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The Pennsylvania

The ofďŹ cial publication of the

Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania

2013 Media Kit The Recycler supports and advances the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania's (PROP) mission to facilitate a well-informed exchange among recycling professionals in the public and private sectors; and various levels of state, local and Federal governments.

Distribution & Readership The Recycler is direct-mailed to the 400+ PROP membership, and allied professionals and companies engaged in recycling, composting, renewable energy and manufacturing in PA; collectively representing over 40 business categories grouped into (5) general industry segments. Included in these categories: Composting

Collection systems Education Market management & enforcement

Processing Manufacturing

Additional readership is reached via distribution at PROP sponsored and/or endorsed events and quarterly digital editions.


2,500 + 1,200

Quarterly Readership

Quarterly Circulation


Editorial Focus

PROP advocates the promotion and advancement of the three pillars of triple bottom line sustainability. Content and supporting visuals are developed to: Promote and increase existing recycling programs. Foster and develop new programs and practices. Identify and explore new market opportunities. Promote requirements that will work toward waste reduction and better waste management practices. Articles feature new technology, advances in operational efficiencies, industry trends, statewide programs, and member and community activities that exemplify good stewardship.

PUBLISHER Hoffmann Publishing Group 2921 Windmill Road Sinking Spring, PA 19608 610.685.0914 fx: 866.590.4890

ADVERTISING CONTACT Kay Shuey Media Sales 717.454.9179 fx: 866.590.890

PROFESSIONAL RECYCLERS OF PA 112 Market Street | 4th Floor Harrisburg, PA 17101 717.236.0800 Kelly Megonnel, Executive Director 717.780.6462

Quarterly Features DEP Releases


Product Stewardship

New Technology

Continuing Education/Certification


Practice Management

SWANA (PA Chapter News)

2013 Editorial Calendar

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Insertion Due Materials Due

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March 5 March 20

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June 15 June 20

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September 15 September 20

Winter (January)

December 15 December 20

A. FULL PAGE ......................7.375x9.875 B. FULL PAGE BLEED......8.625 x 11.25 C. 1/2 PAGE VERT...........3.5625 x 9.875 D. 1/2 PAGE HORIZ...........7.375 x 4.833 E. 1/4 PAGE.....................3.5625 x 4.833 F. 1/8 PAGE......................3.5625 x 2.2813



Add 25% to ad rates to guarantee position. Space and availability are limited.


DIGITAL FILE GUIDELINES All fonts embedded or included with native files Accepted files: hi-res PDF (preferred), TIFF, EPS, JPEG All fonts and graphics packaged with native files Photos: 300 dpi Please supply all ads in digital format. Hoffmann Publishing will produce free advertisements if client has none available; or modify existing ads if possible. Ad development will include production of one ad (based on accurate, complete information and direction supplied by client) and include (1) set of changes. Additional design and/or content changes will be billed at a minimum of $25 per change. Please ask sales representative for complete details.

PAYMENT INFORMATION All payments must be made in advance or upon delivery of goods or services. To ensure this, Hoffmann Publishing Group obtains credit card information from each advertiser. If outstanding invoices exist, continued advertising will be postponed until a financial resolution is agreed upon.

CANCELLATION POLICY Cancellations must be made in writing and are not accepted after space reservation deadlines.

SUBMIT MATERIALS TO: Tracy Hoffmann 2921 Windmill Road Sinking Spring, PA 19608 610.685.0914 x201




2013 Advertising Rates For more information contact Terry Meade, Media Sales:, or call 570.640.0839.

Frequency 1x 2x 4x Back Cover $1,500 $1,450 $1,350 Inside Covers $1,350 $1,300 $1,200 Page One $1,350 $1,300 $1,200 Full Page $1,250 $1,225 $1,175 1/2 Page $800 $775 $725 1/4 Page $500 $475 $425 1/8 Page $325 $300 $250 All advertising rates listed net. No cash discounts. If contract is canceled before contract completion, the advertiser will be billed the difference between the contracted rate and the single insertion rate. The editor reserves the right to accept/reject all ads and to position advertising at the publisher’s discretion.

The Pennsylvania

INSERTION ORDER FORM The official publication of the

Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania

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Payment method: credit card (Mastercard or Visa only) or check. Credit Card # _______________________________________ Exp. Date _____________________ Sec Code___________ Cardholder ____________________________________________ Signature _____________________________________ Make checks payable to: Hoffmann Publishing Group, Inc. I understand that Hoffmann Publishing Group does not guarantee the order and page location of advertisements. All contracts are non-cancelable. Payment in full is due within 30 days of publication date. Mail: Hoffmann Publishing Group (Publisher), 2921 Windmill Road, Suite 4, Reading PA 19608 Email: Tracy Hoffmann at / Fx: 866.590.4890



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C. 1/2 PAGE VERT.............................3.5625 x 9.875

Full Page




D. 1/2 PAGE HORIZ.............................7.375 x 4.833

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E. 1/4 PAGE.......................................3.5625 x 4.833

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F. 1/8 PAGE.....................................3.5625 x 2.2813

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A. FULL PAGE .....................................7.375 x 9.875 B. FULL PAGE BLEED.........................8.625 x 11.25 (trim size is 8.375 x 10.875)

POLICY INFORMATION Payment Policy: Advertisers & advertising agencies are jointly responsible for payment of all insertions. Publisher will invoice the agency or advertiser after the publication has been mailed to the membership. Payment must be received within 30 days of invoice or finance charges of 1.5% will be incurred. In the event that it becomes necessary for the Publisher, at its discretion, to place this agreement in the hands of an attorney or collection agency for debt collection, the advertiser agrees to pay attorney fees and all costs incurred by the Publisher. The advertiser or the agency will bear full responsibility for withholding advertising materials that may violate any law, regulation or ruling of the Federal Trade Commission or infringe on any copyright, trademark or patent and shall defend, identify and hold harmless the Publisher from all third party claims on account thereof. Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement, photograph or illustration that is not deemed to be acceptable in keeping with the standards of the publication. I acknowledge upon signing this contract, that I have carefully read and accepted the terms, condition and policies of this contract. I further understand that any verbal agreements are not binding to this agreement. _______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Authorized Signature Date

Hoffmann Publishing Group, Inc. • 2921 Windmill Road, Suite 4 • Reading, PA 19608 • 610.685.0914

Recycler Media Kit  

The Recycler supports and advances the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania's (PROP) mission to facilitatea well-informed exchange among r...

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