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August is full of a multitude of food-filled days, but National Potato Day on August 19th is the one that resonates most on the Fairgrounds. How else would we have French fries, chips, baked potatoes, and more? We are proud to have over 300 members who serve potatoes in one way or another.

NICA is a membership-driven organization dedicated to strengthening relationships with the Fair, Festival, and Special Events Industries through effective communication, education, benefits, leadership, and solutions. National Independent Concessionaires Association, Inc. is a Florida Corporation with an Editorial and General Office located at 1043 E. Brandon Blvd., Brandon, FL 33511 • Off ice: (813) 438-8926 • Fax: (813) 803-8460 • Online: The information contained in this Publication is based upon sources believed to be reliable. Readers should not act without professional advice. Cover to Cover © 1993-2021 NICA, Inc. All Rights Reserved. “Together We Can Stay Balanced!” August 2021 NICA News


This Month’s Newest Members Diane Baumann

Tiffany Dugan

Nathan Janousek

Shannon Christopher

Dennis Forel

Brandon Logemann

DLB Consulting Murphys, CA

Global Waste Solutions Louisville, KY

TC Dugan Enterprises Inc. Carlsbad, CA Balloonacy Torrance, CA

Fun Biz Concessions, Inc. New Braunfels, TX

Daniel McLean Almond Garten Harlan, IN

Lake Country Food Service, LLC Pillager, MN

Welcome to our seven New Members! See page 33 for the first 2021 Membership Contest Leaderboard. “Together We Can!”

This Month’s Member Renewals Danny Andreini µ

Dustin Beener

Vicki Clements

Melissa Erasmus

Brent Bair µ

Christina Benner

Clark Converse

Larry Fain

Nikki Bair

Raymond Bianco

Pasco County Fair Association, Inc. Dade City, FL (2009)

Don Crutchfield

Tom Ferguson

Daniel Bianco

Don Crutchfield Concessions Brookston, TX (2007)

Shannon Dehn

John Ford µ

Frank Boeck

All About the Sugar Orchard Park, NY (2018)

Michael Demarco µ

Peggy Fraser

Chance Boeger

Houston Livestock Show Houston, TX (1993)

Jackie DeRamus

Chris Giordano, CFE

Samantha Brockelsby

Lakeside Concession Shawnee, OK (2006)

Michael Dill

Fred Giovannoni, Jr. µ

Michael Broetsky

Dill’s Deli Redding, CA (2015)

William DiMondi

Andy Glushakow

Ashley Brown

The Delaware State Fair, Inc. Harrington, DE (2011)

Russell DiPasquale µ

Dale Greenzweig

Eric Campbell

Family-A-’Fair’ Food Service, Inc. Hamburg, NY (1993)

Beach Concessions Hillsdale, MI (1995)

E.N. Campbell’s Concessions, Inc. West Des Moines, IA (2000)

Mark Becker

Leon Carachilo

The Original Australian Battered Potatoes, LLC Balboa, CA (2007)

Tracy Becker, CFEE

George David Ciganovich

Pronto Pup Company Memphis, TN (1993) Bair’s Concessions, Inc. Lancaster, OH (1993) Bair’s Concessions, Inc. Lancaster, OH (1996)

Ryan Baker

Homemade Fried Bread LLC Springfield, OR (2020)

Dane Baldwin

D & D County Fair Cinnamon Rolls Oakhurst, CA (2009)

Gary Barham

Hot Dog on a Stick San Marcos, CA (2007)

Virgil Bartlett

Amarillo Tri-State Exposition Amarillo, TX (2011)

Cliff Barton

Greater Baton Rouge State Fair Baton Rouge, LA (1995)

Rochele Bateman Jack’s Kettle Corn Olathe, KS (2020)

Rod Beach

Becker Concessions, LLC Waterloo, IA (1996) The Autumn Leaf Festival Clarion, PA (2003)


August 2021 NICA News

Hardenbrook Concessions Urbandale, IA (2002) Penn Valley Shows Middleburg, PA (2019) Bianco’s Foods, LLC Anderson, SC (1995) Bianco’s Foods, LLC Anderson, SC (2005) D & F Enterprises North Tonawanda, NY (1999) Happy Day Pony Ride, Inc. Cherokee, CA (1998) Sellallways Corp Fallon, NV (2019)

Broetsky’s Family Ent. Ocean City, MD (2006) Georgia National Fair & Agricenter Perry, GA (1997)

Carachilo, Inc. Hawley, PA (2009) Croessmann Wholesale, Inc. DuQuoin, IL (2012)

Triple Treat Shows, Inc. Cincinnati, OH (1996)

Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE

Lee’s Concessions Faribault, MN (2018) Fain’s Concessions / Taylor’s Doughboys Mayo, FL (2012) Concessions LTD Key Largo, FL (2010) Ford Foods English, IN (1993) Walworth County Fair Elkhorn, WI (2000) State Fair of Louisiana Shreveport, LA (2002) Mr. G’s Concessions New Boston, MI (1993) Phat Boyz Catering Hebron, MD (2018) Dale’s Concessions Kunkletown, PA (2010)

Becky Harmon

Harmons Concessions Mt. Olivet, KY (2007)

►► “Renewals” continued on page 24 µ 1993-2001 2002-2006 2007-2011 2012-2020

President’s Message

Sandy Class, CCE, President

Happy August! Aww, the smells of Summer: Corn Dogs, Funnel Cakes, Sausage, Peppers and Onions, and Cotton hanging waiting for the next child to make the big purchase. The Fairs are open and we are putting the miles on the interstates… the numbers are up and the Fairgoers are spending. The sandbox is messy… labor issues, the food supply chain, Op-Cos closing due to the lack of employees and plastic cups. As Owner/Operators we were armed and ready to embrace the Summer and we will continue to persevere facing the many hurdles of the 2021 Season. We are back to work doing what we love and do best… it’s a warm and happy welcome to what was a dismal 2020 Season. The 2021 voting for the four candidates for your 2022 Board of Directors has begun.

Remember you can vote online or if you prefer, you can vote by mail. I am proud of the four Candidates, Kim Barr, CCE, Dan Lusenhop, Stacey Pittroff-Barona, and Jay Wells. The best of luck to all of you. I want to encourage all members to get your votes in to the NICA Office by the September 30th deadline. The NEW Goodyear Tire member benefit is in place for those that need tires. Your Board of Directors, as well as Rey O’Day, Executive Director, worked very hard to make this new member benefit come to its fruitful presence. We hope that you find this to be a helpful benefit to you and your business. The NICA Office is there if you need help in setting up your account. The fillable CCE Application is now live and I want to encourage everyone to apply. It’s a great accomplishment to have the CCE Award (and new lapel pin coming soon) behind your name. I will close on this note: Stay Safe, Adapt, Be Willing to Accept Change and Keep Smiling! As John Wooden said, “Make each day your masterpiece.” ▲

Director’s Director’S Voice

Tom Hodson, CCE, Director

Concessionaires are a special breed of multi-talented anomalies. We are managers, engineers, bookkeepers, housekeepers, cooks, public relations experts, truck drivers and mechanics just to name a few. Most people cannot claim to have proficiencies in multiple skill sets like us. It is because of these skills that we were able to survive this unprecedented time. As I excitedly prepare for my first Fair, post Pandemic, I want to pay homage to my parents for instilling in me the tools I needed to remain financially independent during the Pandemic. Prior to my Father entering the Concession business in 1958, he was a cabinetmaker, a fabricator, a trapper, a commercial fisherman and a bee keeper.

