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York County Economic Alliance January 2016

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Identity Theft and Business Impact

LEADERSHIP STAFF Darrell W. Auterson, CEcD, EDFP President & CEO Katie Lentz Executive Vice President Wilda Alessi Vice President, Public Relations Nancy Barry Vice President, Operations & CFO


20 Announcing!

Cuba in 2016

24 Distributing


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Anatomy of a Development Prospect


Why Small to Mid-Size Businesses Need A Cyber Policy


Are You Missing HUGE Continuous Improvement Opportunities? 10 What will I do differently in 2016?


YCEA and York Young Professionals Create Strategic Partnership


Meet the Staff: Darrell W. Auterson


Become a Healthcare Professional in 2 Years


Carolyn Warman to Receive the 2016 Business Achievement Award 15 Douglas Berman Is Named Chair of the YCEA


Meet the Ambassadors: Amy Haines


Main Street Hanover News


Member News


Calendar of Events


The York County Economic Alliance is the place to start for companies seeking a competitive edge. As York County’s official chamber and economic development organization, it is the resource center that connects businesses to specialized funding, business services, advocacy programs and events that will help their business thrive. The mission of the York County Economic Alliance is to lead economic growth, connect local businesses to resources and each other and advocate for business and the community to create a prosperous York County.



Penn State


Your local connection to PENN STATE TEN bachelor’s degrees, SIX associate degrees, and ONE master’s degree you can complete in York FIRST TWO YEARS of more than 160 Penn State majors

Certificate programs leading toward associate degrees The Graham Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies Accelerated course and degree completion for adult learners Convenient day, evening, and Saturday classes FIVE varsity sports More than TWENTY student clubs and organizations

SPRING OPEN HOUSE Saturday, April 2, 2016 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

FIND OUT MORE Penn State York 1031 Edgecomb Avenue York, PA 17403-3326 717-771-4040

President’s Message By: Darrell W. Auterson, President & CEO


n this month’s message I will reference some activities (good and bad) that attempt to explain why I characterize 2015 as a rather peculiar year in my assessment. I’ll start at the state level where the election of a new Governor seemed to bring an atmosphere of hope and optimism as the year began. What happened? What a difference nine or ten months can make, huh! We’ve all been monitoring the Harrisburg drama for quite some time so I won’t pile on here. However, it does seem to raise the question (once again) of how our system got so dysfunctional that so many people we perceive as really smart with strong leadership characteristics get so bogged down. On the national front it’s been anything but conventional. Just when you think the venom can’t get any more toxic, it does. I guess we’re destined to keep pushing the envelope. I hate to begin my comments with such negativity, but I feel compelled to point out that despite our desire to seek out the good in life too often the bad keeps getting pushed to the forefront. It’s harder to influence state and national policy in this current environment, so I’ll turn my attention to local matters for optimism in 2016. In 2015, the Economic Alliance focused on internally assessing our standing in our community and found that our message had become fuzzy. Through a carefully guided branding/messaging campaign we have now refocused our mission and vision and crafted a messaging strategy that reinforces our role as York County’s chamber and economic development organization to lead business growth and economic development. We also instituted the “design thinking” process to facilitate the launch of new programming in 2016 to bring greater benefits to our members and community. We forged a strategic alliance with MANTEC that resulted in mutual benefits that are carrying into 2016. A new strategic alliance with the York Youth Professionals group also goes into effect at the start of the year. We will be convening a community economic summit to facilitate a dialog that engages community partners to contribute their expertise and wisdom as we prepare for the next update of our county wide economic development plan. As we end the year with uncertainty in Harrisburg and Washington, DC, we will look inward for strength and dedication from our local allies to move York County forward. We will accomplish much working together.





Anatomy of a Development Prospect By: Kenetha Hansen, York County Economic Alliance



nnouncements of facility locations and expansions by companies such as Target, Apio and Johnson Controls, quite often come only after several months (or longer) of site searches, site tours, workforce analysis, utility and logistic research, and overall due diligence by the company and its location team. As York County’s economic development corporation, the Business Development team of the Economic Alliance receives 50+ inquiries annually from domestic and international companies searching for a location to expand operations.

