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Winter 2016

Winter 2016

Display until April 11, 2016


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12/18/15 2:29 PM

Refreshment For Your Rugs J. Namnoun Oriental Rug Gallery S A L E S | C L E A N I N G | R E S T O R AT I O N 92 Weston Street Hartford, CT | (860) 522-6368 |

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9/16/14 8:37 AM

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12/8/15 11:12 AM

Photography: Jane Beiles

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12/8/15 11:56 AM

INTERIORS, SPACE PLANNING KITCHEN & BATH DESIGN INTERIORS, SPACESuite PLANNING 70 Main Street, 210, New Canaan, CT KITCHEN & BATH DESIGN T: 203.594.7875 F: 203.966.5514 70 Main Street, Suite 210, New Canaan, CT T: 203.594.7875 F: 203.966.5514

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12/8/15 11:56 AM

Garden Design & Construction

Garden Renovation  Site evaluation

 Nine-month garden plan

 Hive setup

 Raised beds  Beautiful, sturdy fencing

 Soil testing and amendment

 Spring and succession plantings

 Complete beekeeping services

 Underground pest barriers

 Repair and redesign

 Seedling supply program

 Lessons (children or adult)

 Garden and fruit tree maintenance programs

 Honey extraction

 Automated drip irrigation  Space efficient layout  Rich, fertile soil

Garden Maintenance Beekeeping

 Organic pest controls  Lessons in organic practices

Homefront Farmers, LLC | 203.470.3655 | |

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12/15/15 11:26 PM

• yard to table™ •

Your Own Beautiful, Organic Garden. Done Right. Made Easy.

Something about growing vegetables simplifies life. It seems to literally “ground” us. But growing food is not something we’re taught these days; it’s been bumped from life’s curriculum to make room for texting and GPS navigation. That’s where Homefront Farmers comes in. We design, build and maintain organic raised bed vegetable gardens. Each carefully crafted garden is designed to be a healthy, productive and beautiful enhancement to the owner’s property. And if you have a garden but need some help getting the most out of it, Homefront Farmers’ trained organic gardeners are available to lead you through the season, providing everything from a helping hand getting started to comprehensive garden maintenance services. Crisp lettuce, hearty root crops, sweet berries and melons, and of course juicy heirloom tomatoes all summer long. What are you waiting for? Give us a call, and put a little farming in your life.

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12/15/15 11:26 PM

Control The Temperature Of eveRy Room. Do you have rooms in your home that never reach or stay at the temperature you want? If so, Emme can help. Emme Room-by-Room is a temperature management and control system that works with your existing or new forced-air HVAC system and can be easily installed without remodeling. It precisely monitors and controls the temperature in every room in your house. No more hot, sunny rooms or cold basements. You can now define comfort to your own standard and actually get it.

Family Room




Case study: e.M. Rose Builders Problem

emme Solution

E. M. Rose Builders is a leading construction management firm that focuses on high-end homes in the Connecticut and New York marketplaces and the winner of numerous HOBI awards. E. M. Rose was tasked with the complete renovation of an 8,000 square foot highend home that had to be ready for summer which was only 7 months away. The HVAC system was a major challenge. Three bedrooms had full-on glass southern exposures which would experience significant solar gain. There were also two appendages to the bedrooms that had three exterior walls which would cause significant heat loss during the winter. The middle of the home had large public rooms which would be difficult to control. There was also an addition that was too far away from the heating system, and limited ability to get duct work to that addition. Finally, the project was over budget and costs needed to be reduced.

With the Emme system, there is a temperature controller in every room of the house, so the system can address dramatic temperature differences, whether it is solar gain or heat loss. Moreover, since Emme can precisely control the flow of air into each room, it was possible to eliminate 2 heating systems for a savings of over $70,000. Emme was also able to eliminate enough duct work to add a play room and a ping pong / dart room.

“Emme is a control system that performs like no other. It delivers room by room comfort that nobody else can achieve. Period.” eric m. roSe Owner and Founder E. M. Rose Builders

Visit us online to see how this revolutionary Room-By-Room system will work for you.

800.396.0523 • * Emme guarantees that the equipment installed will work as specified and will maintain temperature within 2 degrees of set point under normal operating conditions.

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Technolo Simplified! Advanced Home Audio Inc. is the pre-eminent designer of sophisticated music, theater, environment, and lighting systems. We’re known by the area’s best architects, builders, and interior designers for our elegant designs that complement your home and are tailored to your needs.

A D VA N C E D H O M E A U D I O.C O M | 2 0 3 .9 2 2 . 0 0 5 1


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"In every interior design project we have one goal -- to deliver the most satisfying, individual experience for every client and to leave them with a space that feels inspiring, authentic, evolved and collected. We take the time to truly understand how our GL AND DE EN










clients want to live and in doing so, we are able to layer in the elements that make the space both personal and successful.”


CT | 173 DAVIS AVENUE | GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT | T 203-622-6953 F 203-552-1160

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Winter 2016 Volume 7, Issue 1




In This Issue

featured Homes




A Fairfield home is colorful, homey, and imbued with personality. All that, and it’s beautiful, too.

Beyond her keen eye, a designer’s talent for sensing her clients’ true desires helps her create a Greenwich home that’s posh and glamorous, but family-friendly.

A husband’s penchant for color and a wife’s preference for neutrals come together to form a happy union.







On the cover: Rich color and a variety of textures bring drama to the dining room of this Greenwich home. Photograph by John Gould Bessler. To see more of this home, turn to page 96. winter 2016  New England Home Connecticut 9

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12/17/15 3:20 PM

In This Issue


22 Art, Design, History, Landscape

People, Places, Events, Products

14 | From the Editor

107 | Perspectives Andirons to spark up the fireplace; Stephanie Rapp envisions a gentleman’s study; architect Arthur Hanlon on keeping current while honoring the traditional; the things that inspire furniture maker Thomas Throop.

22 | Artistry: The Storyteller Westport photographer Sandi Haber Fifield’s compelling, dreamlike images capture singular and multiple points in time to create expressive, evocative narratives. BY ALLEGRA MUZZILLO



45 Special Marketing Section: Portfolio of Fine Architecture

28 | In Our Backyard: Top Brass A family-run company looks to the past to stay sharp in the highend hardware industry. BY MARIA LAPIANA

special event 34 | New England Design Hall of Fame Gala Relive the fun with a look back at our celebration in honor of the 2015 inductees into the New England Design Hall of Fame.

114 | Design Life Our candid camera snaps recent gatherings that celebrate architecture and design. 122 | Trade Notes New and noteworthy happenings in the Connecticut design business. BY PAULA M. BODAH

124 | Calendar of Events BY LYNDA SIMONTON

126 | New in the Showrooms Unique, beautiful, and now appearing in Connecticut shops and showrooms.

Special Section


40 | The 2015 Home Building Industry (HOBI) Awards Celebrating the talented winners of the twenty-second annual awards program by the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut.

130 | Resources A guide to the professionals and products featured in this issue. 134 | Advertiser Index 136 | Sketch Pad An eighteenth-century English architect inspired the graceful interior millwork details for a Greenwich home.

10  New England Home Connecticut  winter 2016

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12/17/15 3:20 PM


Commissioning Kotz & Leeds to do a renovation or build a marquee home is undoubtedly one of life’s greatest pleasures. The experience revolves around our exclusive Concierge Service, which ensures that every decision, from the smallest detail to the boldest design choice, is truly effortless. DREAM.






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12/8/15 2:32 PM

Douglas VanderHorn Architects

Builder of Extraordinary Custom Homes


203.966.5700 | Winner of 12 HOBI awards in the last 3 years.

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12/15/15 11:37 PM


New York City | Norwalk Design Center | Greenwich | South Norwalk Outlet | | TRADE WELCOME

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12/15/15 2:07 PM

From the Editor

Hornick/Rivlin Studio

chairs of such antique pedigree that they suffer mortal peril every time a guest leans back in after-dinner satiety. Which makes me realize that such precious, easily damaged homes, once staples of design publications everywhere, have become a much rarer species these days. Why is that? Perhaps it has something to do with an increase in the number of households able to aspire to high-end design, with a consequent increase in owners who are not hemmed in by older notions of patrician propriety. But my sense is that it’s a broader cultural change. People in general, at all points on the scale of affluence, simply seem less interested in rooms where you have to worry about breaking or dirtying the furniture. Who has patience now for the formality of old-style upperclass life, where children were hidden away upstairs or at distant boarding schools, and adults were expected to dress and comport themselves, in company or in private, with exquisite decorum? We, today, aren’t willing to put comfort in second place behind appearance. (I wouldn’t, mind you, apply this statement yet to the world of fashion, particularly when it comes to women’s shoes. But in the arena of home design, I think it tends to hold true.) And, therefore, more and more robust, worry-free products are available, all designed to convey every appearance of luxury to both eye and hand: ceramic floor tiles, say, that are indistinguishable from fine cerused wood; synthetic leathers that are impervious to Fluffy’s claws. Interiors that are rugged, resilient, yet refined; family-friendly; solid without sacrificing style. What’s not to like about that?

No Sacrifices For Style


e don’t typically begin work on issues of New England Home with a particular theme in mind. But I find it interesting how often something like a theme, or at least a series of related ideas, tends to appear as the content for each magazine takes shape. This issue is no exception. Our three featured homes, though stylistically somewhat diverse, are similar in their feeling of luxury. Yet, as you read the stories behind their creation, you will discover that two of the three are inhabited by families boasting no shortage of active children and pets—and in both cases that fact became part of the design brief. The houses had to be made both beautiful and livable. These are not residences where delicate Savonnerie carpets are topped by Louis XVI

—Kyle Hoepner

Find more at + Our editors and a fascinating lineup of guest blog­gers share beautiful photography, design ideas, and advice every week on the New England Home Design Blog + The site also features ongoing content updates, where you’ll encounter house tours, interviews and commentary, before-and-after stories, and other special items for lovers of great home design + Sign up for our Design Discoveries editorial ­e-newsletter and get weekly updates on luxury home style, including the latest products, upcoming events and green ideas /////

For subscriptions call (800) 765-1225 or visit See additional great content at:

Corrections and Amplifications We printed incorrect contact information for the Bender Norwalk showroom in the Trade

Notes section of our Fall 2015 issue. The phone number is (203) 847-3865, and the website is Also, we learned after publication that Kenleigh Larock of The Drawing Room consulted on the interior design of the home in our feature on pages 92 through 101, “Among Friends.” The Drawing Room, Cos Cob, (203) 661-3737, 14  New England Home Connecticut  Winter 2016

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12/17/15 12:56 PM

WESTPORT, CT DELRAY BEACH, FL (203) 221-2411 OLGAADLERINTERIORS.COM Olga Adler_CT-WIN16_1.00_v1.indd 1

12/15/15 4:54 PM


Editor-in-Chief Kyle Hoepner Homes Editor Stacy Kunstel Senior Editor Paula M. Bodah Creative Director Robert Lesser Digital Content Director Lynda Simonton Managing and Copy Editor Susan Kron Contributing Editors Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz Karin Lidbeck Brent Louis Postel Contributing Writers Regina Cole, Caroline Cunningham, Megan Fulweiler, Maria LaPiana, Charles Monagan, Allegra Muzzillo, Dan Shaw, Kris Wilton Contributing Photographers Robert Benson, John Gould Bessler, Bruce Buck, Tria Giovan, John Gruen, Laura Moss, Michael Partenio /////

Architectural design, contracting and interior design services. Home furnishings, accessories, art, rugs, and jewelry. Retail store and designer showroom located at: 263 Riverside Ave. Westport, Connecticut, 06880 (203) 952-1112

Editorial Submissions  Designers, architects, builders, and homeowners are invited to submit projects for editorial consideration. For information about submitting projects, e-mail ­ Letters to the Editor  We’d love to hear from you! Write to us at the above address, fax us at (617) 663-6377, or e-mail us at ­letters@ Upcoming Events  Are you planning an event that we can feature in our Calendar of Events? E-mail information to calendar@, or mail to Calendar Editor, New England Home, 530 Harrison Ave., Suite 302, Boston, MA 02118. Parties  We welcome photographs from design- or architecture-related parties. Send high-resolution photos with information about the party and the people pictured to

16  New England Home Connecticut  Winter 2016

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12/17/15 11:45 AM



View our complete collection at: SHOWROOM 95 East Putnam Ave., Greenwich • 203 625 4727 EMAIL

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12/17/15 2:02 PM

Comfort. In all the ways you value.

Publisher Kathy Bush-Dutton Associate Publisher, New England Home Connecticut Roberta Thomas Mancuso

d e s i g n. r e n o v a t e. b u i l d.

Large or small, or somewhere comfortably in between, an affordable custom home can be yours with Country Club Homes. Expect exceptional quality, designed for your lifestyle, and crafted by people who care. Today, quality also means sustainability. Intelligent use of space. Responsible energy consumption. Geothermal heating and cooling. Imagine, your values reflected in your home. With Country Club Homes it’s comforting to know that’s part of the package.

Executive Sales Manager Jill Korff Sales Managers Kim Sansoucy Robin Schubel David Simone Marketing Designer Jared Ainscough Production Manager Glenn Sadin Sales and Marketing Coordinator/Office Manager Tess Woods /////

Subscriptions  To subscribe to New England Home ($19.95 for one year) or for customer service, call (800) 765-1225 or visit our website, Advertising Information  To receive information about advertising in New England Home, please contact us at (800) 609-5154, ext. 713, or Editorial and Advertising Office 530 Harrison Ave., Suite 302 Boston, MA 02118 (617) 938-3991 (800) 609-5154 /////

New England Home Magazine, LLC Managing Partners Adam Japko, Chris Legg VP Finance/Controller Melissa Rice Circulation Manager Kurt Coey Newsstand Manager Bob Moenster

c o u n t r y c lu b h o m e s, I n c., 4 62 D a n b u r y r o a D, W I lt o n, c t 0 6 8 97

Find more at See additional great content at:

203 .762 .0 550 | c o u n t r y c lu b h o m e s I n c .c o m

18  New England Home Connecticut  Winter 2016

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12/17/15 11:45 AM

Missing pieces? We can help you complete the picture...

It’s worth your time to come visit our 25,000 s.f. smartly designed, light-filled showroom. DesignSourceCTLLC offers design professionals throughout the tri-state area a service-oriented, comprehensive design showroom. We also invite retail customers to browse the showroom and can provide referrals to our in-house Designers-on-Call. 1429 Park Street, Suite 100 | Hartford, CT 06106 | 860.951.3145 |

Design Source CT-Now what? .indd 5

12/17/15 2:30 PM


Interior/Exterior Stones | Granites | Fabrication WESTPORT 203.227.5181

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BETHEL 203.790.9023


12/15/15 1:27 PM

ARTEMIS landscape architects, inc 203.683.1808 full page.indd 1

12/9/15 2:44 PM

LEFT: String Diptych (2007) from Haber Fifield’s 2009 book Walking Through the World. BELOW: Sewing Class Cancelled (2006), from Walking Through the World.


