Shows. This Committee’s purpose is to love and celebrate our members, invite new ones to join, and gather them together whenever possible.

workshops on “The Changing Landscape of Commercial Exhibits,” “Promotions That Have a Positive Impact,” “What is the Right Mix of Food at Your Fair?” “Speak with Confidence and Style,” and a NICA Membership Meeting. Being a Professional Voice in the Industry In February, the NICA Business Expo hosted st Chair: Sandy Class, CCE, 1 Vice President expert workshops, while Fare Foods put on a firstDirector Members: Don Delahoyde, CCE, President, rate Trade Show. NICA Members Eddie Porcelli, III, Dominic Palmieri, CCE, Vincent Nelson CCE, Kathy Ross, CCE, Immediate Past President and Tom Hodson, CCE led specialized sessions in Staff Member: Jessica Gottsche, East Council guest services, social media, propane, and container Coordinator, Rey O’Day, Executive Director stands to make our businesses stronger; Vendor Committee NICA Members: Dominic Palmieri, partners like Hummel, Fiserv, Fare Foods, and DOT CCE, Matt Ribar, Michelle Siggins shared their expertise in security, business reports, product trends, and road safety. The revitalized This eight-person Committee, led by NICA and well attended Annual General Membership 1st Vice President Sandy Class, CCE, oversaw Meeting began with a rousing National Anthem, NICA’s Industry relations and outreach work and new installation ceremony, video celebrating projects. Before the Pandemic, NICA participated Concessionaire menu and product creativity, in some fundraising for H-2B workers and hosted annual reports, and the announcement of Coke topical workshops during the Business Expo. The Membership and CCE Awards. The event closed restrictions and cancellations brought on by the with a Gala that introduced Hall of Fame Recipients Pandemic put outreach projects like speaking Mike and Etta Pence, kicked off the launch of the at Industry meetings, developing presentations, NICA Foundation, featured speaker Isabella Barona, and the Read and Win Program on hold. Despite 2019 Scholarship Winner, and raised funds during a the Pandemic, 250 Communication Committee lively and successful Silent and Live Auction. Fare brochures were mailed out to high attendance Foods generously sponsored the evening’s dinner. and member Fairs with a letter from the Executive Our sister organizations have worked together to Director regarding topics to discuss. Due to the tackle Pandemic concerns. NICA and IAFE produced Pandemic, the Advisory Committee was invited a three-part series on the how-to and urgency of to meet with the Board on May 27 to discuss the communicating with Health Departments that effects of the Pandemic on 2020 Fairs. The annual Communication Report reflects the included an article “Making Plans to Open Together,” podcast “A 5-6-7-8 With the Health Department growth of media touch points for our members, You Cannot Wait,” and a webinar “Important Tips often driven by COVID-19 content to keep for Today’s Priority Conversations with Your Health members informed, upbeat and focusing on the future as we work together to find our new normal. Department” that is widely available to Fairs and NICA Members. As a silver sponsor of IAFE Virtual NICA ran Pandemic-related statements from all Vision, NICA presented “The Power of the Question our sister organizations and benefit partners, ‘How Do We Do This Differently?’” with panelists ensuring the Industry stayed connected and Don Hillman, President, Hillman Consulting; informed, and that all our platforms were synced. Jerome Hoban, CEO, Alameda Country Fair, and NICA also contributed or participated in articles Past President Dominic Palmieri, CCE, Owner of for Fair Dealer, Carnival Warehouse, Faircracker, Odyssey Foods and Sanitized Now, and “Building a and Fairs and Expos. Moreover, we continued Lasting Business in Uncertain Times” with panelists to publish NICA News monthly and NICA Now! Phillip Delahoyde, Extreme Food and Beverage; weekly to consistently communicate information Dianne Linderman, Great American Entertainment and member news… Keep those photos, stories Company, and Jeff Thornberry, CCE, Gadgets and and life event announcements coming… Our Neat Stuff. With our sister organizations we are members like them. Early in the year NICA participated in the WFA Convention with 16 NICA Sysco Marketplace ►► “Plan” continued on page 22 booths, with prizes for the bowling tournament, January / February 2021 NICA News


back huge amounts of food when Fairs canceled, and our members donated hundreds of pallets and thousands of pounds of food to local food banks. supporting HR 7883 to provide financial aid to our We are grateful for our members’ and suppliers’ Agricultural Fairs, and the SBA loan programs and pay-it-forward acts of kindness in very distressing state grant funding to financially support our small situations. businesses. Using the NICA Benefit Company Protocol, Because of the Pandemic, talking points shifted Dell Computers was welcomed as a new benefit to reopening Fairs, COVID-19 protocols, how to company. The Committee is in active discussions stay open for business, and business management with a reputable tire company and ready to pursue concerns. However, the Committee remains a rental car and truck company. Some projects committed to the five talking points of Multi-Year were abandoned like the Fair Food Finder at the Agreements, Exclusive Sponsorships, Rising Rents request of membership and others like the NICA and Deposits, Labor including H-2B, and Contract Health Plan could not land because of member Management - Overbooking and Menu Selection financial insecurity caused by Fair cancellations which will be very relevant as Fairs reopen. and postponements. Hummel Group plans to revisit This Committee’s purpose is to provide NICA a this program once members are back to work. professional voice and influence throughout the This Committee’s purpose is to bring value to our event Industry with content and solutions. member’s membership and bottom line.

