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Summer 2015

Chic Garden Planters


Country Style For Contemporary Life Display until October 19, 2015


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6/18/15 4:35 PM

Refreshment For Your Rugs J. Namnoun Oriental Rug Gallery S A L E S | C L E A N I N G | R E S T O R AT I O N 92 Weston Street Hartford, CT | (860) 522-6368 |

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9/16/14 8:37 AM

Shope Reno Wharton_CT-SUM15_1.00_RHP.indd 1

6/15/15 4:06 PM (203) 609-1373

world-class design...

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6/16/15 1:28 PM


...EVERYWHERE you call home

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6/16/15 1:28 PM

Building and Restoration “Construction Management Group, LLC would like to thank all the vendors and trade professionals involved with 25 Orchard Lane, New Canaan, CT. Special thanks to EU Systems for installing what we believe is the greatest heating and cooling system available today… Truly remarkable. Thank you!” - Salvatore Zarrella

Architect: Andrew Nuzzi Architects, LLC


Winner of the 2014 HOBI Award for Best in Town Custom Home and Best New Construction Technology. Sponsored by: HBRA of Connecticut, Inc. Construction Management Group, LLC won Best in Town Custom Home and Best New Construction Technology for radiant cooling and heating technology implemented by EU Systems. This energy-efficient and environmentally friendly system promotes clean air, provides unmatched comfort for heating and cooling while cutting energy costs for the owner. No other system can compare. Radiant cooling and heating is very smart and elegant and simplifies our homes’ heating and cooling systems. This house features 21 thermostats that control every room’s climate to your needs. The result is absolute control, and healthy indoor air quality. It eliminates large volumes of uncomfortable air blown around the home or building space, minimizing dust, allergens, and pathogens.

203-966-3388 | 58 Pine Street | New Canaan, CT 06840 W W W . C M G B U I L D E R . C O M

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6/17/15 3:10 PM


Above Picture: Thermal imaging of radiate cooling and heating technology in cooling mode. This technology eliminates all conventional HVAC duct work, ceiling or floor registers and radiates chilled and warm water evenly throughout by using invisible radiant panels on the ceiling or walls. It is efficient and environmentally friendly.

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6/17/15 3:10 PM

Photography: Jane Beiles

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6/15/15 4:31 PM

INTERIORS, SPACE PLANNING KITCHEN & BATH DESIGN 70 Main Street, Suite 210, New Canaan, CT T: 203.594.7875 F: 203.966.5514

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6/15/15 4:31 PM

• yard to table™ •

It’s never too late to build that vegetable garden you’ve been wanting.

In fact, now is the perfect time! Build a garden this summer and you’ll still be able to enjoy fall crops like lettuce, kale, peas, chard, carrots, beets and more. And next spring there will be no waiting—your garden will be ready to grow just as soon as the soil thaws. Homefront Farmers builds gardens with craftsmanship, pride, and the knowledge of how to grow food successfully in our area. They are designed for both form and function, enhancing your property as well your life. Whether small or large, traditional or unique, Homefront Farmers can make the garden of your dreams a reality.

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6/16/15 1:27 PM

Garden Design & Construction

Garden Renovation  Site evaluation

 Nine-month garden plan

 Hive setup

 Raised beds  Beautiful, sturdy fencing

 Soil testing and amendment

 Spring and succession plantings

 Complete beekeeping services

 Underground pest barriers

 Repair and redesign

 Seedling supply program

 Lessons (children or adult)

 Garden and fruit tree maintenance programs

 Honey extraction

 Automated drip irrigation  Space efficient layout  Rich, fertile soil

Garden Maintenance Beekeeping

 Organic pest controls  Lessons in organic practices

Homefront Farmers, LLC | 203.470.3655 | |

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6/16/15 1:27 PM

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6/15/15 4:25 PM

Classic New Homes Classic New Homes 31 E31 astEE lm E slm trEEt GrEEnwich , ct, ct ast strEEt GrEEnwich tEl.t203.622.7000 El. 203.622.7000 www .VandEr horn rchitEcts www .VandEr ha orn architEcts

D Vanderhorn_CT-SUM15_2.00.indd 3

6/15/15 4:25 PM

E M I LY B U C HA NA N The painter of the 2014 Official White House Holiday Card

Vineyard Sunset, 16” x 20”, Oil on Panel

“Exquisitely rendered” Architectural Digest

Please contact us for inquiries about paintings, commissions, or to be added to the mailing list. W W W. E M I LY B U C H A N A N . C O M

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(917) 225-5548


B U C H A N A N PA I N T I N G S @ G M A I L . C O M

6/16/15 1:20 PM

summer 2015 Volume 6, Issue 3




In This Issue

featured Homes




Stymied in their search for an old house, a best-selling author and her husband build their own version of a classic New England shingled farmhouse.

A makeover peels away the layers to give a home in the countryside a sophisticated simplicity.





A homeowner and his designer conspire to bring a 1920s Tudorstyle home up to date while preserving its fine craftsmanship and gracious spirit.



TEXT BY Megan Fulweiler





Special Focus


KITCHEN AND BATH DESIGN On the cover: A Litchfield County house is a little bit country and completely sophisticated. Photograph by Michael Partenio. To see more of this home, turn to page 88.

In these Connecticut homes, the spaces everyone uses the most are as stylish as they are functional. BY LISA E. HARRISON summer 2015  New England Home Connecticut 13

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6/18/15 4:34 PM

In This Issue




Art, Design, History, Landscape

People, Places, Events, Products

16 | From the Editor

115 | Perspectives Outdoor planters; Cyrilla Yanez assembles an uber-stylish nursery; designer Dennis Pough on what sparks his creativity; the details make the difference in a Shinglestyle coastal home.

22 | Good Bones: Adirondack Style To design an expansive lakeside retreat, architect Tasos Kokoris called on a picturesque architectural tradition or two. By Regina Cole Photography by Timothy Lee

28 | In Our Backyard: Proudly Peacock The Christopher Peacock kitchen has been the gold standard for upscale kitchens for nearly two decades.

136 41 Special Marketing Section: Inspired Renovations

122 | Design Life Our candid camera snaps recent gatherings that celebrate architecture and design. 128 | Trade Notes New and noteworthy happenings in the Connecticut design business.

By Maria LaPiana


34 | Rooms We Love: Tudor with a Twist Connecticut designers expertly mixed classic and contemporary styles in the 1930 Tudor-style home that served as this year’s Junior League of Hartford Show House.

132 | Calendar of Events

By Erin Marvin


136 | New in the Showrooms Unique, beautiful, and now appearing in Connecticut shops and showrooms. BY LYNDA SIMONTON 140 | Resources A guide to the professionals and products featured in this issue. 143 | Advertiser Index 144 | Sketch Pad Connie Giuliani finds a clever solution to draping a set of French doors.

14  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

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6/18/15 4:34 PM


Commissioning Kotz & Leeds to do a renovation or build a marquee home is undoubtedly one of life’s greatest pleasures. The experience revolves around our exclusive Concierge Service, which ensures that every decision, from the smallest detail to the boldest design choice, is truly effortless. DREAM.






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6/5/15 12:24 PM

From the Editor

Hornick/Rivlin Studio

unhurried. And, although several speakers were quite notable figures from the world of style (such as the always urbane and charming Robert Couturier, who reflected on a few of the projects seen in his most recent book, Designing Paradises), the back-and-forth chats felt more like mutual exchanges among colleagues and fellow design devotees than lectures delivered from on high. That sort of openness and generosity of spirit is more the rule than the exception, in my experience, among the leaders in the field, and it comes out in their work. After all, the goal of almost any residential undertaking is to make beautiful, characterful spaces where people will feel calm and content. So I suppose it’s not entirely surprising to see, as we finish work on this issue of New England Home ­Connecticut, that its contents embody the same emphasis on livability married with an easygoing, yet clearly defined, personality. Designers Claudia Kalur and Skye Kirby Westcott and author Jane Green (just to mention the creative forces behind three of our stories) have each created homes that radiate an unmistakable aura of ease, although all three are dressed in distinctly different visual vocabularies. One is a kind of English-Yankee hybrid; one mixes rustic and midcentury modern influences; and one sports a lightened, softened Tudor style adapted for contemporary life. There’s also nothing particularly splashy about these houses, and to me that feels just right for summer in Connecticut, when mildness cloaks the gently rolling hills. Throw in a few elegant finds for outdoor living and a waterfront vista or two, and I’d say we have a magazine perfect for the season and the place.

Easy Does It


ne of the things I love about home design is that the subject simply makes people happy. I was reminded of this recently when I had the opportunity to speak at a special event at the ­Mayflower Grace hotel in Litchfield County. A varied roomful of designers, artisans, shop owners, and stylesavvy homeowners (mostly local, from around Connecticut, with a handful of New Yorkers thrown in) gathered for a series of talks about various issues that tie into the creation of comfortable, compelling living spaces. Although it was billed as a sequence of four separate panel discussions, what developed in reality was a daylong group conversation­— continuing through lunch on the terrace and a late-afternoon adjournment for drinks—as each set of professionals remained, following their own sessions, to continue sharing insights and information with the group. The atmosphere was wonderfully casual and

—Kyle Hoepner

Find more at + Our editors and a fascinating lineup of guest blog­gers share beautiful photography, design ideas, and advice five days a week on the New England Home Design Blog + The site also features ongoing content updates, where you’ll encounter house tours, interviews and commentary, before-and-after stories, and other special items for lovers of great home design + Sign up for our Design Discoveries editorial ­e-newsletter and get weekly updates on luxury home style, including the latest products, upcoming events and green ideas /////

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16  New England Home Connecticut  Summer 2015

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6/17/15 3:16 PM

Rinfret_CT-SUM15_1.00_v1.indd 1

6/8/15 4:27 PM

Editor-in-Chief Kyle Hoepner Homes Editor Stacy Kunstel Senior Editor Paula M. Bodah Creative Director Robert Lesser Online and Market Editor Lynda Simonton Managing and Copy Editor Susan Kron Contributing Editors Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz Karin Lidbeck Brent Louis Postel Contributing Writers Regina Cole, Caroline Cunningham, Megan Fulweiler, Maria LaPiana, Charles Monagan, Allegra Muzzillo, Dan Shaw, Kris Wilton Contributing Photographers Robert Benson, John Gould Bessler, Bruce Buck, Tria Giovan, John Gruen, Laura Moss, Michael Partenio /////

Editorial Submissions  Designers, architects, builders, and homeowners are invited to submit projects for editorial consideration. For information about submitting projects, e-mail ­ Letters to the Editor  We’d love to hear from you! Write to us at the above address, fax us at (617) 663-6377, or e-mail us at ­letters@ Upcoming Events  Are you planning an event that we can feature in our Calendar of Events? E-mail information to calendar@, or mail to Calendar Editor, New England Home, 530 Harrison Ave., Suite 302, Boston, MA 02118. Parties  We welcome photographs from design- or architecture-related parties. Send high-resolution photos with information about the party and the people pictured to 18  New England Home Connecticut  Summer 2015

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6/16/15 7:22 PM

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12/15/14 5:19PM PM 12/15/14 12/15/14 5:49 5:19 PM

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Traditional, Modern and Sustainable Building 15 River Road, Suite 225 | Wilton, CT 980 Boston Post Road, Suite #1 | Darien, CT 203.761.9943 | 203.761.9943 |

Find more at See additional great content at:

20  New England Home Connecticut  Summer 2015

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6/16/15 7:22 PM

Live Comfortably

78°, too warm all night, but for story time, it’s just right

Even with a group that’s hard to please, everyone likes 72 degrees

A lower-level playroom is no place to get cold feet, 74° is just the right amount of heat






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Even when cooking her famous chicken, Mom‘ma stays comfy at 70° in the kitchen

Room-by-room comfort from emme, it can even help save you a penny

Control The Temperature Of Every Room, Independently, From A Single HVAC Source emme is a revolutionary home climate control system that turns an ordinary heating and air conditioning unit into a smart, multitasking climate machine that can monitor and adjust the temperature of each room throughout your home, independently. Set the unique temperature you want for each room, or set the temperature so every room is the same – the choice is yours. emme was designed to be retrofitted to existing HVAC systems, or it can be design-built into a new home – either way there’s a good chance emme will save you a lot of money, too. To learn more please call: 800.396.0523 or visit us online at: Featured On:

©2015 Emme E2MS, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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a revolution in home climate control

3/6/15 5:07 PM

good bones

Adirondack Style

To design an expansive lakeside retreat, architect Tasos Kokoris called on a picturesque architectural tradition or two. ///////////

Text by Regina Cole Photography by Tim Lee


he boathouse looks like the exclamation point at the end of a long and dramatic statement. Charmingly crowned with a lighthouse-type tower, the diminutive building, which incorporates a dock, has deeply bracketed roof overhangs, a diamond-shaped window, and halftimbering in the gables. It looks like a miniature echo of the Adirondack lodgelike structures on the hill above. But in fact, the boathouse came first. In the multistage project that created this expansive getaway on Candlewood Lake, the boathouse was built before the

main house was even begun. “It was not intended to be a test run of the architect’s work for us,” the homeowner says. “But it

was a nice benefit.” He and his wife had bought the waterfront land for its gorgeous views. New York City dwellers, they wanted to create a gathering place for the extended family. The first order of business was to rebuild a 500-foot-long retaining wall at the water’s edge. That meant an old boathouse had to be removed, which suited owners and architect alike. “It was not especially pretty,” is how the owner puts it. Architect Tasos (short for Anastasios) Kokoris of Westport designs custom homes and equestrian facilities in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Florida. These clients found him when they toured the area with builder Joseph Furey. “I took them around to look at some of the newer houses on the lake,” Furey explains. “All the ones they admired were designed by Tasos.” Kokoris’s design began with the retaining wall, the diminutive boathouse, and a hilltop tennis court, then went on to the 6,000-square-foot main house, a dogtrot garage that incorporates upstairs guest quarters, and a second, attached garage. The driveway leads through a dramatic stone breezeway through the middle of the garage–guesthouse, and into a central courtyard formed by the main house and the garages. The buildings feature the hallmarks of the Adirondack style, including heavy timber framing and natural fieldstone foundations, pillars, and chimneys. The main house’s central mass, flanked by bedroom wings, has porches and verandas lined with rustic railings, a picturesque tower, a cedar shake roof, and vast windows overlooking the lake. The swimming

Local fieldstone forms the foundation, entry pillars, chimneys, and low stone walls that join Douglas fir timbers and cedar shingles to create a rustic, imposing exterior. Steeply pitched roofs, half-timbering, and the use of local building materials are part of the tradition of the Adirondack style, much loved for the lakeside second homes and hunting lodges of the past. 22  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

CT-SUM15 Good Bones.indd 22

6/16/15 7:25 PM

Technolo Simplified! Advanced Home Audio Inc. is the pre-eminent designer of sophisticated music, theater, environment, and lighting systems. We’re known by the area’s best architects, builders, and interior designers for our elegant designs that complement your home and are tailored to your needs.