The Storyteller Westport photographer Sandi Haber Fifield’s compelling, dreamlike images capture singular and multiple points in time to create expressive, evocative narratives. ///////////

By Allegra Muzzillo

22  New England Home Connecticut  WINTER 2016

CT-WIN16 Artistry.indd 22


andi Haber Fifield’s photographic journey began during her boarding-school years in Troy, New York. That’s when, she says, “I saw that there’s always a little bit of magic in photography. It drew me in immediately, and the camera felt like home.” She became riveted by the power of Mary Ellen Mark’s gritty documentary photos, and she credits Mark with further kindling her artistic fire. Haber Fifield, who worked with Mark after graduate school, ultimately chose not to

move forward in the documentary style, becoming instead one of the most innovative fine-art photographers of her time. In the late 1970s, as an MFA student at New York’s Rochester Institute of Technology, Haber Fifield freely experimented with her medium, inspired by such groundbreaking photographers as Robert Heinecken and Thomas Barrow, who created images that went beyond the camera’s typical square frame. She realized that by dissecting a 35mm camera and removing the part responsible for making square images with spaces between them, she could create ongoing, seamless combinations of images on a single film roll. “They’re like the human eye,” she explains. “Always looking, moving, flickering.” She used that new technique to docu-

photography Courtesy of Rick Wester Fine Art

12/16/15 11:33 PM

full page.indd 1

12/15/15 1:03 PM


CLOCKWISE FROM RIGHT: Untitled (1987), from the Appropriated series; Frances’ Garden (2005), from Walking Through the World; Haitian Morning (1983), from the Haiti and India series; Broken Eclipse (2010), from the 2013 book After the Threshold; Red orb and fence post (2009), from the 2011 book Between Planting and Picking.

ment trips she took to India and Haiti after grad school, creating continuous, overlapping images that feature gauzy curtains, colorful botanicals, religious statuary, and shadowy presences that evoke calm, warmth, and memories of faraway travel. In the late 1980s, as a young mother with less time to travel, Haber Fifield found inspiration in the work of postmodern painters such as David Salle, Eric Fischl, and Julian Schnabel, who frequently juxtaposed pop-culture imagery. Her Appropriated photo series, in which she ran rolls of film twice through her camera, consists of stills taken of moving images on her television screen. “MTV was new to the scene,” she notes, “and I was interested in iconography that reflected contemporary life.” Figures captured mid-dance, bright neon lights, a blue-faced Peter Gabriel, and Max Headroom seem to undulate, buzz, and sing. Just as Haber Fifield’s work is poignantly corollary, it is also ever-evolving.

By 2009, when she published her first monograph, Walking Through the World—a singlephoto, multiple-photo, and photo-grid-style series, “woven together from feelings, imagination, and facts,” she says—she had wholly converted to digital photography. In the series, she explains, “I tried to create something

about what I was feeling.” In one grid, centered on a group of Afghan women mourning the killing of a beloved instructor, “there’s a car speeding past. And there’s a war-torn wall that represents any war-torn place in the world—yet there’s still light and hope.” Whether presented as continuous, overlapped, side-by-side, or grid-style

24  New England Home Connecticut  WINTER 2016

CT-WIN16 Artistry.indd 24

12/16/15 11:33 PM

photo: Barry A. Hyman, 2014

images, Haber Fifield’s work speaks an ongoing narrative, conveying a total experience. Her second monograph, 2011’s Between Planting and Picking, is a bit different. Here, single photos, diptychs, and triptychs capture images of American family farms—with the requisite fences and tools—in various stages of growing seasons. Intimate, familiar, and comforting, yet devoid of the farmers themselves, these powerful photos call to mind a simpler time, and depict only what’s in front of the artist’s camera. Here, says Haber Fifield, “I didn’t recreate my reality, as I do in all of my other work.” After the Threshold, Haber Fifield’s 2013 monograph, comprises triptych and quadriptych photographs exploring the relationship between each image. Lovely, arguably banal pictures in which the natural world features prominently oscillate between soft, grainy, and sharp-as-a-tack. A pretty butterfly alights on a screen and

photo: David Heald, 2014

“It’s always been about combining things and making something fresh out of that narrative,” says Haber Fifield. trees cast crisp shadows on a dirt path, each image revealing Haber Fifield’s true mastery. Her upcoming project, But That One Let Go, is perhaps her most daring. The self-published limited-edition monograph consists of thirteen photos, each accompanied by poems written by Connecticutbased poet David Gorin. Printed on vellum and sitting atop each photo, the poems create a visual conversation. “I hope the viewer has a deeper sense of the photos because of the words,” says Haber Fifield. “It’s all the same piece, and hopefully the experience is enhanced by both together.” Haber Fifield maintains that she never specifically sets out to make beautiful photographs. “It’s always been about combining things and making something fresh out of that narrative,” she explains. “Beauty just lies in what’s there. It exists in a lot of forms and has infinite possibilities.” • editor’s note: Sandi Haber Fifield is represented

in New York City by Rick Wester Fine Art, (212) 2555560, To see more of her work, visit WINTER 2016  New England Home Connecticut 25

CT-WIN16 Artistry.indd 25

12/16/15 11:33 PM

wakefield design center

Opens Its Art and Accessories Gallery

Instant Gratification | Finishing Touches and Makeovers by Appointment Only 652 Glenbrook Road, Stamford, CT 06906 T: (203) 358-0818 F: (203) 602-7738 |

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12/10/15 5:36 PM

Hot Water (Hydronic)



The Fine Art of Radiators From baseboards to wall panels, to elegant curves and towel radiators, Runtal manufactures the perfect welded steel radiators for hot water (hydronic), electric and steam heating systems. For more information or a dealer near you, please call 1-800-526-2621 or visit us online at:

full page.indd 1 Runtal NEH AD 7.8.15.indd 1

7/8/15 1:57 PM 7/8/15 12:27 PM

in our backyard LEFT: A sampling of pulls from the Josef Ruefelli Collection, named for CEO and president Jamie Gregg’s great-uncle and company co-founder. BELOW: ­Colonial Bronze offers custom pieces, like this leather-wrapped brass lever a customer requested.

designs, he explains, and that’s fine by him, because Colonial Bronze offers lots of iconic midcentury styles. In fact, the company never stopped making them, not since the middle of the twentieth century. “We just dust off the designs,” says Gregg. Colonial Bronze customA family-run company ers consistently get the real looks to the past to deal—fine design-driven, 100 percent brass hardstay sharp in the highware with a “boutique” vibe end hardware industry. and uncommon options, /////////// including tooled leather, By Maria LaPiana in dozens of styles and finishes—all of it manufactured in the U.S. The company was founded by Gregg’s grandfather and great uncle, Swiss toolmakers who settled in the Bronx; the name they chose for their fledgling business “is actually a misnomer,” says Gregg, “because nothing we do is colonial—and nothing is made of bronze.” They were manufacturing simple builders’ hardware when, in 1930, the brothers moved baroque is dying . . . or is already dead. It the business to Torrington in Connectimay actually be time to throw some dirt cut’s Naugatuck River Valley, at that time on it,” he says with a laugh. Customers the heart of the brass industry. Today, are clamoring for modern, unfettered

Top Brass


usiness is good, says Jamie Gregg, and he has history to thank for it. Colonial Bronze Company, Gregg’s forward-thinking business with a name out of the past, has been manufacturing brass hardware—knobs, pulls, rods, hinges, and the like—since 1927, and the more things change in the industry, the more it relies on good oldfashioned know-how to stay on top. “The trend in high-end hardware is modern, clean, streamlined,” says Gregg, CEO and president of the Torringtonbased company. “Midcentury modern is everywhere—again. The ornate, the 28  New England Home Connecticut  WINTER 2016

CT-WIN16 In Our Backyard.indd 28

12/17/15 11:43 AM

full page.indd 1

12/15/15 2:21 PM

In Our Backyard

Being able to instill that kind of confidence in his customers was worth it. And that bolstered his own confidence in the company. When brass manufacturing in Connecticut started to decline, Colonial Bronze held its ground. When companies started sending work offshore, Gregg upgraded the factory and expanded the operation. “It was scary,” he remembers. “People were telling us, ‘You know differently, and “Midcentury modern is everywhere— knew they had to again. The ornate, the baroque is dying... stake out a claim or is already dead. It may actually be in the crowded time to throw some dirt on it,” says Gregg. industry. He came that knob you sell for $1.24? Well I can up with the unconventional idea of a lifeget it from China for 83 cents.’ We had time guarantee soon after he was named to change, and change the way we were president in 1993. “We started Finishes seen. We had to make the line a lot more for Life in 1996,” he says, “and while we complicated and design-oriented.” have replaced a few things dating back They invested in state-of-the-art to 1997, it hasn’t amounted to much.”


Gregg, his wife, Joanne, and their forty employees operate out of the original building—albeit modernized. Gregg’s father, James, worked his way up and eventually ran the business while Gregg opted for a career in law. Years later, when he was working seven days a week and yearning for a “simpler lifestyle,” he changed course and went to work for his dad. And while he embraced the company’s strengths, he saw things

860.922.8727 | MCCORYINTERIORS.COM 30  New England Home Connecticut  WINTER 2016

CT-WIN16 In Our Backyard.indd 30

12/17/15 11:43 AM

FROM FACING PAGE, FAR LEFT: Shaker-inspired knobs and

pulls adorn a piece from The Furniture Guild; a knurledbrass handle has a post-industrial modern look but a soft feel; color-finishing is still done the old-fashioned way: by hand; a selection of pieces from the company’s Tanner’s Craft collection, using Edelman leather.

equipment (always using 100 percent solid brass stock), added styles, and increased offerings to thirty-five colors and thirty-nine finishes, including pewter, antique brass, copper, nickel, and polished chrome. In time, Gregg imagined hardware made of mixed materials—wood, stone, even Corian— and eventually fell in love with leather. In 2006, he partnered with Edelman Leather and introduced a line

that marries solid brass with exquisitely finished skins in a wide array of colors, textures, and finishes. He christened the division Tanner’s Craft, and it was awarded the 2009 Innovative Product of the Year by the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association. Other innovations include hardware with antimicrobial features, the 2011 winner of the Nightingale Product Design Award, given by the national nonprofit Center for

Health Design. These days Gregg oversees all design work, testing, and product development for the company, and with his wife travels frequently to trade shows. They often work seven days a week—so much for the simpler life. “I have questioned the wisdom of what we’re doing on more than one ­occasion,” he says, jokingly. “We work really hard . . . but I will say, it’s a real source of pride.” • Colonial Bronze Company

Torrington (860) 489-9233


WINTER 2016  New England Home Connecticut 31

CT-WIN16 In Our Backyard.indd 31

12/17/15 11:43 AM

ad - full page.indd 1

3/6/15 12:35 PM

Celebrating 30 years of fine home building, additions, restorations and renovations in Fairfield County


Historic Restorations

Pool Houses

Guest Cottages



House Raising

Outdoor Spaces

Custom Homes/New Construction • 203-857-0055

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12/15/15 2:22 PM

2015 new en glan d d esig n h all o f f am e

The scene at Boston’s State Room was set with dramatic views of the Boston skyline and sumptuous decor created by Winston Flowers as New England’s residential design community came together for the ninth annual New England Design Hall of Fame gala. Following a spirited cocktail hour complete with signature cocktails and a photo booth, guests settled in for dinner, and the awards ceremony kicked off with a presentation of the 2015 New England Design Hall of Fame Scholarship Fund to the interior design program at Mount Ida College. The funds will be used to underwrite a spring 2016 Inclusive Design Symposium for the program’s students, guest speakers, and design professionals. Our homes editor, Stacy Kunstel, was once again the emcee for the night, and the cheers were exuberant as she presented awards to the 2015 inductees, who included two honorees from Connecticut: architect Douglas VanderHorn and interior designer Charlotte Barnes. Other inductees were Jacob Albert, John Tittmann, and Marcus Gleysteen for architecture; landscape architect Peter White; and stone mason/artist Lew French.

Tara Carvalho






11 5






(1) The event kicked off with a festive cocktail hour (2) The Webster & Company team enjoys the gala (3) Charlotte Barnes, Heather Picchione, and Lauren Pravetz (4) 2015 inductees Jacob Albert,

Lew French, Charlotte Barnes, Marcus Gleysteen, Douglas A. VanderHorn, John Tittmann, Peter White (5) New England Home’s editor-in-chief Kyle Hoepner (6) Leslie Fine with Rosemary Porto (7) Emcee Stacy Kunstel presents an award to John Tittmann (8) Douglas VanderHorn (9) Awards created by Simon Pearce (10) Michael J. Lee, Liz Caan, and Paula Daher 34  New England Home Connecticut  Winter 2016

CT-WIN16 HOF section.indd 34

12/14/15 10:54 PM

the 75” T.V. just fell off The client wants

the wall. OnTo the MARBLE MANTEL. you to send the “country” cabinets to another country.


But the shutters , the shutters are absolutely perfect.

Back Bay S hutter c o. I nc . a designer’s best friend.








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Tara Carvalho

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36  New England Home Connecticut  Winter 2016

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12/14/15 11:46 PM

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8/1/14 11:36 AM

2015 Project of the Year and 2015 Best New/Old Remodel This is truly a unique project. It is a story that stems from the passion of the clients, which translated to the trust they had in Pagliaro Bartels Sajda Architects and the builder, S&W Building Remodeling, Inc., and the faith that the local authorities had in all parties. The challenges were many: a historic structure contending with today’s zoning, FEMA, and building code requirements. The end result was a residence that combines historic elegance with today’s lifestyle. 1 8 R e y n o l d s S t r e e t | N o rwa l k , C T | ( 2 0 3 ) 8 3 1 - 8 3 0 0 | w w w. s w b u i l d i n g r e m o d e l i n g . c o m

SW-Full-CTWIN16.indd 1

12/15/15 11:33 PM

S p ec i a l S ec t i o n

The 2015 Home Building Industry (HOBI) Awards Å The winner for

Best Conversion Over $500,000 was this amazing equestrianthemed pub room in Greenwich, formerly a kitchen and garage. Project team: Builder: D.A.S. Custom Builders, Bedford; Architecture and interior design: Granoff Architects, Greenwich

Sandro de Carvalho

The award for Best Custom Home 3,000–4,000 SF went to this beauty in Old Greenwich, with its fascinating array of geometric grids. Project team: Builder: Brindisi & Yaroscak Custom Builders, Darien; Architecture: Pagliaro Bartels Sajda Architects, South Norwalk È

Once more, Connecticut’s builders had plenty of admirable work to celebrate at the twenty-Second annual HOBI Awards on November 10, 2015. Dozens of beautiful projects were recognized for excellence, ranging from complete custom homes to special-purpose rooms to interior design features and community developments. Just a few of the evening’s highlights are shown here; please join us in congratulating all of the year’s winners (a complete list can be found at hobiawards).

John Kane/Silver Sun Studio (2)

Attila Kun

A different house in Old Greenwich—this one still available to some lucky buyer—walked away with the HOBI for Best Spec Home $5 Million–$6 Million. Project team: Builder: Karp Associates, New Canaan; Architecture: Jones Byrne Margeotes Partners, Greenwich; Landscape design: T.R. Molgrano Landscaping, Stamford È

40  New England Home Connecticut  WINTER 2016

CT-WIN16 HOBI section.indd 40

12/17/15 12:57 PM

Peter Krupenye

Dan Murdoch

Ç A stunning marble backsplash was only one of the features that earned this Greenwich

Sandro de Carvalho

project the award for Best Kitchen Remodel Over $200,000. Project team: Builder: Murphy Brothers Contracting, Mamaroneck, N.Y.; Architecture: Allen Ross Architecture, Greenwich and New Paltz; Interior design: Thom Filicia, New York; Kitchen design: Kathy Conroy, Christopher Peacock, Greenwich

Ç This Westport house took the award for Best Fairfield County Custom Home 4,000–5,000 SF, as well as winning Best Interior Home Feature for its imposing fireplace of leather-finished bluestone. Project team: Builder and interior design: SIR Development, Westport; Architecture: Donald William Fairbanks Architect, Southport

The winner for Outstanding Litchfield County Custom Home 3,000–4,000 SF comprises two joined pavilions with an open kitchen tucked between them. Project team: Builder: Blansfield Builders, Danbury; Architecture: Cole Harris Associates, Westport; Interior design: J. Seitz & Company, New Preston; Landscape design: Ellen Hines, Bethel È

Ç Paired gables and slightly flared rooflines enliven the front of the award winner for

Ç A more contemporary air and highly textured materials distinguish the winner for Best Pool House. Project team: Builder: Falciglia Construction, New Fairfield; Architecture: Jonathan Wagner AIA Architect, Weston; Interior design: Robin McGarry ASID Interior Design, Weston; Landscape architecture: Seventy Acres, Wilton

Jim Fuhrmann/New England Web Services (2)

Neil Landino, Jr.