“Plan” continued from page 21 ►►

Providing Member Benefits Chair: Daryl Whicheloe, CCE, 2 Vice President nd

Director Members: Bruno Broomfield, Director, Don Delahoyde, CCE, President, Kelly Grout, Director Staff Member: Rey O’Day, Executive Director, Jesse Willard, Communications & Marketing Manager

Delivering Financial and Administrative Stability Chair: Jay “Rocko” Russell, CCE, Treasurer Director Members: Kim Barr, CCE, Director, Don Delahoyde, CCE, President, Kevin McGrath, CCE, Director Staff Member: Rey O’Day, Executive Director

This five-person Committee, led by NICA Treasurer Jay “Rocko” Russell CCE, oversaw NICA’s organizational and financial stability. NICA revenues This eight-person Committee, led by NICA 2nd are largest in the first quarter. The first quarter of Vice President Daryl Whicheloe, CCE, oversaw 2020 was excellent, and the other quarters this year NICA’s member benefit programs and contracts, and the scholarship program transferring smoothly were very minimal. We know our have-to-expenses average around $27,000 a month. Because we have from NICA to the NICA Foundation. The First Timer travel scholarship to conventions had three solid guidelines and procedures in place, we have Recipients and three persons will be awarded their managed our past and present income, expenses, and reserves well. The 2020 budget was presented CCE this year. Our benefit companies have all been financially three different times because the Pandemic affected by the Pandemic, yet they have continued required that kind of flexibility. The Pandemic affected every financial goal to support us. Coke has already sent the 2021 this Committee had by putting our members out of funds for the Membership Contest and the Coke work. However, we were able to review investments, Scholarship. Though our rebate program income hold an audit, set up the financial workings of the is down 59.39%, our advertising income is up NICA Foundation, layout a consistent monthly 20.35%. Sysco Foods has dropped their “no minimum order” requirements, and WNA and NICA financial review package, develop checks and balances, review insurances, update the chart of signed a refill-cup floor stock agreement only to accounts, make Quick Books work, and fulfill the be without orders. Phil Teague, Hummel Group, legal requirements of non-profits. and Tina Hollis, Fiserv, have agreed to support This Committee added two Pandemic-driven our 2021 Business Expo in person or virtually in goals to their plan: to apply for SBA PPP Loan and any way we need. Fare Foods and Sysco took Committee NICA Members: Jay Wells, Ryan Long


January / February 2021 NICA News

2020 NICA Business Expo and Fare Foods Food Show in Tampa, FL was won by NICA Member Evan Colglazier, Colglazier Enterprises. East Council Members presented workshops on “Propane 411,” and “From Container to Stand,” held their monthly meeting, and signed up New Members at the NICA booth. Then COVID-19 arrived on the scene and Fairs Executive Committee began closing or canceling. Throughout the summer, Historically the Executive Committee has not Council Members showed their resiliency, finding participated specifically in the NICA Strategic places to open, participating in pop-up or Drive-Thru Goals Plan. This year the Board approved a motion events and in a few Fairs that opened like Delaware, where the Executive Committee develops Strategic Utah, and Wyoming with COVID-19 restrictions in Plan Goals for them to implement. That process place. They actively helped each other and fellow really began this year. NICA Members with tips about SBA loans, insurance They are responsible for the Human Resource questions, rental equipment ideas, and expense aspects of the organization… They approved cutting ideas. Council Coordinator Jessica Gottsche new job descriptions and salaries so that the observed, “Because both Councils missed seeing work of the organization would be carried on fellow members, they adopted virtual Happy Hours in an organized and understood manner and at and Zoom meetings to connect.” a savings of $3,700 a month from 2019. They Throughout the year, they met to talk about conducted the annual Board of Directors Election reopening, Health Department challenges, labor and opened the annual Hall of Fame selection concerns, how to pivot to take-out packaging, and to include nominations from members. They are what Fairs will be like if/as they reopen. They have answerable to the Code of Bylaws and Policies and shared fears, concerns, solutions, successes, and Procedures. This year the Bylaws were updated to empathy with each other. Dennis Larson, CFE was allow the standard business use of technology in ready to launch the Central East Council last Fall NICA’s meetings, company transactions, elections, when the Pandemic pushed back their forming to communications, and annual membership the Spring 2021. The Councils’ ongoing connections meeting. The purpose of this Committee’s work is have kept them strong and committed to gathering to provide due diligence and manage and balance NICA Members and explaining the benefits of NICA the financial aspects, so NICA is stable enough to Membership during the 2021 season. sustain and flexible enough to grow apply for SBA Disaster Injury Loan. NICA received a $34,278 PPP Loan. The forgiveness forms and backup records will be filed in January 2021 and according to the rules, NICA’s loan should be forgiven. NICA received a $149,000 Disaster Injury Loan at 1% interest which the Board approved placing in a savings account until needed.

Regional Councils The West Council began 2020 at the WFA Convention in Reno, NV. The NICA Sysco Marketplace was a sponsor of the Tuesday tradeshow lunch and provided all the prizes for the opening bowling tournament. The Cummins/ Allison Money Counter and Gift Card Treasure Chest were very successful fundraisers. The Money Counter winner was Linda Davis, Toucan Enterprises, and the Treasure Chest winner was Michelle Allen, Funnel Cake Express… both NICA Members. The highlight of the event was when NICA President Don Delahoyde, CCE was inducted into the WFA Hall of Fame. The East Council held another successful bowling tournament during the South Florida Fair, and a new Apple Technology Raffle during the

