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Post-Hurricane Renewal at a Coastal Cottage Patience Makes Perfect for a Family Home Fall 2014

FALL 2014

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9/18/14 9:07 PM

Refreshment For Your Rugs J. Namnoun Oriental Rug Gallery S A L E S | C L E A N I N G | R E S T O R AT I O N 92 Weston Street Hartford, CT | (860) 522-6368 |

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9/16/14 8:37 AM

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9/17/14 11:36 AM

Quality rest is such a critical part of our daily lives. Make those moments matter with inspired details and thoughtful, relaxing design. We believe our most successful designs translate our clients’ desires into homes that are intelligent, refined and personal. 203.661.1266

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9/4/14 11:37 3:59 PM 9/17/14 AM




design showroom,art gallery & café


The destination for design fanatics, art collectors, tea enthusiasts and inspiration see kers 220

east putnam avenue cos cob ct 0 6 8 0 7 203.661.3737 www.thedrawingroomar tgaller

-Lori Glavin

The Drawing Room’s “Best of the Gold Coast” Boutique, Caf é and Art Gallery are not only the perfect place to dine and design, they’re also the perfect place to host your next special event !

visit us online & like us on facebook to learn about

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9/17/14 11:38 AM



The Drawing Room Boutique has expanded!

You’ll find even more of what you love in our new retail - design showroom

chock- full of ü b er chic furniture &

home accessories. It’s a treasure trove of amazing jewelry, artwork, unique

books and those hard to find gifts!

Let our design team revitalize your home to help create an environment of comfortable and stylish, yet timeless design!

exit 5 exit 4

upcoming sales, brilliant boutique finds, art openings & more!

Dine & Design a t The Drawing Room

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9/17/14 11:38 AM

9 7

W A S H I N G T O N 2 0 3 . 8 5 3 . 2 5 2 4

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N O R W A L K ,


C A R D E L L O A R C H I T E C T S . C O M

9/17/14 11:39 AM


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a rc h i t e c t u re


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9/3/14 4:21 PM


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9/3/14 4:21 PM

Waterfront Construction • New

203-972-7722 Olson_CT-FAL14-2.00_v1.indd 2

9/8/14 12:47 PM

Custom Homes • Renovations Olson_CT-FAL14-2.00_v1.indd 3

9/8/14 12:47 PM


Don’t let another summer go by without the garden you’ve dreamed of. There’s nothing like homegrown food—juicy tomatoes, earthy beets, crisp just-picked lettuce or kale, sweet luscious berries or tree-ripened fruit. If that sounds good to you, but you’re not sure how to make it happen, give us a call. Homefront Farmers is all about helping you grow your own, organically. So put a little farming in your life. If you’re not satisfied with your garden, let us fix it. If you want a garden, let us build it. Either way, you’ll be off and growing before you know it.

out b a s Ask u ing and ep s! beeke ee service tr fruit

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9/17/14 1:17 PM




Site evaluation

Nine-month garden plan

Hive setup

Raised beds

Beautiful, sturdy fencing

Spring and succession plantings

Soil testing and amendment

Complete beekeeping services

Underground pest barriers

Repair and redesign

Seedling supply program

Lessons (children or adult)

Automated drip irrigation

Garden and fruit tree maintenance programs

Honey extraction

Space efficient layout

Organic pest controls

Rich, fertile soil

Lessons in organic practices


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9/17/14 1:17 PM

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6/21/13 4:06 PM PM 9/4/14 6:31

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12/18/13 3:11 PM 12/18/13 3:11 PM

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12/18/13 3:11 PM PM 9/4/14 6:31

traditional s g Ru t a h T contemporary a e k Ma e m o H

tribal antique verears! o r o f . . . 132 y

us e sc an fo r m or yo ur ph on e to e su za ni ru gs

newly imported & antique oriental rugs

73 elm street in downtown new Haven, Connecticut Call 203-865-0567 or visit us at

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In This Issue

Fall 2014 Volume 5, Issue 4

86 58 78

featured homes 58 Evolution From Within

68 Collective Wisdom

78 Silver Lining

A Greenwich house blossoms into a true home as a couple and their design team let the process unfold gradually.

A South Kent home reaps the benefits of its owners’ years of seeking out unique, wonderful pieces for their clients.

A post-hurricane cleanup leads to a complete makeover, turning a Saugatuck Island beach house into an elegant yearround family home.

Text by Dan Shaw

Text by Megan Fulweiler

Text by Paula M. Bodah

Photography by Michael Partenio

Photography by John Gould Bessler

Produced by Stacy Kunstel

Produced by Stacy Kunstel

Produced by Karin Lidbeck Brent

Photography by Bruce Buck

86 Artistically Inclined A series of gracefully sloping gables helps bring cottage coziness to an expansive coastal Greenwich home. Written and produced by Stacy Kunstel Photography by Robert Benson Photography

On the cover: Joanna and Bill Seitz’s home in South Kent reflects their years of searching out unique finds. Photograph by John Gould Bessler. To see more of this home, turn to page 68. FALL 2014  New England Home Connecticut 17

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9/18/14 9:09 PM

In This Issue



departments 22 From the Editor


32 Artistry: Mind Meld Interior design and fine art come together with stunning results in the work of Rita Petta and Rebecca Thompson. By Allegra Muzzillo 38 Plugged In: Star Tech The newest home technology is easy to use, practically invisible, and smarter than ever. By Lisa Montgomery


44 In Our Backyard: Bohemian Rhapsody Design-led and inspired by timeless historical models, Juliska has made its mark on the tableware market—and it’s just getting started. BY MARIA LAPIANA 125 Perspectives Elegant elements for the bath from top Connecticut designers. EDITED BY LYNDA SIMONTON 132 Design Life Our candid camera snaps recent gatherings that celebrate architecture and design. 136 Trade Notes New and noteworthy happenings in the Connecticut design business. BY PAULA M. BODAH

142 New in the Showrooms Unique, beautiful, and now appearing in Connecticut shops and showrooms. BY LYNDA SIMONTON

146 Resources A guide to the professionals and products featured in this issue. Special Marketing Section: Portfolio of Fine Interiors 97

150 Advertiser Index 152 Sketch Pad Architectural details inspired by French style lend additional grace to the parlor of a Georgian home in Greenwich.

18  New England Home Connecticut  FALL 2014

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9/18/14 6:49 PM

Celebrating Celebrating 75 years 75 years of service of service New England Oil Company is now New England Oil Company is now


24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE | AUTOMATIC DELIVERY & REMOTE MONITORING ONE-STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR ENERGY NEEDS | FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED 469 West Putnam Ave. Greenwich, CT 06830 | 203.869.5869 24/7 EMERGENCY| SERVICE | AUTOMATIC DELIVERY & REMOTE MONITORING Heating Oil | Propane | HVAC Services | Tank Installations | Generators | Home Energy Audits | And so much more… | 469 West Putnam Ave. Greenwich, CT 06830 | 203.869.5869

Heating Oil CT| LIC# Propane | LIC# HVAC Services | Tank Installations | Generators | Home Energy Audits | And so much more… HOD# 0000158 307396 HIC 0633509 HOD# 0000158

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CT LIC# 307396

HIC LIC# 0633509

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Superior Craftmanship of Custom-Made Upholstered Furniture Expertly Fabricated Draperies and Textile Shades Ultimate Source for Iron and Wood Drapery Hardware at Exceptional Prices Full Line of Re-Upholstery and Slipcover Services

Stamford, Connecticut p. 203.724.9500 | f. 203.724.9501 WWW.AJCUSTOMLLC.COM

Woodmeister_ New England Home 2014 _ CT_ Trim size: 8 x 10.875

Distinctive homes and interiors that will be cherished for generations to come.

A Legacy in Extraordinary Craftsmanship Since1980. Woodmeister’s craftsmanship and passion for excellence mean an unparalleled experience for our customers... We’re building one - of- a- kind homes and interiors wherever they take us.


















0 5







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Please visit our website to view hundreds of inspiring image ideas.

8/14/14 7:02 PM

From the Editor

Hornick/Rivlin Studio

ily room does indeed function as a haven of brightness, warmth, and togetherness for significant periods of time. All of which really brings home to me (sorry, couldn’t resist) just how many of the design projects shown in this magazine over time are made for families. I think this isn’t quite so pervasive in most other high-style publications—there you’ll often find more upperfloor perches for power couples, more single-celebrity nests, more pieds à terre that may see occupants only a scant few days between January 1 and December 31. Read through some of our issues, though, and such phrases as “child-friendly finishes” and “gathering spot” jump out. It’s undoubtedly a consequence of demography—that is, proximity to the thriving but cramped economic powerhouse that is New York City—that so many of the homes in Fairfield County are occupied by families. It’s somewhat less true of Litchfield County, land of many weekend country getaways, but towns such as Roxbury and Washington and Kent aren’t exactly devoid of residences that accommodate a full complement of parents, kids, and pets—not to mention frequent visitors who share at least some DNA with the full-time occupants. The fact that so many families in such a small geographical area are living real, full, everyday lives, yet still (with the help of able and obliging local architecture and design firms plus a panoply of beautifully stocked shops and showrooms) creating uncompromisingly beautiful spaces in which to do it, is testament to the importance design holds for many people today. That so many of these houses show up in our pages is testament to the fact that Connecticut families are managing the feat with enviable panache. —Kyle Hoepner

Family Style


he better part of another year has come and gone. Summer, while not really so very far in the past, has already acquired the gilded feel of a distant memory. School-age children are deep into their studies and sports schedules. The atmosphere at work has that “time to be serious, folks, noses to the grindstone!” quality, and you are undoubtedly girding yourself for the soon-to-hit glut of fall fund-raisers and then—almost immediately thereafter, it sometimes seems—holiday festivities both personal and professional. Yet, despite its apparent brevity, this is a time of year when really meaty home life takes place, tucked in between the travels and frivolities of summer and winter breaks. Those game tables get used, there is no shortage of athletic spectacles and HBO specials to fill those TV screens. Evenings are long and chilly enough, and darkness falls early enough, that the fam-

Find more at + Our editors and a fascinating lineup of guest blog­gers share beautiful photography, design ideas, and advice five days a week on the New England Home Design Blog + The site also features ongoing content updates, where you’ll encounter house tours, interviews and commentary, before-and-after stories, and other special items for lovers of great home design + Sign up for our Design Discoveries editorial ­e-newsletter and get weekly updates on luxury home style, including the latest products, upcoming events and green ideas /////

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22  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

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9/18/14 6:46 PM

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9/18/14 12:59 PM

Continuing a 25 Year Tradition of Fine Architectural Design in Greenwich 170 MASON STREET GREENWICH, CT

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TELEPHONE 203.489.3800



6/10/14 8:05 PM

Photography: Jane Beiles

INTERIORS, SPACE PLANNING, KITCHEN & BATH DESIGN 70 Main Street, New Canaan, CT T: 203.594.7875 F: 203.966.5514 8.25x11.125_MHH_NEHad_090313.indd 1 Morgan Harrison_CT-FAL-14_1.00_v2.indd 1

9/3/13 2:29 PM 9/18/14 4:42 PM

Editor-in-Chief Kyle Hoepner Homes Editor Stacy Kunstel Senior Editor Paula M. Bodah Art Director Robert Lesser Online and Market Editor Lynda Simonton Managing and Copy Editor Susan Kron Contributing Editors Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz Maria LaPiana Karin Lidbeck Brent Louis Postel Contributing Writers Regina Cole, Caroline Cunningham, Megan Fulweiler, Charles Monagan, Allegra Muzzillo, Dan Shaw, Kris Wilton

r o b e r t

d e a n

a r c h i t e c t s

Robert Bruce Dean, AIA

Contributing Photographers Robert Benson, John Gould Bessler, Bruce Buck, Tria Giovan, John Gruen, Laura Moss, Michael Partenio, Nat Rea /////

111 Cherry Street, New Canaan, CT 06840


(203) 966-8333

w w w. ro b e r t d e a n a rch i t e c t s . c o m

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26  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

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9/16/14 7:30 PM

FOX HILL BUILDERS 1921 post road darien, ct 203.655.9046 |

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12/18/13 7:38 AM

Comfort. In all the ways you value.

Publisher Kathy Bush-Dutton Associate Publisher, New England Home Connecticut Roberta Thomas Mancuso

d e s i g n. r e n o v a t e. b u i l d.

Large or small, or somewhere comfortably in between, an affordable custom home can be yours with Country Club Homes. Expect exceptional quality, designed for your lifestyle, and crafted by people who care. Today, quality also means sustainability. Intelligent use of space. Responsible energy consumption. Geothermal heating and cooling. Imagine, your values reflected in your home. With Country Club Homes it’s comforting to know that’s part of the package.

Executive Sales Manager Jill Korff Sales Managers Kim Sansoucy Robin Schubel David Simone Marketing Designer Jared Ainscough Production Manager Glenn Sadin Sales and Marketing Coordinator/Office Manager Alexandra Corrado /////

Advertising Information  To receive information about advertising in New England Home Connecticut, please contact us at (800) 6095154, ext. 713, or Editorial and Advertising Office 530 Harrison Ave., Suite 302 Boston, MA 02118 (617) 938-3991 (800) 609-5154 /////

NCI Corporate Offices 2 Sun Court NW, Suite 300 Norcross, GA 30092 (800) 643-1176 Home Design Division Production Managers Shannon McKelvey, Judson Tillery Circulation Manager Kurt Coey Newsstand Manager Bob Moenster

President/CFO Gerry Parker c o u n t r y c lu b h o m e s, I n c., 4 62 D a n b u r y r o a D, W I lt o n, c t 0 6 8 97 203 .762 .0 550 | c o u n t r y c lu b h o m e s I n c .c o m

Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration Diana Young Group Vice President, Interactive Stuart Richens

28  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

CT-FAL14 Masthead.indd 28

9/16/14 7:30 PM

617-542-5700 |

GaryMcBournie-CTWIN14-rev.indd 3

9/16/14 8:36 AM


1 Grand Street, Wallingford CT, 06492 | 203.626.5625 | 855.839.5063

BROWN JORDAN is a registered trademark of Brown Jordan International, Inc. and is used under license to CT Acquisitions, LLC.

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9/16/14 5:26 PM

Technolo Simplified! Advanced Home Audio Inc. is the pre-eminent designer of sophisticated music, theater, environment, and lighting systems. We’re known by the area’s best architects, builders, and interior designers for our elegant designs that complement your home and are tailored to your needs.

A D VA N C E D H O M E A U D I O.C O M | 2 0 3 .9 2 2 . 0 0 5 1


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2:00 6/13/14 3:26 9:25 PM AM



LEFT: The vertical stacking of Oro cubes accentuates the scale of the room’s furniture and its high ceilings. BELOW: Scatta wallcoverings are easily altered by snapping on a series of separate accessories, like wooden daisies or fabric pompons.