Outstanding Fairfield County Custom Home 3,000–4,000 SF. Project team: Builder: DeRosa Builders, Greenwich; Architecture: Vita Design Group, Westport; Landscape design: Second Nature Landscape Design, Norwalk. In December, Anthony DeRosa was also honored as 2015’s Fairfield County Builder of the Year.

WINTER 2016  New England Home Connecticut 41

CT-WIN16 HOBI section.indd 41

12/17/15 3:57 PM

Coldwell Banker Previews international

GUILFORD, CONNECTICUT Private 4.24 ac island w/protected dock/mooring/ beach vehicle access by causeway. Rare sanctuary 75 mi to NYC with fourteen rooms, magnificent LI Sound views & space for Helipad. $15,000,000

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT Stunning, four-story English Country home designed for a serene in-town setting with pool/ waterfall views. Antique millwork, leaded glass, majestic fireplaces, elevator. $12,500,000

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT Panoramic L.I. Sound Island views from stunning 5 bedroom, 5.2 bath 7,628 sq. ft. Euro-style home with new deep water dock, multi-level decks, rooftop terrace. $9,250,000

Joe Piscitelli, Sales Associate C. 203.982.3511

Tamar Lurie, Sales Associate C. 203.536.6953

Tory Thorman, Sales Associate C. 203.940.3048

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT Majestic custom brick Georgian on three level acres close to town. Seven bedrooms, 5.3 baths. High ceilings, exquisite millwork. Heated pool, and garage apartment. $8,995,000

FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT Breathtaking water, pool & garden views from a stunning Jack Franzen-renovated 18-room c. 1927 Colonial atop Sasco Hill. Top amenities, elevator, apartment, pool & dock. $7,995,000

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT Six-bedroom home with garage apartment in Rock Ridge. Timeless elegance of formal & casual rooms opening to serene gardens, terraces, outdoor fireplace, pool & cabana. $5,950,000

Cynthia Meeker and Tory Thorman, Sales Associates C. 203.247.0984 | T. 203.940.3048

Karen Parrella and Emily Gordon, Sales Associates K. 203.246.7370 | E. 203.451.6432

Kathy Markby and Virginia Lyddane, Sales Associates C. 203.253.0742 | C. 203.561.1968

LYME, CONNECTICUT Four acres with new pool/spa & deep-water dock on Hamburg Cove. Custom built, beautifully crafted Mount Vernon Colonial with spectacular views of the Connecticut River. $5,750,000

RYE, NEW YORK Waterfront w/boat dock, superb privacy & magical views of both LI Sound & serene Manursing Lake. Inspired interior with top-notch amenities & decks. $3,963,000

SHERMAN, CONNECTICUT Candlewood Lake's Sail Harbour Club hosts this near 7000 sq.ft. architect-designed Contemporary, grand open plan, stunning lake views, decks & boat dock plus tennis , beach & clubhouse! $1,927,000

Judy Schaaf, Sales Associate C. 860.227.3688

Michele C. Flood, Associate Real Estate Broker C. 914.420.6468 | O. 914.967.0059

Barbara Sivba, Associate Broker C. 203.667.4336

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12/15/15 1:22 PM

DEROSA B U I L D E R S Greenwich, CT 06830 | (203) 769-1804

w w w. d e r o s a b u i l d e r s . c o m

DeRosa Builders-full-CTWIN16.indd 5

12/15/15 11:22 PM

Custom Homes Renovations Estate Care Custom Homes Renovations Estate Care

W E S T P O R T : 2 0 3 - 2 2 7- 4 1 3 4

GREENWICH: 203-637-3210

Serving Fairfield and Westchester Counties WESTPORT: 203-22 7- 4 1 3 4 GREENWICH: 203-637-3210 Serving Fairfield and Westchester Counties

Wright_CT-WIN16_1.00_v1.indd 1

12/15/15 2:29 PM

Portfolio of Fine Architecture

Charles Hilton Architects

Michael Smith Architects

Robert Dean Architects


CT-Portfolio-Architectrue_2016-COVER.indd 1

12/16/15 10:45 AM

Austin Patterson Disston Architects Whether it be the simple and relaxed elegance of a Connecticut shore home, the open-air splendor of a modern house perched on the Hampton’s dunes, or the fine detailing of a traditional house, our award-winning firm’s design expertise shines. Founded in 1982 by McKee (Mac) Patterson, AIA, and David Austin, AIA, and joined in 1994 by Stuart Disston, AIA, LEED GA, the firm’s work is largely focused on custom, bespoke projects— residential, hospitality, and private clubs—throughout New England and New York.

“I would not say that the firm has a particular ‘cookie cutter’ style,” explains Mr. Disston, who opened a year-round office in Quogue, Long Island, New York, 15 years ago to complement the firm’s Southport office. “I can tell you what others have said: our work has an intimate scale, our larger residences do not seem imposing, our interiors work well together and are exceptionally tailored in their material detail.” With a staff of 25—six registered architects, two LEED accredited and fourteen architects/designers

—the partnership brings to each project a thorough knowledge and understanding of architectural precedent and fresh design solutions that are appropriate to a project’s context and responsive to the clients’ needs and aspirations. “We feel confident doing a broad spectrum of styles and types: renovations, restorations, additions, apartments, and new residences,” notes Mr. Patterson. “Our design approach respects the integrity of both the built and natural contexts that make every building site and project unique.”

46  Special Marketing Section

CT-PortfolioAustinPattersonDisston-Architectrue.indd 46

12/16/15 8:45 AM

Portfolio of Fine Architecture

Austin Patterson Disston Architects 376 Pequot Avenue Southport, CT 06890 (203) 255-4031 44 Quogue Street, Quogue, NY 11959 (631) 653-1481 Special Marketing Section 47

CT-PortfolioAustinPattersonDisston-Architectrue.indd 47

12/16/15 8:45 AM

Brooks and Falotico Inspired by the diverse vernacular architecture of New England, Brooks and Falotico Associates, Inc. has developed an architectural practice dedicated to creating elegant residential designs throughout the region and beyond. The firm’s work combines a strong sense of traditional, time-honored design and detailing with a keen understanding of the way contemporary families live. While the majority of our work is in Connecticut and Westchester County, New York, we have completed many projects on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket in Massachusetts, on Shelter Island and the North Shore of Long Island, and in Colorado, Florida, Montana, South Carolina, and Rhode Island.

48  Special Marketing Section

BrooksFalotico-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue.indd 48

12/16/15 8:47 AM

Portfolio of Fine Architecture

Brooks and Falotico 199 Elm Street New Canaan, CT 06840 (203) 966-8440 Special Marketing Section 49

BrooksFalotico-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue.indd 49

12/16/15 8:47 AM

Charles Hilton Architects Charles Hilton Architects is an 18-person Greenwich, Connecticutbased design firm specializing in the finest-quality custom residential architecture, green design, and waterfront projects. Over the past 27 years, Charles Hilton’s name has become synonymous with the highest-quality design and exceptional personal service. The firm has earned a reputation for producing traditionally inspired residences, landscape features, and architectural

interiors that are beautiful, practical, and fit harmoniously in their environment. Hilton and his team have never sought to develop a signature style, choosing rather to pursue a more pluralistic approach to design. Project designs are built on a deep knowledge and appreciation of the traditional architectural principles and the use of wellcrafted materials, while seamlessly integrating the modern technologies today’s sophisticated clients expect.

The designs of Charles Hilton Architects reflect the unique personalities of their owners, the attributes of their specific setting, and the historical context in which they are based. The results are designs that are simultaneously responsive to their place and time and will serve their inhabitants for generations to come. The firm’s work has been recognized by numerous award committees, peer groups, and both regional and national publications.

50  Special Marketing Section

CharlesHilton-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue.indd 50

12/16/15 2:54 PM

Portfolio of Fine Architecture

Charles Hilton Architects 170 Mason Street Greenwich, Connecticut 06830 (203) 489-3800 Special Marketing Section 51

CharlesHilton-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue.indd 51

12/16/15 2:55 PM

Connecticut Stone Connecticut Stone is your source for innovative ideas for designing with stone. Our knowledgeable staff has more than sixty years of experience collaborating as a trusted partner with architects, builders, and landscape designers on large-scale residential and commercial projects. From full-scale custom kitchen and bath designs to fireplace fabrication, our team will work closely with you to ensure a seamless process from materials selection and construction to project completion. Browse our five-acre showroom

and facility for a wide selection of native and imported natural stone, including marble, granite, limestone, building stone, and much more. Our professional and friendly staff will guide you through our luxury product lines of porcelain, ceramic, and glass tile, featuring brands such as Walker Zanger, Artistic Tile, and New Ravenna. Let us help you see the full potential of stone, and the unexpected ways it can transform your life. Call 203-882-1000 or visit us online at for ideas and inspiration.

52  Special Marketing Section

CTStone-Portfolio-Architectrue.indd 52

12/17/15 9:45 AM

Portfolio of Fine Architecture

Connecticut Stone 138 Woodmont Road Milford, CT 06460 (203) 882-1000 Showroom open to the public

Special Marketing Section 53

CTStone-Portfolio-Architectrue.indd 53

12/16/15 9:09 AM

Daniel Conlon Architects For nearly 30 years, Daniel Conlon Architects has designed distinctive homes tailored to the lifestyles of our clients and the unique nature of each site. The award-winning firm is known for design excellence, incorporating practical plan organization, flowing spaces, crisp details, and sensitive site planning. While of paramount importance, quality design alone does not guarantee the success of a project. The architect must possess a unique skill set to guide a project from concept to completion.

Creativity, communication, effective collaboration, and familiarity with the latest materials and technologies, along with the ability to manage complex municipal approvals, budgeting, and construction phases, are all essential. Whether a modest addition or a substantial new building, Dan personally oversees every project, combining fresh ideas, experience, and technical expertise. The vast majority of the firm’s work comes through client referral, with many returning time after time.

54  Special Marketing Section

DConlon-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue_2016.indd 54

12/16/15 8:49 AM

Portfolio of Fine Architecture

Daniel Conlon Architects 4 Old Mill Road | PO Box 418 Georgetown, CT 06829 (203) 544-7988 Special Marketing Section 55

DConlon-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue_2016.indd 55

12/16/15 8:50 AM

Douglas VanderHorn Architects Douglas VanderHorn Architects is a classically focused architecture firm whose associates are inspired by the great residential architecture of the past. For more than 28 years, Douglas has strived to create buildings of enduring character that accommodate current lifestyles and seamlessly incorporate modern building technologies. Projects range from historically sensitive renovations and additions to traditionally inspired new designs. The office currently consists of thirteen highly dedicated individuals with experience

ranging from historic preservation to sustainable design to architectural interiors. Although Douglas has been involved in more than 130 successful projects throughout the country, his focus continues to be beautifully crafted traditional residences in lower Fairfield and Westchester counties. The firm employs a variety of drawing, rendering, and physical and advanced computer modeling techniques to assist clients in visualizing their designs. A superior understanding of the project allows for informed decisions about the

project’s scope, material selections, and budgeting. With decades of experience in a range of historic styles including Georgian, Federal, Shingle, Tudor and French, Douglas VanderHorn Architects strives to create homes that are architecturally appropriate for the building site and surrounding neighborhood. Projects generally have a similar intent: to build a historically inspired home that looks as if it’s been on the site for generations, while creating a series of interior spaces designed for contemporary living.

56  Special Marketing Section

DVanderhorn-Portfolio-Architectrue_2016.indd 56

12/16/15 12:59 PM






• NE





Portfolio of Fine Architecture



Douglas VanderHorn Architects 31 East Elm Street Greenwich CT 06830 (203) 622 7000 Special Marketing Section 57

DVanderhorn-Portfolio-Architectrue_2016.indd 57

12/16/15 12:59 PM

Huestis Tucker Architects Huestis Tucker Architects, LLC, is a full-service firm specializing in custom residential design. Husband-and-wife team Jennifer Huestis and Bob Tucker founded the firm in 1998. Together with their staff of experienced and talented architects and designers, Bob and Jennifer create thoughtful, highquality, timeless designs that express their clients’ sensibilities and embody their dreams while enhancing their quality of life.

The principals work closely and collaboratively with every client throughout the process, from initial sketches to final punch list, to create new homes, renovations, and interiors of timeless beauty with state-of-the-art functionality. They approach each project with an eye toward aesthetics, an attention to detail, and a wealth of knowledge of the building process. They also bring an understanding of high quality and

sustainable materials, methods of construction, and modern, energyefficient technologies. The team at HTA works with contractors and consultants in a collaborative manner to ensure that the construction process and the final product are the best for their clients. Huestis Tucker Architects, LLC, has completed more than 100 projects in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

58  Special Marketing Section

Huestis-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue_2016.indd 58

12/17/15 9:41 AM

Portfolio of Fine Architecture

Huestis Tucker Architects 15 Research Drive Woodbridge CT 06525 (203) 248-1007 Greenwich CT (203) 698-1007 Special Marketing Section 59

Huestis-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue_2016.indd 59

12/16/15 8:51 AM

JMKA | architects JMKA | architects, an award-winning firm in lower Fairfield County, has built its reputation working closely with clients to ensure custom projects that integrate the client’s needs and vision within a budget. The firm’s design philosophy draws on the proven lessons of historical, regional, and cultural context. In the design phase, JMKA | architects uses an in-depth process to understand and integrate the project requirements and the client’s aspirations. JMKA | architects investigates all aspects of the project’s

site, its relation to the program, and its impact on the design. Through this evaluation, the budget is referred to and tested in relation to the process. JMKA | architects takes a collaborative approach to every project. Our design process includes images and context, and centers on a team; we work closely with the client, the builder, the interior designer, the millwork shop, and the landscape architect. We work to understand and address the complexities and then the solution for a successful project. We continue the same high level

of detail on the interiors as on the exterior. Our projects reflect our expertise in custom-designed furniture, hardware, and lighting. The firm’s continued relationships with the finest builders, consultants, and craftsmen help ensure the superior quality and detail required by our clients. JMKA | architects views each project as a new canvas. We integrate the client’s vision and aspirations, work within a budget, and provide hands-on management of the details. A unique, personal architectural process is the hallmark of our firm.