Father Knows Best: Herb Hodson’s Life-Saving Advice

When times were lean, our family of six was never without. As a youngster, he would frequently say, “Son, you can never have too many sources of income,” and “the most important asset you have is your hands.” His sage wisdom remains with me to this day. I bought my Dad’s fudge business from him in 1977 at the age of 26. I knew that I needed to support my family during the off-season, and to bridge that gap in income, I was a butcher, a plumber, a boat captain, a builder of Concession trailers, and a beverage repair person. Some of these trades I learned on the job, and others required specialized training. To this day, I continue ►► “Voice” continued on page 6 August 2021 NICA News


Dominic Palmieri, CCE Paulette Keene, CCE Joe Potillo, Jr. Greg Miller, CCE Tom Sattler, CCE Russ Harrison, CCE Richard Busse, CCE Tom Hodson, CCE Officers Jim Hodson, CCE (Deceased) President: Sandy Class, CCE 1st Vice President: Daryl Whicheloe, CCE Tim O’Brien, CCE 2nd Vice President: Vincent Nelson, CCE Ron Smith Adam McKinney, CCE Treasurer: Kim Barr, CCE Mike Pence, CCE Secretary: Jacqueline Bradbury, CCE Jack Woods, II, CCE Directors Bob Hallifax, CCE Phil Delahoyde Frank Parnell, CCE Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE Larry Orme (Deceased) Kelly Grout Larry Sivori Rich Wright Thomas Hodson, CCE Bill McKinney, CCE Kathy Ross, CCE Arthur Pokorny, Jr. Jeff Thornberry, CCE Gene O’Brien, CCE (Deceased)

Immediate Past President

Don Delahoyde, CCE

Past Presidents’ Council

Kathy Ross, CCE Dan Lusenhop


Executive Director & West Council Coordinator : Rey O’Day

east Council

Communications & Marketing Manager: Jesse Willard

Office & Membership Manager: Linda Frisco

East Council Coordinator & Social Media Coordinator: Jessica Gottsche

Bary Bunts, CCE Libby Class Ryan Collmer Thomas Hodson, CCE Gentry Miller Henry Mitchell Kelley Myers

West Council


Brandy Arredondo, CCE Kim Barr, CCE Irene Dugan Jan Gary, CCE Ryan Long Kara Moederndorfer Ryann Newman Steve Vartanian Jay Wells

Trustees: Mark Lancaster Don Kenna Vincent Nelson, CCE Daryl Whicheloe, CCE

Do you have any questions or would like to get involved with NICA? Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or today!

Central East Council Coordinator: Dennis Larson, CFE

President: Audrey Poole Vice President: Greg Miller, CCE Treasurer: Jennifer Giordano, CCE Secretary: Rey O’Day

“Voice” continued from page 5 ►► to build Concession trailers and install and build beverage machines. Although I was in a state of shock when I heard in the evening of day nine of the 21-day Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo that we would have to shut down immediately because of COVID-19, I also knew that I, that we (all of us), would prevail. We are a motley crew of the most resourceful individuals I know. We are survivors, and if this Pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we can never have too many sources of income. My Dad passed away several years ago, but his life saving advice has provided for me and my family and I am forever grateful. Love you, Dad! ▲ Tom Hodson, CCE, Director, with his Father, Herb Hodson

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August 2021 NICA News

Riffing With Rey

Rey O’Day, Executive Director

Staying Balanced

Since last I wrote you a lot the remaining applicants in the order in which they has happened. The public is were received. ready to come out and enjoy I had the honor to attend the Concessionaire its annual Fairs, the Delta orientation meeting at the OC Fair primarily so Variant is making us nervous as it efficiently finds new hosts, NICA could present the 2019 (yes that is correct) the Olympics have started and Good Neighbor Award to Don Long, CCE, L&L the swimmers are killing it, the Concessions in the presence of his colleagues. OC Fair opened as the largest Don was one of the founding members of the West Council, participated in the beginning NICA Fair in California on its actual dates as a full Fair, our Scholarship Recipients will be announced this Sysco Marketplace development meetings and provided storage space and an address for NICA month, the NICA Goodyear Tire benefit rolled out, West at no charge for 13 years. He has sold and the closed Restaurant Revitalization his warehouse, retired and now his program needs replenishment ASAP. son Ryan Long is active in NICA Where do I start about the Leadership. Restaurant Revitalization Fund, “2021 will The meeting was both which has created such joy continue to be inspirational and informative. for some and heartbreak Ken Karns, CFE, Vice President for others? The design was messy and provide of Operations, reminded us flawed from the beginning. some great stories that for over 150 years the Too much money to too for our children Fair Industry has answered few recipients and a design and grandthe call from our communities that left out two thirds of the for excellent customer service children.” eligible well-deserving business and healthy and safe Fairs. Citing applicants, complicated by having difficulties of the past season, he approximately 3,000 approved suggested it is Time for Fun! I learned applicants funding rescinded because that “Found Children” is when you have the of legal challenges to the priority selection child and not the parents, and “Lost Children” process. NICA has written Congress and the SBA is when you have the parents and not the child. requesting the fund be replenished, and that the Howard Sandler, Events Director, reported rescinded applicants be the first in line to receive the funds promised to them followed by awarding that Food and Beverage was the #1 driver of attendance and the #1 driver of complaints. He also asked all stand owners and managers to visit the front of their stands to experience the customer’s perspective at least once every day. What is the Fair keeping, triggered by the Pandemic? Paper straws, single-serve condiments, 45,000 daily capacities, tickets sold online prior to coming, masks indoors, contactless payment preference, refills prohibited and completely sanitizing all counters every hour. 2021 drink sizes Rey O’Day, NICA Executive Director, addressing the OC Fair orientation meeting

Don Long, CCE, L&L Concessions, received the Good Neighbor Award

►► “Riffing” continued on page 8 August 2021 NICA News


“Riffing” continued from page 7 ►► and pricing were kept as well—Soda: 16 oz. $3.75 / 24 oz. $4.75 / 32 oz. $5.75 and Water: 20 oz. $4 / 33.8 oz. $5. They also suggested that everyone be a good witness regarding what happens in the 10-foot radius around their stand. Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE, The Original Australian Battered Potatoes, and Charlie Boghosian, Chicken Charlie’s, each received the 2019 Quality, Safety and Cleanliness Award trophy for their attention to excellence, safety, and presentation. Congratulations!!! And Well Deserved!!! The rollout of the Goodyear Tire program also happened this month. At least six years ago April Wood encouraged us to collect tire data from our members. We kept at it and then the West Council explored different companies that might be interested in providing a national benefit program for us. Along the way, Jay Wells found Tim Koenigsfeld, Goodyear’s Fleet Solutions Sales Manager, and he understood that even though we were many individual owners, we were also a very large fleet of tires that traveled across the country. He collaborated with and made presentations before the Board and the Benefits Committee. Contracts are finished and we are ready to offer commercial and consumer Goodyear tires and road service to our membership at discounted rates. Tim is personable, believes in the partnership, and enjoys boating, deer hunting, and grilling. Oh, and he knows A LOT about tires. Call him to learn about the program or ask about pricing at (636) 234-5904. I mentioned visiting the San Diego County Fair last month without telling you the blessings

