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Services Newrest Private caters private flights at Paris Le Bourget airport (LBG) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year. Deliveries are made by our own staff, in chilled platform-highloaders and vans (A380 highloader available). We apply HACCP standards, IATA requirements and civil aviation safety standards. Furthermore, the Newrest Private inflight kitchen is Halal certificated. Please feel free to request your favorite or some special meal or any exclusive dish that you would like to taste. Our kitchen team and gastronomic chefs are able to make your culinary wishes come true.

Order contacts Paris Le Bourget orders Phone: + 33 130 18 10 10 - Mail: lbg.viporders@newrest.eu Orders must be placed at least 24 hours before flight's departure. Orders can only be cancelled 24 hours before flight's departure.



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Breakfast Meal platter 

The Continental Express Choice of fresh fruit juice, assortment of 3 mini-pastries, tea or coffee The Continental Choice of fresh fruit juice, assortment of 3 mini-pastries, assortment of fine cheeses various cold cuts, delicatessen meats, fruit slices or fruit salads, tea or coffee The American Fresh fruit juice, 2 eggs cooked to your taste, choice of bacon, ham or sausage, Grilled tomato with herbs, hash browns, and 2 slices of toast or 2 bread rolls All breakfast menus are served with 1 portion of Beurre Echiré AOC butter, 1 portion of Provencal honey and 2 portions of jam

A la carte

∙ Fresh orange or grapefruit juice. ∙ Other fresh fruit juices (strawberry, blackberry, fruit and vegetable cocktail) ∙ Fresh fruit salad ∙ Fresh fruit plate* ∙ Plate or bowl of red berries (100 g) ∙ Cereal box (30 g) ∙ 1 egg (hard-boiled, poached, scrambled or sunny-side-up) ∙ Bagel with butter and cream cheese ∙ Bacon (90 g) (pork, turkey or tofu) ∙ 3 sausage links (pork, veal or poultry) ∙ Rösti (4) ∙ 1 pastry ∙ Assortment of 12 mini-pastries

* Plate = serves 1 | Platter = serves 4

∙ 1 muffin ∙ 3 pancakes (regular, multi-grain or gluten-free) ∙ French toast served with maple syrup ∙ 4 crêpes ∙ 2 waffles ∙ Potato (hash brown, sautéed) ∙ 3 types of fine cheese* ∙ Delicatessen meats (with or without pork)* ∙ Grilled tomato or vegetables* ∙ Sautéed mushrooms (80 g) ∙ 1 extra portion of butter ∙ 1 extra portion of jam or honey ∙ Milk (skimmed, semi-skimmed, whole, soy)


Canapes Premium Canapes ∙ Tomato and mozzarella, pistou with roasted pine nuts and balsamic cream ∙ Mousseline sauce with Auvergne blue cheese, roasted walnut kernels and frisée lettuce ∙ Smoked duck breast on a slice of brioche toast with truffle foie gras ∙ Spicy tuna sushi roll, risotto-style rice cake ∙ Smoked salmon on a goat cheese cream spread with chives and a splash of lemon ∙ Grilled vegetable tian with bamboo shoot, tomato chutney with white balsamic vinegar

Canapes par Excellence ∙ Chickpea fritters with olives, sweet yellow pepper and lobster medallion ∙ Opéra of foie gras ∙ Open-faced eclair with jumbo shrimp, thai vegetable stir-fry with sesame seed wafer ∙ Goat cheese with pistachio ∙ Stuffed baby cabbage with wasabi cream and center-cut smoked salmon fillet with salad sprouts ∙ Bresaola and deviled quail eggs with Espelette pepper

Pétrossian Canapes ∙ Fleur de caviar crust, crème fraiche with Baltic garnish and smoked scallop carpaccio ∙ Small skewer of caviar cubes and cucumber ∙ Caviar crepe rollmops, caviar taramasalata and center-cut smoked salmon fillet ∙ King crab merus meat verrine with spicy avocado chutney, crisp blintz and crab cream cheese




Meal platter Í&#x;


