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December plays host to National Cotton Candy Day! During the 18th century, cotton candy (originally named spun sugar) was first recorded in Europe. At that time, it was very expensive and labor-intensive. In 1897, machine-spun cotton candy introduced cotton candy to a wider audience at the 1904 World’s Fair as Fairy Floss, and it has only grown in popularity in the last 100-plus years. We are proud to have over 100 members who serve this Fair favorite each year. “Together We Can!”

NICA is a membership-driven organization dedicated to strengthening relationships with the Fair, Festival, and Special Events Industries through effective communication, education, benefits, leadership, and solutions. National Independent Concessionaires Association, Inc. is a Florida Corporation with an Editorial and General Office located at 1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511 • Off ice: (813) 438-8926 • Fax: (813) 803-8460 • Online: The information contained in this Publication is based upon sources believed to be reliable. Readers should not act without professional advice. Cover to Cover © 1993-2021 NICA, Inc. All Rights Reserved. “Celebrating Our Spirit Together!” December 2021 NICA News


This Month’s Newest Members Kyle Lawson

Robert Rogan

Butcher Boys / F&W Concessions Germantown, NY

Jeffory McKinney

Tracey Snyder

Lindsey Constantine

Boyd Newton

Jason Au

Pacific Crest Concessions, LLC Amity, OR

Tin Lizzy Concessions New Westminster, BC

Scott Brandt

Concessions Unlimited LLC Hughes Springs, TX One Sweet World Amusements Portland, OR

Red’s Red Apples, Inc Port Orange, FL

Chad Hampton

Hamp’s Concessions Mount Vernon, IL

Butcher Boys / F&W Concessions Park City, UT Caroline County Chamber of Commerce Denton, MD

Chris Taylor

Waffle Chicks, LLC Milford, IA

Mark Walker

OA Finance, LLC Lee’s Summit, MO

Nathan Wells

Pacific Crest Concessions, LLC Kuna, ID

Rebecca Wells

Pacific Crest Concessions, LLC Kuna, ID

Welcome to our 13 New Members! See page 29 for the 2021 NICA Membership Contest Leaderboard

This Month’s Member Renewals Constance Barham

Libby Class

J. Keith Hoover

Vincent Nelson, CCE

Alan Barr

Kevin Coe

Fred Jackson

Joshua Nicholson

Michael Barr

Michael Davis

Donald Kenna µ

Elizabeth Owens

Kim Barr, CCE

Shane DeVooght

Dickerson & Kenna Concessions Lebanon, IN (1993)

Macey Kenna

Rick Oxford

Bartlebaugh Amusement, Inc. Madisonburg, PA (2012)

Jodi Dirksen

Dickerson & Kenna Concessions Lebanon, IN (2017)

Mark Baugher

Shan Dobaria

State Fair of Texas Dallas, TX (1995)

Leonard Dunford

The Best Around Inc. Cape Coral, FL (2019)

Jan Gary, CCE

Rockin’ Comet Diner Clayton, NC (2019)

Hot Dog on a Stick San Marcos, CA (2007) Pacific Crest Concessions Caldwell, ID (2012) Celebration Services, Inc. Ridgefield, WA (2014) Pacific Crest Concessions Caldwell, ID (2012)

Sheila Bartlebaugh

Carousel Concessions Middletown, MD (1999)

Bruce Beck

Professional Concessions, Inc. West Palm Beach, FL (2013)

Jack Bidwell

Patty Wagon Anchorage, AK (2011) Toucan Enterprises Apple Valley, CA (2012) Superiorland Concessions/ Sidewalk Sundae Sarasota, FL (2011) E & G Catering White City, OR (2018) WOODY’Z Drinkware Santa Ana, CA (2013) The Eatery Lenox, MI (2001)

Pork Chop Express Adairville, KY (2013) Manna Foods Arley, AL (2014)

Melanie Linnear

Mike McGrath

Benjamin Merrill

Bidwell’s Concessions Crossville, TN (1995)

Phyllis Bidwell

Richard George, CCE µ

David Cavallaro

Cavallaro Concessions Mendota Heights, MN (2018)

December 2021 NICA News

George’s Fun Foods Gibsonton, FL (1993)

Robert Holmes

Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance, Inc. Liberty, MO (2018)

Vinnie’s Fine Foods Kingston, NY (2012) Dr. Vegetable, Inc. Wanatah, IN (2017)

Leap of Faith Adventures, Inc. Rhonda Miller/Galen dba JK Dots The Pretzel Wagon Vista, CA (2005) Constantine, MI (2007)

Bidwell’s Concessions Crossville, TN (2004)


Libby’s Soft Serve Apollo Beach, FL (2015)

Blue Moon Tavern at the Park, LLC. Tampa, FL (2015) Televac Products Versailles, MO (2005)

Hari Paizis

Paizis Concessions, Inc. Fort Smith, AR (2008)

Tracey Parker

Parker Family Concessions Lordstown, OH (2011)

Mark Piche

Piche Concessions Ware, MA (2015)

Brad Ribar, CCE

Loret Foods White Bear Township, MN (1994)

►► “Renewals” continued on page 9 µ 1993-2001

2002-2006 2007-2011 2012-2020

“Together We Can!”

President’s Message Sandy Class, CCE, President

become who I am today. And to Ms. Rey, she taught me how to become a better speaker, convention Many blessings are what ethics, and said, “You can do this!” I couldn’t be I want to bring to you in this happier with the leadership of the past and present. message. I am grateful and so We have all grown as one for the betterment of our blessed to have been on this Industry. To my current Board, Daryl Whicheloe, NICA journey. I will never forget CCE, 1st VP; Vincent Nelson, CCE, 2nd VP; Kim the day I was hand-delivered Barr, CCE, Treasurer; Jacqueline Bradbury, CCE, the signatures that nominated Secretary; and Directors Phil Delahoyde; Carmel me to run for the Board. That Dyer-Pittroff, CCE; Kelly Grout; Tom Hodson, CCE; was seven years ago. I thought Kathy Ross, CCE; Jeff Thornberry, CCE; and Don to myself, “I will just serve three years.” Happy and Delahoyde, CCE, Past President, I say, “Thank You!” blessed to serve as Secretary (not an easy job) in When I took my Board seat as President, Rey my first three years, I learned and grew from this asked me in her short vocabulary, “What is your new experience and it made me a better person. ‘laundry list?’” In another words, what did I want to With that lesson in life, I decided that going accomplish? I laughed, “My list is long and my job through the Chairs was the right thing for me to do isn’t done.” She laughed and said, “Give me your next. list!” In this last message from me, I want to share I had great Past President mentors in Paulette some of the outcomes of my list. Keene, CCE, Kathy Ross, CCE, Joe Potillo, Jr., Dan Lusenhop, Dominic Palmieri, CCE, and Don ►► “Message” continued on page 6 Delahoyde, CCE. I learned from all of them how to

