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Brighter and Better in 2022

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Best of the Best in Building Products


Buying a House? Handy Tips for Mortgages and Home Buying

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Should You STAY or Should You GO?


5 Common Home Inspection Problems

Jason Jenkins


When is the Best Time to Renovate a House?


Debra Konowal


Brighter and Better in 2022

5 Reasons Why Replacing Your Old Entry Door Makes Perfect Sense

John Schmoyer


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Favorite Features for First-time Buyers

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AT HOME IN BERKs Spring/Summer 2022



pring is a time for growth and renewal. As we have moved into early 2022, we are coming out of a tunnel and can see the light. Yes, there are still issues with fuel prices, long waits for product through the supply chain, worker shortages, and more. Considering what we’ve worked through the past few years, this is kid stuff. If I have learned anything the past few years, it could be summed up as follows: 1. You can do a lot, virtually. Does it lack a certain personal connection? Yes, but we have still been able to get things done, meeting with people, scheduling projects, etc. We have done what we are best at: GETTING THINGS DONE. 2. Pivotting! We were able to change course, figure out how some staff could work remotely, and how to protect our customers and our employees.

In keeping with the growth and renewal mindset, the HBA is also making changes.

Personally, I am looking forward to warm weather and starting up Thirsty Thursdays. It’s a great way for members to get together a few times a year. And don’t forget our HBA Spring Golf outing, May 13th at Rich Maiden Golf Course. Then join your fellow members again for our May 25 Lobster Fest, and connect with your local representatives. The real question is, what can we do for you? Are you aware of the benefits provided with membership? • Access to workman's comp insurance • Call before you dig… already paid for with your membership • Car Rental discounts • Rebates on the products that you use daily • Decking • Railings You can make money that pays for your membership. ~Peter J. Bonargo IV

In 2021 we relocated our office! We found it is easier to have meetings virtually, and we did not need as much space with the reduction of staff over the past few years. We found new and better ways of doing business. We have a new 401K retirement Plan from Impact Advisors. See more in this issue.

Find Your Dream Home!

We’re having Quarterly ‘Lunch and Learns’ with the HBA President. They are quick-hitting 30 minutes sessions providing maximum information in a short amount of time.

Concrete Services for Industrial, Commercial & Residential Real Estate Development 280 W. Wesner Road Reading, PA 19605 484-575-8354 |

Spring/Summer 2022 AT HOME IN BERKs



Best of the Best in Building Products

by Karen L. Chandler

The National Association of Home Builders celebrated its picks of 2021’s best building products at the International Builders’ Show.

Best in Show! Number one on the list and the best of the best of award winners is Evolve Stone, chosen for its look and feel of real stone and the ease of its use in both indoor and outdoor applications, a real boost for today’s homeowners looking for trendy, seamless transitions between their home and outdoor living spaces. Evolve Stone eliminates the need to hunt for a skilled mason to lay genuine stone, is easy to install with a nail gun and cuts like wood. Not only is Evolve stone beautiful, but its durability and waterproof qualities will make it a hit for home designs. Contact a design and build professional from the Home Builders Association of Berks County if you would like to discuss using Evolve Stone in your living spaces.

Best for Energy Efficiency and Home Technology Voted the Best for Energy Efficiency and the Best Home Technology Product, the SPAN Gen 2 Smart Panel by SPAN is a home energy management system that replaces a standard electrical panel. The Gen 2 Smart Panel makes it easier for homeowners to control their energy use and simplifies solar and storage upgrades. A helpful tool for owners, SPAN gives them 6

AT HOME IN BERKs Spring/Summer 2022

the ability to track and optimize their energy use and control separate circuits from the SPAN Home app. Homeowners with SPAN Gen 2 can see how long their appliances can be run during power outages and make informed choices on whether a solar battery can power their homes until their power comes back on. Contact an expert contractor from the HBA of Berks to discuss how a Smart Panel will help your home run more efficiently.

Best Indoor Product The Best Indoor Product brought to the International Builders’ show was Murphy Door’s Flush Mount Pantry Door. Anyone building a new home or taking on a kitchen remodel can gain valuable and beautiful storage with this innovative design by Murphy. The new pantry door combines pantry and kitchen storage area into the space of a doorway with a door front featuring etched glass, mirror, or chalkboard. The Murphy Door front conceals a reverse side featuring adjustable spice racks and storage shelf, and a fixed shelf all totaling an extra fifteen cubic feet of storage space.

Your HBA builder or remodeler can help you find a great way to incorporate this quality touch into your own kitchen space.

Best in Kitchen and Bath Another big win for homeowners at the International Builders’ Show was voted the Best Kitchen and Bath Product. The Swidget 20/40/60 Control Switch is a new modular smart home device that can automate a home ventilation system to confirm the breathing air is clean and healthy. When working with Swidget’s Wi-Fi Motion, the new control switch can automatically turn on and off exhaust fans as needed based on air quality, humidity, or the number of people in the house. Reach out to your new home builder or an HBA HVAC pro to learn how the new Swidget 20/40/60 control switch can keep your home air as clean and fresh as it can be.

Best Outdoor Product The renewed focus on entertaining at home makes the IBS Best Outdoor Product a great choice for homeowners looking for both beauty and privacy in their outdoor spaces. Decorative Screen Panels by Barrette Outdoor Living are both unusual and affordable private screenings that can fit in décor ranging from modern to nature inspired. Not only are the new panels easy to install, but they are also able to fulfill a wide array of needs that include roof tops, pergola side walls, and railing infills.

Best Window and Door Product Security is top of many property owners’ minds, and it was no surprise that the Best Window and Door Product chosen at the IBS was the Panolock Multi-Point Lock by Endura. Past multipoint locks have had limited uses due to high costs and challenging installations, but the new Panolock Multi-Point Lock works with standard hardware making it an easy addition to patio and entry doors. Affordably priced and well-engineered, the Panolock will make homeowners feel a heightened level of security every day. Talk to an HBA contractor to have your Multi-Point Locks installed today.

