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Mack connects your trucks to the information and support your business needs. When Mack is your copilot, you’re backed by diagnostic services that constantly monitor your vehicle to provide real-time information and a committed team of 24/7 support staff. Go ahead, drive with confidence.



ROAD Fall 2016, Vol. 1, Issue 2

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FROM THE ROAD see what people have to say about the Nextran experience

"They were super busy, but fit me in and did the work outside of the shop" - Wesley C. discussing Nextran Orlando "Rodney in the service department is a great employee. He goes out of his way to help us here at K.H.L." - Kevin Hull Logging LLC discussing Nextran Atlanta “Delightful to work with everyone at Nextran Pompano Beach.” - Johnny-On-The-Spot discussing Nextran Pompano Beach

SEPT. 11-17, 2016 National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week SEPT. 15-16, 2016 National Private Truck Council National Safety Conference Dulles, Virginia SEPT. 18-22, 2016 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Annual Conference & Exhibition Little Rock, Arkansas

OCT. 1-4, 2016 American Trucking Association Management Conference & Exhibition Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV MAR. 23-25, 2017 Mid-America Trucking Show Louisville, Kentucky

“Always have good experience at Nextran, Kennesaw.” - EPOFC Environmental Products and Cobb County discussing Nextran Kennesaw “Great staff at service. They really take care of us like we are the only customer.” - Abraham Sand and Rock discussing Nextran Miami “We were on a time crunch, and you were able to make the repairs during the holiday period and deliver the truck as promised. Thank you!” - John C Hipp Construction Equipment Company discussing Nextran Lake City “This service department is the best and most efficient of any dealer we do business with.” Kimberly F. of Pat Auto Transport discussing Nextran Lake City


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NOW YOU KNOW A few interesting factoids about the trucking industry. OF EVERY 14 JOBS IN THE U.S. 1IS OUT CREATED OR DIRECTLY AFFECTED BY THE TRUCKING INDUSTRY.









65+ 55-64

4.9% 29.1%


45-54 35-44 25-34 20-24

20.1% 24.5%


Parts &



It’s a great feeling when you get a truck fixed and back on the road for a customer faster than they expected.”

By Josh Ussery

The job is demanding. It tests the mind while simultaneously working the muscles. It begins early in the morning, and continues through the late hours of the night. It is an integral role in an industry that never stops. The job is the reason the industry keeps moving forward. It is the job of a technician, and it is a challenging one. But that’s exactly why technicians love it. Finding the solution to a problem, and then putting their hands to work to fix the issue is highly satisfying. While trucks today are being manufactured with new technology to make them safer and cleaner, those advancements have

unlocked a whole new set of challenges for the people who work on them. Not too long ago, service issues with heavy duty trucks could be diagnosed based on experience alone. Technicians could simply pop the hood to search for leaks, listen for certain noises, and figure out what was wrong based off of the operator’s description. They could do this with incredible accuracy. That is no longer the case. With the introduction of numerous electronic control modules, added electrical systems and new emission standards, technicians are required to



With regular training, Nextran Service Technicians are ahead of the technology curve.

be more knowledgeable on electronics and software in order to understand the issues. Barry Yeager, the Director of Service Training for Nextran Truck Centers said, “When we think of technicians in the past, technical knowledge on electronic systems was not a required skill to work on trucks. Today, it is an integral part of their job.” When asked how working on trucks today is different than when he first began, Sam Medford, a certified Master and a Lead Uptime Technician for Nextran Truck Centers said, “The work now is more technology driven than it is mechanical. When I first started it was rare to see a computer in someone’s tool box. Today just about everyone needs one. In fact, today it is not uncommon to find just as


many technicians in shops working from laptop computers as they are wrenches.” Keeping up to date with the rapidly changing technology is no easy task. It requires hours of hands-on training, as well as classroom and online courses on systems that were non-existent in recent years. By experiencing real-life scenarios in these courses, technicians are learning how to diagnose and correct issues faster; effectively getting their customer’s trucks back on the road sooner. According to Sam, “Training is the most important element, especially for the new trucks. Not only to diagnose, but how to repair the issue as well.” Because of this, Nextran is investing more into their technicians than ever