Director’s Director’S Voice

Kelly Grout, Director

we’re going to have a Fair.” As the month rolled on, I received my first contract which gave me hope, and then a second, and a third, and so on. Hello everyone! As I pen Now, the daunting task of getting the trailers this, my season, much like all ready to go out. As my season ended way back of yours, is coming to its end in November of the past year, the trailers had sat and what a season it’s been. for about a year and a half. Needless to say, they As I reflect back on this year, needed some love. With funds about exhausted it started with an uncertainty about there even being a 2021 I chose to do most of the work myself, which season. I live in Massachusetts, proved to be a bit much for one man. So, my wife and kids volunteered to help me out. Little did they and we were in lockdown until know what they were getting in to, but it was a the beginning of June. productive month and before we knew it, the time So, as I sat at home waiting for word on Fairs, had come to head out for the first job. my first Fair, the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair, We had put together a skeleton crew seeing as announced that they were postponing their Fair no one wanted to come back to work. The Fair we until November. Then my second Fair canceled as were heading off to isn’t usually a super busy Fair well—I’m not gonna lie—a little depression started so we thought we would be okay. to set in. Fear of not going out for another year was starting to seem all too real. As the month of May rolled around, my calls to the Fairs were ►► “Voice” continued on page 7 starting to sound the same as last year: “Yes, December 2021 NICA News


Dan Lusenhop Dominic Palmieri, CCE Paulette Keene, CCE Joe Potillo, Jr. Greg Miller, CCE Tom Sattler, CCE Russ Harrison, CCE Richard Busse, CCE Officers Tom Hodson, CCE President: Sandy Class, CCE 1st Vice President: Daryl Whicheloe, CCE Jim Hodson, CCE (Deceased) 2nd Vice President: Vincent Nelson, CCE Tim O’Brien, CCE Ron Smith Treasurer: Kim Barr, CCE Adam McKinney, CCE Secretary: Jacqueline Bradbury, CCE Mike Pence, CCE Directors Jack Woods, II, CCE Phil Delahoyde Bob Hallifax, CCE Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE Frank Parnell, CCE Kelly Grout Larry Orme (Deceased) Thomas Hodson, CCE Larry Sivori Kathy Ross, CCE Rich Wright Jeff Thornberry, CCE Bill McKinney, CCE Arthur Pokorny, Jr. Immediate Past Gene O’Brien, CCE (Deceased)


Don Delahoyde, CCE

Past Presidents’ Council

Kathy Ross, CCE


Executive Director & West Council Coordinator : Rey O’Day

Communications & Marketing Manager: Jesse Willard

Office & Membership Manager: Linda Frisco

East Council Coordinator & Social Media Coordinator: Jessica Gottsche

Central East Council Coordinator: Dennis Larson, CFE


Central east Council

Connie Boesen Paulette Keene, CCE Bruce Kozelou James McConnell Robbi Miller Matt Ribar Brad Schroder April Smith

east Council

Bary Bunts, CCE Libby Class Ryan Collmer Thomas Hodson, CCE Gentry Miller Henry Mitchell Kelley Myers

President: Audrey Poole West Council Vice President: Greg Miller, CCE Brandy Arredondo, CCE Treasurer: Jennifer Giordano, CCE Kim Barr, CCE Secretary: Rey O’Day Jan Gary, CCE Trustees: Ryan Long Mark Lancaster Kara Moederndorfer Don Kenna Ryann Newman Vincent Nelson, CCE Steve Vartanian Daryl Whicheloe, CCE Jay Wells

Do you have any questions or would like to get involved with NICA? Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or today!

“Message” continued from page 5 ►► During my first three years I was part of the Scholarship Committee, along with Jennifer Giordano, CCE. Collaboratively, we came up with a new point system and created a committee of undisclosed readers across the US. It was the goal of the Board to make sure the scholarship application was fair and awarded our deserving young achievers. Under the leadership of the Board, NICA formed the non-profit NICA Foundation that funded over $30,000 to our young Industry leaders these past two years. I am very proud of this and with continuing efforts on behalf of the future Board, it is my belief, that the Foundation will continue to grow and flourish. Mission Accomplished! I wanted to make the CCE (Certified Concessionaire Executive) designation real for anyone that wanted to apply. In addition to the crystal desk trophy (that no one sees) I wanted anyone who received this honor to receive a lapel pin (that everyone would see). With Board approval we now have CCE pins that will be given to all 6

December 2021 NICA News

past and future recipients. In order to make it more accessible, Jesse Willard, Communications Manager, has made the online form fillable so you can save your progress. I encourage everyone to start your application—I think you will be amazed at what you have accomplished. Goal Met! You probably just received your NICA Member window cling-ons in the mail! It was the NICA Board’s way of saying “Thank you for your continued support!” Goal Met! On the Board we ALWAYS talk about Benefits and what can we do to improve them for our membership. I will continue to say our $150 membership goes a long way. In 2021, we rolled out the Goodyear Tire Benefit. A huge thank you to Jay Wells and Tim Koenigsfeld for orchestrating the playbook along with combined negotiating efforts of Ms. Rey O’Day, Executive Director. The tire discount is for both commercial tires and consumer tires. It is a quick and easy sign up directly through the NICA website; all you have to do is go to to sign up. Within two days, you will obtain your account number to start purchasing tires as you need them.

Benefits is just one aspect of NICA’s Strategic Plan. As President, I am also an Ex-Officio Member serving on the Finance, Membership, and Voice in the Industry Committees. Each Committee met twice this year. Annually, the Committees earmark specific goals that are accomplished and the create new ones for the next year. I am so proud of our Committee Members and their continued efforts. Goals Continuing to be Met! In addition to our NICA Facebook page, we have also created a NICA Live! group, so you can post live events of your travels, fun Fair facts, and gatherings. A big thank you to Jessica Gottsche, Social Media Coordinator, for facilitating and getting this up and running. The newly formed Central East Council is off and running; a big thank you to Council Coordinator Dennis Larson, CFE. NICA hosted a gathering at the Great Minnesota Get Together. Thank you to all who came to support, and to the Janouseks and the Hangar for hosting this event. In addition, we held NICA Events at the Florida Strawberry Festival, San Mateo County Fair, San Diego County Fair, Arizona

State Fair, and the Florida State Fair. Fair fun had by all! Thank you all who supported these events at a time of uncertainty. We were all just happy to be back in the swing of things, even when not knowing what new challenges would face us all tomorrow. So, in the “sandboxes of life,” my journey has been surmountable: friendships, conventions, Board Meetings, fundraisers, and the Business Expo. My heart is full for an Industry that is near and dear to my heart. It is my deepest hope that I have left footprints in the sand and that future Boards will build bigger sandcastles in the sandbox. I left a small mark, with more work to be done, but I am proud of my accomplishments. Thank you for electing me to serve you. Hope to see everyone in February at the 2022 NICA Business EXPO and Fare Foods Food Show where we will be “Thriving While Surviving!” Merry Christmas and Happy New Year—enjoy life and family! “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose” —Dr. Seuss ▲

“Voice” continued from page 5 ►► Well, we quickly found out that the crowds were coming out in record numbers. So, a few phone calls later and after a little begging, we had a couple more people working. If this was any indication of what the Summer was going to be like, I knew we were going to be in trouble. As the Summer rolled on, it was not only getting people to work that was challenging, but it was also now finding the materials to do the job. It grew harder and harder as the Summer went on. I can say that dealing with salesmen has become very challenging, as they would tell you they had everything we needed, just to receive the order and only half of the items that I ordered got delivered. So, calls to the salesmen were beyond frustrating as they wouldn’t tell you that the stuff wasn’t coming in and all you would get are the lines where it said quantity ordered and delivered. “The items you’re asking about are zeroed out, meaning we don’t have them.” A heads up would’ve been nice, especially on weekends, when I could have run somewhere to grab those items. But I learned to adapt and load up on items that were proving hard to find.