A D VA N C E D H O M E A U D I O.C O M | 2 0 3 .9 2 2 . 0 0 5 1


full page.indd 1 AdvancedHomeAudio-full-CTSUM14.indd 1





2:00 6/13/14 3:26 9:25 PM AM

good bones


The main house overlooks the lake and the swimming pool from its balconies, enormous windows, a tower, and a large screened porch. The driveway leads through a combined garage and guesthouse in the manner of a dogtrot, ending in a courtyard formed by the main house and its garages. The charming boathouse and the stone retaining wall at the lake’s edge were the starting point for the multistage construction project.

pool is sited on the slope between the house and the lake, part of the water view. The homeowners turned to Groundswell Design Group, a Hopewell, New Jersey, landscape architecture firm, for a plan for the property, then engaged local builders to move earth and local landscape specialists to install and maintain the recommended plantings. Kokoris, whose projects range from New England farmhouses with clap-

boards, gables, dormers, and porches to stuccoed and half-timbered southern equestrian estates, hesitates to name the style of the house or even to pinpoint his inspiration too specifically. “Architecture is derivative in a big way,” says the man who, before launching his own firm, worked with his thesis professor Richard G. Stein, at The Stein Partnership, then moved on to I.M. Pei & Partners, both in New York City. “Rather than be con-

strained to a particular idiom, I use a mixture of styles, working with the site and developing the design from there.” Given that this, historically, is how the best architects and builders worked, it’s no surprise that this compound should have the rugged, rooted grandeur of great timber-framed lakeside lodges of the past. Furey, whose Tara Construction and Development has built a number of large second homes in the area, still maintains the property. He describes the collaborative process. “Tasos knows his projects cold, every inch. Building a timber-framed structure like this is not a perfect science; things have to be decided and designed on the spot. He and I must have had fifty exchanges like that.” He goes on to explain that, inside the

24  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

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6/16/15 7:25 PM

“Tasos knows his projects cold, every inch. Building a timber-framed structure like this is not a perfect science; things have to be decided and designed on the spot,” says Furey. mortise-and-tenon joinery of massive timbers that frame soaring thirty-fivefoot interior spaces is a second, conventional frame that hides energy elements, wiring, and plumbing. Beside the front door, a chain of tiny copper bells leads rainwater down from the roof, making lovely music in the process. Like the boathouse, which holds a fleet of recreational vessels and gear, the rain chain is a necessity transformed into a grace note. •

Modifica Interiors Robert Benson Photography

Custom drapery workroom to the trade.

(203) 671-5214 | STITCHWITCH1959@AOL.COM

RESOURCES For more information about this home,

see page 140. summer 2015  New England Home Connecticut 25

CT-SUM15 Good Bones.indd 25

6/16/15 7:25 PM

Global Is The DIfference

NEW CANAAN, CONNECTICUT Phenomenal quality main house, sports barn, cottage, pools, trout pond on 6+ acres. Chef’s kitchens, Broadway stage, 30+ seat movie theatre, indoor basketball court. $15,000,000

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT Spectacular views, privacy, 24-7 guard. Over 3 waterfront acres in Indian Harbor with plans to renovate a waterfront Tudor conveyed. Convenient to downtown Greenwich and train. $15,000,000

RIVERSIDE, CONNECTICUT Direct Waterfront 4 bedroom Colonial. Located in private Harbor Point Association with guard house, beach and deep-water mooring. 180 degree water views. $12,750,000

Mark Pires, Sales Associate C. 203.247.2655

Mark Pires, Sales Associate C. 203.247.2655

Tamar Lurie & Emile de Neree, Sales Associates T. 203.536.6953 | E. 914.572.4526

RYE, NEW YORK Historic Victorian Estate c.1850, with views of LI Sound/Kirby Mill Pond. Original stained-glass windows, high ceilings, carved wood banister & elevator. Heated pool, lush lawns & gardens. $11,900,000

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT Indian Harbor Association. Extraordinary Long Island Sound and pool views! Post-Modern H. Kaufman design. Marble floors, floating staircase, magnificent dome, chef's kitchen. $9,975,000

WESTPORT, CONNECTICUT Beachy, sophisticated custom built home with spectacular water views, decorative millwork and stone selections, chef’s kitchen, hobby, game and wine rooms, pool, spa and poolhouse. $7,995,000

Sula Pearlman & Nancy Neuman, Associate Real Estate Brokers C. 914.393.4104 | O. 914.967.0059

Tamar Lurie, Sales Associate C. 203.536.6953

Steven Thomson, Sales Associate C. 203.247.6765

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT Completed to perfection in 2010, this masterfully built home offers old-world craftsman style with a modern twist in a premier location. Two acres with pool, pool house, tennis court. $7,975,000

SCARSDALE, NEW YORK Beautifully updated nineteen-room Shingle Style House in “The Grange” with gardens, pool, tennis. Formal/Informal settings, chef’s kitchen, wine cellar, studio, gym. $6,980,000

RYE, NEW YORK Long Island Sound breezes and seasonal water views are savored from the uniquely high plateau in Milton Point. Refined Parish Hadley interior design, verandas, 8 bedrooms, pool and tennis court. $5,850,000

Pam Cunconan, Sales Associate C. 203.550.4282

Kathy Coleman, Associate Real Estate Broker C. 914.953.7562 | O. 914.723.3340

Michele C. Flood, Associate Real Estate Broker C. 914.420.6468 | O. 914.967.0059

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Linens Exclusively at Linens Exclusively at

Home Boutique Home Boutique of of Greenwich Greenwich

14 Lewis Street, Greenwich • 203.869.2550 14 Lewis Street, Greenwich • 203.869.2550

Home Boutique_CT-SUM15_1.00_v1.indd 1

6/15/15 3:29 PM

in our backyard

Proudly Peacock The Christopher Peacock kitchen has been the gold standard for upscale kitchens for nearly two decades. ///////////

By Maria LaPiana


he man behind Christopher Peacock, the multimillion-­ dollar fitted-furniture company headquartered in Greenwich, is Christopher Peacock himself. He’s a fifty-five-year-old affable Brit who likes to tell the story of how he landed in Connecticut, not long after he chose kitchen design as a career—or, to be more precise, after it chose him. Peacock has no formal design training. “I just found I had an affinity for it,” he says. “I was always very visual as a kid, I always loved to draw and paint. It’s a part of me. It’s who I am.” His first foray into kitchens came when he was in his late teens, when he took a

job delivering cabinetry to supplement his income as a drummer in a London band. He had a way with clients and an eye for design, and before long he was driving trends, not trucks. He went on to work for the German

cabinet manu­facturer SieMatic, and in 1987, when he was twenty-seven, opened a showroom for the company in the Boston Design Center. Five years later, he was working in Manhattan at Smallbone, the English cabinetry company, when he was asked to open a Greenwich store. “It was 1992, mid-recession, and the store wasn’t very profitable,” he remembers. And yet it got him thinking that he “wanted to paddle my own canoe.” A small corner display in a store on East Putnam Avenue led to his first Greenwich showroom, which led to a workshop in Stamford, where craftsmen built the cabinets he was designing with increasing confidence and success. He put down roots; he and his wife and three sons live in Wilton. He loves Connecticut for the rolling hills that remind him of home. “I love the four

CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVE: Fine cabinetry with

exceptional hardware is the hallmark of a ­Christopher Peacock kitchen. A Peacock-designed cabinet pull. While the company doesn’t make countertops, flooring, fixtures, lighting, or appliances, its designers offer advice and referrals in all categories. 28  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

CT-SUM15 In Our Backyard.indd 28

6/17/15 2:27 PM

full page.indd 1

6/15/15 2:47 PM

In Our Backyard

seasons, how the year moves like that,” he says. “And living between Boston and New York, culturally, that may be the best advantage of all.” From a business standpoint, too, he was where he belonged. “I was next to the greatest city in the world,” he says. “I knew I had to be in a wealthy metro area

surrounded by wealthy suburbs to do the kind of cabinetry I had in mind.” What Peacock had in mind were English country kitchens, done well—the more tailored and decorated, the better. His affluent clients loved them, and the business grew. “We took a leap of faith and took out an ad in Architectural Digest

in the mid-1990s,” he remembers. “It made us appear bigger than we were.” He set up a manufacturing plant in West Virginia and started opening more showrooms around the country and in Europe (his ninth, in New Jersey, will open this fall). Then one day he just got tired of the

RLI eleCTriC llC

A full service electrical contractor specializing in landscape lighting design, build, and refinement.

Durham, CT


(860) 349-8855



30  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

CT-SUM15 In Our Backyard.indd 30

6/17/15 2:27 PM

Peacock began designing cabinets back when the preferred style was more ornamental. His aesthetic evolved into the simple white kitchens that are his signature (left and facing page, right). FACING PAGE, LEFT: The designer has expanded his offerings to include fine fitted furniture for other rooms, such as this library.

Douglas Healey

fussy kitchen. He wanted to try something different—something plain and white, undecorated, unfettered—but expertly crafted, with exceptional hardware. It was a hit. “It was 1998, ’99, and people were ready for a change,” he says. You could even say (as he has) that he started the white-kitchen revolution. He painstakingly sourced knobs and pulls to set his product above the rest. He now designs and makes proprietary hardware (“the jewelry”) himself. Not content with conquering the kitchen, Peacock has gone on to make sophisticated fitted furniture with spectacular hardware for every room in the house. And although he is involved in every facet of his company, he confesses, “I’m at my happiest with a roll of tracing paper and a felt-tip pen.”

Peacock’s kitchens are aspirational, but he offers a caveat: “People see a kitchen in a magazine and say they want it, thinking it will change the way they live,” he says. “Building a butler’s pantry doesn’t mean you’ll start having formal dinners if you never did. A custom kitchen should fit into your home and life seamlessly.”

He learned his most important business lesson early on, while walking on Greenwich Avenue. He ran into a difChristopher ficult client who grilled Peacock him relentlessly. But in the end, he answered every question satisfactorily. “I realized at that moment I never, ever wanted to make an excuse for my product or my company,” he says, “and I never have.” • Christopher Peacock

2 Dearfield Drive Greenwich (888) 889-8891

BEINFIELD ARCHITECTURE PC | 1 MARSHALL ST., STE. 202, NORWALK, CT T 203.838.5789 | WWW.BEINFIELD.COM summer 2015  New England Home Connecticut 31

CT-SUM15 In Our Backyard.indd 31

6/17/15 2:27 PM



DiMeo-CTSUM14.indd 1

6/17/15 9:13 AM

Full Page template:Layout 1


Runtal Family of Heating Products Runtal offers an array of radiator designs

6:18 PM

Page 1

Runtal Showroom in Haverhill, MA


for hot water, steam and electric heating systems.

The Fine Art of Radiators 187 Neck Road, PO Box 8278 Ward Hill, MA 01835 (Haverhill) Tel: 800-526-2621

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Tudor with a Twist Connecticut designers expertly mixed classic and contemporary styles in the 1930 Tudor-style home that served as this year’s Junior League of Hartford Show House.

Beneath cathedral ceilings clad in oak beams is a room full of beautiful contradictions: twin traditional tufted armchairs in a cool blue face off across from a large, brightly hued abstract painting; tall spindle lamps share space with an animal print–topped bench. Kristen McCory’s delightfully unexpected mix of furniture and accessories results in a sophisticated style that both welcomes and wows visiting guests. At one end of the room, floor-to-ceiling leadedglass windows adorned with softly patterned sheers shed light on both the gilt-accented writing table in the upstairs balcony and the colorful spines of tomes shelved at odd angles in the modern bookcase below.



he house at 64 Orchard Road in West Hartford is no stranger to the Junior League: two former ladies of the house were active members. So it feels like a bit of a homecoming that it was selected as the 2015 Junior League of Hartford Show House. Originally built in 1930 by A.F. Peaslee from the design of Lester Beach Scheide Architects, the 7,000-square-foot English manor–style home is nestled within five picturesque, parklike acres. The building’s exterior has changed little over the decades, but thanks to the talented Connecticut-based designers who have lovingly reimagined each room, including the three featured here, the interiors are a happy surprise no past lady of the house would recognize—but one she would certainly appreciate.