Meal platter * 1

Starter ∙ Sweet and sour orecchiette salad ∙ Small roasted vegetables and tomato confit served with cubes of feta cheese and vinaigrette sweetened with honey Main dish Caesar-grilled chicken ciabatta, served with sucrine lettuce chiffonade and tomato confit Dessert Tart or verrine made with seasonal fruits


Starter Jumbo shrimp and asparagus verrine with diced, mixed vegetables

Diced, mixed vegetables (potatoes, green beans, peas, turnips and carrots) and salt cod brandade served with jumbo shrimp, topped carrots, dried tomato and soybean Main dish Pollock with cucumber delight and pom'sotto

Pollock fillet with cucumber and Granny Smith apple brunoise served with potatoes cooked risotto-style and dill and arugula condiment Cheese According to the selection of the week Dessert Red berry tiramisu with champagne

+ Whole grain bread roll and Bûcheron bread roll



Starter Traditional-style caprèse tomato spread, burrata cheese and pistou emulsion, arugula salad Main dish Slow-cooked chicken blanquette

Lemon confit with glazed vegetables, jasmine rice and Camargue red rice, served with fresh salad greens Cheese According to the selection of the week Dessert Assortment of 4 bite-sized desserts


Starter ∙ Smoked salmon flan ∙ Lobster served with tangy coriander cream and lemon caviar Main dish Rossini-style tuna tataki

Mi-cuit foie gras medallions coated and cooked in sesame seeds, served with spinach and polenta sweet and sour mango sauce and rice vinegar Cheese Affiné selon la sélection de la semaine Dessert Creamy guanaja chocolate fingers, almond biscuit topped with strawberries

* Bread and butter served with all platters


Lunch box Vip Lunch box 1 salad, 1 gourmet sandwich, 1 cheese portion, fruit slices, 1 dessert of the day Prestige VIP Lunch box 1 salad, 1 prestige sandwich, 1 cheese portion, fruit slices, 1 dessert of the day, 1 bite-sized dessert Crew Lunch box 1 salad, 1 /2 triangle or finger sandwich, 1 cheese portion, 1 dessert of the day


Lunch box Salads A la carte Mesclun salad Mixture of greens, tomatoes, cucumber brunoise and a choice of vinaigrette Little Caesar Romaine lettuce heart, Caesar sauce, tapenade croutons, anchovies and bacon with parmesan curls Mediterranean pasta salad Orrechiette, roasted vegetables (courgette, red and green peppers, eggplant), feta cubes, cherry tomatoes with lemon thyme vinaigrette Raw vegetables Carrot sticks, celery, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, olives and hummus Tabbouleh Couscous, tomato, cucumber, peppers onions, peas, corn, parsley, mint




Gourmet Salads A la carte

Caesar salad Romaine lettuce, tapenade croutons, bacon, parmesan curls, grilled chicken breast, 4 jumbo shrimp, lobster, tuna tataki Niรงoise salad Mesclun, green pepper, tomato, red onion, green beans, artichoke hearts, anchovies, olives, hard-boiled eggs and tuna tataki Greek salad


Lettuce, feta, tomatoes, cucumber, Kalamata olives, red onion, olive oil and oregano

Marinated roasted vegetables, courgette, bell pepper, portobello mushrooms, eggplant saltimbocca with buffalo mozzarella, Seafood salad, grilled octopus, bruschetta with red pepper and tomato, breadsticks and Bresaola

Raw vegetables Assortment of carrot sticks, celery, cucumber, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, raw chioggia beet chips, pink radish and bell pepper. Served with hummus, tzaziki and crab tarama Melon with prosciutto Green asparagus, salad sprouts and tomato compote

Lobster salad Cucumber, black radish, avocado chutney, lobster medallion and lamb's lettuce with ginger vinaigrette King crab salad Cucumber, mango carpaccio, guacamole, king crab merus meat, lamb's lettuce and borage flower Caprese Traditional-style tomato, burrata and olive oil emulsion with pesto, balsamic cream


Sandwiches Breads



∙ Triangle, finger or open-faced sandwich (4 pieces) ∙ Baguette, pain au lait, ciabatta (1/3 baguette) ∙ Gourmet bread roll (3 rolls) ∙ Wraps (2 wraps) ∙ Open-faced eclair sandwich (1 piece)