Mind Meld Interior design and fine art come together with stunning results in the work of Rita Petta and Rebecca Thompson. ///////////

By Allegra Muzzillo


he union of interior designer Rita Petta and artist Rebecca Thompson can be traced back to a yearlong study in Florence, Italy, nearly seventeen years ago. Among the city’s acclaimed Renaissance-era sculptures, fountains, and museums, the women’s lives and creative sensibilities harmonized as they pursued master’s degrees, Petta in historic preservation, Thompson in art restoration. Although

the two acquired distinct professional training, they discovered parallels that linked them, artistically and personally, before opening their namesake Oakville studio in 2007. “In between, we both had our own careers,” says Petta. “But,” adds Thompson, “we saw how to connect what we were doing separately, and turned it into a single endeavor we felt even more passionate about.” The two women soon carved out a

niche market for original artwork they would make together (paintings, sculptures, and later, wall coverings)—one that deftly overlapped the worlds of art and interior design. The company’s predominantly largescale sculptural works have a powerful presence due both to their stature and craftsmanship. “They grab you, pull you in, and stop you from thinking about anything else,” says Thompson. Handcarved Oro cubes, for example, have real impact. Ranging from seven inches square to twenty inches square, the burlwoodveneer wood blocks can be wall-mounted, singly or in groupings, or put together to form functional pieces of furniture, such

32  New England Home Connecticut  FALL 2014

CT-FAL14 Artistry.indd 32

9/16/14 7:27 PM

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9/16/14 11:47 AM


The artists encourage interaction. “We enjoy seeing it,” says Petta, “especially since it has traditionally been taboo to touch art—it furthers the viewer’s involvement.”

as benches and consoles. Their 16-karat gold-leaf concave surfaces retain a warm glow in even the darkest room. “They have such meditative value, too,” adds Thompson, “because they virtually exist in that place between light and sound.” Amid the artists’ juxtaposition of tradition and function is the keystone principle of encouraged interaction. “We enjoy seeing it,” says Petta, “especially since it has traditionally been taboo to touch art—and because it furthers the viewer’s involvement within her environment.” Gilded Falling Blocks and the polishedgranite Prayer Wheels invite contact via twisting, turning, spinning. Abacus, too,

features moveable parts, and its stunning artistry takes it way beyond its storied use as a mathematical tool. Even the tactile Scatta line of wallcoverings features pompon- and daisy-shaped accessories designed to attach and detach through a system of metal snaps. Petta Thompson’s art is characterized by centuries-old techniques (gilding, wood turning, printmaking) and media (India ink, marble dust)—and the duo works tirelessly to modernize the traditional applications. The artists’ cotton- and rice-based wallcoverings, especially, reveal decidedly modern spins. Although Sol is embossed in a traditional etching press, a

hand-carved acrylic plate (versus copper) is now used because of its imperviousness to high pressure and moisture levels. And the transparent synthetic-gel beads on Lido are hand-applied so precisely, it looks as if their pattern is computer-generated. Thompson maintains that solid skillsets have given the women confidence and latitude to utilize, and develop, contemporary media. “Sometimes,” she says laughing, “you can’t find exactly what you need in the art supply store.” Her Sumi-e, or Japanese-inspired, abstract ink paintings are often crafted with a four-foot brush that she retrofitted herself, using a wooden broom handle. “When using unusual tools

34  New England Home Connecticut  FALL 2014

CT-FAL14 Artistry.indd 34

9/16/14 7:27 PM

Artist Rebecca Thompson applies an antiquing agent to a copper-gilded wall covering. FACING PAGE, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: A grouping of Thompson’s black-and-white ink paintings evokes a vast landscape. Petta Thompson’s Ravenna wallcovering incorporates copper pigment; its custom paint mixture gives it its shimmer. Wooden Prayer Wheels feature tops gilded in 12-karat gold and bases made to look and feel like marble. Abacus is composed of hand-carved, moveable poplar stars and beads that invite viewer interaction.

as brushes,” Thompson explains, “you have to be sure about what will happen on the canvas—and at the same time be willing to accept the result, whatever it is.” Each custom piece is produced inside the pair’s 8,500-square-foot workspace in Oakville’s industrial-era Old Pin Shop

Factory—a landmark building featuring rich architectural detailing and a celebrated pre–World War I history. Now, the light-filled studio houses Petta Thompson’s vast collection of go-to media and custom-built, twenty-foot plywood tables designed to accommodate impossibly long rolls of paper. “The space is so flexible,” says Thompson, “we’ve reconfigured it multiple times.” Petta Thompson’s work can now be seen in Donghia showrooms throughout the country and in Wynn Resorts here and abroad. Up next for the partners: multilayered Graffio wallcoverings in additional colors and finishes, burlwoodveneer wallpaper, Oro blocks in fiberglass and concrete (for outdoor installations), and several smaller, sculptural tabletop accessories. And, as always, the company will maintain its participatory, tried-and-true strategy: the duo will always adhere to Old-World processes. Says Petta: “They’re exactly why we love making the work.” • Editor’s Note To see more of Petta Thompson’s


| |


Installation throughout New England, the Islands & beyond 800.458.4445

work, visit FALL 2014  New England Home Connecticut 35

CT-FAL14 Artistry.indd 35

9/16/14 7:27 PM


Global Is The DIfference

RYE, NEW YORK Spectacular waterfront home overlooking Kirby Mill Pond and Long Island Sound with custom details, 12 rooms, a chef’s kitchen, terraces, infinity pool and a 2,000 square foot guest house. $10,900,000

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT Post Modern Style Residence by internationally celebrated Warren Platner. Luminous glass walls, travertine limestone and rich inlaid woods showcasing four magical acres. $10,500,000

NEW FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT Award-winning 10.5 acre compound on Candlewood Lake. Approx. 8,550+ sq. ft., chef’s kitchen, private beach, dock, tennis, sports court, spas and views. Attention to detail and quality. Price Upon Request

Sula Pearlman, Associate Real Estate Broker C. 914.393.4104

Tamar Lurie, Sales Associate C. 203.536.6953

Beverly Fairchild, Associate Broker C. 203.948.6786

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT Four acres at Andrews Farms. European-inspired Chateau has wrought iron stairs, marble floors, turrets, six fireplaces, new gym and two master suites. Gunite pool, spa and terraces. $6,475,000

DEEP RIVER, CONNECTICUT Two high acres with Infinity pool, tennis court and deepwater dock. Eleven rooms filled with elegant millwork, double story ceilings and spectacular Connecticut River views! $5,950,000

WESTPORT, CONNECTICUT Exquisite 15 room French Chateau of hand-cut stone on 2 level, riverfront acres. Custom built with meticulous attention, a dramatic, two-story entry with curved floating staircase and 5 fireplaces. $4,495,000

Tamar Lurie, Sales Associate C. 203.536.6953

Connie O'Brien, Sales Associate C. 860.559.0742

Annette Coplit, Sales Associate C. 203.803.9488

RYE, NEW YORK Gracious 1917 Manor, minutes to New York City on a park-like acre. 5,000 sq. ft of captivating, updated space, 6 bedrooms, lovely millwork, modern mahogany kitchen and 4 fireplaces. $4,350,000

BEDFORD CORNERS, NEW YORK Stone & Clapboard Sophistication on five acres. Twelve superbly detailed rooms open to wonderful outdoor living spaces including a second kitchen, fireplace and future pool. $2,995,000

WESTON, CONNECTICUT This 7,600+ sq. ft. P. Gudas-built estate offers the ultimate in luxury, with a two-story fireplace, marble kitchen, theater, wine cellar and gym, plus a Gunite pool with spa. $2,895,000

Michele C. Flood and Dorthe Deubler, Associate Real Estate Broker/Real Estate Salesperson M. 914.420.6468 | D. 914.907.7312

Margo Lancia, Real Estate Salesperson C. 914.588.4379

Emily Gordon, Sales Associate C. 203.451.6432

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10:59 PM

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356 E LY AV E NU E , N O RWA L K , C T | 1-888-T H E -C L O S ET (1-888-843-2567) | 203-957-3304



Custom designed solutions for every room and lifestyle. Visit our showroom to see more!

plugged in

Star Tech Courtesy of REALM

The newest home technology is easy to use, practically invisible, and smarter than ever. ///////////

By Lisa Montgomery


with the wall, offered by companies like Lutron and Savant, can do the job of an entire bank of old-fashioned light switches. With keypad faceplates available in a variety of finishes and colors (some can even be painted or wallpapered), the technology can blend in beautifully with the wall surface. When it comes to music, the days of giant speakers are long gone. Today’s speaker designs have progressed to the point where they’re barely noticeable, if not completely invisible. Manufactured with pencil-thin or no

Above: A modern farmhouse designed by Norwalk

architect Bruce Beinfield has a system by Realm that controls the lighting, window shades, heating and air conditioning, and all the home’s media. Below: Streamlined panels are a user-friendly way to control a whole-house system.

rims, and with grilles that can be painted to match their surroundings, speakers can sink inconspicuously into the ceiling. There are even completely imperceptible speakers, like the ones manufactured by Bay Audio, Sonance, SpeakerCraft, and Stealth Acoustics, that can be installed within the wall studs and covered in a layer of drywall skim coat. And you’ll sacrifice nothing in performance to achieve this look, says Conor ­Coleman of Realm in South Norwalk. “The latest generation of invisible speakers has achieved audio quality on a par with that of many traditional in-ceiling speakers,” he says. “This is a trend that’s sure to continue.” The big-screen TV no longer has to dominate a room. The frame can be custom-ordered Courtesy of advanced home audio

ust because a house has all the latest “smart” gadgets doesn’t mean it has to look like a high-tech laboratory. New, innovative developments in the home electronics market mean popular amenities like wholehouse music systems, big-screen TVs, lighting controls, security, and complete home automation can be virtually invisible. “We collaborate with the architect and interior designer early in the design process to ensure that this happens,” says Bill Charney, president of Advanced Home Audio in Shelton. The latest systems can program sconces, recessed fixtures, table lamps, and other light sources to dim and brighten at very specific levels to make a room look instantly romantic or festive, accentuate certain architectural features, showcase special works of art, even bring out the subtle texture or color of a wall— all with just a simple tap of a button on a wall-mounted keypad. Even better, they do all this without calling attention to themselves; slim, low-profile devices that sink nearly flush

38  New England Home Connecticut  FALL 2014

CT-FAL14 Plugged In.indd 38

9/17/14 8:11 PM

Redefining Value

132 Water Street

ad - full page.indd 1

South Norwalk


9/17/14 11:33 AM

plugged in

our chief concerns,” says Robert Dacundo, founding partner of Phoenix Audio Video & Systems Integration in Fairfield. It’s important, he notes, to include the audiovisual company in the design process for the best results. The components that compile, store, and distribute the music, which usually take the form of nondescript black boxes, needn’t compromise the integrity

Courtesy of Bay audio

in finishes to complement or blend with the wall surface. You can take it a step further by incorporating a system wherein your choice of canvas artwork can be lowered over the screen when it’s not being used. Companies including Media Decor (a division of Leon Speakers) and VisionArt offer a variety of prints and frames, or you can supply them with your own art or photograph. Another popular option is a mirror TV. Integrated within the structure of the mirror, and offered by companies such as Séura, the TV remains invisible until it’s turned on. ”Meshing technology like flat-panel TVs into the interior design has always been one of

Courtesy of Innerspace Electronics

go hand in hand in a Westport home, designed by Laura Kaehler Architects with interiors by Robin Liotta of HB Home, where a Savant integrated control system takes care of lights, media, security, climate, and window shades. Savant’s TrueControl turns an iPad into a control panel. Speakers the size of a paperback book can be installed in a wall and rendered virtually invisible. FACING PAGE, LEFT TO RIGHT: The Allure Moving Art system offers more than 3,600 works of art to camouflage the TV. A mirror TV, like this one in a bathroom, vanishes when it’s turned off.

Courtesy of Savant Systems

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Technology and beauty


Dedicated to Exceeding Expectations Specializing in Additions and Home Renovations

40  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

CT-FAL14 Plugged In.indd 40

9/17/14 8:11 PM

Courtesy of Media Decor

Courtesy of seura

of a home’s design, either. Entire racks of equipment can be stored out of sight inside closets and utility rooms. Wireless technologies like Wi-Fi mean that you can use a smartphone or a tablet to operate everything from anywhere inside (or outside) the house. When tied to a home automation system, these same smartphones and tablets can also control TVs throughout a house, brighten and dim the lights, monitor and adjust thermostats, control swimming pool pumps and heaters, supervise the status of a security system, and more.

The ability to consolidate the controls of several individual systems under one interface can minimize the appearance of technology significantly. “For a project where we might have mounted a dozen or more keypads and touch panels to the walls for control, we might only install two, relying instead on the control capabilities of a mobile device,” says Barry Reiner, president of InnerSpace Electronics, in Port Chester, New York. And don’t worry that you need to be a tech wizard. Today’s technology is remarkably user-friendly. The transi-

tion from traditional keypads to mobile devices as a primary mode of control, Reiner says, comes naturally to most consumers. Thanks to enhancements in technology and clever installation techniques by home-systems installers, electronic systems can coexist peacefully with a home’s visual environment. And with the help of a qualified installer, they can be integrated seamlessly into the design of the house. It’s a perfect union of form and function, resulting in a home that’s as architecturally stunning as it is smart. •

117 NEW CANAAN AVENUE I NORWALK, CT 06850 I 203.849.0302 I WWW.FRONTROWKITCHENS.COM FALL 2014  New England Home Connecticut 41

CT-FAL14 Plugged In.indd 41

9/17/14 8:12 PM

Full Page template:Layout 1


Runtal Family of Heating Products Runtal offers an array of radiator designs

6:18 PM

Page 1

Runtal Showroom in Haverhill, MA


for hot water, steam and electric heating systems.

The Fine Art of Radiators 187 Neck Road, PO Box 8278 Ward Hill, MA 01835 (Haverhill) Tel: 800-526-2621

For more information or a dealer near you, please call 1-800-526-2621 or visit us online at:

Michael Smith_CT-SUM14_1.00_v2.indd 1

5/29/14 8:38 PM

In Our Backyard

Bohemian Rhapsody Design-led and inspired by timeless historical models, Juliska has made its mark on the tableware market­—and it’s just getting started. ///////////


uliska’s tagline is “Possibly the most beautiful tableware in the world.” It’s succinct—and spot on. “We came up with it right out of the gate,” says Capucine De Wulf Gooding, who founded the company with her husband, David Gooding, in 2001. She’s reminded of something a friend once said: “David’s so English. If he were American he’d say, ‘It’s the

By Maria LaPiana

best tableware in the world.’ Period. But being from England, he wouldn’t want to assume anything.” She laughs. The “almost factual history” on the company’s website will make you smile. Juliska’s wares—from glass and dinnerware to linens and lighting—will make you swoon. Selling through 600 premium retailers around the country (including Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Saks

Fifth Avenue, and Bergdorf Goodman) and beyond, the company is fast becoming a leader in tableware design in the U.S. It all started when, while traveling in Europe, the couple fell in love with Bohemian glass. They started collecting the handworked pieces (produced by a melding of glass-blowing techniques from the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries) and were soon inspired to manufacture authentic reproductions. They sold them under the name Juliska (a Hungarian diminutive of Julia) as a way of honoring the heritage of the glass. The company is best described as “design-led,” with an aesthetic that A Firenze charger, with its Florentine marbling in shimmering gold and platinum, makes a dramatic partner for the simpler Acanthus whitewash salad plate and the mouth-blown Amalia wineglass.

44  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

CT-FAL14 In Our Backyard.indd 44

9/17/14 8:01 PM

An intense lifestyle deserves intense relaxation.

Innerspace-CTFAL14.indd 1

Award-winning leader in the lifestyle technology industry, InnerSpace Electronics provides the most advanced in “home spaces for the digital age� including home theater, home automation, multi-room audio/ video systems, lighting control, automated window treatments, telephone and networking systems.

9/17/14 2:48 PM

In Our Backyard

“Our customers say Juliska makes every day pretty for them, that it’s an everyday indulgence,” says Capucine. resonates with so many, according to Capucine, for two reasons: history and philosophy. “Our collections are based on patterns that have stood the test of time,” she says. “All of them are different. We go from pewter stemware to bamboo to Country Estate dinnerware inspired by toile. They don’t even look like they come from the same company.” It’s the way Capucine and her creative team interpret a pattern that makes a glass or a plate so timeless and broadly appealing. The recently launched Field of Flowers line, for example, was inspired by botanical drawings from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Capucine says they studied many of them, cut out images of the ones they liked, pieced them together to create a “bouquet,” and voila! A new collection was born. The Goodings source products all over the world, but they’ve established headquarters and a flagship store in the shadow of I-95, on Canal Street in Stamford. Capucine was born in France and raised in the States; David left his native England to attend college in New York. They met in 1997 and married a year later. They couldn’t be happier about having adopted Connecticut as their home. They’re bringing up their children

(“three girls, scalawags, ages eleven, ten, and seven,” says their mother) in Shippan Point, on the southern tip of Stamford. “We consider ourselves very fortunate to live and work here,” she adds. “We absolutely love it.”

She and her husband care deeply about everything Juliska—from photo shoots and copywriting to merchandising to the team of professionals they work with. “I like to think that’s what makes us different, she says. “It all shows a lot of love.”