2020 NICA Strategic Plan Closing

In summary, who can forget the pride we felt at the 2020 NICA Busines Expo and Fare Foods Food Show, the disbelief that Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show closed mid-run, the horror when Fairs canceled one-by-one, the frustrations of filling out SBA loan applications, the honor to exceed our scholarship goals, the satisfaction in sharing resources with sister organizations, the heartbreak when we understood COVID-19 was not going away any time soon, the unexpected success of Fair Food Drive-Thrus, the relief of realizing NICA had the resources to make it through the year, and the joy of new babies being born to our members. In 2020 we consistently provided “effective communication, education, benefits, leadership, and solutions” just like our Mission Statement said we would. “Together We Did!” ▲ January / February 2021 NICA News


AUGUST 12-21, 2021


We’re growing to ten days and want YOU to join us! • 111,000 Unique Guests in 2019 • Booths Include Gate Admission • Draw Mixed US/Canadian Crowd • Commercial Space Available • Indoor & Outdoor • Starting at $550 • Seeking New Food Concessionaires • Priority Locations Available • 20% Commission Proud NICA Member

Contact Frances Negranza at (360) 354-4111 x215 or frances@nwwafair.com

Get the scoop on the NICA Sysco Get the scoop on the NICA Sysco Get the scoop on the NICA Sysco Get the scoop on the NICA Sysco Marketplace this upcoming year Get the scoop on the NICA Sysco Marketplace this upcoming year Get the scoop on the NICA Sysco Marketplace this upcoming year Marketplace this upcoming year Get the scoop on the NICA Sysco Marketplace year Get the scoopthis on upcoming the NICA Sysco Marketplace this upcoming year Marketplace this upcoming Marketplace this upcoming year year The NICA Sysco Marketplace program is designed for you to save on the items you use and trust The NICA Sysco Marketplace program is designed forprogram you to save on the items and trust in your current operation (no change necessary). This offers more thanyou 350use manufacturer The NICA Sysco Marketplace program isdesigned designed forprogram youto tosave save onthe theitems items you use andtrust trust in your current operation (no change necessary). This offers more than 350 manufacturer The NICA Sysco Marketplace program is for you on you use and contracts, and the exclusive Sysco Foods. inyour your current operation (nodistribution change necessary). This program offers more thanyou 350 manufacturer The NICA Sysco Marketplace program isof forprogram you to save on more the items use and trust contracts, and operation the exclusive distribution ofdesigned SyscoThis Foods. in current (no change necessary). offers than 350 manufacturer The NICA Sysco Marketplace program isof designed forprogram you to save on the items and trust contracts, andthe the exclusive distribution of SyscoThis Foods. in your current operation (nodistribution change necessary). offers more thanyou 350use manufacturer contracts, and exclusive Sysco Foods. NICA.Source1Purchasing.com in your current operation (no change necessary). This program offers more than 350 manufacturer The NICA Sysco Marketplace program is designed for you to save on the items you use and trust contracts, and the exclusive distribution of Sysco Foods. NICA.Source1Purchasing.com contracts, and the exclusive distribution of Sysco Foods. The NICA Sysco Marketplace program is designed for you to save on the items you use and trust NICA.Source1Purchasing.com in your current operation (no change necessary). This program offers more than 350 manufacturer NICA.Source1Purchasing.com inNICA.Source1Purchasing.com your current (no change necessary). program offers more than 350 manufacturer contracts, andoperation the exclusive distribution of SyscoThis Foods. NICA.Source1Purchasing.com contracts, and the exclusive distribution of Sysco Foods. you with: The NICA Sysco Marketplace provides The NICA Sysco Marketplace provides you with: NICA.Source1Purchasing.com TheNICA NICASysco SyscoMarketplace Marketplaceprovides providesyou youwith: with: The NICA.Source1Purchasing.com

165,000+ Rebated lineMarketplace items The NICA Sysco provides you with: 165,000+ Rebated lineMarketplace items The NICA Sysco provides you with: 45,000 Deviated price items 165,000+ Rebated line items 165,000+ Rebated lineitems items 45,000 Deviated price The NICA Sysco Marketplace provides you with: Access to national suppliers 45,000Deviated Deviated price items for operating supplies and equipment 165,000+ line price items Access toRebated national suppliers for operatingprovides supplies and equipment The45,000 NICA Sysco Marketplace you with: 165,000+ Rebated line items Access to quarterly report F&B savingssupplies and additional opportunities AccessDeviated toanational suppliers operating and equipment 45,000 price items offor • • ••• •••• •••• •• • •• •• • ••• • ••• • • •• •• • • •• ••• •••• • • ••

Access to Rebated national suppliers forF&B operating supplies and equipment a quarterly report of savings and additional opportunities 165,000+ line items 45,000 Deviated price items Exclusive food distribution from Sysco with no delivery fast onboarding, credit card Access to a quarterly report of F&B savings and additional opportunities Access to national suppliers for operating supplies and minimums, equipment Access to a quarterly report of F&B savings and additional opportunities Exclusive food distribution from Sysco with no delivery minimums, 165,000+ Rebated line items for operating supplies and equipment fast onboarding, credit card 45,000 Deviated price Access to national suppliers payment options and more. Exclusive food distribution from Sysco with no delivery minimums, fastonboarding, onboarding,credit creditcard card Access to a quarterly report of F&B savings and additional opportunities Exclusive food distribution from Sysco withsupplies no fast payment and more. Access tooptions national suppliers forF&B operating andminimums, equipment 45,000 Deviated price items a quarterly report of savings anddelivery additional opportunities Quarterly rebates payment options and more. Exclusive food distribution from Sysco with no delivery minimums, fast onboarding, credit card payment and more. Quarterly rebates Access a quarterly report for of F&B savings anddelivery additional opportunities Exclusive food distribution Sysco withsupplies no fast onboarding, credit card Access totooptions national suppliers operating andminimums, equipment Quarterly rebates payment options and more.from Quarterly rebates Exclusive food distribution Sysco with and no delivery minimums, fast onboarding, credit card payment andreport more.from Access to options arebates quarterly of F&B savings additional opportunities Quarterly payment options and more.from Sysco with no delivery minimums, fast onboarding, credit card Quarterlyfood rebates Exclusive distribution Quarterlyoptions rebatesand more. payment Industry rebates insights and trends Quarterly Industry insights and trends Supplier information Industry insightsand andtrends trends Industry Supplier insights information Supplier information Industry insights and trends Supplier information Industry and trends Supplier insights information Industry and trends Supplier insights information Supplierinsights information Industry and trends