60  Special Marketing Section

JMKA-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue.indd 60

12/16/15 8:52 AM

Portfolio of Fine Architecture JMKA-Full-CTSPR12:JMKA-full-CI11


12:29 PM

Page 1

Visit us at the Lillian August Builder/Architect Showcase, April 27-29


architects JMKA | architects

17 Kings A-List Finalist Highway N HOBI Award Winner CTDesign 06880 3Westport, time Innovation and Award (203) 222-1222 North Street Greenwich, CT (203) 698-8888

Special Marketing Section 61

JMKA-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue.indd 61

12/16/15 8:52 AM

keith scott morton

Laura Kaehler Architects, LLC We design homes that are places of lived art. We are a small, awardwinning boutique firm located in Greenwich. Since 1993, we have been designing residential projects, including new homes, renovations, and additions, as well as interiors. We view each project as a blank canvas and work with you to create a unique home that is an extension of you. You talk. We listen. Together, we discover, distill, and identify your

needs and preferences, resulting in a home that reflects who you are, what you do, and how you live—properly positioned, appropriately scaled, and finely detailed. Firmly committed to the concept of Responsible Luxury®, we use environmentally friendly materials and methods to maximize your quality of life. Over the years, we have developed close working relationships with

a team of accomplished builders, consultants, craftsmen, and landscape architects. Together, we know how to translate your vision into reality effectively and seamlessly. “As the owner and principal of the firm, I remain personally involved in each project from inception to completion and maintain the same high degree of interest and enthusiasm regardless of size and scope.”—Laura Kaehler

62  Special Marketing Section

Laura Kaehler-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue.indd 62

12/16/15 1:03 PM

Portfolio of Fine Architecture

michael popowitz

michael popowitz

durston saylor

Laura Kaehler Architects, LLC 80 Greenwich Avenue Greenwich, CT 06830 (203) 629-4646 Special Marketing Section 63

Laura Kaehler-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue.indd 63

12/16/15 1:03 PM

Michael Smith Architects Founded in 1999 by principal Michael Smith, the firm’s underlying design philosophy centers on the idea that carefully applying the design principles of simplicity, consistency, and authenticity will yield a timeless work of architecture, regardless of the style or type of building. Michael and his team have designed a wide range of high-quality projects, including large single-family custom residences, residential renovations, boutique commercial projects, educational facilities, and multi-family residential projects. Michael Smith

Architects (MSA) and its current staff have more than seventeen years of experience in a diverse range of projects focusing primarily on highly customized residential architecture in Fairfield County and the New York City metropolitan area. “At MSA we believe that every project deserves a unique solution that represents a combination of thoughtful design with an understanding of the client’s priorities. We work to create custom solutions that respond to the client’s wishes, the environment, and the historical context of the project,”

Smith says. Further, MSA takes a holistic approach to the design process by considering not just the exterior architecture but also the design of the interior trim, finishes, and cabinetry to create a consistent overall aesthetic that will stand the test of time. Through its membership in the United States Green Building Council, MSA strives to incorporate many sustainable or green features into its projects wherever possible, and takes great care to integrate these new technologies into each design in a seamless and harmonious way.

64  Special Marketing Section

MichaelSmith-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue_2016.indd 64

12/16/15 8:53 AM

Portfolio of Fine Architecture

41 North Main Street, Suite 101 Norwalk, CT 06854 (203) 563-0553 Special Marketing Section 65

MichaelSmith-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue_2016.indd 65

12/16/15 8:53 AM

Pagliaro Bartels Sajda Architects LLC Pagliaro Bartels Sajda Architects was founded as a design-oriented studio in 1974. The partners believed that practicing architecture as a performing art leads to client satisfaction. Since then, the firm has developed a premier reputation as the creator of exceptional waterfront architecture throughout North America. Its guiding principle is that all projects should enhance the complete context within the environment. Each is exceptionally functional by applying some key concepts of place, space, light, scale,

and material. The hallmark is the marriage of the building and site. A well-organized spatial flow provides the primary contribution to our design and maintains the sensibility with which one space relates to the next, creating a functional and elegant plan. Projects are designed to maximize the daylight and its effect on spatial flow, enticing you into the space, conveying a sense of confidence and optimism—a sense of life’s possibilities. There is an architecture to the waterfront experience. It is not

simply the location of a window, but the manipulation of the building’s envelope so that its spaces become a part of the view. It is not singular, but multiple, experienced from different angles and through multiple spaces simultaneously. It is always changing—calm seas, storms, harsh sunshine and soft auras, moody grays and brilliant blues. It is nature’s rare gift, and our responsibility is to marry our buildings into it. A PBS project is not just a building, but a place at peace with itself. A place that imparts a contentment of its own.

66  Special Marketing Section

Pagliaro Bartels Sajda-Portfolio-Architectrue_2016.indd 66

12/16/15 8:54 AM

Portfolio of Fine Architecture

Pagliaro Bartels Sajda Architects LLC 3 Pine Street South Norwalk, CT 06854 (203) 838-5517 Special Marketing Section 67

Pagliaro Bartels Sajda-Portfolio-Architectrue_2016.indd 67

12/16/15 8:54 AM

Patricia M. Miller Residential Design Pat Miller has created beautiful homes and living spaces in Fairfield County since 1980. Whether new construction, renovations, or interior space planning, her approach to design is to create something special and exciting for each client. In every style home, from traditional to Shingle style to contemporary, and more, attention to detail and quality of materials are of the utmost importance. Offering a personal touch from designing to overseeing ensures that every job and every client is special. Pat’s design skills are matched by her sensitivity to each client’s needs and requirements. This has helped establish her as one of the most accomplished and sought-after local designers. Her many renovations over the years reflect how small, simple houses can be transformed into warm, gracious, and inviting homes.

Her new homes show how she can take a piece of land and create an exciting new structure from nothing more than the imaginations of the client and the designer. The firm specializes in dealing with local regulatory boards, and making presentations before zoning and conservation boards. All projects utilize the services of licensed engineering professionals, established designers, and skilled, reliable local contractors—with all decisions the result of a consensus between the client and designer. Perhaps the greatest sign of her success is what her clients identify as a “Pat Miller House,” a home that combines function and design with that elusive quality that is so rare in many of today’s homes—charm. The final result: the pleasure of walking into one’s own home and saying, “Wow!”

68  Special Marketing Section

Pat Miller-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue-V2.indd 68

12/16/15 9:18 AM

Portfolio of Fine Architecture

318 Good Hill Road Weston, CT 06883 (203) 227-7333 Special Marketing Section 69

Pat Miller-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue-V2.indd 69

12/16/15 9:18 AM

Rob Sanders Architects Rob Sanders Architects is best known for sensitive, responsive designs that engage both architectural and natural context. By carefully listening to client needs and dreams, drawing on experience and a well-honed sense of appropriate scale, the firm creates stylish, elegant spaces that meet—and exceed— the expectations of discerning clients. RSA specializes in restoring and adapting buildings from the last three centuries, preserving architectural character and history while accommodating twenty-first-century needs. New

homes and ancillary structures are all treated with the same thoughtful approach. Timber-frame structures, including new and antique homes and barns, are a particular specialty. RSA believes that your living spaces should be infused with the beauty that comes from correct proportions, scale, materials, and the quality of light. In this context, bigger is not always better. Your lifestyle is uplifted by surroundings that make you comfortable and feel “just right.” Beyond fine design, hallmarks of RSA projects are respect for the site

and the desire to conserve resources with environmentally responsive designs. We are sensitive to the sun’s seasonal movements around a property and its impact on day lighting and passive heating; to the direction of prevailing winds; and to wetlands, important trees, and other landscape features. Twice honored by the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation, and by AIA/CT, we have established long-term relationships with numerous clients.

70  Special Marketing Section

Rob Sanders-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue.indd 70

12/17/15 11:07 AM

Portfolio of Fine Architecture

Rob Sanders Architects The Carriage House 436 Danbury Road | Wilton, CT 06897 | (203) 761-0144 Special Marketing Section 71

Rob Sanders-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue.indd 71

12/17/15 11:07 AM

Robert A. Cardello Architects LLC Robert A. Cardello Architects, LLC has been developing both residential and commercial properties since 1999. The firm specializes in fine home design and has won multiple awards for new custom houses as well as inspired renovation projects. Blending integrity of design with our clients’ visions has been the cornerstone of our success over the past 15 years. Whether designing for a family, couple, or individual, we pride ourselves on truly understanding

how our clients engage with their surroundings. It is our goal to exhaust the design process on each and every project to ensure our clients find their ultimate place of comfort and enjoyment. Cardello Architects always adheres to a strict level of professionalism and strives to build strong, long-term relationships with those who have chosen us as their architect. We take pride in our ability to combine creative spirit with an efficient process, as we develop a plan that exemplifies our

passion for exceptional design based on our clients’ wishes. We invite you to peruse our portfolio, follow us on Facebook, Houzz, and Twitter, and consider us for your next project. We offer a full scope of services, including consultation, design development, bidding and negotiation, and construction administration. Our goal is to make the process of building or renovating your dream home fun and rewarding. You should enjoy it as much as we do!

72  Special Marketing Section

Cardello-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue_2016.indd 72

12/16/15 8:57 AM

Portfolio of Fine Architecture

Robert A Cardello Architects LLC 97 Washington Street South Norwalk, CT 06854 (203) 853-2524 Special Marketing Section 73

Cardello-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue_2016.indd 73

12/16/15 8:57 AM

zach desart

Robert Dean Architects Robert Dean Architects, of New Canaan, is a versatile group of people who have earned a reputation as masters of style and livability in residential architecture. Whether converting an old barn, recalling an apt historical precedent, or conceiving a contemporary glass villa, Mr. Dean and his team combine an intimate knowledge of architectural history and a willingness to use style skillfully in the design of each

building project. Mr. Dean has led Robert Dean Architects for more than 25 years, and has established credentials that range from historical construction detailing to large-scale site planning. Mr. Dean also sustains a very active involvement in voluntary and pro-bono services related to town planning and historic preservation. He has been involved in issues of public policy related to historic

preservation and community development, as well. He serves as an adviser to preservation groups and as an active advocate for thorough and thoughtful design as an essential ingredient of community. As “academic architects of the old school,” the firm’s work is unusually varied, and each project represents a considered result from a process that brings together style, history, livability, and joie de vivre.

74  Special Marketing Section

R DeanCT-Portfolio-Architectrue.indd 74

12/17/15 3:00 PM

Portfolio of Fine Architecture

trevor tondro

michael partenio


111 Cherry Street New Canaan, CT 06840 (203) 966-8333 Special Marketing Section 75

R DeanCT-Portfolio-Architectrue.indd 75

12/17/15 3:00 PM

Sellars Lathrop Architects, LLC Sellars Lathrop Architects, LLC, located in Westport, specializes in residential renovations, new construction, and sustainability. We are known for developing stylish, classic, and energy-smart designs filled with creativity, warmth, and abundant natural light. We see the everyday needs of life as a necessary design challenge that becomes the focus of each project. Simplicity of detailing, clean lines, open and airy rooms, durable and sustainable materials—these are the trademarks that define our work, and foster

a reputation for creating repeat customers. Our work has won awards, and we have been featured in numerous publications. More important, however, we provide value through our decades of experience. We have the knowledge and necessary problem-solving skills to save money and guide clients through the challenging building process. Each design is as varied as the client who hires us. But for each project, our goal is to enrich lives and enhance the environment.

76  Special Marketing Section

SellarsLathrop-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue.indd 76

12/16/15 9:16 AM

Portfolio of Fine Architecture

SellarsLathropArchitects llc Sellars Lathrop Architects, LLC 1 Kings Highway North Westport, Connecticut 06880 (203) 222-0229 Special Marketing Section 77

SellarsLathrop-CT-Portfolio-Architectrue.indd 77

12/16/15 9:16 AM

Text by Lisa E. Harrison

Photography by Michael Partenio

Produced by Stacy Kunstel

78  New England Home Connecticut  Winter 2016

CT-WIN16 NicoudSpaidal-Fairfield.indd 78

12/15/15 10:18 PM

 A statement-making shagreen-textured bar cabinet with antique mirrors on the inside adds visual appeal and puts aperitifs within arm’s reach. ­FACING PAGE: An elegant chandelier paired with a more transitional table bridges formality and functionality in the dining room.

Lovely & Livable A Fairfield home is colorful, homey, and imbued with personality. All that, and it’s beautiful, too.

CT-WIN16 NicoudSpaidal-Fairfield.indd 79

12/15/15 10:18 PM

The homeowner’s directive was straightforward: “I don’t want a showpiece home,” she told her designers. “This is a house that people live in.”

 ABOVE: An oversize walnut coffee table with sculptural legs anchors the large family room. TOP RIGHT: To tie the color palette together in the living room, Deb Nicoud designed a custom, hand-woven rug. BOTTOM RIGHT: The eye-catching triptych above the sofa is by Darien artist Andrea Bonfils.

With a husband, three kids aged nine to fifteen, two dogs, and a penchant for entertaining, she wasn’t underestimating the need for a house that could withstand some fun. To get the look she wanted, she enlisted Dina Spaidal and Deb Nicoud of Fairfield-based Nicoud and Spaidal Interiors. As a neighbor of Spaidal’s, she and the designer had struck up a friendship. “I was one of Dina’s early clients ten years ago,” she says. “We work beautifully together.” In fact, she sought Spaidal’s opinion on the new property in Greenfield Hill—a mere two miles from the old neighborhood— before the deal was inked. The verdict was favorable. A big yard, more privacy, a beautiful pool, and, of course, the star: a traditional

80  New England Home Connecticut  Winter 2016

CT-WIN16 NicoudSpaidal-Fairfield.indd 80

12/15/15 10:18 PM

center-hall colonial with good bones. The layout was seamless, too, which meant walls wouldn’t have to go up or come down. The real challenge? Bringing 7,000 square feet down to a comfortable, livable scale, while simultaneously creating a space that would suit the couple’s slightly divergent aesthetics. “The husband is more traditional than the wife,” notes Spaidal. “She’s more transitional. We wanted to strike a balance, so they would both be happy and comfortable.” “They know who I am,” agrees the wife. “I’m not as conservative as Fairfield County. I was open to a lot of ideas.” So with her blessing to push boundaries a bit, the two designers set to work. The first item on the punch list was to replace all the doors (the originals were of a mahogany that gave Winter 2016  New England Home Connecticut 81

CT-WIN16 NicoudSpaidal-Fairfield.indd 81

12/15/15 10:18 PM

Creating an interior that would transcend a label or decade was important to the owner.