46  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

CT-FAL14 In Our Backyard.indd 46

9/17/14 8:01 PM

FACING PAGE, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: A large pitcher in the Berry & Thread pattern that launched the company. Berry & Thread flatware with gold accents. A place setting from the Pewter collection. An Antique Lace napkin. A place setting from the Bamboo collection. BELOW: An Amalia column pendant lamp.

photo: Barry A. Hyman, 2014

photo: David Heald, 2014

Juliska’s products are manufactured wherever the couple finds the best artisans and craftspeople. “We follow the craft,” Capucine says. “If we know the best ceramics are coming out of Portugal, that’s where we’ll go. We make our Bohemian glass where they make it best, in the Czech Republic and Poland.” They also strive to price their wares so that they are affordable for many people “We know what our customer feels comfortable paying,” says Capucine. “It’s hard to keep our prices down sometimes, but we look at materials and go from there.” What’s next? “We definitely want to grow, wherever we can add value and bring the Juliska lifestyle to others,” she says. But the company’s growth is measured. “We’re introducing a small, edited collection of wood furniture, some dining tables, and armoires,” she adds, “inspired, as always, by fine craftsmanship and techniques.” “Our customers say Juliska makes every day pretty for them, that it’s an everyday indulgence,” says Capucine. And that, in the end, is the company’s simple mission. • Juliska Flagship Store 465 Canal Street, Stamford (888) 414-8448 Fall 2014  New England Home Connecticut 47

CT-FAL14 In Our Backyard.indd 47

9/17/14 8:01 PM

By Invitation only

New England Home’s networking events bring the design community together






Gault Energy and Stone Gault Energy and Stone’s Westport showroom was the backdrop for the latest New England Home Connecticut summer networking event, as the fourth and fifth generations of the Gault family welcomed a happy crowd for the evening. Despite their busy summer schedules, members of the Connecticut design community happily came out in full force to connect with one another over cocktails and refreshments. The lively evening was capped off with a raffle drawing, and the lucky winner went home with a beautiful granite birdbath courtesy of Gault Stone.






Phil Nelson

(1) Freddy and Nicole Miraballes of Freddy’s Landscaping (2) Alex Shahim and Olivia Bennett of Steck’s Nursery & Landscaping (3) Meredith Donaher of Gault Energy and Stone with Catherine Cleare of Catherine Cleare Interiors (4) Jayne and Thad Kallas of Window Imagination with Connie Giuliani of Connie Giuliani (5) New England Home’s Kyle Hoepner and Kathy BushDutton flank Sam Gault of Gault Energy and Stone (6) Frank DeLuca of Coastal Construction Group, Gary Chase of ViTA Design Group, and Gary Chase of

Roch & Chase Interiors (7) Kevin Steele of Devore Associates and Lucien Vita of ViTA Design Group (8) New England Home’s Roberta Thomas Mancuso and John Brodeur of Emme (9) Nicole Charney of Advanced Home Audio, Jeanette Dryburgh of William Raveis Real Estate, Robert Cardello of Robert Cardello Architects, and Bill Charney of Advanced Home Audio (10) Drew Frank and Deborah von Donop of Post Modern Home flank Jolley Frank of Jolley Frank Interiors

48  New England Home Connecticut  FALL 2014

CT-FAL14 By Invitation Only.indd 48

9/17/14 7:49 PM


MOMENTS to last a lifetime

LEGENDARY Service. SUPERIOR Products. REMARKABLE Heritage. Interior/Exterior Stones | Granites | Fabrication WESTPORT SHOWROOM 11 Ferry Lane West | Westport, CT | 203.227.5181 BETHEL SHOWROOM 1 Paul Street | Bethel, CT | 203.790.9023


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Linen Shop_CT-SPR14_1.00-v2.indd 1

3/11/14 2:17 PM

0 5 New England Home’s







➽ On the eleventh of September,






Tara Carvalho

New England Home joined colleagues and friends for an unforgettable celebration of the most promising young regional talent in residential architecture and design at the fifth annual “5 Under 40” awards party. The guests of honor for the night were artist Pauline Curtiss of Patina, interior designer Jill Goldberg of Hudson and Hudson Interior Designs, landscape designer J. Brandon Jones of Glen Gate Company, architect Alec Tesa of A. Tesa Architecture, and Gregory H. Ehrman, senior associate at Hutker Architects. Nearly 400 people gathered at Landry & Arcari Oriental Rugs and Carpeting’s Boston showroom and spilled out into the galleria of the Park Square building to celebrate the winners. Stunning arrangements by Winston Flowers set the stage as guests sipped signature cocktails by Triple Eight Distillery, enjoyed hors d’oeuvres prepared by Davio’s restaurant, and marveled at custom rugs designed by the winners in conjunction with Landry & Arcari. The highlight of the night was a live auction of the rugs emceed by local celebrities Jenny Johnson and Billy Costa, hosts of NESN’s “Dining Playbook.” Guests showed both great support for the honorees and generosity: the auction raised more than $20,000 to benefit Barakat, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based charity that supports literacy and education for women and children in Afghanistan and Pakistan. •

(1) 2014 “5 Under 40” honorees Gregory H. Ehrman, Pauline Curtiss, J. Brandon Jones, Jill Goldberg, and Alec Tesa show off the beautiful awards created by Woodmeister Master Builders (2) Jerry Arcari, of Landry & Arcari Oriental Rugs and Carpeting, shares the stories behind the custom rug designs (3) New England Home’s Kathy Bush-Dutton, Billy Costa and Jenny Johnson from NESN’s “Dining Playbook,” Jerry Arcari, and New

England Home’s Kyle Hoepner (4) Bob Ernst of FBN Construction gets the bidding started! (5) Paul Guitard of Woodmeister Master Builders answers the auctioneer’s call (6) Emcees Jenny Johnson and Billy Costa were persuasive in encouraging bidders to be generous and support a great cause (7) The party in full swing (8) Guests proved quite susceptible to the charms of Karastan’s photo area, complete with friendly sheep

52  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

CT-FAL14 5Uner40 Party.indd 52

9/18/14 6:40 PM

NEH_Full_Layout 1 7/29/14 8:38 PM Page 11

tHe living room drapes

The mud room ru g

are droopy. and not in a good way.

looks like it has mud on it.


WAS INSTALLED IN THE WRONG HALLWAY. But the shutters , the shutters are absolutely perfect.


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0 5






78i.22i.0i00 Offering Trade Accommodations.


a designer’s best friend.



8/11/14 2:42 PM

2014 | 5 UNDER 40 | awards 1








➽ Do you know an emerging


talent in New England residential design? New England Home is looking for the next generation in great design, so submit your nominations for the 2015 “5 Under 40” awards at






Tara Carvalho

(1) Winner Alec Tesa flanked by Leanne Morton, Bill Morton, Nancy Sorensen, Steve Kontoff, and Connie Kontoff of Back Bay Shutter (2) Gregory Sweeney of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams with winner Jill Goldberg (3) Winner Pauline Curtiss with Lynn Dayton of Dayton Home (4) Jim Youngblood of Youngblood Builders with winner J. Brandon Jones (5) Gary Rousseau and Steve Brannigan of Herrick and White Architectural Woodworkers with winner Gregory Ehrman (6) Alexandra McDougall of Finelines, John and Claire Federman of Sewfine Drapery Workroom, Karen Gilman of Finelines, and Thad Kallas of Window Imagination (7) Winner J. Brandon Jones with Nelson Gomez, Ally Buthray, Paul Guitard, Chris Komenda, and Sean Reynolds of Woodmeister Master Builders (8) 2011 honoree Rachel Reider of Rachel Reider Interiors, Kyle Sheffield

of LDa Architecture & Interiors, Keith Bartholomew of Advanced Communication Technologies, and Greg Premru of Greg Premru Photography (9) The Hutker Architects crew (10) Ryan Donnelly, Paula Daher, and Jennifer Pond of Daher Interior Design with photographer Michael J. Lee and winner Jill Goldberg (11) Rob Henry of Audio Video Design, Andreana Bakert-Miceli and Courtney Maule of Romo, and Thomas Henry Egan and Josh Linder of Evolve Residential (12) Tony Cappoli of Tony Cappoli Interiors with New England Home’s Stacy Kunstel (13) Tracey Foley, “5 Under 40” judge Eric Portnoy of Room 68, and Jen Runnels of Found Home (14) Peter Dolat of Miele, Pierre Matta of Newton Kitchens and Design, New England Home’s Jill Korff, and Timothy Lee of Timothy Lee Landscape Design

54  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

CT-FAL14 5Uner40 Party.indd 54

9/18/14 6:40 PM

70° 70°


68° 68°

74° 69°

Comfort You Control Master of the House Do you have rooms in your home that never reach or stay at the temperature you want? If so, Emme can help. Emme Room-by-Room is a temperature and control system works with your existing new forced-air HVAC Emme Room-By-Room is designed tomanagement guarantee every room in your home that is amazingly comfortable. Emmeor Room-by-Room works with system and can be easily installed without remodeling. It precisely monitors and controls the temperature in every room any forced-air heating and cooling system and is perfect for new or existing homes. In addition, it provides tools to reduce heating and in your house. No more hot, sunny rooms or cold basements. You can now define comfort to your own standard and cooling actuallyenergy get it. use by up to 40%.

For more information visit or call 1-800-396-0523.

Emme_CT-FAL13_1.00_v4.indd 1

9/17/13 4:47 PM

UNCOVER THE POSSIBILITIES AT YOUR LOCAL ULTIMATE BATH STORE Groton, CT 550 Gold Star Highway Groton, CT 06340 860.446.1140

Colchester, CT 464 South Main Street Colchester, CT 06415 860.537.7600

Westerly, RI 114 Cross Street Westerly, RI 02891 401.596.7775

The San Souci™ one-piece toilet offers a sleek, contemporary design combined with KOHLER touchless flush. Just hold your hand over the tank sensor to activate the flush. No handle to touch means fewer germs to pick up or leave behind. Includes innovative AquaPiston technology, a patented flush engine that delivers a fast, powerful, and virtually plug-free flush. A 1.28-gallon flush provides significant water savings of up to 16,500 gallons per year, without sacrificing performance.

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2:49 PM

Page 1



ConstructionMgmt_CT-SUM14_1.00.qxd:Construction Managment- Ful-CTFAL11

203-966-3388 | 58 Pine Street | New Canaan, CT 06840

W W W . C M G B U I L D E R . C O M

Evolution from within

A Greenwich house blossoms into A . True home as a couplE and their design team.. let the process unfold gradually. . Text by Dan Shaw Photography by Michael Partenio Produced by Stacy Kunstel

58  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

CT-FAL14 Karlan-Greenwich.indd 58

9/15/14 9:59 PM

A custom carpet from J.D. Staron grounds the warm, bright family room, where designer Carey Karlan made use of luxurious fabrics, such as creamy Holly Hunt chenille on the Ralph Lauren sofas, a cotton-mohair blend from Schumacher on the bench, and taupe leather on the Lee Industries armchairs. The midcentury painting by Irene Zevon is one of several in the owners’ collection.

Fall 2014  New England Home Connecticut 59

CT-FAL14 Karlan-Greenwich.indd 59

9/15/14 9:59 PM

Like many doting parents, The couple put their Children’s

needs first and asked the

design team to start with

their bedrooms.

60  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

CT-FAL14 Karlan-Greenwich.indd 60

9/15/14 9:59 PM


here seems to be an unwritten rule in Greenwich that every new house must have a grand facade with a sense of history. The exterior details—shutters, pediments, columns—create a wow factor even when the house is nestled on a quiet road in the backwoods. Houses built on spec don’t always lavish quite so much attention on the interiors, however. The owners of this house knew it had the potential to be as special inside as it was outside. That’s why they called on architect Kelly Faloon and decorator Carey Karlan. The clients—a couple with two school-age children—didn’t feel the need for instant gratification. In fact, they spent four years working with Faloon and Karlan. They wanted to make careful choices so their home would suit their family’s lifestyle. Like many doting parents, they put their children’s needs first and asked the design team to start with their bedrooms. The daughter’s bedroom, an enormous space above the garage, made for a bit of a challenge. “These suites over the garage can be as big as a living room, but funky because of rooflines and dormers,” Karlan says. Faloon gave the space definition by adding window seats and bookshelves. For decorating inspiration, the wife offered up one of her many paintings by Irene Zevon, a midcentury artist who lived in New York City’s legendary Chelsea Hotel. “Her work mixes Cubism and abstraction,” says the client. “I wanted my daughter to grow up with a real work of art.” To complement the purples, blues, and greens of the art, Karlan painted the room’s walls in feminine—but not too girly—Raspberry Ice, from Benjamin Moore. A violet-and-white carpet reflects the tone of the walls, creating a unified backdrop that tames the space. The clients already had a traditional brown four-poster bed, but Karlan gave it a coat of purple lacquer “to make it zippier.” For nightstands, she had a pair of midcentury brown chests lacquered white and topped them with powder-blue Jonathan Adler lamps. The modern floral pattern from Cowtan & Tout used for roman shades dictated the choice of a spring-green settee and aqua chairs for the sitting area, a chic, sophisticated arrangement Karlan

completed by designing a jaunty white patent-leather ottoman trimmed in nailheads. “We used high-quality pieces that would stand the test of time and last until the children go off to college,” she says. The son’s bedroom has an easygoing masculinity, with pale-gray walls and energetic orange accents.

ABOVE RIGHT: Mother and daughter can work and relax

together in the “she cave” outfitted with custom rift-cut oak cabinets and lit by Visual Comfort’s Soleil pendant. RIGHT: In the son’s bedroom, Pottery Barn sheets are a vibrant contrast to the gray headboard and shades in linen from Kravet. FACING PAGE: A grassgreen settee and aqua chairs complement the pale-raspberry walls and violet-and-white rug in the daughter’s bedroom.

CT-FAL14 Karlan-Greenwich.indd 61

9/15/14 9:59 PM

Karlan found a striped carpet (a favorite leitmotif she used in other rooms, too) with orange and grays that are echoed in the upholstered bed and shades. While the nightstands from Hickory Chair are serious pieces of furniture, the wife wanted the room to have a playful aspect; instead of a traditional desk, she chose Ikea’s version of a Saarinen table, then paired it with orange chairs from Crate & Barrel.

Gray tile from Waterworks makes for a sophisticated backsplash below custom cabinets painted in Farrow & Ball’s popular Clunch. A walnut island provides warm contrast with the marble counters. FACING PAGE: The breakfast room is dressed smartly with Guy Chaddock chairs and a Vaughan chandelier.

Once the children were settled, it was time to tackle the kitchen, which opens onto a spacious breakfast room and large family room. The clients also wanted Faloon to add a porch off of the kitchen, and his plan factored in how the indoor and outdoor spaces would relate to ensure the kitchen had plenty of natural light. Instead of attaching a porch to the house, which Faloon saw would block the sunlight that streams through the windows over the kitchen sink, he designed a detached outdoor pavilion. Classically detailed to complement the front of the house, the pavilion is elevated but sits close enough to the ground to avoid having railings. “We wanted it to

62  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

CT-FAL14 Karlan-Greenwich.indd 62

9/17/14 9:54 PM

the kitchen can be seen from the front hall and opens onto the family room. “I didn’t want it to look antiseptic or like a hospital,” says the wife.

Fall 2014  New England Home Connecticut 63

CT-FAL14 Karlan-Greenwich.indd 63

9/15/14 9:59 PM

Instead of a porch that would block

sunlight, Faloon designed a detached outdoor

pavilion, Classically detailed to complement

the front of the house.

64  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

CT-FAL14 Karlan-Greenwich.indd 64

9/15/14 9:59 PM

float and have a real sense of openness,” the architect explains. The family practically lives in the pavilion in warm weather. With separate dining and lounging areas, Karlan notes, “It’s not a patio or deck, but a real outdoor room. We furnished it with large, sturdy pieces so they can have a proper dinner party.” Since the kitchen can be seen from the front hall and opens onto the family room, the owners wanted it to feel as tailored and warm as the rest of the house. “I didn’t want it to look antiseptic or like a hospital,” says the wife. Faloon faced the marble-topped island in walnut, to give it the formality of a proper piece of furniture. To complement the gray subway-tile backsplash, the design team considered many neutrals to paint the BELOW: The freestanding pavilion was designed to float in the backyard so as not to block the light into the house. LEFT: A Restoration Hardware dining table is surrounded by chairs slipcovered in an all-weather fabric by Lee Industries. FACING PAGE: Chinese garden stools from Dovecote, in Westport, add punch to the pavilion’s sitting area.