Coming Soon! Access to member-exclusive portal Coming Soon! Access to member-exclusive portal ComingSoon! Soon!Access Accessto tomember-exclusive member-exclusiveportal portal Coming Coming Soon! Access to member-exclusive portal Coming Soon! Access to member-exclusive portal Coming Soon! Access to member-exclusive portal Coming Soon! Access to member-exclusive portal How to get started How to get started How to get started How to get started • How information to get started 1Supplier Contact your NICA Sysco Marketplace representative to sign the non-contractual participation forms. 1 Contact Contact your NICA Sysco Marketplace representative to sign the non-contractual participation forms. How to get started Castaneda, your NICA Sysco Marketplace representative, to sign the 1 ContactAndrew yourNICA NICA SyscoMarketplace Marketplace representative tosign sign thenon-contractual non-contractual participationforms. forms. 1 Contact your Sysco representative to the participation How to get started 2 non-contractural complete list ofMarketplace all locations will be in. participation forms. participation forms. your concession 1 Contact a NICA Sysco to sign theparticipating non-contractual 2 Provide Provide ayour complete list of all locations representative your concession will be participating in. 12 Provide Contact NICA Sysco to sign theparticipating non-contractual Provide acomplete complete listof ofMarketplace alllocations locationsrepresentative yourconcession concession willbe be participating in. participation forms. 2 How to getayour started list all your will in. 3 Complete a secure online credit application provided by our exclusive distributor, Sysco 1 2 3 323 14 2 3 4 434 24 3 4 34

Contact NICA Sysco representative theparticipating non-contractual forms. Provide ayour complete list ofMarketplace all locations your concession will in. participation Complete a secure online credit application provided to by sign our be exclusive distributor, Sysco .Provide a complete list of all locations your concession will be participating in. Complete a secure online credit application provided by our exclusive distributor, Sysco . Complete a secure online credit application provided by our exclusive distributor, Sysco YOU DONE! A Sysco representative of therepresentative NICAconcession Sysco Marketplace program willin. contact you to forms. Contact your NICA to will sign the non-contractual participation . ARE Provide complete list ofMarketplace all locations participating a secure online credit application by our be exclusive distributor, Sysco YOU AREaDONE! A representative of the your NICAprovided Sysco Marketplace program will contact you to .Complete confirm your enrollment. Complete a secure online credit application provided by our exclusive distributor, Sysco YOU ARE DONE! A representative of the NICA Sysco Marketplace program will contact youto to . confirm enrollment. YOU AREyour DONE! A representative of the NICA Sysco Marketplace program will contact you Provide a complete list of all locations your concession will be participating in. . confirm your enrollment. Complete a secure online credit application provided by our exclusive distributor, Sysco YOU ARE DONE! A representative of the NICA Sysco Marketplace program will contact you to confirm your enrollment. YOU AREyour DONE! A representative of the NICA Sysco Marketplace program will contact you to . confirm enrollment. Complete a secure online credit application by our exclusive distributor, Sysco confirm enrollment. YOU AREyour DONE! A representative of the NICAprovided Sysco Marketplace program will contact you to .confirm your enrollment. 4 YOU ARE DONE! A representative of the NICA Sysco Marketplace program will contact you to confirm your enrollment.

Source1 Purchasing is proud to partner with strategic suppliers to bring you off-invoice pricing. Source1 Purchasing is proud to partner with strategic suppliers to bring you off-invoice pricing. We give you choices, so you can better your guests while managing your operatingpricing. costs. Source1 Purchasing isproud proud partnerserve withstrategic strategic suppliers bringyou you off-invoice We give you choices,isso you can better serve your guests while managing your operating costs. Source1 Purchasing totopartner with suppliers totobring off-invoice pricing. We give you choices, so you can better serve your guests while managing your operating costs. Source1 Purchasing to partner with strategic suppliers to bring you off-invoice We give you choices, is soproud you can better serve your guests while managing your operatingpricing. costs. Source1 Purchasing is proud to partner with strategic suppliers to bring you off-invoice pricing. We give you choices, so you can and betterget serve your for guests whileplease managing your operating costs. To learn more ready 2021, contact: We give you choices, soproud you can betterget serve your for guests whileplease managing your operatingpricing. costs. Source1 Purchasing is to partner with strategic suppliers to bringcontact: you off-invoice To learn more and ready 2021, Tolearn learn more andget get ready for2021, 2021, please contact: We give you choices, so you canand better serve your guests while managing your operating costs. To more ready for please contact: Andrew Castaneda

Castaneda To learn more andAndrew get ready for 2021, please contact: Source1 Purchasing is proud to partner with strategic suppliers to bring you off-invoice pricing. 561.693.3352 Andrew Castaneda To learn more andAndrew get ready for 2021, please contact: Castaneda 561.693.3352 We give you choices, so you can better serve your guests while managing your operating costs. 561.693.3352 Castaneda To learn Andrew.Castaneda@Source1Purchasing.com more andAndrew get ready for 2021, please contact: Andrew.Castaneda@Source1Purchasing.com 561.693.3352 Andrew Castaneda Andrew.Castaneda@Source1Purchasing.com 561.693.3352 Andrew.Castaneda@Source1Purchasing.com

Attention Members!

