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29 2020 NICA Membership Contest Leaderboard

AdvertiSers 17 Berk Concession Supply 09 Brakebush Brothers 18 Fanestil Meats 17 Fare Foods 12 Firestone Financial 29 Haas & Wilkerson Insurance 23 Heinkel’s Packing Company

19 Hummel Group 18 JKJ Workforce 11 K&K Insurance 26 Member Classifieds 18 Perfect Stix 30 Schantz Mfg. 09 Swanel Beverage 27 TasteMaker 23 Waymatic 28 Whirley 27 WNA

NICA is a membership-driven organization dedicated to strengthening relationships with the Fair, Festival, and Special Events Industries through effective communication, education, benefits, leadership, and solutions. The National Independent Concessionaires Association, Inc. is a Florida Corporation with an Editorial and General Office located at 1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511 • Off ice: (813) 438-8926 • Fax: (813) 803-8460 • Online: www.nicainc.org The information contained in this Publication is based upon sources believed to be reliable. Readers should not act without professional advice. Cover to Cover © 1993-2020 NICA, Inc. All Rights Reserved. “Together We Can Show Gratitude!” December 2020 NICA News


This Month’s Newest Members Michael Olcott

Kern County Fairgrounds Bakersfield, CA

Chris Pickering

Northwest Washington Fair Lynden, WA

Welcome to our two New Members! All New Member recruiters are eligible for the $500 cash awards in the NICA Membership Contest, sponsored by Coca-Cola Refreshments! See page 29 for the Leaderboard. “Together We Can!”

This Month’s Member Renewals Mary Anderson

Route 66 Pizza Puyallup, WA (2017)

Randy Anderson

Route 66 Pizza Puyallup, WA (2017)

Jack Bidwell

Bidwell’s Concessions Crossville, TN (1995)

Phyllis Bidwell

Bidwell’s Concessions Crossville, TN (2004)

Kelly Bisbey

Pepsico Foodservice Tampa, FL (1995)

Marla Calico

IAFE Springfield, MO (1993)

Patty Dee

Miami-Dade County Youth Fair & Exposition Miami, FL (1993)

Shane DeVooght

Superiorland Concessions/ Sidewalk Sundae Sarasota, FL (2011)

Jodi Dirksen

E & G Catering White City, OR (2018)

Connie Featherston

Lee’s Concessions, Inc. Faribault, MN (2010)

John Gray

Focus Photography Cornville, AZ (2008)

Paul Hansen

Dick Campbell

Hansen’s Festival Concessions Evansville, MN (2011)

Judy Carrico

Cheryle Hartley

Jan Cates

Lucky Henner

David Cavallaro

Paul Hohenwald

Erie County Fair Clarence, NY (2007) Alameda County Fair Pleasanton, CA (2014) The Cates Company Perrysville, OH (2009) Cavallaro Concessions Mendota Heights, MN (2018)

Carolina Classic Fair Winston-Salem, NC (1997) Capital Cookery, Inc. Wolfforth, TX (2004) Coasters Oakdale, MN (2019)

Fran Crone

Tina Hollis

Gary Crutchfield

Robert Holmes

SW Florida & Lee County Fair North Fort Myers, FL (1997) Crutchee’s, Inc. Sumner, TX (2012)

Michael Davis

Toucan Enterprises Apple Valley, CA (2012)

Fiserv / Clover Solutions Riverview, FL (2009) Spectrum Weather and Specialty Insurance, Inc. Liberty, MO (2018)

Robert Hutchins

Rainbow Concessions dba Blue & White Concessions Yucaipa, CA (2007)

Steven Jankiewicz Event Catering, Inc. Solvay, NY (2019)

C.E. Norris

Steve Lepley

Lake County Fair Association Eustis, FL (1995)

William (Billy) Level

Loret Foods White Bear Township, MN (1994)

Melanie Linnear

CVP Palm City, FL (2017)

Lorna Massey

Minnesota State Fair St. Paul, MN (1993)

Mark Massey

Solem Concessions, Inc. Rochester, MN (2016)

Rebecca Kelley

C & E Concessions, LLC Indianapolis, IN (1997)

Frank Mastro

Destroy Productions Valley Center, CA(2018)

Cumberland Valley Concessions Bedford, PA (2015) Hog Wild BBQ Ronceverte, WV (2016) State Fair of Texas Dallas, TX (1995) Massey Concessions Germantown, KY (2018) Massey Concessions Germantown, KY (2009) Sysco Corporation Houston, TX (2015) Mastro’s Ice Cream St. Clair Shores, MI (1993)

Connie McKinney, CCE Connie’s Concessions Van Buren, AR (1993)

Benjamin Merrill

Rockin’ Comet Diner Clayton, NC (2019)

Ashley Murray

M & M Product Marketing Redondo Beach, CA (2008)

Maata Niupalau

MAE INC Nampa, ID (2018)

Brad Ribar, CCE

Robert Riggs

Jim Sinclair, CFE

Jeremy Solem

Ed Stergar

Troy Stroh

Jim Swain

Swain’s Pizza On A Stick, Inc. Crystal River, FL (1995)

Libby Swain

Swain’s Concessions Crystal River, FL (2015)

John Uhl

Century Industries, LLC Sellersburg, IN (1993)

Ed White

White’s Concessions Dalton Garden, ID (1995)

Tim Yoder

Elkhart County Fair Goshen, IN (1993)

Year: 1993-2000 2001-2005 2006-2010 2010-2019

Thank you to all 49 Renewal Members for your continued support. This year all of the Renewal Members’ names will be placed in the Coca-Cola drawing for the $2,000 Gift of Travel. See the back cover for more details. “Together We Can!”


December 2020 NICA News

President’s Message

Don Delahoyde, CCE, President

What does the future bring? Will we go back to work soon? Next year, or when? These are the questions that seem unanswerable. I encourage all BLACK FRIDAY! Yes, I am writing this on Black Friday, but members I have consulted with to plan on another year as the last, with the possibility of returning I will not be going shopping. to Fairs at any time. I think we all agree that Fairs I hope you all had a safe and will not look the same when we return, with social enjoyable Thanksgiving. I am distancing, face coverings and reduced capacities, sure many had a different experience than any other year. lack of entertainment, etc. I believe that Fairs must become realistic about As I reflect on 2020, who would have every thought we would go what they will have to offer the Guest as well almost a year without Fairs? We have all adapted in as their Vendors. What rent should you pay for a our own way to deal with what must be the biggest reduced attendance and attraction event? Will the Fairs have less stands? How will they decide who crisis in most of our lives. I have watched our members as we have responded to the Pandemic might stay and what stands might go? We know and the restrictions that have been put on us. The that most Fairs are hurting financially; are they results have been astonishing and inspiring. It has willing to give up some rent to make it work for all? Regarding NICA, we continue to offer any been great seeing our members adapt and remain successful, as well as, many having maybe there first summer ever to spend with family instead of ►► “Message” continued on page 6 being on the road.