CT-FAL14 Karlan-Greenwich.indd 65

9/15/14 9:59 PM

Project Team

Kelly Faloon Carey Karlan, The Last Detail Builder: Bert Keating Landscape design: John D’Urso and Joseph Barrett, Nyconn Landscaping & Design, and Giomy Cambizaca Architecture:

Interior design:

new, custom-made cabinets. “We finally chose Farrow & Ball’s Clunch, which was exactly right,” says the owner. “The whole kitchen is light and updated, while being traditional and classic.” So is the adjacent family room, which has a big stone fireplace, French doors, and views of the pool. “The look we were going for is earthy, muscular, and mellow,” says Karlan, who started with a striped rug in taupes and browns. She upholstered a pair of Ralph Lauren sofas in a creamy chenille and the armchairs in taupe leather. The monochromatic mood is tempered by another Zevon painting, and assorted throw pillows add dashes of color. A second family room acts as a super-sophisticated rec room. “It’s a place for my husband and son to do

CT-FAL14 Karlan-Greenwich.indd 66

9/15/14 9:59 PM

what they like to do best—play video games,” says the wife. Karlan, who has dubbed it the man cave, was asked to incorporate a black upright piano into the room, which prompted her to choose a graphic blackand-white striped carpet along with sofas upholstered in dark gray. Purple side chairs, stools, and throw pillows “add a pop of color that’s good for a nighttime retreat,” say Karlan. There’s also a touch of purple in another Zevon painting that hangs over the games table from Hickory Chair. “That is where my husband hosts his bridge group,” explains the wife. At the end of the day, the couple retires to the master suite, which the wife had painted a soft Donald Kaufman blue before she’d engaged Karlan. “We kept it soothing but not boring,” says Karlan, who

CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVE: The “man cave” has a jazzy striped

Missoni carpet and eye-catching purple velvet chairs. An Irene Zevon painting adds a bright note to the game corner. In the master bedroom, chairs upholstered in an iridescent fabric from Highland Court flank an ottoman covered in Tibetan lamb’s wool.

designed ivory wool-blend drapes and upholstered a pair of chairs in a slightly iridescent fabric, then placed a luxurious Tibetan wool ottoman between them. “The room has a glamour that is appropriate to the setting,” she says. At project’s end, all agree, the slowly unfolding process turned out to be the perfect way to turn the house into a place that truly feels like home. • Resources For more information about this home, see page 146. Fall 2014  New England Home Connecticut 67

CT-FAL14 Karlan-Greenwich.indd 67

9/15/14 9:59 PM

COLLECTIVE WISDOM A South Kent home reaps the benefits of its owners’ years of seeking out unique, wonderful pieces for their clients. TEXT BY MEGAN FULWEILER Ç PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOHN GOULD BESSLER Ç PRODUCED BY KARIN LIDBECK BRENT

68 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut FALL 2014

CT-FAL14 Seitz-Kent.indd 68

9/15/14 10:10 PM

Charming vignettes, like this antique Brazilian Peroba table hosting antique Buddhas and sheltering antique Brazilian pots, abound. The addition of an old Dutch painting further elevates the composition’s eye appeal. FACING PAGE: Largerthan-life butterflies in the foyer are painted on antique sailcloth.

FALL 2014 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut 69

CT-FAL14 Seitz-Kent.indd 69

9/15/14 10:10 PM


stone facade links the house to its setting, while the inset entry offers both shelter and a bit of drama. Local stone also sheaths the fireplace in the living room, where linen-clad sofas sit among a trove of antiques. Taxidermied birds perch atop Belgian cupboards filled with treasures, including Joanna’s collection of Palissy majolica.

CT-FAL14 Seitz-Kent.indd 70

9/15/14 10:10 PM

Joanna and Bill Seitz share a long history in the design world. She is a former magazine editor, stylist, and public-relations professional for the fashion industry, while he had a successful career as an architectural photographer. For the past twenty-eight years the two have been the proprietors of J. Seitz & Company, a landmark destination for good design. The couple’s equally talented daughter, Amanda, is also a vital part of the team. As fresh today as when it launched, the New Preston shop (which also offers interior design services as well as fashion and jewelry) bears witness to the couple’s approach to life—that nature is to be celebrated, friends and family treasured, and authenticity revered.

No surprise, then, that their South Kent home is a personality-filled treasure trove. Perched on twenty-five bucolic acres teeming with wildlife (a bear in the yard is not unheard of), the stone and shingle house designed by New Haven architect Peter Kurt Woerner nods to the 1950s buildings that stood here when the place was a children’s camp. Too worn to salvage, all but one of the old structures had to go. The owners admired the symmetry of the lone rescued building and enlisted Woerner to bring a similar flavor to their dream home. Woerner, who has designed scores of drop-dead gorgeous houses from Italy to Vermont, is well FALL 2014 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut 71

CT-FAL14 Seitz-Kent.indd 71

9/15/14 10:11 PM

schooled in a variety of architectural forms and adept at matchmaking when it comes to marrying a house with its surroundings. What may set him most apart, however, is his hands-on knowledge of construction. He refers to himself as an architect and a builder with an appreciation for natural materials—something his clients clearly share. “Joanna and Bill’s design sensibilities are similar to mine. This project was really a joint effort,” Woerner insists. The drive into the property rises over a small hill. The house is tucked to the right just below but still high above the spectacular lake. A stone path leads to the intimate front entry, which in turn opens to a twostory foyer affording the owners, as Woerner points out, “a pleasing procession of spaces.” To guarantee water views and easy access to the screened porch for both the public

Woerner refers to himself as an architect and a builder with an appreciation for natural materials—something his clients clearly share. and private spaces, Woerner located the living room, kitchen, dining room, and master suite along the back of the house where—icing on the cake— the lush perennial bed can also be spied. “It’s a burst of color,” says landscape designer Bruce Bennett of Kent Greenhouse. “Many flowers are springblooming, most have berries, and all have fantastic fall color.” Two guest rooms on the home’s second level also have screened porches for flower- and water-gazing, thanks to the owners’ input and to Woerner’s channeling of fond childhood memories during the design process. “I recalled this great cabin with a porch and a swing,” he says, thinking back to summers spent at this very lake. “I’d sit and watch the weather move across the water.” The Seitzes’ captivating interiors, where feathers, shells, and animal horns are treated as works of art, will also be memorable to those lucky enough to cross the threshold. Given places of importance, these finds underscore the owners’ affinity for nature. A neutral background provides their eclectic mix—Indian, Brazilian, and American furniture, one-of-a-kind discoveries brought back from their global travels, and products culled from their shop—an ideal backdrop. “A neutral tone is one of our trademarks,” Joanna says. “For me, it equals serenity and quiet, which is what we need when we come home.” Happily, there is no danger of the owner’s interpretation of “quiet” veering anywhere close to boring. There is heady design wizardry at work here. A partial inventory of the porch reveals a zebra rug, 72 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut FALL 2014

CT-FAL14 Seitz-Kent.indd 72

9/15/14 10:11 PM

Glass-front cabinets help keep the kitchen feeling airy, while honed granite counters provide a work surface. The apron-front sink is a farmhouse touch. FACING PAGE, TOP: A vase of glass and forged iron by Jan Barboglio serves as a centerpiece for the zinc-top dining table. FACING PAGE, BOTTOM: Vintage rattan furniture and a vintage surfboard table grace the screen porch.

FALL 2014 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut 73

CT-FAL14 Seitz-Kent.indd 73

9/15/14 10:11 PM

74  New England Home Connecticut  FALL 2014

CT-FAL14 Seitz-Kent.indd 74

9/15/14 10:11 PM

A petite John Derian settee and a shaggy lamb’s-wool bench with Lucite legs from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams create an arresting juxtaposition in the master bedroom. FACING PAGE: A handforged chandelier and sconces by Laura Lee Designs and a cache of shapely animal horns bring another layer of interest to the sunny master bath.

a stone Buddha, and a Venetian-glass pendant. In the foyer, hand-painted butterflies mill about behind the orchids. And while tailored sofas from Cisco lend the living room a pleasing traditional note, there’s also a hefty antique coffee table of teak and a gleaming silver skull to interject the unexpected punch. The Seitzes have unleashed their talents to similarly enliven every corner, including the sunny kitchen. Adhering to her preference for mixing styles

and eras, Joanna has teamed the antique Brazilian Peroba-wood table with cool midcentury mesh seats. And in the more formal dining room, classic PROJECT TEAM

Joanna Seitz, J. Seitz & Company Peter Kurt Woerner, Peter Kurt Woerner and Associates LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Bruce Bennett, Kent Greenhouse


FALL 2014 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut 75

CT-FAL14 Seitz-Kent.indd 75

9/15/14 10:11 PM

76  New England Home Connecticut  FALL 2014

CT-FAL14 Seitz-Kent.indd 76

9/15/14 10:11 PM

Faux bois furniture and a bevy of flowering plants turn the wisteriadraped pergola into a magical dining spot. Hand-forged exterior lighting is another handsome detail. FACING PAGE: The stately garden bench covered in lichen is really more of an “art piece,” says Joanna. The long screened porch offers endless hours of warm-weather enjoyment.

The couple’s approach to life holds that nature is to be celebrated, friends and family treasured, and authenticity revered. chairs gather around a zinc-topped table. Part of the formula for conjuring a current look—the kind the couple’s shop is renowned for—is to introduce industrial elements, Joanna explains. “Keep the bones of your rooms intact but add something, say, metal and suddenly it’s completely different.” The master suite’s decor is another lesson in marrying disparate objects. A regiment of antlers parades above the mahogany bed, while a Lucite Mr. Brown double-ring lamp casts a beam for nighttime reading. The light shares the Giacometti-like nightstand with another skull, this time sun-bleached. There’s a Mexican serape draped over the John Derian settee and a Lucite-legged stool wearing a Tibetan wool seat. And, really, what else but a hand-carved Italian angel could so perfectly preside over the adjoining bath? “We found the artist in Venice. Seeking

out lovely handmade objects is our great joy,” says Joanna. “We don’t consider it making discoveries; that sounds pretentious. The artists have been there all the time; we just needed to find them.” Manhattan interior designer Abbey Darer is responsible for the clever catch-a-leafy-view floor plan for the bath, which centers the tub at a window flanked by his and her sinks. Occasionally, Joanna and Bill find time to visit their second home, in the Santa Fe, New Mexico, desert. Still, it’s this New England nest that lets them enjoy the changing seasons. Its many layers ground them, and every item, however small, has its story. In sync with the community they’ve served so well and in love with their peaceful lakeside setting, they make sure they’re never gone for long. •

THERE’S MORE! You can see additional images of this home on our website. Go to

RESOURCES For more information about this home, see page 146. FALL 2014 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut 77

CT-FAL14 Seitz-Kent.indd 77

9/15/14 10:11 PM

heated porcelain tile oors are a practical choice for the entry, where casual and elegant go hand in hand. FAcing PAge: Vivacious tones of fuchsia, orange, and chartreuse add excitement to the soothing palette of gray and white in the media room.

78 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut FALL 2014

CT-FAL14 OlgaAdler-Saugatuck.indd 78

9/16/14 7:47 PM

Silver Lining

A post-hurricane cleanup leads to a complete makeover, turning a Saugatuck Island beach house into an elegant year-round home.


FALL 2014 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut 79

CT-FAL14 OlgaAdler-Saugatuck.indd 79

9/16/14 7:47 PM


n retrospect, it was one of those blessings that seem to come in disguise. The infamous Superstorm Sandy of 2012 wreaked havoc on the Saugatuck Island house interior designer Olga Adler and her husband had bought just three months earlier. Flooding devastated the first floor. Showing a bit of mercy, the storm spared the second floor, which Adler had just begun remodeling. Not one to dwell on the negative, Adler surveyed the damage and saw the opportunity for a true transformation, one that would turn the 1960s beach house into an all-season home reflecting her signature style, which she calls “global chic with a twist of Bohemia.” The house, she says, “suffered from multiplepersonality disorder. It had walls where there should have been open space, windows in all the wrong places, and was missing light where you would want it most, like in the kitchen.” The designer called on architect Peter Coffin and builder Neal Hicks, two pros she knew from experience could help her achieve her vision. “I know Peter’s work from many amazing projects he’s done,” says Adler. “We also worked together on a project in Westport.” Hicks, her collaborator on several projects in the past, was her choice because, she says, “he’s known for finishing projects on time and for the great quality of his work. He also has the ability to work on a

ABoVe: the simple facade gets interest from a curvy portico, chippendale-style stair rail, and board shutters. right: Built-ins offer storage and display in a sitting room. FAcing PAge: the home’s pale color scheme of grays and whites gives way to

rich, warm blues in the sitting room.

80 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut FALL 2014

CT-FAL14 OlgaAdler-Saugatuck.indd 80

9/16/14 7:48 PM

Project Team

Peter T. Coffin, Doyle Coffin Architecture Olga Adler, Olga Adler Interiors Builder: Neal Hicks, Hicks Construction Architecture:

Interior design:

FALL 2014  New England Home Connecticut 81

CT-FAL14 OlgaAdler-Saugatuck.indd 81

9/16/14 7:48 PM

clocKWise From ABoVe: A dressy chandelier in the kitchen? Why not? “i’m all

about mixing it up—formal with informal, high with low,” says homeowner/designer olga Adler. A custom-made glass Ping Pong table doubles as the family dining table. Adler in her office, where a saarinen table moves easily to follow the sun in the west-facing room.

there’s more! You can see additional images of this home on our website. Go to

tight site and in a coastal environment, which poses its own unique challenges.” The first of those challenges was ensuring that a future storm doesn’t cause quite so much damage. “The entire house was lifted by five and a half feet, and brought above the FEMA-required level,” Adler explains. In front, a raised terrace bordered by a stone wall gives the impression that the first floor is firmly anchored to the ground. In the rear, the raised part is wrapped with cedar strips painted pale gray to match the shingles that cover the rest of the twostory house. Adler and her family live here year-round, but she

wanted the casual vibe of a summer house. The simple front facade gets subtle interest from board shutters, an understated eyebrow that juts out just a bit above the first-floor windows, and a curved portico with shingled brackets. The classic gray and white of the exterior continues inside, where the laid-back tone is elevated with a layer of elegance. A heated floor of gray porcelain tile—“the most practical choice for a house where there’s tons of sand brought in from the beach,” says Adler—meets an Asianinspired Chippendale-style staircase that echoes the outside stair and deck railings. A gray toneon-tone zebra-print area rug and stair runner are composed of ecofriendly recycled wool. “I love animal prints,” the designer says. “To me, they are a neutral.” Light floods this new first floor from all direc-

82 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut FALL 2014

CT-FAL14 OlgaAdler-Saugatuck.indd 82

9/16/14 7:48 PM

“There are no formal spaces in our house. We are a barefoot kind of family.”

tions. The only interior doors on this level are two wide sets of barn doors that can close off the media room from the foyer on one side and from Adler’s office on the other. Gray also prevails in the media room—an expansive space with two mirror-image seating arrangements that can easily hold as many as twenty people for a movie night. The linen draperies, the two nine-foot-long, single-cushion sofas, a quartet of Asian-inspired armchairs, and the plush carpet are all various shades of gray. Despite the predominance of that serene hue, Adler says the inspiration for the room’s decor actually came from the trellis-pattern cut-velvet fabric in orange, chartreuse, and fuchsia she used for the room’s toss pillows. The vivid pillows, and the bright orange oversize cushions that double as seating, infuse the space with energy. Adler’s office, too, is a study in gray, with a hefty FALL 2014 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut 83

CT-FAL14 OlgaAdler-Saugatuck.indd 83

9/16/14 7:48 PM

ABoVe: A ginger jar–shaped Zen fountain is the focal point of the meditation garden. BeloW: A cameroonian juju hat and a raffia-wrapped bed give the master bedroom a tropical resort feel. FAcing PAge: the master bath also

has a tropical feel, thanks to the aqua-and-white palette and a chandelier of indonesian capiz shells.

dose of white in the shelves and trim as well as the few pieces of furniture. “In my work I’m surrounded by pattern and color all day long, so I wanted my studio to be a clean, white canvas,” she says. The round Saarinen table that serves as a desk can be moved around easily to let the designer bask in—or avoid— the sun in the west-facing room. Back across the entry, opposite the media room, the open kitchen and dining area form an airy space outfitted, again, in shades of gray and white, with a cool splash of watery hues in the mosaic glass backsplash behind the stove. “I cook every day,” says Adler, “but only if I work in a well-designed kitchen.” This one meets all her needs, with its caterer’s oven, two sinks (one a forty-eight-inch-wide Kallista prep sink), and plenty of storage. “There are no formal spaces in our house,” the designer says. “We are a barefoot kind of family.” Any doubt that she speaks the truth can be dispelled with one look at the dining table—a glass, 84 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut FALL 2014

CT-FAL14 OlgaAdler-Saugatuck.indd 84

9/16/14 7:48 PM

“The thought was to wake up to feel like you’re on a tropical vacation.”

regulation-size Ping Pong table. The dining room leads to a sitting room that looks out across a deck to the backyard and swimming pool. Here, a wall of navy blue makes an easy-on-theeyes backdrop for the TV and, along with a luscious, deep-blue sofa and rug, grounds the sun-washed, white-trimmed space. Adler outfitted the second-floor master bedroom

with a woven raffia bed and a soft carpet of New Zealand wool. A turquoise nightstand cozies up to the bed and an orange Cameroonian juju hat hangs above the headboard. “The thought was to wake up to feel like you’re on a tropical vacation,” Adler says. Given the casual, elegant ease of this home, life here must always feel like a bit of a holiday. • resources For more information about this home, see page 146. FALL 2014 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut 85

CT-FAL14 OlgaAdler-Saugatuck.indd 85

9/16/14 7:48 PM

86  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

CT-FAL14 SRW-Greenwich.indd 86

9/16/14 8:01 PM

A series of gracefully sloping gables helps bring cottage coziness to an expansive coastal Greenwich home. Written and produced by Stacy Kunstel Photography by Robert Benson Photography

Layers of gables and a strong roofline give this coastal Connecticut home the illusion of being smaller than it actually is.