82  New England Home Connecticut  Winter 2016

CT-WIN16 NicoudSpaidal-Fairfield.indd 82

12/15/15 10:18 PM

a church-like vibe, remembers Nicoud) and gut the kitchen and six bathrooms. The former is a showstopper, a large, often-used room for a family that loves to cook. It was important to design a space equally conducive to sautéing and socializing. “The kitchen is large and long, so we wanted a focal point at each end to delineate the cooking and eating ends,” says Spaidal. To mark the cooking end, there’s an extended backsplash of gray-and-white Carrara and Thassos marble, while, directly opposite, the dining nook has an apple-green grasscloth accent wall. For the

 ABOVE: The designers incorporated indoor/outdoor fabric on

the sofa and ottomans in the TV room, making them family- and pet-friendly. BELOW: The Carrara- and Thassos-marble backsplash in a soft gray-and-white pattern lends a wow factor to the kitchen. FACING PAGE: The table in the eat-in kitchen juxtaposes a distressed antique wood column base with a sleek cast-iron top.

oversize center island, which seats five, the designers opted for the same Calacatta marble as the countertops, though they went with a two-inch-thick slab on the island for emphasis. Just off the kitchen via French doors, the dining room strikes a nice balance between elegance and comfort. “We didn’t want it to be too formal,” says Nicoud, “because they actually use it.” To create that balance they paired a farm table with a more formal chandelier; and subtle, sheer leopard-print drapes with a rich velvet trim. They enlisted a decorative painter to give the walls a linen-like appearance. “It looks like wallpaper,” says Nicoud. “When everyone walks in, they touch the walls.” Because it’s an investment, it was important to choose a color—in this case a warm flaxen hue—the homeowners would appreciate for a while. “We didn’t want it to be the color of the day,” says Nicoud. Creating an interior that would transcend a label or decade was important to the owner. “I didn’t want it to be circa a certain year,” she says. “I wanted it to be timeless, but also able to be updated easily with new accessories.” With this in mind, the designers were liberal with their use of color. In the dining room, pops of cranberry and turquoise mingle with a neutral palette. Project Team Interior designers: Dina Spaidal and Deb Nicoud, Nicoud and Spaidal Interiors Builder: Thor Vanderblue, Nordic Solutions

Winter 2016  New England Home Connecticut 83

CT-WIN16 NicoudSpaidal-Fairfield.indd 83

12/15/15 10:18 PM

The same holds true in the living room, where the duo introduced yellow swivel chairs and custom bluevelvet chairs against a soft blue backdrop. To tie it all together, Nicoud designed a cheerful rug with an abstract pattern of blue and green on cream. “It was a bit of a leap of faith,” she admits, but it wound up being a huge hit. Color is also the star in the family room, a favorite hangout with a commanding stone fireplace and cathedral ceilings. Because the space is highly visible, including from the front door, Nicoud and Spaidal decided to incorporate traditional blue and white in a fresh way. To ratchet up the contemporary appeal, they mixed bold patterns and included doses of red. Upstairs, the designers may have toned back the color scheme in favor of soothing “greige”—a peaceful gray-and-beige hybrid—but they didn’t skimp on cool touches. The tile mosaic on the floor of the master bath conjures a garden path. No small feat to organize, the designers crafted a template. Then the manufacturer sent labeled sheets that were arranged like a jigsaw puzzle—“an installer’s nightmare,” jokes Nicoud. The end result is a stunning stage for the soaking tub. Big or small, it’s details like this that set the house apart. “You know what makes a home unique? It’s the last 20 percent,” says the owner. “The artwork, the pillows, the accessories.” Personal touches abound. There’s the blue toss pillow on the family room sofa that bears the silhouettes of the owners’ dogs. Art by area artists graces the walls (both the painting above the mantel in the family room and the triptych in the living room

are by Darien artist Andrea Bonfils). And, of course, there are the framed works by the three children in the family. This notion of a place with personality is exactly in keeping with what the owner desired: a house that people live in. “I wanted a house that reflected who we are as a family,” she says. “And it ended up being beautiful enough to be in a magazine.” A win-win, for sure.• Resources For more information about this home, see page 130.

 ABOVE AND RIGHT: With subtle gold and silver accents and a cozy sitting area, the master suite is a soothing retreat for the homeowners. FACING PAGE: The floor of the master bath, fabricated from Thassos and statuary Carrara marbles, is designed to look like a garden path; the beautiful collection of botanical photos reinforces the theme. 84  New England Home Connecticut  Winter 2016

CT-WIN16 NicoudSpaidal-Fairfield.indd 84

12/15/15 10:18 PM

“I wanted a house that reflected who we are as a family,” the owner says. “And it ended up being beautiful enough to be in a magazine.”

Winter 2016  New England Home Connecticut 85

CT-WIN16 NicoudSpaidal-Fairfield.indd 85

12/15/15 10:18 PM

CT-WIN16 Scalo-Greenwich.indd 86

Beyond her keen eye, a designer’s talent for sensing her clients’ true desires helps her create a Greenwich home that’s posh and glamorous, but family-friendly, too.


12/14/15 11:31 PM

Woman’s Intuition

“Timeless but also livable and fresh,” is how designer Lynne scalo defines the elegant living room and its medley of handsome textures. silver sconces flank a piece of contemporary art, while a more classic painting and a rustic mirror hang nearby—a perfect example of the designer’s keen eye for mixing and matching.

winter 2016 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut 87

CT-WIN16 Scalo-Greenwich.indd 87

12/14/15 11:31 PM

CT-WIN16 Scalo-Greenwich.indd 88

12/14/15 11:31 PM


he level of activity that four young children, four dogs, and four cats maintain deserves its own label. Simply defining it as lively doesn’t do it justice. To look at this home, though, you’d never guess such an energetic company resided within. And that’s what makes this tony Fairfield County nest extraordinary. Greenwich-based interior designer Lynne Scalo has forged a haven for the family that suits their refined aesthetic and, at the same time, serves them well. “Good design is never about objects,” explains Scalo, who also heads an eponymous design atelier. “It’s about creating a whole that fits your clients’ lifestyle.”

To that end, the decor is stylish, but longwearing to such a degree that no one panics when a dog claims the sofa or a child leaves a Hansel and Gretel–like crumb trail. “There’s a lot of intuitive sense involved with being a designer, and I think I’ve been blessed with that,” says Scalo. “You have to understand what

ABoVe: The living room’s polished-metal mirror

adds another jolt of interest, as does the sculptural lamp. FAcING PAGe: The home’s classic architecture serves as a timeless backdrop for a beguiling range of styles and eras, beginning with the entry’s vintage sconce and oly chest. winter 2016 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut 89

CT-WIN16 Scalo-Greenwich.indd 89

12/14/15 11:31 PM

your clients need and what’s most important to them.” For this well-traveled husband and wife, a family-friendly home translated into one filled with their books and art. Scalo cunningly arranged space for both. Books line up in the study and the family room, encouraging the children to read, too. And paintings appear throughout, beginning with the lofty entry where a large oil-on-board claims notice. Incorporating art makes any nest personal. But Scalo—who has a fine-arts background—also believes that, where kids are concerned, being surrounded with art fosters a lifelong interest. Walk about and it’s obvious her juxtapositions are also artful. Consider not just the

In the family room, Julian chichester shelves provide a home for a growing collection of books and mementoes. In addition to providing light, the stylish metal lanterns hanging from the ceiling help unify the space. FAcING PAGe: The dining room’s leather-upholstered seats are favorites with scalo, who labels them her “Prada chairs, since they’re sexy like high heels.”

entry’s modern painting, but also its French rock-crystal chandelier. Both, Scalo says, are unexpected counterpoints to the old-school parquet floor. But then, so is leaving the staircase in this Georgian-style house uncarpeted. Undressed, the handsome architecture stands out and “the stairs become more interesting— more sophisticated, minus pretension,” the designer says. In addition to her finely honed mixing and matching, Scalo reinterprets and enlivens classic designs like a magician. The Asian-inspired coffee table in the sunny living room, for example, is reinvented with a brass base and a celadon shagreen top. The tufted eighteenthcentury English-style sofa, which might have come across as stuffy and staid, is clad in a sumptuous velvet Scalo labels “mouse-colored.” And let’s not overlook the quintessential colonial-style wing-back chair. Dressed in creamy leather, it’s anything but prim. Even the chandelier steps it up, marrying Murano glass with gold for a hint of sparkle—another signature Scalo touch.

90 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut winter 2016

CT-WIN16 Scalo-Greenwich.indd 90

12/14/15 11:31 PM

The decor is stylish, but long-wearing to such a degree that no one panics when a dog claims the sofa or a child leaves a Hansel and Gretel–like crumb trail.

winter 2016 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut 91

CT-WIN16 Scalo-Greenwich.indd 91

12/14/15 11:31 PM

92  New England Home Connecticut  winter 2016

CT-WIN16 Scalo-Greenwich.indd 92

12/14/15 11:31 PM

In the room’s adjoining window-lined sitting area, there’s a similar inspired referencing of historical design, with a pair of elegant French settees. Scalo gave the duo a contemporary demeanor by covering them in unassuming Belgian linen. “If it had been a floral pattern it would have been like the overdressed woman who shows up for the party,” she says. “Sometimes less is more.” A straightforward sisal-weave rug pulls the large-scale living room together, and since the space opens to the dining room, Scalo wisely used the same floor covering there. The designer paired the traditional double-pedestal dining table with curvaceous leather chairs. A geometric console doubles as a buffet table for

scalo designed the striking chandelier of iron and quartz that hangs in the breakfast area. FAcING PAGe: A contemporary chandelier and an acrylic coffee table are fun contemporary notes in the paneled library. The rug adheres to the owner’s preference for elements that incorporate warm and cool colors, while the osborne & Little sofa fabric speaks to the pale suede wall panels.

parties. The glamorous Murano glass chandelier that hangs above the table has an oval shape, Scalo points out, chosen to keep things a bit less predictable. Not that anyone would ever use the word predictable for anything Scalo does. Under her watch, even a space as well-used as the family room has distinction. Along with the books, there’s a conglomeration of global treats. African juju hats hang by the hearth, a Brazilian sculpture guards the corner, and an antique Oriental rug softens the floor. Small details— merlot-colored tapers in the mantel’s candlesticks, for instance—add finesse and boost functionality. Seemingly hands-off, embossed leather pillows have a metallic face. “They’re luxe, but kid-proof,” says Scalo with glee. The nearby paneled library was comfortably New England–like, Scalo felt. But to better fit the owners’ preferred palette of primarily warm tones mixed with some cool, and to lighten the mood, the designer mounted a handful of pale suede panels to break up the dark walls. “It had to be just the right number,” she recounts. “Too winter 2016 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut 93

CT-WIN16 Scalo-Greenwich.indd 93

12/14/15 11:31 PM

“I saw this room as a retreat. I wanted my clients to feel enveloped and safe,” says Scalo.

many and it would have looked like a checkerboard.” In the evenings, hip acrylic sconces cast extra beams for bookworms. As much a curator as she is a designer, Scalo carefully edits every space and keeps the measure of sophistication high. Being practical, she notes, doesn’t mean abandoning good design. Just look at the breakfast area, where a

cLocKWIse FRoM LeFT: camel, navy, and cream are colors a young boy can happily grow along with. A black-and-white palette streamlines the compact powder room. A smoky-colored Phillip Jeffries wallcovering and a soft Merida rug enhance the master bedroom’s cocoonlike ambience.

94 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut winter 2016

CT-WIN16 Scalo-Greenwich.indd 94

12/14/15 11:31 PM

Saarinen-esque tulip table crowned with a granite top suits morning cornflakes or an intimate, late night feast of champagne and leftovers. Midcentury-style chairs with pebbled-leather seats scoff at spills. Never wavering from her posh but understated route, Scalo decked out the powder room with a timeless toile wallcovering and English sconces. It’s the same approach she took with the kids’ rooms (each contrived to age along with its owner) and master suite. “I went with calm, soothing colors because I saw this room as a retreat,” the designer says about the master bedroom. “I wanted my clients to feel enveloped and safe.” Indeed, the shelter bed with its nail-

head design is a stunning bastion of security, while twin English-style chests designed by Scalo afford plenty of room for essentials. Fifteen years as a designer, it’s clear, has sharpened Scalo’s talents. But along with her artist’s eye there’s also the affection she feels for her clients. It’s not enough to give them just stellar places to live. Scalo’s work conjures “soulfulness,” she says. In other words, hers are rooms that reflect with myriad nuances the individuals who occupy them. As a result, her clients feel truly at home, and what could be better than that? • Resources For more information about this home, see page

130. winter 2016  New England Home Connecticut 95

CT-WIN16 Scalo-Greenwich.indd 95

12/14/15 11:31 PM

✣ Written and produced

by Stacy Kunstel ✣ Photography by John Gould Bessler

96  New England Home Connecticut  winter 2016

CT-WIN16 MorganHarrison-Greenwich.indd 96

12/15/15 10:59 PM

Opposites Enhance A husband’s penchant for color and a wife’s preference for neutrals come together to form a happy union.

So classic are the lines and materials of this Shingle-style waterfront home in Greenwich, it’s almost hard to believe it was only recently built.

winter 2016  New England Home Connecticut 97

CT-WIN16 MorganHarrison-Greenwich.indd 97

12/15/15 10:59 PM

98  New England Home Connecticut  winter 2016

CT-WIN16 MorganHarrison-Greenwich.indd 98

12/15/15 10:59 PM


her time working at the fashion maga zine Elle is what taught interior designer Michelle Morgan Harrison that you can tell a lot about people by observing what they choose to wear. Her instincts told her that the recently married Greenwich couple she was meeting with was a case of opposites attracting. The wife, witty yet reserved, wore a camel-colored sweater over her white blouse, with only a trace of makeup and little jewelry. Her husband was more gregarious in every way, in his navy-and-white-striped shirt and a royal-purple pocket square peeking out of his navy blazer. But as the couple talked about the house they were building with E. Ronald Gushue of ERG Architect on the water around the cove from a yacht club, Morgan Harrison began to realize the two were actually more alike than a cursory glance ✣ ABOVE: Silvery chairs frame a view of the sofa would suggest. The husband and a sculpture in the window overlooking the front is actually fairly traditional lawn. LEFT: A giant ikat print wallcovering flows around the first-floor powder room’s charming oval in his furniture tastes, but he window. FACING PAGE: Pops of purple and a fiery longed for bursts of color in painting brought back from Italy add a little kick to rich hues. The wife appreciated the living room’s palette of soft grays. winter 2016  New England Home Connecticut 99

CT-WIN16 MorganHarrison-Greenwich.indd 99

12/15/15 10:59 PM

the color statements, but wanted them softened. Shots of intense purple were fine, just take it down to lavender in places or blend it with a warm taupe for a more transitional feel. Sited on a hillside above an inlet edged with reeds and beach grass, the house has windows across the back, giving most rooms a water view. The threestory-tall foyer offers a glimpse of Long Island Sound through an archway that leads to the rear of the house, where the family room, breakfast area, and

kitchen have giant windows overlooking the water. Morgan Harrison worked architectural details into the first floor, starting with the finish millwork, adding full-height paneling to the foyer and living room and designing the arches between the foyer and connecting spaces. Trim details on the living-room and dining-room ceilings add interest to the large spaces, and wherever she could, Morgan Harrison added built-ins to hide storage, keeping the spacious feeling of the rooms.

100  New England Home Connecticut  winter 2016

CT-WIN16 MorganHarrison-Greenwich.indd 100

12/15/15 10:59 PM

The husband’s love of rich color is addressed in the dining room with its blue grasscloth walls and blue-velvet chairs. A ceiling of pale blue trimmed with white adds a soft touch. FACING PAGE: In the family room, the designer satisfied the wife’s penchant for neutrals by washing the space in shades of taupe. winter 2016  New England Home Connecticut 101

CT-WIN16 MorganHarrison-Greenwich.indd 101

12/15/15 11:00 PM

Fluctuations between bold and soft flow easily through the rooms, but it’s also easy to pick out which rooms are more like which spouse.