∙ Tuna salad with mayonnaise ∙ Curry shrimp salad ∙ Ham and cheese ∙ Roast beef, arugula salad with dried tomato pesto ∙ Roast turkey breast, Boursin cheese and tomato confit ∙ Deviled-egg-style salad ∙ Grilled vegetables with arugula pesto ∙ Smoked salmon, tobiko cream with lime ∙ Foie gras, fig compote and port reduction ∙ Beefsteak tomato, mozzarella, basil and balsamic cream ∙ Cured iberian ham, sweet stewed onions and grilled bell pepper

Chicken club sandwich White or whole-wheat bread, grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato confit, mayonnaise and fried egg Lobster club White or whole-wheat bread, lobster medallion, cucumber, mango, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise with a dash of curry Veggie club White or whole-wheat bread, grilled vegetables, grilled portobello mushrooms, pesto, sheep's cheese, lettuce and tomato confit



Starters ∙ Foie gras au torchon, chutney of seasonal fruit served with honey spice bread ∙ Pan-seared foie gras, roast potatoes, sweet and sour sauce with fig vinegar ∙ Beef carpaccio, arugula salad, pecorino cheese curls and taggiasche olive oil ∙ Octopus carpaccio, sweet pepper in tomato sauce with rice vinegar ∙ Scallop carpaccio, vanilla oil and kaffir lime and shiso sprouts ∙ Smoked leek, vinaigrette with Aquitaine caviar and oyster poached in champagne ∙ Surf and turf trio, scrambled eggs with truffles, smoked bay salmon filet with wasabi, mini blintz with sevruga caviar and Baltic garnish. ∙ Artichoke salad in barigoule sauce, parmesan and sprouts ∙ Variations of caprèse, caprèse-style tian, beefsteak tomato panini with buffalo mozzarella, mozza paupiette wrapped in spinach, red pepper and dried tomato chutney



Entrées Pasta


Special dishes


∙ Lasagne bolognese or vegetarian ∙ Cannelloni bolognese or vegetarian ∙ Tagliatelle with truffles ∙ Ravioli with spinach and ricotta ∙ Spaghetti with seafood (tomato or pesto base)

∙ Wild mushrooms ∙ Seafood ∙ Truffles ∙ Scallops with yuzu ∙ Asparagus

∙ Couscous royal ∙ Paella ∙ Lebanese mixed grill ∙ Tagine, lamb, chicken


Beef 1


∙ Fillet of beef ∙ Chateaubriand steak ∙ Beef tournedos Rossini ∙ Prime cut of beef ∙ Beef stroganoff ∙ Wellington beef fillet ∙ Beef bourguignon ∙ Grilled rib steak ∙ Prime rib steak ∙ Homemade burger with garnish

∙ Grilled chicken breast ∙ Whole roast chicken ∙ Chicken kebab ∙ Chicken cordon bleu ∙ Roast rooster with herbs ∙ Chicken curry, biryani, tikka or tandoori, Machboos ∙ Turkey milanese ∙ Coq au vin ∙ Fatted chicken with truffles ∙ Chicken kabsa ∙ Duck breast with choice of sauce ∙ ½ roast duck with orange sauce ∙ Pigeon supreme stuffed with foie gras, served with truffle sauce

Veal ∙ Normandy veal escalope ∙ Veal fillet mignon stuffed with prunes, cider sauce ∙ Veal medallion with herb sauce ∙ Traditional-style blanquette of veal ∙ Breaded veal escalope (schnitzel) ∙ Saltimbocca with dell'alto speck and provolone, served with porcini sauce ∙ Provencal sautéed veal


Lamb ∙ Loin of lamb ∙ Lamb chops (5) ∙ Slow-cooked braised lamb shanks ∙ Leg of lamb, sauce with fresh thyme and flageolet beans ∙ Lamb curry

Fillets 2


∙ Grilled sole ∙ Bass fillet ∙ Sea bream fillet ∙ Tuna tataki or steak ∙ Tournedos of monkfish (4) ∙ Mullet fillet ∙ Salmon fillet