Most Innovative in Construction Voted the Most Innovative Construction Tool, the Timberline Solar Energy Shingles by GAF Energy are the first nailable solar energy shingles to hit the market. The Solar Energy Shingles install like a regular shingle, giving them the fastest installation time of any other solar option and offering homeowners a shingle that will generate power to their property. No matter which new products intrigue you as great options to increase the beauty, functionality, and security at your home, an expert Home Builders Association of Berks County member can guide you to the best way to incorporate them into your living spaces!

Contact your HBA landscaping or building contractor to talk about incorporating Decorative Screen Panels by Barrette Outdoors into your outdoor living space. Spring/Summer 2022 AT HOME IN BERKs



Should You STAY or Should You GO?

by Karen L. Chandler


f you have lived in your home for a long time, you may be thinking about heading toward greener pastures. But if your budget may not make a new home possible, a renovation may be a better path to take. If making the choice to stay or go is somewhat overwhelming, here are some key things to think about.

Reaching out to a trusted Home Builders Association of Berks County member for advice will go a long way toward helping you navigate the coming real estate market.

The real estate forecast for 2022 is a bit chaotic. Economists for believe Americans may have somewhat higher hopes of finding homes this year, but listing prices, mortgage, and rent rates are all predicted to rise as incomes increase.

Do you have the budget to move? If you live in an area that has either affordable new homes or building lots, contact a builder known for quality construction who belongs to the HBA or visit Home Builders Association of Berks County Buyers Guide :: Index ( for a complete list of home builders.

And the pandemic played havoc on the market, delaying move plans and affecting job situations, so while more Americans are going to be house hunting, more sellers are expected to list while opportunities are ripe.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are ready to make the decision to stay or go:

Reach out to an HBA area realtor for help in locating a great spot, whether you choose to build a new home or are looking for an already loved property. And when your decision is made, our HBA financial pros can guide you through the mortgage and settlement insurance process. Is staying where you are now important to you and your family? If you love your neighborhood and your school system, you could try to find a new home nearby, but maybe giving your home a renovation update is the best option. The pros in the HBA of Berks County are awaiting your call when it comes to creating your dream home without packing a moving truck. And keep in mind, if you can upgrade your home without changing your floor plan, it could save you almost half the cost of altering the structure. Consider not packing the moving truck! Beautify your home instead. Retaining your floor plan will allow for the creativity of a new kitchen or bath with the help of HBA experts who will design and outfit your space to be both beautiful and functional. And always remember to ensure that your plumbing renovations are top notch with a call to a trusted HBA professional.


AT HOME IN BERKs Spring/Summer 2022

New windows and doors will not only keep your home more energy efficient but bring elegance and beauty throughout the space. And new colors and flooring always make a home look fresh. Head to HBA flooring suppliers for a wide variety of carpet, wood, tile, and vinyl, and to building material pros for exciting paint and wallpaper to create just the living space you want.

And there are these complications for renovations. If your budget cannot stretch to pay out of pocket for construction costs, you need to ensure that you have the home equity needed to be approved for a loan. And renovating is a messy business. Depending on what rooms are getting their updates, you may need to consider a hotel or a stay with friends or family until your home is livable again.

And those building material suppliers can help with the exterior update that can go a long way toward making your house look new again. Contact HBA contractors for the latest and greatest in durable and beautiful siding installations.

Have you decided? No matter which path you choose, a new property or a renovation, check in with the trusted professionals at your Home Builders of Berks County to help you along the way at Home Builders Association – the leading advocate for the building industry in Berks County (

Are you sure the renovations you plan will increase your property value? It is always best to check with a realtor or contractor to be sure the changes you plan will enhance your home’s value if you expect to sell down the line. If the renovations you consider are not really making sense for your family goals, it may be best to consider a move. Will moving raise or lower your property taxes? Make sure to check on the property taxes in the counties where you consider making your new home and get the advice of your realtor and financial experts to be sure you can afford the cost of your move as time goes on. What about buying a “handyman house”? While the idea of a handyman special might sound frightening, a remodel on the worst house in a great neighborhood could give you bang for your buck. Always consult with a trusted HBA realtor and contact an expert HBA contractor to ensure an investment in a fixer-upper will be in your best interest. Heating and cooling concerns are key issues to check and big ticket items to overhaul when you consider a fixer-upper. A call to a professional HBA member will go a long way toward putting your mind at rest about potential problems down the road. Still on the fence? Making a move can be an exciting, but stressful time, and filled with ups and downs. A new place to live is a chance to start over with a new home and new friends but moving can be expensive with fees along the way and brings with it the stress of sorting and packing your life to make the trip. A remodel can always cost less than a move because most renovating can be done a little at a time, according to what your budget will allow. But if your home needs a complete remodel, moving to a new or recently updated property may be a better option.

Spring/Summer 2022 AT HOME IN BERKs



When is the Best Time to Renovate a House?

by J&L Building Materials, Inc.


he best time to renovate a house is when you feel willing and ready to undertake the project. With all the moving parts, home renovation and design can be equal parts exciting and stressful if you’re not in the proper mindset.

But if you’re a homeowner who’s thought about it long enough and are ready to turn your home remodeling ideas into reality, this article will explore the best times of the year to tackle certain projects, how to plan for a major renovation, and how to stay in-budget and on-trend after a brand new home renovation.

What Is the Home Improvement Process? The bulk of the home improvement process rests upon 1. what you need renovated, 2. your budget, and 3. how early you need the project completed.


AT HOME IN BERKs Spring/Summer 2022

Planning an initial project scope, budget, and timeline may feel like it’s taking the fun out of house design renovation, but it will help make the project flow much smoother in the long run. Before we dive into the best time to renovate a house based on what projects to tackle in which seasons, let’s create a list of home renovation tips to make sure you’re on the right track from the start.