Sierra, Savannah (2020-21 Scholarship Recipient), Cathy, and Kelly Grout in front of their Tootsie’s Fried Dough stand

As the summer rolled on and on, it seemed like a job just trying to keep help and product in the trailers; especially with larger crowds than we ever thought we would see at the Fairs. Each Fair was bigger than the last, and had my wife and kids not really stepped up to the plate to help, I don’t think I could’ve made it through without them. My youngest daughter started working this summer while my oldest has run a trailer the last couple years. They both went above and beyond to help. My wife was busy doing her work as well as coming out to give breaks, helping haul loads, and being my rock. As I look back all I can say is it’s been one hell of a year and I’m glad it’s almost over. The phrase “Together We Can!” has never meant more than this year. ▲ December 2021 NICA News


Riffing With Rey

Rey O’Day, Executive Director

Holiday Spirit

All year I live in a visual world of Holiday Spirit. Yes, my living room has a memory- my Holiday Spirit. Some how it manages to touch decorated Christmas tree that many parts of my life. It also comes with what I call good or positive circles and lights up every day, Santa’s eyes twinkle from stress, which is the type of stress you feel when you’re excited. Your pulse quickens and your his portraits on the walls, and hormones surge, but there is no threat or fear. I music fills the rooms with feel this type of stress when I prepare to speak or energy and joy. am cleaning my house for a party. You might feel I feel a touch of Holiday Spirit every day, but this type of stress when you ride a roller this time of year a blast of it seems to coaster, compete in a game, or open blow into my life whether I am ready the first Fair of the season. Positive for it or not. So, what is this thing we stress motivates us, focuses our call Holiday Spirit? I experience “Though it is a energy, feels exciting, improves it in the arts when I hear Bing magical time of our performance, is short lived, Crosby sing White Christmas year, some years it and is perceived to be within or I see the Nutcracker Ballet is harder to find our coping abilities. for the umpteenth time. I the Holiday Spirit, We can turn negative stress find it in my food when I eat but overall isn’t (or distress) into positive stress Christmas cookies and savory it what we make when we perceive a stressful ham. I anticipate it when I make of it?” situation as an opportunity that plans to visit family and friends. will lead to a good outcome. In the I feel it in my soul when I pray for spirit of “everything I know I learned world peace. I smile when I hear the from someone else,” I recently read “try roar of football fans and the energy of the announcer. I celebrate it as I wrap gifts, sing carols, meeting disappointment with patience rather than send donations, and enjoy the glow of lights in my with anger or sadness.” I am giving it a try and for me, it is becoming a way to turn negative (harmful) neighborhood. I even know that when I feel “Bah Humbug moments” that it is just another aspect of stress into positive (good) stress. 8

December 2021 NICA News

Sometimes all this Holiday Spirit makes it challenging to find balance in our lives… like getting enough rest or exercise, or making time for fun, or making peace with financial concerns, or finding a good mix of socializing and solitude. These struggles can leave me feeling frustrated and out of sync; however, if I pay attention to my internal rhythms and don’t try to do what everyone else wants me to do, I usually discover the perfect balance for me. Though it is a magical time of year, some years it is harder to find the Holiday Spirit, but overall isn’t it what we make of it? The three “G’s,” Giving, Gratitude, and Grace must be included because they send us in the direction of spending time on what is important. It really doesn’t matter what our traditions are, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate our families, our beliefs, and what we can do for each other. In summary, Holiday Spirit engages and connects our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical thoughts and activities. It is a feeling that we have every day when we do good for others, spread joy and happiness, and are thankful for what we have in life. It fills up our hearts, our souls, and our senses.

Attention Members! Do you need our help?

Living a Balanced Life The Myth:

The Truth:

We should be able to live a balanced life.

You can’t do everything. A balanced life is a myth.


Focus on what matters. Allow yourself to get out of balance but apply counter balance so you don’t go so far that you can’t find your way back.

Right now, my festive Holiday Spirit makes me grateful for the NICA Connections I’ve made through the years that continue to make my life rich and fulfilling, and for the people who have enriched my life through their unique contributions. I feel gratitude for my treasured memories and for all the people whose love, wisdom, support, and guidance have shaped me. Each memory, each connection has helped me become who I am today. We live blessed lives. It is time for a cup of hot chocolate by the tree and a toast to “Together We Can Celebrate the Holiday Spirit!” ▲

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“Renewals” continued from page 4 ►► Jeff Ross, CCE

Ross Concessions Dunnellon, FL (1997)

Craig Sawyers

J.J. & Sons/Piggly’s BBQ Phoenix, AZ (2013)

Sal Serio µ

Sal’s T-Shirt Company Gulf Breeze, FL (1993)

Jim Sinclair, CFE µ Minnesota State Fair St. Paul, MN (1993)

Ed Stergar

C & E Concessions, LLC Indianapolis, IN (1997)

John Stewart

J and J Concessions Inc. Indianapolis, IN (2019)

Earl Strickland

Eagle Concessions, Inc. Candler, NC (2003)

Katherine Threatt

Eatery Huts Fair Oaks, IN (2019)

Utah State Fair

Utah State Fair Salt Lake City, UT (2008)

Ashley Warner

Calgary Stampede Calgary, AB (2004)

Mat Wells

Pacific Crest Concessions, LLC New Plymouth, ID (2018)

Lynn Wells

Pacific Crest Concessions, LLC New Plymouth, ID (2018)

Ed White

White’s Concessions Dalton Garden, ID (1995)

Thank you to all 49 Renewal Members for your continued support. “Together We Can!” December 2021 NICA News




Do you have any announcements you would like to share? Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or

Our Thoughts and Prayers Are With the Hallifax Family We are deeply saddened to announce that Cynthia “Cindy” Jean Hallifax, age 68 of Galesburg, MI, passed away on October 29, 2021. Cindy owned and operated Hallifax Enterprises with her husband Bob Hallifax, CCE, NICA Past President, and she was a NICA Member since 1993. Cindy was born on September 14, 1953, in Kalamazoo, MI, the daughter of Dwayne “Paul” and Florance “JoAnne” (Norris) Hamilton. On October 8, 1984, Cindy married Robert “Bob” Clair Hallifax, Jr. on Mackinac Island, returning every year on their anniversary. She co-owned a national event and catering company and a winery in Frankenmuth, MI. Cindy was a joyous person who loved to share joy and happiness with others and make them feel welcome. Cindy and Bob wintered at their home in St. Augustine Beach, FL, and she loved to entertain in both Michigan and Florida. Cindy enjoyed traveling, gardening, and her two labradoodles, Riley and Jacques. Her favorite destinations were Mackinac Island and St. Augustine Beach. She is survived by her husband of 37 years, Bob Hallifax, CCE, mother JoAnne Hamilton, siblings Paul (Pat) Hamilton, Cathy (Ed) Thompson, and Bruce Hamilton, stepdaughters Kelli and Kim Hallifax, grandchildren Brooke, Brandon, and Morgyn, and numerous aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. A Celebration of Life Gathering was held Sunday, November 7, 2021. ▲