Invested in

In 2015, the Alliance received 52 inquiries, which came from various sources including the Governor’s Action Team (GAT), the Pennsylvania Office of International Business Development (OIBD), site consultants and businesses. The Alliance’s Business Development team is the “go to” for such searches for several reasons. Our network of realtors, developers and property owners, as well as, our knowledge of economic development incentive tools, equip us with the tools to respond quickly, effectively and nimbly. Target’s early 2015 announcement to establish an e-commence distribution facility in York County, occurred subsequent to a multiple state site search and several months of due diligence by the site selection firm, Wadley Donovan Gutshaw Consulting (WDG). The site search commenced in mid-2014 under the code name, “Project Pegasus”. Target, like many companies planning an expansion, prefer to conduct the search anonymously. In fact, in many cases, not even the Economic Alliance staff knows the prospect’s identity. This is quite often the practice when a company doesn’t want to alert its competitors, suppliers, customers or employees of the expansion until further into the process. Once a site was identified, the Business Development team worked closely with GAT and the local taxing bodies on incentives that may be available. Specifically, the Alliance facilitated LERTA (Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance) approval and participation by West Manchester Township, West York Area School District and the County of York. LERTA is a tax abatement program on real estate taxes associated with improvements to real property. Subsequent to such location announcements, the Alliance works with companies to make the necessary connections to resources needed as the company executes its project and establishes operations in York County. Ultimately, our goal is to bring jobs and investment to York County.

unioncommunit 1770 East Market Street York, PA 17402


uni4774 YorkWomen-Busi-Lunch-Ad-3x9-R1.indd 1


4/23/15 10:15 AM



Why Small to Mid-Size Businesses Need A Cyber Policy By: McConkey & Co.

What is cyber liability insurance? Cyber liability insurance (CLI) is an innovative kind of insurance uniquely suited to address the digital era we live in and the increasing risks and exposures confronted daily by businesses which operate online or maintain sensitive client and customer data on their computer operating systems.

Does my general liability insurance cover cyber liability risks and exposures?

Most do not provide any coverage for these exposures. While some business policies include limited cyber liability coverage, it is usually insufficient to provide adequate/comprehensive protection.

What types of businesses need CLI?

Any business which operates a website, conducts transactions online or stores personally identifiable information of its customers, clients and employees, such as birth dates, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers and bank account information.

Is my business liable if there is a security breach of our network?

Yes. Your business has a legal obligation to protect the confidential and personal information of your customers, clients and employees, which is stored on your network. Even if you hire a third party to provide protection and security, you remain liable.


Don’t think you need cyber liability coverage? Think again.

74% of small and mid-size businesses are

targeted for cybercrime


of all reported data breaches were with small to mid-size businesses

Is accepting online payment by credit card a cyber liability threat?

Yes. Storing credit card information on your computer network creates exposure, as it is subject to being either lost or stolen.

1 out of 5 small businesses falls victim to cyber crime each year

60% go out of business within 6 months

of an attack

If a laptop or flash drive with personal/ confidential information is lost or stolen, is my business liable?

Yes. It is your responsibility to store customer, client and employee data securely.

Average cost of the attack was


Is CLI right for my business?

Making such a decision about your options is yours, and yours alone under the law. Contact your independent agent who help you assess your risk and explain your options so that you can make informed decisions.

You have a better chance of earning a dividend* than winning the lottery.

$9,211,014 That’s how much Alliance members who take advantage of The Members Advantage Program have earned in dividends. By purchasing their business insurance through Penn National Insurance, our program members tell us that often the dividend pays for their Alliance membership — and then some. Don’t miss out on another year. Call today!

Susan Stropparo • 717.852.8000

Kate Gaudet • 717.771.4576

*Dividends are based on group loss experience, and are not guaranteed.





Identity Theft and Business Impact By: Dale Rothenberger, Zee Medical Service

Risk is a natural part of the business landscape. If left unmanaged, the uncertainty can spread like weeds. If managed effectively, losses can be avoided and benefits obtained. In business today, risk plays a critical role. Almost every business decision requires executives and managers to balance risk and reward. Effectively managing the business risks is essential to an enterprise’s success.