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wakefield wakefield design center design center

PhOTO: Paul JOhnSOn PhOTO: Paul JOhnSOn

To The Trade Only To The Trade Only 652 Glenbrook Road, Stamford, CT 06906

(203) 358-0818 (203) 602-7738 652 T: Glenbrook Road, F: Stamford, CT 06906 E: T: (203) 358-0818 F: (203) 602-7738

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SITTING ROOM There are plenty of conversation starters in Bruce Valicenti’s sitting room, the least of which is a large tree that seems to rise organically out of the wood floor, reach over a Trianon sofa from John Richard, and touch the painted ceiling. The light gray sofa and its complementary twin armchairs in a soft cream are calm spots in an otherwise boldly—but beautifully—patterned room. Citing Thibaut as his muse, Valicenti has paired patterns from the renowned retailer on multiple walls, adding further interest through embellished window coverings, throw pillows, and area rug. The designer’s neutral color palette and dark accent pieces keep the room from feeling overwhelming; rather, it’s an inviting, relaxing retreat perfect for an afternoon chat.

LOUNGE Sal Modifica’s lounge is meant to be a room of reflection—both literally and figuratively. A plush, custombuilt settee nestled within the fireplace surround and an antique circa-1820 daybed are inviting spots to get lost in thought, while dark,


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driftwood elm and solid bronze

lacquered walls and a silver-leaf ceiling are burnished to a high shine. Silvery damask drapes that kiss the floor dress large leaded windows through which light bounces off the room’s gleaming wood surfaces, gilt accents, and glass globes. Mixing classic and contemporary art and accessories with a rich red accent color, Modifica’s careful balance of light/ dark and old/new certainly inspires contemplation. •



Celebrating 25 years Seasonal Cape Cod showroom open 7 days through labor day! Lower Gallery below Karol Richardson 11 West Main St., Wellfleet, MA 02667 custom made sustainable furnishings studio ph (401)845-9087

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professionals, see page 140. SUMMER 2015 NEW ENGLAND HOME CONNECTICUT 37

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the living room drapes are droopy.

The 18 th century

and not in a good way. Sussex mirror does not fit

in the door, let alone the entryway.


NO LONGER HUSBAND AND WIFE. But the shutters , the shutters are absolutely perfect.

Back Bay S hutter c o. I nc .

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78i.22i.0i00 Offering Trade Accommodations.


a designer’s best friend.



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I N S P I R E D:

R eno vations

Daniel Conlon Architects


renovations-2015-COVER.indd 2

6/17/15 3:52 PM

The Goal:

The Challenge:

The Design Summary:

Create a unique landscape that is enjoyable for both the homeowners and the many pedestrians who walk past the garden on a daily basis, while integrating several specimen plants from the original landscape.

The garden, which occupies a majority of the property, had been neglected for many years and needed a major renovation to transform it from a neighborhood eyesore to a beautiful garden for all to enjoy.

A garden, rich in texture and color, that transforms in each season was a must. Evergreens provide the backdrop for thousands of spring bulbs, followed by summer flowers, exceptional fall foliage, and seasonal containers.

A u s t i n G a ni m a n d E va Ch i amu l era

Austin Ganim Landscape Design, LLC 320 Kings Highway Cutoff Fairfield, CT 06824 (203) 333-2003


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R e n o vat i o n s



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The Backstory:

The Challenge:

The Design Summary:

This condominium in Montecito, California, was purchased by a Connecticut family whose California roots lured them to seek out a West Coast retreat. They requested relaxed and tranquil interiors that complement the property’s stunning setting.

The project’s greatest challenge was significantly upgrading the unit’s interior and exterior, while complying with California’s stringent building codes and the condominium association’s restrictive regulations.

The newly configured plan opens up the kitchen to the living/dining area, giving each views to the Pacific Ocean beyond. The transitional interiors combine traditional elements with a contemporary flair. Limestone floors tie together the indoor and outdoor spaces. French polished walnut beams and trim unite the interiors while venetian plaster walls and ceilings were selected for their ability to reflect the dappling light deep into the interior rooms.

c ha rle s hi lto n

Charles Hilton Architects 170 Mason Street Greenwich Connecticut 06830 (203) 489-3800


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6/17/15 12:54 PM


R e n o vat i o n s


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Charles Hilton-renovations -2015.indd 45

6/17/15 9:26 AM

The Backstory:

The Elements:

The Results:

The owners of this lovely Westbrook oceanfront vacation home were among the many residents left with badly damaged properties in the wake of Hurricane Irene. Having invested 25 years in their home, the owners decided to restore and preserve this important family gathering place for generations to come.

Connecticut Stone advised the homeowners to replace the existing damaged wood siding with ThinStone™, a natural stone veneer. ThinStone™ preserves the home and offers durable protection from future storms. Because it is lightweight, it can be applied to the existing structure. Connecticut Stone also installed a patio and outdoor kitchen with matching ThinStone™, providing a space for the family to entertain and celebrate together.

Connecticut Stone made this house feel like a home again. The elegant stone veneer gives the home a beautiful look and provides peace of mind, because it will stand up to the harsh outdoor elements of ever-changing New England weather for years to come.

J oe D e l l a croce President

Connecticut Stone Supplies 138 Woodmont Road Milford, CT 06460 (203) 882-1000


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I N S P I R E D:

R eno vations

Special Marketing Section 47

CTStone-renovations -2015.indd 47

6/17/15 9:32 AM

The Backstory:

The Challenge:

The Design Summary:

Originally a 1911 manor home with an adjacent orchard, this gracious house is now a custom-renovated 21st-century marvel in downtown New Canaan. Before renovations started in 2010, it had just two owners in 100 years. The second owner bought the home in 1970 and built an addition for an office. When he retired, Country Club Homes, Inc. bought the house with the intention of retaining its charm while updating it for modern living.

One of the appeals of the house is its downtown location: it is conveniently located on historic Main Street, within walking distance to New Canaan’s shops and businesses. Working with a downtown building lot, just .43 of an acre in size, was a challenge. It was difficult, but not impossible, to maneuver equipment around the back and front of the house.

This HOBI Award–winning home renovation included replacing the 1970s addition with a two-car garage and living space above it, finishing the third-floor attic space, and blending the original detailing of this stone and shingle home with new materials, fixtures, and mechanicals. It is energy-efficient, equipped with the latest technology in insulation, air conditioning, and—a rarity in New Canaan—gas heat.

Mike Smith

Walter Cromwe l l l

Country Club Homes, Inc. 462 Danbury Road Wilton, CT 06897 (203) 762-0550


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6/17/15 9:29 AM

I N S P I R E D:

R eno vations

Jane Beiles Photography



Mike Smith

Special Marketing Section 49

CountryClub-renovations -2015.indd 49

6/17/15 9:29 AM

The Trend:

The Challenge:

The Solution:

In increasing numbers, suburban homeowners are trading rambling homes on ample lots in outlying areas for more compact in-­town versions. For young families and empty nesters alike, locations where you can walk to school, a restaurant, or the grocery store are among the most desirable properties in today’s market.

Often the existing homes in these locations lack the amenities of the larger properties. Our charge was to reinvigorate a tired 100-year-old home, providing customary big-house features, while remaining in scale with the neighborhood.

The project includes a scaled-­down pool, patios, and generous landscaping, providing privacy on the quarter-acre lot. New windows brighten the stair hall and French doors connect the new kitchen and family room to the gardens. The reorganized second floor provides a generous master suite, family bedrooms with walk-in closets and private baths, and separate in-­law accommodations. An expanded attic houses the media room, exercise area, and guest room. New insulation and mechanical systems are energy efficient and earth-­friendly.


D anie l C on l on

Daniel Conlon Architects 4 Old Mill Road | P.O. Box 418 Georgetown, CT 06829 (203) 544-7988


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I N S P I R E D:

R eno vations


Special Marketing Section 51

Daniel Conlon-renovations -2015.indd 51

6/17/15 9:35 AM

The Goal:

The Strategy:

This imposing Tudor-style house in a New York City suburb had an impeccable pedigree, woodwork, and details, but was ill-suited to modern family life. The homeowners hired Boris Baranovich Architects, Davenport Contracting, and interior designer Steven Gambrel to design, rebuild, and reinvigorate the venerable home.

Rethink and repurpose rooms while retaining the plasterwork, woodwork, and stained-glass windows that make the home special. The dining room, adjacent to the kitchen, became the family room, and the passé reception room became the dining room. The library’s oak paneling was stripped of paint and returned to its former glory. The dull, gold-toned kitchen is now a light-washed, white, eat-in kitchen.

DAVENPORT Contracting, Inc. Davenport Contracting, Inc. 78 Harvard Avenue | Stamford, CT 06902 (203) 324-6308 |

BEFORE 52  Special Marketing Section

Davenport-renovations -2015.indd 52

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I N S P I R E D:

R eno vations



Special Marketing Section 53

Davenport-renovations -2015.indd 53

6/17/15 9:43 AM

The Goal and the Challenge:

The Design Summary:

Our clients had renovated and expanded their house over the years but were in need of a garage and outdoor living spaces. They approached our firm with the wish to add these elements in a manner that would complement the architecture of their home and the landscape of their site. The challenge was to add a three-car garage and its related driveway space without overwhelming the farmhouse scale of the existing residence. In addition, there were significant changes in grade at the back of the house, which made the creation of outdoor spaces challenging.

We connected a stable-inspired garage to the house with a breezeway, respecting the scale of the property by keeping the rooflines as low as possible. The asphalt driveway that dominated the front of the house was replaced with an oil and stone courtyard with bluestone and granite detailing and walkways. By adding retaining walls, we created a terrace and deck off the kitchen and dining room, turning the underutilized area into an intimate outdoor living space. New planting beds around the back terrace and front walkway provided our avid-gardener client with expanded spaces for gardening.

S i lv i a E rs kine

Erskine Associates LLC PO Box 998 Georgetown, CT 06829-0998 (203) 762-9017


54  Special Marketing Section

Erskine-renovations -2015.indd 54

6/17/15 3:34 PM

General Contractor: MaClean Woodworking LLC | Mason: Nick & Gino Vona LLC Driveway: Carroll Construction Inc. | Landscape: James Ferrone Landscaping Inc.


6/17/15 3:34 PM

Erskine-renovations -2015.indd 55

R eno vations I N S P I R E D:


Special Marketing Section 55

The Goal:

The Challenge:

The Design Summary:

Create a swimming pool that is chemical free and organic. It is critical that it match the natural habitat, that it have a low carbon footprint, and that it be a viable and sustainable alternative to a traditional swimming pool.

The project challenge was to convert a derelict man-made pond with a natural swimming pool on an estate off Taunton Hill, Connecticut. BioNova® Natural pools filter water through the use of plants rather than chemicals, creating clean water. The technology has been used in Europe for decades, but the idea has only just started to catch on here in the U.S. Freddy’s Landscape, in conjunction with artemis Landscape architects, performed research on design/construction for this pool.

The final design was a rectangular pool with a “beach entry,” a gently gliding slope that falls to more than nine feet at the deepest section of the pool. at the far end is the regeneration zone, which filters out the impurities from the water the way nature intended. The family has nicknamed the pool “Lily Pond.”

F R ED D Y M I R a Ba L L E S

Freddy’s Landscape BioNova® Natural Swimming Pools 40 Belmont Street Fairfield, CT 06824 (203) 855-7854


56 Special Marketing Section

Freddys-renovations -2015-revised.indd 56

6/17/15 12:58 PM

I N S P I R E D:

R eno vations


Special Marketing Section 57

Freddys-renovations -2015-revised.indd 57

6/17/15 12:58 PM




Usually we start with a space that is dated, not functional and unappealing. A lot of times, old broken appliances will be a motivating factor to begin a renovation.

Steps include: Consultation, jobsite measuring visits, designing the space, demo and installation.

When we leave, the customer has a big smile and a beautiful new kitchen to enjoy for many years to come.


Front Row Kitchens, Inc. 117 New Canaan Avenue Norwalk, CT 06850 (203) 849-0302


58  Special Marketing Section

FrontRow-renovations -2015.indd 58

6/17/15 3:27 PM

I N S P I R E D:

R eno vations



Special Marketing Section 59

FrontRow-renovations -2015.indd 59

6/17/15 3:27 PM

The Goal:

The Challenge:

The Design Summary:

The goal for this charming, expanded cape (opposite page, top kitchen) was to update the kitchen, giving the homeowner the oversized island she has always wanted. The kitchen was enlarged to encompass an unused area; a wet bar and large, custom dining table were added.

The challenge was making an area around the corner from the main kitchen seem connected to the dining area and wet bar. We opened the entire space by adding a support beam in the ceiling and then extending the cabinetry around the corner. By doing this, we were able to add a dining area where the new wet bar is now located and use the same style cabinetry to tie it all together.

What was once a small, tired kitchen with a tiny island that was blocking the rest of the room was turned into a state-of-the-art kitchen and dining area. The client once told me, “I wanted to move and sell my house for the longest time. You made me love my home; I am thrilled and grateful!”

J a n h i lt z

21 Bridge Square, Westport, CT 06880 (203) 331-5578


60  Special Marketing Section

JanHiltz-renovations -2015.indd 60

6/17/15 3:05 PM

I N S P I R E D:

R e n o vatio n s


BEFORE Special Marketing Section 61

JanHiltz-renovations -2015.indd 61

6/17/15 3:05 PM

The Challenge:

The Elements:

The Summary:

Our goal to totally transform a dark, dated kitchen into a casual, light space required simplicity, symmetry, and the vision to create a bright, new lifestyle area for our client’s young family.

The design team at Nukitchens worked with the client to select beautiful white inset cabinetry with a durable, lifetime finish, and countertops made of honed Jet Mist granite to complement the gray limestone floor tiles. The 30-inch-wide Blanco sink with faucet in the island is designed for easy prep and cleanup. The white lighting pendants with stainless steel bands echo the nickel hardware and 48-inch Wolf Range.

We created a fresh, modern kitchen and implemented all aspects of the renovation at this New Canaan home. Nukitchens provided complete project management, including design, demo, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, flooring, and tile work, which optimized our client’s budget. All materials were selected by our designers based on the overall design strategies.


