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ADVENTURES & RELAXATION SUNNIEST IN SWEDEN Meteorologist Madeleine Westin explains why!

Lots to do for everyone in the family!

BEAUTIFUL EXCURSION ROUTES Tips on some of the island’s many beautiful places to visit and favourite spots!

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Photo: Michael Jönsson/FOLIO


A warm welcome to a unique island Gotland is a special place – right in the middle of the Baltic Sea. It doesn’t take long to travel here from the mainland, but there is a sense of being much further away. A feeling created by the distinctive open countryside, the beautiful sandy beaches and the ever-present sea. And by the special light and the long hours of sunshine stretching across the island. The rich cultural heritage and the tangible history also play their

part in the island’s wonderful atmosphere, as do the nightlife and all the outdoor cafés and eateries. Gotland is a place for excursions, discoveries and adventure. But also a place for relaxing moments. It’s easy to take each day as it comes here. Simply strolling around the summer crowds is a pleasure in itself – seeing the mixture of young and old, residents and visitors. Come and see for yourself! | Gotland’s booking portal



The unique and distinctive scenery

Photo: BjĂśrn Falkevik



14 Photo: olof segerberg

Beautiful Visby with crowds, entertainment and vitality

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All the fantastic beaches along the island’s 800 km long coastline

On Gotland, it’s easy to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, the diverse range of activities and spending time together. There are beautiful places for laid-back relaxation, as well as marvellous, breathtaking activities and adventure. There are many experiences available on Gotland. Be inspired by what our island has to offer.


The island’s vibrant cultural heritage and tangible history

Photo: Hans Bjurling

MANY Reasons to holiday on Gotland


Gotlandic taste sensations with locally produced ingredients | Gotland’s booking portal



Island of limestone The gravel roads shine white in the sunshine and the light is as strong and intense as by the Mediterranean Sea. In the stone you will find fossilised plants and animals that lived on the island when it was created 400 million years ago.

Island of orchids Orchids thrive in Gotland’s limey soil. There are 35 species here, three of which are unique in Sweden. The orchids are in full bloom in May and June.

Experience a different land

Photo: Lars-Olof Johansson

Wherever you go on Gotland, the distinctive and unique scenery makes a stunning impression. Meet towering sea stacks shaped by the forces of nature. Enjoy the view from a high crag. Find your own spot among the dunes and explore a pebbled beach lined with windswept dwarf pine trees.


The barren landscape dominates the impression of the Gotland scenery, but there are also many other habitats here. Discover the variation with steep

The variation. | Gotland’s booking portal

cliff coasts, impressive fields of sea stacks, shingle beaches, soft white sandy beaches, colourful meadows, desolate heathland and windswept rocky forests.

Photo: Michael Jönsson/Folio

Photo: Michael Jönsson/Folio


Find your spd ot on the islan

Make use of the Excursion Guide Gotland has 120 nature reserves. The Excursion Guide gives you tips about more than 40 of them and descriptions of their special features. The book is free and available from many places, including the Tourist Information Centre in Visby. It is also available as a PDF from Camp in the Gotland countryside It’s easy to find nice places where you can pitch your tent for the night. The Swedish right of public access allows a full day of camping per pitch. You are welcome to camp almost anywhere, except in the nature reserves or too close to private land.

Photo: Aron Hejdström

Dramatic landscapes with a rare tranquillity Stora Karlsö Experience Stora Karlsö’s dramatic landscape with cliffs that plunge straight into the sea. See the rare plants that live here as well as thousands of nesting guillemots and razorbills on the bird mountain. Take in the silence and enjoy the calm that prevails on the island.   Stora Karlsö is the world’s second oldest protected natural area. During a guided tour you will find out about the unique vegetation and discover more about the island’s history and character. You might also see the impressive sight when the guillemots make their daredevil jumps from the cliff ledges. The jumping is most intense in late June. | Gotland’s booking portal

how to get here

The boat trip to Stora Karlsö leaves from Klintehamn and takes 30 minutes. On a day trip, you have 4½ hours to spend on the island. The guided tour is about 2½ km and takes around 2½ hours. Stora Karlsö has a circumference of 6 km, so there is more to discover. If you stay overnight, you will experience the special feeling of having the island to yourself and the exclusive stillness that is perceptible. You can either stay in the old lighthouse or at the youth hostel by the beach.

More information can be found at


Beaches & swimming “Gotland in the middle of the Baltic Sea can genuinely boast of being one of Sweden’s sunniest places.” Madeleine Westin

Sun, sea and all the beaches The sun is very fond of Gotland and there are fantastic beaches here with different characteristics. Everyone can find a favourite spot by the sea along Gotland’s 800 km coastline. 8

have something for everyone. From small coves to long beaches with fine sand or sea-worn limestone. From child-friendly shallow beaches to dramatic cliff edges. From secluded beaches to those with a restaurant and other amenities. Even in the heart of Visby you will find a sandy beach where you can enjoy a refreshing swim.

The beaches | Gotland’s booking portal

Gotland’s standings in the sunshine table 2008–2012: 2012 Winner 2011 Runner-up 2010 Winner 2009 Winner 2008 Winner

Beaches & swimming Beach accommodation

Sunniest in Sweden!

Visby Strandby Family resort with unique location at the Snäck swimming beach 4 km north of Visby. Stay in a cabin with a sea view or camp. Restaurant, swimming pool, mini golf, playground and After Beach for the whole family. Open: 31/5–1/9 Tel. +46 (0)498 20 33 00 • Book online:

Meteorologist Madeleine Westin explains why chance of sun is the greatest.   Swimming temperatures can vary widely. Onshore wind provides high sea temperatures and offshore wind gives lower sea temperatures. Sometimes the shallow beaches have water temperatures similar to those in southern Europe. My family and I have gone swimming in 28 degree water in Nisseviken.

Björkhaga Strandby Stay by the shallow sandy beach in Björkhaga, 30 km south of Visby. Newly constructed Gotland-style beach cabins, apartments and camping pitches. Child-friendly area with both restaurant and pool. Tel. +46 (0)498 24 00 96 •

Madeleine Westin, TV4 weather presenter

C Hotell Toftagården Stay close to nature and Tofta’s 3 km long sandy beach. Choose between hotel rooms with private terraces, cabins and newly built luxury apartments. Pool and bike hire available, along with a restaurant whose menu features island produce. Tel. +46 (0)498 29 70 00 •

Time together Photo: Olof Segerberg

Photo: Thomas Johansson

Have a great summer!

Photo: Magdalena Björnsdottir

Just think that every time I return to my Gotland, I always feel just as happy. Being able to visit our farm in Hablingbo all year round is a fantastic feeling. I never stop being fascinated by the island’s greatness and especially by its weather and the distinctly coastal climate, with all that implies.   Summer comes early to Gotland. One advantage of the coastal climate is that summers are often warm, comfortable and above all long; this is because the sea warmed by the late summer sun helps keep land temperatures up late into the autumn.   It is mainly the sun that makes the summer on Gotland. How many times have I called the ‘mainland’ from our farm when the sun is blazing down on us – but not there? Gotland in the middle of the Baltic Sea can genuinely boast of being one of Sweden’s sunniest places. The sea all around the island means the cloud formation is curbed over land during the summer. This phenomenon is seen most clearly in northern and southern Gotland, where the

Slite Strandby Modern, fully equipped dream cabins overlooking the sea. You can swim in the pool or at the beach with its own swimming jetty. The area includes a kiosk, convenience store, basic café, adventure golf and a tennis court. Close to Slite golf course. Tel. +46 (0)498 24 00 96 •

C Tofta Strandpensionat Stay close to the sand dunes of popular Tofta beach in an intimate environment with old-world charm. Choose between a hotel, guest house and self-catering cabins in a large and shady garden. Enjoy the food and sea views in the guest house restaurant. Tel. +46 (0)498 29 70 60 •





Culture & History

The island’s rich cultural heritage Gotland has a rich cultural heritage and a tangible history. There are many historical places to visit and the well-preserved historic environment creates a special atmosphere and mood.

World Heritage City of Visby Middle Ages. The medieval heritage is always visible in Visby with all the church ruins, the magnificent cathedral, the well-preserved city wall and many medieval houses, all of which has led to UNESCO adding Visby to the World Heritage List. Alongside the attractive cobbled side streets of the city centre there are also many charming stone and wooden houses from the 18th to 19th centuries. Visby’s ruins and city wall

Beautiful church and monastery ruins clearly mark out Visby as a medieval city. Visby’s two largest and best-preserved ruins, St Nicolai and St Karin, were abbeys in medieval times. Most of the others were parish churches for, among others, merchants of different nationalities. Several of them are available to visit during the daytime in summer. At Gotland Museum, you can hire a key and enter a number of the locked ruins by yourself. The ruins are also used as mood-setting backdrops for concerts, theatre performances and events.   A walk along the 3.4 km long city wall is a must for any Visby visit. The city wall has 50 towers and was built in the 13th century as protection against the enemy, but also in order to separate the city from the countryside.

10 | Gotland’s booking portal

Visby city wall is northern Europe’s best preserved city wall.

Culture & History The Spillings Hoard (inset) is the world’s largest preserved silver treasure.