Attendees writing get well wishes for Dawn Murray at the West Council Potluck Gathering at the Del Mar Fairgrounds


August 2021 NICA News

Randy Larscheid, OC Fair Food Safety Supervisor, presenting Quality, Safety and Cleanliness Award trophies to Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE, Director, and Charlie Boghosian, Chicken Charlie’s, and Charlie’s daughter Abby

it provided for our NICA community. As with any Fair right now there is a labor shortage, high prices, and product delivery concerns. Set all that aside. We opened!!! We had to go back to work!!! Many for the first time in 15 months! Tires were replaced, kitchen equipment tested, POS re-programmed, owners working at every station, and Sysco, due to good planning, delivered product more consistently than anyone thought possible. Everyone worried whether the Fair guest would tolerant longer lines and higher prices and the answer is yes, they will this year. The biggest blessing was that we shared friendship and fellowship and raised funds for the care of Dawn Murray, M&M Marketing, and NICA Foundation Scholarships together. Eighteen players played golf and then 80 folks gathered at the Fairgrounds for a West Council Potluck Gathering and fun, successful opportunity drawing of a plethora of items, baskets, and The Pallet! (See story and photos on pages 26-27.) Thank you to all who have renewed your NICA Membership. Next month we will introduce our 2021 NICA Foundation Scholarship recipients. The Larry Sivori family and the Hummel Group each committed to creating $2000 Visionary Scholarships. Of course, we thank Coca-Cola, Fare Foods, and our NICA Leadership and Members for continuing to fund this program. Save the date: September 15 for the East Council Rally at The Big E. Join the conversation on NICA Live. 2021 will continue to be messy and provide some great stories for our children and grandchildren. Carry On... Rey. ▲



Do you have any announcements you would like to share? Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or

Join the Conversation with

NICA Live!

We have launched our brand new Facebook Group NICA Live! and want to invite you to join us. NICA Live! is a public group for our members and for supporters of the Industry to share their voices and be heard. In less than a week since it was launched in late July, we grew to over 75 members! One of the more recent posts by Bary Bunts, CCE, East Council, highlighted the return to events with some photos and a message: “It was great to be back out with our Fair family last week. Looking forward to seeing many others we missed last year!” Kathy Ross, CCE, Director, uploaded a picture of a gas station sign that read “Diesel 2.94” and asked the group, “What is diesel where you are?” Responses came from various parts of the country including Maryland, Illinois, New York, and California. We welcome your discussions and insight, especially while our members are getting back to work. Are you looking for extra help for an event? Have a question about equipment? Looking at a new event to add to your route? Ask our Group members for advice, and start a conversation! So how do you join? You can join the Group by searching NICA Live! on Facebook or directly by entering the online address: ▲

New Pins Available Soon for CCE Recipients Are you one of the 74 NICA Members who has earned their Certified Concessionaire Executive designation in the last 20 years since the program’s inception? We have ordered special CCE Pins as recognition and thanks for your continued representation of NICA’s mission statement and the professionalism of Concessionaires. They are scheduled to arrive soon for distribution to our existing CCE Designees. From this point on, all new CCE Award Recipients will receive this pin along with their certificate and award. for more information about the CCE Program, see page 11. ▲

Attention Voting Members: Ballots Were Sent in July Ballots were sent out on July 15th to all active Voting Members, so you should have received your ballot by now (either a paper ballot by mail or digital ballot by email). If you have not received your paper ballot by August 31st, you can contact the NICA Office at (813) 438-8926 or to be sent a duplicate. All votes must be sent in no later than September 30th, 2021 to be counted. ▲ August 2021 NICA News


pay how they customers can toto customers cansafely safelypay payhow howthey theywant want

Thoughts From a This month’s Statement of Communications and Management Philosophy is from NICA’s Past President Bob Hallifax, CCE, Hallifax Enterprises, of St. Augustine, FL, who earned his CCE in 2009:

Bob Hallifax, CCE

for success and an exact explanation when they fail. I need to listen to, and share ideas Hallifax Enterprises with, Fair Committees. Sharing ideas with other CCE Earned in 2009 Concessionaires has been beneficial to my business as well. And finally, it is important I have spent most of my that I communicate with the other businesses life living and working at a (suppliers and manufacturers) so that we both Fair. This has enabled me understand our needs and expectations. to see millions of people Managing a successful Concession business each year. On a daily basis, I has evolved into a lifestyle. It is part inspiration: greet Fairgoers, employees, having new things to offer. It is part motivation: Fair Committees, other Concessionaires, and business this Industry is difficult at best to succeed. But most importantly, a successful Concession associates. Experience business is based upon open, honest, and has taught me that the key to success is continual communication. communication. I would also like to share the following It is vital that I establish open communication advice: the Good Lord gave you two ears and one with everyone. I need to listen to the Fairgoer and mouth so you could listen twice as much as you hear what they like and don’t like. The employees talk. ▲ need to hear exactly what is expected with praise

Q: “So, How Do I Get My CCE?” The Certified Concessionaire Executive Program was developed to recognize the professionalism of Concessionaires, with the title representing a deep understanding and respect for the Fair and Festival business and indicates that the titleholder will perform with the highest level of professionalism. Before applying, the applicant must have a minimum of seven years as a fulltime Chief Operating Manager of an Independent Concession Business and be a current member of NICA, at least one State Association, and of one of the following associations: IAFE, IFEA, OABA and/

Attention Members!

Now Offering Classified Ads

or WFA. The applicant must then complete an 11page questionnaire, which uses a point system to determine their level of qualifications and Industry involvement. They are also required to submit a 150-200 minimum word personal philosophy of communication and management as it relates to the Fair Industry. The applicant must send the application, supporting materials, and $90 administrative fee to the NICA Office. Visit the CCE website today for more information, as well as the downloadable CCE Application: ▲

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August 2021 NICA News

Member’s Voice The greatest part of NICA is the Membership! The Membership’s Voice influences where the organization is headed and what it can improve, especially when it comes to which benefits are being used and which events people are interested in attending. The NICA Office has been continuing their survey of responses from Renewal Members. Dustin Beener, Hardenbrook Concessions of Urbandale, IA, has been in the Fair Industry his whole life and specializes in “a little bit of everything” when it comes to food. He has been a NICA Member since 2002: “I’m a longtime member and I find it very useful. It’s obviously a long relationship and every year they’ve worked pretty hard to add more benefits and increase them while staying consistent.” The business was started by Dustin’s Great Grandparents in 1913. He proudly states, “I’m the fourth generation” and says the menu has not changed too much in the last 100 years, and includes such Fair favorites as Polish sausage, foot longs, hot dogs, hamburgers, and more. “Our oldest stand that we have is a cafeteria stand we have at the Iowa State Fair. We serve plate dinners, homemade baked beans, sliced tomatoes, fresh sliced roast beef, ham sandwiches, breaded fish sandwiches, and we have seating for about 130 people. We are kind of like the last Mohicans in that regard. We’ve added things and I would say turkey

A view of Hardenbrook Concessions in the past where most everything cost only ten cents—how times have changed!