∙ Grilled or sautéed jumbo shrimp (5) ∙ Scallops (5) ∙ Grilled lobster ∙ Brittany blue lobster ∙ Mixed seafood skewer

1. Sauces : Pepper, bordelaise, périgord (truffle sauce), morel mushroom, boletus, green pepper and satay 2. Sauce : Beurre blanc, mango rougaille, grenobloise, meunière butter, spicy caper sauce


Side dishes Starchy dishes ∙ Duchess potatoes ∙ French fries ∙ Anna potatoes ∙ Sautéed potatoes ∙ Dauphinoise potatoes ∙ Mashed potatoes (plain, with truffles or with olive oil and rosemary) ∙ White rice, basmati rice or brown rice ∙ Rice pilaf ∙ Quinoa (plain or risotto-style) ∙ Pate au beurre

Vegetables ∙ Bunch of seasonal vegetables ∙ Grilled vegetable tian with herbs ∙ Ratatouille flan ∙ Spinach terrine with courgette à la plancha ∙ Yuzu-glazed topped carrots ∙ Bok choi ∙ Mushroom fricassée ∙ Provencal tomato (2) ∙ Piperade



Snacks ∙ Hamburgers and mini-hamburgers ∙ Pizzas and mini-pizzas ∙ Chicken spring roll, vegetable spring roll ∙ Spinach / Salmon / Cheese mini-quiche ∙ Chicken wings ∙ Meat or vegetable pastry ∙ Samosa / Kibbeh / Fatayer / Shawarma ∙ Chicken teriaki / Satay skewers ∙ Breaded mozzarella stick ∙ Breaded coconut or plain shrimp ∙ Fajitas / Burritos ∙ Individual breaded camembert portions ∙ Panini ∙ Turkey and cheese croissants ∙ Chicken nuggets ∙ Turkey or ham croque-monsieur


Platters Small / Medium / Large

∙ Sliced fruits ∙ Fine cheeses ∙ Delicatessen meats ∙ Pork-free / Halal delicatessen meats ∙ Regular sandwiches ∙ Gourmet sandwiches ∙ Sea Food •


Desserts ∙ Tiramisu ∙ Cheese cake (various flavors available) ∙ Opéra ∙ Fruit tart (lemon, red berries, etc.) ∙ Crème brulée ∙ Crème caramel ∙ Moelleux au chocolat or Chocolate fondant cake ∙ Lemon or chocolate soufflé ∙ French pastries (millefeuilles, éclairs, religieuses) ∙ Petits fours ∙ Macarons ∙ Häaggen Dazs / Mövenpic / Ben & Jerry's ice cream ∙ Profiteroles ∙ Chocolate mousse ∙ Strawberries dipped in white and dark chocolate ∙ Fruit skewers ∙ Donuts / Cookies / Brownies / Muffins ∙ Carrot cake ∙ Assortment of Arabic sweets




Drinks Soft drinks

Freshly squeezed fruit juices Orange Apple, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Mango, Melon, Pear, Carrot, Kiwi, Lemon, Water Melon, Strawberries, Pomegranate... All flavors available on request Sodas ∙ Colas ∙ Fanta ∙ Sprite ∙ Schweppes ∙ Ice Tea Mineral Water (Still & Sparkling) ∙ Evian (33cl, 50cl, 1.5l) ∙ Cristaline (1.5l) ∙ Eau Fiji (50cl, 1l) ∙ Perrier (33cl can) ∙ Perrier (50cl, 75cl pet) ∙ Badoit (50cl, 1l)

Alcoholic drinks

Wines Newrest Private offers a wide range of wines Do not hesitate to request a quotation Champagnes


Services Laundry Flowers French & International Newspapers and Magazines Luxury products: Cigars, Liquors, Wines, Champagne, Caviar... Select chocolates from international chocolatiers Grocery delivery Halal products available Organic products available



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VIP Menu Newrest Private  

Newrest Private offers inflight VIP meals and services for private flights departing from Paris Le Bourget.

VIP Menu Newrest Private  

Newrest Private offers inflight VIP meals and services for private flights departing from Paris Le Bourget.