Our Condolences to the Friends & Family of Howard “Les” Miller It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Howard Leslie “Les” Miller, 89, of West Lafayette, IN, passed on Sunday, November 7, 2021. He and his wife owned and operated Miller Catering and Concessions / Porky’s BBQ for many years. Les was a self-taught man of many talents and he took part in many successful endeavors throughout his life. He was innovative, creative, artistic, and tech-savvy. On August 19, 1967, Les married Nancy Eileen Cain in Oaklandon, IN. He completed his studies at Purdue University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in 1969. Les and Nancy owned and operated a Charles Chips franchise and later in life, they ran Porky’s BBQ Concessions, and was a longtime NICA Member since 1993. Les was a former president of the National BBQ Association, but he never really retired. He especially enjoyed riding around on his scooter at the fairs with his dog, Lilly. Les was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, and brother. His legacy will forever live on in the hearts of those who loved him. He is survived by his wife Nancy, children Cheryl (Gary) Feece, Kurt Miller, Kelly Sapp, as well as many grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. Visitation was November 19, 2021 and Funeral Services were held at November 20, 2021 at Frain Mortuary in Winamac, IN with the American Legion and VFW conducting Military Graveside Services. Memorial Contributions may be made to Star City West Cemetery or St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. ▲ ►► “Announcements” continued on page 13 10

December 2021 NICA News

Thoughts From a This month’s Statement of Communications and Management Philosophy is from Lifetime Member Mary Brown, CCE, Mary’s Concessions, who earned her CCE in 2003: Communication and Management go hand in hand in this business. Where would we be without either one? I am the management, owner, operator, booking agent, the bank, truck driver, advisor, and handler of all the beefs. When it comes to my business, the buck stops here. As we all know, this is how it is in owning our own business. There’s nothing like a day when all the help shows up on time in a good mood, the sun is in the sky, and the event is crowded with people. They’re coming to your stands, waiting in line to buy your product. When the day is over, you’re tired, your feet hurt, and you smell like funnel cakes, sausage, french fries, and onions. Then you count out, and it’s the best day of all. The best grossing day I ever had! That means you have communicated. You have done your job as management. This is why we are in this business. The feeling of achievement and success is very rewarding. Oh yes! You know what’s coming now: the road stories! There’s nothing like a day when... you’re trying to make that Fair jump, you’ve torn down in the rain, and you look like you’ve been in the wet t-shirt contest and lost! “Where’s the electrician? What?? They went home? OK, Larry, can you take the electric out? I’ll stand right here with the flashlight. I’ll knock you off the box if you take a hit.”

“Why won’t this truck start? I know we had running lights on that trailer when we came in here.” Half an hour later... “OK, we got lights. Let’s go!” 40 miles down the road, with 100 to go, over the radio comes, “This truck sounds funny; is there something knocking in the engine?!” “Did you check the oil like I told you to?” “Oh, you told Joe to do it.” “Yes, I see the smoke! Everybody pull over! We have to change the truck and trailer around. We’ll come back after these later.” We arrive at 5 AM: “What is this guy doing in my house trailer spot? These are supposed to be assigned. OK, Let’s put the trailers on location.” (No marks! They washed off in the rain last night.) It’s now 6:30 AM: “Let’s get some sleep until about 10 AM. I’m sorry we had to leave the bunkhouse behind.” The help sleeps in the truck seats, on counters in the trailer, and someone finds a table under a tent and wraps up in a trash bag. 10 AM: “Get the help up. Here we go, another day in Paradise!” Things go pretty well, trailers are set, and a faithful employee went after the bunkhouse. 5 PM: Trailers are all open, stocked, and ready to go! A customer stops by and says, “I’d like to do this when I retire. Do you make any money at this? It always looked fun!” Then I know we have communicated and managed well, because to our customers, it still looks like fun! ▲

Q: “So, How Do I Get My CCE?”

The Certified Concessionaire Executive Program was developed to recognize the professionalism of Concessionaires, with the title representing a deep understanding and respect for the Fair and Festival business and indicates that the titleholder will perform with the highest

level of professionalism. The applicant must have a minimum of seven years as a full-time Chief Operating Manager of an Independent Concession Business and be a current member of NICA. Visit for more information and the new online version of the application. ▲ December 2021 NICA News


Member’s Voice Irene Dugan, Chuckwagon • Alta Loma, CA The greatest part of NICA is the Membership! The Membership’s Voice influences where the organization is headed and what it can improve, especially when it comes to which benefits are being used and which events people are interested in attending. The NICA Office has been continuing their survey of responses from Renewal Members. Irene Dugan, Chuckwagon, of Alta Loma, CA, has been a Concessionaire for approximately 38 years. Irene remarked, “I can’t believe it has been that long!” She married into the business: “My husband Chuck and I met on a blind date. We dated for a couple of years and were married in 1984. My husband has two children, a boy, and a girl, and I have two boys between us, eight grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. All of our children grew up working with us at one time or another, and our grandchildren have also worked with us as they have grown up. None of the great-grandchildren yet, but it will not be long.” The Dugans were originally part of a group of Concessionaires, based in the Western US, who were looking to change the Industry. Irene explained, “My husband Chuck, Tony Trafton, CCE, and Rey O’Day started talking about having an organization for Concessionaires, originally named ABOG (Associated Business Owners Guild). After a year, we all decided to join ABOG to NICA. We went

The Dugans’ Chuckwagon BBQ stand, one of their many Concession operations you’ll find at California Fairs


December 2021 NICA News

Chuck and Irene Dugan receiving their second Randy Smith Award from Howard Sandler, Director of Events at OC Fair

to Florida in 2007 to accomplish this.” The result of that merger produced NICA’s first Regional Council, NICA West. Irene believes that “NICA is on the side of the Concessionaire.” She stated, “They try to work through issues that pertain to us and our Industry. I am glad to be part of it.” Irene also makes use of NICA Benefits such as Sysco: “With the Sysco benefit, we save money and have the service of product delivery.“ So, how does she like being a Concessionaire? She explained, “I like being my own boss, creating ways to make things work smoothly, meeting a lot of new people, always trying to make our customers happy, and for them to always look forward to coming back to the Chuckwagon or any of our other stands to enjoy their favorite foods.” The Dugans operate a variety of stands under the Chuckwagon name, including Texas Style BBQ, Wild Hog BBQ, Fresh Frys, and Maddog Dugan Saloon. They specialize in smoked beef briskets, pork butts, pork ribs, and sausage, and their own secret recipe BBQ sauce. Irene said, “Our best sellers at the Chuckwagon, Texas Style BBQ, and Wild Hog BBQ are BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwiches, Brisket Waffle Fries, and Three Meat Waffle Fries. Our best sellers at Fresh Frys are our Blooming Onion with Ranch Dressing, Chili Cheese Fresh Fries, and Garlic Fries. We share the Fresh Fry stand with Donny and Candy Crutchfield.”