Director’s Director’S Voice

Kevin McGrath, CCE, Director

Never Give Up! Be Prepared!

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” —Franklin D. Roosevelt. When things are going well, not as much skill is needed in business. Conversely, when things happen to test our skills it makes us work harder and achieve more. This year reminds me of an experience I had 40 years ago. Gayle and I, in our first sailboat, were traveling from Ft. Myers to Key West. There wasn’t GPS technology, and we could not have afforded it anyway. Basically, all we had was a compass, depth sounder, and paper charts. A storm came up. Shortly after, the bracket for the water pump that cooled the engine broke and our only propulsion would be the sails. Seas were 10-12 feet. Rain, wind, and seas were extreme. A trip that should have been 20 hours would soon

take 70-plus hours. At night, the skies were so dark you could not see from the cockpit to the front deck—where I had to work the sails. I tethered myself as I moved around the deck adjusting sails. Rain was blowing sideways, and seas were crashing on the deck. Gayle was tied to a cleat in the cockpit. We sailed through two nights, tacking back and forth to catch the wind, as we slowly moved the direction we needed to be. 60 hours after leaving we saw the bell at the entrance to the northwest channel leading to Key West. However, the wind was on our nose and we couldn’t sail that direction. We anchored in 30 feet of water. I had a good anchor but an extremely limited amount of chain on it and surely not enough anchor rode (rope). I spent the next eight hours sitting on the front deck and letting out three feet of rope every

►► “Voice” continued on page 8 December 2020 NICA News



President: Don Delahoyde, CCE 1st Vice President: Sandy Class, CCE 2nd Vice President: Daryl Whicheloe, CCE Treasurer: Jay “Rocko” Russell, CCE Secretary: Vincent Nelson, CCE


Kim Barr, CCE Jacqueline Bradbury Andrew “Bruno” Broomfield Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE Kelly Grout Kevin McGrath, CCE Jeff Thornberry, CCE

Immediate Past President

Kathy Ross, CCE

Past Presidents’ Council

Dan Lusenhop Dominic Palmieri, CCE Paulette Keene, CCE

Joe Potillo, Jr. Greg Miller, CCE Tom Sattler, CCE Russ Harrison, CCE Richard Busse, CCE Tom Hodson, CCE Jim Hodson, CCE (Deceased) Tim O’Brien, CCE Ron Smith Adam McKinney, CCE Mike Pence, CCE Jack Woods, II, CCE Bob Hallifax, CCE Frank Parnell, CCE Larry Orme (Deceased) Larry Sivori Rich Wright Bill McKinney, CCE Arthur Pokorny, Jr. Gene O’Brien, CCE (Deceased)


Executive Director & West Council Coordinator : Rey O’Day rey@nicainc.org

Communications & Marketing Manager: Jesse Willard communications@nicainc.org

Office & Membership Manager: Linda Frisco nica@nicainc.org

East Council Coordinator & Social Media Coordinator: Jessica Gottsche jessica@nicainc.org

Central East Council Coordinator: Dennis Larson, CFE dennis@nicainc.org

east Council

Lindsey Constantine Thomas Hodson, CCE Gentry Miller Henry Mitchell Cameron Murray Kelley Myers Vincent Nelson, CCE Joshua Nicholson

West Council

Brandy Arredondo Kim Barr, CCE Irene Dugan Jan Gary, CCE Ryan Long Kara Moederndorfer Ryann Newman Erica Quintero Steve Vartanian Jay Wells

National Reps

Duane Fischer John Harkey David Higginbottom Charles Ivory, CCE Mike McGrath Kevin McGrath, II Etta Pence, CCE David Spann R. Josh Stremmel George Wandrey, Jr. Ted Wentz Nick White

Do you have any questions or would like to get involved with NICA? Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or nica@nicainc.org today!

“Message” continued from page 5 ►► assistance we can to our members. We are still not sure about Florida Week and our Business Expo and Food Show. Be assured we will have some education for our members even if it must be virtual. At the present time we are shooting for a live Convention in Tampa, FL February 15-17, 2021. We are still figuring out how we will be able to do our Annual Meeting, as this is a requirement of our Bylaws. If it must be virtual, we will keep you informed. We hope to have a fundraising opportunity available soon. For anyone that can participate, we will keep you informed. Most of NICA’s income comes from the Convention and fundraising when our members are working. It has made it a struggle, but we are maintaining. Luckily, NICA was on sound footing when the Pandemic happened. We, along with the NICA Foundation, are evaluating our Scholarship Program for 2021. This is a substantial amount of money that we have been able to increase each year that benefits our members’ families. Finally, I want to welcome our three newly elected Board Members. Two are returning for new terms: Vincent Nelson, CCE, Vinnie’s Fine Foods, 6

December 2020 NICA News

and Kelly Grout, Jack’s Fries. A new member to the Board is my son Phil Delahoyde, Extreme Food and Beverage. I wish them all great success in the future. From my family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope and pray for a great 2021! ▲

A Note from the NICA Office The COVID-19 Pandemic has thrust our lives into unknown territory. We recognize this is a frightening time and that many in our Industry have faced both health and economic impacts. Our NICA Board of Directors understands that during this time of COVID-19, tight money and uncertainty is having an impact on many of our members’ businesses. Therefore, if you are a member in good standing experiencing a hardship paying your NICA Membership dues please call us at (813) 438-8926 or email us at nica@nicainc.org and we will provide a six month grace period. “Together We Can!”

Riffing With Rey

Rey O’Day, Executive Director

Showing Gratitude Together

Holiday greetings... We are in the middle of what I call the Holiday Corridor or the Season of Gratitude! Thanksgiving encourages us to reflect on being grateful for resilience, memories, country, family, and friends. Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanukkah provide a chance for us to express our gratitude by giving and sharing, and the New Year invites us to embrace the opportunities ahead of us. The end of the year means reviewing the year’s events and their influences. Without a doubt in 2020 the key event is the Pandemic—COVID-19. Because we are not able to gather, it has thrust us into a virtual, technology-driven world. As a result, NICA has amended its Bylaws to accommodate the use of technology for meetings, notices, and gathering. At the same time, the NICA Foundation also wrote and approved its Bylaws. (Pieces of trivia: NICA Bylaws are 5040 words and the Foundation Bylaws are 4895 words). A thank you to the Past Presidents, Directors and Trustees who contributed to the suggestions and writing process. On the Foundation front Daryl Whicheloe, CCE and Don Kenna have joined the Board of Trustees. Notice the number of Scholarships awarded since the program’s inception in the Scholarship History in the Making article on page 20. Be proud of our story! In this month of giving, hopefully you received a request for donating to the Foundation. If you can give please do, and if you are unable to give currently, please do not… no worries. NICA will plan our 2021 Scholarship Program around what we are able to support without doing harm. When you read this, the annual IAFE Convention will be completed. This week we are in the throes of preparing for its virtual incarnation. The office has prepared collateral materials for NICA’s virtual trade show booth. Our Communications Guru Jesse Willard, has compiled a video titled “The Power of Drive-Thru” for your viewing pleasure during a booth visit, on our website, or at one of

