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Services Newrest Costa Rica caters private flights at following airports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year: ∙ Juan Santamaría in Alajuela (SJO) ∙ Tobías Bolaños in San José (SYQ) ∙ Daniel Oduber in Guanacaste (LIR) Deliveries are made by our own staff, in chilled platformhighloaders and vans. We apply HACCP standards, IATA requirements and civil aviation safety standards. Please feel free to request your favorite or some special meal or any exclusive dish that you would like to taste. Our kitchen team and gastronomic chefs are able to make your culinary wishes come true.

Order contacts San José (SJO & SYQ) Phone: + (506) 2437 1728 / + (506) 2437 1717 / + (506) 2437 2437 1768 Mail: / / Guanacaste (LIR) Phone: + (506) 2668 1151 Mail: / Orders must be placed at least 24 hours before flight's departure. Orders can only be cancelled 24 hours before flight's departure.



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Breakfast À la carte

∙ Freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice ∙ Other fresh fruit juices or smoothies ∙ Milk (skimmed, semi-skimmed, whole) ∙ Fresh fruit salad ∙ Plate* of fresh fruit ∙ Plate or bowl of red berries ∙ Small box of cereal ∙ 1 egg (hard-boiled or scrambled) · 1 omelette (with cheese and herbs) · Chicken club Sandwich ∙ Bagel with butter and cream cheese ∙ Bacon (pork or turkey) ∙ 3 sausages (pork or poultry) ∙ 1 cake / pie as per fresh selection of the day ∙ Assortment of 12 small quiches (meat or chicken) ∙ 1 muffin ∙ 3 pancakes (ordinary, wholegrain or gluten-free) ∙ French toast with syrup ∙ 4 crêpes ∙ 2 waffles ∙ Potatoes (rösti, sautéed) ∙ 3 types of select cheese ∙ Grilled tomato or vegetables ∙ Sautéed mushrooms · Cherry tomato and vegetable frittata · Variety of yogurts · Variety of cereals and Muesli ∙ 1 extra portion of butter ∙ 1 extra portion of marmalade or honey

* Plate = serves 1 | Platter = serves 4


Individual platter

Continental Express Fresh fruit juice, accompanied by an assortment of 3 pieces of freshly baked pastries, tea or coffee Continental Fresh fruit juice, accompanied by an assortment of 3 pieces of freshly baked pastries, an assortment of selected cheeses, various cold cuts, delicatessen meats, chopped fruit or fruit salad, tea or coffee American Fresh fruit juice, 2 eggs cooked as per your request, bacon, choice of ham or sausages, grilled tomato with herbs, rรถsti potatoes and 2 pieces of toast or 2 bread rolls Spanish Orange juice, toast, tomato and extra virgin olive oil emulsion, and Iberian ham Breakfast Box Assorted sandwiches, accompanied by fresh seasonal fruit, yogurt and a muffin. Select your favorite fresh bread: croissant, whole-wheat or white bread, baguette or bread roll

All breakfasts are served with 1 portion of butter, 1 portion of honey and 2 portions of marmalade


Canapés & snacks Assortment of various canapés ∙ Platter of assorted canapés with premium local products Snacks ∙ Hamburgers and mini-hamburgers ∙ Pizzas and mini-pizzas ∙ Small spring roll (chicken or vegetable) ∙ Mini-quiche with spinach / salmon / cheese ∙ Chicken wings ∙ Vegetable pasty ∙ Chicken Teriyaki / Satay skewer ∙ Breaded Mozzarella sticks ∙ Burritos / Fajitas ∙ Panini ∙ Turkey and cheese croissants ∙ Chicken nuggets ∙ Turkey or cheese and ham sandwich Canapés ∙ Salmon and avocado, tuna or steak tartare ∙ Octopus canapé* ∙ Ham canapé* ∙ Iberian ham croquettes* ∙ Cheese tray* ∙ Swiss cheese portions* * Skewer or platter



Menus * 1

Appetizer ∙ Sweet and sour pasta salad ∙ Roasted vegetables and tomato confit served with feta cubes and vinaigrette sweetened with honey Main dish Ciabatta bread with grilled chicken Caesar, served with lettuce-heart julienne and tomato confit Dessert Selection of desserts prepared with seasonal fruits


Appetizer Small glass with king prawns and asparagus, accompanied with diced mixed vegetables

Diced mixed vegetables (potatoes, green beans, peas, turnips and carrots) served with grated carrots, dried tomatoes and soy Main dish Sea bass with cucumber delight and pom’sotto sautéed potatoes

Sea bass fillet with brunoise of cucumber and Granny Smith apples, served with potatoes cooked risotto-style, condimented with dill and rocket Cheese According to the week’s selection Dessert Red berry tiramisu with champagne