Under normal conditions, the Dugans’ route starts at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, CA; next, they go to the OC Fair in Costa Mesa, CA; and then the LA County Fair in Pomona, CA. She added, “We also participate in several interim events at Fairplex in Pomona, CA.” Irene feels much has changed since they started out all those years ago. She stated, “When I first started in the business, it was challenging, fun, exciting, and you never knew what would come up next. Now, the Industry has changed, but not in a good way. Our bottom line has shrunk 15% in the past 15 years. Increase in sales tax, rent, cost of wages, food costs, credit card sale costs, gasoline; moving expenses are also much higher. I feel Fair Management thinks less of us than they have in the past. Competition is getting to be no fun, and there is a lot of it, with too many duplicate items sold at too many different stands. Management needs to say no, and that goes for everyone.” To keep up, they had no choice but to increase the cost of their food: “We have had to raise our prices to prices that we would never want to charge. We posted a sign apologizing for the increase in prices, too; I am

embarrassed with our pricing now.” She continued, “Changes are needed, like adding sales tax to the price, and reasonable rent structures. If you provide the amount of seating we provide, our rent structure should be lower; this does not mean raising other Concessionaires’ rent to make up for dropping ours or stands like ours. If changes do not come about, I do not feel that we will continue to be a viable business.” In her free time, Irene likes to spend time with her family. “When things were normal,” she said, “I would have some grandkids, great-grandkids, and a niece come over to create crafts. It would be a sleepover. We did Christmas crafts, jewelry crafts, and whatever other crafts they wanted to do.” She has not given up hope, though, and she looks to the future: “Since COVID, there are a lot of things that are not normal. I am hoping things become more to what we are accustomed to. At least to the point that we have a better idea of what is to come.” The NICA Office plans to continue to reach out to our Renewing Members. If you hear from us, we’d love to know what’s on your mind! ▲

“Announcements” continued from page 10 ►►

Our Deepest Sympathies to the Chambers Family We are saddened to share the news that Mary Chambers, American Food Service, passed away on the morning of Monday, October 25th. Mary’s company, American Food Service, has been with NICA since the beginning, with Mary joining in the mid90s. She specialized in serving all sorts of delicious treats, such as Caramel Apple Sundaes, Soft Serve Ice Cream, Sundaes, and Floats to hungry Fairgoers for many years. We do not have details for a service at this time, but we will forward them when available. Please keep the Chambers family in your thoughts and prayers. ▲

Time is Running Out! Renew or Refer a Member For an Entry to Win Coca-Cola generously sponsors our NICA Membership Contest with three different prizes, with NICA sponsoring one prize. Like 2020’s contest, this year all of the Renewing Members’ names will be placed in the Coca-Cola grand prize drawing for the $2,000 Gift of Travel Voucher. Any NICA Member who successfully refers a new or former member receives one chance for each one to win $500, and a member of NICA Leadership also gets a chance for a separate $500 drawing. The NICA Member who refers the most members automatically gets a free NICA Membership, $100, and their name engraved on a Championship Belt! Time is running out! New Applications can be found at, on the inside back cover of each issue of NICA News, or by request from the NICA Office. See page 29 in this issue for a list of all Referral Members who are currently entered into the drawing (as of our publication date). Good luck! ▲ December 2021 NICA News


A Conversation About Best Practices Rey O’Day, Executive Director

also a desire to have standards of excellence and quality defined. In their business relationship, they wanted Over the past ten years, Fair Staff and Vendors professional courtesy and adherence to the have been surveyed by Fair Associations with concepts of The Golden Rule. Honesty, efficiency, a series of questions that have basically asked, transparency, and collaboration were concepts “What would you change?” and “What would you leave the same?” in their working relationship with often mentioned. All the respondents shared each other. Many of the answers they received still survival concerns, escalating costs, flat revenues, and the need to make a profit. It appeared the apply today, inspiring even more conversations. shared mission was to serve customers and earn The surveys clearly pointed out that Fair Staff profits with a quality product, service, or event. One and Vendors have shared goals. They agreed that providing excellent guest service was their primary Fair responder said it this way, “We book based on the ability to sell a good product that will please mission. That doing so included concerns for customers and make everyone money.” safety, creating value, good communication, and That being said, there were many comments understanding that all parties were in the business on the same issues, yet expressed from opposite of making memories. Though each responder viewpoints: believed they were doing their best, there was

Fair Staff • • • •

Follow the rules Be timely / Be on time Arrive with a good attitude Contracts are to be followed, not bent • Your prices are too high • Understand the true cost to produce a Fair • A coat of paint goes a long way 14

December 2021 NICA News


Vendors • • • •

Enforce the rules Don’t wait until the last minute to tell us Don’t be mad at us when we arrive Please enforce your contracts (product duplication) • You charge the guest too much for parking and admission • Understand how much it costs us to do business • A coat of paint goes a long way

• Respect our property and leave it clean • Bring solutions not complaints • Guest doesn’t want the same old / We need to make changes • Stay out of our offices • Stay open • Bring your “A” game

• Have the facility ready for us when we arrive on the property • Listen like we know something, ask our opinion • Our customers like it the way it is—they can find us! • Come out of your office and see your event • Why? No one is here • Make it possible for me to do my best

Listing Concerns & Communication There was also the expected list of concerns that are often discussed and sometimes resolved. These concerns include the following: • Deposits are too high and asked for too soon • Who really pays for sponsorships? • Every day can’t be Saturday • Pay on time

• We own the ground; therefore, that space does not belong to you • The long hours burn us out • Stop product duplication • We can’t put everyone in the best location

And many comments were about the need to improve how we communicate: • Give us specific detailed information • Read what we send you • Tell us when you change something

Actually, it does boil down to improving communication: both giving it and listening to it. NICA was formed on the premise that if Fair Staff and Vendors communicated more, it would improve our Industry. Thus, was born the • Provides means to discuss concerns and design solutions • Provides mutual education opportunities

Our weakness and our strength is we are an extended family: the Fair Family. Yes, we have differences, concerns, and frustrations, but we also have many positive dynamics. Some of the feelings mentioned were the spirit of cooperation, support for each other, patience with customers, great personalities, and sense of camaraderie. The most mentioned words were “friendship” and

• How come you do not involve us in important decisions? • Complaining or criticizing after the Fair

concept of Communication Committees: a group of Fair-related business owners selected by Fair Management that meet on a periodic basis to discuss mutual needs and concerns. The benefits of Communication Committees are many: • Provides way to disseminate information and changes • Provides an ensemble working relationship

“family.” Many marveled at the friendships that had developed over years of shared experiences. In summary, we are a people making a living bringing joy and laughter to a world that sorely needs it. We are dedicated to having fun and making memories. Our shared mission is to serve customers and earn profits with a quality product, service, or event. ▲ December 2021 NICA News



December 2021 NICA News

Join us February 14-16, 2022 at the beautiful Sheraton Tampa Brandon Hotel, located at 10221 Princess Palm Ave. Tampa, FL, for the 2022 NICA Business Expo and Fare Foods Food Show. This year’s theme is “Thriving While Surviving,” which is a fitting description of how our Industry is emerging in the PostPandemic world. The NICA Business Expo will be held Monday through Wednesday, providing Workshops and Discussion Groups which cover the issues and the daily challenges our Industry is faced with today. The Fare Foods Food Show

will run Monday and Tuesday and will feature exhibitors showcasing the latest food trends and technology that defines the 2022 Fair Season. Visit to Pre-register for the event for FREE. Stay tuned to NICA communications for programming information.