Creating a Home Renovation List

It’s important to create a list of what you’re hoping to accomplish with your home renovation. This can include everything from your favorite home remodeling tips and ideas and interior remodeling and house alteration plans to the more logistical elements, like scheduling and budget.

1. Creating a Plan 6 to 12 months before you’d like to begin your project. The first step to any successful remodeling project is to develop a plan that lists your goals for the renovation. Your project plan may include: • A list of needs and wants (i.e. new bathroom, updated kitchen cabinets, etc.). • A rough sketch of the desired finished project. • Projects divided up between DIY (if possible) and ones that require a professional. 2. Setting a Budget 3 to 6 months before beginning your project After you’ve created a rough plan, the next step is thinking about finances. When setting a budget, you should include the costs of building materials, labor, permits, and even decorations or cosmetic touches. To create a home renovation budget, you’ll want to think of the following: • How much you’re willing to spend overall. • A list of cost estimates from trusted professionals. • The price of all required materials. 3. Finding Contractors 2 to 3 months before your start date Finding a team of trusted contractors is one of the most important steps. When interviewing and selecting your contractors, you’ll want to consider the following: • Years of experience: How seasoned is the contractor you’re working with? Nothing beats on-the-job expertise. • Contracting license: This one is simple, but can be overlooked. Before hiring a contractor, make sure they have all the necessary licenses. • Certif icate of insurance: Contractors should have workman’s compensation and liability insurance for the type of work they perform. • References: It’s important to hear from people who’ve worked with a contractor in the past. They can fill you in on their work style, timeliness, and professionalism in a way that no license or certificate can. • Payment schedule: A reputable contractor won’t ask you to pay the full price upfront, and the Better Business Bureau advises not to. Discussing payment terms before beginning a project (and getting those terms in writing) is important.

4. Building a Timeline 2 to 3 months before your start date Once the budget and team are in place, it’s time to talk about the timeline. If you’re really focused on choosing a specific date by which have your project completed, pick an end date and work backward from there. Consult your contractors and discuss which steps of the remodel need to be completed first and how long each step will take. 5. Preparing for the Renovation Make plans 2 to 3 months before your start date and pack up and move 1 to 2 weeks before your start date. As the initial stages of planning come to an end, it’s important to get down to the nitty-gritty of what the renovation process will look like. You’ll want to think about whether or not you should live in your home during construction. If so, you’ll want to make a plan on what to do when your kitchen or bathroom(s) are out of service for a few days or weeks. continued on next page

Spring/Summer 2022 AT HOME IN BERKs


FEATURES How to Plan a House Renovation

After you’ve created a preliminary list and know what projects you’re hoping to tackle, it’s time to turn your attention to the best times of year to complete each of those projects.

Additions to Your Home When to start: January through early March If you’re someone who likes to get the big items checked off their list first, then focusing on any additions you’d like to add to your home is a good place to start. The most optimal time of year for house renovation projects is actually January through early March. While this sounds counter-intuitive, the frozen ground and dry air can make it easier for contractors to pour concrete. Outdoor Projects When to start: April through August Looking for a new front porch or a backyard deck to host some summer cookouts? Outdoor projects are typically best completed in April through August. While there’s certainly flexibility to this timeline, if your project requires the installation of a new structure, deck, or patio, contractors will be halted when temperatures are below freezing and the ground becomes too hard to dig. Bathroom Remodeling When to start: July through September One thing any home can’t function without is a working bathroom. But since the summer months are prime vacation time for many families, house refurbishment ideas like bathroom remodels often make sense during the time of year you’re away from your home the most. By scheduling your home’s bathroom remodels during July through September, you can better avoid the annoyance of being without a bathroom or two. Kitchen Remodeling One of the best times of year for a kitchen remodel is usually the end of the year just before the holidays approach. Contractors’ workflows are often slower around this time (compared to spring and summer), and building materials may be more affordable around this time of year, depending on supply and demand.


AT HOME IN BERKs Spring/Summer 2022

Average Cost of Home Improvements

Wondering how to estimate home remodeling construction costs? This is going to depend on the type of house you have and its estimated value. According to The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), you should only look to spend a certain percentage of your home’s total value based on the room or upgrade. Below is the NAHB’s suggested spend (based on home value): • Kitchen (16%) • Attic or basement (10 – 15%) • Primary bedroom (13%) • Living area (10%) • Primary bathroom (7%) • Small bathroom (5%) • Siding (3 – 5%) • Windows (3 – 4%) • Patio or backyard (2 – 5%) • Roof (2 – 4%) • Standard bedroom (1 – 3%) If you’re looking to completely renovate your house, the average cost in the U.S. can range from $15,000 – $200,000. Depending on the type of home and the renovation, prices can vary dramatically. The final “price tag” after a renovation is dependent upon structural or mechanical repairs, square footage, underlying issues, location, and materials used.

Can You Get a Construction Loan for a Remodel?

For many homeowners thinking about the best ways to renovate a house, $15,000 can sound steep, let alone a couple hundred thousand dollars. When dealing with large residential construction and remodeling projects, homeowners often take out a construction or renovation loan, which entails refinancing with a mortgage that reflects the house’s estimated value post-remodel. Many lenders provide mortgages that cover up to 80 or 85 percent of the remodeled home’s value. Using home equity for renovations is not uncommon, but it’s always important to consult with a financial expert before taking on major loans. No home renovation is complete without top-quality materials and trusted contractors. Contact HBA members today to kickstart the renovation of your dreams and partner with a team that gets the job done right the first time around.