Dustin Beener, Hardenbrook Concessions, with his Father Robert, keeping the dream alive for the last 108 years

legs became a large specialty of ours. We do it really well and put on a good show; we gain more customers every year.” According to Dustin, it’s “the largest temporary stick stand that still exists.” His largest Fairs are Iowa State Fair, Nebraska State Fair, and Tulsa State Fair: He’s been at “Iowa for 108 years and Nebraska and Tulsa for well over 50 years.” Like most everyone in the Industry, 2020’s Pandemic affected them directly. He explains, “Just about everything canceled last year except for the Iowa, Nebraska and Tulsa State Fairs. They all put on a smaller Fair to cater to the Youth FFA and 4H. Business was very good, a lot of people showed up and they were very grateful that we were there. We were also grateful to them for coming out and getting back in a year where we were all in this together. It’s not just us that are suffering; it’s everybody in every market.” Safety precautions were also very important to Dustin’s business: “The biggest thing was just making sure that if somebody felt sick that they didn’t come into work and they stayed home.” When asked about his NICA Benefits usage, he states, “I have used GrayBar electric in Tulsa and I definitely take advantage of the rebate program with ►► “Member’s Voice” continued on page 14 August 2021 NICA News


“Member’s Voice” continued from page 13 ►► Pepsi. I’d say for us that’s the most beneficial one because we do a refillable souvenir cup, and we go through a lot of pop. That rebate program makes it worth joining NICA just for that!” He also notes that Coca-Cola is “an excellent program” for NICA Members. He’s also an avid reader of the NICA News; Dustin says that he prefers the “hard copy.” He adds, “It’s something I can just sit back in a chair and absorb. I read it and remember the good information that’s there. Being able to read through and see what’s happening in other states and with other Vendors, things that they are going through, there is a lot of common knowledge that’s nice to share.” When reflecting what he likes best about the Fair Industry, Dustin says, “My favorite part is going to the Fair and seeing customers that return and bring their kids; then the kids grow up and bring their kids! There is also the staff that runs the Iowa, Nebraska and Tulsa State Fairs. We’re all like family and I enjoy going back every year

Since 1947

tremendously. All the other Concessionaires that travel have all these experiences, too; we get to meet up and share stories. Their families have ran it for years and their parents passed it to them, so it’s generation after generation. It’s a big family that you don’t get to spend that much time with, but we all go through the same type of crazy work schedules and the difficulties when it rains and we lose power. It’s just all the different things we all go through and get challenged with and we succeed at. We all have just a huge mutual respect and everybody shares their knowledge. You learn something every year.” Dustin ends with some words of inspiration: “Stay positive and know that so far, from everybody I’ve heard from different states, the people are coming out and they are ready, so when you show up as a Concessionaire at another event, be prepared that it’s not going to be soft. You’re going to get hit pretty hard. We’ll make it back!” The NICA Office plans to continue to reach out to our Renewing Members throughout 2021 and beyond. If you hear from us, we’d love to know what’s on your mind! If we haven’t called or emailed you yet, we’ll be in touch soon. ▲

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August 2021 NICA News



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• All new tires, retreads, and service will be billed to the • A credit card will be used for all tire transactions NICA National Account • All new tires, retreads, and service will be billed to the • Dealer will process credit card for the purchase NICA National Account • The location will receive an invoice from Goodyear on • Dealer will process credit card for the purchase address supplied • the The email location will receive an invoice from Goodyear on the email address supplied


Members name and address Member IDcomplete # Credit card information, card type, Members complete namecard and #, address expiration and name on the card. Credit carddate, information, cardimprinted #, card type, Odometer expiration date, and name imprinted on the card. Driver Name Odometer Driver Name Phone Number Driver Phone Number


Name: Tim Koenigsfeld Name: Tim Koenigsfeld Phone: 636-234-5904 Phone: 636-234-5904 Email: Email:

As a National Account Member, you also get: • Nationwide service and special pricing on Auto tires, Light Truck tires, and Commercial products • World-class business intelligence tools to help reduce operating costs HOW TO AAGOODYEAR DEALER HOW TOFIND GOODYEAR DEALER • Access toFIND a complete line of commercial 1. Go toproducts with matchingand retreads and 1. Go to andselect selectDealer DealerLocator Locator innovations including DuraSeal™, Fuel Max® 2. 2. Enter City, State or ZIP to access 2,300 Nationwide Enter City, State or ZIP to access 2,300 Nationwide and UniCircle® technologies Goodyear Dealers Goodyear Dealers • Select Access to the most reliable 24/7 roadside 3. 3. Select thethe preferred Dealer from results preferred Dealer fromthe thesearch search results assistance with no dispatch fee Goodyear Account--NICA NICA##5733 5733 4. 4. ForFor auto / light truck tires visit Goodyear National National Account auto / light truck tires visit August 2021 NICA News


Getting to Know the Trustees of the Created by NICA to oversee and administer a formal education scholarship program and foster development opportunities and training services, the NICA Foundation’s Board of Trustees collectively have over 150 years of experience in the Fairs and Events Industry. In this issue we feature a Q&A with one of the NICA Foundation’s Trustees Daryl Whicheloe, CCE, who is from Cave Junction, OR. Daryl also serves as the 1st Vice President on the NICA Board of Directors. His responses are below: What is the name of your company and what products do you sell? Southern Oregon Food & Beverage (SOFAB); we offer Kurly fries, corn dogs, burgers, sausage, and funnel cakes. They are all very popular. What is your annual route?

Three generations of the Whicheloe family together

to be an engineer, my Father suggested I travel anywhere in the world before settling down and How long have you been a Concessionaire and how working in his company. I had an Uncle in Oregon I did you get started? had never met so I thought I would start there, and he was a Concessionaire. I have been a Concessionaire for 36 years. My family in England had an engineering and What do you like best about being a construction company, so when I finished college Concessionaire? Oregon, California, and Washington.

Definitely the great people in our Industry. How has the Concession business changed since you started out? What would you change? I think our Industry has grown in importance and become a lot more professional over the years. As for change, that is a tough one. We will always have conversations about rent, contracts, overbooking, rising fees, permits and the cost of doing business. However, I truly believe we are starting to see a positive shift from the Fair management side as they are becoming more aware of our issues. Is your family active in the business?

Southern Oregon Food & Beverage serving up a variety of Fair food staples throughout the West Coast


August 2021 NICA News

My wife Kristen and I run the company and all three of my children were raised working with us. I have encouraged all of them to try other career options (knowing they can always come back with

us). They all still work with us occasionally and my oldest son Brian is with us full time. How long have you been a NICA Member and who recruited you?

What is your most valuable NICA Benefit?

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

For me the Sysco program is my biggest benefit; it saves me hours in time and money not having to shop for products. I also use several other benefits and am excited to try the new Goodyear tire program.

Be prepared to get creative. This last year and a half of COVID-19 has been tough on so many of us, but it has taught us that if you are willing to try something new, you may well be pleasantly surprised.