92 medieval churches

Richest archaeological site in Sweden ancient monuments. Over 40,000 ancient monuments have been found on Gotland, making the island the place in Sweden with the least distance between archaeological remains. Most finds are from the Viking Age and the Middle Ages, but there are plenty of finds from even older historical eras. Out in the countryside and at Gotland's Museum, you can see the tall picture stones with symbols from Norse mythology, which

are unique to the island. From the Bronze Age there are 350 stone ships and several burial sites with piles of stones up to 8 metres high.   Gotland is the island of silver hoards with 700 finds so far. In relation to the surface area, this is more than any other site in the world. At Gotland Museum you can see the world’s largest preserved silver treasure – the Spillings Hoard – which weighs 67 kg.

churches. One of Gotland’s biggest cultural assets is the island’s 92 medieval churches. You will notice that Gotland is the most church-dense municipality in Sweden when you travel around the Gotland countryside. Shortly after a church tower has disappeared

Tips for historical attractions to visit Bungemuseet at Fårösund is an open-air museum with buildings from the 17th to 19th centuries and traditional Gotland games to try. Kattlunds museigård in Grötlingbo shows what life on a Gotlandic medieval farm might have been like. Petesgården in Hablingbo is

Meadows and beaches, picture stones, churches and old defences ...

from sight, a new one will appear. The churches were built in the 12th to 14th centuries, but are still very well preserved and in use today. They are often open to the public and you are welcome to look at the murals, artworks and other decorations in these cultural treasures.

a museum farm furnished with period furniture from the late 18th century. Bottarvegården in Vamlingbo is a genuine Gotland environment from the typical peasant settlements of the 18th and 19th centuries. Fishing villages line the entire coast and are well-preserved. Many date back to the 17th century.



Cultural reserve. Time has stood still here. Beautiful farm setting.

Ar and Bästeträsk A place where sea meets lake. An exciting site featuring industrial monuments.

Our job is to develop and preserve Gotland’s natural and cultural heritage sites. Visit them, experience them and enjoy!

Muramaris and Brucebo Cultural and natural environment near Visby.

Austre och Holmhällar

Cecilia Schelin Seidegård, Governor of Gotland. | Gotland’s booking portal

The southern tip of our island. Secluded sandy beaches, fishing villages and sea stacks.


Photo: Jacob Allestad

Culture & History

Medieval Week celebrates 30 years Join us on a journey through time to the 14th century and Visby’s heyday as part of the Hanseatic League. See the streets and squares teeming with life from jesters, street performers, artisans and market vendors. Poor people and nobles, monks and knights mingle here in a wonderful mix. With the medieval city as a backdrop, the festival is a unique experience in the original location.

This year’s programme is larger than ever

Medieval Week is one of Europe’s largest medieval events. This year the range of activities is being expanded further to celebrate 30 years of Medieval Week.   “The 30th anniversary will be a massive festival! We have a lot of fun planned, including a big anniversary party. Both new and old favourites given a special commemorative format will make this year’s Medieval Week even better,” says Marie Flemström, operations manager of Medieval Week.   The plan is also for the successful Battle of Wisby to return for the 2013 programme. Battle of Wisby is a dramatisation of the events surrounding Valdemar Atterdag’s invasion of Gotland, leading to a battlefield outside the city wall. Warriors in armour from across

Europe participate as foot soldiers, archers and knights. For the whole family

Medieval Week is an experience for the whole family. For children there are hands-on activities, storytelling and a live action role-playing school, with parents welcome to join in. Watching the tournament with Sweden’s best knights is bound to be a success with children in the party. There are also blazing fire shows and plays with drama and excitement. Let yourself be entertained by jesters’ performances and by medieval arts and music.   “Medieval Week is an eco-labelled event and we are now aiming to become Sweden’s cleanest festival. Everyone is welcome to participate in the festival. As usual, it takes place in week 32,” says Marie.

Fornsalen experiences for the whole family!

e Fre ssion i dm to


up ears y ! 20 age of

Full of exhibitions and activities to make your visit a fun and educational experience. Take a look at the island’s special picture stones and the world’s largest Viking silver hoard. ‘Medieval Gotland’ is a vibrant and compelling exhibition that offers excitement and interactivity. The museum shop is a treasure in itself and the café serves lunch and tasty buns and cakes. Welcome to a child-friendly museum!


A journey through time – for people of all ages

Join a guided tour and listen to exciting stories. Welcome to an unusual and magical experience for people of all ages. 12

Open Mon–Sat

22/6–10/8 11.00am to 5.00pm All year round for Travel 1,000 years back in time. Throw conferences and groups. an axe, try some physical games, visit 0498-29 71 00 the forge, bake bread, make jewellery or have a go at another handicraft. At the Viking Village, you can try the exciting Viking life! | Gotland’s booking portal

Ingmar Bergman’s Fårö


Culture & History

Ingmar Bergman came to Fårö for the first time in 1960 to look for somewhere to film ‘Through a Glass Darkly’. He actually had the Orkney Islands in mind, but to save money the producers convinced him that Fårö would be a good alternative. Bergman was sceptical, but once he came to Fårö it was love at first sight. Photo: Peter Assar Monsen

Seven years later he moved into his newly built home at Hammars on Fårö. He lived and worked here for forty years of his life. The rugged and unique landscape of Fårö became an important element in many of his major films. It was here he experienced tranquillity and took inspiration from the landscape and people.

Steam train in heritage environment for the enthusiast. In Dalhem in central Gotland, you will find the only complete surviving railway environment from the Gotland network. Gotlands Hesselby Jernväg runs a non-profit rail service in this listed environment. You can take the steam train like in the old days. The museum railway also includes a museum with a permanent exhibition where you can see the trolleys, photos, uniforms and more from the Gotland railways. More information is available at In Bergman’s footsteps

You can visit many of the places Ingmar Bergman used as a backdrop in his films. The Bergman Center on Fårö provides information on how to get there. You can also join a guided film safari to many of the film locations. The Bergman Meeting place at the Bergman properties Center also organises the Bergman From 2003 until his death in 2007, Week, which this year celebrates its Ingmar Bergman lived on Fårö all 10th anniversary. This summer the year round. He is now buried next Bergman Center will open in Fårö’s to his wife Ingrid at Fårö Church. old school, which has now been Ingmar Bergman owned five converted into a cultural centre properties on Fårö. In accordance with new exhibitions, a cinema, a with his wishes, these now serve café and a library. as a meeting place and peaceful For more information: haven for artists, researchers and

Gotland’s big art tour

striking. This picture was taken during the great Bergman safari where visitors get to see how the trick filming in ‘Shame’ was achieved using a model of a burnt down church. Visitors will be filmed in the same way as Bergman did and will then look at the results of the trick filming on a monitor. The perspective makes the church seem to be out in the field although in reality it is only a few metres from the camera.

journalists with the focus on artistic expression. Learn more at


ateljéer 9-12 may


y 8 jul 2 4 2 and

Visit us for more info all year round at

In partnership with Gotlands Allehanda | Gotland’s booking portal



Out and about in Visby city There are many aspects of Visby that enhance the holiday feeling and give a continental feel. It’s something to do with the atmosphere here. Something about the amazing crowd of families, couples and groups of friends. For those visiting Visby for the first time, here’s a list of tips on what should not be missed.

Sunset on the promenade

Photo: Harriet Cederqvist

See the sun slowly sink into the sea while walking along the promenade. Groups of picnickers mingle here with passing cyclists, joggers and walkers.

Beautiful Almedalen

Stretch out on a blanket in Almedalen and enjoy the beautiful park. During the summer it is a hive of activity here, with garden games, laughter and play, but also people relaxing in the sun. Ice cream in the harbour

A Visby classic is eating ice cream in the harbour. The Glassmagasinet ice cream shop has over 100 kinds of ice cream to choose from and Visby Glass has its own factory. Hard to resist! The botanical garden

Behind the wall on the promenade, you will find Visby’s botanical oasis. Thanks to the protected location and the mild climate, several exotic species thrive here, such as magnolia and fig trees. Shopping in the city centre Go on a city tour

If you want to add knowledge to your impressions of Visby, city tours with different specialisations to choose from, such as a historical walk, are available. Roses in side streets

A hallmark of Visby is all the roses climbing up the houses along the cobbled streets. Fiskargränd is one of the city’s narrowest side streets and this is where the extent of the roses is especially impressive. 14

Inside the walls you will find a wide range of shops – taking in everything from delicacies, handicrafts and furnishings to modern clothing stores concentrated around Adelsgatan, Hästgatan and S:t Hansgatan. Coffee at cosy cafés

Rest tired legs outside a café. Perhaps it’s a shady courtyard that holds the most attraction, or the view of the crowds of people in Stora torget. You will find cosy cafés and outdoor eateries in almost every part of the city. | Gotland’s booking portal

Photo: Stig Hammarstedt

A walk along the city wall is an absolute must. If you don’t want to walk the whole 3.4 km, you should go to the Nordergravar moats. The view over the city wall and the sea is priceless. wall