NICA’s upcoming Zoom sessions. Oh yes, and it and the Carnival Eats video from earlier this year can be found on YouTube as part of expanding NICA’s branding. Member Service Associate Linda Frisco will oversee four Zoom calls with the assistance of Board Members Don Delahoyde, CCE, Kathy Ross, CCE, Sandy Class, CCE, and Council Coordinators Jessica Gottsche and Dennis Larson, CFE. Two calls were focused on What is NICA? and two others were open discussions regarding Communication Committees, Health Departments, Deposits and Rents, and whatever else anyone brought up. As a Silver Sponsor of IAFE Virtual Vision we presented two workshops: The Power of the Question “How Do We Do This Differently?” and Building a Lasting Business in Uncertain Times. In the first workshop panelist Don Hillman, CEO, Hillman Consulting Inc. and FairBridge LLC, helped us look at the new realities of reopening Fairs in 2021. Jerome Hoban, CEO, Alameda County Fair, discussed the importance perception will play to our Guests and community agencies during reopening, and Dominic Palmieri, CCE, NICA Past President and CEO of Odyssey Foods and Sanitized Now, discussed how thinking and acting differently offers new business opportunities. In the second workshop, Jeff Thornberry, CCE, Board Director and CEO of Gadgets and Neat Stuff discussed the characteristics of lasting businesses. Phillip Delahoyde, newly elected Board Member and CEO of Extreme Food and Beverage, shared what it means to be a generational business and how Fair Food Drive-Thrus have evolved. Diane Linderman, Owner of Great American Entertainment Company, described how being entrepreneurial and pivoting your business is how businesses survive. NICA thanks our panelists… they are true supporters of NICA, its members, mission, and work. We commend IAFE for showing all of us how to present a virtual convention and all the other meetings, classes and networking required by organizations today. Though NICA missed being

►► “Riffing” continued on page 8 December 2020 NICA News


“Voice” continued from page 5 ►► 15 minutes because the up and down motion of the front of the boat was chafing the rope. It would have sawed through the line had I not kept it refreshed. The next morning the sun was up. A beautiful day! Seas were calm, winds were much lighter, but the direction was not in our favor. The good news was we were able to be towed into port. I learned a lot from that adventure. Storms can be miserable and frightening. Don’t give up! Be prepared! I never left dock again without a better anchor chain and rode, and an advanced weather report (remember this was our first voyage in open water). Also, after the storm, the sun will come up. We will get through the COVID 2020 Storm and there will be sunlight. For everyone, 2020 has not been a smooth sea—it has been a struggle. But we are survivors and problem solvers. In small businesses it is what we do every day. Our company was shut down from our Fair route in March; immediately my sons began outfitting the trailers to be Health Department compliant (up to the new CDC guidelines) to do roadside dining. Next the talks began to start setting up Fair Food DriveThrus on Fairgrounds in our state. Many of my Concessionaire friends took different paths. Some started a business that could flourish in this

Gayle McGrath, CCE, Past Director, and Kevin McGrath, CCE, Director, safe and sound after the storm!

environment—delivery or cleaning. Others made ends meet by getting straight jobs. Still others developed a hidden skill or talent they had and started promoting that. It has not been easy. The “saving for a rainy day” quote I heard all my life (and repeated a thousand times!) took on a whole new meaning. Who would had ever thought that rainy day could last a year—OR two? Let us all hope we return to some sense of normalcy in 2021. If not, tie a big knot in the end of your rope and hang on! Don’t give up! ▲

“Riffing” continued from page 7 ►► in person for our Board Meeting, enjoying lunch with our Advisory Committee of Fair Managers, and planning with our Business Suppliers; we look forward to gathering in person with our Fair Friends in 2021. Recently, I attended my first LIVE singer performance since February sung by one of my favorite singers. There does seem to be a new normal developing… COVID-19 rules are beginning to become consistent, at least until they change. Temperature check when entering, mask required to enter, mask put back on after eating, tables distanced at least six feet, only one person in restroom at a time, servers all masked, performers on stage including the band six feet apart, and a variety of greetings from “hi” to elbow rubs, from fist bumps to hugs. The event was held 8

December 2020 NICA News

outdoors in a parking lot in a tent with heaters while the large, adjacent restaurant/club sat empty except for use of the kitchen. I do know there are places where one can eat and drink inside; however, live performances are still not allowed inside. I can attest to the thrill of being present when something LIVE is happening and applaud anyone who is willing to stop waiting for someone else to move us forward. I do not see the desire to collect and share experiences ever going away. People really want to get together and we know that is what our Industry is all about. 2021 will be about figuring out how to make that happen, perhaps in new ways, but definitely again. Every day I remind myself: Don’t let Yesterday take up too much of Today! “Together We Can Do That!” ▲

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Fountain Syrup Dispensers and Ice Machines available for purchase. Talk to your FARE FOODS salesman today or call for details 800-651-1601 December 2020 NICA News


Thoughts from a This month’s Statements of Communications and Management Philosophy are from Past President Frank Parnell, CCE and Ollie Parnell, CCE, Parnell Foods:

Frank Parnell, CCE CCE Earned in 2002

I’m not sure if I have ever had a clearlydefined Management Philosophy. I simply try to communicate openly and honestly with all people, especially those with whom I do business, whether it be Fair Management, wholesalers, business associates or employees. I have said many times, and I still believe, that it is not enough to pay employees well; they must also be treated well. The message should be conveyed to each and every customer that their business is not only welcomed but appreciated. A pat on the back or a “thank you” to a Supplier or anyone else who goes out of their way to help you is not necessarily a requirement, but rather a moral obligation. This philosophy could be described in one word: COMMUNICATION. I firmly believe that communication is the key to success and the lack of it is the undeniable reason for failure. There is an old saying: “Be careful what you ask for, you may get it.” But without communication, nothing happens. I believe we should all endeavor to make something happen. ▲

complete statement. Communication is so very important to keep a smooth-running operation. Communicating with our Suppliers is also a very important part of our business. Without this conversation, we will be acquiring the wrong stock items for our operation and then this will cause problems with our day-to-day business. To make our business run smoothly, we all have to have conversation daily. As our NICA motto states, “Together We Can!” We must all be open with our conversation with Ollie Parnell, CCE each other. In my opinion, you can accomplish CCE Earned in 2002 much more in our business by being honest and considerate with our employees, our Fair In my opinion, communciating with your Committees and our Suppliers than by making employees and with the Fair Committee is a very demands of them. I have always heard that you important part of this business. Employers must be able to talk with and listen to their employees. A must treat others as you would like to be treated. I big part of communicating is listening. Sometimes have tried to use this in my business relationships and my personal relationships. ▲ we hear the words but don’t really hear the Now is the perfect time of year to apply for your CCE! The Certified Concessionaire Executive Program was developed to recognize the professionalism of Concessionaires, with the title representing a deep understanding and respect for the Fair and Festival business. The applicant must 10