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Spring/Summer 2022 AT HOME IN BERKs



Brighter and Better in 2022


022 will be brighter and better as the design and building trends are revealed this year with the winners of the National Association of Home Builders’ 2021 Best in American Living Awards (BALA). The lasting home design trends brought to light by the BALA winners will be those that home buyers and remodelers will see both this year and several years to come. The pandemic had a lasting impact on the way people design and use their homes, encouraging a renewed focus on quality, creativity, and the comfort of spending time in their own spaces. A focus on innovation means designers can get creative and pull out the stops with unique ideas that create interest without being overwhelming. 14

AT HOME IN BERKs Spring/Summer 2022

by Karen L. Chandler

Reach for the heights with interesting ceilings! Ceilings are becoming interesting again, and detailed designs in ceilings of all heights will include beams and other architectural details painted white or warmed up with natural stains. Natural wood is in too. And speaking of natural stains, warm wood tones are highlighted everywhere from the ceiling to floors and cabinetry, rather than a predominance of painted wood from the past few years. Combining cool colors or white with the warmth of wood brings both drama and comfort to every living space. With the help of the pros, you can bring the warmth of wood to your home and keep your spaces on trend with this year’s top picks.

Simple is better! Continuing the theme of a focus on details without the overwhelming fussy décor of years gone by, designers are looking to kitchens to bring a sense of both calm and function. Decluttering a kitchen design can mean the elimination of upper cabinets and the addition of shelving to including both storage and display options in one space. Floating cabinets can create more freedom for your eye to take in a room, and architects are bringing these design elements to kitchens, but floating bathroom vanities and entertainment centers also provide more space and less visual clutter.

Color is cool, but white is too. White kitchens may have been all the rage, but color is coming back in kitchen designs, whether it shows up in rich tones on a kitchen island, base cabinets, or backsplash. White is still cool but pairing it with warm wood and lots of texture will keep it modern. Form meets function. Architects and builders are taking it up a notch when it comes to adding function to living spaces. Unusual storage spots could mean bringing a new life to a closet or spot under the stairs that may be better served for wine storage or bookshelves. Homeowners may look toward incorporating a prep kitchen, home gym, or a masterful mudroom into a new home or reno design. And a focus on function means that some living spaces have to serve double duty. A flex room is a spot that may have been a guest room in its previous life but is recreated as in-law quarters or a business hub while serving as extra living space. Spring/Summer 2022 AT HOME IN BERKs



Breathe some fresh air! A renewed interest in the great outdoors is one of the best things to come from the pandemic. Innovative outdoor spaces invite entertaining, relaxing, and even working from home and can include amazing pools, creative patios, and firepits.

Passing the test of time. The more indoor and outdoor living areas meld together, the more durable the products need to be in all conditions. Creative flooring options and wall materials all join together with glass to make cohesive spaces that flow together.

An imaginative pool design by an expert will create a space that your family and friends will enjoy for years and give your space a vacation feeling every day.

Your builder professionals have been ahead of the curve learning durable siding and trim products for decades. Any style home will make a lasting impression with an exterior that retains the look of wood yet is crafted from high technology fiber cement.

More time at home means that homeowners are extrainspired to create a vacation feel in their own spaces and resort-type amenities like game rooms and pet spas are being incorporated to inspire a staycation feel every day. In or out? Beautiful connections between indoors and outdoors emphasize a desire for good health, and architects and builders are highlighting beautiful outdoor spaces with large windows, glass walls, and patio doors. Even a home on a small lot can take advantage of nature with beautiful skylights incorporated into its design. Reach out for a professional take on the latest in windows and doors to brighten your space. Landscapes and pools are now part of the total home build or renovation plan so the views from the interior and transitions between the two living spaces are both beautiful and functional. With the help of a reputable builder or landscaper, you can experience an outdoor space that becomes an integral part of your property. 16

AT HOME IN BERKs Spring/Summer 2022

Foundations are not to be forgotten, and durability is key when it comes to the basis of your new home or addition. Experts in concrete foundations offer you the professional and high-quality start that your living space deserves. Other housing options. A home option that receives a design update this year is the broad arena of affordable housing. These developments are morphing from utilitarian designs to incorporate higher end details and a greater focus on the community and surrounding landscape. Contact the HBA of Berks County to hear what is new in affordable living spaces near you. Brighten your year! If you feel like it may be time to brighten your 2022 with the beautiful top trends this year will bring, reach out to your professionals at the Home Builders Association of Berks County for quality results that will enrich your life. Check out our buyers’ guide at for the list of pros who can help you achieve a dream living space.


Home Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Tips by York International


otice a strange noise when your home’s HVAC system turns on, or does it sometimes not turn on at all? Often all it takes to make things right is a simple fix. To keep your home comfort system running at peak performance, walk through the following air conditioning troubleshooting steps to diagnose and address the most common HVAC system issues.

1. Is your thermostat ready? Is your thermostat set in the cool position? If so, is your outdoor air conditioning or heat pump running? Is everything on?

4. Is your outdoor coil blocked? Cleaning the outdoor coils periodically helps. Dirt, grass and other airborne debris can accumulate between the fins, clogging the coil. A dirty coil can lead to reduced energy efficiency, lack of cool air from the registers, or in extreme cases, complete system shutdown or damage to the compressor from overuse. Use a brush/vacuum cleaner attachment or rinse gently with a hose. Be careful when cleaning the coils as the coil fins can be easily damaged.

2. Did the circuit breakers trip to the OFF position? Is the outdoor disconnect switch on your outdoor unit in the ON position? The disconnect switch is usually a small metal grey box mounted on a wall near the outdoor unit. Is the blower motor in your furnace or air handler running when your thermostat is activated? Make sure the furnace switch is in the ON position. Is there proper airflow? 3. Have you changed your filter? A blocked filter can cause your unit to shut down due to lack of proper airflow. Are the air registers (supply or return ducts) plugged?

Spring/Summer 2022 AT HOME IN BERKs



How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Deck by Breyer Construction


our deck is one of the most important features of your home, an area where socializing, cooking, and relaxing take place. You want to get maximum enjoyment out of this space, and that includes using it in the evening. Deck lighting is vital for safe nighttime use.

There are many different lighting styles for decks, each with their own unique functionality and appearance. Here are some popular deck lighting styles and tips for choosing the perfect deck lighting.