Photo: Stig Hammarstedt

Walk along the city

visby accommodation in Visby •




Almedalens Hotell *** C Strandvägen 8 Enjoy views of the sea or the beautiful Almedalen and fall asleep to the murmur of the sea. Great location on the promenade and individually decorated rooms fitted out to a modern standard. Several have an equipped kitchenette. Tel. +46 (0)498 27 18 66

Best Western C Solhem Hotel *** Solhemsgatan 3 Nordic eco-labelled hotel delightfully situated in a quiet park next to the city wall, a few minutes’ walk from central Visby. The rooms vary in appearance as they are individually decorated. Choose a room with a balcony onto the lovely garden or a view overlooking the sea and the city centre. Tel. +46 (0)498 25 90 00

Best Western C Strand Hotel **** Strandgatan 34 Intimate hotel just in front of promenade. In this first-class, eco-labelled hotel, each room and suite has their own charm because no two rooms are alike. The hotel offers free wellness facilities and parking. Tel. +46 (0)498 25 88 00



Donners Hotell **** Donners Plats 6 The hotel is located inside the city wall. It opened in 2010 and has modern rooms fitted out to a high standard. La Masía, the island’s only tapas restaurant, is based at the hotel. Enjoy fine dining at sunset on the large outdoor terrace. Tel. +46 (0)498 25 98 90

Hotel 1 C Strandgatan 13 Hotel 1 is a small, intimate boutique hotel easy to feel at home in. It has a central location with views of Almedalen and the sea. The rooms are individually decorated and feature well-thought-out design, with Gotland limestone flooring. Tel. +46 (0)498 21 00 10 •

Hotell Gute *** C Hotell Breda Blick *** Hotell Gute: Mellangatan 29 Breda Blick: Tranhusgatan 33 Hotell Gute is a family hotel in a central yet peaceful location with cosy rooms of individual character. Hotell Breda Blick has a turn of the century atmosphere and is close to the Botanical Garden and the sea. Summer café in the garden. Tel. +46 (0)498 20 22 60

Hotell Stenugnen *** Korsgatan 6 Small, intimate lifestyle hotel centrally located by the inner harbour. The rooms are tranquil and fresh with maritime décor. Breakfast with freshly baked bread that can be eaten in the hotel’s rear courtyard with the city wall as a backdrop. Tel. +46 (0)498 21 02 11

Hotel Strandgärdet S:t Göransgatan 1 Quietly located budget hotel just off the northern part of the city wall and 300 metres above the promenade. It has 48 rooms and free parking for cars and coaches, only a 10-minute walk from Stora torget. Tel. +46 (0)498 25 88 80 Hotell Villa Borgen Adelsgatan 9–11 Family hotel with convenient location on Adelsgatan with the comfort of guests the main focus. No two rooms are alike, and they vary in size with 1–5 beds. There is also a beautiful and peaceful courtyard. Open 1/2–15/12 Tel. +46 (0)498 20 33 00 Book online: Norderstrands C Camping Norderstrand Stay close to beautiful scenery just a short walk from the city wall right next to the sea, with a small swimming beach and Beach Club. Cabins and camping pitches plus brand new service flats. Open 30/4–30/9. Tel. +46 (0)498 20 33 00 Book online:

Visby C Hamnhotell *** Färjeleden 3 New, freshly decorated rooms and pool ready for summer. Located opposite the ferry terminal just a 5–10 minute walk to the city centre. Family rooms and suites with patios and jaccuzzi also available. Summer restaurant with barbecue evenings. Children stay free throughout 2013. Please quote promotion code: family Tel. +46 (0)498 20 12 50

volontärgatans lägenheter Volontärgatan Stay in a bright studio apartment, 1 km from central Visby. The apartments can accommodate two people, are equipped for self-catering and have a patio or balcony. Bed linen and final cleaning are included in the price. Tel. +46 (0)498 20 12 60

Värdshuset C Lindgården Strandgatan 26 Small, newly renovated hotel in a beautiful secluded park, centrally located within the city wall. The restaurant kitchen is known for focusing on Gotlandic ingredients. Walnut and mulberry trees flourish in the shady garden eating area. Tel. +46 (0)498 21 87 00

Clarion Hotel Wisby C Strandgatan 6 Modern first-class hotel in a medieval environment in buildings dating from the 13th century onwards. The rooms are tastefully decorated to provide both an exclusive and personal feel. Brand new rooms will be ready in the summer. The hotel also includes Wisby Spa. Tel. +46 (0)498 25 75 00

Hotell Slottsbacken C Visborgsgatan 1 Brand new four-star hotel in a building dating from the 18th century. Inside the city wall and close to the sea. Tastefully decorated in colonial style with original features. Some rooms have sea views. Tel. +46 (0)498 21 34 34

C TOTT Hotel Visby S:t Göransgatan 31, Norderstrand Design hotel with spacious modern design and open views, plus fantastic seafront location, 1 km from the city wall. Choose from rooms, suites and bungalows – all with sea views. Plus beach club, pool, fitness room and restaurant. Tel. +46 (0)498 20 33 00 Book online: | Gotland’s booking portal


Photo: Olof Segerberg

Restaurants and nightlife

Delightful times amongst the crowds Crêperie & logi One of the many charming eateries is Crêperie & logi, located in the ‘Strykjärnshuset’ on Wallers plats. Enjoy their famous crêpes and galettes, preferably together with a glass of French cider. The cosy environment both in the restaurant and on the terrace completes the experience. Tel. +46 (0)498 28 46 22.

Photo: Olof Segerberg

Soak up some sunshine with good food and refreshing drinks at one of the city’s open-air cafés and restaurants. Visby’s extensive offering of restaurants has something for everyone, whether you want to eat a simple salad or mixed grill, or experience fine dining and international cuisine, all these options are open to you. There are also many fabulous bars, mood-enhancing after beach and vibrant nightclubs.

Frimis Krog. If you prefer to eat in a quiet environment, there are several cosy outdoor restaurants and cafés in the courtyards in the middle of Visby. In the garden at the St Nicolai ruins you will find Frimis Krog’s shady outdoor section. You can sit under the walnut tree and enjoy the Gotlandic early vegetables and delicacies from the grill., tel. +46 (0)498 21 03 60.


Bolaget. At Stora torget you will find many lovely outdoor cafés. Bolaget is located in the old state-run off-licence, and offers tasty French-inspired food and friendly service with an outdoor bar where you can happily sip rosé in the sun and watch people strolling by., tel. +46 (0)498 21 50 80. | Gotland’s booking portal

Photo: Olof Segerberg

Restaurants and nightlife

The Gotlandic live scene Live music is part of summer and summer nights on Gotland offer many opportunities to listen to good music. You’ll find the complete spectrum here, from elaborate shows with famous artists to intimate gigs with troubadours.

Photo: Olof Segerberg

After Beach. Visby has become known for its ‘after beach’. Live performers and DJs offer something for all tastes. Kallbadhuset, or ‘Kallis’, is a small oasis in the centre of Visby where you can enjoy a beer in the afternoon sun. During the high season Kallis has become known for its daytime parties with major artists such as Avicii and Rebecca & Fiona. Tofta Beach Club replaces hanging at the beach by providing live performers every day, all summer long.

Visby’s fabulous bars and nightclubs Visby’s vibrant nightlife attracts people of all ages. The mixture of people and warm evenings creates a continental feel. The outdoor areas of the restaurants and bars are packed by the early evening. The night then continues at nightclubs like Gutekällaren, Burmeister and Hamnplan 5, where the dance floor or perhaps live music beckons. | Gotland’s booking portal

Special mofrmieenndtss! with close 17

Gotlandic flavours

Tasty experiences Eating well enhances the holiday feeling and on Gotland you’ll find the perfect conditions for exposing your taste buds to new experiences. The island is associated with high-quality ingredients and the Gotland farmers are proud of what they produce. There are also dedicated food producers and restaurateurs who care about quality and local produce. food capital 2013.

discover and experience. Dewberry Chutney. A new product in the wide selection of Gotlandic delicacies is Dewberry Chutney. Ludwig and Arla Balassa competed with their chutney in Tina Nordström’s TV series ‘Sveriges skönaste gårdar’ about Sweden’s most beautiful farms. It is thanks to the limey soil that dewberries (also called blue raspberries) grow in large quantities on the island.

For the food lover there is much to explore on the island. Many restaurants maintain high quality and select organic

Lilla Bjers: Awardwinning organic farm You can eat with a clear conscience on Gotland because there is such a large selection of organic produce. The organic farm Lilla Bjers is run by enthusiasts Margareta and Göran Hoas. They say that the method of cultivation for vegetables is just as important as it is for wine. Their flavour is influenced by the soil they grew in, and whether they had enough time to grow and thrive.

Organic tradition.