What inspired you to join the NICA Foundation? Being a part of the new 501c3 NICA Foundation Board is a great way to help continue NICA’s strength in our Industry and also be able to help with the wonderful scholarship program NICA is able to offer our members and their families. What’s something you like to do in your free time? I like to spend time on my boat in the ocean, ride horses and motorcycles in the mountains, and

fu n

What do you hope the NICA Foundation accomplishes during your tenure? I hope we can strengthen NICA’s financial stability, continue to provide our members with the scholarship program for our youth, and also provide more programs, seminars, workshops, and educational material for our members.

I think about 12 years. Lucky Henner, Don Delahoyde, CCE, Tony Trafton, CCE, and I also believe Rey O’Day had a little to do with it

We put the

spend time with my family.

We appreciate your responses Daryl! What is the best way for a NICA Member to reach you? They can always call me at (541) 941-9660 or email me at ▲ Learn more about the NICA Foundation by visiting today!

in funnel cake!

Custom Ingredients From TasteMaker/Reed Food Technology Specializing In: • Funnel Cake Mix • Corn Dog Mix • Batters & Breadings • Sauces

Proudly Distributed Through Fare Foods • Call 800-651-1601 For More Information • August 2021 NICA News


Ask the Candidates Last month we looked at the nomination statements of this year’s Candidates: Kim Barr, CCE, Pacific Crest Concessions, Dan Lusenhop, Jeanne’s Artichokes, Stacey Pittroff-Barona, Giant Ride, Inc., and Jay Wells, Wells Concession. This month we look at each Candidates’ answers to four important questions regarding challenges facing Concessionaires, their solutions to these challenges, and NICA’s future. If you are Voting Member, make sure to submit your election ballots by September 30, 2021.

Kim Barr, CCE

Pacific Crest Concessions • Caldwell, ID What is the single most important challenge facing Concessionaires today? The most challenging component facing Concessionaires I believe is coming out of this Pandemic. Fairs are issuing contracts, but will we still have the events? New staff is being hired in most Fair offices, some with no prior experience, making the move in process more difficult. We will all have to be more patient and willing to accept more change. Health Department protocol will be more difficult as well in some cities and states.

As a Board Member, how would you help overcome this challenge? As a Board Member, I am working with new Fair office staffing that I come across, helping them with any uncertainties they may have as well as offering to help in any way to make it easier on all of us.

Where do you see NICA in five years? I see NICA as a much stronger association, as we have thrived and survived through this Pandemic, and have continued to help Fairs come up with ideas on how to get through all of this. We have gained a lot of strength, striving to work through the many challenges we have faced together.

What would you plan to help NICA get there? I will continue to work together with my Board and Councils on any new challenges that we are thrown, and come up with new and better ways to make more Fairs happen in our future.

Dan Lusenhop

Jeanne’s Artichokes • Camarillo, CA What is the single most important challenge facing Concessionaires today? First and foremost, the most important challenge we face is Communication. Additionally, with the Pandemic I’ve seen a wave of Retirements, Furloughs and Layoffs with key staffers at events across the country. As events reopen, we still struggle with issues such as rising labor costs, maintaining quality trained employees, controlling food costs, and the ability to transfer ownership when it’s time to retire. NICA has worked tirelessly over the years to keep the Industry in the know with challenges we all face collectively! 18

August 2021 NICA News

As a Board Member, how would you help overcome this challenge? I strive to develop more Advisory and Communication Committees so we continue to have an open dialog with possible new staff and veterans alike. As Independent operators, we all bring a different view of such challenges; as Board Members, it’s our duty to be open to all opinions and options and develop a model or policy that best serves our members needs. We should also continue to partner with our sister organizations to tackle common issues and promote and strengthen our common goals.

Where do you see NICA in five years? Members are the key to our success, and I hope to increase our membership by 10% in the next five years. There is strength in numbers, and this will fortify our professional voice in the Industry!

What would you plan to help NICA get there? Invite everyone to join NICA for the benefits to their business, and join us at rallies and social events to show the value of our Industry working together. I will continue to be involved with Communication Commitees, bring my own professional expriences, and lead by example. “Together We Can!”

Stacey Pittroff-Barona

Giant Ride, Inc. • Roseville, MN What is the single most important challenge facing Concessionaires today? The single most important challenge for Concessionaires today is building up the next generation of Concession operators in the business and creating an Industry environment that is appealing to young people who want to carry on the traditions of the Fair Industry.

As a Board Member, how would you help overcome this challenge? As a Board Member I will be an advocate, mentor, and resource for young people in the Industry by being able to bridge the gap between the up-and-coming and those nearing retirement. Specifically, I hope to help connect people with the right resources to get their businesses not only up and running, but also soaring towards success in the future. Additionally, I hope to help others reach younger audiences by utilizing social media to highlight and illustrate the benefits of being part of the Concession Industry. I feel we can revive and reinvent the entire Concessionaire Industry while maintaining the traditional aspects that we all know and love; by removing the barriers that are in the way of young people starting out and setting them on the right path to launch their own business ventures or carry on the legacy of pre-existing businesses. We not only need, but call for the innovative ideas, knowledge, and input of young people, as they are our future.

Where do you see NICA in five years? I see NICA as the guiding force for creating positive change in the Industry, especially pertaining to the next generation. By opening communication, removing any barriers, and providing necessary support and mentorship, I feel NICA has the potential to help hundreds of individuals that want to carry on the Fair’s legacy but do not necessarily have the means to do so on their own.

What would you plan to help NICA get there? In order to get NICA to a place where we can create positive change in the Industry and reach the ►► “Candidates” continued on page 21 August 2021 NICA News


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August 2021 NICA News

“Candidates” continued from page 19 ►► involvement of young individuals, the first step is talking to young people and getting them excited about the potential that the Concession Industry has to offer along with teaching them and providing them with the necessary tools needed to be successful. Currently, I have two college-aged daughters that are breaking into the Industry and have the entrepreneurial mindset, motivation, and skills to get started. However, many other young people their age were not able to have those same resources and guidance provided to them. After seeking out those interested in getting started in the Industry, I hope to invest my own time and leadership to help bring these young people’s ideas to life. By being a Board Member of NICA, I would be able to directly connect these individuals with the right mentors throughout the organization to get them started. I also feel it would pay dividends to create a NICA mentorship program that links those seeking advice and seasoned Concessionaires in the Industry together. This program would benefit both sides of the spectrum and would also serve as a resource for employees interested in starting their own businesses. Overall, I feel as though I will be an asset to NICA’s Board by offering not only my own personal experiences and knowledge in the Industry, but also by being a liaison between NICA and young entrepreneurs. I have the passion and drive to keep this Industry alive for generations to come and know that if given the opportunity I will help NICA secure a future for the Concession Industry! As mentioned in NICA’s tagline: “Together We Can!”

Jay Wells

Wells Concessions • Wichita, KS What is the single most important challenge facing Concessionaires today? I think understanding and complying with the mounting regulations pertaining to our Industry. Our Industry is not only just regulated by health, labor, taxation, and transportation, but now escalating Fair requirements such as sales tax or no sales tax included in pricing, POS system or no POS systems (and which POS?), credit cards and fees or no credit cards, sales tax collection by event or remitted by individual, use of RFID, admission requirements, and other miscellaneous fees.