Common Types of Deck Lighting

Post Lights Post lights are available in both single and multi-head options. Multi-head post lights illuminate a significantly larger area of space. Post lights are also wired directly to your deck, and they are popular for their durability and weatherproof qualities. They can also be added to the tops of the posts that hold up your deck as post mount lights. Rail Lights Rail lights are always a popular choice. Designed as LED strips, rail lights are relatively simple to install. Many underrail lights have a life expectancy of almost 50,000 hours, so 18

AT HOME IN BERKs Spring/Summer 2022

there is no need to worry about changing them often. They also provide even lighting for your outdoor space. Stair and Step Lights Stair and step lights, as their name implies, are designed to illuminate step areas, deck planks, and walkways. They can be installed directly onto your existing deck structure. They are great for larger decks, and you can choose between solar, LED, and battery-powered options. There are also motion-activated options available. Wall Lights and Sconces Wall lights and sconces are designed to provide ambient lighting for access points and doorways. They are available in both multi-and single-bulb configurations, and they are typically controlled from a switch inside the house. There are also numerous finish options and styles available. Under-tread Lights Under-tread lighting, as its name implies, is a lighting system installed under the steps of the deck. Under-tread lighting systems are often composed of LED lights and many come with a motion-sensor option for convenience.

Tips for Choosing Deck Lights

Now that you have a better understanding of the different options available, keep these tips in mind as you shop.

Decide on Priorities When choosing a lighting style, you will want to keep your needs and priorities in mind. If safety is your biggest concern, you may want to consider post or step lights for your deck. Step lights will make sure no one falls or injures themselves walking up and down the steps or walkway. For homeowners who want to add more style to their outdoor space, sconces and wall lights are a great option. If you enjoy entertaining often, a complete lighting system may be what you need. This can illuminate your entire deck area, and sometimes beyond. Balance Style and Safety You want your deck to look great, but safety is equally important. Luckily, there are many options for deck lights that are both practical and beautiful, so that you can choose the style that suits your home. Be sure to illuminate stairs and walkways, as well as areas where you may be grilling. By keeping safety in mind, you can ensure all of your gatherings and parties go off without a hitch.

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Narrowing Down Those Hardscaping Ideas by A Stone's Throw Hardscaping

Do you have a blank backyard that you know you want to do something with? Or do you already have a patio or deck, but it is time for a fresh new look? Whatever the case may be, when you start searching for ideas, chances are you’re going to find way too many. Narrowing down the right idea for your home may take a while.


First and foremost, how much space do you have for the project you’re looking to have done? You want to make sure that the ideas you have in mind can be done within the area you’re looking at. We can certainly help you determine this, but if you’re limited on space, we would suggest steering away from larger projects that may not work well within that area.

Product & Color

Knowing what type of product you want used for your hardscaping project will be helpful. Depending on the project, will also determine what type of product you should be using. Most of our projects are completed with pavers and natural stone. We personally love the look of both! Both come in a variety of colors.


This is an important one. Knowing what you’re willing to spend on your hardscaping ideas is something you need to decide. We provide a personalized quote for each project. Each project is different and unique in its own way. Therefore, we can certainly provide you with an idea of what the type of project you would like completed is going to cost.

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Favorite Features for First-time Buyers by Karen L. Chandler


t turns out that laundry is top of mind for first-time homeowners when they choose the most important features for their new living spaces.

The National Association of Home Builders asked firsttimers to rate over 200 home features by deciding whether each is essential, desirable, unimportant, or not desired at all in a house.

The Top Three

Laundry rooms topped the list with 83 percent of respondents listing laundries as either essential or desirable when it comes to choosing a home. And laundry rooms are coming a long way for 2022 with more homeowners choosing colored appliances and incorporating dog baths, farmhouse utility sinks, and opting for their laundry on the second floor.

Fresh Air Counts

Not surprisingly, ceiling fans also spun to the top of favorite options as lowering energy bills is key for many first-time buyers. Ceiling fans are known to circulate air to help with both heating and cooling costs and are available in designs to fit every room.

Loving Outdoor Spaces

Homeowners are turning their focus toward their outdoor living spaces and new buyers are anxious to light up their landscapes with exterior lighting.


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Trending this year in outdoor living spaces are lights of all shapes and sizes that can include LED wall lights, strip lights, and string lights, as well as fun globe ball lights, solar and spike lights. Exterior lights are better than ever with waterproof, modern designs.

Moving into the Kitchen

A double kitchen sink is high on the list of choices new homebuyers look for in their kitchen designs. Even though stainless steel and fireclay sinks are still popular, the newer materials made from composites and showing off trendy colors are popping up in updated kitchen designs.

Storage Rules

Storage made the top ten for buyers, and pantries offer the best option for buyers who want creative and functional answers to eliminate kitchen clutter. Wood shelves and space for small appliances are preferred picks in pantry designs.

Healthy Choices

New buyers are thinking healthy as they prioritize drinking water filtration over many other new home features. Professionals believe homeowners should have drinking water tested and consult experts to get the most appropriate filtration system according to health needs, home size, and budget constraints.

Family Time

Entertaining and family time get a top rating as survey recipients rank having a table space for eating in their most important criteria for their new homes. And today’s tables are more fun than ever with bold and colorful choices in fun shapes, sizes, and materials, but could be incorporated into a kitchen island for a spacesaving solution.

Patio Preferences

Patios are high on the list for new buyers, and today’s outdoor designs are all about maximizing space with clean lines, multi-seasonal elements, and luxury upgrades and colors to give a staycation feel.


Mowing • Planting • Designs Complete Ground Maintenance Landscapes and Hardscapes Ponds & Water Features Edgeing & Mulching Beds Sodding Shrub/Hedge Removal Retainer Walls Stump Grinding Tree Cutting & Removal Spout Cleaning

Safety is key

Safety is important both in and out for first time homeowners who are rating security cameras in their top ten. The choices are endless in security systems, ranging from networked systems to stand-alone cameras.