LEAD How safe is your data? What would happen if the data got into the wrong hands? Consider: • A stolen laptop cost the Cancer Care Group PC $750,000 in HIPPA fines (and HIPPA does not just apply to medical records) • The US Government Office of Personnel Management was hacked for personal data on 4.2 million employees or contractors. • Toymaker VTech hit by largest ever hack targeting kids • A recent Verizon report shows no industry is safe, in fact over 90 percent of industries have suffered some sort of a protected health information (PHI) breach. (Employers collect PHI as part of wellness programs, health insurance plans and workers’ compensation claims. Virtually all industries now gather and store employee medical history in electronic form.)

Attack methods are not tied to latitude and longitude —human error, a major cause of breaches, is a global phenomenon too.

There are three types of security controls for information systems that can be employed by an organization: • System-specific controls (i.e., controls that provide a security capability for a particular information system only); • Common controls (i.e., controls that provide a security capability for multiple information systems); or • Hybrid controls (i.e., controls that have both system-specific and common characteristics)

Nearly 59 percent of U.S. small and mediumsized businesses don’t have a contingency plan that outlines procedures for responding to and reporting data breach losses. Questions to Consider: • What information do you collect? • How do you store the information? • Who has access to the information? • How do you protect your data? • What steps are you taking to secure your computers, network, email and other tools?

Identity theft affects over 10 million victims each year and has been the number one complaint to the FTC for 15 consecutive years. Losses to businesses are in the hundreds of billions. Safeguarding employees and families against identity theft is now more important than ever before. With the average time it takes to get your records back in order (FTC estimates the average is 600 man hours) having an effective monitoring program is critical in today’s world. Monitoring should not only be your personal identity (Social Security number, credit cards and bank accounts), but everything connected to you, including your passport, email, phone numbers, driver’s license number, medical IDs and more. When change in monitored status occurs, immediate notification is critical in limiting exposure and damages. Whether you are an individual, a small business or a large world-wide corporation, being prepared for identity theft can mean the difference in staying in business; and educating and equipping your employees with the tools to monitor suspicious activity goes along way in being able to respond promptly and efficiently. About the author: Dale Rothenberger has more than 20 years of experience in business transformation and risk management. He is available for consultation and can be reached at





Are You Missing HUGE Continuous Improvement Opportunities? By Doug Keith, MANTEC Most companies understand that LEAN / Continuous Improvement (CI) is crucial to their survival and growth in today’s world. Without LEAN, many companies are forced to accept tiny margins or go out of business. Most CI projects are focused on Production and Distribution functions, often the biggest value-add centers for the customer. Truly embracing LEAN means expanding the scope to all other essential business activities. CI principles are universal and can be applied to aspects of Sales, Engineering, Finance, Administration, Human Resources, and Purchasing as well. A few years ago, MANTEC’s two-person Accounting department implemented over 20 LEAN initiatives in a 12-month period.

The results:

• 160 man-hours saved. • 50 percent reduction in monthly closing lead time. • 50-95 percent reductions in the potential for human error. • Cash flow improvements.

Take a moment to consider the following questions:

• In the full Quote-to-Cash cycle, how many critical roles are touching your product or customer, directly or indirectly? • How much of your lead time and turnover is caused by inefficiencies in your internal documentation, information systems, or interfaces between departments? • If your LEAN efforts have focused primarily on Production and Distribution, how many potential bottlenecks, distractions, and points of frustration are left unsolved for your customers and staff? • Are your office employees constantly complaining, “There MUST be a better way!” or forced to use work-arounds?


What will I do differently in 2016? By Leigh Ann Wilson, MANTEC Marketing Manager Welcome to 2016! The new year is usually the time to set resolutions for the year. Here is a top 10 list of resolutions and how you can apply them to your business:

1- Lose Weight

Consider inventory as your business waist line. Is it bulging in the middle? Implementing a LEAN strategy will reduce lead time, cost and inventory and improve quality, productivity and floor space utilization.

