National Field Archery Association

Yankton, US

The National Field Archery Association is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the sport of archery. The NFAA was founded in 1939 is now the largest archery membership organization in the United States. The NFAA hosts several national championship tournaments each year—outdoor, indoor, marked and unmarked 3D­—that draw over 3,000 archers. They also host the World famous Vegas Shoot, held each February in Las Vegas, NV. The organization hosts eight sectional indoor and eight sectional outdoor championships. The NFAA sanctions more than 100 state-championship-level tournaments and thousands of club shoots in addition to many popular league programs and mail matches. The NFAA incorporates numerous styles of archery, including Freestyle, Freestyle Limited, Barebow, Competitive Bowhunter, Bowhunter Freestyle, Freestyle Limited, Recurve, Traditional. Cub, Youth, Young Adult, Adult, Senior, and Professional are the NFAA divisions of competition.