Nukitchens 132 Water Street South Norwalk, CT 06854 (203) 831-9000


62  Special Marketing Section

NuKitchens-renovations -2015.indd 62

6/17/15 1:54 PM

I N S P I R E D:

R enovations


BEFORE Special Marketing Section 63

NuKitchens-renovations -2015.indd 63

6/17/15 1:54 PM

The Starting Point:

The Challenge:

The Design Summary:

The wish list: a list of dreams.

The key to renovating is to add to or remodel an existing home by keeping what is best and removing what does not work. The goal is to make the final project seem as though it has always been there.

The job—and the joy—is to fulfill the clients’ wishes beyond their dreams, by creating unimagined spaces while designing within the confines of the existing home.

The Goal: The word “renovate” means to restore to life, vigor, and activity. To renovate a home is to bring it a new life filled with beauty, warmth, activity, function, and love.

Patri c i a m . m i ller

Patricia M. Miller Residential Design LLC. 318 Good Hill Road Weston, CT 06883 (203) 227-7333


64  Special Marketing Section

PatMiller-renovations -2015.indd 64

6/17/15 9:49 AM

I N S P I R E D :

R eno vat i ons


BEFORE Special Marketing Section 65

PatMiller-renovations -2015.indd 65

6/17/15 9:50 AM

The Goal (this page):

The Goal (facing page top):

The Goal (facing page bottom):

The young couple who inherited a traditional Cape Cod–style house wanted a modern floor plan that took advantage of the beach views. Cardello delivered by incorporating large expanses of glass to let the landscape in.

This Greenwich waterfront project won the 2013 A-List Award for “Historical Home Renovation.” Originally built in 1898, the house deserved a historically correct restoration, so Cardello’s team reused original millwork, then hand-built new millwork to match. Cardello appreciated the opportunity to build and expand on the strengths of the house.

The nondescript colonial was transformed into an eye-catching home while providing the client a new master suite and an enlarged kitchen/family room that practically shouts “comfortable living.” Attention to architectural detail gave the new facade the curb appeal the family was looking to achieve.

Robert a . C ar d ello

Robert A. Cardello Architects 97 Washington Street South Norwalk, CT 06854 (203) 853-2524


66  Special Marketing Section

Robert Cardello-renovations -2015.indd 66

6/17/15 3:16 PM

I N S P I R E D:

R eno vations


BEFORE Special Marketing Section 67

Robert Cardello-renovations -2015.indd 67

6/17/15 1:03 PM

The Challenge:

The Strategy:

The Outcome:

to transform an “ugly duckling” house into a classic lake house and weekend refuge, while enlarging the dwelling to meet our client’s needs.

We maintained the house’s basic proportions, but enlarged the footprint by extending the front forward, toward the lake. this gave us the opportunity to reimagine almost everything about the home’s visual language and spatial development.

a house that looks just right in its lovely waterfront setting and provides for the varied activities of a large and exceptionally active family.

r o b e r t d e a n a r c h i t e c t s


Robert Dean Architects 111 Cherry Street New Canaan, CT 06840 (203) 966-8333


68 Special Marketing Section

RobertDean-renovations -2015.indd 68

6/17/15 1:09 PM

I N S P I R E D:

R eno vat ions



BEFORE Special Marketing Section 69

RobertDean-renovations -2015.indd 69

6/17/15 1:09 PM

The Directive:

The Challenge:

The Solution:

The owners requested “something clean and spare, Zen and graphic.” Moving from a Manhattan apartment to a suburban colonial was a challenge, especially for the graphic designer half of the couple. The goal was to create an urban, loft-like feel: integrate expanses of white; employ minimal furnishings; hide toys, televisions, and appliances; incorporate many windows and doors; and create enough space for three young children to roam and play.

The house was a rabbit warren of small, dark rooms, and the yard was filled with rocky outcroppings and ledge. The owners needed a new kitchen, breakfast area, family room, master suite, home office, and outdoor entertaining areas. To minimize costs, work was limited to the new addition and to opening a few walls in the existing house. The addition was visible from the street, so we were to integrate, rather than challenge, the neighborhood vernacular.

The owners shared our love of indoor/outdoor living, natural light, and rooms flowing into each other. An open plan living area flows directly into existing interior rooms and directly onto a new terrace and redesigned yard. The all-white kitchen contrasts sharply with the lush green yard beyond. The tall white cabinets and storage walls conceal hardware as well as everyday stuff. The expressive and graphic black-clad exterior blends with the existing house but is distinctively new.

SellarsLathropArchitects llc

Ann Sellars Lathrop

Sellars Lathrop Architects 1 Kings Highway North Westport, CT 06880 (203) 222-0229


70  Special Marketing Section

sellars-renovations -2015.indd 70

6/17/15 10:02 AM

I N S P I R E D:

R e n o vatio n s


BEFORE Special Marketing Section 71

sellars-renovations -2015.indd 71

6/17/15 10:02 AM

The Goal:

The Must-Haves:

The Advantages:

To understand and evaluate every renovation project in terms of both the short-term impact on the space and the clients and the long-term investment value. To educate clients about setting realistic goals and about achieving what they want while making a sound investment.

A meeting at the start of a project to understand the clients’ needs and desires, and an evaluation to identify proper objectives that will meet the clients’ expectations while staying within budget.

As the owner of a construction company and a residential property management company, Frank Festini has experience working within every budget range. He enjoys educating his clients and empowering them in their decision-making so that together, they can ensure that the project will be everything the homeowners want and will ultimately add to the value of their house.

Southport, Connecticut (203) 256-8335

F ra nk F e s t i ni

TotalCare of Wilton & New Canaan (203) 210-7080


72  Special Marketing Section

Southport-renovations -2015.indd 72

6/17/15 3:24 PM


R e n o vat i o n s

BEFORE Special Marketing Section 73

Southport-renovations -2015.indd 73

6/17/15 3:24 PM

The Goal:

The Challenge:

The Design Summary:

To improve the home’s poor circulation while adding a new second floor master suite, entry and living areas. The design should also enhance the curb appeal of the home’s exterior.

All new work had to stay within the existing footprint. The new layout had to flow seamlessly with rooms that were not being touched, such as the family room and kitchen.

Removing an unused chimney in the center of the home and reconfiguring the interior layout greatly improved circulation. The existing first-floor master bedroom was turned into a sunroom, and a new master suite was created on the second floor. To maximize efficiency, a wet bar was integrated into a new stair leading up to the master suite.

L u c i en V i ta

VITA DESIGN GROUP 57 Main St. Westport, CT 06880 (203) 283-1561


74  Special Marketing Section

Vita-renovations -2015.indd 74

6/17/15 1:12 PM

IN S P I R E D :

R e n ovat i o n s



Special Marketing Section 75

Vita-renovations -2015.indd 75

6/17/15 1:12 PM

ad - full page.indd 1

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full page.indd 1

6/9/14 2:18 PM

Text by Dan Shaw Photography by John Gould Bessler Produced by Karin Lidbeck Brent

CT-SUM15 JaneGreen-Westport.indd 78

A picket fence with climbing roses and a covered front porch provide the story­book look author Jane Green wanted for her “new old house.” FACING PAGE: The front hall has high-gloss walls and a herringbone floor that was hand-rubbed piece by piece as it was installed to give it a patina.

6/15/15 8:43 PM

A Novel Approach Stymied in their search for an old house, a best-selling author and her husband build their own version of a classic New England shingled farmhouse.

CT-SUM15 JaneGreen-Westport.indd 79

6/15/15 8:43 PM

The design of the kitchen island, with its open shelves, was “directly copied from Martha Stewart’s kitchen in Bedford,” says Green, who painted the cabinets in Stewart’s Bedford Gray. FACING PAGE: The kitchen opens to a family room that has a paneled ceiling and beams of reclaimed lumber.

80  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

CT-SUM15 JaneGreen-Westport.indd 80

6/15/15 8:43 PM

“Since I was a child, I always wanted to live in a New England farmhouse,” says best-selling novelist Jane Green, who grew up in London. “I love that vernacular. I must have read a lot of novels set in Vermont.” When she and her husband, Ian Warburg, a venture capitalist, were looking to buy a house for themselves and their blended family of six children, they limited their search to Westport. “My husband will only live by the beach in the town where he grew up,” says Green, who had her own stipulations. “I wanted a pretty house. I love homes that have history and charm.” However, there were only three houses in Westport that satisfied their requirements—and none of them were on the market. “We’d put notes in their doors asking the homeowners if they’d ever sell, and we never heard back from them,” she says. The couple realized they would have to “build a new old house,” she says. “Eventually, we stumbled upon the perfect piece of land with beautiful fruit trees, which, of course, all had to be removed!” If their neighbors were initially horrified, they’re no

doubt pleased that the house Green and Warburg built has a quaint, low-profile exterior that camouflages its vast size. “Our goal was to build something appropriate for the neighborhood,” Green says. Green, whose seventeenth novel, Summer Secrets, is coming out this summer, took off a year from writing to oversee the construction of the house, which was designed in collaboration with Brooke Girty, an architect in Lyme who specializes in traditional shingled houses. “Jane is a blast to work with,” says Girty. “She knows what she likes and has a nice sensibility that’s authentic and gracious.” But not, as it turns out, entirely all-American. “I can’t suppress my English sensibilities,” Green confesses. “I grew up in the South of France as well as London. There are a lot of European touches in the house, such as the limestone fireplace and the black mullions on the French doors that are like the steel ones you see in France.” Since she’s a trained chef who loves to cook and summer 2015  New England Home Connecticut 81

CT-SUM15 JaneGreen-Westport.indd 81

6/15/15 8:43 PM

In the dining room/library, a Frenchstyle iron chandelier hangs above the antique walnut table that came from Green’s parents’ house in the South of France. Picture lights from Visual Comfort illuminate the bookshelves that wrap the room where her ­children often do their homework.

Green decided to wrap the walls with bookcases. “I thought a formal dining room was pointless. The dining room really became our library.” 82  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

CT-SUM15 JaneGreen-Westport.indd 82

6/15/15 8:43 PM

summer 2015  New England Home Connecticut 83

CT-SUM15 JaneGreen-Westport.indd 83

6/15/15 8:43 PM

CT-SUM15 JaneGreen-Westport.indd 84

6/15/15 8:43 PM

Project Team

Brooke Girty Soundview Construction Advisors Builder: Tiefenthaler Construction Landscape design: Simon Johnson Architecture:

Project manager:

entertain, Green obsessed about the kitchen. “It took me six months to find a piece of Carrara marble that looked oldfashioned for the counters,” she says. The open shelves under the center island—“directly copied from Martha Stewart’s kitchen in Bedford”—are artfully filled with stacks of mismatched bowls and platters. “Everything I buy is white, so they all go together,” Green says. To give the kitchen antique authenticity, she found wavy restoration glass to go in cabinet doors painted in Martha Stewart Bedford Gray. (The rest of the house is painted in Benjamin Moore Pale Oak, a hue Green describes as “kind of greige.”) Over the island, she hung three blownglass fixtures she found, after a protracted search. “They’re a strong focal point and really make the room,” she says. In the adjacent dining room, Green decided to wrap the walls with bookcases. “I thought a formal dining room was pointless,” she says. Her children do their homework on the antique walnut table, a treasure from her parents’ home in France. “We keep books on top of it most of the time,” she says. “The dining room really became our library.” The family room that opens onto the kitchen is used not only for everyday meals but also for most of the couple’s entertaining. In warm weather, they prefer to dine on the adjacent covered porch and terrace made of antique fieldstones. “It took a while for us to get it right,” she says. “We wanted the pergola covered in wisteria to look like it was 100 years old.” The outdoor spaces, including the terraces that lead down to the pool at the bottom of the garden, are crucial to the home’s gestalt. “Gardening is like meditation for me,” she says. “I’m English. It’s in my blood.” She hired the English landscape designer Simon Johnson, who had worked for nine years with Penelope Hobhouse,

Raising chickens and growing fruits and vegetables contribute to the property’s downon-the-farm vibe. The cupola’s nest holes are a clever trompe l’oeil. The garage was designed to resemble a barn. summer 2015  New England Home Connecticut 85

CT-SUM15 JaneGreen-Westport.indd 85

6/15/15 8:43 PM

An outdoor dining table is set beneath a pergola dense with wisteria. The fieldstones for the terrace were carefully chosen to give the outdoor spaces an antique look. FACING PAGE: Landscape designer Simon Johnson created a secluded garden room for the swimming pool.

CT-SUM15 JaneGreen-Westport.indd 86

6/15/15 8:43 PM

The outdoor spaces are crucial to the home’s gestalt. “Gardening is like meditation for me,” says Green. “I’m English. It’s in my blood.”

the doyenne of English gardening. “He does beautiful structured gardens with lush plantings,” Green says. “This was my second garden with him, but I didn’t go all out, because I don’t have the time to devote to it.” As busy as her life is, Green still finds time to tend a large vegetable garden. “We eat from it all summer. We grow rhubarb, lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini—all the usual things,” she says, noting that it’s not easy, because she has “an annual fight with a woodchuck.” Raising chickens has been just as challenging. “It’s hard because of all the critters,” she says. In the winter, she and her husband spend more time in the living room, which is just as cozy and laid-back as the family room, with its paneled ceiling and reclaimed wood beams that came from a defunct factory in northwestern Connecticut. The palette of warm neutrals throughout the house is augmented by the layering of textures—linens, seagrass, canvas, and grasscloth. “I wanted the whole house to feel like you could kick off your shoes and curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine,” Green says. Indeed, nothing is precious, including the quintessentially English

George Smith armchairs by the living-room fireplace. “Don’t look too closely,” cautions Green. “They have been clawed to death by my cats.” And yet there are moments of understated elegance, such as the vaguely Swedish front hall with its high-gloss paneled walls and a custom herringbone floor that Green had hand-rubbed piece by piece as it was installed to create an instant patina. In the living room, a Gustavian Mora clock is a sophisticated grace note. “I saw one in the Diane Keaton movie Something’s Gotta Give and I had to have one,” she says. Like the novels she writes, the house is cinematic and romantic. And she admits to utilizing a bit of stagecraft: after designing the garage to look like a barn, she could not find the right antique dovecote to use as a cupola, so she ended up buying a facsimile with trompe l’oeil nest holes. But the happiness her home has brought her is authentic. As she admires the picket fence out front that’s festooned with climbing roses, Green says, “I got everything I ever dreamed about.” • Resources For more information about this home, see page 140. summer 2015  New England Home Connecticut 87

CT-SUM15 JaneGreen-Westport.indd 87

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A makeover peels away the layers to give a home in the countryside a sophisticated simplicity.