Margaret E. Moul Home

York County Cerebral Palsy Home, Inc. . . . a quality home for individuals with disabilities.

2050 Barley Rd. York, PA 17408 717-767-6463

2- Getting Organized

How are your business processes? When did you last review your manual or employee handbook? Complete your documentation now for OSHA, ISO and other mandated reporting.

3- Spend Less, Save More

Of course we want more money in the bank. Staying ahead of the competition is a requirement. Innovation Engineering is a system to increase speed by 6x and decrease rick by 30 to 80 percent.

4- Enjoy Life to the Fullest

Are you satisfied with the workplace culture? If not, determine the areas of improvement though a cultural assessment.

5- Staying Fit and Healthy

Is your technology at risk of viruses or hackers? A technology strategy is critical to an organization’s success to operate effectively and stay up to date on technology and trends.

6- Learn Something Exciting

Many organizations offer a variety of training events. MANTEC’s upcoming training includes LEAN programs and the Business Growth Conference. The conference will include robots (see #5)!

7- Quit Smoking

Ok, stretching a bit- what is your environmental impact? Systems exist to reduce your electricity and gas consumption, not to mention LEAN can reduce your waste.

8- Help Others in Their Dreams

Dreams can range from pay increase, more responsibility, retirement or simply going home safely. Understand your employees motivation to achieve the highest performance.

9- Fall in Love

Are you in love with your customers? Do you need more love? Discuss ways to grow sales including a new website or lead generation.

10- Spend More Time with Family

If the business is running well you can take those long vacations and be home for dinner! That is a lot to tackle in one year. Call MANTEC to help you achieve your resolutions of 2016. 717.843.5054.





YCEA and York Young Professionals Create Strategic Partnership By: Kate Gaudet, York County Economic Alliance


he York County Economic Alliance (YCEA) and the York Young Professionals (YYP) have agreed to a strategic partnership to enhance the relationship between the two organizations. This partnership, effective January 1,2016, further engages young professionals from the business community in both organizations through networking and professional development opportunities. Through this partnership, YYP members have access to YCEA events and programs, often at a discount; and the YCEA promotes YYP membership and is involved in YYP events and efforts. YYP and YCEA is also collaborating to offer one large young professional-focused event per year. “The Economic Alliance is excited to launch a strategic partnership with the York Young Professionals as it creates a cooperative opportunity for young members to get engaged as the next generation of business leaders, and complements our Creativity Unleashed efforts of talent attraction/ retention in York County,” stated Darrell W. Auterson, President & CEO of the York County Economic Alliance.

The York Young Professionals is a membership organization founded in 1999 with the goal of fostering interaction between young professionals, community residents, stakeholders and our business community. YYP has worked hard to fulfill its mission by creating positive opportunities for networking, community outreach and professional identity. YYP targets residents of York, those employed in York and young at heart individuals who are focused on their profession. YYP meets monthly and organizes various events throughout the year in an effort to connect individuals with others and advance the community. “We are so excited about the new partnership with the YCEA. YYP’s goal is to make York a better place to live, work and play. Collaborating with the YCEA will allow us to offer increased networking and professional development opportunities to our members and to our community,” stated YYP President Karin Swartz. For more information, please contact Kate Gaudet at the YCEA at or 717.771.4576.


Meet the Staff: Darrell W. Auterson A

s President & CEO, Darrell leads and directs the organization toward its primary objectives, based on its mission statement and interests of various constituents. He is also responsible for overall implementation and management of the organization’s financial objectives, policies and strategic plans. Darrell provides exemplary leadership within the organization and throughout the community. Darrell Auterson has been in the economic development profession for 35 years. His background includes positions in county and city governments as well as various nonprofit organizations. He has accumulated knowledge and expertise in numerous areas of economic development endeavor. As a community visionary and innovator, he has created and led numerous successful economic and community development initiatives, including the merger of the York County Economic Development Corporation with the York County Chamber of Commerce to form the York County Economic Alliance. Mr. Auterson is a Certified Economic Developer through the International Economic Development Council (IEDC). He also holds certification as an Economic Development Finance Professional through the National Development Council and is a Certified Professional Supervisor through the University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign. He is a graduate of Indiana State University with a BS degree in Urban Regional Studies and a specialization in economic development.