Acclaimed chef in the kitchen

The farm’s restaurant is managed by Luqaz Ottosson, who won ‘Young 18

Chef of the Year 2012’ in Sweden and came a fantastic 4th place in the worldwide equivalent. He is passionate about organic products of high quality and at the farm he can pick the vegetables straight from the fields.   “As a chef I take inspiration from working close to the ingredients, watching them grow and learning from the farmers,” says Luqaz. In the kitchen, they endeavour to use all parts of the ingredient.   This commitment helped Lilla Bjers Gårdskrog win Ekoligan 2012 in the gourmet restaurant category. | Gotland’s booking portal

and locally grown ingredients wherever possible.   Picking some of Gotland’s specialities in the open is a wonderful experience. Wild garlic, wild leeks and dewberries are just some of the delights you can encounter. Or take part in a truffle safari and look for the black gold.   Springtime is when the first asparagus of the year is harvested along with some other first pickings. At farms and restaurants, you can make the most of what’s on offer and try the tasty delicacies.   Gotland also has a good selection of quality meat. Lamb meat is naturally seasoned thanks to the herbs growing in the pastures.

“Growing organically shows respect for the produce itself” Göran Hoas

Photo: Jenny Kiderud,

Asparagus thrives on Gotland thanks to the sandy soil. Asparagus tastes even better when you buy it directly from the farmer at a farm shop.

Gotland is food! So says the Swedish Ministry for Rural Affairs in its press release explaining why it has chosen Gotland as the Food Capital of Sweden for 2013.   “The sunny climate and the limey soil create conditions for high quality and unique products with a distinctive character that are attractive both within Sweden and internationally.” (Excerpt from the press release.)

Welcome to Culinary Gotland, a place to return to The aim of the Culinary Gotland network is for you to have a complete experience involving food, drink and dining environment. All the members possess cooking artistry, insist on quality and consideration and love Gotland and all things Gotlandic.

Tasting menu or Ă la carte? Fine dining or smoked and grilled? Welcome to a Gotlandic oasis and food made from Gotlandic ingredients.

We are happy to share this love and would be thrilled if you joined us on this gastronomic journey around our fantastic island.

Brunnsgatan 6, A stone’s throw from Stureplan. 08-20 22 36,

Welcome to

Our delicious Gotlandic food products are available at many stockists in the Stockholm area. At you can find out which shops sell Gotlandic delicacies. Taste and enjoy!

Form & Design drink up Striped cups by Anki Wolter.

High quality lambskin

Created from stoneware and clay

There is a long tradition of hide processing on Gotland and the lambskins produced here are of a high quality. They are soft and beautifully curly with shiny wool and come in all shades of grey – from pale silvery grey to almost black. Many sheep breeders also design and produce custom lambskin products which are on sale in their farm shops.

Gotland attracts many potters, which means the selection of household products and art made from stoneware and clay is constantly increasing.

Large selection at Lamm & Bi The parish of Buttle in central Gotland is home to Lamm & Bi, which has a farm shop open all year round. You can buy the farm’s lambskins and lambskin products, such as gilets, cushions, seat cushions and lots more besides. Lamb’s meat and honey are also available.

Skulpturfabriken form and design Bowl in concrete designed by Stina Lindholm. She creates functional furniture and accessories made of natural materials such as concrete and stone in combination with other materials. Visit her shop Skulpturfabriken in northern Gotland or her website

Tove Adman form and design This concrete clock is an example of Tove Adman’s creative and playful design. She creates innovative and practical products for the home in concrete, wood and aluminium. Visit her shop and workshop in Östergarn or see the whole range on her website

Creative craftsmanship Limestone, light woods and soft lambskins. The geography of Gotland contributes both materials and inspiration to the Gotlandic handicraft. This creates exciting contrasts between the traditional and the modern, and between the hard and the soft. And it brings together an offering that is unique to the island. 20

The range of handicrafts is noticeably large on Gotland and of high quality. Clay, concrete, stone, glass, wool, animal hides and textiles are examples of common materials that the Gotlandic artisans and designers work with. Art, furnishings, household goods, clothing and furniture are examples of the works they create. Many of the artisans have a shop adjacent to their studio. Look out for their signs as you drive along the island roads and take the time to stop. Many are also represented in Visby’s home furnishing stores, e.g. Kvinnfolki at Donners Plats.

crafts. | Gotland’s booking portal

fabriken furillen hotel • restaurant

Fabriken Furillen hotel, restaurant and summer café for guests seeking total relaxation in unique Gotland surroundings. See our opening hours • +46(0)498-22 30 40



reathe deeply. Gotland offers room for reflection, space for the soul and room for something else beyond ourselves. In 100 churches along the way.


The churches take us back to the Middle Ages – freezing time and space. Gotland’s 100 churches, of which 92 are medieval, are all in use. Summer 2013 offers a wide range of music, art and religious services. The churches are open daily to visit and worship in during the summer; it’s best to come between 9am and 5pm.


VISBY TO ST OLOFSHOLM Try walking like a pilgrim through Gotland’s unique scenery and encounter fascinating culture and church history. More information can be found in Visby at St Mary’s Cathedral, but also in churches along the trail: Väskinde, Bro, Lokrume, Hejnum and Othem, as well as at the tourist information centre in Visby and on the website.

Visby is a city with amazing summer environments and many people find this wonderfully festive, but not everyone does. Summer partying also has a downside. You can find us in a big white tent in Visby every night between 9.30pm and about 3.00am. In the church tent, you can take a break, talk a while and be served delightfully cool water. Quench your thirst by following the ‘alternate with water’ pattern.


30 June – 7 July We offer topical and intense stage programmes, exhibitions, seminars and talks at several venues around Visby. almedalsveckan


In the local press on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, you can read about the summer’s calendar of religious services, music, concerts, etc. in churches. visbystift


Beautiful excursion routes Hop in the car or on a bike saddle and hit the Gotland byways. Whizz through the countryside and enjoy the views of everything from grazing sheep and the moorland to medieval churches, limestone farmhouses and sea views.


along the way. Gotland is best experienced by embarking on the island’s side roads and making stops here and there along the way. There is much to discover. The island is 170 km long from north to south and 50 km wide from west to east. You will pass cosy summer cafés, farm shops, artisans, flea markets, lovely beaches and lots of sights and attractions. Take each day as it comes and take the time to stop. The coast road around the whole island corresponds to a distance of about 500 km. | Gotland’s booking portal


Lovely stops along the cliff coast The coast road north of Visby is a beautiful stretch of road which offers many pleasant detours from the main road. Start by taking the road along the beautiful promenade towards Snäck. Not far after is the turn-off to the idyllic fishing village of Själsö. Continue on the gravel road via Brisund until you reach Krusmyntagården.   The road continues past Lummelunda, where you’ll find the popular cave Lummelundagrottan. After this, Stenkyrka awaits with its numerous white limestone farmhouses that frame the landscape.   Immediately after this is the turning to Lickershamn, which has a beach, a charming fishing village with a guest harbour and an inviting restaurant. Towards the south Gotland’s highest sea stack – the Virgin – looms, towards the north, you will see the mighty cliff edge, which gave its name to this stretch of coast. In other words, Lickershamn is a concentrated version

of everything that makes Gotland unique.   Ihreviken is also a lovely place to visit along the cliff coast. You can easily spend a whole day here. Run about at the farm Ihre Gård, swim at the child-friendly beach, hike along the cliff at Sigsarve and finish with a delicious dinner at sunset at Restaurang Ihrebaden.   A longer detour is Hallshuk. Once there, you can expect an awesome view of the fishing village, the sea and the Stone coast across the bay. If you are cycling, the best route to Kappelshamn is to follow the footpath along the cliff, with rolling terrain and beautiful views.   The coastline between Kappelshamn and Ar consists of kilometres of wide shingle beaches, hence the name Stone coast. In Ar, you can take the opportunity to take a dip in the clear water of the limestone quarry known as the blue lagoon. Then it’s not far to go before you reach Fårösund.

IHRE KVARN The old water mill in limestone at the rushing Ireån river hosts exhibitions and concerts and is the perfect place for a Gotland wedding and other major celebrations.

Don’t miss • the Cliff coast

Lummelundagrottan An adventure for the whole family. Experience underground waterfalls, beautiful stalactites and fossils in the cave system. The very smallest can have their own tour of the kids’ cave Knattegrottan.

Krusmyntagården At Krusmyntagården you will find lovely spice mixes and sweets while you enjoy the stunning sea view. It also has its own herb garden for you to visit.

Ihre Gård Ihre Gård is suitable for both relaxation and activity. You can visit animals, go riding and play tennis or boules or swim in the pool. Visit the farm shop, eat well and relax in the garden.

Restaurang Ihrebaden Take a break from swimming and sunbathing, and treat yourself to something tasty in a relaxed environment. You can enjoy a cold drink with good food, a sea view and beautiful sunsets.

LICKERSHAMNsKROGEN With a stunning view of the fishing village and the Virgin, Gotland’s largest sea stack, your hosts offer an exciting menu, largely based on organic ingredients from Gotland. | Gotland’s booking portal

Stenkyrka Mejeri Stop at the old dairy, which today serves as both a hotel and a restaurant. It offers well-prepared food or accommodation in a snug and relaxed atmosphere.