Please pre-register by Sunday, February 13, 2022 to avoid an on-site registration fee of $10

EXHIBIT SPACE APPLICATION Vendor Setup: February 14 • Food Show: February 14 & 15

Please Select a Sponsorship Level

 Platinum .......... $7,500  Gold ................... $5,000

 Silver ................ $3,000  Bronze .............. $2,000

Return completed form by December 31, 2021 to: Fare Foods, P.O. Box 407, Du Quoin, IL 62832 Phone: (618) 542-2155 • Fax: (618) 542-4798 • Email: All payments must be made in full by December 31, 2021 or booth space will be forfeited.

Company Name: __________________________________________ Contact Person:___________________________________________ Phone: ______________________ Cell: ________________________ Address: _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ City: _________________________ State:______ Zip:____________ E-mail:____________________________________________________

 Master Card

 Visa

Credit Card Number: ______________________________________ Expiration Date: ___________________________________________ Signature: ________________________________________________

List products/services to be exhibited:

_____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________

Name Badges Please print first and last name of individuals working your booth:

_____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ December 2021 NICA News


SPECIAL REDUCED RATES FOR 2022 To reserve your hotel accommodations you must book your room through the online reservation site. Visit either site below: King Single / Double Bed Room.................$146.00* (plus tax) Breakfast vouchers available for $14.50 per person, per day (inclusive of tax & gratuity) for each guest in room. You will only be charged when voucher is redeemed. Vouchers provided at check-in. (Redeemable at Panfilo’s Restaurant)

If you have questions or would like to upgrade your room please contact Audrey: (618) 542-2155 • *Rooms are based on availability. Reservations must be made no later than January 3, 2022 to receive these special reduced rates. Room rates revert to full price after this date. Credit card required to reserve room.

See you in Tampa! 18

December 2021 NICA News

THE NEXT GENERATION IN CONCESSION SERVICE • Highest Revenue Per Hour • Best Customer Interaction with Lowest Counters • More Productivity with Most Ergonomic Space

A full product line from standardized to highly customized fair and festival assets, now including Chester Built Trailers! Maximize Your Midway Presence: 618.260.0077 |

INSURANCE PROGRAM BUILT WITH Exclusive rates and coverages Developed with concessionaires

member benefit

IN MIND Doing business in 48 states Work with industry experts

Property | Fleet | Liability | Workers' Compensation 800.860.1060 | 330.335.2521 December 2021 NICA News


Celebrating Art Pokorny East Council Returns to North Carolina State Fair for Annual Rally... With a Twist! Jessica Gottsche, East Council Coordinator

Vendors and Fair Management, and worked with the other NICA Founders to establish the Association in 1993. In October, the East Council held its third Jessica Gottsche, NICA East Council Annual Rally in Raleigh, NC, with our hosts from Coordinator, began the event by welcoming the the North Carolina State Fair. However, this year, there was a small twist in plans as news of Arthur 60-plus attendees and letting everyone know that they were there to celebrate someone quite “Art” Pokorny’s upcoming retirement started to special. Telling a story about how this someone circulate, and the North Carolina State Fair was and Jessica had a quite a bit in common, both to be Art’s last stop before retiring to Florida. beginning their careers at The Big E, and even Earlier that month, Art was also honored with a Lifetime Pass, or Golden Ticket, to The Big E from having the same secretary, all while watching Art as he realized he was that someone. It was the Eastern States Exposition (ESE). This is the highest honor the Fair awards and is reserved only then announced that all the proceeds from the for those who have had a longtime, positive impact event would be used to award a NICA Foundation Scholarship in 2022 in Art’s name. Several on the Fair. members in attendance announced that they Art, a NICA Past President, Founder, and would make a donation, and the Council was 2011 Hall of Fame Recipient, has been a part thrilled to raise over $8,000 for the Foundation! of the Fair Industry for 62 years. He began his The East Council and the Pokorny family career on the Fair Staff at The Big E for 30 years, want to thank Kent Yelverton, North Carolina moving up to Assistant General Manager and Vice President before leaving to become a Mobile State Fair Manager, James Romer, Assistant Fair Manager, and Letrice Midgett, Commercial Space Concessionaire. He and his wife Barbara traveled Administrator, for their continued to support the East Coast running their pizza and ice cream operations for the next 32 years. When he became of the event. And, a special “Thank you!” to our donors and sponsors for making Art’s retirement a Mobile Concessionaire, Art saw the need for better communication and workmanship between celebration one to remember! ▲ 20

December 2021 NICA News

Pictured at Art Pokorny’s Golden Ticket presentation at The Big E— Front: Rob Gottsche, ESE Sales Manager; Noreen Tassinari, Director of Marketing; Darlene Smith, Sales Department Administrative Assistant; Art Pokorny; Tony Viecelli and John Kaboray, BLC Building managers; Barbara Pokorny; and granddaughter Daniella Serra. Back: John Juliano of Mellowship Entertainment; granddaughter Rachel Pokorny; Gene Cassidy, ESE President and CEO; Art’s son Jeff Pokorny and granddaughter Meagan Pokorny; and Paul Gormley and Barbara’s daughter Kelley Myers, New York Style Pizza

East Council Members Kelley Myers, Bary Bunts, CCE, Gentry Miller, and Tom Hodson, CCE, with Jessica Gottsche, East Council Coordinator, and Art Pokorny, Past President, at the East Council Rally, held at the North Carolina State Fair

Annual East Council Rally Moments The following collage showcases a breakfast full of donuts, provided by Bary Bunts, CCE, guest speaker James Romer, excited attendees, and a variety of prize winners who took home new equipment, free memberships, and more during the celebration of Art Pokorny held at the North Carolina State Fair

December 2021 NICA News


Attention Members!

Are You Taking Advantage of All That NICA Has to Offer? One of the most important aspects of NICA is the access to benefits that we provide to our membership. We have compiled a comprehensive guide to our benefit partners and how to best utilize their discounts, rebates, or other deals as a NICA Member. No matter where you are in the country, you can have access to our membership benefits booklet in print or online editions—it’s meant to be used on the go! Of course, if there are any questions, feel free to call the NICA Office at (813) 438-8926 and we can help. Below is a list of benefits that can assist you in a variety of ways:

Every NICA Member who is a Food and/or Beverage Vendor is automatically eligible for this great discount program. You must connect with our Coca-Cola Representative Lexie Gentleman at (813) 344-9593 or at least three weeks before an event to ensure that you receive your special discount pricing.

include graphics and wraps, banners and fence panels, custom branding and design, menus and shape cut signs, product photos, stickers, full-color prints, backlit signs, register covers, and more! Call (714) 447-4484 or visit them online at and let them know you are a NICA Member to receive your free estimate and discount pricing.


Complete an online application on our website at or fill out a W-9 form and create a list with your route, with each venue and their dates outlined; include any established bottler contacts you may have.