Are You Taking Advantage of All That NICA Has to Offer? One of the most important aspects of NICA is the access to benefits that we provide to our membership. The NICA Office often reaches a member who has not been able to take advantage of these discounts, either due to not knowing about them or thinking that the benefit has too many steps. For those who may have had difficulty, we hear you loud and clear! To remedy this, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to our benefit partners and how to best utilize their discounts, rebates, or other deals as a NICA Member. No matter where you are in the country, you can have access to our membership benefits booklet in print or online editions—it’s meant to be used on the go! Of course, if there are any questions (or if the benefit requires you to), feel free to call the NICA Office at (813) 438-8926 and we can help. Below is a list some of our most popular benefit programs and the best way for you to utilize them:

Got gas? Don’t run out of it! Airgas is the nation’s leading single-source supplier of gases, welding equipment and supplies, and safety products. As a NICA Member, you receive 25% off (or more) on Airgas CO2 canisters.


To enroll, contact Andrew Castaneda at (561) 693-3352 or andrew.castaneda@ source1purchasing.com.

For pricing and ordering, contact Sharon Bayly, Airgas Total Access Specialist, at (877) 717-4540, ext. 11260 or at sharon.bayly@airgas.com.

retail) and shipping discounts off of thousands of items sold by Arrow Distributing—from electrical, lighting, and appliances to awnings, hardware, accessories, and more! View Arrow’s huge online catalog at www.arrowdist.com. Call the NICA Office at (813) 438-8926 to create an Arrow Distributing Purchase Order (PO) Number and get access to the main contact information for ordering.

1 2

Provide the PO Number when calling the supplied Arrow contact to set up your order.


NICA Members get Dealer’s Pricing (30-40% off 26

January / February 2021 NICA News

Every NICA Member who is a Food and/or Beverage Vendor is automatically eligible for this great discount program. You must connect with our Coca-Cola Representative Lexie Gentleman at (813) 344-9593 or lgentleman@coca-cola.com at least three weeks before an event to ensure that you receive your special discount pricing.

Complete an online application on our website at www.nicainc.org/coca-cola or fill out a W-9 form and create a list with your route, with each venue and their dates outlined; include any established bottler contacts you may have.

focused on


Email your W-9 and route list to lgentleman@coca-cola.com and nica@nicainc.org to get started; account registration can take up to six weeks.


NICA has teamed up with Dell to bring members savings on the products they need. Dell is focused on delivering affordable computer and technology solutions that enable NICA Members to make decisions that impact their bottom line. Take advantage of exclusive discounts on select Dell products at by visiting www.dell.com/NICA and selecting the “Get Coupon” button.

CONCESSIONAIRES Every Regular, Additional and Employee Phil Teague, CIC Member automatically receives access to $10,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage when joining NICA.

Add a dependent at anytime by calling the NICA Office at (813) 438-8926, emailing “One of the cool thing nica@nicainc.org, or logging into your Online Phil Teague did was, he and actually in our Member Account at www.nicainc.org/login and -Ryan worked Kuzma, Linn Enterprises selecting “Additional Information” under “Company Property Liability Workers’ Compensat Information” (under Fleet shortcuts on your home page).


For additional information on making a claim or expanding your coverage, contact Phil Teague, Concessionaire Program Developer, at (330) 335-2521.



Enter your email and you will soon receive the current coupon. In addition, your member discount is “stackable” with other current promotions and sale items.


First Data is now Fiserv! Save on payment processing securely and reliably by applying online at www.nicainc.org/first-data or contacting the following representatives based on your business:

Every NICA Member who is a Food and/or Beverage Vendor is automatically eligible for this discount and rebate program. Once enrolled, you can reach our Pepsi Representative Kelly Bisbey at kelly.bisbey@pepsico.com or (813) 361-9583, National Equipment Repairs and Service at 1-877386-4567, Product/Delivery Ordering at 1-800-963-2424, and Billing/Invoice Inquires at 1-800-789-2626.

Complete an application online at www.nicainc.org/pepsi or fill out a W-9 form and Pepsi National Account setup Fairs, associations, software providers, form and submit them to pepsi@nicainc.org or to wholesalers, and non-Concession: Contact NICA via fax/mail to get enrolled. Tina Hollis at tina.hollis@fiserv.com or (239) 287-8221. Submit your completed rebate submission form along with copies of your receipts to Concessionaires in AZ, CA, CO, ID, IL, IA, Pepsi before November 30th. KS, MN, MO, MT, NE, NV, NM, ND, OR, SD, UT, WA, WI, and GA: Contact Angie Ray at We hope that our benefit programs are helpful angela.ray@fiserv.com or (423) 480-7727. as you start your season. View the full benefit Concessionaires in TX, OK, MI, IN, NY, FL, booklet at www.nicainc.org/benefits for more AR, LA, MS, AL, TN, KY, OH, PA, ME, VT, NH, information and Vendors! In 2021 we are MA, RI, CT, NJ, DE, MD, WV, VA, NC, and SC: strengthening our member benefit programs, so Contact Richard Viana at richard.viana@fiserv.com stay tuned for more updates in NICA News! or (786) 559-3764.