Pastoral Mission


88 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut summer 2015

CT-SUM15 Kalur-NewPreston.indd 88

6/15/15 8:53 PM

The step-down patio, just off the home’s family room, is a favorite entertaining spot. FAcING PAGe: Formal gardens, tree groves, and meandering walkways surround the New Preston house.

summer 2015 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut 89

CT-SUM15 Kalur-NewPreston.indd 89

6/15/15 8:53 PM


home in the country can, at times, be a little too country for some people. This proved true of a New Preston farmhouse that won the hearts of a New York City couple in search of a Litchfield County getaway. The wife remembers: “We were looking for something with charm, plenty of space to spread out, with all the important amenities— beautiful trees, a great lawn, a pool, tennis court, guesthouse, ­entertainment barn, and in close-tomove-in condition.”

They found almost everything they sought. The house certainly was livable. The centuries-old main dwelling with two additions—one a sunroom and the other a bedroom wing—had been substantially

90  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

CT-SUM15 Kalur-NewPreston.indd 90

6/15/15 8:53 PM

A white-on-white hallway is punctuated by a sleek console and graphic zebra painting. FAcING PAGe, ToP: The abstract painting in the living room is by artist steven Miller. FAcING PAGe, BoTToM: The living room’s large fireplace threatened to overpower the living room, so Kalur used her signature “chic neutrals” to scale back its imposing size.

summer 2015 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut 91

CT-SUM15 Kalur-NewPreston.indd 91

6/15/15 8:53 PM

In the kitchen, everyone’s favorite gathering spot, traditional millwork and more modern furniture make happy companions. FAcING PAGe, ToP: Walls of windows in the family room provide generous outside views. FAcING PAGe, BoTToM: The barn-sided family room as seen from the lawn.

92 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut summer 2015

CT-SUM15 Kalur-NewPreston.indd 92

6/15/15 8:53 PM

r­ enovated by previous owners. It even came furnished—a plus, because just five weeks after closing, the family would celebrate Thanksgiving in the house. It was nearly perfect for the young, active family, says the wife. “We have four children ranging in age from five to fifteen, so having lots of space was a priority.” The glitch: it was over-the-top country. “The house was decorated in a traditional French Country style, with green kitchen cabinets and green walls everywhere,” says interior designer Claudia Kalur. With its plethora of distressed finishes and abundance of accessories, the look was just too fussy for this family. So Kalur, of CFK Interiors in South Kent, was called in to tone things down. “We knew that with a fresh coat of white paint and an update to many of the fixtures, we could create a contemporary country-style home that better appealed to our taste,” says the wife. That more modern, pared-down kind of country is

A more modern, pared-down kind of country is some­thing that designer Kalur’s clients ask for all the time.

summer 2015  New England Home Connecticut 93

CT-SUM15 Kalur-NewPreston.indd 93

6/15/15 8:53 PM

The home holds many “country modern� vignettes, including a corner retreat in the master suite. FAcING PAGe, ToP: The silver prints in the charmingly retro bath are by New Milford artist and decorator Ron Norsworthy. FAcING PAGe, BoTToM: A midcentury bedside table suits the master bedroom.

94 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut summer 2015

CT-SUM15 Kalur-NewPreston.indd 94

6/15/15 8:53 PM

something her clients ask for all the time, says Kalur, who for five years managed Privet House, Litchfield County’s popular purveyor of sophisticated antiques and home furnishings. The designer says she is averse to labels, but when pressed, she calls the style “modern, country but chic.” “I see it in a lot of New York City clients,” she says, “weekenders in their thirties-to-mid-fifties, who have an urban aesthetic. They want the modern side of country. And even among those with a more traditional sensibility—those who like art walls and collections, for example—there’s a modern undertone to it.” To achieve the look, Kalur lightened up every room, bit by bit, until the whole house had been gently contemporized. The overhaul extended to the entertainment barn on the second floor of the detached garage, as well as to the guesthouse, an award-winning building designed by the noted Greenwich architectural firm Halper Owens some twenty years ago. The latter was refreshed with new furnishings, but at the homeowners’ insistence, Kalur preserved its camp-like feel. With paint as the ace up her sleeve, Kalur reinvented the compound without altering the structures in any way. She began with the kitchen, using her signature Benjamin Moore colors: Winter White on the cabinets, Dragon’s Breath (a muted gray) at the back of the open shelves and on the island. “Once we had established that base,” says the wife,

“we built the rest of the design around it.” Kalur added to the palette as she moved through the rooms. “We wanted uniformity throughout,” she says. “I started with the ‘chic neutrals’—taupes, creams, and grays. Then we added the splashes of color. Black and white is a sophisticated combo that pops against the neutrals we were using.” The renovation evolved “piece by piece, room by room,” remembers the wife: “light, bright rooms, no heavy window treatments, soft inviting fabrics, and nothing too precious.” Kalur may have avoided precious, but she didn’t forgo special. In the living room, for example, she designed every piece of clean, modern furniture. And in doing so, she showed the locals a lot of love. “We are very lucky to have so many wonderful and talented artists and craftspeople in the area,” she summer 2015  New England Home Connecticut 95

CT-SUM15 Kalur-NewPreston.indd 95

6/15/15 8:53 PM

“We play, swim, eat,” the wife says, “and maybe most important, we sit back and watch the sun set behind the trees.” says. “I always want to be supportive and use them as often as I can.” Among her favorite pieces are lamps in the master bedroom. “They were made by the fantastic duo behind dbO Home in Sharon,” she says. “I also love the live-edge coffee table in the living room that I designed with, and had made by, Greg Randall of RT Facts, in Kent. Even the bar cart—I designed a custom version with The New Traditionalists, and it was proudly made thirty minutes north of us, in Torrington.” The homeowners are also great advocates of the arts and wanted work by local artists, says the designer. A favorite painting—a bold, broad-strokes work by Steve W. Miller, who has homes in New York

City and Kent—hangs in the living room. The family enjoys the home inside and out, yearround. Gardener Kyle Shay, who lives right around the corner, has been lovingly sprucing up the landscaping for the last three years. “I have always loved that piece of land, with its natural outcroppings and slopes,” says Shay. She has spearheaded everything from revamping the vegetable and wall gardens to giving the pool area a much-needed facelift. “There are always ongoing projects,” she says. The family enjoys the lovely yard and its surroundings just as much as they do the house. “We play, work on landscaping projects, swim, eat,” the wife says, “and maybe most important, we sit back and watch the sun set behind the trees, throwing beautiful warm shadows across the lawn.” The project took as long as it did in part because the homeowners wanted to enjoy the house throughout the process, says Kalur. Now that the transformation is complete, the family is delighted with what the wife calls the “clean and bright and inviting” new look. “Each room has its own purpose and gets used,” she says. “We have now replaced every single piece of original furniture with our own, so it very much feels like we are living in ‘our house’ now.” • Resources For more information about this home, see page 140.

96  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

CT-SUM15 Kalur-NewPreston.indd 96

6/15/15 8:53 PM

The main room in the guesthouse is clearly rustic, with a handful of contemporary touches. FAcING PAGe, LeFT: A view of the guesthouse, which sits up the hill from the main house. FAcING PAGe, RIGHT: A welcoming guesthouse bedroom, dressed for summer.

summer 2015 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut 97

CT-SUM15 Kalur-NewPreston.indd 97

6/15/15 8:53 PM

In Grand Fashion

A homeowner and his designer conspire to bring a 1920s Tudor-style home up to date while safeguarding its fine craftsmanship and gracious spirit.

CT-SUM15 SkyeKirby-OldGreenwich.indd 98

6/16/15 7:18 PM

Text by Megan Fulweiler Photography by Nat Rea Produced by Stacy Kunstel

CT-SUM15 SkyeKirby-OldGreenwich.indd 99

The living room’s vignettes of beautiful natural objects would have been as revered when the house was built as they are today. FACING PAGE: The entry’s original woodwork and chandelier are testaments to the home’s pedigreed past. Atop the antique table rests an 1899 painting of Lake George, New York, bought at an auction.

6/16/15 7:18 PM

The living room’s comfortable seating areas (here and facing page, bottom) accommodate a number of activities, while original antique features like iron radiators and wall sconces lend character. The antique Brazilian coffee table is from Lillian August. FACING PAGE, TOP: Halftimbering, stone, and steeply pitched roofs reflect the home’s unique Tudor style. The custom windows were fabricated by Marvin to mimic the originals.

CT-SUM15 SkyeKirby-OldGreenwich.indd 100

6/16/15 7:18 PM

To label this simply a sensitive renovation would belie the scope of the project. No ordinary update, the elaborate makeover covered a number of years and entailed everything you can think of, from the replacement of mechanical systems to a restoration of the home’s gorgeous woodwork. Custom window replacements throughout, modernized baths, a gym where once the billiard room stood—the list seems endless. It’s as if the fairy godmother of old houses waved magic dust over the entire place and made it sparkle. The most amazing part of the story, however, is that despite being catapulted into this century, the gracious Riverside property in Old Greenwich has kept its integrity and character intact. Of course, stop to consider who was involved, and it’s no wonder the outcome was spectacular. Businessman Ken Salamone has a history of rescuing timeworn houses, not for profit but for the sheer joy of infusing the aged beauties with life. And interior designer Skye Kirby Westcott’s twenty-five-year career has been nothing if not impressive. Holding

posts at some of the toniest retailers in the country, including Lillian August and, currently, Arhaus, Westcott also maintains her own eponymous design firm based in Cohasset, Massachusetts. When she and Salamone met years—and several houses—ago, they had instant rapport.

summer 2015  New England Home Connecticut 101

CT-SUM15 SkyeKirby-OldGreenwich.indd 101

6/16/15 7:18 PM

TOP LEFT: “We picked the antique

rug before we even knew what we were going to do with the family room,” says Westcott. An antique map and leather chair also boost the room’s cozy spirit. TOP RIGHT: The owner designed the dining room’s chair rail, and builder Artur Domka meticulously crafted it. The fabric on the upholstered chairs and at the windows is by Katie Leede. French doors leading into the living room are a new addition.

Westcott fell as hard for the unique, well-built house as Salamone had. “I see things the way they could be. I see potential, and so does Skye,” Says Salamone. 102  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

CT-SUM15 SkyeKirby-OldGreenwich.indd 102

6/16/15 7:19 PM

That first fateful encounter occurred just before the Thanksgiving holiday and involved the purchase of a table. The designer, as luck would have it, happened to be strolling through the showroom on her way to somewhere else and was snagged by Salamone for help. Upon hearing a description of his dining room, she promptly let him know the model he’d chosen wouldn’t work. What he obviously needed was a round piece. “She was absolutely right,” Salamone recalls. “Everybody loves that table. Now, my mother has it.”

Confident for ever after of Westcott’s experienced eye, Salamone wouldn’t have bought this house without having her look it over first. But, as you might suspect since the friends share a mutual respect for the past, Westcott fell as hard for the unique, wellbuilt house as he had. “I see things the way they could be. I see potential, and so does Skye,” says Salamone. The classic timber-and-stone English Tudor–style residence was constructed in 1921 by Florence White, managing editor of Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World newspaper. Commanding the top of a hill (once summer 2015  New England Home Connecticut 103

CT-SUM15 SkyeKirby-OldGreenwich.indd 103

6/16/15 7:19 PM

the site of a Revolutionary War lookout), it fairly glows in the morning’s east light and then enjoys perfect west light as the day winds down. Natural light, Westcott confirms, streams in, safeguarding the rooms from gloominess and showcasing the home’s incredible craftsmanship, too. With the original blueprints as a guide, Salamone and Westcott—with assistance from Saratoga Springs, New York, architect Michael Phinney—were

Project Team Architecture:

Michael Phinney, Phinney Design Group Interior design: Skye Kirby Westcott Builder: Artur Domka

104  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

CT-SUM15 SkyeKirby-OldGreenwich.indd 104

6/16/15 7:19 PM

able to revive each room’s glory. Although there had been only a handful of previous owners and they’d all been excellent custodians, some unwelcome changes had occurred. Part of the dining room’s chair rail, for instance, had been removed. As a stylish remedy, a new, slightly less ornate chair rail was created that looks like it’s been there forever. Dinner guests, content on upholstered chairs that flank a Westcottdesigned table, never guess otherwise, in fact.

The distinguished kitchen exudes an alwaysbeen-here air as well. But, in truth, it’s a brand-new version carefully orchestrated to fit the house, says Salamone. “My fiancée, Jessica Delguercio, played a big part in its design,” he says. Indeed, with its coffered ceiling, marble counters, and subtly crosshatched faux-painted walls, this space is as gracious as all the other rooms. According to Salamone, use is giving the bronze-topped island an irresistible

The out-of-date kitchen has been replaced with a bright and efficient space with a tiled backsplash, classic cabinetry, and limestone floor that fit right in with the home’s traditional style. ABOVE LEFT: Adjacent to the kitchen, the breakfast room also sports a limestone floor. BOTTOM LEFT: Natural light makes the master bath’s pale floor and walls luminous.