Appetizer Cream of tomato in the traditional Caprese style, emulsion of pesto Genovese sauce with buffalo Mozzarella, and rocket salad Main dish Slow-cooked chicken stew

Lemon confit with glazed vegetables, jasmine rice, served on a bed of fresh letucce Cheese According to the week’s selection Dessert Assortment of 4 mini-desserts


Appetizer ∙ Smoked salmon flan ∙ Spiny lobster served with a spicey or mild coriander cream and lemon caviar Main dish Rossini-style tuna tataki

Semi-cooked tuna medallions, cooked and covered with sesame seeds, served with spinach and polenta, sweet and sour mango sauce and rice vinegar Cheese According to the week’s selection Dessert Passion Fruit Cake

*Bread and butter included with all platters



Gourmet salads À la carte

Caesar salad Romaine lettuce, tapenade croutons, bacon, parmesan curls, grilled chicken breast, 4 jumbo shrimp, lobster, tuna tataki Chef salad Green lettuce mix, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, heart of palm, ham, swiss cheese, lemon and olive oil Greek salad Lettuce, feta, tomatoes, cucumber, Kalamata olives, red onion, olive oil and oregano CruditĂŠs

Antipasti Marinated roasted vegetables, courgette, bell pepper, portobello mushrooms, eggplant saltimbocca with buffalo mozzarella, Seafood salad, grilled octopus, bruschetta with red pepper and tomato, breadsticks and Bresaola

Assortment of carrot sticks, celery, cucumber, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, raw chioggia beet chips, pink radish and bell pepper. Served with hummus, tzaziki and crab tarama

Lobster salad

Melon with ham


Slice of seasonal melon, thinly sliced Iberian ham, green asparagus, baby leaf salad and tomato compote

Traditional-style tomato, burrata and olive oil emulsion with pesto, balsamic cream

Cucumber, black radish, avocado chutney, lobster medallion and lamb's lettuce with ginger vinaigrette

Fresh garden salad Selection of tender leaves, tomato, chives, assorted olives, and dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper


Lunch boxes VIP ready to serve 1 salad, 1 gourmet sandwich, 1 cheese portion, chopped fruit, 1 dessert of the day Prestige VIP ready to serve 1 salad, 1 prestige sandwich, 1 cheese portion, chopped fruit, 1 dessert of the day, 1 mini-dessert Crew ready to serve 1 salad, 1/2 sandwich triangle or rectangle, 1 cheese portion, 1 dessert of the day


Ready to serve


Mezclum salad Assorted lettuce leaves, tomatoes, cucumber brunoise and vinaigrette Little Caesar Romaine lettuce heart, Caesar sauce, mini crostini spread with tapenade, anchovies and bacon with Parmesan shavings Pasta salad Pasta, roasted vegetables (zucchini, red and green pepper, eggplant), feta cubes and cherry tomato with lemon thyme vinaigrette Raw vegetables Carrot sticks, celery, cucumber, cherry tomato, olives and houmous Tabbouleh Semolina, tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion, peas, corn, parsley and mint




Sandwiches Bread & sandwiches Fillings


∙ Open, triangular or rectangular sandwich (4 portions) ∙ Baguette, milk bread, ciabatta (1/3 of a baguette) ∙ Wraps (2 wraps)

∙ Vegetables with tuna and mayonnaise ∙ Vegetables with curried king prawns ∙ Ham and cheese ∙ Roast beef, rocket salad with dried tomato pesto ∙ Roast turkey breast, cheese and tomato confit ∙ Filled-egg vegetable ∙ Grilled vegetables with rocket pesto ∙ Smoked salmon and tobiko cream with lime ∙ Cured Iberian ham, sweet onion compote and grilled pepper

Chicken club sandwich White or whole-wheat bread with grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato confit and mayonnaise Ham and cheese club sandwich White or whole-wheat bread with ham, cheese, bacon, grilled chicken, lettuce and tomatoes Veggie club White or whole-wheat bread with grilled vegetables, grilled portobello mushrooms, pesto, sheep's cheese, lettuce and tomato confit


Appetizers Shrimp cocktail Marinated shrimp served with lemon Seafood cocktail Fresh seafood, shrimp, scallops, octopus, and fresh fish: served with lemon wedges and sauces Guacamole Guiso Azteca Squashed avocados with onion, lemon and coriander served with chips Asparagus cream Mediterranean cream of asparagus



Entrées Pasta


Special dishes**

∙ Bolognese or vegetable lasagne ∙ Chicken lasagne with white sauce ∙ Bolognese or vegetable cannelloni ∙ Pasta of the day* · Stuffed pasta of the day*

∙ Wild seasonal mushrooms ∙ Asparagus and pumpkin ∙ Artichokes and dried tomatoes ∙ Frutti di mare ∙ Milanese · Seasonal vegetables

∙ Couscous royale ∙ Paella (Valencian, meat only, vegetarian, mixed) ∙ Tajine (lamb, chicken) · Gluten-free pastas

* Choice of sauces: marinière, pesto, tartuffe, funghi porcini, etc. ** Please request any special dish 48 hours prior departure time.