Darrell W. Auterson, CEcD, EDFP D: 717.771.4573 Title: President and CEO York County Economic Alliance, York, PA January 1, 2002 – present Community Involvement: • Rotary Club of York • Member of the Board of Directors of the IEDC and MANTEC • Secretary for the following authorities; the York County Industrial Development Authority (YCIDA), General Authority of South Central Pennsylvania (GASP) and York County Hospital Authority (YCHA) • Serves as Chair for Partnership for Economic Development of York County (PEDYC) • President of NutriCore NorthEast • 1st Vice President of the Pennsylvania Economic Development Association. • Serves on the Governor’s Early Learning Investment Commission and the Governor’s Advisory Board on Education and Workforce





Become a Healthcare Professional in 2 Years By: Kim Lentz, York County Economic Alliance


he York County Economic Alliance Office of Workforce Development, along with community partners, is preparing to launch the Healthcare phase of the Careers in 2 Years (CI2Y) Marketing Campaign in January. CI2Y is an awareness campaign to educate and encourage high school students and their parents, to investigate the careers available in York County that require two years or less of post-secondary training. The initial CI2Y campaign kicked off in early 2015 with a focus on manufacturing careers. The 2016 campaign adds healthcare careers to the mix and will be promoted via social media, display banners for on-site career fairs, videos, printed promotional cards and the CI2Y website at www.careersin2years/

The Bureau of Labor & Statistics reports that the unemployment rate for workers with a secondary education or technical training is only 4.6 percent, while the unemployment rates for those with only a high-school education teeter at nearly 10 percent. Parents and students are encouraged to use the resources made available on the website to research career opportunities including starting salaries, median salaries and annual projected job openings. There are also resources to locate post-secondary providers who offer training for these careers and to calculate the costs to obtain the necessary education. For more information, visit www.careersin2years/

Know an outstanding small business or young professional in the York community?

Nominate them for the Small Business of the Year Award or the Ignite Award. Then join us in honoring them at the Annual Dinner on April 1. Nominations are due no later than Friday, January 22, 2016.


Carolyn Warman to Receive the 2016 Business Achievement Award T

he York County Economic Alliance will honor Carolyn Warman, Executive Director of Leadership York, at the 2016 Business Achievement Dinner on Tuesday, May 10. The Business Achievement Award is presented to an individual or individuals who, through creativity, perseverance and dedication, have developed a successful enterprise; whose efforts have created jobs, product and opportunities; whose high moral and ethical values have set a standard of excellence in the marketplace; and whose dynamic leadership has thrust Central Pennsylvania into economic prominence. The Business Achievement Award Dinner, presented by Stock and Leader, Attorneys At Law, begins with a reception at 5 p.m. at the Wyndham Garden York. For more information or to register, please visit Presented by:

Carolyn Warman has served as Executive Director at Leadership York since 2000 and will retire in June 2016. Leadership York has over 3,170 graduates who are providing leadership to over 250 nonprofit organizations and serve thousands of constituents in state and local government. Carolyn recently completed an eight-year term on the board of Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania, serving as chair for the last two years. Previous leadership roles include: • Chairing the United Way Partner Agency Executive Directors • Rotary Club of York Board of Directors • York Federal Fellows Advisory Council • York Suburban Communities That Care Board of Directors • The Junior League of York • St. John’s Episcopal Church Vestry • Focus on Our Future Advisory Board • Child Abuse Council of York County. Carolyn holds a B.A. degree from Gettysburg College.