Fantastic Fårö It takes just seven minutes to cross the strait with the Fårö ferry, yet something different still awaits on the other side. On Fårö the wind has shaped and set the character of the landscape, which is barren with mostly tough junipers surviving. The open moorland maintained by grazing lambs dominates here. All the beautiful old houses and stone walls are also part of the landscape. You can also see an occasional lamb hut with a sea grass roof, which is the typical Gotland sheep shed with densely packed stalks on the roof.   Fårö has several obvious attractions. Langhammars is the wellknown area of sea stacks where the stacks stand like stately statues arisen from the pebbled beach. At Digerhuvud, which is Gotland’s largest area of sea stacks, interesting for-

mations invite you to clamber over them. Between these areas of sea stacks lies Gotland’s most famous fishing village – Helgumannen. If you want to see the well-known sea stack referred to as the Dog, also called the Coffee Pot, you should make your way to Gamle Hamn.   Fårö also boasts some of Gotland’s finest sandy beaches. Sudersand is both the largest and most popular beach on Fårö. It is shallow and child-friendly, as is Ekeviken on the other side of the island. Norsta Aurar is another long and beautiful beach of fine sand, but the unpredictable currents in the water here make it less suitable for children. Norsta Aurar, as well as the nature reserve Skalasand, is reached most easily if you start from Fårö lighthouse.

Don’t miss • fårö

Lauters Bring the whole family and visit Lauters. Enjoy the sea view and a beer or coffee in the garden while the kids play on the large lawn.

Wärdshuset Fåröhus Fåröhus is a charming inn located in Kyrkviken, just before Fårö Church. A perfect place to stay or take a lunch break for those who want to make many excursions to Fårö.

Ebbes Stop at Ebbes and buy yourself a present or a memory to take home. You’ll find lambskins, leather clothing and other Gotlandic handicraft.

Sylvis Döttrar Close to Ekeviken you will find Fårö’s own local bakery. Whether you’re looking for bread rolls or buns for coffee, the bakery is a standard stop for many visitors to Fårö.

Vinor Krog Vinor Krog is located at the popular Sudersand Holiday Village. The pub has become known for its friendly staff and good food. Perfect for those who want to eat out one night.

slow train bed and breakfast • Öppet varje dag – året runt. •, 0498-22 68 18

24 | Gotland’s booking portal

Kutens bensin & Crêperie Tati A visit to this old petrol station will take you back to the 1950s. The place has become a real classic on Fårö, with rusty American cars, authentic rockabilly and delicious freshly made crêpes.

de crêpes Välsmakan tillagade es tt och gale a crêpiers av fransk e! Öppet gn från Breta 0–23 från 10.3 en lig ag d i. 31 august 1 juni till . pen till 02 p ö en ar B i maj från et p p gö Hel melfärdsKristi Him september t m sa , n helge 4. 0-203892 ut. Tfn: 07 e! u n Bienve


Nice atmosphere along the eastern coast road The road south from Fårösund takes you quickly to Rute parish. There is much to see, do and taste here, like a visit to Rute Stenugnsbageri and the café at Lergrav fishing village and the special sea stack called the Lergrav Gate. A must is to go out to the Furillen peninsula, with its special light and the preserved environment from the old lime industry. You will then pass Valleviken with its guest harbour and active boating scene.   A nice place to visit is Skulpturfabriken outside Slite, where the designer Stina Lindblom sells her wares. Both Slite and Åminne have shallow beaches and a child-friendly environment.   Once you arrive in Östergarnslandet, the cafés, handicraft shops and smokehouse of Katthammarsvik await to be visited. If you haven’t already tried the smoked flounder, you can do so now!   Herrvik is a vibrant harbour where fishing boats are still in active use. The curving road to

Sysne peninsula,

bordered by viper’s bugloss and windswept pines, is worth an extra drive. Another of the island’s child-friendly beaches is to be found in Sandviken. Before leaving Östergarn you can first stop at the art designer Tove Adman’s shop in an old Shell petrol station.  At Ljugarn you’ll find Gotland’s second largest sea stack area – Folhammar. Ljugarn is Gotland’s first ever seaside resort, and classic old seaside boarding houses are still here. You will find a shallow and child-friendly sandy beach here too.   Continue on to När and the Närsholmen peninsula, where you will encounter a savannah-like landscape. Walk alongside the sea and the beautiful stone wall that surrounds the old lighthouse. Gula Hönan in Ronehamn is a great stop for a bite to eat or a coffee break before it’s time to discover the southernmost region of Gotland.

Don’t miss • the eastern coast road

Tove Adman If you like form and design, then a stop at the old petrol station is a must. Here you’ll find Tove Adman’s workshop where she creates her products in concrete, wood and aluminium.

Katthammarsviks Rökeri The smokehouse is known for the quality and taste of its sea delicacies. Buy some to take home with you, or take the opportunity to enjoy them in the restaurant overlooking the bay.

Skulpturfabriken Stina Lindholm has her workshop at this rural property, together with a shop and café. Have a coffee and examine the excellent products, mainly made of concrete and stone.

Excursions countryside accommodation

Farmer cottages All around Gotland Rent a cottage with the best natural location in the countryside. The cottages are modern and of a high standard with a Gotland feel to the interior design. Each cottage has a large and beautiful garden area for pleasant summer days. Available to rent all year round. Tel. +46 (0)498 20 12 60 Lummelunda vandrarhem & stuguthyrning C Nyhamn Lummelunda Stay by the beach and Nyhamn fishing village in naturally beautiful surroundings, 15 km north of Visby. The large veranda is the focal point when the sun completes its daily journey in a glittering sea. Choose between self-catering cabins or rooms in the main building. Tel. +46 (0)498 27 30 43

Pensionat Warfsholm Klintehamn Turn of the century guest house that has retained all its charm, located on its own headland 30 km south of Visby. Traditional half-board rooms, bar and swimming jetty; self-catering cabins also available. Walking distance to the Karlsö boat and close to top-class golf at Kronholmen. Tel. +46 (0)498 24 00 10

Suderbys C Herrgård Toftavägen 201, Västerhejde Stay in the hotel wing of a country house in a beautiful setting where old meets new, 7 km south of Visby. The atmosphere is pleasant and the programme features barbecue evenings with music and Gotlandic games and traditions. Tel. +46 (0)498 29 60 30

Hallfreda Hotell C Follingbo This farmyard idyll of a small hotel with a blend of Italian character and the charm of Gotland is just under 10 km from Visby. The rooms are decorated with flair and style. It offers peaceful accommodation with personal service. Tel. +46 (0)498 26 10 70 Kalkpatronsgården Borgvik C Katthammarsvik Stay in a quiet setting right by the sea on a farm dating back to the 16th century with its own museum. Choose from newly built beach apartments, modern or more basic cabins, double rooms and self-catering apartments. Tel. +46 (0)498 520 87 Katthamra Gård HOSTEL Katthammarsvik Eat breakfast in the garden of Gotland’s only real mansion and stay in a summery environment close to the beach, cafés and restaurant. Simple accommodation in a row of wooden buildings with a shared kitchen or individual houses. Bike hire and barbecue spots available. Tel. +46 (0)498 520 09 | Gotland’s booking portal

Pensionat Fridhem Högklintsvägen 54, Västerhejde Stay in Princess Eugenie’s beautiful summer house. From the large balcony you have a lovely view of Högklint and the sea. Rooms with or without a private shower and cabins with kitchenettes. The grounds include a coffee shop and a pretty pebbled beach. Tel. +46 (0)498 29 60 18

• C





Don’t miss • Storsudret

Grand Storsudret Gotland’s southernmost part is called Storsudret. In this part of the island the nature shifts between barren heathland and fertile arable land and meadows with hardwood forests. This peninsula invites you to enjoy breathtaking natural scenery and many beautiful attractions.   Storsudret’s largest populated area of Burgsvik is home to the restaurant Gåsens Lada, which is located in a genuine and relaxing environment – known to Swedes from the TV series ‘Så mycket bättre’. The continuing journey leads to the museum farm Bottarve with a café, shop and old-fashioned play area. Shortly afterwards you come across Vamlingbo Prästgård, with a café in the garden, the famous bird artist Lars Jonsson’s museum and the Naturum nature centre with an interactive exhibition.   Further towards the island’s southern tip the sign ‘Vacker kust-

väg’ indicating a beautiful coastal road tells you which direction to take. The road is narrow and winds through the scenic countryside around the ridge-like mountain Husrygg. When the view suddenly opens up and you have the whole sea in front of you the view is breathtaking. Drive along Kettelviken to the famous head-shaped sea stack Hoburgsgubben, with beautiful views in several directions from Hoburgsberget and the lighthouse.   On the way back Körsbärsgården in Sundre is a nice stop, especially if you are interested in art and gardens. The little road past Holmhällar is definitely not a detour. There is a large field of sea stacks to explore, a 3 km long beach and a charming guest house setting. Another great stop before leaving Storsudret is Hamra Krog, for a bite to eat and a look at the pottery.

Bottarvegården Bottarve is an authentic medieval Gotland farm from the 19th century, with a café, shop and an oldfashioned play area for the children, with lambs and rabbits to feed and pet.

KÖRsBÄRSGÅRDEN An art gallery and sculpture park in a traditional lush garden. Enjoy the buffet or take a coffee break with organic products, and make the most of the sea view.

Gunnels Björklunda Just north of Burgsvik you will find Gunnels Björklunda. It offers food made with local produce and accommodation in a green and leafy environment.