CT-SUM15 SkyeKirby-OldGreenwich.indd 105

6/16/15 7:19 PM

The architect used restraint in making exterior changes, the better to preserve the original shape and proportions of the house. TOP RIGHT: The smaller tower holds the original manual-powered elevator. Salamone’s office perches at the top of the other, and the first-floor sunroom is now a media room. BOTTOM RIGHT: The eye-catching bull was a present to Salamone from Westcott. “Ken is my friend. We’re part of each other’s lives,” she says.

patina that illustrates how daily life unfolds. What was once the butler’s pantry has become the breakfast room, which—thanks to the removal of an existing wall—opens to the comfortable family room. A favorite niche for everybody, the family room sports a maple ceiling. With the lustrous wood overhead and an antique carpet below, it’s the kind of warm haven that takes nesting to a whole new level. Given the architecture’s drama, conjuring a suitable decor might have proved tricky for a lesser

“I value every house I work on. I want each to be not just decorated, but a real home,” says WEstcott.

designer. But with Katie Leede’s artful fabrics for Holland & Sherry as her inspiration, Westcott has conjured just the right tone, from the entry to the tower where Salamone’s office is located. “I value every house I work on. I want each to be not just decorated, but a real home,” she says. To that end, even accessories play a major role. Case in point? The living room and its cache of books and boat prints, each carefully chosen according to Salmone’s tastes and interests. Perhaps none warrant attention, though, quite like the tiny sea horses and sea urchins floating under individual glass domes. The wee specimens were a Westcott discovery, but they speak to the owner’s appreciation for nature and design. Another popular destination with plenty of seating for family and friends, the spacious room features twin Barclay Butera sofas in addition to its generous window seat. The leather-upholstered fire-

106  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

CT-SUM15 SkyeKirby-OldGreenwich.indd 106

6/16/15 7:19 PM

place fender—an accoutrement no polished dwelling of this era would have been without—is original. On the second level, two walls were removed to fashion a highly comfortable and chic master suite with an adjacent dressing room. Marble-fronted fireplaces lend each an extra dose of elegance. Certainly, the owner’s bath also more than exceeds today’s standards for luxury, with its dual chromelegged sinks and marble floor. Rather than highlight the room’s paneling, Westcott cleverly had all the woodwork finished in the same hue. It’s a technique often seen in older homes (as in British author Jane Austen’s house, the designer points out) that affords unity and enhances a sense of space. In the end, says Salamone happily, “Skye took my vision and made it reality. It’s a wonderful house. There’s good karma.” • Resources For more information about this home, see page 140.

CT-SUM15 SkyeKirby-OldGreenwich.indd 107

6/16/15 7:19 PM






Mar Silver, Mar Silver Design


➻ Called upon to modernize an otherwise


traditional colonial in Fairfield County, designer Mar Silver focused on materials. The goal in the kitchen—much like the rest of the house—was a neutral-colored, serene space that gets its visual appeal from the interplay of various surfaces and textures. Silver incorporated large expanses of white marble—note the kitchen island, the extended backsplashes, and sections of countertop—and balanced it with stainless-steel shelving, counters, and appliances. The floor-to-ceiling metal-clad windows are new; Silver chose to forgo window treatments in order to invite in the only pop of color: the lush, green outdoors. Layering various hues of wood, from the black-oak cabinets and custom-stained flooring to the primitive table and sculptural two-toned chairs, lends depth and texture. The end result is streamlined, efficient, and beautiful: the perfect recipe. 108 NEW ENGLAND HOME CONNECTICUT SUMMER 2015

CT-SUM15 Kitchen and Bath.indd 108

6/18/15 4:25 PM

ARCHITECT: Joeb Moore, Joeb

Moore & Partners Architects INTERIOR DESIGN: Sally Markham, Sally Markham Design BUILDER: Prutting & Company Custom Builders



➻ It’s no surprise that the kitchen is the hub of this house both architecturally (the rest of the house pinwheels around the space) and in terms of its role as a family gathering spot. And there’s no better place to congregate than at the commanding twenty-footlong kitchen island. Architect Joeb Moore designed an open plan that incorporates familiar forms with a modern sensibility. He achieved this by contrasting more traditional elements, such as the high-gloss, gray, tongue-and-groove boards and the concealed European-hinge cabinetry, against contemporary stainless-steel appliances, countertops, and backsplash. A suspended ceiling that floats away from the perimeter is in keeping with the room’s modern aesthetic, and concealed soffit lights provide a warm, glowing light. A gun-blue steel-finished gas fireplace makes a strong statement and adds literal warmth to the oft-used space.


CT-SUM15 Kitchen and Bath.indd 109

6/18/15 4:25 PM





➻ Architect Louise Brooks flipflopped the kitchen and breakfast rooms in this Georgian colonial, creating a lighter, brighter working kitchen that also serves as a prime gathering spot. In keeping with the owners’ more formal aesthetic, Brooks went fairly traditional (note the moldings, ceiling coffers, and painted flat-panel cabinetry), while steering clear of stuffy. Clean lines, simple detailing, and a contemporary black-and-white color palette bridge the gap between traditional and transitional. The furnishings— backless stools bellied up to the island and Danish-inspired chairs flanking the breakfast table—further modernize the room. Just opposite the island sits a woodburning fireplace, beckoning visitors to get cozy and stay awhile. ARCHITECT: Louise Brooks,

Brooks & Falotico Associates BUILDER: Fox Hill Builders


➻ Out with the old (traditional) kitchen and in with the new (more transitional) space. The main work area, once relegated to a corner, now sits front and center. A large island grounds the space and provides a central spot to prep and gather. Stylistically speaking, designer Emily Fuhrman wanted a kitchen that felt classic and timeless, yet featured modern touches throughout. As a nod to the latter, she incorporated elongated glass subway tiles, a contemporary faucet, and an undulating white-linen light fixture. For warmth and contrast, Fuhrman wove in various textures and hues, from the honey-colored floors and crisp, white cabinets to the dark walnut-stained island and two-toned stools. “Everything doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy,” she points out. “It’s so much more interesting when you layer with textures.”

INTERIOR DESIGNER: Emily Fuhrman, Sage &

Ginger Interior Design ARCHITECT: Jack Bigosinski, PB Architects BUILDER: Jeff Stanley, J.R. Stanley Builders


CT-SUM15 Kitchen and Bath.indd 110

6/18/15 4:42 PM

DESIGNER: Mar Silver,

Mar Silver Design


➻ Designer Mar Silver used the same


language in this first-floor pool house/ guest bath as in the home’s kitchen (page 108), emphasizing form and texture over color. Once again she played with materials and how they relate to one another. Charcoal glass mosaic tiles provide a nice reflective quality that’s grounded by the limestone floor. Silver opted for a glass-paneled edgeless shower to enlarge the space and then added touches that lend an organic feel. A built-in teak bench penetrates the glass and acts as seat, shelf, or storage. White window treatments fabricated from a natural fiber match the minimalist palette and allow the landscape beyond to shine. Silver finished her design with a conversation-starting metal sculpture. “I think art lives everywhere—even in the bathroom,” she says. “It breathes life and energy into the room.” •

//////// RESOURCES

For more information about the professionals, see page 140.


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Design | Build | Renovate


new canaan, ct |

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High Performance Construction

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PERSPECTIVES Connecticut design considered from every angle







OUTDOOR PLANTERS: A green thumb is optional when you have a planter that steals the show. EDITED BY LYNDA SIMONTON

1. Turned Leaf Urn

2. Litchfield Planter

3. Orange Okura Planter

Terrain, Westport, (203) 226-2742,

Bunny Williams for Century Furniture, The Tulip Tree Collection, Washington Depot, (860) 8682802,

Jonathan Adler, Westport (203) 221-4547; Greenwich, (203) 622-1476,

5. Chestnut Planter

Restoration Hardware, Westport, (203) 222-1027, Greenwich (203) 552-1040,

4. Terracotta Glazed Urn Circa 1960 United House Wrecking, Stamford, (203) 348-5371,

Colonial Gardens & Greenhouses, Fairfield, (203) 259-2722,

6. Maywood Urn


CT-SUM15 Perspectives.indd 115

6/17/15 3:23 PM

Lewis Chandelier from Gabby Home


Shopping Bag



Interior designer Cyrilla Yanez assembles the necessities for an uber-stylish nursery.

“This chandelier has a simple and beautiful shape—just what you need in a nursery.” Cyrilla Home

Pompeian Wallpaper ///

“The simple pattern of this Cole & Son wallpaper makes it a perfect backdrop for a serene nursery with plenty of style.” DesignSourceCT, (860) 951-3145,

Link Throw from Kumi Kookoon ///

“Babies need warmth and delicate textures; cashmere provides both.” Available through Cyrilla Home and

DucDuc Austin Four-Drawer Changer ///

“This handsome, versatile changing table features a removable changing tray, allowing for easy conversion to a dresser.” Cyrilla Home

DucDuc Regency Crib ///

“This crib channels old Hollywood glamour with its retro silhouette and chic circle medallions.” Cyrilla Home, Norwalk, (203) 939-9222,

Cyrilla Home, Norwalk, (203) 939-9222, 116 NEW ENGLAND HOME CONNECTICUT SUMMER 2015

CT-SUM15 Perspectives.indd 116

6/17/15 3:23 PM

full page.indd 1 APOOLneHome8x10.75.indd 1

6/15/15 2:39 6/12/15 10:24PM AM


What I’m Looking At KATE THOMPSON

The picturesque Connecticut River Valley, a go-to design book, travel, and his own shop, all help to continually finetune designer Dennis Pough’s creativity.



Robert Cardinal’s lovely painting of a dinghy on mooring reminded me of the Connecticut River Valley that I am so lucky to call home. The painting established just the right pop of optimistic color I needed to enliven the dining room I designed for a local client. I strive to strike the right balance of calm flattering tones and bright color to inspire lively conversation in dining spaces.”


“On the first weekend of every month, the Tuscan town of Arezzo hosts the most inspiring antiques market. I stumbled upon it last year and came away with only what I could carry. All walks of Italian life were selling homey local furniture, hand-carved snuffboxes, ancient architectural hardware, and charming genre paintings. I kick myself that I didn’t anticipate that I might need to reserve space in a shipping container before I left.”

“Published in 2014, Jean-Louis Deniot Interiors has become a staple on my side table. His nearly monochromatic— but everinteresting— palette consistently reminds me that considered form and texture are the building blocks of today’s most luxurious spaces.”

“When most people think of Essex, they think of its Colonial maritime history and its connection to the trade at the mouth of the Connecticut River. The building that houses our shop was once a piano dealer selling the ivory that was brought directly from Africa for many years. Luckily, today the ivory trade is over, but we still like to think we are participating in the tradition of bringing treasure from near and far back to Essex.” Pough Interiors, Essex, (860) 581-8344, 118 NEW ENGLAND HOME CONNECTICUT SUMMER 2015

CT-SUM15 Perspectives.indd 118

6/17/15 3:23 PM






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What Makes It Work Meticulously calculated details help a Shingle-style home become one with the timeless, windswept coast on which it stands. 1. Overscale gambrel roofs and a stone-clad lower section make the three-story structure appear to hunker into, or grow out of, the site.

2. A flared roof edge with inset “Yankee” gutters and rugged trapezoidal porch columns enhance the overall feel of solidity and strength.

3. All exterior colors—stone, shingles, and trim painted in custom grays from Donald Kaufman—harmonize with the hues of the surrounding ledge rock.


4. A path of stepping stones skirts a massive granite outcropping on its way to the sheltered front porch, creating a sense, almost, of entering the hillside.

5. Plantings of Perovskia, spiderwort, sedums, creeping thyme, and native sedges feel almost unplanned, require little soil, and will withstand the occasionally severe maritime weather.

6. Fanciful brackets surrounding the central window groupings provide just a touch of architectural whimsy.


Architecture: McKee Patterson, Austin Patterson Disston Architects, Southport, (203) 255-4031, Builder: Hobbs, New Canaan, (203) 966-0726, Landscape architecture: Eric Groft, Oehme, van Sweden & Associates, Washington, D.C., (202) 546-7575, 120 NEW ENGLAND HOME CONNECTICUT SUMMER 2015

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SUBSCRIBE NOW! AN ENTIRE YEAR OF LUXURY & STYLE FOR ONLY $15.95 Call (800) 765-1225 today and subscribe to New England Home Connecticut with the special promotion code DCON10.


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Celebrating 30 years of fine home Celebrating 30 years restorations of fine home building, additions, building, additions, restorations and renovations in Fairfield County Celebrating 30 years of fineCounty home and renovations in Fairfield building, additions, restorations and renovations in Fairfield County

Additions Additions

Historic Restorations Historic Restorations


Historic Restorations

Guest Cottages Guest Cottages

Pool Houses Pool Houses

Guest Cottages

Pool Houses

House Raising House Raising

Barns Barns

House Raising


Custom Homes/New Construction Custom Homes/New Construction Custom Homes/New Construction 203-857-0055 203-857-0055 203-857-0055

6/17/15 1:40 PM

Design Life

Out and about in celebration of design and architecture in Connecticut 2


David Sloane


networking Event

New England Home Connecticut just turned five! The doors swung open to welcome a spring breeze at the Gault Stone showroom in Westport as the design and building community celebrated our fifth anniversary. Many of the guests have been friends and supporters since our very first issue, and their businesses have grown along with the magazine’s page counts. We’re excited to see what the next five years will bring!