before, and those investments are paying off in a very large way. Quality trained technicians are not only minimizing downtime, but also reducing operational costs by making the correct repair the first time. That in itself is a big reward. According to Sam, “It’s a great feeling when you get a truck fixed and back on the road for a customer faster than they expected. It’s a huge sense of accomplishment.” That goal is shared by every technician working on heavy duty trucks today. While trucks continue to become more complex and reliant on technology, the technicians who work on them are becoming more knowledgeable and efficient in keeping them running. They are the reason the industry keeps moving.


Cruising on the S.S. Reliability

How Ismael Humaran has thrived in the tough business of supplying pleasure cruises.

By Dante Lima

South Florida is a hub for the cruise line industry. Each day dozens of ships leave the Port of Miami to take passengers to vacation destinations all over the world. But before any ship sets out for sea, tons of vital cargo must be transported on land. Trucking is an essential component to the industry. That’s where MCI Express, a freight delivery service based in Miami, comes in handy. Since 1973, MCI Express has served North America with superior trucking services, and the company specializes in direct delivery. Chances are if you’ve taken a cruise with commercial giants like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian, or Princess, then MCI Express is responsible for supplying the cargo to make your trip possible – everything from toilet paper and soap to alcohol and lobster tails. Last summer, the company started regular routes from Miami, FL to Blaine, WA, a town that sits almost directly on the Pacific border of the U.S. and Canada. This route is a one-shot, 4,300 mile trip that supports cruises in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Since the travel industry is extremely time sensitive, MCI Express’ business is based on reliability. When president and owner Ismael Humaran purchased the company in 2005, he knew he needed to partner with a premium truck service to maximize that business. Humaran’s relationship with Nextran began in 2006 and has remained strong ever since. In fact, it’s become such an integral bond for Humaran and MCI Express, that he jokingly refers to his Volvo trucks in the same breath as his wife. “I tell every company who asks me to

Pictured left to right: Todd Brown (Nextran Truck Centers), Anna Maria Sein (Nextran Truck Centers), Paola, Valerie, Victoria and Ismael Humaran (MCI Express) and Rick Copley (Volvo) on site at the New River Valley Volvo Plant in Dublin, Virginia where MCI Express's trucks are built.

try other trucks, why should I leave my wife?” Humaran said. “If I’m going to leave it’s going to be to be for something 100 times better. Other trucks don’t have the support, the remote diagnostics, the trust that I know with Nextran.” Of the 170 vehicles in his fleet, about 90% of his signature yellow Volvo trucks were purchased from Nextran, with a majority being 2013 models or newer. Humaran admittedly is a man who sticks to what he knows. It’s the reason he decided to buy MCI Express after a career in warehouse distribution and regional trucking. It’s the reason he believes in old school business values like attention to detail, personalized service, and delivering (figuratively and literally) on promises. And it’s the reason he’s continued to grow his fleet with Nextran over his decade as owner of MCI Express. “Nextran has also always backed us up on everything we need - tech, computer systems, support. I can call anyone, and they have always been there for me, no

matter what time,” he said. “It’s 100% important to me. Trucks are machines, they aren’t perfect. They break down from time to time. Just imagine missing a ship and having to pay to fly merchandise to Cancun or Cozumel? When problems happen Nextran will do anything to get it fixed right away, to get the problem solved. They’ve been essential to my success.” Humaran says the extra pay off in having superior vehicles, besides the measurables such as longevity, fuel economy, and engine diagnostics, has been the overall positive impression they create for MCI Express. Because of his reliable fleet, his clients know his deliveries will be made on time, which helps him solidify customer loyalty. And, he is able to attract high quality drivers. “Getting drivers is easy once they see the trucks,” he said. “Once they check out the transmission, see how comfortable and reliable they are, the drivers take notice. I specifically use Volvos because they’re the most secure trucks for my drivers.”