Douglas Berman Is Named Chair of the York County Economic Alliance

2014-15 Chair John Klinedinst passes the gavel to Doug Berman at the Annual Board meeting on December 17, 2015.


he York County Economic Alliance is honored to name Douglas Berman, Managing Partner York Office of Reinsel Kuntz Lesher LLP, as the Chair of the 2016-17 Board of Directors. Along with being the Managing Partner of RKL’s York Office since 2011, Doug Berman is also RKL’s Not-for-Profit Industry Group Leader with more than 20 years of experience in public accounting. With a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting from Messiah College, Doug specializes in engagements for not-for-profit organizations, foundations, government entities, colleges and universities. He is responsible for planning engagements, reviewing paper work and financial statements prepared by staff and supervising and evaluating staff assigned to his engagements. He has comprehensive experience in public accounting, with augmented experience in matters relating to accounting and auditing of public sector clients. Doug assists clients in training and development to improve within their organization.

Aside from work, Doug is involved in multiple professional activities and memberships including American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), United Way of York County Leadership Giving Board and previous Board Member and Vice Chair of the York County Economic Alliance. Doug lives in York with his wife and two daughters and enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, horse racing and coaching youth basketball. “I have been involved with the York County Economic Alliance since it was formed four years ago with the merger of the York County Chamber of Commerce and the York County Economic Development Corporation. It is certainly a privilege to ascend to this leadership position in our community with such a great organization.” Douglas L. Berman, CPA Managing Partner, York Office & RKL’s Not-for-Profit Industry Group Leader


Meet the Ambassadors: Amy Haines A

mbassadors encourage new and existing members to get involved through participation.

Amy Haines is the owner of Absolutely Secure Technology, providing design and implementation of commercial Closed Circuit Television Surveillance Systems and Access Control Systems. Amy has been in the industry for over 20 years developing solutions to security concerns for clients. Most recently, however, Amy found as a private business owner, she had more control over what she could offer to her clients both in terms of design as well as price. The York County Economic Alliance allowed Amy to get involved in the Ambassador program in 2011, soon after joining the Chamber. Amy met so many innovative and successful business people. She attended or volunteered at the DrawDown, Partner Dinner, Business After Hours, countless Ribbon Cuttings and delivered new member packets to local businesses. Each event has given her the opportunity and exposure to know other members better and the knowledge to aide others in growing their businesses through qualified referrals. Amy is currently the Chairperson of the Ambassador Committee and serves on the Membership Committee and the YCEA Board.

Amy Haines D: 717.586.1243 Title: President and CEO Absolutely Secure Technology, LLC Ambassador Since: December 1, 2010





Main Street Hanover News By: Justine Trucksess, York County Economic Alliance

Warm thank yous! From the Santa parade and tree lighting ceremony to the month full of gift ideas from Hanover’s Holiday Gift Guide, this holiday season was such a fun time in downtown Hanover! We hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year! There are so many people we need to thank for supporting the holiday activities this year. We hope you have enjoyed them as much as we have. Thank you for helping make our community bright this Christmas! Aero Energy

Home Association of McSherrystown

Alan and Pamela Cashman

Keith D Smith Concrete Contractor, Inc

Andrew R. Crooks CPA PC

Kenworthy Funeral Home Inc.

Bailey Coach

Kurt K. Thomas DO, LLC

Bertram & Joyce Elsner

McSherrystown Moose Lodge 720

Borough of Hanover

Mr. Theodore Jenkins

Channell’s Locksmith Shop, Inc.

MSH Promotions Committee

Christopher Cringle’s

Neiderer’s Pool Sales & Service

Conrad Printing Company, Inc.

Ox Paper Tube & Core

Davidson H. & C. Company, Inc.

PA Theatrical Arts by Brittany Stevens

Delone Catholic High School

Paul and Susan Krumrine

Donald B. Smith Inc. - Roofing Contractor

Penn-Mar Castings, Inc.

Famous Hot Weiner

Randy L. Hilker

First Church of God

Santa’s Cabin Committee

Frank & Grace Elsner

Service Clubs of Hanover – Lion, Kiwanis,

Frock Bros. Trucking

Exchange and Rotary

GHI Engineers and Surveyors

Smith & Company

Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce

Spangler’s Tree Farm

Hanover Concrete Co

Staff Music & Amusements

Hanover Door

Stanton S. Lebouitz, MD, PC

Hanover Home Association

Swam Electric

Hanover Pediatric Associates, PC

Webb Insurance

Hanover Toyota

William M. Therit, Jr.