(1) Celebrating five years! (2) New England Home’s Paula M. Bodah and Alexandra Corrado with Sam Gault of Gault Energy & Stone (3) Andy Dehler of Gault Energy & Stone and Karen Bradbury of Closet & Storage Concepts (4) The Gault Stone showroom in Westport (5) Robert Dean of Robert Dean Architects and Foster Lyons of Horizon Builders (6) Josh Kebabian of Kebabian’s Oriental Rugs with Jan and Gorden Hiltz of Jan Hiltz Interiors (7) Cynthia Beebe of BB Custom Lampshades and Dinyar Wadia of Wadia Associates (8) Sandra Visnapuu of Visnapuu Design (9) New England Home’s Glenn Sadin with artist Rachel Volpone and Antonio Muñoz of Antonio M Studio (10) New England Home’s Kyle Hoepner and Kathy Bush-Dutton flank Susan Bijleveld of Finished in Fabric (11) Alexis and Matthew Dougherty of Matthew R. Dougherty Architect with Dave Wert of Gault Energy & Stone (12) Douglas VanderHorn of Douglas VanderHorn Architects, New England Home’s Roberta Thomas Mancuso, and Erno Bacso of Wright Building Company 122  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

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LEGENDARY Service. SUPERIOR Products. REMARKABLE Heritage. Interior/Exterior Stones | Granites | Fabrication

WESTPORT SHOWROOM 11 Ferry Lane West | Westport, CT | 203.227.5181 BETHEL SHOWROOM 1 Paul Street | Bethel, CT | 203.790.9023


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Design Life

David Sloane

On May 7, design luminaries took over the








(1) George Snead, Rita and Alexis Donnerstag, and Jamie Drake (2) Lynn Garelick, Carey Karlan, Chris Gulotta, and Jennifer Owen (3) Elizabeth Pyne and Christine Haney address the crowd (4) Christine Haney and Elizabeth Pyne (5) New England Home’s Stacy Kunstel and Erin Gates (6) Steven Stolman, Liz King, John Douglas Eason, and Charles Pavarini (7) Mike Annunziata, New England

Wakefield Design Center in Stamford.

The To-the-Trade-Only Market Day event showcased lectures and panel discussions by Jamie Drake, Elizabeth Pyne, Anne Maxwell Foster, Suysel dePedro Cunningham, Douglas Eason, and many others. Steven Stolman was on hand to sign his book 40 Years of Fabulous: The Kips Bay Decorator Show House, as was Erin Gates—blogger, designer, and author of the book Elements of Style: Designing a Home and a Life.


Home’s Roberta Thomas Mancuso, and Barb Laughton (8) Anne Maxwell Foster, Suysel dePedro Cunningham,

and New England Home’s Kyle Hoepner David Sloane

Guests were treated to a magical evening of music featuring Roy Rodriguez on piano and Doug Bernstein on tenor saxophone at the spring NuKitchens private concert series. Design professionals enjoyed the newly renovated Norwalk showroom along with a delicious antipasti and wine pairings.






(1) Frederick Groen, Steven

Folb, Catherine Cleare, and Joe Najmy (2) Connie Cooper and New England Home’s Roberta Thomas Mancuso (3) Jackie Grogan and Carol Ross (4) Christopher Cross, Joe Najmy, Roy Rodriguez, and Doug Bernstein (5) Joe Najmy joins the musicians.

Should your party be here? Send photographs or high-resolution images, with i­nformation about the event and the people in the ­photos, to New England Home, 530 Harrison Ave., Suite 302, Boston, MA 02118, or e-mail images and information to 124  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

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DESIGNS Town and Country


We create premium window fashions to the design trade, offering our expertise at every stage from concept to installation. We specialize in motorization, and proudly feature Hunter Douglas window fashions. Put our design team to work for you! 244 MILL STREET GREENWICH, CT | 203.531.0307 | SALES@ALLSYSTEMSGOCT.COM | WWW.ALLSYSTEMSGOCT.COM

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Design Life

Freddy’s Landscape Company celebrated the opening of its new Fairfield location with great food, wine, and lots of friends. The company has grown from one pickup truck and two lawn mowers to a beautiful facility with more than twelve crews. Needless to say, there was plenty to celebrate.

­ irections: Excellence in D Design Education at Fairfield University.” Budding designers from area universities enjoyed portfolio reviews, one-on-one career-­ development conversations, and professional speakers. Kia Weatherspoon engaged the crowd with a talk on the use of social media as a platform for propelling your career forward.

Shoppers at the Home


(1) Freddy and

Nicole Miraballes (2) Wesley Stout

and Tara Vincente (3) Nicole

Miraballes, New England Home’s Roberta Thomas Mancuso, and Suzanne Stillwell (4) Howard Lathrop with Christopher and Dorothy Pagliaro 3





David Sloane

ASID Connecticut ­presented “Design


(1) Marsha Matto and Ellen Hyde Phillips (2) Carey Dougherty, Kia Weatherspoon, and Amy Eisenberg (3) Learning from the experts



Boutique of Greenwich were

treated to mimosas, hors d’oeuvres, and the chance to meet the charming John Robshaw. Guests browsed Robshaw’s home collection, and the designer graciously signed copies of his book John Robshaw Prints: Textiles, Block Printing, Global Inspiration, and Interiors.

(1) Barbara Quinlan, Julie Mulhern, John Robshaw, Normin Taylor, and Wendy Arango (2) Normin Taylor and Joanne Hirsch

126  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

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6/18/15 4:46 PM

Glass Vase by Robert Burch

August 1-9, 2015

Mount Sunapee Resort, Newbury, NH Late Night Thursday: Open until 8pm on Aug. 6

Discover something new Over 200 Exhibitors | Demonstrations | Workshops Exhibitions | Activities for kids | Free Parking and more! For details and tickets Visit our Fine Craft Galleries: Center Sandwich | Concord Hanover | Hooksett | Littleton | Meredith | Nashua | North Conway

T U C I T C E . CONN o, l lC Phot l A i r e A

ngland. ern New e th u so d oot for n a l photo sh w York, e ia N er a t, u n c a ti e onnec ing gift. stomiz Serving C ue and last work to cu iq r n u u o a in to e rid ages We take p ectural im om archit fr g in th y n a ofessional

le and Pr -Affordab uarantee, - Quality g e industry th unique in -around - Fast turn , ble - Dependa ty work a u high-q li es - referenc

Please contact us for a no obligation consultation: lisa and Stephen Giarratana

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(860) 559-1893 |

6/18/15 11:31 AM

Trade Notes

New and noteworthy happenings in the Connecticut design business

Michael Partenio

Each year, the American Society of Interior Designers bestows the title of Fellow on a select few designers who demonstrate outstanding contributions to the society, the profession, and the design community. Trudy Dujardin, whose Dujardin Design Associates has offices in Westport and in Nantucket, Massachusetts, deserves congratulations for being in that small, special group this year. She will be honored at the ASID Awards Gala in July. Westport, (203) 8388100,

Architect Richard Kotz and builder Randy Leeds, both respected and accomplished professionals on their own, have joined forces to create Kotz & Leeds, a luxury concierge design/ build and renovation firm. Their aim is to give clients who want to build or renovate a less stressful experience with a collaborative effort that begins at the start of a project and continues seamlessly until the finishing touches are complete. Greenwich, (203) 7744154,

Visitors to the Simon Pearce store in Greenwich will get a treat this summer: a vignette designed by oomph that celebrates summer while it showcases the fun, bright, USAmade products the shop sells online and at its New Canaan headquarters. The vignette will also feature accents of Simon Pearce glass—the perfect accessories for oomph’s chic, nauticalinspired design. Greenwich, (203) 861-0780, simonpearce. com; New Canaan, (203) 2169848,

Karp Associates is in growth mode, expanding its services to include project rescue and property management and moving to spacious new offices to keep the firm in close proximity to its client base in Fairfield, New Haven, and Westchester counties. New Canaan, (203) 972-3366,

Happy anniversary to J. Namnoun Oriental Rug Gallery, celebrating thirty years of supplying homeowners with beautiful antique rugs and customdesigned handmade rugs. Owner Marianne Donahue has continued original owner Joe Namnoun’s focus on unique, high-quality products, with help from managers Andrew Jean, who specializes in oriental rugs, and Gregory Lee, who heads up the restoration department. Hartford, (860) 522-6368,

What better way to welcome the warm season than with a fresh, new look? That’s what Bungalow has, after a makeover that gave the boutique a dedicated office space as well as a subtle change of tone and color for the walls and floors that form the backdrop to the shop’s eclectic mix of furniture and accessories. As for the merchandise, well, there’s always something new, thanks to owner Wende Cohen’s penchant for traveling the world to hunt up unique objects for the home. These days, look for a new emphasis on midcentury modern furnishings and lots of African artifacts. Westport, (203) 227-4406, Edited by Paula M. Bodah 128  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

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• Superior craftsmanship of all custom drapery and soft window shade styles • Access to Premier manufacturers of wood and textile window shades, blinds & shutters • Ultimate source for iron and wood drapery hardware at exceptional prices • Expert Complimentary Consultations • Professional Installation & Measurement Services • Full-line of Upholstery Services

CUSTOM DRAPERIES AND SHADES LLC Stamford | 203.724.9500 |

Heidi Holzer

design and decorative work



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We create uniquely personalized and beautiful living spaces by providing our clients the finest decorative artistry finishes for walls, ceilings, floors, cabinetry and furniture.




W W W. H E I D I H O L Z E R . C O M



6/16/15 1:52 PM


September 10, 2015 Josh Linder

Interior Design

Corey Papadopoli Architecture

Adam Rogers

Specialty Design

Troy Sober

Landscape Design

Kate Sterling

Specialty Design


Join us as we honor the next generation in design at the sixth annual 5 Under 40 Awards! Come and enjoy a night of delicious food, cocktails, and lots of fun! Gorgeous rugs designed by the winners will be auctioned off at the event. All proceeds from the auction will go to Barakat, a charity that strengthens education and literacy in Central and South Asia. The Galleria at 333 Stuart Street, Boston Rug Preview at 6:00pm | Event starts at 6:30pm Tickets $55 in advance | $70 at the door (cash only) Tickets now on sale at

Presenting Sponsor

Signature Sponsors


Photography Sponsor

5under40-CTSUM15.indd 1

Award Sponsor

Treat-to-go Sponsor

6/17/15 12:55 PM

michael partenio

Become a Design Insider • Keep up with the editors of New England Home on their blog as they report on the latest happenings in the New England design community. • Our exclusive “Find a Resource” service lets you connect with the very best interior designers, landscape professionals, builders and more.

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6/17/15 1:00 PM

calendar courtesy Florence Griswold Museum

All the Sea Knows: Maritime Art from the Museum of the City of New York

of Lyme Art Association artists as well as members of the American Society of Marine Artists. Enjoy the exhibit along with the lovely Lyme Art Association’s historic building. Old Lyme, (860) 4347802, Bill Orcutt at the Glass House June 28

The Glass House in New Canaan is a sophisticated backdrop for the music Bill Orcutt of acoustic guitar player Bill Orcutt. This is the sixth of a seven-concert series that parallels the sculpture in the residence exhibition “Night (1947–2015).” 3 p.m.–5:30 p.m., $50, (203) 594-9884,

july 65th Annual Art of the Northeast Through July 26

Edward Moran (1829–1901), Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World (The Unveiling of the Statue of Liberty)

june Walls of Color: The Murals of Hans Hofmann Through September 6

Midcentury Houses Today Through October 30

An exhibition of photographs from Midcentury Houses Today, a book that

Patricia Kitchings, From the Garden June 6–July 11

The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art

The exuberantly colorful abstract murals of Hans Hofmann bring excitement to the Bruce Museum this summer. The focus of the exhibit will be nine sevenfoot-tall oil studies that Hofmann created for the redesign of the Peruvian city of Chimbote in 1950. This unrealized project was a collaboration with Catalan architect José Luis Sert. Greenwich, (203) 869-0376,

features sixteen architecturally significant midcentury homes in New Canaan. The photographs, by Michael Biondo, will be on display at the Gores Pavilion. New Canaan, (203) 966-1776,

Begun in 1949 as the “New England Exhibition,” the competition was founded by Silvermine Guild members Miriam Brody and Revington Arthur to showcase the art of the region. Over the years, the exhibit has presented works by emerging and lesser-known artists, giving them a platform to reach a larger audience than ever before. This year’s curators, Michelle Grabner and Brad Killam, bring a national perspective to a competition that draws from all over the northeastern United States. The winner receives a top prize of $3,000 and a solo exhibition at Silvermine Arts Center. New Canaan, (203) 966-9700, ­

Cooley Gallery, Old Lyme, (860) 434-8807, All the Sea Knows: Maritime Art from the Museum of the City of New York June 6–September 20

This exhibit showcases paintings and decorative arts objects from the Museum of the City of New York’s maritime art collection, along with paintings and artifacts from the Florence Griswold Museum’s collection. The exhibit will appeal to both sea-lovers and the literary set, since the exhibition juxtaposes works of art with passages in literature to demonstrate our deep relationship with the sea. Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme, (860) 4345542, Summer on the Water: A Marine Art Exhibition June 12–July 31

The juried exhibition features the works

Peter Blume, detail of The Italian Straw Hat (1952)

Peter Blume: Nature and Metamorphosis July 3–September 20

This exhibit, organized by the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, illustrates Peter Blume’s key role in the development of American modernism and his impact on late-twentieth-century narrative painting. The exhibit will also explore Blume’s relationship with an influential artistic circle of writers, artists, collectors, and art dealers in Sherman, Connecticut, and how this

132  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

CT-SUM15 Calendar.indd 132

6/16/15 7:30 PM


203.838.8100 Westport, CT. 508.228.1120 Nantucket, MA. Trudy Dujardin, FASID, LEED Accredited Professional +ID + C |

NEHC_Summer_Naturally_Inviting-REVISED.indd 1

4/29/15 4:46 PM


Robert Sherwood Landscape Architect

page - half horizontals.indd 1

6/16/15 1:56 PM

Courtesy Yale University Art Gallery


group shaped the regional and national art scene. Wadsworth Athenaeum, Hartford, (860) 278-2670,

and New London counties will be open to the public. For details and locations, go to ­ Kathy Fowler

Ganim’s Garden Center & Florist’s Ladies Night July 16

Ganim’s Garden Center & Florist will host its Fourth Annual Ladies Night. There will be a plant sale, shopping with local vendors, music, and wine tasting courtesy of Harry’s Wine & Liquor. There will also be food trucks from Addeo’s Italian Ice, Apartment 128 Cupcakes, and more. Be sure to stop in to the greenhouse area and check out the raffle items. Proceeds from the raffle will benefit Al’s Angels. 6 p.m.–8:30 p.m. Free, but preregistration is required. Fairfield, (203) 333-5662, Garden Conservancy Open Days Litchfield and New London Counties July 18

The Garden Conservancy’s mission is to preserve exceptional gardens across the United States so the public can enjoy and learn from them. Open Days, sponsored by the conservancy, gives people a chance to support the organization and see some of the country’s most beautiful private gardens. Gardens in Litchfield

Stone Acres, estate of Mr. and Mrs. Frederic C. Paffard

AUGUST Dirt Row Farm Open Day August 15

Dirt Row Farm Chef’s Garden will be open to the public as part of the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days. This working garden is at the residence of personal chef Phoebe Cole-Smith, known for her farm-totable cuisine. You’ll have a chance to see her charming garden, featuring interesting vegetables, edible flowers, and herbs. Weston, 10 a.m.–4 p.m., opendays Donald Blumberg Photographs: Selections from the Master Sets August 21–November 22

Donald Blumberg, Untitled

This exhibit features more than 160 photographs by Donald Blumberg spanning a 60-year period. Blumberg’s photographs examined how the media conveyed pivotal political and cultural issues such as the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. His images do not represent the events themselves, but the media’s coverage of them, and the influence it had on the American experience. Yale University Art Gallery, (203) 432-0600,

SEPTEMBER 20th Anniversary Exhibition: Highlights from the Last 20 Years September 13–December 13

The Center for Contemporary Printmaking celebrates two decades with an exhibit featuring artists who have shown their work at the center over the years. Norwalk, (203) 899-7999, Edited by Lynda Simonton Editor’s note: Events are subject to change. Please confirm details with event organizer prior to your visit.