Taking care of the

big green machines Waste Management, Inc. in Florida found Nextran to be the perfect fit.

By Dante Lima

In the trucking world, it’s hard to stand out on looks alone. Our streets, interstates and expressways are peppered with rigs that to the naked eye are virtually indistinguishable to one another. People see a big truck with big cargo, and don’t put much more thought into it. However, Waste Management, Inc. is an exception. Their hunter green trucks with large WM logos have become synonymous with waste and environmental services in America. In 2015 the company cleared $14 billion dollars in revenue, while some of its services like security, portable toilet rental, and dumpster rental are not directly tied to the green beauties, the bulk of Waste Management, Inc. is. Ron Arrowood, who is the Fleet Director for Waste Management in Florida, has worked for the company for 43 years and ascended through humble beginnings as a technician and eventually supervisory roles into management. He relies on Nextran to service his fleet which is composed of over 20 sites across the state of Florida. “Over the years I’ve dealt with a lot of Mack Truck dealerships. Thirteen years ago, I sat down with Jim Ussery because we decided to look for a ‘one-stop shop’ for our parts and service. We told him we needed a single point of contact and Randy Dann from Nextran has been it ever since,” he said. “I’m in constant communication with Randy. He keeps me up to date on daily repairs, parts that are being sourced, etc. Because of that close relationship, we feel we reap the benefits of having a partner who understands our business.”


Ron Arrowood, Fleet Director for Waste Management in Florida, places emphasis on relationships.

Waste Management is a customerdriven company, and has built an empire on loyalty, which is a big reason why Arrowood sought out a likeminded company such as Nextran. When you’re dealing with a fleet as large as Waste Management, Florida, even small changes in technology or regulations can send ripples through the business, and having consistency in service has helped keep WM on top. “Over the years, our fleet has changed quite a bit. We used to have trucks with manual transmissions. In the last 6-7 years we’ve made the switch to

automatic, and we’ve come full circle with the engines – we used to use gasoline and now we use CNG,” Arrowood said. With reliability as a paramount issue for Arrowood, he relied on Nextran to help keep him abreast of optimal technologies and emissions standards. “The sensors and warning devices that have been added in the past 20 years is astounding. In terms of functionality, the technology in our vehicles now is completely different,” he said. “They’ve [Nextran] done a great job for us in Florida.”

Meet the ENGINE & TRANSMISSION of Change Volvo’s new 2017 D13 engine and the I-Shift transmission with crawler gears are here to change the game. By Theodore Aseltyne

Volvo is set to release an engine that will stop you in your tracks. Which is ironic because the new D13 was built to keep you moving. And moving efficiently. With tougher regulatory standards approaching, Volvo’s 2017 D13 could be an answer to prayer. From its engine architecture to its intelligent new features, it has the goods to keep your trucks on the road, while consuming less fuel. The D13 family has been around the block. Over the years they have logged literally billions of miles. That’s a ton of learning, which Volvo has perfected into a solid architecture that uses some innovative new hardware to maximize efficiency. Energy that’s usually wasted is recovered with standard features including low-friction pistons and a two-speed

When paired with Volvo’s new I-Shift

customer’s decision process, it also helps

water pump. A

transmission with crawler gears, trucks will

our technicians understand how they work.

run at peak efficiency.