Always Popular Hardwood

Rounding out new buyers’ lists are hardwood floors in main floor living areas. Options abound in hardwood designs and this year’s newest selections show a range of rich colors to whitewashed tones, wide planks, and unusual designs like herringbone or chevron.


Service Stability Strength

New Buyers vs. Buyers Overall

Most first-time homeowner picks were similar to home buyers overall, but new buyers were not prioritizing ENERGY STAR windows or appliances to the same degree as more experienced home buyers and new owners were fine without the front porch spaces previous buyers love.


Water filtration, security cameras, and kitchen table eating spaces never made the top ten list of buyers in general but were definitely key for the new house hunters.

Jeff Schatz, Owner/President

“Tompkins VIST Bank will be with us in the future and help us grow even more,” Jeff says.

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Schatz Electric has been in business for 45 years. To keep the business growing, owner and president Jeff Schatz focuses on mastering new technologies and supporting customers 24/7—so he’s always on the go. That’s why he works with the team at Tompkins VIST Bank, who proactively offer products and services that increase efficiency, such as remote deposit.

No matter which options you choose as a new buyer or a more experienced home shopper, reach out to your Home Builders Association of Berks County or find us at Home Builders Association – the leading advocate for the building industry in Berks County ( for the best in expert advice on creating your next living spaces. 4/21

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Buying a House? by Visions Federal Credit Union

ips T y d n Ha es g a g t r for Mo ome and H Buying


ou want to buy a house. Great! But there's a lot to buying a new home. It's a big change that affects your life in several ways. That said, you want to make buying your new home the best experience possible now and in the long run.

To help you out we compiled a list of home buying and mortgage tips. Hopefully, this handy list will be helpful to you as you move forward with your new home purchase. How much house can you afford? A fundamental principle of money management is keeping living expenses lower than your income. Since our homes are so important to our lives, understanding how much house you can afford is a must. Check out our loan and savings calculators. They are a quick and easy tool to help you find out how much house you can afford. Budget Once you know how much house you can afford, it's time to set a budget. Some people cringe when they hear the word budget. However, having a plan for your money when it comes to buying a home can be the difference between peace of mind and major stress. Consider all the costs involved with purchasing a home. We'll get into these costs more in this list.


AT HOME IN BERKs Spring/Summer 2022

Credit Score As a general guideline, whenever a person is looking to borrow money, credit scores matter. The lender wants to know if a potential borrower will be credit worthy and identify any possible risks. Most times a higher credit score means you will have a better chance of having a lower interest rate for your mortgage. There are other things that affect your interest rate, as well. However, your credit score is an important factor. Do your best to have a high credit score and maintain that credit score throughout the home buying process. You do not want your credit score to go down and lose an attractive interest rate that would benefit you over the term of your mortgage. Which mortgage is right for you? Some may not know, but there are a variety of mortgages out there. It's a good idea to look at them and get familiar with them. Knowing the features and benefits of the various mortgages will allow you to make a better decision about which mortgage is the right one for you. Should you take a 15-year or 30-year mortgage? Maybe a 15-year mortgage would be better for your particular situation instead of a 30-year mortgage. Take time to understand the types of mortgages. It can make a big difference. Understand the Costs Involved with Buying a Home Buying a home isn't like going to the store and buying a new TV. In fact, home purchases are quite unique. There are costs involved with buying a home that you will need to keep in mind when planning and setting a budget. Here's a list of some of the costs you should consider. • Principal, interest, taxes, and insurance • Utilities • Appraisals • Inspections • Closing Costs • Moving expenses Ask About No Closing Costs Sometimes credit unions and other mortgage lenders will offer no closing costs. Having no closing costs can save you a whole lot of money. Ask a mortgage expert or credit union staff about any no closing cost mortgage offers or other offers that might be beneficial to you. Get Pre-qualified When buying a home it's a good idea to get pre-qualified. It helps the home buying process go smoother. When you are pre-qualified for a mortgage you'll know much better about how much house you can afford and what price range you can shop. Plus, real estate agents want to know if you have been pre-qualified when they work with a client. It's just better to be pre-qualified.

Building Beauty & Value Into Home & Family Put the mower, blower and yard tools away with an Express Lawn & Landscape Annual Maintenance program. Enjoy increased value and more family time by taking advantage of our year-round packages that feature budgeted, monthly installment plans.

Express Plans Include: • Weekly Mowing/Trimming • Shrub/Perennial Trimming • Spring Cleanup • Fall Cleanup • Lawn/Turf Care • Spotted Lanternfly Control • Bed Maintenance • Mulch Installation • Edging

10% off seasonal landscaping contracts for new clients. FREE ESTIMATES

For new customers only. Not valid with other offers. Expires May 25, 2022.

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N O M M 5 CO

PROBLEMS by Members 1st Federal Credit Union


uying a home is an investment. Whether a newer build or historic home, getting a complete evaluation of your home gives you essential insight and could prevent you from investing in a money pit.

Many homebuyers are shying away from home inspections because they can give you a leg up in the competitive real estate market. While your home might appear to be in good shape, a qualified home inspector may say otherwise. Before they perform their inspection, it is wise to have a general understanding of what they could encounter. Here are five common inspection problems and what they might mean:

Improper Drainage

The land around your house should slope away from your home. If your foundation is flat or if there is not enough slope (or grade) around your foundation, water cannot drain correctly. This can cause damage to your foundation and water wicking, which can result in mold and wall rotting.

Foundation flaws

Does your home appear slanted, or do your windows and doors stick? Place a marble on the floors inside your home. If it rolls to one side of your home, your floors may be sloped. Other indicators of foundation problems include severe drywall and exterior wall cracks, windows and doors pulling away from walls and bouncy floors. 24

AT HOME IN BERKs Spring/Summer 2022

Roofing and chimney issues

Aging roofs or improperly installed roofing materials can cause water leaks and damage. If your roof fails inspection, you will need to determine what repairs are necessary or if the roof needs to be replaced altogether, the cost to complete the repairs or replacement and who is financially responsible. You may have issues obtaining a homeowner's insurance policy until those fixes are made, which can cause mortgage delays.