December 2020 NICA News

have a minimum of seven years as a full-time Chief Operating Manager of an Independent Concession Business and be a current member of NICA, at least one State Association, and of one of the following associations: IAFE, IFEA, or WFA. Visit the CCE website today: www.nicainc.org/CCE

Member Benefits Spotlight One of the most important features of NICA Membership is the cost saving benefits that are offered on many items that serve your business. Do you need to book a hotel room? As a NICA Member, you can save 20% to 40% on rooms at more than 15,000 locations with CLC Lodging. The only cost is $4.95 per night, which is usually a small fraction of what you can save! Visit www.clclodging.com/nica or call toll-free at (866) 226-1544 to register; your account setup takes only moments to complete. When prompted, provide the key code that is on the back of your NICA Membership Card when registering to waive

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We have a variety of sizes to suit your ad—contact us at (813) 438-8926, communications@nicainc.org, or www.nicainc.org/advertising for additional information on sizes, prices, bulk rates, and options for ad opportunities on our website and NICA Now! December 2020 NICA News


Thank you for your business and your trust.

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December 2020 NICA News



Do you have any announcements you would like to share? Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or nica@nicainc.org

Our Condolences to the Scheler Family We are very sad to announce the passing of Earl William Scheler Jr., 85, father of NICA Member Earl William Scheler, III, Aunt Martha’s Famous Foods / C&E Concessions. Earl was born February 25, 1935 in Louisville, KY to the late Earl William and Henrietta (Borden) Scheler, Sr. He was a former self-employed Concessionaire and an Army veteran. Besides his parents he is preceded in death by his son, Robert Scheler. Survivors include his daughter, Gloria J. Anderson (Scott Fuller); son, Earl William Scheler, III; sister, Carol Clark; and two grandchildren, Spencer and Ciara Anderson. A memorial service will be announced at a later date. ▲

WFA 2021 Virtual Convention & Trade Show: Coming to a Screen Near You! NICA and WFA continue to enjoy a productive and successful collaboration as two sister Fair Industry organizations. A special “shout out” to WFA for consistently providing daily and now weekly Industry Updates throughout the Pandemic. NICA encourages our members in the West to attend the 2021 Virtual WFA Convention and Trade Show coming to a screen near you January 4-6, 2021. Member registration is $150 and non-member registration is $200. Although there will not be a NICA Sysco Marketplace this year, NICA, Source1 Purchasing and Sysco will host a trade show booth together. At the time of publishing, a NICA membership meeting had not been scheduled. Visit the WFA website at www.westernfairs.org. for convention programming designed for “building better Fairs.” ▲

Now Offering Online Advertising Opportunities for NICA Members In addition to our normal advertising opportunities, including NICA News and the NICA Membership Directory, we have developed advertising space on our website at www.nicainc.org and our NICA Now! emails. Both opportunities are on a month-to-month basis with many locations to choose from to showcase your business to a new audience. For more information including ad sizes, prices, and specials, contact us by email at communications@nicainc.org today! ▲

Attention Members! Do you need our help?

Is your Fair in search of the next big thing, a unique item, or even some all-around help for your Fair in Concessions or Straight Sales? Alternatively, are you a Concessionaire or Vendor who needs to sell equipment or in need of staff? We can help!

Ads start at $25 per month and are also viewable online at www.nicainc.org/classifieds Contact us by email at communications@nicainc.org or phone at (813) 530-4750 to learn more! December 2020 NICA News


Are You OPEN for Business? During this challenging time, we can count on the entrepreneurial spirit of Concessionaires to inspire others. We have heard stories of how some of our members are reinventing their businesses during this time, and we want to know if there’s anything you’d like to share regarding your experiences. In this edition, we take a look at a NICA Member who is both reopening and hosting live cooking shows online!

Reopening & Live Cooking Shows Alexandra Graf, Schnitzels & Giggles My husband Robert (Bob) and I own and operate the German Food Concession trailer, Schnitzels & Giggles, a one of a kind Germanthemed food trailer based in Bowie, TX, featuring the award winning schnitzel-on-a-stick, bratwurst, and many other tantalizing German street foods served by girls in authentic German dirndls! 2020 has been very challenging for everyone. COVID-19 hit us all in March 2020 and it has been an ongoing Pandemic ever since. As you can imagine, a lot of businesses are struggling, especially our Concession businesses who rely on Fairs, Festivals, or large gatherings of people. We travel every year all over the US to work all the Festivals and provide the most German authentic food you can imagine. Our famous schnitzel-on-astick is the absolute best schnitzel you ever had; it is hand pounded and cooked fresh every time! I am pretty sure some of you may have tasted our food already. If you haven’t, when all this is over, you should make the effort to come out and try it! One of our biggest events in South Texas is the ever famous Wurstfest in New Braunfels and the German Festival in Tomball, twice a year, and this year all have been canceled. We have been blessed to receive a $2500 grant from the Texas Restaurant Relief Fund Initiative in partnership with the Texas

Alexandra Graf and staff in the Schnitzels & Giggles stand.


December 2020 NICA News

Robert and Alexandra Graf during one of their live streams.

Conference for Women, and we were able to purchase supplies to reopen. We have also been fortunate to have a few events in our local area this Fall, starting with Oktoberfest events. In our off-time, we have been hosting weekly cooking shows on our Facebook page for the last few months. We cook live and have found that people are really enjoying the recipes! However, we are making things that we don’t typically sell in our Concession trailer (except for the occasions we have made a schnitzel). Some of the time you can even catch us in our German garb! Over the past few months we’ve featured live cooking videos on how to prepare some of our favorites such as spaetzle, smoked salmon and dill mini-quiches, tartes flambée/flammekueche, and more! Our last show on November 20th featured a Dutch favorite, garnalen kroketten, or shrimp croquettes. We made a change by making it out of leftover boiled potatoes. It’s DELICIOUS. We also added a fresh, crisp, apple slaw to make it a “healthier” meal! Tune in at 5 o’clock central time on most Fridays to see us live! Visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/schnitzelsngiggles for upcoming shows, previous shows, and detailed recipes for everything we have cooked. We are looking forward to when good times are back for all of us and we can say, in full confidence, “Yahoo, back in business!” ▲

NICA Leadership in the Fair Industry Rey O’Day, Executive Director

Part of NICA’s mission statement is to develop and provide leadership to our Industry that will work effectively on Industry education and solutions. NICA thanks NICA Past President Tom Hodson, CCE for serving on the IAFE Board of Directors as the Director at Large for IAFE Associate Members, many of whom are NICA Members. Tom “enjoyed the walks-of-life diversity of the IAFE Board and was proud of the unified manner in which they professionally prepared for this Pandemic year’s Convention and all its ancillary meetings and functions.” Like many organizations, he observed, “the staff and organization embraced technology as the Pandemic required them to provide information and events for their membership.” In summary, Tom said, “It was rewarding to work for two years with such an awesome group of people and he wished he could serve two more years.” However, the IAFE Bylaws do not allow that, so he suggested Past President Kathy Ross, CCE be nominated to replace him. At the IAFE Associates Meeting on November 17, 2020 Kathy Ross, CCE, Ross Concessions, was nominated to serve a two-year term as the newly elected Director at Large for IAFE Associate Members.