And if they happen to breakdown, how they

standard hybrid

can be fixed.”

common rail fuel injection

I-Shift with crawler gears provides incredibly

system makes

controlled forward or reverse motion at

That last part is a critical component

extremely low speeds -- 0.6 mph. That gives

to the uptime process as Volvo offers

as efficiently as

drivers maximum control and maneuver-

preventative maintenance plans that are


ability and increases productivity. With its

implemented through Nextran. So the

lower RPMs and lower rear axle ratios, the

technicians can get trucks out of the shop

I-Shift with crawler gears also saves fuel.

and back on the road.

uses,” said Todd Brown, Nextran’s Vice

“When Volvo announced the new D13

“We’ve been partnered with Volvo for

President of Development for Volvo Trucks.

engine and the I-Shift transmission with

many years,” Brown said. “We’ve seen

“It’s lightweight, but it can handle heavy-duty

crawler gears, we got to work right

them create one amazing innovation after

applications whether it’s construction or

away learning everything about them,”

another. But we think the 2017 D13 engine

long distance hauling.”

Brown added. “Gathering the info not only

and I-Shift transmission with crawler gears

informs our sales staff in order to guide a

takes it to a whole different level.”

sure fuel is used

“The 2017 D13 perfectly combines fuelefficiency and power for a wide range of


Oh, What a Night!

Nextran Truck Centers named the Mack Trucks 2015 North American Dealer of the Year.


Joining CEO Jon Pritchett on the stage to accept the Mack Trucks 2015 Dealership of the Year Award are (from left to right) Charlie Brown, Bryan Sapp, Nick Abatecola, Francisco Blanco, Terry Barrows, Don Cox, Jim Ussery, Bruce Graham, Cathie Cooper, Barry Sessions, David Bennett, Jon Pritchett, Stephen Roy, Mike Maddox, Dennis McDaniel, Mike Graber, Mike Arnold, Cameron Freeman and TJ Willings.


“ Nextran Truck Centers has done an outstanding job providing Mack customers with the right truck for the job.” Stephen Roy, President of Mack Trucks North America



For those in the trucking industry, being named Mack Trucks Dealer of the Year is huge. So what better place to make the announcement than Glendale, Arizona host city of Super Bowls and college football national championships. To the team from Nextran Truck Centers being named the 2015 North American Dealer of the Year, felt like winning the big game. Our customers are the heart and soul of our business. Their peace of mind is our main focus," said Nextran President and CEO Jon Pritchett. "It starts and ends with the 787 men and women of Nextran. It's their hard work and focus on customer satisfaction that has made this night possible." Nextran exceeded its overall sales target by 58 percent in 2015 and had the highest sales volume for both trucks and parts among Mack dealers in North America. “Nextran Truck Centers has done an outstanding job providing Mack customers with the right truck for the job and the aftermarket service they need for maximum uptime,” said Stephen Roy, president, Mack Trucks North America. “We’re proud to partner with them in serving customers across all segments of our market.” The awards didn’t end with just the North American Dealer of the Year. Nextran also scored the Mack Financial Services Southeast Region Dealer of the Year, and the Nextran Truck Centers in Jacksonville picked up the Mack Trucks Customer Satisfaction Award. “It’s been a tremendous evening,” Pritchett remarked after the ceremony. “We enjoy a very close, long-

Employees of Nextran Truck Centers in Orlando proudly display the Mack Trucks North American Dealer of the Year trophy.

standing relationship with Mack and this recognition just pushes us to make it even stronger.” Since 1993 when Nextran opened for business, Mack Trucks has been an integral partner. Over the years the two organizations have continued to grow together.

Our customers are the heart and soul of our business. Their peace of mind is our main focus.” Jon Pritchett, President and CEO of Nextran

“We know Mack trucks inside and out,” said Mike Maddox, Vice President of Business Development for the Mack Truck Brand. “We have excellent communication between our two organizations. That’s really the key. And the customer really appreciates our understanding of the products because we can put them in the best truck that suits their needs."

An industry veteran and long time Nextran employee, Maddox sees the bond growing tighter. “They have some incredible products coming out now. We’re really excited for the future.” Receiving the North American Dealer of the Year has also generated plenty of excitement amongst the sales and service professionals within the Nextran organization. According to Executive VP Sales and Marketing Charlie Brown, the bar has been raised. “Let’s just say we’re a tad competitive. We want more of these,” Brown said while gesturing towards the Dealer of the Year award. “Our people are up to the challenge.” Providing extra incentive to an already motivated team suits Brown just fine. “If everyone keeps stepping up their game, we’ll have a few more nights like this one.”