134  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

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6/16/15 7:31 PM

Featuring the Latest Trends TO T H E T R A DE ON LY 24/7 Access to Showroom Designer Carpet Area Rugs— including custom Hardwood Vinyl Tile and Stone Professional Staff

Extensive Product Selection 25 Harbor View Ave. | Stamford, CT 203.602.0607 |

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6/16/15 1:57 PM

New in the Showrooms

2 1 3




1. Handy Work Lilywork Tile brings the honesty of handcrafted materials to your kitchen backsplash or bathroom. Lilywork Tile, Stonington, (215) 859-8753, lilyworktile. com

2. City of Light More than 400,000 delicate beads are used to create Restoration Hardware’s 1930s French Beaded Chandelier. Greenwich, (203) 552-1040, and Westport, (203) 222-1027

3. Stormy Weather The utilitarian hurricane lamp goes glam with luxe gold accents. Lynne Scalo Design, Greenwich, (203) 222-4991,

4. Modern Refinement Thomas Pheasant’s Paris Cleo Bench, now available with modern stitching, will infuse a room with elegance. Safavieh Home Furnishings, Stamford, (203) 3274800, and Danbury, (203) 790-7200,

5. Sisterhood The influence of Sister Parish is hard to miss in the Melony Dresser from Bungalow 5. DesignSourceCT, Hartford, (860) 9513145, designsourcect. com

6. Classic Details Flute, from the Roger Thomas Collection for Rocky Mountain Hardware, gets its name from fluted Corinthian columns. Canaan Distributors, (203) 356-1000, canaandistributors. com

136  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

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6/16/15 8:03 PM

Each Project Reflects the Uniqueness of our Clients

Jolley Frank Interiors, LLC 226 Woodbine Road Stamford, CT 06903 T: 203 588 9552 e: w:

The First Thing We Build Is Trust 1 8 R e y n o l d s s t R e e t | n o Rwa l k , C t | ( 2 0 3 ) 8 3 1 - 8 3 0 0 | w w w. s w b u i l d i n g R e m o d e l i n g . C o m

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6/16/15 2:00 PM

New in the Showrooms






1. Turkish Tour The sights, sounds, and culture of Turkey provided the inspiration for the deliciously colorful Pasha collection for Osborne & Little. Wakefield Design Center, Stamford, (203) 358-0818,

2. Globetrotter John Robshaw’s Mahru collection for dbO Home marries modern porcelain with patterns inspired by exotic locales. Sharon, (860) 364-6008,

3. Under the Sea The Urchin Planters found at Vivid Hue Home get their organic shapes from spiky underwater creatures. Farmington, (860) 677-0301,

4. Anchors Aweigh! Teak and yacht-cording combine to create a comfortable, nautical look for Michael Berman’s collection for Brown Jordan. Greenwich Patio, Greenwich, (203) 3409354,

5. All Stacked Up Glamorous gold and honed marble alternate to form the stately Modena Table Lamp from Hudson Valley Lighting. Klaff’s, South Norwalk and Danbury, (800) 552-3371,

Edited by Lynda Simonton 138  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

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6/16/15 8:04 PM




Master Planning

visit our new website:

JMKA | architects A-List Finalist HOBI Award Winner Innovation and Design Awards Greenwich | 203.698.8888 Westport | 203.222.1222

JMKA_CT-SPR15_1.00_v1.indd 1

3/11/15 1:25 PM

Resources A guide to the products and professionals in this issue’s featured homes GOOD BONES: Adirondack Style PAGES 22–24 Architect: Tasos Kokoris, Westport, (203) 349-5509, Interior designer: Susan Buzaid and Robin Curnan, Olley Court, Ridgefield, (203) 4381270, Builder: Joseph Furey, Tara Construction and Development, Roxbury, (203) 994-3357, Landscape design: Groundswell Design Group, Hopewell, N.J., (609) 466-8100, Plant installation and maintenance: Lise Goadewaagen, Outdoor Environments, Gaylordsville, (860) 354-7008, Mason: Glen Langdon, Creative Stone and Masonry, Bethel, (203) 744-6709 ROOMS WE LOVE: TUDOR WITH A TWIST PAGES 34–36 Interior designer grand foyer and balcony: Kristen McCory, McCory Interiors, Burlington, (860) 922-8727, ammattidesign. com Interior designer sitting room: Bruce Valicenti, BFV Designs, Suffield, (860) 550-4376, Interior designer lounge: Sal Modifica, Modifica Interiors, Hartford, (860) 2361608, A NOVEL APPROACH PAGES 78–87 Architect: Brooke Girty, Brooke Girty Design, Lyme, (860) 434-1401, Project manager: Soundview Construction Advisors, Greenwich, (203) 532-4020, Builder: Tiefenthaler Construction, Norwalk,

(203) 857-0055, Landscape designer: Simon Johnson, Bath, England, Page 79: Pendant light from Vaughan Designs,; table from Target, Page 80: Pendant lights from The Accessory Store, stamfordshades. com; chairs from Restoration Hardware, Page 81: Sofa and lounge chairs from George Smith, georgesmith. com; lounge chair fabric and elephant pillow fabric from John Robshaw,; mirrored TV from Hidden Television,; sisal rig from Redi-Cut Carpets & Rugs, Pages 82–83: Picture lights from Visual Comfort, Page 86: Outdoor furniture from Barlow Tyrie,; lantern under pergola from Visual Comfort; porch lanterns from Ballard Designs,; rattan seating and coffee table from Restoration Hardware; pillows from John Robshaw; pots from Terrain, PASTORAL MISSION PAGES 88–97 Interior designer: Claudia Kalur, CFK Interiors, South Kent, (860) 733-5252, Upholstery workroom: Upholstery Shed, New Milford, (860) 354-5655 Drapery workroom: Deerwood Designs, Bethlehem, (203) 266-7171 Page 89: Outdoor cushions from Perennials Fabrics,; striped expedition stool from Privet House, Page 90: Sconces from Restoration Hardware,, with shades from The Accessory Store,; painting Untitled #17 by Steven Miller, stevenmiller. com; leather stools by Casamidy,; vintage basket from Privet House; sisal rug from Appletree Design Depot, appletreedesigndepot. com; bar cart designed by CFK Interiors, fabricated by The New Traditionalists,; sofa designed

by CFK Interiors, fabricated by Upholstery Shed, with Nina Campbell fabric,, and Samuel & Sons trim,; armchairs designed by CFK Interiors, fabricated by Upholstery Shed, with Kravet fabric, kravet. com, through Design Source Connecticut,; live-edge coffee table designed by CFK Interiors, made by RT Facts,; vintage colored vases from George Champion Modern Shop,; drum side table from J. Seitz & Company,; metal-leg side table from Privet House. Page 91: Console and vase from Vol. 1 Antiques,; zebra print from Oliphant Design,, African mounted circular currency stone from Michael Trapp, Page 92: Dining table and chairs from Design Within Reach,; white vases on mantel and table from Privet House; cabinet hardware from Rejuvenation, Page 93: Coffee table from Design Within Reach; midcentury side table from George Champion Modern Shop; Eames leather chair and ottoman by Herman Miller,; sofa from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams,, through J. Seitz & Company. Pages 94–95: Heywood Wakefield nightstands from Rumba, through 1stDibs, 1stdibs. com/dealers/ rumba/; bed from Desiron,; table lamps by dbO Home, dbohome. com; Madeline Weinrib pillow from Privet House; linen drapery fabric from Rogers & Goffigon,; chair and ottoman from Baker Furniture, bakerfurniture. com, with Manuel Canovas fabric,, both through Design Source Connecticut; vintage tobacco jars and vellum books from Privet House; wheel weaving tool on mantel from Hunter Bee,; Silver Stag Prints by Ron Norsworthy,, through J. Seitz & Company; hammam towels from Privet House. Page 96: Side table from Crate and Barrel, Page 97: Chair from Design Within Reach; striped blanket by Hudson’s Bay and glass

140  New England Home Connecticut  summer 2015

CT-SUM15 Resources_Ad Index.indd 140

6/18/15 4:31 PM

ARTEMIS landscape architects, inc 203.683.1808 Connecticut

page - half horizontals.indd 1


New York

Rhode Island

Cape & Islands

6/16/15 2:02 PM


vase through Privet House. IN GRAND FASHION PAGES 98–107 Architect: Michael Phinney, Phinney Design Group, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., (518) 587-7120, phinneydesign. com Interior designer: Skye Kirby Westcott, Skye Home, Cohasset, Mass., (203) 858-2005, Decorative painter: Deux Femmes Decorative Art & Design, Bridgeport, (203) 545-1995, Page 101: Antique Brazilian coffee table from Lillian August, lillianaugust. com; window fabric and bird pillow fabric by Katie Leede for Holland & Sherry,; sofas by Barclay Butera, Page 103: Custom dining table by Skye Kirby Westcott,; fabrics by Katie Leede for Holland & Sherry. Page105: Fabric by Katie Leede for Holland & Sherry. SPECIAL FOCUS: KITCHEN AND BATH DESIGN PAGES 108–111 Pages 108 and 111: Interior designer: Mar Silver, Mar Silver Design, Westport, (203) 341-0413, Page 109: Architect: Joeb Moore, Joeb Moore & Partners Architects, Greenwich, (203) 769-5828,; builder: Prutting & Company Custom Builders, New Canaan, (203) 972-1028, Page 110: Top photo, architect: Louise Brooks, Brooks & Falotico Associates, New Canaan, (203) 966-8440,; builder: Fox Hill Builders, Darien, (203) 655-9046,; bottom photo, architect: Jack Bigosinski, PB Architects, Darien, (203)-655-4271,; interior designer: Emily Fuhrman, Sage & Ginger Interior Design, New Canaan, (203) 5949862,; builder: Jeff Stanley, J.R. Stanley Builders, Darien, (203) 650-2977. •

Ad Index A helpful resource for finding the advertisers featured in this issue A&J Custom LLC  129

Jolley Frank Interiors  137

Advanced Home Audio  23

Karp Associates  135

Antonio M Studio  134

Kebabian’s  back cover

Aqua Pool & Patio, Inc.  117

Kotz & Leeds  15

Artemis Landscape Architects  141

LaBella Spaidal  125

Austin Ganim Landscape Design, LLC  42–43

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The best kept secret in the business... Until now!

Are you a designer looking for a great team? Please call us at 860.346.4843

Upholstery, Wall Coverings, Fine Drapery & Antique Restoration

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November 5, 2015

To The Trade Only Day featuring the latest trends in home furnishings, new product introductions, lectures, CeU’s, book signings, portfolio reviews and more‌

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Wakefield design Center 652 Glenbrook road | stamford, Ct 203-358-0818

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Sketch Pad

Design ideas in the making

I enjoy challenging projects and the opportunity to be creative with window treatments. Finding the right way to dress the French doors in this lovely bedroom, for example, was tricky. The client wanted a formal window treatment with edge trimming and an upholstered cornice board. But—both doors needed to be able to open inward, and the clearance at their outer corners was only a quarter-inch. The amount of time and coordination Greenwich interior designer Pamela Olsey and I put in together proved to be the key to success. In addition to the sloped ceiling leaving little room at the edges of the doors, a straight cornice would look heavy and not really utilize the triangular area above them. So we created a shaped cornice design that would better occupy the vertical space beneath the eaves. Mounting the cornice slightly above the door allowed for the necessary freedom of movement. Painstaking measurement, construction, and installation were required throughout, especially in making sure that the bold striped fabric was applied exactly straight and would center precisely. Working closely with designers allows a free exchange of ideas and solutions. Once the vision is clear, I then work to bring their concept to reality. Connie Giuliani, Connie Giuliani, Inc., (203) 671-5214, 144  New England Home Connecticut  Summer 2015

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“Your help, guidance and most of all your incredible taste was critical to a spectacular end result.” — Veronica and David Verklin —


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