Fall 2014  New England Home Connecticut 87

CT-FAL14 SRW-Greenwich.indd 87

9/16/14 8:01 PM

rom an egret’s-eye view, this home along the twisting Connecticut coastline presents itself as a sprawling mansion. The long roofline parallels the waterfront, hinging at one point to change direction, as if blown by the wind to follow the meandering edge of Greenwich Cove. Another wing juts off at an angle, ignoring the ocean views completely. But an approach through the low iron gates, past the sweeping lawn and along the hydrangea- and rhododendron-lined driveway, yields a distinctly different picture. Low and grounded by swooping granite fieldstone columns, the house seems smaller than the bird’s-eye view would have it. The impression of a water’s-edge manse shifts quietly to one of a coastal cottage, complete with shingled gables and dormers dotting the roofline. It’s a trick of the eye deftly played by architect Michael McClung of Shope Reno Wharton, employing scale to make sure that this 12,000-square-foot dwelling appears as intimate and inviting as any

bungalow. “There are no two-story walls on the outside,” he says. “The roofline rests on the first floor on the exterior. In doing this, the house doesn’t end up looking like a box.” The curved stone columns, he explains, act as anchors. “They give the sense that the home grew there instead of being placed on the site.” Shingle-clad gables appear as tented sails across the front of the house, which rests on a base of colored granite fieldstone. The gables drape gracefully, trailing long edges that overhang a porch that wraps around to the waterside. For architect McClung and contractors Jim Hoffman and Doron Sabag of Sound Beach Partners, the biggest challenge to creating an outdoor environment was a steep drop-off into the cove. Completing the landscape plan himself, McClung envisioned a trio of terraced levels so that the homeowners could enjoy their views and the building wouldn’t appear to be sitting at the edge of a cliff. Across the back runs a long porch that sits under the roof overhang. A stone terrace off the kitchen

88  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

CT-FAL14 SRW-Greenwich.indd 88

9/16/14 8:01 PM

Defined by sleek interior architecture and a simple palette of black and white, the foyer sets a sophisticated tone. FACING PAGE: Tailored furnishings in quiet hues predominate in the tranquil living room.

and family room has a view across Greenwich Point and leads to a lawn area large enough for a party tent. Stairs to the next level lead to an infinity-edge pool, with the downstairs TV room and bar serving as the de facto pool house. The final flight of stairs takes you to water’s edge. “The curved stone columns weren’t that difficult,” says Sabag, “but they aren’t typical. This is a very distinct home and the detailing is very specific. There

was a lot of blasting to create the levels. That rock was used to build the seawall.” Another challenge was how to capture two gorProject Team

Michael McClung, Shope Reno Wharton Victoria Hagan Builder: Jim Hoffman and Doron Sabag, Sound Beach Partners Architecture:

Interior design:

Fall 2014  New England Home Connecticut 89

CT-FAL14 SRW-Greenwich.indd 89

9/16/14 8:01 PM

geous views in one dwelling. Dividing the structure into two wings set at a twenty-degree angle to one another proved the best solution. “There is a shorter foreground view to the cove and a peninsula and a longer view to Long Island Sound,” says McClung. “The stair tower at the front is the pivot point.” The more formal areas, such as the entry, living room, dining room, and master bedroom have the long view, while the kitchen, family room, and children’s rooms have the shorter view. If you imagine the interiors as the icing on a decorative cake, the crown, base moldings, wainscoting, and beams have been spread smooth. “The focus was on creating an axis from one space to another in the

“The architecture of the rooms is substantial around the ceiling and base, but isn’t overworked,” says McClung. open floor plan,” says McClung. “The architectural details, such as the beams and fireplace mantels, were kept really clean.” The simplification leaves no sense of emptiness, though. The weight of the interior architecture and decor is quietly present, from the swooping lines around the main staircase to arched openings between rooms and over spaces such as the breakfast area.

“We’ve tried to give a hierarchy to the spaces,” says McClung. “They are very clean, restrained, more streamlined, and the interior is a bit transitional. The architecture of the rooms is substantial around the ceiling and base, but isn’t overworked. The same goes for the decorating. Simple linen or

90  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

CT-FAL14 SRW-Greenwich.indd 90

9/16/14 8:02 PM

A window-lined tower holds the secondary stairway. FACING PAGE, TOP: The dining room area bridges the space between the living room and the kitchen. FACING PAGE, BOTTOM: Large pendant lights loom over the vast kitchen island. The floors throughout the house are white oak with an ebony stain.

Fall 2014  New England Home Connecticut 91

CT-FAL14 SRW-Greenwich.indd 91

9/16/14 8:02 PM

Sheers separate the master bath’s mosaic standing tub from the views of Greenwich cove and Long Island Sound. FACING PAGE, TOP: The water-facing rear of the house cuts an impressive figure with its sloping lawn, stone walls, and multiple rooflines. FACING PAGE, BOTTOM: Water streams to the edge of the pool, blending in with the natural scenery beyond.

THERE’S MORE! You can see additional images of this home on our website. Go to

92  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

CT-FAL14 SRW-Greenwich.indd 92

9/16/14 8:02 PM

wool fabrics won out over ornate patterns, and tailored chairs stripped of skirts or extra frills are all part of the signature look of designer Victoria Hagan, who custom-designed a number of furniture pieces and chose all the finishes and lighting fixtures. The living room is a wash of white, with matching sofas centered in front of a columned fireplace and white sheers softening the water view. Black and white dominate throughout (save for an electric-pink little girl’s bedroom), repeating in the lighting and furniture and in the photography and paintings on the walls. The absence of color is a striking contrast with the masses of green grass and blue water and sky outside, but sets a serene tone. From the master bedroom spreads a broad view of the cove and sound. Draperies in the softest lilac

The absence of color is a striking contrast with the masses of green grass and blue water and sky outside, but sets a serene tone. match sunset hues and complement a custom blueand-white rug. In the regal master bath, the softest white sheers hang from floor to ceiling behind a mosaic-covered standing tub. Just off the secondary stairs inside the stair tower, the less formal wing includes a large kitchen with a center island that seats six. Simple white backsplash tile covers the wall behind the range, and refrigerators and freezers hide behind painted cabinetry. An L-shaped butler’s pantry holds a wine bar and joins the spaces between the kitchen and the dining room. The kitchen, breakfast area, and family room all act

as one open space defined by architecture and dictated by use. The family room is the hang-out place for kids and the dog, with bookshelves across one wall and views out the other. The views may play the starring role, but the house is a worthy supporting actor. Says McClung: “It’s actually a very playful building with a strong sense of character.” • Resources For more information about this home, see page 146.

Fall 2014  New England Home Connecticut 93

CT-FAL14 SRW-Greenwich.indd 93

9/16/14 8:02 PM

wakefield wakefield design center design center

PhOTO: Paul JOhnSOn PhOTO: Paul JOhnSOn

To The Trade Only To The Trade Only

652 Glenbrook Road, Stamford, CT 06906 652 T: Glenbrook Road, F: Stamford, CT 06906 (203) 358-0818 (203) 602-7738 T: (203) 358-0818 F: (203) 602-7738 E:

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Portfolio of Fine Interiors

Jolley Frank Interiors, LLC

Linda Ruderman Interiors, Inc.

Olga Adler Interiors


CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_COVER.indd 1

9/17/14 2:25 PM

Catherine Cleare Interiors, LLC


nterior design goes deeper than elegant accents and creative color stories. Your home is an extension of your personality. It is the place where you raise your family, and the stage on which you entertain your friends. It is where you live. Catherine Cleare understands the importance of your space and the degree to which it should reflect exactly who you are, down to the very last detail. She has spent her career turning people’s ideas and dreams

into a design reality. And the secret to her success lies in you. Her thoughtful approach begins, in every instance, with the person for whom she is designing. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you need the personal guidance of a seasoned expert, Catherine’s artistry starts with your input. From this intimate beginning, she incorporates architectural style, defers to design period when appropriate, and carefully considers a home’s history, personality, and location.

98 Special Marketing Section

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9/17/14 1:31 PM

Portfolio of Fine Interiors


Catherine Cleare Interiors, LLC 32 Field Point Road Greenwich, CT 06830 (203) 454-9430 Special Marketing Section 99

CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_CatherineCleare.indd 99

9/17/14 1:31 PM

Connie Cooper Designs


onnie Cooper Designs is a full-service interior design firm whose goal is to create a home environment that is tailored to the individual client’s personal style, needs, and budget. Connie Cooper does not impose a signature design style. Instead, she listens to her clients and guides them in expressing their own personal style— whether it’s traditional, transitional, or modern—to create a look that can be enjoyed for years to come. Connie studied interior design at Michigan State University and earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in textile design at Rhode Island School of

Design. Her unusual combinations of color, texture, and pattern grew out of her earlier career designing textiles, floor coverings, and wallpaper. She lived in Asia for seven years with her family, traveling and collecting Asian arts and antiques. This experience helped to nurture her eclectic approach. Connie’s artistic flair and willingness to go the extra mile ensure that she will find a creative solution for any design challenge. Whether it is one room, a whole house or new construction, Connie Cooper Designs will create a home that looks fresh and new and will be uniquely yours.

100 Special Marketing Section

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Portfolio of Fine Interiors



Connie Cooper Designs 58 High Point Road Westport, CT 06880 (203) 256-9183 CHRISTINA WEDGE

Special Marketing Section 101

CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_ConnieCooper.indd 101

9/17/14 1:46 PM

Jan Hiltz Interiors, LLC


an Hiltz Interiors is a fullservice design firm specializing in the creation of beautiful interiors with the livability required by today’s modern families. With more than twenty years of experience in interior design, Jan believes in treating each project as if it were her only project. Her personal service and attention to her clients’ needs are paramount to her success. From project management to dealing with a renovation or building a new home, Jan makes any process seamless. She offers a comprehensive approach to her clients by creating floor plans, selecting lighting, fixtures,

tile, cabinetry and paint colors, choosing furnishings, and weaving existing furniture into the mix, all while offering sound advice to meet both lifestyle and budget. Each project begins with a conversation about goals. Floor plans are then drawn up and samples of each piece of the project are assembled. Once the selections are made, all the client has to do is wait until everything is ready for delivery and “the big reveal!” The design process is made to be fun and effortless. The enthusiasm from Jan’s clients at the end of each project and the passing on of her name to others says it all.

102 Special Marketing Section

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9/17/14 1:47 PM

Portfolio of Fine Interiors


Jan Hiltz Interiors LLC 21 Bridge Square Westport, CT 06880 (203) 331-5578 Special Marketing Section 103

CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_JanHiltz.indd 103

9/17/14 1:47 PM


Jolley Frank Interiors, LLC


reating individualized living spaces that reect our clients’ desires and lifestyles is our primary mission. Every project, whether small or extensive in scale, presents unique challenges and opportunities. Successful design begins with listening to and observing our clients in their surroundings. Whether the chosen aesthetic is contemporary, transitional, or traditional, our goal is to produce a comfortable, unique environment with enduring style. Communication, organization, and attention to detail, with utmost respect for budgetary concerns, are our keys to success. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your future plans.

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Portfolio of Fine Interiors


Jolley Frank Interiors, LLC 226 Woodbine Street Stamford, CT 06903 (203) 588-9552 Special Marketing Section 105

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9/17/14 1:49 PM

Lillian August Furnishings + Design


or more than twenty-five years, Lillian August has helped its clients to “Love How You Live.”® This iconic home furnishings business has grown thanks to the vision of Lillian, who oversees the design of all licensed collections, and as a result of the entrepreneurial spirit of her sons, Dan and John Weiss, who continue to develop the Lillian August brand by offering an unprecedented selection of quality products from around the globe, along with top-notch design services and an unparalleled customer experience.

Boasting four retail locations, 30 in-house interior designers, a thriving To the Trade program, online store and licensed furniture line with Hickory White, Lillian August is the trend-setting resource for interior designers and homeowners. The 100,000-square-foot Lillian August Design Center in Norwalk is the area’s most comprehensive home

furnishings destination. In addition, Lillian August offers three other unique shopping locations—a store in Manhattan’s Flatiron District that spans a city block, the South Norwalk Outlet that offers a constantly changing inventory of floor samples and overstocks, and the newest store on Greenwich Avenue that shows off fine furnishings in a boutique setting.

106 Special Marketing Section

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Portfolio of Fine Interiors


Lillian August Furnishings + Design Norwalk Design Center, 32 Knight Street, Norwalk, CT • (203) 847-3314 Greenwich Store, 26 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT • (203) 489-3740 New York City Store, 12 West 20th Street, New York, NY • (212) 206-1883 South Norwalk Outlet, 85 Water Street South Norwalk, CT • (203) 838-0153 Special Marketing Section 107

CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_Lilian August.indd 107

9/17/14 1:50 PM

Linda Ruderman Interiors, Inc.


inda Ruderman, principal and owner of Linda Ruderman Interiors, Inc., has created interior designs for residential and commercial properties throughout the United States for more than 30 years. Linda firmly believes that the journey a homeowner and interior designer embark upon together should be both enjoyable and educational for the client. Linda’s substantial background and extensive knowledge

that she brings to each project result in a professional yet approachable space where clients feel comfortable, ensuring her success and the client’s satisfaction. While moving through the various phases of design, continuity, circulation, practicality, and suitability remain resounding factors, regardless of variations among projects. These characteristics of design work together in all of Linda’s creations to synthesize her vision of modern day living.