Momentum 2016

Sales & Management Conference Recap Momentum 2016 recognizes the people that keep our customers moving.


From time to time it’s important to stop and reflect, and congratulate those on a job well done. Back in March, Nextran did just that. With over 120 people gathered at the University of Florida Hilton Hotel in Gainesville, Nextran Truck Centers held their annual Sales and Management Conference titled Momentum 2016. Of course, it was all made possible by the relationships the Nextran staff has forged with their customers. Getting to know them and understand their business is at the heart of Nextran's sales and management teams. "Nextran takes great pride in customer success, because each one effects more than a sales quota," said Nextran CEO Jon Pritchett. "It potentially leads to economic growth for families and even entire communities. Sitting at a desk, answering calls and selling trucks, isn’t what we do. Our job is to take care

of people. And whether it’s putting them in the right truck, determining what leasing option best suits them, or making sure their vehicle is up and running, it’s a job we take very seriously."

Momentum 2016 also featured a thorough review of the past year’s successes and challenges, as well as reviewing upcoming goals and sharing company news.

"That’s why we recognize those employees who do their job extremely well." added Nextran Executive Vice President of Operations Jim Ussery, "We fuel that mutually beneficial relationship with our customers and inspire others within Nextran to reach that same level of excellence."

During an awards banquet and ceremony, top performers were honored in categories that span the entire company. Awards were also handed out at the department and dealership level. All in all, it was a terrific time for the Nextran team to reenergize, refocus and reward.


Top Sales Associates By Categories: Top Sales Associate of the Year

Juan de Oliviera



Medium Duty

Michael Cortes

Robert Race

Robert Martinez


Truck Sales Sales Associate Platinum Awards

Sales Associate Silver Award continued

Sales Managers Gold Awards

Cesar Esquivel, Tim Tucker Sales Managers Silver Award

Cameron Freeman

Mike Elliott, Mike Cortes, Gilberto Beato, Robert Race, Juan de Oliviera, Steve Gilmore Sales Associate Gold Award

Bob Thomas, Don Sharpe, Mario Monterrosa, Tommy Bush, Chuck Chirillo (Not

Rental and Leasing Rental & Lease Location of the Year

Pictured David Gluckler, Gene Burnet)

Sales Managers Platinum Awards

Pompano Beach, Florida Rental Account Manager of the Year

Anna Sein Sales Associate Silver Award

John Thibaut Lease Account Manager of the Year

Robert Martinez, Jon Bawtinhimer


Bryan Sapp, Bruce Graham, Mike Graber, Barry Sessions

Larry Walker

Parts & Service Awards

Nextran Truck Centers Location of the Year Award

Parts Department of the Year

Jacksonville, Florida Parts Department Excellence Awards Orlando, Florida

Operational Excellence Awards

Tampa & Orlando, Florida Service Excellence Department of the Year

Jacksonville, Florida

Auburndale, Florida

Kennesaw, Georgia

Birmingham & Madison, Alabama

Orlando, Florida

Lake City, Florida

Birmingham, Alabama Service Department Excellence Awards

Jacksonville & Orlando, Florida


FUELING UP for 2017 A look at the 2017 emission standards changes

By Dante Lima

We hear the word emissions all the time throughout the news cycle. Whether it’s during climate change discussions, political debates, or global energy summits, it’s a buzzword that floats around, but no industry is more familiar with emissions regulations more than trucking. In fact, over the last decade, adapting to federal regulations to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency have become the norm for vehicle manufacturers and distributors across the country. With a new joint program from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2017, Nextran’s Director of Service


Training, Barry Yeager got the chance to explain the details and the ripple it will have for customers and throughout the industry.

pick-up trucks to heavy haul trucks in a few different categories. The EPA is looking at the CO2 emissions based on vehicle type, and NHTSA is looking at fuel efficiency based on vehicle type.