As a Board Member, how would you help overcome this challenge? Invite and encourage Fair management to participate in discussions, roundtables, meetings and conventions to discuss these issues and how they affect our Industry and ultimately OUR (the Fair and ours) customers because they are the ones we serve and they pay the bills.

Where do you see NICA in five years? Things in the world today are changing exponentially fast. Technology is a double-edged sword. It is not allowing us to catch our breath. What’s new one day is old the next, making it difficult to remain relevant, connected and in the know. By working with our Fairs, our benefit partners, and keeping abreast of governmental regulations I see NICA as a source for current and up to date information for our members. We want to be known by our members as a trusted source for accurate information and great benefits to help them operate confidently.

What would you plan to help NICA get there? Continue to connect with our brother and sister organizations and Fair partners to be considered not as a source of financial gain but as a valued partner in the Industry, freely exchanging ideas and information which strengthens all of us. ▲ August 2021 NICA News


Meet the Bones

That Balance Our Lives Rey O’Day, Executive Director

“Make no bones about it, to succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone...” I read this recently and thought it is especially true as we slowly transition out of the Pandemic. This quote is often attributed to songwriter Reba McEntire but was in fact first said by Dr. Kavanagh during his talk on “Moral Anatomy” as cited in the New Rochelle Pioneer way back in 1908. The word “succeed” has replaced the original word “thrive.” I think both words are very her Celebration of Life. In preparation, one of appropriate. So, let’s head off into the boneyard… the persons with whom I spoke was Charlie Wishbone Boghosian, or “Chicken Charlie” as we know him. The Ancient Romans He is a second-generation Christian immigrant believed that chicken bones from Damascus, Syria whose parents brought held the power of good fortune. him to America because of a belief that if you When two people pulled apart a worked hard here, there was opportunity to build a wishbone, the person left with meaningful, good life. In Syria there was only the the larger piece got the good opportunity for continued poverty. luck, or a wish granted. This When I asked him about Tommie, he said was a Thanksgiving tradition in my family. The he asked her for permission to make a chicken wishbone must dry or age to snap apart properly. sandwich using a raspberry Krispy Kreme donut. Otherwise, it would just twist and wind, much like He said she laughed out loud and said, “Go for wishes that don’t have time to simmer and age. it.” She was “open minded” and opened the door Then there are those of us who have forgotten for him to become about the drying wishbones and let them pile more creative and up in kitchen drawers ignored. Ignoring wishes successful. That sometimes makes me cranky and resentful. Then encounter put him there are the secrets to pulling the wishbone apart: on the front page of use your thumb, put your fingers up closer to the the LA Times and top, or patiently wait for the other person to pull too on the Tonight Show hard. with Conan O’Brien. Right now, our wishes are our goals and He reminded me ideas, the things we want to try, have happen or that I had done the accomplish. After being couped up for over a year same thing (yes, I many of us have a long list of wishes. They inspire also laughed) when us to look forward. he asked to sell a A Celebration of Life was held Recently I was asked to participate in a deep fried Twinkie. for Tommie Fomby, retired tribute to Tommie Fomby, retired Concession He also added Concession and Commercial and Commercial Manager at the OC Fair, during Tommie had class, Manager at the OC Fair 22

August 2021 NICA News

was elegant, did not hide in her office but instead came out and had engaging conversations with her Vendor customers. We all wish for bosses like that. There are two sides to a wishbone: having the wish and asking for what you need to attain your wish. Remember if you have not asked, you already have a “no;” so the only way to receive a “yes” is to ask for it. Every day we have wishes and every day we have the opportunity to give others a chance for their wishes to come true. Stay conscious of that. And what is the real purpose of this wishbone? It makes the skeleton of a bird strong enough for flight. Let it do the same for you. “No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”

We are not letting each other down nor ourselves. It is a time to NOT take anything personally, and NOT make assumptions about other’s intentions. Allowing yourself to get your feelings hurt only zaps the energy and focus we need. Our backbone keeps us on our two feet when the going gets tough; it makes us put one foot in front of the other even when times are uncertain; and it provides us balance so we don’t fall over. Find your backbone, center, and hang for a great adventure called life.

Funny Bone

Our funny bone gives us the ability to laugh and learn from our mistakes and then move on. Our sense of humor helps us enjoy what we are doing, be optimistic, Backbone and make things more worthwhile. On March 27, 2020, someone It also provides us with stories wrote on the internet, “A backbone is in which we laugh out loud and a symbol of strength in character, an say, “you can’t make this s**t up!!” unwillingness to be used or taken for Right? granted, and a firm commitment to Again, for Tommie’s Celebration of Life I was uphold one’s decisions and feelings.” provided a story by Dominic Palmieri, CCE that We’ve all seen and heard of people who happened early in his career as a Concessionaire. have a backbone; they are the mentally He had a cotton candy stand at the entrance to Kidland that he felt was being choked off by a bank strong, consistently determined, and/ of payphones and an ever-growing novelty stand, or ethically principled ones who most often attain their goals. Words that come to mind are so he decided the way to open up the lane was to confidence, courage, drive, effort, focus, hard work, move the bank of phones 10 feet down the road. Tommie was a prankster and had a great motivation, persistence, and tenacity. sense of humor, so she concocted a scheme with A person serving in NICA’s Leadership called me and asked if I thought they brought value to RCS General Manager Cliff Kunkle to teach him a lesson. He was inside the stand washing cotton the organization. I gave an unqualified “yes” and then said, “Why do you ask?” The person said, candy machines about 15 minutes after closing “I feel overwhelmed and out of time” and “I am when he looked up and to his surprise, he saw a multi-tasking and accomplishing little because I massive forklift with tires as tall as him and 15 am distracted by all that I must do and all that is foot forks rolling up to the front of the stand. The going on around me. My plate is full, everything driver was starting to put the forks underneath the is urgent, and I worry that I am not doing a good front of the trailer. He immediately came running job anywhere. Maybe it is time to quit; throw in the outside and said, “Hey, hey what are you doing?” towel!” I replied, “You just described what everyone From the side I heard this voice say, “Well I’m just I know is feeling at least once every day including going to move you over about 10 feet, just like you me.” did the payphones.” Tommie was there with the Because of our entrepreneurial nature, we paint gun putting new marks on the ground and do not want to be quitters; but how do we find Cliff was giving instructions to move it back 10 the energy and passion to keep going? Find our feet. backbone! Stand up straight, take a deep breath and believe we are all doing the best we can in ►► “Bones” continued on page 25 this very highly charged time. We do bring value. August 2021 NICA News


“Renewals” continued from page 4 ►► Dale Hershberger

Audio Innovators Riverview, FL (2010)

Duane Hickman, CCE Quality Concessions Kiel, WI (1998)

Doug Hively

DH Concessions LLC DBA Lemons on the Loose Tucson, AZ (2018)

Lori Hull

Hillsdale County Fair Hillsdale, MI (2004)

Tasha Hyder

Clay County Fair Association Green Cove Springs, FL (2009)

Christine Iannotti

St. Lucie County Fair Ft. Pierce, FL (2007)