Harvest Chapel

York County Economic Alliance


New Year Resolutions! In the New Year many of us make resolutions to eat better, exercise more, travel, or spend more time with friends and family! We are asking that you add one more resolution to that list. Discover Hanover! We invite you to spend time in downtown Hanover exploring your hometown. The business owners are looking forward to welcoming you to a place they have long known to be an amazing place to shop, dine, drink and play! We hope you will take our invitation and live locally this year, supporting the local economy and enjoying all there is to see and do in Hanover’s Main Street district. For more ways to Discover Hanover, follow Main Street Hanover on Facebook and visit our website at

Big dates in 2016 for events! For those planning For more in formation out their year already on Hanover, v isit www.m Main Street we want to announce ainstreetha the dates for our big two events this year, Chalk it Up/Sip & Stroll and Oktoberfest!

June 11: Chalk it Up – Downtown Chalk Art festival,

part of Hanover’s Art Weekend, helps us feature so many local artists through sidewalk chalk art. Following Chalk It Up is the Sip & Stroll event that started it all. Enjoy walking through town, stopping at local businesses, shopping and sampling great local food, beer and wine.

October 8: Oktoberfest – Celebrating our local

craft beers and German heritage, join us for this great strolling event with food, music, shopping and of course beer! Get your tickets for these events early, for they will sell out! See you there!





Travel Time Premier Benefit Program

! g n i c n u o n n A Cuba November 2016 By: Kate Gaudet, York County Economic Alliance


he York County Economic Alliance has partnered with Travel Time and Bailey Coach to offer a Premier Benefit affinity program for exclusive travel opportunities for members. The Economic Alliance, as York County’s largest business organization, offers businesses access to exclusive cost-saving affinity programs that can increase profitability. Each year beginning in January 2016, Travel Time / Bailey Coach will offer multiple discounted and/or exclusive travel options available only to members of the Economic Alliance. The first international trip offered is to Cuba from November 11 – 19, 2016. Enjoy an exclusive tour of Cuba with the York County Economic Alliance on the eight night “Cuba Journey: Off the Beaten Track” tour. During the tour, travelers will visit Havana, Old Havana, Central, Cristina and La Coubre rail stations, Caibaren, authentic Cuban restaurants, a banana plantation and sugar mill. This tour will offer members the opportunity to see Cuba before it becomes commercialized and qualifies under the people to people exception for travel to Cuba allowed by the US government. Join us for an informational meeting about this trip on Tuesday, January 26 from 6 – 7 p.m. in the York County Economic Alliance board room. Space is limited on this trip.


Wine Tasting Getaway in the Finger Lakes

Another trip being offered is a Wine Tasting Getaway to the Finger Lakes from April 24-26, 2016. During this trip, you’ll experience the breathtaking beauty of Seneca and Keuka Lakes in the Finger Lakes region of New York while enjoying first-class wine with small-town American charm. Included in this tour is round-trip transportation via Bailey Coach, two nights at the Inn at Glenora, wine tastings at nine wineries, most meals and a Travel Time escort. Prices range from $613 - $887 per person depending on how many people are in your room. All reservations must be made by February 12. For more information on either of these trips or to sign up for the informational meeting, please contact Kate Gaudet at the Economic Alliance, or 717.771.4576 or visit

Be Seen by More Than 100,000 York County Residents and Visitors Advertise in

Downtown York magazine publishes in September (Fall/Winter issue), January (Winter/Spring issue), and May (Spring/Summer issue). Downtown York is mailed to addresses in York, Lancaster, Dauphin, Adams, Carroll, Harford and Baltimore counties, and distributed widely throughout high-traffic York County visitor and resident locations.


pring 2016

For Advertising Information & Opportunities Contact: Sherry Bolinger 610.685.0914 ext 202

York’s De stin Shopping ation Hub for Ar ts, & Entertai nment

It’s abou the food t . Restaurant Week

Erin go

in down


town Yo


“My York C Art Show ity” YORK COUNTY CONNECT January 2016





Naomi Brown joined Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty as a Realtor.