Vamlingbo Prästgård The old vicarage is a meeting place where you can picnic in the garden, be inspired by Lars Jonsson’s paintings, and visit the exhibitions at the Naturum nature centre and Forum Östersjön.

Pensionat Holmhällar For those who want to explore the popular field of sea stacks and the nature on the south-western tip, Pensionat Holmhällar offers traditional food and accommodation in a tranquil setting.

Pensionat Grå Gåsen Live and eat like the performers in the TV series ‘Så mycket bättre’. A cosy guest house suitable for couples and families with children. The hosts make a major contribution to the cosy home-like feel at the farm.

© Bernhard Limberger

Beautiful views along the south-western coast road


Less than a kilometre out of Visby up pops the first recommended stop – Leva Kungslador – with its organic offerings and a relaxing environment. A little further on is Högklint, from which you have a great view from the high cliff.   Just before Tofta you will find Gnisvärd’s lovely fishing village, chapel and beautiful coastal environment. Tofta beach is one of Gotland’s largest and certainly the most popular beach on sunny summer days. Have a quick look or make a stop.   Before Västergarn is Kovik fishing village, which has been here since the Viking Age. Through Västergarn the road runs along the | Gotland’s booking portal

coastline. Keep a look out for the sign to Sandhamn once you have passed Fröjel Church.   After the small swimming beach in Sandhamn, the road continues near the coastline until Djupvik. Stop at the fishing village and enjoy the view over Stora and Lilla Karlsö. Take the opportunity to enjoy a coffee or eat lunch at the popular Djupvik Hotel. A fantastic stretch of road awaits along the pebbled beach in the 4 km long nature reserve Ekstakusten.   Then it’s not far to go to reach Hablingbo, with several nice inviting restaurants and attractions such as the crêperie in a converted stable and Gute Vingård that grows grapes and produces wine.

Storsudret is Gotlandic natural magic at its finest. From the coastal area’s fragrant beach moors to fertile farmland, beautiful meadows and enchanted forests – and the sea on three sides. It’s a warmly welcoming world where everything is so much better. All year round. is one of the big TV successes of recent years and Storsudret plays the lead role. The programme is filmed at the guest house Pensionat Grå Gåsen in Burgsvik.   Maria Ahlsten runs the business with her husband Håkan. Maria is a Visby girl who, after many years on the mainland, returned to her beloved Gotland and to Storsudret.   “We made a life choice – and we haven’t regretted a single minute,” says Maria.   Maria tells of a vibrant, creative district, the tranquillity and the great natural and cultural experiences that await guests at Gotland’s southernmost peninsula.   “Storsudret is a rural district bubbling with life and fun,” she continues. “You can live here all year round, with access to schools, all the amenities and a variety of leisure activities. The whole

‘Så mycket bättre’

district is involved in the effort to develop Storsudret. Right now we are working on building our own broadband network and planning a ‘hot desk hotel’ to make it easier for more people to settle here,” says Maria and continues:   “Storsudret is a different world, full of exciting encounters and unique experiences. It is wonderfully free from stress and there’s no long to-do list. Here you can always be yourself and enjoy life as you want it to be.”

Photo: Stig Hammarstedt

so much better at Storsudret




Maria Ahlsten’s favourite places: When you just want to be All of Storsudret. It offers tranquillity, meeting places and most of all the people who open their arms to guests and new residents. Cultural experiences Körsbärsgården with its art gallery, the well-preserved 18th century farm Bottarve,

Vamlingbo Prästgård where the famous bird painter Lars Jonsson has his own museum, and the medieval churches. Nature experiences Each hiking and cycling path leads to magnificent nature experiences, such as Husrygg, the geographic feature known as a fault scarp, Hoburgen, Holmhällar with its exciting sea stacks and really nice beach plus the Fal headland with meadows, pastures and abundant bird life.

WE WORK TO KEEP STORSUDRET VIBRANT | Gotland’s booking portal


Photo: kneippbyn

Children’s Activities

Travel back in time with the Gotland train

Fun for all Children

An experience for young and old alike is to travel on the steam train in Dalhem. The track has recently been extended and is now 3.5 km long. On the days the train is not running, you can rent a rail cycle instead to take you along the rails. At the station in Hesselby there is also a café, a museum, a shop and a small playground.

Gotland is a child-friendly island. It’s easy to give children memorable experiences of all kinds – from quiet activities to exciting antics and adventures.


RESORT Gotland!

Welcome to Kneippbyn Resort, 3 km south of Visby, with 5-star camping, cabins, mobile homes and a hotel. We have the Summerland and Waterland parks with over 50 rides, crazy golf, Pippi Theatre, cabaret and a restaurant. Learn more at


Mix Ranch

Gangvide Farm in När is a rural experience for the whole family. There are canoes and boats for hire to take a trip on the Närsån river. Bring a picnic basket from the café and then glide along enjoying the tranquillity of the river. There are also pony rides, small animals to greet and feed and an old grey tractor to sit on. Rabbits and guinea pigs can be rented for a few days or for the whole summer.

At Mix Ranch in Stenkyrka it’s easy to fill an entire day with activities. Challenge each other in football golf and see who can complete the 18 holes with the least number of kicks through all the hazards. At the same time, you get a nice walk around the scenic course. It also has frisbee golf, mini golf and a large playground with features including a jumping hill and pedal cars. There are also two pools to cool off in. Mix Ranch is located about 20 minutes by car from Visby.

An exciting place of discovery focusing on science, technology and mathematics. For anyone curious and keen to investigate! Try technological inventions, tricky puzzles, fun games and lots more. RESORT VISBY

+46 498 29 61 50 |


Gangvide Farm

Adress: Skeppsbron, Visby harbour | Gotland’s booking portal

Children’s Activities More to do for children of all ages:

child-friendly accommodation •






Lamb Safari lets the children get close to the lambs in their real environment in the pasture and educates them about life on a sheep farm. Available at several farms. Pippi Tour is a wacky guided tour in Pippi’s footsteps to many fun places in Visby where the Pippi Longstocking films were filmed. Jousting. See knights do battle in a fast-paced and tough duel, man against man. They meet on several occasions in July and almost every day during Medieval Week.

Gangvide Farm C Stay at this farm in När, right next to the Närsån river. The cabins are newly built and of a high standard. There are also camping cabins with access to the service building and a buffet breakfast, along with pitches for your own caravan or motor home and the facilities you need. Tel. +46 (0)498 49 20 24 •

Snäckhagens Stugor C There’s lots to do in the area, with a garden café, swimming pools, playground and a boules court. It’s close to swimming beaches, nature reserves and an 18-hole golf course. Visby is only 3 km away. Choose from cabins, semi-detached houses and apartments. Open all year round. Tel. +46 (0)498 21 36 39 •

Etelhems krukmakeri has drop-in sessions where the kids can try their hand at pottery and creating things from clay, giving them a nice memory to take home.

C Kneippbyn Resort Kneippbyn Resort is at the edge of the cliff, right by the sea. You will be next door to both Pippi’s home Villa Villekulla and the Summerland & Waterland theme parks, and you can stay in a cabin, an apartment, a mobile home or a hotel or at Gotland’s only 5-star camping site. Tel. +46 (0)498 29 61 50 •

C Gustavsvik Holiday Village Stay close to the sea in beautiful surroundings close to all the city has to offer. Enjoy the serenity and let the kids run around the lovely green spaces. There are cabins and self-catering apartments, a café, a shop and a sandy beach for swimming and sunbathing. Tel. +46 (0)498 20 12 60 •

Real adventure!

Open 1 May – 8 September Phone: +46 (0)498 27 30 50

Show cave Cave adventure Kids´ cave | Gotland’s booking portal


Activities & Adventure

Photo: Henrik Trygg/Johnér

Boost your heart rate and sense of freedom

Good fishing!

Photo: Peter Gerdehag/BRILJANS

If you like to be active and fill your days with new experiences and adventure you have plenty to choose from. There are heart-pumping activities that allow you to experience Gotland from new perspectives, beyond the conventional approaches – on nature’s terms.

Adrenalin kicks on the surfboard Surfing. Thanks to its location in the middle of the Baltic Sea, Gotland has good conditions for surfing. The winds here are strong and steady and the wind direction is always right somewhere around the island.   “There are good surf spots for all types of surfing – wind, wave and kite surfing,” says Calle Ewald, who runs Gotland’s surfing centre in Tofta.   Calle says that interest in surfing has grown rapidly in recent years – and that kite surfing in particular is very attractive.   “Even if you’ve never been on a surfboard, you can learn to kite surf on courses spread over a few days,” confirms Calle. Gnisvärd and Kovik are the hottest tips if you want to see seasoned kite surfers master the winds and waves. SUP surfing is the new trend

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) has now reached Gotland. This is a new and less

30 | Gotland’s booking portal

frantic form of surfing. As the name implies, you stand up on the surfboard and paddle your way through the water. Even if you stand still on the board, paddling is a great workout for your body and excellent for balance. SUP is suitable for anyone attracted by the sense of freedom on the water, whatever their age. You just have to hire the equipment – by the hour or day – and go out on the water. Learn more at

Photo: Michael Jönsson/Folio

Activities & Adventure

Experience Gotland on two wheels Whizzing around by bike in the Gotland countryside is a great way to discover Gotland. The impressions will be stronger and it’s easy to make spontaneous stops along the way when you come across a flea market, a cosy summer café or a perfect beach.   A 500 km long coastal and scenic cycle path encircles Gotland. The flat and open landscape makes Gotland an ideal place for excursions by bike or a real cycling holiday. The cycling promotion group Cykelfrämjandet has produced a map showing the suitable paths for cycling on Gotland. You can order it online.