1 2



January / February 2021 NICA News


“Renewals” continued from page 4 ►► Bobby Jenks

Jenks Concessions, Inc. Vale, NC (2013)

Virginia Ludy

Ellany Johnson

Canadian National Exhibition Association Toronto, ON (2006)

Theresa Johnson

Jeanne’s Artichokes Camarillo, CA (2007)

Florida Strawberry Festival Plant City, FL (2012)

Dan Lusenhop

All American Restaurant & Grill Loxahatchee, FL (2013)

Lorna Massey

Wayne Jones µ

Frank Mastro µ

Turkey Leg Jones Milwaukee, WI (1993)

Frank Kastl

Kastl Amusements Wildomar, GA (2018)

Joseph Kastl

J&A Food LLC Phoenix, AZ (2018)

Norman Keene

Paulette’s Food Service Pinckneyville, IL (2003)

Paulette Keene, CCE

Paulette’s Food Service Pinckneyville, IL (1996)

Rebecca Kelley

Sysco Corporation Houston, TX (2015)

Alfonso Ledesma

Ledesma Concessions National City, CA (2019)

Lisa Kemmerer µ

Mark Massey Concessions Germantown, KY (2018) Mastro’s Ice Cream St Clair Shores, MI (1993)

Dave Mathewson, CCE µ Mathewson’s Concessions, Inc. Carleton, MI (1993)

Jack McBurney, CCE µ Jack’s Corndogs / Giant Pretzels Breckenridge, CO (1993)

James McConnell James McConnell Concessions Indianola, IA (2016)

Gayle McGrath, CCE µ The Best Around Cape Coral, FL (1993)

Kevin McGrath, CCE µ The Best Around Cape Coral, FL (1993)

Adam McKinney, CCE µ

Waterloo Tent & Tarp Co., Inc. Adam McKinney Food Service Waterloo, IA (1993) Hughes Springs, TX (1993)

Curt Kluth

Saz’s Hospitality Group Milwaukee, WI (1997)

Michael Kramer

Fun Time Foods Charlottesville, VA (2017)

Bruce Kozelou µ

3 B Concessions Burlington, WI (1993)

Susan Kuzma

Saskatoon Prairieland Park Corporation Saskatoon, SK (2009)

Bill McKinney, CCE µ

McKinney Food Services Hughes Springs, TX (1993)

Melvin Melton

Mel’s Food Milltown, IN (1994)

Chris Miladelaroca

MK Concessions Pinon Hills, CA (2019)

Charles Miller µ

Charlie’s Food Concessions Sun Prairie, WI (1993)

Larry Lee, CCE µ

Greg Miller, CCE

Peggy Lee, CCE µ

Douglas Miller µ

Columbine Concessions Hickory Creek, TX (1993) Columbine Concessions Hickory Creek, TX (1993)


Miller & Company Lewisburg, WV (1998) Charlie’s Food Concessions Sun Prairie, WI (1993)

January / February 2021 NICA News

Mary Miller µ

Dominic Palmieri, CCE

Robbi Miller

Frank Parnell, CCE µ

Jim Molnar

Ollie Parnell, CCE µ

Brent Morgan µ

Etta Pence, CCE µ

Cliff Munson

Kevin Pence µ

Dan Murphy

Mike Pence, CCE µ

Charlie’s Food Concessions Sun Prairie, WI (1993) Miller Concessions, Inc. Foley, MN (2013) Molnar’s Concessions Austintown, OH (2017) Brookes Concessions Indianapolis, IN (1993) Siskiyou Golden Fair Yreka, CA (2014) Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association Tallahassee, FL (2002)

Cameron Murray

Chester’s Gators & Taters Raleigh, NC (2012)

Vincent Nelson, CCE

Odyssey Foods, LLC Phoenix, AZ (2000)

Parnell Foods New Port Richey, FL (1993) Parnell Foods New Port Richey, FL (1993) Pence’s Concessions Bryan, OH (1993) Pence’s Concessions Bryan, OH (1993) Pence’s Concessions Bryan, OH (1993)

Russell Phillips

Russell’s Concessions Daingerfield, TX (2014)

Debra Poeppelman

Vinnie’s Fine Foods Kingston, NY (2012)

Poeppelman Concessions, Inc. Wapakoneta, OH (1996)

Gary Newkirk

Arthur Pokorny, Jr. µ

Ulster County Agricultural Society New Paltz, NY (2019)

Ryann Newman

Fruit Caboose Concessions Oroville, CA (2015)

Susan Nichols

Barb Wilson Enterprises, Inc. Ruskin, FL (1993)

Joseph Potillo, Jr.

Potillo’s Sanitation Service Yalaha, FL (2007)

Kenneth Ragley

5centride.com Dickson, TN (2003)

Food Concession Signs & Ragley Concessions Houston, TX (2016)

Scott Norton

Cheryl Reas µ

Justine O’Brien, CCE µ

Christopher Rockwell µ

SanDee O’Brien, CCE µ

Lori Sue Rockwell µ

Tim O’Brien, CCE µ

Tom Robinson

Elizabeth Owens

Ellen Ross

Hari Paizis

Kathy Ross, CCE

OCC Signs Anaheim, CA (2017) O’Brien’s Food Service Apollo Beach, FL (1993) O’Briens’ Food Services Valrico, FL (1993)

O’Brien’s Food Service Apollo Beach, FL (1993) Blue Moon Tavern at the Park, LLC Tampa, FL (2015) Paizis Concessions, Inc. Fort Smith, AR (2008)

Carousel Foods, Inc. Corydon, IN (1993) Charlie’s / Lori’s Sugar Shack Sun Prairie, WI (1993) Charlie’s / Lori’s Sugar Shack Sun Prairie, WI (1993) Ludwig Fish & Produce Co. LaPorte, IN (2019) A’s Mini-Donuts & Concessions Baraboo, WI (2004) Ross Concessions Sarasota, FL (1999)