First Data is now Fiserv! Save on payment processing securely and reliably by applying online at or contacting the following representatives based on your business:

Email your W-9 and route list to and to get started; account registration can take up to six weeks.

Fairs, associations, software providers, wholesalers, and non-Concession: Contact Tina Hollis at or (239) 287-8221.




Concessionaires in AZ, CA, CO, ID, IL, IA, KS, MN, MO, MT, NE, NV, NM, ND, OR, SD, UT, WA, WI, and GA: Contact Angie Ray at or (423) 480-7727.


OCC Signs has you covered with special discount pricing for all NICA Members. Products 22

December 2021 NICA News

Concessionaires in TX, OK, MI, IN, NY, FL, AR, LA, MS, AL, TN, KY, OH, PA, ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT, NJ, DE, MD, WV, VA, NC, and SC: Contact Richard Viana at or (786) 559-3764. ▲


Food & Beverage Standard of Delivery for Event Concessions For the last two years, many industries changed the way they did business as a direct result of the Pandemic. Stationary restaurants moved their emphasis from dining in to picking up, curbside, and delivery; retail establishments increased their efforts online; and Concessionaires moved to popup events and drive-thrus as events canceled. In the last year, the gradual reopening of events saw a slow change back to the status quo, and many of these businesses reverted to what they had done before, even if it is still somewhat different than what was originally considered as “normal.” Throughout this period, customers have adjusted with the times and have shown they are flexible to any result, as long as it is consistent, convenient, and well communicated. This standard of delivery is very important in retaining, as well as respecting, the requests of the customer, whether

it is in a traditional environment or somewhere new. NICA has gathered a list of common, practical, common-sense guidelines that we hope will improve your quality standard of delivery. ▲

Every Guest should expect to receive a Quality Standard of Food and Beverage Delivery that includes the following examples: Guest walks up to an attractively decorated, well Guest receives hot items hot and cold items

organized, and clean stand


Employees are focused on guests, not

Standard expectation that food is fresh and

Guest is greeted with eye contact and a friendly

Complete satisfaction guaranteed or item


greeting from an appropriately attired employee or volunteer There is a sample or photo of products on view Guest can order anything on the menu Guest is politely asked if they want to purchase additional products The correct price is posted, collected and/or rung up in view of guest Location accepts payment in the method the guest wants to pay Items cooked and presented in a consistent manner Guest waits an appropriate length of time for food Guest receives exactly what was ordered attractively presented or wrapped Drinks are served with lids and straws (check Fair policy)

tastes good

exchanged or money back

At end of transaction thanked for business

and/or wished a good experience

Seating area is clean, attractive, and well


Condiments and napkins easily located in a

clean area (check Fair policy) Atmosphere includes music, lights, color, and/or plants whenever possible All products and personal items are safely stored off the ground and out of public view Fire and Health Department Rules and Regulations followed Proper personal hygiene practiced by all employees Emphasis is on the complete guest experience being memorable, tasty, and pleasant December 2021 NICA News


NICA’s Social Presence Continues to Grow... Jessica Gottsche, Social Media Coordinator For NICA, social media remains a place for us to grow, to connect, to find each other, and in 2021, to celebrate our return to work. The thousands of miles between us disappeared and we came back together, where we belong, on the Fairgrounds we know and love. And, much like it did when we were apart, social media continued to bring us together, to cheer each other on, and to connect to find the much needed help and supplies. NICA’s social media presence has grown again throughout Twitter follower growth trends comparing 2019, 2020, and this past year and we continue to be grateful the 2021; follow us online at @NICAinc connection each of our members has provided.

NICA’s Facebook Followers Break 1500 Over the last three years, Facebook has continued to be the network of choice for our membership, and has grown substantially since 2019. In 2021, we also launched the Facebook group NICA Live! that hosts over 140 members.

Facebook follower growth trends in the last three years; follow and like our page at or join NICA Live! at

Twitter Growth Remaining Steady Twitter is the go to social network for breaking news, quick updates and sharing informative clips that are important to users and their followers. NICA’s 350-plus Twitter followers learn about important NICA News, and have access to retweets from the Association that provides Industry-related news updates. 24

December 2021 NICA News

NICA’s Instagram Continues to Grow

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social network, owned by Facebook, where a user can visually capture a moment in time and share it with their followers. Still one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world, NICA is capitalizing on the growth, as our number of followers has grown dramatically over the last three years.

Instagram follower growth trends since 2019; follow us at

Have you taken a moment to find us on social media? Look us up on the pages provided, and add us to your network, so we can share your information, retweet your breaking news and like your business’s photos and videos. We love seeing our members at their best all year, and sharing your success and stories from the road and from home. Tell us how you kept busy this year: What did you learn? Who did you spend time with? We love hearing from you! See you on social! ▲

From the Camera Roll...

NICA Past Presidents celebrating Art’s retirement at the Annual East Council Rally: Russ Harrison, CCE, Tom Hodson, CCE, Art Pokorny, and Greg Miller, CCE

Larry Habeck, TBA Concessions, with Marty and Mitch Zinder, Victor Products

Kelley Myers, East Council, and Debbie Powers, OABA Chair

Charlotte and Rick Normant, Normant’s Salt Water Taffy

Grant and Gayle Simons, Ann Lee Concessions

Barb Pokorny, New York Style Pizza, and Kelley Myers, East Council

Art Pokorny, Past President, and Paul Gormley, New York Style Pizza

Kent Yelverton, North Carolina State Fair Manager, Larry Habeck, TBA Concessions, and James Romer, Assistant Fair Manager, at the East Council Rally

Have you attended a NICA-related event? Send your photos or coverage to December 2021 NICA News


Donate Today to the 2022 Scholarship Program Created by NICA to oversee and administer a formal education scholarship program and foster development opportunities and training services, the NICA Foundation awarded $30,000 to 17 deserving individuals in 2021. We are so proud to say, WE DID IT! Now, we need your help to ensure the future success of this honored program. Our annual scholarships are funded through donations from purveyors, the NICA Boards, and members seeking to protect and sustain their Industry by supporting educational growth. This month, the NICA Office mailed out letters to the NICA Membership. Each letter contains an enclosed envelope that you can send with your donation—you may also donate online at NICA Foundation’s page: If you do not receive a letter, please let us know so we can update your address in the system.

customers can safely pay how they want to


December 2021 NICA News

Please embrace the challenge to sustain NICA’s scholarship legacy and donate today! A donation from you in any amount can make the difference for someone’s opportunity to commit to their education and future. Your foresight and generosity will be used to build the foundation for future students to learn, grow, and thrive. This year’s Scholarship Program would not be possible without the generous donations of so many of our supporters. Applications for the 2022 Scholarship Program will be available at next month. ▲

MCGOWANSpecialty ALLIED Insurance Masters in the art of insuring amusement & entertainment risks ABOUT US McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance brings together an unmatched team of risk management professionals with over 35 years of expertise. We continue, as we have since 1983, to be solely dedicated to the Amusement and Entertainment Industries. The strength of our new partnership delivers in-depth knowledge of the industry and advanced technology that brings to you a solid partner for your business needs. We craft solutions for a wide range of coverages that other companies

simply do not know how to write. We ensure that you are not stuck with cut-rate programs. 727.547.3023

Let us show you how we can help. Scan for more information!