#Leadership Proud Kathy has served on the NICA Board of Directors for six years, and the Florida Federation of Fairs Board for two years where she was also named “Associate of the Year.” Kathy has been attending IAFE functions for 25 years and has spoken and led workshops and roundtables at numerous Industry events. Kathy believes “her work as a Concession owner and on behalf of NICA Members in the Industry has prepared her to knowledgably represent fellow Associate Members.” She added, “My six years of experience on the NICA Board of Directors has given me an understanding of the Concessionaire’s role in the Outdoor Amusement Industry that I am excited to share. I am honored to have this opportunity to represent all the Associate Members as the Associate Director at Large on the IAFE Board.” On November 5, 2020, Taylor Corder, Western Fairs Association Communications Manager, congratulated Service Member General Representative Ryann Newman, Owner of Ryann’s Happy Day Pony Ride, Inc. and Fruit Caboose. Ryann is one of those uniquely qualified people who has worked as a Fair Manager (CEO of Glen County Fair, 2015–2018) and been a lifetime Concession family member and owner.

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NICA’s Social Presence Continues to Grow... Jessica Gottsche, Social Media Coordinator For NICA, social media continues to be a place for us to connect, to find each other, and feel a sense of normalcy, in a year that has been anything but normal. While we may be separated by thousands of miles, for weeks or months at a time, social media provides a mechanism to stay updated, stay in touch and stay close, in real time. Businesses and organizations also use social media as a tool to connect with customers, clients, members and supporters. NICA’s social media Twitter follower growth trends over the course of 2020; presence has grown throughout this past year follow us online at @NICAInc and we are grateful the connection each of our members has provided. NICA’s Instagram Growth Takes Off

NICA’s Facebook Followers Break 1250 Facebook has over 2.7 billion individual users worldwide. At NICA, we are continually growing our Facebook community, with over 1250 followers as of October. We are using the social network to connect with our members, wherever they may be. Our work can separate us by thousands of miles, but Facebook keeps us connected and “next door.”

Instagram is the photo and video sharing social network, owned by Facebook, Inc., where a user can visually capture a moment in time and share it with their followers. Still one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world, NICA is capitalizing on the growth, as our number of followers has grown dramatically over the last year.

Instagram follower growth trends over the course of 2020; follow us at www.instagram.com/NICAinc Facebook follower growth trends over the course of 2020; follow and like our page at www.facebook.com/NICAinc

Twitter Growth Remaining Steady Twitter is the go to social network for breaking news, quick updates and sharing informative clips that are important to users and their followers. NICA’s 350-plus Twitter followers learn about us and have access to retweets from the Association that provides Industry-related news updates. 16

December 2020 NICA News

Have you taken a moment to find us on social media? Look us up on the pages provided, and add us to your network, so we can share your information, retweet your breaking news and like your business’s photos and videos. We love seeing our members at their best all year, and sharing your success and stories from the road and from home. Tell us how you kept busy this year... what did you learn... who did you spend time with? We love hearing from you! See you on social! ▲


December 2020 NICA News


Perfect Stix LLC Food Skewers Are Available Through Fare Foods! Call 800-651-1601 For More Information www.farefoods.com 4416 US Highway 1, Vero Beach, FL 32967 • www.perfectstix.com Perfect Stix LLC products are meticulously crafted with 100% white birch wood and are produced in an ISO 9002 Registered Facility. Our wood products are great for the environment and are of such high-quality, that we had to name ourselves Perfect Stix LLC

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Regular unstuck Hot Dogs are available.

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December 2020 NICA News

“Leadership” continued from page 15 ►► Happy Day Pony Rides is an institution in California (1961) and her father Ron Boeger was a National Representative in California for NICA in the 1990s. Ryann bought her first pony ride business in 1999 at 21 years old. In 2017 she and her husband Mike purchased Fruit Caboose from NICA Members Dave and Sue Holmes. Today Ryann uses her executive and entrepreneur skills while serving on the NICA West Regional Council and the WFA Board of Directors. Ryann and Mike are the first couple to have served on the West Council, only at different times. Ryann observed, “My goal is to help preserve the Industry for future generations because it is facing a tremendous amount of adversity currently. We need to remind people what a valuable resource Fairs and Festivals are to our communities. I hope to bring empathy to the table for both Service Members and Fair Staff. Moreover, I hope to reduce the amount of overzealous regulation that is making it hard for small businesses to continue to operate.” Don Kenna joined NICA at its organizing

meeting in 1993 and went on to serve on the NICA Board of Directors as a Director at Large from 2012–2015. From there he moved onto the Showmen’s League of America Board of Governors where he served from 2015–2019 and shortly after joined the Indiana Association of Fairs Board for a term that concludes the end of this year. Don says he has made great friends throughout the years because of serving on Boards. He explained that “learning to listen to the voices of Carnival owners, Fair Managers, Concession Managers, Suppliers and Commercial Exhibits taught him to understand all the aspects of the Fair Industry and be more helpful to the issues and challenges each one experiences.” He is returning to NICA to serve on the NICA Foundation Board of Trustees in order to “give back” for the many blessings he and his family have received from the Industry. He closed with “Together We Can and Together is Everybody!” Well said and NICA is proud. ▲

INSURANCE PROGRAM BUILT WITH Exclusive rates and coverages Developed with concessionaires

member benefit

IN MIND Doing business in 48 states Work with industry experts

Property | Fleet | Liability | Workers' Compensation 800.860.1060 | 330.335.2521


info@focusedonconcessionaires.com December 2020 NICA News


Scholarship History in the Making 2020, a year of change, a year of uncertainty, a year of questions… and for the NICA Foundation, it was also a year of celebration! Created by the National Independent Concessionaires Association to oversee and administer a formal education scholarship program and foster development opportunities and training services, the NICA Foundation launched by awarding $33,500 to 18 deserving individuals. We are so proud to say, WE DID IT! Now, we need your help to ensure the future success of this honored program. Our annual Scholarships are funded through donations from

purveyors, the NICA Boards, and members seeking to protect and sustain their Industry by supporting educational growth. In 1996, NICA News announced the creation of the NICA Scholarship Fund. That year, NICA awarded Sarah Coffman, Paul Kelly, and Anthony Porcelli each $1000. To date, NICA has awarded nearly a quarter of a million dollars in Scholarships to its members, their families, and employees. These grants have funded education, Convention attendance, and Speakers at Conventions. Here is a list of all Scholarship Awards given since the inception of the program in 1996.