Jay Rounds

Jake’s Foods LLC Goshen, IN (2017)

Michelle Siggins

Fiona Tizard-Meyer

Grant Simons

Ingo Van Styn

Euroshine USA Inc. Brooksville, FL (2019)

Texas Festivals & Events Association Waco, TX (1998)

Emily Sivori µ

Carl Vance

Jack Woods, II, CCE µ

Larry Sivori µ

Ron Waggoner

Brett Rubert

Sunshine Concessions of Hernando, Inc. Brooksville, FL (2014)

Zack Sanders

Ann Lee Concessions Lake City, FL (2018)

Thomas Sattler, CCE

Sivori Catering, Inc. Louisville, KY (1993)

Tim Seivers

Sivori Catering, Inc. Louisville, KY (1993)

Dan Sharp

Gold Concessions Plant City, FL (1995)

Parnell Foods, Inc. Belvidere, IL (1996) Oasis Concessions McLean, VA (2017) Sattler’s Leather & Hats Ft. Myers, FL (2005)

Larry Smith

Seivers Concessions Grove City, PA (2013) Washington State Fair Puyallup, WA (2000)

Cheryl Shepard µ G & G Concessions Baraboo, WI (1993)

Gary Shepard µ

G & G Concessions Baraboo, WI (1993)

David Shives µ

Shives Concessions Greenville, OH (1993)

Jill Shives µ

Shives Concessions Greenville, OH (1993)

Carol Wilkinson

Brazos Valley Fair & Rodeo Bryan, TX (2017)

Alibi Entertainment Inc. Toronto, ON (2017)

Kay Wolf, CFEE

Vance Concessions Salem, IN (2000)

Woods Family Concessions Russells Point, OH (1993)

Jacqueline Woods, CCE µ

The Silhouette Shop Fairland, OK (2017)

Woods Family Concessions Russells Point, OH (1993)

George A. Wandrey, Jr. A’s Mini-Donuts & Concessions Englewood, FL (1997)

Laurie Woodruff Jackson

McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance St. Petersburg, FL (1993)

Tim Weiss

WOODY’Z Drinkware Santa Ana, CA (2013)

Ronald Smith µ

Daniel Wessel

Indiana Ribeye Carmel, IN (1997)

Kristen Whicheloe

Sugar Shakers Sarasota, FL (1993)

Mary Chris Smith µ

R.E. Smith Lebanon, IN (1993)

Virgil Strickler

Ohio State Fair Columbus, OH (1995)

Tracy Thomas

Sweet and Salty Concessions, LLC Wilmington, NC (2000)

Kristi Worm-Hunter

Giggles Campfire Grill St. Paul, MN (2018)

Rich Wright µ

Wessel Propane, Inc. Duarte, CA (2016)

Charles Zell, CCE

Southern Oregon Food & Beverage Cave Junction, OR (2019)

Chuck’s Foods Arcanum, OH (1996)

Year: µ 1993-2000 2001-2005 2006-2010 2010-2019

Thank you to all 77 Renewal Members and 79 Lifetime Members for your continued support. In 2020 all of the Renewal Members’ names will be placed in the drawing for the $2,000 Gift of Travel. See the back cover for more details. “Together We Can!”

“Announcements” continued from page 12 ►►

2021 Coca-Cola & Pepsi Pricelists are Now Available The 2021 NICA National Pricing Discounts for Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been officially released and are now available to view on our newly unveiled Peer-toPeer Resource Center at www.nicainc.org/resources. You may also contact the NICA Office at nica@nicainc.org or (813) 438-8926 to have it sent to you. Do you sell soda but haven’t signed up yet for either of these programs? You are missing out on some great savings! Their dedicated representatives are ready to assist NICA Members with ordering and securing the pricing with your local bottlers. See pages 26 and 27 for more information. ▲

NICA East Council Adds Two New Council Members The NICA East Council is proud to announce the addition of two new members: Bary Bunts, CCE, The Apple Cart, and Ryan Collmer, Meatball Factory, LLC. They are both longtime Concessionaires and will be working with the Council and Council Coordinator Jessica Gottsche to plan for 2021. ▲ January / February 2021 NICA News


MEMBER CLASSIFIEDS Would you like to place a classified ad with us? Contact us at (813) 530-4750 or communications@nicainc.org

Restaurant Building & Business For Sale MARKET DEVELOPMENT: With this current asset remaining relatively inexpensive, in this 4th quarter, NOW is the time to take advantage of this great investment. With Markets rebounding with a strong rapid recovery, Investors are moving onward and upward and looking right through the current wall of worry and focusing on where the economy can go, versus the current state of the economy. They are seeing a future of desirable profitable results. Snatch it up, don’t get left behind! Turnkey, Well Established, Profitable, Yearly Blue-Ribbon Winning State Fair located Business, includes 2160’ Air-Conditioned Permanent Building, Equipment, Supplies, Inventory, Indoor

Seating, Take-Out Window, servicing Fair and Special Events, including continuous “Drive-Thru Fair Food” called “Taste of the Fair.” Call Theresa at (561) 386-1709 or email theresa@tcjohnsonrealty.com. ▲

Northwest Washington Fair Seeks Commercial & Food Vendors Newly expanded dates: August 12-21, 2021. Commercial space starting at $550, Food Concessions at 20%. Premium spaces available. Contact Frances Negranza at frances@nwwafair.com. ▲

MCGOWANSpecialty ALLIED Insurance Masters in the art of insuring

amusement & entertainment risks The Best of Both Worlds McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance brings together an unmatched team of risk management professionals with over 35 years of expertise. We continue, as we have since 1983, to be solely dedicated to the Amusement and Entertainment Industries. The strength of our new partnership delivers in-depth knowledge of the industry and advanced technology that brings to you a solid partner for your business needs.