December 2021 NICA News


MEMBER CLASSIFIEDS Is your Fair in search of the next big thing or need help, or are you a Concessionaire or Vendor who needs to sell equipment or are in need of staff? Ads start at $25 for NICA Members and are posted each week in NICA Now! and at Contact us at (813) 530-4750 or to learn more.

Three Concession Stands For Sale Owner retiring from Food Concession business; selling three Concession stands and miscellaneous other support equipment: 1. 2007 Hitchhiker Funnel Cake/Ice Cream stand in good condition, fully equipped with Stoelting Ice Cream Machine: $95,000. 2. 1995 Uniglide Funnel Cake / Fried Dough stand in good condition, fully equipped: $45,000. 3. 1995 Uniglide Potato House in good condition, fully equipped: $45,000. Contact Loretta at ▲

Restaurant Building & Business For Sale RARELY BECOMES AVAILABLE: Opportunity to acquire a FULLY SUCCESSFUL AND PROFITABLE, Well Established Building and Business, which is surprisingly even more successful during these times. This is a quite rare and a definite opportunity a purchaser cannot pass up on taking advantage of. An investment located in this State Fairgrounds is a rare opportunity and is in high demand. Very low overhead, priced below market value, and much lower than the cost to build new. Turnkey, Two Story, 2160’, Air Conditioned, Indoor Seating, Take-Out Window, Fully Equipped and Supplied, Including Lots of Inventory. Services the State Fair, Multiple Special Events, and/or Catering, if desired, with Endless Possibilities.

Advertise Your Business in

Current owner is retiring. Owner may carry. Call Theresa at (561) 386-1709 or email ▲ WHEN PROMOTING YOUR BUSINESS WITH US, YOU... • • •

Reach your targeted audience through national exposure to key decision makers including Concessionaires, Fairs, and more! Gain name recognition via our publications, website, and sponsorships available at Industry events; ask for more details. Receive a superb value through quality marketing opportunities.

Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or or visit today!


December 2021 NICA News

Mike Schantz...................................................................................1 Gary Shepard...................................................................................1

2021 Membership Contest Leaderboard* Renewal Members ($2000 Gift of Travel) For a complete list of Renewal Members, eligible for the $2000 Gift of Travel, view our Contest page online at

Referrals: General Membership Jeff Beaver......................................................................................1 Bryan Enloe......................................................................................1 Dennis Fraleigh................................................................................1 Russ Harrison, CCE.........................................................................1 Carol Lundgren................................................................................1 Dan Lusenhop.................................................................................1 Cameron Murray.............................................................................1 Stacey Pittroff-Barona....................................................................1 Ron Porter.......................................................................................1

Referrals: Councils Bary Bunts, CCE..............................................................................5 Kara Moederndorfer........................................................................2 Libby Class......................................................................................1 Jan Gary, CCE..................................................................................1 Irene Dugan.....................................................................................1

Referrals: Board of Directors Sandy Class, CCE............................................................................5 Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE...............................................................5 Thomas Hodson, CCE.....................................................................5 Daryl Whicheloe, CCE......................................................................4 Kim Barr, CCE..................................................................................3 Kathy Ross, CCE..............................................................................2 Phil Delahoyde.................................................................................1 Kelly Grout.......................................................................................1 Vincent Nelson, CCE.......................................................................1

*Referral Listing as of 10/31/21. See back cover for more information, rules, and prizes.

Follow Us Online!

Visit or search NICA on social media for the latest announcements, news, and pictures. We invite you to share or post your, stories, photos, and more on our main social media pages or on NICA Live! #TogetherWeCan

With over 65 years of insurance expertise, K&K protects concessionaires and vendors with affordable coverage designed for your needs. And when claims occur, our colleagues are here to respond quickly and effectively. Visit our website to quote and buy online. K&K Insurance Group, Inc. is a licensed insurance producer in all states (TX license #13924); operating in CA, NY and MI as K&K Insurance Agency (CA license #0334819)

December 2021 NICA News


Going Round and Round on Insurance? Protect yourself with risk management and business insurance from a company that specializes in the amusement industry. Haas & Wilkerson Insurance provides better products and services, leading coverages and limits, and over 80 years of industry experience. Our well-trained experts specialize in comprehensive insurance and can tailor solutions that are cost-effective and specific to your unique needs.

For a comprehensive review of your coverage and exposure, call 913.432.4400 or visit Independent agent representing Westchester, a Chubb Company, Programs Division. Insurance provided by Ace American Insurance Company and its U.S. based Chubb underwriting company affiliates. Chubb is the marketing name used to refer to subsidiaries of Chubb Limited providing insurance and related services. All products may not be available in all states. For a list of these subsidiaries, please visit


December 2021 NICA News

National Independent Concessionaires Association, Inc.

For Off ice Use Only

1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511 Phone: (813) 438-8926 • Fax: (813) 803-8460 Email: • Website:

Date: #: q Member Renewal


First Name:

Last Name:

Name of Business: Physical Address: Mailing Address:

City :

City :

Primary Phone Number :





Cell / Secondary Phone Number :



Age Range: q 20-35 q 35-50 q 51-70 q 70+ q Other:

NICA News Preference: q Mail q Email

Referred by :

Annual Membership Fees Associate Membership

Regular Membership q

A person or entity who provides services to the Concession Industry.

Regular Member..............................................................$150


Fair / Festival (over 75,000 attendance)......................$150


Fair / Festival (under 75,000 attendance)...................$100

q Retired Member................................................................. $50


Manufacturer / Distributor / Supplier...........................$150

Business / Group Membership


Carnival / Circus Operator..............................................$150


Association / Special Services......................................$150

q Additional Member..........................................................$100 q Employee Member............................................................. $75

Includes five Memberships in one: one Regular Member, one Additional Member, and three Employee Members ($475 value).


Business / Group.............................................................$400

Additional Member : _______________________________________ Employee Member 1: ______________________________________ Employee Member 2: ______________________________________ Employee Member 3: ______________________________________ Regular membership categories Check a category below and provide a detailed description of your company’s services in the next column under Business Description.

Business Description Provide a detailed description of your business, products, and/or services below. This information will be used for your entry in the annual NICA Membership Directory and as keywords to search for your business on the NICA website.

________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________


Food / Beverage


Commercial Exhibitors / Retail / Merchants



Attractions / Entertainment


Cash q






Guest Services

Credit Card #:

General Routing Information List all states / provinces where you conduct your business.






Security Code:

Money Order q


American Express



Expiration Date:


___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance The NICA-sponsored $10,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance Policy is provided to Regular Members. List a beneficiary and a phone number below.

Beneficiary : _________________________ Phone : _____________

Applicant’s signature


Signature of Credit Card Holder q I authorize NICA to charge the agreed amount listed above to my credit card information provided above. I agree I will pay for this purchase in accordance with the issuing bank cardholder agreement.

Automatic Renewal Option q I authorize NICA to make automatic renewal payments for my Membership using the credit card information above. I shall update NICA with all changes to payment information or my intent to cancel automatic renewal payments prior to my next renewal month.

National Independent Concessionaires Association, Inc. 1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511 Time Sensitive Mail • December 2021 Issue


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