102  New England Home Connecticut  FALL 2014

CT-WIN16 MorganHarrison-Greenwich.indd 102

12/15/15 11:00 PM

In the kitchen, the design ✣ ABOVE: A custom hood and island are commanding elements in the bright white kitchen. LEFT: A plays up the large windows farmer’s sink is a practical addition to the mudroom. over the main sink, with FACING PAGE: A side entrance opens to a spacious their unending scenery of mudroom with plenty of storage options. water. “The view from the triple window at the sink is, in my opinion, the best in the house,” Morgan Harrison says. “We designed a stunning hood that echoes the curves and arches of the foyer with a large slab of marble for the backsplash.” To avoid a center seam in the large island, Morgan Harrison designed the countertop to be a massive square with four mitered corner borders. “With the pattern of the Calcutta stone it is a marvelous detail,” she says. When it came to decorating, the wife had two specific items she wanted her designer to use, but, says Morgan Harrison, “the rest was up to me.” One of the items, a bold oil painting bursting with sienna-hued buildings and boats bobbing along on water made purple and pink in the late-afternoon light, was a purchase from the couple’s honeymoon in Italy. The second was a taupe-and-white mosaic tile that the wife wanted in one of the bathrooms. The painting hangs in the living room above the fireplace between crystal sconces. Walls of gray and white serve as a soft backdrop for the painting and for a mix of traditional and transitional pieces. The husband’s desire for color shows up in a pair of winter 2016  New England Home Connecticut 103

CT-WIN16 MorganHarrison-Greenwich.indd 103

12/15/15 11:00 PM

In the master bedroom, the walls and ceiling wear the barest whisper of lavender. FACING PAGE: Mirrored drawers and cabinet doors play up the substantial light that spills through the master bathroom windows.

purple velvet ottomans, while the more neutral rug, sofa, and silver-backed armchairs speak more to the wife’s style. A white marble sculpture found through the New Canaan gallery of Heather Gaudio, who helped with a number of art pieces in the house, sits squarely in the window facing the driveway. On the other side of the foyer, bold color takes over in the dining room, with dark-blue grasscloth, blue-velvet chairs, and a pair of paintings that erupt with purples and blues. Simple white sheers with a horizontal stripe of silver hang from ceiling to floor, and a rich blue rug in a lighter shade covers the floor. Gaudio helped the couple select the paintings, by

Project Team Architecture:

E. Ronald Gushue, ERG Architect Michelle Morgan Harrison, Morgan Harrison Home

Interior design:

Jasmina Danowski, Morgan Harrison explains. “They are feminine, yet bold and fluid—a perfect blend of the couple’s styles,” she says. The family room—with its taupe walls, tan sectional sofa, and coffee table topped with caramel-hued leather—stands in soothing counterpoint to the bold dining room. Cafe au lait colors wash the entire room, save for a pair of paintings in lavenders on either side of the archway that leads to the living room. It’s one of the wife’s favorite spaces, not only because of the color, but because the doors and windows on the back of the house are always open to the terrace in warmer months, creating visual layers of house, yard, and water. “The back of the house is really indoor-outdoor,” says Morgan Harrison. “The colors of the outdoor spaces tie into the family room palette, bringing the outdoors in and vice versa. Besides, who would argue with that view? I would want to spend all my time outside, too.” Upstairs, the master suite shares that view. Creamy silk drapes hang in the bedroom against walls

104  New England Home Connecticut  winter 2016

CT-WIN16 MorganHarrison-Greenwich.indd 104

12/15/15 11:00 PM

The wife’s lavenders play into the husband’s purples, her mochas ground his deep blues, and the simplicity of gray and white underlies it all.

that have just a whisper of lavender. Save for a headboard of dark velvet, everything is the color of heavy cream. In the master bath, Morgan Harrison found a place for the wife’s favorite tile, using it as a mosaic covering for the floor. Mirrors accent the panels of the light-gray cabinets. The fluctuations between bold and soft flow easily through the rooms, but it’s also easy to pick out which rooms are more like which spouse. The

husband’s tastes predominate in the living and dining rooms, while the family room and master suite more closely mirror the wife’s tastes. Her lavenders play into his purples, her mochas ground his deep blues, and the simplicity of gray and white underlies it all. The styles meld together in such a way that each room complements the others. Which, come to think of it, sounds an awful lot like a good marriage. • Resources For more information about this home, see page 130. winter 2016  New England Home Connecticut 105

CT-WIN16 MorganHarrison-Greenwich.indd 105

12/15/15 11:00 PM


C O T TA G E S T O C L A S S I C H O M E S .


3 4 E L M S T R E E T, N E W C A N A A N , C T 0 6 8 4 0 • 2 0 3 . 9 7 2 . 3 3 6 6 • K A R PA S S O C I AT E S I N C .C O M

full page.indd 1

12/15/15 3:35 PM

PERSPECTIVES Connecticut design considered from every angle

1. Gil Andirons

2. Laurel Andirons

Arteriors, DesignSourceCT, Hartford, (860) 951-3145,

John Lyle Design, Holly Hunt, New York City, (212) 755-6555,

3. Midcentury Modern Anchor Andirons

4. Industrial Rivet Andirons

Glow Modern, Stamford, (917) 494-4600,

Restoration Hardware, Westport, (203) 222-1027, and Greenwich, (203) 552-1040,

5. Grand Forge Andirons

6. Baroque Large-Scale Brass Andirons

Pilgrim Home and Hearth, Yankee Doodle, Wilton, (203) 544-8111,

John J. Gredler Works of Art, Harborview Antiques Center, Stamford, (917) 882-9567,

RED HOT: The fireplace is the focal point of the room, so make sure yours is dressed in style. These chic andirons range from rustic to modern to match any design style. EDITED BY LYNDA SIMONTON WINTER 2016 NEW ENGLAND HOME CONNECTICUT 107

CT-WIN16 Perspectives.indd 107

12/16/15 11:54 PM


Frankfort Articulating Wall Light

Shopping Bag

“This swing-arm lamp by Aerin Lauder is modern in style and mechanical in function.” Circa Lighting, Greenwich, (203) 622-1417,


Stephanie Rapp creates a modern gentleman’s study inspired by menswear fashion, strong masculine forms, and machine-made materials.




Surfaces “A mix of handsome surfaces creates a glamorous envelope for the room.” 1. Carpet, Barrymore, Diamond Baratta for Stark Carpet, 2. Wall paint, Spellbound, Benjamin Moore, 3. Ceiling finish, Russell, Winfield Thybony,

Pollack Drinks Cabinet “Serve drinks from this clean, rectilinear cabinet by Julian Chichester. Its subdued black vellum-paneled doors disguise a show-stopping interior of gilt and mirrors.” Wakefield Design Center, Stamford, (203) 358-0818,

Flute Hardware “Hardware adds the final polish to a room. The ridged surfaces of the Flute hardware add a masculine, machinetooled detail to cabinets and doors.” Rocky Mountain Hardware, Klaffs, South Norwalk and Danbury, (800) 552-3371,

Cromwell Chair “Ease into this modern version of a classic wing chair for the evening with a drink and a good book.” CR Laine, Wakefield Design Center

Stephanie Rapp Interiors, Weston, (203) 216-5835, 108 NEW ENGLAND HOME CONNECTICUT WINTER 2016

CT-WIN16 Perspectives.indd 108

12/16/15 11:54 PM

Linda Ruderman Interiors, Inc. 74 Greenwich Avenue Greenwich, CT. 06830 (203) 552-9700 (877) 730-8311

Ruderman-CTWIN16.indd 1

12/15/15 11:29 PM


homes of better quality, we also see a desire for more openness. There is a lot less demand for single-use rooms. The dedicated media theaters in the basement are disappearing, because you can go buy an 85-inch television that’s pretty close to the 120-inch projection screen. People are looking for a refuge from modern life. We can’t escape our iPhones and e-mail, so people want homes that help them to relax. Our company’s logo is a bird making a nest. It’s what we really are trying to do: create nests for people and give comfort. Many clients want the exterior of their home to look somewhat traditional while feeling more modern on the inside.

Over the years, we have evolved from an “I firm” to a “we firm.” We have five partners, and we have a certain set of values we associate with every project. We always have at least two of the partners starting each project, because we want a design aesthetic that reflects where we have been and integrates those elements and ideas. We don’t want five little fiefdoms. The strength of a partnership is that you have different perspectives. Everybody has his own strengths.

SRW has been widely recognized for its Shingle-

Laura Moss

Shope Reno Wharton’s founders are no longer with the firm; how has the company evolved?

style homes, often situated on a waterfront. Is that still the case?

That was most people’s first introduction to us. It clearly continues to be a staple of what we do, but over time, our design vocabulary has expanded as locations and clients have become a little more diverse. We have gotten to do Tuscan, log-style, mountain homes in Aspen, and traditional, specific-architect-inspired homes in Westchester. We like clients who engage us to push the envelope. We don’t only do big projects; smaller houses can be just as exciting. Our mantra these days is, “Do a smaller home of better quality.”

How do you see high-end residential style evolving?

In addition to a trend toward smaller

How do you balance those wishes?

How has the desire to “build green” affected your designs?

We are a little skeptical about how acutely modern some of the interiors out there have become. You don’t want to have too large a dichotomy between the outside and the inside. Our goal is to blend the modern with the traditional. We don’t tend to do a lot of boxy designs. We like to do buildings that are like “frozen music,” where you can walk around a corner and encounter something unexpected, fun, and interesting. Architecture is frozen music in that we write our “musical composition” through the way we design these buildings.

Five Questions Architect Arthur Hanlon, a partner at Shope Reno Wharton, explains how his firm’s designs keep pace with clients’ wishes, while remaining rooted in traditional values.

Green is an interesting thing. Everyone talks about green, but to us, green is really building a building the right way the first time so it lasts 100 years. Waterproof it in a way that will endure; that’s green. Green is sort of baked into our designs; if you have a tight envelope and good windows and good detailing and you are picking the appropriate materials and systems for the appropriate sites, you are far ahead of the game. If you are putting Marvin pine windows on a waterfront site, they will be great for ten years, but then you will need new windows. One of the best things you can get from hiring an architect is our advice on systems, because we pick things out that are appropriate for your environment and budget and just make the most sense. INTERVIEW BY ROBERT KIENER

Shope Reno Wharton, South Norwalk, (203) 852-7250, 110  New England Home Connecticut  WINTER 2016

CT-WIN16 Perspectives.indd 110

12/16/15 11:55 PM


wxá|zÇ uÉâà|Öâx? tÜà ztÄÄxÜç 9 vty° The destination for design fanatics, art collectors, tea enthusiasts and inspiration see kers 220

east putnam avenue cos cob ct 0 6 8 0 7 203.661.3737

exit 5

exit 4

visit us online for more information on our seasonal sales, design services, art shows, private parties & special events.

Dine & Design at The Drawing Room

Drawing Room_CT-WIN16_1.00_v1.indd 1

12/16/15 11:08 AM


What I’m Looking At For furniture maker Thomas Throop, inspiration comes in many forms, be it from nature, architecture, or art. Mix that inspiration with client input and you have the perfect piece of furniture.

“This small side table takes the form of a traditional candlestand, but the shape of the legs, column, and top support draw from my love of Alexander Calder’s sculpture. Calder created a great sense of movement and fun.”

“My Laguna series of tables draws directly from nature. I live near the coast, and while on my daily walks with my dog I take in the water, waves, wind, and sand, as well as the flora along the coastline. The flowing elements of the table’s leg structure echo the movement of waves and sailboats as well as irises bending in the wind.”

“The Vivian cabinet incorporates the lines, proportions, and stance that inhabit many of my pieces. It has a distinct Asian feel that also echoes some midcentury modern design. The tapered legs and long, extended, floating top speak to temples and gates in the Far East; this flowing sense is complemented by the clean lines and sliding doors with fabric panels—another nod to midcentury design.”

“The inlay pattern on this tabletop was inspired by the chandelier that hangs above it—a beautiful modern form with interesting angles and intersections. I thought to inlay ebony lines into the colorful Oregon walnut. The lines speak to rays of refracting light that scatter along the surface. The central strip of amboyna burl almost appears to float, with the rays weaving above and below.”

Black Creek Designs, New Canaan, (203) 966-5798, 112 NEW ENGLAND HOME CONNECTICUT WINTER 2016

CT-WIN16 Perspectives.indd 112

12/16/15 11:55 PM

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3:34 PM

Page 1

The best kept secret in the business... Until now!

Are you a designer looking for a great team? Please call us at 860.346.4843

Upholstery, Wall Coverings, Fine Drapery & Antique Restoration

ELEISH VAN BREEMS Nordic Furnishings and Interior Design

Visit us at our new store location 22 Railroad Place | Westport

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12/16/15 1:48 PM

Design Life

Out and about in celebration of design and architecture in Connecticut


David Sloane



Connecticut Networking Event

The spacious Stamford showroom of ProSource

Wholesale Floorcoverings

was abuzz for the fall ­ etworking event the n company co-hosted with New England Home. Attendees enjoyed connecting with their colleagues, and several lucky guests went home with some fabulous raffle prizes.











(1) Jeff Kaufman of JMKA Architects, Sharon Rychlik of New Perspective Cabinetry & Design, and Peggy Kebabian of Kebabian’s (2) Ann and Howard Lathrop of Sellars Lathrop Architects (3) Michelle Lefkowitz, Ira Lefkowitz, and Billy Perrone of ProSource Wholesale Floorcoverings (4) Pia Basone of Sotheby’s International Realty and Barbara Haggerty of ProSource Wholesale Floorcoverings (5) Gorden and Jan Hiltz of Jan Hiltz Interiors flank Charlene Kiernan of ProSource Wholesale Floorcoverings (6) Sharon Willis of Country Club Homes and New England Home’s Stacy Kunstel (7) Enjoying the evening (8) Michael and Michelle Sabino of Michael J. Sabino Builders (9) Debra Lipset of Debra Lipset Designs with Charles Lipset (10) Tania Clara and Beth Cannon of the Wakefield Design Center with Connie Cooper of Connie Cooper Designs (11) Judy Doyle and Chris Wright of Wright Building Company (12) New England Home’s Kathy Bush-Dutton with Suzanne Stillwell of Ratio Marketing Consulting and Susan Copley of Waldorf Growth Partners (13) New England Home’s Kyle Hoepner with Michelle Lefkowitz of ProSource Wholesale Floorcoverings and Dina Spaidal and Deb Nicoud of Nicoud and Spaidal Interiors 114  New England Home Connecticut  WINTER 2016

CT-WIN16 Design Life.indd 114

12/17/15 3:29 PM

Stamford’s most complete showroom for design professionals.

Imagine The Possibilities

Featuring the latest trends To the Trade only • 24/7 access • Designer Carpet • Commercial/Residential • Extensive Product Selection • Dedicated Account Service

• Area Rugs • Custom Area Rugs • Tile & Stone • Vinyl • Wood flooring ProSource of Stamford

25 Harbor View Dr. Stamford, CT 06902 203-602-0607

full page.indd 1

12/8/15 2:04 PM

Design Life

Amy Eisenberg, outgoing president of the



(1) The Fairfield County Hunt Club (2) Colleen Maag, Matt McGarrity, and Geri Sutton (3) Craig Smith, Samantha

American Society of Interior Designers (ASID),

Jones, PC Schnell, Amy Eisenberg, Barbara Schmidt, Amy Simon, and Rachel Belden (4) Karen Berkemeyer, Iris Michaels, and Mary Beth Oliver (5) Trudy Dujardin and Hilary Carlin (6) Interior design students were able to network and learn David Sloane

Connecticut, handed over the reins to president-elect Craig J. Smith at the ASID Connecticut annual chapter meeting at the Fairfield County Hunt Club. Guests enjoyed a beautiful fall day and celebrated the 2015 term.



Guests were able to tour a beautiful kitchen located in the heart of New Canaan and support a great cause at a fall event sponsored by Front Row Kitchens and New England Home. Guests shopped for jewelry by Stella and Dot, with the proceeds benefiting the Noreen Fraser Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to raising funds for women’s cancer research, and the Bennett Cancer Center in Stamford.