Past Scholarship Amounts & Recipients (1996-2020) 2020 ($33,500) The 25th Anniversary Scholarship ($4000) Samuel Beach Coca‐Cola Refreshments Scholarship ($3000) Grace Owens

NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x7) Savannah Grout, Elizabeth Henry, Shelby Mogge, Abigail O’Brien, Olivia Owens, Sarah Riley, and Kaitlyn Zell

2019 ($26,000)

NICA Regional Councils Scholarship ($3000) Carmela Palmieri

The 25th Anniversary Scholarship ($4000) Isabella Barona

Past Presidents & Directors / NICA Leadership Scholarship ($2500) Emily Chambers

Coca‐Cola Refreshments Scholarship ($3000) Taylor Coffman

Norman Jean & Edgar Sivori Scholarship ($2000) Ashton Giordano

Gene O’Brien Vocational Scholarships ($2000 x2) Carly Baldwin and Cameron Fairlie

Gene O’Brien Vocational Scholarships ($2000 x2) Don Jones and Tyler Mitchell

NICA Membership Scholarships ($2000 x5) Carmela Palmieri, Gino Palmieri, Alissa Rockwell, Jessica Swartz, and Sierra Tessari

Visionary Scholarships ($2000 x4) Colin Glushakow, Macey Kenna, Callie Pfile, and Delaney Woods

NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x5) Shelby Mogge, Grace Owens, Callie Pfile, Joshua Schmidt, and Delaney Woods


December 2020 NICA News

2018 ($25,000)

2014 ($9400)

The 25th Anniversary Scholarship ($4000) Isabella Barona

Coca‐Cola Refreshments Scholarship ($3000) Peyton Miller

Coca‐Cola Refreshments Scholarship ($3000) Kaitlyn Zell

Johnnie Holmes Scholarship ($1400) Samantha Shepard

Gene O’Brien Vocational Scholarships ($2000 & $1000 x2) Isaiah Euhus, Cameron Fairlie, and Don Jones

NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x5) Adam Warrick, Allison Smith, Michael McDermott, III, Woody Smith, and Holland Miller

NICA Membership Scholarships ($2000 x4) Elizabeth Henry, Gino Palmieri, Callie Pfile, and Delaney Woods

2013 ($8000)

NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x6) Emily Chambers, Hannah Chambers, Kylee Hansen, Niko Van Noord, Grace Owens, and Sally Young

2017 ($17,000) Coca‐Cola Refreshments Scholarship ($3000) Jacob William Elomina Gene O’Brien Vocational Scholarship ($2000) Russell Groscurth NICA Membership Scholarships ($2000 x3) Jenna Ford, Dustin Kenna, and Callie Pfile NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x6) Kinsey Gillette, Elizabeth Henry, Brooke Kozelou, Grace Owens, Emily Porceilli, and Kaitlyn Zell

2016 ($15,000) Coca‐Cola Refreshments Scholarship ($3000) Isabella Barona NICA Membership Scholarships ($2000 x3) Hannah Chambers, Cassidy Forbing, and Brooke Kozelou

Coca‐Cola Refreshments Scholarship ($3000) Sally Young NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x5) Andrea Huston, James McConnell, Michael McDermott, III, Jeffery Poeppelman, and Amanda Rockwell

2012 ($8000) Coca‐Cola Refreshments Scholarship ($3000) Jeffrey Poeppelman NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x5) Christopher Barton, Joseph Caroll, Abigail Doolan, Holland Miller, and Sally Young

2011 ($8000) Coca‐Cola Refreshments Scholarship ($3000) Brittani Browne NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x5) Garrett Coffman, Abigail Doolan, Michelle Golebiewski, Micah Hansen, and Holland Miller

2010 ($8000) Coca‐Cola Refreshments Scholarship ($3000) Garrett Coffman

NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x6) Andrea Huston, Dustin Kenna, Keanan Moreno, Adreanne Penn, Ashley Rockwell, and Samantha Shepard

NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x5) Ashley Broetsky, Zachary Goldstein, Stacie Jones, Michael Browne, and Benjamin Coffman

2015 ($13,000)

2009 ($8000)

Coca‐Cola Refreshments Scholarship ($3000) Dustin Kenna

Coca‐Cola Refreshments Scholarship ($3000) Benjamin Coffman

NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x10) Kendall Gillette, Mariah Hansen, Micah Hansen, Brooke Kozelou, Holland Miller, Peyton Miller, Mary‐Katherine Ousey, Emily Porcelli, Spender Ruda, and Sally Young

NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x5) Cynthia Poeppelman, Michael Dean Browne Jr., Stacie Jones, Kristine Morgan, and Jesse Coffman

►► “History” continued on page 25 December 2020 NICA News


Getting to Know Your

Regional Council Members We had the chance to interview one of the West Council’s newest members Brandy Arredondo based out of Bakersfield, CA. Her responses are below:

What is the name of your company and what do you sell? The name of our business is Noel’s Foods, Inc. We sell authentic Mexican food, aguas frescas and roasted corn. Our best selling items would be our original carne asada tacos, California burrito and any of our fresh aguas frescas.

What is your annual route? Our route includes a few Arizona events in January. In February we move into California and work the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival. Next, we start moving north and work the Merced County Spring Fair, Chowchilla-Madera Fair and Sacramento County Fair in the Spring. Then its summer and our events include the San Mateo County Fair, Sonoma-Marin Fair, Marin County Fair, the OC Fair, Antelope Valley Fair, Tulare County Fair and finish at the Kern County Fair.

Brandy Arredondo, West Council (right), taking a selfie with her Grandma Lynnette Rawlings and Sister April Smith, Rawlings Concessions

daughter Stella (10) who travel and help when they are not in school.

How has the Concession business changed since you first started out? Is there anything you wish would change?