108 Special Marketing Section

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Portfolio of Fine Interiors


Linda Ruderman Interiors, Inc. 74 Greenwich Avenue Greenwich, CT. 06830 (203) 552-9700 (877) 730-8311 Special Marketing Section 109

CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_LindaRuderman.indd 109

9/17/14 1:56 PM

Marianne Donahue Interiors


n the 1980s Marianne Donahue started Castles and Cottages, an interior design firm in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. While involved in a design project, she met Joseph Namnoun, owner of an Oriental rug gallery in Hartford. This led to a 20-year partnership in the handmade and antique rug business in which she is still currently active. Drawn to antiques, the fine quality of handmade furniture, and a strong use of color and texture, Marianne likes layering, mixing period design

with modernism, but is always conscious of making each space usable. “A true living room is never off limits” is one of her mantras. “It’s all about comfort, using every room to its best advantage. Curl up on the sofa, put your feet on the coffee table. If you have silver flatware, use it every day.” Marianne is active in the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, is past president of the Costume and Textile Society, and a past board member of the Decorative Arts Council.

110 Special Marketing Section

CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_MarianneHonahue.indd 110

9/17/14 9:57 PM

Portfolio of Fine Interiors


Marianne Donahue Interiors 1429 Park Ave Suite 111 Hartford, CT 06106 (860) 550-1876 Special Marketing Section 111

CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_MarianneHonahue.indd 111

9/17/14 9:57 PM


Morgan Harrison Home


he team at Morgan Harrison Home is known for its ability to blend classic and modern inuences to create new spaces with old souls. Our services include interior design, construction oversight, kitchen and bath design, and space planning. The ow of color from room to room is essential for creating a cohesive point of view in any home. Michelle Morgan Harrison, owner and principal designer, carefully layers tones, textures, and ďŹ nishes with unexpected pops of color and distinctive pieces

to create rich, inviting, and highly livable spaces. Morgan Harrison Home puts the individual needs of each homeowner and family at the forefront, and each design is highly tuned to ways in which spaces will actually be used. Morgan Harrison Home often works with homeowners from the conception stage of a construction project. We partner closely with contractors and architects as part of the design team in order to achieve the most cohesive and beautiful end results possible. Clients are ensured a smooth and enjoyable design experience.

112 Special Marketing Section

CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_Morgan Harrison.indd 112

9/17/14 2:28 PM

Portfolio of Fine Interiors


Morgan Harrison Home 2 Old Stamford Road New Canaan, CT 06840 (203) 594-7875 Special Marketing Section 113

CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_Morgan Harrison.indd 113

9/17/14 2:28 PM

Olga Adler Interiors


ixing European and American influences with touches of Global Chic, Olga Adler creates sophisticated looks that are instant conversation starters—aspirational and unique, luxurious and comfortable. Her stylish and practical designs combine old and new, high and low, classic and “now” to create chic spaces full of personality. Her award-winning and nationally recognized designs span from Connecticut and New York to Florida

and Europe, as her clients are drawn to her cosmopolitan flair. Olga relies on a multitude of resources to create beautiful spaces that seem to have evolved over years. She mixes the finest fabrics and custom furniture with vintage finds, and adds a dash of retail shopping for a welledited and interesting mix. Her ability to blend old with new and simple with refined speaks for her imagination and inventive use of resources to create homes that are both chic and livable. It’s Global Chic by design.

114 Special Marketing Section

CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_Olga Adler.indd 114

9/17/14 9:31 PM

Portfolio of Fine Interiors


Olga Adler Interiors Westport, CT 06880 (203) 221-2411 Special Marketing Section 115

CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_Olga Adler.indd 115

9/17/14 2:30 PM

Rinfret, Ltd. Interior Design & Decoration


indy Rinfret, principal designer of Rinfret, Ltd., has been creating iconic interior design and defining true “Greenwich Style” for more than twenty years. Best known for her roster of high-profi le clients, including Tommy Hilfiger and Regis Philbin, Cindy—a 2013 inductee into the New England Design Hall of Fame—has earned recognition nationwide for the projects she has designed across the country. Rinfret, Ltd. is renowned for creating comfortable yet luxurious interiors that reflect a life well lived. Cindy was educated at the Rhode Island School of Design and the

University of Copenhagen School of Architecture in Denmark. In addition to her interior design firm, Cindy has a shop, Rinfret Home & Garden, on Greenwich Avenue, which is filled with an eclectic mix of English, modern, and transitional accessories, and furniture. Cindy’s work is illustrated in her books, Greenwich Style: Inspired Family Homes and Classic Greenwich Style (Rizzoli), and on the covers and in the pages of numerous magazines including Traditional Home, Luxe Interiors + Design, New England Home Connecticut, Town & Country, Harper’s Bazaar, Architectural Digest, the New York Times, and House Beautiful.

116 Special Marketing Section

CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_Rinfret.indd 116

9/18/14 4:16 PM










Portfolio of Fine Interiors




Rinfret, Ltd. Interior Design & Decoration 354 Greenwich Ave. Greenwich, CT 06830 (203) 622-0000 Special Marketing Section 117

CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_Rinfret.indd 117

9/18/14 3:22 PM

Sharon McCormick Design


haron McCormick is the CEO and principal designer of Sharon McCormick Design, founded in 2002. Sharon’s unique combination of business and design skills is the foundation for award-winning interiors and innovations in project management. Her projects for executives, sports figures, business owners, and homemakers have spanned the East Coast from Vermont to Florida. Sharon is known for her warm, comfortable, and timeless interiors. The company provides a full range of services, from decorating to renovations and new construction.

Each custom design begins with a wide-ranging conversation to discover the client’s style, needs, wishes, and budget. Sharon’s previous career as a CPA and CFO informs her philosophy that thoughtful planning and problemsolving provide the framework for a successful project. Sharon is a national spokesperson for the American Society of Interior Designers, a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, and a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. Her work has been published in numerous national and international magazines, newspapers, books, and websites.

118 Special Marketing Section

CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_SharronMcCormick.indd 118

9/17/14 2:31 PM

Portfolio of Fine Interiors


(203) 609-1373 (860) 349-1349 Special Marketing Section 119

CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_SharronMcCormick.indd 119

9/17/14 2:31 PM

Verve Design LLC


erve Design LLC is a client-first design firm that approaches each project with a thorough understanding of the interiors business. With 25 years of experience fostering the aesthetic through manufacturing, corporate buying, product development (domestically and abroad), and luxury spec home interior design, founder Kimberly Levin has developed a keen understanding of the true elements of design: quality, function, form, and

value. It is these principles that she imparts on the work she produces for Verve Design and the client homes entrusted to her service. Kimberly works closely with her clients to extract their aesthetic point of view and thoughtfully refine it into a cohesive living environment that reflects their sensibilities and lifestyle. It is her belief that good room design is a tasteful expression of ideas that have a natural connection to the occupants who bring it its vitality and energy.

120 Special Marketing Section

CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_Verve Design.indd 120

9/18/14 1:34 PM

Portfolio of Fine Interiors


Verve Design LLC PO Box 184 South Glastonbury, CT 06073 (860) 978-4474 Special Marketing Section 121

CT-Portfolio-IntDesign_2014_Verve Design.indd 121

9/18/14 1:34 PM

2 P U R DY AV E N U E , RY E , N Y / T E L . 9 1 4 . 9 2 5 . 0 1 0 7 / W W W. M I TC H E L LW I L K . C O M

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9/17/14 11:25 AM


Come Celebrate With Us


November 5, 2014 Tickets now on sale at or call 800.609.5154 x 703 A PORTION OF TICKET PROCEEDS WILL GO TO THE NEW ENGLAND DESIGN HALL OF FAME SCHOLARSHIP FUND.






HOF-CTFAL14-ad_V3.indd 1




9/23/14 1:45 PM

AUSTIN GANIM LANDSCAPE DESIGN, LLC Confined only by our imagination & your property lines, let us transform your landscape dreams to reality.

Landscape Landscape Architecture Architecture •• Garden Garden Design Design •• Installation Installation •• Maintenance Maintenance •• Site Site Furniture Furniture •• Container Container Plantings Plantings

Eva Eva Chiamulera, Chiamulera, Landscape Landscape Architect Architect •• Austin Austin Ganim, Ganim, Horticulturalist Horticulturalist & & Designer Designer •• 203.333.2003 203.333.2003

ad 4 half page FF_ad half page FF 27-05-14 10:13 Pagina 1

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Licensed & Insured: B-2036, HIC.0602611, HIC.0602612, S4820, WC-25835-H13

9/17/14 11:45 AM


Connecticut designers share their favorite resources EDITED BY LYNDA SIMONTON

The Elegant Bath Vanity


Kallista’s For Country by Michael S. Smith Console ///

“This console has a classically elegant design but with a modern update of turned, tapered legs. The gorgeous polished nickel and white Thassos marble will never go out of style, and it’s perfect for showcasing a favorite wallpaper or wall tile.” Best Plumbing Tile & Stone, Stamford, (203) 975-9448, LISA HILDERBRAND

Tommi Parzinger Cabinet ///

“One of my favorite things to do is mount an interesting cabinet as a vanity. This white lacquer cabinet from the mid-twentieth century has so much personality! Add a white marble top, a vessel sink, and a wall-mount faucet for a bathroom that’s a knockout.” Machine Age, Boston, (617) 464-0099,


Furniture Guild’s Thomas Vanity ///

“The elegant mirrored door style on this vanity adds style and sparkle, while hiding all your stuff. I love that one mirrored panel pulls out, offering an easy-toaccess drawer.” Klaff’s, South Norwalk and Danbury, (800) 552-3371, FALL 2014 NEW ENGLAND HOME CONNECTICUT 125

CT-FAL14 Perspectives.indd 125

9/15/14 9:30 PM


The Elegant Bath Tile LISA HILDERBRAND

Tabarka Studio’s Petite Alliance 10 ///

“This handmade tile that mixes marble and reclaimed wood is gorgeous in every way—design, materials, color, texture, craftsmanship—and is the perfect balance of modern and traditional. It would be equally at home in a minimalist interior or mixed with classic antiques.” Klaff’s


Walker Zanger’s Jet Set Cabana in Cadet Blue ///

“Blue and white is a classic combination that transcends time, and this geometric pattern has a contemporary flair. I can see using this tile on the floor or on a full wall behind the vanity.” Connecticut Stone, Milford, (203) 882-1000,


Porcelanosa’s Yakarta Tile Christine Griffiths is passionate about creating uniquely personal interiors. “The possibilities are endless in interior design,” she says. “I love working closely with our clients to create a home that is perfectly suited to their particular tastes and requirements.” Granoff Architects, Greenwich, (203) 625-9460,


“Sophisticated grasscloth can dress up your bathroom, too! This textured, tonal tile by Porcelanosa mimics the look of the real thing without the moisture issues.” Porcelanosa Showroom, Greenwich, (203) 698-7618,


CT-FAL14 Perspectives.indd 126

9/15/14 9:30 PM

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1:24 PM

Page 1

DANIEL CONLON ARCHITECTS Daniel Conlon AIA LEED AP PO Box 418 Georgetown, CT 06829 (203) 544 7988

page - half horizontals.indd 1

9/17/14 11:46 AM


The Elegant Bath Sink or Faucet


Bostonian Faucet from Watermark Designs ///

“I love a wall-mount faucet because it creates a cleaner countertop surface. The hexagonal shape here is a nice change of pace, and the ebony finish is rich and unique.” Modern Plumbing Supply, New Milford, (860) 354-4448,


Linkasink’s Graphic Mother-of-Pearl Inlay ///

“This sink is simply stunning with the delicate mother-ofpearl inlay in the solid marble form. Paired with ornate or tailored fixtures in either gold or nickel finish, it would provide an unexpected touch of glamour to any bath.” Klaff’s


BETH ROSENFIELD Beth Rosenfield takes a practical approach to design, with function, beauty, and comfort always in mind. Her goal is to achieve that “just right” feeling, keeping things interesting by layering textures, mixing patinas, and adding one-of-a-kind details. Beth Rosenfield Design, Ridgefield, (203) 438-6823,

Phylrich’s Hex Modern Faucet ///

“I love this sleeker version of a classic faucet design. With no extra ridges or grooves, it’s streamlined and brings fresh simplicity to any bathroom design.” Klaff’s


CT-FAL14 Perspectives.indd 128

9/15/14 9:30 PM

Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence

The First Thing We Build Is Trust


1 8 R E Y N O L D S S T R E E T | N O RWA L K , C T | ( 2 0 3 ) 8 3 1 - 8 3 0 0 | W W W. S W B U I L D I N G R E M O D E L I N G . C O M

page - half horizontals.indd 1

9/17/14 3:12 PM


The Elegant Bath Sconce


French Wall Light ///

“This gilt metal sconce from the 1940s is both elegant and whimsical, and would be equally at home in a traditional, somewhat formal bath or a bold, contemporary space.” David Duncan Antiques, New York City, (212) 688-0666,


Hudson Valley’s Basking Ridge Sconce ///

“The stylish good looks of a drum shade can exist in a moist bathroom when the shade is made of glass. A diffuser plate softly distributes the light. I love the added reflective quality from the polished nickel trim.” F&M Electric Supply, Danbury, (203) 744-7445,

Whether modern or traditional, Lisa Hilderbrand’s interiors are inviting, gracious, and timeless. Hilderbrand worked in several departments at Christie’s before she opened her design firm, along with founding partner Jeanette Weldon, ten years ago. Welhil Interiors, Norwalk, (203) 722-9642,


Urban Electric’s Melissa Quartz Sconce ///

“I will never tire of looking at this light fixture! The simplicity of design and mix of materials is pure perfection. It would be beautiful in a traditional setting as well as a modern one—and everything in between.” Through Granoff Architects


CT-FAL14 Perspectives.indd 130

9/15/14 9:31 PM

Bio-Nova Bio-NovaNatural NaturalPool Pool

creating distinctive landscapes ARTEMIS landscape architects, inc. | 203.683.1808 |

Photo: Curtis Lew


Kitchens, Baths & Master Bedroom Suites Since 1981

Classically tailored rooms with a modern perspective, perfectly Member

203.655.6900 - 203.610.7998

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9/17/14 3:09 PM

Design Life

Out and about in celebration of design and architecture in Connecticut 2






Alan Barry (image numbers 2,4,5,6,7,8)


Constance Schiano (image numbers 1,3,9)

Design professionals and enthusiasts indulged their passion for all things stylish at a Day of Design at Mayflower Grace, in Washington. Noted national and local designers shared their secrets for creating a beautiful home and living well. Attendees also enjoyed a delicious lunch from Muse by ­Jonathan Cartwright. The day wrapped up with a lively cocktail reception that allowed guests and presenters to mix, mingle, and chat some more about design. The event was sponsored by luxury furniture maker John Richard.



(1) The Mayflower Grace (2) Melissa Mittag, Felicity

Hoffenberg, and Brooke Ackerman (3) Ron Norsworthy, Amy Beth Cupp

John Kebabian, the fourth-generation owner of ­Kebabian’s, shared his adventures traveling to rug-producing countries and educated the audience about the history, production, and various design elements of oriental rugs at L ­ earning the Language of Rugs. The event, at the Sarah Blank Design Studio, was as much about socializing as it was about learning, and guests also enjoyed refreshments and networking with others in the Connecticut design community.


Dragoo, and New England Home’s Stacy Kunstel (4) Kathryn McCarver Root, Philip Gorrivan, and Florence de Dampierre (5) Robert Couturier and Susanna Salk (6) CJ Dellatore and Stacey Bewkes (7) Harold Tittman and Darren Wagner (8) Claudia Kalur, Susan Bednar Long, and Suzanne Cassano (9) Richard Lambertson

(1) Lynn Garelick, Silvia Erskine,

and Connie Cooper (2) Peggy Kebabian and Ross and Cate Tiefenthaler (3) John Kebabian and Andrea Cross (4) David LaPierre, Charles Karas, and Mark Olson 2



Should your party be here? Send photographs or high-resolution images, with i­nformation about the event and the people in the ­photos, to New England Home, 530 Harrison Ave., Suite 302, Boston, MA 02118, or e-mail images and information to 132  New England Home Connecticut  FALL 2014

CT-FAL14 Design Life.indd 132

9/18/14 6:44 PM

15 Union Street, Suite 420 | Lawrence, MA 978-655-4394 |

Truly custom drapery hardware manufacturer to the design trade, made here in New England for over 30 years. We create for you, it’s what we do.

design. live. work.