J. Namnoun Oriental Rug Gallery in Hartford







Roberta Thomas Mancuso

continued its thirtiethanniversary celebration with a book-signing party for author Alix Perrachon. Perrachon is a fine-rug consultant and author of The Decorative Carpet (The Monacelli Press).

(1) Gathering around the kitchen island (2) Barbara Laughton and Gerrie Musicco (3) Kevin McAlary, New England Home’s Roberta Thomas Mancuso, and Brian Yahn (4) Joe DiNapoli, Jehan de Noue, and Jeremi Jablonski (5) Christine Betack, Colleen Baldwin, and Sue Leone


David Sloane


(1) Nancy Zwiener, Richard Ott, and Nancy Perkins (2) Alix Perrachon and Marianne Donahue (3) Laurie Wasserstein

and Linda Black

116  New England Home Connecticut  WINTER 2016

CT-WIN16 Design Life.indd 116

12/17/15 3:29 PM

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6/15/15 2:39 6/12/15 10:24PM AM

Design Life

to-the-trade days keep gaining steam and getting better and better. The twice-a-year events give designers the chance to catch up on the latest trends and products and attend lectures by nationally recognized designers. The fall all-star lineup included Thom Filicia, Eddie Ross, Julia Buckingham, Michael Devine, and Robert Couturier.





David Sloane

The Wakefield Design Center’s





(1) New England Home’s Roberta

Thomas Mancuso welcomes attendees (2) Julia Buckingham (3) Robert

Couturier and New England Home’s Stacy Kunstel (4) Thom Filicia with New England Home’s Kyle Hoepner (5) Melissa Weyrick and Gary Shafran (6) Michael Devine and George Snead (7) Cami Luppino and Eddie Ross (8) Thom Filicia signs a book for a fan


(1) Mark Bridgman, Joe Najmy, Chris Cross, and Rick Quintanal (2) Bob Randolph and Rebecca Firdaus (3) New England Home’s Roberta Thomas Mancuso with Stephanie Rapp (4) Bob and Beverly Ellsley (5) Mary Najmy, Kevin Huelster, and Katherine Kamen (6) Dancing the night away



The Charlotte Barnes studio was




buzzing with excitement at the opening reception of “A Deep Breath”—a ­photography exhibit by Emmy-award-winning producer, international filmmaker, and photojournalist Lorenzo Minoli.




David Sloane

Inspired by owner Joseph Najmy’s love of music, the NuKitchens concert series has become a must-attend event for design, music, and food aficionados. The latest event had everyone up and dancing to the music of Otis and the Hurricanes.

(1) Cathryn Minoli and Martha Baker (2) Charlotte Barnes and Lorenzo Minoli (3) Heather Picchione, New Engand Home’s Stacy Kunstel, and

Douglas Graneto

118  New England Home Connecticut  WINTER 2016

CT-WIN16 Design Life.indd 118

12/17/15 3:30 PM


203.838.8100 Westport, CT. 508.228.1120 Nantucket, MA. Trudy Dujardin, FASID, LEED Accredited Professional +ID + C |

Christine Donner Kitchen Design Inc.

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12/16/15 1:49 PM

Berkshire Wilton_CT-FAL13_.5v_v1:BerkshireWilton-CTWIN13


Design Life

The Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut’s twenty-first annual HOBI Awards drew more than 775 people to the beautiful Aqua Turf Club, in Stonington. New England Home was pleased to be a sponsor of this important event, which celebrates the best in residential and commercial construction, remodeling, and more. Jim Fuhrmann










15 RiverPost Road, SuiteSuite 225 |#1 Wilton, CT CT 980 Boston Road, | Darien, 203.761.9943 203.761.9943||

(1) Henry Rozewski, Peter Fusaro, Nort Wheeler, and Bill Ethier (2) Nick Sajda and Peter Sciaretta (3) Chris Pagliaro and Brenda Costantini (4) Whit and Matt Matthews (5) Chris Hoffman and Michael DeRosa (6) Anthony Tartaglia, Robert Sprouls, and Darren Andreoli (7) Chris Pagliaro and Doug Horn (8) Anthony DeRosa and

Aleighen Bunkers 120  New England Home Connecticut  WINTER 2016

CT-WIN16 Design Life.indd 120

12/17/15 3:30 PM

“Herons”, welded-fabricated copper

DiTarando sculptor 860 871 7635


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12/16/15 1:50 PM

Trade Notes

New and noteworthy happenings in the Connecticut design business

Those who appreciate classical architecture and design (and who doesn’t?) will savor the beautiful new book by architect Phillip James Dodd. An Ideal Collaboration: The Art of Classical Details II, published by Images, includes twenty-two homes in the U.S. and Great Britain by celebrated architects, along with a series of essays by architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and artisans on the subject of collaboration. Dodd’s firm, Phillip James Dodd Bespoke Residential Design, specializes in designing Palm Beach second homes for his clients in the Fairfield County, Greenwich, and Westchester, New York, areas. Greenwich, (203) 900-1030,; book

Happy anniversary to Klaffs, celebrating ninety-five years of offering fine decorative plumbing products for the kitchen and bath. Not one to rest on its laurels, the company has revamped its flagship showroom with a fresh, sleek look outside, a warm new color scheme inside, new galleries, and plenty of exciting new products. South Norwalk, (800) 552-3371,

available at

Greenwich, (203) 625-4727,

Laura Moss

After twenty years in business, The Federalist might be called venerable, but that hardly means it’s growing stale. On the contrary, the Greenwich business known for its high-end Jennifer Charlebois Martin, CEO and co-owner of reproduction the federalist eighteenth- and nineteenth-century furniture and lighting is looking at a bright future with its new owners, CEO Jennifer Charlebois Martin; her husband, Christopher Martin; and David Santora. The trio plans to expand the reach of the company, capitalizing on the broad appeal, even among those who favor contemporary design, of finely crafted furniture and lighting with centuries-old authenticity.

Architect Michael Smith has a new view on life—literally—thanks to a recent move. Michael Smith Architects is now a proud member of the SONO community, relocating its offices from Wilton to the former Norwalk Museum Building. What’s not changing? Smith and his team’s commitment to designing high-quality residential and small commercial projects in the Fairfield County area. South Norwalk, (203) 563-0553,

Dan Darby of Emerald Expositions and U.S. Antique Shows, Margaret Schwartz, and Tom Johnson of Ruby Lane

Fostering enthusiasm for antiques among the younger generation is the worthy goal of a new program called Antiques Young Guns U.S.A. The program, the result of an alliance between Antiques Young Guns U.K. and U.S. Antique Shows, named Margaret Schwartz, of The Summer House, the inaugural recipient of its annual Young Gun of the Year for the U.S. award. The judging panel praised the owner of the New Canaan home design boutique for her support, as a young professional, of the antiques industry. (203) 594-9550,;

122  New England Home Connecticut  WINTER 2016

CT-WIN16 Trade Notes.indd 122

12/16/15 11:44 PM

Zeste’s Stephanie Finkelstein

Voce Di Plain Goods

When the cold days and long nights of winter spark an urge to brighten things up with some fun new things for the home, a handful of just-opened shops are ready to help. Designer Claire Maestroni has moved her SoHo showroom, Voce Di, to Greenwich. What was once a cow barn and then a warehouse now features Maestroni’s unique take on luxury design. Greenwich is also home to Zeste, a new gift and home-decor boutique. Owner Stephanie Finkelstein, who operated a shop in the Hamptons for some ten years, oversees a carefully curated collection of objects in bright, contemporary surroundings. Eleish Van Breems, the brainchild of designers Rhonda Eleish and Edie van Breems, has moved to Westport, where the duo’s signature Scandinavian-influenced style is on full display. In New Preston, designers Michael DePerno and Andrew Fry have joined forces to open Plain Goods, a collection of things they know shoppers will love as much as they do, including antiques and home accessories. (203) 422-0567,; (917) 626-4611,; (203) 635-8080,; (860) 868-0280,

Edie van Breems (left), and Rhonda Eleish, of Eleish VAN breems

Edited by Paula M. Bodah

Your moments. More Inviting. NE Home_Half_hor_SRI.indd 1

CT-WIN16 Trade Notes.indd 123


203-216-5835 12/14/15 9:05 AM

WINTER 2016  New England Home Connecticut 123

DATE: 12/14/15

FILE NAME: NE Home_Half_hor_SRI

12/16/15 11:44 PM


Palladio’s Villa Capra, called “La Rotonda,” near Vicenza, Italy

FEBRUARY The Villas of Andrea Palladio

Courtesy of ROEbbig-Munich

Johann Joachim Kaendler: Model of a Turk Riding an Elephant (circa 1745), on a contemporary French gilt-bronze mount

February 1 Witold Rybczynski, Professor Emeritus of Urbanism at the University of Pennsylvania, will take guests on a virtual tour of ten of Andrea Palladio’s perfectly proportioned villas in Veneto, Italy. The event is hosted by the Greenwich Decorative Arts Society at the Bruce Museum. 1:15 p.m.–2:15 p.m.; reservations must be made in advance. For information, e-mail Greenwich, Everything Is Dada

JANUARY Atypicalfind Auction

Year-Round Bimonthly on Wednesdays You never know what treasure you’ll find at this joint venture between Westport Auction and Fairfield Antique and Design Center. Get ready to bid at this fast-paced live auction featuring collectibles, jewelry, antiques, and vintage finds. Visit the design center’s website for specific dates and details. Norwalk, (203) 685-3808, Cued by Color. . . Paintings and MixedMedia Work by Michael DesRosiers

Through January 31 Lush and exuberant use of color defines these works by contemporary artist Michael DesRosiers. Lyman Allyn Art Museum, New London, (860) 443-2545, ­lymanallyn. org Migration of Unbleached Titanium Painting in Four Takes

Through April 3 This six-month-long exhibit explores the work of four painters who, according to curator Amy Smith-Stewart, “span generations, methods, and intentions, but all are deeply entrenched in what painting is, and can be, in the imagedominated atmosphere of the twentyfirst century.” The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, (203) 438-4519,

Miniature World in White Gold: Meissen Porcelain by Johann Joachim Kaendler

January 16–January 2017 This exhibit explores the work of Johann Joachim Kaendler, among the most important artists in the history of porcelain. The showcased works include the intricately detailed and innovative sculptures that Kaendler created over his 40-plus-year career at the Meissen Porcelain Factory. The Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, (860) 278-2670, 24th Annual Associate Artist Exhibition & Wonders of Winter

January 22–February 26 Beat the winter blues with a visit to the historic Lyme Art Association. The associate artist exhibit features paintings, sculptures, and works in a variety of other media by association members. Wonders of Winter explores the colors, textures, and dramatic light of the winter landscape. Old Lyme, (860) 434-7802,

February 12–July 3

This exhibit celebrates the centennial of the Dada art movement by bringing together works of modern artists including Marcel Suzanne Duchamp: Accordion Duchamp, Masterpiece (1921) George Grosz, Francis Picabia, Man Ray, and more. The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of performances. Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, (203) 432-0600, Greenwich Choices: 50 Objects that Illustrate Our History

February 18 Join exhibition curator Karen Frederick for coffee and a talk about the exhibit Greenwich Choices: 50 Objects that Illustrate Our History. Attendees will have the chance to explore the pieces on display and hear behind-the-scenes stories about

Drink ’n’ Draw January 28 Ready to break out of your comfort zone? Let your creativity flow at the monthly Drink ’n’ Draw at the Westport Arts Center. All levels of ability can gather and enjoy drinks and small bites while painting or drawing from a live nude model. 7 p.m. –9 p.m., $15 member, $20 non-member. Westport, (203) 222-7070, ­

124  New England Home Connecticut  WINTER 2016

CT-WIN16 Calendar.indd 124

12/16/15 11:38 PM

the exhibit. 10:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m., free. Greenwich Historical Society, Greenwich, (203) 869‑6899, 35th Annual Connecticut Flower and Garden Show

February 18–21 Beat the winter blues with a visit to the annual Connecticut Flower and Garden Show. The Connecticut Convention Center will be transformed into a gardener’s paradise, with more than 300 booths and displays. A robust series of seminars provides plenty of learning opportunities. Special guest will be Emmy-nominated TV host, best-selling author, and lifestyle guru Mar ­Jennings. Thursday 10 a.m.–7 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10 a.m.–8 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m.–5 p.m.; $16. Hartford, (860) 8448461, ­

March Indian Textiles and Elihu Yale’s Tapestries: Conversations in Cloth in Seventeenth-Century London

March 7 Textile- and decorative-arts aficionados will enjoy the opportunity to learn how cloth from India revolutionized British textile art. The talk will be led by Sylvia Houghteling, Sylvan C. Coleman and Pam Coleman Memorial Fel‑ low, Metropoli‑ tan Museum of Art, 2015– 2016, and an assistant pro‑ fessor at Bryn Mawr College. John Vanderbank: The Concert The program is (circa 1700) sponsored by the Greenwich Decorative Arts Society and will be held at the Bruce Museum, Greenwich. 1:15 p.m.–2:15 p.m. For information, and to reserve a space, e-mail

Modifica Interiors Robert Benson Photography

Western New England Home Show

March 12–13 The 24th annual Western New England Home Show will take place at the O’Neill Center at Western Connecticut State Uni‑ versity. The show is a great opportunity to meet with hundreds of the area’s top home professionals and set the wheels in motion for spring home-improvement projects. Saturday 11 a.m.–6 p.m., Sun‑ day 11 a.m.–5 p.m.; $6 general admission. Danbury, • Edited by Lynda Simonton

Custom drapery workroom to the trade.

(203) 671-5214 | STITCHWITCH1959@AOL.COM

Editor’s note: Events are subject to change. Please

confirm details with event organizer prior to your visit. WINTER 2016  New England Home Connecticut 125

CT-WIN16 Calendar.indd 125

12/16/15 11:38 PM

New in the Showrooms

3 2



5 1. Printing Press Romo’s Kansai collection features digitally printed designs on sumptuous fabrics. The florals, abstracts, and weathered paint effects are completely original. Wakefield Design Center, Stamford, (203) 358-0818,

2. Willowy Beauty Tall and regal, the Clarkson Triple Floor Lamp, designed by Aerin Lauder, casts plenty of glowing light. Circa Lighting, Greenwich, (203) 6221417,

3. Thrill of the Chill Keep your favorite libation cool and at the ready with Jonathan Adler’s stylish Malachite Ice Bucket. Jonathan Adler, Westport, (203) 221-4547, Greenwich, (203) 6221476,

4. Nouveau in Showroom This art nouveau–style table from Decorative Crafts packs plenty of detail in a small piece. Zebrawood veneer and black legs combine to create the beautiful 926 Table. Decorative Crafts, Greenwich, (203) 5311500,

5. Feminine Mystique​ Beautiful tufting and a curvy silhouette make the Haydon Sofa the prettiest seat in the room. Lillian August Design Center, Norwalk, (203) 847-3314,

126  New England Home Connecticut  winter 2016

CT-WIN16 New in the Showrooms.indd 126

12/14/15 11:11 PM



21 Bridge Square, Westport, CT 06880 t: 203.331.5578 f: 203.557.4321

page - half horizontals.indd 1

12/16/15 4:53 PM

New in the Showrooms




4 6

5 1. Cascade With a twig motif and dripping crystals, Currey & Company’s Fen Chandelier marries rustic and glam for transitional appeal. Klaffs, South Norwalk and Danbury, (800) 552-3371,

2. Elemental Pesa’s kiln-fired Tuscan earthenware adds an organic touch to your kitchen. Waterworks, Greenwich, (203) 869-7766,

3. Coastal Cozy Made of concrete and nautical rope, the Loop fire pit from Brown Jordan would be the perfect focal point for a coastal outdoor space., various locations, (800) 7284626,

4. Good Norwegian Wood This eighteenthcentury Norwegian secretary desk will add instant character, patina, and color to a room. Eleish van Breems, Westport, (203) 635-8080,

5. Stitch in Time Chilewich’s new Stitch placemats use a special weaving technique to create a richly textured base for your table setting. design solutions, New Canaan, (203) 966-3116,

6. Work Hard, Play Hard The sleek Corsana Culinary Faucet from California Faucets is as elegant as it is functional. Bender, various locations, (800) 573-4288, bendershowrooms. com

Edited by Lynda Simonton 128  New England Home Connecticut  winter 2016

CT-WIN16 New in the Showrooms.indd 128

12/14/15 11:11 PM


Linens Exclusively at Linens Exclusively at

Home Home Boutique Boutique of of Greenwich Greenwich

14 Lewis Street, Greenwich • 203.869.2550 14 Lewis Street, Greenwich • 203.869.2550

Home Boutique_CT-SUM15_1.00_v1.indd 1

6/15/15 3:29 PM

Sammy Loves Flat Weaves!