One of the biggest changes I have seen since I first started have been the technology changes. Being mostly wireless now Concessionaires have been able to incorporate point-of-sale systems, accept credit cards, use digital menus, etc. to How long have you been a Concessionaire? operate more efficiently. Something I wish would Since birth! I am fifth generation in the industry. change is all the extra paperwork. Applications I was born into this Industry and have always loved and contracts should be completed and submitted it. I love the sense of community. We are a family! online. I think returning Concessionaires should Tell us about your family—are they active in your only have to submit updated menus, insurance certificates or anything that may be different from business? the previous year. Most Concessionaires attend My husband Marco is second generation in the same events year after year and most of our the Industry. Working the Fairs is how we met. information stays the same. We have two children, our son Ethan (12) and our How long have you been a NICA member? I became a NICA Member in 2016 but have attended many different meetings, workshops and round tables long before that. I don’t remember who recruited me, but it could have been my Grandma, Lynette Rawlings, my Father-in-law, Noel Arredondo, or any of our friends who are NICA Members.

What inspired you to join the West Council? Brandy Arredondo’s Noel’s Food stand in action!


December 2020 NICA News

I love our Industry and wanted to bring some

new and fun ideas to NICA West Council. I have several friends who are on the West Council and I believe “Together We Can!” I hope the West Council continues to bridge the communication between Concessionaires, Commercial Vendors, Carnivals, Entertainers and Event Staff. It takes all of us to have a successful event!

What is your most valuable NICA benefit? That’s a tough question to answer and varies year to year. I would say the top three are NICA Sysco Marketplace, OCC Signs and Crystal Automotive.

What’s something you like to do in your free time? I enjoy making new memories with my family and friends.

Anything else you would like to share? We are in uncertain times but you are not alone!

We appreciate your responses Brandy! What is the best way for a NICA Member to reach you? By email at noelsfoods@att.net or in person at any events I am at. ▲

December 2020 NICA News


From the Camera Roll... OC Fair Food Drive-Thru payment styles: There were twelve stands and all twelve accepted credit cards. three accepted credit cards only, two accepted cash and credit cards, three accepted cash, credit, and debit cards; and four accepted cash, credit and debit cards, and apple pay. Remarkably similar to the payment patterns across the country for this type of event!

Linda Keasberry and Kimber Merati were the OC Fair Food Drive-Thru Welcome Team for Rey O’Day, Executive Director

Dale Smith, CCE and his wife Cie, Pink’s Hot Dogs, still serve up Rey’s favorite chili cheese fries. Fred Pittroff, Giant Ride, and Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE, Director, in front of Carmel’s brand new Autralian Battered Potatoes stand. This event was its maiden voyage. You know it is brand new… look how clean it is! Carmel is Rey’s tour guide.

Rey O’Day with Terri Crutchfield, who is on her way to help Carmel with a sudden “rush of cars!”

Mark Hill, CCE, Olde Tyme Ice Cream, preparing to slather almonds and toffee on this chocolate-dipped chocolate ice cream bar. A great way to end an eating binge on a beautiful day!

►► “Camera” continued on page 26 24

December 2020 NICA News

Taylor and Kathy McKnight enjoying a Fall day while selling “cheesy” food items from Reno’s Who Fried the Cheese?

Howard Sandler, OC Fair & Event Center, Events Director, actively helps his promoters prepare their event plans for Health Department consideration with many good suggestions. Asking “for consideration” shows respect. Sometimes events want to tell the Health Department they should be allowed to operate because the event mission is important. The Health Department wants to know specifically how you are going to follow and enforce their guidelines. For instance, how do you plan to keep people in their cars, how will you serve food in an individually packaged manner, who wears masks, and how do you meet social distancing, capacity requirements. In summary, Howard shares his templates with promoters, helps them plan presentations in a comprehensive, properly sequenced manner together, and he attends the Health Department presentation with his client. He observed that “the key to successful working relationships is to build trust that you understand each other’s goals and concerns, and to do what you say you are going to do.”

“History” continued from page 21 ►►

2008 ($8000) Coca‐Cola Refreshments Scholarship ($3000) Elizabeth Kenna

2003 ($5000) NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x5) Amanda Groscurth, Laura Baugher, Lucas Hansen, Jennifer Poeppelman, and Jesse Coffman

2002 ($3000)

NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x5) Madeline Jean Smith, Cassara Spivey, Seth O’Brien, Judith Harris, and Brittany Kenna

NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x3) Laura Baugher, Raquel Mayhanagian, and Jennifer Poeppelman

2007 ($8000)

2001 ($3000)

Coca‐Cola Refreshments Scholarship ($3000) Ashley Kissel

NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x3) Andrea Lemos, Michael Reeder, and Jared Taillefer

NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x5) Cynthia Poeppelman, Katie Guinsler, Sarah Nicholson, Jesse Coffman, and Joshua Nicholson

2000 ($3000)

2006 ($8000) Coca‐Cola Refreshments Scholarship ($3000) Jesse Coffman NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x5) Stephanie Jones, Madeline Smith, Elizabeth Kenna, Lindsay Bohlander, and Lanee Mikesell

2005 ($5000) NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x5) Annalissa Hansen, Katie Guinsler, Lanee Mikesell, Shona Weston‐Burt, and Tracie Taillefer

2004 ($5000) NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x5) Elizabeth Guinsler, Stephanie Jones, Joshua Schmidt, Jennifer Poeppelman, and Lindsay Bohlander

NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x3) Brian Froncek, Nicole Mayberry, and Erin McCauley

1999 ($3000) NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x3) Jessica Hansen, Kelly Linn, and Amanda Smith

1998 ($3000) NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x3) Virginia Markowitz, Brett Rubert, and Audra Withers

1997 ($3000) NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x3) Beau Blewer, Andrea Broetsky, and Nicole Pacifico

1996 ($3000) NICA Membership Scholarships ($1000 x3) Sarah Coffman, Paul Kelly, and Anthony Porcelli

Donate to the NICA Foundation Scholarship Program This past year has brought into sharp focus the critical need for a strong, healthy operation, imagination, and resilience, and diversified opportunities. The NICA Foundation’s vision of “fostering leadership development in the Fair and Event Industries by providing support through educational scholarships, enhanced training, and professional services” promotes these qualities so necessary for survival in a changing world. Please embrace the challenge to sustain NICA’s Scholarship legacy and donate today! A donation from you in any amount can make the difference for someone’s opportunity to commit to their education and future. This month, the NICA Office

mailed out letters to the NICA Membership. Each letter contains an enclosed envelope that you can send with your donation—you may also donate online at www.nicainc.org/foundation. If you did not receive a letter, please let us know so we can update your address in the system. Your foresight and generosity will be used to build the Foundation for future students to learn, grow, and thrive. This year’s Scholarship Program would not be possible without the generous donations of so many of our supporters. Applications for the 2021 Scholarship Program will be available starting next month. ▲ December 2020 NICA News


MEMBER CLASSIFIEDS Would you like to place a classified ad with us? Contact us at (813) 530-4750 or communications@nicainc.org