Rent a bike or a moped

In Visby you can hire virtually everything you might need for a cycling holiday. Besides bikes in different models and sizes, accessories such as child seats, trailers and camping stoves are available. As are complete tent packages.   If you want to save your energy but still experience the feeling of freedom that cycling gives you, you hire a moped with room for two people instead. There are also electric bikes for hire, which will help you up hills and in headwinds. Learn more at

Photo: Michael Jönsson/Folio


Wohooo! See Visby from above parachuting. If you are tempted by experiences beyond the ordinary, you should take the opportunity to do a tandem jump during your holiday. Expect a breathtaking sensation that provides memories for a lifetime, in addition to giving you a unique view of Visby.   “Many people say it is a life experience that surpasses anything they’ve ever done,” says Niklas Carlberg, an instructor at Gotland’s Parachute Club.   If you think it seems unsafe,

Experience the scent of summer warm horse and the rhythmic thudding of the hooves on the gravel road. Feel the power of the horse beneath you when you gallop over a vast field.   Gotland has the most horses per square km in Sweden with around 5,800 horses on the island. There are many opportunities for riding tours all over the whole island, for both beginners and advanced riders. You will be very close to nature on horseback and can go on the footpaths and across fields in unique natural areas you would otherwise be unable to reach.

Learn more at


Powerful impressions on horseback riding.

there’s no need to worry. According to the statistics, skydiving is safer than driving a car, explains Niklas. Anyone who is in full health, at least 140 cm tall and weighs up to 100 kg can do a tandem jump. After a 15 minute introduction, it’s time to sit in the small plane that takes you up to a height of 3,000 metres. Then it’s time to jump out into the blue sky, before about 10 minutes later landing in the outskirts of Visby pumped full of adrenalin.

Bring your horse on holiday

If you have your own horse, you can take it on holiday with you. Hovleden is a bridleway and trail around 500 km long that runs along the coast of Gotland. In several places along the route ‘Bed & Box’ is offered, meaning food and accommodation for both you and the horse. Get up early when the sun is low and the morning is cool. Collect your horse from the paddock after a hearty breakfast and set off to experience a new day with new impressions. Learn more at | Gotland’s booking portal

Stall Änggårde Lisa +46 705 482909 Fårö Islandshästar Fia +46 70 6900432 Stall Misteln Monica +46 762 06 63 96 Kauparve Islandshästar Emma +46 73 9256318 Marias Hästeri Maria +46 73 6374965

Häst- & vandringsled Gotland 31

Photo: Ulf Berglund


number two The magazine Golf Digest ranks Visby Golf Club as no 2 in Sweden for 2012. The course is also mentioned in the book The Rolex World’s Top 1000 Golf Courses.

golf for all Gotland has six scenic golf courses of varying character. Play a seaside and parkland course one day and a forest and heathland one the next. The courses are playable from early spring to late autumn.

The golf courses on Gotland Visby gk

Gotska Gk

Visby Gk’s golf course Kronholmen is one of Sweden’s most beautiful and best golf courses, ranked number two in Sweden by Golf Digest. The course is located at Västergarn and the design is a links seaside course. You play with a sea view from all 27 holes.

Gotska Gk is located at the airport, just outside Visby city centre. The course is a relatively open heathland course designed by famous golfing personality Jack Wenman. You have to watch your game here since the course offers hidden challenges. Slite Gk

Slite’s beautiful woodland course has 18 challenging holes and a lot of water hazards. The course was designed by Peter Nordvall, and is characterised by excellent use being made of the natural features. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced golfers.

Accommodation at the golf course Photo: Peter Cordén

När Gk

This 18-hole course has the characteristics of a Scottish heathland course. You will experience a varied layout on a course set in beautiful genuine Gotland seaside scenery. Adjacent to the course are cabins to rent.

Slite GK

Ljugarns Gk

Ljugarns Gk’s 9-hole course is a narrow forest course that requires a game strategy. The course is located right next to Ljugarn and it is usually easy to get tee times, even in the summer. The course is also open for play all year round as long as there is no snow on the ground. 32

Gumbalde Gk

Gumbalde Gk has a well-maintained 18hole parkland course surrounded by Gotland scenery. You will meet smooth, fast greens, beautiful fairways and challenging water hazards. There is a hotel and restaurant right by the course. | Gotland’s booking portal

Gumbalde Bed & Breakfast Gumbalde is a lovely oasis 50 km south of Visby, where you can relax and enjoy yourself surrounded by beautiful Gotland scenery. In addition to the golf course you will find a courtyard restaurant, a pub and sauna facilities here. You pay for Bed & Breakfast but receive hotel service, with breakfast, bed linen and robes. Family rooms and conference facilities are available. Tel. +46 (0)498 48 28 80 •


Summer highlights Gotland hosts several annual events, which is a reason in itself to visit the island. Here we focus on some of the major highlights to look forward to this summer.

GOTLAND'S BIG ART TOUR 9–12 May On the Open Studios days, Gotland’s artisans and designers open the doors of their studios to visitors. Look at art, talk about art and buy art directly from the artist.

Photo: Björn Falkevik

First harvests 6–9 June Welcome to a food festival showcasing the first harvest of Gotlandic vegetables, ingredients and delicacies. Visit the farm shops, try menus featuring first harvest ingredients, visit a food market and join a wild leeks safari.

Almedalen Week 30 June–7 July Experience Sweden’s largest political meeting place – political week in Almedalen. The programme is filled with debates, lectures, seminars and party leaders’ speeches from the stage in Almedalen.

Bergman Week 24–30 June Bergman Week is a tribute to Ingmar Bergman and his films. Walk in his footsteps and experience his Fårö. Watch films, listen to lectures and go on guided tours to filming locations.

Gotland Chamber Music Festival Week 31 Chamber music festival under the direction of world-renowned pianist Staffan Scheja. Enjoy piano concertos, performances and chamber music in the atmospheric St Nicolai ruins in Visby.

Medieval Week 4–11 August Join us on a journey through time to 14th century Visby and experience the mystery, drama and atmosphere of Medieval Week – a festival filled with activities, fun and interaction. | Gotland’s booking portal


Stay by the sea Member-owned association with

personal service


Round trip with boat and car with a 4-night stay



3 900 For 2 people 4 nights at two different resorts Weeks 34–24

Choose from 18 resorts on Gotland It goes without saying that you have to stay by the sea when you visit Gotland. Our resorts are family-owned and offer seaside accommodation in cabins, holiday villages, at guest houses, hostels, hotels and camping sites. We run the resorts ourselves and give you personal service. Come and stay with us – next to the sea. Double room/cabin from SEK

495 per night

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+46 498 29 03 50

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What people have blogged and said about Gotland

What do you think is best about Gotland in the summer? Ann Rodmar: The lovely little fishing harbours with delicious freshly smoked fish.

I want to stop time and just settle here. My thoughts travel to the French countryside, then to Mallorca. This is a Mediterranean existence but on Gotland. Irresistible.

Happiness is following the coast road at Storsudret and enjoying the amazing scenery and views.

... the evening ended at Bakfickan in Visby and we can say once more that we love Gotland. Really love!

Bitte Hogstedt: THE LIGHT!!!!

Carina Karlsson: EVERYTHING!! Gotland IS Paradise on Earth!! <3 "Once Gotland, always Gotland"!!

Josephine Nilsson: The city centre, the beach/ nature/cliffs and not forgetting the wonderful countryside that we can "escape" to after a day full of activities! Gotland!!

Peter Martin: The seaside resort Ljugarn with swimming and outdoor living on a smaller scale.

Uppsala University on the island of Gotland Starting this summer Uppsala University’s campuses will not all be in Uppsala. Our newest campus will be on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Uppsala University Campus Gotland - the best of two worlds.

boundless knowledge THE WORLD AWAITS YOU | Gotland’s booking portal



travel to the island FERRY On a large, comfortable ferry the journey to Gotland takes about three hours. All year round there are daily departures to Visby from Nynäshamn or Oskarshamn. In the summer there are up to 18 departures per day to and from Gotland.

By plane from Stockholm the journey takes just over half an hour. Flights are also available from Gothenburg and Ängelholm all year round. In the summer, airlines also offer routes from Malmö, Sundsvall, Västerås, Nyköping, Örebro, Jönköping, Oslo and Helsinki.


It is easy to travel to Gotland, and you have many different routes and departure times to choose from whether you opt to come by sea or by air.

Nordic destinations by air This summer you can fly directly to and from Visby and nine other Nordic destinations.


At you will find information on and booking pages for the ferry, and links to the airlines that fly to Gotland.