Andrew Imperati

Dutchess County Fair Rhinebeck, NY (2010)

Charles Ivory, CCE µ Famous Gabby’s, Inc. Brooksville, FL (1993)

Brian Jones

BCSS Concessions Avon, IL (2003)

Kenneth Kasinak

Golden West Concessions San Diego, CA (2007)

Sheila Kedrowicz

Midway Sweets, LLC Custer, WI (2009)

Dan Keough

James La Fratta

Perfection Confections, Inc. Ruskin, FL (1993)

Siegrid La Fratta

Perfection Confections, Inc Ruskin, FL (1996)

Bill Lauther

Griff’s Catering Gibsonton, FL (2006)

Karen Nicklas

Kate Sharpe

James O’Brien

Susan Sharp-Farias

Bill Olson

Edgar Sivori, III

Karen Oneal

Renate Skinner

The Great Frederick Fair Inc. Frederick, MD (2018) Topsfield Fair Topsfield, MA (1995) Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair Jacksonville, FL (2011)

Awesome Apple Crisp, LLC Glastonbury, CT (2019)

Marshall County Blueberry Festival Plymouth, IN (2009)

Allen Lindsey

Jim Pardini

Don Long, CCE

Marlene Pierson-Jolliffe, CFE µ

Todd Lavigne

Lindsey Concessions Troy, MI (2006) L & L Concessions, Inc. La Verne, CA (2007)

Darin Lusenhop

Jeanne’s Artichokes Camarillo, CA (2013)

Brian Lynn

Victor Products Co. Richmond, VA (2016)

Gary McBrien

Crown & Associates, Inc. Claremore, OK (2007)

Jim McGuire

Pardini’s Fair Ventures, L.P. Fresno, CA (2010)

State Fair of Virginia Doswell, VA (1993)

Fred Pittroff

Giant Ride, Inc. Balboa, CA (1995)

Hal Porter

Citrus County Fair Inverness, FL (2017)

Brad Price - ROC Mgm’t Godfather’s Pizza Spirit Lake, IA (2005)

Central WA State Fair Yakima, WA (2006)


August 2021 NICA News

Jay Spicer

Martin County Fair Association Stuart, FL (2003)

Randy Stephenson

Alabama National Fair Montgomery, AL (1994)

David Strum

Pretzel Factory Aurora, CO (2002)

Lance Sturgeon

Jack’s Shack N. Ft. Myers, FL (2016)

Martin Svrcek

Lynette Rawlings

Rory Tipsword

Helen McPeak

Tracy Reichert

Jay Tyson

McKinney Food Services Hughes Springs, TX (2003)

Rawlings Concessions Atwater, CA (2000) Meggers Road Concessions, Inc. Kiel, WI (1995)

Dawghouse Concessions Des Moines, IA (2000)

Kathy Kramer, CVE, CFEE

Squeezy’s Lemonade Fair Play, MO (2020)

Ron McKinney

Mike Rutana

Steele County Free Fair Owatonna, MN (1995)

April Smith

Montgomery County Agricultural Fair Gaithersburg, MD (2010)

Randy Reichert, CCE µ

Scott Kozelka

Skinner’s Amusements Harvard, IL (1998)

Ramsey Food Service Huntsville, OH (2020)

Coastal Carolina Fair North Country Specialty Foods Ladson, SC (1997) Milton, VT (2017) Letrice Midgett

Kissel Entertainment, LLC. Okeana, OH (2019)

Kentuckiana Specialty Caterers Sheperdsville, KY (1994)

Du Page County Fair Association Wheaton, IL (1997)

Laurie Keough

R. A. Kissel

Big Bubba’s Bad BBQ Paso Robles, CA (2004)

Jennifer Ramsey

Wilson County Fair North Country Specialty Foods Lebanon, TN (1999) Milton, VT (2017) Ralph Mellard

Mike Kinnear

Cabarrus County Fair Concord, NC (2003)

North Carolina State Fair Raleigh, NC (1994)

Saree Miller

Allegan County Fair Allegan, MI (2004)

Henry Mitchell

Amy’s Sweet Treats Burlington, CT (2016)

Robert Monroe

L.T. Concessions, Inc. Marion, IN (2007)

Meggers Road Concessions, Inc. / Hot Wisconsin Cheese Kiel, WI (1993) Rutana Concessions Columbiana, OH (2003)

Brienna Schuette

Moxie & Drive Marketing White Bear Township, MN (2018)

Josh Seivers

Three Rivers Concessions, LLC Grove City, PA (2008)

Hoelting Food Service, Inc. Decatur, IL (2004) Hopkins Food Service, Inc. Thomasville, GA (2007)

Monica Urick

Urick Concessions, LLC Carmel, IN (2001)

Chris Walden

Walden Concessions Mattoon, IL (2017)

Matt Wardlow

Dick Wardlow Insurance Brokers Moorpark, CA (1998)

Nick White

White’s Concessions Spokane Valley, WA (2015)

David Wilson

Chautauqua County Fair Dunkirk, NY (2009)

ways to solve concerns, but it must be done as a community. Oh, and communication counts. When I need a break, I find funny things to read or watch. We know laughter is healing and makes Of course, Dominic is telling them “Hey you can’t hardship easier. We will be more positive if we do move the stand, it’s attached to electricity and the hose connection is directly underneath it, and you’re not overthink everything and take ourselves too gonna tear up the bottom of the trailer.” Bla bla bla. seriously. We are not perfect and nor is anyone else. She began to explain to him that she could I have heard it said we must stop wearing our move his stand to anywhere she wanted, and wishbone where our backbone ought to be, which she just decided that the cotton candy stand tickles my funny bone. We need wishes and plans was choking down the access to the payphones, to give us the drive to successfully meet our goals; so the only way to fix it was to move the cotton and a resilient nature and many joyful laughs candy stand. After about two minutes of serious conversation both Cliff and Tommie could not hold to keep away bitterness, help us thrive and lead successful lives. In closing, set your goal, work back any longer and burst out into uncontrollable hard to accomplish it, and laugh out loud about all laughter. Dominic wishes he had a picture of the look on his face when that gigantic forklift showed the crazy things you overcame. I make no bones about it: there is value in having a wishbone, back up. It is something he will never forget and today he laughs about it. Lesson learned: there are many bone, and funny bone! Enjoy… ▲ “Bones” continued from page 23 ►►

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Cheryl Wilson

Porter County Fair Valparaiso, IN (2011)

Judy Wilson

J Wilson Group, LLC Arcadia, IN (2015)

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David Yonan

Space Age Food Concessions Pine Grove, CA (2008)

Wow, thank you to all 115 Renewal Members for your continued support!