Thad and Jayne Kallas, Owners

W E S T P O R T, C T VDGARCH.COM | 203-283-1561

Visit our Connecticut showroom in the Antiques & Design Building, 533 Pacific Street, Stamford.

page - half verts.indd 1

9/18/14 5:16 PM

Design Life

Freddy’s Landscaping and New England Home Connecticut hosted a summer soirée around the first completed all-natural BioNova swimming pool in Fairfield County. The stunning pool and surrounding landscape made a lovely environment for a convivial get-together. Guests were treated to an authentic South American barbecue cooked up by host Freddy Morales, and the raffle continued the South American theme—one lucky winner went home with a case of Uruguayan wine.






(1) Happy partygoers (2) Nicole Charney, Heidi Holzer, New England Home’s Roberta Thomas Mancuso, and Maria Sanders (3) Suzanne Stillwell, Patricia Miller, and Suzanne Thompson (4) Kathy Morrone and Barbara Izzo (5) Alan Weene, Merrilee Ganim DeFarias, Freddy Miraballes, and Tara Vincenta (6) Chris Jones and Merriam Kendall (7) Jeff Kaufman, Roberta Thomas Mancuso, Vinny Vollono, Tara Vincenta, and Burt DeMarche (8) Eva Chiamulera, Merrilee Ganim DeFarias, and Michelle Trainor





Chichi UbiÑa

There is always something interesting happening at



The Drawing Room in Cos Cob. This summer, owners Kenleigh and Michael Larock celebrated the launch of their latest art exhibit, Ebb & Flow. The show featured the work of five artists and their personal expression of the transformative power that water plays in our lives—both physically and spiritually.




(1) Karen Vogel, David Dunlop, and Claudia Mengel (2) Sarah Hetzler, Vinny LaRocca, and Jeremy Saladyga (3) Laurette Kittle, Suzy Armstrong, and Kat Rosier (4) Danielle Guerra and Cameron Schmitz (5) Gardner Gray, Kenleigh Larock, Joanne Gray, and Michael Larock (6) Ali and Geoffrey Nichols

134  New England Home Connecticut  FALL 2014

CT-FAL14 Design Life.indd 134

9/18/14 6:44 PM

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11:26 AM

Page 1

HUELSTER DESIGN STUDIO Architecture - Landscape Architecture - Furniture Design

38 Compo Rd. N.

Westport, CT 06880

APOOLnehHZ7x4.875.indd 1

page - half horizontals.indd 1


8/27/14 2:44 PM

9/17/14 12:03 PM

Trade Notes

New and noteworthy happenings in the Connecticut design business

by paula M. Bodah

Connecticut Stone isn’t gathering any moss. The Milford company has teamed up with a Texasbased quarry, meeting in the middle of the country to form TexaCon Cut Stone, in Bloomington, Indiana. Indiana limestone is a popular product, says Connecticut Stone CEO Joe Dellacroce. The new venture gives his company greater control in both fabrication and delivery, he says, ensuring greater efficiency for clients. Milford, (203) 882-1000,



Barry A. Hyman

If you’re like us, you can never get enough books about design, especially when they’re as pretty— and inspiring—as Trudy ­Dujardin’s new Comfort Zone: Creating the Eco-Elegant Interior. The book, from Pointed Leaf Press, makes clear why the LEED-certified designer (who has offices in Westport and in Nantucket, Dujardin Massachusetts) is considered a pioneer in the sustainable-design movement. The 240-page book features Dujardin’s gracious, elegant interiors, and offers plenty of advice about how to combine good looks with environmentally friendly materials and practices.


Landscape architect ­Geoffrey Middeleer has struck out on his own with ­Middeleer Land Design. The Wilton native, who happens to be a grandson of the noted landscape architect Charles Middeleer, has twenty years of experience as a landscape architect, most recently as a partner in the Redding firm of Erskine Middeleer. Ridgefield, (203) 403-0766,


The New Canaan Preservation Alliance, a nonprofit that launched in 2007 to encourage and aid in the preservation of the town’s historic buildings, presented Austin Patterson Disston Architects with a Trustees’ Rehabilitation Award for its restoration work on a 1904 Colonial Revival house. The private home was renovated extensively and given an addition, and the architectural firm was honored for retaining the building’s historic character in the process. Southport, (203) 255-4031,

In Memoriam

It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of our friend Helen White. Helen was the publisher of HomeResourceGuide. com and a talented web designer who helped market hundreds of members of the Fairfield/Westchester design/build community. She originated the CT Home Design Expo and was the driving force behind the Bartlett Arboretum Showhouse. Generosity, enthusiasm, and cheerfulness were her trademarks, and she will be missed. keep in touch Help us keep our fingers on the pulse of Connecticut’s design community. Send your news to 136  New England Home Connecticut  FALL 2014

CT-FAL14 Trade Notes.indd 136

9/16/14 7:35 PM

Finally something you both agree on

©2014 Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. | P/N 306-0043 REV I

NEW! Battery-powered, remote-controlled roller shades

No wires, no hassle, didn’t break the bank…

I chose the right color to give this room a quick refresh…

I can’t wait to show this off.

I can’t wait to show this off.

You can purchase battery-powered remote-controlled roller shades and other Lutron lighting control solutions from Phoenix Audio Video & Systems Integration, LLC. Phoenix Audio Video & Systems Integration, LLC 72 Chambers St. Fairfield, CT 06825 | email: Phone: 203.338.0707 | Fax: 203.338.0720

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9/18/14 3:00 PM

Trade Notes


It’s been twenty years since Steven Mueller Architects opened for business, and through all the ups and downs of the economy and the housing market, Mueller and his team have thrived as a boutique architecture firm. Mueller is hardly resting on his laurels as he begins his third decade in business. In the past year he has relocated to a newly renovated Shingle-style office building and hired two new full-time architects. Greenwich, (203) 869-3758,

Nicole and Bill Charney

Home technology seems to improve and change at the speed of light (for the latest in smart tech for the home, see our story “Star Tech” on page 38). Bill and Nicole Charney, the owners of Advanced Home Audio, are making sure their company keeps on top of all the best new things, as they celebrate the tenth anniversary of their business this year. Shelton, (203) 922-0051,

Privet House, the New Preston shop known and loved for its selection of unique items for the home, offers Privet Lives, a pop-up boutique right next door. The new space features a revolving collection of work by designers, artisans, and artists. Co-owners Suzanne Cassano and Richard Lambertson kicked off their new venture by playing host to Madeline Weinrib and her collection of colorful textiles. This fall they welcome Shinola, which is making a splash with its handcrafted watches, leather goods, and more. New Preston, (860) 619-0297,

Keep your eye on the lineup for Glick project HGTV’s House Hunters after Renovations this fall to see the work of two Connecticut designers. One episode will unveil the ­beautiful new kitchen Donna Benedetto, of Easton, created for a couple’s Glick Port Chesproject before ter, New York, home, while Westport designer Susan Glick will be featured in another episode for her renovations that turned a utilitarian bathroom/laundry room and a ho-hum bedroom in a Darien house into a spacious and serene master suite. Donna Benedetto Designs, (203) 556-1705, donnabenedetto. com; Susan Glick Interiors, (203) 556-1705,

Heidi Holzer never tires of experimenting with new finishes. Her latest passion is eglomise, a technique in which the back side of a piece of glass is hand-painted and metalgilded. The process dates back to pre-Roman times, though its name honors the eighteenth-century French decorator Jean-Baptiste Glomy. Holzer sees wonderful possibilities for the technique on walls and furniture. Heidi Holzer Design & Decorative Work, Redding, (203) 544-9471,

chris Wright, Kelly Wright, ERNO BACSO

Wright Building Company is on the move. After twenty-six years in Westport, the firm has moved a mere two-and-a-half miles but is now located in the town of Norwalk. The location keeps the company conveniently close to its clients in Westchester and Fairfield counties, and the new building is wired with all the latest computer and communications technology to help the staff offer the most advanced, efficient services. Norwalk, (203) 203-0766,

138  New England Home Connecticut  FALL 2014

CT-FAL14 Trade Notes.indd 138

9/16/14 7:35 PM

Heidi Holzer

design and decorative work



We create uniquely personalized and beautiful living spaces by providing our clients the finest decorative artistry finishes for walls, ceilings, floors, cabinetry and furniture.




W W W. H E I D I H O L Z E R . C O M



The Signature is Unmistakable

Eco-Elegant interiors by Dujardin Design. Creating rooms as crisp and natural as the ocean breeze that inspires them. Trudy Dujardin, ASID, LEED Accredited Professional +ID + C

page - half horizontals.indd 1

508.228.1120 Nantucket, MA. | 203.838.8100 Westport, CT. |

9/17/14 12:01 PM

Wakefield TTTD_CTFAL14:WakefieldDesignCenter-CTFALL11


11:57 AM

Page 1

Save theNovember Date 13, 2014 New England Home Connecticut and Wakefield Design Center present

To The Trade Only Market Day Featuring the latest trends in home furnishings, new product introductions, book signings, and more including:

Barry Dixon

12:30 – 1:30 pm BARRY DIXON The Mix: Blending the History of Eastern & Western Aesthetics into All-American Design for the 21st Century Barry Dixon takes attendees on a visual tour of the hemispheres as he shares stories of his global inspirations. Presented by: Barry Dixon Followed by book signing of Barry’s most recent book, Barry Dixon Inspirations.

Eddie Lee

2:00 – 2:45 pm THIBAUT PRESENTS Translations in Design – from Inspiration to Production Join Stacy Senior of Thibaut’s design team as she explores the concepts and ideas that inspired Thibaut’s newest coordinating wallpaper and fabric collection, including different printing techniques and concepts. Presented by: Stacy Senior.

Sam Allen

3:00 – 3:45 pm A GUYʼS GUIDE TO DESIGN A Q&A Exploring the Male Designerʼs Point of View Find out what’s next from three fresh-faced young designers who give their thoughts on new trends, products, and style. Panel: Sam Allen, Antonino Buzzetta, and Eddie Lee. Moderator: Stacey Bewkes of Quintessence Blog.

Stacy Senior

4:00 – 4:45 pm ANA HURTADO Hurtado Goes Deep into Design & Finish Evolution, a design philosophy steeped in a passionate regard for freedom of expression through furniture, guides Hurtado’s product development of classic contemporary styles that will last for generations. Presented by: Designer Ana Hurtado.

Trudy Dujardin

5:00 – 5:45pm TRUDY DUJARDIN A Q&A with Kyle Hoepner, Editor-in-Chief, New England Home Sustainable design pioneer Trudy Dujardin’s recently published book, Comfort Zone: Creating the Eco-Elegant Interior, emphasizes beautiful rooms, healthful furnishings and building materials, and extraordinary comfort, while thoughtfully considering the world outside our doors. Book signing and wine reception to follow.

Ana Hurtado

1:00 – 5:00 pm DESIGNER PORTFOLIO REVIEW Bring two of your favorite projects and have a New England Home editor review them for possible consideration in an upcoming issue. Presented by Karin Lidbeck Brent, contributing editor at New England Home.

Wakefield Design Center 652 Glenbrook Road Stamford, CT RSVP to: For more information, please contact (203) 358-0818 or visit

Presented by


Wakefield TTTD_CTFAL14:WakefieldDesignCenter-CTFALL11


5:28 PM

Page 2

Thank you to our presenting sponsors The Linen Shop in New Canaan, Connecticut, has been a purveyor of luxury linens and home furnishings for almost 40 years, indulging our devoted clientele with exceptional quality, unparalleled choice and personalized service. Specializing in custom linens, we are a destination for designers and architects, accommodating unique design needs from our vast collection of custom designs and expertly offering hundreds of styles, fabrics, embroideries, and finishes. Please contact us at for further information about our To the Trade Program benefits.

The Linen Shop | 21 Elm Street New Canaan, Connecticut 06840 (203) 972-0433

A&J Custom LLC, is a full-service workroom that specializes in expertly crafted custom-made furniture and window treatments for the most meticulous interior designer. From conceptualization to installation, A&J Custom LLC is there to assist in virtually all phases of your project. From sofabeds to slipcovers to roman shades, A&J is the only workroom you will need to handle all of your clients upholstery and soft treatment needs.

A&J Custom Draperies and Shades 110 Lenox Avenue Suite 001 Stamford, CT 06906 (203) 724-9500 |

Call it chemistry; there is an immediate attraction to C2 Paint color. The richly saturated artisan paints seduce the eye with their ability to reflect natural light. Created using the finest handcrafted pigments and a unique colorant system, C2’s full-spectrum colors offer exceptional depth, luminosity and product performance. Their low VOC formula and refined, harmonious color palette make it a favorite of (or musthave product for) interior designers. C2 Paint is proud to present The Naturals Color Collection by renowned interior designer, Barry Dixon. The 84 luxurious colors draw upon the infinite potential of nature and were inspired by his Virginia farm. Known for its commitment to innovation, C2 has recently released two groundbreaking products: C2 GUARD, a non-toxic waterproofer for wood and concrete surfaces, and C2 Cabinet & Trim, featuring a patented Poly-Whey technology that creates a smooth, durable finish.

The Nanz Company manufactures premium residential door and cabinet hardware. Working directly with architects, designers, and builders, Nanz assists clients with the selection, specification, and coordination of hardware on high-end projects. Offering thousands of products and custom design capabilities, Nanz can provide hardware to complement any interior, be it traditional or modern. The Nanz Company is known for beautiful products, exceptional attention to detail and on-time delivery. The Nanz catalogue features a wide selection of styles in a variety of price ranges. Catalogues can be ordered directly from our website.

The Nanz Company | 44 West Putnam Avenue Greenwich, CT 06830 | (203) 987-4403 |

New in the Showrooms

Unique, beautiful, and now appearing in Connecticut’s shops and showrooms

Natural Selection Agate slices are illuminated and brought to life in White Birch Studio’s geode chandelier. The seriously striking design is sure to be the focal point in any room it lights up. Westport, (203) 557-9137,

That’s a Wrap Leave it to Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams to give the unassuming director’s chair the star treatment. A polished-brass frame is the perfect counterbalance to the lush Tibetanwool shag seat and back. Greenwich, (203) 661-4480,

Tiny Treasures Dress up your nightstand or vanity with these charming gemtopped brass boxes from The Drawing Room. The petite size is perfect for stashing jewelry or keeping your daily dose of vitamins at the ready. Cos Cob, (203) 661-3737,

Super Cool Gaggenau’s new 400 series, available at Aitoro, lets you mix and match the sleek, sculptural refrigeration pieces for a customized, fully integrated cooling system. Who knew refrigeration could be so alluring? Norwalk, (203) 847-2471,

Drinks, Anyone? With its gold-leaf base, Greek-key pattern, and high-gloss lacquer finish, this bar cabinet, available at Cyrilla Home, checks all the style boxes. The mirrored interior is a glam spot to keep essentials in one place so you can whip up a cocktail whenever guests drop in. South Norwalk, (203) 939-9222,

Concrete Form Bring a modern sensibility to your kitchen or bath with these concrete tiles designed by artist Andy Fleishman in collaboration with luxury tile producer Ann Sacks. Rough, smooth, raised, and concave are juxtaposed within these repeating geometric patterns. Find them at Best Plumbing Tile & Stone. Stamford, (203) 975-9448, 142  New England Home Connecticut  FALL 2014

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design .inspired. KATHL EEN MORRONE , IDS, HIC INTE RIOR DE SIGN 203.267.6209 | | southbury, ct

Timeless Elegance

Interior Design Staging Patina services Vintage furniture collection | 203.505.2895

W W W. C O T E E S T D E C O R . C O M Show Room opened by appointment only 140 White Oak Shade Road, New Canaan CT 06840 JOHN GRUEN

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9/17/14 2:15 PM

New in the Showrooms

Fashion Forward Fashionistas, this new fabric line from the iconic Diane von Furstenberg is for you! The bold collection from Kravet reflects the designer’s love of lush color, bold pattern, and animal prints. Stamford, (203) 504-2640,

Go Native Indigenous American prints are the next new wave in tribal patterns, and the Coyote Tale blanket, available at Olley Court, captures the spirit of Native American folklore in an heirloom-worthy Pendleton blanket. Ridgefield, (203) 438-1270,

Sharknado Don’t worry: no marine life was harmed during the creation of Jonathan Charles’s faux-sharkskin shagreen dresser. The vibrant teal color is enhanced with square brass hardware, and the sunburst pattern adds another layer of interest. Find it at the Darien Design Center. Darien, (203) 655-8739,

Entwined Part sconce, part hanging lamp, the Green Oaks wall pendant, designed by Jeffrey Alan Marks for Palacek and available at DesignSourceCT, offers a unique lighting solution. The fixture of interwoven rattan and natural rope will lend a casual, beachy vibe to your home. Hartford, (860) 951-3145,

Design in 3-D Punch up a ho-hum wall with Palasini, the latest wallcovering line from Designers Guild at Design Solutions. The hard-wearing, textural vinyl covering comes in a variety of styles, from bold mosaic florals to glazed metallic tiles. New Canaan, (203) 966-3116,

Luxe Seating Exaggerated curves and plump tufting lend both style and comfort to Lillian August’s Maison sofa. This voluptuous piece will give your living room the feeling of a grand salon. Norwalk, Greenwich, and Stamford, (855) 576-4144,

—Lynda Simonton 144  New England Home Connecticut  FALL 2014

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Custom Homes Renovations Estate Care

Serving Fair field and Westchester Counties



kitchen, bed & bath 203-972-8300

Every great kitchen project begins with an even better conversation.