Beef 1

Poultry 2

· Beef tenderloin ∙ Small beef escalopes ∙ Ossobuco ∙ Boneless steak / Entrecôte ∙ Home-made hamburger with side dish ∙ Mixed beef and vegetables skewer

∙ Grilled chicken breast ∙ Whole roast chicken ∙ Chicken kebab ∙ Chicken cordon bleu ∙ Machboos with curry, biryani, tikka or tandoori chicken · Chicken brochette with seasonal vegetables

Lamb ∙ Loin of lamb ∙ Lamb chops (5)


Fillets 3


∙ Fillet of sea bass ∙ Tuna tataki or fillet ∙ Monkfish brochette with king prawns and vegetables finely sliced · Roasted or grilled turbot ∙ Fillet of gilt-head sea bream ∙ Fillet of salmon

∙ Sautéed or grilled king prawns (5) ∙ Scallops (5) ∙ Grilled spiny lobster ∙ Mixed seafood skewer

1. Sauces: red wine, Spanish, nut, mushroom and Pedro Ximénez, suggestions for sauces in season 2. Sauces: reduction of chicken juices, spiced, rosemary, citrus-fruit, puttanesca, suggestions for sauces in season 3. Sauces: meunière, béarnaise, pepper aioli, green sauce, shellfish, suggestions for sauces in season


Side dishes Potatoes, rices and pastas ∙ Duchess Potatoes ∙ French fries ∙ Anna Potatoes ∙ Sautéed potatoes ∙ Dauphinoise Potatoes


∙ Potato purée (with olive oil and rosemary)

∙ Bunch of seasonal vegetables

∙ White, basmati or brown rice

∙ Grilled vegetable tian with herbs

· Wild rice

∙ Ratatouille flan

∙ Pilaf rice

∙ Spinach terrine with courgette à la plancha

∙ Quinoa (plain or risotto-style) ∙ Pasta with butter

∙ Yuzu-glazed topped carrots ∙ Bok choi ∙ Mushroom fricassée ∙ Provencal tomato (2) ∙ Salted vegetables (asparagus, pepper, brocolis trees, mushrooms, baby corn and baby carrots)




Platters & meal trays Small / Medium / Large* ∙ Fresh seasonal fruits ∙ Fine cheeses ∙ Cold cut meats selected by our Chef ∙ Assortment of sandwiches ∙ Regular sandwiches ∙ Gourmet sandwiches ∙ Sea Food ∙ Crudités

* Individual tray (for 1 person) or to share (for 4 or 8 people)


Desserts ∙ Tiramisu ∙ Cheesecake (several flavours available) ∙ "Tres leches" cake ∙ Passion fruit cake ∙ Moelleux au chocolat or Chocolate fondant cake ∙ Apple tarte tatin ∙ Cocoa pod with caramel ∙ Caramel custard ∙ Petits fours ∙ Häagen Dazs / Mövenpic / Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream ∙ Croquant Chocolat Prestige ∙ Strawberries bathed in white and dark chocolate ∙ Fruit skewers ∙ Donuts / Cookies / Brownies / Muffins ∙ Mousse (Chocolate, coffee, strawberry, mango or passion fruit)




Drinks Soft drinks

Freshly-squeezed fruit juices Apple, orange, pineapple, grapefruit, mango, melon, pear, carrot, kiwi, lemon, watermelon, strawberry, ... All flavours available upon request. Sodas ∙ Coca-Cola ∙ Fanta ∙ Sprite ∙ Tonic water ∙ Ice Tea Mineral Water (Still & Sparkling) Newrest offers a wide range of soft drinks at your disposal.

Alcoholic drinks

Wines & Champagnes Beer (local and foreign) Whisky & Vodka & Tequila Newrest offers a wide range of wines and champagnes at your disposal. We can serve any wine or spirit upon request. Please contact our staff.


Services Laundry Florist National and international magazines and newspapers Deluxe products: pure cigars, wines and spirits, champagne, caviar‌ Selected chocolates from international master chocolatiers Catering home deliveries Gift services Cabin supplies Ice and dry ice


600 Sur Mall Internacional 308 - 4050 Alajuela - Costa Rica + (506) 2437 1728 o 2437 1717

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