It gives us the advantage for our customers of having the best technology. From Nextran’s point of view [Mack and Volvo] are the leaders in technology for the reduction of emissions” Barry Yeager

“The 2017 regulations are a collaboration between the EPA and NHTSA. Both organizations combined to make this standard for 2017 to better increase the fuel efficiency and green house gas emissions in the transportation sector,” Yeager said. “It effects

If you get better fuel efficiency you are going to get lower emissions, they kind of go hand in hand.” The EPA’s official document on the regulations goes a step further. The three main regulatory categories


2017 VOCATIONAL VEHICLE STANDARDS The chart below illustrates the new benchmark for emissions and fuel consumption starting in January 2017. Light Heavy Class 2b-5

Medium Heavy Class 6-7


Heavy Heavy Class 8





EPA Full Useful Life Emissions Standards (g CO2/ton-mile)


NHTSA Fuel Consumption Standards (gal/1,000 ton-mile)

SOURCE: United States Environmental Protection Agency Office or Transportation and Air Quality August 2011 Regulatory Announcement

follow as such: (1) combination tractors, (2) heavy-duty pick-up trucks and vans, (3) and vocational vehicles. For Nextran customers, category 3, the vocational vehicles, applies most directly. The agencies estimate that the combined standards will reduce CO2 emissions by about 270 million metric tons and save about 530 million barrels of oil over the life of vehicles built for the 2014 to 2018 model years, providing $49 billion in net program benefits. But, Mack and Volvo are already taking steps to ensure the new law which takes effect on January 2017 is a seamless and painless transition. “They [Volvo and Mack] have a new engine line up coming out, common rail injected engines. Those new engines will phase in starting January 2017,” Yeager said. “it gives us the advantage for our customers of having the best technology. From Nextran’s point of view they are the leaders in technology for the reduction of emis-

sions. It translates into lower maintenance costs, less servicing, lower fuel costs, and a positive effect on the bottom line.” Similar regulations passed in 2007 and 2010, and Yeager said the incremental costs were fairly high to the customer, a $750 service charge per vehicle, which as he put it “caused a little heartburn.” The reason the 2017 regulations will see less blow back from the industry is because manufacturers that bested the 2014 emissions standards received credits back from the EPA, so built up credits can be used to mitigate the cost of the upcoming implementations. On top of that, Yeager says these frequent updates to the law have helped boost bottom lines for the trucking industry across the board. “It’s simple, you can use the same amount of fuel and carry a bigger payload,” he said. “But overall fuel usage has plummeted. We’re getting better efficiency. The air has gotten cleaner.

The regulations are doing what the EPA and NHTSA want them to do.” Overall, the program set forth will help the trucking industry continue to stay ahead of the curve technologically, help carriers thrive, and help the environment as a whole. And for Nextran, the goal is to keep customers educated and up-to-date with the changing laws that effect their business. Yeager said the company’s proactive approach to customer enrichment has been helpful in developing their partnerships. “We’re doing customer event nights where we go to dealerships and outside parts manufacturers and invite customers to have discussions. It helps keep the customer informed of changing technology,” he said. “They read stuff on the internet, but it’s nice to get the tech tips and good maintenance practices from the source. We try to do a dealer per month. The idea is the better they run their companies, the better we are.”



Bringing out the Best

We are proud to recognize some of the dedicated employees who not only make Nextran an amazing place to work, but a strong company that moves the trucking industry forward. NANETTE TOOL

Corporate Controller What do you love most about your day-to-day job at Nextran? My interaction with the various Nextran locations. I speak to many of our Controllers and other staff routinely, as well as our GM’s on a consistent basis. It’s rewarding to be able to assist our stores and feel that I am contributing to Nextran’s success. How long have you worked at Nextran? 15 years What’s your favorite part of your job? Providing information to management that enables them to make informed decisions regarding our business. What advice would you give to a new Nextran employee? Every day is as good as YOU make it. Turn challenge into opportunity, strive to learn as much as you can about Nextran, our business, culture and our focus on customer satisfaction. Where do you live and what do you love most about your city? Jacksonville, Florida. Access to water – we love boating as well as the beach. Where is your favorite place to travel? The Florida Keys……during lobster season! What part of the world would you most like to travel to? New Zealand, Australia If you could open a Nextran dealership anywhere in the world, where would it be? A tropical destination, although from a business perspective that may not be the wisest choice.