Faulty electrical wiring

Electrical wiring issues commonly cause house fires. Exposed, outdated or deteriorating wiring are safety hazards that often appear in older homes. The law requires ground fault circuit interrupter (GCFI) outlets in rooms with water sources including kitchens and bathrooms. Malfunctioning GCFI outlets could indicate a significant electrical issue. In general, updating electrical systems can be very expensive.

Troublesome plumbing and pipes

Because many home sellers do not schedule regular plumbing maintenance, it is not uncommon for plumbing issues to appear during the home inspection. Inadequate pipework, corroded or broken pipes as well as leaks can cause severe water damage over time. Check for fundamental plumbing issues on your home tour by flushing toilets and turning on showers and faucets. While some plumbing repairs may be low in cost, pipe and other water system replacements can be more costly.

5 Reasons Why Replacing Your Old Entry Door Makes Perfect Sense

by A.D. Moyer


nstalling a new entry door is one of the quickest ways to make a big impression and increase curb appeal to your home. But that’s only the beginning. There are other great reasons why you should cash in on the minimal investment!

Increase Perceived Home Value

A recent independent online survey of 2,400 homeowners who responded to photos of either enhanced or unenhanced homes, showed that a new Therma-Tru entry door can increase the perceived value of the home an average of 4.2 percent, or $18,750. The perception of higher value is far greater than the cost to install a new entry door. Knowing that 90% of homebuyers look at photos on the internet of homes they’re interested in purchasing, there is a renewed emphasis on redesigning home exteriors, which may include mixing building materials, adding front porches and using creative molding around doors and windows.

Increase Your Home’s Security

Technological advances in building materials have made exterior doors more secure than their predecessors. Quality fiberglass and steel-skinned doors are beautifully crafted, energy efficient, easy to maintain, and secure including locking capabilities that surpass those of older wood doors. New door construction is layered to resist forced entry. Constructed in sections bonded together, the modern-day door is molded from one-piece skin on each side of the door which creates a stronger door overall. Even doors and sidelites that contain glass can be more secure than ever before and nearly impossible to break through when using laminated safety glass. Combined with integrated multipoint locking systems, upgrading your door is a great step in upgrading your home’s security.

Energy Efficiency

New doors have better insulation properties, allowing them to hold heat in during winter and keep it out during summer. Most steel and fiberglass doors are filled with a polyurethane foam insulation, contain an integrated and durable bottom rubber sweep, and use quality compression weather stripping on the frame to seal out the elements. More than 80% of Therma-Tru door and glass options are ENERGY STAR qualified and National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) certified. ENERGY STAR is a government program that helps consumers save money on energy costs and protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.

Beautify Your Home

The front door has evolved to be more than just a focal point at the entry of a home. In fact, it is considered an important element in giving the home a distinct look that reflects the homeowner’s personality and style. A larger variety of door styles are available than ever before. Popular styles fit every architectural styling, incorporating panel patterns, sidelites, transoms, applied mouldings, and much more. Decorative insulated glass options allow more natural light into the home while adding beauty and privacy. Additionally, these doors are available factory pre-finished in the most popular current color trends.

Durability and Reduced Maintenance

Modern steel and fiberglass doors with reinforced engineered cores that resist warping are far more durable than wood models. The exterior construction and materials are not susceptible to chipping, peeling and bubbling like wood doors. Although many quality wood doors will last a lifetime as well, the primary difference lies in the required maintenance. Wood doors require more routine painting or sealing. Fiberglass and steel doors are non-porous, resistant to expansion and contraction, and therefore hold their finish and beauty longer. Spring/Summer 2022 AT HOME IN BERKs



Construction Trade Students are Our Future


BA of Berks County is committed to work with two trade schools which are Berks Career & Technology Center and Reading Muhlenberg Career & Technology. HBA works closely with the Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) Endorsed Trade Program. The program is designed to work with the schools and provide students with industry-recognized certification to help strengthen their skills and qualifications. It is important that we all work together to support workforce development as some have a misconceptions of these schools. However, these students who are dedicated to the trades and want to continue with being educated and following a career path in the trades are just as important to our workforce as a student who chooses to be educated in another industry. NAHB has a membership program called the Student Chapter which was created to allow students to become members. The program is dedicated to enriching students’ educational experience and offers firsthand exposure to the real world of the building industry through membership, educational programming, and networking opportunities. Both our CTCs are part of the Student Chapter program. The HBA does an annual event with both CTCs where members have the opportunity to speak with the students on the importance of them being educated in the trades. Members also evaluate the CTCs, assist in re-aligning curriculum, work with the Student Chapters, and mentor the youth workers of our industry. During some of these events members are able to speak to the students and possibly recruit them to their company and in some cases that employer will provide further education. 26

AT HOME IN BERKs Spring/Summer 2022

The CTCs are also given the opportunity to participate in the HBA Home Show, which allows the students to show what they have learned and why the trades are important to the future of the building industry. The building industry plays a critical role on the economy and the PBA created a program specifically to award students in the building industry with scholarships and that is called the Pennsylvania Foundation for Housing and they can always use your help. Find out how you may help at Support - The Pennsylvania Foundation for Housing, Inc. ( The HBA Board of Directors felt it was just as important to help with the workforce shortage by creating a scholarship program which helps those students interested in furthering their education in the building industry. The Builders Education Scholarship Foundation was created in 2016 and awarded their first scholarships in 2018 and continues to award students each year. Sometimes a student can receive matched funding from both foundations. Currently we award two to three students per year who wish to continue their education to a two-year accredited college or university. Applications are taken and due in by March of each year and then reviewed by our Education Committee and students who are awarded the scholarship receive $2,000 for the two-year term which is spread over the two years in the amount of $500 per semester as long as they send proof of enrollment and grades.