Sundsvall 26/6 –14/8

Helsingfors 16/6 –21/8


28/6 –12/8

Stockholm Arlanda Stockholm Bromma


Let your holiday start sooner. Ängelholm Malmö


36 | Gotland’s booking portal

Year-round route Summer route

TAKE THE FERRY TO GOTLAND Quality- and environmental management certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Adult 26 yers Fr. SEK


/Single trip

Youth 13-18 years Fr. SEK





/Singel trip

Valid for upp to 5 people + car <6m

Three hours journey. Memories for a lifetime. This summer we have up to 18 departures a day between Nynäshamn, Oskarshamn and Visby. The crossing is an opportunity to relax for a few hours. Why not just take it easy, watch a film and have a meal. You can find information about timetables, prices, ships, etc. at or by ringing +46 (0)771 223300. Welcome aboard! F E R RY | F L I G H T S | H OT E L S | B & B | C A B I N S | A PA R T M E N T S | H O S T E L S | C A M P I N G | AC T I V I T I E S | E V E N T S | C A R H I R E | PAC K AG E TO U R S

Prices subject to change.

/Single trip


Getting around the island You don’t need to have your own car to experience the countryside on Gotland. Both new and used cars are available for hire as are other vehicles. Modern and eco-friendly at Europcar

Used cars at a good price from Wisby Biluthyrning

Europcar has predominantly ’green’ cars in its fleet of well-known models from Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and Volvo. None of the cars is older than a year. You can pick up the car at Visby Airport or have it delivered to your hotel or the ferry terminal. Free mileage and insurance included. Europcar will help you find the car that suits you best.

Wisby Biluthyrning supplies used cars in a variety of makes and models. This means that the price is lower than at regular car rental companies. Choose from a small two-door up to a minibus for nine people. You have unlimited mileage. The office is located outside the port terminal, but you can also pick up your car at the airport. • +46 (0) 498 215010

Bike, moped or motorbike

If you want to get closer to nature and the fresh air, you can hire a bike, moped, motorbike or fourwheeler ATV. You will find a comprehensive range of hire vehicles at

Travel on public transport

If you prefer to use public transport, information can be found at • +46 (0)498 212127

Travelling to Gotland? We’re there to wave you off and pick you up. Visby Airport  Östercentrum  Busstationen  Visby Hamnhotell  Visby Hamnplan As summer begins we once again open our popular routes between the airport and Visby Bus Station. The journey this season is even faster and the coach continues all the way to the ferries where it terminates. This service runs from 1 June to 30 August. As for Gotland bound by ferry, we also offer coach services between Stockholm C and the Gotland ferry in Nynäshamn. Welcome aboard.

Get more info at:

38 | Gotland’s booking portal


THIS SEASO N! Our coache s continue to Visby Hamnplan.

Shop & Showroom

Furniture made on Gotland

Visit us at Birger Jarlsgatan 34 in Stockholm We also have a showroom at H채stgatan 10 in Visby

beyond the summer Events

Fårö Night 21 September Experience Fårö on an autumn evening filled with activities – film screening, storytelling, second-hand sales and night-time baking are planned, as well as live music and shops open until midnight.

Another side of Gotland When the summer buzz has calmed down there’s another Gotland to discover. The natural scenery offers new impressions and Visby presents a quieter side. It’s still hustle and bustle in the city’s cafés and restaurants and most shops and restaurants are open all year round. But the pace is quieter. It’s easy to unwind and have time to enjoy life. Tips from the Tourist Information

Gotland is a popular destination even in autumn, winter and spring to relax and feel good for a few days and have a break from everyday life. The Tourist Information Centre in Visby is open all year; Renate Hall and Hanna Karlsson work there answering questions and helping visitors to have the best possible Gotland experience. Here they share their personal tips and recommendations for those who want to discover Gotland outside of the summer season.


sea stack. Or take the ferry over to Fårö and drive from Gamle Hamn to Langhammars to experience Fårö’s sea stacks in all their forms. It’s a great feeling to have them to yourself, without other tourists taking photographs. Go to events. Even during the colder seasons, the range of events is extensive. Choose from interesting lectures, jazz evenings, concerts, lunchtime theatre, art exhibitions and much more. Take advantage of what Visby has

Take a tour of the handicraft

Many of the island’s artisans do most of their work in their studios when the island is at its quietest. They welcome visitors if you call in advance and agree on a time. studios.

Take a packed lunch and hike along the nature trails at Högklint, Brucebo and Lojsta swamp, for example.

to offer. Most of the city’s amenities are available all year round. Enjoy dining, shopping for crafts and delicacies, walking around the city wall, visiting Gotland Museum and the Botanical Garden, which has roses in bloom as late as November.

Walk around nature reserves.

Visit Lickershamn where you’ll find the Virgin, Gotland’s highest

Visit the sea stacks.


There is a list of what is open on Gotland from September to May. You can print it off from or pick up a copy from the Tourist Information Centre. You will also find more tips there on what to see and do on Gotland whatever the time of year. | Gotland’s booking portal

Visby Day and Culture Night 5 October Take part in the celebrations commemorating the World Heritage City of Visby on 5 October. The day features a market, music, dance, a fashion show and good food. The night offers, among other things, a film screening in a medieval ruin.

Gotland Grand National 1–2 November (All Saints’ Weekend) GGN is one of the world’s largest endurance competitions and is held during the All Saints’ Weekend every year. Participate by riding yourself or cheer on the riders along the challenging course.

Christmas festival December Experience an atmospheric Visby at Christmas with a Christmas market and dancing around the Christmas tree the day the decorations go up; enjoy relaxed Christmas shopping in an inspiring setting throughout December. Island of Sport All year round Throughout the year, a variety of competitions and sporting events are held on Gotland through the organisation Island of Sport. Come and participate in your sport. You and your family travel at a discounted sports price.

beyond the summer

The Rydgrens on their move to Gotland

“We love the pace of life here on the island” they took the plunge. Toini and Jens Rydgren lived together in Haninge for 10 years. For years they searched for a more rural option, but couldn’t agree on where. When the family was on holiday on Gotland in the summer of 2010, their gut feeling spoke for itself – and they were now in complete agreement.   So a few months later, once their affairs were in order, the moving vans arrived at their new house in Ekeby on Gotland.   “The move here has been great for our family,” explains Toini and continues: “Above all, it’s the pace of life that we like and that people are more friendly to each other here.”   Their family and friends were surprised by where they chose to move to.   “Most people see Gotland only as a holiday destination. Now that they’ve been here and visited us, they understand why we wanted to move here,” says Toini. “We were aware that life after the summer is completely different, and it was that peace and quiet we were looking for. Now we have lived here for a year and have felt at home in each of the seasons. They all have their own charms.” More time together

The only concern before the move was that the children would be leaving the classes that they were happy in. Now they can say that it’s even better than before. The children quickly made new friends and the classes are smaller at the new school, resulting in a quieter environment in the classroom.   “The sense of solidarity is better between all the children at the school,” explains Jens, who thinks that children on Gotland are more confident in themselves and there is less showing off.

New islanders. The Rydgren family consists of Jens (39), Toini (35), Alvin and Ivar (both 10), Lovisa (8), Egon (6) and Franke the dog. They used to live in a terraced house in Haninge. Since autumn 2011, they have been living on Gotland in a detached house in Ekeby, 15 km east of Visby.

  “Here people compare themselves less with each other. We don’t demand as much of ourselves and that’s liberating.”   “The kids appreciate time with us more than material possessions. We have been able to cut our working hours because we have a lower mortgage here. Our quality of life is higher now that we spend more time together, which has meant that we have become closer as a family,” Toini tells us.   Jens originally kept his job in Stockholm and commuted every other week.   “It has worked out better than expected. The fact I didn’t have a job on Gotland never ruled out the possibility of moving, because commuting is doable,” he says.   Toini runs her own company so she can work anywhere, which made it easier to take the plunge. Jens has now got a job on Gotland and from now on can live in his new home town full-time.

What’s the best thing about moving to Gotland?

“It’s exciting to be somewhere new and having a big garden is fantastic.” Ivar, 10 years old “We live in a bigger house here. I’ve got my own room and there’s more to do outside.” Alvin, 10 years old “There’s so much to do here, like climbing up to our tree house and playing football with my brothers.” Lovisa, 8 years old “It’s fun.” Egon, 6 years old

Service for those who want to move here The relocation service was established to provide support for people moving to Gotland via guidance, advice and providing contacts. They also organise activities for new residents. If you have a business that you want to move to Gotland, Näringslivs- & Etableringsservice, the island’s business and establishment service, may be able to help. Learn more at | Gotland’s booking portal


General information

Accommodation agencies Gotlands Konferens & Turistservice AB The island’s largest private property agency for rooms, cabins, houses and apartments. Choose from over 300 inspected properties in fantastic Visby and across the beautiful island. Tel. +46 (0)498 20 33 00 • Book online:

Gotlands stug- & lägenhetsförmedling Rental of about 400 privately owned cabins, houses, apartments and private rooms all over Gotland – all year round. Cycle hire and ferry ticket bookings also possible. Tel. +46 (0)498 26 65 00 •

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