CHRIS NAYLOR Director of Parts Operations What do you love most about your day-to-day job at Nextran? I have enjoyed teaching young men and women the industry as well as the importance of teamwork to create a place customers want to come and feel welcome. How long have you worked at Nextran? 23 years What’s your favorite part of your job? I have really enjoyed watching the Nextran name grow and take great pride in being a part of helping to create one of the best OEM Truck Dealership networks in North America. I have had the opportunity to work for and alongside some of the most knowledgeable people in this industry. What advice would you give to a new Nextran employee? Best advice I can give is that Nextran is like family, a place you can make a career out of. Food, Fuel and Refuse will always require trucks to move them so the employment opportunities continue to grow with limited sources of applicants. I feel like most people have no idea how many industries depend on trucking or even know to consider trucking as a career path. If you could open a Nextran dealership anywhere in the world, where would it be? I often kid about opening a Nextran facility in Aruba. I love to scuba dive, fish and just be around beaches—I’ve been to Aruba six of the last seven years! What is your favorite sports team? I am a Gator Fan and predominantly a huge football fan, I do watch almost all sporting events. Favorite NFL team is/was Pittsburgh Steelers but also had season tickets to the Buccaneers for 24 years.

Heavy loads. Uneven terrain. Just an average Monday.

A Volvo VHD with the new I-Shift for severe-duty applications makes moving heavy loads in rugged conditions easier. The intelligent automated manual transmission keeps drivers in optimum gear. They’ll spend less time shifting and more time concentrating on the job at hand. With the I-Shift, you’ll see safer operation and greater productivity every day on the job. Learn more:


Volvo Trucks. Driving Progress

OWNERSHIP ISN’T FOR EVERYONE. BUT INCREASING THE BOTTOM LINE IS. NEXTRAN’S FLEXIBLE RENTAL AND LEASING OPTIONS FIT YOUR BUSINESS PERFECTLY. If you’re successful, we’re successful. That’s why we provide full-service leasing with flexible long or short term rental programs, guaranteed contract or custom maintenance and total roadside assistance. By fixing your monthly costs and conserving capital, Nextran Rental & Leasing moves you and your business forward. BIRMINGHAM 1801 Fulton Rd., Fultondale, AL 35068 800-292-8685

TUSCUMBIA 22031 Highway 72 Tuscumbia, AL 35674 (800) 983-9546

MADISON 13880 Highway 20 Madison, AL 35758 888-900-6225

MIAMI 6801 N.W. 74th Avenue Miami, FL 33166 800-964-6225

POMPANO BEACH 1490 N.W. 22nd Street Pompano Beach, FL 33069 800-780-0089

ORLANDO 2200 W. Landstreet Rd. Orlando, FL 32809 800-800-6225

ATLANTA 780 Memorial Drive SE Atlanta, GA 30316 800-448-6225 RIVIERA BEACH 7151 Industrial Dr S Riviera Beach, FL 33404 800-846-2257

KENNESAW 1414 Shiloh Rd NW Kennesaw, GA 30144 800-448-6225

MACON 2855 Broadway Macon, GA 31206 800-2843104

JACKSONVILLE 1986 W Beaver St Jacksonville, FL 32209 800-347-6225

TAMPA 7810 Adamo Dr. Tampa FL, 33619 800-932-6225 24 \\ OPEN ROAD

Nextran Truck Centers Presents Open Road  

Fall 2016, Vol. 1, Issue 2

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