Restaurant Building & Business For Sale MARKET DEVELOPMENT: With this current asset remaining relatively inexpensive, in this 4th quarter, NOW is the time to take advantage of this great investment. With Markets rebounding with a strong rapid recovery, Investors are moving onward and upward and looking right through the current wall of worry and focusing on where the economy can go, versus the current state of the economy. They are seeing a future of desirable profitable results. Snatch it up, don’t get left behind! Turnkey, Well Established, Profitable, Yearly Blue-Ribbon Winning State Fair located Business, includes 2160’ Air-Conditioned Permanent Building, Equipment, Supplies, Inventory, Indoor

Seating, Take-Out Window, servicing Fair and Special Events, including continuous “Drive-Thru Fair Food” called “Taste of the Fair.” Call Theresa at (561) 386-1709 or email theresa@tcjohnsonrealty.com. ▲

Northwest Washington Fair Seeks Commercial & Food Vendors Newly expanded dates: August 12-21, 2021. Commercial space starting at $550, Food Concessions at 20%. Premium spaces available. Contact Frances Negranza at frances@nwwafair.com. ▲

“Camera” continued from page 24 ►►

Daryl Whicheloe, CCE, 2nd Vice President, with Randy Hatfield, Fair Manager from the Kitsap County Fair (WA), who came to visit his daughter Kim Floyd, the new Del Norte County Fair Manager. Lots of interesting discussions about the whole of West Coast Fairs!

Mary and Randy Anderson, Route 66 Pizza, showing off their matching shirts! Randy described his business as a “Local pizza restaurateur and pizza slice Vendor, bringing our craft to local Fairs and Festivals for over 25 years!”

Jeff Parkhurst, Payo Labs, is a third generation Concessionaire who always greets with a great smile and a tasty product.

Don’t Miss Another Issue! Contact the NICA Office to check if you are currently on the mailing list. You can also view NICA News online at our website www.nicainc.org or each week via NICA Now! 26

December 2020 NICA News


YEARS Delivering Great Service For 25 Years

We put the

fu n

in funnel cake!

Custom Ingredients From TasteMaker/Reed Food Technology Specializing In: • Funnel Cake Mix • Corn Dog Mix • Batters & Breadings • Sauces

Proudly Distributed Through Fare Foods • Call 800-651-1601 For More Information • www.farefoods.com December 2020 NICA News



December 2020 NICA News

2020 Membership Contest Leaderboard* General Membership Jennifer Giordano, CCE........................................................ 2 Marcy Poorman.................................................................... 1 James Pope......................................................................... 1 Wayne Smith........................................................................ 1 Lee Stevens.......................................................................... 1

Councils Gentry Miller......................................................................... 3 Tom Hodson, CCE................................................................ 2 Brandy Arredondo................................................................ 1 Lindsey Constantine............................................................ 1 Kara Moederndorfer............................................................. 1 Kelly Myers........................................................................... 1 Ryann Newman.................................................................... 1 Erica Quintero....................................................................... 1 Jay Wells.............................................................................. 1

Board of Directors Jacqueline Bradbury............................................................ 5 Don Delahoyde, CCE............................................................ 2 Daryl Whicheloe, CCE........................................................... 2 Kim Barr, CCE....................................................................... 1 Andrew “Bruno” Broomfield................................................. 1 Sandy Class, CCE................................................................. 1 Vincent Nelson, CCE............................................................ 1 Kathy Ross, CCE................................................................... 1 Jeff Thornberry, CCE............................................................ 1

*Referral listing as of 10/31/20. Contact us if you see any inaccuracies. See back cover for rules and prizes.

Follow Us Online! Visit www.nicainc.org or search NICA on social media for the latest announcements, news, and pictures. We invite you to share or post your announcements, stories, photos, videos, and anything else that you would like to share to our accounts any chance you can. #TogetherWeCan

Do You Need a Card? All Renewal Members should receive a new Membership Card in the mail once they renew. If you haven’t received your card, please contact nica@nicainc.org or call (813) 438-8926 today! December 2020 NICA News



Do you have a concession unit in need of maintenance? • HVAC Service • Electrical Repairs • Structural Work • Interior/Appliance Repairs • Trailer Accessory Service • Flooring Upgrades • LED Lighting Upgrades • Graphics Refresh

Schantz is here to help! 636.940.8400 | www.schantzmfg.com 30

December 2020 NICA News

National Independent Concessionaires Association, Inc.

For Off ice Use Only

1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511 Phone: (813) 438-8926 • Fax: (813) 803-8460 Email: nica@nicainc.org • Website: www.nicainc.org

Date: #: q Member Renewal


First Name:

Last Name:

Name of Business: Physical Address: Mailing Address:

City :

City :

Primary Phone Number :





Cell / Secondary Phone Number :



Age Range: q 20-35 q 35-50 q 51-70 q 70+ q Other:

NICA News Preference: q Mail q Email

Referred by :

Annual Membership Fees Associate Membership

Regular Membership q

A person or entity who provides services to the Concession Industry.

Regular Member..............................................................$150


Fair / Festival (over 75,000 attendance)......................$150


Fair / Festival (under 75,000 attendance)...................$100

q Retired Member................................................................. $50


Manufacturer / Distributor / Supplier...........................$150

Business / Group Membership


Carnival / Circus Operator..............................................$150


Association / Special Services......................................$150

q Additional Member..........................................................$100 q Employee Member............................................................. $75

Includes five Memberships in one: one Regular Member, one Additional Member, and three Employee Members ($475 value).


Business / Group.............................................................$400

Additional Member : _______________________________________ Employee Member 1: ______________________________________ Employee Member 2: ______________________________________ Employee Member 3: ______________________________________ Regular membership categories Check a category below and provide a detailed description of your company’s services in the next column under Business Description.

Business Description Provide a detailed description of your business, products, and/or services below. This information will be used for your entry in the annual NICA Membership Directory and as keywords to search for your business on the NICA website.

________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________


Food / Beverage


Commercial Exhibitors / Retail / Merchants



Attractions / Entertainment


Cash q






Guest Services

Credit Card #:

General Routing Information List all states / provinces where you conduct your business.






Security Code:

Money Order q


American Express



Expiration Date:


___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance The NICA-sponsored $10,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance Policy is provided to Regular Members. List a beneficiary and a phone number below.

Beneficiary : _________________________ Phone : _____________

Applicant’s signature


Signature of Credit Card Holder q I authorize NICA to charge the agreed amount listed above to my credit card information provided above. I agree I will pay for this purchase in accordance with the issuing bank cardholder agreement.

Automatic Renewal Option q I authorize NICA to make automatic renewal payments for my Membership using the credit card information above. I shall update NICA with all changes to payment information or my intent to cancel automatic renewal payments prior to my next renewal month.

National Independent Concessionaires Association, Inc. 1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511 Time Sensitive Mail • December 2020 Issue


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December 2020 NICA News  

Showing Gratitude Together!

December 2020 NICA News  

Showing Gratitude Together!

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