Marty Zinder

Victor Products Co. Richmond, VA (2016) August 2021 NICA News


Home Grown Fun in Del Mar 14th Annual NICA West Invitational

The West Council hosted the 14th Annual NICA West Invitational at the Lomas Santa Fe Country Club in Solana Beach on Monday, June 28, 2021. Eighteen players participated in the putting contest, played 18 holes of golf and then returned to the San Diego County Fairgrounds for a 4:00 PM gathering that included a potluck dinner, alcohol service, good music, and an opportunity drawing that included a 40” TV donated by Family A Fair, Electrical Survival Kit donated by Chuckwagon Concessions and “The Pallet” which included the donations of many! The putting contest was won by Dane Baldwin, D&D Cinnamon Rolls, the Fourth Place Team with a score of 65 was Rich Brander, Justin Murray, Mike Newman, Gino Palmieri, and Steve and Julie Vartanian; the Third Place Team with a score of 65 was Brain Creason, Chuck Giordano, John Giordano, and Ashley Murray; the Second Place Team with a score of 62 was Hyrum Allen, Dane Baldwin, Mark Hill, CCE, and Dale Smith,

First Place Team

Second Place Team

The 14th Annual NICA West Invitational Putters: Brian Creason, Gino Palmieri, Justin Murray, Mark Hill, CCE, Rich Brander, Steve Vartanian, Julie Vartanian, Mike Newman, Gary Barham, Dane Baldwin, Courtney Barham, Hyrum Allen, John Giordano, Chuck Giordano, and Ashley Murray

CCE; and the First Place Team with a score of 56 was Courtney Barham, Gary Barham, and Natalie Vivaldi. Prizes, cash awards, and a buffet dinner were suspended to raise more funds for the professional care of Dawn Murray and the NICA Foundation Scholarship Fund. The Murray family has donated thousands of dollars in prizes and golf signage to NICA fundraisers and Ashley served on the West Council for six years.

Third Place Team

Fourth Place Team

West Council Potluck Gathering This event was truly a group volunteer effort pulled together quickly. Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE had the creative idea to find a pallet, place it behind her stand backyard, and ask the Concessionaires to bring one item they use and put it on the pallet with “The Pallet” being the last ticket pulled. Gigi Horowitz walked the commercial buildings and collected many interesting items that Norma and Charlotte Crutchfield put into delightful baskets. Cie Smith said, “I cannot be there but let me donate a 40” TV.” Many contributed $100 as hole sign One of seven tables of prizes at the West Council Gathering sponsors. Many purchased items like scooters 26

August 2021 NICA News

Past and Present NICA Leadership: Ryann Newman, West Council; Jeff Thornberry, CCE, Director; Irene Dugan, West Council; Mark Hill, CCE, Past Director; Steve Vartanian, West Council; Dale Smith, CCE, Past West Council; Rey O’Day, Executive Director; Jennifer Giordano, CCE, Foundation Treasurer; Ashley Murray, Past West Council; Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE, Director; and Dominic Palmieri, CCE, Past President

and chairs. Ryan Needham sent fudge. Annemarie Perry always donates her paintings and Chuck Dugan crafted one of his sought-after survival kits. Terri Crutchfield sold and sold tickets! Irene Dugan made signs, phone calls, and the beautiful card for Dawn… plus she kept track of who was bringing what. Gene Edick forklifted all the tables into place. Steve Vartanian collected the golfers and sign donations. Potlucks can go well or not so well… this one was perfect! Gene Edick provided perfectly timed pizzas, Lola Ramirez brought chicken and homemade potato salad, KC Kasinak brought homemade coleslaw, Sysco sent chips and cookies, Gigi Horowitz brought fresh chocolate chip cookies, Irene Dugan made a yummy Caesar salad, Karen Gary brought Dippin’ Dot ice cream packages, and Premier provided friends and family priced bar items. The unanswered question is “Who brought the watermelon?” If anyone knows please call NICA. 80 guests found the potluck to be filling and delicious. No microphone, lots of people, outside event… how are we going to pull the ticket numbers and get anyone to listen to the numbers? Ask the kids

The West Coast’s future Generation Forward

Industry Legends: Bob Jackson, Jackson Enterprises; Ron Boeger, Happy Day Pony Ride and Past NICA State Rep; Norma Crutchfield, Crutchfield Concessions; Gary Barham, Hot Dog on a Stick; Sandy Enright, Juicy’s; Fred Pittroff, Giant Slide; and Chuck Giordano, C&C Concessions

Steve Vartanian and Dale Smith, CCE with “The Pallet”

Jennifer Giordano, CCE, Foundation Treasurer, and Irene Dugan, West Council, picking the winning tickets

to do it! They were fantastic. We sold the tickets in two arm lengths which was fun. Many were thrilled with their prizes; however, five-year-old Kyle Boeger was the happiest of the night when he won the Razor scooter which he had out of the box and was on it in about 20 seconds (see page 29). The event had a surprise ending: the last ticket pulled was for “The Pallet” and Fred Pittroff had the winning number. He said he wanted to give it back, so Rey asked Dominic Palmieri, CCE to auction it off. Steve Vartanian and Dale Smith, CCE agreed to split it for $1000 which ended the drawing on a very high note!! We had many past and present NICA Leadership members present. We had a gaggle of kids who will be our Generation Forward. And we had our treasured Industry Legends. Most importantly we had Ashley, Justin, and Krystle (Brede) Murray to love on so they could take all our love, concern, and prayers back to Dawn. They are hoping she will be able to make a short visit during OC Fair. How important that would be! Together we shared Home Grown Fun and ended the evening with a collective smile. ▲ August 2021 NICA News


From the Camera Roll...

Sandy Class, CCE, President, with Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, who was visiting Florida Fairs at the start of this Season

Old friends at the OC Fair: Dale Smith, CCE, Family A Fair; Donny Crutchfield, Don Crutchfield Concessions; and Chuck Giordano, C&C Concessions

NICA Past President Dominic Palmieri, CCE and Director Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE at San Diego County Fair’s opening day press conference with offerings from The Original Australian Battered Potatoes

Irene Dugan, West Council and Chuckwagon, with opportunity tickets


August 2021 NICA News

Jeff Thornberry, CCE, NICA Director and Gadgets and Neat Stuff, with one of the prize baskets available at the West Council Gathering

Rey O’Day, Executive Director and Steve Vartanian, West Council

Two legendary members at the opening day at San Diego County Fair: Don Long, CCE, L&L Concessions, and Original West Council Member, and Chuck Giordano, C&C Concessions and funding member of the West Council

Ashley Murray, M&M Marketing, daughter Krystle Brede, and Mike Peterson, Bacon-A-Fair

San Diego County Fair Vendor Staff: Donna Ruhm, Heidi Benson, and Kelly Schmitz

Ryann Newman, West Council and Fruit Caboose, showing off her winnings

Justin Murray, O’Ryan Hat Co., Dominic Palmieri, CCE, Past President, and Jeff Thornberry, CCE, Director

Sandy Enright, Juicy’s, Gigi Horowitz, Fun Time Foods, and Lola Ramirez, JLQ Concessions

Five-year-old Kyle Boeger is very happy with his Razor scooter

Terri Crutchfield, Terri’s Berries, with a winning ticket

Lori Vartanian, Lori’s Concessions, Jennifer Giordano, CCE, C&C Concessions, and Karen Gary, Leap of Faith Productions

Ron Boeger, Happy Day Pony Ride, and Mark Hill, CCE, Olde Tyme Ice Cream

Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE, Director, tickets in hand, picking a prize

Rey O’Day announcing Dane Baldwin, D&D Cinnamon Rolls, as Putting Contest Winner August 2021 NICA News


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August 2021 NICA News

August 2021 NICA News


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August 2021 NICA News

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August 2021 NICA News

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