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Vaughan Designs

through J. Seitz & Company.

Pages 66–67: Master-bedroom curtains from The

Page 74: Hand-forged chandelier and sconces by

Shade Store,, with hardware by

Laura Lee Designs,; antique

Stroheim,; chairs from Hickory Chair,

mirrors, Chinese benches, horn mirror, and tall

with Highland Court fabric from Duralee, duralee.

glass vessels on iron base by Jan Barboglio,


com; Julien game table and game chairs from, all available at J. Seitz &

Hickory Chair; Turin carpet from Missoni Home,

Company.; Foster sofas from Hickory Chair;

Page 75: Matteo linen bedding, matteohome.

Architect: Kelly

purple chairs from Hickory Chair, with fabric by

com, vintage tribal pillows and throw, Dromedary

Faloon, Greenwich,

Osborne & Little,; fabric on

settee by John Derian,, wingback

(203) 661-6284,

stools by Manuel Canovas,;

settees in bleached linen from Cisco Brothers,

Sunray coffee table and Origami table from Global

Tibetan-lamb bench with Lucite legs from Mitchell

Interior designer:


Gold + Bob Williams, iron twig table with glass

Resources A guide to the products and professionals in this issue’s featured homes

top by Arteriors,, double-ring

Carey Karlan, Last Detail Interior Design, Stamford, (203) 9215151, Builder: Bert Keating, Pawling, N.Y., (914) 9060272 Cabinetry: Sergio Posada, Golden Hill Custom Cabinetry, Bridgeport, (203) 258-7083 Landscaping: John D’Urso and Joseph Barrett, Nyconn Landscaping and Design, Carmel, N.Y., (203) 312-0037,, and Giomy Cambuzaca, Danbury, (203) 241-5004 Pages 58–59: Temple sofas from Ralph Lauren Home,, with chenille fabric by Holly Hunt,; curtain fabrics from Holly Hunt; leather armchairs from Lee Industries,; Gregorius Pineo Portofino bench from Holly Hunt with mohair/cotton fabric from Schumacher,; carpet from J.D. Staron,; Phillipe round table from Oly,; lamps from Visual Comfort,; drapery hardware from Ona, Page 60: Bed and vintage end tables lacquered at Raphael’s Furniture Restoration, raphaelsantiques. com; ottoman fabricated by Traditional Drapery


Lucite lamp with linen shade from Mr. Brown,

Architect: Peter Kurt Woerner, FAIA, Peter Kurt

Linens, and sisal rugs, all through J. Seitz &

Woerner and Associates, New Haven, (203) 466-1923 Interior designer: Joanna Seitz, J. Seitz & Company, New Preston, (860) 868-0119, Landscape design, planting, and outdoor lighting:, gray linen rug from Libeco Company. Page 77: All faux bois furniture from Curry & Company through J. Seitz & Company; exterior hand-forged light fixtures by Laura Lee Designs.

Bruce Bennett, Kent Greenhouse & Gardens,


Kent, (860) 927-4436,

Architect: Peter T. Coffin, Doyle Coffin

Master-bath floor plan: Abbey Darer, Abbey Darer

Architects, Ridgefield, (203) 431-6001,

Interiors, New York City, (212) 628-5017 Interior designer: Olga Adler, Olga Adler Interiors,

Pages 70–71: Belgian linen sofas by Cisco

Westport, (203) 221-2411,

Brothers,, antique teak coffee

Builder: Neal Hicks, Hicks Construction,

table, double Belgian cupboards, hand-forged iron

Ridgefield, (203)

floor lamps and small iron table by Robert Motes,


Run Run Studio,, pillows and


throws, all through J. Seitz & Company; taxidermy

Advanced Home

from Michael Trapp Antiques, michaeltrapp.

Audio and Video,

com; pear and apple paintings framed in twig

Walcott, (866) 621-

frame by Carol Anthony through McLarry Fine Art,


Drapery workroom:

Page 72: Dining room chairs from Mitchell Gold

Michele Fugazy

+ Bob Williams,, twig branch

Designs For The Home, Ridgefield,

iron chandelier by

and Upholstery,, with patent leather from Kravet,; roman shade fabric from Cowtan & Tout,; aqua chair fabric

Curry & Company,

(203) 438-0882, michelefugazydesignsforthe,

zinc-top table by

from Romo,; settee from Lee Industries;

Kevin Scanlon, Jan

Clermont rug through Ruggles Workroom,

Page 78: Floor tile from Karen Berkemeyer Home,

Barboglio glass and

Westport, (203) 454-0032, karenberkemeyerhome.

Stamford, (203) 357-1928.

forged-iron vase, all

com; zebra-print runner and area rug from

Page 61: Striped desk chair from Lee Industries,

through J. Seitz &

ProSource through Olga Adler Interiors; Anemone

with fabric from Romo, ottoman from Hickory Chair,

Company; screen

light fixture from Jonathan Adler, jonathanadler., with Romo linen upholstery;

porch’s vintage


Soleil pendant from Visual Comfort, visualcomfort.

rattan furniture and

Page 79: Linen drapery fabric by Duralee, duralee.

com; bedroom headboard and roman shade fabric

midcentury metal

com; pillow fabrics by Highland Court, duralee.

from Kravet; shade trim by Romo; bedding from

and wood surfboard table from Dovetail Antiques,

com/highland-court; carpet from ProSource; coffee

Pottery Barn,; table and orange

Westport, (203) 227-3703; linen pillows from

table from West Elm,; chairs from

chairs from Crate & Barrel,;

Libeco Linen,, zebra outdoor rug, Jaipur

Juliska flagship store, Stamford,; sofas

nightstand from Hickory Chair; Northern Lights

rugs, antique Palissy ceramic frog, antique stone

from Restoration Hardware, restorationhardware.

carpet from Couristan’s Patra collection, through

Buddha, and Raj pillow, all through J. Seitz &


Ruggles Workroom.


Pages 80–81: Navy linen drapery fabric by

Page 63: Chandelier from Vaughan,

Page 73: Antique Brazilian Peroba-wood table,

Robert Allen,; sofa from

hand-forged chandelier by Laura Lee Designs,

Restoration Hardware; coffee table/bench from

Pages 64–65: Slipcovered dining chairs from

midcentury mesh chairs, printed linen squirrel

Room & Board,; poufs from

Lee Industries; China Seas pillows by Quadrille,

pillow by Design Legacy,,

Serena & Lily,; ottomans from; Georgian porch lanterns from

pottery by Laura Zindel Design,, all

Juliska, with Kravet fabric,; floor

146  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

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Call (800) 765-1225 today and subscribe to New England Home Connecticut with the special promotion code DCON10.

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Connie Giuliani_CT-FAL13_.667_v1:Layout 1


6:02 PM

Page 1


lamps from Uttermost,; rug from West Elm. Pages 82–83: Caesarstone and Chroma countertop materials from The Stone Workshop,; Vihara glass mosaic backsplash tile from Sonoma Tilemakers,; cabinets by WoodMode,; cabinet hardware from Restoration Hardware; Bling chandelier from Robert Abbey through Klaff’s,; Kartell Lucite stools from AllModern,; all appliances from GE Monogram through Albano Appliance,; Dornbracht faucet from Torrco,; custom Ping Pong/dining table by The Glass Guys, glass-guys. com; artwork by Rachel Volpone, rachelvolpone. com; Montauk sconces by Ralph Lauren for Visual Comfort through Klaff’s; Saarinen table and Herman Miller desk chair from AllModern. Page 84: Bed from Macy’s,; carpet from Masland Carpets & Rugs,; juju hat from L’Aviva Home,; pillow fabric from Soleil Blue,; American Standard master-bath fixtures through Torrco; Maidstone tub from Torrco; capiz-shell chandelier from Cocoon,; modern blue bench in garden from Room & Board; Zen fountain from Lunaform,; wooden bench from Smith & Hawken,; pillow fabric from Soleil Blue. CREATIVELY INCLINED PAGES 86-93 Architect: Michael McClung, Shope Reno Wharton, South Norwalk, (203) 852-7250, shoperenowharton. com Interior designer: Victoria Hagan, Victoria Hagan Interiors, New York City, (212) 8881178, Builder: Sound Beach Partners, Stamford, (203) 323-2200, Millwork: Fairfield Wood Work, Stratford, (203) 380-9842 Masonry: D.C. Masonry, Somers, (860) 763-1487,

Custom drapery workroom to the trade.

U N S U R PA S S E D AT T E N T I O N T O D E TA I L 203-671-5214 | STITCHWITCH1959@AOL.COM

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148  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

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Berkshire Wilton_CT-FAL13_.5v_v1:BerkshireWilton-CTWIN13


28th Annual


Gunn Memorial Library & Museum at

Washington Primary School 11 School Street Washington Depot, CT

Preview Night Young Collectors Party Saturday, October 11 6:30 ~ 9:00pm

Steve Turner

Friday, October 10 6:30 ~ 9:00pm

Show Hours

Daily Admission $10 Saturday, October 11 10am ~ 5pm Sunday, October 12 10am ~ 4pm For reservations visit or email or call 860.868.7586

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15 River Road, Suite 225 | Wilton, CT 203.761.9943 |

9/17/14 3:16 PM

Finished in Fabric, llC 124

AD INDeX A helpful resource for finding the advertisers featured in this issue

Fox Hill Builders 27 Freddy’s landscape and BioNova Natural Swimming Pools 127 Front Row Kitchens, Inc. 41

a&J Custom Draperies and Shades 20, 141

Garden Bloggers Conference 150

advanced Home audio 31

Gary McBournie 29

amy aidinis Hirsch 2–3

Gault Stone 49

aqua Pool & Patio, Inc. 135

Heidi Holzer Design & Decorative Work 139

artemis landscape architects 131

Home Builders & Remodelers association of CT (HOBI awards) 151

austin Ganim landscape Design, llC 124 Back Bay Shutter Co., Inc. 53 Berkshire Wilton Partners, llC 149 Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens 30

Homefront Farmers, llC 12–13 Huelster Design Studio, llC 135 InnerSpace Electronics, Inc. 45

C2 Paints 141

J. Namnoun Oriental Rug Gallery inside front cover

Catherine Cleare Interiors, llC 98–99

Jan Hiltz Interiors, llC 102–103

Charles Hilton architects 24

Jolley Frank Interiors 104–105

Closet and Storage Concepts 39

Karp associates inside back cover

Coldwell Banker Previews International 36

Kebabian’s 16

Colony Rug Company 35

Klaff’s back cover

Connecticut Stone Supplies 23

lillian august Furnishings + Design 106–107

Connie Cooper Designs 100–101

linda Ruderman Interiors 108–109

Connie Giuliani, Inc. 148

The linen Shop 51, 141

Construction Management Group, llC 57

Mar Silver Design 8–9

Cote Est Décor 143

Marianne Donahue Interiors 110–111

Country Club Homes, Inc. 28

Marvin Gardens 14–15

Daniel Conlon architects 127

Michael Smith architects 43

Design Bloggers Conference 147

Mitchell Wilk architecture 122

DiMeo Construction 40

Morgan Harrison Home 25, 112–113

The Drawing Room 4–5

Morrone Studio Indesign 143

Dujardin Design associates, Inc. 139

Mr. Showerdoor 95

Emme 55

The Nanz Company 141

Erskine associates 47

New Canaan Kitchens 145

Fairfield County antique and Design Center 129

New England Oil 19 NuKitchens 37 Olga adler Interiors 114–115 Olson Development 10–11 Phoenix audio Video 137 Rinfret, ltd., Interior Design & Decoration 116–117 Robert Cardello architects 6–7 Robert Dean architects 26 Runtal North america, Inc. 42 S&W Building and Remodeling 129 Sarah Blank Design Studio 131 Sharon McCormick Design, llC 118–119 Shope Reno Wharton 1

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Steel Windows and Doors USa 33 Tiefenthaler, Inc. 96 The Ultimate Bath Store 56 Upstate Door, Inc. 151 Valor Fireplaces 50 Verve Design llC 120–121 Vita Design Group 133 Wakefield Design Center 94, 140–141 Washington, CT antiques Show 149

Come see what’s “Pin” worthy from the pages of New England Home magazine

Window Imagination, Inc. 133 Woodmeister Master Builders 21 Wright Building Company 145

150 New eNglaNd Home CoNNeCtiCut Fall 2014

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Limitless Solutions Built-to-Spec:

· Distinctive exterior and interior stile and rail doors · Screen and screen/storm doors for entry ways and porches · Impact Rated and impact with water rating for coastal solutions · Bifolding and lift and slide doors · Flush doors for contemporary solutions · Fire rated doors

2013 Custom Home of the Year Robert J. Levine Home Construction

Upstate Door, Inc. 26 Industrial Street • Warsaw, NY 14569 • 585-786-3880 • fax: 585-786-3888

You Are Invited to the Premier Home Building Industry Social Event of the Year Connecticut’s 21st Annual

HOBI AWARD S GAL A Tuesday, November 18, 2014 5:30-9:30 p.m. Aqua Turf Country Club, Southington, CT

Save The Date

November 18th THE 2014 H O B I AWA R D S

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Sponsored by the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut, the HOBI Awards recognizes builders, remodelers and housing industry professionals for excellence in home design and construction and sales & marketing. Highlights of the evening include a PowerPoint Show of outstanding winning homes and communities; announcement of Custom, Spec & Remodeled Homes of the Year, PLUS presentation of the 2014 HOBI Awards. For HOBI Awards dinner registration information call Joanne Hoerrner at (860) 216-5858. MEDIA SPONSOR:

9/18/14 12:22 PM

Sketch Pad

Design ideas in the making

My clients’ affinity for French style became the inspiration for this parlor in a new Georgian residence in Greenwich. Subtle variations in the design of the wall panels and decorative flourishes give the room its distinct character, making for an intimate space in which to receive guests. The room’s panels and their moldings vary in both size and detailing. The large panels, with their more-pronounced moldings, shallow arches, and coved tops, are offset by the understated moldings of the thinner panels, along with their wave tops and accent carvings above. These carefully conceived differences between panel types and their layout create a subdued rhythm and give the room a delicate elegance. The parlor’s French ambience provides a pleasant contrast to the home’s other, more forthright, Georgian interiors. Douglas VanderHorn, Douglas VanderHorn Architects, Greenwich, (203) 622-7000,

152  New England Home Connecticut  Fall 2014

CT-FAL14 Sketch Pad.indd 152

9/16/14 8:23 PM

bu i l d e r s a n d r e m o d e l e r s. c o t ta g e s t o c l a s s i c h o m e s.






8 0 M A I N S T R E E T, N E W C A N A A N , C T 0 6 8 4 0

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9/12/14 4:28 PM




Quality . Selection . Service . Since 1921

South Norwalk, Danbury, CT Scarsdale, NY 1.800.552.3371

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