January / February 2021 NICA News

We craft solutions for a wide range of coverages that other companies simply do not know how to write. We ensure that you are not stuck with cut-rate programs. Let us show you how we can help! www.alliedspecialty.com tellmemore@alliedspecialty.com

January / February 2021 NICA News



Do you have a concession unit in need of maintenance? • HVAC Service • Electrical Repairs • Structural Work • Interior/Appliance Repairs • Trailer Accessory Service • Flooring Upgrades • LED Lighting Upgrades • Graphics Refresh

Schantz is here to help! 636.940.8400 | www.schantzmfg.com 32

January / February 2021 NICA News

2020 Membership Contest Leaderboard* General Membership Jennifer Giordano, CCE........................................................ 2 Marcy Poorman.................................................................... 1 James Pope......................................................................... 1 Wayne Smith........................................................................ 1 Lee Stevens.......................................................................... 1

Councils Gentry Miller......................................................................... 4 Tom Hodson, CCE................................................................ 2 Brandy Arredondo................................................................ 1 Lindsey Constantine............................................................ 1 Kara Moederndorfer............................................................. 1 Kelly Myers........................................................................... 1 Ryann Newman.................................................................... 1 Erica Quintero....................................................................... 1 Jay Wells.............................................................................. 1

Board of Directors Jacqueline Bradbury, CCE................................................... 5 Don Delahoyde, CCE............................................................ 2 Daryl Whicheloe, CCE........................................................... 2 Kim Barr, CCE....................................................................... 1 Andrew “Bruno” Broomfield................................................. 1 Sandy Class, CCE................................................................. 1 Vincent Nelson, CCE............................................................ 1 Kathy Ross, CCE................................................................... 1 Jeff Thornberry, CCE............................................................ 1

*Referral listing as of 12/31/20. Contact us if you see any inaccuracies. See back cover for rules and prizes.

Follow Us Online! Visit www.nicainc.org or search NICA on social media for the latest announcements, news, and pictures. We invite you to share or post your announcements, stories, photos, videos, and anything else that you would like to share to our accounts any chance you can. #TogetherWeCan

Do You Need a Card? All Renewal Members should receive a new Membership Card in the mail once they renew. If you haven’t received your card, please contact nica@nicainc.org or call (813) 438-8926 today! January / February 2021 NICA News



January / February 2021 NICA News

National Independent Concessionaires Association, Inc.

For Off ice Use Only

1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511 Phone: (813) 438-8926 • Fax: (813) 803-8460 Email: nica@nicainc.org • Website: www.nicainc.org

Date: #: q Member Renewal


First Name:

Last Name:

Name of Business: Physical Address: Mailing Address:

City :

City :

Primary Phone Number :





Cell / Secondary Phone Number :



Age Range: q 20-35 q 35-50 q 51-70 q 70+ q Other:

NICA News Preference: q Mail q Email

Referred by :

Annual Membership Fees Associate Membership

Regular Membership q

A person or entity who provides services to the Concession Industry.

Regular Member..............................................................$150


Fair / Festival (over 75,000 attendance)......................$150


Fair / Festival (under 75,000 attendance)...................$100

q Retired Member................................................................. $50


Manufacturer / Distributor / Supplier...........................$150

Business / Group Membership


Carnival / Circus Operator..............................................$150


Association / Special Services......................................$150

q Additional Member..........................................................$100 q Employee Member............................................................. $75

Includes five Memberships in one: one Regular Member, one Additional Member, and three Employee Members ($475 value).


Business / Group.............................................................$400

Additional Member : _______________________________________ Employee Member 1: ______________________________________ Employee Member 2: ______________________________________ Employee Member 3: ______________________________________ Regular membership categories Check a category below and provide a detailed description of your company’s services in the next column under Business Description.

Business Description Provide a detailed description of your business, products, and/or services below. This information will be used for your entry in the annual NICA Membership Directory and as keywords to search for your business on the NICA website.

________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________


Food / Beverage


Commercial Exhibitors / Retail / Merchants



Attractions / Entertainment


Cash q






Guest Services

Credit Card #:

General Routing Information List all states / provinces where you conduct your business.






Security Code:

Money Order q


American Express



Expiration Date:


___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance The NICA-sponsored $10,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance Policy is provided to Regular Members. List a beneficiary and a phone number below.

Beneficiary : _________________________ Phone : _____________

Applicant’s signature


Signature of Credit Card Holder q I authorize NICA to charge the agreed amount listed above to my credit card information provided above. I agree I will pay for this purchase in accordance with the issuing bank cardholder agreement.

Automatic Renewal Option q I authorize NICA to make automatic renewal payments for my Membership using the credit card information above. I shall update NICA with all changes to payment information or my intent to cancel automatic renewal payments prior to my next renewal month.

National Independent Concessionaires Association, Inc. 1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511

Time Sensitive Mail • January / February 2021 Issue


Profile for NICA Inc.

January / February 2021 NICA News  

The January / February 2021 issue of NICA News focuses on "Movin' Forward!" This issue features the 2021 NICA Business Expo and Fare Foods...

January / February 2021 NICA News  

The January / February 2021 issue of NICA News focuses on "Movin' Forward!" This issue features the 2021 NICA Business Expo and Fare Foods...

Profile for nicainc