Residential & Commercial Electrical Service & Repair - Electrical Repair - Electrical Panel Upgrades - Code Violation Repairs - Wiring - Ceiling Fan Installation - Whole House Rewiring - Lighting Design & Installation

New Customers Receive $25 off first invoice of $100-$300 $50 off first invoice of $300-$500

- Safety & Security - Energy Saving Solutions - Parking Lot Lighting - Whole House Generators - Data & Phone Wiring - Smoke Detector Wiring Plus much more….

Get in Touch with an Electrician for a Free Estimate Today! Phone: (844) 747-7357 Website: 120 Prospect St. Reading, PA 19606

It is important to keep this program going and support our trade students and our industry. We can always use your support in funding the program so we can continue to help further educate the students in the trades and help to minimize the building industries' workforce shortage. If you would like to help out by giving a donation, please contact the HBA of Berks County at 610-777-8889 or Donations can also be sent to Builders Education Scholarship Foundation 25 Stevens Ave, Bldg. A, Suite 3, West Lawn, PA 19609

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Introducing the new HBA of Berks County retirement plan experience The HBA of Berks County is committed to providing the right solutions for your businesses — solutions that bring you economy of scale, and help you show your employees that you value what matters to them. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Lincoln Financial Group to deliver the new HBA of Berks County 401(k) program. Here’s what you’ll experience with the new HBA 401(k) program: • Access to potential pricing and service efficiencies — economies of scale • Less administrative work, as you hand off many of the responsibilities that come with running a 401(k), including filing Form 5500 and employee loans • Relief from many fiduciary obligations, while maintaining your current plan design — or changing to a plan design that works for you

Why Lincoln?

Because partnering with Lincoln delivers benefits that go beyond the retirement plan itself. • Personalized service — Members who join the plan receive ongoing, dedicated attention, and Lincoln will work closely with HBA to recruit new businesses into the plan. • Demonstrated value — Surveyed Lincoln plan sponsors rated their overall satisfaction at 90% in 2019,* and their award-winning websites help make your experience even easier. • Deep experience — Lincoln has been in business since 1905, is a recognized leader in the retirement plan space and has group 401(k) program experience dating back to 1995. *Lincoln Financial Group, “Annual Plan Sponsor Satisfaction Research,” 2019.

Are you in?

Already have a retirement plan? Now’s a perfect opportunity to reach out to Matt Williams of Impact Advisors Group, who will review and benchmark your plan and assess whether it’s meeting your goals — or if transitioning to the HBA 401(k) program could better meet your needs. Considering a retirement plan? A 401(k) program can be a powerful tool for keeping the quality people you have on board and bringing new talent into the fold. Joining the HBA 401(k) program could be the most cost-efficient solution.

Learn More About the HBA 401(k) Program

Contact Matt Williams of Impact Advisors Group (833) 546-7228

CHRISTOPHER C. MUVDI Suite 201 1100 Berkshire Boulevard Wyomissing, Pennsylvania 19610 610.372.7700 Fax 610.372.4865 A PA Limited Liability Partnership


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If your business is within the Berks County area, please consider joining the Home Builders Association of Berks County. Your membership dollars will help fight issues on all three levels: Local, State and Federal. Our members vary from Engineers to Lawyers, Accountants, Builders, Remodelers, Insurance Agencies, Bankers and more.

In order to offer members installment options and the ability to pay via the method of your choice (credit card, ACH, or check), we have joined NAHB’s Dues Hub program. As a result, you may receive communications from a new software provider, Billhighway. You will also have the option to log in to their member portal to renew your membership and pay directly online. You may also be prompted to create an account before doing so.

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Renew Your Membership: You may be required to activate an account first, and this can be done by clicking the link near the bottom of the page. New Memberships: For more info: or 610-777-8889. AT HOME IN BERKs Spring/Summer 2022

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2022 Foundation Club Members: Thank You to 2022 Foundation Club Members. Call the HBA office at 610.777.8889 to learn how to become a member of the FOUNDATION CLUB.

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Join the 2022 Foundation Club for $300 and be a supporter of our Berks County Committee for Affordable Housing. All Club Members get a free ticket to Lobsterfest and any other legislative event held throughout the year. These members understand the important role legislation plays in their businesses and the importance of electing and supporting legislators who are sensitive to the issues affecting the building industry.

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Peter specializes in customer service. Whether listing or selling residential or commercial real estate, Peter is dedicated to helping his clients. His personal attention to every aspect of the business has garnered him more than 200 five-out-of-five Gold Star independent reviews. “I have personally known Pete for close to two decades, and he is one of most conscientious, caring and outgoing people I know. He truly cares about his clients, and works harder than any other realtor I know. I highly recommend that you work with Pete.” – Dave R

Peter K. Heim, CRS, GRI

“Pete is attentive to every detail. He made a hard journey of selling my mom’s house easier not just because he is a skilled realtor but in how much he cares about the story and people behind the sale.” – Cathleen P.

Christopher Heim

“Always a great experience working with Pete and now his son Chris as well.” – Michael S.

Family is foundational, and having a perfect home for your family means everything. Having Peter Heim by your side to help you navigate through the multiple steps of buying or selling is key. Born and raised in Berks county, Peter is an award-winning Real Estate Broker with more than 35 years of experience. A family man, Peter has been married to his wife Michele for more than 30 years. They have seven children and two grandchildren. Pete and his family are involved with many Berks County organizations. This seasoned professional brings his hardworking yet fun personality to every interaction. Now Peter is proud to welcome his son Christopher onto his real estate team. Chris brings his unbridled enthusiasm, on-line savvy, and banking experience to the team. Let the Heim Team do the best job for you!

Peter K. Heim, CRS, GRI Associate-Broker

office: 610-898-1441 cell: 610-745-3378 email:

“Now more than ever HOME is important!”

Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.