The Interior Designer’s source for showroom quality custom carpets and rugs at direct prices.

Gary Shafran, Principal | 201-951-0980

page - half horizontals.indd 1

12/16/15 1:52 PM

Resources A guide to the products and professionals in this issue’s featured homes LOVELY & LIVABLE PAGES 78–85 Interior designers: Dina Spaidal and Deb Nicoud, Nicoud and Spaidal Interiors, Fairfield, (203) 659-0402, Builder: Thor Vanderblue, Nordic Solutions, (203) 520-9807, Pages 78–79: Bar cabinet by Century Furniture,; wing chair fabrics by Schumacher,, and Vaughan,; drapery fabric by Christopher Norman and trim by Travers, zimmer-rohde. com; chandelier by Currey and Company, curreycodealers. com. Pages 80–81: Artwork over family-room fireplace by Andrea Bonfils, andreaartstudio. com; sofa fabric by Highland

Court,; silhouette pillow by Sew Sew Swell,; chairs by Jessica Charles,; chair fabric by Schumacher; coffee table by Century Furniture; lamps by Arteriors,; drapery fabric by HB Luxe,; living-room drapery fabric by Vervain,; swivel chairs by Jessica Charles; chair fabric by Nobilis,, and trim by Lee Jofa,; club chair fabric by Pierre Frey, pierrefrey. com; artwork over mantel by Tracey Kafka,; artwork over sofa by Andrea Bonfils; sofa by Thom Filicia for Vanguard,; sofa fabric by Pollack,; lamps by Arteriors. Page 82: Grasscloth wallpaper by Kravet,; chair fabric by China Seas,; pendants by Juliska,; wall sconces by Worlds Away, Page 83: Sofa fabric by Perennials,; chairs by Hickory Chair,; lamps by Arteriors. Page 84: Bench by Arteriors; bench fabric by Duralee; lamps by Worlds Away; table by Cyan Design,; chair accent pillows in fabric by Etamine,; drapery fabric by Fabricut, Page 85: Floral artwork by Art Addiction,; chandelier by Currey and Company; bathtub by Victoria & Albert,

WOMAN’S INTUITION PAGES 86–95 Interior designer: Lynne Scalo, Lynne Scalo Design, Greenwich, (203) 222-4991, Pages 86–87: Brass table by Lynne Scalo Design,; rug available at Lynne Scalo Design Showroom; sofa fabric by Osborne & Little, Page 88: Vintage sconce from Lynne Scalo Design; chest from Oly,; rock-crystal chandelier available at Lynne Scalo Design Showroom. Page 89: Lighting by Donghia,, Merida rug,, and Wayland Gregory ceramics,, through Lynne Scalo Design Showroom; custom table and sofas by Lynne Scalo Design; polished metal mirror from Made Goods,, through Lynne Scalo Design Showroom; drapes from Dedar, Page 90: Custom sofa and pillows by Lynne Scalo Design; brass coffee tables by Oly and

203-324-6308 130  New England Home Connecticut  WINTER 2016

CT-WIN16 Resources-AdIndex.indd 130

12/17/15 5:04 PM

RLI eleCTriC llC

A full service electrical contractor specializing in landscape lighting design, build, and refinement.

Durham, CT


(860) 349-8855




Robert Sherwood Landscape Architect

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12/16/15 1:53 PM


Julian Chichester shelves,, available at Lynne Scalo Design Showroom; drapery fabric from Dedar. Page 91: Leather fabric from Clarke and Clarke,; sisal weave rug through Lynne Scalo Design; drapery fabric from Dedar. Page 92: Acrylic table by Lynne Scalo Design; Rose Tarlow chair,, Osborne & Little sofa fabric, and Arteriors lamp,, all available at Lynne Scalo Design Showroom. Page 93: Iron and quartz chandelier by Lynne Scalo Design; Oly table available at Lynne Scalo Design Showroom; chair fabric by Osborne & Little; raw silk drapery fabric from JAB, jab-uk. Pages 94–95: Master-bedroom drapes by Gretchen Bellinger,, and Phillip Jeffries wallpaper,, available at Lynne Scalo Design Showroom; custom bed and side tables by Lynne Scalo Design; boy’s bedroom lamps from Arteriors; Merida rug and Bungalow 5 side tables,, available at Lynne Scalo Design Showroom. OPPOSITES ENHANCE PAGES 96–105 Interior designer: Michelle Morgan Harrison, Morgan Harrison Home, New Canaan, (203)

594-7875, Architect: E. Ronald Gushue, ERG Architect, Greenwich, (203) 661-7472, Pages 98–99: Pearson sofa,, in Cowtan & Tout fabric,; X benches from Vanguard Furniture, vanguardfurniture. com, in Jerry Pair purple velvet,; coffee table by Oly,; walls painted Benjamin Moore Silver Chain, benjaminmoore. com; Twig Table by Global Views,; armchairs by Pearson, front fabric in Dedar velvet,; back fabric in Zimmer + Rohde Marble Silk, zimmer-rohde. com; Lucite table by Plexi-Craft,; custom wool and tencel rug by J.D. Staron,; powder-room silver ikat wallcovering by Jerry Pair; crystal sphere pendant by Visual Comfort, Page 100: Sectional sofa by Hickory Chair in

KEynOtEs InclUdE: CYNTHIA ROwLEY Fashion Designer and Owner Cynthia Rowley Boutiques INDIA HICkS Author, model, entrepreneur, and TV personality MONICA DODI Co-Founder and Managing Director, Women’s Venture Capital Fund (WVCF)


mocha velvet,; custom coffee table by Morgan Harrison Home; Artek Wool rug by J.D. Staron; paintings by Shauna Pickering, Page 101: Double pedestal table with fluted saber leg in mahogany by Hickory Chair; navy grasscloth wallcovering by Clarence House,; dining chairs by Lillian August for Hickory White, hickorywhite. com; chandelier from Visual Comfort; mirror from Hickory White; paintings by Jasmina Danowski through Heather Gaudio Fine Art, Page 102: Wallpaper by Lee Jofa, Page 103: Pendant lights by Robert Abbey,; Calcutta Bella Marble from Paul’s Marble Depot,; barstools by Hickory Chair; window fabric in Linen Algiers Embroidery by Schumacher, Page 104: Rug by STG Carpets, stgcarpets. com; painting by Shauna Pickering; bed linens by Jerry Pair; French Deco horn sconces by Visual Comfort; chandelier by Robert Abbey; walls painted Benjamin Moore A La Mode. Page 105: Countertops Asian White marble, floor and walls Asian White and Temple Grey from Paul’s Marble Depot; stool by Worlds Away,; Camille sconce in polished nickel by Visual Comfort. •

3 Incredible Events Under One Roof

Digital Marketing Week ATlAnTA – MARCH 6-10, 2016

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One action-packed and informationfilled week offering all the right internet marketing, brand-building, e-commerce solutions and social media approaches for growing any style of luxury home and garden design business in this new marketing reality.

LIzA HAUSMAN Vice President of Industry Marketing, Houzz

FOR All THe eVenT DeTAIlS VIST OuR WeBSITe : 132  New England Home Connecticut  WINTER 2016

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AUSTIN GANIM LANDSCAPE DESIGN, LLC Confined only by our imagination & your property lines, let us transform your landscape dreams to reality.

Landscape Landscape Architecture Architecture •• Garden Garden Design Design •• Installation Installation •• Maintenance Maintenance •• Site Site Furniture Furniture •• Container Container Plantings Plantings

Eva Eva Chiamulera, Chiamulera, Landscape Landscape Architect Architect •• Austin Austin Ganim, Ganim, Horticulturalist Horticulturalist & & Designer Designer •• 203.333.2003 203.333.2003 Licensed & Insured: B-2036, HIC.0602611, HIC.0602612, S4820, WC-25835-H13




To The Trade Only Day Featuring the latest trends in home furnishings, new product introductions, lectures, CEU’s, book signings, portfolio reviews and more…

Save the Date

Thursday, May 5th 2016 FOR MORE INFORMATION:

Wakefield Design Center 652 Glenbrook Road | Stamford, CT 203-358-0818 |

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one free adult admission With this ad

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presents the 35th annual southeastern connecticut

35th Annual Southeastern CT Home Show & Westchester County Home Show  134

March 18th - 20th

Jan Hiltz Interiors, LLC  127 JMKA | architects  60–61 Karp Associates  106 Kebabian’s  back cover Kotz & Leeds  11

Advanced Home Audio  7

L&M Custom Carpets and Rug, LLC  129

Aqua Pool & Patio, Inc.  117

Laura Kaehler Architects, LLC  62–63

Artemis Landscape Architects  21

Lillian August Furnishings + Design  13

Austin Ganim Landscape Design, LLC  133

Linda Ruderman Interiors  109

Austin Patterson Disston  46–47

The Linen Shop  127

ct college arena & Athletic center

Back Bay Shutter Co., Inc.  35

McCory Interiors  30

Bender  23

Michael Smith Architects  64–65

Berkshire Wilton Partners, LLC  120

Middeleer Land Design  135

Fri. 5PM-9PM • SAT. 11AM-6PM SUN. 11AM-5PM

Brooks and Falotico Associates, Inc.  48–49

Morgan Harrison Home  2–3

Charles Hilton Architects  50–51

Nicoud and Spaidal Interiors  37

Charlotte Barnes  8

NuKitchens  29

Christine Donner Kitchen Design  119

Olga Adler Interiors  15

Coldwell Banker Previews International  42

Pagliaro Bartels Sajda Architects, LLC  66–67

rt 32 • new london, connecticut

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Connecticut Stone Supplies  52–53


Connie Giuliani, Inc.  125 TICKETS: Adults $10, Seniors $8 12 & Under FrEE • (860) 563-2111 Not to be combiNed with aNy other offer. No copies. Not for resale. limited oNe per party.


Country Club Homes, Inc.  18 Danese Talbot Design  16

one free adult admission With this ad

Daniel Conlon Architects  54–55

Jenks Productions, inc. Presents the 34th annual sPring Westchester county

Davenport Contracting  130

Home SHow

Westchester county center 198 Central Ave. • White Plains, New York th th

April 23 -24 , 2016


DeRosa Builders  43 Design Bloggers Conference  132 DesignSourceCT  19 Douglas VanderHorn Architects  56–57 The Drawing Room  111 Dujardin Design Associates, Inc.  119 Eleish Van Breems  113 Emme  6 Erskine Associates, LLC  25 The Federalist  17 Finished in Fabric, LLC  113 Freddy’s Landscape and BioNova Natural Swimming Pools  121

Patricia M. Miller Residential Design, LLC  68–69 ProSource of Stamford  115 RLI Electric, LLC  131 Rob Sanders Architects  70–71 Robert A. Cardello Architects, LLC  72–73 Robert Dean Architects  74–75 Robert Sherwood Landscape Design  131 Roger DiTarando Sculptor  121 Runtal North America, Inc.  27 S&W Building Remodeling, Inc.  39 Sellars Lathrop Architects, LLC  76–77 Shope Reno Wharton  1 Significant Homes, LLC  12 Stephanie Rapp Interiors  123 Tiefenthaler, Inc.  33 Valor Fireplaces  38 Wadia Associates  inside back cover

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Front Row Kitchens, Inc.  31

Wakefield Design Center  26, 133

Gault Stone  20

Wright Building Company  44

tickets: Adults $10, seniors $8, 12 & under free

Heather Gaudio Fine Art  135

/////// • (860) 563-2111 outside ct (800) 955-7469 participating sponsors:

Home Boutique of Greenwich, LLC  129 Homefront Farmers, LLC  4–5 Huestis Tucker Architects, LLC  58–59

Not to be combiNed with aNy other offer. No copies. Not for resale. limited oNe per party.


J. Namnoun Oriental Rug Gallery  inside front cover, 32

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134  New England Home Connecticut  WINTER 2016

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Jill Moser, Party Line, 2011 Acrylic and oil on canvas, 73" x 70"



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66 Elm Street New Canaan, CT 06840 p 203.801.9590 f 203.801.9580

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Sketch Pad

Design ideas in the making

David Barnum

It is always exciting to start designing the architectural interior of a room. There are many choices and possibilities, but there are also limitations and constraints that must be kept in mind: the architectural style of the house, the client’s preferences, issues of budget and time, ceiling height, size and positioning of existing windows and doors, and so on. Very often those limiting factors themselves help spark the most creative ideas. That is one reason why I like to design classically inspired interiors. Classical architecture provides a structure, a set of basic rules and proportions, for the design. For one Late Georgian–style house in Greenwich, I wanted to create a feeling of harmony and elegance in the main rooms. Inspiration came from the famous eighteenthcentury English architect Robert Adam. His signature style includes refined ornaments that are always impeccably related to the main architectural elements of his houses. I started by sketching rough ideas for the living room. Based on the existing ceiling, door, and window heights, I explored two schemes: one, with the more robust proportions and details associated with the classical Doric order, is shown on the left side of my sketches; on the right is a more refined and delicate alternative inspired by Adam’s style. After developing both schemes, I decided on the latter. The project had a strict budget and a very tight schedule, so custom-carved moldings were not a viable option. Fortunately, there are several very good molding companies that offer an excellent choice of historical reproductions. I used a combination of ornamental moldings and details from Balmer Architectural Mouldings and Decorators Supply for this project, which turned out to be a great success. Irene Ioffe, Granoff Architects, Greenwich, (203) 625-9460, 136  New England Home Connecticut  Winter 2016

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“We realize that our high expectations were exceeded. Every aspect of the design and construction work was handled with the greatest of care and attention to detail that went far beyond the contractual agreement.” — A rlene


r euben M Ark —

WADIAASSOCIATES.COM MANHATTAN, 212-920-5616 - GREENWICH, 203-966-8160 - NEW CANAAN, 203.966.0048

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n at u r a l ly b e a u t if u l

S i n c e 18 8 2 A m e r i c a ’s O l d e s t O r i e n t a l R u g I m p o r t e r & D e a l e r s h i p 203.865.0567


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Downtown New Haven


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Connecticut Winter 2016  
Connecticut Winter 2016  

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