William Hoyer joined Union Community Bank as Vice President of Residential Mortgage Organizations.

Tamra Peroni is now an Associate Broker at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Realty.

Timothy Eskridge joined CGA Law Firm as an Attorney.

Judy Givens joined Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty as a Realtor.

Chelsea Hagan joined Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty as a Realtor.

Gina Kouma joined Gavin Advertising as a Bookkeeper.

Kacie Longenberger joined York Country Day School as the Director of Communications.

Angie Lucabaugh joined Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty as a Realtor.

Woody Schmidt joined Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty as a Realtor.

Prudence Smith joined Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale as a Realtor.

Joy Springer joined Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty as a Realtor.






Beef Jerky Outlet

Telecom Business Solutions

Shopping and Specialty Retail 351 Loucks Rd, Ste H4 York, PA 17404 717.893.7973

Hoffman Publishing Group, Inc. Publishers 2921 Windmill Rd Reading, PA 17608 610.685.0914

Integrated Insurance Management Finance and Insurance 110 W Broad St Tamaqua, PA 18252 570.668.2600

Mutual of Omaha Insurance - Life 2003 Stanton St York, PA 17404 717.652.1030

The Professional Edge, Inc.

Next Move Marketing

Turkey Hill Experience

The Wireless Experience Three M Tool & Die Corp. Tremont Vending Company, Inc.

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CALENDAR OF EVENTS Informational Session for YCEA’s Trip to Cuba January 26 / 5:30 p.m.


Join the York County Economic Alliance and Travel Time for this informational session about the YCEA’s Cultural Trip to Cuba from November 11 - November 19, 2016.

Economics Club Breakfast – The Yorktowne Hotel January 27 / 7:15 a.m.

This month’s topic is about the evolution of Creativity Unleashed from vision to reality; and how we can partner to make it an effective strategy for attracting innovative professionals to live and work in York. Presenting Sponsor: Murray Securus


April 1, 2016 – York County Economic Alliance Annual Dinner May 10, 2016 – Business Achievement Award Dinner





Distributing Fulfillment By: Joshua George, Snyder, Secary & Associates, LLC


ork County sits at the crossroads of business. Neatly bisected by I‐83 and U.S. Route 30 with easy connections to U.S. Route 15 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, a large volume of goods and services pass through York County journeying north, south, east and west. Over the last twenty years, however, the distribution and fulfillment markets have discovered that York County is more than a stop between destinations. It’s a great place to put down roots. York County’s benefits to the distribution and fulfillment markets are well known to York County Economic Alliance members. They include geographic location between the high density areas to the northeast and the fast growing southern states, transportation infrastructure without the gridlock that clogs places like New Jersey and Washington, D.C., a capable and industrious workforce, and land values


that make development projects affordable. U.S. Census Bureau data shows that average retail e‐ Commerce sales have grown from 2.8 percent of total sales in 2006 to 7.4 percent of total retail sales in 2015 at a steady growth rate of approximately 15 percent per year. Such growth is unsustainable without continuous improvements in distribution and fulfillment. In York County alone, companies such as Amazon, Target and ES3 dot the landscape with additional infrastructure being contemplated and constructed every day. Some new and upcoming projects include Federal Mogul’s facility in Manchester Township, the 1.2 million square feet Trade Center 83 project in East Manchester Township and NorthPoint’s upcoming project adjacent to Harley Davidson in Springettsbury Township. Additional concepts are also afoot for projects in West Manchester and Conewago Townships.

These projects require land planning expertise to manage truck traffic, utility infrastructure and storm water runoff. They also benefit when state and municipal officials understand and support their broad impact on the economy and their ability to provide new, well‐paying jobs for County residents. The York County Economic Alliance advocates for planned economic growth along with programs and events which help businesses succeed. Joshua George, P.E. manages the York, Pennsylvania office of Snyder, Secary & Associates, LLC, a civil engineering, land planning, and development consulting firm representing many large development projects throughout York County. Contact him at 717.814.0950.



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